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Lundi 1 septembre 2014  
Play Review - 2

I am going to introduce you Musketeer which has long shooting ranges and deals critical damages on enemies.

Musketeer is one of the most beloved characters by imcGAMES ever since we started to service Granado Espada.  It can change its shooting stance whenever it wants when fighting against enemies.

▲ The purple dots that are indicated on the mini-map represent our realm’s (Gemanu) headquarters

After my first play review that was posted last time, a few improvements on the mini-map and the game rules have taken place.  Before, once you enter the battle field after a season starts, you were not able to buy the items that were purchasable at the lobby, but now you can buy all of those items even when you are in the battle field.

The Commander-in-chief can help his/her realm by unlocking various buffs using Tachyums.

There are total of 7 sanctums including the sanctum at the center and the purple dots that are shown on the mini-map represent our headquarters.

You have to be cautious not to be near other realms’ headquarters to avoid attacks from guards.

You can receive bonus VIS when you turn in more Tachyums so it is better you turn in a lump-sum of Tachyums.  However, you have to be careful not to get killed since when you die, you will lose all your Tachyums on hand to the enemy who killed you and this will help the enemy’s realm to increase its power.
Okay so now, I will try defeating some monsters.

When you defeat a monster, it will drop VIS and Tachyum chests along with Essence of Recovery which was not dropped in the previous build of the game.  Therefore, you can manage your character’s HP by consuming Essence of Recovery without purchasing potions.  When you hunt for monsters in a party, it is important that Essence of Recovery be given to your party member who lacks HP..

Musketeer is advantageous for its long shooting ranges and fast attack speed, but it also has a disadvantage since it has to reload from time to time.  It may be irritating at first, but you will find yourself enjoying reloading when you get used to it.

When you try to shoot an enemy after using all your ammunition, reload will take automatically, but it will take twice the time compared to reloading manually.  When you manually reload your ammunition, it will only take about 1 second so you better reload manually from time to time.  You can reload while you get attacked by enemies or while you are moving.  The maximum amount of ammunition that can be inserted on a rifle varies depending on what kind of rifle you use or what kind of accessories you are equipped with.

“Attack with Butt Plate” can be learned when you reach level 3 and you can use the skill using ‘R’ key to an enemy nearby you.  You deal physical damages on an enemy nearby you by attacking with the butt plate of your rifle.  The enemy will be pushed back and inflicted with Stun status.

“Flare Shock” which will be learned when you reach level 5 can be used by pressing the skill short-cut key #2 and clicking on a spot on the ground.
It is important to use this skill appropriately by predicting your target’s movement and direction.

“Snipe” which is Musketeer’s one of the most important skills is little unique in WOLFKNIGHTS.

You aim your target by pressing the skill short-cut key #3 and there are 3 levels to aim your target specifically.  When you remove your finger off from the key, powerful physical damages will be dealt on the target.  However, when you use “Snipe” skill, you will use all your remaining ammunition so you better use “Snipe” on your last ammo.

▲ I was awarded both “MVP (boss kill)” and “The Critical Blow” by using “Snipe” effectively.

Let’s quickly reload and defeat the monster that received great damages from “Snipe”.

When you press C key, you can switch back and forth from Kneeling stance and Standing stance.

When you use Kneeling stance, the shooting range and the attack power will increase, but your movement speed and attack speed will be reduced.

It will be a good idea to locate Musketeer at the back when encountered with enemies since it relatively has long shooting ranges.

When there are teammates nearby, destroy barriers together to attack enemies first.

▲ Spotted an enemy from other realm who was fighting against boss monster

When you get a chance, it is better to kill a member of other realm instead of defeating monsters since that will give you more EXP points.

You will play WOLFKNIGHTS stably using Musketeer since it has advantages on its long shooting ranges which will be helpful in protecting sanctums and teammates.

▲ Running towards the Commander-in-chief to protect him while he is capturing the sanctum in the center

Next time, I will introduce you Blood Mage which attacks enemies using its blood and plagues.





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