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Mercredi 28 mai 2014  
Client - Pre-Order Now Available

Heroes and Knights of Montel

Heeding the call of ancient prophecies, Black Gold Online is now available for Pre-order!

Fans of steampunk, magic, and epic MMO, don't miss this exclusive opportunity to acquire the Conqueror's Edition, complete with virtual goodies to set your saga underway upon the volatile lands of Montel.

Black Gold Online will be available for retail purchase, and for those who just can’t wait until full release, BGO will be available for pre-order from our exclusive distribution partners at Best Buy, Gamespot and Amazon. Fans who Pre-order will receive an exclusive, ultra-rare "Swift Nightmare" mount. Place your order today!

Why Buy? The Swag!

The special retail Conqueror's Edition of Black Gold Online grants fans access to exclusive content. As you rise through the ranks of the royal armored corps, or ascend to the height of the sacred priesthood, you’ll need to dress the part. Fans that order by retail will receive special vanity outfits: the Officer’s Overcoat for the Kingdom of Isenhorst and the Ceremonial Garment for the Erlandir Union. [NOTE: The vanity outfits are not faction-restricted. Players will be able to acquire & wear BOTH costumes]

Pre-order fans will also get extra bonus - an exclusive mount: the mysterious Swift Nightmare. Gallop across the land on this dark stallion, engulfed in enchanted flames.

Pre-order comes with no shortage of goodies, including high-level energy crystals and over $20 of in game currency.

    Pre-order Conqueror's Edition

      Vanity Outfits – Officer’s Overcoat & Ceremonial Garment
      Epic Item Tokens for exchanging PURPLE equipment early on
      Ultra-Rare crafting stones for End-Game Equipment
      $20 Worth of in game currency
      Flaming “Swift Nightmare” Mount

Available NOW for pre-order at, and


Mardi 27 mai 2014  
Beta Test Completed!

The Black Gold Online team at Snail Games is sad, happy, and a series of adjectives along the emotional scale to announce that our Closed Beta Testing has officially ended. For the last two weeks, we’ve given the BGO Community a chance to see what we’ve been working on and the changes to the game since the Alpha. Many newcomers got their first taste of Montel, an amazing world of Steam punk and Fantasy colliding into one unique gaming experience.

To better help us grow, we’d like to ask fans to fill out this Beta Survey. The information you provide will help us further improve our game and the experience for players like you.

And as a special thank you for completing the survey, your account will receive a sum of 200 Black Gold for use during the Open Beta.

News about future updates and the Open Beta Test will be revealed in the coming weeks. Keep posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and official forum to get real-time updates!


Mardi 27 mai 2014  
DevSpeak - Guild on Guild Throwdown

"In Black Gold Online, the world is getting a bit desperate. The two sides are fighting for control, but even within each faction, there are smaller groups forming, teaming up to hold on to their resources, to their little chunk of the map. They can get ambitious, even vicious at times. That’s where the Guilds come in.”

- Johnny Lau, Senior Content Lead -

From its beginning, the team for Black Gold Online sought to create a world in the midst of conflict. Seeking to create a blend of PvE, PvP and territorial conflict, our developers designed the games Guild system, setting the stage for both cooperative action and aggressive competition. Project lead Johnny Lau tells us more in this special BGO Guild Devspeak.

Building for the Future

In Black Gold Online, players who reach a certain level will be able to create, manage, and join Guilds. Guilds bestow upon their leaders, officers, and members certain benefits and responsibilities. Johnny Lau puts it this way:

“For our Guilds, we didn’t want it to be ‘Ok, we all join the same guild, now we’re the strongest, everyone else is helpless.’ We wanted a system where you needed to manage affairs, in both structural and free-form ways, and where many small guilds could take on a big one, if they did things right.”

Guilds upgrade their level to offer perks to their members

Guilds in Black Gold Online have a “Technology Level,” which determines certain benefits members of that Guild can receive. Players can receive special daily stat bonuses, redeem “Glory” points acquired in service of the Guild for equipment, and even get special treasure chests – all tied to the level of the Guild.

Guild leaders have the power to upgrade their Technology level. This requires resources, however. A guild must acquire the Black Gold it needs to grow from its players, either as personal donation or through acquiring Guild Black Gold by completing certain activities and side quests. Players will have to help fund their guild, which also carries a daily maintenance fee, in order to grow and reap the benefits.

Hold on for dear life: Energy Wells

Closely tied to the Guild competition in Black Gold is the system of persistently controlled Energy Wells. Spread out across Montel, the Energy Wells allow for a unique dynamic of Factional and inter-Guild conflict.

Players, Factions and Guilds fight for control of 9 Energy Wells

“The Energy Wells are where Guilds get the chance to go head-to-head. We wanted a system where players had to work together to win for their Faction, but then fight over the spoils. Greed is king in Montel. You’ll team up on Friday, and then be at each other’s throats by Monday.”

Every weekend Isenhorst and Erlandir may commence a Factional War, where fight for factional control of contested Energy Wells. An Energy Well is open for Factional War when it’s adjacent one controlled by the opposing faction. From Monday onward, Guilds can declare war on each other to take control of those Energy Wells controlled within their faction.

Energy Well battles take place on a special battle map, unique to each Energy Well. If the Energy Well is in another Guild’s control, the attackers will need assault the enemy base and destroy their “Energy Pillars”, while the defending force tries to hold them off. If no other Guild controls the Energy Well, Guilds can bid to participate, with the highest bidder becoming the defender and the second highest the attacker.

Participation in these Guild Battles is not limited to the controlling and declaring Guilds. Guilds can form alliances, and any individual or Guild can enter the battle for their chosen side. Every evening there will be windows of time for Guilds to declare war, register players, and to commence the fighting. Once an Energy Well has been attacked, it will have a brief protection period where it will be free from further assault.

Controlling an Energy Well gives further benefits and responsibilities to the controlling Guild. Energy Wells provide daily Black Gold to the controlling Guild for technology upgrades. Energy Wells also house certain high level and rare merchants, as well as daily rewards and special dungeons exclusive to those in control.

Energy Wells contain special exclusive Instances for those who control them

Guild Leaders also need to pay attention to how they manage the resources of the Energy Well. They’ll need to build up and upgrade the defenses of their Energy Well to help in the event of an attack, or else fall easy prey to attacking enemies.

“We want fans to take control of their own destiny in Black Gold Online, to have a player-driven experience. Build powerful guilds, and team up to bring them down. Territory will change hands, alliances will form and crumble. It’s really up to them.”


Vendredi 23 mai 2014  
Ask the Devs - Closed Beta Edition

The Closed Beta is past it's first week, and we're happy to offer some insights from the Black Gold Online development team. Here are their answers to a few of the popular questions we received on our official forum.

We’re interested in hearing more about the persistent world in Black Gold Online. How player driven is the game? Are there Guilds? Housing? Marriage?

    We’re really happy with the balance of structured storyline and player-driven content we’ve created in Black Gold Online. There is a Guild system that plays prominently in Black Gold Online’s upper level game play.
    Guilds have the opportunity to offer benefits to their members, and vice versa. Players pool resources, and with this funding Guilds can upgrade their Technology Level, offering stat bonuses to guild members.
    Guilds also play a role in one of BGO’s major game features, the Energy Wells. Energy Wells can be captured by a Guild, and offer benefits such as special merchants and exclusive dungeons for controlling members. Guilds must build up and defend the Energy Well, or else lose it in battle to ambitious enemies.
    At the moment, personal ownership of persistent housing is not available, nor is a marriage system like in our popular Age of Wushu. There will be loads of awesome new content to come in the future, so keep an eye out for that!

How does the leveling in Black Gold Online work? Do we distribute the stats ourselves? How do we customize our character?

    As players level up in Black Gold Online, there are a number of features made available, such as access to higher level equipment, skills, carriers, and certain in-game activities. Players gain certain stats as they level up, but an even greater boost in stats comes from using higher level and rarer equipment.
    Players can customize their strengths by the equipment they choose. Rare purple equipment and average green equipment of the same level will offer very different benefits. Also, some equipment will have sockets, allowing players to enhance their weapons with gems to add a certain bonuses.
    As players level they will also unlock more skills. Players must choose a certain number of skills to equip, and the limitation means making the tough choices for certain situations. Which skills would be better for an Instance, vs. those for PvP? Players can create 3 preset skill bars to use in different situations.

How many mounts are there? And Personal Carriers? How many of each can we have?

    There are many different types of mounts, and over 100 unique Personal Carriers in Black Gold Online.
    Mounts can be acquired by completing particular tasks such as quests or challenges in the Trial of the Brave. They can also be purchased with Valor from the Valor Quartermaster. Used for transportation, they will boost your speed and can come in ground mounts as well as flying mounts.
    Players begin with 3 spaces available in their garage. They can create 3 Personal Carriers to fill these spaces. Players will keep these Carriers as long as they are not destroyed, and can upgrade them along development paths as they choose. Players who wish to open up more space can spend a small sum of Black Gold to open up more slots.

What makes the races distinct? Do their quests and stories ever converge? Can I make friends with members of the other faction?

    Each race has certain factors that make them particular and unique. Each race has available to them race-specific static and active skills – that is, one that always applies, and what that a player can trigger when necessary. These are different for each race, and make them each play in different ways. For example, the Kosh have an agility and speed boost, while the Buvont have a short term critical hit increase.
    The races will each begin in a different part of the map, and follow their own unique adventures as they leave home to explore the vast land of Montel. As players progress through this questline, it will take them to areas of the map shared by other races and contested by the opposing faction. As a result, the opportunities for interacting, peacefully or violently, with other races abound. However, the factional tensions run deep, and players won’t be able to ally themselves with the enemy faction.

The Closed Beta is more than half over, and we’re really excited about the Open Beta Test. When can we look for that, and what new content will there be?

    Sadly it is true, the CBT will be at an end next week. However, we’re very happy to say that the OBT is just around the corner! Official announcements will be forthcoming, and the secrets are being carefully guarded by a swarm of mighty Caitharach dragons from Erlandir.
    The BGO team will be at the upcoming E3 convention this June 10-12, and we’re really excited to give more of the world a look at Black Gold Online. We’ll be putting out more info about E3 and the upcoming OBT for this summer very soon!

Check Facebook, Twitter and our Forums to get up-to-date announcements about Black Gold Online!


Jeudi 22 mai 2014  
Beta - Half-through and Critic Reviews

For nearly a week the Black Gold Online Closed Beta has given fans of steampunk and fantasy a glimpse into the land of Montel. Players have had the chance to explore the vast in-game world, try out 4 of the games races as well as 12 classes, and ride into battle upon their own Personal Carriers.

Hear what critics have to say about Black Gold Online. Check out these articles and game streams to see what Black Gold Online is all about.


    MMOSite - Click here

      “If you like this type of game, definitely give it a try! It's new, it's beautiful, it's Black Gold Online!”

    OnRPG - Click here

      "I would say Black Gold is definitely worth playing, and I plan to continue playing myself!"

Live Streams

    MMOHuts - watch the video here
    MMOBomb - see the stream here
    Massively - check out the video here

The awesome adventure continues as we enter the second week of Closed Beta Testing. Check our Beta Key Giveaway Events (get a key today!) and visit our Facebook page for your Beta Key and start your adventure today!


Mardi 20 mai 2014  
DevSpeak - A Clash of Styles

"At the beginning the idea was simple: we wanted a fusion, a mix of different themes. We wanted to create a clash, a conflict at the very visual level. After that, well it just took off from there."

Kee Zhang, Producer of Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is a game of clashing worlds, and this finds no clearer realization than the game’s very particular art style. Our team in the Snail Games art department took on a unique challenge with Black Gold Online. As the concept began to take form, it became increasingly clear that the team would need to draw on a breadth of sources in a unique mix of styles to create the environment and the feel that we aimed to achieve: a land driven to conflict, as two worlds long separated clash over land, over values, and over the future of their world.

Steam Stylized

The Kingdom of Isenhorst is a realm of powerful technology seated in a rough and inhospitable environment. The people’s who live there have seen rough times as well as good, and it’s their technology that gives them purpose and hope. As we set out to develop the steam faction of the west, our team delved into the world of Victorian Steampunk fan fiction and art.

“We wanted the Steam faction to embody this optimism, this expansionism that took hold of the world at the turn of the century. Anything was possible. But there’s also this darker side – the resources are running dry. People are dabbling in tabooed things – dark magic, unnatural experiments and the like. This was the way Isenhorst was supposed to be.”

Steampunk styles mix with Wild West motifs

Set in a mix of sandy deserts and rugged mountains, the wilderness of Isenhorst looks much like a spaghetti western. Enter the cities, and you find interesting mix of high-collared trenchers, sputtering automobiles and brick and mortar buildings. From the armaments to the outfits, the Isenhorst finds happy balance of drab Victorian and dusty Western to create a mechanized kingdom of outlaws, rebels, mutants and monsters.

Victorian futurism in an epic conflict

A Natural Fit

As the counterweight to the Steampunk aesthetic, our team needed to find something to oppose the industrial and technology driven elements of the Kingdom of Isenhorst. Looking to the fantasy genre, we found an easy choice in the naturalist mysticism.

“Erlandir could be no further away from Isenhorst, they are opposites. Whereas Isenhorst is drawing on technology and machines, Erlandir’s power is all drawn from the elements and the environment. Isenhorst using some dark magic, but Erlandir’s magic is mystical and elemental, drawing on the forces of nature.”

Creating Erlandir began with this notion of nature and expanded from there. The world is full of lush forests, bountiful resources, and beasts, some used as the powerful Personal Carriers for their faction. Modeling powerful cultures with a connection to nature, Erlandir draws stylistic inspiration from Mayan, Polynesian, and stylized variations on tribal cultures to create a world of natural magic and wonder.

Natural forces pervade, both for good and evil

Melding together these two distinctive art styles was a challenge, but the art team at Snail Games rose to the challenge. The result has been a stylized and graphically stunning game, in which two worlds with two separate styles come together in a clash for control. It is an artistic concept and game play concept that sets Black Gold Online apart.


Jeudi 15 mai 2014  
Official - Closed Beta Goes Live!

May 15th is a day that shall live in infamy! Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but we the good people at Snail Games are ecstatic to announce that our Closed Beta Test is about to begin!

The test begins today, May 15th at 2pm Pacific time (find out when that is for you!) The North American CBT will last two weeks, ending on May 28th, during which time we’ll be working with our wonderful testers to refine and polish our exciting new virtual world!

Important Improvements

We’ve been hard at work since the Alpha test, scouring the reports from our Alpha testers and making the necessary adjustments. We’ve made some huge steps forward, as well as countless small tweaks to the game. We look forward to revealing the new face of BGO to the world!

Enter a rich world with Black Gold Online's redone graphics!

In the Close Beta, players will be able to explore even more of Montel, play as a larger variety of classes, and try out some updated game features. To help our Alpha testers discover what’s new, and of course for all newcomers to get caught up, we’ve updated the Game Features section of our website. Find out more about all the fun in BGO here.

Third Party Login

During the Closed Beta Test, fans will be able to login with a Snail Games account, or using a Third Party Login such as Facebook or Google+. For those wishing to use a TPL, you will still need to activate that account.

Don’t have a key yet? Check out some of our key giveaway promotions. It’s not too late! Keys Await.

Beta Events

If you’re excited to provide valuable feedback, you may wet yourself with this one: we’ll be running some awesome activities in game, and we’ll be offering some glorious prizes for those who participate. Want to tell us about bugs? Want to make a suggestion? Want to explore uncharted lands? We’ve got a prize for that!

Learn about Events right this second!

Enter the amazing world of Black Gold Online now! Join in the Closed Beta Test, and we'll see you there.


Jeudi 15 mai 2014  
Official - Closed Beta Events

Gird yourselves, Heroes of Montel, for the Closed Beta Test to begin!

The BGO Team has some great activities set up for all our Beta testers. Aside from all the amazing features of the game, we've got Three Major Events ready for you! We invite all of our Beta testers to participate in our finely crafted fun events. Join in the fun and win some awesome loot for your trouble!

Explore the hidden dungeons, fight in epic battles, struggle for power, and win the priceless BLACK GOLD!.

Event - March forward! My warriors

    Event period : Closed Beta (May 15-28)
    Requirement : All servers
    Description : Welcome to the world of Montel!

      As you progress through the game, we will present you with brief surveys to better gauge your experience and views of the various features of Black Gold Online. On completion, you'll receive rewards as our way of saying THANK YOU! We look forward to your feedback.

      Let your adventure begin!

    Tips : Purple equipments are the rarest and strongest equipments in the game.


Event 2 - Montel Scavenger Hunt

    Event period : Closed Beta (May 15-28)
    Requirement : All servers
    Description : As you explore the world, find and collect treasure maps for each of the following locations. Follow the coordinates you find on the map and dig up the treasure. Great riches and rare items are yours for the plunder. Once you've horded enough treasure, you'll be able to receive a special bonus prize!

    Tips : When you saw some suspicious looking NPC wondering around, just ‘take care of’ him.


    Obtain 1 Treasure, Receive 1 Mosquito Part
    Obtain 5 Treasures, Receive 49 Mosquito Part
    Obtain10Treasures,Receive 50 Mosquito Parts

    Tips : According to First Academy of Buvont “Mechanical mosquito might be a vehicle, but it is so ugly that I don’t think anyone would want to use it.”Collect the pieces of the Mosquito to receive a special flying mount! Once you have enough, redeem the parts in the event interface to receive your prize!

Event 3 - Feedback and Rewards!

    Event period : Closed Beta (May 15-28)
    Requirement : All servers
    Description : Black Gold Online is finishing up its development and we're looking for your feedback.  All reported issues during the Close Beta will be logged and any reports that help us make effective improvements to the game will give you the chance to earn Black Gold as a reward.

    Tips: Black Gold can be used to buy equipment, reinforce existing items and repair and craft vehicles!

How to submit in-game issues:

    Click the 'Online GM' button in-game.

    Click the 'Submit Bug' button on the left-side of the Online help window to provide information about an in-game issue.


    100 Black Gold per effective report

After a report is submitted, we will inform you if it is effective by the next day via the Fast Receive System!

Tips: All rewards via Fast Receive can be claimed by only one character.

Enjoy these events and so much more in the BGO Closed Beta Test!


Lundi 12 mai 2014  
Official - Black Gold Online Media Blitz

With the May 15th Closed Beta nearly upon us, the team at Black Gold Online has been sitting back and relaxing… NOT!

Our team has been putting it into high gear as we prepare for the CBT of Black Gold Online. To help get fans fired up, our team has gone on tour, showing of Black Gold Online to media outlets and gaming channels. Learn more about the classes, game play, and all kinds of goodies with the results from our pre-Beta Media Blitz!

Behind the scenes of our on-camera interview with Darren Henderson of MMOHut/OnRPG Alliance

And as a special treat, check out the first ever official BGO game stream on Gamespot’s popular “Now Playing” show. Join host Kevin VanOrd and Snail Games Community Manager Kevin Doyle in a romp through Montel on the first ever episode of the “Kevin and Kevin” show!

Follow the links below to see what critics are saying about Black Gold Online.


Game Zone

    Gritty Steampunk meets vibrant fantasy

      “ One thing I found particularly interesting while checking out the game at the Snail offices was the melee combat. Instead of forcing overly simplistic hack-and-slash action, there's a slightly deeper design to the battles. ”

More reviews will be added to the list, stay tuned for more about Black Gold Online!


Lundi 5 mai 2014  
Official - Beta Client Available

Masters of Machinery and Magic

As fans of Black Gold Online gear up for the upcoming Closed Beta, there is one piece of equipment that no Champion of Montel can live without – The BGO Game Client!

Lucky for all of us, the BGO Game Client is now available for download. Players with activated accounts will be able to download the client by following the link below.

Signup for the Beta Here!

The world of Montel awaits, Download the game client today! (hyperlink ‘DOWNLOAD’ to

The client is hair over 10 GB, so allow enough time to complete the download as speeds will vary. We recommend using a download manager.

Those of you who participated in the Alpha Test and still have your game client DO NOT need to download the whole thing again. The BGO Game Client will automatically update itself; just login, and let the client do the rest.

Still no key? Worry not! Register for an account by following the link above to sign up for the Closed Beta test. Also check out our Beta Key Giveaway promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

Look for more news as we get closer to the May 15th Closed Beta Test.






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