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Jeudi 9 juillet 2020
The Steel Path - Update 28.1.1

The Steel Path Changes & Fixes

    The Steel Path toggle in the Navigation screen will now pulse to draw attention for those who question how to access The Steel Path after talking to Teshin. Completing 1 Steel Path mission will disable the pulse.
    Fixes towards a crash that could occur in The Steel Path Plains Bounty.
    Fixed Air Support Charges and Archgun Deployer not maintaining their normal Cooldown timers.

Khora Urushu Changes & Fixes

    By default when in the Orbiter, Khora Urushu Skin will always have the spikes visible for maximum fashion!
    Added more tail spikes on the Maculatia Venari Skin. Cause who doesn’t love more spikes!
    Added enhanced detail and grime to the glass textures throughout the Khora Urushu Skin.
    Fixed missing custom Whip mesh for Khora Urushu. Khora’s whip will automatically reflect this Urushu design when the Urushu Skin is equipped.
    Fixed Maculatia Venari Skin spikes not being updated when switching postures.
    Fixed Khora’s neck and head merging into one (also visible with her Urushu Skin).


    Disarming abilities no longer affect pilotable Dargyns to prevent accidental disarm usage that removes weapon capability. 

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed inability to use Railjack Battle Avionics when using a controller. The following has been reverted in order to fix:

      Fixed right-D-pad equipping Omni-tool (or doing nothing in regular Archwing missions) instead of cycling to the next Warframe/Archwing ability. This is actually still fixed!

    Fixes towards Omni-tool binding sometimes not working correctly when using a controller.
    Fixed the Railjack HUD sometimes showing "<SECONDARY_FIRE>" on the bottom-left instead of the button that Ordnance is bound to.
    Fixed an issue where the binding for equipping the Omni-tool was missing when playing with a controller if you had customized your bindings prior to the release of Railjack. Players on PC may have to manually restore the bindings.
    Fixed simultaneously pressing ESC+Interact action allowing you to Decorate the Railjack.


    Fixed the launcher being too zoomed in on systems that were using text scaling higher than 100% on Windows 10.
    Fixed Mag's Greedy Pull not pulling pick-ups long enough to bring ones that are far away.
    Fixed Protea’s Passive HUD FX becoming invisible after Transferring into Operator and out as a Client.
    Fixed Protea’s Passive HUD FX not applying chosen Energy color as a Client.
    Fixed missing dangles on Khora’s Delphi Helmet.
    Fixed some small typos in the Nightwave Episode 3 crime scene.
    Fixed a soft lock that could occur if you tried to ban someone from Alliance Chat.
    Fixed missing message for certain types of kick/ban.
    Fixed script crash that could occur when logging into a very decorated Orbiter.
    Fixed Host migration script error that could occur in Archwing missions.
    Fixed a script error related to Domestic Drones.

Mercredi 8 juillet 2020
The Steel Path - Update 28.1.0

The Steel Path

It is time to take on a new challenge. The Origin System is ever-changing. Our enemies grow more powerful - only the Tenno with true mastery of their Arsenal will overcome what awaits us. Once you have found yourself with a completed Star Chart, you may choose to arm yourself for a higher tier of enemies in Warframe. With this Update, we are introducing ‘The Steel Path’, a way to replay the Star Chart with all regions receiving +100 enemy levels. You will earn exclusive Emotes and Trophies by completing each region. Team up or go alone - good luck! 

If you are not ready for this challenge, fear not, it’s not going anywhere. One day you may be prepared to take The Steel Path. 

Your weapons make music, and the enemy calls for a song. Visit Teshin to learn more, if you’re ready.


A completed Star Chart (access to Arbitrations) is required for The Steel Path. Teshin will invite you to seek him out in any Relay once you’ve met the criteria. 

What you need to know about The Steel Path

Since launching our weekend Public Test Cluster project, we have made some changes to The Steel Path for launch. These changes will be indicated below (but this is not an exhaustive list). 

    You can toggle on/off The Steel Path in the Star Chart, which will automatically change the Star Chart to reflect which path you wish to play.
    Mastery can be earned by completing each mission on The Steel Path (similar to normal Star Chart, Mastery is earned once per node).
    Enemies on The Steel Path are +100 Levels higher than their normal mission counterparts, and have enhanced defenses. Their enhanced defenses are not quite as high as Sortie modifiers, but enemies do have a *150% bonus to Health + Armor + Shields. This decision was made based on Public Test Cluster feedback. 

      The original Test Cluster Feedback change brought a 175% bonus that we then reduced to 150% bonus after further testing. We also realized some inconsistencies with what we stated and what was truly live on the Test build leading up to now. To clarify what this equates to:

        Enemy Health/Shield/Armor: 1+1.5 = 2.50 (250%)

    The Steel Path has Custom Gear Rules: 1 Minute Cooldown on Restores.
    Open Worlds (Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon) have a special Steel Path Bounty you must complete to progress. It is the 6th tier Bounty only accessible on The Steel Path!
    The Steel Path Eidolon levels will increase respective of their difficulty for Tenno who seek a challenge, and also drop 1 Steel Essence on death:

      Teralyst: Level 110
      Gantulyst: Level 120
      Hydrolyst: Level 130

    Junction Specters must be fought at their new 100+ level to proceed in the Star Chart. 

      You’ll notice that the ‘Junction Tasks’ popup on hover will not appear in The Steel Path as those items are not required nor rewarded for completing the Junction.

    Eximus enemies have a chance at dropping Riven Slivers and a new currency: Steel Essence.
    Archwing Missions within The Steel Path will contain enemies with a 50+ level increase instead of 100+, and the 150% bonus Health + Armor + Shield multiplier will not be applied. This decision was made based on Test Cluster feedback.
    Note: Railjack is not a part of The Steel Path.

Progression Rewards

As you progress through The Steel Path Star Chart, Teshin will award you for each Region completed with its respective Planet Decoration and Planet Emote, as well as 2x Steel Essence per Region (which can also be earned simply by playing Steel Path missions)!

The Steel Path Honors & Steel Essence

In addition to those Rewards, Teshin now has The Steel Path Honors: a store only accessible when The Steel Path is unlocked. Similar to the Arbitration Honors store, The Steel Path Honors takes Steel Essence as currency. Steel Essence can be found as a Resource drop from Eximus enemies within The Steel Path. 

By accessing the Steel Path Honors, you can exchange your Steel Essence for the following rewards:

    THE BISHAMO ARMOR SET: Uphold the elite warrior tradition of Teshin and the Dax in the Bishamo Armor Set. This Orokin-designed collection includes a Helmet, Cuirass, Pauldrons, Greaves, and apparel. Earn the Blueprints by trading Steel Essence from The Steel Path Honors.
    Kuva x 10,000
    Random Relic Pack (3 Random Relics)
    Stance Forma Blueprint - this Forma type was introduced in Operation: Scarlet Spear. In the interest of having it more widely available, we are adding it to the Steel Path! This Forma allows for an added touch of flexibility in Melee weapons for those who seek it out! 

Khora deluxe

    Khora Urushu Skin

      Personify the avenging spirit of the forest in armor flowering with deadly blooms. Buying the Urushu skin unlocks the Maculatia Skin only for your Venari. Includes Maculatia Venari Skin, Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets! 

    Maculatia Venari Skin

      Venari becomes the dark and dangerous woods in this deluxe Pet Skin.

    Khora Urushu Collection

      Embody the galaxy’s most dangerous flora with the Urushu Collection. Includes the Khora Urushu Skin, the Veratria Blade and Whip Skin, and the Maculatia Skin for Venari or your favourite Kavat. Includes Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets!

    Veratria Blade and Whip Skin

      Tangle your target in a thorny vine with this deceptively floral weapon Skin.

    Maculatia Kavat Skin 

      Nature at its most brutal comes alive in this deluxe skin for your Kavat.

General Additions

    Nightwave Glassmaker Episode 3 is now live! What games does the Glassmaker have in store for you?

Xoris Interaction Changes

Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice.

Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are:

    Ash Bladestorm
    Atlas Landslide
    Baruuk Serene Storm
    Excalibur Exalted Blade
    Gara Shattered Lash
    Khora Whipclaw
    Valkyr Talons
    Wukong Iron Staff

Granum Void Changes & Fixes

    Golden Hand Shrines will no longer be accessible in Invasion missions if you don’t side with the Corpus.

      This also fixes Golden Hand Shrines consuming a Granum Crown but not opening the Granum Void if you were sided with a Faction other than Corpus.

    NPC’s spawned within or brought into Granum Void (Beacon summoned Assassins, Rescue Targets, etc) will now be teleported back to the Corpus Ship alongside you when the timer expires.

      This also fixes NPCs spawned in Granum Void resulting in a teleportation ping-pong between the Corpus Ship and Granum Void upon the Granum Void timer running out.

    A Revive Tower will now be spawned beside the Golden Hand Shrine if a player goes down within the Granum Void in a Corpus Ship Arbitration mission.

      This fixes missing Revive Towers upon exiting the Granum Void and Resurgence Tokens still spawning, resulting in imposing the stacking Resurgence Burden debuff for the rest of the mission unless the "lost" player leaves.

    Fixed ability to go over the Void Traces cap from Granum Void rewards.

Kuva Lich Changes

    To help prevent accidental Kuva Lich generation from quick tapping the Mercy action, you must now ‘Hold X’ to perform a Mercy on a Kuva Larvling.


    Added a strength slider to the Color Blind Compensation filters.
    The Relay ‘CONCLAVE’ Fast Travel option has been changed to say ‘TESHIN’ as this option now serves a new role with The Steel Path. This will also now place you in front of the Conclave station instead of in the Conclave screen.
    Beacons are now disabled in Junctions.

      This is a solo fight to show off those skills! 

    The Star Chart Quest FX indicator will now still appear when you are zoomed out.
    Visibility improvements towards the Jackal’s stomp ability FX.
    Removed the ability to open up the main menu with a controller when using Navigation or browsing Ayatan Treasures (could result in a loss of functionality).


    Made manually-triggered Cache Optimize passes run before downloading new content so if you're low on space you can try to reclaim space first.
    Improved handling of certain types of network problems when getting content updates.
    Made systemic micro-optimizations to the script system.
    Made several micro-optimizations to the log subsystem.
    Made systemic optimizations to game startup time.
    Made a micro-optimization to in-game stats rendering.
    Made some micro-optimizations to rendering performance.
    Fixed error handling for MSI builds so that failure is detected sooner.
    Potential fix for Warframe disconnecting on the loading screen on Intel HD3000 cards.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed Maxima and Hull Weave Avionics missing from respective Earth Proxima and Veil Proxima enemies.
    Fixed the Archwing Slingshot breaking after the first use if it was used to board a Crewship.
    Fixed spawning thousands of meters away from your Railjack if you Transfer back into your Warframe after launching a Railjack mission as the Operator.
    Fixed getting stuck in Orbiter/Railjack walls when entering the Arsenal as the Operator.
    Fixed viewing Railjack Components/Armaments and switching tabs after making a selection not properly deselecting the selected item, resulting in the Valence Fusion and Scrap buttons disappearing.
    Fixed the Avionics screen showing the incorrect callout for "remove" when using a controller.
    Fixed right-D-pad equipping Omni-tool (or doing nothing in regular Archwing missions) instead of cycling to the next Warframe/Archwing ability.

Nightwave Fixes

    Fixed not receiving progress for the ‘Ascendant’ Nightwave Act upon completing the Agility Test on Lua.
    Fixed not being able to complete ‘Just Visiting’ Nightwave Act by visiting a Featured Dojo higher than Ghost. 

Ropalolyst Fixes

    Fixed Clients becoming stuck riding the Ropalolyst if two Client players attempt to ride it simultaneously.
    Potential fix towards the Host being able to interrupt a Client mounting the Ropalolyst, resulting in a crash.
    Fixed players not animating properly when landing on the central platform after crashing the Ropalolyst into one of the towers.
    Fixed the Ropalolyst cutscene intro not playing for Clients.
    Fixed Client players teleporting forward in the Ropalolyst cutscene.
    Fixes towards misaligned mounting animations when rolling before mounting the Ropalolyst.
    Fixed a script error that resulted in infinitely falling/respawning when falling into a teleport volume as the Operator during the Ropalolyst fight.
    Fixed potential script errors caused by using the central laser in the Ropaloylst fight.

Protea Fixes

    Fixed Protea losing her Temporal Anchor actions during rewind if during the ability she walked through Volt’s Electric Shield.
    Fixed Protea's Blaze Artillery not targeting enemies in Mag's Magnetize bubble if Mag is Modded to have a high Power Strength.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Protea died or left the squad with a Grenade Fan active on an ally. 


    Fixed a crash upon viewing Vay Hek’s Codex entry. Did you really believe it would be this easy?!
    Fixed some rare Host migration issues where you would sometimes after migration join a session you didn't expect (hosted by someone who used to be connected to your host, but has left long time ago... mostly possible in Open Zone missions).
    Fixed broken Defense objectives in Corpus Ship missions after a Treasurer spawns and the squad migrates.
    Fixed Vomvalysts appearing to move slower than usual.
    Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow sometimes firing the previously selected Quiver type instead of the one currently selected.
    Fixed Octavia’s Resonator spamming 0 Damage numbers in between doing charm Damage.
    Fixed Enemies that are converted by Revenant's Enthrall energy pillar not appearing to have the Enthralled visuals around their head despite being friendly/affected.
    Fixed a few more cases where Titania could clip through the floor in Razorwing.
    Fixed the ‘Relentless Combination’ Mod not building Melee Combo from Slash Status Effects.
    Fixed Pax Seeker and Pax Bolt being able to be activated by weapons/abilities other than the Kitgun it's installed on (sometimes resulting in a script error).
    Fixed Kuva Guardians remaining vulnerable and not firing their Twin Roggas after picking up their Kesheg.
    Fixed Fishing Bait not functioning in some Orb Vallis caves.
    Fixed Pets facing backwards when interacting with the Incubator.
    Fixed Pets using the wrong skeleton and appearing mutated when swapping to a loadout of a different Pet (Kubrow vs Kavat) before claiming your Incubated Pet when using a controller.
    Fixed being able to interact with Pets that haven't yet been named/claimed which could cause a functionality loss.
    Fixed flickering/invisible issues with Pets when accessing an Arsenal outside the Orbiter (Cetus, Captura, etc).
    Fixed Incubated/unnamed Pets showing up in your Inventory as an unnamed level 0 Kubrow.
    Fixed Excavation Rewards not displaying in the ‘Mission Progress’ screen.
    Fixed enemies in the Corpus Ship Defense tileset sometimes getting stuck on door frames.
    Fixed enemies sometimes not responding properly due to a visual block by pickups.
    Fixed flinging yourself halfway across an Open Zone (Plains/Vallis) by using a Melee Heavy Slam Attack on an elevated surface.
    Fixed cases of using a Grustrag Three Beacon to escape a mission prematurely and it counting towards Star Chart progression.
    Fixed ability to teleport to old Operator positions when exiting Transference and using the /unstuck command.
    Fixed the 30 second warning Transmission from the Lotus not playing in Arbitration Survival missions.
    Fixed Orbiter ‘Scene’ Decorations reverting after logging out/back in.
    Fixed not being able to see unowned Bundle-only fur patterns for Kubrows/Kavats in the Arsenal item grid when selecting a pattern.
    Fixed a potential issue with the latest Windows 10 update that may cause incorrect audio panning (resulting in sounds being perceived as coming from the left when they should be on the right).
    Fixed the Star Chart UI breaking when selecting an Invasion mission from the WSW with the Railjack Star Chart open.
    Fixed setting the ‘Master Volume’ slider between 1-4 resulting in no volume.
    Fixed the Prisma Lotus Sigil not having its two-toned style.
    Fixed the Vetala Armor not attaching properly to the Trinity Strega Skin.
    Fixed Platinum Coupon UI text overlapping.
    Fixed Valkyr's Bastet Helmet to make certain metal areas the proper untintable dark that matches the rest of the Helmet. It still won't be tintable but it should now match the correct color channel.
    Fixed the Decoration Mode ‘AIM TO MOVE’ text string not being properly localized in the German game client.
    Fixed movement sound looping for Titania Prime.
    Fixed some audio timing issues with Liset fly-in cinematics.
    Fixed seeing "previous kick still in progress" for Clan or Alliance Chat moderation.
    Fixed a script error when your Sentinel attempts to Revive you.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Kuva Guardian leapt at a target that died (or toggled back to Warframe) while in mid-air.
    Fixed a script error when casting Saryn’s Toxic Lash ability.
    Fixed a script error related to hacking an Eidolon Lure.
    Fixed a script error when Vay Hek attempts to zap you.

Mardi 23 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix 28.0.7

Color Blind Compensation Change

    Tweaks to improve distinction between very saturated colors when Color Blind Compensation is enabled.

      It’s worth noting here that our Color Blind Compensation approach is far from perfect and feedback will vary accordingly. We will continue to investigate larger scope accessibility issues!


    Fixes towards an ability to multiply Nightwave Standing gained by repeatedly going in and out of Fortuna.
    Fixed a case of Protea’s Blaze Artillery not damaging ragdolled enemies.
    Fixed Eidolon Bush Decoration description using ‘bare’ instead of ‘bear’.
    Fixed a script error if your Djinn's Reawaken Precept activated while you were in Operator mode.

Vendredi 19 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix


    Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing the ‘Incomplete’ tab of the Mod Station, and then attempting to change the Sorting method.
    Fixed a script error when casting Protea’s Grenade Fan. 

Vendredi 19 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix 28.0.6

Accessibility & Visibility Improvements

On-Screen Keyboard Functionality

On-Screen Keyboard functionality has been fixed to properly function for Warframe!

The issue we found was Warframe thinking you have alt+tabbed off the screen, thus instantly losing focus.

Color Blind Compensation

Under the Display Options tab, you’ll find a ‘Color Blind Compensation’ option that modifies game and interface colors to increase visibility for common forms of color blindness.

This setting will allow you to pick between the following options:

    Protanopia: A setting for people with Protanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to red lights.
    Deuteranopia: A setting for people with Deuteranopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to green lights.
    Tritanopia: A setting for people with Tritanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to blue lights.

Please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have:

Protea Changes & Fixes

General Changes

    Increased Protea’s sprint speed to 1.2.
    Removed the increased animation speed for Protea’s custom Roll animation to bring it back to what was originally showcased.
    Slightly increased the impulse of Protea’s custom Roll when moving forward.

Grenade Fan

    Increased Duration of both Offensive and Defensive grenades by 3 seconds.
    Increased Range of both Offensive and Defensive grenades at max rank from 4 to 5 meters.

      For Shield Satellite, this applies to the grenade pickup Range.

    Increased Shield Satellite grenade count from 3 to 4 to accommodate max Squad sizes.
    Increased visibility FX on available Shield Satellite grenades to aid in differentiating between the two grenades.
    Doubled the Damage of the Shrapnel Vortex grenade.
    Fixed Protea's Grenade Fan/ Shield Satellites appearing giant while using Archwing.

Our goal here is to improve efficacy, usability, and logic of Grenade Fan! 

Blaze Artillery

    Increased Duration of Blaze Artillery by 1 second, and doubled the Damage multiplier to compete against higher level enemies. Duration will now show in Arsenal stats instead of the maximum number of shots.
    Protea’s Blaze Artillery will now shoot through Volt’s Shield, but won't benefit from its buffs.
    Fixed Protea’s Blaze Artillery not targeting ragdolled enemies. 

Our goal here is to keep the spirit of the rapid fire Artillery alive, with just a bit more punch. We will monitor for feedback after this change as well. 


    Protea’s Dispensary location is now displayed on the minimap in the form of the Ability icon.

      Similar to Wisp’s Reservoirs! 

Temporal Anchor

    Protea is now invulnerable for the first 3 seconds of Temporal Anchor (i.e on cast, to prevent casting animation deaths).
    Added a warning sound when there is 1.5 seconds left before Temporal Anchor ability ends.
    Fixed Temporal Anchor not removing/preventing Status Effects during the rewind.

This invulnerability window is an important add based on all the ways players have used Temporal Anchor thus far - that key survivability reaction should include invulnerability. 

Granum Void Changes & Fixes

    More Lotus VO has been added to the Granum Void upon intro, success, partial/fail.
    A waypoint marker will now dynamically appear for the nearest Golden Hand Shrine when the Granum Void opens to help players find them.
    Fixed ‘Abilities In Use’ persisting after entering the portal to the Granum Void.
    Fixed Xoris charges not depleting for Clients in Granum Void if the Host is absent.


    Shield Gating now applies to Companions the same way it does to Warframes!

      Blocks 100% of Damage for 1000ms on first break, reduced to 300ms if Shields break again without fully recharging.

    Protea’s Blueprint has been added to Simaris’ Offerings for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold Protea.

      Let it be known that the Xoris Blueprint/Parts are also available here for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold the Xoris.

    The Friend ‘Batch Remove’ feature minimum has been changed to ‘1 week’ to allow for more list purging.
    Doubled the Decoration Capacity for the "Open Space" Dojo room, from 800 to 1600 (for comparison the Inspiration Hall is 1400).
    Updated a few occurrences of "Resist a Damage effect" to more accurate “Resist a Status effect" for some descriptions of Arcanes.
    Platinum bonuses given from Referral links are now non tradable/non giftable, similar to Platinum that you don’t purchase (win on a Livestream, etc).   


    Made a micro-optimization to RAM footprint.

Stropha Changes & Fixes

    Increased Stropha projectile lifetime from .12 to .14.
    Fixed Stropha Heavy Attack not increasing in Damage from Melee Combo stacks.
    Fixed the Stropha shot not gaining Combo hits against a ragdolling enemy.
    Fixed Condition Overload not affecting its shots.

Corpus Ship Changes & Fixes

    Removed numerous door Lasers within the Corpus Ship tileset. Only connecting tile doors will have Lasers.
    Fixed a rare case of having no objective during an Invasion Rescue mission in the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed the Golden Hand Shrine sometimes not spawning in the Jackal and Razorback boss missions.
    Fixed Solaris prisoners being invisible, but still freeable, if you aligned with Grineer on an Invasion mission that generates a Corpus Ship tile.
    Fixed some Corpus Ship doors not opening until you’re practically at the door, resulting in faceplanting. They’ll now open when you’re a few meters away.
    Fixes towards an inability to get through side doors in the Corpus Ship Spy tileset if you’re going back through the alternate direction of where you came in.
    Fixed a lack of emissives when Lockers are open.
    Fixed Locker emissive turning green instead of teal when a Locker is opened with the Thief's Wit Mod.
    Fixed Treasurers dropping a ‘Granum Crown Cache’ when killed inside of Limbo’s Cataclysm, instead of the intended Granum Crown.
    Fixed Rescue/Spy Vault door lasers not matching the intensity of doors throughout the Corpus Ship.
    Numerous fixes towards missing collision throughout the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Numerous fixes towards poor lighting and AI pathfinding in the Corpus Ship tileset.

Nightwave Fixes

    Fixed cases of Cephalite Fissures not spawning in numerous eligible missions.

      This was most commonly seen in Plains/Vallis or key-required missions, but was possible elsewhere as well.

    Fixed Cephalite Resonance not being shared between squadmates in Railjack if the player who collected the Resonance was at the 20 cap.
    Fixed the Explorer Nightwave Act text not updating progress by always saying ‘Complete 3 Railjack Missions’.

Jackal Changes & Fixes

    Pets & Sentinels no longer take damage from Jackal's Grid Wall attack.
    Fixed Clients sometimes being left in the first stage Jackal arena if you died/Revived before the second stage.
    Fixes towards spamming the Parazon Finisher for the Jackal as a Client breaking the Finisher animation.


    Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting Warframe while on the Void Fissure Relic selection screen with 1 second left on the timer.
    Fixed a number of different ways you could crash the launcher by having the Settings panel open when the Optimize prompt came up in the background.
    Fixed the launcher ‘PLAY’ button disappearing when changing languages.
    Fixed Shield-Gating not functioning properly after Reviving when becoming downed.
    Fixed ability to keep your Melee Combo for Gunblade Heavy Attacks by timing a Transference activation at the right time. Gunblade Heavy Attacks will now expel Melee Combo as intended.
    Fixed Arsenal not listing Gunblades stats for their projectile behavior.
    Fixed Condition Overload not affecting the damage of a thrown Glaive.
    Fixed Saryn’s Contagion Clouds becoming hostile to players if you die and Revive.
    Fixed Pets using the wrong skeleton and appearing mutated when swapping to a loadout of a different Pet (Kubrow vs Kavat) before claiming your Incubated Pet.
    Fixed Vasca Kavat babies having broken textures when previewing in the Arsenal.
    Fixed Pets spazzing out for one frame when swapping Companions in Arsenal.
    Fixed the camera needlessly moving back and forth between Sentinel/Pet positions when swapping Companions in Arsenal.
    Fixed receiving a weird error when attempting to equip a Pet while another one is being Imprinted.

      You’ll now receive a less confusing error message indicating “Cannot switch to a new Pet while imprinting”.

    Fixed Arcane Bodyguard not healing Venari.
    Fixed Precision Strike buff granting buffs to explosive Secondary weapons (Kuva Seer, Tombfinger Secondary, etc).
    Fixed Dizzying Rounds leaving an enemy open to Melee Finishers forever (now closed to Finishers after the Finisher is performed).
    Fixed Atlas ‘Rubble Heap’ Augment for Client players insisting that you needed energy to cast Landslide even though it was free.
    Fixed your Moa Companion not gaining weapon Affinity if Hard Engage was the last thing the moa activated before extracting from the mission.
    Fixed Djinn automatically Reviving after exiting Titania's Razorwing if Reawaken is equipped.
    Fixed the Xoris infinite Combo Counter UI not reflecting when there is -100% Combo Duration equipped.

      The Combo Counter UI will now display ‘0’ when appropriate - otherwise it will say infinite. 

    Fixed clicking Dojo when in the Liset from the Railjack Star Chart not functioning.
    Fixed an issue in the Grineer's genetic code where dying while frozen resulted in their face floating a meter away from their head.
    Fixed Mag's "Magnetize" ability displaying the chosen Energy primary/secondary colors differently depending on what rank Magnetize is.
    Fixed Status Effects on the Melee weapons of Mirage's Hall of Mirrors clones not disappearing when you stare through her body, as they are supposed to.
    Fixed saving the default Mandachord song to your customization causing it to reset back to what it was previously the next time you return to the Orbiter.
    Fixed Octavia's Mallet ability causing many audio issues for Clients.
    More fixes towards various missing audio/visual effects for the Javlok's throw attack explosions.
    Fixed the ‘Bloom’ setting slider not being available when enabling the setting.
    Fixed Helminth Cyst being on the wrong side of Protea’s neck.
    Fixed the Shi Shoulder Plate not appearing on Mag Prime when equipped on the left shoulder.
    Fixed Corrosive having no tooltip on hover in the Arsenal.
    Fixed switching from 'Incomplete' tab to 'Riven' tab in the Foundry resulting in non-existent Mods showing at the end of your Riven list.
    Fixed "waiting for other players 1/1" message displaying in Solo mode Transferring in/out of Operator mode when at the mission objective.
    Fixed opening any kind of Chat link while on the Railjack Configure screen causing UI overlaps.
    Fixed Prisma Veritux being hidden within your Profile Equipment list until at least 1 XP is gained.
    Fixed Lotus VO indicating an ‘Assassination Target’ when a Lynx is spawned in a Grineer Galleon Spy mission.
    Fixed incorrect Corinth Prime reload sounds if the Solstice Skin is equipped.
    Fixed a script error when accessing the Arsenal while standing near the Helminth Infirmary.
    Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s Effigy ability.

Missed Changed

We have retired some older (2008) 8-Bit rendering technology with this latest Hotfix, mostly because it provided little in regards to performance increases, but added a lot of detriment. This means that using Autoexposure and HDR settings are the way forward from now on.


Mercredi 17 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix 28.0.5

We greatly appreciate all your feedback regarding Protea and the Granum Void with The Deadlock Protocol Update! We’re in the process of reviewing compiled feedback for near future changes - some of the Granum Void changes are below!

Primary Kitgun changes

Below are balance changes that affect Primary Kitguns only based on feedback.


    Projectile lifetime increased from 0.3secs to .42secs.
    Fall Off increased from 12-24m to 20-40m.


    Charge time decreased from 0.8secs to 0.5secs with Brash Grip.
    Charge time increased from 0.8secs to 1.1secs with Steadyslam Grip.
    Charge time increased from 0.8secs to 1.4secs with Tremor Grip.


    Range increased from 18m to 30m with Brash Grip.
    Range increased from 15m to 26m with Shrewd Grip.
    Range increased from 12m to 20 with Steadyslam Grip.
    Range increased from 9m to 16 with Tremor Grip.


    Damage reduction lowered from -38 to -24 when used with Catchmoon Chamber.
    Damage reduction lowered from -28 to -20 when used with Tombfinger Chamber.
    Damage reduction lowered from -6 to -2 when used with Rattleguts Chamber.


    Damage reduction lowered from -19 to -12 when used with Catchmoon Chamber.
    Damage reduction lowered from -14 to -10 when used with Tombfinger Chamber.
    Damage reduction lowered from -3 to -1 when used with Rattleguts Chamber.

Granum Void Changes & Fixes

    The Granum Void will now close when the player(s) reach the Rank 3 requirements instead of having to wait out the timer.
    You’ll now gain Solaris Standing upon freeing the Solaris captives in the Granum Void! The amount of Standing gained is dependent on tier of Granum Crown used to open the portal:

      Granum Crown: 100 Solaris Standing per captive saved
      Exemplar Granum Crown: 200 Solaris Standing per captive saved
      Zenith Granum Crown: 300 Solaris Standing per captive saved

    Added a FX to the Granum Void Timer HUD when time has been added to aid in conveying the mechanic of increasing your time by picking up Errant Specter Particles.
    Fixed a spawn point in Granum Void that could be exploited to force mass hordes of Errant Specters to spawn and be killed in rapid succession.
    Fixed being pulled into the Granum Void if a player opens the Granum Void and another player spends a Granum Crown to rescue a Solaris prisoner in the Corpus Ship.
    Fixed crash when being Revived during bleedout while exiting the Granum Void.
    Fixed Clients who join a Granum Void in progress not having their Granum Void UI.
    Fixed the Granum Void UI freezing or disappearing if you die and Revive.
    Fixed Granum Void sub 10 second timers not showing the 0s upon exiting.
    Fixed Granum Void enemy count affecting the Exterminate mission objective kill-counts.
    Fixed AI in the Corpus Ship Exterminate tileset running to the end of the map after you enter the Granum Void.

Railjack Changes & Fixes

    General stability changes towards Railjack missions when a Host migration occurs. This touches on issues related to Crewships not spawning after a Host migration, and crashing when a Crewship spawning triggers a Host migration.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying Fighters.
    Fixed Railjack doors sometimes preventing you from moving through unless you move back and approach them again.
    Fixed a script error related to Scrapping Railjack Wreckage.


    Made improvements towards color customization on the new Melee Moa Companion. This fixes your color customization barely affecting the Moa.
    Kubrows that do not have a Collar cannot be equipped for missions, but they can now be set to roam the Orbiter from the Arsenal.

      This fixes not being able to complete the Howl of the Kubrow Quest.

    Increased the visibility and intensity of Corpus Ship door lasers, as well as adding a forcefield FX.
    Smoothed out the coloring on the level up UI lens flare to be a bit less invasive with certain Energy colors.
    Quests in the Codex will now display the Mastery Rank requirement (if applicable) if you currently don’t meet that requirement.
    Increased the sparkle in Parvos’ eyes in his transmissions. This is the change we all wanted to see.


    Implemented a new version of the frame-rate limiter to fix problems introduced with Windows 10 Build 2004 as noted here. The new limiter should be compatible with all versions of Windows and should provide an even more consistent framerate when your system can run at the max.
    Improved detection and handling of cache corruption in key systems.

Jackal Fight Fixes

    Fixed missing wall geometry in the Jackal Assassinate tileset that Wisp can Wil-O-Wisp through and fall out of the world. This results in respawning in the first room of the Jackal arena which has every door closed and locked.
    Fixed being able to stand on destroyed pillar geometry mesh in the Jackal arena.
    Fixed "Massive Flexplates" transmission during the Jackal fight replaying multiple times.
    Fixed a script error when a pillar is destroyed in the Jackal arena.
    Fixed a script error during the Parazon Finisher cutscene during the Jackal fight.


    Fixed next Weave platform disappearing when jumping off of and back onto the bridge.
    Fixed Saryn’s Contagion Cloud Augment toxic cloud damage not being removed if you leave the area of the cloud. Visually it will disappear, but enemies will still be damaged by the toxic cloud for the duration of the mission.
    Fixed inability to sell the Velox in your Inventory.
    Fixed another case where pressing LT on a controller would activate Chat instead of aiming.
    Fixed enemies that catch on fire from Ember’s Inferno receiving a new flaming comet called down and starting a new instance of the ability which can cause a chain reaction of rapid fire comets in enemy groups.
    Fixed the Tar Mutalist Moas and Sapping Ospreys doing ridiculous amounts of damage when spawned at a high level.
    Fixed Protea’s Passive showing as 0 if you Transfer in/out of the Operator as the Client.
    Fixed casting Protea’s Grenade Fan multiple times in the same spot causing black particle FX to stack.
    Fixed Clients not receiving the Credit reward when using a Granum Crown in a Temple Relief after collecting all the Tenant entries.
    Fixed the Temple Relief appearing multiple times in the same Corpus Ship mission, which resulted in a malfunction on the second interaction.
    Fixed Warframe Specters running and spinning in place on a wall in the Corpus Outpost Index level.
    Fixed cases where Companion inventory slots were not counted correctly if you didn’t own any Kavats or Kubrows, leading to the game giving you an error when you tried to look at your Inventory, Trade, or Craft a new Companion.
    Fixed Pet sizes not being applied/reflected when swapping in the Arsenal.
    Fixed the Juggernaut having mismatching visuals for its stomp attack damage area.
    Fixed Riven/Mod Link/Look Link not functioning if linked after a different item first.
    Fixed subtitle backer sometimes not always showing up in the UI.
    Fixed private messages to Staff members failing (claiming the user is offline).
    Fixed Tenant Lore Fragment Decorations appearing huge and off centered when viewed via Chat link.
    Fixed inability to Chat link Stahlta, Stropha and Velox parts.
    Fixed inability to Chat link the new Melee Moa parts.
    Fixed numerous Operator customizations appearing to have grimy textures.
    Fixed Wisp and her customizations appearing to have grimy textures.
    Fixed the Shi Chest Plate Armor attachment clipping through the Wukong.
    Fixed Nychus Moa description having old Precept names. 

      Now reads: "This model is built for close-quarters combat, using the Blast Shield and Hard Engage precepts."

    Fixed playing the incorrect Hacking animation when attempting to Hack a Corpus terminal with an active Stasis Limbo.
    Fixed Protea's Skin being labeled Protea instead of Protea Skin in the Arsenal.
    Fixed a script error that could occur in the Corpus Gas City Sabotage tileset.
    Fixed a script error when encountering the Cunning Drift Security Eye.
    Fixed a script error when a Capture Target goes down.
    Fixed Corpernics and Pustrels description to their updated drop locations.

Vendredi 12 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix 28.0.4


    Added Lotus VO when a Granum Crown has been used in a Golden Hand Tribute.


    Fixed Critical Hits not triggering for Glaive mid-air detonations.
    Fixed the Dessicata Syandana appearing to float away from Nova, Saryn, and Titania.
    Fixed a script error when initiating the Granum Void portal.
    Fixed script error when Kubrow "Neutralize" Precept is used against targets that can't be disarmed via the "rip their limbs off" method.
    Fixed a script error when trying to mature a Pet while not having a currently active Pet.

Vendredi 12 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix 28.0.3

Granum Void Changes & Fixes

    Increased Granum Void kill requirements as players join. Each new player will increase the kills required for each Rank by 25:

      1 player: 25, 50, 75
      2 players: 50, 75, 100
      3 players: 75, 100, 125
      4 players: 100, 125, 150

        The Granum Void is intended to be a challenge worth taking. It can be tough for a Solo player, but considerably easier with a squad. These changes aim to provide a little more even level of challenge across the board.

    You’ll now have temporary damage immunity upon returning to the Copus Ship from Granum Void.
    Fixed a script error after returning to the Corpus Ship from the Granum Void after a Host migration.
    Fixed a script error when returning to the Corpus Ship from Granum Void after recently Reviving.
    Fixed a script error when entering the Granum Void.

Treasurer Changes

    Granum Crowns dropped by Treasurers are now exempt from ‘loot Abilities’.

      The Treasurer will drop 1 Granum Crown per player as intended.

    If the Treasurer is within 35 meters of Extraction, he will now turn away and run to the nearest Golden Hand Tribute to avoid dying in the Extraction zone. If by chance a Granum Crown is dropped too close to the Extraction zone, they will now be teleported to a safe place. This addresses reports such as:
    Fixed Granum Crown waypoints not extending past its zone.

Nightwave Changes

    We have added respective letter clues to the Episode 2 ID Badge. This is also reflected for the clue in the Weave.

      Feedback showed that the ID Badge was hard to distinguish for many players, including our color-blind Tenno.

    The Chat window will now be hidden during Nightwave Episode Crime Scene cinematics.
    Fixed a functionality loss that could occur when falling off the final platform in the Weave.


    Optimized UI thread validation and improved coverage.


    Terminal Velocity can now be used with Primary Tombfinger Kitguns.
    Tweaked the Credit acquisition FX upon using a Granum Crown at the Temple Relief after your last Tenant Lore reward. The Temple Relief will now show the last Tenant Lore entry when you have collected all of them and are receiving Credits instead of new lore.

      For maximum knowledge, the Temple Relief will award Credits (respective of the Tier of Crown) if you’ve collected all Tenant Lore entries.

        We’re aware of a bug where Clients do not get these Credit rewards.

    Transmissions and Chat will now be hidden when watching Quest intro cinematics in the Codex.
    Bumped deadzone for controller analog sticks back to 20% (was changed to 15% in the last Update) as a result of reports from players whose controllers seemed to drift within that margin of difference. 

      A Profile setting will be added before it gets lowered again.

    Removed unreleased Khora Deluxe Animation Sets from the Arsenal. Soon, Tenno!

Jackal Changes & Fixes

    Removed the unintended Riven Sliver drop from the Jackal when it is below Level 41. We have, however, kept the Riven Sliver drop if the Jackal is above Level 41 (Sortie).
    Fixes towards Clients sometimes being left in the first stage Jackal arena if you died/Revived before the second stage.
    Fixed the Parazon Jackal Finisher not working if you Revived after he landed into his stun, were using an Exalted weapon, or Transferred to the Operator.


    Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into a mission.
    Fixed crash when using Protea's Temporal Anchor Ability. .
    Fixed Sentient Cores not dropping from Sentients
    Fixed inability for Clients to spend a Granum Crown at a Golden Hand Tribute if the Host had already used that exact Tribute with the same tier of Granum Crown.
    Fixed Primary Kitguns crafted with the Gaze Chamber having very slow Ammo recharge rate when upgraded with max rank Pax Charge.
    Fixed Protea’s Grenade Fan having a higher base Duration on Rank 1 and 2. The base Durations are now all a consistent 10s.
    Fixed Protea’s Temporal Anchor path getting reset after throwing the Xoris.
    Fixed Mods that give base Damage (e.g. Pressure Point) not applying to Atlas’ Landslide.
    Fixed the Helstrum dealing self-damage to the Companion that it is equipped on.
    Fixed the Battacor having unlimited usage of Alt Fire.
    Fixed some issues with the Operator being destroyed when transitioning between regions in Railjack.
    Fixed Nezha’s Jinza Helmet textures appearing very grimy.
    Fixed UI backer on Mastery Rank test complete screens being offset for non 16:9 aspect ratios.
    Fixed some overly aggressive lens flares in some tiles in the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed a case where the Squad overlay would become unresponsive if you failed to join a Host from the Star Chart UI.
    Fixed a script error when attempting to ‘Repeat Last Mission’ but that mission is so longer eligible (Sortie, etc).
    Fixed a script error when the Treasurer cloaks himself in invisibility.
    Fixed a script error when casting Protea’s Grenade Fan Ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Razorwing Ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Magnetize Ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Hildryn’s Balefire Ability.
    Fixed a PH; Controller Cursor in menu options.

Vendredi 12 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix 28.0.2


    Granum Void enemies during the final mission of The Deadlock Protocol Quest will now drop Ammo and Energy.
    Removed the ability to skip transition cinematic in the Jackal Arena fight due to resulting in many broken states.
    Slightly increased the radius range of Corpus Security Cameras in the Corpus Ship as many cameras are now too far away from doors to actually affect them.


    Fixed the Jackal getting stuck in midair while doing its ‘UFO’ attack, resulting in an inability to progress in the fight. If you still see this, let us know.
    Fixed a crash when attempting to skip the Jackal 2nd phase cut scene after a Host migration had occurred.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when quickly selecting and previewing Companions while not having any Companions previously roaming the ship.
    Fixed a crash that could occur during a Bounty.
    Fixed entering the Granum Void with upwards velocity resulting in flying through the sky into a void-out zone that sends you back to the Corpus Ship.
    Fixed ability to sell the Stropha Components for Ducats.
    Fixed some Fish Bait not properly floating in the water.
    Fixed the Moa "Drimper Bracket" using the same model as the new "Hona Bracket" when viewed in Legs’ Shop.
    Fixed Condor Dropships in Orb Vallis not moving at all.
    Fixed Helstrum missing from the Codex and an inability to Chat link it.
    Fixed for Phantasma secondary fire explosion not making sound.
    Fixed the Velox jittering at the end of its reload animation.
    Fixed Protea Ability sounds not ducking when a Transmission is playing.
    Fixed some broken lighting in certain Corpus Ship tileset rooms.
    Fixed electric sparks audio in Jackal arena not ending when the FX expires.
    Fixed Fortuna Heist Room music sometimes cutting out when getting briefed.
    Fixed sleigh bell audio for the Festive Orbiter Decorations playing while viewing the Codex, which could overlap with Quest dioramas.
    Fixed Pets appearing with Default colours at first.
    Fixed a container in the Corpus Ship tileset that was missing it’s blocking volumes, which allowed you to pass through the object.
    Fixed some breakable Grates in the Corpus Ship tileset appearing as non-breakable.
    Fixes towards incorrect fog rendering when viewing skyboxes from your Railjack.
    Fixed a script error the could occur when interacting with a Golden Hand Shrine.
    Fixed a script error when trying to claim a Pet after previewing other Pets in the Arsenal.
    Fixed a script error when receiving a buff from Chroma’s Vex Armor.
    Fixed a script error in the ‘Provide Fish’ screen with Fisher Hai-Luk.
    Fixed numerous HUD script errors that could occur when playing an Interception mission.
    Fixed a few script errors that could occur when deactivating Titania’s Razorwing Ability.
    Fixed a script error when entering into the Granum Void.
    Fixed a script error when making a choice in the Weave.
    Fixed frame rate limiter in cases where the system was able to render at more than 1000 FPS.

Jeudi 11 juin 2020
The Deadlock Protocol - Hotfix 28.0.1


    Clem has gained a friend in his special hangout spot!
    Cephalite Resonance Tears and Nora Night transmissions will no longer occur during Quest missions.


    Fixed a crash that could be caused by a Riven Chat Link from someone who hasn't downloaded the update yet.
    Fixed crash when certain update assets could not be downloaded correctly.
    Fixed launcher detection of DirectX 11 support on Windows 7 systems missing OS Updates.
    Fixed Granum Void enemies not spawning if under control by your Kuva Lich.
    Fixed Corinth Air Burst Alt Fire Status Chance stat UI displaying a value less than expected.
    Fixed Kuva Siphons clipping into geometry in the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed Companion Moa’s appearing to flash red when shot at.
    Fixed lingering red spark FX after picking up a Health Orb from Protea’s Dispensary until all players have picked it up.
    Fixed a script error when trying to Auto Install Mods on a Sentinel weapon.
    Fixed script error when opening Simaris’ Offerings without having started The Deadlock Protocol Quest.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when switching to a Private Message tab in Chat.
    Potential fix for a script error that could occur when a Corpus screen is activated in the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe Abilities.

Jeudi 11 juin 2020
Update 28 - The Deadlock Protocol

New Quest - The Deadlock Protocol

We are Desire. Ours is the grasping golden hand. We. Are. Corpus.

Nef Anyo claims to have found an heir to the long-deceased Corpus Founder, Parvos Granum, and has the means to prove it. The Solaris have begun disappearing in droves and Eudico thinks it has something to do with Nef’s power play. Whoever they are, the heir to the Founder would be able to solve the stalemate and stage a total takeover of the Corpus Board. If Nef Anyo has anything to do with it, that spells bad news for the Solaris.

The Deadlock Protocol sheds new light on the industrious origins of the Corpus, introduces the time-bending Warframe, Protea and includes a remastered Corpus fleet full of innovative threats and escalating security measures.

To begin The Deadlock Protocol Quest, make sure you have completed the Vox Solaris Quest. The Deadlock Protocol Quest can only be done Solo and you must be at least Mastery Rank 4; ready yourself!

*Players who purchase the Protea Warframe before playing the Quest will receive a Riven as an additional reward.

Corpus ship remaster

The entire Corpus fleet has been retrofitted and redeployed for service. Explore remastered levels, complete with shrines to the illustrious Parvos Granum, but beware of new dangers lurking aboard.


As you infiltrate Corpus vessels, fight enemies and generally interrupt the pursuit of Grofit, the Corpus will use every piece of their security arsenal to stop you.  Be prepared for upgraded Turrets and such deadly reinforcements as mine-deploying Corpus Treasurers.

Jackal rework

Return to Fossa to face an upgraded threat. Equipped with a suite of the latest technology and upgraded combat capabilities, the Corpus have spent mind-boggling sums of Credits for the sole purpose of taking you out.


Experienced Tenno can enjoy seven days of Jackal Sorties following release, where you can take on the reworked Jackal in a high-level area!

New Corpus enemies!

From ‘Minima Moas’ to ‘Juno’ series of Corpus Troops - take on new threats on the remastered Corpus Fleet!

Granum crowns - The currency of Corpus devotion

Out of desperation to locate any last trace of the long-dead Founder, Nef Anyo has developed a way to open Void portals. Eudico believes they’ve been kidnapping Solaris to use as guinea pigs and needs your help to rescue them.

The portals are built through Golden Hand Tributes, a spot of profit-worship for faithful Corpus. By spending their Granum Crowns, a valuable manifestation of their devotion, the Corpus can open a rift and send expeditions to Void sites.

Thankfully, you can use these Granum Crowns to your advantage. Collect three tiers of Crowns from Treasurers in your Missions, each signifying a higher level of devotion than the last: Granum Crown, Exemplar Granum Crown, and Zenith Granum Crown. Use them to initiate challenges in Missions, search for Corpus Temple Reliefs or negotiate the release of Solaris prisoners in exchange for Standing.

Within every Corpus Ship Remastered mission you’ll encounter a Treasurer: A devoted follower of Parvos and all he stood for, willing to dedicate his life to be the keeper of the tokens of his esteem. The Treasurer is guaranteed to spawn within 2 - 4 minutes in a non-endless mission, and between 5 - 8 minutes in an endless mission. The level of your mission determines the tier of Crowns the Treasurer will possess. Handle him with haste before he escapes with his sacred tokens!

Level Tiers are:

    0-15: Granum Crown
    16-30: Exemplar Granum Crown
    31+: Zenith Granum Crown

*Granum Crowns will not appear from Treasurers until you complete The Deadlock Protocol Quest.

Granum Crowns can also be spent at the Corpus Temple Reliefs in Missions to learn more about the Founder. Each new story you acquire will earn you Relief Decorations for your Orbiter!

New Gamemode

Granum Void

The Granum Void is open to those who can pay the Granum Crown price - and of course, only those who have completed The Deadlock Protocol.

    What you need to know

      Find a Golden Hand Tribute in Corpus Ship Remastered missions to gain access to the Granum Void.
      You can enter the Granum Void once per mission.
      Only 1 Granum Crown is required to open access to the Granum Void for the entire squad. Enter before the portal closes!
      There are 3 tiers of Granum Void:

        Granum Void via Granum Crown
        Extended Granum Void via Exemplar Granum Crown
        Nightmare Granum Void via Zenith Granum Crown

      Each Granum Void tier has its own respective enemy level and corresponding reward table.
      The reward table corresponds with each Rank earned within the Granum Void before your time is up:

        Rank 1: 25 Kills
        Rank 2: 50 Kills
        Rank 3: 75 Kills

      Rewards stack! You earn rewards from each Rank up to the one you qualify for. If you want a reward from Rank 2 for example, you don't have to intentionally stop before qualifying for Rank 3.

    How to play (Deadlock Protocol Quest spoilers)

      Reach the highest Rank before the timer expires.
      Gain 5 seconds within the Granum Void by killing Errant Specters and collecting their dropped Particles.
      Gain 20 seconds within the Granum Void by freeing Solaris captives. Note: this can only be done with a Xoris, so plan accordingly!


      Protea Parts
      Weapon Parts:


      Garnum Crown Decorations
      Mortuus Shoulder Guard
      New Captura Scenes that feature the newly Remastered Corpus Ship:

        Corpus Ship Bridge Scene
        Corpus Ship Hangar Scene
        Corpus Ship Orbital Cannon Scene

      Credit Caches
      Void Traces


Prepared for any battle, the versatile Protea offers a wealth of advanced gadgets to overcome the odds. Time is your ally as you weave in and out of life-threatening engagements with your Temporal Anchor Ability.

Protea is the first Warframe to have a Universal Aura Polarity to accompany her set of utility skills!

*Drusus is seeking out myths and legends about Protea and will update the Leverian when he is ready.


Every 4th Ability cast is granted +100% Ability Strength.

Grenade Fan

Activate to throw a cluster of shrapnel grenades, damaging and staggering nearby enemies. Hold to emit sticky shield grenades that latch onto allies and restore a large amount of shields.

Blaze Artillery

Place a temporary rapid-fire turret that automatically targets enemies. Each successful hit increases its damage, causing projectiles to pierce enemies and hit multiple foes with a single shot.


Deploy a cycling supply cache that can generate Health, Ammo and Energy pickups periodically.

Temporal Anchor

Activate to drop an anchor point that records Protea’s state. Any damage dealt to Protea during the Ability will be emitted back to your foes upon deactivation. Deactivating Temporal Anchor will rewind Protea back to the activation point restoring all ammo, energy, shields and health. If Protea is downed while Temporal Anchor is active, Protea will automatically rewind to safety!

*Earn the Protea In Action Glyph during a limited time 72 hour weekend Alert on PC, starting Friday, June 12th @ 2 PM ET. Console will also run this Alert when The Deadlock Protocol Quest is live on their respective Platforms!

The Garuda Hinsa Collection

Commence the sacred butchery with the striking Garuda Hinsa Collection, which includes the Garuda Hinsa Skin, Verta Warfan Skin and Dessicata Syandana.

Garuda Hinsa Skin

The ceremonial dress of a spirit for whom violence is a sacrament.

Verta Warfan Skin

With a snap and a flutter this segmented work of art ribbons the hapless. The signature Warfan skin of Garuda.

Dessicata Syandana

After the butchery, bones.


Protea Collection

The embodiment of adaptability and versatility. The full collection includes the Protea Warframe, Telema Helmet, Mavv Helmet, Velox Submachine Gun and Rhoptron Syandana, as well as 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.

Protea Mavv Helmet

Ten obedient warriors are not worth one who can truly see. When the visor of Protea's Mavv Helmet clicks down it is both a salute... and a sentence.

Protea Telema Helmet

The Telema's twitching sensors probe Protea's surroundings, hungry for situational data.


With a high fire rate, ammo efficiency and rapid reload when emptied, this unusual sidearm can hand out carnage all day long. Ammo efficiency is further increased when Protea uses this, her signature weapon.

Rhoptron Syandana

A confident warrior strides into battle, but the truly brazen announce their presence with an ostentatious flourish.

*Protea’s Alternate Helmets will be added to the Nightwave Cred Offerings once The Deadlock Protocol is live on all Platforms.

Corpus Advantage Bundle

Profit from the latest in Corpus combat innovations. Includes the Stahlta Rifle, Stropha Gunblade and Shi Armor Set.


Nail them to the wall! The Stahlta Automatic Rifle propels hardened steel rods at high speed, while a charged fire mode fuses a number of volatile rods together for a large radioactive explosion.


A short-blade melee Weapon with an ace up its sleeve. The Stropha sends nearby enemies flying with a powerful short-range shockwave.

Shi Armor set

Accept death, and escape it. Corpus craftsmanship applied to ancient principles; a masterwork of defensive and aesthetic design.

New Dojo Additions

    The ‘Open Space’ room has been added to the Barracks section of the Dojo Architect! Enjoy this very large open space for your Dojo Decorating fantasies. 

      You will need a very large area to accommodate this room, if the area you are attempting to add the ‘Open Space’ does not fit, a popup will let you know that “No Space is Available”.

    New Solaris themed Decorations have been added to the Dojo Architect! And yes, there is a paper boat Decoration.

Primary kitguns

Rude Zuud has expanded her inventory to bring you brand new Primary Kitgun Grips for all new lethal wombo combos!

Brash (Grip)

Hold tight and unleash hell. Increased range for beam weapons; increased rate-of-fire for non-beam weapons. Reduced damage.

Shrewd (Grip)

Trades lower Damage for faster Fire Rate and more controlled Recoil.

Steadyslam (Grip)

The weapon grip of the measured killer. Slower Fire Rate and lower Range for Beam Weapons. High Damage with Recoil to match.

Tremor (Grip)

High Damage with Recoil to match. Slower Fire Rate.

New Moa companion

Visit Legs in Fortuna to configure the newest Melee Moa Companion inspired by Rocky -- both in animation, and in sound design.

Nychus Moa (Model)

This model is built for utility, using the Isolating Charge and Hard Engage precepts.

Lehan core

This core features enhanced Armor and Health, with standard Shields.

Tyli gyro

A system that redirects power from one defensive subroutine to streamline efficiency in others.

Hona bracket

A versatile bracket featuring a Mod slot with a Naramon polarity.

Helstrum weapon

Launches a swarm of micro-missiles.

New Moa emotion module - Tenacious

A tenacious emotion that pulls inspiration from boxing animations! Did someone order a piping hot TKO?!

*Check out the in-game Market for this new Moa Companion Emotion Module!

Riven Disposition Changes:

When we introduced separate Dispositions for each weapon variant back in November 2019, we planned to give new weapons a Disposition of 1 (the “average”), or matching the lowest member of the weapon family if it already had a Disposition lower than 1. Unfortunately, this meant that powerful new weapons (like the Kuva Lich collection) might have Rivens that start too strong, forcing reductions in accordance with our balance methodology.

In order to prevent this situation, we will be changing this policy: going forward, all new weapons will be released with the minimum Riven Disposition of 0.5. For The Deadlock Protocol, this includes the Dispositions on newly added Primary Kitguns, in addition to regular weapons (secondary Kitgun Dispositions will remain as-is.)

Full details can be found here:

New Questions & Answers (Q&A) Chat Channel

We have added a brand new chat channel to Warframe! The ‘Questions and Answers Chat’ channel is now live to provide new and experienced players a place to seek and provide help in a dedicated and organized way. It will be toggled on by default for all new players entering the game for the first time, while Region Chat will be opt-in and can be enabled from Options. For existing players, your chat settings remain untouched but the Q&A Channel has been enabled on login.

Please read our “Guide to Using the Q&A Channel” before participating in the channel:‘qa’-chat-channel-use-guide/

Many Tenno may wonder what our larger goal is here. We have many motivations for these changes, but one of the strongest is the role Region chat plays our report systems. It may come as no surprise to hear that Region chat is home to the most reports of any channel in Warframe. These reports are reviewed and acted on by the staff here at Digital Extremes, and consequences have always been in place for offensive content. However, some consequences were not strict enough. We are aiming to reset the onboarding experience and chat experience in Warframe by including a new default Q&A channel to provide a dedicated place for players to bring Warframe knowledge to a chatroom in a designated place.

We also aim to clean up Region chat for members who like having a place to simply discuss Warframe. Region chat will be opt-in, and Offensive Language reports dealing with hate speech will have enforcement that is not up for appeal. If you find yourself under account restrictions due to Offensive Language, our stance is very clear here: We have no tolerance.

Pet Companion Stasis Removal

All Stasis slots have been converted into Companion slots. All your Kubrows and Kavats are now listed upon equipping a Companion in the Arsenal!

Due to no longer having Stasis, if you currently have a pup Companion (not yet Matured), upon equipping it in the Arsenal the UI will prompt you to either Mature or let it roam your Orbiter. The option to let it roam is only available if you don't have a proper Kubrow/Kavat equipped. When starting an Incubation your current roaming Companion will be put away.

    The ‘Nutrio Incubator Update Segment’ now entirely disables DNA degradation!
    The Pets Breed is now displayed beside the Pets name in the description when viewing in the Arsenal.

New ‘Update History’ Button!

When accessing the main menu (via ESC or Start), the bottom right will feature an ‘Update History’ button that allows you to get a quick sense of what’s changed since you last logged in!

General UI Additions & Changes

    Introducing a new Deadlock UI Theme that goes hand-in-hand with the industrious origins of the Corpus.

    You can now change your Mouse Cursor Icon, Mouse Cursor Color, and scale your Cursor in size!

    The Landing Craft Customize screen has been decoupled to provide the ability to mix and match your Landing Craft with whichever Override Air Support you want!

    Star Chart Nodes have been given a fresh new look and functionality upon hover!

      Hovering over a Node will display a new tileset/accompanying enemy image and gamemode icons respective to the available game modes.
      Upon clicking a Node that has numerous game modes available, a selector will open within the window for you to choose your game mode.

    Added two new cursor sliders under the Interface tab in your Options to give you more ways to customize and improve how you navigate the UI with a controller to your liking:

       UI Cursor Acceleration: Adjust the rate the cursor accelerates when moving in a continuous direction can be changed. 

        The Sensitivity Option still determines the overall speed of the cursor, while Acceleration gives players the freedom to set how quickly they’d like to get from point A to B. 

       UI Cursor Magnetism:  Adjust the level of “magnetism” (“stickiness”) there is between the cursor and interactive elements in the UI. 

        Before the update, the cursor was set to “stick” to items you pass over by default. It was sometimes helpful but often proved to be an annoyance that prevented you from having reasonable cursor speed on UI windows with many elements. Now, you are able to customize how the cursor “sticks” to these elements. Setting it to “0” simply means that there will be no friction whatsoever between the cursor and the UI elements.

    Added tooltip to Mastery Rank on hover while viewing your Profile to show total Mastery Breakdown per category.

    Added button to rewatch the Kuva Lich cinematic in the Lich Codex section.
    Upon visiting a Syndicate in the Relay, the Syndicat

    e donation screen now displays your full Inventory of eligible items, similar to selling Fish in Cetus.
    Updated a handful of Helmet icons in the in-game Market to better fit the new themed UI.
    Removed the option to set "Battle Pay Caps" in the Alliance Management screen as it is not currently relevant.
    The ‘Reset Decorations’ has been removed from the pause menu and placed in the Decoration mode HUD as ‘Clear All Decorations’.
    Tooltips have been added to Arsenal stats! For example, hovering over ‘Armor’ now gives you an example about what it does.

    Updated trade windows at merchants in Cetus and Fortuna to use the latest inventory UI.

    Added visual separation in Railjack customization screen between all other color settings and the “All Colors” option.
    Updated the ‘Invasion’ gamemode icon!

Railjack Additions, Changes & Fixes

    Added “Join Any Crew” option to search for Open Squads in active Railjack missions that you can join in a given Proxima. If there are no open squads, a pop-up will prompt you to try again or launch a new session from your personal Railjack. 

      We’ve added this feature to save time and keep you from needing to hover over node by node to see if there are active squads on them.

    Added a ‘Scrap Wreckage’ button to the Railjack Components/ Armaments screens. This removes the step of having to manually go into your Inventory in order view a complete list of Wreckage to Scrap when over the Wreckage limit.

    Fire hazards that spawn on the Railjack will now directly damage the Ship/Hull directly, instead of getting split between Hull and Shields. This means that even if you have full Shields you'll start taking damage directly to your Railjack if you leave a fire unattended.
    Fixed loss of functionality when performing a Finisher while inside a Crewship when it explodes.
    Fixes towards inability to use the Archwing Slingshot if two Client players spam the interaction at the same time during a Railjack mission.
    Fixed a case where the End of Mission screen would pop in for a split second when transitioning from a Railjack mission to Dojo.
    Fixed being able to launch Railjack missions from an incomplete Dry Dock (still in construction through Rising Tide) after Host migrating from a mission joined as Clients.

      This also fixes a related issue of infinite loading tunnels when returning to Dojo after host migration. 

    Fixed Wreckage Capacity not immediately being updated until after exiting and then coming back after using Valence Fusion with Wreckage as one of the components.
    Fixed Railjack Armament stats not displaying properly when viewing the full Railjack stats.
    Fixed a loss of functionality when viewing the Nightwave screen when a squad member returns the Railjack to the Dry Dock.
    Fixed some Railjack POIs having a delayed reaction to your presence (i.e not firing Super Weapon, firing Ram Sleds, etc),
    Fixed being placed next to a POI (if there is one) when skipping the Crewship Archwing exit cutscene.
    Fixed Railjack mesh collapsing when loading into Dry Dock after mission in the “Configure Railjack” panel.
    Fixed a crash when aborting a Railjack mission after another player had also aborted.

General Additions

    Added new Melee Moa Precept Mods

      Blast Shield

        Overshields increased by +3000. Leap at an enemy within 10m dealing 10 Damage and knocking down other enemies within 5m and resets Overshields.

      Hard Engage

        Engages enemies within 10m with Melee attacks, dealing 90 Impact Damage. Melee attacks are enhanced by Mods equipped in the Moa’s weapon.

    Added Conservation Glyphs to The Business and Master Teasonai’s Offerings. Visit Fortuna and Cetus to claim yours!

      Sapcaddy Glyph
      Delicate Pobber Glyph
      Common Condroc Glyph 

    Added the Umbra mods to Simaris’ store Offerings (available after The Sacrifice Quest completion):

      Umbral Vitality
      Umbral Fiber
      Umbral Intensify
      Sacrificial Pressure
      Sacrificial Steel 

    Added login milestone reward blueprints (Zenistar, Azima, Zenith, and Sigma & Octantis) to Simaris' Offerings. 

      Blueprints for each only appear in his Offerings if they have already been previously selected as login rewards. 

General Changes

    Increased the Riven Capacity limit from 120 to 150.
    The Blazing Step Ephemera has been removed from the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught rewards table and added to two places:

      Arbitration Honors Store in the Relay
      Railjack Commander Boss Drop Tables (5%)

        Out of the growing list of Ephemeras, Blazing Step was the more difficult to obtain due to its drop rate within the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught table. By taking Blazing Step out of the ESO table, the rewards within ESO will normalize and fill in the missing 1.01%. You now have the option to either spend your Vitus Essence in the Arbitrations Honor Store or by bringing demise to Railjack Commanders during your Railjack missions. 

    Increased the amount of invested currency that is refunded for the following: 

      Dissolving ranked Mods refund more of the invested Endo (75% just like Rivens).
      Scrapping ranked Avionics refund more of the invested Dirac (75% just like Mods).

    Selling ranked Mods refund more of the invested credits (75% just like Endo).
    The Earth to Mars Junction now awards the Iron Phoenix Stance, and the Earth to Venus Junction now awards the Clashing Forest Stance.

      This aims to provide new players an easier path to experience the Melee system at an early Star Chart stage. Those who have completed these Junctions will retroactively be given these Melee Stances. 

    Removed Copernics from Mining Nodes on the Orb Vallis and added to Eximus enemies in the Lua tileset.
    Removed Pustrels from Mining Nodes in the Plains of Eidolon and added to Eximus enemies in the Infested Ship tileset.
    The Rank Up FX for Warframes, Weapons, and Companions has been given a refresh! This FX also now applies your chosen Energy color instead of the default.
    Shield Gating is now disabled in the Dojo Obstacle course when you hit intended insta-fail traps such as Kill or Laser Traps.
    Updated the following Augment Mods to replace the terminology ‘Proc’ with ‘Status’:

      Vexing Retaliation
      Shocking Speed
      Tidal Impunity
      Neutron Star
      Hallowed Eruption
      Piercing Roar

    Adjusted icon for The Deadlock Protocol's promotional Glyph to represent the Corpus Founder more clearly, and have less of matching iconography with real life movements.
    The Corpus Ship tileset remaster brings a new home for Razorback! Fight this Corpus creation in a brand new remastered Arena. Gameplay remains the same!
    Reduced the hit FX of the Cernos Prime and Paris Prime.
    The Opticor will now queue charging if you click+hold during its re-fire wait time (instead of ignoring your click if you didn't wait the full 1 second).
    Tweaked some Fortuna hammering NPCs to be more in sync with each other.
    Corpus Ship Captura scenes “Freight” and “Maintenance” have been updated to the new remastered tileset, they are now “Artillery Battery Scene” and “Corpus Depository Scene”.
    Polished and tweaked Nagantaka's firing animation to reduce possible motion blur issues.
    Changed the Fortress Container codex entry to be "Polished Storage Crate/Container".
    Polished glass texturing to improve volumetrics, reflection simulation, and everything a good wall of glass should offer.
    On the topic of glass, we have removed Reinforced Glass from its respective tilesets.
    Slight reduction to Elemental FX on Garuda’s Talons.
    Improved Companion Moa parkour movements when attempting to follow/catch up with its owner.
    Keep an eye out for new Venus skyboxes when loading into Venus missions and when gazing out your Orbiter windshield.
    Updated the Arch-Gun animations (recoil smoothing etc.) when using Archwing Deployer in mission to make them even more awesome. 

      Also fixed an issue where players could slide around during the call down animation.

    The Glaxion Vandal is now tradable.

Kuva Bramma Changes

The Kuva Bramma has received balance changes to address it’s overwhelming chart topping usage. The Kuva Bramma still goes boom, and we look forward to your feedback once you’ve given it a try.

    It has a smaller reserve ammo (15 to 5), and gains fewer arrows from ammo pickups - This is to encourage players to aim the bow deliberately at crowds of enemies and not fire it wildly everywhere.
    Fewer cluster bombs are produced on impact (from 7 to 3) - Reduces the overwhelming AOE potential somewhat but also makes the Bramma less visually busy. Players have said that the many many explosions produced by Bramma are hard to see through.
    Increased cluster projectile radial attack size from 2.7m to 3.5m.
    Reduced cluster projectile fall off from 100% to 50% - Fewer explosive fragments, but they cover more area and generally do more damage.
    Updated the Kuva Bramnma description to include these changes:

      This Grineer bow delivers vengeance in the form of cluster bomb-tipped arrows that can be detonated mid-air or on impact. Low quiver capacity, arrows are recovered singly.

Garuda’s Talons Changes

    Damage increased from 180 to 248.
    Status Chance increased from 30 to 36%.
    Critical Chance increased from 10 to 20%.


    Made some micro-optimizations to several UI panels.
    Optimized Crewship explosions in Railjack missions as they were causing a noticeable impact on performance.
    Made some micro-optimizations to run-time object creation.
    Made some systemic micro-optimizations to type serialization (level loading, run-time object creation, etc).
    Optimized level-loading slightly.
    Fixed Railjack spot-loading the first time it's brought into view in the Orbiter.

Kuva Lich Fixes

    Fixed a case where a Kuva Lich could appear to change ownership or identity during a mission, possibly resulting in the Parazon check being incorrect, and/or counting towards a different player's history.
    Fixed Kuva Liches falling off the level during the Parazon check animation, causing them to sometimes die and break the final choice cinematic.
    Fixed a case where your Kuva Lich would not level up after failing Parazon Mod order.
    Fixes towards a case where a Host migration during the Kuva Lich mission loading screen could result in no Kuva Thralls spawning.
    Fixed the music cue that gets played when a Kuva Lich Thrall spawns only playing for the Host.
    Fixed your gun auto firing after the Kuva Thrall Mercy if you initiated the Mercy while also firing.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when a Kuva Lich went away.

Nightwave Changes & Fixes

    Upon falling/jumping off a platform in the Weave, you’ll now be teleported back to the main platform instead of failing the Weave. 

      The non-existent aim-gliding in the Weave was the root of many Weave failures, which is why we have added the teleport. It’s still the Glassmakers game though, so use your time wisely! 

    The amount of Cephalite Resonance to enter the Weave has been cut in half. The requirement is now 5 instead of 10.
    Your Cephalite Resonance count, as well as the amount required for the Weave, is now displayed upon hover on the Glassmaker crime scene episode selector.

    Slightly reduced the volume of Cephalite Tears opening/closing.
    Fixed the ‘Friendly Fire’ Weekly Nightwave Act only awarding 1,000 instead of 4,500 Glassmaker Standing.

      Upon login, the outstanding 3,500 will be retroactively awarded to those who completed when it lacked the proper Standing reward.

    Fixed Cephalite enemies having blown out FX if killed with a Fulmin.
    Fixed parts of the Mod UI being cut in half if you loaded into a Relay/Town with the Nightwave screen open.
    Fixed the “Elite Explorer” Nightwave Acts not showing progress in description.

Controller Fixes

    Fixed an issue where resetting controller bindings to default would not remove bindings from buttons that didn't have a default action assigned to them (e.g. for XB1 and PC, D-pad down doesn't have an action bound under Railjack controls, so if you bound Bank Left to it, for instance, it would remain bound).
    Fixed a controller issue where you could assign an Archwing action (e.g. Move Down/Dodge/Blink) to a button that has a non-Archwing-exclusive action already bound to it (e.g. Ability Menu), resulting in both being bound to the same button simultaneously (where only one action would actually be executed when the button is pressed). Now, in the above example, the Crouch/Slide/Roll action would trade places with the Power Menu action, resolving the conflict.
    Fixed an issue where if you rebound Ability Menu under the General tab for controller bindings, it wouldn't update immediately under the Power Menu tab to that key, which could result in creating conflicting bindings under the Power Menu tab.
    Fixed controllers using a higher deadzone value than desired for non-look analog inputs. Was applying a 20% deadzone across the board instead of using platform-specific values, which were generally lower. This should improve responsiveness of analog sticks.
    Fixed an issue where resetting controller bindings would take effect immediately even if you chose not to save when it prompted you upon exiting. Now only takes effect upon confirmation when exiting.
    Fixed the action list in the Customize Controller controller screen not updating to show the current working bindings as you're updating them.


    Fixed a case where Corpus Mobile Defense objectives are invulnerable. As reported here:
    Fixes towards Defense missions breaking due to an inability to terminate enemies that have been changed to Ally status (Nyx Mind Control, Revenant Enthrall, etc), thus inability to complete the Defense Wave.
    Fixed Clients not seeing the dynamic Damage effects when the Defense Target's Health gets lower in tiles where the Target moves.
    Fixed inability to gain Energy from Energy Restores after using Valkyr’s Hysteria.
    Fixed Derim Zahn’s turrets never shutting off in The Index.
    Fixed performing a Iron Phoenix Stance Heavy Attack (Middle Mouse Button by default) while sliding only triggering normal sliding attack, which also consumed combo count.
    Fixed enemies/objects becoming stuck inside a catwalk in the Grineer Shipyard tileset, which could cause a progression stop.
    Fixed Shield Gating mechanic being ignored by weapons that fire multiple projectiles at once for Clients. This resulted in some enemies shot by the Host will survive due to Shield Gating negating most of the damage, while enemies shot by the Client are not protected by the Shield Gate.
    Fixed Mutalist Osprey Carrier’s ignoring Limbo’s Cataclysm bubble.
    Fixed not receiving Credits for completing the first 2 Zones of Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Fixed the "Killing blow on x Sentients" Riven challenge not counting for new Sentient enemies aboard the Sentient Anomaly.
    Fixed the Archwing Launcher Segment Blueprint requiring Mastery Rank 5. It is now no longer Mastery Rank locked.
    Fixed Wukong’s Celestial Twin suffering from very long Knockdowns.
    Fixed Shield Lancers flailing wildly when affected by Titania’s Lantern.
    Fixed Ash Shroud’s arm blades not animating during his Bladestorm ability.
    Fixed a Chat linked Riven that has 256+ rerolls being displayed as having 0 rolls.
    Fixed the Mandachord not displaying notes correctly during Octavia's Anthem Quest.
    Fixed a few cases where Rescue Targets could fall through elevators as they're moving.
    Fixed the Daikyu not properly affecting the stat buff of Mecha Overdrive and Hunter Synergy Kubrow Mods, thus giving the player a much lower than expected Status/Crit Chance link.
    Fixed Arsenal UI showing double the damage for Glaives.
    Fixed ability to Deploy your Arch-Gun in weapon-restricted Mastery Rank tests.
    Fixed Atlas and Zephyr not playing their full body animation when equipping an Arch-Gun.
    Fixed inability to trade Prisma Shade and Prisma Burst Laser.
    Fixed a case where the Chat window might not behave correctly if you had it bound to Enter.
    Fixed loading into a blue Void with a broken map during the ‘Confront Umbra’ mission in The Sacrifice Quest.
    Fixed overly distorted FX on the Operator during the ‘Confront Umbra’ mission in The Sacrifice Quest.
    Fixed the TennoCon 2020 Syandana clipping with Mirage and Ash Shroud Skin lower body.
    Fixed numerous Kubrow Armors clipping into large boned Kubrows.
    Fixed some more cases where the UI was reporting a different binding than what was actually bound in-game.
    Fixed certain trams in the Grineer Asteroid tileset not positioning correctly for Clients.
    Fixed some issues with Kitguns having FX distortions and particles appearing square.
    Fixed Corinth Prime’s custom reload animations not appearing correctly when equipped with Skins.
    Fixed wonky Corinth reload animation after reloading and rolling at the same time.
    Fixed arm mounted Secondaries (Atomos, Gammacor, etc) not playing custom idle animations.
    Fixed Amalgam Argonak Metal Auger FX Energy color covering the entire enemy in a solid color. It now envelopes the enemy is a ghostly FX!
    Fixed holstering two-handed weapons when attempting to reload (animation still plays) and jump at the same times.
    Fixed various audio/visual effects missing for the Javlok's throw attack explosions.
    Fixed flickering effect in the Grineer Asteroid tileset when Deferred Rendering in enabled.
    Fixed Archwing Blink FX (including Titania’s Razorwing) not using chosen Energy colors
    Fixed Resources sometimes falling into turret pits in the Grineer Asteroid Fortress tileset.
    Fixed Host being unable to enter the Fortuna elevator after picking up and dropping the Data Mass in the second stage of the Profit Taker Heist.
    Fixed small hitch with loading ability icons when previewing Warframes in the in-game Market and through Chat linking.
    Fixed holding waypoint button while mounted on K-Drive not removing live marker.
    Fixed many cases of NPC's leaping Abilities potentially causing them to land out of the tileset and getting stuck.
    Fixed cancelling a Bursa hack counting as a successful hack.
    Fixed holding G to remove waypoints not functioning while on a K-Drive.
    Fixed several of Ticker’s Second Hand Decorations appearing off center from their dioramas.
    Fixed Hildryn's Balefire deactivate animation superseding her Aegis Storm deactivate animation.
    Potential fix towards Trade offer not updating locally on offer failure.
    Fixed Archwing Quest objective waypoints in the Void sometimes not pathing correctly.
    Fixed square distortion that would happen when a Grineer deployed their inflatable cover.
    Fixed Landing Craft Air Support sometimes spot load for players who have a different Craft equipped.
    Fixed incorrect hit sound effects when using the Maruta Tonfa Skin.
    Fixed incorrect Melee hand placement if the weapon has the Longsword Insidia Skin equipped.
    Fixed some Prime weapon icons in your Inventory displaying their vanilla variant instead of the respective Prime.
    Fixed a hitch when the Tennora stops firing. Also fixed unneeded spinning animation when equipping.
    Fixed all Glaives becoming mini in size after initiating dual-wield mode in the Arsenal.
    Fixed the Boltor Bravura Skin being broken when equipped on the Telos Boltor.
    Fixed the Gunsen not holstering properly in the Arsenal.
    Fixed the Thiazi Syandana clipping into numerous Warframes.
    Fixed the Kunshu Syandana clipping through Wisp’s Delusion Skin scarf.
    Fixed rare case of Syndicate allies spawning on top of eachother.
    Fixed Elite Shield Lancer not having its shield equipped in Codex diorama.
    Fixed Tomb Protector Codex diorama having its weapons placed in weird positions.
    Fixed a game hang/crash when selecting ‘Corpus Target’ in the Codex.
    Fixed long Clan names being partly hidden behind the menu options in the Clan Management screen.
    Fixed very long usernames not displaying properly in the Revive screen.
    Fixed script error in Profit-Taker Phase 1 if the player Transferred to Operator at the Fishing segment.
    Fixed script error that could occur after a Host migration while sealing a Thermia Fracture.
    Fixed a script error when trying to apply a Look/Mod Link on a weapon after you just sold the weapon you have equipped in that slot.
    Fixed script error that would occur if you tried to login while banned and clicked the 'help' button.
    Fixed a script error when previewing Khora in the Arsenal.
    Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe Abilities.

Mardi 26 mai 2020
Prime Vault - Hotfix 27.5.6

Trinity & Nova Prime Vault!

Trinity and Nova. When these two forces collide, their strength is unparalleled. 

Find their Relics in the Void or Bounty rewards today! 

Or check out the Prime Vault program here:

*Reminder that the Prime Gene Masking Kit will be available in both the Trinity Prime Pack AND the Trinity Prime Accessories Pack:

Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime, as well as their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, have reentered the Prime Vault and have been removed from the drop tables. 

*If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Nightwave Fixes

    Fixed cases of Glass Fissures causing spot-loading during stream-in so severe that Clients lose connection.
    Fixes towards Glass Fissures opening during the Extraction cinematic.
    Fixed the Confiscated Act of ‘Hijack a Crewship from the enemy’ awarding the Weekly Act amount of Standing instead of the Daily Act Standing amount.

      This change will be reflected the next time this Act appears. For now you can enjoy this bank error in your favor! 


    Valkyr’s Enraged Hysteria Augment now has a 1 time Energy cost of 50 instead of draining Energy over time. This also allows you to gain Energy while it's active!
    Moved some Sawgaw Conservation start points to not start in a cave.


    Made systemic micro-optimizations to the smart-callback library and hardened it against hardware bugs on vintage CPUs.
    Optimized the Excavation HUD initialization to try to eliminate delays where race-condition bugs can sneak in.
    Made numerous micro-optimizations to the string handling code.


    Fixed Relays overflowing to 100 players by returning its max capacity to 50.
    Fixed Baruuk’s Desolate Hands daggers not fully working with your Companion.
    Fixed certain controls (move up/down and roll left/right) in Captura not working if you had any custom bindings.
    Fixed inability to Pilot the Railjack downwards if you're Piloting using your Operator with a controller.
    Fixed inability to interact with your MOA Companion in your Orbiter.
    Potential fix for a crash when loading into the Orb Vallis as a Client if a Conservation was started by another player.
    Fixed Conservation waypoints marked at the entrance of a cave even though the start points themselves were outside the cave.
    Fixed Clients not seeing the Void Fissure tear FX that connects the Corrupted enemies to the Void tear.
    Fixed incorrect Riven Disposition displaying when viewing a Chat linked Zaw/Kitgun Riven.
    Fixed Defiled Mods counting towards your total Mods owned via Chat link or the End of Mission reward screen.
    Fixed the End of Mission screen popping in for a split second when transitioning from a Railjack mission to the Dry Dock.
    Fixed knockdowns not interrupting weapon-reload. This now intentionally follows suit with self staggers.
    Fixed Silver Grove Shrine Scene, Harrow's Temple Scene, Hunhow's Chamber Scene, Kuva Throne Scene, and the Mycona Colony Scene missing from their respective Syndicate Offerings.
    Fixed the Impetus Prime Syandana having an invisible mesh on Mag.
    Fixed several script errors that could occur if an Amalgam Osprey were killed just as it attempted to create Spectralysts.
    Fixed some Platinum packs appearing in the TennoGen section of the in-game Market.

Jeudi 21 mai 2020
Nightwave Series 3 - Glassmaker - Hotfix 27.5.5


    Fixed the Blood Rush Critical Chance boost not resetting when the Melee combo counter is reset.
    Fixed a hack panel in the Corpus Ship Sabotage tileset that would spawn enemies every time it was hacked, resulting in an abundance of Moas! 
    Fixed a script error when deactivating Valkyr’s Hysteria with the Enraged Augment equipped.
    Fixed script error that could occur when joining a mission in progress with a Valkyr using the Enraged Augment.
    Fixed a script error during a Conservation encounter in the Plains of Eidolon.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when entering the Orb Vallis while a Thermia Fracture is being sealed.
    Fixed a script error that would occur when viewing a Kavor Defector in the Codex.
    Fixed a script crash that could occur on Clients if a dagger from Baruuk's Desolate Hands tried to fire at an enemy that was killed immediately.
    Fixed a harmless script error that could occur if a Companion Moa's Tractor Beam Precept was active as you streamed back into Cetus or Fortuna.

Mercredi 20 mai 2020
Nightwave Series 3 - Glassmaker - Hotfix 27.5.4

New Warframe Augments (max Rank)!

Head to the respective Syndicate Offerings to add these new Warframe Augments to your Arsenal!

    Atlas - Passive - Rubble Heap

      When above 1400 Rubble, Landslide costs no Energy, deals 2x Damage, and travels 2x faster.

    Nidus - Passive - Abundant Mutation

      Nidus gains an additional 200 max stacks of Mutation. Undying has a 30s cooldown.

    Valkyr - Hysteria - Enraged

      Damage increased by 200%, Critical Chance increased by 200%. Hysteria lasts for 15s, and receives a matching cooldown.

    Saryn - Spore - Revealing Spores

      Infected enemies within 40m will show up on the Minimap.

Nightwave Changes & Fixes

    Your move speed in Glassmaker Crime Scene #1 now matches the Leverian move speed. Inspect with more haste!
    Cephalite Resonance is now linkable in Chat which can also reveal the amount in your Inventory.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if an enemy was Glassed while on a mounted turret.


    Baruuk’s Desolate Hands will no longer consume a charge from Baruuk when sharing with Allies.
    From player requests, the Directed Convergence Mod has been converted to an Exilus Mod.


    Improved robustness of the launcher in the face of hostile networks (this may solve cases where an update is not visible to some users immediately).
    Fixed an issue with certain particle effects when running the game at very high frame-rates. As seen here:


    Fixed a crash that could occur in Sortie Defense missions due to Defense Targets patrolling outside of the combat zone.
    Fixed inability to target Baruuk’s Desolate Hands and Nezha’s Warding Halo on Defendable objects.
    Fixed ability to hack a Bursa for free if you exited the hack via the pause menu.
    Fixed Blood Rush, Gladiator Mod Set, and Weeping Wounds bonuses not resetting if you’re the Operator when the Combo expires.
    Fixed Parazon Mods not remaining equipped after a Host migration.
    Fixed an abrupt Mission Failed due to Arbitration Defense targets dying randomly when attempting to teleport to the player when falling behind or just simply falling through the ground to their demise.
    Fixed Wardens in Rescue missions sometimes teleporting ahead of the player en route to extraction.
    Fixed downed Kuva Larvlings sometimes teleporting ahead of the player en route to extraction.
    Fixed Hildryn’s Ability Drain not updating in Arsenal Stats.
    Fixed another case of the Vasca Curative not working on Kavats.
    Fixed Nezha and Zephyrs Passive disable Augments giving the incorrect amount of Strength.

Lundi 18 mai 2020
Nightwave Series 3 - Glassmaker - Hotfix 27.5.3

Nightwave Changes & Fixes

    Another potential fix towards Cephalite enemies remaining invulnerable after having their glass destroyed. This case specifically related to the Cephalite enemy being ragdolled.
    Fixed Cephalite Resonance in Railjack not being shared between all squadmates.
    Fixed Kuva Larvlings and Silver Grove Specters spawning as Cephalites.
    Fixed a rare crash when exiting the Nightwave crime scene.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when a Glassed enemy was ragdolled.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed some Railjack Battle Avionics not firing where the reticle is aimed for Clients.
    Fixed the default Railjack Skin not being first in the Railjack Skin list.


    The Larkspur now has force feedback when using a controller.
    Reduced Floof and Noggle Dojo Decoration cost from 20 to 5 (matching the Orbiter).
    Rotated the Suprema heavy sword skin so it faces the proper way.


    Made a micro-optimization to K-Drive races.


    Fixed a few cases where bindings under the General tab would sometimes override a binding in a more specific tab. For example, on a controller, if you bound Right-D-Pad to Tactical Menu under General and bound it to Omni-Tool under Power Menu, it would open the Tactical Menu even when you were using the Power Menu.
    Fixed a case where you would change a controller binding, and the list of actions to bind would still show the default binding.
    Fixed the Basmu reload not providing Health if you’re the Client.
    Fixed ability to equip the Mending Shot Mod on the Shedu. Mending Shot is a Rifle (no AOE) Mod.
    Fixed Entropy Spike equipped on a Bolto causing self damage. This will now accurately cause self stagger.
    Fixed Kinetic Siphon Traps sometimes not working on Synthesis Targets.
    Fixed Titania Prime’s lateral dodges not moving you as far as they should.
    Fixed an ambiguity when getting Relics as a Daily Tribute (the description was the same as a Relic pack which implied you were getting 5).
    Numerous fixes towards NPC dodge behaviour issues, such as NPCs never switching up their dodge patterns and teleporting randomly after dodging.
    Fixed Somachord music playing in the background when entering the Leverian.
    Fixed a loud gun sound playing when inspecting items in Gauss’ Leverian.
    Fixed not changing directions when using afterburners in open zone Archwing while facing backwards.
    Fixed a case where the squad UI could become unresponsive if a player leaves during the loading screen transition.
    Fixed squad UI breaking if you selected a Star Chart mission then toggled to Railjack mode during the zoom-in animation.
    Fixed disabling Melee Auto Targeting in Options not actually disabling it.
    Fixed Market Bundles that include multiples of items displaying the multiple quantity, but the single item price, causing confusion on thinking you will get the multiple items for the single price.
    Fixed the pause menu overlapping with the Dojo Architect screen.
    Fixes towards a crash caused by a Host migration while in Archwing.
    Fixed numerous script errors that could occur if a K-Drive race were interrupted by a Host migration.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a mission with a K-Drive race in progress.
    Fixed script errors that could occur when joining a mission in progress right when someone deploys an Arch Gun Deployer or other Gear Items.
    Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when joining a Grineer Shipyards Hijack mission in progress.
    Fixed numerous script errors when using Kinetic Siphon Traps.

Jeudi 14 mai 2020
Nightwave Series 3 - Glassmaker - Hotfix 27.5.2

Nightwave Changes & Fixes

    Resized the glass FX on Cephalite enemies based on their scale. This also adjusts the Cephalite glass weak point hit box, which if you haven’t figured out already; shoot the glass first.
    Potential fix towards Cephalite enemies remaining invulnerable even when their glass has been destroyed.
    Swapped the ‘Friendly Fire’ Act to be a Weekly challenge and the ‘Explorer’ Act to be a Daily challenge, as the latter is the easier Railjack Act to complete thus making it a Daily.
    Fixed the Heavy Ordnance Act not providing a kill count progress.
    Fixed Titania’s Razorflies contributing toward the Heavy Ordnance Act Arch Gun kill count.
    Fixed Somachord music playing in the background of Nightwave crime scenes.


    Tweaked tooltip in launcher to avoid people confusing themselves with the bulk download option.
    Cleaned up Profile Stats by removing the list of scanned items since that information is in the Codex already.


    Fixed content updates stopping abruptly when encountering certain types of network problems.
    Fixed a crash that could occur during certain types of network problem.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed inability to exit the Railjack for a while after returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.


    Fixed an issue where if you rebound the left shoulder controller button to another action such as Power Menu, it would trigger Roll instead.
    Fixed Kavats being re-infected with Vasca after being cured and then completing a mission with said Kavat.
    Fixes towards overly high bloom on Bows with ember/spark FX.
    Fixed missing Corpus Ship asteroid materials. 
    Fixed a couple script errors that could occur when joining a mission with a K-Drive Race in progress.
    Fixed a script error that would occur if someone riding a K-Drive triggered Sonic Boost just before flying into the Cetus gate.
    Fixed harmless script error that would occur if you joined an open-world map (Vallis/Plains) right as someone was throwing some Fishing Bait.
    Fixed a script error caused by dying when attempting to catch a Vallis Fish while it is struggling.
    Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Lantern ability.

Missed Note

The Pluto Oceanum (Corpus Outpost Spy) tileset has been changed to the Corpus Ship tileset on the Star Chart to provide it with the newly refreshed Spy Vaults. Apologies that this one slipped through the Mainline cracks!


Mercredi 13 mai 2020
Nightwave Series 3 - Glassmaker - Hotfix 27.5.1


    Fixed Ash's Helmet having a vestigial tail in Leverian.
    Fixed floating text in Ash's Leverian.
    Fixed a crash / issue that could occur when viewing transmissions.
    Fixed an issue where opening the Codex too quickly would cause a complete functionality loss.

Mercredi 13 mai 2020
Nightwave Series 3 - Glassmaker - Update 27.5.0

After a string of mysterious murders, investigate the latest crime scene to stop a cryptic killer from striking again. Step into Nora's crime-simula to witness the gruesome work of the Glassmaker. Check the shadows, search for clues and follow the trail of “glassed” bodies to crack the case… before it’s too late.

Beyond the interactive narrative, Nightwave: Series 3 also introduces new Daily and Weekly Acts! Don’t have a Railjack of your own? Railjack Acts can be completed by joining any open crew from the Star Chart.

Nightwave Act Additions

    Added the following Nightwave Acts:


      Gatherer: Collect 100 Resources
      Deep Impact: Suspend 5 or more enemies in the air at once with a Heavy Slam Melee Attack
      Friendly Fire: While piloting a hijacked Crewship, destroy 3 enemy Fighters
      Child at Heart: Play a game of Frame Fighter, Happy Zephyr, or Wyrmius
      Patron: Donate to the Leverian
      Doppelganger: Deploy a Specter
      Swordsman: Complete a Mission with only a Melee Weapon equipped
      Hands Full: Complete a Mission with only a Primary Weapon equipped
      Sidearm: Complete a Mission with only a Secondary Weapon equipped
      No Mercy: Mercy Kill an Enemy
      Hush: Kill a Kuva Thrall
      Reclaimed: Clear a personal Kuva Lich Influenced Node
      Just Visiting: Visit a Featured Dojo


      Explorer: Complete 3 Railjack Missions
      Forward Thinking: Destroy a Crewship with Forward Artillery
      Flawless: Clear a Railjack Boarding Party without your Warframe taking damage
      Confiscated: Hijack a Crewship from the enemy
      Heavy Ordnance: Kill 500 enemies with an Arch Gun

    Elite Weekly

      Grand: Kill The Exploiter Orb
      Choose Wisely: Kill or Convert a Kuva Lich
      Elite Explorer: Complete 8 Railjack Missions
      Machine Interface: Complete a Spy mission with 3 manual console hacks and no alarms
      Speedster: Finish a Capture mission in less than 90 seconds

    ASH Shroud Skin

      Where once was fire is now cold resolve. A signature look for a prestige killer.

    Cremata Syandana

      With time and fire the truth of bone is revealed. The signature Syandana of Ash Shroud.

    Causta Bow Skin

      Born of heat and cold as death, this is the signature bow skin for Ash Shroud.

    ASH Shroud Collection

      All that remains is blood and dust. Become the shadow with the Ash Shroud Collection, which includes the cold-blooded Ash Shroud Skin, the venerable Causta Bow Skin and the forged-from-fire-and-bone Cremata Syandana.

Leverian Additions & Changes

    A new Leverian has been added for Ash! Drusus has a new tale to tell about....The Scoria!
    Added a text box to the items displayed in the Leverian that shows the whole script of that item, so you can better follow Drusus' tale if you fail to read the subtitle in time.

Double Tap Mod Changes & Fixes

    Changed the Double Tap Mod description to include its stacking function when equipped outside of Conclave:

      Double Tap (Latron): On Hit: 20% Bonus Damage on next Hit for 2s. Stacks up to 20x outside of Conclave.

    The Latron HUD now displays the buff combo status when equipped with the Double Tap Mod.
    Fixed the Double Tap Mod resetting its buff on every shot, as opposed to the intended reset on miss.


    Added a workaround for content update on improperly configured computers.
    Improved content update support for local proxy servers on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
    Optimized out hitches in item preview when a customized Warframe Skin is already equipped.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed inability to tag items in Chat when using the Chat window while on a Railjack Turret.


    Fixed Nezha’s Warding Halo blocking 100% of Damage instead of the intended 90%.
    Fixes towards another case of not gaining Focus XP when switching between your Arch-Gun in both air/ground forms.
    Fixed Vauban’s Nervos not reflecting chosen Skin overrides for Clients.
    Fixed the “Modify Parazon” button in the Kuva Lich menu not appearing when in the Dojo.
    Fixed the "X Items Ready To Claim" Foundry UI quantity not updating in your Orbiter unless you claim everything.
    Fixed Skins in the Market saying you didn't own a compatible item when you did.
    Fixed items in the in-game Market not displaying "Mastery Rank Locked" icons to indicate as such.
    Fixed lighting intensity in the Grineer Galleon extraction cinematic.

Mardi 12 mai 2020
Ondes Nocturnes: Série 3 - Les Mystères du Verre

Suivez la piste du tueur et gagnez de nouvelles récompenses.

Pouvez-vous résoudre l'affaire, Tenno?

Nora est de retour avec les Ondes Nocturnes: Série 3 - Les Mystères du Verre, disponible sur toutes les plateformes. Accédez à la scène de crime virtuelle de Nora pour traquer un tueur tordu aux méthodes pas banales. Progressez à travers les 30 Rangs pour gagner de nouvelles récompenses, dont un Vaisseau de Débarquement Ondes Nocturnes, des Augmentations et des éléments de personnalisation sur le thème des Cephalons pour votre Warframe, votre Opérateur et vos Armes de Mêlée!

Ondes Nocturnes: Série 3 - Les Mystères du Verre

Après une série de meurtres mystérieux, enquêtez sur la dernière scène de crime pour empêcher un tueur énigmatique de frapper à nouveau. Entrez dans la simulation de crime de Nora pour être confronté à l'horrible travail du Chagall. Vérifiez les ombres, recherchez des indices et suivez la trace des corps ''vitrifiés'' pour résoudre l'affaire... avant qu'il ne soit trop tard.

Au-delà du récit interactif, les Ondes Nocturnes: Série 3 présentent également de nouveaux Actes quotidiens et hebdomadaires! Vous n'avez pas votre propre vaisseau? Les Actes Railjack peuvent être complétés en rejoignant n'importe quel équipage de la Carte Céleste.

Nouvelles Récompenses

Commencez sans tarder et gagnez des récompenses des Ondes Nocturnes: Série 3.

    Au Rang 5, déverrouillez la Sugatra Boolean inspirée des Cephalons.
    Testez vos [Manœuvres Mortelles] avec la nouvelle Augmentation Magnus au Rang 7.
    Personnalisez votre Opérateur avec les Boucles d'oreilles Cogna au Rang 10.
    Équipez [Tirs Déroutants] au Rang 20.
    Débloquez la Syandana Boolean au Rang 28 pour vous distinguer.
    Atteignez le Rang 29 pour obtenir les Épaulières Frakta.
    Et pour nos Tenno les plus dévoués, atteignez le Rang 30 pour gagner la récompense ultime: un vaisseau de débarquement Ondes Nocturnes exclusif.

Une fois que vous avez atteint le Rang 30, terminez les Rangs de Prestige pour gagner des Jetons de Cristal supplémentaires. Utilisez-les dans la Boutique des Ondes Nocturnes pour acheter de l'Extrait de Nitain, des Réacteurs Orokin, des Catalyseurs, des Schémas et plus encore!

Collection Ash Shroud

Il ne reste que du sang et de la poussière. Devenez une ombre avec la Collection Ash Shroud, qui comprend l'Aspect Ash Shroud, le vénérable Aspect Causta Bow et la Syandana Cremata forgée à partir de feu et d'os.

Gardez les yeux ouverts, Rêveurs. Le Chagall va forcément frapper à nouveau.

FAQ Ondes Nocturnes

    Que sont les Ondes Nocturnes?

      Un programme de radio pirate animé par Nora Night, les yeux et les oreilles du Système Origine. Chaque Série des Ondes Nocturnes se déroulera sur plusieurs semaines et racontera une toute nouvelle histoire. Terminer des défis quotidiens et hebdomadaires - appelés Actes - débloquera des récompenses à durée limitée.

    Comment puis-je gagner des récompenses des Ondes Nocturnes?

      Accomplissez des Actes et améliorez votre classement des Ondes Nocturnes pour gagner des objets puissants, des personnalisations exclusives, des devises spécifiques aux Ondes Nocturnes et plus encore! Assurez-vous de terminer les 30 Rangs avant la fin de la Série pour gagner toutes les récompenses.

    Combien de temps durera la Série 3?

      Nous n'avons pas encore de date de fin exacte, mais attendez-vous à ce que la Série 3 dure au moins deux mois. Une annonce officielle sera faite sur nos forums à une date ultérieure! Chaque Série est un nouveau départ pour tous les joueurs, ce qui signifie que les Jetons de Cristal expireront lorsque la Série sera terminée. Dépensez-les avant qu'ils ne disparaissent!

    Que sont les Épisodes? Quand les nouveaux Épisodes sortiront-ils?

      Les Épisodes sont introduits tout au long d'une Série des Ondes Nocturnes; ils font avancer l'histoire et peuvent inclure des changements dans le jeu (par exemple, plus d'ennemis, ou des ennemis plus forts).

Jeudi 7 mai 2020
Warframe Revised - Railjack Revisited (Part 1) - Hotfix 27.4.4

Railjack Changes & Fixes

    Changed the Valence Fusion popup if you have no compatible Fusion items but you do have Wreckage partially funded, this popup will indicate that you cannot use partially funded Wreckage for Valence Fusion (you can of course get refunded for cancelling the repair and then Valence Fusion will work).
    Void Mode will now be disabled when Operators use a Railjack Turret.
    Fixed Scrapping unrepaired Wreckage displaying that you gained the wrong Resources. When Scrapping unrepaired Wreckage the UI should only show you that you obtained Dirac.
    Fixed another case of Fire Malfunctions not damaging the Railjack in higher level missions.
    Fixed Radial explosions from weapons (Penta, etc) not doing damage to Crewship Reactors.
    Fixed the Join Warp feature not bringing your Pet Companion with you.
    Fixed (for real this time) Cruising Speed Avionic not applying its 80% increase for Railjack speed when more than 3000m away from any enemy ships.
    Fixed using a Forging Bay as the Operator not correctly tracking which Forge you were trying to use, causing Forges to appear “Busy” when they really weren’t.
    Fixed weird Operator animations when using the Forward Artillery on the Railjack.
    Fixed ‘Countermeasures’ and ‘Fiery Phoenix’ Avionics descriptions not matching their updated functionality. 


    Hardened content update system against 3rd-party proxies with corrupt or stale data.
    Fixed content updates stopping abruptly when encountering any network problem.


    Enemy summons can now be mind-controlled by abilities. Previously, there was a mechanic where 'owned' NPCs would not be affected by mind control, but now this only applies to allied owned NPCs (Sentinels, Pets, followers) so that there's no misleading things happening with Mind Control abilities.


    Fixed crashing when buying an Appearance Slot for the Arcata in the Arsenal.
    Fixed a functionality loss when opening the pause menu while the in-game Market is loading.
    Fixed inability to capture Manifestations during the Chains of Harrow quest. As reported here
    Fixed the Kuva Ayanga causing self-damage when out in space.
    Potential fix for losing Focus XP in certain cases.
    Fixed cases where some Damage/Status Effects might bypass Rhino’s Iron Skin.
    Fixes towards many NPC's leaping abilities potentially causing them to land off-navigation and becoming stuck. (This also contributed to Defense missions that use NPCs as the objective randomly failing)
    Fixed performing a Mercy kill while Atlas’ Rumbled Augment is active giving you back your regular weapon during Rumbled.
    Fixed for Zaw's using weapon Skins covering the Warframe with the weapon's Elemental FX. As reported here
    Fixed Melee polearms becoming greatly stretched when equipped with the Polearm Jotunheim skin.
    Fixed Titania Prime not playing proper movement and dash sounds when equipped with Skins.
    Fixed Hydroid’s Immortal Skin not applying correctly to his body.
    Fixed for missing adhere and explosion sounds for the Pox.
    Fixed ‘Recently Met Players’ list populating and then removing all player names.
    Fixed a script error when launching a Railjack mission from the Dojo Navigation.
    Fixes towards line breaks for languages without spaces.

Lundi 4 mai 2020
Warframe Revised - Railjack Revisited (Part 1) - Hotfix 27.4.3

Railjack Changes & Fixes

    Your Pet Companions will now teleport alongside you when transitioning between different regions in a Railjack mission (ie Omni Recall, Archwing Slingshot, boarding a Crewship via Archwing, etc). 

      This addresses feedback that Pet  Companions could take many seconds to catch up, or if it's bleeding out, won't catch up at all, thus dying frequently. This also fixes Pet Companions sometimes dying on an exploding Crewship that you’ve already departed from. 
      A lingering issue we’re chasing is the Join Warp feature not bringing your Pet Companion with you.

    Fixed a functionality loss when Recalling back to the Railjack while performing a finisher.
    Fixed Cruising Speed Avionic not applying its 80% increase for Railjack speed when more than 3000m away from any enemy ships.
    Fixed base of the Railjack Wing Turret appearing to float in front of the Client player when mounting said Wing Turret.


    Stance Forma is now eligible to be installed on Garuda’s Talons due to the Talons using standard Stance Mods instead of an Exalted Stance.


    Fixed Hold cast/charge abilities becoming nonfunctional if interrupted by a Parazon finisher.
    Fixed Torid Toxin grenades dealing self-damage.
    Fixed inability to approach Orb Vallis Coildrives to initiate a hack due to the Coildrive constantly shocking and knocking you back.
    Fixed Grattler projectiles sometimes immediately exploding when fired which sometimes resulted in a crash.
    Fixed a misleading spike in the launcher download speed indicator when a lot of updates are aborted at once.
    Fixed a script error in Rell's Condemn ability.

Lundi 4 mai 2020
Warframe Revised - Railjack Revisited (Part 1) - Hotfix 27.4.2

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed Clients using Join Warp (Rank 10 Tactical) teleporting ten-thousands of meters away instead of next to the squad member they are trying to teleport to.
    Fixed Particle Ram FX flickering if you weren’t the person flying the ship.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if you were viewing the Railjack Tactical Menu while en route to the Dry Dock.
    Fixed Seeker Volley having no drop location - it now drops from Kosma Taktis.
    Fixed killing Crewship Engines not affecting crew count before the ship has been boarded.
    Fixed a crash associated with Crewships.
    Fixed Garuda not being able to Melee after leaving and re-entering Railjacks. 

Archwing Launcher Changes

We have reverted our recent changes to the Archwing Launch Blueprint and brought it back to basics for now.

    The Archwing Launcher Blueprint is no longer consumed on use, and will always be available to craft in the Foundry like before mainline. 


    Removed Stance Forma eligibility on Exalted weapons due to Stance Forma providing no benefit to these weapons.
    Removed inaccurate information found in the in-game Market tooltip for Titania Prime Accessories. 


    Fixed a major issue with Projectiles having more Critical Chance than intended. This issue was introduced with the Warframe Mainline that launched Friday.
    Fixed an issue with Jackal / Razorback functionality in terms of boss properly navigating rooms.
    Fixed functionality loss when selecting the category bar in the Mods section of the Codex and attempting to search.
    Fixed not receiving the correct Kavat Genetic Code when purchasing the Kavat Start Kit from the in-game Market. 

      We’re working on a script to provide the correct Kavat Genetic Codes to those who purchased the Kit - we’ll update the thread here when the script has run/finished. 
      *The script has started! Will update here when it has finished.
      *The script has finished!

    Fixed Arch Melee in normal Archwing missions teleporting you into abrupt and incorrect places as well as the magnetism working irregularly. We are still working on polishing this up. 
    Fixed Exodia Contagion’s projectiles being invisible when a Skin is equipped.
    Fixed the Jackal getting stuck in various room geometry.
    Fixed Clients inability to see themselves perform any further Emotes after performing an Emote.
    Fixed the Operators having black teeth due to not understanding the importance of flossing. As reported here
    Fixed some missing UI Icons in the in-game Market.
    Fixed a script error that would occur if you received a transmission from a Converted Kuva Lich while in Fortuna, Cetus, or a Relay.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if Sargus Ruk attempted to swing his flamethrower wide and spray you with fire before actually acquiring you as a target.
    Fixed a script error that could occur for Clients if someone died during the energy-draining phase of the Power Drift puzzle.
    Fixed a couple script errors that could occur while fighting the Cunning Drift Security Eye.
    Fixed a script error when playing Happy Zephyr/Wyrmius while not logged in.

Jeudi 30 avril 2020
Warframe Revised - Railjack Revisited (Part 1) - Update 27.4.1

We are working on some urgent fixes here and will be reading feedback and playing Railjack for next steps to greatness! Thanks for your patience, all!

Railjack Fixes

    Quadrupled the XP gain from removing Railjack Hazards:

      Fire Hazard: From 600 to 2400
      Electricity Hazard: From 600 to 2400
      Ice Hazard: From 600 to 2400
      Hull Breach: From 600 to 2400
      Hull Rupture: From 1000 to 4000

    Changed confirmation text when Valence Fusing Railjack components to be clearer.

      It now reads ‘Choose a stat’ instead of ‘Choose which stat to fuse’.

    Fixed Railjack Fire Hazards not causing correct damage to the Railjack. You should feel Fire Hazards (max 1 at a time) hitting a lot harder to your Railjack now as intended.
    Fixed Cruising Speed Avionic stacking its effect if you equip/unequip it repeatedly in the Loadout screen.
    Fixed sometimes crashing when casting the Void Hole Battle Avionic.
    Fixed a script error when using Valence Fusion in the Railjack Configure panel.
    Fixed a script error when initiating a Railjack mission right when someone else is Contributing in the Dojo.
    Fixed a script error when Upgrading Avionics.

Grattler Changes

    Removed self-damage when in space. The Grattler will apply the self-stagger mechanic now while in space.


    The Archwing Launcher Blueprint will now be consumed upon Craft as you only need 1 Archwing Launcher in your Gear.

      We’re looking at adding the Archwing Launcher Blueprint to Cephalon Simaris’ Offerings for those that need it post Archwing Quest (i.e. accidentally sold it), as well as some other related issues we’ve found.

    Added Oberon’s Ability videos to his Arsenal - we’re all caught up now!
    Returned Simulor vortex lifetime to 5 second duration in Conclave.
    Removed an unreleased UI Theme - check back in Deadlock Protocol!


    Fixed the Mutalist Cernos and Pox Damage over Time applying self-damage.
    Fixed the Atlas Rumbled Augment Damage absorption not blocking all Damage to Shields/Health and Pressure Point style Damage Mods not affecting Damage.
    Fixed Larkspur not showing Lead Indicator when it is in Alt-Fire Mode.
    Fixed Primary Kitgun Grips being visible for preview at Rude Zuud's shop.
    These are rescheduled for the Deadlock Protocol Update.
    Fixed every Chat Linked Relic displaying a Lith S8 Relic.
    Fixes towards Vallis/Plains NPCs that sometimes end up in navigation-less areas becoming completely stationary when there is no way for them to get to proper land, instead of at least fighting back.
    Fixed some missing Pause Menu text.
    Fixed some explosion FX being absent.
    Fixed some Market items displaying singular Platinum/Credit prices.
    Fixed a script error that could break the Excavation HUD.
    Fixed a server script error when changing Arcanes.
    Fixed a script error when casting Atlas’ Petrify ability.
    Fixed a script error when dying in Rathuum or The Index.
    Fixed a script error when selecting a new color in a Color Palette.
    Fixed a script error when Fishing that resulted in inability to use Dye, Fish not moving, etc.

Jeudi 30 avril 2020
Warframe Revised - Railjack Revisited (Part 1) - Update 27.4

Railjack Revisited (Part 1)

Tenno! We are continuing our Warframe Revised update pattern - this time with a focus on Railjack. Earlier this year we released ‘Warframe Revised’ which touched a lot of Warframe, but also included a big batch of bug fixes for Railjack. Now it’s time to dive deeper into key areas: Pacing, Balance, and Tools of the Trade.  Not included in this Revisit: Intrinsics, Missions, and other areas. These are bigger undertakings for later Parts, but expect more revisions to come (to Malfunctions too)!

In Part 1, we are revising Pacing, Balance, and Tools because these 3 make up the foundation of all Railjack gameplay: what’s the pace of Railjack missions? How hard are you hitting enemies (and vice versa)? What are your tools for the trade? This update provides new answers to all of these questions in a new foundation to the Railjack you’ve known since launch. The key intention behind this Railjack Revisited update is to make Railjack better paced and more fun, while also being more rewarding for your time.

You may notice some items listed below are striked-through! Over the weekend, we posted a Dev Workshop of these changes, also ran our first ever Public Test Cluster, where Tenno could playtest these Railjack changes before they went live. As we iterated on the feedback gathered, we wanted to show this in our update notes: if we iterated on a change following feedback, we have listed the original planned change with strike-through for the sake of comparison! The notes that follow are the Dev implementation of that feedback, which are now live! Whether you participated in the Public Test Cluster or shared your thoughts on the Dev Workshop, thank you again for providing thoughtful feedback on these Railjack changes prior to release, we look forward to more opportunities to do the same. 

General Changes

    Doubled the Railjack’s innate loot-pickup (Vacuum) Range.

      We’ve also improved the way that Vacuums pull items towards the player and the Railjack. The maximum amount of time it takes for the pick-up to reach the player should be a little more consistent now (about 0.75 seconds in most cases).

    The Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima now has no downtime - it rotates every 30 minutes to a different node with no downtime in between.
    Changing the pacing and general feel of all Railjack Piloting and movement to be less reliant on the optimal strategy of “Single strafe Boost then Repeat”: 

      Doubled the Railjack’s base Speed.
      Lowered Boost Speed by 75%
      Increased the Boost Speed cost of dodge.
      Increased Boost Drain

    Made scale a factor in damage reduction and bonuses. This means Archwings and their weapons will do more damage to ships, while also taking less damage from them.
    Fixed inconsistencies with the sensitivities of the emplacement positions (side turrets now match the pilot turret)
    Doubled Revolite crafting yield from 50 to 100.
    Tripled values of Titanium and Asterite resource drops.
    Grineer on-foot enemies now drop Archwing Mods, and Captains drop Operation and Dual Stat Archwing Mods.
    Added an Omni Tool binding when using a controller! The default binding is RB + Right Directional-Pad button, to customize go into your Options > Controls > Customize Controller > Ability Menu > Bind ‘Equip Omni’. 

      The Omni Tool will only be equipped using this shortcut option if it is in the Gear Wheel!

    The Omni tool will now slot into the first available slot in the Gear Wheel when given to players instead of being appended to the end.
    Removed unnecessary ability to use the Omni tool outside of Railjack missions.
    Railjack sessions now lock after 5 minutes or if 50% of the Fighters have died - similar to normal sessions.
    Removed the whirly spin move of one of the Sentient fighters. He was having just a little bit too much fun and the other Sentients were just not having any of his funny business.
    Updated the look of the Taktis Grineer Fighter ships.
    Made slight visual updates to the search bar in the Avionics screen.
    When transitioning between Railjack missions, your Warframe/Operator Health/Shields will be restored as well as any Vazarin instant Revives.
    Railjack Missions now reward more Credits at End of Mission to tie some of the main currencies into the reward structure more heavily. 
      Earth Proxima Missions reward 30,000 - 45,000 Credits depending on the node.
      Saturn Proxima Missions reward 50,000 - 75,000 Credits depending on the node.
      Veil Proxima Missions reward 80,000 - 150,000 Credits depending on the node.

Ship Combat Changes

    Changed all Health, Shield and Armour to use the new Tenno versions introduced in Warframe Revised.
    Halved the Health and Armour of all Grineer Fighters.
    Randomized the amount of Fighters required to be killed during the Extermination portion of the Skirmish mission so it’s not always the same.
    Decreased the amount of time between landing the killing shot to the enemy explosion on Fighters (0.1 - 1 sec) down from (1-3) seconds. The effect of this will be not only a quicker pace, but also a quicker time to spawn any drops.
    Decreased Railjack Shield Recharge delay from 5 to 3 seconds. Shield Recharge delay remains at 5 second based on Public Test results.
    Railjack Weapon heat build up changes:

      Apoc - Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 20 to 12. Zetki from 40 to 20
      Carcinoxx - Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 10 to 8. Zetki from 20 to 12
      Cryophon - Zetki from 400 to 350
      Photor - Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 10 to 8. Zetki from 20 to 12

    Railjack Weapon changes:

      Milati Multi Missile

        Reload speed increased from 5 secs to 2 secs
        Projectile speed increased from 250 to 400

      Pulsar damage increased:

        MK 0 - 43 to 52
        MK 1 - 78 to 94
        MK 2 - 133 to 160
        MK 3 - 213 to 256


        MK 1 - 117 to 141
        MK 2 - 200 to 240
        MK 3 - 320 to 384

On-Foot Combat Changes

    Reduced the Health of all on-foot Grineer Railjack enemies by half.
    Removed scaled damage controllers from all on-foot Grineer Railjack enemies.

Railjack balance feedback megathread

Pacing Changes

    Added Caps for the amount of simultaneous Railjack Hazards (Fire, Electric, and Breaches). Your Railjack can only have 1 of each Hazard active at a time.
    Made each RJ Hazard type more harmful to the ship. Made each RJ Hazard type even more, MORE harmful to the Railjack based on Public Test results.
    Reduce Railjack Speed and Damage when Railjack is in “Catastrophic Failure” mode.
    Increased the amount of Omni Revolite required to remove hazard events, but increased the XP gained.
    Increased the number of fighters in all alert stages.
    Enemies now spawn much closer to the Railjack vs. 1000+ km away.
    Destroying all engines on a Crewship now disables weapons.
    Destroying all engines on a Crewship kills half the crew on board.

Archwing Changes / Fixes

    Longstanding issues with the usability of Archwing Melee has been fixed.

      Made numerous changes here based on Public Test results, including further Melee weapon rebalancing.
      Increased base Melee magnetism range from 100 to 140m
      Decreased chance of Enemy Fighters performing a maneuver to break away from Melee attacks from 100% to 10%.
      Increased camera offset from Enemy Fighters from 25 to 30m to help show action.

    Archwing Melee Range Mods now affect aim assist lock-on range.
    Archwing Gun stats normalized - space combat now uses ground “Heavy Weapon” stats.
    UI Lead indicator has been added to relevant Archwing Guns.

Systemic Changes

    The Kuva Lich ‘Valence Fusion’ has been added for built Armaments and Components. Introducing RAILJACK VALENCE FUSION - players can now fuse duplicate built or unbuilt stats to their favorite built parts, boosting them. Based on Public Test Cluster feedback, this no longer requires built Armaments and Components to Valence Fuse: Wreckage can be used, with a resource cost (Max 40%!). Built Armaments and Components can also be used and consumed, with a Dirac cost.

      Requires Dirac to perform if VALENCE FUSION occurs for built Armaments and Components.
      Requires Resources and Credits if VALENCE FUSION occurs for Wreckage of Armaments and Components.
      Combining matching tiers gives 10% boost in stats
      Combining lower tiers gives 5% boost in stats.
      Two tiers removed (MK3 with MK1) is 2% boost
      You can only VALENCE FUSE the same House and type of Armaments and Components across all MKs - much like Kuva Lich Weapons.  Also Sigma equipment (your starting equipment or purchased from the Dojo) cannot be upgraded in this way.

Affinity and Intrinsic Gain Changes

    Doubled Affinity-to-Intrinsic Point conversion. You will now gain Intrinsics 2x faster.
    Increased the earned Affinity on killing Elite Fighters and Outriders.

Avionics Changes

When it comes to Avionics changes, there’s an overarching goal: Simplify Avionic management.

    Each Integrated Avionic Type will now only exist with a single Manufacturer rather than three Manufacturer flavors. What this means is that there won’t be 3x variants of the same Avionic.
    Consolidated Avionics have had their Avionic Capacity Drain altered so that on average the Integrated Avionics now consume 20% less. This ensures players can more comfortably fit the builds they want in the new consolidated system based on Feedback from the Public Test Cluster.
    The ‘retired’ Integrated Avionics will be removed from players inventory via a script on login.
    The remaining Integrated Avionic for each Type will take on the values of the previously highest valued Avionic of its Type.
    ALL Dirac used to upgrade Integrated Avionics will be refunded. This applies to both retired and remaining Avionics.
    ALL remaining Integrated Avionics will have their Upgrades drained.
    Added ‘Incomplete’ tab/category to the Avionics screen in the ‘Configure Railjack’ panel, Mods Segment screen, and the Codex.  

      Avionics, Mods, and Arcanes that are not owned are marked as ‘preview’ in this category and those that you own but have not ranked to Max are also in this category.

    You can now Chat Link Avionics!

Battle Avionic Refresh

    Munitions Vortex

      Reverted to ‘as is’ based on Public Test results, albeit with brand new FX for understanding scale / effect of Avionic.
      Vortex is now attached to the front of your Railjack
      Increased Vortex radius from 30 to 60
      Increased radius from 150 to 200


      Initial use cost of 5 Flux Energy, double cost if used again within 4 secs up to a cap of 40 energy (5/10/20/40)

    Blackout Pulse

      Display range stat on all marked targets while projectile is in flight
      Increased radius from 100 to 200
      Increased damage from 250 to 500

    Particle Ram

      Requires forward velocity to be active
      Increased speed of projectile when its launched
      Increased length of projectile so targets stay within the damage field as long as they did before with slower projectile
      50% more Damage during a Vector Maneuver
      100% more damage when launching the Particle Ram
      Now accepts Energy colour.

    Shatter Burst

      Display range stat on all marked targets while projectile is in flight
      Range increased from 120 to 200
      Damage increased from 500 to 1000
      Radius increased from 60 to 80
      Fall off decreased from 100% to 50%

    Void Hole

      Decreased duration from 25 to 12 secs
      Increased attraction strength

    Fiery Phoenix

      Decreased energy drain from 5 to 2.5 per sec

    Seeker Volley

      Increased damage from 1000 to 1600
      Increased Critical Chance from 20 to 40%
      Increased speed from 120 to 260

Tactical Avionic

    Fire Suppression

      Changed the Fire Suppression Tactical Avionic to always fix only one Hazard, and upgrading the rank reduces the cooldown.

        Previously the only reason you would have upgraded this avionic was to handle more Hazards at once, but now your Railjack can only have 1 Hazard at a time. Reducing the cooldown instead still gives you a reason to rank it up.

New Avionics!

Find these new Avionics from Earth, Saturn, or Veil Proximia Grineer Fighters to enhance your Railjack (these values are with Max Rank Avionic and Max Grid Rank):

Deep Hold (Lavan)

    Increase Forge Capacity by 60%.

Cruising Speed (Zetki)

    Increase Speed by 80% when no enemies within 3000m.

Quicklock (Lavan)

    Decrease Ordnance Lock-on time by 75%.

Artillery Cheap Shot (Zetki)

    Forward Artillery has a 50% chance to not consume Dome Charges.

Ordnance Cheap Shot (Lavan)

    Ordnance weapons have a 50% chance to not consume Munitions.

Turret Velocity (Vidar)

    Increase Turret Range by 25.3%. Increase Turret Projectile Speed by 55%.

Archwing Melee Stat Refresh (NEW based on Public Test Feedback)

    Mastery Rank 0-3


        Damage increased from 300 to 360 470


        MR increased from 0 to 1
        Damage increased from 290 to 320 412


        MR increased from 0 to 3
        Damage increased from 350 to 436
        Status chance increased from 10% to 15%

    Mastery Rank 4-6


        MR increased from 0 to 4
        Damage increased from 325 to 392
        Status chance increased from 15% to 20%
        Critical chance increased from 10% to 15%


        MR increased from 0 to 6
        Damage increased from 280 to 340 450
        Status chance increased from 7.5% to 12%
        Critical chance increased from 15% to 20%

    Mastery Rank 7-9


        MR increased from 0 to 7
        Damage increased from 325 to 340 445
        Critical chance increased from 10% to 13%


        MR increased from 0 to 8
        Damage increased from 280 to 290 376

      Prisma Veritux

        MR increased from 0 to 8
        Damage increased from 300 to 320 394
        Critical chance increased from 15% to 30%

    Arch-Gun Changes


        Proximity fuse has been added to Grattler rounds in space so they explode when they are near a target.


        Phaedra accuracy increased.

      Imperator Vandal

        Imperator Vandal accuracy increased.

      Dual Decurions

        Recoil reduced for Dual Decurions in space.
        Increased accuracy.
        Decreased zoom FoV.


    Reduced the collision size of Larkspur's Alt Fire projectile.


      Increased size of Velocitus projectile in space.
      Quick shot Damage increased from 200 Magnetic to 150 Impact, 150 Puncture, 150 Slash and 150 Magnetic.
      Quick shot Critical Chance increased from 25 to 30%.
      Charged shot Damage increased from 1200 Magnetic to 400 Impact, 400 Puncture, 400 Slash and 400 Magnetic.
      Charged shot Critical Chance increased from 30 to 60%.
      Charged shot Critical Damage increased from 3 to 3.6x.


      Minimum Fall Off Damage increased from 175 to 440.
      Charged Shot Critical Damage increased from 2.6 to 3x.

    Kuva Ayanga

      Ammo regen delay decreased from 1 sec to 0.7 secs.
      Ammo regen rate increased from 10 to 66.
      Fall Off min Damage increased from 120 to 137.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed attempting to exit the Railjack right when the Host selects another mission to warp to resulting in the left-behind player dying and sometimes unable to Revive.
    Fixed lingering Revo Reducer buff after equipping and unequipping the Revo Reducer Avionic until they complete a mission or leave their Dojo.
    Fixed cases where the doors in the Railjack would have collision and prevent players from passing through them.
    Fixed inability to load into the Dojo via Railjack Navigation.
    Fixed Railjack Reactors that have the “50 Shield per unused Avionics Capacity” perk not applying the perk when first loading into a Railjack mission.
    Fixed Clients having a 5 minute Arch-Gun Deployer cooldown if you were outside the Railjack when a Host migration occurred.
    Fixes towards an inescapable black screen if you were inside a Crewship as the Operator when it exploded.
    Fixed Client's inability to destroy a Grineer Crewship with the Forward Artillery if the Crewship was near disabled.
    Fixed ‘Reflex Aim’s’ snap aiming not properly targeting the ships from a split Gyrex. 

      The target lead indicators will now follow the ships split from the Gyrex, but since radial damage does not hurt them, ‘Target Sync’ will not lock-on to them. This was set this way so that players do not waste their Munitions. 

    Fixed Chroma Elemental Ward issue where casting it on yourself through the Railjack Tactical Map, then overriding it with your own cast causing the bonuses from the Tactical Map cast to never expire.
    Fixed a functionality loss when using Transference while transitioning through a loading tunnel (Void tunnel).
    Fixed Clients out in space that experience a Host migration, resulting in an ability to take your Heavy Weapon into the Railjack and POIs as a regular ground weapon (Primary).
    Fixed being placed inside an Artillery and falling through the level to escape if you used Join Warp on a player on said Artillery.
    Fixed your Warframe’s body not moving with camera aim when using the Railjack’s Forward Artillery.
    Fixed using Transference when Piloting or using side Turrets in Railack as Operator causing it to cast the first slotted Battle Avionic.
    Fixed Clients loading into an untextured level when sitting in the Archwing Slingshot during a Host Migration.
    Fixed Focus Convergence Orb markers appearing in Space instead of inside the ship when piloting Railjack.
    Fixed starting a second Railjack mission preventing Melee Finishers from working until respawned.
    Made multiple fixes for jittery and weird cloth physics when hanging out in the Railjack. This also fixes issues of rigid cloth after dismounting from the Pilot seat.
    Fixed Clients loading into Railjack missions from Dry Dock after accepting an invitation from Host getting stuck in infinite loading.
    Fixed issue where Clients would get stuck in the Forward Artillery and above the intended area in the Railjack when entering and exiting the Forward Artillery back to back.
    More fixes towards players finding themselves in all kinds of brokenness when using Archwing Slingshot on a Crewship that had just been destroyed.
    Fixed elements of the Tactical Menu map disappearing in certain aspect ratios.
    Fixed Clients getting left behind when starting a second Railjack mission from the Dry Dock and Hosts getting stuck in infinite load.
    Fixed objective markers sometimes not showing after subsequent Railjack runs as Host.
    Fixed fighter/Crewship objective markers reappearing after migration when they had already been completed.
    Fixed Operator faces getting all messed up when piloting Railjack. Space fighters are thankful they no longer have to witness that horror anymore.
    Fixed meltdown projector showing for players that are still inside the Crewship.
    Fixed multiple issues related to Railjack for Clients invited to someone’s Orbiter including: 

      Fixed an issue where using "Board Railjack" / "Return to Orbiter" from the top menu while not close to the action itself would fail to execute it.
      Fixed an issue where Clients would spawn in a "random" spot on the Railjack instead of in the bridge like the Host does if they were still in the Orbiter.

    Fixed the Railjack Sungem and Caballero skins having the Ordnance and Nose Turret weapons clipping with parts of the Railjack/Skin.
    Fixed the waypoints for Commanders in Railjack missions not having distance information.
    Fixed Dragon Key debuff indicator appearing as a red dot in the HUD when Piloting the Railjack.
    Fixed purchasing a Glyph to equip on your Railjack only applying the icon, but not setting the selected item. This resulted in the Glyph slot name not updating and selecting to equip a new Glyph would auto focus the old Glyph you had before the purchase.
    Fixed teammate buttons in the Railjack Tactical Menu overlapping the location text.
    Fixed super long Railjack names overwhelming the Railjack HUD.
    Fixed UI becoming unresponsive after opening the Nightwave screen as the Operator when returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.
    Fixed Elemental Resistance Avionics not Ranking up properly.
    Fixed accessing the Railjack Arsenal from the Orbiter leading to camera placement issues.

Defendable Objects: Healing AoE and Damage Reduction Changes

Our Healing AoE / Damage Reduction changes posted back on April 3rd have arrived! If you’re unfamiliar, ultimately what we want is more ‘Healing’ Abilities to work to allow for more strategies to emerge in various mission types. Healing these objectives can serve well as an alternative or a complement to the commonly used defensive Abilities, such as Frost's Snow Globe, Gara's Mass Vitrify, Limbo's Cataclysm. 100% heals is not what we want to do, so we are instead allowing the effects with some objective-specific adjustments as to not trivialize the game modes.

All the initial information can be found in the Dev Workshop:

Heal Source

Normal effect

Effect on all types of static Defendable objects (Cryopods, Excavators, etc)

How did this work before this Update?

Gara - Mending Splinters

3 HP per sec for each active splinter

Fine as is.

As is

Hildryn - Haven

500 Max Shields
80% faster Shield recharge

Fine as is, will inherit the Normal effect behavior.

On live does nothing

Trinity - Blessing

Up to 100% HP and Shield restore

Previously did nothing. Now, will Heal for 500 over 5 seconds, can’t stack

On live does nothing

Equinox - Mend

25 Shields for each enemy killed
Burst heal based on how much damage was dealt
Notes: Since the heal amount is based on player damage, the numbers are astronomical which will lead to imbalances outside our goal here.

Previously did nothing. Now, Allow the Shields component to work and heal for 500 over 5 seconds, can’t stack.

Does not affect (health nor shield)

Vazarin - Protective Dash

5 seconds invulnerability
60% Heal over 5 seconds

No invulnerability
Heal for 500 over 5 seconds, can’t stack

Works at full effect

Khora - Venari

Heal for 50 hp/sec

Fine as is. Will return functionality that kicked this whole Workshop off.

We will be returning the functionality it had before

Hydroid - Curative Undertow

Heals 30% hp every 1.5 secs when ally stands on it

Previously did nothing. Heal for 100 per 1.5 sec

On live does nothing

Harrow - Penance

Heals allies for a % of damage dealt
Notes: Similar to Equinox, very hard to balance for this since it’s based on damage dealt.

Heals are capped up to 50 per second.

On live does nothing

Oberon - Renew

125 burst heal
50 health per sec

Previously did nothing. Now, Fine as is and will inherit this behavior.

On live does nothing

Garuda - Blood Siphon

Heals by % of missing health

Doesn’t apply, for flavor we think this shouldn’t.

On live does nothing

Inaros - Scarab Swarm

Heals for damage dealt by Swarm Projectile divided by allies in range.

Fine as is, will inherit this behavior.

On live does nothing

Nidus - Ravenous

Heal allies standing on it for 20 HP per second

Fine as is, will inherit this behavior.

On live does nothing

Wisp - Vitality Mote

Increase max hp by 300 and heal for 30 hp  per second

Fine as is, will inherit this behavior.

On live does nothing

Volt - Capacitance

Grants shields based on 3% of damage dealt

Capped at 250 shields, no overshields

On live does nothing

Titania - Passive

4 Heal Per Second for 20 Seconds,

Fine as is

On live does nothing

Sancti Magistar

Heals for damage dealt in an AoE

Heal for up to 500 over 5 seconds, can’t stack with other players. Going from a burst to Heal over Time.

Going from burst to heal over time

Ancient Healer

Heal for 100 HP every 20 seconds

Fine as is

As is

Rejuvenation Aura

Heal 3 HP per sec

Fine as is

As is

Arcane Pulse

60% Chance to heal for 150 HP when picking up a globe with a 15 sec cooldown.

Fine as is

As is

Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction Source

Normal effect

Effect on all types of static Defendable objects (Cryopods, Excavators, etc)

How did this work before this Update?

Trinity - Blessing

50% Damage reduction

Capped at 50% Damage Reduction

On live does nothing

Mirage - Total Eclipse

Grants 75% Damage reduction to allies

Capped at 50% Damage Reduction

On live does nothing

Titania - Thorns

50% damage redirected to enemies

Fine as is (no effect)

On live does nothing

Gara - Splinter Storm

70% Damage reduction

Capped at 50% Damage Reduction

Works at full effect

Ember - Immolated Radiance

50% of Immolates Damage reduction applies to allies

Capped at 50% Damage Reduction

On live does nothing

Baruuk - Desolate Hands

80% Damage reduction

Capped at 50% Damage Reduction

On live does nothing

Harrow - Warding Thurible

40% Damage Reduction

Capped at 50% Damage Reduction

Works at full effect

Nezha - Warding Halo

Absorbs 90% of damage

Capped at 50% Damage Reduction

On live does nothing

Conclave Mods Converted to PVE

The following Conclave Mods have been converted/balanced to PvE Mods! If you already own these Mods they will automatically be available in your Arsenal. You can still obtain these Mods via Conclave, but will also be added to Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker Cred Offerings.

    Warframe PVP to PVE Mods (listed at max Rank)

      Rumbled (Atlas, Rumblers Augment): Atlas becomes a Rumbler with Rock Armor that can absorb up to 300% of max Health worth of Damage. 

        Please note that this Augment did not convert correctly and we will be fixing it in a near Hotfix!

      Prism Guard (Mirage, Prism Augment): Prism follows above Mirage. Duration changed to 4s.
      Purifying Flames (Ember, Fire Blast Augment): Allies hit by the expanding ring of fire will be granted 4s of Status immunity.
      Power of Three (Ivara, Quiver Augment): Quiver fires three arrows and consumes 20 more Energy.
      Deceptive Bond (Loki, Decoy Augment): 50% of damage Loki takes is transferred to Decoy, and vice versa.
      Singularity (Nyx, Absorb Augment): Create a ring every 3s that drags in enemies at 15m/s.
      Recharge Barrier (Volt, Electric Shield Augment): Allies that pass through have 35% Shields restored.
      Purging Slash (Excalibur, Slash Dash Augment): Allies in the path of Slash Dash have 4 debuffs removed and 100% Shields restored.

    Weapon PVP to PVE Mods (listed at max Rank)

      Ambush Optics (Rubico): -50% Zoom.
      Brain Storm (Grakata): On Headshot: +100% Ammo Efficiency for 1s.
      Directed Convergence (Supra): +100% Accuracy when Aiming.
      Focused Acceleration (Tetra): When Aiming: +80% Projectile Speed.
      Shrapnel Rounds (Marelok): +200% Multishot, -66% Damage.
      Skull Shots (Viper): On Headshots: +100% Ammo Efficiency for 2s.
      Double Tap (Latron): On Hit: 20% Bonus Damage on next Hit for 2s.

Simulor/Synoid Simulor Changes

    We have made the following changes to the Simulor/Synoid Simulor:

      Increased per stack damage for stacked orbs:

        Simulor: 20 to 50
        Synoid Simulor: 20 to 80

      Increased damage of exploding vortexes:

        Simulor: 75 to 100
        Synoid Simulor: 75 to 240

    Increased the duration of active vortexes to 20 seconds before they explode (unless done so manually).
    Reduced the lifetime duration of a single Orb before it explodes. 

      This allows single projectiles to be used offensively as they now detonate quickly and have had their damage increased significantly. 
      Creating vortexes now happens rather quickly. Shoot 4 orbs in quick succession to create a fully powered vortex. With this we also added a max number of active Orbs to 4. 

    Added a max number of active vortexes at a time to 3 and increased the orb stack count to reach a fully powered vortex from 3 to 4.

      With the significant increase in damage and lifetime of active vortexes, and with the added bonus of individual orbs providing more utility, adding a cap to the number of active vortexes and increasing the orb count for maxed vortexes felt appropriate to strike balance with the changes. 
      Once 3 fully maxed vortexes are active, the Simulor will now default to single-shot orbs - with the reduced lifetime of a single orb, there are now more ways to use the Simulor against enemies!

    Removed the initial stagger on enemies that would occur on vortex creation. 

      We removed this effect so that enemies aren’t pushed out of range of the vortex as much. 

    Updated Simulor and Synoid Simulor’s FX!

Controller Changes & Fixes

    Selecting “Defaults” in the ‘Customize Controller’ Options will now give you the option to choose to either default ‘All’ bindings or just those in the current tab.

    Fixed some issues with controller bindings not saving if swapping between using a controller or KBM to select bindings tabs. 

      Any changes made in individual tabs will now save locally in the tab until you close out of Options, at which point it’ll save them if desired. 

Kuva Lich Fixes

    Fixed the game unpausing in Solo missions when the Menu is open after viewing Kuva Lich information page.
    Fixed the decoy created by the “Ruse” Kuva Lich ability having a red HUD marker. To avoid confusion of who the real Kuva Lich is, this additional marker will no longer appear.
    Fixed cases where your Kuva Lich Vanquish transmission wouldn’t show the correct Kuva Lich name.
    Fixed ally Kuva Lich name/Health bar overriding enemy Kuva Lich UI.
    Fixed the Kuva Bramma’s projectiles not getting pulled into Mag’s Magnetize and instead bouncing off of the area and yeeting into the sky.
    Fixed getting damaged by ally Kuva Liches who cast Plasma Eruption.
    Fixed Requiem Relic Kuva reward not stating how much Kuva you’re actually getting.
    Fixed a case of Kuva Larvlings not spawning due to having an Amp with a specific name.


    Optimized shader upload particularly when not using Deferred Rendering.
    Optimized load-times and memory footprint for Orbiter, Relays and Towns and Dojos.
    Made numerous improvements to diagnostics submitted when the game crashes, particularly for crashes coming from Graphics drivers.
    Made optimizations to the Grineer Settlement, Corpus Ice Planet, Orokin Moon, Grineer Galleon, Grineer Shipyard, and Grineer Fortress tilesets.
    Cleaned up FX to improve performance with the Detron/Mara Detron, and tweaked their projectile lifetime to 3-5 seconds.
    Continued performance improvements towards Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones when using a Multishot weapon.
    Improved hitch that would occur when opening the in-game Market. A spinner icon will now appear briefly instead when loading.
    Fixed a large game hitch that could last up to 10 seconds when replacing a Dragon Key in the Gear wheel with a K-Drive Launcher.
    Fixed a long game hitch when equipping the Legacy Theme and opening the Star Chart.
    Made optimizations to the sound thread which might improve performance on low end machines.
    Improved screen space reflections to sit better with cubemap reflections with Deferred Rendering enabled! You may notice a slight quality bump with this change.

General Additions

    Added a ‘click’ sound when cycling through zoom options with Sniper Rifles.

General UI Changes

    The in-game Market has received a refreshed look with the addition of top level filters:

      Your chosen UI Theme is now reflected when viewing the in-game Market! 

        Now that the Market uses Themes you can now see more details about items on hover and can Tab to see Weapon stats.

      Moved Market filters to be grouped with the search bar.

        Added filter to ‘Hide Mastered’ items.

      Added "NEW" tag for new items.
      Added new starburst FX to the “Thank You for Your Purchase” screen in the in-game Market. Such pizazz!

    Added ‘Preview’ button (right-mouse click) to items in your Inventory that will take you to their page in the in-game Market.

      Also added this feature for Prime items in your Inventory to learn more about them!

    Added a new ‘LANDING CRAFT’ option under Equipment. The previous ‘Select Landing Craft’ and ‘Customize Landing Craft’ that were part of the ‘ORBITER’ option will be housed there now.
    Updated the Relic Pack Relic contents screen (when purchased in the in-game Market and from Syndicates) - it will now show each Relic’s contents better categorized by rarity.

      Also added ‘Common’, ‘Uncommon’,  ‘Rare’ tooltips over rarity icons.

    The Invite screen has a fresh new look and has been polished:

      Added count of online friends and Clan members.
      Improved the hover indicator to be clearer when selecting from the list.

    Added ‘Daily Standing Cap’ information to the Bounties screens in Cetus and Fortuna.

    The Leaderboard screen has been refreshed to apply your chosen UI Theme and display information/options in a cleaner way.
    You’ll now be met by a confirmation prompt when choosing to close Warframe by using the X in the game window.
    Added Riven compatible items component to Riven Unveil screen when Unveiling a Riven and when viewing a Riven via Chat Link!

    The Trading screen will now prompt you with a warning when you’re about to Trade an Arcane that is currently equipped.
    You can now search the Mods Codex section via Drop Location by entering the location in the search bar (ie Arbitrations, Nightwave, Earth, etc).
    Banshee, Excalibur Umbra, Frost, Nekros, Nova, Nyx, Saryn, Valkyr, and Zephyr Ability videos have been added to their respective Arsenals!
    Reduced spacing between mini-map and objective text when fighting Eidolons.

General Changes

    Titania Prime has been given her own unique dodge/roll animations that flow better with her floating movement! As requested here
    Instead of having to re-aim at your placed Waypoint to remove it (or spam G twice), now you can remove your Waypoint by holding G! G, isn’t that helpful!
    Improved the look of rain with Deferred Rendering enabled in the Plains of Eidolon on surfaces so that they look less like grey, boring puddles.
    Helminth Cysts can now be removed in the Helminth Infirmary after one day as opposed to waiting a whole week.
    You can now sell your duplicate Garuda, Harrow, Octavia, Revenant, and Nidus Blueprints for 2500 Credits from your Inventory.
    You can now sell Syndicate 10x Restores for 2500 Credits.
    Increased the Status Chance of the Twin Grakatas to match their mechanic of firing 2 rounds at once.
    Polished the handless cartwheel and knock back animations from self-interrupt weapons. Also fixed the knock back distance and slide to be more aligned so that the Warframe isn’t just standing still.
    Changed Grendel's Nourish ability description to "Inflict Toxin damage on Feasted enemies in Grendel's gut one by one, adsorbing nourishment to buff allies. Tap to cycle through buffs and hold to cast."
    Updated the grunge on the Corbu Shawzin to make it edgier for all your shredding needs.
    Polished the Grattler Heavy Gun’s fire and reload animations. Also fixed an errant animation that played when equipped.
    Update FX for Corpus Osprey projectiles.
    Improved camera collision against water so that it doesn’t penetrate and go underwater as much.
    Improved Mirage's Sleight of Hand's detection of light and dark areas to decide which booby trap to spawn. Also fixed a bug where the 'package' could use the wrong type of explosion based on light/dark in certain situations.
    Made some slight changes to Corinth Prime’s sound mix.
    Multiple invites from players will no longer stack the invite received sound FX to save your ears from the increasing volume.
    If a player sends an invite to someone who has “Do Not Disturb” mode on it will now say “(Player Name) is using Do Not Disturb and will not receive invitations”.
    Reduced the Basmu’s firing sound FX from other players.
    Khora’s Spikes (her default back attachment) are now an Auxiliary attachment to give players more customization options with Syandanas.
    Added support to Sword & Board skins to have consistent main-hand holster positions and scaling regardless of base weapon.

      This also fixed Sigma & Octantis shield popping closed and opened again when holstering. 

    This also fixed Sigma & Octantis shield popping closed and opened again when holstering.
    Made updates and optimizations to several weapon FX including Kitguns.
    Made minor general explosion FX updates.
    Increased the text fields on the Mastery Rank Up message to better accommodate other languages.
    Updated the Orokin Tree mesh and materials to be higher quality. Yay fresh trees!
    You can now customize your Kavat’s Emissive color, which will affect their tail and eye color.

      This option also fixes not being able to change the color of the fan-like Kavat tails due to it being based on energy color.

    Titania can no longer play the Shawzin while in Razorwing due to it resulting in a very broken flying state.
    Improved Liset previews (Xiphos, etc) by adding respective Liset animations, FX, etc.
    Reduced Shedu’s projectile brightness FX.
    Domestik Drones will no longer start semi-hidden in the Decoration placement mode. They will now be fully visible instead of its previously glowy state!
    Updated Infested hit/stagger reactions to give the player more understanding of when player attacks are landing!
    Minor tweaks to Excalibur’s Radial Javelin cast effect and gave it some ground interaction (ice chunks when cast over ice, etc).


    Fixed Scarlet Spear score not showing in your Profile.
    Fixed Exodia Contagion projectiles ignoring Limbo’s Rift status of enemies/the player, letting it hit enemies across the Rift.

      This allowed for Limbo to attack from a position of invulnerability, where normally damage cannot cross the Rift unless it’s a Warframe ability of some kind. We intentionally did not fix this until after the Scarlet Spear event, but it is a bug. 

    Fixed Lech Kril not being affected by Viral Status Effects. 

      The same rule of Status Effects reacting with Bosses or VIPS (added in 27.3.0) applies here.

    Fixed a functionality loss after exiting a self-stagger multiple times.
    Fixed inability to fly up/down in Archwing if the Tranq Rifle or Lure is equipped.
    Fixed a Host migration during a Disruption mission resulting in the UI becoming broken and the next round will not start.
    Fixed Ability Range Mods not affecting Titania’s Lantern ability.
    Fixed inability to equip Flight Speed Mods, such as Terminal Velocity, on the Basmu.
    Fixed enemies getting stuck inside the portal when defending the consoles in Orokin Sabotage.
    Fixed the “waiting for players” button missing in the UI when loading into Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Fixed objective marker never pathing through doors to one of the cells in Caliban, Uranus.
    Fixed crash in Conclave due to the “x was killed by x” message.
    Fixed Saryn’s Molt doing idle animations when using certain skins.
    Fixed “awaiting revive from teammates” message missing in revive UI until players are out of revives.
    Fixed some animation inconsistencies with the Aerolyst.
    Fixed loss of functionality after swapping Primary and Secondary weapons right at the moment you die.
    Fixed an energy FX clipping through into an unintended area in Augustus, Mars.
    Fixed being unable to use Transference to Operator while Tranq Rifle or Fishing Spear is equipped.
    Fixed the Sniper Ammo Mutation mod not appearing under the Exilus category in the Mod screen.
    Fixed certain boss attacks (Ropalolyst’s laser attack and Profit Taker’s missile for example) not respecting Shield Gating and killing players in one hit.
    Fixed multiple issues with Cetus’ and the Plains of Eidolon skybox related to fog, ambient clouds, and the weather systems.
    Fixed an issue with the Sabotage mission on Thebe, Jupiter where the Client’s defense progress could deviate from the Host.
    Fixed several Syandanas (Altra, Centuria, Kerata, Kuva Braid, Maggor, Sigma Series, and Vaykor) not sitting correctly on Nova’s Atomica skin.
    Fixed an issue with featured Market items cycling while viewing your profile with the in-game Market open.
    Fixed an edge case where emote hotkeys could cancel ability animations.
    Made multiple fixes for the Golden Maw becoming invisible during attacks, when underground, or when generally not doing anything.
    Fixed the Zealoid Prelate in the Derelict Emissary Assasinate mission looking like he’s riding an invisible motorcycle (as if he wasn’t edgy enough) and getting stuck that way if he falls off a small ledge.
    Fixed fire rate mods not working on the Prisma Burst Laser.
    Fixed pipes in the Forge room at the back of Railjack not properly lining up with sockets.
    Fixed partial themed background in Syndicate screen when selecting ‘View Offerings’ before the Syndicate transmission is fully shown.
    Fixed Cestra’s clip ejecting in the wrong directions when reloading. Also tweaked the reload animation timing so that you can see the arm rotating instead of looking like it pops.
    Fixed Emblems on Rhino Prime and Wukong Prime equipped with any TennoGen skin (except for Vojnik for Rhino) sitting too far off from the shoulders with Prime details toggled off.
    Fixes towards Warframe still performing custom reload animations with the Stratus Pistol skin equipped.
    Fixed the Mergoos being barely visible in their Codex icons.
    Fixes towards Melee weapons equipped with the Kopesh Longsword skin clipping into Warframe.
    Fixed the Codex dioramas for the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst appearing as the Teralyst.
    Fixed the Fluctus Arch-Gun’s stats not indicating that it has ‘Infinite’ punch-through. Go forth and punch-through all of the things, Tenno!
    Fixed Akarius’ projectiles not homing onto enemies for Clients.
    Fixed armor offsets for Saryn to prevent clipping into TennoGen skins. This also fixes the clipping issues with the Pakal Chest Plate and Kuva Leg Plates.
    Fixed clicking on chat-linked Zaws overlapping UI screens that are already open with the Zaw inventory select screen.
    Fixed the Kavat Starter Pack only giving 1x Kavat Genetic Code instead of the intended 10x. This also fixed purchasing Kavat Genetic Codes from the Kavat Starter Pack only giving 1x, when the UI indicated 10x.

      We removed the ability to purchase them in the bundle to prevent this issue, but they can still be purchased individually in the in-game Market outside of the bundle. 

    Fixed the Daikyu with a skin equipped folding in the middle when unequipped and set to ‘Visible When Holstered’.
    Fixed Galvanik Shoulder Plates, Quaro, and Narvarr Prime armor clipping through Equinox’s shoulders on both of her forms.
    Fixes towards clipping issues from upper leg armor pieces on Excalibur.
    Fixed Excalibur’s Ion Helmet appearing as his default in the Conclave Arsenal after being equipped in the co-op Arsenal. This also fixed being unable to equip the Ion helmet while in the Conclave Arsenal.
    Fixed the cloth ribbon on the Karak/Karak Wraith when equipped with the Desert-Camo and Conclave skin appearing distorted and behaving strangely.
    Fixed reload animation issues on the Karak/Karak Wraith when equipped with the Desert-Camo and Conclave skin.
    Fixed the Acolyte Sigil icon in the Inventory and Arsenal menus appearing squashed.
    Fixed several Emblem icons appearing stretched and lower resolution in the Arsenal menu.
    Fixed the Braton Vandal being sellable for only 1 Credit. We increased the sell price to 7500 Credits so that it matches most other Primary Weapons.
    Fixed tilted position of the Telos Boltace when holstered on Mesa’s back.
    Fixed the icons for the Braton Nocturne Skin and Kintsugi Skin missing its clip in the in-game Market and Arsenal.
    Made fixes towards clipping issues with Bow quivers and Khora’s Spikes.
    Fixed icon for the Vahd Pauldrons not reflecting the look of the in-game item.
    Fixed icons for the Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime showing blue energy instead of the intended orange.
    Fixed Mirage’s Mithra skin icon having different colors than the actual skin.
    Fixed Loki Dojo statues having a different material on its head than on its body.
    Fixed reward and ‘Rank Up!’ UI popups having dark backgrounds with HDR enabled.
    Fixed black pixels appearing during fly-in cinematic when loading into missions with HDR enabled.
    Fixed the Vahd Pauldrons doubling up on the right shoulder pad on Operators.
    Fixed spelling of ‘Suumbaat’ in Kickbots auto replies.
    Fixed the Hammers Palatine skin changing sizes when equipped on the Arca Triton and Fragor Prime. It will now be the same size across the board.
    Fixed Volt's Shield causing Exodia Contagion's projectile to never explode.
    Fixed the Azima playing double the amount of shots per “fire” sound FX for other players.
    Fixed Zenith’s firing sound FX doubling for other players.
    Fixed ‘ctrl + left/right’ in a text field adding a unicode character (displayed as *).
    Fixed certain instances where Sentients would stand still. and not do or attack anything.
    Fixed cases where Skyboxes were rendering black after switching Deferred Rendering on.
    Fixed some floating geometry that was outside of bounds in the Gas City tileset.
    Fixed Shawzin strings showing up as black boxes when HDR is enabled.
    Fixed lag issues when playing the Shawzin.
    Fixed missing assets in the Orb Vallis Diorama for Personal Quarters.
    Fixed a couple map holes in Lares, Mercury.
    Fixed floating platforms appearing way in the distance in the Mastery Rank 29 test.
    Fixed camera snapping behind you when standing idle and reloading, just like when you're shooting.
    Fixed stackable projectiles not resetting correctly.
    Fixed broken glow on Relic Rewards screen in-mission around Boosters section with HDR enabled.
    Fixed inability to clear number values after attempting to type a number in the Options menu.
    Fixed ability to clip through the Helminth Infirmary chair after having your Helminth Cyst removed.
    Fixes to numerous clipping issues with the Solstice Centuria Syandana.
    Fixed the Ocucor Arsenal stat displaying a Multishot value of 2 with no Mods equipped.
    Fixed the Ocucors energy tendril that can home-in on enemies not being affected by Multishot.
    Fixed the Mod Drop Chance Booster text getting cut off in the Booster UI section.
    Fixed equipping a TennoGen Skin onto a polearm Zaw removing the Sugatra placements at both ends of the polearm.
    Fixed [Pause > Equipment -> Arsenal] teleporting you to the Railjack Arsenal if your Dojo doesn't have an Observatory. Option no longer shows if you don't have a completed Observatory; normally we never teleport to the Railjack one if the Observatory is complete.
    Fixed [Pause > Navigation] in the Dojo not doing anything if you have a Dry Dock/Railjack, but no Observatory room. Option no longer shows if you don't have a completed Observatory.
    Fixed Kuva Jesters growing surprisingly large on the shoulders of Kuva Guardians when affected by Ivara’s Sleep Arrow.
    Fixed Clients only seeing Sentinel Burst Laser weapon only firing 1 bolt instead of 3.
    Fixed a case of Titania’s motion/animations breaking when going in and out of Razorwing.
    Fixed incorrect Melee sounds playing when using a Gilded Polearm Zaw with a Skin.
    Fixed Mod Station Mods list appearing cut off if the Nightwave screen is opened while counting down to enter a Relay or Town and the loading starts with the Nightwave screen remaining open.
    Fixed Arch-Guns becoming invisible when equipped while casting Gauss’ Redline ability.
    Fixed both Charged Damage and Quick Shot Damage of Hildryn’s Balefire Charger Damage displaying the same value in the Arsenal.
    Fixed a script error caused by a Mirage Sleight Of Hand trap wanting to explode after it has already expired.
    Fixed enemies not being affected by Heat or Impact Status Effects when under the effect of Harrow’s Condemn.
    Fixed a case of Hildryn’s Haven doing zero damage to enemies it links to.
    Fixed a rare crash when the squad Host migrates while loading into a Relay.
    Fixed Dojo Decoration preview disappearing after selecting another Decoration.
    Fixed Arcane tooltip in your Inventory showing more information than necessary. The tooltip of the selected Arcane should only show the Rank information.
    Fixed incorrect Melee grip on all Heavy Blade skins.
    Fixed enemies switching their target to your Sentinel while you’re attempting a Parazon Finisher.
    Fixed Plinx becoming unusable if a negative Multishot Riven is equipped on it.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Saryn Specter considered casting Spore with only 1 enemy within 15 meters.
    Fixed several script errors that could occur during screen-shake events, particularly if you just joined the mission or died abruptly during a shake.
    Fixed Zaws remaining in your Warframe’s hands when switching Arsenal views to your Primary/Secondary.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a mission in progress while an Ivara was using Prowl.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a Ropalolyst mission in progress or suffering a complete party-wipe before it uses a special attack.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if you were swinging Excalibur’s Exalted Blade at the same time as you activated a context action.
    Fixed a script error that could occur as a result of various flash-bang NPC attacks mis-firing on non-player targets.
    Fixed your Melee weapon appearing in your hand when Interacting with you Companion in your Orbiter.
    Fixed the Scourge projectile trail FX appearing distorted.
    Fixed a script error when logging out while the Saya's Vigil Quest is active.
    Fixed a script error when entering Orb Vallis as a Client while Thermia Fractures are active
    Fixed Rescue Prisoner Guards spawning inside the ground during the ‘Rescue the Prisoner’ phase of a Rescue Ghoul Defector Bounty in the Plains.
    Fixed some flickering on the Ki'teer Ephemera as it wasn't properly using the Attachment Energy color.
    Fixed seeing a [PH] Equip Omni Tool under the Customize Controller > Ability Menu.
    Fixed the Executioner Harkonar Noggle face being offset.
    Fixed cases of overlapping UI when opening the Pause Menu while viewing other screens.
    Fixed some general AI navigation and collision issues.
    Fixed multiple issues with notification icons in UI popups not appearing solid white, notably the Invasion icon.
    Fixed a crash when a player would try to get into an emplacement and then before finishing the emplacement, the player is knocked out of it.
    Fixed color issue with Gauss’ Speed Gauge UI.
    Fixed context actions appearing on Drums being used as structural decorations in the Observatory in the Dojo.
    Fixed a case where you could perform a Melee Slam backwards if you happened to be aiming at your Sentinel.
    Fixed dual wielding the Spectra Vandal with a Glaive causing the Spectra Vandal to look like the ordinary Spectra.
    Fixed Planets/ships sometimes popping into view during the fly-in cinematic.
    Fixes towards Client rewards never catching up to Host in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Fixed a script error related to restoring Health after Host migration.
    Fixed not being able to fuse a Mod if you had the exact amount of Credits to afford it.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when leaving an open world area with a Chesa Kubrow using the Retrieve Precept.
    Fixed script error related to Helminth Chargers Strain Eruption Maggots exploding.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when loading large levels on low-end hardware caused by the system being unable to handle large IO queues.
    Fixed script error that could occur if someone quit the game instead of picking a Void Fissure reward.
    Fixed script error that could occur when jumping down into the darkness in the Apostasy Prologue as Excalibur Umbra.
    Fixed script error related to Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability.
    Fixed issue where Sword & Board weapon Skins would not preview with the shield opened.
    Fixed some rendering artifacts (black squares) that could appear if you killed an enemy and their ragdoll had severed body parts (notably with Frost's Avalanche).
    Fixed Vauban’s Flechette Orb being destroyed if thrown into a Mutalist Quanta orb.
    Fixed script error that could occur when entering the Plains of Eidolon at the same time as someone sacrifices a Brilliant Eidolon Shard.
    Fixed custom holstered locations for Zaw Staves defaulting after exiting the Arsenal.
    Fixed being unable to jump as Client after performing a recovery move from self-stagger.
    Fixed crash that could occur with projectiles and Wisp’s Motes.
    Fixed the Rahk Fluctus skin on ground Arch-gun flickering between it and the default skin when being viewed by another player.
    Fixed crash related to casting Oberon’s abilities.
    Fixed multiple script errors related to Host migrations in Arbitration missions.
    Fixed issues where enemies would not spawn in some Archwing Mobile Defense missions.
    Fixed crazy glass flickering issues in the floor of the Larunda Relay.
    Fixed being all kinds of broken if you enter Sharkwing areas as Titania in her Razorwing mode.
    Fixed being more kinds of broken if you transition from Sharkwing to land while Dual Wielding.
    Fixed inaccurate waypoint markers for Syndicate Medallions when picked up.
    Fixed Rathuum Arena scoreboard opening FX spamming constantly once opened.
    Fixed missing reticle when Transferring to Operator while in Titania’s Razorwing.
    Fixed the Corinth Prime playing an Alt Fire animation that does no damage if only 3 shots are left with no Ammo remaining.
    Fixed Rhino Stomp, Convergence Orbs, and the Ignis shooting FX appearing translucent when Adaptive Exposure is enabled.
    Fixed having Mission Progress open when completing a Mastery Test preventing loading back to the Relay.
    Fixed Executioner Harkonar decoy counting as a kill in the Rathuum Arena.
    Fixed not receiving a warning for going over the Cetus Daily Standing Limit when providing Fish.
    Fixed ending up with no UI if you were killed in an Arbitration mission before a Host migration and did not spawn until the migration was complete.
    Fixed script errors when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
    Fixed a harmless script error that would occur at the end of a Fomorian Assault mission if any core nodes were destroyed right as the shields were going back up.
    Fixed a script error that would occur if you died trying to reach a safe distance from a Fomorian before it exploded.
    Fixed script error that would occur if you crashed during a Fomorian Assault and managed to restart and reconnect to the mission during the escape sequence.
    Fixed GPU particles sometimes not taking the proper energy colors upon being recycled.

Vendredi 24 avril 2020
Scarlet Spear - 27.3.16

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed inability to access the Tactical Menu while Piloting or using side Turrets the Railjack with a controller as reported here
    Another fix towards getting stuck on a black screen when using the Archwing Slingshot into an exploding Crewship and then trying to leave.
    Fixed the Intrinsics screens not showing the correct button callout for keyboard users when you view the descriptions.
    Fixed a script error leading to broken/missing Railjack HUD when Piloting or using Turrets after loading into a Railjack mission as a Client (or following Host migration).


    Fixed the Basmu's healing pulse receiving exponential copies of equipped Mods with each pulse when under the effect of some conditional buffs, which led to unintended amounts of damage.
    Fixed Penta/Secura Penta grenades becoming stuck when Napalm Grenades is equipped, thus rendering the Penta unusable. As reported here
    Fixed Grendel being able to Feast on Vauban’s deployed traps; a snack that contains no nutritional daily value.
    Fixed a noticeable hitch when picking up Bullet Jump Mods.
    Fixed an issue where you'd sometimes not get the ‘NEW!’ tag on a Bullet Jump Mod if you already owned some other Bullet Jump Mod.
    Fixed Grineer Dargyns in Erpo Earth mission flying in odd spirals.
    Fixed missing "Your access to in-game chat has been suspended" message.
    Fixed an edge case crash that could occur when suffering a bad connection.
    Fixed a script error that could affect people playing the New Strange or the Silver Grove Quests when joining other missions or quitting the game.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Kuva Lich transmission triggers while quitting the game.
    Fixed a script error if you log out (i.e. drop connection) while customizing Warframe/Weapon/etc colors.
    Fixed a script error when joining an Eidolon Hunt in progress.
    Fixed a script error that could occur while playing the Saya's Vigil Quest.
    Fixed a script error that would show up in Gas City Spy vaults but only in Sortie missions.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when becoming a Host due to a Host migration.
    Fixed a script error when loading into a mission and casting Baruuks Lull ability.
    Fixed a script error when summoning a friendly Saryn Specter.
    Fixed a script error that could occur while playing a Survival mission.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when opening a Resource Cache in a Sabotage mission.
    Fixed a script error when encountering the Halls of Ascension Endurance Test.
    Fixed a script error when placing Decorations in the Dojo.

Vendredi 17 avril 2020
Scarlet Spear -


    Changed the Alliance MOTD to read "EDIT ALLIANCE MESSAGE" instead of “EDIT CLAN MESSAGE” when attempting to edit said message. 


    Fixed a script error that resulted in a UI soft-lock if you open a Look Link with an Archwing in it.
    Fixed a script error related to having a Cyst.
    Fixed a script error when returning to the Liset after a mission.
    Fixed a script error after returning to the Relay from mission.
    Fixed a script error with Baruuk's Lull ability when used with Railjack Ability Kinesis.
    Fixed a script error that could occur in Spy missions as a Client under hostile network conditions.
    Fixed script error you could encounter as a Client playing an Archwing Pursuit mission.
    Fixed script error you could encounter when joining an Archwing Pursuit mission in-progress.
    Fixed a script error that could occur on Gas City missions when joining a mission in progress .
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Ghoul Rictus' hook-shot grabbed onto something that was destroyed before it could reach.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Ghoul Rictus' hook-shot grabbed onto something right as you exited the mission.
    Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Tribute ability.

Vendredi 17 avril 2020
Scarlet Spear - 27.3.15

Operation: Scarlet Spear Fix

    Fixed mission objective UI icon to “Retrieve the OpLink Satellite” showing as “*” instead of the mission objective marker. With this we also fixed other UI screens not showing the correct icons or key bindings (such as the ability menu while piloting the Railjack with a controller). 

Railjack Changes and Fixes

    Made the hit notification sounds clearer when making contact with an enemy fighter.
    Fixed UI becoming unresponsive if the ‘view mission progress’ screen was open while transitioning to another Railjack level or Dry Dock. 


    Made a micro-optimization to the Carabus heat beam effects.
    Attempted further improve our script error diagnostics and better expose problems with errors caused by joining Hosts under hostile network conditions.


    Grineer Forest tileset ferns will now dither when the camera is close to them to help visibility when shooting.


    Fixes towards some Earth tileset boundaries that allowed players to escape outside the level.
    Fixed friendly Specters suffering knockdown when deployed and taking entirely way too long to recover.
    Fixed the “Cut Fish” preview window at Fisher Hai-Luk and the “Dismantle” preview window at The Business cutting the top row of items making it impossible to see the amount of each item.
    Fixed an issue where an Eidolon Wail could hit players in Limbo’s Rift after a Host migration.
    Fixed a script error that could result in the Kuva Siphon not spawning correctly.
    Fixed a script error in Vor's Prize if you happened to kill an enemy after recovering the Nav Segment; apart from a few cosmetic things this would have broken the extra Affinity you would have earned for optionally destroying the Reactor.
    Fixed a script error that would prevent Sanctuary Onslaught Conduits from appearing.
    Fixed a script error that could occur in Ambulas Assassinate missions if an Ambulas was picked up by a Condor Dropship while a Drone was still tethered to it.
    Fixed multiple other script errors with the Ambulas Assasinate mission.
    Fixed a script error that could be caused by various NPC attacks that temporarily blind the player.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when fighting Eidolons if an energy wave was still propagating as the Eidolon died.
    Fixed a script error with the Helminth Cyst.
    Fixed Host migration script errors in Orokin Sabotage missions.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if joining a mission right when a Harrow casts Condemn.
    Fixed a script error that would occur for any Client observing a Gara cast Spectrorage; this would have resulted in missing customization effects for all Clients.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a mission right when a Gara casts Spectrorage.
    Fixed several script errors related to Ammo Dispensers in open-world maps that would occur when joining missions in progress.
    Fixed a script error with Magus Lockdown.
    Fixed a script crash that could occur when killing an enemy while having the Peculiar Growth Mod equipped.
    Fixed a harmless script error that would occur if you aborted a mission while a Teralyst was gathering Vomvalysts to shield it.
    Fixed a script that could occur if you flipped off your K-Drive at the right moment and sent it flying into the hallway between Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if you killed a Carabus while it was still blasting you with its heat ray.
    Fixed a script error that could occur with various Sentient and Corpus types.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if the Ropalolyst lost its target.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining Exterminate missions in progress.
    Fixed several script errors that could occur during a Kuva Lich's Tactical Inversion (Switch Teleport) ability if the victim died during the cast animation.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when loading between regions wearing certain types of Armor (Etheria Shoulder Plates, Ki'teer Foros Leg Plates, Saturn Six Knee Plates, etc.)
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a mission in progress while someone is opening a locker.
    Fixed a script error that would occur if all Tenno were down during an air-strike on Hades (Pluto).
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Kuva Lich escaped or was killed while casting a fire-blast attack.
    More fixes towards a Void Fissure script error mistakenly causing the Fissures to spawn on the ground, not slightly above it.
    Fixed a script error that could occur for Clients joining a mission in progress in the Power Drift Hall of Ascension room.
    Fixed script crashes related to Operators using Madurai’s Void Radiance or Unairu’s Void Chrysalis Focus Ways and Clients with slower connections to the Host.
    Fixed a script error that would occur when joining a mission that has alarm buttons under hostile network conditions.
    Fixed a script error that would occur for Clients if you loaded into a Capture mission after the Target-capturing animation had started.
    Fixed a harmless script error that could occur if you aborted a mission while Energy Conversion was active.
    Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when joining a Capture mission in progress right as the Target was downed.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if certain types of objects were pushed into teleport volumes.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if you dismounted a K-Drive at the last second and sent it flying into a loading tunnel while another Tenno watched.
    Fixed a script error if you managed to destroy a Kuva Fortress Shrapnel Mine before it could explode.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a squad where someone using the Mecha Mod set kills the marked target right at the same time.
    Fixed a script error in the Shockwave Actuators Precept that could occur if the enemy in the blast area was destroyed while it was being knocked back.
    Fixed a script error occurring when your Sentinel attempts to Revive you.
    Fixed a script error with Nova’s Antimatter Drop with the Atomica Skin equipped.
    Fixed a script error with Smeeta Kavat’s Mischief precept.
    Fixed multiple script errors when casting Warframe abilities.

Mercredi 15 avril 2020
Scarlet Spear - 27.3.14

New Warframe Augments (max rank)!

Head to the respective Syndicate Offerings to add these new Warframe Augments to your Arsenal (and become a flying meatball).

    Titania - Spellbind Augment - Spellbound Harvest

    • Hitting at least 4 enemies with Spellbind will grant Titania 50 Energy.

    Harrow - Condemn Augment - Tribunal

    • Other players will proc 50% of the effects of Penance and Thurible when attacking chained enemies.

    Grendel - Pulverize Augment - Catapult

    • Middle mouse button to launch Grendel in your aim direction. Costs 10 Energy.

    Hildryn - Shield Pillage Augment - Blazing Pillage

    • Enemies affected by Haven will be set ablaze for 200 Heat Damage and restore 50 additional Shields to Hildryn.

General Change

    Titania Primes Razorwing Energy wings will now be hidden when aiming to avoid blocking your sight. 

Scarlet Spear Fix

    Fixed script errors if Kill Code is received while quitting Murex Raid mission to return to Flotilla.

Railjack Fix

    Another fix towards "Tactical Efficiency" (Tactical Rank 6) not modifying the Flux Energy cost of using some Battle Avionics.

You’ll notice that a majority of these fixes are related to ‘script errors’, which are no stranger to Hotfix notes, but the list below is a bit girthier than usual. We implemented some backend code to expose harmless yet lingering script errors for our team to squash! 


    Fixed temporarily losing the ability to aim, shoot, swap weapons, or type if the player attempts to Mercy in the middle of a knockback animation.
    Fixed Motus Impact not extending the Melee range of Titania’s Diwata.
    Fixed Terra Attack Drones in the Orb Vallis idling on the ground when not in combat instead of flying around like a good Drone should.
    Fixed being stuck in the Transference Chair in the Orbiter Captura Scene if you Transferred to the Operator.
    Fixed markers not pathing properly in the Infested Salvage mission.
    Fixed a red frame appearing around the themed Stats box briefly in some places (ex: Market).
    Fixed a script error slower PCs might encounter loading in the Kuva Fortress that would prevent the assembly hall tileset from being populated properly.
    Fixed script errors that could occur when joining Kuva Fortress missions as a Client if the level contained an assembly hall tileset.
    Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurred when using Magus Lockdown.
    Fixed a script error when damaging Grineer Surveillance Drones.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a security camera spotted you just as you were knocked slightly out of the world.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if you killed a Kuva Lich while it was using a Fire attack.
    Fix ability script errors that could occur in the transition between phases in Mastery Rank 14 test (and possibly others).
    Fixed a number of script errors that could occur if you died during an in-world transmission in Rathuum.
    Fixed a harmless script error that would occur if you aborted a mission at the exact moment your Dethcube's Vaporize Precept fired.
    Fixed script error that could occur when joining Exterminate missions in progress.
    Fixed script error that would occur if someone was dead in spectator mode when the first person reached extraction; this may have broken the trigger and required you to move away from extraction and back again to try again.
    Fixed several script errors that could occur when transitioning to a new area while carrying the Shedu.
    Fixed script error that could occur in the Power Drift Hall of Ascension room.
    Fixed a script error if the Orokin laser trap had one of its caps destroyed before it started extending.
    Fixed a couple script errors if you Rank up after Taxon activates its Molecular Conversion.
    Fixed a script error if your Sentinel died while being nullified.
    Fixed a script error if a Client's Warframe died after applying the last Void Strike bonus damage.
    Fixed a script error that would occur sometimes when applying DNA Stabilizers to your Pet Companion.
    Fixed a script error that could occur in Infested Salvage if you died and were in spectator mode.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if you Transferred to your Operator at the right moment in an Invasion mission at the cross-over point between the ships.
    Fixed a script error if a Ghoul Expired jumps at a target who dies by the time they get there.
    Fixed a script error that could break Ghoul Purge Bounties if a player died while bringing the Grokdrul processor to the injector.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when reaching the Cetus doors to enter the Plains of Eidolon.
    Fixed a script error related to the Tusk Mortar Bombard attacking you in the Plains of Eidolon.
    Fixed a script error related to Eidolon Lures.
    Fixed script error that could occur if a Kuva Fortress mine was destroyed mid-way through it's spawn animation.
    Fixed a script error related to the Ropalolyst doing an ‘angry animation’.
    Fixed a script error when looking at the Archwing category in the Market.
    Fixed a script error related to Clan Pigment Research.
    Fixed a script error related to Shade’s Ghost Precept.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when using the Ludoplex.
    Fixed a script error with Limbo's Rift Torrent Augment that could occur if Rift Surge was cast after a Railjack warp.
    Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Discharge ability right when another player was joining-in-progress.
    Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.

Mardi 14 avril 2020
Scarlet Spear - 27.3.13

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed "on hit" Arcanes triggering when using Railjack weapons.
    Fixed a script error when refreshing the Railjack Armaments screen after Scrapping some Wreckage.
    Fixed a script error when moving at the speed of light through a Void tunnel.
    Fixed a script error when exiting a Crewship and going into Archwing.
    Fixed a script error when firing the Forward Artillery.


    Optimized network connections to Relays, Towns and Dojos for people around the world. Not only will this improve player movement but it should also help accelerate Kill Code transmission for Scarlet Spear Murex Raids that would have previously had a very high-ping to our servers.


    Fixed a crash that could occur when using Archwing in Orb Vallis or the Plains.
    Fixes towards Void nodes not being selected for Neo or Axi Void Fissure missions.
    Fixed dynamically generated missions (daily Syndicate mission) on Void nodes preventing it from also being a Void Fissure mission.
    Fixed being punted back to the Relay when attempting to load into the Simulacrum. Also fixed a crash that could accompany this attempt.
    Fixed Companions trying to attack enemies that are in Inaros’ Devour trap, which we don’t want cause we wish to snack on said enemy.
    Fixed the Corinth/Corinth Prime Alt fire grenades shooting out sideways.
    Fixed Tonkor projectiles colliding with themselves when Multishot is used, causing them to instantly stagger players when fired during certain movements
    Fixed Clients not seeing the "Slam Capacitors" buff being given when using the Arca Titron.
    Fixed a script error that could break Defection missions that had already failed because too many Kavor Defectors had been killed - if a Defector evacuated during the countdown to extraction the script would break and not be able to force the mission to fail.
    Fixed a script error in Infested Salvage missions if you joined right as someone was activating a Vaporizer.
    Fixed a script error that could occur in Infested Salvage missions after a Host migration that would prevent the HUD from being updated.
    Fixed a script error that could occur after a Host migration of a mission with in-world transmission screens (Kuva Fortress, Rathuum, etc).
    Fixed a script error that could occur if someone started your Guild's Ascension Ceremony right while you were loading into a mission.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if a Host Migration interrupted an Eidolon Hunt while the Shrine was enabled.
    Fixed a script error that would occur if you viewed the Excavator Codex entry.
    Fixed a script error that could occur during Ghoul Purge Bounties.
    Fixed a script error when quitting Warframe while in Cetus.
    Fixed a script error related to Garuda’s Talons.

Mardi 14 avril 2020
Scarlet Spear - 27.3.12

Yesterday we Hotdropped a fix that addressed the generic Rifle Riven by removing the ability to roll/Trade a generic Rifle Riven. 

For those that own a generic Rifle Riven, this Hotfix will overwrite & reroll to an eligible Riven of a specific weapon, and then refund any Endo/Kuva that was spent on the generic Rifle Riven.

If you have Traded for X and you do not like your replacement Riven please contact Support for further options!

Scarlet Spear Fixes

    Fixed UI breaking in Murex Raid due to Host vs Client load times.
    Fixed an erroneous amount of Flotillas being created around the start of a Murex Wave.
    Fixed Arcane Momentum not activating for Critical shots on the Condrix.
    Fixing script error occurring when the Aerolyst uses its wing attack.
    Fixed a script error when completing a Condrix wave in the Ground Assault mission.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed Randomizing Railjack Glyph through the "Randomize All" option not applying the new Glyph until Railjack Configuration menu is exited.
    Fixed a script error when deactivating the Fiery Phoenix Avionic.

Controller Fixes

    Fixed an issue where resetting keyboard/mouse controls for a specific game mode (i.e. Railjack) would break bindings for other game modes (i.e. Jump would be unbound for your general Warframe controls).
    Fixed controller triggers not working correctly if bound to an analog action (such as camera up/down in Decoration mode).
    Fixed inability to select duplicates of a Mod when using direct text input with a controller. As reported here:


    Fixed regression in network bandwidth throttling introduced last week that could cause excess lag and inconsistent game state on clients.
    Optimized network connectivity for Towns, Dojos, Relays and Scarlet Spear Kill-Codes.
    Optimized shader upload particularly when not using Deferred Rendering.
    Optimized Orbiter performance slightly.


    Fixed the UI for Clients breaking when playing a Survival mission.
    Fixed some cases where context actions and other UI elements would show the incorrect binding after you change your bindings/settings.
    Fixed certain cases where the UI button callout like the one to open Chat would not appear correctly (either no icon or the explicit loc-tag).
    Fixed relevant Companion Mods not displaying when filtering by beast/robotic Mod types in the Mod Workbench.
    Fixed ability to set lower than the minimum accepted value for the Decoration Placement option sliders.
    Fixed UI overlapping when viewing Arcanes and then opening a Chat link.
    Fixed the firewall rules created for the crash handler (they were still pointing to the old path).
    Fixed a script error when initiating a K-Drive Race in the Orb Vallis.
    Fixed a script error when initiating the ‘Help Clem’ quest.
    Fixed a script error occurring when playing a Survival mission.

Vendredi 10 avril 2020
Operation - Scarlet Spear - TennoGen 27.3.11

Scarlet Spear Changes & Fixes

    Increased the Murex Raid Satellite’s Armor.

      This change was brought forth by feedback regarding the Satellites being too squishy against Crewships as you progress into the Murex Raid mission. 

General Changes

    Refined the logic that decides when to direct crashes to or to our bug database.
    The Yooka Floof is now available in the Market for 1 Credit!

      We’ve given the Yooka Floof a home in the Market for players that missed the Inbox opportunity window. 1 per person! 

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed Heat Accretion stat comparison appearing backwards.
    Fixed a script error when a Boarding Party comes knockin.
    Fixed a script error when transitioning through the Void tunnel.
    “Reset Defaults” and “Randomize All” buttons in Railjack cosmetics screen now resets the camera to the overview when viewing the exterior. This makes more sense as these buttons apply changes to the entire ship, and also fixes an issue where if you were focused on the decal or name then the position would be wrong after changing the Railjack skin. 


    Fixed non-Sentient/Amalgam enemies being affected by diminishing returns when affected by Limbo’s Stasis. This specifically applies to enemies in the Index.
    Fixed Frost’s Snowglobe not blocking certain Sentient Attacks.
    Fixed the Aerolyst enemy giving less-than-intended Affinity.
    Fixed hit indicators not appearing if the ‘Damage Numbers’ setting was toggled.
    Fixed and disabled Exalted Weapon Rivens from generation. Any of these will be re-rolled on login.
    Fixed Moa pets doing silly short hops when moving really slowly, or fast-walk strides when moving really fast.
    Fixed issues when combining Octavia’s Resonator and Mallet causing Mallet  to not absorb damage anymore
    Fixed an issue where previewing unpurchased Weapons or Warframes would cause hitches.
    Fixed Specter’s accuracy with Bows being quite poor and their fire rate not reflecting realistic usage.
    Fixed an error that could break the HUD for Clients joining Interception missions.
    Fixed Ambulas falling into pits when hopping around.
    Fixed Step-based Ephemeras not working on Titania Prime.
    Fixed Titania’s Thorns Tribute not reducing damage taken by the player.
    Fixed Titania’s Full Moon buff not applying to her Razorflies.
    Fixed Titania’s Reticle missing when entering Operator Mode from Razorwing.
    Fixed the Corinth Prime alt-fire Projectile having incorrect orientation.
    Fixed Atlas’ Passive preventing Atlas from having any collision in Jordas Golem fight.
    Fixed the Demolisher Juggernaut in Disruption missions getting very distracted and moving very slowly to its destination.
    Fixed Arcane "Upgraded" counter including equipped Arcanes even if they are not at max rank.
    Fixed Jad Teran not following the Scrambus rules for disabling abilities.
    Fixed Scrambus nullifications being permanent on friendly AI.
    Fixed sleep animations on Kuva Jester’s causing them to stand oddly on shoulders of Guardians.
    Fixed slightly overlapping UI trackers when playing a Disruption mission.
    Fixed issues with Coildrive damage volumes not reflecting the actual size of the Coildrive.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a squad hunting animals in either Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon.
    Fixed a script crash when encountering a Capture objective in Orb Vallis.
    Fixed a number of script crashes that could occur if you joined a squad on Merrow right when people were breaking into Kela de Thaym's lair.
    Fixed a script crash that could occur during a Defection mission.
    Fixed a script crash that could occur during a Disruption mission.
    Fixed a script crash when spawning a Specter.
    Fixed script error that could occur if you tried to equip your Fishing Spear in a Dojo Dual.
    Fixed a script error that could break waypoints when joining Infested Salvage missions in progress.
    Fixed a script error that could break Infested Salvage missions if you Transferred to the Operator at the wrong time.
    Fixed a script error when using Fireworks.
    Fixed a script error when using Simaris’s Kinetic Siphon Trap.
    Fixed a script error when killing a Kuva Thrall.
    Fixed an error that would occur when the game was determining attack logic for Atlas Rumblers.
    Fixed a script error in Defection missions.
    Fixed a number of script errors that would occur if you died during an in-world transmission like the ones seen on screen in Rathuum, etc.
    Fixed a number of script errors that would occur if you failed Bounties.
    Fixed a script error with Excavator missions.
    Fixed errors associated with Scarlet Spear and Survival host migration.
    Fixed issues with localization strings appearing in Nightwave.
    Fixed localization issues with capitalization.

Jeudi 9 avril 2020
Operation - Scarlet Spear - TennoGen 27.3.10

Scarlet Spear Serverside Hotdrop

Last night at roughly 7:10pm ET we deployed a serverside fix to address the cases of Murex Raid Space teams not receiving Kill Codes. Due to the serverside fix, the Flotilla that ended just before the hotdrop (Murex Wave from 4:10 to 7:10 ET) yielded no Victory Payout for eligible Tenno. We’re working on a script to provide the missing Victory Payout - we’ll update you in this Hotfix thread when the script has started/ended.

We’re still monitoring the overall issue now that this Hotfix is live, as it also contains more logging for this scenario.

Scarlet Spear Changes & Fixes

    The Murex Raid Satellite now must be towed to its correct location before you can deploy the Oplink. 

      Upon digging into the logs we’ve been receiving for the “No Kill Codes” issue, we found that a number of these reports were not receiving Kill Codes because their Satellite was not properly in place, thus making the squad ineligible to receive Kill Codes. Most squads followed this flow already so it shouldn’t feel too different - just a precaution for those who don’t park their Satellite in its designated zone! 

    The Aerolyst canister mechanic now has a 10 second cooldown before the canisters refill after becoming stunned from destroying all of them. 

      Our intentions here are to alleviate some frustration over the Aerolyst canister mechanic that we’ve been receiving. If you were quick to dispatch the Aerolyst before you likely won’t notice a difference!

    Fixed inability to destroy the Aerolyst’s canisters if you were attacking in Limbo’s Rift.
    Fixed Operator Magus Arcanes not functioning in consecutive Murex Raids.
    Fixed a rare progression stopper where the Condrix remains invulnerable while open after a Host Migration occurs.
    Fixed an edge case where Clients who joined a Murex Raid mission in progress wouldn't receive intermittent rewards that appear after each Murex is driven away.
    Fixed an edge case script error that occurred when receiving a Kill Code, which could result in not receiving said Kill Code.
    Fixed a script error when a Murex Wave succeeds during a mission.
    Fixed a script error when deploying your Oplink in the Ground Assault mission.

Kuva Lich Fix

    Fixed various script errors related to stabbing a Kuva Lich.

Railjack Fix

    Removed the mention of ‘Archwing Catapult maneuvers’ from the Engineering Intrinsics description due to none of its Ranks relating to the Archwing Slingshot. You can find Archwing Slingshot improvements under the Gunnery Intrinsic!

General Changes

    Replaced the Atlas Prime Helmet Blueprint with the Atlas Prime Systems blueprint in the Lith N4 Relic that was recently indeed to the mix. 

      The Atlas Prime Helmet Blueprint was accidentally put into the Uncommon slot, when it is indeed a Rare piece. 

    Fast Traveling to Little Duck in Fortuna as your Warframe will no longer initiate the unskippable dialog with her. Instead, you’ll Fast Travel to right beside her but won’t initiate the conversation, giving you time to Transfer to your Operator to talk to her.
    Updated the Garuda Sakhura Helmet to better match the reflectivity of the body.


    Small optimizations towards lighting/shadows on low-end machines when Deferred Rendering in enabled.


    Fixed Sentient Battalyst laser party ability not respecting physical Shield abilities, such as Frost’s Snowglobe and Atlas’ Tectonics, and instead going through the barriers to injure players.
    Fixed Client Mercy kills not counting towards Riven ‘Finisher kills’ challenges.
    Fixed incorrect mesh scaling when equipping the Heavy Blade Mizar Skin, making the weapon appear smaller than intended. 
    Fixed holding the Corinth Prime incorrectly if the Solstice Skin is equipped on it.
    Fixed the Tenno Affinity Icon in the Squad/Player List on the HUD overlapping with the message of Bleeding Out and Reviving.
    Fixed some missing FX on Titania’s Tribute ability.
    Fixed a script crash that could occur if you boarded a K-Drive too soon after entering an open level (Vallis/Plains).
    Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a Corpus Gas City mission while someone was activating a secret puzzle.
    Fixed a script error when joining-in-progress on a Titania with multiple Tribute buffs active.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if Index points were deposited right as you left the Index mission. 
    Fixed a script error when Rushing a Dojo room.
    Fixed a script error when casting Exacalibur’s Radial Javelin.
    Fixed a script error when being downed.

Jeudi 9 avril 2020
Operation - Scarlet Spear - TennoGen 27.3.9

Scarlet Spear Fixes

    Fixed players ending up in "ghost Flotillas" if they were in a squad where the Host used a different language and then they left the squad (or the Host disbanded it).
    Fixed a case where players would experience a “broken” Flotilla. This could result in getting kicked from the Flotilla, not receiving updates to the Flotilla progress, etc.
    Fixed Clients having to ‘Skip Cutscene’ twice when entering a Murex.

Scarlet Spear Logging

Additional logging has been added to troubleshoot some cases of Space teams not receiving Kill Codes. Our lengthy attempts to reproduce this scenario on our end have not led to success thus far. We’re very grateful for the diligent bug reporting and time from people impacted by this as we continue hammering away at this bug. After this Hotfix, if you are the Host of a Space squad who are not receiving Kill Codes, please immediately open at ticket with your EE.log file ( with “ATTN: KILLCODES” in the subject. 

Railjack Fix

    Fixed a case of not receiving your collected items (Avionics, Resources, etc) in Railjack missions until you head back to the Dry Dock.
    Fixed the Orokin Derelict showing "Missile Platform" as the name when you aim at it in a Railjack mission.

Kuva Lich Fix

    Fixed inability to use context actions after stabbing a Kuva Lich.

Titania Change

    Prevented frozen in time (Atlas Petrify, Limbo Stasis etc) enemies from being affected by Titania’s Lantern. The Energy spent to cast will be refunded if the cast fails.

      This fixes casting Titania Lantern on an enemy that is frozen in time, resulting in the ability appearing to cast (costs Energy, performs animation) but the target enemy is not affected. 

General Changes

    Added a new Lith N4 Relic that contains the Bronco Prime Blueprint.

      This was added to address the issue of no Relics containing the Bronco Prime Blueprint.


    Vastly improved the responsiveness of the launcher when shutting it down during a network failure.
    Fixed the game possibly having high memory usage if someone was spawning Spore Ephemera in the other room and the game wasn't properly cleaning up due to the player being out of sight.


    Fixed Corinth Prime Alt Fire not being affected by Multishot Mods.
    Fixed a rare crash when the camera does "warp speed" zoom effects so hard that it breaks the laws of cameras.
    Fixed becoming invincible when interrupting the Basmu reload and Transferring to the Operator and using Unairu Void Spines.
    Another fix towards all future Basmu damage dealing lifesteal to enemies if the ‘heal on reload’ is interrupted as a Client.
    Fixed the Pox missing its AoE Gas cloud.
    Fixed being able to exit the Input Bindings screen without something bound to Melee Heavy Attack, which could result in wonky Melee Combo icons.
    Fixed a script error when attempting the Sands of Inaros quest.
    Fixed a script error that could occur during a mission load due to long Inventory sync.
    Fixed a script error that could occur in a large Dojo.
    Fixed a script error when attempting to Fish.

Jeudi 2 avril 2020
Operation - Scarlet Spear - TennoGen

Scoring Calculation Issues

Earlier yesterday we released a revised scoring post with the following details:

Ground Assault missions started at 8 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 4104 points by Round 17!

    After: Murex Raids now start at 12 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 3888 by Murex 5!

However, players were receiving a 2820 and 3672 for Space and Ground respectively. While this is still an increase from before, it is not the amount we announced.

The correct numbers in this Hotfix will be:

    After: Ground Assault missions will reach a possible 4131 points by Round 17!
    After: Murex Raids missions will reach a possible 3960 by Murex 5!

We sincerely apologize for another day of unintended scoring results.. We know this has been confusing and we regret that we’ve caused so many misunderstandings due to calculation errors.

Scarlet Spear Fixes

    Fixed Clients having an incorrect Murex Score in the ‘Skirmish Complete’ popup when completing 5 Murex Waves.
    Fix towards Clients experiencing an infinite load tunnel into Murex Raid if the Host experiences lag.
    Fixed a script error when joining in progress as a "Kill Code Transmission" starts to play.


    Fixed a few tintmasks on the Wisp Delusion Skin to make her tint values consistent vs her various Helmets.
    Fixed a script error occurring during a Host migration when playing a Defection mission.
    Fixed a script error for Clients during The Jordas Precept.
    Fixed a script error when throwing the Fishing Spear.

Jeudi 2 avril 2020
Operation - Scarlet Spear - TennoGen

Kuva Lich Fix

We’ve fixed a code change that resulted in numerous Kuva Lich issues:

    Fixed Kuva Lich Codex History and current Kuva Lich being incorrect (Names, Weapons, etc).
    Fixed missing Kuva Lich UI button.
    Fixed having no Kuva Lich Influenced Nodes.
    Fixed inability to birth a new Kuva Lich via Kuva Larvling.

This Hotfix will put everyone’s Kuva Liches back to the way they were prior to Hotfix 27.3.8.

Scarlet Spear Fixes

    Potential fix for both Host and Client players not seeing Kill Code transmissions from other players, only Kill Code transmissions personally sent.
    Fixed a script error when being attacked by the Aerolyst.


    Fixed enemies becoming immune to all Status Effects when Titania’s Lantern and Spellbind is cast on them.

Jeudi 2 avril 2020
Operation - Scarlet Spear - TennoGen 27.3.8

TennoGen Round 18!

Crafted by our master Tenno, a pristine collection of 18 brand-new Customizations is available now! 

Warframe Skins

Warframe Helmets

Operator Accessories

Weapon Skins


Chest Armor Pieces

Scarlet Spear Additions & Changes

First: Scarlet Spear will be extended by 1 week due to the early launch issues. April 28 is the new End Date for Scarlet Spear on PC. 

Second: Ground Assault and Murex Raid Scoring have been increased - which means Scarlet Credit earning has been increased!

    Before: Ground Assault missions started at 5 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 2295 points by round 17.
    After: Ground Assault missions now start at 8Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 4104 points by round 17!
    After: Ground Assault missions will reach a possible 4131 points by Round 17!
    Before: Murex Raids started at 10 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 1875 by Murex 5.
    After: Murex Raids now start at 12 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 3888 by Murex 5!
    After: Murex Raids missions will reach a possible 3960 by Murex 5!

Scoring Calculation Issues

Earlier today / we released a revised scoring post with the following details:

Ground Assault missions started at 8 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 4104 points by Round 17!

    After: Murex Raids now start at 12 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 3888 by Murex 5!

However, players are receiving a 2820 and 3672 for Space and Ground respectively. While this is still an increase from before, it is not the amount we announced.

The correct numbers in the next Hotfix will be:

    After: Ground Assault missions will reach a possible 4131 points by Round 17!
    After: Murex Raids missions will reach a possible 3960 by Murex 5!

We sincerely apologize for another day of unintended scoring results, and this will be fixed next Hotfix. We know this has been confusing and we regret that we’ve caused so many misunderstandings due to calculation errors.

Third: Rare and Legendary Arcanes have been added to Little Duck’s Scarlet Spear Trade!

We have added the Rare and Legendary Arcanes to Little Duck’s Trade for 2000 Credits Per Rare and 4000 Credits Per Legendary.

Scarlet Spear Fixes

    Fixed players not getting into the ‘Busy’ Flotillas that they selected.

      The scenario here occurred when selecting a ‘Busy’ Flotilla due to the Flotilla filling up very quickly with players. The fix here is to allow for extra room in the Flotilla if you attempted to join when there was still room available. You may now see Flotillas with more than 50 people from this change.

    Fixed Clients not joining Scarlet Spear Flotilla Chat if they join the squad while the Host is transitioning to either Murex Raid or Ground Assault.
    Fixes towards becoming stuck on infinite loading if either a Murex Raid or Ground Assault mission started before the Clients finished loading into Flotilla.
    Fixed the OpLink denied sound playing for Host when it is denied for Client.

Healing AOE Review

We made a hasty change in Hotfix 27.3.6 that removed Venari’s Heal aura from affecting Oplinks AND Defense Targets. Firstly, the terminology of calling Venari’s Defense Target healing a ‘fix’ was incorrect, so apologies there on my behalf. It’s correct to say it was a feature for Venari, considering it had its own Tip for it! The change stemmed from our desire to resolve Operation exploits as quickly as possible, and we didn't communicate this properly.

We’re doing a deeper review on abilities that heal Defense Targets that we can speak to in the coming days.

Apologies as well for the late reply on this topic. We’ll update everyone when we’ve dug deeper and have an action plan.

General Changes

    Limbo’s Stasis duration now has diminishing returns on Sentients and Amalgams when the power is used repeatedly. This choice was made for 2 main reasons:

      1) Limbo’s Stasis usage makes the gameplay of the Scarlet Spear far too trivial.
      2) Sentients by design have Adaptation - and the diminishing returns on recasting adheres to the adaptive nature of the enemy.
      This is not intended to change the way Stasis interacts with other enemy factions.

    Removed Titania’s Exalted weapons appearing in the Codex Weapon section, as Exalted Weapons do not show here.


    The Pox, Acceltra, and Shedu have been given explosion FX tweaks for visual and performance improvement.
    Optimized the Attica’s embedded projectiles to help CPU and GPU performance.
    Optimized the Hystrix projectile trail and spark FX.
    Removed the replication of the Basmu reload Health FX so that only the user will see the FX to aid in performance.
    Performance improvements towards Grineer Crewships when their engines explode.

Railjack Fixes

    Fixed Sentient Exterminate objective randomly starting on POI hints.
    Fixed Vidar Reactors Mk III missing their component modifiers for Warframe clients that are not in English.
    Fixed script crash that could occur if you joined a Railjack mission at exactly the wrong moment.


    Fixed ability to trigger the Shedu’s radial explosion multiple times during its cooldown.
    Fixed Titania Prime’s energy wings not applying to her Razorwing when other Skins are equipped.
    Fixed Titania’s Ironclad Flight Augment not functioning.
    Fixed Titania/Grendel buff wheels showing up when the ability has not been unlocked yet. Also fixed the buffs being greyed out until you leveled up enough.
    Fixed the Kuva Tonkor and Phantasma requiring an Orokin Catalyst to unlock its Exilus Slot instead of an Exilus Adapter.
    Fixed inability to Polarize the Dark Split-Sword with Stance Forma or Umbra Forma.
    Fixed the Corinth Prime missing its pump action animation.
    Fixed some players appearing to be eligible for a Mastery Rank Test but upon selecting it would be rejected.
    This was due to some weapons being considered as ‘Mastered’ when they were not.
    Fixed the Shedu and Basmu reload FX being visible while invisible.
    Fixed inability to Chat link Shedu and its parts.
    Fixed Pennant sounds not playing correctly for Melee Stance Combos.
    Fixed broken/missing UI for Clients in Hijack missions.
    Fixed a script error after Host migration occurred during a Void Fissure mission.
    Fixed a script error when playing Infested Salvage on Eris.
    Fixed a script error when transitioning from Vallis/Plains to Fortuna/Cetus with the Synthesis Scanner equipped.
    Fixed a script error when summoning the K-Drive.
    Fixed a script error when catching a boot while Fishing.
    Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Tribute.

Scarlet Spear: TennoGen

Kuva Lich Fix

We’ve fixed a code change that resulted in numerous Kuva Lich issues:

    Fixed Kuva Lich Codex History and current Kuva Lich being incorrect (Names, Weapons, etc).
    Fixed missing Kuva Lich UI button.
    Fixed having no Kuva Lich Influenced Nodes.
    Fixed inability to birth a new Kuva Lich via Kuva Larvling.

This Hotfix will put everyone’s Kuva Liches back to the way they were prior to Hotfix 27.3.8.

Scarlet Spear Fixes

    Potential fix for both Host and Client players not seeing Kill Code transmissions from other players, only Kill Code transmissions personally sent.
    Fixed a script error when being attacked by the Aerolyst.


    Fixed enemies becoming immune to all Status Effects when Titania’s Lantern and Spellbind is cast on them.

Scarlet Spear: TennoGen

Scoring Calculation Issues

Earlier yesterday we released a revised scoring post with the following details:

Ground Assault missions started at 8 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 4104 points by Round 17!

    After: Murex Raids now start at 12 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 3888 by Murex 5!

However, players were r