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Jeudi 29 octobre 2020
Heart of Deimos - Nezha Prime - 29.3.0

Nezha Prime has arrived!

Engulf your enemies in the sacred fire of the empyrean as Nezha Prime. The Prince of Flame arrives in his ultimate form along with the Guandao Prime, Zakti Prime and more!

Nezha Prime

Behold: the Scion of the Burning Wind, donned in his most courtly accoutrements.

Guandao Prime

Engineered for the divine to reap a harvest of lives.

Zakti Prime

Unleash waves of gas damage with a smattering of spiny, toxin-filled flechettes.

Get the newest Prime gear with Nezha Prime Access and Prime Accessories here:

Nezha’s Leverian has been added! Listen to Drusus’ new tale to tell of our mercurial firemonger and seek out the Nezha Prex card. Visit Nezha’s Leverian Codex entry or in the Market!

Mesa Prime, Akjagara Prime, and Redeemer Prime have entered the Vault!

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

    Replaced New Loka’s Sacrifice of Mesa Prime Systems with Titania Prime Systems.
    Replaced Steel Meridian’s Sacrifice of Redeemer Prime Blade with Zhuge Prime String.

If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Riven Disposition Changes

As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers.

Nightwave The Glassmaker: Episode 5 - The Finale is here!

The time has come, Tenno. After meticulously investigating crime scenes, poring over clues and shattering glass across the Origin System, you’ve tracked the Glassmaker to a pivotal location. A place where the Glassmaker killed thousands, if not millions in an age long past. 

More questions await as the latest victim you discover is Orokin, possibly someone who stood against Nihil in the past? Find clues to reveal where the Glassmaker is hiding and shatter his schemes once and for all, Tenno.

Mastery Rank 30 is now available for eligible Tenno!

8+ years of Warframe content later and eligible Tenno can now achieve Mastery Rank 30! This is your True Master test. Prepare yourself with skills you’ve acquired on your travels throughout the Star Chart for this pinnacle test.

True Master Tenno will be awarded the following:

    3x Umbra Forma
    15 Loadout Slots  
    30 Riven Mod Slots
    True Master Chat Emoji

      Access both the :truemaster: and :truemasteralt: Chat Emoji.

    True Master Emote

      Only the True Master may use this Emote.

    True Master Sumdali

      This Sumdali hull ornament is awarded exclusively to Tenno who have earned the rank of True Master. It can be mounted to the exterior of your Landing Craft to display your Rank to all who see it.

    True Master’s Font (Relay Blessing)
    Visit a Blessing Altar in any Relay once every 23 hours to grant a Blessing to each person on the Relay that lasts for 3 hours. Blessings you can grant are:

      Affinity Boost
      Credit Boost
      Resource Boost
      Damage Buff
      Health Buff
      Shield Buff

    Mastery Rank 30 Facts:

      1. Each Mastery Rank beyond 30 requires the same amount of Affinity as Rank 29 to 30.
      2. Mastery Ranks beyond 30 are considered/titled as “Legendary 1”, “Legendary 2”, etc.


    Optimized terrain rendering.
    Some fun facts: Terrain rendering optimization reduced cost ~30% (Deimos) ~50% (Plains of Eidolon) by grouping triplanar layers together per triplane and sharing texture gradients.
    Optimized initial download size by ~100MB.
    Optimized geometry on the Cambion Drift to improve framerate.
    Optimized rendering slightly when Bloom is disabled.
    Improved detection of run-time errors in the script system.
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to all code on Windows and Xbox One.
    Made a micro-optimization to splash effects on the water surface.
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to the memory allocator.
    Made a micro-optimization to the physics system.
    Made a micro-optimization to the effects system.
    Made a micro-optimization to the script runtime.
    Fixed CPU times increasing significantly when frequently switching between controller and keyboard.


    Updated Mastery Rank icons to new Vitruvian design!

    Increased the Nightwave Prestige Rank cap by 30 Ranks! This will retroactively place you to the accurate Rank you’ve earned thus far! We know some Tenno have already reached the current Prestige Rank cap. Increasing it allows those Tenno to gain Crystal Cred for the remainder of Nightwave Series 3.
    Entrati member names will no longer appear when Creator Mode is enabled.
    The End of Mission ‘Important’ filter will now place Alert rewards at the top of the list.
    Clarified Daily Standing Bar value by adding the word ‘Remaining’ to indicate as such.
    Adjusted the Night Hunter Syandana wing spread idle animation slightly based on TennoGen creator feedback.
    Removed Latrox Une from the Simulacrum (because shooting your friends is mean).


    Fixed a crash that could occur if you lose connection to a Host shortly after connecting to a new mission.
    Fixed a rare crash that could occur with certain weapons with extreme Mod configurations.
    Fixed a crash in the Simulacrum while firing a Convectrix that had max ranked Tainted Shell and Narrow Barrel Mods equipped.
    Fixed a loss of functionality if you open the Pause Menu with the controller and Fast Travel to a vendor while a Profit-Taker Heist Bounty is counting down.
    Pausing during the countdown is no longer possible.
    Fixed aggressive spot load when hovering over Quest-locked nodes in the Star Chart.
    Fixed the Latrox Une “Sample Collection” Bounty phase taking longer than intended to complete due to the samples not dropping in their entirety.  We found that 20% of the time a sample was meant to drop, it wouldn't.
    Fixed Trinity’s Blessing fully restoring Health/Shields of mission objectives.
    Per Healing Defendable Targets Dev Workshop: it should "Restore 500 Health over 5 seconds".
    Fixed Mirage’s Total Eclipse Augment Mod buff being shared with Necramechs.
    Fixed the Split Flight buff not resetting if the buff expires when in Titania’s Razorwing.
    Fixed Umbra’s sentience not functioning after Transferring into a Necramech. Fixed inability to close the End of Mission screen after failing a Sortie Defense mission and waiting to close the EOM screen until you were back in the Orbiter.
    Fixed some spawning range issues with Deimos Jugulus’ due to frequently spawning very close to each other. This could cause other enemies to not spawn as frequent due to the amount of Jugulus’ present.
    Fixed snow-weather data (Orb Vallis) overwriting the rain-weather data that was intended for Plains of Eidolon, which was causing way more frequent precipitation than desired.
    Fixed Syndicate Standing earned in (Elite) Sanctuary Onslaught not being displayed on the Mission Progress screen.
    Fixed the UI not displaying ‘1’ when you have just a single Entrati Token.
    Fixed stats for the KUVA INJECTOR and DEMOLYST Codex entries.
    Fixed black shadow being cast on Star Chart node mission cards if a transmission is played.
    Fixed unreadable Pause Menu after opening the menu while fading to black due to a teleport volume.
    Fixed Helminth XP gain UI FX getting stuck on screen.
    Fixed losing Chat functionality when attempting to Report a player while they enter Extraction.
    Fixed blown out Perrin Sequence and Red Veil Syndicate leaders when interacting with them in the Relay.
    Fixed Orb Vallis Free Roam music playing in Fortuna.
    Fixed audio issues for Nezha’s Divine Spears ability slam sound.
    Fixed audio issues for fully charged Trumna sound for Host/Client.
    Fixed some popping animations with the Night Hunter Syandana.
    Fixed missing Daughter Naberus VO lines.
    Fixed some missing Otak idle VO lines.
    Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Tribute ability.

Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: Hotfix



    Fixed losing ability casting and weapon functionality when casting Gauss’ Thermal Sunder ability.
    Fixed Equinox’s Duality Specter not using your Secondary weapon if you don’t have a Primary weapon in your loadout.
    Fixed Prex Decorations having a large red box around it when selected instead of just the outline.
    Fixed a script error when being hit by a glass shard in the Nightwave boss fight.

Jeudi 15 octobre 2020
Heart of Deimos - Hotfix - 29.2.4 - Nights of Naberus!

Nights of Naberus have arrived!

The ancient festival of death and mischief has begun on all platforms!

On Naberus, beauty is banished. Rot and monstrosity hold sway. And Daughter couldn’t be more excited!

To get everyone in the Naberus spirit, she’ll be dressing up in Morbid costume and offering exclusive, limited-time rewards available for purchase through her special Naberus-themed store in the Necralisk.

Listen to a gruesome tale narrated by Grandmother in the comfort of your Orbiter with a creepy Naberus-themed decoration, or enjoy an assortment of Glyphs, Emblems, Skins and Blueprints - all available for purchase using Mother Tokens.


    Made a micro-optimization to the Health and Shield display on the HUD.
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to game-code using scripts.
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to physics sweep queries.
    Made a micro-optimization to animation inverse kinematics.
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to the script runtime.
    Made a micro-optimization to the perception system.
    Made a micro-optimization to the damage system.
    Made a micro-optimization to the effects system.
    Made some micro-optimizations to level loading.
    Made a micro-optimization to the sound system.
    Made a micro-optimization to the script system.
    Made a micro-optimization to text localization.
    Made a micro-optimization to flash rendering.
    Made a micro-optimization to UI rendering.
    Made a micro-optimization to loading.
    Optimized a small memory leak that would occur in certain Railjack missions.
    Fixed a tiny memory leak that would occur when killing Jen Dro in The Index; while inconsequential for regular play this leak showed up in an automated stress-test that pits Brokers vs Executioners for hours at a time.


    Reduced Isolation Vault Bounty Toxicity phase from 3 minutes to 1:30 minutes.

An early change meant for Update Deimos: Arcana that was low risk to add now! Feedback alluded to this phase not offering much variety within the Bounty - so we’ve shortened it to get you to the meat of the Bounty quicker! 

    The Helminth Subsume confirmation prompt will now show the Forma count on the respective Warframe.
    Increased default analog stick deadzones values to 20%. The value was previously 15% only for look/aim inputs, but then was changed to 15% for all analog stick inputs, but this introduced some drift for certain players.


    Fixed a functionality loss when Upgrading the Railjack Grid then going back while looking at the tooltip.
    Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse ability not functioning properly with Deferred Rendering enabled. As detailed here!

       A sharp-eyed Tenno noticed a change with Eclipse's damage bonus using our new Enhanced Graphics engine setting, and it turns out Mirage had us all under an illusion. Eclipse changes its effect intensity based on how bright (or dark) your current location is. The game calculates the brightness by considering all the light sources that are affecting you.  The problem... Under the Enhanced Graphics engine, lighting is handled in a different way than the Classic way we've been using for years. So while playing Landscape missions the sunlight was not being included in the intensity. What looked like bright open ground lit by the sun was, as far as the game is concerned internally, gloomy and overcast. This will be fixed such that the Eclipse ability will consider the real-time sunlight under the Enhanced renderer. We cannot guarantee that the results will be exactly the same using the two equations, but any difference should be negligible.

    Fixed Tusk Heavy Gunners doing unintended extreme amounts of damage.
    Fixed Obelisk Requiem icons sometimes not being visible for Clients.
    Fixed cases of Excavators that could spawn inside Cambion Drift terrain.
    Fixed Force Feedback issues when firing the Mausolon.
    Fixed the Cryptosuctus Fish having a hole in it.
    Fixed Vulpaphyla name appearing as [PH] Chrysalis upon devolving into a larva state.
    Fixed unlocalized system error messages sometimes being shown in the UI when experiencing network problems
    Fixed texture streaming on placed Glyphs being missing unless you get close.
    Fixed a problem with the Dynamic Resolution system.
    Fixed Chat repeatedly opening and closing if you slowly press down on the left trigger of a controller.

Jeudi 8 octobre 2020
Heart of Deimos - Hotfix - 29.2.3


    Optimized initial install size slightly (~half a GB).


    Added a game setting to use the legacy deadzone remapping when controlling look/aim input using the controller analog sticks.
    Changed the deadzone settings to go up and down by 1 instead of 5 when pressing the arrows.


    Fixed inability to matchmake together when loading from a Town/Relay to a Free Roam mission.
    Fixed a crash if a Host migration occurred during a Cambion Drift Excavation Bounty.
    Fixed the Subsumed Rest & Rage ability description stating its effect is dependent on Energy color rather than Emissive Color.
    Fixes towards some lighting issues on Operator hair textures.
    Fixed the Telos Syandana being misaligned on Octavia.
    Fixed the VOIP UI indicator appearing as a white square.
    Fixed numerous script errors during Cambion Drift Excavation Bounties.
    Fixed script errors when Corrupted Vor spawns in the Void.
    Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Null Star ability.

Mardi 6 octobre 2020
Heart of Deimos - Hotfix - 29.2.2

Enhanced Graphics Engine

Last week we included a ‘Missed Change Note’ that the ‘Deferred Rendering’ Display Option was renamed to ‘Graphics Engine’. While this is true at a base level, it’s actually more exciting than that, as it involves moving into “Next Gen’ by phasing out our old rendering engine!

Please read the full details here:


    Made numerous micro-optimizations to scene rendering.
    Optimized Local Reflections.
    Optimized Foliage Rendering in the Enhanced Graphics Engine.
    Optimized Visibility Culling speed and memory footprint slightly.
    Optimized initial install size slightly.
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to the animation system.
    Made a micro-optimization to the Foot IK system.
    Made a micro-optimization to HUD rendering.
    Minor quality improvements for hair rendering.


    Added game settings for tweaking deadzone values and other input behaviour for controller analog sticks. Each analog stick now has 3 settings as outlined on This should improve the accuracy for movement controls in particular, which previously used a square deadzone, resulting in inconsistent mapping for diagonal inputs.

    Removed ability to open the Helminth screen by fast-traveling using Operator mode, this led to issues with your Warframe becoming invisible.
    Updated Ivara's Quiver, Vauban's Minelayer, Xaku's The Lost, and Titania's Tribute ability descriptions to list the sub-abilities and a brief general description of what they do. Tips related to these sub-abilities for each Warframe have also been edited for accuracy as a result.
    Updated Zephyr’s Airburst ability description to include the tap-and-hold mechanic.

Helminth Fixes

    Fixed enemies becoming permanently ragdolled after casting Nezha’s Divine Spears into a Larva via Helminth Subsumed ability.
    Fixed Helminth Infused ability functionality issues when casting Wisp’s Sol Gate.
    Fixed missing UI indication on Quiver Cloak Arrow's duration remaining via Helminth Subsumed.
    Fixed Nidus’ abilities HUD having greyed out icons for Helminth Infused abilities.


    Fixed the Warframe launcher breaking uninstall when using standalone-installer.
    Fixed inability to Swap a Polarization.

      This was Hotdropped live last week!

    More fixes towards a crash that could occur in a Survival mission when choosing to return to the Orbiter.
    Fixed Isolation Vault Bounty Bait and objective markers remaining after the Bounty is abandoned.
    Fixed cases of the Upgrade screen showing negative stats after applying Forma to a weapon.

      We found this isn't super useful and forces you to exit the Upgrades screen if you want it to show the actual effects of the Mods installed afterwards. 

    Fixed Profile ‘Kills’ and ‘Time Played’ Stats being influenced by the Simulacrum.

      Simulacrum is a testing ground!

    Fixed left trigger no longer opening Chat with controller after you save controller bindings once. As reported here!
    Fixed the Infested Salvage End of Mission Reward screen UI stating 50 Endo instead of 300 Endo.

      This is a visual issue only, the correct amount of Endo was awarded.

    Fixed missing Blueprint locations for the Zymos and Keratinos when viewing in the Market.
    Fixed the Daedalus Leg Armour appearing small when equipped on the Hydroid Rakkam Skin.
    Fixed sometimes facing the wrong direction when loading into the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    Fixed cases of Simaris appearing white instead of orange when entering Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Fixed Quatz reload and Plinx charge reload audio issues when a Skin is equipped.
    Fixed Oscira Sugatra offset on numerous Melee weapons.
    Fixed collision issues with the Oscira Thrown Blade Skin when exiting the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    Fixed Gauss Graxx Helmet flames always being orange instead of reacting to the chosen Energy Color as the rest of the Redline ability does.
    Fixes towards cloth collision on the Mirage Kitsune Helmet.
    Fixed Dendrite Gunblade Skin using the wrong Sugatra attachment point.
    Fixed missing doorframe in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
    Fixed a script error when reaching a new Mastery Rank.
    Fixed a script error when a Kubrow Pet uses Stalk.
    Fixed a script error when a Vasca Kavat uses Draining Bite.
    Fixed a script error when a Kavat uses Cat’s Eye.
    Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Tribute ability.
    Fixed rare script error when casting Wukong’s Primal Fury ability.
    Fixed a script error when deactivating Mesa’s Ballistic Battery ability.
    Fixed a script error when Corpus Rangers attempted to Melee smash you from the air.
    Fixed script error when picking up Vomvalyst energy buffs while on a K-Drive then dismounting, or mounting K-Drive while you have the buff.
    Fixed a script error when being attacked by the Profit-Taker.
    Fixed a script error when offering an Eidolon Shard during a Teralyst Hunt Bounty.
    Fixed script error that could occur during a Jordas Transmission.



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