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Vendredi 27 juin 2014  
Ask the Devs - Open Beta Edition

We've received a lot of feedbak and questions from fans on our Forums, in-game, and through social media. We've compiled a few general topics, and had our Dev Team offer some exciting new details and peeks at what is to come for Black Gold Online!

Question 1: Carriers

We received some questions from fans about the Battle Carriers. Here are some details in response to those questions.

Players create their own Battle Carriers, and to get higher level ones requires a mix of accomplishments and activities: increasing Military Rank by killing enemies and winning battles at Blood Fang Citadel; gathering the appropriate resources through such as Badges and Carrier Points; and acquiring the proper Manuals in the open world, as the prize for certain activities, or purchase with Valor.

Players can start with 3 slots for Battle Carriers, and can open up more space. They are able to get one Battle Carrier from each series, but cannot double up. For example, if a player chooses the Raid Carrier, they will choose one of its development paths to follow; they can’t make one of both.

The highest level Battle Carrier Manuals come from winning Energy Well battles. Each Energy Well has a different Manual to offer, so players would have to fight and win at each Energy Well to get all the Manuals.

Question 2: Classes and Balancing

There are 12 total classes available in the Open Beta Test. Each faction has their 6 faction-specific, along with 3 cross-over classes that vary from race to race. We have plans to add more classes in the future as well. With more races and more classes, the number of combinations will increase even further in the future. As a note: fans who have created cross-overs (for example, a Kosh Assassin or a Dwarf Skycaller) will NOT lose those characters. Those types of characters will still be available, along with the new classes and races.


The classes have a lot of variety, in terms of attack style, gear, abilities, etc. They’re meant to fit a bunch of different roles, so for example a class like the Beastmaster could fill either a Tank or a DPS role. The Beastmaster is also a summoner class. We have a lot of different types class traits, whether its melee vs ranged, magic vs physical, crowd control, summoning, etc. This diversity is only going to expand in the future.

We’re working on class balancing, and appreciate fan feedback regarding this.

Question 3: Acquiring Black Gold

Black Gold is an important resource in the land of Montel. From a lore standpoint, it’s the reason the war is taking place. It is extremely precious, a potent source of energy, and also increasingly rare. It’s rarity makes it a point of contention, and that’s where the game comes from.

In terms of gameplay, Black Gold is used and acquired a bunch of different ways. The idea behind it is that players have to make certain tough choices – what is important to them? – in how they use and what they’re willing to do to get Black Gold. There are chances to be greedy, even dishonest, and that was intentional to reflect that world that Montel has become.

Generally, players will get Black Gold for completing certain quests and activities, by selling gear on the Auction House to fellow players, by acquiring unbound Time Vials, and by controlling an Energy Well. Each of these poses certain challenges and barriers to players, and in that lies the fun of the game.

Question 4: VIP and Vouchers

Fans have asked a lot about the payment system in Black Gold Online. We thought we should shed some light on this.

First it’s important to remember that Black Gold Online is totally free-to-play, you won’t have to pay any money to enjoy it. Nothing is restricted if you play for free: the map is open, all activities are available, no loot or leveling is locked. We have an optional system of payment using Vouchers that allow players who want to get something extra for their money.

This comes into play in two main areas: the Sands of Time system and our Knights of Montel VIP system.

The Sands of Time is an extra avenue for getting loot, aside from the open world drops, boss drops, crafting, etc. Basically you earn Treasure Points for everything you do, and the value of these points will add up to give you a Time Vial with a certain value. The higher the value, the better the gear you’ll get inside. There are a lot of options for you in what you do with these Vials, and you can get 2 free per day or buy more with Vouchers.

The Knights of Montel is an optional VIP system, where you can pay with a certain number of Vouchers to get 30 days of some perks. There are a couple of types of perks, and players can choose their own. These perks are things like extra experience for killing bosses, or having the hidden dungeons revealed on the map for a period of time. The perks are small things to help you enjoy the game, but don't grant a winning advantage. We like to think of it as a way fans can help contribute towards the future development and improvement of the game.

Question 5: Future of the game

We’ve had a lot of questions about what’s next, in terms of the Open Beta Test and beyond. So here’s a few points we’d like to put out.

First, there won’t be a character wipe after the Open Beta, so the characters we’ve got now will still be around later.  

Second, there’s a lot more in store for the game. We’ve got more sections of the map to explore, new maps for Battlefields and Instances, new classes, new Battle Carriers, new races. We also have plans for more servers in the future. We’re really excited about the prospects moving forward, and we’re taking in a lot of OBT feedback for ways to make the game better.

Keep up to date on all the exciting new features coming to Black Gold Online and our fun community events by checking us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our Forums!


Lundi 23 juin 2014  
Important Game Update

As fans jump into the world of Montel in our OBT, we’ve been working out the kinks and fixing some bugs. Fans have pointed out a few important issues, and we got on it immediately! Here are the fixes for our latest update to BGO

    1. Plot Quests in which players have gotten stuck have been resolved.
    2. Fixed the queue interface and updated broken web links in game client.
    3. Removed Online Rest task, which is no longer a feature in the game.
    4. Fixed banned words and illegal characters that prevented fans from using simple names

These fixes are the first of many important tweaks and adjustments to come as we polish and refine BGO. We’d like to say a special thanks to all of our fans for helping bring important issues like these to our attention, and the support of our community as we work through them!

Don’t forget to use the in-game GM function to submit bug reports, correct misspellings, flag player abuse or just to make suggestions for BGO can improve!

Keep up with the BGO community on Facebook, Twitter, and our official Forums!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
New Server Lokemea Live

Thanks to all our loyal players and their support, Server Ellescadia is now reaching FULL CAPACITY. 

To better serve the growing community and player base, we will be opening the SECOND server Lokemea at 3PM PDT, Jun 20th.

All LAUNCH EVENTS planned for Ellescadia will also go into effect for Lokemea as this is a new server coinciding with open beta. 

Follow more news on the Open Beta, new game content, and more on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Connect with the BGO community right this day!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
Free Loot! Media Gift Pack

Black Gold Online Media Gift Pack Extravaganza

To celebrate the launch of BLACK GOLD ONLINE Open Beta ( June 20th, 14:00PM PDT), the Snail team is partnering with top media outlets to handout limited gift packs, FREE! Get your Code now while supplies last!

Each account is eligible to acquire and redeem ONE of each type of gift pack

Each Media will have a different asethetic mount, and there are more types to come! We'll be updating this page with new giveaways so check back often: We will reveal MORE PACKS NEXT WEEK!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
Open Beta Goes Live! And It's Free!

The Day has finally come. As hulking machines of war march upon the eastern  lands and brave warriors meet them astride ferocious creatures, heroes of intricate inventions and spellbinding sorcery can wait no longer.

The Black Gold Online Open Beta has officially commenced! As of 2pm June 20th, PDT, the War has Begun.

Open Beta will feature a more refined, patched version compared to CB. Enjoy revamped Battle Carrier System, battlegrounds and matching systems.

Ride the Gears of War

Black Gold Online has revolutionized mounted combat in MMORPGs. Develop over 100 customizable Battle Carriers in Black Gold Online: pilot gigantic walking tanks, shaking the ground beneath their feet, or take the reins of thundering beasts whose roars echo across the land. Summon your personal ride of destruction anytime, anywhere.

The World will Never be the Same

The two major alignments vy for control of the continent, tearing the world apart. Forge your allegiances and spare no cost to see your flags fly high over the Energy Wells of Montel. There is no corner of the continent that has not been touched by the conflict.

Open Beta Events

As the drums of war sound the preparations get underway, the team at Black Gold Online has provided our loyal players with a multitude of in-game events as the Open Beta commences. Earn unique rewards and discover new ways to enjoy the world of Steam and Magic.

Learn about events right this second!

Conqueror’s Edition Now Available

Looking for more? Don’t miss out on our exclusive Conqueror’s Edition, along with a plethora of virtual goodies to get your saga underway. The Conqueror’s Edition is now available at GameStop, Amazon, BestBuy, Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer for $19.99.

Enter Our Official Open Beta Test Forum here

Follow more news on the Open Beta, new game content, and more on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Connect with the BGO community right this day!


Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
Early Access Ending Soon

Last chance to login EARLY and reserve your unique hero look and name! The Early Access Pre-Creation Event will come to a close today at 13:00 PM, June 20th Pacific Time.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to earn unique treasure and rewards.

The Open Beta Server ELLESCADIA will officially go LIVE TODAY at 14:00 PM Pacific Time.

Prepare for the epic showdown between Steam & Magic, Let the War Horns Thunder! 


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Exclusive Offer - Top Up Event

The world is divided, total war is imminent.

Are you the chosen one to claim the sacred lands to glorify your cause? Seize this unique one-time offer and get a head-start in forging your own saga.

The world of Steampunk and Magic awaits, Knight of Montel.

Any playerwho tops-up their account during the day of June 20th will receive an exclusive gift pack worthy of a true Conqueror. The treasure box includes exclusive fashion costumes, epic tokens, experience boost potions, in-game currency and rare vouchers!

Event - Command the Vanguard

    Event period :  June 20th, 2014 (24 hour period from 00:00AM to 23:59PM)
    Requirement : All Servers, All payment methods
    How to Top-Up : Players will be able to acquire vouchers with real-life currency by visiting our Snail Games Member Center. These vouchers can be used with our “Sands of Time” monetization system. Top-up during the day of June 20th to get the special, exclusive gift pack. Don't miss this one time offer!


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Open Beta Launch Time

Friendly reminder from the Black Gold Team

Open beta servers will go live

    June 20th @ 14:00 PM PDT Time.

Are You Ready, Heroes of Montel? The horns of War will thunder across the Ellescadian mountain range.

In the meanwhile, please visit our official Forums and become a part of our growing community.


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Announcing the Official Wiki!

The team is delighted to announce the launch of our official Wiki on Curse! The Black Gold Online wiki will provide all essential details of Montel, a world of Steampunk & Fantasy.

Wiki link:

We want to remind everyone that the Black Gold Online Wiki is a monumental project, meant to supplement the growing BGO community.

Join in our efforts to buildand expand the wiki, It’ll be an information source on just about everything Black Gold Online.Sign up and start contributing today!

Some important things we’d like to see are:

    Graphics – please help us make the wiki pretty, add in screenshots from your gameplay!
    In-game details – player stats, Quest plots, and any in-game details you can think of!
    New pages – if you can help us elaborate on anything, make a new page to go into detail!

The Black Gold Online OPEN BETA begins June 20th, click here to sign up for an account and prepare for war! Pilot gigantic mechs and ride thundering beasts into battle!


Jeudi 19 juin 2014  
Open Beta Test Events Announced!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test is fast approaching. As all the champions of Montel gear up for the coming war, we’d like to show our appreciation to all the loyal fans out there with these Open Beta Events! Players will be able to win some special prizes just for playing the game.

Win amazing prizes by participating in our OBT Events!

Riches and glory await in Black Gold Online, so be sure to fuel up in our energizing events.

Event 1 - Early Character Creation

    Event Period : 2014/6/17 – 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Players will be able to enter the game for three days of special character creation awesomeness. Fans who enter our servers early will be able to reserve their character name before anyone else. With three days of pre-Beta access, budding adventurers can experiment with all the options and sliders in the deeply detailed BGO character creation system. As a show of our appreciation, those who participate will be entitled to a very special gift pack. What’s inside? You’ll have to see to find out!
    If you think you’re a real beauty, or perhaps your hands have the golden touch, well we’ve got something for you! Submit your character at for a chance to be selected as “Montel’s Next Top Model!

Event 2 - Time-out and Move-up Bonus

    Event Period : Since 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : As a special treat for committed and consistent players, we’ve provided extra bonuses for putting in the time and leveling up! Players who play for set intervals of time and reach certain levels will get a special bonus! These gifts will appear on the right side of the UI, and can be claimed by each player once a day.
    Players will be able to get a special “Online Gift Pack” and “Level Upgrade Gift Pack”

Event 3 - Open Beta Sign-in Bonus

    Event Period : 2014/6/20 Starts
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Sign in everyday and receive our unique Sign-in Gift Pack. Every day you sign in will have new and more valuable rewards, so don’t miss a second of Black Gold Online OBT awesomeness!

Event 4 - Three Paths of the Warrior

    Event Period

      2014/6/20 - 2014/6/26 (On the road to glory!)
      2014/6/20 - 2014/7/3 (Might Score Boosting)
      2014/6/20 - 2014/7/20 (Diligent Master)

    Requirement : All Servers

      1. On the road to glory!

        Players will find many challenges as they fight their way to the top in the war for Black Gold. Get a little boost with this special prize for reaching level 25! Level up and claim your prize!

      2. Might Score boosting

        Any Character reaches 10000 might score or above will be able to collect our BGO might score boosting gift by clicking the button from the right.

      3. Diligent Master

        Put hammer to anvil, stitch together your trousers, and organize your vials in this special promotion for all the crafting experts out there. At level 18, players will get the opportunity to apprentice with masters of one of the 5 crafting professions: Armorer, Blacksmith, Tailor, Jeweler or Alchemist.

      Craft gear and learn new crafting skills to upgrade your professional level. Players will be entitled to special prizes for reaching leveling their profession to lvl 3, lvl 6, and the high mastery of lvl 9.

Event 5 - Guild me up, Buttercup

    Event Period : 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Players can join or create Guilds with their own unique diplomacy, sigil, and “technology level.” A guild’s tech level will offer special benefits to guild members such as health/attack bonuses, special equipment, etc.
    As an added bonus, we’ve provided this special event, where a player will be rewarded when the guild to which they pledge allegiance reaches levels 3, 6,9. All guild members will receive the gift. As their Guild grows in power, members will receive special treasure chests filled with wonderful bonuses!

Event 6 - Montel Scavenger Hunt

    Event Period : 2014/6/20 - 2014/7/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Scattered around the land of Montel, there are those who set out in search of great treasure and adventure. These intrepid treasure hunters will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Finish them off before they do the same to you, and you may just discover a treasure map for your trouble.
    Discover treasure maps and explore new the world to find great treasure. Find enough treasure and we’ll off you a special reward!

Event 7 - Frenzy weekends

    Event Period : Every weekend since 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Everything gets wilder on the weekend! During our Frenzy Weekends, it’s Double Gold Coins, Double Experience, Double everything! Make sure to take advantage of this special bonus and login on the weekends!

Event 8 - Questionnaire

    Event Period : Since 2014/6/20
    Requirement : All Servers
    Description : Help us better understand what works and what doesn’t in Black Gold Online. Finish a small questionnaire, win a big prize.

The Black Gold Online Open Beta Test will begin on June 20th at 2pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Don’t have an account yet? No worries! Register here to join in the awesome OBT excitement!

Want to join the fun? Make sure to download the BGO Game Clieent as soon as possible. Get our special Black Gold Online Downloader, and get your client downloaded. Give yourself some time, it’s a doozy at 10 GB. Download it, install it, and prepare for war!


Lundi 16 juin 2014  
Pre-creation Starts Tomorrow

Prepare for War, Heroes of Montel!

The Black Gold Online OPEN BETA will go liveJune 20th, 2014. To reward our most loyal players, we are offering you the chance of early access character creation starting June 17th, 2PM PDT (see when that is for you).

Event - Reserve Your Hero

Veteran players will be able to access the critically acclaimed BGO character precreation system three days prior to Open Beta Launch. You’ll be able to reserve your character name and unique look before anyone else. As a token of our appreciation, you’ll be entitled to an exclusive gift pack to jumpstart your adventure in Montel. What’s Inside? You’ll have to see for yourself!

Event - Montel’s Next Top Model 

In addition to the exclusive gift pack you’ll receive, do you want to take it to the next level? The entire kingdom yearns for the most dashing knight and elegant lady to emerge from the crowd. 

    Submit your character HERE –
    Submission ends on June 20th, 2PM PDT

We’ll review submissions from the Early Access Character Creation and choose the best from three categories: (Each Category is entitled to its own exclusive prize)

    1. Most Photogenic (reviewed on a beauty scale)
    2. The Doppelgänger (create a character to look like someone: yourself, a celebrity, anyone! Send the accompanying picture for comparison
    3. The Nightmare (make a truly vile creature, just the most horribly gut-wrenching ugly thing you can)

Whose side are you on: The Kingdom of Isenhorst with unstoppable industrial firepower? Or the mystical Erlandir Union with unparalleled elemental prowess? sign up now and play for free!


Dimanche 15 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Wrap-up

The world got a glimpse of the future of Snail Games, as the team set out for an amazing show at the 2014 E3 convention in Los Angeles. The only Chinese company to be present at in the South Hall, the team from Snail Games proudly stood to show the ambitious direction and future of the company.

With an international team from both our head office in Suzhou, China and our local staff at Snail Games USA, the team showcased the latest and greatest to come out of Snail, with our latest expansion to highly successful Age of Wushu, an early peek at Black Gold Online soon to enter Open Beta testing, and our newest step into the mobile gaming market with three hotly anticipated titles.

Nestled among the legs of the towering Steam Castle an iconic figure from Black Gold Online and a real stand-out at the convention the Snail Games booth featured banks of computers and iPads for convention goers to explore the exciting virtual worlds we've created. Committed to providing quality hands-on experience, the Snail Games booth gave players the chance to try out our latest games themselves, with helpful booth staff available for the low-down on our upcoming titles.

No E3 would be complete without swag and photos, and Snail Games came out swinging with our much sough-after Black Gold Online top hats and lovely Steam punk cosplay girls.

E3 Lineup

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online was at center stage, as it ramps up for the upcoming Open Beta Test on June 20th. A whole 20 computers from our booth featured Black Gold Online, showcasing the distinct art style, action PvP, awesome classes, and unique mounted combat system. Fans were able to try out a few classes, and even do some PvP as our team of BGO experts helped orchestrate Military Battlefields and other fun events on the show floor.

As the show went on, our Community Management team held court in our special Steam Castle control room, giving hands on demos and special interviews with news outlets including Game Informer, IGN, the Associated Press, and many more.

As coverage comes in, fans around the nation can learn more about Black Gold Online. Here’s what the earliest reports have had to say:

Abigail Elise of International Business Times suggests, “Tired of playing 'World of Warcraft?' Snail Games’ 'Black Gold Online' may be just the MMO that’s been missing from your life.”

Blake Peterson from Game Revolution noted, “Black Gold's characters are ridiculously customizable in character creation.” 

Jacob Whritenour from Hardcore Gamer had this to say, “The gameplay action involves a lot of dodging, aiming and mounted battles; making it completely different from other MMO titles where motions are pretty stiff.

No less than that, fans responded positively to Black Gold Online. Those who got a hands-on sited the awesome scenery and unique art design, the cool character creation, and of course the totally revolutionary mounted combat system of Battle Carriers.

Perhaps most notably, Black Gold Online was featured in the Gamespot E3 Live Show, where host Danny Dwyer interviewed Snail Games Community Manager Kevin Doyle about the game.

Age of Wushu - Tempest of Strife

The internationally acclaimed and highly popular Age of Wushu showed off it’s latest expansion on E3 this year with Tempest of Strife. Taking the amazing Jianghu underworld that made Age of Wushu a fan favorite, the Tempest of Strife adds on new “Emerging Sects” that players can join, as well as all new methods for switching schools, a school-less “Vagrant” class, and special dynamic weather patterns.

With a handful of computers featuring Age of Wushu, convention-goers had the chance to try out some of the unique abilities of the new Emerging Sects, such as the ferocious animal skills of the Beast Villa or the lightning speed of the imperturbable Rootless eunuchs.

Big things are happening in the free-to-play MMO market from Snail Games, and both our already popular Age of Wushu and fast approaching Open Beta of Black Gold Online caught a lot of attention, making it into the special E3 Insider.

Mobile Games

Snail Games has made big strides in diversified business channels, and none so obvious as the launch of our three new titles in our entry into the mobile gaming industry. With a dozen iPads at our special Mobile Gaming Corner, fans had the chance to try out our awesome new lineup of mobile games.

Puzzle Heroes Saga

With it's comical style, fun gameplay and unique mixing of match-three puzzle mechanics with battles, Puzzle Heroes Saga made a big splash at E3. Fans pointedly noted how easy to pickup and yet at times challenging PHS was, with it's rolling and fast-paced puzzles and interesting characters.

Heroes of Gaia

Fans responded positively as they tried out Snail Games 3D turn-based strategy and adventure game, Heroes of Gaia. Ported from a popular webpage game, the mobile Heroes of Gaia lets players strategize at the head of armies with over 40 different units and countless abilities.

Taichi Panda

Possibly the biggest hit of our E3 mobile line-up, Taichi Panda caught the attention of fans with its easy gameplay style, awesome graphics, and overall highly enjoyable gameplay. Fans enjoyed the innovative controls and the accessible fighting style.

Here's what consumer outlet Geek thought of Taichi Panda, "the first impressions we had seemed pretty positive- Particularly in the couple minutes we played it. It's basically a really tight controlling dungeon crawler-y brawler game"

As E3 has wrapped up, the team from Snail Games is thrilled to the have had the opportunity to show off the great new things coming out in the near future.

Snail Games commits itself to the growth of gaming and the expansion of new and exciting virtual worlds. As the world turns towards mobile, Snail looks to grow our list of mobile titles. At Snail, we live by the motto "Born to Dream." With the launch of our Play Snail mobile platform, Snail Games hopes to offer opportunities and publishing services for mobile game developers dreaming to enter the market.

Only more great things are on the horizon, and we highly encourage all the dreamers out there to stay tuned over the coming months!


Vendredi 13 juin 2014  
E3 BGO Booth Babes

With the completion of E3 under our belt, we’d like to offer a closer look on one of our most appealing attractions: our three lovely Steam punk Cosplay ladies.

With sexy and smart ladies like this, it’s no wonder lines for pictures wrapped around the corner!

Jessica Jazzman / Cassandra Nuss / Amanda Lynn


Jeudi 12 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Day 3

As sad as we are to say, E3 has come to end. As all the fun and excitement come to an end, check out what game enthusiasts and convention goers had to say about Black Gold Online:

On the Art Direction

“I’ve been waiting forever for a Steam punk MMO, and now I’ve found one.”
“I really like the art style… it’s different, and I like the two types and how they’re so different.”
“I’m really feeling all the sliders, you can really make your character look sick.”

Combat and Classes

“The fighting is intense, I mean [sometimes] I just can’t handle it, it’s really fast.”
“I like the Beastmaster, it’s got this awesome battle axe and has a really cool look to it.”
“The Gunslinger is pretty sweet, I especially like how the fighting works [with it]. It’s not just button mashing – there’s a lot of aiming, and I can even lay mines and round-house kick [enemies].”

Battle Carriers

“The Carriers look awesome!”
“I love the dragon…it can shoot lightning, that’s crazy!”
“It’s so cool, the mechs are really fun…it kind of plays like a shooter.”

After making it’s big splash at E3, the BGO team is turning our attention back to getting ready for the upcoming Open Beta Test on June 20th. Get your BGO Game Client Download now, and join in our Early Character Creation event starting June 17th!


Mercredi 11 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Day 2

Black Gold Online has made a huge splash at E3, and the excitement continues as we go into full gear for day 2. As the Snail Games team shows off our newest line-up of games, with Black Gold Online at the forefront, fans have flocked to our impressive booth, nestled in the corner of the South Hall of the Staples Center.

Towering over the competition, the Snail Games booth was designed based on the imposing Steam Castle of the Buvont human race. The key to their victory in the great Isenhorst Civil War, the massive walking battle station was a perfect fit for capturing the unique style and game play of Black Gold Online.

Drawn in by Steam Castle superstructure, fans of free stuff and beautiful babes soon discovered all the goodies available at our Swag counter. E3-goers had the opportunity to take pictures with our lovely Steam punk cosplayers and win a number of awesome treats including posters, retail editions of Age of Wushu, and our incomparably popular Black Gold Online Top Hats.

Once inside, the Snail Games booth is gaming central. Computer banks line the tables as players join in the great battle for Montel in Black Gold Online. With our awesome team of BGO experts, fans explored the amazing world of steam and sorcery, trying out the classes, combat, and battle carriers that set Black Gold Online apart.

Aside from the BGO gaming center, the Snail booth also featured our iPad mobile corner, where fans of fun-on-the-go could try out Black Gold Online’s new line-up of mobile games.

We’ll keep updating fans from here at E3 as we continue to showcase the awesome line up now out and coming soon from Snail Games!


Mardi 10 juin 2014  
E3 2014 Day 1

We're proud to reveal the official BGO E3 Trailer 

The sun rose on a beautiful day in the lovely city of angels, and the dreamers at Snail Games could not be happier. The biggest names in gaming cram every inch of the Los Angeles Staples Center with awesome video gaming excitement, and among them towers the booth for Snail Games, as we get ready to kick off day one of this years E3 convention! 


We’re extremely excited to be here to show off our awesome new lineup of games. The Snail booth is abuzz as hardcore gamers, casual fans, and mobile game masters check out what we’ve got to offer.

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is center stage as we show off our awesomely stylized new MMO soon to hit the market. Entirely free to play and full off high-action exciting gameplay, Black Gold Online will go into full-on Open Beta Testing in June 20th, and is pegged for full release later this year. 

Show Girls

The premium Conqueror’s Edition of Black Gold Online is now available for Pre-Order, offering those heroes brave enough to join the war of steam and magic access to special exclusive content. We’ll be showing off all the unique features players will enjoy in Black Gold Online here at E3! Pre-order info available here.

Age of Wushu - Tempest of Strife

The internationally popular and critically acclaimed Age of Wushu has created a world of martial arts heroes and kung fu villains for countless fans worldwide. We’re happy to showcase the latest edition to the Age of Wushu saga, the expansion Tempest of Strife.

The latest update features 6 new emerging martial arts sects, the game-changing ability for players to switch schools, and a new dynamic weather system.

Mobile Launches

In addition to our PC-based MMO games, Snail is proud to reveal our first line of Mobile games!

Puzzle Heroes Saga

Turn traditional puzzle games on their head with our unique spin on match-three puzzles with Puzzle Heroes Saga! Begin your adventure in this fun and quirky RPG, as you grow and upgrade your arsenal of unique allies. Fast-paced and highly entertaining, Puzzle Heroes Saga features a unique mix of puzzles and battles for endless enjoyment.

Heroes of Gaia

Build your army on the road to victory! Take command of your forces in Black Gold Online’s 3D RPG and turn-based strategy game, Heroes of Gaia. Customize and improve your army with over 40 unique units and 80 distinct abilities. Build up your fortress and manage your resources as you conquer the map in this awesome strategy adventure.

Taichi Panda

None can withstand the power of the panda! Take on terrible monsters and titanic horrors in the quest for riches, glory, and internal tranquility in Taichi Panda. Snail Game’s all new action adventure RPG, Taichi Panda features a fun and user friendly fighting system for easy accessibility and casual fun.

We’ll be bringing you real-time news as we show the world the all-new lineup from Snail Games and the hot new release of Black Gold Online here at E3. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for immediate news!


Samedi 7 juin 2014  
Open Beta Early Access!

Black Gold Online will enter the Open Beta testing phase on June 20th, but we’ve heard what fans have to say and we just can’t wait either! As a special treat to all our heroes of Montel, Black Gold Online will be available for early access character creation on June 17th, starting at 2pm PDT (see when that is for you).

Players will be able to enter the game for three days of special character creation awesomeness. Fans who enter our servers early will be able to reserve their character name before anyone else. With three days of pre-Beta access, budding adventurers can experiment with all the options and sliders in the deeply detailed BGO character creation system. As a show of our appreciation, those who participate will be entitled to a very special gift pack. What’s inside? You’ll have to see to find out!

Create your Hero

Black Gold Online features a highly detailed character customization engine developed entirely in-house by Snail Games. In the land of Montel, the name of the game is “Sliders”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Black Gold Online puts power in the hands of players to create characters to meet any standard with adjustable height, skin hue, and even eye pupils.

Check out this short video with Professor Hogwash reporting from the frontlines of character creation!

Montel’s Next Top Model

Do you think you have what it takes to create a truly amazing character in Black Gold Online? Submit your character for consideration as Montel’s Next Top Model!

We’ll review submissions from the Early Access Character Creation and choose the best characters from three categories:

    1. Submit a character for most awesome looking
    2. Create a character to look like someone: yourself, a celebrity, anyone! Send the accompanying picture for comparison
    3. Make a truly vile creature, just the most horribly gut-wrenching ugly thing you can.

We’ll review submissions and choose 1 winner for each category from both male and female characters. Submissions can be sent to


Samedi 7 juin 2014  
Black Gold Online Downloader Available!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta test is not far away, and we the good people at Snail Games are happy to announce that the BGO client download is now available. Fans will be able to update their existing client, or download the entire client if they are a first-timer.

With two successful testing phases under our belt, the team at Black Gold Online has had no shortage of useful feedback and important suggestions from you, the fans. In response to popular demand, we’ve created an all new BGO Downloader to help prevent problems in the downloading process.


The BGO Downloader will help ensure a smooth download of the full game client. Fans will now be able to download the game client in 3 easy steps.

    1. Download the Black Gold Online Downloader
    2. Pick a file location and begin game client download
    3. Install the game, and enjoy!

The original download link will also be available for those fans who prefer their own download management software. Those who participated in the previous tests need only open the game client and connect to the server to automatically update.

Check out the Black Gold Online Download page now!


Jeudi 5 juin 2014  
Devspeak - Countering Types Showcase

"For Black Gold Online, our goal with the Battle Carriers was to create a sense of danger and excitement in battle, where you can take control of something other than your character, something outside yourself, more powerful than yourself but still in many ways vulnerable that you cared for. It makes for really exciting combat, and also long-lasting effects that really impact players.”

- Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online -

The power of mechanized legions and the ferocious wilderness fall in players’ hands as the heroes of Montel battle for control in Black Gold Online. With its unique Battle Carrier system, Black Gold Online creates a new type of PvP battleground, mixing mounted and footed combat in heated large-scale battles. This week, we get the scoop from producer Kee Zhang about Carrier PvP and the ideas behind the BGO Battle Carrier system.

No Carrier is an Island

As players progress and acquire important resources in Black Gold Online, they will be able to create and upgrade their very own Battle Carriers, as well take advantage of those available on special battlegrounds like the Blood Fang Citadel. As players make their choices of Battle Carriers, it becomes clear that no single one can outmatch all others, and everyone is vulnerable to another.

“The idea of using a battle mount, with its own damage and attacks and such, came into the mix pretty early. The real light-bulb moment came when we thought of this ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ assortment – every Carrier has advantages and attack bonuses over certain other Carriers, and in turn is vulnerable to another. It makes teamwork and strategy a must.”

Black Gold Online features over a 100 distinct Battle Carriers, with a wide variety of unique abilities and weaponry. These Carriers fall into 5 basic classes: Raid, Assault, Siege, Aerial and Anti-air. Each class has special attack bonuses against others, as well as particular traits that make each matchup different and challenging.

“Every Carrier is different – there is no top dog. They’re fast or slow, both in movement and reloading. They can dish out a heavy payload or pepper the enemy with rapid, light fire. They get in close to attack or sit back. It makes things get pretty interesting.”.

Agility vs Firepower

Battle Carriers must make the trade-off between light, nimble mobility and lumbering, forceful attacks. Speed vs Strength comes into play, both in terms of movement and attack cool-downs.

Take for example a matchup between the Isenhorst’s Aggressor, a Raid Carrier with a light rocket and close-range shotgun, vs the Erlandir Marauder, a long-range Assault Carrier with powerful AoE elemental attacks.

Going head-to-head, the Aggressor has a serious disadvantage. Despite its speed, it’s hard to avoid the heavy damage dealt by the Marauder’s long-range attacks. However, this heavy damage comes at a cost of attack cool-downs and a “deep breath” moment – a winding up pause before attack. A clever Aggressor pilot can outmaneuver the Marauder to avoid damage.

Add into the mix an enemy on foot, and now the Marauder has lost the advantage. With its slow firing, it’s hard to land a hit on small, quick-footed enemies on the ground. Where the Assault failed, the Aggressor shines, running down footed players and finishing them off with its mix of rapid long-range and powerful short-ranged attacks.

Long-shot vs Up-Close-and-Personal

The Battle Carriers of Montel feature many abilities with different ranges and effects, such as knock-backs, stuns, poison or fire damage and more. The different types of abilities challenge players to play to their advantages, whether that means finding a vantage point to fire from or closing in on the enemy to duke it out face to face.

Imagine two players meet on the field of battle: one astride the Erlandir Screecher, and the other buckled in to the Isenhorst Incinerator. How might it pan out?

Players who choose the Screecher will find its greatest strength is in its range. With a rapid firing primary attack and target-locking secondary attack, Screecher wranglers are strongest at a distance. Even moving targets are not safe from the Screecher’s honing birds of prey.

The Incinerator on the other hand has been built to get in close and start the enemy ablaze. With special chaining effects for its primary Flamethrower and secondary Gas bomb, the Incinerator gets the upper hand when standing toe-to-toe with the enemy.

Enemy at the Gate

Beyond the open field of battle, players must also fight among the fortified walls and defensive turrets of bases. Heavily armored Siege Carriers are well suited to this type of attack, while others may soon find themselves overwhelmed by enemy defensive fire

Siege carriers are slow and cumbersome, making them vulnerable to attack by other. When the defensive barrage comes raining down, powerful siege engines like the Isenhorst Retaliator or the Erlandir Craniosaur can withstand massive damage and blow away the defenses otherwise impassable to their team mates.

“The thing we’re most proud of with the Battle Carriers is the variety – each Carrier is unique. When players join in the battlefield, they’ll have a lot of options available to them. The battles get intense, and it’ll take strategy as a team to consistently win. ”


Mardi 3 juin 2014  
Snail Announce Lineup For E3 2014

Great news always comes in pairs, and we’ve got a real double whammy for everyone. We’re excited to announce that Black Gold Online will be released for Open Beta Testing this June 20th. In addition, the team at Snail Games is heading to LA for this year’s E3 convention!

Open Beta Test – June 20th 

After two successful rounds of closed testing, Black Gold Online will move into Open Beta Testing beginning on June 20th!

Barely two weeks away, the Open Beta will feature a patched version of CB with optimal adjustments and balancing.

Black Gold Online is FREE to PLAY, with continual patches and future content updates. Fans who have participated in previous tests will be able to enter the game with their existing accounts, while those interested in joining signup & download the client before the test servers launch!

In addition, the Black Gold Online premium Conqueror’s Edition is now available for Pre-Order from our retail partners at Amazon, BestBuy and GameStop. This pack will grant players access to special exclusive content for the Open Beta Test and beyond. The full release to follow in the future will have no character wipe, meaning fans will be able to continue their characters from the OBT into the future.

Learn more about Black Gold Online’s Conqueror’s Edition Pre-order here!

E3- Electronic Entertainment Expo
Click here to learn more about the convention

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – E3 season! The team at Snail Games is thrilled to announce that we’ll be set up at E3, ready to show off Black Gold Online and our latest lineup of games to hit the market. Join us in person or virtually as we take the Los Angeles Convention Center by storm this June 10th-12th!

Snail Games will be setting up shop in the South Hall of the convention center. For those of you who will be in attendance, find us at booth #2803 to get some of our awesome swag and learn about our awesome lineup.

This year, Snail Games will be revealing a portfolio of awesome new games and game expansions, with the amazingly epic MMO Black Gold Online as the center piece. 

E3 Lineup

    Black Gold Online
    Age of Wushu’s latest expansion – Tempest of Strife
    Puzzle Heroes Saga – an exciting new twist of mobile puzzle games
    Heroes of Gaia – 3D turn-based strategy in the palm of the hand
    Taichi Panda – an exciting action RPG for mobile

As we get closer to the convention, keep posted on Facebook, Twitter and our official forums as we reveal community activities, live content from the convention, and much more!





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