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Mercredi 30 janvier 2019
Fortuna - Hotfix 24.2.12


    Removed unintentional ability for the Operator to use the Archwing Deployer Gear Item.
    Improvements towards AI becoming stuck in staircases in the Void Defense tileset.


    Fixed a rare case of inability to transition from the Plains of Eidolon back to Cetus.
    Fixed cases of inability to customize your K-Drive.
    Fixed the Rescue NPC not returning your graciously gifted Secondary weapon upon completing the Rescue Bounty phase in the Plains of Eidolon.
    Fixes towards Coildrivers ramming into the Coildrive you’re defending, resulting in a huge amount of damage being taken and failing the Vallis Bounty.
    Fixed the waypoint marker not leading you correctly to the Ambulas boss room in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
    Fixed various issues when attempting to Chat link ‘MOA’.
    Fixed a loss of functionality when K-driving with Quick Thinking equipped.
    Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Blood Altar ability.

Mardi 29 janvier 2019
Fortuna - Hotfix 24.2.11

As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

More info here:

Prime Vault

    Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime and Vasto Prime have returned to the Vault!

      Their respective Relics have been removed from the drop table.

    Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime, and Glaive Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault!

      Their respective Relics can now be found from the drop table! 

Check out the accompanying Fire & Ice Vault Accessories and more here: 

Archwing Changes

    Returned the Imperator Vandal Critical Chance to 15% and Status Chance to 10% in Archwing mode.
    Changed the cost of Rushing the Gravimag Blueprint from 50 Platinum to 10 Platinum.
    Reduced the Gravimag Blueprint Rush time from 3 days to 1 day.


    Increased the time waypoints stay active in the Plains/Vallis. They now last 5x times longer!


    Fixed Octavia’s Mallet or Resonator ability breaking the ‘Base Capture’ phase of the Profit-Taker Bounty 1.
    Fixed Magus Lockdown not spawning an actual mine upon Void Dashing.
    Fixed AI that are meant to follow you becoming distracted. This was predominantly seen during the The War Within and The Sacrifice quests during certain moments.
    Fixed missing ‘Operator’ HUD text when using Transference.
    Fixed blurry FX for Clients when casting Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability.
    Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability Energy color always appearing red.
    Fixed a Smokefinger and Rude Zuud Memory Fragment having the same Codex image.
    Fixed missing text in one of Smokefinger’s Memory Fragments.
    Fixed the Tekelu Skins appearing incorrectly when equipped.
    Fixed a sound glitch when being hit by Corrupted Vor's beam attack while in Limbo's Rift.
    Fixed missing Korean LOC translations for Arcanes.
    Fixed some spotloading caused by Arcanes on Operators.

Mercredi 23 janvier 2019
Fortuna - Hotfix 24.2.10

As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

More info here:

Magnum Force Changes

    Increased Damage from +66% to +165% (at max rank).
    Increased Accuracy reduction from -33% to -55% (at max rank).


    Increased the Physique Aura Mod from providing +18% Health to +90% Health (at max rank).
    Increased the accuracy of the Brakk.
    Increased the accuracy of the Kohmak/Twin Kohmak.
    Sentient Mimics have updated their cognitive thinking and will now take on the proper form of the newly re-meshed Corpus Lockers.
    Using a zipline now requires you to be within 2 meters of it. This should abate all manners of undesired zipline-related tomfoolery.
    Improvements towards AI navigation pathing in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    Improvements towards where the Rescue Target can be told to stop and take cover in the Lua tileset.
    Improvements towards pathing issues when fighting the Ambulas in the Corpus Outpost.


    Fixed some rare cases of getting stuck in the Fortuna/Cetus elevator when returning to the town after a Host migration.
    Fixed DirectX 10 not rendering FX in various places including the Plains of Eidolon/Orb Vallis and Relays.
    Fixed inability to equip Ruinous Extension on the Ocucor.
    Fixed being able to equip Stance Mods in any slot and any Mod in the Stance slot for Garuda Talons and unequip Mods that break these rules.
    Fixing (again) spin attacks not working on controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing slide (not breaking toggle-sprint this time).
    Fixed inability to use the Scanner as the Operator.
    Fixed your Warframe floating in the Arsenal when exiting the Mod Upgrade screen (through the Exalted Weapon) quickly.
    Fixed that one extraction cinematic on Earth where the Warframe mounts the ship on an angle. You know the one.
    Fixed Liset customization not loading in on time when flying into a mission.
    Fixed inability to Chat link Crisma Toroids.
    Fixed the Stug's projectiles interacting physically with ragdolls.
    Fixed some AI potentially getting stuck in their landing jump state which prevents them from being able to move from that point on.
    Fixed Inaros’ Devour not working for enemy / allied Inaros AI (Specters).
    Fixed certain Wyrmius rewards appearing as filepaths.
    Fixed certain Warframe ability FX not appearing when in the Orokin Derelict extraction area.
    Fixed Nidus’ Passive description claiming it uses 10 Mutation Stacks when it uses 15 Mutation Stacks when playing Warframe in Portuguese.
    Fixed incorrect punctuation in certain subtitles during the Second Dream Quest.
    Fixed broken tags in the Venari Bodyguard Mod that were broken in a few languages (German, Polish, Chinese).

Vendredi 18 janvier 2019
Fortuna - Hotfix


    Improvements towards Clients getting easily knocked off their K-Drives when casually riding, as opposed to the Host.
    Reverted the following fix due to breaking ‘Sprint Toggle’ controller functionality (will be revisited):

      Fixed not being able to do a Melee spin attack with controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing the slide button.


    Fixed animation issues with non-default Lisets at the end of some missions during The War Within Quest.
    Fixed texture holes in the Flox Syandana.
    Fixed incorrect punctuation in certain subtitles during the Second Dream Quest.

Vendredi 18 janvier 2019
Fortuna - Hotfix 24.2.9

As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

More info here:

Nyx Changes

A typical day in the life of Nyx involves Mind Control - grabbing, pumping up, and dominating an enemy. Psychic Bolts - Enfeebling up to 6 enemies - removing up to all of their defenses. Spreading unlimited Chaos within range. And Absorb - defending herself / redirecting all incoming fire in a psychic explosion. We've made the applications of Absorb a little more powerful this Hotfix. 

    Psychic bolts

      Adding sounds to Psychic Bolts deactivate hold and end - you can despell this ability by holding '2' by default! 
      Improved Psychic Bolts disabled FX.


    What Nyx can do with her 'Absorb' now allows for more tactical team play / solo play. 

      Nyx Absorb explosion radius increases based on the Damage Absorbed (capped Nyx to 75m max).
      A thematic element of 'manipulating others damage' has now been weaved through Nyx's Absorb. Absorb now has 'lingering Absorption' - Nyx's Absorb now converts a % of the Absorbed Damage into a self Damage buff when the ability ends for a limited time, dispelled on recast. This means as your teammate or enemies power your Absorb, you can tactically break it for damage/range - and/ or a self-damage buff for Nyx imbued by those around you! This synergizes with Mind Control, allowing more powerful victims, as well as allowing more lethality on Nyx's weakened and distracted enemies. 

        Added +400% Damage cap to Nyx Absorb Damage buff.

Vox Solaris Changes

    The following Profit-Taker Bounty rewards have been added to Vox Solaris Offerings for Standing:

      Gyromag Systems (1000 Standing)
      Atmo Systems (2500 Standing)
      Repeller Systems (5000 Standing)

K-Drive Race Change

    Increased the Standing gains from K-Drive races from 50 to 100 per gate:

      The amount of Standing rewarded is based on the number of gates * 100 (10 gates * 100 = 1000 Standing) if you successful complete the race.


    Added code for laptops with AMD GPUs to request optimized performance (instead of low-power).
    Made multiple optimizations to Orb Vallis memory footprint
    Improvements towards Quest progress becoming unsynced when experiencing bad internet connections for the following Quests:

      The War Within
      The Second Dream
      Chains of Harrow
      The New Strange
      The Jordas Precept

    Performance improvements caused by leaking particle system effects.
    Further improvements towards Mesa Prime’s rear weight to fix collapsing when crouching.
    Optimized performance of plant pollen effects on the Earth tileset
    Improved the error prompt when attempting to replicate a Blueprint in another Clan’s Dojo to more accurately state the reasoning behind the error. 


    Fixed the Spare Parts Mod triggering from self-inflicted death (Lenz, etc), which allowed it’s chance function of dropping a Rare Item to trigger repeatedly at your leisure.
    Fixed Oberon's Hallowed Ground one shotting enemies whose Shields have been removed via the Shield Disruption Aura in the Index. 
    Fixed Baruuk’s Restraint meter not maintaining after a Host migration. We’re continuing to investigate the issue still occurring for Clients.
    Fixed Baruuk’s Restraint UI particles not appearing when the HUD Scale is increased. 
    Fixed MOA Companions attacking enemies that are considered ‘suspicious’ but not yet ‘alarmed’. 
    Fixed using a Warframe with the Equilibrium Mod equipped resulting in disproportionate Health/Energy gains displayed on the UI when picking up multiple orbs in succession.
    Fixed Nova Prime's Null Star antimatter particles not being gold.
    Fixed experiencing a 20 second hitch when loading into the Dojo.
    Fixed seeing Kuva in the Mission Progress/End of Mission screen when you’re ineligible to earn it. This is a follow-up fix from:

      Fixed clients who already completed a particular Kuva Siphon/Flood mission being able to re-earn the same Kuva reward by joining any Host that hasn't completed said mission yet.

    Fixed not being able to do a Melee spin attack with controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing the slide button.
    Fixed Client Simulors continuously animating and playing shooting FX for Host and other Clients.
    Fixed Reactant appearing as ‘Corruption’ when waypointing it.
    Fixed Clients not seeing Dropship doors open.
    Fixed some Mods not indicating in the Codex that they drop from the Fomorian.
    Fixed various Grineer Codex icons displaying the wrong respective weapon.
    Fixed animal Tags used in Conservation having a file path instead of their proper description.
    Fixed Quick Reload and Sabot Rounds Mods having all caps description text.

Mardi 15 janvier 2019
Fortuna - Hotfix 24.2.8

As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

More info here:

Titania Changes

    Titania’s Razorflies will now gain Health when Titania kills enemies while in Razorwing.
    Increased Titania’s Thorns/Entangle Tribute Range from 10m to 30m.

Mesa Changes & Fixes

    Added missing offsets for Mesa Presidio on some Armor sets so that when the Skin is equipped on Mesa Prime, the proper offsets are used.
    Adjusted the texture weight of Mesa’s rear area to avoid collapsing.
    Further improvements towards Mesa Prime’s Attachments when enabled on TennoGen Skins, equipping Emblems, and overall texture issues.
    Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker weapon damage not showing correctly in the Simulacrum.

Baruuk Changes & Fixes

    Baruuk’s Elude conal indicator FX will now only be seen by the local player (person casting the ability).
    Slight tweak to Baruuk’s Elude ability FX that unnecessarily pulsed.
    Fixed using Transference while Baruuk’s Savagery is active resulting in breaking his custom UI. 

Mining Changes

    Reduced the flashlight FX further when Mining to avoid excessive bloom and inability to see deposits.
    Improvements towards Vallis Mining deposit spawn locations that resulted in an inability to successfully Mine them.

Stalker Changes & Fixes

    Stalker’s Smoke Screen ability now has a 20 second cooldown.
    Fixed players panicking and fleeing the mission causing Stalker to get stuck and preventing mission progress.
    Fixed Stalker not being fully invulnerable during his spawn/getup sequence.


    Reverted the recent Helios scanning changes to restore its ability to scan collectibles (Thousand-Year Fish, Fortuna Lore Fragments, etc). After much player and internal feedback, we’re keeping this a ‘bug turned feature’.
    Updated Nyx and Nyx Prime's Passive descriptions to more accurately entail her recently tweaked Passive.
    Syndicate Offerings screen now displays Mastered/Forma icons.
    Reduced Nova Null Star ability firing sound.
    Read Twitch Drop Inbox messages will now be auto-removed after 30 days.
    Increased the brightness of the Argonaks enemy highlight FX.
    Performance improvements related to firing the Imperator.
    Improvements towards enlarged fonts appearing unpleasant.

Strain Mod Fixes

    Fixed the Helminth Charger standing in place and swiping at the air instead of damaging enemies, also fixes lunge attacks missing even though they should be hitting when the Strain Mod Set is equipped.
    Fixed Strain Mod set causing a script error and failing to grow Cysts if the player does not have Strain Fever equipped.
    Fixed Strain Mod set Cysts continuing to grow after combat has ended and the last Cyst has popped.

Magus Revert Fixes

    Fixed Magus Revert consuming Energy on the second Void Dash (revert).
    Fixed Magus Revert not placing the Operator back at the original position when initially casted for Clients.
    Fixed Magus Revert causing Void Dashes to not use any Energy for Clients.


    Fixed Null Star deactivating for one Nova causing it to deactivate for all Novas.
    Fixed certain Operator Amp Prisms refilling Energy instantly when all Ammo/Energy is depleted.
    Fixed clients who already completed a particular Kuva Siphon/Flood mission being able to re-earn the same Kuva reward by joining any Host that hasn't completed said mission yet.
    Fixed the Enemy Radar Mod not showing Pobbers, Bolarolas, and Sawgaws on the minimap.
    Fixed cases of the Scan Aquatic Lifeforms Mod not working, such as after dismounting from a K-Drive.
    Fixed the Klamora Prism fire FX not tracking while firing as the Client.
    Fixed the Upgrade screen breaking for Garuda's Talons and Mesa's Regulators if you click the Mods button and back out.
    Fixed the Host being able to start the Profit-Taker Bounty before other squadmates are ready.
    Fixed inability to skip the Profit-Taker cutscene dialog with a controller.
    Fixes towards ability to use your primary/secondary before your Arch-Gun has been unequipped.
    Fixed inability to Dissolve Rivens due to them not remaining selected when logging in with over max capacity Rivens.
    Fixed the Loc-pin being non-interactable when newly placed until re-entering the mission.
    Fixed stretched looking geometry textures when unequipped a Heavy Blade weapon after quick meleeing.
    Fixed Octavia’s Anthem quest note FX during the boss fight being too dim.
    Fixed the Donda appearing to clip through the table during the Chains of Harrow quest.
    Fixed unnecessary smoke FX in Palladino’s room during the Chains of Harrow quest.
    Fixed certain Warframe Helmets made up of multiple pieces (Ivara, Nidus, among a couple of others) not appearing fully wet when on the Plains while raining.
    Fixed an infinite loop script error for certain players when trying to place Decorations or obtaining Endo from Maroo.
    Fixed ability to skip the Trading confirmation wait time by hitting the spacebar.
    Fixed hard edged puddles in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
    Fixed missing ‘Corrupted’ indications when viewing enemies under the Profile Stats.
    Fixed Deth Machine Rifle sound not playing at high rates of fire.
    Fixed Mag’s Magnetize ability sounds and swirl FX stopping early when used with Duration Mods as reported here:
    Fixed Ammo Chain Mod description displaying "AMMO MAXIMUM" all in capital letters.
    Fixed a typo in one of Ticker’s Lore Fragments.
    Fixed missing text in one of the Business’ Lore Fragments.
    Fixed Loadout search not working initially if the current Loadout causes the Loadout list to be scrolled.
    Fixed UI notifications not updating colors when changing UI Themes.
    Fixed cases of the DPS counter displaying even when disabled.
    Fixed performance issues caused by leaking Fluctus impact FX.
    Fixed a memory leak when leaving the Orb Vallis and returning to Solaris or traversing certain Conduits in Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Fixed discrepancies of Solar Map/Star Chart mentions.

Vendredi 11 janvier 2019
Fortuna - Hotfix 24.2.7

As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

More info here:

New warframe augments!


Khora (Venari) - Venari Bodyguard 

Venari dies in Khora’s place. Respawn timer increased to 150s. Killing enemies decreases the timer by 4s.

Nova (Molecular Prime) - Molecular Fission

When killed, primed enemies will restore a Null Star charge and have a 100% chance of restoring an additional one.

Inaros (Desiccation) Desiccation’s Curse

Killing a blinded enemy with a finisher has a 75% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow.

Gara (Spectrorage) - Spectrosiphon

Enemies that die within Spectrorage have a 50% chance to drop an energy orb.

Find these new Warframe Augments from their respective Syndicate Offerings.

General Additions

    A search box has been added to the Arsenal Loadout selection screen.
    Added a new sound for the Pax Charge Arcane.

Profit-Taker Fixes

    Profit-Taker Bounty 1 now requires you to have a Fishing Spear equipped in your Gear.
    Players no longer need to wait for Eudico to finish her greeting dialog when initially prompting the ‘Briefing’.
    Adjusted Eudico transmission timing during the Profit-Taker Bounty 3, which also fixes overlapping Eudico transmissions.
    Fixes towards Profit-Taker not entering last Pylon phase in the Profit-Taker Bounty 4.
    Fixed players who didn’t initiate the Profit-Taker Bounty being unable to skip the intro cutscene.
    Fixed Profit-Taker dipping its toe in coolant and attempting to teleport, resulting in breaking its AI.
    Fixed incorrect Little Duck transmissions during Profit-Taker Bounties.

Baruuk Changes & Fixes

    Baruuk’s end of Elude animation no longer prevents movement.
    Improvements towards performance/visual issues with Baruuk's Elude ability by removing the blur FX if using the ‘Low Particle Quality’ setting based on feedback:
    Reduced the FX density of Baruuk’s Lull fog to fix reported performance issues.
    Fixed Baruuk’s Desert Wind weapon displaying as having Impact, Puncture, and Slash in the Arsenal when it's just Impact.
    Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not hitting ragdolled enemies.
    Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not matching FX direction.
    Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Serene Storm ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Desolate Hands ability. 

Harrow Changes

    As per feedback, Harrow’s Systems Blueprint has been added as a Rare drop in Rotation B for Defection missions. This means you have 2 chances in the Endless loop to obtain Harrow, not just one at Rotation C. To maintain balance, a Corrupted Mod has moved to Rotation A.
    Increased Harrow’s Energy gain from his Thurible ability (max ranked now gains 2x as much).
    Increased Duration of Harrow’s Penance by around 20%.

Conservation Changes & Fixes

    The Tranq Rifle is now ‘Silent’! This should ensure you are not startling animals if you miss - it's only on hit they'll react.
    More work required for this revert! Reverted the following change based off of player feedback asking to be able to hotkey specific Echo-Lures:
      Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral, they are auto-equipped in the Conservation gear when a Tranq is equipped.

    Fixed missing unique animal capture notes for the Vallis Sawgaw, Stover and Horrasque.
    Fixed equipping a Bait item to an occupied Gear Spiral Slot resulting in the Slot being cleared.

Nyx / Titania Changes & Fixes


    Lowered Nyx’s Abilities volume for less fatigue while using Abilities repeatedly.
    Fixed Corpus Ospreys not following you closely anymore when under Nyx’s Mind Control ability.

Ongoing fixes for a future Hotfix, but not this Hotfix, include:

    Sound/presentation fixes for the Psychic Bolts re-cast (Hold 2).
    Absorb damage scaling/CC Range reviews. While with the Assimilate Augment frankly Absorb is a different ability, but the base Absorb offerings are still being reviewed to escalate benefit for those who know how to tactically use it in a squad and solo setting.
    Fixes for Mind Control targets + Rift. 


Fixed Titania’s Lanterns not mesmerizing enemies properly. This was a major bug impacting any benefits from the changes.

Ongoing fixes for a future Hotfix, but not this Hotfix, include:

    Re-reviewing Tribute's buffs.

Loc-Pin Additions, Changes and Fixes

    Added a "Show In HUD" option to context menu for the Loc-Pin (off by default). When enabled, it will show an in-world marker for the owner of the marker.
    Added a custom color option to the Loc-Pin.
    Increased the Loc-Pin limit from 10 to 15.
    Remove [PH] text from the Loc-Pin item description.
    Fixed the Loc-Pin item mechanic not saving properly.

General Changes

    Removed the requirement of needing the Adherent Rank with the Quills to Gild your Amp with Little Duck.
    Replaced the Braton Prime Blueprint with the Braton Prime Receiver in the Lith K2 Relic due to an unintentional vaulting of the Receiver!
    Changed the Scyto Raknoid Affinity to 1k and Ryta Raknoid to 1.5k.
    Reduced the Standing cost of Transmutation Cores from 10k to 5k.
    Reduced the Standing cost of Cetus Wisps from 10k to 5k.
    Javlok Capacitors can now be sold to 2,500 Credits (as to not pile up in your Inventory).
    The ‘Toggle Prime Details’ has been added back to Mesa Prime! The team has made improvements towards the blending of both Mesa TennoGen Skins and her Prime Details.
    Fast Travel in Fortuna is now enabled for Little Duck when appropriate.
    Changed the ‘not scanned’ FX color of the Simaris Scanner to be more red than orange to improve visibility.
    Corpus Lockers will show their new hologram if unlocked with the Master Thief Mod.
    Helios no longer scans Solaris Lore Fragments.
    You can purchase multiple Arcanes from the respective Vendors (Rude Zuud, etc).
    The UI now displays a max of 999,999,999 Credits (our servers will still track up to 9 quadrillion Credit balances but will not be displayed in-game).
    Tweaks to Staticor and Simulor FX to try and reduce blowout with brightest Energy colours and Mirage equipped.
    Further improvements towards Operator hairstyles that include a hair band.
    Updated the Operator Amp Icon.
    Made some micro-optimizations to the Hunter Command Beast Precept Mod.
    Optimized some frame-time spikes.
    The Gift recipient name will now be auto-filled with attempting to send said Gift from that respective players Wish List.
    Toned down the firing FX on the Sarpa.


    Fixed Sentients not spawning during a specific stage of the Second Dream quest.
    Fixed the Hunter Command Beast Precept Mod generating 100 Kavat Affinity every 6 seconds (this could also trigger a UI-issue where it would appear to generate increasing amounts of Affinity).
    Fixes towards issues with lost Focus XP if a Host migration occurred.
    Fixed a functionality loss when using Transference right being interacting with a conversation (Cetus/Fortuna Vendor).
    Fixed Exalted weapons remaining equipped for no Energy cost after a Host migration occurs.
    Fixed Magus Anomaly Arcane pulling Kuva Siphons, Eidolons, Lephantis, and other “boss” type enemies as reported here:
    Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability applying to Operators damage output.
    Fixed Consumables in the higher Gear Spiral Slots than the one you used up becoming unequipped.
    Fixed the Fluctus ignoring Nullifier bubbles when using it in Atmosphere mode.
    Fixed Exalted weapons not showing correct Damage stats in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not firing Tonkor grenades.
    Fixed MOA Companions equipped with the Security Override Mod ability to hack quest-critical objects which result in skipping gameplay stages.
    Fixed the Ammo max increase from the Arch-Gun Ammo Chain Mod applying to your primary weapon.
    Fixes towards Kavats getting stuck navigating on bridges.
    Fixed Extracting as Operator not rewarding you Simaris Standing gained from scanning enemies.
    Fixed redundant text from Ticker’s Lore Fragments.
    Fixed Rain FX in the Plains of Eidolon appearing to stack when entering/exiting Cetus, resulting in poor visibility as reported here:
    Fixed some Warframes not appearing wet when in the Plains while raining.
    Fixed the Battacor looping its fire animation/sound for Clients as reported here:
    Fixes towards lingering beam FX when becoming Knocked Down with the Synoid Gammacor.
    Fixed the Tek Mod zone FX colours not using chosen Energy colour.
    Fixed inability to see Mesa/Mesa Prime’s Regulators on other players in the Dojo/Relay.
    Fixed inability to see Mesa/Mesa Prime’s Regulators in the Simulacrum Arsenal as a Client.
    Fixed inability to disable Nidus’ Metamorphosis in the Captura Arsenal.
    Fixed some looping weapons being too loud when pausing Captura.
    Fixed scaling discrepancies with the Motherwrench Hammer Skin scale on certain weapons.
    Fixed Clients in the Simulacrum seeing Talons on other Warframes when Garuda is equipped and previewing others.
    Fixed seeing personal ‘Owned’ Icons/info when viewing another players Wish List.
    Fixed certain Vendors not displaying Mastered or Forma tag icons for respective Blueprints (Konzu, etc).
    Fixed inability to Chat link newer Operator Amp parts.
    Fixed duplicate ‘UNRANKED’ text on the Arcane Trade screen.
    Fixed Cephalon Simaris’ Simulor Blueprint Offering displaying a misleading ‘RANK 30’ description.
    Fixed Little Duck’s Operator Arcanes Tab being mislabeled as Mods.
    Fixed Umbra following the Operator into the Quill Cave.
    Fixed Excalibur missing his ground slam sound when using his Exalted Blade.
    Fixed Rare Storage Container sounds not playing when running Helene / Hydron Defense missions.
    Fixed K-Drives becoming constantly stuck to the roof of Vallis bunkers.
    Fixed navigating to Orb Vallis while having ‘Overlay Map’ enabled resulting in incorrect UI to appear and the map cannot be moved.
    Fixed Orokin Drones missing their death FX.
    Fixed Lynx turret grenades and lens flare FX lingering for Clients, which could result in performance issues overtime.
    Fixed misaligned Cannon firing FX in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    Fixed the Lega Prism Amp FX lingering for Clients.
    Fixed lingering FX on the Corinth Alt-Fire.
    Fixed the ‘Friend Request’ UI icon never disappearing.
    Fixed Mesa Prime’s lower cloth clipping through her legs.
    More fixes towards the Bloodshed Sigil not appearing correctly on the Operator.
    Fix an offset issue with the Yamako and Vanquished Syandana variants (Solstice, Rubedo, etc.) to improve placements on certain Warframes.
    Fixed an offset issue with the Phased Asa Syandana to make it match the same offsets as the regular Asa Syandana.
    Fixed Garuda's arm cloth clipping through the Abrasys Syandana.
    Fixed the Nagantaka not appearing properly in the Market diorama.
    Fixed the Flox Syandana not applying the chosen Energy color as reported here:
    Fixed seeing context actions for the ‘Back Room’ in Fortuna when not appropriate.
    Fixed some remaining Arcanes still having ALL CAPS descriptions.
    Fixed Kitgun sounds not playing when using Archwing in Vallis/Plains.
    Fixed sound playing when mousing over 'Types' in the Inventory.
    Fixed case where the Inbox could reshow itself and double up its button bar buttons when opened in a Relay.
    Fixes towards scenarios where Gifting would fail.
    Fixed the Featured item UI marker not displaying correctly when browsing the Market.
    Fixed a script error when Khora’s Venari passive activates.
    Fixed a script error related to the Mining reticle.
    Fixed Bloodshed Sigil discrepancies in Operator transmissions.
    Fixed possible script error if the Bloodshed Sigil is equipped on your Operator when first loading into the Liset.
    Fixes potentially crash under conditions of high latency when someone Revives and uses a Gear item.
    Fixed Vehicle category items not being capitalized.
    Fixed an issue with a crash that could occur when Host Migrating and returning to towns.
    Fixed some UI elements not being tintable with themes. 

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed inability to equip the Static Alacrity Mod on the Staticor in Conclave.

Fortuna: Hotfix


    Tweaked the radius/release sounds of Pheromone Synthesizers. 


    Fixed infinite loading in the Vallis elevator.
    Fixed Magus Repair Operator Arcane not functioning for Clients.
    Fixed multiple missing Warframe Deluxe Helmet Icons.
    Fixed Flox Syandana offsets when equipped on Valkyr/Valkyr Prime.
    Fixed a controller script error when going into the Trading Post when there's no trade partners available.



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