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Lundi 27 janvier 2020  
[PC & Console] Shotgun Testing Patch Announcement 1.20.0 (1204)

Hello everyone,

A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 1/29/2020. The Patch is scheduled to start at 9 AM UTC and will last up to 6 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well.


    We’re ready to jump back in with a new round of Shotgun testing! This time the prototype test districts will be using the Asylum map to get the most from your playtesting. We are also moving the changes to the NTEC and its variants into the normal districts. Please take a look at our write-up of these tests so you can get the best background info for your own tests. 
    The jump modifier will be taking effect across all NTEC weapons and their variants. The Modifier Cap was 2.8 in the Prototype districts but will be going live at 2.4. We are currently not modifying the NTEC7-Compact or the NTEC-Scope at this time.


    Fixed decals to be correctly granted when obtaining the Triceratops, Demoness, Tarot: Death, Tarot: Priestess, and Tarot: Tower preset clothing bundles.
    Removed the need for a specific rank for Prototype Districts.
    You can no longer get Heat 5 while in missions.
    Removed explosives from being able to be resupplied from large ammunition boxes.
    You can now access your inventory from large ammunition boxes.
    PSN -1 error is now fixed.



Lundi 20 janvier 2020  
Hitting The Road(Map)

APB in 2020

It’s the start of a brand-new year, so today we’d like to take a moment and talk about our goals for APB in 2020. One criticism we’ve heard from the community is that you’d like to see our engineers’ talents focused on things like our Engine Upgrade and gameplay improvements. We’ve been listening, and we are happy to announce that all our event builds from January through April are now locked and loaded. That means that, starting now, our engineers can devote their complete focus to bringing you the Engine Upgrade this year. As part of this journey, we will be looking at shotgun balance and a few quality of life changes along the way.

Shotgun balance

One of the first things we want to do is finish balancing shotguns and bring them back to a fun and healthy place. To do it, we need your help. Please organize with your friends and do some missions in the Prototype District. Your feedback will be critical for not only improving how shotguns play, but also for moving us forward to our next phase, which is to have a prototype version of Asylum up and running for you as soon as we’ve gotten some good data.

To get involved and leave your feedback, please visit our original forum thread here:

Quality of life changes

As part of this effort, we are looking to get a number of quality of life improvements into the game. The order and timing of these improvements is still dependant on a number of factors, so we don’t want to make specific predictions as to when these will occur, but we wanted to give you a sense of some of the things we have been working on. These include:

    Modifying the Bounty system to keep you from getting "Heat 5" in missions
    Removing the Rank restriction on Prototype districts
    Balance passes on cars and mods plus continued balance on various weapons

Unreal 3.5 engine upgrade (APB 2.1)

Of course, all of the changes listed above are secondary to our efforts to finish the Engine Upgrade. If you haven’t seen it already, our CEO continues to post weekly updates on our Engine Upgrade progress to our forums. He tries to do this every Saturday once development has completed all their tasks for the week. You can see how many issues have been identified and fixed so far, including some screenshots.

If you want to keep track of where we are, you can visit our forums here:

Introducing our new community manager

We also have a new community manager for 2020. Sakebee will be taking over from Lixil as the point person for your community needs. For more details (or if you just want to say hi), stop by the forums and read their full introduction:




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