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Jeudi 31 juillet 2014  
Community - Halls of Glory - Kathgar

In the struggle for Montel, some stand tall, while others stand…well… less tall. But don’t let this fool you, some incredible things come in small packages. Chivalry and heroism have no height requirement, as the noble warriors of the Lokemean dwarves have proven. In this week’s player spotlight, we take a look at one such hero: the Dwarven Punisher, Kathgar.

Hailing from the server Ellescadia and fighting for the steam Kingdom of Isenhorst, we took the time to get to know Kathgar in this episode of The Halls of Glory.

With four playable races and twelve classes, each holding their own claim to fame and unique advantages, we were curious how Kathgar had made the difficult choice of picking his character.

“I’m a Punisher. I'm very pragmatic when it comes to race, and the Dwarf’s Race-Skill is the best deal for a Tank. A real Tank needs to be strong.”

Indeed a tank does need to be strong. The Dwarves boast two damage reduction racial traits: the active “Courageous”, which when used protects by reducing damage for a period of time, and the passive “Undaunted”, which reduces physical damage and offers possible buffs when attacked.

Creating an effective tank requires a player to know themselves, know the challenges they face, and know the character. Here’s what Kathgar had to say on developing his Punisher:

As you can see I'm maxing Constitution, some Bosses in Throat of the Sky hit you for 40.000 damage a piece, so you can never get enough of that.
As second attribute I recommend Strength since it boosts your Armor to reduce incoming physical damage; nevertheless keep, in mind that you don’t want to stack it to over 40%, since after that you hit a soft cap which lowers the Strength to Armor ratio. So when you reach that 40% Armor, invest into physical damage, that will help you hold aggro against Montel’s diligent damage dealers.

As one of the main tanks of Black Gold Online, the Punisher is in many ways less adept at drawing aggro. However, Katghar finds a way to not only beef up his rough and tumble dwarf for drawing the ire of enemies, but also increasing sustainability for the fight.

If you’re wondering what Kathgar’s playing style is, it seems only too obvious: get in, punch hard, and beat the enemy.

So what type of Battle Carrier will this tank-playing steam warrior pilot? Well, unsurprisingly, a tank:

I chose to go for the Bastion Breaker, in my opinion the most important Carrier in Guild and Alignment Wars. They seem pretty easy and boring to be played, but actually they require a really good eye and sense of timing, as well as coordination with the rest of your team. And who could say no to the title "All-conquering" and +3000HP?

The Bastion Breaker is truly a necessity for the bitter embattlements surrounding Energy Wells. Although slow moving, it packs a wallop with heavy attacks dealing high damage, with huge bonus against the defensive structures like walls, turrets, and even the defensive Bosses in some battles.

However, it can be a challenge, with relatively long cool-downs and reloads. In addition, without the protection of fellow players, Siege carriers like the Bastion Breaker are easy pickings to more nimble enemies piloting Assault carriers.

Kathgar claims to be a regular at these showdowns, being a key siege engineer as his guild KoS rolls across the map. This is made all the more impressive by the considerable time challenges he must face, playing Black Gold Online from Europe.

The European Time Zone has its negative parts: the Guild Wars and Alignment War starts at 03:00am for me, our daily Raids at 00:30am. Last week my Guild and I managed to take down the first Boss in Throat of the Sky as a Server First, it was 04:30am until he was finally in the dirt, lots of coffee was consumed.

All the same, Kathgar makes the best of it, using his own time zone to farm resources in relative peace as the American gaming community sleeps.

Kathgar’s commitment is indeed noteworthy, and he had this much to say about Black Gold Online:

I've played lots of MMOs, but never came across one like BGO. The whole mechanic of the game is perfectly designed for strong communities. The Energy Wells and the fights for them create a great sense of unity in the Guilds.
And now, after even more than a month I still come across things I didn’t hear before, and especially routine things like the daily farming is exciting cause there are lots of possibilities for Open World PvP, you always have to stay focused. Even your own Faction might attack you, just to get that Treasure Chest you were about to loot.

Kathgar shows just how fans can enjoy Black Gold Online, regardless of time zone. He wanted to add that the guild KoS will be starting a new Raid Group especially for EU players, so people are encouraged to contact Kathgar for that.

Do you have an awesome character worthy of the pining admiration of your BGO peers? Send us a message at, and we’ll consider you for our ongoing community piece, the Halls of Glory.


Jeudi 31 juillet 2014  
New Top-up Rewards!

The team at Black Gold Online would likely to sincerely thank all our players for their support over the past month. In particular, we appreciate those of you who have helped support the game with your precious funding. As a way to say thanks, we are launching a new series of special rewards for topping up your account!

Moving forward, players who top-up their accounts a certain ammount will receive a special prize. These rewards offer an over 10% bonus in cash value to the purchase of vouchers. This ia a new permanent offer for all top-ups. The new reward system will begin with Montel Blessing Stones, and as time goes by will adapt to meet the needs of our players!

Note: the rewards apply to one-time purchases of Vouchers only. Multiple purchases are not tallied together for the rewards. Larger lump-sum top-ups will lead to higher rewards.

On behalf of the BGO team, we’d just like to say – Thanks!

Players can Top-up their accounts with in-game Vouchers using real-world at our Snail Member Center.

For more news on special promotions, rewards and upcoming new content, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and check out our official Forum for more.


Mardi 29 juillet 2014  
First Peek at Major Update!

As Black Gold Online enters its second month of Open Beta Testing, the team is happy to reveal a small peek at what’s to come for the game in the coming months. Players can look forward to some exciting new features, including new maps, higher level cap, and overall optimization of the game.

"I want the update patch notes NOW!"

Black Gold Online went into Open Beta Testing on June 20th, and for over a month fans have been able to explore the unique world of steam punk and magic. Players can already enjoy the major game features, with 12 playable classes from 4 of Montel's races. Much of the world is already available for free exploration and open PvP, as well as awesome organized PvP battles and team-based PvE. In this next update, all the major features will see cool new content, and the game will undergo an optimization overhaul.

New Battlefields, Military Battlefields, world maps and more to come!

Changes to come

Level cap raised to 45, with new quests and activities to match

New tier of skill upgrades as players power up their characters

Expanded arsenal of gear, with new T3 equipment type

Cross-server PvP function for Arenas and Battlefields

New world maps, Instances, dungeons, and battlefields to be added!

Balancing and major optimization improvements to be implemented

The update will be available as an automatic free download. Players with up-to-date game clients will be able to open the client and connect to the servers to automatically receive the newest content. The update will also be available for direct download.

All kinds of exciting new Instances, Adventures, and Chambers of Greed await

More news about the specific changes and update timetable will be released soon, with the update pegged for early fall. Fans can keep up with the latest news and info about Black Gold Online here at the official site, on the BGO Facebook and Twitter, and at the offifical Forum.


Mardi 29 juillet 2014  
Community - Montel Powers

In the troubled lands of Montel, power rests in the hands of those bold enough to take it – those who band together to survive, to thrive, and to conquer. As champions of good or forces of evil, these groups call themselves “Guilds.” We call them: The Montel Powers.

There are those who rule with the rigid hand of tyranny. And then there are those stalwarts of casualness, those scions of relaxed, fun game play like the focus of this week’s Guild spotlight – Ironfist.

Hailing from the steam kingdom of Isenhorst on server Ellescadia, we took the time to get to know the heroes and heroines of Ironfist. We had so many questions: Where did they get that name? Did they have a horrible foundry accident? Had they considered surgical treatment? They obliged, with this to say:

The name comes from a dwarven tribe from "Lord of the Rings". I’m a big LotR fan so it fit nicely. We are fun, laid back and casual. We would love to be competitive, but we want to maintain that strong bond. We are a group of friends who love to do PvE runs, but are wanting to get more into PvP.

The fraternity of fun and sisterhood of steam bring this band together in a tight nit group, organizing exciting raids on Chambers of Greed and Instances as they search out the most fearsome monsters of Montel to show them where they like to put that iron fist of theirs. When they’re not taking on Instances, the collegial members of Ironfist team up for dailies, and generally just joke around in chat.

With a name like Ironfist, surely they are run by a rabid dictator with a severe god complex, sucking in helpless new noobs fresh off the Zinsen Island boat to feed his own ambitions. Actually:

The guild was started by me and my wife along with my younger brother. All decisions are made by me and my wife. We ask our officers for any input; we want our guild to be unified and knowledgeable about what goes on. Currently we are 40 people. We actively recruit in alignment chat. We use the in-game application system to make it easier for people to apply to our guild.

With that level of transparency and openness, it’s no wonder the adventurers sporting Ironfist banners are such a close bunch.

DeathShowers and the bravest from Ironfist

As the shifting landscape of Montel turns friend to foe and foe to begrudging accomplice, we wondered what type of alliances and enemies Ironfist had formed.

We have three allies, who are also small guilds: Beehive, Eminence and TouchMyPvPness. We do not have any enemies and will try to keep it that way. We try to help each other’s guilds out by using each other’s strengths to get decent raids/parties for dungeons and bosses. With other, non-allied guilds, we are polite, friendly and helpful just as if they were our own guild family.

Truly a peace-minded crew, building bridges with the community. As their ambitions grow, we’ll see how long that can last. We posed the never-ending question that challenges us all: what of the future? Here’s what Ironfist leader Deathshowers had to say:

We hope that our future will be bright and bountiful! As a guild, I believe we’d love to work to rule over some parts of Montel and conquer Energy Wells. I hope we grow in size and can work together to be a strong force.

As in all things, only time will tell. For those interested in learning more about the Guild, Ironfist, they have a guild site at

Are you a Montel Power? Do you control a Guild worthy of recognition? Let us know! Reach out to our team at We’ll be covering more of the guilds of both servers and factions in our new piece: The Montel Powers.


Jeudi 24 juillet 2014  
Community - Halls of Glory

As many reach to their limits to touch at greatness, some may be fortunate to achieve it, while others may get a quick slap in the face. The first entrant in our new series, The Halls of Glory, comes to us from the server Lokemea on the side of naturalist wonder. He’s a broad-sword wielding child of the frost, a jack of all trades, and a tested warrior: ToDaFace.

We wanted to begin by getting to the bottom of his identity. “What’s in a name?” some say. Well – a lot! So we asked, how did he come up with his name?

I usually use NimbleComet for pretty much all my games. But for this one I switched classes and wanted something new, and thought of a name appropriate for my class, ToDaFace.

And ToDaFace truly did choose a name appropriate to his class. In the storied history of Montel, the heavily armored and lethally equipped Blademasters of Erlandir were renowned for their courage and tenacity, facing their enemies with strength and grit. It was this power that drew ToDaFace to the Blademaster. He notes, “…I chose this class because it’s the first time I’ve seen a tank able to use 2 handed weapons which is awesome. My race is Yutonian male, I wanted a tankier race and the self heal which helps out a lot in all areas.”

Heroes in the land of Montel have certain choices to make in the gear, upgrades, and skills they choose. Situations call for specialties, and all players want to be prepared for what may come. Here’s what ToDaFace had to say about his own approach to arming himself for battle.

My build for my Blademaster is a hybrid tank/DPS class. I try to max out my strength for more DPS/armor, and I stack Constitution also to allow me to tank endgame instances and PvP as well.

For builds, I have two DPS skill bars and one tank skill bar. The skills for DPS are pure burst, using Pyrrhic Blade to chain with my Searing Chop and Focused Strikes, along with gap closers like Clear the Breach and Cunning Charge.

For tanking I use area of effect taunts like Mass Netrayal and Last Stand, with defensive skills like Spirit Shield or Focus of Mind.

ToDaFace shows the versatility of a Blademaster for different roles. Whether it’s chaining abilities for high attack, or beefing up defense and drawing the ire of powerful bosses, ToDaFace can rise to the challenge.

We wondered what a hero like ToDaFace would do to occupy themselves. The short answer: Everything! From PvE Instances and World Bosses to PvP encounters and the fight for Montel’s Energy Wells, ToDaFace does it all. No stranger to team play, ToDaFace works hard at administrative tasks and recruitment for his guild, Divine.

He shared some of his favorite such moments with us:

My favorite moment so far was teaming up with Doomsday to take down Deadbolt for a server first kill.


Another was 1v1ing some Legends (another guild) members at a world boss. Always fun seeing how you fair against other well geared players

How does a hero of magic get around town? Why on the back of a giant multi-legged frost monster, of course! ToDaFace commented, "I mainly use the Frost Queen, soon to be Queen of Searing Cold. The title and how the mount looks is mainly why I like it the best."

ToDaFace is no mere warrior – he is also a teacher. To all the budding adventurers of Montel out there, he had this to say:

Refine your time vials for gems! You kinda need them. Get your set gear at 40 and work on upgrading it. If you’re on Lokemea and choose correctly to be on Erlandir join Divine.

If you’ve got an awesome character you're proud of and you'd like to show it off, reach out to our community team at We'll be interviewing players from all servers, factions, and play styles, and honoring them in the Halls of Glory.


Mercredi 23 juillet 2014  
Events - Latest OBT Events

The exciting world of greed and honor, war and adventure, and the insatiable lust for Black Gold awaits for those brave enough to seize the day! Black Gold Online has a new line-up of fun events for players to enjoy as they hack, slash, shoot, burn, enchant, and generally eviscerate their enemies on the road to glory!

Event 1 - Arise, Brave Warriors

    All Server
    Event Period - 7.23 – 8.8

      All warriors join the fight as green boys and girls, but in time all must stand as warriors. During the event period, players who reach level 20 will get a special reward in treasure, gems, and Black Gold Energy! These rewards are Bound, they’re just for you!


Event 2 - Blood and Sweat

    All Server
    Event Period - 7.23 – 8.8

      Words are wisps of smoke, and commitment is proven through action. Take to the lands of Montel, and don’t leave until you’ve paid the price in time and blood. Players above level 20 who stay online during the event period will get these special bonuses. Stay on for 2, 3, even 4 hours to win special prizes.


Note: Open a Crystal Vessel to get a Normal Box Fragment! Combining 10 of these fragments will get you a Normal Box, containing within it 1 Normal Prototype.

Event 3 - Summer Wardrobe Shopping

    All Server
    Event Period - All Summer

      Look cool in the summer heat with these awesome new Fashion items! We’ve added two fashion items for purchase at the Gold Dust Clerk. These outfits are permanent – that means no time limit on looking amazing! Prove your holiness garbed as one of The Chosen, or take to your patrols in the Red Coat Guard outfit!

We’ll continue to release new fashion items as BGO moves forward. Keep posted on the forums and Facebook to learn about exciting community design and fan submission opportunities coming soon!

Event 4 - A Small Price to Pay

    All Server
    Event Period - 7.23 – 8.8

      Need a little bump for your account? Top-up your account with $3 of Vouchers and win a special bonus: 50 pieces of Crystal Energy to upgrade your energy shield and increase your power!.


      For a $3 Top up, you get 50 pieces of Crystal Energy! Applies only to Vouchers. After purchase, please wait patiently as we deliver your reward. The Crystal Energy can be acquired by clicking the "Fast Receive" button in-game.

Keep posted on the lastest in-game and community events happening in the land of Montel here, by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and by visiting our official Forum.


Mardi 22 juillet 2014  
7.24 Server Maintenance

The Black Gold Online servers will be down for routine maintenance and a game update on Thursday, July 24th from 1am to 3am, Central Daylight Time. This maintenance should last for 2 hours, and the servers will be open afterwards with some important fixes and updates.

Patch Notes

    Resolved issue with Balanced Arena daily rewards.
    Fixed problem with Beastmaster skill – Fury Charge
    Fixed problem with Geomancer skill – Blessing of the Wind
    Fixed problem with Skycaller’s skill - Rejuvenation
    Fixed bug with Dilanda Valor Merchant, now merchant’s Carrier Blueprints will match players’ faction.
    Fixed VIP renew button problem, now can renew VIP status.
    Updated the description of “Blade X2” mount from Chambers of Greed book
    Fixed Hooligon’s Hideaway bug, now the boss, “Nagriff the Feared” will appear.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we make the appropriate updates and changes to improve Black Gold Online. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’ll see everyone in the game!


Mercredi 16 juillet 2014  
Events - First Month of BGO!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test has officially completed its first month of operation, and we couldn’t be more excited about how things are going! To offer our sincerest thanks to our awesome community of fans, here are some special events we have to celebrate the BGO One Month-iversary!

Event 1: 40 is Only the Beginning

The end is just the beginning. As players hit Max Level and look to the future, we’ve got a special reward for their persistence and to see them on the road ahead. Players at level 40 can log in and get Activity points to receive Prototypes and Crystals! Don’t be a sad sap forever, log in and upgrade your gear while time lasts!

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/19 – 7/27

Event 2: Master you Craft

As the Diligent Master promotion comes to a close, we’d like to reward those people who have and continue to pursue the fine arts of Montel. During the event period, players who reach a professional level of 2, 5, and 11 will receive a special bonus.

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/19 – 7/20

Event 3 : Refuel Your Ride

The road is long and gas ain’t free. For our hard working players, we’ve got a special reward to help them refuel and upgrade their Battle Carriers! Build your fleet of unstoppable machines, and pack your stables with vicious magical beasts. Level up to get these special rewards and strengthen your Battle Carrier!

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/19 – 7/20


      Reach a certain level to claim your prize. This is a one-time prize, so those who have already passed these levels are out of luck!

Event 4: All in One!


Just as a special event reminder, fans who top-up their accounts in certain quantities during the event period will get special prizes. Top-up your account in one big sum to receive higher rewards!

    All Servers
    Event Periord 7/10 – 8/10

Note: This event only applies to one-time purchase of in-game Vouchers. Purchase of Black Gold is not counted for the All in One top-up event.

Community Events

In addition to our in-game events, we have some special community events this week to reward our loyal fans for their help and commitment during the first month of testing. As we enter the last of our Frenzy Weekends, with double rewards for Energy Well battles, we’ve got some awesome Guild and Energy Well based events!

    All Servers
    Event Period 7.18 - 7.20 for all events

Underdog Weekend!

The land of Montel is full of the strong, we’re here to support the weak! During this weekend’s Energy Well battles, we’ve got some special events to help support the rag tag rabble, the less powerful, the little guy.

    Alignment War

    As the forces of steam battle the legions of magic, the naturalist forces have given ground time and again. For the sake of the trees, we must stand and fight!

    The current underdogs in both Ellescadia and Lokemea servers are the Erlandir Union. We’ve got a special event to help in the battle of Nature vs Technology.
    Players who join this week’s Alignment War for the side of Erlandir will have the chance to win a special prize. Take a screen shot, and send it to to prove your gallantry. These underdog champions of the environment will be rewarded with:


      20 Copper Badges
      5 Silver Badges
      500 Valor points

Guild War

We’d like to give support to the little man in the fight for Montel. As the weekend Guild Wars rage, here are some special rewards for the small guys. We’ve got two special events during the coming Guild Wars to help individual players as well as small Guilds.

    Unite to Fight

    Guild-less players and players from smaller guilds who join in the fight against the biggest and baddest in their faction will have the chance to win a reward! Team up to defend the weak, or rally your forces to attack the strong! Grab a screenshot to prove you were part of the fight and send it to, and we’ll send you a special Defiance Gift Pack, including:

      500 Guild Black Gold Stones
      Equipment Prototypes


    Force is a small Guild or coalition of small Guilds
    “Small” is measured in terms of fewer Guild members than the opposing Guild
    Player is a member of a small Guild or an independent, not a member of a large Guild.

Landless Guilds

For any Guilds currently without a home, here’s your chance! For currently landless Guilds who take or help take their first Energy Well, we’ll reward their victory with a special prize of Black Gold Stones! The reward will go to the new controlling Guild leader to help them in their struggle! The reward for seizing the day:

    1000 Black Gold Stones

Event 5: Guild Family Picture

We’ve all been playing together for a month, and it’s just so nice to get everyone together for a special photo. We’d like to reward tight-nit Black Gold Online Guilds with this special event.

For any Guild that can get at least 75% of their Guild together in the same place and time for a group photo will be rewarded with 1000 Black Gold Stones for their Guild!

Guild leaders can submit their group photos to

Guild Leaders Should Submit:

    Screenshot of group with everyone visible (or as near as possible)
    # Total Guild Members
    List of Guild Members present in photo

Restriction: This event will only qualify for Guilds with at least 15 members.

NOTE: As we roll out new and fun events for the BGO community, we rely on the support of fans like you! To redeem rewards, we need people to reach out with their proof of participation: we’re not omnipotent! If you’d like to participate, make sure to send the appropriate info to our community email at

Perhaps you have a cool idea for an event you’d like to see? Then send it in to use at our community email! We’ll review ideas from the community, and honor the inventive individuals who think up the ones we use!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta continues on, and we’ve got a lot of exciting community and game content coming out moving forward. Keep up to date on the latest from the BGO team


Lundi 14 juillet 2014  
7.16 Scheduled Maintenance

The Black Gold Online servers Ellescadia and Lokemea will both undergo maintenance on Wednesday, July 16th from 5PM-8PM, CDT. This maintenance should last for 3 hours, and server will be open afterwards.

Bug Fix

    I. 25VS25 and 10VS10 Battlefield bug fixed. Now if all players from one side quit, it will not close the Battlefield. The opposing side may still win the battle by meeting its winning requirements.
    II. Assassin and Gunslinger unlimited Rage fixed.

In addition, the Membership center will undergo maintenance at the same time on July 16th from 5PM-8PM, Pacific Daylight Time. Regular function will resume afterwards. We apologize for any inconvenience fans may encounter, and appreciate your patience.


Lundi 14 juillet 2014  
Devspeak - BGO Endgame

Black Gold Online has no shortage of awesome game features for players to enjoy, as they level their characters up and well beyond. The land of Montel opens up to those who are willing to set out and face the challenges before them.

In this week’s special Devspeak, we’re talking high level game play. Think the game is over when you reach 40? That’s only the beginning.

The Story Never Ends

To begin, it’s best to start at, well, the beginning. When players enter the war-torn land of Montel, many of the most interesting and exciting features of the game are restricted. With level or might score locks on a number on things like Adventures, Instances, etc., players must set out on their journey through the Plot quests, which introduce the game, the world, and all the challenges they are to face. But when the last Plot NPC says his peace and wishes you luck, what then?

Well here’s what then:

Dress to Impress

Reaching level 40 is hardly enough for a player to be formidable. Whether PvE or PvP is your style, as players progress through the game their aim will be to become as powerful as possible, building on their class and personal strengths. This can be measured by "Might Score."

Raise Might Score by:

    Finding rare and specialized gear
    Embedding gems to boost stats
    Upgrading and enhance equipment
    Advancing and charging Energy Shield
    Increasing Military Rank

The Terrors of the Deep

Think you’re up to the challenge of slaying the mightiest and most horrifying creatures of Montel? You may be pleased, or not, to find out.

In Black Gold Online, players can acquire high level gear, valuable Treasure Points, and Valor for taking on World Bosses and teaming up with friends to clear out dungeons in Instances.

Many Instances are Might Score locked, as well as level locked. Even at level 40, you may not make the cut. Instances can be run in either Easy or Difficult, with challenging bosses and appropriate awards.

Are you up to the challenge? Try out the Throat of the Sky in the Daggon Lowlands. Restricted for level 40 with a minimum Might score of 15400, the craggy alcoves hide treasures hidden by the once prosperous Mountain Rangers. But be warned, hidden in its depths lurk undead terrors, awakened by the Doomsday Cult and left to harbor sinister machinations.

The Open World likewise has no shortage of fun enemies to take on. Powerful world bosses stalk the land, and rare loot and prototypes await those who can bring them down. Band together to bring down horrors like the fiery Maguna, a lava demon marauding the hills of Theodia.

Check the “Activity” menu or search the land for these monsters. Even at level 40, it takes a teamwork, skill and persistence to defeat them.

Montel Champions

Black Gold Online has a variety of competitive and PvP features for players to enjoy. Throughout them all, players have the chance to win fame with the BGO Ranking List.

Let out a victorious Roar at the top of the rankings!

Competitive players vie for the top slots of the list in a number of different categories, ranging from PvP – Arena record, Honor points – to more general traits – Wealth, Might Score, Instance ranking. Those in the Top 3 slots of their category get to announce to the whole world how awesome they are.

Want to prove your prowess in PvP?

    Join the Might Arena to face off other level 40 players
    Participate in Battlefields for Honor and glory
    March to victory in Military Battlefields and rise through the ranks!
    Take the fight to the enemy! Explore the world and cross the mountains in PvP incursions

Battle for the Land

As Montel spirals out of control in a contest for resources, join with Guilds or build your own to capture invaluable Energy Wells. These special pieces of territory offer benefits for high level players, including exclusive Instances and merchants and special rewards.

For those looking for a brawl but will answer to no man, the Energy Well battles are open to anyone above Level 30. Enter instanced Energy Well battles with unique game play mixing mounted and unmounted PvP combat. With each battle, individual players are ranked for their heroic acts, such as bringing down enemy Battle Carriers or successfully assaulted bases. At the end of the battle, rewards are given based on rank. Earn your fortune with blood and steel in Energy Well battles.

My Kingdom for a Carrier

As players reach max level and rise through the ranks in the Military Battlefield, a wider variety and higher levels of Battle Carrier become available to them. Players can acquire schematics for new Battle Carriers through daily quests or at the Valor Quartermaster merchant. Build powerful mechs and train fearsome beasts from level I to level VII.

Learn and build new Battle Carriers for victory in the field

Days Not Yet Passed

As Black Gold Online moves forward through OBT and beyond, fans can look forward to updates with exciting new content. The game is on its way to completion, with new maps, gear, and much more pegged for the future.

In Black Gold Online, players create a unique hero and write their story as they enter the raging conflict over the fate of the land. Currently capped at 40, the max level is not the end, but truly just the beginning.

Keep up to date on the latest news about in-game events, game updates, and future content for Black Gold Online on Facebook, Twitter, and our official Forums.


Mercredi 9 juillet 2014  
Game Update and Patch Notes

The Black Gold Online servers will be down for some routine maintenance and game updates from 3am until 5am Central Time (UTC -5) on Thursday, July 10th. The servers will resume after 5am, and players will be able to receive the latest patch by direct download, or by opening the BGO Game Client which will automatically update.

Patch Notes

The latest update will fix several problems and update the latest in-game events.

    Made adjustments for crafting: level 9-12 Jeweler crafting stamina issue resolved
    Updated localized text to fix grammar errors
    Dungeon glitch: Bosses in “Hooligan’s Hideout” appearing in ceiling resolved
    Sands of Time manual save feature added: players can now manual save at will
    Added in-game Voucher and Black Gold purchase channels.

As the Open Beta continues, we encourage fans to continue to report bugs and problems, as well as offer suggestions about improving the game. Bugs reports should be directed whenever possible to our in-game GMs, and can also be posted on our official Forum.

Latest Events

With this update we’ve added some exciting new in-game events for this weekend.

    Event 1 - Online Gift Giveaway

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -7/18/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - The simplest way we know how to thank you for taking time to play BGO: giving stuff out! Depending on your level, players can expect awesome gift packs for staying online! Stay online for 2, 3 and 4 continuous hours to receive awesome prizes!

    Event 2 - Get Up, Get Active

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -7/18/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - Don’t just sit there, get active! Join in our special Activity event to get wonderful prizes. Explore the world, take on Outbreaks, explore Chambers of Greed, and much more. As you earn Activity points, you get closer to victory! Players at level 40 who complete 100 Activity Points will get a bonus prize for their efforts.

    Event 3 - Limited Edition Progression Gift Packs!

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -7/13/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - On the road to glory there are many challenges. Help your player progression with this special, limited edition gift pack! Only available during the event period, these gift packs are available at the Gold Dust Clerk. Get your hands on the special Energy Shield Upgrade Pack, the Level 40 Purple Equipment Pack, and the Level 40 Exquisite Equipment Pack while you still can!

    Event 4 - First Time Top-up Special!

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -8/10/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - For those of you who are thinking about topping up your account for the first time, here’s your chance! Players who purchase vouchers for the first time will get a special reward!

    Event 5 - All in One!

      Event Period - 7/10/2014 -8/10/2014
      Servers - Ellescadia and Lokemea
      Description - As a special treat to our fans who are planning to top-up their accounts, we’ve got some awesome rewards for making a single lump purchase!

By purchasing certain quantities of Vouchers, players will be able to win some special reward packs. The larger the top-up, the better the prize!

There will be further updates in the future for both routine maintenance and as we roll out further new content for Black Gold Online. Keep posted on the newest updates here, on Facebook and on our official Forums.


Lundi 7 juillet 2014  
Devspeak - Classes and Roles

“For BGO we aimed at creating a class system that could work to PvP, where the focus is on balance and personal skill, and also PvE where the key is in specialization and team work. For this, we created “Roles” that each class can fulfill in a team. It makes character creation and growth more complex than the typical Tank, DPS, and Healer archetypes.” - Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online has hit the ground running and the Open Beta Testing phase is running on all cylinders. As fans explore the vast world of Montel and the different classes and equipment available in Black Gold Online, our Dev Team decided to sit down to tell us more about the different classes and abilities to choose from in this special Devspeak: Roles and Classes

Know the Role

With 12 classes currently available and more to come in the future, players have a lot of different options when it comes to abilities, equipment, and different character stats. When teaming up with other players to raid dungeons in an Instance, players using the Instance team-finder will choose a given Role to fulfill: a Tank, Support, or Healer.

“There’s a lot going on here with the classes: they’re all different. Just because we’re both tanks, my Punisher and your Blademaster won’t be the same – we’ll have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s about aggro, armor, crowd control…each Tank, each Support, and each Healer brings something different.”

Generally, each of the Roles is broadly based on what MMO fans have come to know and love in raids: a team-work built around 3 responsibilities:

Tanks are intended to receive damage and draw the attention of enemies. They’re best with strong armor, lots of health, and the ability to draw enemies – either through attacks or taunts
Support fill a combination of debuffing and dealing high DPS on enemies. Best with lots of crowd control abilities and high damage attacks, ranged or melee.
Healers replenish the HP of allies, providing buffs and wiping debuffs on allies. Ideally they would have fast regeneration on their Magic levels, to keep a continuous flow of healing to allies.

These Roles form the major foundation of the team-work required to bring down powerful enemies in order to acquire valuable loot. As players grow and acquire better gear, each classes different strengths and weakness lead to increasing versatility in filling Roles.

“Let’s just say I want to Tank for a team. What’s most important? Aggro is a big deal, to keep the enemies on me and off my allies. So is HP, and for that matter Armor – I don’t want to die. But which is most important? Is it better to have a high DPS melee who can chain attacks, or a heavily armored enemy magnet who can soak up damage? There are different builds for different play styles.”

Build your Character

Developing a character’s strengths and specialties boils down to a number of stats players acquire as they level up and acquire certain gear.

“There are different types of damage, between Physical and Magic. That means that there are also then stats specific to dealing and defending against each of those. Everyone wears armor, but each class has their own specific type, which each have different specialties. There are also things like Armor Piercing (ability to ignore armor), Elementalism (strengthen attacks with elemental effects) and more.”

The main basic stats for all players are:

    Constitution :  raises the level of a character's HP
    Strength :  increases the base level of Armor level, decreasing damage taken
    Agility :  increases Evasion, so players are less likely to be hit by an attack
    Intelligence : increases Spell power and also a player’s Magic Resistance
    Spirit : increases the rate at which a players Magic points for casting and health will recover

As players increase from one level to the next, they get a certain number of base stat points that will add on to these stats. These stats are distributed by an automatic semi-random system related to each class. For example, the Blademaster will receive most of its leveled-up base stats in Strength and Constitution, while a Thaumaturge would gain most of its new improvements in Intelligence and Spirit.

A character’s base stats and specific strengths (Magic/Physical Attack, Armor Pierce, etc) are greatly influenced by the equipment they acquire. Players can don different armor, special boosting jewelry, and particular weapons specific to each class.

The four types of armor are Cloth, Leather, Medium, and Heavy.

Cloth armor has the strongest against Magic defense and Spirit boosts, while Leather is a good balance of Magic defense, Armor and Intelligence. Medium armor is strong with added agility, while Heavy armor adds armor, strength and constitution.

Each class also has available specific weapons. These weapons can vary from daggers, single- or two-handed swords, magic staffs, guns, and more. Some classes are able to use off-hand weapons, while others are restricted to two-handed weapons.

Finding the best gear and skill combinations for a given class to play certain Roles, as increasingly rare gear (Blue or Purple vs simpler White or Green) have specific and unique components, and later level gear has the ability to socket special gems offering further unique abilities.

A Closer Look

    Blademaster – A tank’s Tank or a melee DPS?

    Available to : Kosh, Yutonian, Buvont
    Armor : Heavy
    Stat Specialty : Strength and Constitution
    Weapon : Two-handed Sword

The Blademaster has a number of special taunt abilities that make it excellent at tanking. For example, the ability Last Stand increases its aggro draw from enemies. Several of its stacking abilities, including Shield Spirit and Fire Spirit, are great for tanking, drawing attention while mitigating damage.

The Blademaster also has powerful attacks, which although strike relatively slowly, have a number of stuns and chaining effects. For example the Blademaster’s “Riptide Strike” deals heavy damage, while knocking down enemies, as well as stunning them when chained with other abilities such as Tsunami Strike. The high level “Clear the Breach” dishes continuous damage followed by a powerful strike, knocking enemies to the ground and buffing the BM’s own armor.

Whether as a main tank or a hybrid between melee and crowd control, the Blademaster can prove invaluable in a fight against enemies with powerful attacks that can be interrupted or their attention drawn.            

    Spectromancer: Death from Afar

    Available to : Buvont, Lokemean, Kosh
    Armor : Leather
    Stat Specialty : Intelligence and Spirit

As players look to increase the damage output for their Spectromancer, a number of considerations come in to play. The Spectromancer has many projectile (straight line AoE) and single-target (tracking) instant spells. Some of these can be charged up, such as the Dragon Lance, which once charged for 1.5 seconds can pass through multiple enemies and leave them with a continuous damage debuff.

Spectromancer also boasts a number of stacking opportunities. Dark Slice has a brief cool-down of 3 seconds, and can stack to add up to 50% extra damage. Sorcery Mark is an attack that marks the enemy for a number of stacking opportunities, such as the attack Tremor which when stacked will regenerate HP and Magic level.

As players grow their Spectromancer, they’ll have to make choices about boosts from equipment. The Spectromancer’s magic is a dark and sinister magic, unlike the elemental magic of the naturalist mages. As such, Elementalism is a weak trait when compared to stats like Critical Hit, Magic Attack and Spirit. Players will also have to choose between wielding a two-handed Magic Staff for more powerful attacks or mixing a Magic Scepter with Magic Vial to create a more sustained, continuous casting build.

Players will find a number of unique varieties of gear for the Spectromancer, whether they’re looking for powerful shock attacks or a continuous flow of damage towards the enemy.

    Geomancer – a Healing, Helping Hand

    Available Races : Kosh, Yutonian, Lokemean
    Armor : Cloth
    Stat Specialty : Intelligence and Spirit

The Geomancer is one of the currently available designated Healing classes. It features a number of powerful AoE healing skills like the Circle of Life, and single target healing/protection skills like Nature’s Protection.

The Geomancer is not limited to being a healer, however. It has a number of team buff and CC abilities that can blur the line between Healer and Support. The Geomancer can buff ally attacks with Call to Action, and temporarily turn them invisible with the ability Evanescence. The Geomancer can knock down enemies with its powerful Meteor Strike attack, and has the special ability summon temporary guardian spirits to aid the fight.

Being lightly armored, the Geomancer has to balance its healing abilities on itself as well as its allies. As players equip their Geomancer, they’ll have to choose between trying to increase HP for self-sustainability, or maxing MP recovery for quick and constant casting.

There are many classes ready to fill different Roles in Black Gold Online. Our Devs offered their two cents, and we’d like to hear from fans. Visit our forums to tell us more about your build, and help us grow the body of community knowledge on the official Black Gold Online Wiki.


Mardi 1 juillet 2014  
Special July 4th Events!

Independence Day weekend is just around the corner, and we at Snail Games wanted to get our fans in the patriotic spirit. No matter your country or creed, we’ve got some exciting events for everyone to enjoy. Special bonuses, cool activities, live streams, and so very much more this Fourth of July!

The Montel Monument

As a special treat for the holiday, we’ve constructed a special Montel Monument! A pillar standing in remembrance of our Montel forebears, this monument can be found in the capital cities of each major race.

We’ve also got a special limited edition Fireworks item available for the holiday! For those lucky enough to get it, the fireworks will fill the air with a stunning light show around the monument. If you’d like to get your hands on some, check our community events below.

Community Events

Black Gold Online Patriots

Want to be one of our special Fireworks exhibitors? Help us spread the word about Black Gold Online’s event while showing off your patriotism! Create an awesome Fourth of July themed screen shot, and tweet or post it to Facebook with our special weekend hashtag: #4thofJulyBGO

Send the link of your post to our community email for a chance to be chosen to receive fireworks. We’ll be picking a select number of players from each server to show off the fireworks at certain times of day during Independence Day!

Contact our BGO team at

Fourth of July Smack Down

If anything exemplifies the Fourth of July, it’s a good brawl, and lucky for us this weekend is our special Arena double points Frenzy Weekend! To go along with the theme, we’ll be holding a special Fourth of July Smack Down.

During the weekend, we’re inviting top-ranked Arena players to go toe-to-toe for a bit to be the best! Players will take to the Balanced Arena, where low-level and high-level, experienced and newb meet in a competition of skill. The highest ranked 5 players on each server will received a special vanity title for their Forum ID.

    Top 5 players in Ellescadia: Champion of Ellescadia
    Top 5 players in Lokemea: Champion of Lokemea

Take on the top 10

As the players in the top 10 vie for the highest spots, all players high and low are encouraged to take to the Arena to challenge these masters of combat! We’ll post the names of the top ranked players on Friday, and if you encounter them in the Arena, post the results of your contest on Facebook and Twitter with our event hashtag #4thofJulyBGO. Win or lose, we’d like to hear it!

Ex: “Just had a close loss against the #2 ranked player on my server! Next time he’s mine #4thofJulyBGO”

We’ll pick 20 people who post to receive special prizes for their valiant efforts and amazing triumphs!

We’re looking for live streamers to help document all the 4th of July fun, as they fight their way through the Arena and enjoy the special fireworks show. If you’re interested in being a streaming partner, contact us at

In-game Events

To go along with the festivities, we have some special bonus events for your accounts in-game!

Top Up Bonus

    Event Period : 7/1/2014 -7/7/2014
    Requirement : All Server
    Description : In observance of Independence Day, all top up amounts during the event period will be accumulated. At the end of the event period, a bonus will be rewarded based on total top up amount in USD during the event for each account.

Receiving Rewards

    1.  After the event period, receive your rewards in game through the "Fast Receive" button in the upper left hand corner of your screen.
    2.   If your backpack is full, all rewards will be sent through in game mail.
    3.  Montel Blessing Stones do not disappear. If your bag is full or your in game mail box is full, our systems will send you the rewards once you have made room in your mail box.
    4.   Rewards will be sent within 3-5 business days after the event period.

Mightiest Rewards

    Event Period : 7/1/2014 -7/14/2014
    Requirement : All Server
    Description : The mightiest adventurers of Montel, get ready to be rewarded! At the end of the event period, all qualifying accounts will receive a reward pending on their might score. Reward tiers are as shown below.

Rewards for Valor

    Event Period : 7/1/2014 -7/7/2014
    Requirement : All Server
    Description : During your adventures in Montel, you are awarded Valor Points for a variety of activities. Ranging from defeating Outbreaks, accomplishments in the Batthefields or triumph in the Arena, your actions are rewarded with Valor Points. This event will give you a bonus reward daily during the event period pending on your accumulated amount of Valor Points for the day! Rewards come in 3 tiers, so make sure you know what to shoot for!


    1. Rewards are distributed automatically at the end of each day.
    2. Each account may receive 1 reward through this event per day.

Don't miss out on all the excitement during the Black Gold Online Fourth of July Events! Keep up with all the fun on our Facebook page, Twitter, and official Forums!


Mardi 1 juillet 2014  
1st Patch Notes

Black Gold Online will undergo some routine maintenance and provide an updated patch for the game client. The Patch Notes can be found below:

Black Gold Online

    1. Adjusted in-game events, including the addtion of special events for the 4th of July weekend. Stay tuned for details!

    2. Opened the all new Black Gold Store.

    3. Officially switched the server times of BGO from PDT to CDT. So as to support a wider gaming community, the time zone shift will affect the regularly scheduled events in the game server. Find out when that is for you: (Check Server Time)

    4. At the Gold Dust merchant, added a new “Montel Blessing Stone”, available for 40 Black Gold. This precious rare mineral can be used to acquire prototypes and materials for upgrading equipment.

    5. Fixed the Kosh level 10 “Scout” mission error

    6. Changed user interface text

The Black Gold Online game servers Ellescadia and Lokemea will both be down for the update from 3pm – 6pm on Tuesday July 1, 2014. The patch will be available with the update's completion, either by automatic update of the game client or Direct Download.


Mardi 1 juillet 2014  
More Media Gift Giveaways!

Black Gold Online has partnered with our good friends in the media to give you the fans some awesome loot! We’ve got some exciting gift pack giveaways. Don’t forget that each account is eligible for only 1 gift code of each type. Each pack comes with specialty mounts, vanity gear, and valuables!

Azure Hellhoof Pack


Stoneskin Pack

Gaming Blend-

Crimson Wolf Pack


Cavalier Pack

MMOBomb -
MMOHuts -

Big Wheel Pack

Browser Games -

Landstrider Pack


White Hellhoof Pack

US Gamer -

Yellow Cruiser Pack -
MMOReviews -
Gameitems -
GameHaunt -
F2P -
FreeMMOStation -
Go Multiplayer -





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