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Lundi 1 septembre 2014  
Play Review - 2

I am going to introduce you Musketeer which has long shooting ranges and deals critical damages on enemies.

Musketeer is one of the most beloved characters by imcGAMES ever since we started to service Granado Espada.  It can change its shooting stance whenever it wants when fighting against enemies.

▲ The purple dots that are indicated on the mini-map represent our realm’s (Gemanu) headquarters

After my first play review that was posted last time, a few improvements on the mini-map and the game rules have taken place.  Before, once you enter the battle field after a season starts, you were not able to buy the items that were purchasable at the lobby, but now you can buy all of those items even when you are in the battle field.

The Commander-in-chief can help his/her realm by unlocking various buffs using Tachyums.

There are total of 7 sanctums including the sanctum at the center and the purple dots that are shown on the mini-map represent our headquarters.

You have to be cautious not to be near other realms’ headquarters to avoid attacks from guards.

You can receive bonus VIS when you turn in more Tachyums so it is better you turn in a lump-sum of Tachyums.  However, you have to be careful not to get killed since when you die, you will lose all your Tachyums on hand to the enemy who killed you and this will help the enemy’s realm to increase its power.
Okay so now, I will try defeating some monsters.

When you defeat a monster, it will drop VIS and Tachyum chests along with Essence of Recovery which was not dropped in the previous build of the game.  Therefore, you can manage your character’s HP by consuming Essence of Recovery without purchasing potions.  When you hunt for monsters in a party, it is important that Essence of Recovery be given to your party member who lacks HP..

Musketeer is advantageous for its long shooting ranges and fast attack speed, but it also has a disadvantage since it has to reload from time to time.  It may be irritating at first, but you will find yourself enjoying reloading when you get used to it.

When you try to shoot an enemy after using all your ammunition, reload will take automatically, but it will take twice the time compared to reloading manually.  When you manually reload your ammunition, it will only take about 1 second so you better reload manually from time to time.  You can reload while you get attacked by enemies or while you are moving.  The maximum amount of ammunition that can be inserted on a rifle varies depending on what kind of rifle you use or what kind of accessories you are equipped with.

“Attack with Butt Plate” can be learned when you reach level 3 and you can use the skill using ‘R’ key to an enemy nearby you.  You deal physical damages on an enemy nearby you by attacking with the butt plate of your rifle.  The enemy will be pushed back and inflicted with Stun status.

“Flare Shock” which will be learned when you reach level 5 can be used by pressing the skill short-cut key #2 and clicking on a spot on the ground.
It is important to use this skill appropriately by predicting your target’s movement and direction.

“Snipe” which is Musketeer’s one of the most important skills is little unique in WOLFKNIGHTS.

You aim your target by pressing the skill short-cut key #3 and there are 3 levels to aim your target specifically.  When you remove your finger off from the key, powerful physical damages will be dealt on the target.  However, when you use “Snipe” skill, you will use all your remaining ammunition so you better use “Snipe” on your last ammo.

▲ I was awarded both “MVP (boss kill)” and “The Critical Blow” by using “Snipe” effectively.

Let’s quickly reload and defeat the monster that received great damages from “Snipe”.

When you press C key, you can switch back and forth from Kneeling stance and Standing stance.

When you use Kneeling stance, the shooting range and the attack power will increase, but your movement speed and attack speed will be reduced.

It will be a good idea to locate Musketeer at the back when encountered with enemies since it relatively has long shooting ranges.

When there are teammates nearby, destroy barriers together to attack enemies first.

▲ Spotted an enemy from other realm who was fighting against boss monster

When you get a chance, it is better to kill a member of other realm instead of defeating monsters since that will give you more EXP points.

You will play WOLFKNIGHTS stably using Musketeer since it has advantages on its long shooting ranges which will be helpful in protecting sanctums and teammates.

▲ Running towards the Commander-in-chief to protect him while he is capturing the sanctum in the center

Next time, I will introduce you Blood Mage which attacks enemies using its blood and plagues.



Mardi 29 juillet 2014  
Development team Interview - 1

Hello. I am CM Leslie.

Today, I invited Snow White from WOLFKNIGHTS Development team to have an interview with him and talk about the development process and the test play that we had last time.

Q. Hello. First of all, please say hello to our fans.

A. Hello. I am Developer Snow White.

Q. Since when did you start to have these internal tests inside the studio?

A. We started to have internal tests since the middle of April and we were having 3 tests in a week on Monday/Wednesday/Friday until recently. Now we are having the tests every day. 

▲ Overview sight of the map of Battle for Sanctums of Lothian’, which is the main season of WOLFKNIGHTS

Q. Why are you having these tests so often?

A. When developers are developing a MMORPG game which requires a great amount of time, it’s quite hard for them to actually play the game. However, since WOLFKNIGHTS is a game which is divided into each season, we all play the game regardless of which team we are from. Well. I guess that’s the right way of developing a game. Since we play often, we share diverse feedback to each other and fix the elements in the game that need some adjustments or corrections.

Q. I know that a season in WOLFKNIGHTS was originally designed to last for 2 hours. What was the reason that it has been reduced to 1 hour?

A. Initially, the game lasted for 2 hours since we allocated a little over 1 hour to the RPG elements of the game, and the remaining 40~ 50 minutes to the PVP elements of the game in which each realm fights against each other. To play a season which lasts for 2 hours, a player needed to connect to the game, visit the village which acts as the lobby to do some shopping, and wait for some time after booking for a season. And then the season starts, and when the season is over, approximately 3 and a half hours to 4 hours had to be consumed. We concluded that 3 ~ 4 hours are way too long since our objective was to play the game without thinking about the time.

That’s why we have combined RPG elements and PVP elements together which were separated in terms of time/space and made each season to last for 1 hour.


Q. Can you briefly explain us about the play report of the last week? First, what do players do at the village which acts as the lobby?

A. First, at the lobby village which is called ‘Winterweiler’, players are able to book for a season. You can think of the village as a typical village that you can see from a MMORPG game. You buy costumes from NPC and you can also buy account-specific items at the village.

Q. What are the account-specific items?

A. The items in WOLFKNIGHTS are largely divided into two categories. The items that fall into the first category are the ones that you can obtain and only use within a season. The items that belong to the other category are the ones that exist permanently to our users’ accounts that do not disappear or reset. Right now, Runes and costumes fall into the second category. By equipping them, Runes increase characters’ stats slowly. Players need to collect diverse types of Runes and upgrade them to grow your characters different from the others and these Runes will help your characters to grow permanently even though the rate of growth will be slow.

Q. Can you explain more about Fire Mage which I played last time?

A. Actually, lots of people are selecting Fire Mage besides you since it is easy to control. Fire Mage possesses various useful skills such as basic long range attacks, crowd controls that you can use when you are in danger, magic skills that you can use to block enemies’ attacks and etc. When the skills from Fire Mage are successful, every enemy will burn in flames and when this is coupled with strong weapons, Fire Mage will be very useful in dealing some damages on the enemies.

▲ An image of Fire Mage

Q. I know that Tachyum is the most important resource in the game. Can you explain to us about it in more details?

The two important resources in the game are money and Tachyum. Vis (money) is more like personal resources when Tachyums are more like public resources which can be used by a whole realm.

Players turn in Tachyums that they obtained in the game in exchange for Vis or they could also use them to craft the legendary items and accessories.

When you turn in Tachyums, you receive Vis and Battle Points in exchange. The accumulated Tachyums that will be filled by players in the realm storage can be used to purchase efficient buffs that can be used on a realm by the commander-in-chief so I recommend you return Tachyums from time to time. However, it’s better to turn in your Tachyums in one large lump sum. For example, you receive more rewards when you turn in 50 Tachyums at once rather than turning in 5 Tachyums or 10 Tachyums several times. Of course, you should be careful not to get killed during each interval of turning in Tachyums.

Q. What does the Commander-in-chief do except for purchasing buffs?

A. The commander-in-chief is selected among the users who apply to be the commander. The commander controls the public resources of his/her realm, execute upgrades, and order commands when fighting against other realms. He/She also has the following characteristics.

    Use Tachyums to select realm’s passive skills or buff upgrade tree.
    He/She is able to send system messages such as ordering where to go within the mini-map and order either attacks or defense. He also has his exclusive dialogue balloon which looks different from the others in some specific locations.
    Maximum HP is higher than the normal users.
    When the Commander-in-chief leads the season in victory, he/she receives more compensation. (In losses, he/she may receive less compensation than the normal users or he/she may not receive any compensation at all.)

▲ Win/loss is decided by the number of sanctums that are occupied by each realm.
If two or more realms have the equal number of sanctums, then the realm which occupied the sanctum in the center wins the season.

Q. It seems that the outcome of each season is decided based on the number of sanctums occupied by each realm. How do we exactly calculate our results?

A. There are total of 7 sanctums including 6 normal sanctums and 1 sanctum in the center. The realm which occupies the most number of sanctums wins the season, but when two or more realms occupy the same number of sanctums, then the realm which occupies the sanctum in the center will be positioned at higher standing. That doesn’t mean the points or the counts you receive by occupying the sanctum in the center equals the counts you receive from occupying 2 or 3 normal sanctums. If the winner of a season can’t be decided even after considering who occupied the sanctum in the center, then the winner or the standings will be decided based on the kill counts of each realm or the death counts (whoever scores less death counts) of each realm.

Whenever a season comes to an end, then each realm’s standing will be displayed they will receive prize money based on the number of sanctums that they occupied. Even if you don’t win a season, if your score is very close to that of the winner, then you will receive the amount of prize money which you won’t be disappointed. If there is a realm who fails to occupy any of the sanctums, then that realm will only receive a small amount of prize money. This prize money is the game money which is used in the accounts of our users

Q. Lastly, Who is the main target for this game?

A. WOLFKNIGHTS is a new type of game which we concentrated on shortening the time span of MMORPG’s elements such as farming and item advancements to enjoy PVP contents as quickly as possible.

If you want to equip stronger weapons or armors than the others in a typical MMORPG game, then you have to spend a considerable amount of time and money. And in typical MOBA games, if you want to beat other players, you need greater techniques, understanding of the game and responsibility. Our objective was to break those barriers that were present in both genres. We are developing the game so that lots of different users who have different tastes all enjoy the game. Full-time workers who don’t have enough time, the students who don’t have enough money, the oldies who are not good at games, and the beginners who have less understanding of the game, will all be able to enjoy the game.

Okay. So that’s it for today’s interview with Snow White. I am going to play Musketeer next time and share my thoughts with you. Thanks.


Samedi 26 juillet 2014  
Play Review - 1

Hello.  I am Leslie and I will tell you about WOLFKNIGHTS and its development process from now on.

I heard that there are internal tests of the game in the development team for 3 times every week.
So I have participated for the test.  Usually there are 21 testers, and for once in two months, there are about 90 testers inside imcGAMES studio to test the game.

Okay so let’s start.


There are 8 types of characters in the game and they are Fighter, Fire Mage, Templar, Musketeer, Defender, Ice Elementalist and Blood Mage.  You can choose genders on some of these characters and for the rest of the characters, we will gradually update on them.

When you click on a character, you will see the character’s information on left side such as stance, skill, and battle type.  The words are little difficult, but it’s better to be acquainted with them.


I chose Fire Mage.


When you enter the lobby, you will be moved to the village, Winterweiler.  I will tell you about NPCs in the village next time.


As I was looking around the village, our staffs started to gather in front of the bulletin board.


After clicking on the bulletin board, check for available seasons.  When you double click on the preferred season, then your reservation will be completed.

The objective of the season I selected is to occupy more sanctums than enemies.  It is called The battle of Lothian Sanctums.


Before you enter the battle field, get some basic equipments from ‘Tachyum Supply Officer’ NPC.

Since I chose Fire Mage, I am equipped with Fabric Armor.  The problem is weapon.  I know staves, but wrislet is somewhat unfamiliar to me.  It looks like a magic guntlet. I visited the ironsmith to compare staff and wrislet.


Let’s hear more about weapons from our developer Snow White next time.  To tell you the difference between staff and wrislet, staff is stronger in terms of basic attack level.  I think you can get more options on wrislet by crafting it such as additional fire damages. Since this is my first time playing the game, I chose staff.

 Enter when Lucas’s message pops onto the screen

Players with the same color comprise ‘Realm’ and they enter the battle field in parties.

Purple team is called Gemanu, Blue team is called Tazmel, and Green team is called Eshema.

Okay so now I am ready.  I will enter using the warp on the center.

The players who are in the same party with me have to move together as if we are one

Players in a realm are automatically divided into several parties.  For this season, I am with Defender ‘SemperFi’.

On the upper left side of the screen, I can check my information along with my party member’s information.  My location on the map is indicated by a circle.

I started to collect some money and level up my character by hunting with my party member.

3rd level monster was stronger than I expected so I tried to evade its attack nicely, but


You have to quickly hunt monsters for your character’s level up in the beginning.  If you do not collaborate with your party members and attack different monster, you will suffer a loss in stamina which will slow level-up of your character so please keep that in mind.

If you keep concentrate on hunting the monsters, then your character’s level will gradually increase and new skills can be learned.


‘Flame of Hell’ skill can be used by holding onto 1 key and clicking on the ground that you want to cast the skill on.  When you use that skill, there will be a great flame explosion and damages will be dealt on the monsters continuously for a certain period.

You can return to the starting point by pressing H key

Usually when you reach 3~4 level, you return to the Headquarter.  There, you return Tachyums and reorganize yourself.

Tachyums are useful resources that you can obtain in the game by hunting.  When you bring Tachyums to Supply Officer, you will receive rewards and the Tachyum Count for your realm will increase.


I gave 12 Tachyums to Tachyum Supply Officer and he gave me 1200 Vis in return.  Each Tachyum is worth 100 Vis.


I went to meet Ironsmith and bought Fabric Armor, shoes, and gloves.

I have to go hunting again, but I am too lazy to run around.

Since there is cool time, let’s use it efficiently

In this case, when you click on the face of your party member on party chat window, you will be warped to your party member.

There is no cool time when you want to return to the village, but it exists when you warp besides the Commander-in-chief or your party member so let’s not use warps inefficiently since you won’t be able to use it when you really need to use it.

After 8-9 minutes of play time, the Commander-in-chief will be appointed.

Enemy’s screen when our realm’s Commander-in-chief is appointed

So now, the Commander-in-chief are appointed in each realm.  You can check the level and the status of the Commander-in-chief at the party window.

Since we are still developing the game, the player with the most contribution will be appointed as the Commander-in-chief, but in the official version of the game, it will be decided before starting the season by a closed tender.


Sometimes when you are hunting, you receive rings instead of Tachyums from the boxes that monsters drop when you kill them.  Since I have a ring, I will go get the boss monster.

The boss monster can be found when you move towards the center of the map from the outer edge of the map.


50:00  It is about the right time to hunt for the boss monster after 8~10 minutes of play time.


The locations of long range skills used by the monsters in WOLFKNIGHTS can be checked by looking at the red shape on the ground.

You have enough time to evade so you better not get hit.


After defeating the boss monster, the monsters which were in level 1 or level 3 became level 5.

While I was totally engaged in hunting, I saw a message on the left side of the screen.  It seems that some battles have started in some areas.

I warped besides the Commander-in-chief with my party member by clicking on his face.


The Commander was facing 2 enemies by himself.  I helped him and after defeating those 2 enemies, I received 2 assist points.


45:00  People started to gather so I decided to move towards the center and defeat higher level monsters.


‘Results’ window will pop when you defeat the boss monster.  I used lots of skills diligently so I was named ‘Most Critical Attack’ and ‘The Best Defender’.


Since I was named ‘Most Critical Attack’, I received a ring from the many boxes that were dropped on the ground.  You can wear up to 2 rings.

Now, this Sanctum is ours since we defeated the boss.


42:00  Now the real battle for the sanctums of Lothian has begun.  If the number of sanctums that were occupied by each realm are the same after a season ends, then the realm which occupied the sanctum in the center wins the season.  Besides winning the season, if you defeat the boss which is located at the center, you will receive very strong legendary unique ring and that will make your whole realm stronger.


I encountered an enemy and I started to chase them.


Damn it.  I was too focused on chasing them.  I didn’t know there were enemies behind me.

Well… I have to go back to the Headquarter to reorganize.


It doesn’t matter if you get killed by monsters, but if you get killed by the other players, then you will lose all of Tachyums that you have possessed.  It also feels really bad when you get killed by the other players.  Therefore, it is a good idea to deliver Tachyums to the Headquarter from time to time when you start to collect Tachyums.

I swore myself to get a revenge on those enemies who killed me.  I moved to my party member.

I moved after I click on my party member.  Then I found out that two new icons appeared beside the name of my party member.
Tachyum Mark indicates that ‘This person has so many Tachyums on hands (so kill him)’.
Gold Coin Mark indicates that ‘This person killed the other realm’s players consecutively and he is wanted. (so kill him)’.

Enemies were chasing us after looking at those icons.  We fled without looking at back.


Fire Mage can use a skill called ‘Descent of the Fire Devil’ (short-cut key C).

When you use that skill, your attack level will increase by 5 for 15 seconds and when you get attacked by melee attacks, 25% of the damages that has been dealt on you will be reflected to the enemies.

You can easily distinguish the players who use this skill since their bodies will be ignited with flame so you better not mess with these players.


I was very fortunate to occupy the sanctum in the center while I was hunting and reorganizing my equipments.


When you try to capture the sanctum which is already occupied by the other realm, you must kill 3 guards first and press F key in in front of the sanctum.  When the gauge reaches 100%, then the sanctum will be yours.


However, only the Commander-in-chief can occupy the sanctum in the center so the party members should protect the Commander.

The Commander-in-chief is capturing the sanctum

If you occupy all of the sanctums besides the sanctum in the center and keep this status for 3 minutes, then you will win the season with ‘Overwhelming Victory’.

Left Tazmel, right Eshema.  Very hard situation for us

The above picture shows that Tazmel(Blue) and Eshema(Green) formed an alliance.

It is rather hard to keep 4 sanctums when they are attacking from both sides.  As a result, we lost 2 sanctums and lost the season.

You will need about 15 seconds to occupy a sanctum so the outcome of the battle may be decided in the last 1 minute.

After occupying the sanctum in the center, the players from our realm are protecting the attacks from the enemies.  If you watch the scene at 37 sec from the video, the Commander-in-chief of Zemanu is trying to occupy our sanctum.  When a season is over, you will see your results.  You can purchase either costumes or Runes with the battle points that you received by winning a season.

We will have an interview with our developer next time and talk more about item trees and sanctums in much more details.  Thanks.


Vendredi 27 juin 2014  
DevBlog - Note 1

I notice there are some changes on the characters.

Fighter’ is added on the character information on the homepage.  There will be lots of different classes of characters in WOLFKNIGHTS.  A player can only create one character initially, but there is no limit on which class of character you can create.  The number of characters that we have developed so far is eight which includes Fighter, Defender, Fire Elementalist, Ice Elementalist, Templar, Musketeer, Gladiator and Blood Mage.  

What kind of attributes does each character have?

Since this game is based on large scale battles, there is a limit on the number of skills that a character can use.  Each character will be able to use two or three specialized skills which will portray each character’s attributes.  We believe that a team’s composition and strategy depending on different circumstances on battlefield are more important than one player’s skillful controls.

I heard there are some changes to the game system which was released outside before.

We don’t develop WOLFKNIGHTS by planning all the features and the components inside the game in advance.  Instead, we try lots of different features and components that we feel interesting and fun and share our different feedback inside our development team.  In such process, the game system is slowly improving.  We said from the previously released articles or the posts on homepage that the game is a MMORPG which can be enjoyed for 2 hours, but as the game system slowly changed within the last 6 months, the play time has been reduced and the focus on the game has been changed from RPG adventure to team vs team matches.

Can you explain team vs team matches more in details?

The game looks similar to ‘seize a spot’ in a MMORPG siege warfare system.  We believe that ‘seize a spot’ is the most appropriate system to be applied in WOLFKNIGHTS since more people can participate in a match in the game compared with typical 5 vs 5 matches that can be found in some of the other games.  Also we wanted see the outcome of the matches on the pre-determined time.  We have at least one match per day inside our development team, and we have seen many matches where win or loss turned around in the last minute or even in the last 10 seconds.  Therefore, we felt tension up to the last moment in the game.  This is why there are 3 realms that are competing each other in a match instead of 2.

How many players can participate in a match?  What are the rules for deciding win or loss?

The first season which is called ‘Battle of Lothian Sanctum’, there will be 30 players in each realm so total of 90 players can play at the same time.  In each realm, there will be six sub-units which are comprised of five players.  So when the game starts, there will be total of 18 different parties (6 sub-units x three realms) which start at the different locations.  They will fight each other and they will also meet their allies as they move inside the map.

WOLFKNIGHTS supports multi-languages and we are preparing English version at the moment

Okay. So that was the explanation for seasons.  Then what do players do when they don’t play seasons?

Players are mercenaries that reside in a mercenary village called ‘Winterweiler’.  The village acts as a ‘lobby’ and players will be able to book for seasons, purchase account specific items, and meet other players.

After each season, when all the results get accumulated, players will receive some account specific game money based on their level of contribution.  With the game money, they will be able to buy characters’ costumes or Runes that will increase characters’ passive stats.  Runes will not disappear even when a season is over so they will exist permanently in an account.  The effect of Runes will not be great if you don’t have many of them, but as you gradually collect these, you will find out that they are effective.  There will be also other contents available at the village such as additional character creation slots, modifications on character appearances and etc.  Right now, we have some costumes and 20 types of Runes for our test purposes.

The record of Developer "SnowWhite" for the last 2 weeks. Terrible..

We are also focusing on the statistics regarding players’ gameplay.  Players will be able to view their records (the number of wins, losses, and etc), recent records, and their results on different characters that they have.  They can compare other players’ rankings with their own.


Lundi 31 mars 2014  
De la création des personnages de WolfKnights Online

En prévisoin d'un prochain bêta-test, le MMO / MOBA PvP WolfKnights Online illustre les options de création et de personnalisation de ses héros jouables.

On connait les mécaniques qui gouvernent le gameplay de WolfKnights Online : le jeu esquive volontairement une phase de progression (le leveling qu'on juge parfois rébarbatif) pour se focaliser sur des « campagnes PvP » (les joueurs s'affrontent dans de vastes régions ouvertes, mais dans le cadre de « saisons » successives -- le gameplay, qu'on évoquait récemment, entend s'inspirer autant de celui des MOBA que des MMO).
Le jeu prépare actuellement son alpha-test et s'apprête à accueillir. En préambule et comme de coutume en Asie, le studio IMG Games détaille en vidéo le système de création et de personnalisation des héros jouables (généré par la technologie EMotion FX du studio Mystic Game Development). L'occasion d'y (re)découvrir les différentes classes jouables : le Defender, un guerrier défensif utilisant un imposant bouclier, combattant en ligne et capable de bloquer la progression ennemie ; le mage de feu, très offensif et restant à distance de l'adversaire ; le Templier, et ses auras de pouvoirs inspirées par une magie divine ; le mousquetaire, utilisant des armes à feu et enfin la gladiatrice spécialisée dans les assauts rapides et violent.

Cette illustration de la création des personnages a manifestement vocation à préparer les premières phases de tests -- qu'on attend donc prochainement, même si aucune date de bêta n'est encore annoncée officiellement. Les inscriptions restent quoiqu'il en soit ouvertes sur le site officiel.


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