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Vendredi 31 juillet 2020  
[PC & Console] Mission Impossible Patch Announcement 1.20.0 (1265)

Hello everyone,

A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 8/5/2020. We are posting our notes a little early this week because there are a lot of changes to cover this time around (see overview for more details). The Patch is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.


Our PC patch this week deals primarily with missions. Since Little Orbit took over, there has been a lot of talk about mission balance. We have been carefully listening to everyone's feedback and noting areas of improvement for some time now, but since Missions are the core of APB, these weren't changes we wanted to rush into. Any modifications to these core systems needed a strong understanding of APB gameplay and how everything fits together. As such, that is how we would like to frame this discussion: holistically. We are going to cover each of our goals for missions in a general sense before diving into the specifics in the changelog.

This first mission pass is intended to provide as much improvement as possible to the APB player's experience without fundamentally changing any of the existing missions you know and love. Our efforts here were focused on reducing pain points, like unwieldy timers, odd group sizes for missions, or awkward objectives. We wanted our missions to flow. Additionally, we wanted to introduce as many opportunities for counter-play as we could to emphasize opportunities for skillful and exciting back and forth between players.

Another area we knew we could improve upon is novelty. Many of our hardcore players have done the same set of missions thousands of times. In order to add some variety, we've gone back and found 50 missions that were previously disabled, added them back to the available mission pool, and updated them all to current mission standards. This means that, in addition to improved gameplay flow, there are also now many more missions to experience in any one gameplay session.

Finally, our third area is balance. With so many different missions and objectives, it was important to us that each felt as fair as possible to either side. Many of our timing, point, and grouping changes were in service to this goal.

There are many more changes than we have space to cover here or which can neatly fit into our three main pillars of Mission Flow, Mission Novelty, and Mission Balance. We will include a more detailed list of these changes in the change log below, but we encourage you to try them out for yourselves when the patch goes live. An important part of this process of improving APB is community feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think once you've gotten a chance to play!

PC Changes / Fixes

Mission Changes

    We've manually adjusted stage timers and point totals to account for various mission factors. Some examples include:

      Number of objectives
      Distance between objectives
      Size of task items (Small, Medium, Large)
      Objective location (Streets, Satellites, Open Areas)

    Final stage timers and point totals for stages that have points have been reworked to focus more on point totals and less on timers.
    Bonus time missions now end early when unopposed to prevent stage time pooling. Bonus time based missions now begin with a larger timer.
    Stage timers have been normalized when swapping between attack and defend stages.
    Missions where the first stage involves three objectives have had their stage timers increased to prevent the defenders from having an immediate advantage.
    Moved all VIP/Escort missions to a minimum group size of 3.
    Re-evaluated the minimum group sizes for every mission in the game.
    50 previously disabled missions have been added back into the available mission pool and are updated to current mission standards.

Modification Changes

    Turned Mobile Cover into an Orange Character Modification and reduced its HP value slightly, 650 HP -> 600 HP
    High Burn Fuel will now reduce Vehicle HP by 15%, in addition to its current effect.

Consumable Changes

    Reduced the current HP damage of Epinephrine Injector from 50% damage -> 25% damage.
    Med Spray now also doubles your base HP regeneration in addition to its previous effect
    Renamed Resupply Box (Large) -> Resupply Box
    Resupply Box is now a medium size item
    Resupply Box has all the same functionality of the current Resupply Box (Large)
    Added Consumables into Wilde's shop in Social at the following prices:

      Epinephrine Injector - 5 charges for 2,000 APB$
      Med Spray - 5 charges for 2,000 APB$
      Resupply Box - 5 charges for 2,000 APB$
      Satchel Charge - 5 charges for 2,000 APB$
      Boom Box - 10 charges for 2,000 APB$

    Changed how cooldowns work for deployables. The Cooldown starts right away, and the item will now last for a set amount of time unless destroyed:

      Mobile Cover (orange mod)

        Cooldown: 120s
        Duration: 60s

      Resupply Box

        Cooldown: 180s
        Duration: 90s


        Cooldown: 60s
        Duration: 45s

      Changes to remove the use duration on Spotter, Epinephrine Injector, Blowtorch and Med Spray will be coming in a subsequent patch

Weapon Changes

    Reduced Blowtorch healing rate by 46%

      Hard damage dealt: -8.8 -> -5.6

    Reduced Blowtorch ammo capacity from 800 -> 350
    Reduced AAEPD 'Volcano JC' max hard damage from 1227 -> 800
    Reduced ISSR-B hard damage from 72.9 -> 45
    Reduced ISSR-A hard damage from 70.1 -> 51
    Reduced SWARM hard damage from 50.7 -> 40.95

Car Changes

    Modified the HP values for cars in the following way:

      Bishada: 900 -> 1,150 (HBF 977)
      Jericho: 1,100 -> 1,150 (HBF 977)
      Vegas 4x4: 1,350 -> 1,150 (HBF 977)
      Vegas: 1,350 -> 1300 (HBF 1,105)
      Pioneer: 1,600 -> 1,350 (HBF 1,147)
      Espacio: 1,600 -> 1,350 (HBF 1,147)
      Growl: 950 -> 1150 (HBF 977)
      Mikro 900 -> 950 (HBF 807)
      Varzuga variants 900 -> 950 (HBF 807)

    Modified the Cargo Space for the following vehicles:

      Mikro: 4 -> 5
      Vaquero: 4 -> 5
      Rally Varzuga: 4 -> 5
      Han Coywolf: 2 -> 5

8/4 Additions

    Increased the Cooldown for Remote Detonator from 0s -> 90s
    The new Mobile Cover Orange mod will be available from the Joker Store for 100 JT

Vendredi 31 juillet 2020  
[PC & Console] 8/1 Browser Hotfix 1.20.0 (1263)

Hello everyone,

A new hotfix is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This hotfix will be happening on Saturday 8/1/2020. It is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 30 minutes. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.


It has come to our attention that an update to our 3rd party payment solutions is interfering with players' ability to purchase items from ARMAS successfully through the in-game browser. This hotfix will disable the in-game browser for the time being and direct users to an external webpage instead, where transactions can be completed successfully.

Changes / Fixes

    In-game browser now directs to an external page

Lundi 27 juillet 2020  
Second Open Beta

Today, we are happy to announce that we are ready to run a second Open Beta test on Saturday the 1st. Our engineers have been combing through the code, and you should now be able to log in properly.

For those of you who joined us for our first test on June 27th, you know that we uncovered an issue with our login server. Essentially, when we got a large volume of logins importing characters from live, our database ports were being improperly reserved, which prevented many users from being able to get in successfully. This is the exact kind of issue that we can only uncover though large-scale community testing, so we want to thank everyone who joined us once again. We couldn't do this without your help!

Our second Open Beta will run from 11am-2pm Pacific on Saturday, August 1st, with most of the logistical details for this test identical to the first test. It will have two districts available for you to use - Social and Asylum. To join, you will need to download the Beta client here and log in using your existing APB account. Please note that we will continue to update the client as we gear up for this test. If you have a limited connection, you may want to hold off downloading the client until Friday.

The first time you enter, we will copy over your characters from Live so you can try out the build for yourself.

Here are some things to remember when playing the Open Beta:

    When selecting a district, the client will automatically connect you to the region with the best ping for you. If you want to change your region manually, you can do so by going to the "advanced tab." Players from Jericho and Citadel can mix and match on any server they want.
    The numbers you use for mouse sensitivity and handling in the Live client will not be the same as what you need to use in the Beta. Because numbers scale differently in the new client, we can't give you a 1:1 conversion for your settings. Please experiment and find what numbers feel best for you.
    Finally, please remember that this is a Beta! Things will break. In fact, we hope you guys will help us stress the heck out of this build. Every issue you find and report brings us one step closer to the Full release, so please be sure to get us all your feedback on the forums. Below are some instructions on where and how to do that in a constructive manner.

Leaving feedback

Once you've had a chance to try things out, we'd love to hear from you.

We've made a dedicated section on the forums where you can go to let us know what you think, check out our known issues, and leave any bugs you might find. You can check that out here. Please be sure to leave your feedback in this new section and not in the forum's Social District section. There's a lot of stuff to unpack with the Beta, and we want to make sure we hear from every one of you. Posting in the right place will ensure your voice is heard.

Finally, please remember that these Beta tests are part of the process leading to a Full Release. Participating in these tests and letting us know when things work well and when they don't is a critical step towards a fully updated client. Thank you for your patience on this journey, and we hope you will join us for this latest Open Beta window.




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