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Vendredi 17 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.4.1

Clarity regarding Frame Fighter Fragment spawns

Before Update 23.4.0, there was a 50/50 chance of either a Somachord Fragment OR a Cephalon Fragment spawning if you already had your Personal Quarters unlocked, if not a Cephalon Fragment was guaranteed. With Update 23.4.0 and the addition of Frame Fighter Fragments, there is now a chance that all 3 Fragments can spawn, but the initial chance was lowered. With that said, we will be fixing this so that if you don't have your Personal Quarters unlocked, there is a 100% chance of a Cephalon Fragment spawning as before.


    Fixed numerous issues (crashes, game didn’t start, etc) when attempting to play Frame Fighter due to the 2-player restriction being surpassed.
    Fixed crashes in various Mastery Rank tests.

Vendredi 17 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Update 23.4.0

New minigame: frame fighter 

Challenge your friends to a side-by-side duel -- Warframes newest lunchtime project Frame Fighter has arrived!

Inspired by classic fighting games and long-time Warframe Fan LocoCrazy_, this arcade fighter  will transform your Orbiter into a battleground! No quarters required!

Visit Simaris and acquire the Ludoplex -- a new home for all of Warframe’s minigames -- through Standing. Choose from Excalibur, Volt and Mag, each with their unique Ability. Unlock additional Frame Fighter Warframes by discovering Fragments throughout the Solar Chart. If the scanned Warframe’s Prime is in your Inventory, you can toggle to the Prime version of the acquired character - custom Fashion Frame applied as well!

Additionally, blast enemies in the side-scrolling ‘Wyrmius’ minigame, and flap your way through obstacles with the ‘Happy Zephyr’ minigame, both available through Simaris.

New operator amp components

    Rahn Prism

      Pulses void energy through a fine-cut pavilion to riddle targets with flashing fire.

    Phahd Scaffold

      Launch energy discs that ricochet off victims and surfaces, vectoring toward a new target with each strike.

    Anspatha Brace

      A dual-purpose brace that reduces void energy regeneration delay, and decreases regeneration time, though not as quickly as a single-purpose brace.

New dojo ‘natural’ decorations

Bring the outside inside to complete your hermit Dojo oasis! Choose from many nature themed Decorations such as (but not limited to):

    Asteroid Rock Wall
    Waterfall (Gentle)
    Ice Stalactite
    Spinklat Plant
    And so much more!

General Additions

    Added a HUD Damage indicator for Gara’s Splinter Storm ability.
    Added a directional arrow Decoration for the Dojo Obstacle Course Architect!

Operator Amp Changes

    Mote Amp

      Converted to reflect the Beam behavior changes introduced earlier in the year

        Damage increased slightly as part of the conversion

      Added +10 meter Range when Gilded

    Raplak Prism

      Damage increased from 1000 to 3000
      Critical Chance increased from 30 to 38%
      Critical Damage increased from 2.2 to 2.6x
      Fire Rate decreased from 5.42 to 2

    Granmu Prism

      Radial Damage increased from 1000 to 1400
      Radial size increased from 3 meters to 3.5 meters
      Direct Impact Damage decreased from 1200 to 1000

    Pencha Scaffold

      Added a 2 meter Punch Through

    Klebrik Scaffold


    Optimized the Chesa Retrieve Precept to reduce significant frame-rate micro-stutters.
    Made some micro-optimizations to the Helminth Charger Proboscis Precept.
    Made some micro-optimizations to the Helminth Charger Trample and Huras Hunt Precepts.
    Made some micro-optimizations to the Sahasa Kubrow Dig Precept.
    A select sound will play when using middle click selection in the Inventory screen.


    Fixed presence and matchmaking problems that could occur in some cases if you relogged promptly after a crash or network outage.
    Fixed cases of enemies not spawning after destroying an Antiserum Injector console in an Infested Salvage mission.
    Fixed a scenario where Clients were unable to return to the Liset with their squad.
    Fixed the Opticor occasionally damaging a single enemy multiple times.
    Fixed Kuva Siphons disappearing when you get in close proximity.
    Fixed dead enemy corpses sometimes appearing as giant black squares.

    Fixed some enemies walking slower than intended.
    Fixed numerous Syandanas appearing to float or twist when equipped.
    Fixed certain Warframe Energy color customizing not reflecting change very well in the Arsenal.
    Fixed sometimes getting an incorrect Lotus transmissions when playing a Kuva Siphon mission.
    Fixed Grineer textures popping out of view in cinematics.
    Fixed Grineer Dropships not having their escape FX.
    Fixed numerous broken lighting textures in the Infested Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed the Wyrmius start screen having visible edges due to menu scaling and appearing stretched because of the aspect ratio.

Conclave Changes

    Reduced the damage of Vauban's Tesla in Conclave.

Lundi 13 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.3.2


    Increased the scale of Vauban’s Mortier Heavy Blade Skin!


    Fixed seeing double Operators in the final cinematic of The Sacrifice.
    Fixed the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin sometimes appearing distorted in the Arsenal.
    Fixed join-in-progress Clients seeing previously dead enemies standing up.
    Fixed Vomvalysts facing the move direction instead of target during combat.
    Fixed using the Helminth chair not aligning the camera at the start of the animation.
    Fixed Vauban’s Citadel Skin Channeling FX covering his whole body.
    Fixed Mirage's Eclipse ability causing some Syandanas (eg. Repala, Vasa, etc.) to change colour to match her Warframe Energy.
    Fixed a blocky volumetric light during a cinematic in The Sacrifice quest.
    Fixed Nekros’ Shadow of the Dead Infested Brood Mothers producing looping/stacking maggot sound effects.

Jeudi 9 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.3.1


    Added new Lotus Transmissions for Kuva Siphon missions when attempting to destroy a braid. The new lines better emphasize the clouds being integral to success.


    Vauban’s Repelling Bastille Augment now functions as it did originally with the intended addition of pushing enemies on enter and every 4 seconds after.
    Subtle tweaks to Vauban’s Citadel Skin for a more consistent metal tint.


    Fixed Vauban’s Repelling Bastille Augment ignoring an enemy that is ignored by the base effects of Bastille (e.g. if they were ragdolled after being caught).
    Fixed a Host migration after killing an Acolyte sometimes causing the Acolyte to spawn again.
    Fixed the Zenistar disc not deploying when using the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin.
    Fixed the Icarius Syandana missing its animations.
    Fixed randomizing colours and changing loadout appearance in the Simulacrum Arsenal not updating your appearance when you exit the Arsenal.

Jeudi 9 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix



Jeudi 9 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Update 23.3.0

Vauban citadel skin

A fortress of ingenuity and style.

Plus unique Citadel styled Tesla grenade! 

Mortier heavy blade skin 

Sunder all attackers with the signature weapon skin of Vauban Citadel.

Marquis sugatra 

The signature sugatra of Vauban Citadel.

Vauban citadel collection 

Reinforce allies with this ingenious warrior. Contains the Vauban Citadel Skin, the Mortier Heavy Axe Skin, and the Marquis Sugatra.

Vauban Changes & Fixes

    Vauban's Passive has changed! Vauban's new passive: "Deal 25% extra damage to incapacitated enemies". 

      Whether by Vauban's own CC'ing abilities, or the abilities of others, Vauban can amplify his damage against the incapacitated! 

    Tesla is now ‘held to charge’ for increased Damage & Status Chance.
    Increased the particle FX size for a fully charged Tesla.
    Repelling Bastille Augment now pushes additional enemies outwards every 4s.
    Fixed some particles on the projectile not using Energy colors for Clients.


    Empty Inventory Slots now appear with an ‘Empty Slot’ UI text for better recognition.
    Increased the gain on the ‘Your Creator’ Somachord tune.


    Fixed players not receiving their Steam Pinnacle Pack goods as reported here:
    Fixed inability to open the pause menu after viewing certain cinematic scenes during The Sacrifice quest.
    Fixed Drop Ships in the Plains sometimes carrying the Sabotage Beacon.
    Fixed Clients not getting credit for completing Jordas Golem Assassinate and Mutalist Alad V Assassinate missions.
    Fixed a large hitch each time you click Randomize under the loadout button in the Arsenal.
    Fixed not being able to donate the Mote Amp if you have multiple.
    Fixed Itzal Fighter Escort drones pausing if you get too far away from them.
    Fixed "Falcon" Operator voice missing dialog during first mission in The Sacrifice quest
    Fixed Kraken sounds not being muffled correctly during stealth effects.
    Fixed Drop Ships not playing incoming sound.
    Fixed Warframes playing the currently equipped Focus school idle animation instead of their standard Warframe idle animation when loading into the Plains.
    Fixed a script error when entering Operator Void Mode.
    Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Rhino Stomp ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Prowl ability.

Vendredi 3 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.2.1


    Fixed Ostron Standing earned persisting on the mission results screen.
    Fixed the Jordas Golem Assassinate Star Chart node continuing to glow blue even after  a successful completion.
    Fixed ‘Solar Map Progress’ stat displaying that there are 229 Nodes needing completion when there are in fact only *227. This stat was including the “invisible” Sanctuary Onslaught nodes, which resulted in the unbearable 228/229.
    Fixed Limbo Noggle using new UI image in old UI menus.
    Fixed a script error when attempting to use Hok’s ‘Donate’ menu.

Jeudi 2 août 2018
The Sacrifice - Update 23.2.0

Quality of life changes/fixes and some new Noggle/Glyph additions await you!

New Noggles!

Limbo, Atlas, and Chroma Noggles are available in the Market!

Designer Glyph Pack!

A collection of Glyphs created by artists in the Warframe community.

Keep an eye out for our TennoCon 2018 Legendary and Make-A-Wish custom Glyphs that will be sported by their respective Tenno! 


    Primed Quickdraw is now Tradeable. 

      We’re aware and investigating why it does not show up in the Codex when owned.

    Updated the ‘High Contrast UI Theme’ based on feedback in an effort to better aid colourblind Tenno as seen here:
    Pressing ‘Enter’ when typing in the Chat window with a game invite open will now prioritize the Chat window over the game invite. This also applies when viewing the Market while typing in Chat.
    Weapons displayed on Hok’s Entitlement screen now show more information (Mastery Rank, Forma count, etc) to better reflect which weapon in your Inventory you’re Entitling.
    Personal Platinum and Credit values now appear in the Arsenal UI when in Cetus or a Relay. 

Controller Fixes

    Fixed inability to place Komi stones in The Sacrifice quest if Jump and Move Up/Afterburner are bound to a different button when using a controller.
    Fixed missing quick button for Invite (RT) at the bottom right of the Navigation screen when using a controller.
    Fixed certain Chat options being off screen if Chat is moved to the far right (Emoji list, etc) when using a controller.
    Fixed selecting to view a Profile and then immediately backing out resulting in some UI elements disabling when using a controller.
    Fixed opening the Lens selection window in Archwing mode resulting in your Archwing weapon appearing to pierce through the UI when using a controller.
    Fixed the D-Pad not lining up correctly after changing Menu Scale when using a controller.
    Fixed having to move the virtual cursor on the purchase button to make a purchase on certain Market Bundles, instead of being able to press A anywhere when using a controller.


    Fixed shared Affinity not properly spreading between all equipment, specifically when an Exalted weapon is active.
    Fixed abilities being permanently blocked (until death) in Sanctuary Onslaught if you enter a portal as Operator but Transfer back to Warframe right before the fade/teleport starts.
    Fixed Fishing breaking when switching Spears if you have no Bait or Dye.
    Fixed numerous missing Whip (Mios, Lacera, etc) animations as reported here:
    Fixed equipping Vicious Frost on the Orvius reducing the Cold Damage instead of increasing.
    Fixed Mod sets (Umbral, etc) not updating all values when equipping/unequipping Mods.
    Fixed sometimes spawning in a mystical grey box room that you totally weren't meant to see during some certain missions in The Sacrifice quest.
    Fixed Umbra sometimes falling out of the level due to not teleporting to safety when using Transference.
    Fixed Nyx Mind Controlled Shield Ospreys spawned from Corpus Tech and Attack Drones spawned from Fusion Moas not being friendly.
    Fixed numerous situations (casting Harrow’s Thurible, casting Mesa’s Peacemaker, etc) deactivating ‘Toggle Sprint’.
    Fixed sometimes becoming disarmed of all weapons in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed the Tether Grenades Mod distorting the look of grenades.
    Fixed inability to colour some lines on the Spektaka Liset Skin.
    Fixed Old Man Suumbaat Decorations appearing too close in the Market diorama.
    Fixed Warframe Helmet selection UI indicating you do not own the Warframe they are for when trading it in Maroo’s Bazaar.
    Fixed inability to select/move Dojo Decorations that are perfectly embedded in the floor as reported here:
    Fixed selecting Equip/Upgrade/Appearance on a claw weapon with the Deimos Claw Skin equipped resulting in the weapon oddly rotating.
    Fixed Rhino’s Roar FX appearing on Nidus Phryke’s invisible armor (no stacks).
    Fixed the Nossos Syandana being offset on Hydroid.
    Fixed the Little Helper Hat not sitting correctly when equipped on the Helminth Charger Metus Kubrow Skin.
    Fixed the Metus Kubrow Armor clipping on Kubrow butts.
    Fixed Kavats spawning inside the railing and twitching when loading into the Corpus Ship Freight Captura Scene.
    Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara appearing dim and scaling incorrectly when in Archwing as reported here:
    Fixed Ordis saying idle VO lines during Vor's Prize.
    Fixed viewing the Penta in the marketplace (specifically the Penta Shock-Camo Skin) resulting in the ammo in the gun taking a second to load upon viewing it everytime.
    Fixed inability to rotate Dioramas while in the Arsenal.
    Fixed Platinum prices appearing when hovering over a Dojo Decoration in the ‘Place Decorations Menu’.
    Fixed some parts of Icarius Syandana disappearing if observed at certain angle.
    Fixed zooming in on an Operator Focus tree too quickly resulting in one of the Focus tree schools will be missing.
    Fixed choosing to skip the Relay fly-in cinematic resulting in your Landing Craft not docking correctly.
    Fixed door materials clipping in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
    Fixed wonky door holograms being offset in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
    Fixed getting stuck in a small pile of debris on the Infested Corpus tileset.
    Fixed missing Lotus VO in sections of Vor’s Prize quest.
    Fixed some accented letters in Chat appearing as *.
    Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Rhino Stomp ability.

Jeudi 26 juillet 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.1.3

Embrace the terror within as Nidus Phryke. This new Deluxe Skin is available now on PC along with a new Claw Skin, Syandana and more!

    Nidus phryke skin

      From the depths of pestilence, a new horror emerges. Become the exalted master of blight with Nidus Phryke. This Deluxe Skin transforms as Nidus gains Mutation stacks.

    Deimos claw skin

      Tear through the still-beating heart of your foes. Bestow this eye-opening Skin to any Claw Weapon.

    Nosos Syandana

      The signature Syandana of Nidus Phryke.

    Helminth charger Metus skin

      Nidus Phryke’s loyal beast.* This works on all Kubrow breeds!

    Metus Kubrow armor

      Adorn any Kubrow or Helminth Charger Pet with a battery of gothic spikes.

    Nidus Phryke collection

      Everything you need to become the ultimate terror. Includes the unholy Nidus Phryke Skin, Deimos Claw Skin, Nosos Syandana, Helminth Charger Metus Skin and Metus Kubrow Armor.

Controller Changes & Fixes

    Fixed an issue where the Virtual Cursor would get its position reset on certain screens.


    Fixed an issue with Clients sometimes having invisible Operators.
    Fixed an issue where starting 'The Sacrifice' Quest could lead to permanent white screens if Clients were aboard the ship.
    Fixed issues with certain TennoGen Syandana Offsets.
    Fixed a game freeze that could occur when changing appearances.
    Further fixes towards issues with Operators using Synthesis Scanners.
    Fixed an issue where you could confuse 'The Sacrifice' Umbra if replaying the quest with an Umbra.
    Removed bleedout state condition for rivens requiring kills on dropship passengers
    Fixed Ivara's companion setting off spy traps when Ivara herself has Prowl Augment activated.

Mardi 24 juillet 2018
The Sacrifice - Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime are back!


For the first time ever, the hypnotic Nyx Prime is leaving the Vault! Charging out beside her is Rhino Prime along with other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories, Prime Weapons and discounted Platinum.

Thanks to your feedback, this is also the first time we’re offering separate Prime Accessory Packs!

    Brains and Brawn dual prime pack features

      1200 Platinum
      Nyx Prime
      Rhino Prime
      Boltor Prime
      Hikou Prime
      Ankyros Prime
      Scindo Prime
      Targis Prime Armor Set
      Noru Syandana Prime
      Vala Sugatra Prime
      Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint
      Prime Glyphs

    Nyx prime pack features

      400 Platinum
      Nyx Prime
      Hikou Prime
      Scindo Prime
      Targis Prime Armor Set
      Vala Sugatra Prime
      Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons

    Brute prime pack features

      400 Platinum
      Rhino Prime
      Boltor Prime
      Ankyros Prime
      Distilling Extractor Prime + BP
      Noru Syandana Prime
      Prime Glyphs/Profile Icons

    Nyx prime accessory pack features

      200 Platinum
      Targis Prime Armor Set
      Vala Sugatra Prime

    Rhino prime accessory pack features

      200 Platinum
      Noru Syandana Prime
      Distilling Extractor Prime + Blueprint

Visit to pick up these Prime Vault Packs before the Vault closes!

All Relics can be found in the Void region while the Prime Vault is open!

Controller Changes & Fixes

    Fixed an issue where the Simulacrum 'kill enemies' command is unavailable on controllers.
    Fixed an issue with being unable to use the D-pad on setting sliders.
    Fixed an issue with the virtual cursor being unable to select chat links unless you move the cursor off and on again.
    Fixed being unable to put items on your Wishlist in the Market when playing with a controller.
    Fixed being unable to move cursors up to equip landing craft with the D-pad.
    Fixed an issue where you could not purchase an item with the cursor on the purchase button.
    Fixed being unable to select and begin the advanced movement tutorial with a Controller.


    Sortie Interception missions now only require 2 rounds instead of 3.
    Adjusted the extreme color corrections on the Corpus Outpost.
    Optimized performance of many companion precepts.
    Kavats are now included in the description for DNA Stabilizers in the market.


    Fixed scanning with the Operator not counting toward any progress for Daily Targets or otherwise.
    Fixed previewing Nakak's masks causing player's hood open/close customization to be forced to closed.
    Fixed issues with layering in the Captura scene selection.
    Fixed being unable to customize Ivara's Artemis Bow's Arrows.
    Fixed an issue with the Inventory UI not showing the Argon Crystal decay timer.
    Fixed an issue where clients reviving before the 'mission complete' end-cinematic can lead to a loss of functionality for the host.
    Fixed an issue with Glyphs changing their texture scale after reloading.
    Fixed Operators not being able to use the Synthesis Scanner without a Sol Battery Widget.
    Fixed The Sacrifice Somachord fragment unlocks being in random order, which could result in fragments not spawning, or spawning when they shouldn't.
    Fixed Spearfishing bait and dyes not floating in ponds or the ocean after a host migration.
    Fixed Umbra losing Armor in Infested Salvage missions when he shouldn't.
    Fixed level issues in the Sealab tileset.
    Fixed level issues in the Europa tileset.
    Fixed an issue where you could soft-lock the game in the Arsenal.
    Fixed an issue with some TennoGen Round 13 Syandana Offsets.
    Fixed an issue with the leaderboard not appearing in the custom obstacle course room for clients.
    Fixed an issue with some decoration's rotation cylinder being too large.
    Fixed the Vala Sugatra Prime having untintable gold, it is now tintable!
    Fixed an issue with the camera getting detached from players when summoning an Archwing in the Plains.
    Fixed a visual bug with Standing when viewing progress as per:
    Fixed Prisma Shade removing cosmetics as per:
    Fixed audio crackling when firing the Baza with Ivara's Prowl ability.
    Fixed an issue with the Scourge's throw sounds playing when Modding.
    Fixed an issue with negative crit Rivens leading to increased critical chance as per
    Fixed an issue where the Stalker could get stuck in walls in certain levels.
    Fixed an issue where Melee sorting by 'Usage' for Zaws wasn't reflecting profile stats.
    Fixed an issue where some Eximus enemies appear pitch black.
    Fixed an issue where you may not be able to use fishing gear after the first toss.
    Fixed an issue where some pressure plates do not function in the Void.
    Fixed multiple issues with flickering objects across multiple levels.
    Fixed an issue where the ice bubble created by Arctic Eximus does not match the visual effect.
    Fixed the Celestia Syandana not having energy when previewed.
    Fixed a visual bug with the Tysis' dangles getting tangled.
    Fixed multiple issues with improper FX and models in the Codex Dioramas.
    Fixed the Dual Dagger Should Holster market item not having a proper preview.
    Fixed being unable to Gift UI themes that you have purchased.
    Fixed being unable to see your Platinum total in Darvo's Market in the Relay.
    Fixed an issue with squadmates disappearing in the Simulacrum when accessing the Terminal.
    Fixed Operator Void Blast not respecting energy colour.
    Fixed an issue with the Life-Support VFX not disappearing in Survival Missions.

Jeudi 19 juillet 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.1.1

For those that purchased the Despot Cape Syandana but received the Excalibur Ronin Skin, please make a billing support ticket and they will fix you right up.


TennoGen Changes & Fixes

    Moved the new sexy TennoGen to the top of the in-game Market when launching with Steam.
    Tweaked the Rhino Graxx Skin to more accurately match the Steam Workshop images.
    Removed the Oberon Blade of the Lotus Shoulder Armor being equippable even without purchasing the Skin.
    Corrected the Ogun Hammer Skin to the proper rotation on some weapons and overridden with the proper material on Syndicate weapons.
    Fixed the Sildarg Syandana cloth materials clipping through it's Syandana sword. 


    ‘Damaged Mods’ are hereby called ‘Flawed Mods’ now. Welcome to a new era. 
    Items/resources dropped by Sentient in The Sacrifice quest have been removed. This follows precedent with other Sentient spawning related quests.
    Cetus Star Chart node will now always glow blue until the player has completed their first Bounty.
    Corrected an issue which caused particle systems to create excessive collision effects.
    Removed the lore/Somachord Fragments spawning in the last mission of The Sacrifice quest. As you probably know, the pacing of that last mission doesn’t really warrant a Fragment search! 

Somachord & Mandachord Changes

    All Mandachord songs (other than the default song) will now appear in the Somachord, between the unlocked tracks and the locked tracks.

      Each song will play for 10 loops = 80 seconds.

    Added per-song autoplay toggle to the Somachord.

      Right clicking a song will toggle eligibility for autoplay (or right trigger for controllers).
      Songs with autoplay disabled can still be played manually, and through the historical prev/next song toggles (going backwards always plays the previously played songs, and going forward after doing that will do the same until a new song is selected).

    Mandachord tunes now duck out other music in the Market and Star Chart.

Controller Fixes

    Fixed navigation logic that can cause the cursor to skip elements in diegetic screens, such as pressing UP while in the Inbox navigating to the squad overlay instead of the above Inbox message.
    Fixed the Search window remaining active after backing out of the Arsenal Equip screen with the DPad.
    Fixed virtual cursor not saving its position when browsing between ‘Browse Wares’ and ‘Today's Special’ for Cetus vendors.
    Fixed virtual cursor warping when the mouse is moved after Alt Tabbing and moving the mouse outside game focus. 
    Fixed inability to select a tab for the first time if the virtual cursor is already on one when first opening a station (Foundry, Mod Station, etc).  


    Fixed having a floating Operator after spamming Transference while Operator is in the death animation.
    Fixed max Energy displaying incorrectly when transitioning from Archwing mode as the Client.
    Fixed being able to hold 1 to charge Zephyr’s Tail Wind and cast Airburst before the charge animation starts, causing you to get stuck.
    Fixes towards Eidolon Lures hugging the ground and likely getting stuck at the smallest bumps.
    Fixed UI textures sometimes being blurry when Dynamic Resolution is used.
    Fixed Nakak’s masks reflecting your chosen Operator Energy color. 
    Fixed previewing Nakak's masks defaulting your Operators Somatic colours.
    Fixed Liset doors re-playing the open sound when entering with Operator while Warframe is already standing there.
    Fixed "Recent" tab in the Invite menu always displaying other players on "Menus" even when Offline.
    Fixed camera sometimes clipping through the Arsenal.
    Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.

Mercredi 18 juillet 2018
The Sacrifice - Update 23.1.0 - TennoGen Round 13

TennoGen Round 13

Warframe Skins


Warframe Helmets


Weapon Skins

Liset Skins


    The Sacrifice is now replayable!  2 new original quest songs have been added to the Somachord from the Sacrifice soundtrack. You can find and scan the Fragments by re-playing the quest! 

      These Somachord Fragments must be scanned in mission order from beginning to end in order to collect them all. If you miss one in mission 3 (for example) you can replay the quest and begin your search at mission 3 instead of back at mission 1. 


    New Player Experience changes

      After watching far too many people struggle (and reading many feedback threads) with the crafting of an Incubator Core in the 'Howl of the Kubrow' quest, we are making it easier! We now give 'Incubator Cores' as a reward for completing the Earth > Mars Junction. Anyone who has completed Howl of the Kubrow will receive one on login automatically. 


    Fixed an issue with Clients not seeing Synthesis Target waypoints. 
    Fixed an issue with being unable to mine on the Plains of Eidolon after a Host migration.
    Fixed a crash when reviving underwater or in Archwing.
    Fixed various game crashes and hangs particularly for long-running missions.
    Fixed a case where you could permanently lose the ability to cast Warframe abilities. 
    Fixed an issue with the Sentinel 'Spare Parts' Mod not working.
    Fixed an issue where Clients would not see Djinn's Reawaken icon. 
    Fixed an issue where Ivara's Artemis Bow was not properly consuming energy.
    Fixed the Sentinel 'Medi-Ray' Mod not working with Umbra.
    Fixed Magus Nourish not working with Umbra.
    Fixed an issue with the Juggernaut Behemoth not using all of his moves. 
    Fixed inconsistencies with the state of Lua in the Plains of Eidolon skybox.
    Fixed an issue where attempting to sell a ranked Arcane enhancement through your inventory would fail. 
    Fixed enemies not being visible for Clients if they were in a ragdoll state for the Host.
    Fixed a level issue in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset (Europa). 
    Fixed various navigation issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset (Europa).
    Fixed an edge case where Clients could auto-fail Onslaught if they joined in-progress.
    Fixed Energy values being mismatched between Client and Host when switching to and from Archwing. This usually resulted in Clients having a lower Energy amount than they should until they used an ability. Also fixes sometimes continuously attempting and failing to use energy pickups on Client.
    Fixed a possible game freeze that could occur if an ineligible player joins a squad (e.g. someone joins your Sortie session without a rank 30 Warframe).
    Fixed an issue where Nakak's mask dioramas would not show the masks properly. 
    Fixed an audio issue with the Quartakk becoming silent when rapid firing.

Mardi 10 juillet 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.8

Minor Optimizations

    Made minor optimizations to Carrier's Looter precept.
    Made optimizations to Djinn's Fatal Attraction precept.
    Fixed a performance issue with multiple Sentinel attack Precepts.
    Optimized the Sacrifice precept.
    Optimized Helios's Detect Vulnerability Precept.
    Optimized performance of GPU particles in various cases.


    Fixed using Transference while entering a teleport volume resulting in the screen turning fully black/white.
    Fixed Vazarin Protective Dash healing being removed when using Umbra and Transferring back to your Warframe.
    Fixed Transferring from a downed Operator to your Warframe in Submersible Archwing resulting in the camera breaking.
    Fixed using a Warframe with an Exalted Melee weapon (Excalibur, Wukong or Valkyr), certain actions will lead to a weird "in-between" state, where your Exalted Melee Stance incorporates moves from your currently equipped melee weapon.
    Fixed issues with Fishing hitboxes not always matching their model.
    Fixed an issue with the Day 950 Login Tribute... but did not fix Login 3.0 but hopefully we can talk more about that later this summer, stay tuned!
    Fixed Umbra Courtyard Captura Scene lacking help text.
    Fixed issues where Zephyr could get stuck in bad animations.
    Fixed an issue where trading an MR locked item could lock the screen.
    Fixed the D-Pad not working on the Daily Tribute screen
    Fixed various crashes and game freezes.
    Fixed a frequent crash on systems running Sandy Bridge graphics.
    Fixed various incorrect translations.
    Fixed an issue with Clients seeing violent shakes in the Jordas Golem boss fight.
    Fixed an issue with your Operator doing an 'AC Slater' on the chair in the Orbiter.
    Fixed an issue with the Prisma Skana having incorrect properties.

Jeudi 28 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.7


    Optimized HUD performance slightly for several mission types.
    Tweaked unicode filtering for private channels so you can play in English but still chat in Swedish with your Clan!


    Fixed crash that could occur if you died right while Ivara was drawing back an Arrow.
    Fixed crash that could happen when someone affected by Harrow's Warding Thurible Augment died.
    Fixed being cloaked by Ivara’s Empowered Quiver potentially resulting in a status proc by AoE procs.
    Fixed Energy Conversion not increasing the Critical damage increase of Ivara’s Empowered Quiver
    Fixed being able to skip the Granmu Prism cooldown by switching to and from a Scanner.
    Fixed purchasing a Relic Pack from Teshin resulting in the cursor to remain on screen upon closing the Offerings menu.

The Sacrifice Quest Related Fixes

    Fixed Transferring back to Umbra resulting in falling through the floor sometimes
    Further adjustments to the Umbra Operator Earrings appearing unattached.
    Improved speed of camera during memory sequences when using a controller.

Mercredi 27 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.6

TennoCon is just over 9 days away, and here we are giving you some trinkets to play with while you patiently wait for what will be the next biggest day in Warframe’s history. Something to note, is that this Hotfix does not include The Sacrifice quest replayability. It will be done, but most likely after TennoCon, as all human hands are working on making the TennoLive dream a reality. 

New warframe augments (Maxed Rank)

    Nidus - Ravenous - Insatiable

      Nidus gains a 60.0% chance of generating an additional Mutation stack whenever he gains one, while standing in the Ravenous infestation.

    Harrow - Thurible - Warding Thurible

      Allies in range take 40% less damage while channeling Thurible and grant 0.5 additional Energy charge whenever damaged.

    Octavia - Mallet - Partitioned Mallet (Community voted Augment!):

      Allows for two simultaneous Mallets, each with 50% reduced range.

    Ivara - Quiver - Empowered Quiver

      Dashwire grants allies 100% Critical Damage. Cloak arrow has a 100% chance to prevent Status Effects.

Visit the respective Syndicate Offerings for these new Warframe Augments!

UI Improvements & Fixes

    Fixed a case where the Owned checkmark on the UI wouldn't be visible, even if you owned 1+ of the item.
    Fixed the red circle UI in Hive missions not accurately reflecting Hive search area around current Hive.
    Fixed hovering over a Syndicate Sigil does not show the +% gain. 

Controller Improvements & Fixes

    Fixed pressing Y on controller to use Cinematic Mode in Captura not functioning.
    Fixed controller Chat hotkey (LT) not functioning as the Operator in the Orbiter.
    Fixed the controller button to reset Captura settings to default not functioning.


    Increase Fissure enemy spawn rate for Fissure Sabotage missions.
    Adjust offset for the Zaikhya Syandana on Titania to try and reduce clipping with her wings.


    Fixed temporal AA jitter being applied on 'post UI' map lines and the like causing severe sub-pixel jitter.
    Fixed Exalted melee Abilities causing Clients to hold their melee and primary/secondary weapons in hand if the Ability is terminated while still pulling the weapon out (e.g. Onslaught Conduits, out of bounds areas, etc).
    Fixed enabling ‘Look at Character’ in Captura while playing through Advanced Camera positions will cause the camera to shake.
    Fixed the Pandero Secondary Fire Codex/Arsenal description saying ‘Charged Shot’ when it is actually a ‘Burst Shot’.
    Fixed Somachord playing music while viewing some intro quest cinematics.
    Fixed Equinox’s cloth appearing as gray patches while in the Star Chart.
    Fixed bad Bow clipping on Warframe Articulas.
    Fixed Warframe Articulas displaying weapons that are meant to be hidden on holster.
    Fixed the Oblivia Prime Syandana sitting too high up on Loki Prime.
    Fixed Fang Prime and Dual Ether having the incorrect Mastery Rank requirement.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed ability to cast Saryn’s Spore when your Energy is between 1 and 24 in Conclave. 

The Sacrifice Quest Related Fixes

    Fixed The Sacrifice quest progression stopper if you didn’t have a melee weapon equipped in the ‘Pursuing Umbra’ phase.
    Fixed Octavia’s Mallet causing a progression stopping issue in The Sacrifice as reported here:
    Fixed the Dax Portrait not snapping properly to walls like a good portrait should.
    Fixed some of Umbra’s attachments appearing to float away from his body.
    Fixed the Umbra Operator Hooded Scarf not working with Transference FX.
    Fixed the new Umbra Operator Earrings showing the loop hanging below the earlobe instead of through them. 
    Fixed wonky clipping with Sugratras and the Umbra Nikana.
    Fixed not being able to purchase the Excalibur Umbra Glyph.

Vendredi 22 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.5

UI Improvements & Fixes

    Fixed the UI overlapping when switching from a Warframe without an Exalted weapon to one with an Exalted weapon.
    Fixed numerous weapons using the wrong Icon in the Inventory 

      Skana Prime Icon is known and will be fixed.

Controller Improvements & Fixes

    Controller DPad navigation will always be enabled for Chat when its expanded.
    Fixed the pause Menu not closing when Menu is already open with the controller.
    Fixed a crash when attempting to move the text cursor vertically through a multi-line text box (MOTD for example).
    Fixed odd multi-line text navigation with up/down arrows for empty lines. 


    Improved the Rift Walker Prime Sigil to be more metallic. This is the start of our Art team going through previous Prime Sigils to give them the same metallic treatment by request!
    Updated the Vitruvian Glyph bundle store icon to better display the Glyphs.
    Orokin Cells pickups will now appear in the pop-up notification similar to Argon Crystals.


    Making progress on investigating Megan's soul crushing issue of not receiving Relic rewards. So far it is looking like an internal account issue, but we'll update you as more information turns up.
    Fixed new players who picked Excalibur not receiving his Exalted Blade in the Arsenal, making it unModdable. Affected players will now see the intended Exalted Blade Arsenal slot.
    Fixed the Pyrana Prime auto-switching to another weapon when the magazine empties.
    Fixed casting Khora's Strangledome on a large group of enemies resulting in the VFX disappearing shortly after.
    Fixed the Dax Syandana not being Giftable.
    Fixed the Dax Syandana clipping through numerous Warframes 

      Titania clipping is known and will be fixed.

    Fixed lights at the top of the Dax Syandana not applying Energy colors.
    Fixed Nekros Prime having a ‘None’ Skin option.
    Fixed the Zarr Towsun Skin not properly apply to the "dangles" on the front of the weapon.
    Fixed inability to Chat link the Towsun Weapon Skins for the Quartakk and Stubba.
    Fixed an issue with the Hystrix not being able to switch fire modes during reload if all bullets are emptied out of the clip.
    Fixed multi-line text navigation with up/down arrows for empty lines.
    Fixed a rare crash.
    Fixed a slow memory leak that would lead to a script failure if you left the Navigation console up for 13 hours.
    Fixed Rift Walker Prime Sigil flickering in the Arsenal. 

The Sacrifice Quest Related Fixes

    Fixed the Iliac Syandana not playing nicely with Umbra’s scarf.
    Toned down eyebrow animations after you return to the Orbiter after the first memory sequence cinematic.

Mercredi 20 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.4

Towsun collection II

Plains living is tough living, Tenno, especially in the sweltering summer. Channel the Ostron spirit of resilience with the Towsun Collection II!

This collection includes:

    Quartakk Towsun Skin
    Stubba Towsun Skin
    Maggor Towsun Armor
    Maggor Towsun Syandana

Visit the Market to get this scorching-hot Collection for 180 Platinum now!

Vitruvian glyph pack 

Enjoyed The Sacrifice? Share your appreciation with the world with these Vitruvian Glyphs!

    Ashwat glyph
    Vanva glyph
    Kulam glyph
    Nila glyph
    Samat glyph

Each Glyph is available individually for 20 Platinum or as a bundle for 80 Platinum in the Market!

UI Improvements & Fixes

    Added a toggle for showing ‘Item labels’ on Inventory items in the Interface Options!

      Item Labels Toggled Off (hover for name/info):

      Item Labels Toggled On:

    Added a "DEFAULT" sort option in the Syndicate Offerings screen. This sorts the Offerings alongside their partners (Warframe Augments, Syndicate Weapons, Captura Scenes, etc).
    Increased opacity of Mission Voting UI panel to help readability on certain UI Themes.
    Flipped Blueprint Icons so that Affinity Icon is on the top right.
    ‘REUSABLE BLUEPRINT’ label is now displayed on appropriate Recipes.
    Replaced the ‘OWNED’ text on UI Themes with a cleaner checkmark Icon.
    Replaced the tiny ‘1’ Icon in the Syndicate Offerings screen to also be a cleaner checkmark Icon.
    Fixed trading partner’s Arcane Rank Icons not displaying on the trading UI screen.
    Fixed Arsenal UI displaying incorrect Exalted weapon after selecting ‘Randomize’.
    Fixed inability to confirm error prompt when the connection to the Host has been lost.
    Fixed some Syndicate weapon Icons using their original variant as opposed to the Syndicate version.
    Fixed camera being set incorrectly when viewing the Mods screen in the Dojo.
    Fixed ‘help text’ such as in the Tutorial and Vor's Prize being visible from the back side.
    Fixed a long game hang when pressing the ‘Invite Friend’ button.
    Fixed overlapping UI when selecting a new Captura Scene while in Captura settings.
    Fixed Destreza Prime missing its Icon.

Controller Improvements & Fixes

    Removed ability to use the controller DPad in the Arsenal to hover over the current Warframe Abilities since selecting them does nothing.
    Fixed inability to select/equip any Mods until exiting the Upgrade screen upon dismissing the error prompt for Mods also equipped on a Sentinel Weapon.
    Fixed controller DPad not functioning in Controller Bindings option and long binding names are now truncated and display the full name in a tooltip.
    Fixed pressing the Upgrade quick button with the controller can result in a different weapon to be selected on the Upgrade screen.
    Fixed Gear items being skipped over when using the controller DPad to select Gear items in the Arsenal.
    Fixed inability to select the ‘Default Colors’ option when using the controller DPad.
    Fixed having 2 visible cursors on the Advanced Plains Map when using a controller.
    Fixed accessing the Plains Advanced Map with a controller and then switching to Mouse/Keyboard resulting in non-functional buttons on screen.


    Tweaked the Oblivia Prime Syandana offset to be proportionately equal on numerous Warframes. The Market and Arsenal icons have also been changed for the Oblivia Prime Syandana to properly reflect the adjustments.
    Replaced the Bounty Level 40-60 Relic with a Axi O3. This fixes Bounty Level 40-60 Rotation B having the same Lith V5 Relic as Level 10-30.
    Optimized Framerate slightly in Defection missions.
    Removed unobtainable Plains of Eidolon Lore Fragments in the Codex.
    Specters can no longer trigger Operator Virtuos Arcanes.


    Fixed all ‘on damage’ Arcanes not triggering upon taking damage.
    Fixed Artax not functioning with Growing Power.
    Fixed Pyrana Primes ethereal buff being permanent by Transferring to the Operator while the ethereal Pyrana buff runs out.
    Fixed the Lith T2 Relic having 2 Braton Prime Blueprints as a reward (1 common and 1 uncommon). We replaced the common reward with the Valkyr Prime Blueprint.
    Fixed crash when taking an F6 screenshot after returning from Captura and on a loading screen en route to another mission.
    Fixed Mesa Regulator upgrades being applied twice for Clients.
    Fixed a Void Shockplate that was doing no damage or knockdown.
    Fixed script error when trying to convert Shards when you have no Shards in your Inventory.
    Fixed a typo in an Ordis transmission.

The Sacrifice Quest Related Changes & Fixes

    Removed ability to put Sacrificial Mods on Archwing Melee weapons.
    Fixed Umbra triggering Operator Virtuos Arcanes.
    Fixed Umbral set bonus not functioning after a Host Migration.
    Fixed receiving Umbra after failing the ‘Confront Umbra’ mission, which resulted in many issues with progressing in the quest.
    Fixed obtaining Umbra too early if you change your Arsenal loadout right before equipping him.
    Fixed Clients Transferring into Umbra killing their forward momentum.
    Fixed floating symbols in Orokin Cipher puzzle being invisible if your Warframe is cloaked.

Mardi 19 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.3 - Limbo Prime

Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime have arrived - like magic!

The Rifts are opening and a Cataclysm is about to begin. Wield the wily Void magician, bend the power of the Void to your will, and outwit your enemies.

Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, and Pyrana Prime Relics have replaced all locations of Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Relics:

    Plains Bounties
    Sanctuary Onslaught
    Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (Radiant)
    Added in the Orokin Derelict Defense mix
    Added in the Orokin Derelict Survival mix
    And the list goes on! Check out the public PC drop tables here.

      *Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Relics are also still out in the wild, just not in exclusive spots like Bounties or Onslaught. 

Check out Limbo Prime Access here: 

Nekros Prime, Galatine Prime, and Tigris Prime have entered the Vault!

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the follow Syndicate sacrifices:

    Replaced Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice of Nekros Prime Neuroptics to Mirage Prime Systems.
    Replaced Cephalon Suda sacrifice of Nekros Prime Chassis to Oberon Prime Chassis.
    Replaced Steel Meridian sacrifice of Nekros Prime Neuroptics to Zephyr Prime Chassis.
    Replaced Steel Meridian sacrifice of Galatine Prime Blade to Sybaris Prime Stock. 

If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

UI Improvements & Fixes

    Improved visibility of Arcane Rank indication icons due to large white text field on the Trading screen.
    Fixed hovering over certain Mods in the Syndicate Offerings screen not displaying their description correctly.
    Fixed a case where you couldn't confirm item selection in a variable selection case (picking Fish for Personal Quarters Aquariums).
    Fixed Equinox Background having the wrong UI Icon when selecting it in the UI Customization screen.
    Fixed Upgrade screen for some Exalted weapons (Exalted Blade, Artemis Bow, etc) showing the name of the weapon in mixed case instead of all CAPS.


    Changed the Market Platinum price of the Dax Nikana Skin to 35 platinum (was 225). This price change also affects The Sacrifice Collection which is now 400 Plat (was 550).

      We are running a script that will refund overspent Platinum to the respective accounts. We will update this thread when the script is done and relog is required! Refund is complete! Please relog at your convenience. 

    Changed the player marker to now attach to the body part that you were looking at, so it can be used to mark a specific Teralyst weak point, for instance. Also improved the behaviour when attempting to mark an enemy that was close to your marked world position.
    Specters will now attempt to fight/fire their weapons even when cloak.
    Removed the Defence Cryopod from the Grineer Shipyard Interception tileset. 


    Fixed the return of the perpetual loading screen when a Host Migration in Onslaught occurred.
    Fixed a Void Rift not appearing for Clients in Lua Spy tilesets.
    Fixed Eximus Grineer that drop the Kuva Catalyst also dropping a fake Mod item instead of Life Support.
    Fixed not enough enemies spawning if the mission switches to Exterminate after the Rescue Target is captured.
    Fixed ‘Kill X Dargyn with a Bow’ Riven Challenge not functioning for Dargyns that spawn pilotless in the Plains.
    Fixed Excalibur missing his Radial Blind sound when doing slide attack with Exalted Blade.
    Fixed water not causing continuous ripples as you walked through it. Game literally playable again.
    Fixed enemies not taking damage from bullets and other tracing damage sources after rising from a ragdoll state.
    Fixed ‘Hey Kiddo’ lingering in your ship.
    Fixed Glyph icons appearing stretched when viewing in Vendor screens (Baro).
    Fixed Synthesis Target missing their blue VFX glow indication.
    Fixed a random Grineer enemy spawning in the Silver Grove Shrine.
    Fixed incorrect fly-in cinematic in The New Strange quest.
    Fixed spawning inside a geometry collision in a specific Onslaught.
    Fixed broken parkour activated button not functioning in the Advanced Movement tutorial.
    Fixed Angstrum not having any shooting sounds.
    Fixed a script error when selecting an enemy in the Simulacrum screen.
    Fixed a script error for numerous Warframe Abilities.
    Fixed a script error when using Transference.  

The Sacrifice Quest Related Changes & Fixes

We have more Umbra/quest fixes queued up for our next Hotfix/Update. Thanks for your patience!

    Upon dying, sentience Umbra will now become stand-still instead of forcing Transference. This also fixes returning to Umbra from Operator resulting in death.
    Removed Umbra triggering unintended Operator Virtuous Fury. Virtuous Fury only grants a chance at increased damage after inflicting a Status Effect with an Operator Amp, and should not apply to Umbra.
    Removed the Prime Passive of Energy pulse on Orokin Void Death Orb applying to Umbra as he is not considered a Prime.
    Fixed inability to apply Umbra Agile/Noble Animations to Warframes other than Umbra.
    Fixed Operator Magus Nourish not restoring Health over time to Umbra while Transference is active.
    Tweaked Umbra’s Radial Howl animation to have a very similar cast time and FX to Excalibur’s Radial Blind.
    Tweaked positioning of Orokin Symbols and area markers to help players find the markings closest to the Orokin Cipher first.
    Removed 2 second delay between ‘Destroying Vines’ and the door Defense stage starting for better pacing.
    Fixed Clients teleporting to Umbra's position instead of the other way around when Transferring back into their Warframe.
    Fixed the Spritsail Prime Leg Armor's attachment point embedding into Umbra's leg.
    Fixed having a perpetual Helminth Cyst on sentience Umbra.

Vendredi 15 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix


    Fixed not being able to sell Inventory items if the value is 1 and not being able to stack more than 20 items.
    Fixed some UI alignment issues. 

The Sacrifice Quest Changes

    Polished audio in The Sacrifice memory phases.
    Improved some subtitle timing in The Sacrifice.

Vendredi 15 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.2


    Updated the new Glowing Sentient Core Decoration description to clarify that it is a Decoration for your Landing Craft.
    Using ‘mouse button 3’ in the Simulacrum will now auto add 5 enemies to the spawn list. 


    Fixed the game crashing a few seconds post-launcher.
    Fixed Sniper combo not decaying over time and instead resetting to zero.
    Fixed Naramon Power Spike not decaying combo over time and instead resetting.
    Fixed Rollers not being affected by Limbo's Cataclysm (or Stasis) if they are already within the zone when its cast.
    Fixed Euphona Primes bullet spread not being based on the crosshair as a center point.
    Fixed Gifting a UI Theme resulting in it being instantly auto-equipped.
    Fixed Baro’s Vendor screen not displaying your Ducat inventory amount.
    Fixed Pets attempting to use Pet Beds while you're in the process of placing them.
    Fixed screenshot folders with 10009 images in them resulting in new screenshots going in your install folder instead.
    Fixed entering your Arsenal with Excalibur’s Exalted Blade active causing no Mods to appear in the Modding UI.
    Fixed clicking a locked Exilus Slot and canceling the purchase prompt locking the UI on the “Please Wait” screen.
    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not displaying any of your equipped weapons.
    Fixed missing UI click sound in some menus when using the Legacy sound option.
    Fixes towards the Extractor selection screen overlapping the Squad menu UI and tooltip when hovering over Extractors.
    Fixed Boosters not displaying in Baro’s inventory if it’s available as an offering.
    Fixed max enemy cap not being enforced in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed icon missing for the Prisma Grakata.
    Fixed Energy colour element not appearing when you change your Energy colour on an Excalibur equipped with the Chromatic Blade Augment.
    Fixed UI displaying double Set Mod bonuses when equipped on a regular and Exalted weapon. Set Mods only affect regular Melee weapons.
    Fixed script crash caused by pressing Config B for a Melee weapon equipped with a Riven while experiencing the previous listed bug.
    Fixed a crash when respawning in Wyrmius.
    Fixed a script error when using Transference.
    Fixed a script error if mission gets cleared while countdown is in progress.
    Fixes towards a Modding UI script error.
    Fixed script error in squad overlay when voting is disabled.
    Fixed script error when customizing your Archwing’s energy color while a Warframe with an Exalted Weapon is equipped.
    Fixed script error when pressing mouse button 3 in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed various Syandanas clipping through Titania’s wings.
    Fixed incorrect icons displaying for the Push/Pull option in Decoration mode when using the controller.
    Fixed being able to equip UI themes you do not own.
    Fixed Channeled finishers with Zaws not activating Dispatch Overdrive or Exodia Brave.
    Fixed an unreleased Stance Mod finding its way into the Codex (nothing to see here).

The Sacrifice Quest Fixes

    Fixed new Umbra Operator Cosmetics (Umbra Blindfold, Earpiece, Hooded Scarf, and Diadem) missing cloth animation.
    Fixed the Skiajata not taking on Custom colors in the final cut scene in the Sacrifice.
    Fixed being unable to re-equip Umbra after The Sacrifice quest if you unequipped him.
    Fixed Umbra’s Skiajata’s muffled audio persisting after chaining Stealth finishers.
    Fixed the Courtyard Scene’s teleport volumes in The Sacrifice not resetting the player.
    Fixed Isaah’s lip sync timing.
    Fixes towards transmission playing twice in the 3rd hospital memory scene.
    Fixed not transferring back to your Warframe when Umbra dies while you are in Operator Void Mode.
    Fixed Client’s autonomous Umbra surviving Host migration.
    Tweaked Ordis’ in/out transmission sounds for dialog flow.
    Fixed autonomous Umbra in Dojo Duels using Conclave loadout. 

The Sacrifice: Hotfix


    Fixed not being able to sell Inventory items if the value is 1 and not being able to stack more than 20 items.
    Fixed some UI alignment issues. 

The Sacrifice Quest Changes

    Polished audio in The Sacrifice memory phases.
    Improved some subtitle timing in The Sacrifice.

Vendredi 15 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Hotfix 23.0.1


    Fixed a progression stopper in The War Within quest where an elevator was inaccessible yet crucial to proceed.
    Fixed loss of functionality if you attempted to customize Gear items or Emotes by pressing Enter or A on controller after hovering over it in the Arsenal.
    Fixed not being able to close the Decoration Placement Key Bindings screen.

The Sacrifice Quest Fixes

    Fixed a progression stopper where the end quest cutscene would not trigger.
    Fixed a progression stopper in the Arsenal when swapping around Umbra.
    Fixed edge case progression stopper where Sentient Mimics could hold open a locking door for a player, letting them get locked on the wrong side.
    Fixed missing jump action for Umbra to get down from ledges.

Vendredi 15 juin 2018
The Sacrifice - Update 23

Well Tenno, it’s here… and we can’t thank you enough.

Who would have thought that we’d be launching our third cinematic quest. With the ambitious goal of telling Warframe’s story in a way we had never done before, The Second Dream started it all. The moments you shared with us while playing through the quest is a memory all of us at Digital Extremes will never forget. So we thought… wow, we did it… Can we do it again? And so it was, we burned heaps of midnight oil to launch The War Within and experience the roller coaster of feels with you all over again.

Witnessing your reaction to THE SACRIFICE teaser we showed at TennoCon last year is an emotion we can’t quite put into words. We’re pretty sure you guys shook the convention center and the internet. So we’re absolutely ecstatic that you can now continue your journey as Tenno in the Warframe universe in this new quest.    

From all of us at Digital Extremes, thank you for sharing Warframe with us. This once small but growing studio in London, Ontario couldn’t have done any of this without your extraordinary support, Tenno. 

We hope that you have enjoyed the ride so far. We look forward to seeing what Warframe has in store for all of us as we look toward the future.

The sacrifice quest

The Apostasy Prologue left a memento from the Lotus lingering in the Orbiter, calling back to the moment Ballas extended his hand to her. As they faded beyond grasp, nothing but fragmented transmissions from her remained.

Now, a foreboding vision leads the Tenno to hunt for a savage Warframe. Will you unmask the truth in this mind-bending new chapter of the cinematic storyline? THE SACRIFICE will bring you closer to uncovering what has fallen into shadow. 

THE SACRIFICE Quest is available after completing The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and the Apostasy Prologue, and will be available in your Codex upon login. Bring your best Warframe and Operator loadouts to face the challenges that await you in THE SACRIFICE .

New cosmetics

    Umbra Armor

      Eclipse the darkness of Umbra with this Armor Set for any Warframe.

    Umbra Companion Armor

      Embody the height of companion Fashion Frame with new Umbra-themed Kubrow and Kavat Armor Sets.

    Operator Cosmetics

      Outfit your Operators with these golden-age Customizations.

    Umbra In Action Glyph

      He’s mad but he’s also cute in chibi form.

    The Sacrifice Collection

      Cast a long shadow with these Umbra and Dax items [beware of spoilers!]

    Dax Syandana

      Worn in battle and ceremony at late-Orokin Dax, this Syandana was seen as a symbol of power to all in the empire.

And more to be discovered upon completing THE SACRIFICE  quest!

New UI themes and UI changes!

Currently, we have exactly 131 screens in Warframe that need an artistic pass to the new style. 8 are done and ready to go - they're here today! Themes similar to above are coming for the screens we have completed, and all subsequent screens will inherit whatever UI theme you've chosen (default or other purchased themes).  

We have also have 2 free Themes specifically tailored for our visually impaired and color blind Tenno: the “Equinox Theme” (B&W theme) and the “High Contrast Theme”!

To change your UI theme, go to your Interface Options and select “UI Customization”. 

There you can also change your Background from the 3 available options:

    Equinox Background
    Legacy Background
    Vitruvian Background

You can also change the UI sounds from the “Legacy” and “Vitruvian” options. 

Moddable ‘exalted’ weapons!

Warframes with unique Ability-driven (Exalted) Weapons can now be separately Modded in your Arsenal! This includes the ability to customize their appearance too!

If you own any of the following Warframes, their “Exalted” Weapon have been added to your Arsenal:

    Excalibur/Prime’s Exalted Blade 

      We gave the Blade a partial physical design (hilt) so that you can customize its appearance (Energy color is still determined by Excalibur’s)! 

    Ivara’s Artemis Bow
    Mesa’s Regulators 

      If you own or purchase the Mesa Presidio Skin, you will automatically receive the  Presidio Regulators skin to equip onto Mesa’s Regulators.

    Titania’s Dex Pixia + Diwata
    Valkyr/Prime’s Talons

      No customizing since her Talons’ design is all Energy-based!

    Wukong’s Iron Staff

Exalted Weapons work in the following ways:

    They appear in your Arsenal as an unranked moddable Weapon option once you’ve unlocked the Ability.
    All Exalted weapons use the Mod classes expected for the class of weapon.
    Melee Exalted Weapons have their Stance Mod permanently displayed in the modding UI with access to Combos!
    Titania’s Dex Pixia now uses Secondary Mods! More on that in the Titania Exalted Weapons Dev Workshop we posted at the beginning of this week.
    While Exalted Weapons can be ranked, they do not count towards Mastery Rank (with the exception of Khora’s Venari).
    Riven Mods are not generated for Exalted Weapons. 

Limbo stasis changes!

Limbo's Stasis has been changed to make it more cooperative! Now, Stasis only stops time for Enemies. Limbo's Gear and all Ally Gear will continue to function. But, because complete time-halting for enemies within the Rift is akin to godly power, the duration of the ability has been shortened overall - from base 30 seconds to 15 seconds. This is of course affected by Mods.

PC controller changes!

The launch of virtual cursor controls on consoles brought many hotfixes to those platforms with much needed changes and improvements. Our first Dev Workshop looked at bringing D-Pad Functionality, while our second, a follow-up Action Plan, looked at what we planned on improving across platforms. Combined, the following changes are now live for our PC controller players:

    D-Pad support is here!
    Restored button shortcuts in the Arsenal.
    Changed Relic selection windows to preview content on hover. To choose a Relic, simply select it.
    Added the ability to auto-rotate your Warframe in the Arsenal (using the Right Trigger) while browsing item grid.
    Changed “preview” and “select” to be independent of one another in the Arsenal item selection (separate bindings displayed in bottom right of screen in Arsenal).
    Removed the need to hold down and drag in order to select a Mod in the Modding UI. Instead, selecting a Mod will make it stick to your cursor like it used to, allowing you to move it with cursor control or D-Pad. Additionally, hitting “back” will deselect the Mod from your cursor without exiting the screen.
    Increased the size of Star Chart node hitzones when using a controller.
    Fixed category switch with controller LB/RB on some screens when hovering over a category button.
    Fixed not being able to fish with Classic Controls.
    Fixed LB prompt in Ability Menu appearing permanently after opening fishing gear wheel.
    Fixed the cursor on controller moving to an arbitrary spot in the Inventory Sort Options drop down.
    Fixed cursor automatically snapping to a button on the right side of the screen if a menu is open.
    Fixed being unable to rotate your Operator while customizing with the Right Stick when your cursor is hovering over the item menu.
    Fixed being unable to rotate your Operator at all after fast traveling to the Transference room from “Operator” in the pause menu.
    Fixed the “X” callout button missing from the Lunaro Practice Mode, which made it appear that the Practice Mode could not be activated.
    Fixed button to send Amp Slots as a gift not actually sending the gift when using a controller.
    Fixed controller RB and LB loss of functionality after accessing Navigation, opening matchmaking and then pressing B to back out.
    Fixed pause menu button on controller causing a brief UI transition to mouse mode.

Thanks to your feedback, we are continuing our work to improve the cursor experience overall. To stay updated on the changes/fixes we are working on, visit our feedback thread here

General Additions

    Onkko has acquired new offerings! Trade Quills Standing for Landing Craft Decorations like Glowing Sentient Cores, Eidolon Relics, and more! Plus, acquire the Onkko's Cave Scene for your Captura desires.
    Old Man Sumbaat also has new offerings for the Tenno! Visit him in Cetus to trade Ostron Standing for everything from decorative fruit baskets, to baskets of spices, to... boots? Now your Orbiter can look (and smell) a little more like Cetus!
    Ask and ye shall receive! That closet full of Cetus Boots can now be crafted into a Boot Trophy from Fisher Hai Luk’s Offerings. We hope they haven’t been festering any fungal growth in the meantime....

      Added some sparkle to Octavia and Saryn’s Abilities with the new GPU Particle system.
      Added a new Challenge for completing THE SACRIFICE quest!
      Added a description to Captura Scenes that you own: “Explore this scene with access to advanced camera controls and visual settings”.

General Changes

    Increased Excalibur Prime’s Armor from 250 to 300.
    Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst no longer have regenerated Shields immediately after teleporting from being stuck.
    Increased Titania’s Diwata damage to 200, Critical Chance to 20% and Critical Multiplier to 2x.
    Slightly lowered the Battalyst and Conculyst's base health from 1300 to 1150.
    Slightly reduced the Battalyst's projectile damage.
    You can now include “&” in your Zaw weapon Entitling.
    General audio polish for Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Following what we started in our previous mainline, we’ve made thousands more micro-optimizations to hundreds of scripts, including Warframe Powers, Precepts, Enemy Logic, Weapon Behaviors, Game-Modes, and the UI.
    Ancient and Scorpion grappling hooks no longer go through Gara’s Mass Vitrify wall.
    Moved UI Cursor Sensitivity setting from “Controls” to “Interface”.
    Moved Cetus Wisp and Maprico Tree spawn points a bit further away from water volumes in the NW corner of the Plains for gathering ease.
    After the target is captured in Capture missions, the level alert levels will automatically turn off after 1 minute, and enemy spawns will stop after 2 minutes.
    Updated the LOC for Banshee’s Sound Quake Augment to “Forgoes channeling to create a shockwave that deals 20x damage at the epicenter, gradually weakening as it expands out".
    Stunning or knocking down Conculysts during their whirlwind ability and Battalysts during their omnidirectional laser ability now cancels the ability.
    Removed Steam controller icons from the list of selectable sets and swapped them with the Xbox One icons.
    Removed the “Max Enemy Count Reached” message from Simulacrum enemy selector when first opening it and selecting enemies. It will now only appear when you attempt to spawn enemies and there isn't enough space. It will also no longer clear your previous selection when it happens to be over the limit when you first open it.
    Punch Through Mods no longer affect the Zenith’s Alternate Fire deployable disc.
    GPU particles are now part of melee slam sparks by default.
    Increased the size of Focus Lens icons to be more on par with the size of Forma, Mastery, and other icons.
    Optimized the Survival HUD slightly. This also fixes problems caused by playing with VSync disabled and joining a mission in progress with a poor network connection.
    Updated “Show Friend Invite Notifications” in your Gameplay options to “Show Friend Request Notifications” and “Receive Friend Invites From”  to “Receive Friend Requests From”.
    Improved Decoration Placement camera collision.
    Updated some of the structures in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
    Operator Hoods will appear open and Masks removed when they are involved in a cut scene.


    Fixed a crash when trying to view the profile of someone who has Khora equipped.
    Fixed kill scan mechanic (Synoid Heliocor, Astral Autopsy Mod) not functioning.
    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones applying Melee Stealth bonus 100% of the time.
    Fixed being perpetually stuck in Zephyr’s Dive Bomb animation when jumping through a Conduit in the same animation.
    Fixed very high bloom lighting in areas of the Lua tilesets and Grineer Settlement tilesets.
    Fixed the mini map overlapping the Trade item selection screen in Maroo’s Bazaar.
    Fixed some waterfalls in the Plains not appearing in the correct orientation.
    Fixed puddles in the Grineer Shipyard tileset having a hard edge on their local reflections.
    Fixed Inaros' Desiccation GPU particles not applying chosen Energy color
    Fixed bad lighting with the giant eye sculpture in The War Within.
    Fixed cloth clipping in Trinity’s diorama.
    Fixed popping lens flare in Titania’s diorama.
    Fixed the Quartakk firing sounds getting cut off.
    Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream not using Energy colors.
    Fixed AI getting stuck on geometry in sections of the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed Syndicate Medallion FX not matching Syndicate colors.
    Fixed unintended difficulty when attempting to place Landing Craft Decorations as the Operator.
    Fixed Shotgun Scrambus projectiles not being deflected by Zephyr's Turbulence.
    Fixed the Zenith appearing to have 3 Alt-Firing modes in the Arsenal.
    Fixed some wonky clipping and holding poses on Warframe Articula when equipped with a Bow.
    Fixed flickering floor panels in Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed selected Warframe Ability resetting to #1 on controllers after loading into a mission or Reviving.
    Fixed fog FX from the Helminth Infirmary creeping more into the hallway than intended.
    Fixed a couple Obstacle Course strings having [PH] tags.
    Fixed issue where players could see outside of the orbiter if they looked through a small gap between the personal quarters ship doors.
    Fixed issue where the player would appear as an enemy if they flew a Dargyn that had been marked as a way-point. The marker will now update to reflect when a marked enemy or ally changes allegiance.
    Fixed the Volnus preview model rotating in the wrong direction when building in the foundry.
    Fixed issue where mouse UI would not transition to controller UI when the player was holding a decoration.
    Fixed gameplay stats not saving for ancient and ossified accounts.
    Fixed timed run score in Dojo Obstacle Courses being given to the hosting player instead of the client that ran it.
    Fixed a longstanding issue where you could spawn in the Dojo inside a deco and be stuck (often could jump out but not always).
    Fixed Kubrows investigating the same ragdolled enemy.
    Fixed colors not blending correctly into Equinox’s Night form design.
    Fixed AI getting stuck in ice walls in the Stofler node on Lua.
    Fixed being unable to back out of the Clan Permissions screen when using a controller.
    Fixed Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles sometimes appearing underneath the tile.
    Fixed a script error when using the Gear menu in the Arsenal.
    Fixed issue where opening Warframe customization in the Arsenal caused a script error.
    Fixed a script error if intended recipient of a gift has no Friends, and also has their gift mode setting set to "Friends Only".
    Fixed script errors when casting numerous Warframe Abilities.
    Fixed Clients sometimes instantly losing functionality and getting kicked from the squad after completing the first stage and transitioning to Archwing in the Jordas Golem Assassination mission on Eris.
    Fixed being unable to purchase multiple Sands of Inaros Quest Blueprints from Baro.
    Fixed a random Excalibur appearing unannounced (like really, no one invited him) at Onkko’s shop when attempting to assemble an Amp and at Hok’s Anvil when assembling a Zaw.
    Fixed blank Gear Wheel when returning from a Bounty in the Plains of Eidolon as a Client.
    Fixed the camera jittering wildly if you bullet jumped before you finished crouching in an area that was too small for you to be able to stand upright.
    Fixed Friend Invite notifications appearing regardless of whether the associated option is toggled on or off.
    Fixed Specters having trouble aiming at enemies who are not standing upright when using Equinox’s Metamorphosis Duality Augment.
    Fixed Nezha’s Warding Halo damaging ragdolled enemies impaled by Divine Spears at a much higher hit per interval than intended.
    Fixed a map hole in the roof of an elevator in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    Fixed Khora’s Venari disarming Vor after attacking him.
    Fixed Atomos missing its beam chain FX.
    Fixed Sugatras and other weapon attachments not simulating their cloth correctly if the weapon itself wasn't moving. This was most apparent on the login screen.
    Fixed there being no option to purchase Amp Slots in the Inventory screen under the Amp tab.
    Fixed an audio hang after mission debrief.
    The Silver Grove Quest fixes: 

      Fixed missing bonfire decorations.
      Fixed missing objective text and transmission hints while searching for the Shrine in the first mission.
      Disabled Focus pickups in the Quest.

Jeudi 7 juin 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix


    Fixed some mission timers counting down one second per frame. Ripperoni Rescue Hostages.

Jeudi 7 juin 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix


    Optimized HUD code slightly. This fixes problems caused by playing with VSync disabled and joining a mission in progress with a poor network connection.
    Relaxed some performance sensor thresholds that were spamming us with diagnostics when you quit the game, which resulted in a crash.


    Fixed region auto-detection.
    Fixed Specters with some projectile weapons (Supra and Paracyst in particular) shooting bullets that curve towards the player's target. No Zorg ZF1 allowed....yet...
    Fixed the camera clipping and violently stuttering through the wall in a Grineer Forest Capture tileset.
    Fixed script errors caused by numerous Warframe Abilities.

Jeudi 7 juin 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.9


    Doubled the maximum amount of 'Loadout' slots you can purchase with Platinum (now 20 max)!
    In an effort to make Excavation Fissures more enjoyable and successful, we've increased the Void Fissures spawn rates depending on how many Excavators are deployed!
    The Recruitment Chat channel can now be accessed while in the Dojo!
    The 'forced-logout 15 minutes after an update' has been changed to return you to the launcher instead; ideally this means that when you return to your PC you'll find the update already downloaded and ready to play!
    Leaving the launcher idle will now periodically re-check for updates every 30 minutes; again, if you want to go to bed before a major update this means you can just leave the launcher open and it'll download it while you sleep!
    Made the launcher aware of high-DPI displays for improved font legibility and smoother scrolling.
    Nova’s Antimatter Drop base projectile damage is now reflected on the Abilities screen modified by Power Strength, and the multiplier also appears as an unchangeable 8x. This is purely a UI tweak to match how Antimatter Drop has functioned since its release.


    Fixed a progression stopper in The War Within where the Operator would lose their Void abilities.
    Fixed Onslaught Efficiency pickup counter not tracking correctly after a Host migration occurs.
    Fixed Operator being "sheathed" by your Warframe during a Second Dream cinematic.
    Fixed the Gear wheel overlapping the pause menu UI.
    Fixed a script error if a squadmate leaves while transitioning between mission & Orbiter.

Mardi 5 juin 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix


    Fixed inability to place Decorations in your Orbiter.
    Fixed Onslaught music sometimes cutting out until you entered the next Zone.

Mardi 5 juin 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.8

Dojo Additions

We've added some much-requested items to Clan & Dojo management to make decorating and contributing much easier!

    A new ‘DECORATOR’ Role has been added to Dojo hierarchies! This role will allow the player to place/remove Decorations and change room colors/lighting, but without the ability the destroy/build rooms.
    Added a ‘Contribute All’ button for Dojo room/Decoration Resource contributions, and Dojo Research contribution.
    Added a ‘Reset’ button to the Obstacle Course to clear all Decorations.


    For consistency, damage link abilities (Trinity, Nidus, Nekros) will no longer transmit self-damage, but you will still get the damage reduction. This is particularly relevant for the healer/support class of Trinity who had become the go-to DPS frame in addition to the intended support roles. The re-release of Mods like Aviator added to some clever but ultimately uncharacteristic roles for Trinity.
    Increased Saryn’s Miasma duration to 6 seconds.
    Reduced Nova’s Antimatter Drop max Health in half and doubled the absorbed damaged. This fixes Nova’s Antimatter Drop charging twice as quickly as a Client by buffing the Host to match Clients!
    Removed ability to place personal Decorations in the Dojo Obstacle Course as intended.
    Improved handling of corrupt compressed cache data.


    Fixed getting stuck in the ground when attempting to enter Archwing which resulted in a Mastery Rank 25 progression stopper.
    Fixed Zenurik Void Flow not being applied with maximum Energy on first Transference usage.
    Fixed broken Zephyr movement animations after casting Tail Wind and then Turbulence or Tornado while moving.
    Fixed Djinn’s Reawaken Mod not Reviving your Sentinel while controlling the Operator.
    Fixed a rare crash that could occur if an Ability deactivates just as the player Revives.
    Fixed Archwing Elemental Mods not combining correctly (Blast, Corrosive, etc.)
    Fixed Infested Charger Specters not doing any damage.
    Fixed Dargyns clipping through Grineer Dropships in the Plains.
    Fixed inability to Entitle an Amp as ‘111’ due to the profanity filter.
    Fixed crashing when spamming the ‘Star Obstacle Course’ prompt in the Dojo.
    Fixed the game hanging when starting a Dojo Obstacle Course with an insane number of lasers.
    Fixed edge case where squad UI could become unresponsive after a squad member leaves the session.
    Fixed Decorations loving their saved rotation angles when adjusting said Decoration in the Obstacle Course.
    Fixed a "residual Decoration" being left behind which prevented other Decorations from being placed in the Dojo as reported here:
    Fixed incorrect prompt when attempting to remove an Obstacle Course Decoration in the Dojo.
    Fixed Obstacle Course run credit being given to the Host instead of the Client who completed it.
    Fixed being able to exit the Plains boundaries while piloting a Dargyn.
    Fixed inability to select all Relic Refinement buttons and they are not appearing/functioning correctly for controller.
    Fixed tutorial prompts displaying mouse/keyboard bindings when you are using the controller.
    Fixed inability to rotate some items in the Market with the controller.
    Fixed spawning beside Dojo rooms in progress after constructing, starting a mission, and then returning to the Dojo.
    Fixed the Fire Trap FX not moving when placing/moving the Trap in the Dojo.
    Fixed the Volnus being rotated the wrong way when building it in the Foundry.
    Fixed M-W.A.M Index enemies freezing and flickering when killed.
    Fixing a few cases where players now get stuck where they would previously be able to move.
    Fixed script errors when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
    Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset.

Mercredi 30 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.7


Saryn Changes & Fixes

Saryn Revisited continues!


      Drain occurs once per half second instead of continuous.
      Targets you cast Spores on directly will always spread on death.
      Targets affected by Miasma will always spread on death.
      Spores won't be removed by enemies going temporarily invulnerable because of void tears corrupting them.
      Tone down Spore decaying blinking warning
      Fixed Saryn’s Spore damage being removed when casting Spores on a target that is being simultaneously killed by a teammate.
      Fixed Saryn’s Spore damage decay drain discrepancies when entering a Nullifier bubble. Damage was decaying slower the second time entering a Nullifier bubble.
      Fixed Saryn's Spores and Contagion cloud not using custom Energy colors on cast/burst.


      Increased sickness Duration by 1 second.
      Lowered Energy cost to 75.
      Decreased damage tick to 300.

Dojo Decoration Changes

    Reduced the Oxium crafting cost for Dojo Orokin Decorations by half.

      The Oxium difference will be refunded to the Clan Vault.

    Replaced the Orokin Cell crafting requirement for numerous Decorations to either Morphics, Neurodes, or Control Modules.

      The Orokin Cells will be refunded to the Clan Vault and already built Decorations that required an Orokin Cell will remain built.


    Optimized Foundry operations considerably for people with a lot of Inventory.
    Tweaked the lighting of Ember’s Fireblast ability to reduce visual clutter.
    Doubled the Tower White Pigment drop chance and reduced the Pigment quantity to 5.
    Updated "Resonating Quake" Augment description to better describe its function:

      Forgoes channeling to create a shockwave that deals X damage at the epicenter, gradually weakening as it expands out.


    Fixes towards Clients having their Abilities blocked if they join a Host right as they transition through the initial Onslaught Conduit.
    Fixed Transferring to Operator mode and back in your Orbiter leaving the Transference pod open.
    Fixed Operator being teleported to your current Warframe position after using the Arsenal on the Orbiter.
    Fixed enemies Rift banished by Limbo able to interact with a non-Rifted Rampart.
    Fixed a rare case of some Auras applying twice.
    Fixed being unable to rush Sentinel crafting when you are out of Sentinel slots.
    Fixed a crash related to particle FXs.
    Fixed a loss of functionality after cancelling a Dojo trade and attempting to leave the Dojo.
    Fixed a crash when trying to launch extremely complex Obstacle Courses.
    Fixed a crash when mounting a Dargyn.
    Fixed the Gear wheel remaining on screen if you had it open when extraction triggered.
    Fixed icon discrepancies in the Arsenal when switching to controller.
    Fixed the (A) button for controllers not functioning when attempting to sell or dissolve Mods.
    Fixed incorrect binding prompts in the initial Tutorial when using a controller.
    Fixed the ‘View Conclave Mods’ button not functioning on controller.
    Fixed issues of enemies turning weird colors upon death.
    Fixed Elemental FX not being hidden on the Katana sheath.
    Fixed bullet jumping into the wall and getting stuck in the Grineer Ocean tileset.
    Fixed being able to get outside of the Grineer Ocean Spy map with Nova’s Wormhole.
    Fixed a script error when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
    Fixed a script error when using the Mandachord.
    Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
    Fixed a script error when using Equinox’s Push & Pull Augment Mod.
    Fixed a script error when scrolling through a Dojo Research item.
    Fixed an edge case script error that occurred when attempting to load into the Dojo.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed a Dedicated Server crash in Conclave.

Jeudi 24 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.6

The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are close to being complete. The plan is to cut the Orokin Decoration Oxium costs in half and refund the excess back to the Clan Vault. We are also removing the Orokin Cell costs on the respective Orokin Decorations and refunding those to the Clan Vault as well. Already completed Decorations will not be destroyed when these changes go live. Stay tuned!


    Fixed the game submitting certain types of bug reports immediately instead of saving them for after you quit.
    Disabled some cache-corruption checks that were triggering and preventing updates; we will work on making these automatically repair the cache instead.
    Fixed inability to deploy Extractors using Navigation at a Relay.
    Fixed a variety of bugs caused by using Transference while going through Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit (namely not being able to do anything or use Transference while controlling Operator).
    Fixed Dojo Pigment ‘Contribute’ button being automatically selected when the contribute screen appears when using a controller.
    Fixed no on-screen keyboard appearing when changing Dojo room message when using a controller.
    Fixed script error when displaying mission countdown in Ukrainian.
    Fixed a script error related to Articulas.

Jeudi 24 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.5

The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are close to being complete. The plan is to cut the Orokin Decoration Oxium costs in half and refund the excess back to the Clan Vault. We are also removing the Orokin Cell costs on the respective Orokin Decorations and refunding those to the Clan Vault as well. Already completed Decorations will not be destroyed when these changes go live. Stay tuned!

Saryn Spores Changes

The bulbous pockets of corrosive popping goodness have been through the devs’ workshop and are here with some new changes! Saryn, our countess of corrosion, has received the following changes to her Spores.

Curious about the details on how and why? Check out the Spores Revisited Dev Workshop!

    Spores can be re-cast while active and will no longer detonate all active Spores. 

      Recasting on enemies will put new Spores on a target with a 20% decrease to its damage per second (scales with Ability Strength) for 50% of the Energy cost. 

    Fixed inconsistent spreading ranges with Spores when killing an infected enemy by establishing a new base range of 16m across all spreading conditions.
    Removed spread on enemies that die to a Spore’s tick damage.
    Spores’ damage growth over time per Spore is now determined per enemy infected. And with it, a max limit of 10 infected enemies to maintain a max damage growth limit over time. To better explain this change and how it all breaks down, let’s compare:

      Was: Damage growth is determined per Spore, so 1 damage per Spore every second. For example, let’s say there are 5 enemies. You cast Spores on one of the enemies in that group. 3 Spores are now active on that enemy. Damaging that enemy with Toxic Lash disperses a single Spore to the surrounding 4 enemies for a grand total of 7 Spores (4 enemies with a single Spore + the 3 original Spores on cast). This maintains a damage growth of 7 damage every second.
      Now: Damage growth is determined per enemy infected, so 2 damage (can be modded with Ability Strength) per enemy infected by Spores every second up to a maximum of 10 enemies*. So, using that same example, 5 infected enemies would set the damage growth to 10 damage every second (Modded damage growth of x * # of enemies infected up to 10). Reaching 10 infected enemies would set the maximum damage growth at 20 every second.

        *The number of infected enemies is uncapped! You can infect more than 10 enemies, but the damage growth is dependent on that max. 

    Damage per second will now “decay” (decrease over time) when no infected enemies remain. 

      The damage per second you’ve accumulated will first instantly drop by 20%, which will then commence the decay of the remaining damage by 10% per second (affected by Duration mods).
      Decaying can be observed in the damage per second meter located above Saryn’s ability icons.
      Nullifying effects (including Data-Conduits) increases the decay by 30% per second.

Want to share your feedback on the changes above? Post your thoughts (after thoroughly testing all the changes) in the Spores Revisited Feedback Megathread.


    Melee attacks now freely pass through enemies in Range (i.e an enemy cannot block another enemy from being hit).
    Increased the default speed of controller cursor and made it slower in Star Chart only.
    You can now use ‘Enter’ to accept input prompts or (A) on controller instead of (X) (choosing Mod stacks, etc).
    Increased the fade out time for Star Chart ambient and Star chart percussion music.
    Removed the glowing in-world marker from Quill Onkko.
    Optimized loading screens.


    Fixed only being able to damage the Nullifier Bubble if you have line-of-sight to the Nullifier.
    Fixed some inconsistencies with melee sweeps where sometimes it doesn't hit a visible avatar or the sweep goes through the floor.
    Fixed Warframe kills not counting towards Onslaught Efficiency when the player is controlling their Operator.
    Fixed ‘Sellable Only’ option applying to Fish/Ducat Kiosk/Relic screens, which resulted in nothing showing up. This lead to players believing they did not have any of their freshly caught Fish in their inventories upon returning to Cetus.
    Fixed Apothic not getting consumed until the end of the mission, at which Clients can rejoin as many times as they want and reuse their Apothics.
    Fixed the "Invite Squad member" button or the "Show profile" dropdown not functioning after viewing the Inventory.
    Fixed Dark split Sword appearing as unranked for Clients at the beginning of a mission even though it's ranked.
    Fixed Despot Syandana and Sovereign Syandana cloth getting caught on numerous Warframes.
    Fixed paused enemies becoming unpaused when disarmed in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed turning off 'Pause AI' not unpausing currently paused enemies in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed the new Ceramic Dagger PBR material not applying custom Energy color.
    Fixed changing a Warframes colours back to default not saving after a mission and reverts back to the colours that were on the Warframe before entering the mission.
    Fixed Kavat interaction animation sometimes being incorrect immediately after retrieving the Kavat from Stasis.
    Fixed Titania's bullet jump area of effect buff FX not showing up.
    Fixed various issues with customized Dojo lighting being applied to the wrong areas.
    Fixed not being able to fund Polychrome construction when changing to default lighting colors in the Dojo.
    Fixed being unable to select a Glyph with the Display Glyph Decoration.
    Fixed ALT-Enter only allowing fullscreen toggle sometimes (during cinematics mostly).
    Fixed selecting ‘Add Filter’ in Chat with the controller resulting in a disabled controller hotkey to add a Filter.
    Fixed the ‘Sellable Only’ option not being registered to the D-Pad for controllers.
    Fixed t-posing Zephyr when switching from Equinox to Zephyr.
    Fixed dynamic music not playing for Clients in Onslaught (or sometimes for anyone at all in certain tiles).
    Fixed some sounds only being heard by the Host as reported here:
    Fixed crashing upon using the G3 Beacon Gear Item.
    Fixed a script error when trying to purchase Focus Capacity in the main Focus screen (outside of any specific tree).
    Fixed a Venari script error in rare cases where the player's Warframe is not available (ex. War Within).
    Fixed some Achievements with misspelled "Pole-arm" text.
    Fixed misspelled text in the Nezha Reaping Chakram Augment.

Mardi 22 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.4

The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are continuing to be discussed. We expect to have those changes live this week - stay tuned!  


    Tweaked how Assassination Targets spawn in Assassinate Bounties to fix recurring issues of failed Bounties due to the Target not spawning. The Bounty will now attempt to procure a spawn location for the Target for 30 seconds, and if it fails, the Bounty will successfully advance. Geometry and split-second timing play into factor here, and failing a Bounty due to unavoidable situations does not grant Konzu his early lunch!
    Exiting the Relic selection menu now counts as a non-vote instead of a decline. Previously ‘Exiting’ from the Relic selection screen counted as "declining" the mission, which you could not undo unless you left the squad, or the mission is cancelled entirely.
    You can now trade the Peculiar Growth Mod!
    Improved velocity and friction of small UI button targeting with a controller.
    Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    Reduced the loading/Star Chart percussion loop.


    Fixed losing Djinn after it dies and a Host Migration occurs.
    Fixed Carrier’s Ammo Case precept continuing to function after it has died.
    Fixed Onslaught Elemental hazards appearing on every subsequent Zone once it has been determined.
    Fixed Banshee’s Resonating Quake Augment showing 25 Energy cost on Abilities page instead of the intended 100 Energy.
    Fixed Loki Switch Teleporting another player out of a Dargyn resulting in having incorrect animations and inability to dismount the Dargyn. 
    Fixed non-friendly drivable Dargyns not counting for the Dargyn Bow kill Riven Challenge. 
    Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence doing a lousy job at deflecting Drekar Elite Lancer shots.
    Fixed Nova’s Null Star trail FX not using custom Energy color.
    Fixed Equinox Specters Rest & Rage not working correctly for NPCs.
    Fixed a GPU particle leak.
    Fixed cases of getting stuck on ceiling geometry in the Iron Wake tileset.
    Fixed the "Invite Squad member" button or the "Show profile" dropdown not functioning after viewing the Inventory. *Next Hotfix will have this fix! Fixed cases of scrolling inability with a controller in the Arsenal.
    Fixed controller D-Pad not being able to change Market item quantities.
    Fixed silly Arsenal rotation when switching from mouse to controller when the mouse is left clicking but hasn't been released before switching.
    Fixed controller cursor drift if it was moving when you closed the last screen.
    Fixed discrepancies when transitioning from mouse/keyboard to cursor while in the Chat window. 
    Fixed Shift>Tab switching Chat tabs in the wrong direction.
    Fixed Moa's playing Shockwave Moa charge attack vocals on death.
    Fixed Clients ability to see Synthesis tracking FX if the Host opens the Synthesis Scanner.
    Fixed the Excavation UI breaking for Clients.
    Fixed a crash that occurred if you joined a mission in progress when someone simultaneously picked up an item.
    Fixed a crash that occurred in the Arsenal. 
    Fixed a script error when entering a Dojo Duel instance as a Client.
    Fixed a script error when targeted by a Tusk Mortar Bombard.
    Fixed a script error that occurred when using a Nosam Cutter.
    Fixed some cases of [PH] text in the Dojo Obstacle Course.

Vendredi 18 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.3

Friendly heads up that we’re aware of the lavish costs to build some of the new Orokin Dojo Decorations. Our team is looking into not only reducing those costs, but also refunding Clans that have built them. Stay tuned for these changes next week!


    You can now place multiple Custom Obstacle Courses in your Dojo!
    Scaled the Ceramic Dagger to a more reasonable size. Ceramic Dagger-But-Long-Like-A-Sword didn’t have a nice ring to it.
    Upon completing the required Synthesis scans, Simaris' Daily Task entry in the World State Window can now be clicked to automatically load you into the nearest Relay.
    Optimized memory usage by Dojos with a large number of Decorations. This also fixes a crash from Decoration heavy Obstacle Courses.
    Made adjustments to Controller bindings when transitioning between mouse and controller.
    Removed the ‘Only Sellable’ option from the Ducat Kiosk menu as it doesn’t apply to that screen.
    Removed the controller D-Pad function from the Somachord as it does not function there.
    *Removed profanity filter from Loadout names.


    More fixes towards crashing as a result of particles.
    Fixed a crash that could occur if you disconnected while your Sentinel Vacuum was sucking up an item with particle effects attached to it.
    Fixed a Dx11 crash on shutdown (possibly because the graphics driver crashed first).
    Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to Host a session while an existing session was still active.
    Fixed duplicate Mods appearing in the Arsenal after upgrading a Mod. These duplicate Mods were merely a mirage of your desires, and did not truly exist.
    Fixed UI disappearing when switching between Spear/Bait/Dye in the Spear Fishing HUD.
    Fixed sleeping enemies (Equinox’s Rest) being alerted when approaching them.
    Fixed switching to Borderless Fullscreen not always positioning the window properly (it seemed to only be reliable if you set to Borderless and booted up that way).
    Fixed a script error when casting Saryn’s Spores on a ragdoll. This resulted in the Spores to not show up (but still tick damage).
    Fixed a prompt with incorrect text breaking your ability to enter the Dojo Obstacle Course.
    Fixed being able to trap other players inside Dojo Decorations.
    Fixed level load music playing when loading into the Apostasy quest.
    Fixed Kohm’s firing charge sound staying active.
    Fixed selecting a linked item in Chat preventing all controller buttons from not functioning until Chat is minimized.
    Fixed controller input issues when Chat linking Zaws.
    Fixed moss acting strangely with the Simaris Data Parse Widget.
    Fixed overlapping controller button callouts when selecting 5+ Emojis.
    Fixed Invasion text overlapping when hovering over the World State Window with a controller.
    Fixed a script error when transitioning between mouse and controller as the Arsenal Upgrade screen is opening.
    Fixed a script error when switching between mouse/controller before the Inbox has loaded.
    Fixed a script error when looking at enemies with non-standard resistance types (Void Damage, Finisher Damage, etc) with the Data Parse Widget.
    Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Splinter Storm.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed Conclave mode of the Arsenal not presenting/applying upgrades correctly to items.
    Fixed non-functional controller D-Pad callouts being visible on Conclave End of Mission screen.

Jeudi 17 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.2


    Removed the unreleased Two-Handed Katana Stance Mod.
    Returned the Skeiron Zephyr Skin to its original matte material.
    Improved the Hagoromo Zephyr Skins metallic materials at the request of the creator.
    The GPU Particle setting will now indicate if your system doesn’t support the new particle system.

Saryn Spores Fixes

    Fixed a case where Clients may get stuck unable to cast Saryn’s Spores anymore if they cast Spores on a target that dies during the cast.
    Fixed Saryn’s Spores HUD indicator disappearing for Clients after Transferring to and from the Operator.
    Fixed Saryn’s Spores not doing damage while in Operator but damage continuing to increase over time.
    Fixed Saryn’s Spores active indicator remaining when switching to Operator.
    Fixed Saryn’s Spores breaking if you go through the Onslaught Conduit while Spores is active.


    Fixed numerous cases of presence vs matchmaking issues. This was causing issues Inviting players and finding squads.
    Fixed DirectX 9 crashes related to turning off Multi-threaded rendering.
    Fixed a progression stopping crash in The War Within.
    Fixed cases of not being able to place Decorations or Polychrome in the Dojo.
    Fixed Gear wheel losing functionality when opening it while switching from Fishing to a different item.
    Fixed ‘GPU Particles’ not appearing disabled when not supported. The setting would be greyed out and could not be changed, despite showing a value indicating that it should be active.
    Fixed appearing to have a plethora of empty Slots in your Inventory. These Slots were not actually useable.
    Fixed missing Inventory items in the last category that gets loaded (which is also the only category for screens like Fish selection).
    Fixed the Tigris no longer having its PBR textures.
    Fixed numerous of the newly PBR’d weapons not applying custom Energy color.
    Fixed Equinox Clisthert Helmet not applying custom Energy color.
    Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara and Tethra's Doom Quantum Badge not applying custom Energy color.
    Fixed holding 2 Hystrix’s instead of the intended 1.
    Fixed not being able to F6 screenshot while in Decoration mode.
    Fixed a potential crash when joining a mission.
    Fixed crashing at End of Mission when playing Lunaro.
    Fixes towards crashes related to particles.
    Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    Fixed [PH] text in the new Spear Fishing HUD.

Missed Fix

    Fixed the Commodore Prime Operator suit and Excalibur Dex Skin having incorrect textures.

Jeudi 17 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.20.1

Missed Change from 22.20.0

    Onslaught Specimens now display a smol spawn portal behind them!


    Fixed getting a soft-lock when opening the Event tab in the World State Window.
    Fixed crashing when attempting to play the Fomorian mission and a squad member is missing the required Fomorian Disruptor in their Gear.
    Fixed casting Nidus’ Larva to pull AI from ships resulting in teleporting them back to the ship after the ability ends.
    Fixed invisible Archwing during the initial The Archwing quest cinematic.
    Fixed not being able to move your Liset in the loading screen when using a Controller joystick.
    Fixed loading screen music playing during quests where you have to enter a Relay.
    Fixed the camera panning when selecting a Decoration.
    Fixed the ‘Favourites’ tab in the Color Picker menu not calling out the right icon when switching from Mouse & Keyboard to Controller.
    Fixed Inventory showing stretched item icons.

Jeudi 17 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Update 22.20.0

Saryn Revisited

Our lady of poison is taking the center stage with Saryn Revisited 2.0! Yes, that’s right! She has been revisited for a second time, and this time we took a closer look at increasing the fun factor by removing layers of complicated synergies and giving Toxin Lash and Molt a long deserved encore.

Read all about our intent and full details on the changes in the official Saryn Revisited 2.0 Dev Workshop!


    Inflicts target with a pox of Corrosive spores. Spread spores to nearby enemies by destroying them or killing their host (*Specifically by the spores themselves or by the hand of the Saryn who owns those Spores). Trigger the ability again to detonate active spores. Additionally:

      Increased Status Chance from 10% to 50% (scales with Ability Strength). 
      A meter in the bottom right corner of your screen will show the number of affected enemies and how much damage is being dealt per tick to said enemies.
      Recasting Spores detonates all active Spores and will deal 2x the damage on an inflicted enemy based on the number of active Spores and the current damage per tick. 
      Venom Dose Augment: Spores cast on allies temporarily grant them additional Corrosive damage to all attacks.


    Shedding her skin like a snake, Saryn leaves a decoy behind to draw fire from enemies.  Additionally:

      After casting, Saryn receives a momentary speed boost for a short duration. 
      Molt now scales similar to Rhino’s Iron Skin - All the initial damage it takes in the first 3 seconds will make it stronger. Any damage it receives after that point will target the absorbed health.*

        *Damage absorbed is shown in a buff indicator at the top of the screen.
        *Once all absorbed damage has dispensed, Molt explodes dealing Toxin damage to nearby enemies. 

    Toxic Lash 

    While active, attacks deal additional Toxin damage; this effect is doubled for melee strikes. Instantly burst spores when attacking afflicted enemies. Additionally:

      Increased Duration from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. 
      Toxic Lash no longer grants 2 Energy restore when bursting Spores - With the new spreading nature of Spores, survivability of Molt, and the increased duration of Toxic Lash and Miasma, Saryn is not as Energy hungry as she was before!
      Contagion Cloud Augment: Kills with Toxic Lash leaves behind a Toxin cloud and Melee kills double the damage dealt by the cloud. 


    Release a poisonous miasma that deals Viral damage to enemies in range. Foes afflicted by spores are more susceptible to the mist. Additionally:

      Now has a 100% guaranteed Viral Status Effect on damage tick. 
      Increased range from 15 meters to 20 meters (at max rank). 
      Increased duration from 3 to 5 seconds.
      Miasma inflicts double damage on targets affected by Spores. 
      When recasting on the same enemy it will refresh the tick duration and maintain the Viral Status Effect, but will not stun enemies a second time until the Status Effect ticks have subsided. 

General Changes to Saryn

    Increased Saryn’s Armor from 175 to 225 (at rank 30)
    Increased Saryn Prime’s Armor from 225 to 300 (at rank 30) 
    Made some minor FX updates to Saryn’s abilities! 

      Spores received a slight improvement to the FX.
      Reduced the brightness of Miasma.
      Improved FX to make her Molt cast more pronounced.

    Spores have been optimized and will be much nicer to your CPU! 
    Saryn is also coming with a whole new set of sounds voiced by [DE]Danielle!! 
    Added Abilities screen stats for Saryn Molt speed buff & duration.

We hope you enjoy experimenting with her changes. We will be watching closely for your first impressions. As always, we appreciate your constructive feedback and encourage you to thoroughly play with the rework before sharing your thoughts:

Dojo Remaster Part 2! 

If you recall, we added enhanced Dojo Decorating earlier this year with some other minor changes. Part 2 has arrived, and it brings with it new visuals and a highly anticipated room!

Lighting Remaster!

Polychrome has a new function: Room Lighting Controls! Construct and place a Polychrome to explore all the new lighting and fog options for each room in your Dojo! 

Obstacle Course Architect!

Construct your own custom Obstacle Course with the Obstacle Course Architect in your Dojo! Create elaborate courses and have your Clan compete for best times! This is only a sampling of the different obstacles you can use:

    Disappearing platforms!
    Deadly frickin lasers and pressure-pads that you should avoid at all costs!
    Dummies you need to kill to complete the course!
    And much more!

New Decorations & Pigments!

    Added 37 Tenno Decorations and 54 Orokin Decorations for your Dojo renovating pleasure!
    Added new Pigment colors dropped by the following enemies: 
      Shard Black: Vomvalysts 
      Tower White: Condrocs 
      Devar Grey: Tusk Bombard 
      Wisp Grey: Skiff Pilot 
      Mortus Pink: Kuakas

GPU Particles have arrived!

Did you miss our Dev Workshop!? Read it quickly here - it's short:

We have added 'GPU Particles' which replace the no-longer-supported Nvidia PhysX Particles. These GPU Particles can be enjoyed on all Platforms with varying intensity:

Off/Low/Medium/High... LUDICROUS!

Many particle FX have been converted, but we will spend some time continuing to upgrade our catalog throughout the year. Our new system is universal, works on almost all GPUs (really old ones might be out of luck), is not locked to a given manufacturer, and is not locked to PC! Console Tenno will receive this next update! 

New Simaris Offerings

    Sentinel Precepts (max rank)

      Wyrm - Negate - Sentinel prevents Status Effects from applying to its owner once every 5 seconds.
      Djinn - Reawaken - Upon death, automatically revives itself after 90 seconds.
      Carrier - Looter (reworked original) - Destroys Loot crates within 12 meters.

Data-Parse Widget

Synthesis Scanner will now show target enemy weaknesses and resistances.

Controller + Cursor Changes

Launching with this Mainline update is an experimental 'virtual cursor' for PC! If you use a Controller on PC, you will now find there is a seamless transition between Mouse & Keyboard + Controller! Icons and UI will also reflect those of a Controller when seamlessly transitioning between them. Please let us know how you like it - it should be a marked improvement from our incomplete controller support!

Scrambus/Comba Changes

The Corpus are crafty and have found ways to combat the awesome abilities of Warframes. Their tactics help diversify gameplay, but the ability to counterplay is key. We made some tweaks in the past to Nullifiers with counterplay in mind, and now we’ve set our sights (or tried to at least) on the invisible auras of the Scrambus and Comba.

If you watched Devstream 110, you might already be familiar with our plans to change the Scrambus and Comba. Players can now engage in more cerebral combat with these enemies, using visual cues to take them down:

    Their Nullify aura has been replaced with a power that they can activate in combat. Upon use, it creates an expanding sphere that nuffilies players’ powers, and disrupts them for 2.5 seconds.

    Similar to the way shooting the Nullifier bubble or weak point can interrupt or prevent the aura from spreading, shooting off Scrambus/Comba’s helmet (or killing them) will negate the sphere:

Dargyn Changes

While stealing Dargyns from unsuspecting Grineer is all fun and games, sometimes the Dargyn you want to commandeer isn’t on the ground—sometimes it’s manned in the sky and is shooting at you.

With today’s update, you are now able to acquire an active Dargyn in the following ways:

    Shoot the Pilot, causing the Dargyn to float gracefully to the ground for you to board:

    Use Loki’s Switch Teleport on the Pilot, leaving him grounded and confused:

    Use a finisher from behind while using Archwing, allowing you to transition from Archwing to Dargyn:

In addition to this new mechanic, we have also made the following changes:

    Increased mounted Dargyn projectile damage from 250 to 450 and increased the clip size from 50 to 75. 
    Increased the spawn frequency of Dargyn patrol and idle Dargyn encounters when roaming the Plains.

Spear Fishing HUD Changes

We’ve added a sofishticated new HUD to aid in your aquatic hunt for brains, bones, and delicious spleen! Selecting a Spear in your Gear wheel will open the Fishing HUD where you can switch between Spear, Dye, and Bait on the fly.

Grineer Shipyards Defence Layout/Flow Changes

    Improved Defense Target navigation by shifting the path towards the center of level.
    Built additional buildings around the Defense Target path at both Defense locations.
    Added additional enemy spawn locations for each Defense location, giving AI more of 360 degree attack option.
    Adjusted Turrets within the level.
    Added additional cover and attack routes for AI.
    The rail upon which the Defense Tram travels on is now electrified!
    Moved hack panels to easier-to-find places in certain Grineer Shipyard tilesets. Hopefully you won’t get caught in a lockdown, but if you do, it should be faster to find a panel!

New Equinox Alternate Helmet

    Equinox Clisthert Helmet

      When they are night you are day. When they are light, you are the all-encompassing dark. A demon helm befitting a Warframe of savage duality.

General Additions

    Added a new Growing Peculiar Mod to Onslaught rewards! Damage causes this enemy to inflate!

    The Operator screen now displays a new opening UI! Switch between Equipment, Focus, and Appearance.

    New percussion-driven music has been added to the Star Chart and loading screens.
    Real-time audio mixing is now handled by our new RTPC (Real-Time Parameter Control) system, which allows greater precision and control of the game-wide mix:

      Real-time audio mixing is now decoupled from music, so players who don’t want to play with music benefit from the new RTPC system.
      Player speed will now adjust footstep/sliding volume.
      Bullet sound volume when the local player is being hit by enemies is now based on Shields/Health.
      The RTPC system also allows cleaner and more focused music during heavy combat
      Starchat music will now be affected by the Music slider and not the SFX slider

    Added a North indicator to both the Plains of Eidolon minimap and Advanced Map. Cetus is due South, so players need only walk in the opposite direction of this marking to head home for an early lunch! 
    Added a ‘Show Ability Banner on Cast’ toggle to the Interface Options menu! This is off by default on PC. Console players already have these banners appear automatically, but they will have the option to turn them off once this change goes live on Xbox One and PS4!

    Added the ability to replay the Once Awake quest !
    Added the repurposed Kuva Defense tile used in Kuva Survival Missions to other Fortress missions. 
    Objects that attract weapon-fire, like Mag’s Magnetize ability, now do so in a more logical way:

    Added a 'CLAIM ALL' button to the Foundry that appears when you have more than 1 item ready to Claim.
    Weekly Leaderboards will now show a reset timer!

Captura Changes & Fixes

To ease the tedious ritual of creating your cinematic masterpieces and Hydroid Prime trailers, we’ve added a new Camera Edit UI to the Advanced Mode settings!

    We now show you what camera is being highlighted in Advanced Mode.
    Added tool-tips to help you know what's going on with the settings! 
    Captura, Text, now, supports, commas,!
    Improved speed multiplier controls for controllers.
    Fixed 'Cinematic Mode' button not re-appearing when swapping settings. 

Khora Changes & Fixes

The improvements to Khora keep on coming! We have a number of important fixes that really help with making Khora play better, as well as some changes!

    Changes include

      Increased the range of Ensnare.
      Removed the Line of Sight check from Ensnare to make it more reliable. 
      Range Mods now affect Whipclaw's AoE radius, but it is capped. 
      Khora's Whipclaw can now damage decorations (crates, barrels, etc).
      Khora's Kavat now teleports to a given target instead of pathing there if the target is too far away!
      Changed Khora’s Venari animations from domestic Kavat to Feral Kavat. 
      Adjusted a number of Syandanas to fit Khora better.
      Tweaked Venari command sounds.

    Fixes include

      Fixed a weird 'foot shuffle' animation with Whipclaw. 
      Fixed using Khora’s Whipclaw on a target causing all enemies affected by Ensnare to be released when the target is killed while ensnared. This one was particularly nasty in practice and made her kit feel weak! 
      Fixed Khora’s Venari getting locked in her Attack Mode when attempting Mastery Rank tests, which can cause failure on stealth tests (MR9 for example). 
      Fixed infinite re-whipping for Khora's Whipclaw by flailing the camera around rapidly. 
      Fixed Ospreys not being fully disabled by Khora’s Ensnare.
      Fixed Venari freezing in place when entering Cetus from the Plains, and subsequently duplicating if you head back out, eventually leading to a hall of kitty statues. 

Napalm and Rocket Bombard QoL Changes

    Bombard (all variants)

      Reduced explosion radius from 6m to 4m .
      Lowered the Tusk Bombard’s base health from 350 to 300.
      Fixed smoke trail behind rocket to persist for life of projectile (trail was disappearing after 8s of flight time, making it very hard to see the rocket).

    Napalm (all variants)

      Reduced explosion radius from 10m to 4m.
      Reduced lifetime of fire explosion FX from 10s to 7s.
      Added a damage element to those fire FX - Minor Heat damage and Heat proc if touched.
      Fixed flame trail behind rocket to persist for life of projectile (trail was disappearing after 5s of flight time, making it very hard to see the Napalm).


    Melee attacks (including spin attacks) will no longer sweep through walls or objects. Please read our Dev Workshop for Melee insight!
    Numerous weapons have received the PBR treatment: 

      Flux Rifle (original material and the Shock Camo Skin)
      Lanka (original material and the Shock Camo Skin)
      Twin Gremlins
      Seer - has also receive a new scope FX!

    The Ceramic Dagger has received a new look! Previously it was identical to the Cronus.
    Made nearly 10,000 micro-optimizations to hundreds of scripts including Warframe Powers, Precepts, Enemy Logic, Weapon Behaviors, Game-Modes, and the UI.
    Harrow’s Condemn, Thurible, and Gara’s Shattered Lash (stab) can now be used on ziplines. 
    Gara’s Splinter Storm now applies a HUD buff when cast on self to help manage when casting on many targets. 
    Operators now emit pain grunts when experiencing fall damage.
    Eidolon Lures will wait until the Eidolon has fully disappeared to be auto-destroyed, instead of being auto-destroyed when the sun rises at dawn.
    Removed the ‘Related Items’ tab from Syndicate Offerings because of purchase attempts resulting in script errors. 
    Opened even more previously locked treasure walls in the Void!
    You now spawn in the Observatory upon returning to the Dojo after a mission.
    Increased door opening speeds on the Grineer Settlement and Grineer Galleon Tilesets. 
    Polished the animations of the Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda Syndicate handshake emotes. 
    Reduced the frequency of large Grineer Settlement tiles appearing in Extermination missions to help them feel a little less long.
    Removed legacy loot crates from Void Onslaught tiles that should not have been part of Simaris' simulation.
    Increased time given by targets in the Round 11 Mastery Rank Test from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds and added aim assist to targets to make them slightly easier to hit. 
    Turned down volume of bullet impacts on player’s Flesh and Shields.
    Changed the “Dead End” message that appears when viewing a Dojo expansion doorway upon hitting the room limit to say “Maximum Room Count Reached”.
    Crouching is now stateful! If you let go of crouch while in a small tunnel, your Warframe will now stand up when it can.You can also now  crouch while parrying.
    Updated the ambience in the Simulacrum by removing the repeating music loops.
    Revised and improved several Rock and Cave materials and meshes. 
    Quality of life changes for Grineer cell doors in Rescue missions.
    Changed the marker on the panel used to move the tram in one of the Grineer Asteroid tiles to use a different icon so it can’t be confused with the main yellow diamond objective marker. 
    Disabled Challenges in some quest missions (e.g. “use your first power 5 times”).
    Several Corpus Rescue mission Co-Op door improvements and fixes:

      Changed default state to locked where doors were closed to fix spawning issues.
      Replaced markers with new type.
      Added state icons to all doors.
      Added a new marker type on panels for consistency.
      Added activation sound to door context actions.
      Aligned door hint with the ground and changed widths to fit doors (some were too wide).
      Removed panels from opposite side of the door since they're never accessible.
      Shortened delay before the door opens when panels are activated.
      Fixed context action alignment.
      Fixed missing shiny 'destroy' material on consoles.
      Fixed door closing after being opened.
      Fixed materials on tram door so it doesn't look like a dead end.
      Fixed some broken material script properties.

    Polished Harrow’s Idle animations and his Agile/Noble Speargun variant animations. 
    Updated several ability stat descriptors to make them clearer:

      Standardized format across all Warframe ability descriptions.

        E.g. Range (Meters) #  to Range #
        E.g. “Health over Time #” to “Health / Sec #”

      Added units of measurement to the abilities where appropriate - M (meters), S (seconds), % (percentage), X (multiplier), etc. 
      Converted decimals to whole numbers (e.g. Equinox’s Rest & Rage Wakeup Health Threshold has been changed from 0.5 to 50% for max rank). 
      Changed “Range” to “Radius” for several Warframe abilities.

    Syndicate Pickups are now auto-marked on the first pickup! 
    Removed erroneous stats from Sentinel UI (Energy and Sprint Speed).
    Lotus is less chatty in Fissure missions! 
    Shortened and simplified most levels for the Vor's Prize missions, making sure the missions are more suitable for new player navigation. 
    Adjusted the Mithra Syandana based on feedback. 
    Arcane ranks are now on the side of the icon rather than in the 'name' field.
    You can now purchase multiple copies of Arcane Blueprints in Hok and Quills Offerings.
    Increased the in-mission volume of Octavia's Horos Sound Pack by .5dB. 
    Tweaked the Nova Lamia Skin to better match the Steam Workshop images.
    Tweaked the Skeiron Zephyr Skin to be more shiny and metallic instead of matte.
    Tweaked the emissives of the Excalibur Sentient Slayer Skin.
    Tweaked the Maltzur Oculus List Skin to improve the emissive details.
    Updated naming filter to allow players to use appropriate words that contain inappropriate words, like “assassin”.
    Updated chat profanity filter to catch profanity with punctuation immediately following it. Those of you who live on the edge and have the filter turned off won’t notice a thing, but there might be a few more asterisks and a few less inappropriate words in chat for our filtered Tenno. 
    Exodia Contagion’s Infested grenade 30 meter damage multiplier now also takes into account your combo multiplier.
    Moved the Earth Tikal node slightly to not overlap quest text.
    Onslaught mission Credits are now rewarded every 2 successful Zones. This eliminates being able to achieve free Credits in the initial spawn room by letting the timer run out.
    The Mushussu Syandana is now animated!
    Replaced primary/secondary titles of Argonak fire modes with Semi and Auto.
    You can now fast travel to ‘Navigation’ in the pause menu once you have your Observatory completed in the Dojo.
    Tweaked Harrow’s Penance impact sound to have a less high frequency ringing.
    Repositioned the Simulacrums ‘Enemy Selector’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Kill Enemies’ buttons.
    Changed the Ghoul Purge World State Window text from "Progress: (0 to 100)%" to "Ghoul Activity: (100 to 0)%" to be more in line with other events.


    Fixed a script error that resulted in a progression stopper in the Saya’s Vigil quest.
    Fixed not being able to roll as the Operator which resulted in a progression stopper in The War Within quest. 
    Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm not refunding Energy if the target dies during the cast animation.
    Fixed Nezha’s Halo ring not physically being thrown when equipped with a TennoGen Skin.
    Fixed Warframe Specters that were equipped with a Zaw resulting in a crash. 
    Fixed Banshee’s Resoquake only consuming 25 Energy when it is supposed to use 100 (on Clients, it would require having at least 100 Energy, but wouldn't use it).
    Fixed being left behind if you jumped through the Onslaught Conduit and the timer ran down as you were still transitioning. 
    Fixed kills made by Mirage's Hall of Mirror clones not contributing towards Onslaught Efficiency.
    Fixed the Sovereign Syandana clipping through numerous Warframes.
    Fixed the World State Window not displaying an icon for Alerts on a Void node.
    Fixed a script error when spamming Harrow’s Thurible ability.
    Fixed Oberon’s Phoenix Renewal Augment turning you immortal in Onslaught.
    Fixed Grineer Commander being able to teleport you if he starts the teleport cast before you enter a blocking animation.
    Fixed Grineer Commander teleport FX remaining on the player if the ability is cancelled early.
    Fixed being able to instantly kill Infested Hives with Ash and certain Mods equipped.
    Fixed Nidus’ Parasitic Link damage increase stacking indefinitely if cast on Mirages Hall of Mirror clones.
    Fixed being unable to Chat link Dokrahm, Rabvee or Sephfan Zaws.
    Fixed the Sigma and Octantis scaling right down to 0.
    Fixed thunder during storms in the Plains causing NPCs to become permanently deaf.
    Fixed cases of Beam weapons not doing damage inside Limbo’s Stasis. 
    Fixed Energy pickups in The Index getting duplicate spawns every time a Client picked one up.
    Fixed max Ranked Arcanes appearing grayed out in the Codex if you didn’t own a separate Unranked one.
    Fixed Acid Shells Mod causing Grineer Dropships to disappear. 
    Fixed missing collision in the Corpus Gas City Survival tileset.
    Fixed waypoint marking issues in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
    Fixed the Oronix remaining permanently sheathed in the Arsenal after being polarized. 
    Fixed transferring to Operator while sprinting causing inability to toggle sprinting off as Operator.
    Fixed holding down the aim button not being carried over to the Operator after Transference.
    Fixed Vazarin’s Void Aegis blocking friendly projectiles.
    Fixed Dargyns being able to spawn in cave systems during Plague Star.
    Fixed Stalker sometimes not spawning in the “Protect the Moon” mission of the Second Dream.
    Fixed excessive contrast on the Mag Ferro Skin’s Helmet FX.
    Fixed tintmask error on the Ak-Sura Syandana and applied to proper physics.
    Fixed camera facing the wrong direction when respawning, instead of the direction the player was facing when downed. 
    Fixed navigation pathing issue in the Grineer Asteroid Tileset. 
    Fixed being able to gain Shields and overshields in No Shield Nightmare missions. 
    Fixed Panthera’s Punch Through not going through enemies.
    Fixed some door materials in the Grineer Shipyards tileset to reflect their “off” state.
    Fixed being unable to Duel by setting up a shop in a Dojo and trying to Duel before closing the shop. After closing shop, players were still unable to Duel and further loss of function was possible. 
    Fixed missing Viper Wraith disposition.
    Fixed a hole in the Kuva Fortress tileset. 
    Fixed missing localization text on the Loki Prime Glyphs. 
    Fixed Razer Chroma peripheral effects not working when using a Warframe’s default Energy color.
    Fixed missing description tag in a multitude of Captura Scenes.
    Fixed a rare case of continuous hitching in the Plains.
    Fixed players being unable to load into Cetus from the Plains if a Client has run out of revives when the Host enters the Cetus doors. 
    Fixed being able to pet an invisible Venari if interacting with her immediately after exiting her upgrade screen in the Arsenal. 
    Fixed a rare crash when trying to load into a mission from the Star Chart.
    Fixed some level errors in the Grineer Settlement Artillery Captura Scene. 
    Fixed a rare crash when aborting a mission that was started via the Star Chart in a Dojo or a Relay.
    Fixed the elemental FX being rotated incorrectly on the Diva Polearm Tennogen Skin.
    Fixed not being able to capture targets in Capture missions if they fell in overlapping geometry. 
    Fixed broken reference to skeletal mesh that no longer existed on Ember’s Vermillion skin. 
    Fixed Vazarin’s Mending Soul (at max rank) applying more instant revives after Transferring in and out of Operator mode. 
    Fixed Client flashlight not turning on in certain areas in Infested Defense missions.
    Fixed Capture target not spawning in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    Fixed large number formatting in the Leaderboards, as reported here: 
    Fixed Sabotage Missions not resuming properly after defeating the Grustrag Three.
    Fixed Excavators not spawning in The Archwing quest. 
    Fixed missing extraction marker for "Pursue Teshin into the Asteroid Field" from The War Within quest.
    Fixed Warframe in Arsenal rotating based on your mouse position even though you're not holding down the mouse button after switching modes (Archwing to Cooperative for example).
    Fixed drop down list extending beyond window boundaries when right clicking a name in friends list.
    Fixed falling through the map when rejoining after a Host migration during transition between the Plains and Cetus. 
    Fixed Transferring to Operator over a teleport volume in the Plains causing a black screen while the Warframe teleports back to solid ground.  
    Fixed an escapable map hole in the Grineer Galleon tileset. 
    Fixed weapons like the Opticor having its hits blocked by your companion. Also fixed the hits sometimes not taking effect if other geometry was nearby.
    Fix attempts towards a crash on load/login if you have consumables equipped. 
    Fixed being unable to rebind Deco Move Up or Down and button callouts not changing when using a controller.
    Fixed Drones not following players if they are riding on a Dargyn. 
    Fixed Operator performing a Lunaro shoulder dash animation when attempting to roll while in Void mode. 
    Fixed losing all weapons when exiting water in Grineer Sealabs.
    Fixed reflection and opaque glass issues in the Grineer Shipyard rescue tileset. 
    Fixed player animation getting stuck when quickly tapping the crouch button while sprinting and using a Bow during any quest (including Vor’s Prize). 
    Fixed a blank spot in the “view mission progress” UI after using a shard at the Eidolon Shrine in the Plains.
    Fixed the “Warframe Animation Sets” button text in the Market being misaligned. 
    Fixed a script error with Khora’s Venari. 
    Fixed a script error with Loki’s Invisibility. 
    Fixed a script error with Excalibur’s Slash Dash. 
    Fixed a script error with Titania’s Razorwing. 
    Fixed a crash that would occur when killing a Dargyn and shooting another in Archwing. 
    Fixed Baro Ki’Teer’s pants clipping through his shirt. High waisted is so 2017.
    Fixed cursor hovering below certain buttons in Options > Interface, which caused certain options to not be selectable. 
    Fixed Sentinels with the Shield Charger Mod playing “charge” effect on Operators. 
    Fixed being unable to rebind Ascend / Descend in Orbiter Decorating mode. 
    Fixed countdown tick sound still playing after loading into a Relay. 
    Fixed floor near holding cells in Grineer Shipyard Rescue missions being too reflective.
    Fixed being unarmed after exiting Archwing in “Pursue Teshin into the Asteroid Field” in the War Within quest. 
    Fixed ground texture tiling being a bit obvious in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    Fixed an issue with Kuva clouds not disappearing for Clients.
    Fixed an issue with Infested Swarm FX floating for Clients.
    Fixed an issue in the Grineer Kuva Fortress where you could fall through the level. 
    Fixed an issue with Articula causing a loss of functionality. 
    Fixed a level gap in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
    Fixed Kuva Survival Catalyst pickups sometimes getting stuck in a fall-teleport loop.
    Fixed an issue where you could bypass aspects of Sabotage missions. 
    Fixed an issue with Zephyr's animations when hovering. 
    Fixed an issue with context actions not appearing during Vor's Prize when installing the Mod segment. 
    Fixed an issue where Operator customization UI could overlap with chat when scrolling. 
    Fixed numerous crashes.
    Fixed an issue where Melee hit sound FX was playing on Finisher completion. 
    Fixed an issue with meat objects at the Cetus cookout! 
    Fixed an issue where items set up for sale in Maroo's Bazaar will disappear above the player’s head when opening the pause menu. 
    Fixed Boosters showing double duration in top right after being obtained through Daily Tribute reward. 
    Fixed Knell gaining multiple procs for a single shot on Client. 
    Fixed issues with Hydroid's Poseidon Skin as per feedback. 
    Fixed Clan Tiers not increasing right away if a Barracks room is completed naturally (i.e. not by rushing). 
    Fixed Gara Splinter Storm self cast lasting a very short time.
    Fixed issue where Ivara is able to use a primary weapon while holding a Datamass. 
    Fixed a UI issue after a host migration in Sabotage missions. 
    Fixed Archwing weapons appearing in the End of Mission screen after completing a non-Archwing mission.
    Fixed Sentinel Mods appearing to be removed when viewing the Sentinel Arsenal in Cetus.
    Fixed Ospreys leaving behind their exhaust FX when killed.
    Fixed the context action FX being visible after completing the Apostasy quest in the Personal Quarters.
    Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset that allowed you to peer into time and space.
    Fixed Titania's Razorwing using your Secondary weapon in 'Secondary Only' Sorties.
    Fixed Rivens not unveiling in Cetus/Relays if you have unread Inbox messages.
    Fixed spot loading when looking at a Grineer or Corpus Articula.
    Fixed a lingering fire FX in the Queen's Chamber in The War Within quest.
    Fixed being unable to cast Wukong's Primal Fury after giving your Secondary weapon to a Rescue Target in a 'Secondary Only' Sortie.
    Fixed missing Toxic Status FX on the Frysta Longsword Skin.
    Fixed elemental Status Effects applying to Exodia Force. Only base Damage Mods (Pressure Point) are meant to apply.
    Fixed players sometimes being unable to hear another player when using VOIP.
    Fixed Nekros being able to Desecrate already desecrated bodies or invincible bodies.
    Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream Energy stat on Abilities screen displaying as 0 after you've used it once. 
    Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream breaking if you run out of Energy while in Operator.
    Fixed the screen shake remaining when you Transference to Operator.
    Fixed a hitch in the Arsenal when selecting different Warframes.
    Fixed rare cases of Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors creating a permanently firing Opticor.
    Fixed not being able to scroll through long weapon stat lists with the Right Stick on a Controller. 
    Fixed rare cases of losing Chat functionality when loading in between missions. 
    Fixed a rare case where the Navigation panel would be empty.
    Fixed broken Onslaught End of Mission screen that resulted in having to restart the game.
    Fixed the Invati Sekhara FX not reflecting in the Arsenal. 
    Fixed ‘Reduced Gravity’ condition carrying over to the next Zone in Onslaught.
    Fixed players in the Lobby ‘Appearing to be Offline’ when inviting them from the Recent list.
    Fixed being able to place Dojo Decorations around a player and keep them as your trapped pet.
    Fixed a script error when picking up a Syndicate Medallion. 

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave.
    Reduced the ammo pool of the Castanas family and Talons in Conclave. 
    Increased the effect of gravity on the Castanas family and Talons in Conclave. 
    Fixed a rare case where switching to another loadout in Conclave resulted in receiving no Affinity on that loadout if the mission ended before you respawned. 
    Fixed certain Conclave Mod buff indicators not being removed when damaged.

Jeudi 3 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.19.1

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    Fixed excessively tiled floor material in the Grineer Asteroid Onslaught tile.
    Fixed crashes that could occur when leaving Onslaught due to Warframe abilities still being active when Zone gets destroyed.


    Fixed crashing when using a Warframe Specter equipped with a Zaw.
    Fixed violent flickering when the opaque part of the Mithra Syandana is offscreen.
    Fixed the glass on Gara’s Silica Helmet not breaking.
    Fixed some audio pops by reverting XAudio2 voice recycling changes - will investigate further!

Mercredi 2 mai 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Update 22.19.0


Tennogen round 12


Warframe Skins


Warframe Alt Helmet




Weapon Skin

*The Lympharis Skin was initially uploaded as a Staff Skin but for consistency with the TennoGen program, it has been altered slightly to be a Polearm Skin.

General Additions

    A new Grineer Sealab Defense tile has been added to Uranus!

Khora Changes & Fixes

    Khora’s Whipclaw animation has been updated to better reflect the aim direction.
    Operators can no longer be targeted for Venari to Heal. This follows precedent with other Warframe abilities not being castable on Operators.
    Fixed Venari’s ability stats and passive speed buff UI appearing to be affected by Efficiency Mods. Ability Strength Mods are what applies to Venari’s abilities/passive.
    Fixed Venari’s Heal being permanently active when equipping negative Duration Mods on Khora.
    Fixed not being able to see Venari’s hold indicator when switching postures.
    Fixed incorrect icon displaying for Venari’s Healing posture.
    Fixed Venari script error that would occur if you're controlling the Operator when Venari respawns.
    Fixed Venari not disappearing when playing an Archwing mission as Khora.
    Fixed a case of Khora getting the Venari speed buff HUD icon when Venari fails to spawn.
    Fixed Venari attacking you in the Simulacrum Arsenal when Friendly Fire is enabled.
    Fixed Whipclaw not spreading damage across multiple Strangledomes if it hits enemies trapped in more than one.
    Fixed Khora Whipclaw/Strangledome synergy not using all Mods on extra Strangledome targets.
    Fixed enemies bodies being auto-destroyed when falling from Strangledome that are not going to be sliced. Enemies that get that extra Strangledome slice will be auto-destroyed.
    Fixed Strangledome turning MOA enemies invisible.
    Fixed a crash when Transferring to the Operator when Khora is equipped.
    Fixes towards possible motion blur on Khora’s spikes in the Liset.
    Fixed Khora's spikes being visible when viewing Navigation.

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    Removed Kuria’s from Onslaught tiles since Simaris does not allow the use of gear in the Sanctuary.
    Sahasa Kubrows can no longer dig up Resources in Onslaught.
    Fixed several Host migration issues in Onslaught.
    Fixed a Lua Onslaught tile having doors that appeared unlocked due to incorrect materials.
    Fixed End of Mission rank being A- when aborting before a Zone has been completed.


    A buff icon for Toxic Lash is now displayed so you can see the bonus (ie: after Growing Power, Energy Conversion, and other temporary power-strength buffs are applied).
    Zaw Strikes Sepfahn, Rabvee, Dokram and handles Korb and Shtung now have a chance to be used in Hok's Daily Specials.
    Ash can no longer Teleport to Cameras and Turrets, as it usually results in placing Ash outside of the map.
    Melee head kills now count as headshots (they already counted towards the "Get 10 headshots" challenge). Face-crit-multiplier-ahoy!
    Improved enemy navigation in the Corpus Outpost Defense tile.
    Optimizations for memory/CPU by improving XAudio2 voice recycling.
    Shortened "Warframe Animation Sets" to just "Animation Sets" in the Market category since it's redundant and crowds the box.


    Fixed Operators not being able to slide/roll in some cases.
    Fixed insanely fast computers not being able to transition to Cetus from the Plains.
    Fixed Exodia Contagion's interaction with Covert Lethality, resulting in the +100 damage being applied to the projectile damage multiplier instead of the base projectile damage.
    Fixed Exodia Epidemic ground slam wave counting towards finisher damage instead of the intended explosion damage.
    Fixed Thrown weapons equipped with Power Throw scaling with the range from Wukong’s Iron Vault Augment.
    Fixed Naramon’s Void Stalker Critical Chance buff being applied to non-Melee weapons.
    Fixed Nezha’s Reaping Chakram damage not getting doubled for every enemy hit for Clients.
    Fixed Opticor and beam weapons sometimes not being able to hit Corpus Nullifier bubbles.
    Fixed players and enemies colliding with the Nullifier's weakpoint. Thwarted no longer shall be any attempts to vertically depart that ability-bereft spherical hellscape.
    Fixed Pets disappearing after Warframe dies and Revives, even though the Pet was alive before their owner's death.
    Fixed Pets losing loyalty when they shouldn't/not losing loyalty when they should.
    Fixed a pickup prompt appearing in Simaris’ Relay Sanctuary.
    More fixes towards crashes related to XAudio2 xWma voice recycling.
    Fixed a crash where the audio device is lost and fails to initialize.
    Fixed one rare crash that could occur when audio device is lost.
    Fixed some Captura Scenes resulting in an automatic "mission failed" and booting you back your Orbiter after 15 minutes.
    More fixes towards cases of ‘Supercat’ Kavat issues.
    Fixed Sentinel customization selection not reflected in the Cetus Arsenal when hovering over them.
    Fixed Archwings using its default colors when trying to copy default Warframe colors onto Archwing items.
    Fixed coming back to the Relay from a mission/Simulacrum would pause your Kubrow, resulting in him/her standing in one place forever.
    Fixed selecting "Return to Orbiter" in the Simulacrum and then cancelling would cause you to end up in your Orbiter if you then used "Return to Relay".
    Fixed script error when switching modes in your loadout where the Warframe in the previous mode was Chroma/Nidus/Equinox and the Warframe in the new mode is Khora.
    Fixed Zaw Components spot loading when hovering over them in the Arsenal.
    Fixed Client projectiles not getting destroyed which can result in performance issues.
    Fixed ambient sounds disappearing in certain areas of Maroo's Bazaar.
    Fixed level holes in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Reduced the casting speed of Mag’s Crush in Conclave.
    Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave.
    Reduced the damage of the Dual Keres in Conclave.
    Fixed avatars spawned from Warframe abilities being highlighted as enemies to their creator in Conclave.

Vendredi 27 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.8

Khora Changes

Ability casting times have been shortened across the board - Natural Talent is always great, but the base animations needed shortening.

    New Passive

      The ferocious Kavat, Venari, fights by Khora’s side and provides her with a speed boost while active. If killed, Venari will reappear after a short time.


      Whipclaw will apply to and benefit from the Melee combo counter.
      All enemies caught in the Strangledome will take half of Whipclaw’s attack damage when one enemy in the Strangledome is hit with Whipclaw.
      Hitting an Ensnared enemy with Whipclaw will cause the living metal to propagate.


      Ensnare affects multiple enemies. When an enemy is Ensnared, the living metal will propagate and pull in every enemy within range for 75% reduced duration. The living metal Ensnaring enemies will then propagate a second time to pull in another wave of enemies within range.
      Procs no longer wake up Ensnared enemies.


      Venari is now a Passive ability - Venari is simply there, no casting required. If Venari dies, she will respawn in 45 seconds or you can summon her back by using the Venari ability for an Energy cost of 50 that scales with the Respawn timer.

    New Venari Ability Description

      Command Venari to focus on a target. Hold to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures. If Venari is killed, use this ability to revive her instantly

        Venari fights independently until she receives a command. Khora’s third ability (Venari) overrides Venari’s target, as indicated by the icon over Khora’s head.
        Commanding Venari while in the Heal posture without a valid target will command Venari to heal Khora.
        Companion mods like Animal Instinct have been fixed so they will work properly on Venari.
        Venari deals Slash damage to enemies instead of Impact damage.
        Ability Strength Mods on Khora now affect Venari abilities.


      Changed casting animation to better reflect that Strangledome is cast from Khora’s body placement and chains now reflect custom Accent color!
      Once an enemy dies in the Strangledome, they will drop to the floor, making room for new victims.

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes

We still see Onslaught as a more bite-sized gameplay experience, but combined with the efficiency changes below, how far your team can last should be dictated slightly more by your ability to kill instead of hard numeric limits. The Simulation is alive and ever changing.

    Removed the increased Efficiency drain when you hit Zone 20 in Sanctuary Onslaught and from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught when you hit Zone 14. Efficiency drain will hit its max rate in Zone 16 of Sanctuary Onslaught and Zone 15 of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
    Added more tiers of increasingly higher level enemies in both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught:

      Sanctuary Onslaught

        Level 80-100 in Zone 15
        Level 110-130 in Zone 20
        Level 130-150 in Zone 25

      Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

        Level 200-220 in Zone 20
        Level 250-280 in Zone 25

    Removed unnecessary ice environment textures in the Grineer Shipyard Onslaught tile.
    Removed an Orokin Derelict tile from Onslaught that was too small - this means that Zone 12 of Elite will have a new tile.
    Removed an Infested Corpus Onslaught tile that was deemed unsuitable for the Simulation.

Sanctuary Onslaught Fixes

    Fixed Clients being perpetually stuck on the loading screen after a Host migration in Onslaught.
    Fixed cases of Conduits not materializing after a Host migration occurs.
    Fixed cases of Clients being trapped in the old Zone after the Host transitions through the Conduit first and disconnects on the other side.
    Fixed Efficiency continuing to drain after a Conduit has appeared and you have yet to pass through it. Once all players are through the Conduit and into the next Zone, the Efficiency will recommence draining. Fixed Efficiency continuing to drain while everyone's standing around waiting for next Conduit to appear. Once all players see it, the countdown resumes.
    Fixed Specimens beating the crap out of helpless players who are trapped in the loading screen when a Host migration occurs. Specimens will now be paused while you are in the loading screen. 


    The Daily Focus limit has been increased based on the formula (will be in effect after the daily reset):

      250,000 + (Mastery Rank * 5,000)

    Peculiar Bloom will now spawn a max of 5 flowers per target. Flowers so beautiful they hurt ya perf.


    Fixed crashes related to XAudio2 xWma voice recycling.
    Fixed the Loki Prime Glyphs description being unlocalized.

Mercredi 25 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.7

We’re still in the saddle for planed Khora changes this week (likely tomorrow).

Sanctuary Onslaught Balance Changes

Player experiences and data determined that enemy scaling was broken and not consistent with game modes outside of Onslaught. A more descriptive and in-depth read can be viewed here:

    Elite: Lowered Specimen level ranges, with Zone 1 starting at level 60-70 and reaching a max of level 150-180 once you hit Zone 15 (instead of Zone 10).
    Elite: Removed additional Damage Multiplier for higher level Specimens.
    Efficiency drain ramps up more aggressively between Zones 10-20 in either Onslaught mode.
    Efficiency Stimulus spawns will not appear beyond Zone 15 in either Onslaught mode.

General Sanctuary Onslaught Changes

    Khora Blueprints have been removed from Elite rewards and replaced with Radiant Axi Relics. Other Relics have moved around rotations to fit - see our drop-table site for full drops!

      Rotation A

        400 Endo (9.48%)
        Lith T1 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
        Lith N3 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
        Lith Z1 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
        Lith B2 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
        Lith C2 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
        Lith H2 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
        Lith S7 Relic (Radiant) (9.48%)
        Lato Vandal Receiver    (2.01%)
        Kuva Fortress Crevice Scene     (4.42%)
        Lua Balcony Scene (4.42%)
        Meso N5 Relic (Radiant) (4.42%)
        Meso O2 Relic (Radiant) (4.42%)
        Meso G1 Relic (Radiant) (4.42%)

      Rotation B

        Synthetic Eidolon Shard (15.18%)
        400 Endo (15.18%)
        Meso T1 Relic (Radiant)  (15.18%)
        Meso T2 Relic (Radiant) (15.18%)
        Braton Vandal Barrel (15.18%)
        Braton Vandal Receiver (5.53%)
        Lato Vandal Blueprint    (2.01%)
        Neo S7 Relic (Radiant) (5.53%)
        Neo K1 Relic (Radiant) (5.53%)
        Neo B4 Relic (Radiant) (5.53%)

      Rotation C

        750 Endo (18.97%)
        Neo M1 Relic (Radiant) (18.97%)
        Neo Z1 Relic (Radiant) (18.97%)
        Neo B2 Relic (Radiant) (18.97%)
        Braton Vandal Stock (2.46%)
        Braton Vandal Blueprint (2.01%)
        Lato Vandal Barrel (2.46%)
        Peculiar Bloom (2.46%)
        Axi A3 Relic (Radiant)     (2.46%)
        Axi E2 Relic (Radiant)     (2.46%)
        Axi H3 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
        Axi N5 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
        Axi O2 Relic (Radiant) (2.46%)
        Axi K2 Relic (Radiant)     (2.46%)

    Removed the Rank 30 Warframe requirement from Sanctuary Onslaught - remains a requirement for Elite Onslaught.
    Certain Onslaught tiles now have a 20% chance of having an environmental hazard.
    Increased Specimen spawns in the Corpus Gas City Onslaught tile and Grineer Fortress Onslaught tile.
    Reverted the addition of more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught. More testing will be done for these Specimens and added in at a later time.
    Removed more tiles that were leading to Specimen navigation issues.
    Removed physical lockers and containers from the Void Onslaught tile.
    Removed Simaris line referring to 'comrades' when Conduit is closing to eliminate possibility of referencing other players when running Solo.
    A prompt will appear that indicates you need to have a Rank 30 Warframe (Elite) and have completed The New Strange quest when selecting Sanctuary Onslaught if you do not meet those requirements.

Sanctuary Onslaught Fixes

    Fixes towards crashing when entering a Conduit.
    Fixed rejoining right before the Conduit materializes can prevent it from spawning.
    Fixed invulnerability not being applied/removed correctly in various scenarios of jumping through the Conduit as the Operator.
    Fixed some Onslaught tiles having permanent Fire hazards due to explosive barrels.
    Fixed Wukong’s Primal Fury adding increased Range to all Melee weapons instead of just his Iron Staff.
    Fixed initial Conduit not showing at correct size for Clients.


    Quill Onkko has added a Cetus Wisp to his Offerings in Cetus. These can be purchased with Quill Standing for Architect level Tenno.
    Only a maximum of 4 Mine Ospreys will spawn at any given moment.
    Tweaked the Hagoromo Zephyr Skin to improve the metallicness of the metal and toned down the grime textures as requested by the creator.


    Fixed minor performance issue and crashing during the ‘Protect the Moon’ phase of The Second Dream.
    Fixed Dark Split-Sword Affinity and Focus being lost when a Host migration occurs.
    Fixed Venari UI stats overlapping text when Dual Wielding.
    Fixed the Vala Sugatra Prime not attaching properly to weapons.
    Fixed a script error related to Wall Latching.
    Fixed button callout showing wrong icon when swapping Move/Look to opposite sticks when using a controller.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed Venari's loadout slot appearing in the Conclave Arsenal even if Khora is not equipped. Interacting with Venari’s loadout slot would result in a crash.

Mardi 24 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.6

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    Added more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught.
    Overhauled the Onslaught Void tile by adding more Specimen spawns and improving Specimen navigation throughout the tile.
    Fixed a loss of functionality when trying to launch Onslaught with a rank < 30 Warframe.
    Fixed Conduit transitioning FX restarting if you enter Conduit during the final 5 seconds where screen is already auto-fading to white.

Mardi 24 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.5

Note # 2:

As mentioned in Hotfix 22.18.4, we are gathering all efforts to fight fires and bring you Khora changes as the week progresses. This Hotfix brings the oomph/FX changes for Khora, with her meatier changes in the hands of our Designers and QA team.

Check out the latest Dev Workshop for Khora’s Planned Changes:

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    We now give Zone rewards the moment the Conduit portal appears instead of requiring at least one player to transition through.
    Fixed a crash as a result of a Conduit closing in Onslaught.
    Fixed a permanent white screen if a player revives during Zone cross fade.
    Fixed issues with time still passing when playing in Solo and pausing the game.
    Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur during Zone transitions.
    Fixed 'Wave Complete' appearing over End of Mission.
    Potential fix for the 'white wall of fog' that would stay up between Zones.
    Possible fix for no initial Conduit spawning.
    Fixed issues with missing sound FX within the Onslaught game mode.
    Fixed the 'Repeat Last Mission' button not working with Onslaught game modes.
    Fixed Clients not receiving rewards after Onslaught mission ends due to a failed Host migration.

Khora Changes (FX/visual)

    Whipclaw: Added more oomph on her Whipclaw burst and added additional FX if it hits enemies affected by her Ensnare.
    Ensnare: Improved the positioning of Ensnares burst FX,
    Improved Khora’s tint masks for her body and helmets to address pixelated edges at lower resolutions.


    Fixed Clients not seeing Khora’s Ensnare FX pulling the enemy to the main target.
    Fixed an issue with Sepfahn Zaw part creating it's Nikana holster when used for a 2 handed grip.
    Fixed an issue with the Sepfahn Zaw part making extra cloth dangles when made into a Nikana.
    Fixed issues with Nikana Zaws & Heavy Axe Zaws not having holster customizations.
    Fixed an issue with Mirage's Hall of Mirror clone kills not counting towards anything.
    Fixed an issue with incorrect Skins being applicable to the Hystrix.
    Fixed some lighting issues with the Corpus Ship Defense/Interception tile.
    Fixed numerous missing localization strings.

Lundi 23 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.4


This will indeed be the first of many Hotfixes this week - Khora will see many changes this week that we are going to start bundling together as soon as next Hotfix! Please stay tuned - more details to come as we fight fires!

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    Potential fix for a deadlock that could occur between Zones.
    Fixed many common crashes with Sanctuary Onslaught - still more to go!
    Fixed inbox transmissions missing from Simaris - he recorded a selfie-video for you all but forgot to attach it earlier.
    Removed a larger cap room from the Grineer Galleon as AI had pathing problems from them.
    Fixed an exploit where hosts running at (intentionally) low framerate could cause the mission timer to run super slowly.
    Fixes to ensure mission timer pauses once all enemies have been cleared and players are waiting for portal to appear.
    Fixed an issue for Clients when transitioning through the portal, which could result in Clients not hearing music.
    Potential fix for being sent back to previous room when falling into pit immediately after Conduit use.
    Fixed issues with enemies spawning out of attack range on a tile.
    Fixed issue with enemies getting stuck on certain ledges.
    Fixed issues on Moon tile with spawns & getting stuck


    Rabvee strike one handed stance polarity changed to Zenurik to match existing Stances.
    Peculiar Bloom Mod can now be chat-linked!


    Fixed a game freeze that could occur with Sancti Tigris's Syndicate effect.

Samedi 21 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.3

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    Fixed more cases of crashes caused by joining Sanctuary Onslaught missions in progress.
    Fixed crashes by timing issues more likely to happen on slower computers.
    Fixed enemy spawning after host migration.
    Fixed Efficiency meter draining while waiting for portal transition effects to finish.
    Fixed Efficiency Boosts not being tracked correctly when squad is split up between different zones.

Samedi 21 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.2

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    Conduits now automatically closes in 30 seconds after spawning. If you take too much of your sweet time getting to the Conduit, you will be auto-extracted with your spoils intact. This is also our intended extraction mechanism for those who do not wish to go on - simply stay behind! 
    Improved Infested spawns by adding more spawn points in the Onslaught Derelict tile (most commonly encountered in Zone 17 of this week's Elite Rotation).
    Improved numerous enemy spawns to Onslaught Asteroid tiles.
    Removed an Infested Corpus tile and Orokin Tower tile that contained unremovable spoils in Sanctuary Onslaught. 
    Removed a white bar in the End of Mission screen for Sanctuary Onslaught summary under the "TOTAL" panel.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an Onslaught in progress. 
    Fixes towards players getting a white screen after jumping through a Conduit.
    Fixed dark Warframe lighting when standing on broken platforms in the beginning Onslaught room before you enter the Conduit.
    Fixed very dark lighting in the Orokin Derelict Onslaught tile. 
    Fixed Sanctuary Onslaught total wave score showing incorrect value after the first two zones.
    Fixed Sanctuary Onslaught music not playing for Clients.


    Fixed a crash for Clients related to casting Khora's Strangledome.
    Fixed a crash if you Alt-F4 with split-second precision when joining a mission.
    Fixed script error when trying to trade Blooming Peculiar Mod.
    Fixed Clients suffering from a desync issue if a Host Migration occurs in the Plains. This resulted in oddly unaligned water, enemies, etc.
    Fixed script error when casting Frost’s Snow Globe inside another invulnerable Snow Globe to stack them.
    Fixed Clients rejoining a session not having their Sentinel spawn.
    More fixes towards wonky looking stretched APEX particles, mostly seen with the Jat Kittag.
    More fixes towards the Hystrix not leaving behind ‘quill’ holes when shooting surfaces.
    Fixed some water colors that were appearing a bit green.
    Fixed Rabvee playing the wrong hit effect sounds.

Vendredi 20 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Hotfix 22.18.1

First Hotfix post Update is brought to you by Onslaught crashes! You can expect more Hotfixes as we continually monitor and fix.

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes

    Removed the Lua puzzle room tile from Onslaught. Given the spawning logic of Onslaught this would be a dramatic re-occurrence beyond our intended rarity for Forma.
    Removed a Grineer Sealab tileset from Onslaught. The Submersible water volumes do not function in the Sanctuary.
    Removed Crates that were dropping spoils in Sanctuary Onslaught; replaced with 100% grass fed simulation friendly standard crate spawns now.
    End of Mission screen now displays ‘Elite Onslaught Summary’ when playing Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. 
    Onslaught pickups will now be heard by other players when in radius. 
    Fixed a plethora of crashes related to Host Migrations, Conduits, etc, in Onslaught.
    Fixed Onslaught Conduits not spawning if a Host Migration occurs. 
    Fixed Onslaught HUD being pre-translated into the Host's language.
    Fixed Clients possibly getting stuck with Mesa’s Peacemaker active if they fall into a pit.
    Fixed missing Onslaught Conduit FX transition and lingering white screen if you moved away from the Conduit as it spawned.
    Fixed intro Simaris transmission not playing for Clients when initially loading into Onslaught.
    Fixed incorrect End of Mission Simaris transmission when completing between 3 & 5 Onslaught zones.
    Fixed missing door frames in Orokin Onslaught tile.


    Blooming Peculiar Mod is now tradable.
    Supra Vandal is now tradable. 
    Removed unintended Operator Amp parts from Quills Offerings. 


    Fixed crashes related to enemy ragdolling. 
    Fixed seeing numerous of the same TennoGen Syandana displayed as a filepath. Attempting to purchase this would result in an error.
    Fixed the Hystrix not leaving behind “quill” holes.
    Fixed seeing unowned Eidolon Shards in the ‘Focus Conversion’ screen.
    Fixed cases of post process FX not working in Captura.
    Fixed wonky Leaderboard score formatting after viewing Obstacle Course Leaderboard.
    Fixed a script error when casting Khora’s  Whipclaw.

Vendredi 20 avril 2018
Beasts of the Sanctuary - Update 22.18.0

It’s the postponed Christmas gift that keeps on giving! Revealed back on November 3rd 2017, Khora has finally clawed her way to your screens. From an originally proposed damage deviator to the now metallic Kavat wielding queen of the Strangledome, her time is now. But, she won’t come easily. For Khora and Venari have been detected in Simaris’ Sanctuary, and it’s his rules that are law there.

New Warframe!


Tenno and beast, red in whip and claw. Khora and her Kavat companion, Venari, embody lethal versatility. Two bodies, one will.



        Increased Armor for each Pet in range.


      Send enemies reeling with a deafening whipcrack.


      Bind a hapless target in living metal, entangling others who stray too close. Disperse the trap with a crack of the whip.


      Summon a ferocious, gleaming Kavat. Use again to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures.


      Weave a dome of living chain that ensnares and strangles any enemy within, and any foolish enough to approach.

Khora delphi helmet

    A uniquely-styled alternate Helmet for Khora.

Kerata syandana

    Flowing lines meet sharpened spikes in Khora’s signature Syandana.


    Fire, ice, electricity, or poison: choose an element and launch a flurry deadly quills. This versatile sidearm is Khora’s signature weapon.

* Guaranteed Elemental Status Effect on each hit, in addition to Status Effects from the weapon's Status Chance.
* Blueprint available in the in-game Market

Dual keres

    Tear through any target with these vicious, claw-like blades. The signature swords of Khora.

* Blueprint available in the in-game Market


    Precise calibration, rapid trigger-pull and a steady hand all combine to bring down the hardiest prey on two legs or four.

* Can be researched in the Tenno Lab Dojo room

New Zaw parts!

Hok’s busier than a mime with a skin rash, but has acquired some new Zaw parts for your crafting pleasure! Find him in Cetus today!


    A balanced Zaw Strike for Nikana and Staff weapons. A steady blade for steady hands.


    A heavy Zaw Strike for Machete and Hammer weapons. Measure twice, strike once... heavily.


    A light Zaw Strike for Scythe or Hammer weapons. Lightweight, for flash and bite.


    A two-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact.


    A one-handed Zaw Grip for measured strikes and greater impact.

New endless gamemode!

Sanctuary onslaught 

“Hunter, you have proven your dedication to the cause. It is time to enlighten you, to show you what we have built together. It is time to enter the Sanctuary.

In the simulated universe of the Sanctuary, my data-immortals have fought each other countless times. Through this violence, I have studied and documented their true character. But my study cannot be complete without the power of the Tenno, the most powerful specimen in the system  — you. Your duty in this experiment is to kill as many specimens as efficiently as possible. In this chaos, the true nature of these creatures will be revealed... as will yours.”

- Cephalon Simaris -


    Must complete The New Strange quest.

Where to go

    Talk to Cephalon Simaris at his Sanctuary in any Relay OR select Sanctuary Onslaught in the Syndicate World State Window tab.

New terms

    Zones: the equivalent of a 'Wave', 'Round', etc! This is a new Endless mode, thus, new terminology!
    Data-conduits: Portals to the simulated combat! 
    (X) EFFICIENCY: the means to keep a Conduit open!

What to do

    Enter the Conduit to the Sanctuary and maintain Efficiency against increasingly difficult Specimens for 2.5 minutes.
    Each Specimen you kill attributes to your overall Efficiency, with Eximus Specimens attributing more. 
    Efficiency Stimulus’ are spawned per zone that each grant 10% Efficiency - use them wisely!
    Each zone after the first triggers a 45 second Focus Boost that scales in multiplier (MAX of 16x) - kill Specimens as fast as you can!
    When a zone is complete, Simaris will open a Data-Conduit to a new and harder zone within his Sanctuary.

Elite sanctuary onslaught (hard mode)

Welcome to Simaris’ true stress test.

    Each week Simaris simulates a predetermined sequence of tilesets and Elite Specimens. This Onslaught is not for the leisurely, as Specimens are stronger and Simaris’ rewards for your Elite data mimic your efforts. Fight relentlessly and repeatedly until your fingers bleed - this please Simaris. 


Simaris seeks data on the Elite using his own rules. This is his simulation, after all, and his rules are:

    No Gear! The Gear wheel, Specters, and Emotes are disabled in Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite. Strictly no Dancing in Simaris' world. 
    Simaris demands only Rank 30 Warframes can compete in the Sanctuary.
    An overuse of Warframe abilities can skew Simaris’ data. You may find he has different tolerance levels against ultimates than first abilities. You may never even encounter this rule, but if you do, know that it is only temporary. 
    Each Conduit entered/Zone advanced removes current buffs, active Warframe abilities, combo multipliers, and resets Energy to the respective base level. Harder enemies from a baseline! 
    The amount of Efficiency Stimulus that spawn decreases the deeper you go into the Sanctuary. Simaris is (somewhat) kind and will always spawn at least 1.
    Increase your pace! The deeper you go into the Sanctuary the faster your Efficiency drops. 
    Specimens do not drop real-world things like Mods/Resources in Simaris’ Sanctuary. Rewards certainly do exist, though. Focus Boons and Reward Tables (below) aplenty! We are also going to introduce a series of rewards once this launch is out - there will be more to come!
    Leaderboards are available based on overall score for both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught that Simaris will reset weekly.


Rewards are given per 2 successful zones in an AABC rotation in both Sanctuary Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. 

    2 Zones = Rotation A
    4 Zones = Rotation A
    6 Zones = Rotation B
    8 Zones = Rotation C

Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards

    Rotation A

      Khora Chassis Blueprint (8.33%)
      300 Endo (9.17%)
      Lith T1 Relic (9.17%)
      Lith N3 Relic (9.17%)
      Lith Z1 Relic (9.17%)
      Lith B2 Relic (9.17%)
      Lith C2 Relic (9.17%)
      Lith H2 Relic (9.17%)
      Lith S7 Relic (9.17%)
      Corpus Ship Freight Scene (9.17%)
      Grineer Sealab Centrifuge Scene (9.17%)

    Rotation B

      Synthetic Eidolon Shard (7.69%)
      Khora Neuroptics Blueprint (7.69%)
      300 Endo  (7.69%)
      Meso N5 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso G1 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso T1 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso T2 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso N5 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso O2 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso G1 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso T1 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Meso T2 Relic Rare (7.69%)
      Grineer Settlement Artillery Scene (7.69%)

    Rotation C

      Khora Systems Blueprint (5.64%)
      Khora Blueprint (5.64%)
      600 Endo (15.49%)
      Neo S7 Relic (5.64%)
      Neo K1 Relic (15.49%)
      Neo B4 Relic (5.64%)
      Neo M1 Relic (15.49%)
      Neo Z1 Relic (15.49%)
      Neo B2 Relic (15.49%)

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Rewards

    Rotation A

      Chassis Blueprint (3.16%)
      400 Endo (18.97%)
      Lith T1 Relic (RADIANT) (3.16%)
      Lith N3 Relic (RADIANT) (3.16%)
      Lith Z1 Relic (RADIANT) (3.16%)
      Lith B2 Relic (RADIANT) (3.16%)
      Lith C2 Relic (RADIANT) (18.97%)
      Lith H2 Relic (RADIANT) (18.97%)
      Lith S7 Relic (RADIANT) (18.97%)
      Lato Vandal Receiver (2.01%)
      Kuva Fortress Crevice Scene (3.16%)
      Lua Balcony Scene (3.16%)

    Rotation B

      Synthetic Eidolon Shard (9.48%)
      Khora Neuroptics Blueprint  (3.69%)
      400 Endo (9.48%)
      Meso N5 Relic (RADIANT) (3.69%)
      Meso G1 Relic (RADIANT) (3.69%)
      Meso T1 Relic (RADIANT) (9.48%)
      Meso T2 Relic (RADIANT) (9.48%)
      Meso N5 Relic (RADIANT) (3.69%)
      Meso O2 Relic (RADIANT) (9.48%)
      Meso G1 Relic (RADIANT) (9.48%)
      Meso T1 Relic (RADIANT) (9.48%)
      Meso T2 Relic (RADIANT) (9.48%)
      Braton Vandal Barrel (3.69%)
      Braton Vandal Receiver (3.69%)
      Lato Vandal Blueprint (2.01%)

    Rotation C

      Systems Blueprint (3.16%)
      Khora Blueprint (3.16%)
      750 Endo (15.18%)
      Neo S7 Relic (RADIANT) (3.16%)
      Neo K1 Relic (RADIANT) (15.18%)
      Neo B4 Relic (RADIANT) (3.16%)
      Neo M1 Relic (RADIANT) (15.18%)
      Neo Z1 Relic (RADIANT) (15.18%)
      Neo B2 Relic (RADIANT) (15.18%)
      Braton Vandal Stock (3.16%)
      Braton Vandal Blueprint (2.01%)
      Lato Vandal Barrel (3.16%)
      Peculiar Bloom (3.16%)

General Additions

    Five new tradeable Captura Scenes - available as Sanctuary Onslaught rewards.

      Corpus ship freight scene
      Grineer settlement artillery scene
      Lua balcony scene
      Kuva fortress crevice scene
      Grineer sealab centrifuge scene

    Added 9 Fan Art Displays that were featured on Prime Time to the Codex!



    Fixed Kuva Harvester timer sometimes staying on screen after it’s destroyed if there are 1 or more Clients.
    Fixed Host migrating while fighting the Hemocyte causing bonus Affinity to be lost for using Infested Catalysts and Eidolon Phylaxis.
    Fixed objective text disappearing if a Host migration occurred while on the 'Find the Capture target' phase.
    Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe disappearing if a large amount of damage is taken during its invulnerable phase. 
    Fixed not being able to roll while using Mesa's Waltz Augment with a controller.
    Fixed getting stuck in Decoration mode due to conflicting bindings with a controller.
    Fixed selecting Defaults when in the Customize Controller Menu sometimes resulting in broken controls.
    Fixed an issue where the Decoration Mode HUD was showing the callouts for Archwing Move up/down instead of Decoration Move up/down.
    Fixed Nezha Jinza Helmet Alerts defaulting to a Nezha Circa Helmet.
    Fixed the "place another" Decoration feature not functioning correctly if multiples of a Decoration are purchased within the Decoration function.
    Fixed minimap markers for Ayatan Stars remaining visible after pickup.
    Fixed the Focus ‘Buy Capacity’ button not updating after converting Eidolon Shards into Focus. 
    Fixed cases of APEX particles appearing to stretch and become wonky.
    Fixed changing an item you want to Trade leaving icons from previous offerings in the Trade menu.
    Fixed Sky Archwing summon sounds playing across the entire Plains regardless if near or far from you.
    Fixed missing collision in the Lua tileset.

Vendredi 13 avril 2018
Shrine of the Eidolon - Hotfix 22.17.4


    Removed unnecessary ragdoll from all the Eidolon variants, as it was only causing issues when attempting to kill it with knockdown weapons as seen here:
    Optimized Helios' Investigator Precept: it should now find targets more than 10x faster and no longer causes periodic spikes in frame-time as high as 7ms.
    Improved performance of a few “laser beam” effects (including security cameras, Mirage's Blinding Disco Ball of Pain beams, trip lasers, etc).
    Kuva Guardians will now play their disarming animation properly, instead of having their Twin Rogga’s magically pop into their hands.


    Fixed missing Shoulder Armor in the TennoGen Banshee Sonority Skin.

      We’re working on a script to give the respective Shoulder Armor to those who purchased the TennoGen Skin. We will update you here when it is running/complete. Script has been run and has completed! Please relog if you purchased the Banshee Sonority Skin pre-Hotfix.

    Fixed some cases of being unable to play Warframe if you customized your controller bindings within the past week due to broken bindings.
    More fixes toward cases of selected Bounty disappearing or failing when transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
    Fixed remaining players after a Host migration while in the tunnel to Cetus not having the proper Bounty and will result in a crash if they complete their objective.
    Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment arrows not exploding if you have negative Range Mods and activate the Ability enough.
    Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment arrows unintentionally triggering on allies.
    Fixed potentially running past Teshin’s transmission trigger in The War Within quest due to layout changes.
    Fixed Nezha getting stuck in ‘Power In Use’ if downed while throwing Blazing Chakram.
    Fixed Smeeta’s Charm cooldown being removed if you were to Revive or be Revived.
    Fixed Pets losing loyalty when transitioning from Plains to Cetus because they are presumed 'dead' during the transition.
    Fixed names for controller button bindings in the Placement tab for decoration placement being inconsistent with the name of the buttons actually used.
    Fixed missing controller button icons in Decoration mode.
    Fixed flickering glass tube in Kuva Fortress trophy room tile.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed a crash in Conclave if you loaded into a game with an empty weapon loadout.

Mercredi 11 avril 2018
Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.3

Tenno! This week we bring you some new augments and highly-needed fixes for the PoE Plague Star experience. We will continue to deploy Hotfixes as needed... but we're getting our Whips out for something big next week... 

New warframe augments! (max rank values)

Nezha - Blazing Chakram Augment: Reaping Chakram

    The Chakram flies through enemies. Each enemy hit increases it’s damage and healing by 2x.

* Available as an offering from Steel Meridian and Cephalon Suda Syndicates

Ivara - Artemis Bow Augment: Concentrated Arrow

    Fires a single arrow that, on headshots, has +50% critical chance and explodes in a 7 meter radius. Removes punch through.

* Available as an offering from Cephalon Suda and The Perrin Sequence Syndicates

Equinox - Mend & Maim Augment: Energy Transfer

    100% of charge is conserved when switching between forms.

* Available as an offering from Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka Syndicates

Mesa - Peacemaker Augment: Mesa’s Waltz

    Mesa can move at 50% speed while using Peacemaker.

* This is a reworked existing Conclave Augment that applies to both Conclave and PvE
* Equippable in the Exilus Slot
* Available as an offering from Steel Meridian, Red Veil, and Teshin (Conclave) Syndicates


    You can now Quick Melee while Spearfishing in the Plains!
    Increased Nezha’s Blazing Chakram base Damage to 250.

      Ability Strength Mods now affect both Health restore and Damage (previously was just Health).

    Made spawn improvements to Kuva Catalysts to avoid getting stuck in geometry or unreachable places.
    Improved balance between Vomvalyst and Infested enemy spawns during the Plague Star occurrence at night.
    Lephantis and Hemocyte healthbar will now move to the appropriate heads when they are being aimed at.
    Opened more previously locked walls in the Void that hold item Containers.
    Friends' current location/activity is now displayed next to their names in the quick invite panel (same as what is shown in the actual Communication > Friends list).
    Toned down some fog effects in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    Improved performance issues when firing the Furis or Kohm.


    Fixes towards cases of selected Bounty disappearing or failing when transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
    Fixes towards the Cetus gates not opening, resulting in losing your rewards.
    Fixed missing objective markers for Host and Clients in the Kuva Fortress Mobile Defense tileset.
    Fixed Kuva Fortress Mobile Defense terminal becoming invulnerable after a Host Migration.
    Fixed marked enemies carrying Kuva Catalysts disappearing after a Host migration in Kuva Survival.
    Fixed cases of Beam weapons not correctly damaging the Nullifier Bubble.
    Fixed the Stug blowing up in your face when it is used with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.
    Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram not displaying a Damage stat in the Arsenal.
    Fixed Wukong's Iron Staff not getting as large/buffed as it should be for Clients during melee combos.
    Fixed Sentinel Regen Mod not resetting when transitioning back and forth from Cetus to the Plains.
    Fixed your mysterious Orbiter guest missing their body sometimes.
    Fixed Clients not seeing Exodia Force FX.
    Fixed Operators being able to give a 'secondary weapon' to Rescue Targets.
    Fixed being able to hide in areas unreachable by enemies in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    Fixed a script error when using Itzal’s Penumbra ability.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed Warframe Conclave stats appearing inconsistent in the Arsenal.

Mardi 10 avril 2018
Shrine of the Eidolon - Hotfix 22.17.2

Ember Prime, Frost Prime, and Loki Prime (+ their accompanying Prime weapons/cosmetics) have re-entered the Prime Vault and is now closed until further notice!

Prime Vault Relics have been removed from drops and those Relics obtainable from Bounties have been replaced with Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, and Kronen Prime Relics.

If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your Inventory. If you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory and you may continue to play them.


    Corrected some Sugatra positioning on Infested Zaws.
    Updated many Glyph descriptions formatting and removed mentions of "Skin" in some.


    Fixed missing objective markers for Host and Clients in the Kuva Fortress Mobile Defense tileset.

      We're seeing reports of 'not fixed' - investigating! 

    Fixed a crash while playing Kuva Fortress Mobile Defense when an early Host Migration occured.
    Fixed some behavior issues for the Hemocyte that was causing it to frequently turn on the spot.
    Fixed placing a Corpus Articula and setting it to Nul Comba resulting in inability to place any more Decorations in that area of the Orbiter.
    Fixed Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm puddles around the Kraken head sometimes appearing as a square.
    Fixed Mote Amp showing up as an unranked Primary weapon in Profile - should only show up as Mote Prism under 'Amps' like with all other Amps.

Jeudi 5 avril 2018
Shrine of the Eidolon - Hotfix


    Fixed unintended shell dropping sound on Telos Boltor
    Fixed several instances of the Shrine breaking if players spammed it with Shards.
    Fixed trades failing with several types of items.
    Fixed wall collision in a cave on Grineer Forest tileset where a player camera could clip through.
    Fixed several nav issues on Orokin Derelict tileset that prevented AI from pathing properly.

Jeudi 5 avril 2018
Shrine of the Eidolon - Hotfix 22.17.1 -

Operation: Plague Star is going live on PC April 5th - April 17th!

(console players: Plague Star will be returning to PS4 & Xbox One in the future!)

Rally your Squad and defend the Plains of Eidolon!

A mysterious meteorite has crashed just outside of Cetus revealing a horrific boil. The boil is growing and the Ostrons have sighted infested lifeforms emerging from it. We need to act now before they make their way to Cetus.

Konzu has received reports that Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil. But Vay Hek won’t help; he sees this infested boil as a means to rid the Plains of Cetus and the Ostrons.

We need to get ahold of the toxin and destroy the boil before it becomes unstoppable. Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn his plan for retrieving the toxin from Vay Hek.

What you need to do

Konzu has a Plague Star Specific Bounty for you. Completing the series of Bounty Missions will earn you continued OPERATION STANDING to shop for all the Event Rewards! You should to speak to Konzu at Cetus to begin running the Plague Star Bounty!

What you need to know

The Plague Star Bounty starts with enemies in the Medium difficulty range, but you can increase the stakes. The more Bounties you complete, the more standing you earn toward something new: Operation Syndicate! NAKAK, the oddities vendor, represents the OPERATIONAL SUPPLY Syndicate for Operation: Plague Star! The Rewards NAKAK holds to exchange for standing aren't just vanity - some allow you to increase the stakes to earn more!

More details can be found here:


    Added option to Return to Orbiter from the Simulacrum. 

Inaros Ramses Changes

Based on player feedback, the Art Team went back and adjusted the shaders to make the following improvements that you can see here:

    Tweaked Inaros’ Ramses Skin material by adjusting the shaders so the colors don’t appear as muted.
    Switched metal texture in the Accent slot to a more accurate metal.

Kuva Survival Changes & Fixes

    Taveuni node on the Kuva Fortress now indicates that it’s a Kuva Survival as opposed to a regular Survival.
    Removed a tile in the Kuva Fortress Survival tileset that had recurring spawning problems.
    Fixed Life Support Towers sometimes not accepting Kuva Catalysts.
    Fixed new incoming Life Support Towers sometimes overlapping Towers which were activated and had yet to disappear.
    Fixed "Time" on Kuva Harvester UI only being localized to the Host's language.
    Fixed Kuva Catalyst pickup and Life Support warning transmissions playing more than once.
    Fixed Kuva Harvester UI overlapping and lingering on screen.
    Fixed some confusing marker pathing in certain Kuva Fortress tiles.

General Survival Changes

    Incoming Life Support markers now show in-world and flash, instead of on the minimap only.
    The Extraction marker now shows at every rotation C for 60 seconds (as well as the original 5 mins), and when players are at Extraction and triggered the countdown.
    Small Survival pickup markers no longer stick to screen edges to reduce clutter.

Legendary Arcane Trading Changes

    100k Credits for Unranked Legendary Arcane
    300k Credits for Rank 1 Legendary Arcane
    600k Credits for Rank 2 Legendary Arcane
    1M Credits for Rank 3 Legendary Arcane

General Changes

    Minor changes to Zephyr Hagoromo skin that improve overall aesthetic.
    Azima, Zenistar, and Zenith will now show in your Profile.
    Changed Fomorian drop rates to the following:

      400 Endo - Common (38.72%)
      Imperator Vandal Barrel - Uncommon (11.28%)
      Imperator Vandal Receiver - Uncommon (11.28%)
      Imperator Vandal Blueprint - Common (38.72%)


    Fixed a loss of functionality when setting an enemy Articula model to ‘None’.
    Fixed cases of crashing when mounting/dismounting a Dargyn.
    Fixed being in a perpetual loading state after accessing the Options Menu when transitioning from the Plains to Cetus (or vice versa).
    Fixed not getting rewards from Ghoul Bounties if they expired while you were still running them.
    Fixed crouching as the Operator breaking further animations in certain parts of The War Within quest.
    Fixed Ember’s Fireblast unintentionally melting Lephantis/Hemocyte heads like a popsicle in July when cast directly on top of them.
    Fixed the Sibear being granted stacking bonuses from charge attacks and those bonuses being persistent when using a Skin.
    Fixed cases of Companions being instantly Revived by picking up a Health orb. This also fixes being able to pick up Health orbs when your Health is full and your Companion is downed.
    Fixed a Rare item spawning in a stuck location in the Void tileset.
    Fixed the Blueprint Icon background remaining when replacing a Blueprint with Platinum in the Trade screen.
    Fixed discrepancies with highlighted Mod Polarity spots when selecting an Exilus Mod.
    Fixed equipping the Hagoromo Helmet on Zephyr Prime resulting in her Prime details disappearing as reported here:
    Fixed enemy NPCs not taking cover unless they have an order.
    Fixed Enemy Articula size not switching to default when selecting "None" for the enemy type.
    Fixed the Corpus Nul Comba Articula missing textures and materials on the shoes.
    Fixed the camera continuing to move if you selected Push/Pull while you were in motion while Decorating.
    Fixed seeing broken UI when first opening the Gild screen.
    Fixed a nonfunctional color slider when placing a Glyph.
    Fixed missing controller binding icons when in Decoration mode.
    Fixed pressing ‘Enter’ when typing the MOTD not adding a new line and triggering the ‘Ok’ button, resulting in not being able to write more on multiple lines.
    Fixed Chat copying the text being written in the MOTD if the Chat window is open.
    Fixed incorrect on-screen marker positioning when using custom aspect ratios.
    Fixed the Ayatan Valana Sculpture not being centered properly on the screen.
    Fixed camera spacing discrepancies on the Operator Appearance screen.
    Fixed incorrectly tinted Syndicate icons when viewing a Syndicate Sigil.
    Fixed geometry poking through levels in the Grineer Fortress tileset.
    Fixed an escapable level hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    Fixed wonky objective markers in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    Fixed missing collision on the Orbiter ramp that could cause wonky clipping.
    Fixed a Rampart spawning inside a tree in the Grineer Forest tileset.
    Fixed glitching out of an elevator in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
    Fixed various level holes in Grineer Shipyards tileset.
    Fixed Teshin cinematic not triggering in The War Within.
    Fixed various level holes on Grineer Forest tileset.
    Fixed Companion kills/assists not tracking in the profile screen.
    Fixed TennoCon 2018 Sigil showing loc string.
    Fixed players being able to duel themselves.
    Fixed fog that was obscuring skyboxes on several tilesets.
    Fixed Kuva Catalyst being endlessly teleported in one tile of the Fortress.
    Fixed zoning (green wall showing) on Earth Spy tileset.
    Fixed ramp in Derelict Fountain room where AI could get stuck

Jeudi 5 avril 2018
L'opération Fléau Céleste est de retour

Un mystérieux météore s'est écrasé non loin des abords de Cetus, révélant une horrible infestation qui ne cesse de grandir et de vomir des formes de vie Infestées! Nous devons agir maintenant avant qu'elles n'arrivent dans Cetus.

Konzu a reçu des rapports indiquant que Vay Hek est en possession d'une toxine pouvant détruire l'infestation. Mais ce dernier n'aidera pas; il voit en ce furoncle infesté un moyen de se débarrasser de Cetus et de ses habitants Ostrons.

Nous devons récupérer cette toxine et détruire l'infestation avant qu'elle ne soit inarrêtable. Allez rendre visite à Konzu dans Cetus afin d'en apprendre plus sur son plan pour arracher la toxine des griffes de Vay Hek.

Ce que vous devez faire

    Parlez à Konzu dans Cetus pour commencer les Mises à prix du Fléau Céleste.
    Finissez les Mises à Prix de Konzu et en gagnant de la Réputation pour l'Opération que vous pourrez dépenser afin d'obtenir diverses Récompenses.

Ce que vous devez savoir

    Plus vous finissez de Mises à prix et plus vous gagnerez de Réputation envers le Syndicat de l'Opération de ravitaillement!
    Nakak, le vendeur de curiosités, représente Syndicat de l'Opération de ravitaillement.
    La réputation du Syndicat de l'opération de ravitaillement de l'événement précédent serotn pris en compte!
    La mise à prix du Fléau Céleste commence avec des ennemis au niveau de difficulté moyen, mais vous pouvez augmenter la difficulté de l'événement en achetant et équipant un Phylaxis Eidolon disponible chez Nakak.

Récompenses d'événement

Vous pouvez récupérer de nouvelles Récompenses excitantes de plusieurs manières lors de cette Opération:

    En finissant les Mises à Prix de Konzu et en gagnant de la Réputation pour l'Opération que vous pourrez dépenser afin d'obtenir diverses Récompenses.
    En travaillant ensemble avec votre Clan durant l'événement pour obtenir Trophées et gloire!

Allez voir Nakak, la vendeuse de curiosités dans Cetus pour dépenser votre Réputation d'Opération afin d'obtenir ces récompenses potentielles:

    Emblème d'événement - Affichez votre participation à cet événement grâce à cet Emblème en forme de météore.
    Mods - Cette sélection de mods comprend les Mods Fulmination et Sacrifice.
    Composants infestés pour Zaw - Parties modulaires pouvant être utilisées afin de construire des Zaws repoussants.
    Snipetron - Un fusil de Sniper Corpus de haute-qualité et qui n'était plus disponible en jeu.
    Arcanes infestées pour Zaw - De nouvelles améliorations pour votre Zaw.
    Eidolon Phylaxis - Équipez-le pour gagner plus de Réputation et rendre l'événement plus intense!

Mercredi 28 mars 2018
Shrine of the Eidolon - Hotfix


    Fixed Endless Kuva Survival not rewarding ‘real’ Kuva to inventories.

      We’re working on a retroactive healing to put missing earned Kuva in inventories. We will update you here! 
      Pre-Hotfix missing Kuva has been retroactively given to affected accounts - please relog to receive!

    Fixed the Scarab Syandana clipping through itself on numerous Warframes.
    Fixed Founder screen in the Relay having wonky text depth.

Mercredi 28 mars 2018
Shrine of the Eidolon - Update 22.17.0

Inaros Ramses skin

A god among mortals. A king among Warframes. Ascend the throne and become Inaros Ramses.

Kopesh longsword skin

A sword forged for a pharaoh. Bestow the form of this curved blade on any one-handed longsword.

Scarab Syandana

The signature Syandana of Inaros Ramses.

Inaros Ramses collection

Ascend the throne and become Inaros Ramses with this collection. Includes the mighty Inaros Ramses Skin, the crescent Kopesh Longsword Skin and the Scarab Syandana.

Nezha Jinza helmet

A unique helmet for Nezha.

New Gamemode: Endless Kuva Survival!

Endless Kuva Survival brings an Excavation/Defense twist while maintaining the intensity of Survival. This gamemode offers players a much requested avenue to acquire Kuva outside of the Siphon/Flood mechanic, and on the aptly named Kuva Fortress! Players, both Public and Solo, now balance risk and reward as they sacrifice their Life Support Towers for precious Kuva.

The current Kuva awarded per successful Kuva Harvester is set at 200. A plethora of test runs and acquired stats showed that 200 Kuva sat safely in between Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions. This value is not set in stone - we are eager to read your feedback from your own playthroughs! 

    How it works

      Taveuni on the Kuva Fortress is now the new home of Endless Kuva Survival.
      A marked enemy carrying a Kuva Catalyst will spawn per Life Support Tower.
      Picking up this Kuva Catalyst and simply walking up to an unactivated Life Support Tower, transforms the Life Support Tower into a Kuva Harvester. Now you must protect this Kuva Harvester for 1 minute (as indicated on your UI) as enemies will now logically and forcefully attempt to destroy it. If they succeed in destroying the Kuva Harvester, you will lose out on both Kuva and the Life Support Tower.
      Once the Kuva Harvester is complete, 200 Kuva is awarded to everyone! Completed Kuva Harvesters also give a small percentage of Life Support to aid in your literal Survival.

        Worth noting that this 200 Kuva is awarded the same way as Kuva Siphon/Flood missions, as opposed to a physical Kuva kool aid bottle drop that was proposed in the Dev Workshop as. Meaning, you do not need to return to the Tower to physically pick up your Kuva, it is instantly awarded (still affected by Boosters and Smeeta Charm). 

Check out the full Dev Workshop here for examples and FAQ:

Kuva Fortress Survival Improvements

    Removed cramped and maze-like Kuva Fortress tiles that felt unsuitable for an Endless Survival with an Excavation/Defense twist.
    Added a repurposed Fortress Defense tile to Kuva Fortress Survival with improved enemy navigation and traversible areas.
    Improved enemy spawn flow and navigation in the Kuva Fortress Survival tilesets.

Kuva Guardian Changes

In light of all these changes surrounding Kuva, we felt it necessary to make improvement tweaks to the Kuva Guardians. When faced outside of The War Within quest, their mechanic required to turn them vulnerable has been met with some confusion.

As an overall change, Kuva Guardians are now easier to turn vulnerable, but will become tougher to kill once they are. 

Previously vulnerability flow was

    Operator Void Blast to stun, then Void Dash when stunned to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.

NEW vulnerability flow

    No stun state required. Operator Void Blast OR Void Dash to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable.

General Kuva Guardian Changes

    Increased base Health from 300 to 400.
    Slightly increased the Fire Rate of their Twin Rogga .
    Guardian Health type is now in line with the rest of Grineer.
    Weaker against Heat and Viral but more resistant to Gas.
    Added a pulsing red glow around Kuva Guardians for a few seconds to depict when they are vulnerable (similar to the Teralyst).

New Grineer and Corpus Articula!

All new poseable and scale models of both Grineer and Corpus foot soldiers!


      Frontier Butcher
      Frontier Eviscerator
      Frontier Heavy Gunner
      Frontier Hellion
      Elite Frontier Lancer
      2 Grineer Pose Sets!


      Sniper Crewman
      Corpus Ranger
      Nul Comba
      Corpus Power Carrier
      Elite Crewman
      2 Corpus Pose Sets!

New Sukshma Decorations!

Decorate your Orbiter (or Dojo) with the exquisitely designed Sukshma Decorations that add luxury and class!

Until Thursday April 5 at 8 pm, hop over to the Market to get the Lepus Headgear for 5,000 Credits and the Easter Color Picker for 1 Credit!

Grineer Commander Switch Teleport Changes

We’ve all been in that sudden situation when you’re Switch Teleported into an angry mob of Butchers happily thrashing at your face. Questions of ‘how did I get here?’, ‘who done did that to me?’ and ‘why me, Lotus, why?!’ are typically asked to oneself. The lack of warning or indication that a Commander Switch Teleport is about to occur can leave one confused and distraught, which is why we’ve made some changes to improve not only indication, but also ability to avoid!

    Increased the Commander Switch Teleport cast time to 2 seconds instead of being almost instant, and added a casting sound indication.
    Both Grineer Commander and his target will glow orange during his Switch Teleport cast.
    Bullet Jumping or dodge rolling can now break you out of the Switch Teleport. Previously the only way to avoid being Switch Teleported is to kill the Commander while he is casting.
    Switch Teleport now delivers a Knockdown Status debuff after being teleported (unless Modded to avoid or minimize Knockdowns).

General Changes

    Survival Life Support Towers no longer have interval spawn scaling (90 seconds + 1 second per pillar), instead they will just spawn every 90 seconds.
    More Visual Effect intensity changes to reduce visual noise from:

      Quanta Energy cube explosions
      Teralyst ability FX
      Vomvalyst ability FX

    Improved sound differentials between body and head hit notifications.
    Removed option to Purchase/Gift items if there is a new Update available to download. This often resulted in errors due to mismatched versions trying to communicate.
    Upon taking damage, Kubrow Dens will now only spawn 4 Kubrows to defend their Den instead of an infinite amount. This fixes a potential for ‘infinite Kubrow spawns’ that has reared its head before.
    Improved AI navigation on the Grineer Earth tileset by allowing AI to wade through water properly.
    Changed the /offline Chat command to /dnd (Do not Disturb) to more accurately describe the mode. ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode will now auto decline game Invites and auto reply to private messages to indicate that you are unavailable (disable with the Chat command /normal). 


    Fixed Rotation A in easy Defense missions rewarding Neo B4 Relic instead of the intended Lith H2 Relic.
    Fixed a loss of functionality for Clients that occured when loading into a mission from the Observatory if player from another Clan is in the Dojo when Observatory is constructed.
    Fixed inability to invite a member to your squad after a mission is started from the Dojo Observatory.
    Fixed joining a Fissure mission resulting in the Reactant UI counter being stuck at 0.
    Fixed cases of the Eidolon Shrine Shard context action disappearing for Clients.
    Fixed being able to cast Warframe abilities on Pherliac Pods.
    Fixed cases of the Teralyst literally dissolving when killed with the Acrid.
    Fixed being able to Scan objects once as a Warframe and then again as the Operator.
    Fixed cases of being Revived in Spectator Mode in the Plains.
    Fixed becoming stuck in Limbo’s Rift when attempting to enter Cetus by spamming roll while transitioning from the Plains.
    Fixed being stuck in a perpetual loading state when accessing the Options menu while transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
    Fixed Zephyr not entering her Bleedout state when charging up Tail Wind or hovering in the air with Tail Wind and becoming downed.
    Fixed Limbo rolling instead of dashing after dismounting a Dargyn.
    Fixed a long delay on Syndicate Medallion UI counter appearing.
    Fixed persisting muffled sound when casting Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment as reported here:
    Fixed Syndicate Syandanas not appearing in the ‘MISC’ tab of their respective offerings.
    Fixed a Storage Container in the Grineer Settlement tileset that was sunken into the ground.
    Fixed a Corpus Container in the Corpus Gas City tileset spawning in wonky locations.
    Fixed doors not rendering in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
    Fixed rock geometry poking through levels in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
    Fixed a teleport volume preventing Decoration placement in the Personal Quarters display case.
    Fixed not being able to edit/move Decorations placed in certain spots in the Orbiter as reported here:
    Fixed missing teleport volumes in the Orokin Tower Extraction Scene.
    Fixed Blueprints displaying the objects Rank when viewed in your Inventory.
    Fixed a Grineer standing still for easy pickins’ in Vor’s Prize.