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Mardi 18 février 2020
Empyrean - Prime Vault 27.1.2

Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes

    We have removed the back-to-back Kuva Lich weapon mechanic that was added in 26.0.7, where your Kuva Lich would have a guaranteed different Kuva weapon than its immediate predecessor.

      With the change of the Kuva Larvling now displaying its birthed Kuva Lich weapon, there was no need to maintain the back-to-back restriction as you can now just choose to ignore or take the back-to-back weapon if you wish you use it for Valence Fusion.

    Fixed a crash that could occur if a Kuva Lich applied a Radiation Status Effect to the Defense target on the Lua Stöfler node.
    Fixed numerous issues if a Host migration occurred during a Kuva Lich mission:

      Fixed getting stuck on the Vanquish/Convert screen if a Host migration occurred while a Client is Vanquishing their Kuva Lich.
      Fixed Clients able to kill a recently migrated Host’s Kuva Lich, resulting in 1,200 Kuva being rewarded, as well as being able to see the Lich's head mesh idling/walking in place after defeat. As reported here
      Fixed broken reward UI after a Host migration occurs.
      Fixed Parazon being stuck equipped after a Host migration occurred during a Kuva Lich Kill attempt.

    Fixed a script error when attempting to kill the Kuva Lich and a squadmate disconnects.
    Fixed duplicates of Kuva Lich Taxed Rivens not being returned when the Kuva Lich is Vanquished/Converted.
    Fixed being in a perma-ragdolled state after attempting to stab a Kuva Lich and failing the Requiem guess.
    Fixed mission map lingering on screen after opening the Kuva Lich screen.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed the Avionic Upgrade window auto scrolling up after Upgrading an Avionic, instead of leaving you in the position you were in prior.
    Fixed seeing ‘[HC] Vidar Fire Suppress’ when using the Tactical Intrinsic Ability Fire Suppression when your Railjack  has both fire and electrical damage.
    Fixed a script error in the Sentient Anomaly mission.


    Rewrote how Navigation caches the active session counts to reduce latency and reduce server load (it should now update roughly 5x as frequently).
    Optimized the Kuva Bramma cluster bombs with and without Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors, to address issues with crashing due to FX overload.
    Optimized the Hillside Ruin cave in Plains of Eidolon. In some cases, this will result in an increase in performance by as much as 100FPS!
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to the UI system (the HUD most importantly).
    Improved robustness of the script system by adding native resource tracking to the auto-generated bindings.
    Made a micro-optimization when opening the Navigation console.
    Fixed an ancient bug on dual-core systems that could cause certain gameplay scripts to crash.


    As foretold last week, the Ducat selling price of Oberon Prime Systems and Nekros Prime Blueprint have been changed to 65 from 100.

      Previously these 2 Prime parts were Rare in older Relics, and have since been moved to Uncommon for their Prime Vault Relics. As Prime Vault opens and closes, we may see more of these Ducat value changes in the future to support the quantity shift. 

    Tweaked Toxic Ancients Area of Effect blast FX timing so the FX is visible before the actual damage (at the moment, you'll always be damaged before you see the attack).


    Fixed enemies becoming permanently stuck in Nidus’ Larva pod if the ability expires while you’re a great distance away.
    Fixed inability to jump or use Grendel’s Abilities (including cancelling Pulverize) after mantling a ledge in Pulverize ball form as Grendel.
    Fixed Clients being able to toggle Gara Mass Vitrify off too early when enough latency was involved, causing them to be unable to destroy it with Shattered Lash.
    Fixed cases of the Defense target getting stuck in an infinite falling loop in the Sedna  Adaro Sortie Defense mission.
    Fixed Ivara Leverian not spawning Ivara Prex if you only have Ivara Prime mastered.
    Fixed the Companion Arsenal UI overlapping with the other tabs in the Arsenal when switching back and forth with a controller.
    Fixes towards AI violently spasming when their target enemy disappears from their view.
    Fixed losing all mission minimaps after opening the pause Menu while the map was expanded (M).
    Fixed incorrect platform icons when selecting an Orbiter Decoration.
    Fixed Lisets having missing textures in the mission load in cinematics.
    Fixed the Kuva Bramma multi shot sound FX spamming.
    Fixed a script error in the Gas City Sabotage mission.
    Fixed a script error in the Lua Spy mission when going through Void tears.

Mardi 11 février 2020
Empyrean - Prime Vault 27.1.1

Prime vault

Oberon and Nekros. Two forces in eternal balance have emerged from the Prime Vault with their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and more! 

Find their Relics in the Void or Bounty rewards today! 

Or check out the Prime Vault program here:

Vauban Prime and Ash Prime, as well as their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, have reentered the Prime Vault and have been removed from the drop tables. 

*If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Upcoming Ducat Price Changes

We have a heads up regarding coming changes to a couple Vaulted Prime part rarities and their Ducat prices. In order to give you plenty of notice for these changes, we will not change these until next week at the earliest (February 18th week).

Nightwave intermission II tier expansion

The next Nightwave Series, Glassmaker, is in development! While Glassmaker work continues, Intermission II is reaching (or perhaps has already reached for some) its maximum Prestige Rank 60. In order for those who have prestiged to Rank 60 to have Intermission II Creds to spend in the Cred Offerings store, more Prestige Ranks must be given. Thus we have increased the maximum prestige Ranks to 90! 

Hotdropped live on all platforms

    Fixed inability to trade a Converted Kuva Lich if you currently have an active Kuva Lich.

Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes

    Kuva weapon innate bonus damage values now show when you are equipping the weapon in the Arsenal!
    Removed the Kuva Bramma from Conclave eligibility due to not being Conclave balanced yet.
    Fixed Kuva Larvlings downed by Warframe abilities not displaying their Kuva weapon above their head. As reported here
    Fixed Ally Kuva Liches having the Enthrall ability and Enthralling Tenno factions like Defense Consoles, Sentinels, etc.
    Fixed inability to Vanquish/Convert your Kuva Lich if a player in the mission is dead.
    Fixes towards diminished Health on a Kuva Lich not being maintained after a Host migration occurs.
    Fixes towards Kuva Liches spawning midair in the Jupiter Gas City tileset and falling forever into teleport volumes.
    Fixed cases of default Corpus enemies spawning in a Kuva Lich controlled Jupiter Gas City Spy, Sabotage, or Rescue mission once the Objective has been reached.
    Fixed a crash that occurred when a Host migrated while a Kuva Lich was downed.  

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

    The Railjack Payload screen will now show the total Ordnance Ammo you have in your account when you're in the Dry Dock, to make it clear that you aren't wasting anything if you craft more than your Railjack can carry.
    Fixed ability to spawn Crewships almost indefinitely, resulting in exploitive Intrinsic farming.
    Fixed getting a black screen after exiting the Railjack while Transferring to the Operator at the same time.
    Fixed inability to Scrap the Fiery Phoenix Battle Avionic due to the description exceeding the screen limits.
    Fixed an invisible blocking volume when a Clan Hall is placed just below the Drydock
    Fixes towards a script error after returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.
    Fixed a lengthy hitch when switching Loadouts in the Railjack Navigation panel.


    You can now access Ivara’s Leverian when viewing Ivara Prime in the Codex.
    Updated the Warframe crash handler to provide clarity for what the crash handler is requesting of you. 


    Fixed inability to complete a Mobile Defense mission due to Datamasses disappearing if a Host migration occured.
    Fixed Shade’s Ghost Precept Mod not cloaking you in invisibility.
    Fixed Host and Clients not appearing in the correct position while inside a streaming tunnel (Railjack, gates of Cetus, etc).
    Fixed Ivara’s Prex Card appearing overly stretched when viewed in the Codex Fragments section.
    Fixed Kuva Bramma explosion and projectile sounds being too loud for non local players.
    Fixed Gorgaricus Spores not falling correctly after the sac is shot.
    Fixed an issue where Clients would be unable to hit Gorgaricus sacs in some cases.
    Fixed equipping Regalia on one side of your Kubrow applying to both sides, resulting in a Regalia overlap. As reported here

      We're working on fixing this issue for Kavats.

    Fixed the Left Hulta Leg Guard being offset when equipped on Hydroid Prime. As reported here
    Fixed Chat Linked Mods not displaying correctly when setting Menu Scale to the minimum.
    Fixes towards a case of Mods appearing obscured in the Arsenal once returning from a Mission.
    Fixed the Codex displaying a broken Requiem Mod after returning from a Mission.
    Fixed some filepath Tips on the Mission load screen.
    Fixed <archwing> text appearing in the Arsenal stats when comparing an Archwing.
    Fixes towards numerous Glyphs not propagating when searching keywords in the Profile > Glyph screen.
    Fixed spotloading the Vitruvian UI Theme when you do not have it set and we want to use it for a specific screen (IE: the actual Vitruvian).
    Fixed a rare case where Warframe might crash while attempting to report another crash.
    Fixed a crash when attempting a Conclave match via Dedicated Server.
    Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
    Fixed a script error when joining a mission while someone is Fishing.
    Fixed a script error when Upgrading Mods.

Mardi 4 février 2020
Empyrean - Kuva Lich Changes

Kuva Lich Fixes

    Fixed a script error if you viewed a Kuva Lich or Parazon Modding screen with 3 known Requiems.
    Fixed the KUVA HIND and KUVA NUKOR names being replaced by KUVA SHILDEG in languages other than English.


    Fixed a crash when aiming with Quatz (possibly other similar weapons that change fire mode on aim) and switching weapons while Mirage Hall of Mirrors is active.
    Fixed the Cautious Shot Mod stacking each time you enter/exit Titania’s Razorwing.
    Fixed Hildryn’s Balefire charged shots not displaying "Drain per Shot" and "Damage" for charged shots when viewed in the Arsenal.
    Fixed Hildryn’s Balefire Surge Augment triggering when hitting allies.
    Fixed Baruuk’s Reactive Storm Augment resetting the Status Chance back to non-Augmented values after a direct punch to someone.
    Fixed Client unable to see blue bubble FX from Sanctuary and Shelter Mods.
    Fixed the Lanx Codex diorama appearing very dark.

Mardi 4 février 2020
Empyrean - Kuva Lich Changes 27.1.0

2020 Kuva-vision

The birth of the very first Kuva Lich came just over 3 months ago (October 31 2019)! A copious amount of Additions, Changes, and Fixes have been made in these 3 months; each one of them touching the surface of feedback, but not fully reaching all the way into the depths. Today, that changes! 

If you watched Devstream #136, the 2019 Player Survey showed us that out of the 27,000+ responses, the Kuva Lich system was the 2019 addition that was enjoyed the least. Many players voiced that the Kuva Lich system got progressively less fun the more time and energy was devoted to it. While finding the line between repetition and progress is one Warframe has struggled with since it’s first day, Liches highlighted some issues we aim to address while walking that line.  

Let’s get to the meaty changes shall we? 

    1. The Kuva Larvling Who Lived

    Starting from the very beginning of Kuva Lich conception brings us to Kuva Larvlings. Kuva Larvlings will now play a key role in determining your future relationship with your Kuva Lich.

      A downed Kuva Larvling will now display an icon of the Kuva weapon that it’s birthed Kuva Lich will possess!

        This allows players to decide upfront if they want to pursue that weapon by finishing the downed Kuva Larvling, or to ignore and attempt another Lich. The Kuva Larvling will be in this downed state for a max of 30 seconds before it perishes. 

    As an added benefit to completing the mission even if you choose NOT to kill the Kuva Larvling, a downed Kuva Larvling will grant 100 Kuva on End of Mission.

    2. Breaking Your Back for Knowledge

    The first time my Kuva Lich cracked my back like celery I knew I’d have to settle the score. But, over time- and 100 back-cracks and deaths later- Parazon Requiem Attempts started to feel overly negative. To alleviate some of that back pain, we’ve prioritized knowledge over chiropractic methods:

      Your Kuva Lich will no longer kill you when you fail a Requiem guess, nor will they attempt to break your back. The Parazon stabbing animation will play but the UI will show whether it was a success or failure. Upon receiving a Requiem fail, your Kuva Lich will laugh at you and leave, leaving your back and dignity intact!

    3. Valence FUSION

    First introduced in 26.0.6, Valence Transfer, now re titled Valence Fusion for clarity, was designed to address owning duplicate Kuva weapons with different unique innate damage bonuses. Giving you the ability to replace a Kuva weapons innate damage bonus (plus investments like Forma, Focus Lens etc) with one from another Kuva weapon was a good start, but we can push this even further!

      Valence Fusion now also boosts your Kuva weapons innate damage bonus. Examples:

        Your Kuva Kohm with 25% damage can be fed into your 40% weapon, to make it 44%
        Your Kuva Kohm with 40% damage can be fed into your 25% weapon, to make it 44%
        Your Kuva Kohm with 25% damage can be fed into your 44% weapon, to make it 48.4%

Your Kuva weapon duplicates now offer a gradual progression towards a “perfect” Kuva weapon, which would reflect a 60% damage value, if you choose to pursue this path.

We’re also looking at other places we could potentially use this mechanic (Railjack, etc)!

As you can see, we’ve cracked a few eggs to make this omelette! We look forward to your feedback on these Kuva Lich changes!

*PS: It matters which order you Valence Fuse them in. The weapon that you START from, the one where you click "Actions", is the one that will be kept with its investments.

*Clarification on ‘Abandoning Liches’: We have removed the prototype for this for now, because rather than not fixing the core loop and just letting a Lich be banished, we intend to focus on the core loop first.

*Comment on Murmur hunting - There are some questions about Murmur hunting that are outside the scope of this hotfix, but we will be reviewing in the coming weeks once the above changes are settled in.

New Kuva weapons

    Kuva Hind (variant)

      This powerful Grineer burst rifle has been retrofitted to add semi-automatic and automatic fire modes.

    Kuva Nukor (variant)

      A highly-optimized Nukor that allows for the weapon’s microwave field to hit up to four additional targets.

    Kuva Bramma (new)

      This Grineer bow delivers vengeance in the form of cluster bomb-tipped arrows that can be detonated mid-air or on impact.

Converted Kuva Lich Changes

Converted Liches have been criticized for their lack of endurance and firepower. They don’t use their abilities, and leave a weak impression.

    Increased Converted Kuva Lich minimum time to 2 minutes.
    Increased Converted Kuva Lich Damage Per Second with damage bonus upgrade 3x.
    Fixed Converted Kuva Liches not using their abilities.

    General Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes

      Doubled the chance of a Kuva Lich to have a Vengeful Ephemera from 10% to 20%!
      Known Requiem/attempts now also appear in your Parazon Upgrade screen!
      Changed all Kuva Thrall markers to consistently reflect the new icon brought in 27.0.11. This includes the minimap and when waypointing a Kuva Thrall.
      Kuva pickup/rewards are now displayed as the fancy banner UI, similar to Argon.
      Kuva Liches can no longer be Parazon stabbed as they are escaping. This resulted in invisible animations, and the UI unveiling if your Requiem Mod guess was correct but not registering it, thus not ranking up your Kuva Lich.
      Cleaned up visual metal chunks from the Kuva Liches Carapace (Iron Skin) ability.
      You can now search the Kuva Lich History Codex section by name, Kuva weapon, and Ephemera.
      Fixed Lich ‘Ruse’ clones displaying the default Excalibur Helmet on their shoulder instead of the same Warframe Helmet as their owner.
      Fixed Nidus Helmet Armor not appearing grayscale on Kuva Liches.
      Fixed certain enemy types being allowed to be spawned as Kuva Thralls that shouldn't be.
      Fixed cases of the Kuva Lich ping-ponging between locations when engaging its target.
      Fixed script error when changing resolution while in the Kuva Lich screen.

Ivara Skathi skin

From the darkest forest, a striking new huntress takes aim. Also includes an alternative appearance for the Artemis Bow.

    Ivara Skathi collection

      Take aim with this striking collection of Ivara Skathi items. Includes the Ivara Skathi Skin, Dali Ballistica Skin and the Thiazi Syandana.

New Warframe Augments (at max rank)

    Garuda - Bloodletting Augment: Bloodforge

      Garuda's equipped weapon is reloaded up to 100%.

    Baruuk - Lull Augment: Endless Lullaby

      Performing a finisher on a sleeping enemy will retrigger Lull for 100% of the remaining duration. Passive: +50% Lull Duration.

    Baruuk - Serene Storm Augment: Reactive Storm

      Desert Wind is granted +35% Status Chance and changes its damage type to match enemy weaknesses.

    Hildryn - Balefire Augment: Balefire Surge

      Fully charged shots restore 250 Shields to Hildryn. Impact with Nullifier Shields will destroy them and restore 750 Shield.

Corbu Shawzin

Shape intricate melodies with this geometric Shawzin.

A note from our Sound Team: “We recorded many different real guitars to make this electric guitar Shawzin sound heavy.  The sounds are a result of blending these different guitar tones together. Each of the notes has a couple of different variations so when you play it, it will sound like a realistic electric guitar.”

General Additions

    Drusus has a tale to tell! Visit the new Ivara Leverian to learn more and find her Prex card! You can find the Leverian in the Market or Codex when viewing Ivara!

Railjack Changes & Fixes

    Omni tool is now available as a Gear item in your Inventory (Archwing Quest completion required)! This allows you to place the Omni tool in your preferred Gear spot for quick access!

      If you forget to equip the Omni tool in your Gear upon entering a Railjack mission it will still be given to you for the mission.

    Increased maximum power for Zekti Predator Avionic to 80%, from 72%

      This Avionic was slightly under-performing its cheaper Vidar equivalent.

    ‘Show Equipped’ will now show ranked Avionics that are equipped even when ‘Show Ranked’ is disabled.
    Hijacked Crewships now start the reactor meltdown sequence when they reach zero health.
    Ordnance weapon icons now become translucent while in cooldown, and will reflect a timer icon to better indicate it’s current cooldown state.
    Changed Railjack Engine Component rating stats from Kilometers Per Hour to Meters Per Second to be consistent in the equipped stats.
    Fixed Railjack Speed stat showing a higher number than your in-game movement speed.

      This fix needs some explanation. First of all, a bit of trivia, Railjack operates at a different scale than the rest of Warframe. Perhaps some of you have seen space-time breaking down in the form of truly enormous cats... The Speed that was being shown in the drydock in your ship Stats was in the wrong scale and gave numbers that were inaccurate.  This also caused the bonus given by your engine, displayed in kilometers-per-hour, to be wrong: an engine might say that it gave an extra 30km per hour, but give far far more than that in the Stats if you did the math to convert.  This has been fixed so that: 1) your Stats now show the correct Speed for Railjack's world scale, and, 2) your engines are rated in meters per second which matches up to the Stats.  While it may look like your ship's Speed stat in the drydock has gone down significantly, please try flying around in missions and see how your ship handles. This only fixes how the UI reports the numbers in your Stats. No change to how fast your ship actually moves is intended, and if your ship doesn't fly at the meters-per-second shown in the Stats then it should be carefully measured and reported as a bug.

    Fixed the Railjack Forward Artillery not damaging Crewships past their engines. You should find that the Forward Artillery hits harder and your shot isn’t wasted on just destroying the Crewship engines!
    Fixed Crewships not recovering after becoming disabled by your Railjack guns.
    Fixed Railjack Host being able to use Navigation before the mission is complete and Clients inability to use Navigation at all when launched from the Dry Dock.

      For clarification, the correct functionality is Host and Client can use Railjack Navigation after mission complete and neither can use Navigation before mission complete.

    Fixed enemy Captains spawning in the “Asteroid Base Commander” POI and Commanders spawning in the "Kill the Galleon Captain" POI.
    Fixed Galvarc Missile Launcher not functioning for Clients.
    Fixed Fiery Phoenix not becoming disabled when Flux Energy reaches 0.
    Fixed full ranked Flow Burn not being upgraded further when placed into a max rank Grid.
    Fixed Battle Avionics remaining disabled for Clients after Railjack is repaired from Critical Breach.
    Fixed Dome Charges being consumed when a Client enters the Forward Artillery, regardless of actually firing the BFG.
    Fixed issue where Clients would see Forward Artillery reload multiple times while waiting for Host to put Dome Charges in the weapon.
    Fixed Clients not seeing Shatter Burst Battle Avionic explosion FX.
    Fixed Clients not seeing the missile created by Shatter Burst/Void Hole.
    Fixed being left out in space if you were aboard a Crewship when it despawns due to mission completion.
    Fixed cases of losing the Railjack Forge UI if you attempted to activate it while sliding.
    Fixed Railjack Ammunition and supplies that were spent during a mission not saving at the end of mission.
    Fixed losing custom Railjack Skin/Colors if a Host migration occurred and you were the last remaining player.
    Fixed Railjack Avionic/Salvage pickups sometimes not showing distance markers.
    Fixed the camera breaking when Warping to another player while in the Archwing Slingshot.
    Fixed Tactical Menu Chase Camera to better reflect the view of the player’s camera.
    Fixed Dry Dock creating a blocking volume in a room that is built below it.
    Fixed issues with selecting Veil/Saturn Proxima nodes when using the controller.
    Fixed cooldown bar on Railjack Ordnance burst-fire weapons emptying and not start filling until after the laser's done firing, instead of when you initially fire.
    Fixed Railjack Tactical Avionics cooldown tooltip information not applying Intrinsic cooldown reductions from Tactical Response and Swift Tactics.
    Fixed Void Cloak cooldown timer not updating when viewing in the Tactical Menu.
    Fixed Upgraded Avionics not showing their proper description and stats, such as being Ranked vs Unranked.


    Optimizations for the Kuva Fortress tileset. This includes cleaning up wasteful materials, abusive lighting, volumetrics, overdrawn meshes and much more. More optimizations to come!

    Made micro-optimizations to a script used in Survival missions.
    Improved performance of the Railjack cannons.
    Improved performance when using the Imperator Vandal in Railjack.
    Optimized runtime lighting in an Earth cave tile.
    Optimized real time lighting in the Jupiter Gas City Index tileset.
    Optimized the Omni tool to fix a hitch when equipping it.
    Made micro-optimizations to a script used for controlling doors.
    Made some micro-optimizations to HUD performance, especially on Railjack.
    Made a micro-optimization to UI performance, including while piloting the Railjack.
    Made a micro-optimization Railjack POI once sub-objectives have been completed.
    Made a micro-optimization to a script that handles fire breaking out on a Railjack.
    Made a micro-optimization to Chroma's Effigy ability.
    Made a micro-optimization to a script used to animate the Dual Kamas.


    Melee Heavy Attacks are no longer able to be triggered by holding 'E', they again live exclusively on Alt-Fire.

      The loss of Melee Combo Counter feedback due to spamming Melee drove the vast amounts of requests for Melee Heavy Attack to not be holding ‘E’. A toggle for Melee Heavy Attacks is not in the cards, thus Melee Heavy Attacks are now essentially brought back to its original mechanic of having to use Alt-Fire. 

    NPCs now have about a second of delay before being able to perceive other players or NPCs that come out of invisibility, regardless of alert state. Previously, combat-state enemies would near instantly retarget in such cases.
    Removed Riven Mods from the Codex Mod section.

      There were a few issues present here: 1) the Codex Mod section not display all of your Rivens Mods, and, 2) the Riven Mods that it did show would point their acquisition to Cephalon Simaris, which only applies to Companion Weapon Rivens. Considering the extensive amount of Rivens possible, this option in the Codex does not function properly, as it would need to look up unique information.

    All Gas City, Sanctuary Onslaught, and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Captura Scenes can now be sold for 3500 Credits for those that have duplicates!
    A fully charged throw of the Orvius will now activate its unique enemy suspension mechanic.
    Restored the original default Energy colors of the Limbo Limina Skin and Nekros Irkalla Skin to match its original artist intentions. 


    Fixed inability to invite people to a squad if your Matchmaking was set to Solo before joining a Public squad via Invite.
    Fixed a script error and loss of functionality when viewing Archwing weapons without having the Archwing Quest complete.
    Fixed Garuda charging her Dread Heart at full strength from any amount of Energy regen.

      This ability now charges at a reduced rate if you are at 0 Energy and incoming regeneration isn’t enough to keep with how much Energy the ability wants to drain.

    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not shooting the last round in your magazine.
    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not animating properly for double/wall jumps.
    Fixed Index enemies not attacking Gara’s Mass Vitrify wall.
    Fixed damage done by Oberon’s Hallowed Ground during The Index will dramatically increase if the player is in Operator mode.
    Fixed Glaive lifespan timers not functioning correctly for the Host.
    Fixed Ivara Navigator not pausing some lifespan timers for projectiles, allowing the projectile to die of old age while you're still controlling it.
    Fixed Follow-Through stat changing when the Sigma & Octantis and Cobra & Crane are equipped with a Stance Mod.
    Fixed the Sanctuary Sentinel Mod and Companion Shelter Mod leaving an invulnerable shield lingering forever for the Host if used in a No-Shield Nightmare mission.
    Fixed projectile explosion & embed damage not properly using Status Chance upgrades.
    Fixed some cases of the ‘Deploy Resource Extractor’ button losing functionality.
    Fixed cases of invulnerable Corpus Turrets.
    Fixed K-Drives spawning ridiculously far away after being left on top of water in Orb Vallis.
    Fixed Wisp's Agile animation not idling properly when the Shedu is equipped.
    Fixed Blade and Whip weapons clipping into Wisp when she runs.
    Fixed being able to revive in the ceiling in part of the Grineer Fortress.
    Fixed being able to get behind the first Data-Conduit in Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Fixed Power Menu UI remaining open when entering a Data-Conduit in Sanctuary Onslaught when using a controller.
    Fixed Orb Vallis/Plains of Eidolon objective markers moving around when in Archwing.
    Fixed Companion Weapon Riven Mods not displaying under the ‘Mods’ tab in Cephalon Simaris’ Offerings.
    Fixed Nightwave multi-rank up past 30 displaying incorrect tier numbers and prestige status on the rank up popups.
    Fixed performance issues with Kela De Thaym’s Rollers.
    Fixed performance issues with the Ballistica projectile trail FX over long distances.
    Fixed an issue where the Defense target's head would float above the cryopod in Defense missions, exposing it to the many dangers of the environment and also the dangers of not having your head connected to your body.
    Fixed maggots potentially being created out of bounds when spawned by the death of a Brood Mother.
    Fixed animation issues with the Grineer Flameblade causing its second and third attacks in its attack combo to miss its target.
    Fixed Lephantis sometimes not immediately dying after all three heads have been destroyed.
    Fixed being able to see outside the level from the gate in Cetus.
    Fixed Fast Traveling to Fisher Hai-luk teleporting the player midair.
    Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow arrows not reflecting chosen colors when stuck into objects/enemies.
    Fixed fully default Look Links not applying to your Warframe.
    Fixes toward Look Link colors not applying properly to Kubrows/Kavats/Venari.
    Fixed Look Link diorama for Venari appearing squashed and having a normal Kavat tail.
    Fixed overwhelming Elemental FX on Titania when she is given an Elemental buff.
    Fixed positional audio not working for stereo/headphone outputs (i.e. a sound playing on the left side of your view would be heard equally in both headphones).
    Fixed in-game voice chat not functioning properly (would not play back any audio).
    Fixed the voice input/output device toggle in the settings screen not having any effect the first time you tried to change it.
    Fixed Pet Companions struggling to path ziplines.
    Fixed having to click through Market items that only require one step to purchase (Relic Packs, etc), instead of displaying the quantity confirmation UI right away.
    Fixed ability to escape the Grineer Settlement tileset level bounds via Nezha’s Blazing Chakram.
    Fixed missing door frames in the Grineer Settlement Sabotage Tileset.
    Fixed missing minimap in part of the Grineer Shipyard.
    Fixed a teleport volume in part of the Grineer Sealab that was larger than it should be.
    Fixed a hole in part of the Grineer Sealab.
    Fixed a rock that was missing collision in the Plains of Eidolon.
    Fixed a rock clipping into a vent on the Corpus outpost.
    Fixed extra music loop playing when selecting Little Duck’s Exotic Goods.
    Fixed Simulacrum Ammo pickup playing the ‘Shield recharge’ sound.
    Fixed inaccurate Archwing quest tutorial text.
    Fixed several potential script errors caused by Warframe abilities.
    Fixed a script error that could break various Drone escort missions (including Plague Star).
    Fixed a script error when changing loadouts while in Fortuna.
    Fixed a script error that could break an bounty stage if the objective was destroyed right at the last moment.
    Fixed a script error for Clients when changing Arch-Guns in the Arsenal in Simulacrum while another Arch-Gun is already equipped.
    Fixed possible script error that could occur if you aborted a mission right as a missile locked onto your archwing.
    Fixed script error that could occur if you joined a mission while the host was running a K-Drive race.
    Fixed a script error when your Sentinel activates the Revenge Precept.
    Fixed a script error when your Kubrow activates the Stalk Precept.
    Fixed a script error related to a ragdolled enemy in Orb Vallis.
    Fixed numerous script errors when casting certain Warframe abilities.
    Fixed a script error related to Nidus’ Undying Passive.
    Fixed some inaccurate LOC text.



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