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Mardi 21 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.3.5


    Changed the Plague Keewar Infested Strike Stance to Machete from Scythe when using one-handed grips. *We are reverting this change in the next Hotfix/Update.
    Increased the Range of two-handed Zaws by 20-25% (Jayap, Kroostra, Seekalla, Plague Bokwin).
    Tweaked parts of the Yaksha Nezha Skin/Helmet to better match original concept.
    In-Game screenshots (F6) now capture at full-resolution when using Dynamic Resolution.

Plague Star Fixes

    Fixed the Mixer Vault door remaining closed if you already opened the Mixer Vault before getting the Toxin.
    Fixed leaving the Mixer Defense objective area resulting in breaking the Mixer.
    Fixed the Plague Star Ancient Infested head of Hemocyte snapping to an extreme angle prior to aiming.
    Fixed an incorrect objective waypoint if the Toxin Dispenser in Stage 1 was activated too early.
    Fixes towards a script error when Hemocyte spawns.


    Fixed slow Hosts causing Clients to leave the squad when loading into the Plains. This widely experienced squad disbanding issue is one of our top fixing properties that will continue to be monitored and improved.
    Fixed the Carrier's Looter precept not working for some Plains resources like Grokdrul containers.
    Fixed Companions being unable to pass through doors.
    Fixed losing functionality if you died while transitioning back to Cetus from the Plains.
    Fixed Clients not being able to use Operators in Caves.
    Fixed the Amp crafting preview disappearing upon selecting the Brace.
    Fixed the Hunter Mod sets not being linkable in Chat or in the Codex.
    Fixed Gilding a Zaw not resetting the Rank til you return to your Orbiter.
    Fixed Zaws with Covert Lethality and Exodia Epidemic unintentionally insta killing enemies. Covert Lethality does not carry over to projectiles or other effects created by weapons, and only applies on Melee finishers.
    Fixed the Hunter Synergy Mod’s +30 Crit-Link stat not displaying anywhere on the Arsenal UI.
    Fixed using an Emote while entering Archwing resulting in getting stuck in the animation.
    Fixed some weapon descriptions displaying unlocalized damage type text.
    Fixed the Incubus Ribbon not applying correctly to Titania with the Titania Unseelie Skin equipped
    Fixed the Day of The Dead Igaro Syandana and Synoid Syandana not attaching properly when the Mesa Devil Ranger Skin is equipped.
    Fixed only being able to preview the Cyst on Warframes if you have an infected Warframe equipped at the time.
    Fixed some low resolution textures on the Saryn Amalgama Skin.
    Fixed the Zaw not having a ‘None’ option in Sugatra Attachments.
    Fixed the Lenz not exploding when shooting an enemy object such as a Grineer door scanner.
    Fixed entering the Simaris scanning Tutorial without any Synthesis Scanners in your Gear wheel.
    Fixed the Naru Syandana not animating properly when Aim Gliding.
    Fixed simultaneously sprinting, sliding, and shooting resulting in your gun ceasing fire after standing up but will resume firing again when you crouch.
    Fixed being able to equip the Ruinous Extension Mod on the Arca Scisco.
    Fixed the Arca Scisco not tracking accuracy stats.
    Fixed a crash when using VOIP.
    Fixed a crash when in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed a hitch when scrolling through the Plague Star Trophies in the Dojo.
    Fixed jittering textures when scrolling through the Challenges list.
    Fixed some rocks in the Plains appearing wet when in reality they were dry.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed the Surplus Diverters Conclave Mod unintentionally applying to Limbo when entering/exiting the Rift.

Jeudi 16 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.3.4

Operation: Plague Star Changes

The Standing required to rank up the Operational Supply Syndicate is currently much higher than we initially intended. We will be decreasing the Standing requirements to their intended values and also updating the Sacrifice requirements. New Standing requirements:

    Rank 1 = 1000 Standing
    Rank 2 = 3000 Standing
    Rank 3 = 6000 Standing

* Players who have already attained sufficient Standing for the corrected values will be automatically ranked up and the excess Standing will be refunded. 

We are also running a script to refund the component portion of Operational Supply Sacrifices  and updating the Sacrifice requirements (Note: Credit costs will not be refunded). If you are automatically ranked up due to the Standing changes, you will not have to pay these new Sacrifice requirements: 

    The 2x Neurodes Sacrifice to Collaborator has been replaced with 10x Grokdrul.
    The Forma Sacrifice to Defender has been replaced with 10x Iradite.
    The Mutagen Sample Sacrifice to Champion has been replaced with 10x Nistlebrush.

Full info here:


    Adjusted the weapon trail FX on the Plague Keewar.
    Reduced the Magus Husk from 7100 to 710 Cryotic per item.
    Reduced the Magus Elevate from 2300 to 230 Oxium per craft.

* We are running a script to refund the above differences to as many people as possible, but we only have 30 days of history (Since October 17). Apologies to those missed but we're confident we'll get as many people as possible. This script digs back through time quite a bit, and we expect it to run over night and for refunds to be given tomorrow (November 17).

EDIT: November 17: The Script is complete!

Operation: Plague Star Fixes

    Fixes towards the Plague Star Bounty failing on Stage 2.
    Fixes towards the hijacked Drone getting stuck while navigating to the boil.
    Fixed Infested drop pods spawning far away or on top of the boil.
    Fixed the Infested Catalyst not being Chat linkable for those that own it. 


    Fixed a crash when attempting to return to Cetus from the Plains.
    Fixed launching yourself at a weird angle when attempting to aim dodge backflip with sprint/roll key combination while using a scoped weapon.
    Fixed not being able to hear the ambient Corpus Ship announcer.
    Fixed the Defection unique Charger not being listed properly in the Codex.
    Fixed a level hole in a some of the Plain Caves.
    Fixed flickering water in some of the Plain Caves.
    Fixed some of Konzu’s transmission text being a filepath.

Jeudi 16 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.3.3


    Konzu now explains that rewards are at Nakak for the Operation.


    Fixed two particularly nasty crashes that could occur on return to Cetus.
    Fixed issues with flickering lights in Sabotage 2.0 on Grineer Galleons.
    Fixed an issue with the Toggle Sprint option and rolling in mid-air.
    Optimized some error logging.

Mercredi 15 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.3.2


    Removed “Clear Remaining..” stage of the Operation.
    Increased likelihood of encountering Infested in the Plains.
    Reduced chance to receive Lens from Operation Bounty. 


    Fixed roll breaking Ivara’s Prowl.
    Fixed another common crash during the Operation.
    Fixed console being invisible for Clients in the Operation.
    Fixed script error that could occur when using Hydroid’s Undertow.
    Fixed Infested pods in the Operation not showing VFX when destroyed.
    Fixed a potential script error in Landing Craft.
    Fixed a script error that could occur for clients during the Operation.
    Fixed rescanning fish statuettes granting additional trophies.
    Fixed reactor flickering in Sabotage.
    Fixed Infested Scream FX now showing for Clients.
    Various common crashes were fixed.

Mercredi 15 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.3.1


    Reduced the sound gain from the Argonak and Astilla.
    Tweaked the charging and firing sounds of the Cycron.  


    Fixed incorrect Skybox and water textures in certain Caves in the Plains.
    Fixed some unreleased items being Chat linkable.
    Fixed rampant crashes in the Plains.

Mercredi 15 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Update 22.3.0


A new Operation is here. Play Operation: Plague Star from Wednesday November 15th until Monday, November 27th at 2 p.m ET!

Operation: Plague Star. 

Rally your Squad and defend the Plains of Eidolon!

A mysterious meteorite has crashed just outside of Cetus revealing a horrific boil. The boil is growing and the Ostrons have sighted infested lifeforms emerging from it. We need to act now before they make their way to Cetus. 

Konzu has received reports that Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil. But Vay Hek won’t help; he sees this infested boil as a means to rid the Plains of Cetus and the Ostrons.

We need to get ahold of the toxin and destroy the boil before it becomes unstoppable. Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn his plan for retrieving the toxin from Vay Hek.

Read about rules, rewards, and more here:


    Added more conventional Extraction mechanics to the Plains of Eidolon. We now start the extraction timer after 50% of a squad enters the Cetus gates. We added an area objective marker (the classic green indicator) and more direction to this area to notify squad members that extraction is waiting and counting down.
    Added increased customization settings for the Operator! Expanded the Accessories categories for the Operator (I.E Facial Accessory, Ear Accessory, Eye Accessory, etc).
    Improved the functionality for hiding certain Operator Accessories (I.E Operator hair does not need to be hidden when an Ostron Mask is equipped). 

Bounty Changes

We have made ways to the way Bounties reward you! This new system is a take on the 'AABC' rotation system we have in endless missions, but applied to Bounties using the Common, Uncommon, and Rare rewards. 

Read through this to familiarize yourself with what's changed!

    First and most noticeable

    You now get a reward for every stage of the Bounty completed! Yup. Pretty simple. 

    Second and more technical

    The tier of rewards you get are determined by how many stages are in the bounty!

      3 Stage Bounties

        First reward: Common
        Second reward: Common or Uncommon
        Third reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare

      4 Stage Bounties

        First reward: Common
        Second reward: Common or Uncommon
        Third reward: Common, Uncommon
        Fourth reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare

      5 Stage Bounties

        First reward: Common
        Second reward: Common or Uncommon
        Third reward: Common, Uncommon
        Fourth reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare
        Fifth reward: Common, Uncommon, or Rare


    We have slightly re-balanced the quantities of some of the rewards as we tested numerous Bounties with these changes. Right now this only applies to select items. Plains of Eidolon specific reward quantities are untouched (i.e it could be possible to get 25 x Breath of the Eidolon in a single 5 Stage Bounty or 6 Cetus Wisps in a 5 Stage Bounty).

      The rebalanced items are as follows

        Credit Rewards have been halved.
        Kuva rewards have been reduced.
        Endo Rewards have been reduced.

      The additions and replacements are as follows

        Cetus Wisps are now Uncommon in various tables.
        Cryotic and Oxium are now in various tables, replacing Void Traces in some cases.
        Our public drop table repository will be updated to reflect these changes in the coming days.

Blunt Changes

    Standing on a Blunt when it dies will now cause you to fall.
    Penta grenades will now bounce off the Blunt. It has a similar behavior as hitting a Grineer. Note that projectiles like Quanta cubes do not bounce off Grineer. Thus, cubes will not bounce off the Blunt.
    Miter blades will now bounce off the Blunt.


    Improved the quality of VOIP when Auto Gain Control is enabled.
    Increased the frequency of spawned Focus Convergence orbs in Defection missions.
    Removed the ability to be in Sky Archwing in certain Caves in the Plains.
    You may now notice more populated Grineer bases in the Plains, as roving Grineer now retreat in pure panic back to base at night when the curfew siren sounds.
    To save you from accidentally Donating your Mote Amp, you can no longer Donate it! 


    Fixed a loss of functionality when entering the Plains from Cetus and immediately trying to go back to Cetus.
    Fixed not being able to use your Operator Void Beam if you selected ‘NONE’ as your Amp. This also fixes a progression stopping issue in the Chains of Harrow quest where you couldn’t damage enemies/chains.
    Fixed a black screen and loss of functionality if you are holding a fish as you are forced to Extract with the 60 second countdown timer in the Plains.
    Fixed Focus Convergence orbs not spawning when there are several oxygen towers available in a Survival.
    Fixed Riven stats sometimes not applying to Zaws when also equipping Stances.
    Fixed the last stage of a failed Bounty restarting if a Host migration occurred.
    Fixed the Bounty changing missions types if a Host Migration occurred while you were escorting the Drone.
    Fixed a 300ms delay to start sprinting when using the sprint/roll combination key.
    Fixed the Cetus gates sometimes remaining opening while in the Plains.
    Fixed wind sounds being too loud/not being affected by volume sliders in the expanded Caves in the Plains.
    Fixed some terrain clipping issues and holes in the expanded Caves in the Plains.
    Fixed an incorrect objective navigation path in the Corpus Ice Planet Sabotage tileset.
    Fixed incorrect material applied to the Moa in the Dojo Energy Research Lab.
    Fixed some Grineer Crates spawning their spoils underneath a platform, making them unreachable.
    Fixed administering a non-Operator Status Effect on a Sentient when damaging it with the Operator Void Beam.
    Fixed Konzu’s Bounty reward board displaying the ‘NEW’ tag on Mods that you recently acquired.
    Fixed Grineer drop pod sounds not playing for Clients in the Plains.
    Fixed the Hunter Command Mod having an unrelated Fusion Core (wow, remember those things??) description.
    Fixed being able to purchase multiple copies of the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene.
    Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Forest Spy tileset.
    Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    Fixed various map holes in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    Fixed a script error when using the Nosam Cutter.
    Fixed an issue with Nekros Deluxe's auxiliary and attachments not working as intended.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed the Heartseeker Mod not working for Dagger Zaws in Conclave.
    Fixed the Biting Piranha Mod not showing up when trying to add it to any Dual Dagger in the Conclave Arsenal.

Vendredi 10 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix


    Clipped the budding wings of various species of fish. We will be collecting your favourite screenshots in honor of the day the fish flew too close to the sun.  
    Fixed an issue where all Captura scenes were marked as owned. Sorry, Fashion Framers.
    Fixed a crash that would occur when leaving the Dojo.
    Fixed an issue with textures on Eximus units.
    Fixed various crashes.

Vendredi 10 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.2.5

Be prepared for next week and preview the full Forum thread for information, rules, rewards and more on Operation: Plague Star:


    Certain Caves in the Plains can now be more indepthly explored (Operation: Plague Star will bring more gameplay to these expanded Caves). In a future Update, these Caves will be eligible for Bounty and Incursion missions!
    Made a handful of performance Optimizations (mainly in the Plains). These performance fixes were largely discovered on the Console build, and graciously brought over to PC for an overall improvement on all platforms!
    Upon aborting a mission in the Plains, you can now choose to either return to Cetus or your Orbiter.
    Replaced the duplicate Gladiator's Resolve Mod with Gladiator's Might Mod in Bounty rewards.
    Tweaked the appearance of the Operator’s Void Mode to differentiate it from Loki’s Invisibility. This also applies to Unairu’s Void Shadow so you can identify that the cloak is from the Operator.
    Sky Archwing Enablers are no longer able to be spawned in the hallway between Cetus and the Plains. Enablers spawned in the hallway were found to be unusable anyways.
    An End of Mission success/fail screen has been added to Simaris’ Synthesis tutorial. Now you’ll promptly know if your scanning skills are good enough for ol Simaris!
    Toned down Grineer reinforcement sounds and barks in the Plains.
    Tweaked positional reverb spill to help players better detect enemy positionality.
    Removed Lotus transmission from End of Mission screen when going from Plains back to Cetus when you haven't done anything.
    Slightly reduced the range of the Mortar Bombards mortar projectiles.
    Mutalist Alad V will now always target Warframes when using his mind control collar ability. If his main target is an Operator, he will try to collar the corresponding Warframe instead, and if he does, the Operator gets force Transferred back and the battle continues.
    Reduced the amount of times Onkko spits knowledge about the Vomvalysts lures.


    Fixed not being able to defeat the Raptor due to the bombs not exploding when falling into the tubes, and because the Raptor refuses to fly away from the tubes.
    Fixed not being able to defeat Lephantis due to his many heads not opening up to display his more vulnerable side.
    Fixed the Infested Grineer head of Lephantis lingering above ground, allowing you to attack it mercilessly without fear of being harmed.
    Fixed not being able to defeat Alad V if the Operator gets ‘collared’ by Alad V. This resulted in your Warframe being stuck and upon dying you would forever be on the ‘spectating’ screen.
    Fixed Mutalist Alad V collar creating a headless Nyx if he collars your Warframe just after you Transferred to the Operator. Your Operator getting collared will now force you back into your Warframe.
    Fixed cases where the Teralyst would not properly teleport when getting stuck and would instead just turn invisible.
    Fixed Bounties not progressing after Host migration if migration occurs during the middle of an active Bounty stage.
    Fixed Armor Attachments not showing up on the Nekros Irkalla skin.
    Fixed all Operator Amp Affinity earned as a Client, disappearing when a Host migration occurs.
    Fixed experiencing a massive hitch as the Client when a Host migration occurs in the Plains.
    Fixed being unable to invite players from the Friends list after aborting a mission in the Plains as a Client.
    Fixed Warframe Mod set bonuses not being applied after respawns and Host migrations.
    Fixed a crash when attempting to load into a Void Fissure mission.
    Fixed a crash that would occur when firing the Nosam Cutter and pressing the hotkey for the Nosam Cutter or the Codex Scanner.
    Fixed a crash that could occur if Octavia's Mallet was the target of a switch teleport.
    Fixed Melee enemies avoiding Ember’s Fire Blast ring, which resulted in a performance spike due to the enemy attempting to find another path around the fire ring.
    Fixed an error that was causing players to not join Plains of Eidolon together as a squad when doing a Bounty.
    Fixed Mirage’s Total Eclipse Augment Mod applying to the Operator.
    Fixed the Operator Amp Energy Regeneration rate being much faster for Clients when using an Amp that has the Klebrik Scaffold.
    Fixed losing your Operator Amp if you died in the final stage of The Chains of Harrow quest with an Amp equipped Operator.
    Fixed the Operator Amp not being included in the Mission Progress & Rewards screen.
    Fixed Razorback rockets, Ogma Rocket projectiles, Mortar Bombards, and the Teralyst Wail hitting Warframes in Limbo’s Rift.
    Fixed Teshin standing at the exit door instead of running ahead in the War Within quest.
    Fixed sometimes getting stuck under the Oriber ramp when using Transference for the first time in the War Within quest.
    Fixed not being thrown out of Archwing before entering the Asteroid Defense mission in the War Within quest.
    Fixed current Bounty not updating if you changed your mind and selected a different Bounty.
    Fixed a long-standing cosmetic problem with Founders scrolling list not displaying some alias’.
    Fixed incorrect squad invite message when being invited to multiple Bounties. Before, it would show the message of the first Bounty invite until you either went into another mission, or received an invite to another (non-Bounty) mission.
    Fixed the Dark Daggers not being visible in the Codex.
    Fixed missing blocking volumes in an area where you could jump out of bounds in the Void tileset.
    Fixed a black box HUD icon appearing when using a Zaw with the Exodia Triumph Arcane upgrade. This was an unintended Channeling Efficiency upgrade on top of its intended Channeling damage.
    Fixed dropping any items you're holding when Transferring to your Operator.
    Fixed Codex Scanners and Synthesis Scanners appearing very stretch when zooming in a non-standard aspect ratio (ultra wide resolution).
    Fixed some textures flickering or popping in during the initial Vor’s Prize cutscene.
    Fixed destroying the second coolant causing the red objective marker to remain permanently in Reactor Sabotage missions.
    Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara diamond FXs lingering when viewing through a scope.
    Fixed mission countdown beeping and flashing over the selected node not displaying.
    Fixed cases of very low ambient sounds in Cetus.
    Fixed various Grineer machinery in the Plains not having sound.
    Fixed the Arsenal diorama breaking if an Inbox message is opened at the same time you enter the Arsenal.
    Fixed the Mining UI not appearing after switching to a different weapon and then back again.
    Fixed a missing Codex entry for Nox Eximus.
    Fixed being able to see your Warframe inside the Quill cave before Transferring in front of the cave door.
    Fixed UI markers sometimes not pulsing.
    Fixed Warframes using the Excalibur mesh for a few frames when first opening the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    Fixed changing weapons in the Simulacrum Arsenal from a weapon with higher max Ammo to one with lower not resetting the Ammo count to the new lower amount or vice versa.
    Fixed special cases of AI not being paused in the Simulacrum when the option is enabled.
    Fixed changing weapons in the Simulacrum Arsenal after being disarmed causing you to lose your weapons until you went back to the Arsenal.
    Fixed renamed Operator Amps appearing as just ‘Amp’ for Clients.
    Fixed Infested Chargers not being able to damage the Cascade Bomb in the Once Awake quest due to an incorrect hitbox.
    Fixed an error message for Polarizing a Zaw appearing when attempting to install an Orokin Catalyst or Focus Lens on an Ungilded Zaw.
    Fixed not being able to shoot between two ice pillars on Mariana Earth.
    Fixed a missing blocking volume on Mariana Earth.
    Fixed missing collision on a tree root on Gaia Earth.
    Fixed Nova being able to Worm Hole her way out of the map in the Silver Grove tileset.
    Fixed a missing blocking volume between two rocks in the Plains.
    Fixed a missing blocking volume in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    Fixed bridges in the Cambria Earth Spy tileset having a blocking volume active when not extended and not extending entirely.
    Fixed a localization string in the Fishing Gear wheel menu.
    Fixed multi-part subtitles (more than one line for a single transmission) sticking around forever if an audio device is not connected.
    Fixed the Broca Syandana clipping through Gara’s legs.
    Fixed the Kopra Suit leggings clipping through non-matching Suit types.
    Fixed no subtitles appearing if you do not have an audio device connected.
    Fixed footstep sounds not playing on certain surfaces in Cetus.
    Fixed a script error that occurred when the Client attempts to capture the Capture target in the Plains.
    Fixed being able to have 2 Sky Archwing Enablers on the ground. There should only ever be 1 from each player active on the ground (you can still be in Sky Archwing and spawn one for your friend to grab).
    Fixed a potential script error when attempting to begin a Dojo Duel.
    Fixed a script error when attempting to redeem Gems for Standing in Cetus.
    Fixed a script error when casting Nyx’s Absorb ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Artemis Bow ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s Effigy ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Harrow’s Covenant.
    Fixed a script error when using Transference with Octavia.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Fixed the Lunaro ball marker disappearing.
    Fixed being unable to cancel a Bullet Jump in Lunaro.
    You now cannot catch or punch the Lunaro for .5 secs after dropping/throwing it.

Lundi 6 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.2.4

Cetus Economy Changes

    Increased the Standing awarded from redeeming Azurite, Devar, and Veridos Gems to Old Man Suumbaat.
    Reduced the cost of Fish components in certain crafting recipes.

* To clarify and expand on the "Reduced cost of Fish components in all crafting recipes"

    ARCHWING LAUNCHER: Fish Oil = 50 to 30
    MAGUS HUSK: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
    VIRTUOS TEMPO: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
    MAGUS VIGOR: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
    VIRTUOS NULL: Fish Scales  = 40 to 20
    EXODIA BRAVE: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
    EXODIA VALOR: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
    EXODIA MIGHT: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
    EXODIA MIGHT: Tralok Eyes = 40 to 5
    EXODIA HUNT: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
    EXODIA HUNT: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
    EXODIA TRIUMPH: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
    EXODIA TRIUMPH: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
    EXODIA FORCE: Breath of the Eidolon = 20 to 10
    EXODIA FORCE: Karkina Antenna = 10 to 5
    MURKRAY BAIT: Tralok Eyes = 10 to 5
    MURKRAY BAIT: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
    MURKRAY BAIT: Karkina Antenna = 20 to 10
    MURKRAY BAIT: Fish Meat = 40 to 20
    PEPPERED FISH BAIT: Quantity = 10 to 20
    GLAPPID BAIT: Norg Brain = 10 to 5
    GLAPPID BAIT: Cuthol Tendrils = 10 to 5
    GLAPPID BAIT: Fish Meat = 60 to 10
    NORG BAIT: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
    NORG BAIT: Karkina Antenna = 10 to 5
    NORG BAIT: Fish Meat = 40 to 20
    CUTHOL BAIT: Goopolla Spleen = 20 to 10
    CUTHOL BAIT: Murkray Liver = 10 to 5
    CUTHOL BAIT: Fish Meat = 40 to 20
    ALL OPERATOR ARM ARMOR: Fish Scales = 50 to 30
    ALL OPERATOR BODY ARMOR: Fish Scales = 80 to 50 (ZAUBA CUIRASS: Fish Scales = 400 to 50)
    ALL OPERATOR LEGS ARMOR: Fish Scales = 50 to 30
    ALL OPERATOR HELMETS: Fish Scales = 30 to 10
    EKWANA II JAI: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
    EKWANA JAI: Goopolla Spleen = 10 to 5
    JAI II: Yogwun Stomach = 10 to 5
    VARGEET II JAI: Mortus Horn = 10 to 5
    VARGEET JAI: Goopolla Spleen = 10 to 5
    JAI: Khut-Khur Venom Sac = 10 to 5
    EKWANA II RUHANG: Tralok Eyes = 10 to 5
    EKWANA RUHANG: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
    RUHANG II: Yogwun Stomach = 10 to 5
    VARGEET II RUHANG: Tralok Eyes = 10 to 5
    VARGEET RUHANG: Sharrac Teeth = 10 to 5
    RUHANG: Mawfish Bones = 20 to 5
    CLAPKRA BRACE: Fish Oil = 50 to 35
    JUTTNI BRACE: Fish Oil = 50 to 35
    LOHRIN BRACE: Fish Oil = 50 to 35


    Sky Archwing Enablers that are spawned on water will now be teleported directly to where you were last standing. Spawning them on water was making the Enablers unreachable. 
    Improved the cloth physics on Nekros’ Irkalla Binds.
    Removed sneaky text about something upcoming. Shhhhh!


    Fixed a Host migration during an Incursion resulting in no rewards for Client.
    Fixed not being able to progress through the Chains of Harrow quest after talking to Palladino in Iron Wake.
    Fixed the Hijacked Drone in the Plains not understanding that it has to go AROUND the nasty meteorite. 
    Fixed a crazy unrealistic ‘time until’ displayed in Simaris’ next Synthesis target and no Leaderboards displaying.
    Fixed Clan Research causing delays in updating Clan Affinity.
    Fixed Nidus’ Maggots not latching onto enemies.
    Fixed Nekros’ Irkalla Binds appearing regardless of having them equipped on Nekros and Nekros Prime. 
    Fixed certain Kavat Skins being shown in Market previews for Kavats Armor even though those Skins are not compatible with Armor.
    Fixed a missing Operator walking animation in the War Within quest.
    Fixed a script error when casting Hydroid’s Undertow ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Vauban’s Minelayer ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Trinity’s Link ability.

Conclave Changes

    Reduced the damage and removed the forced stagger of the Sigma & Octantis shield throw in Conclave.

Jeudi 2 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.2.3


    Bounty Incursions will no longer abort automatically upon leaving the marked area. A grace period timer indicted on your HUD is displayed to alert you to reenter the area and continue the Incursion.


    Fixed not being able to extract in the last mission of The Silver Grove quest.
    Fixed Nekros’ Irkalla chains clipping through his body.
    Fixed Nekros’ Irkalla wrist chains floating away.
    Fixed a script error when attempting to purchase the Meme Glyph Bundle.

Mercredi 1 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.2.1


    Fixed Nekros Prime arm dangle details appearing when equipped on the Nekros Irkalla Skin. As is standard and precedent for all in-house Deluxe Skins, the override of Prime Details is the intent.
    Fixed adjusting the Exposure in the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene not functioning correctly and also causing the screen to flicker.
    Fixed no Zaw appearing when viewing its Codex diorama.
    Fixed Clients not being able to throw the Sigma & Octantis (Day 700 Daily Tribute reward) if a Stance Mod is equipped.
    Fixed the Arsenal Captura screen not instructing you where/how to get the Plains of Eidolon Captura Scene.
    Fixed a Conclave crash.
    Fixed a HUD crash.

Mercredi 1 novembre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Update 22.2.0


Defy death itself, and crush the living with new Deluxe skins for Nekros and Ember! Return from the underworld to haunt your enemies with the Nekros Irkalla Deluxe Skin, and burn your foes to a crisp with Ember Vermillion Deluxe Skin! Each Warframe Deluxe Skin is also available as a collection with signature weapon skins and accessories.

    Nekros Irkalla skin

      A specter of destruction, Nekros breaks free of the underworld with this haunting skin.

    Nekros Irkalla binds

      The signature binds of Nekros Irkalla.

    Thanatos scythe skin

      The signature scythe skin of Nekros Irkalla.

    Thanatos sugatra

      The signature Sugatra of Nekros Irkalla.

    Ember vermillion skin

      From the ashes of battle a flamboyant new Ember rises.

    Nusku pistol skin

      The signature pistol skin of Ember Vermillion.

    Bennu syandana

      The signature Syandana of Ember Vermillion.

General Additions

    Ostron Rug Collection has been added to the Market! 

Cetus/Plains Changes

    ‘Sabotage Bounty’ has been renamed to ‘Prototype Sabotage’. 
    Increased the Cetus Standing reward for each Bounty tier.
    Replaced Grokdrul and Iradite pickups from crates and caches with Rubedo and Ferrite in the Plains to better expose the deeper Resource system.
    Added Circuits to Turret drop tables.
    Added Circuits, Rubedo and Ferrite to Dropship drop tables.
    Added Plastids, Circuits, Oxium and Cryotic as rewards for Bounties in the first two tiers 

The addition of these Resources into the Plains are mainly geared towards helping new players learn about Resources not tied to the Plains.


    Made numerous HUD optimizations.

Zaw Changes

    Kwath additional damage increased from 9 to 14.
    Kroostra additional damage increased from 9 to 14.
    Mewan base damage increased from 81 to 86.
    Kronsh base damage increased from 81 to 86.
    Ruhang additional damage increased from 9 to 14.
    Ruhang II additional damage increased from 18 to 28.

Zaw Stat Fixes

    Ooltha's base Critical Chance changed from 22% to 18% as intended.
    Mewan's base Status Chance change from 22% to 18% as intended.


    Fixed some missing reward pools in Bounty reward rotations.
    Fixed Zaw Rivens having unintentionally lower stats than their Disposition indicated. This results in an overall Zaw Riven buff by 50%.
    Fixed Zaw Rivens turning into generic Melee Rivens when upgraded (relogging fixed this).
    Fixed Zaws not displaying their Riven distribution correctly in the Arsenal.
    Fixed attempting to view a Sugatra with a Zaw equipped resulting in not seeing the weapon or the Sugatra. 
    Fixes towards Bounties insta failing if an ability to teleport (Nova’s Wormhole, Itzal’s Blink, etc) was used to enter the Bounty area.
    Fixed enemies inside a Vazarin Void Aegis bubble not attacking players also inside the bubble.
    Fixed Sentient Cores counting towards the Medallion challenge of a "Find x Syndicate Medallions" Riven.
    Fixed Rhino’s Iron Skin absorbing damage instead of Harrow’s Covenant if cast first.
    Fixed leg Armor being incorrectly orientated on Mag’s Pneuma Skin.
    Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Prowl ability. 
    Fixed a script error when casting Nidus’ Virulence ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Trinity’s Blessing ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Hydroid’s Undertow ability. 
    Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Rhino Charge ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Excalibur’s Exalted Blade ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Zephyr’s Tail Wind ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Ember’s Fireball ability.
    Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Molecular Prime ability.  
    Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s abilities. 
    Fixed a script error when casting Equinox’s abilities. 
    Fixed a script error when using Transference. 
    Fixed Mod image rewards for Alerts looking stretched.
    Fixed Warframe abilities appearing as unranked when viewing them in the Arsenal in Cetus. 
    Fixed Luminous Dye remaining active if used prior to transitioning back to Cetus and then re entering the Plains. 
    Fixed an edge case where if you pressed Esc right as the End of Mission screen is opening when transitioning to Cetus, you'd get soft locked.
    Fixed incorrect diorama when viewing Operator Greaves. 
    Fixed Operators appearing to have a very long giraffe-like neck when viewing equipment from the Quills.
    Fixed a stretched mesh on the Valkyr Delusion Skin. 
    Fixed Syandanas not sitting properly on the Valkyr Delusion Skin.
    Fixed Aura Mod description text discrepancies.
    Fixed the Sprint Boost Mod description not displaying % Sprint Speed.
    Fixed a file path text appearing in Lephantis’ boss fight.
    Fixed a join in progress crash.

Lundi 30 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.1.2


Sigma & Octantis - Day 700 Daily Tribute Milestone Sword and Shield

Deadly slashes from the Sigma sword are matched only by the force of the Octantis shield when thrown via air melee attacks. Enemies hit by the Octantis are also stunned for a short period of time, leaving them open to finisher attacks.


    Fixed host migration restarting the last stage of a Bounty to a broken state when the Bounty was already completed during that session.
    Fixed chat-linking not working for the Kinetic Diversion, Target Acquired and Spring-Loaded Blade mods.
    Fixed several fish spawning and despawning issues including retreating fish completely stopping before despawning. They should now keep swimming as intended.
    Fixed various fish moving but lacking animation when doing so, and also repaired some with broken animations.
    Fixed Transports having two entries in the Codex.
    Fixed multiple Nightwatch Enemy Codex entries with incorrect weapons and placeholder text for descriptions.
    Fixed an unintended issue where players could pick up Eidolon Shards after joining in-progress missions where the Teralyst had already been killed.
    Fixed an issue where Brilliant Eidolon Shards were not properly accounted for in the Focus Conversion screen after used to unlock Way-Bound nodes.
    Fixed a bug that allowed players to fish in the town of Cetus.
    Fixed a rare crash that would occur when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains, and another when transitioning from the Plains to Cetus.
    Fixed the Esc menu and the tutorial popups in Vor’s Prize appearing stretched in non-standard aspect ratios.
    Fixed certain Ostron dialogue not playing when it should.
    Fixed the material of Valkyr’s Delusion Tennogen Skin incorrectly applying when toggling on the Prime details for Valkyr Prime in the Arsenal.
    Fixed Clients hearing Operator footstep sound FX playing after quickly switching from Operator to Warframe.
    Fixed long Zaw Grips having similar range to one-handed weapons even though they are physically longer than some other long weapons.
    Fixed Clients not gaining energy from Void Dashing through enemies as your Operator.

Vendredi 27 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.1.1

Fishing changes

    Take your fishing to the next level with a nifty “tackle box” gear wheel! You can now select the fishing spear and bait you’d like to use from a secondary Gear Wheel - Simply equip your fishing spear and re-open the Gear Wheel to make a selection from the spears and bait you’ve earned from Hai-Luk in Cetus.
    If desired, you can still equip all 3 fishing spears in your default Gear Wheel, but if you’re looking to save some gear slots all you need to do is equip 1 fishing spear in your Arsenal.
    The time in which fish bait is effective has been increased.
    Animations when switching between different fishing spears has been added.


    Reduced the frequency of Incursion missions occurring if you ignore them. When an Incursion mission is available, a ping sound will play, and the Lotus' transmission will play only if you engage it.
    Made the smoke on Atlas Graxx helmet more visible, especially when in the Arsenal.
    Bounties with only one stage will no longer display the Bounty stage counter.
    Updated the description text when hovering over a Junction to better describe how exactly you can unlock it.


    Fix several issues with Ostrons in Cetus and Konzu repeating redundant lines after returning from the Plains.
    Fixed a rare crash when attempting to leave Cetus and enter the Plains.
    Fixed supply drop missions in the Plains not progressing if you resurrected the enemy that held the beacon using Nekros' Shadow Of The Dead.
    Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe having visible holes when observed from the inside.
    Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify unintendedly crystallizing Captain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril.
    Fixed a script error related to Titania’s Razorwing ability.
    Fixed a script error related to Ember Prime’s World on Fire ability.
    Fixed a rare UI freeze when hitting tab the second you finish a Bounty that would cause a script error and prevent Clients from earning their rewards.
    Fixed a crash related to attempting to leave a squad before the mission has started.
    Fixed a crash related to a Client aborting a mission.
    Fixed being able to place two different waypoint markers by placing 1 each as your Warframe and your Operator.
    Fixed being unable to attempt a Bounty a second time (even if able to accept it from Konzu) after only completing the first portion of it and then returning to Cetus.
    Fixed Operator hair losing bangs when wearing a Mache mask.
    Fixed an incorrect material on Titania’s Unseelie Skin Tennogen skin.
    Fixed an issue with chat linking “Community Sigil” displayed the incorrect Sigil.
    Fixed all cases of Maroo’s Bazaar being located on Earth instead of Mars.
    Fixed an issue where rapidly equipping/unequipping your fishing spear could cause Clients to no longer use Consumables properly.
    Fixed several issues related to the animations for equipping a fishing spear.
    Fixed fish spawns piling up in large bodies of water.
    Fixed a case where fish would move much too slowly after being scared away by a spear.
    Fixed the Teralyst unintendedly spawning in the Plains of Eidolon Captura scene during the night cycle.
    Fixed an issue where gamepad users playing with the Classic controller config couldn't use bait.
    Fixed an issue where Clients would have their fishing spear equipped but not have access to the correct gear menu after host migration and forced to swap weapons to regain access.
    Fixed Teralyst disappearing as per: Fixed Madurai’s Void Strike not applying the damage increase on next attack to Warframes.
    Fixed a progress stopper in the Natah quest where drones would not spawn.
    Fixed issues with Syandanas clipping through Gara’s lower back.
    Made progress on a rare crash related to the gates to Cetus/Plains.
    Fixed Madurai’s Phoenix Spirit not increasing the elemental damage of Flame Blast.
    Fixed Void Traces not being obtained if the last Reactant you pick up is with your Operator.
    Tentatively fixed an Ostron being in a reference pose when you return to Cetus from the Plains (if you've played through The War Within and Saya's Vigil quests you'll know who I'm talking about ;) ).

The following changes/fixes went live in 22.1.0 but were missing a mention in the notes, so we’re adding them here now:

    Increased the Resource Theft defense target’s base health from 500 to 700
    Added a health warning transmission to the Resource Theft Incursion.
    Progress on fixing an issue where after finishing the first part of a Bounty the mission would not progress and no second marker will appear on the minimap.

Jeudi 26 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix


    Added more German loc


    Fixed crashing in certain Archwing missions.

Mercredi 25 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Update 22.1.0

Warframe Skins

    Titania Unseelie Skin by Rekkou
    Nezha Yaksha Skin by Faven and SilverBones
    Atlas Graxx Skin by Faven
    Mesa Devil Ranger Skin by Mz-3
    Valkyr Delusion Skin by prosetisen
    Limbo Vistyxio Skin by led2012 and Hydroxate

Warframe Helmets

    Valkyr Ion Helmet by Yatus
    Banshee Dominia Helmet by led2012
    Frost Himavat Helmet by VoidPunch
    Limbo Venari Helmet by Volkovyi and Sab531


    You can now access your Mod collection while in Cetus! 
    There is now a 'Leave Squad' option in the Plains of Eidolon. This will allow you to depart from a squad to your own session, which will allow you to extract independently. 
    Players on the Public Matchmaking setting will now matchmake when the begin to load into the Plains rather than waiting until the end. 
    Bounties now have indicators for their current and total stages to clear up confusion about their objectives.


    Reduced the Resource costs for all Zaw Grips and Handles (apart from the Balla and Peye). 
    Clapkra Brace energy ammo increased from 20 to 40
    Lohrin Brace now boosts critical and status chance by 12% each.
    Increased the damage of Spiraling Pinnacle, Summit Plunge and Vaulting Apex combos from the Twirling Spire Polearm Stance.
    Limbo can no longer mine while in the Rift. Rocks aren't affected by his Void Magic.
    Relays/Cetus will now only show Calm and Busy instances
    Updated Cetus’ MotD


    Fixed an issue where joining friends in other Cetus instances can cause a squad to split or get stuck. 
    Fixed Ignis (and similar weapons) being able to damage friendly Gara's Spectrorage mirrors.
    Fixed issues with the description text of Virtuos Fury. 
    Fixed issues with getting out of bounds with Ivara's Dashwsire. 
    Fixed issues with some name choices for items displaying the wrong error. 
    Fixed issues with unclear error messages when Gilding Amps that were unranked. 
    Fixed issues with Operator Amp customizations not being applied in missions. 
    Fixed an issue with the Lohrin Brace not applying its Upgrades to Amps. 
    Fixed Stat improvements from Gilding an Amp not being applied. 
    Fixed an issue with some Mods not being chat linkable. 
    Fixed being able to use Transference in first mission of The War Within. 
    Fixed issues with Gara's Spectrorage radius being too small. 
    Fixed issues with Host Migration causing Operators not working as intended. 
    Fixed a UI issue where Nidus' Mutation Stack counter blocked the melee combo counter. 
    Fixed issues with hitches when loading into some Plains Free Roam missions. 
    Fixed an issue where the mission Challenge information would remain on screen if you were transitioning from Plains to Cetus. 
    Fixed Clients getting stuck in animations if they used Transference just as they enter bleedout and then get revived.
    Fixed Client Warframes not being targetable if they are revived after having used transference just as they entered bleedout.
    Fixed erroneous HUD buff icons appearing. 
    More fixes for Convergence spawning in air and underground. 
    Fixed various performance issues. 
    Fixed Bounty names being localized for clients in the host’s language.
    Fixed a camera issue when respawning in TWW quest.
    Fixed HUD script running on clients unnecessarily.
    Fixed Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith incorrect headshot damage (now: Zoom1 35%, Zoom2 55%).
    Fixed inconsistent Arcane descriptions between vendor and Arcane menu.
    Fixed the blocked ability icon from showing while in Operator mode.
    Fixed Hok’s special weapon not being attached to the wall.
    Fixed second dream script error.
    Fixed Electric Chroma’s Elemental Ward discharging too much electricity.
    Fixed Ember Agile unarmed variant sometimes playing the akimbo variant.
    Fixed the first shadow from Nekros Shadows of the Dead being spawned far away and potentially out of bounds.
    Fixed Prism Operator fire potentially causing large negative numbers.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Fixed Ivara's "The Power Of Three" Augment needing more energy than it should if you tried to use it repeatedly

Mardi 24 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.9

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    All Zaw Grip and Strike blueprints are now available at Rank 1 from Hok, and all cost 1000 standing.
    Increased the damage of all Amp Prisms and Scaffolds.
    Reduced all instances of Amp self-damage.
    Archwing disabler projectile no longer hit dodge-maneuvering players on explosion.
    Archwing disabler projectiles that target a flare have reduced explosion radius.


    Fixed an issue where players could trade in Brilliant Eidolon Shards for Endo. Maroo has returned from vacation and is sorry she got some tin-suits in trouble.
    Fixed an issue with audio stuttering out on the Plains.
    Fixed melee stances not staying equipped on ungilded Zaws.
    Fixed the Ceno Cuirass not having similar build requirements to the Vahd Cuirass.
    Fixed Eidolon Lens rewards from incursions not displaying properly.
    Fixed Pull applying damage deformers and ragdoll to some enemies it shouldn't be.
    Fixed Nova’s Worm Hole being able to escape the outer boundaries of Cetus.
    Fixed an issue where Fusilai would sometimes reload very slowly.
    Fixed Archwing disabler projectiles not actually tracking countermeasure flares.
    Fixed Archwing disabler projectiles not being affected by bullet attractor pulls (Mag, Amesha, etc)
    Fixed Zenurik Energizing Dash not always showing the proper value in the HUD buff when in two bubbles at once.
    Fixed clients using Transference sometimes getting extra HUD buff icons.
    Fixed a UI issue that occurred upon spending Focus while also redeeming Brilliant Eidolon Shards for Focus.
    Fixed Magus and Virtuos appearing as Mods when crafted in the foundry.
    Fixed amps built using Shwaak Prism and Shraksun Scaffold not passing through Volt’s Electric Shield.
    Fixed Eidolon Lures having strange hitboxes until downed.
    Fixed some leaking caused by Teralyst VFX.
    Various localization updates.
    Various crash fixes.

Vendredi 20 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.8

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    Added the option to redeem Brilliant Eidolon Shards for 25,000 focus each. Redeem for the school of your choice in the appropriate skill tree!
    Made the Resource Theft bounty objective count as a success when the defense timer finishes, as a workaround for the armoured vault not opening. (still working on a proper fix!)
    Made the “abandoning mission” trigger more aware of verticality - hopefully fewer fails when flying in from high above the objective!


    Fixed Convergence orbs spawning in the air.
    Fixed Unairu’s Magnetic Blast not dissipating on enemy death.
    Fixed Unairu’s Void Shadow description to be more accurate.
    Fixed an issue where using Transference would deactivate invisibility powers
    Fixed a progression stopper with the Kin rankup requirements in Cetus.
    Fixed an exploit allowing use of baits you don’t own.
    Fixed an exploit for rapidly gaining affinity on Amps.
    Fixed an issue where Blazing Chakram could escape the boundaries of the Plains.
    Fixed amp affinity gain not properly appearing in the mission progress screen or Liset mission results screen.
    Fixed a soft lock caused by equipping a Virtuos Arcane on an Amp.
    Fixed hitches when equipping an Amp.
    Fixed hitches when equipping a new modular weapon (Zaw) in the arsenal.
    Fixed a placeholder tag that appeared when using the Volnus.
    Fixed the Viper Wraith not being tradeable.
    Fixed host avatars appearing invisible to clients when using the simulacrum arsenal.
    Fixed Gladiator Resolve appearing in two different bounty reward tables.
    Further fixes to masks regarding hair and textures.
    Various crash fixes.


    Altered Zenurik’s Energizing Dash bubble to look less like Sapping Osprey mines.

Jeudi 19 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.7

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    Changed bounty reward tables:

      Lower level bounties will have less stances, and more useful mods for new players.
      Higher level bounties will offer Kuva and Void Traces.

    Reduced crafting costs of operator arcanes:

      Several reduced to 3 Eidolon Shards instead of 5.
      Breath of Eidolon requirements replaced with common and uncommon resources.

    Void Shadow no longer costs 40 Eidolon Shards to craft.
    Rare and Legendary fish baits now hint to the location of the fish.
    Added a fast travel option in your pause menu for all Cetus vendors.

Another update, another set of economy tweaks! Please stay tuned as we continue iterating on Cetus and its various interlocking systems.


    Fixed an issue where players could not donate gems or cores to Cetus and Quills respectively.
    Fixed a memory corruption error when using the mining tool.
    Fixed hair not being covered by paper mache masks.
    Fixed mining deposits overlapping on certain rocks.
    Added underwater VFX to certain bodies of water in the Plains.
    Fixed players not seeing the explosion of other players' embedded grenade launcher projectiles.
    Added Tusk Recon Commander to the Codex.
    Added Swooping Falcon, Carving Mantis, Twirling Spire and Stinging Thorn to the Codex.
    Fixed the “focusing” sound for aiming with a fishing spear not working for clients.
    Fixed Virtuos Ghost and Virtuos Shadow not having percentage values.
    Fixed magnetic water in the Plains affecting Limbo while in Rift Walk. 
    Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow always shooting with a horizontal spread.
    Improved performance issues when hitting multiple enemies with Valkyr’s Paralysis.
    Improved scripting for Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm.
    Fixed Gara’s Spectrorage nullifier checks being too high.
    Further fixes for Gara’s Mass Vitrify not being properly dispelled by nullifiers.
    Fixed Gara’s glass armor appearing to fade in every time a new cosmetic option is chosen in the arsenal.
    Fixed Vazarin’s Guardian Shell not having unique values for the last 2 upgrade levels.
    Fixed Naramon’s Power Spike affecting sniper combo counter decay.
    Fixed Unairu’s Void Shadow being able to cloak defense objectives.
    Fixed a crash caused by Unairu’s Void Chrysalis.
    Fixed an issue where using Transference for the first time upon entering the plains causing any invisibility on your Warframe to break.
    Fixed Zaw weapons using sword holsters.
    Fixed several common crashes.


    Added a message when changing donations to syndicates, Cetus or Quills if the new total would cause you to exceed your daily cap or max rep.
    Tweaked text elements in the donation UI screens.
    Disabled powers in the tunnel between Cetus and Plains to reduce capacity for script errors.
    Moved cut gems into the Resources tab of your inventory.

Mercredi 18 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix


    Fixed Operator room in the Orbiter not opening.
    Fixed 'daily Focus cap reached' messages not taking the Operator Focus into consideration.
    Fixed redeeming more Syndicate Medallions than your daily limit prompting you with a ‘wasting Standing’ message. Redeeming Syndicate Medallions is not affected by your daily cap.

Conclave Changes

    The Volnus is now usable in Conclave!

Mercredi 18 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.6

This Hotfix has resolved not being able to purchase the Dullahan Mask, Halloween Color Picker, and the Naberus Armor!

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    The Pharoma Blueprint is now reusable!
    Reduced the Dye Crafting time from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
    Optimized texture streaming in Cetus and the Plains. This will aid in possible relief for 32 bit players that experience crashes.
    Revised the description of Naramons Power Spike Focus ability to provide more clarity. It now reads:
    Melee Combo Counter now decays while out of combat by X every few seconds, instead of depleting completely.
    Dual Wielding will now be disabled when launching into Sky Archwing. You will now either equip your Pistol or Primary instead of your Melee weapon, since using your Melee in Sky Archwing disables it.
    Crafting Operator Training Amp components now awards Standing with the Quills.
    The Archwing Launcher Segment Blueprint is no longer reusable considering you only need it once.
    Slightly tweaked the Spearfishing charge sound.


    Fixed Brilliant Sentient Shards sometimes spawning at the Cetus gates. Thanks to our amazing community sending us repros and logs, we were able to nail down this bug and fix it for real. To those who were very frustrated by this issue, we apologize. As one of the most valuable items introduced in the Plains and the most mysterious to acquire, it was our top priority to fix and we will continue to monitor.
    Fixed crashes that occur during the launcher update on some systems.
    Fixed a random crash when completing Bounties.
    Fixed a crash caused by Operator Void Beams.
    Fixed players who join Excavation missions in progress not getting rewards from Excavators.
    Fixed being able to trade in more Sentient Cores than required for the max cap, resulting in wasted items and players experiencing heartache.
    Fixed attempting to enter the Plains from Cetus as your Operator resulting in being forced back to your Warframe. Now if you enter as the Operator you’ll stay as the Operator!
    Fixed finding Kuria’s resulting in Onkko sending you an Inbox message.
    Fixed the Mod Sets not being Chat linkable.
    Fixed the Mining laser permanently hiding the normal reticle.
    Fixed Dual Wielding a Glaive and Pistol resulting in the weapon fire VFX and SFX will either not be playing or will be incorrect when holding a Datamass.
    Fixed Fisher Hai-Luk’s goodbye lines sometimes playing twice.
    Fixed Focus gains being doubled or even tripled on a weapon at End of Mission.
    More fixes towards some HUD elements not appearing for Clients when loading into the Plains.
    More fixes towards Convergence Orbs spawning high in the air.
    More fixes towards enemy Grineer Dropships getting stuck in their navigation paths.
    Fixed some bad Condroc animations where they were flapping their wings upwards. Fly much?
    Fixed the camera locking up when viewing your Clan screen while waiting for the doors to open to Cetus.
    Fixed opening Syndicate menus for Syndicates outside of Cetus no longer playing Cetus menu music.

Conclave Changes

    Reduced the headshot damage of the Vulkar series, Snipetron series and Vectis series in Conclave.

Mardi 17 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.5


    Added a hint below the Focus Capacity bar for how to drag the screen in order to view Focus nodes.

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    Bait Blueprints AND Luminous Dye Blueprints are now reusable! (Working on getting Pharoma Dye Blueprint reusable)
    Adjusted the hitbox of Iradite objects.
    Increased the chance of certain Fish to spawn when the correct Bait is used.
    Changed the name of the Dual Krohkur to Twin Krohkur.
    Reduced the Fish catch sounds.
    Improved enemy spawn points and navigation in the Plains.
    Increased the damage of the basic Amp given to Operators.
    You can no longer purchase more Focus capacity than is needed to set every node active on a fully maxed tree.
    Optimizations towards Mining.

Gara Changes

    Mass Vitrify now grows downwards to help cover enemies below you like so


    Fixed Sentient Shards sometimes spawning under the terrain.
    Fixed not being able to progress the Plains Prospector achievement.
    Fixed sometimes matchmaking with players doing Bounties when loading into the Plains. Matchmaking should match you with other players who are roaming around doing Incursions as opposed to Bounties.
    Fixed leaving the Plains and returning to Cetus as the Operator results in the End Of Mission screen being blank.
    Fixed Pyrol and Azurite being rarer than intended and Coprun and Devar being more likely than intended. They should now be equally as likely.
    Fixed the Host crashing in any 8 player game sessions, primarily affecting both Trials.
    Fixed Drone Hijack spawning unrestricted quantities of enemies.
    Fixed Syndicate Daily Standing limit reduction not being compensated for title cap, if the title cap leaves you with exactly 0 Standing gains.
    Fixed being able to fly into one of the sections that you're supposed to walk in during The War Within.
    Fixed Tusk Reavers not using one of their jetpack maneuvers,
    Fixed Tusk Reavers doing their jetpack smash even when jetpack was destroyed.
    Fixed progression stopper when going into the Plains from Cetus while holding TAB (having the quick view End of Mission up).
    Fixed Transference being disabled for all squad players when only one player is in between the Cetus doors.
    Fixed Zaw Rivens sometimes being shown as a generic Melee Riven.
    Fixed Chat linking Zaw Rivens sometimes being shown as a generic Melee Mod.
    Fixed being able to start the Saya’s Vigil quest while in a group (Quest is Solo).
    Fixed incorrect Gem Icons.
    Fixed the day/night cycle on Cetus affecting skyboxes in other procedural levels.
    Fixed Operator hair not being visible when wearing an Ostron Mask.
    Fixed Nidus HUD not updating after respawning.
    Fixed weapon reticle remaining when using Scanners in Sky Archwing.
    Fixed Sniper reticles in Sky Archwing partially vanishing when aiming.
    Fixed being able to equip the incorrect holster on Zaws.
    Fixed a crash when returning from Plains if a squadmate connects/disconnects while rest of squad is waiting for the gates to open.
    Fixed Warframe invincibility in the Simulacrum not applying to Operators if they haven't been spawned yet.
    Fixed some hitching occurring in Cetus related to vendor dialog.
    Fixed a never ending looping reload animation when in Sky Archwing.
    Fixed Captain Vor’s mission information not listing his name.
    Fixed a crash when entering the Plains.

Conclave Changes

    Increased the damage of the Krohkur in Conclave.

Lundi 16 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.4

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    Resource Boosters now affect fish!


    Fixed not getting any rewards from Bounties and Incursions. Please note the increased Bounty Cetus Standing rewards will take effect when the next set is generated. *We’re working on a UI issue where the Bounty/Incursion completion does not appear on screen. Don’t worry - you’re still getting the Standing, just the UI is missing!
    Fixed not being able to redeem Sentient Cores to progress in the Quills Standing. We have let you trade in more than your cap will allow which can result in unused Standing.
    Fixed the amount of fish caught being doubled in the End of Mission screen if you had used your Operator at all in the Plains.

Lundi 16 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.3


    Added new objective UI text to Mobile Defense missions and Vor’s Prize to be more descriptive and consistent.
    Added an area kill marker for Plains Assassinate general area once the mission starts.

Plains of Eidolon: Hidden Cache Mission Changes

    Caches in the Plains are now scannable, meaning they will show up when using Scanners.
    Increased the minimum timer to find the Caches from 1:20 to 2:40, and the maximum timer from 2:40 to 3:00.
    Increased the sound radius of the hidden Caches.

Plains of Eidolon: Reward & Economy Changes/Fixes

Here is the first round of changes to aspects of the new economy! We'll continue to iterate as time is spent learning the systems and feedback is given on the experience. We're still looking for that sweet spot of what amount of time is fair to 'complete' everything this massive update had to offer, but as we all have different play schedules it will continue to be tuned! 

    The Cetus Standing earned from Bounties and Incursions has been doubled in all cases (i.e all levels of bounties doubled from their former values).
    Reduced the maximum downtime between Incursions from 6 minutes to 5 minutes.
    Reduced Sky Archwing Launcher Blueprint crafting requirements:

      100 Iradite to 50 Iradite
      150 Fish Oil to 50 Fish Oil
      1200 Circuits to 600 Circuits

    Significantly reduced Sky Archwing Launcher Blueprint build time.
    Removed Ayatan Stars and Uncommon Resources from High Level Bounties and replaced with 100x Void Traces. Low Level Bounties will continue to have rewards that target interests of a newer player who might not have some Mods that veterans do.
    Reassigned Blueprint values for gems:

      Common and Uncommon Gems are now built in batches of 10.
      Rare Gems are now built in batches of 6.
      Eidolon Gems are now built in batches of 3. 

    The Quills Standing increases (Flawless Sentient Cores remains the same for now): 

      Increased Intact Sentient Cores from 25 Standing to 100 Standing.
      Increased Exceptional Sentient Cores from 400 Standing to 500 Standing. 

    Fixed not receiving a listed reward from a Bounty after completing it the first time. However, Cetus Standing is still only gained for the first completion of each Bounty 

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    The Teralyst will now no longer be affected by Auras that manipulate its max Health and max Shields.
    Vendors in Cetus now appear in orange on the mini map.
    Removed the ‘Owned’ tag on Rivens linked in Chat.
    Adjusted Supply Crate Health to better match Bounty level in the Plains.
    Reduced the brightness of the lens flares used on the Lanka.
    The Profile now displays Cetus and Quills Standing separately.
    Tweaked the Operator arm animations when shooting an Amp so it’s not so different from other aim directions.
    When attempting to leave the Plains and enter Cetus, players who are downed/AFK will now be teleported to the gate. This fixes having to abort mission from the Plains due to not being able to re-enter Cetus.
    Polished the animations for Vazarin’s Guardian Shell to reduce head swaying when jogging.
    Tweaked the volume of Operator Amps and added sound effects to the charge up.
    Eidolon Lures now have a max level of 30.
    Grineer Dropships, Skiffs, and Bombers are no longer included in the 'kill enemies' objectives.
    Lowered Tusk Bomber Armor from 450 to 225 and lowered base Health from 4500 to 3500.
    Tweaked Frost’s Snowglobe FX to better respect night time lighting in the Plains as mentioned here:
    Convergence Orbs will no longer spawn on enemies in the air. 


    Fixed not being able to destroy the chains in the Chains of Harrow quest, or the braids in the War Within quest.
    Fixed the Eidolon not spawning if there as a Host Migration while out in the Plains.
    Fixed being unable to move forward when the Cetus gates open and having to step back and forward again in order to make it through.
    Fixed not being able to craft the Dual Krohkur due to the required single Krohkurs to craft counting as 1 weapon instead of 2.
    Fixes towards instantly failing Bounties in the Plains.
    Fixed Vazarin’s Protective Dash providing immunity and health, regardless of whether or not anything is hit. Only "allies hit by Void Dash" are meant to receive buff.
    Fixed Vazarin’s Mending Soul giving immunity to fish, preventing spearfishing.
    Fixes towards experiencing a crash when loading from the Plains to another level.
    Fixed the Focus screen not displaying the remaining daily Focus cap.
    Fixed two Hijacked Drones appearing when a Host migration occurs right after hacking the Drone.
    Fixed Grineer Snipers in Plains towers rapidly respawning.
    Fixed Corpus Nullifiers not destroying Gara’s Mass Vitrify and causing it to double up next time it is cast as seen here:
    Fixed medium and large Goopolas dissecting to Charc Eel unique items.
    Fixed Operator Void Blast not costing Energy when used in mid-air.
    Fixed Operator Void Mode melee Focus upgrade allowing spammable Void Blast with no Energy cost.
    Fixed Zaw becoming invisible after a Host migration.
    Fixed being able to dissolve Eidolons & Capture Targets via Channelling which could prevent loot from spawning.
    Fixed the Magnetic water in the Plains affecting Limbo while in the Rift.
    Fixed Spot-loading when equipping a new modular weapon in the Arsenal.
    Fixed the Arca Plasmor disintegrating the Teralyst.
    Fixed hacked Eidolon Lures not following after becoming downed.
    Fixed not being able to equip a Veiled Zaw Riven on any Melee weapon.
    Fixed fish/mining Resources collected in the Plains duplicating if you went from Cetus to the Plains and then joined a Conclave mission.
    Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground affected area not matching the visuals.
    Fixed unintentional fish being attracted to Peppered Bait.
    Fixed getting an ‘unknown error’ when claiming an Eidolon Lens.
    Fixed chaining slides and air-slides counting towards the Sleds of Sunshine and Marathoner Achievement.
    Fixed traversing in Sky Archwing counting towards the Sleds of Sunshine and Marathoner Achievement.
    Fixed a typo in the Sharrac description.
    Fixed not being able to waypoint Iradite, Grokdul, or Maprico Trees in the Plains.
    More fixes towards getting double/triple Challenge progress prompts at the End of Mission screen.
    Fixed Clients not being able to see Entitled weapon names.
    Fixed Octavia’s Mandachord Instrument Packs being sold for Credits in the Market.
    Fixed not being able to complete Sortie Defense missions.
    Fixed Mobile Defense data masses falling through the floor in certain tilesets.
    Fixed script error when opening Ayatan Treasure list in Trade UI when in a Dojo.
    Fixed numerous script errors from Warframe abilities.
    Fixed a script error when transitioning between Cetus and the Plains.
    Fixed the Man of Few Words quest VO not playing as seen here:
    Fixed a broken Dragon Key UI icon.
    Fixed incorrectly placed ‘Completed’ text on the Bounty screen.
    Fixed incorrect glass materials in the Relay.
    Fixed Operator Masks not appearing properly during Transference.
    Fixed some UI not displaying when entering the Plains.
    Fixed Sigils flickering when equipped on Gara.
    Fixed the Inbox sometimes appearing on screen randomly.
    Fixed numerous typos.

Conclave Changes

    Only 2 of Vauban’s Minelayer can be active at a time in Conclave.

Samedi 14 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.2


    Added more details to Zenuriks Energizing Dash description to better clarify how it functions. 

Plains Drone Hijack Changes & Fixes

    Added UI icons to match current objective markers at all stages.
    Hijacked Drone now scales in Health by the # of players.
    Replaced the yellow diamond marker at extraction with the white NPC extraction marker used in Defection missions.
    Increased the Hijacked Drones move radius. Players must now be within 30 meters of Drone for it to move to objective (was 10 meters).
    Reduced Lotus transmissions when reinforcements are called in to destroy the Hijacked Drone.
    Fixed an issue where if more than one Drone Hijack Incursion was played, the previous Incursion's Drone destination was marked as the new Incursion's Drone destination and the Drone moved to an unmarked location.

Mortar and Bombard Enemy Changes

    Drastically reduced the AoE damage from 150 to 40 for Mortar projectiles.
    Reduced the Impact damage of the Mortar Bombard mortars from 25 to 17 and AoE damage reduced from 50 to 25.
    Reduced the Impact damage of Bomber bombs from 25 to 20, AoE damage from 35 to 30, and AoE radius from 15 to 12.
    Reduced the Impact damage of Bomber rockets from 15 to 12 and AoE damage from 20 to 17.
    Reduced the Armor of Bombers from 500 to 450 and Health reduced from 5000 to 4500.


    Replaced Gara’s Blueprint requirement of Kuva with Orokin Cells.
    Increased Endo Bounty rewards at highest tiers - we will continue to monitor and balance the economy (rewards and costs). Worry not, Tenno!  
    Vor’s Prize will now appear as “Completed” in the Codex for players that chose to skip it back in the day. This was causing confusion on prerequisites for Saya’s Vigil - it wasn't stopping progression, just adding confusion. 
    Updated an old Waypoint used in Stolen Dreams and The New Strange quests which was missing an in-world marker and yellow tint, this may have caused some confusion as all missions use the in-world marker now.
    Included a small optimization for Relay/Cetus CPU for high players counts.
    Adjusted the positioning, size, and hit radius of the Iradite Resource in the Plains.
    Lowered Eidolon Drone hijack marker's minimum range from 40 meters to 5 meters.
    Adjusted the weaponry of the Skiffs and Tusk Dargyn’s in the Plains to not be so accurate.
    Operator’s first Amp will now properly strip resistances.
    The Focus School selection screen will now appear on login if a player has completed Second Dream but doesn't have a Focus ability selected yet. This should also fix people stuck in the War Within quest or The Second Dream quest. 
    Removed the ‘Exit’ button from the End of Mission Failed screen upon dying in the Plains. This fixes clicking ‘Exit’ resulting in a screen lock and having to close the game.
    Increased the Grineer Dropship Turrets base Armor from 50 to 100 and increased Turret base Health from 600 to 650.
    To reduce unintended Transference movement chaining, one can only use Transference once after a jump and must land before being able to use Transference again. 
    End of mission Endo rewards will now appear as a sum instead of multiples (ex. 200 Endo as opposed to 50 Endo x 4). 
    Increased the context action of Grineer Caches from Incursions/Bounties in the Plains.


    Fixed a crash when entering Cetus from the Plains.
    Fixed a join-in-progress crash. 
    Fixed a variety of crashes when using Transference. 
    Fixed a crash when completing Bounties.
    Fixed a progression stopping issue in The War Within quest where you were unable to use Transference. 
    Fixed a progression stopping issue in the Stolen Dreams where you were unable to ‘Find the Arcane Machine’. 
    Fixed the Quills Daily Standing Limit appearing to be 0.
    Fixed Convergence not being shared between Operator and Warframe.
    Fixed Mining breaking and the UI getting stuck on screen if you were Mining out in the Plains, walked back into Cetus and then back out into the Plains, and then completed Mining a deposit.
    Fixed the Sharp Shooter Achievement reading ‘100 meters’ but not actually functioning properly (it was triggering at 10 vs 100). 
    Fixed not being able to install a Magus on the Operator's Zariman Suit and Hood.
    Fixed the time limit being ~165 minutes when playing a second Cache Incursion in Plains.
    Fixed timer/Cache count UI ordering in the Plains.
    Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify completely freezing bosses in glass.
    Fixed the Archwing Launcher Segment not being Chat linkable.
    Fixed Mag Pneuma Helmet being free for everyone.
    Fixed a lighting issue in the The War Within quest.
    Potential fix for getting double/triple Challenge progress prompts at the End of Mission screen.
    Potential fix for missing transmissions during Bounties.
    Fixed NPC’s getting their Shield values multiplied twice by the difficulty level.
    Fixed sounds dangling if you switched to a different Gear weapon (like Spearfishing) while it was equipped.
    Fixed Clients seeing their Bounty objective marker as Cetus when on the Plains.
    Fixed Gara having no description for her Passive.
    Fixed missing subtitles when meeting Onkko for the first time.
    Fixed numerous script errors caused by Warframe abilities. 
    Fixed a typo in the Plains Assassinate objective text.
    Fixed a shader issues with Limbo and Banshee.
    Fixed numerous localization issues.

Conclave Changes

    Argonak damage decreased in Conclave.
    Vasto Prime damage returned to what it was previously in Conclave.
    Krohkur damage decreased in Conclave.
    Latron Wraith mag size returned to 15 in Conclave.
    Gara’s Shattered Lash no longer knocks down in Conclave.

Vendredi 13 octobre 2017
Plains of Eidolon - Hotfix 22.0.1


    Added ‘Complete a Bounty in Cetus’ text to Saya’s Vigil quest to clarify prerequisite.


    Old Man Suumbaat now takes Raw Gems for Standing.
    Increased accuracy and damage of the Grineer Dropship turrets in the Plains.
    Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus now displays the daily Standing limit, as well as the actual amount of Standing received when providing fish (as well as the total amount if it exceeds the Standing limit).
    Increased the distance of Extraction during the Saya’s Vigil quest.
    Removed a few unreleased Mods from the Transmutation table and set them as Untradable. If you were able to acquire one you get to keep it for now!


    Fixed being unable to visit the Plains and use weapons if joining in 'Public'. 
    Fixed a crash when returning the Cetus from the Plains.
    Fixed a crash when switching levels from the Plains.
    Potential fix for Incursions hanging at the end of a stage seemingly randomly.
    Fixed the objective not updating in Saya’s Vigil quest.
    Fixed getting an error message and your camera being stuck in place when selecting Old Man Suumbaat’s Daily Special. 
    Fixed Tusk Minigun Bombard Eximus and Tusk Sniper Eximus not reacting properly to being disarmed in Cetus.
    Fixed long numerical values when crafting Amps in Cetus.
    Fixed seeing floating Sigils when talking to vendors in Cetus.
    Fixed seeing a Steel Meridian icon instead of Cetus Standing icon when returning to Cetus from the Plains.
    Fixed incorrect Amp stats when viewing it in the Operator Customization screen.
    Fixed a Relay/Cetus issue where player names may flicker or disappear.
    Fixed fish not appearing in a certain area of water in the Plains.
    Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Polarize. 
    Fixed a crash when playing The Index.
    Fixed not being able to open Relics and select rewards at the end of Void fissure missions.
    Fixed some localization issues.

Mardi 10 octobre 2017
Update 22 - Plains of Eidolon


The highly anticipated Plains of Eidolon update is here! 

Our biggest update, ever, Plains of Eidolon has finally arrived! First off, thank you for checking it out!

If you're new to Warframe - oh hi! You’ve arrived at an interesting time in our multi-year journey. We hope you’ll stay a while and join our little space-ninja community. Cetus and its open landscape, Plains of Eidolon, have been placed early on in the progression path on Earth so that you can experience them as soon as possible!

If you’re a Founder - a Veteran - a Prime Access supporter - please know that it is by your hand that this crazy update is even possible. This update is dedicated to you.

Plains of Eidolon, with its expansive landscape and all-new dynamic game systems, represents the ongoing evolution of Warframe. Our continuing mission: to create a game that feels alive, that challenges its creators and its players alike. A game that lives up to the amazing community that has grown around it.

Happy Fishing, Tenno!


The Warframe team 

Some quick facts you might want to know about how Cetus & the Plains of Eidolon work!

The Plains of Eidolon and Cetus operate on a persistent asymmetrical Day/Night Cycle. As the sun rises and sets, different gameplay systems become available! The details are:

    The 'Day' cycle lasts 100 minutes.
    The 'Night' cycle lasts 50 minutes.
    The full cycle is 150 minutes (Day + Night).
    You can get BOUNTIES from Konzu in Cetus - these are missions that increase your standing and earn you rewards. You can do this DAY or NIGHT!
    INCURSIONS are random events that will occur in the Plains if you haven't selected a Bounty before you depart. These only happen in the DAY!
    At NIGHT you can engage in the TERALYST HUNT.
    Ostron Vendors are accessible in Cetus at any time!

These Update notes have close to 25 pages of information explaining the Update. The Plains of Eidolon is new for all Tenno - take your time and enjoy discovering how to make your way through the systems.

To have these Update notes be as clear as they can, we will categorize the main additions in two main categories:

CETUS & THE QUILLS & THE OSTRONS - the Colony and the Colonists. & THE PLAINS OF EIDOLON - the Open Landscape. 

Cetus & the Ostrons! 


A tight knit band of merchants, hucksters, and survivors, the Ostrons call Cetus their home. The town was built around an Orokin Tower that both protects and nourishes them. Gold for blood. Blood for gold.

Cetus requires you to earn Standing to unlock rewards from its people. The Daily Standing Cap for Cetus works identically to all other Syndicates, and can be viewed under your Profile!

As you venture through Cetus, you will encounter many unique townspeople. Pay close attention to their barks and replies, for each encounter can tell a different story:

Fishing tackle, bait, and mounting - Fisher Hai-Luk

Fishing! Feed yourself and the ones you love! Spears, bait, and a lifetime of knowledge! Fisher Hai-Luk, at your service!

Mining - Old Man Suumbaat

Let Old Man Suumbaat help you draw wealth from the Plains! All your mining needs catered to  right here!

Masks and Oddities - Nakak

Knickknacks and oddities!

    FOSFORs can also be purchased from Nakak! Fosfors do more than just signal your position - blast these flares into the sky (when equipped in your Gear wheel) for a significantly increased Affinity Range while active!

Animals - Master Teasonai

Unique Kubrow & Kavat Gene Masking Kits and Orbiter decorations! A hunter should take pride in their animal.

Bounty Giver - Konzu

Handy with gun or blade? Cetus needs you.

Zaw Weapon Assembly (Modular Weapons) - Hok's Anvil


You have long dreamed of your perfect blade! Dream no longer, at master craftsman Hok's anvil your dreams will become reality. Stoke your fires of creativity!

Hok offers a variety of services and is your gateway to modular Melee weapons called 'Zaws'. Through Cetus you can acquire components to forge your very own Zaw! Be sure to view Hok's Other Services to find out how to make your Zaw (and other Melee weapons) your own!

Exodia are a new series of enhancements used on Zaws - they work similarly to Arcanes and are technology accessible from the Ostron people. You can install an Exodia on your Zaw in your Foundry in the 'Arcanes' section.


Cetus itself has Standing you can earn to increase your favor with the Ostron people.

There are 5 ranks possible on Cetus:

    1: Offworlder
    2: Visitor
    3: Trusted
    4: Surah
    5: Kin

The Quills: Eidolon Hunter & Focus 2.0

A mysterious group you can engage with and earn Standing for if you've finished The War Within!

You can earn to earn favor with the Quills (separate from Cetus Standing/limit).

There are 5 ranks possible:

    1: Mote
    2: Observer
    3: Adherent
    4: Instrument
    5: Architect

Plains of Eidolon

The Plains of Eidolon is an ancient battlefield where Sentients fought to destroy the Orokin Tower that the Ostrons now call home. The Sentients failed and died, leaving behind an ancient graveyard throughout the Landscape. The towering Spectral Sentients known as Eidolons survived the Old War. Every night they ascend from the waters and wander the Plains in search of what they’ve lost. Small, deadly Sentients appear throughout the Plains and protect the Eidolon. At daybreak, they disappear and wait for night to emerge once more.

The Grineer have organized drilling stations and sprawling outposts throughout the Plains to excavate the technology of the Old War. Fight Grineer during the day and clear out their bases, but be fast as these Grineer will call reinforcements when they spot danger. As you venture deeper into the Plains, there will be tougher Grineer enemies so come prepared. When night falls, some Grineer will retreat to their camps and attempt to wait it out while reinforcing their outposts and repairing their equipment for the new day.

Saving your Progress on the Plains happens in a number of ways - most of which are automatic!

    1) If you return to Cetus through the gates at any point, your mission concludes and all progress is saved.
    2) If you return to your Landing Craft via the escape menu.
    3) All progress is automatically saved on completing Bounties or Incursions.
    4) Fishing, Mining, or using consumables results in a specific save of that content (fish caught, minerals extracted, consumables used).

Here’s what the Plains of Eidolon have to offer: 



Experience the great outdoors as you fish in the rivers and streams. Catch a variety of fish species throughout the Plains and bring them back to Cetus. Expect to find:

    Charc Eeel
    Mortus Lungfish

The fish of the plains are prized by the Ostrons because they can feed but also provide resources to the people.

Visit Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus to purchase a fishing spear for Standing and Resources found in the Plains of Eidolon. There are 3 reusable fishing spear blueprints available for purchase, each specializing in catching specific types of fish:

    Lanzo - The barbed prongs on this fishing spear make it easier to catch fish with smooth skin.
    Tulok - This fishing spear features a slender blade to puncture armored plates and carapaces.
    Peram - This fishing spear has multiple blades that allow it to pierce the hides of scaly fish.

Hai-Luk also offers Gear to aid in your fishing efforts, and 4 kinds of Bait Blueprints that may be crafted using components from filleted fish and Resources collected in the Plains.

How to spearfish

    Before heading out into the Plains, add your spear of choice to your Gear wheel in your Arsenal.
    Find a body of water, open your Gear wheel (or use your hotkey), and select your spear to enter fishing mode.
    Aiming and shooting with the spear works just as it does when launching other spear weapons.
    Aim at an unknowing fish and toss your spear for a chance to reel in your catch!
    Use your equipped Bait by pressing the Alt Fire button.


By visiting Old Man Suumbaat in Cetus, you can acquire a Cutter to carve resources straight from the rocks of the Plains. Three different reusable Cutter blueprints can be purchased for Standing:

    Nosam Cutter - a standard tool for cutting ore and gems out of stone.
    Focused Nosam Cutter - a more accurate variation of the Nosam Cutter.
    Advanced Nosam Cutter - enhanced with cybernetics, this tool is able to locate nearby gems and ore veins and has a chance to retrieve Eidolon Gems.

Once you have acquired your blueprint and crafted your Cutter, enter the Plains. The ancient battle has left traces of energy on those Plains, and this affects the Landscape, including the very rock formations! As a result, you will be able to mine interesting and strange mineral deposits with interesting and strange rewards. ‘Arcane Gems’ will be available from this system. Once you find a deposit, and have your mining laser, simply trace the pattern on the rock to successfully extract your reward!


    Tear Asurite
    Marquise Veridos
    Star Crimzian
    Radian Sentrium
    Heart Nyth


    Auroxium Alloy
    Fersteel Alloy
    Coprite Alloy
    Pyrotic Alloy

Sky Archwing!


Summon your Archwing at will to fly through the open landscape, spot and battle Grineer enemies from the sky, and experience the beautiful scenery. Movement has been reworked to make it easy to fly through the Plains and engage enemies on the ground. Please note this Sky Archwing version is separately balanced in terms of powers and speed.

How to enable Sky Archwing

    Acquire the Sky Archwing Enabler Segment available in the Market or in the Tenno Research Lab in the Dojo!
    Craft and Equip Charges of the Enabler!
    Enter the Plains of Eidolon!
    Call your Sky Archwing down using the Gear Menu!


When you're out on the Plains of Eidolon at your leisure - the Lotus will prompt you to opt into 'INCURSIONS'. These are randomly generated missions.


Konzu will present you with a list of Bounties in Cetus. There are 5 Tiers of Bounties determined by enemy level and Reward pools! These Bounties rotate cyclically.

New Mod Sets! 

Three new Mod Sets are now available for you to acquire! Each set focuses on 1 of following 3 styles of combat: ability casting (Augur), gunning (Vigilante), and melee (Gladiator). Stats for these Mods increase on Rank and have an added stat bonus if equipped with Mods from the same set.

Augur Mod Set

    Augur Message (Warframe)
    Augur Accord (Warframe)
    Augur Reach (Warframe)
    Augur Secrets (Warframe)
    Augur Pact (Pistol)
    Augur Seeker (Pistol)

Vigilante Mod Set

    Vigilante Pursuit (Warframe)
    Vigilante Vigor (Warframe)
    Vigilante Supplies (Primary)
    Vigilante Armaments (Primary)
    Vigilante Offense (Primary)
    Vigilante Fervor (Primary)

Gladiator Mod Set

    Gladiator Aegis (Warframe)
    Gladiator Resolve (Warframe)
    Gladiator Finesse (Warframe)
    Gladiator Might (Melee)
    Gladiator Vice (Melee)
    Gladiator Rush (Melee)

These Mods are available as potential rewards from completing Bounties from Cetus and may also be acquired as drops from Assassination bosses.

New Mods!

    Kinetic Diversion (Archwing)

      Convert +40% of Damage on Health to Energy

    Spring-Loaded Blade (Melee)

      +30% Weapon Range for +24 secs on Status Effect.

    Target Acquired (Sniper Rifles)

      +60% to Headshot Multiplier

These Mods can be found as rewards for Incursions. 

Eidolon Hunting!


When night approaches and only the bravest Grineer remain, the Eidolon you seek emerges to roam the Plains. But this towering giant does not seem all to phased with you as a Warframe...

Perhaps you should find THE QUILLS in Cetus to learn how!

Grineer 'TUSK' Enemies! 


The Grineer have a new look, new sounds, and some new firepower! Get ready to face off against the Grineer TUSK units! They boast a new array of weaponry, advanced aerial and ground combat, and have a more threatening cloned vocal box to go with it. Beware, Tenno!

New Resources!

New enemies and creatures aren’t the only things you’ll encounter in the Plains! New Resources, known and desired by the inhabitants of Cetus, are yours to discover. Choose your time wisely, as the Plains shift to unearth certain resources at night...

    Cetus Wisp
    & More


Within the roaming hills and dark watery depths of the Plains, lurk deep hidden caves. But not all these caves are inhabited...

'Glass Fish' Memory Fragments! 

Every colony has a story. Piece together an Ostron Folktale about the Wife of the Earth and the Husband of the Sea.

New Achievements!

    From On High: Kill 100 grounded enemies while in Archwing Mode above the Plains of Eidolon.
    Master Angler: Catch 10 Fish.
    Forged in Fire: Craft your first Zaw.
    Champion of the People: Complete 10 bounties given by Ostron townspeople.
    By the Dawn’s Early Light: Survive a night on the Plains of Eidolon.
    Marathoner: Travel 100,000 meters across the Plains of Eidolon.
    Sharpshooter: Kill an enemy from over 100 meters away across the Plains of Eidolon.
    Tomb Looter: Explore all of the Eidolon Caves.
    Pest Control: Kill 100 Plains beasts.
    Plains of Prospector: Unearth 100 Deposits from the Eidolon Plains.
    Sleds of Sunshine: Slide 500 metres across the Plains of Eidolon.

New Gara Warframe and Quest!

Saya's Vigil quest

Radio chatter suggests the Grineer have found traces of an Eidolon researcher who vanished nearly twenty years ago. On the brink of a discovery, he stashed away his research in crates hidden throughout the Plains. His best friend Konzu is worried that his mourning widow, Saya will do something rash.

Visit Konzu in Cetus to learn more about Onkko and his research.

Please note this is a beginner friendly quest - and it's balanced accordingly. Veteran Tenno will have no problem completing it or helping new players complete it (maybe with advice since it's Solo). If you're a veteran, enjoy the story as you breeze your way through! If you have Gara owned ahead of completion, a Riven will be yours!

Shatter your enemies with the offensive abilities of Lotus’ newest glass-inspired warrior.

Visit the Plains of Eidolon to find Gara’s parts in Bounties, aside from the Gara Blueprint for the end of Quest reward.

Shattered Lash

Lash out with stream of shattered glass, or hold for an arcing strike

Splinter Storm

Gara’s armor splinters into a maelstrom of shattered glass that slices enemies and impairs their weapons. Allies who contact the cloud are fortified against damage.


Trap enemies in a carousel of mirrors, forcing them to attack visions of their true selves. Destroyed mirrors damage their attackers, as does the collapse of the carousel.

Mass Vitrify

Create an expanding ring of molten glass that slowly crystallizes enemies who enter. When the expansion is complete, the ring hardens to block weapons fire. Using Shattered Lash will smash the ring and send razor-sharp glass flying outward.

Gara’s New Signature Glass Weapons and Customizations!



Blast enemies with glass slugs that devastate on impact. This is Gara’s signature weapon. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!



Silently lacerate enemies with Gara’s signature glass throwing knives. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!



Tear and maim with this agile, lightweight glass hammer. Gara’s signature melee weapon. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!

Gara Virago Helmet

A uniquely-styled alternate helmet for Gara.

Hyalus Syandana

Gara’s signature Syandana.

Mag Deluxe

    Mag Pneuma Collection


Breathe new life into Mag with this collection of signature items. Includes the lavish Mag Pneuma Skin, Maruta Tonfa Skin, and the Vasa Syandana.

Mag Pneuma skin

Breath new life into Mag with her lavish new form.

Maruta Tonfa skin

Mag Pneuma’s signature skin for Tonfa weapons.

Vasa Syandana

Mag Pneuma’s signature Syandana.

New Grineer Weapons!



Pick off targets by highlighting distant enemies using this Grineer rifle's advanced laser sighting system. Deadly in both single fire and automatic modes. Visit your Dojo to research the Argonak!



This hooked blade rewards critical hits to those skilled enough to strike with finesse. Find it and its blueprint in the Market today!

Dual Krohkur 

Battlefield butchery becomes all too easy with a Krohkur blade in each hand. Visit your Dojo to research the Dual Krohkur!

4 New Melee Stances!

These Stances are available as potential rewards from completing Bounties from Cetus and may also be acquired as drops from enemies on the Plains.

    Swooping Falcon (single sword)

      Quick slashes with spinning lunges

    Carving Mantis (dual sword)

      Strong slashes and quick stabs that keep momentum forward

    Twirling Spire (polearm)

      A mix of sweeping attacks with precise strikes

    Stinging Thorn (single dagger)

      Vigorous slashes with forceful stabs.

New 'Arcane' Enhancements

We have added new Enhancement for certain gear that can be installed in the 'Arcane' section of the Foundry once you earn them!

    Magus are used to enhance Operator Armor.
    Virtuos are used to enhance your Operator Amps.
    Exodia are used to enhance your Zaw (Modular Melee)

Visit Ostron Merchants to learn more about these new Upgrades!

Focus 2.0.


Focus means Spoilers - read no further if you haven't completed The Second Dream!

It's been almost two years since we released the first version of Focus. Focus comes as a system unlocked upon completion of 'The Second Dream'. After answering a series of questions from The Lotus, you (the Operator) chose a Focus school and began your journey through a series of Passives that you needed to unlock all the while earning the Focus points to do so. Then came The War Within, where your Operator became playable with a few abilities meant mainly to help you earn Kuva and participate in Quests.

The core purpose of this rework is to shift the goals of the Focus system away from supplementing Warframes and towards making your Operator more combat-ready. This means that there will be more of a balance between Passives and Actives under Focus 2.0.

Let's start with some very important facts about all your accrued Focus Points and installed Lenses:

    1. All installed Lenses have been removed and returned to your inventory. You should give yourself time to study the new system before you reinstall them.
    2. All spent Focus Points have been returned so you can respec your skill trees.
    3. There are Focus Lenses (1.25% Affinity Conversion), Greater Focus Lenses (1.75% Affinity Conversion), and now (name not final) Eidolon/Ostron Lenses (2.25% Affinity Conversion) Blueprints for this last category—requiring multiple Greater Lenses to craft—will be awarded through the Plains of Eidolon Bounty System.

      The Daily Focus Cap has increased from 100,000 to 250,000 Focus per day.
      Convergence Orbs now yield an 8x multiplier versus a 6x.

Now we shall talk Passives, Residuals, and Actives.

Actives in their current form on the public build are at the behest of a 100 HP pool for the Operator. The Active and Passive Focus paths in Focus 2.0 aim to increase your Operator’s survivability and to give you the option to approach combat with added Operator support and armaments. Only a few encounters will necessitate this and as the game and feedback grows we will develop accordingly.

As far as the Focus Schools themselves, we have clear cut the trees of the old system and are rebuilding entirely new ability paths. We are also including cross-Focus nodes you can unlock within different trees!

Many benefits of the new Focus trees are linked to the activation of the Operator or Operator Abilities (Void Dash, Void Blast, Void Mode).

We have reduced the Pool Increase costs significantly and distributed the Focus point investment more into the nodes.


Naramon has 10 Nodes for you to explore!

    Affinity Spike: Kills from melee attacks grant increased Affinity!
    Power Spike: Melee Combo Counter will now decay over time.
    Mind Step: Increase the movement speed of your Operator!
    Mind Sprint: Increase the speed of Void Dash!
    Disorienting Blast: Void Blast has a chance to confuse enemies.
    Disarming Blast: enemies hit by Void Blast have a 10% chance to be disarmed.
    Executing Dash: Void Dash no longer displaces enemies, instead it will open them up to finishers and increase finisher damage.
    Surging Dash: Creates a wave while dashing, increasing the damage in the area around the operator.
    Void Stalker: Void Mode increases the Critical Chance of melee attacks, and the chance gradually decreases when the Operator leaves Void Mode.
    Void Hunter: Void Mode reveals enemies through walls, and this gradually decreases when the Operator leaves Void Mode.


Zenurik has 10 Nodes for you to explore!

    Energy Pulse: Energy pickups grant additional energy over time!
    Void Static: Void Mode emits a pulse that deals damage per second over a certain distance and costs additional energy.
    Void Singularity: Void Mode pulls enemies within range toward the Operator, and costs additional energy per second.
    Energizing Dash: Void Dash creates a zone of energy for a brief amount of time. Allies passing through the zone gain energy for a time.
    Lightning Dash: Manifests ball lightning after a Void Dash that travels slowly and zaps enemies within range and deals damage.
    Void Siphon: Increase the energy regeneration or your Operator!
    Void Flow: Increase the energy of your Operator!
    Temporal Blast: Void Blast slows enemies for a time.
    Voltaic Blast: Void Blast creates a surge of electricity, zapping enemies within range and dealing damage.
    Inner Might: Increase melee channeling efficiency!


Unairu has 10 Nodes for you to explore!

    Void Spines: Damage taken is returned to the attacker
    Sundering Dash: Using Void Dash through an enemy will reduce their Armour
    Crippling Dash: Using Void Dash through an enemy will reduce their damage
    Void Shadow: Void Mode will now render allies within range invisible. The ability costs additional energy per second.
    Void Chrysalis: Void Mode reduces damage taken by invisible allies within range. The ability costs additional energy per second.
    Basilisk Scales: Increase the armor of your Operator!
    Basilisk Gaze: Increase the radius of Void Blast!
    Magnetic Blast: Enemies hit by Void Blast are affected by bullet attractor for a time.
    Unairu Wisp: Void Blast has a chance to summon a Wisp when it damages an enemy. The Wisp can be picked up by allies to increase Operator damage for a time.
    Stone Skin: Increase armour for your Warframe and your Operator!


Madurai has 10 Nodes for you to explore!

    Phoenix Talons: Physical damage increased!
    Inner Gaze: Increase energy for Amps and Void Beam
    Eternal Gaze: Increase the regeneration rate of energy for Amps and Void Beam
    Blazing Dash: Void Dash leaves a trail of fire that deals damage over time
    Meteoric Dash: Void Dash deals extra damage to enemies
    Flame Blast: Void Blast releases a ball of fire that deals a percentage of the Void Blast damage and explodes
    Rising Blast: Increase damage of Void Blast and it can now be charged to deal additional damage
    Void Radiance: Consumes energy on leaving Void Mode to blind enemies within range for a time
    Void Strike: On leaving Void Mode, the next attack additional damage for every second spent cloaked. Cloak consumes additional energy per second.
    Phoenix Spirit: Elemental damage increased!


Vazarin has 10 Nodes for you to explore. 

    Mending Unity: Increases your Affinity Radius!
    Enduring Tides: Increases Operator Health.
    Rejuvenating Tides: Increases Operator Health regeneration.
    Guardian Shell: Void Blast can be charged to manifest a shield that drains energy while absorbing damage.
    Guardian Blast: Void Blast gives allies shields while consuming energy.
    Protective Dash: Allies hit by Void Dash are granted immunity from damage and healed!
    Sonic Dash: Void Dash no longer displaces enemies, instead it emits a stunning shockwave.
    Mending Soul: Generates instantaneous revives!
    Void Regen: Void Mode heals your Operator at the cost of energy.
    Void Aegis: Void Mode creates a growing shield at the cost of energy.

Cross-Focus Unlocks: Way-Bounds 

For players who delve deep into their Focus trees, two passive nodes from each tree can be made “universal” once maxed! These are denoted by 'Way Bound' terminology.  For a substantial Focus cost and other items, these passives become available regardless of the school you are using. One can only truly “complete” a Focus tree by exploring all 5 of the Tenno ways!

But there is also NEW - all the above examples don't include the Weaponry and Arcane-like Enhancements your Operators are getting when they become true 'Eidolon Hunters'.

Operator AMPS: Operator Weapons!

Tenno who seek out the Eidolon Hunter will be exposed to an Operator Weaponry system.

Operators will be able to wield a new Modular weaponized system that attaches to their arm, called an AMP. These devices amplify the Operator's Void Beam and Void Blast attacks and channeling them in different ways. They are comprised of three components: the Brace, the Scaffold, and the Prism.

You can equip and customize your AMP in the Customize Operator menu aboard your Orbiter.

Operators & Enhancements: VIRTUOS and MAGUS! 

    Operator Cosmetic Upgrades: 3 New Armor sets are here for your Operators! These Ostron fashioned Operator suits can be acquired by visiting The Quills in Cetus or the Market!
    Operators can now equip their very own set of Arcane-like enhancements called MAGUS. *Please note that Magus can only be installed on all Operator Suits but the Zariman Suit. We’re working on fixing that in a near Hotfix.
    Operator AMPS can be enhanced with VIRTUOUS.

Operator Mode Changes

    There are two energy sources for your Operator: 1 for Void Beam, and another for Void Dash, Void Mode, and Void Blast. Both energy sources regen over time, and energy pickups only affect the latter abilities.
    To create more flow with Transference between Operator and Warframe, you can now seamlessly transition to your Operator and back to your Warframe at any time - even when in mid bullet jump!
    You can now double tap “shift” to perform a slide as the Operator.
    When in Operator mode, Warframes now have a 90% damage reduction from enemies if an ability is active during Transference. If no ability is active during Transference, you Warframe is invulnerable and untargetable.

Time Limited: Twitch Drops Campaign!


For 2 weeks following the Plains of Eidolon, our first ever Twitch Drops Campaign is live!

Everything you need to know about this campaign can be found in this handy image:


If you are wondering who to tune into, see here:

Sortie Reward Changes & Additions

    Plains of Eidolon has been added to the list of eligible Sortie regions!
    The Void has been added to the list of eligible Sortie regions! Sorties that occur in the Void will have every mission take place in the Void.
    Modular Melee Rivens have been added to the Sortie Reward Pool! These are different from Melee Rivens in that they are made for Zaw weapon combinations.
    Kuva (6000) has been added to Sortie Rewards.
    Lenses have been removed from Sortie Rewards - basic Lenses have been added to Bounties.


    Take your Captura to new lengths by purchasing the Plains Scene from Old Man Sumbaat! You'll need to climb the ranks of the Cetus Standing to earn this!
    Defection has been added to eligible Void Fissure missions!
    Added a new ‘shield-like’ objective marker to Defense, Mobile Defense, Hijack, and Sabotage missions.
    Added a ‘Delete All Read Messages’ option in the Inbox. *Please note that this currently does not apply to Community messages.
    Added a Corpus Outpost and Grineer Shipyard tileset level to the Interception mix for some variation.
    Added a visual indicator when viewing a Mod that lets you know if you already own it.
    Prettied up materials for several doors in different tilesets.
    Added a Screen-Shake toggle option!
    Added two new alternate versions of the default Liset load screens!
    You can now control if you want to accept gifts from All, Friends Only, or None in the Options Menu!

Weapon Fall-Off Damage Changes

One of Warframe’s biggest appeals is the diverse selection of weaponry. Even within the subclasses of rifles and pistols, there is huge variety to be found, such as the distinction between projectile weapons (firing physical projectiles which move through space, like the Boltor) and hitscan weapons (firing draws an imaginary line between the gun and the point aimed at, doing damage instantly to whatever it hits, like the Soma). For obvious reasons, hitscans are very effective at long distances - this has never been an issue with Warframe’s tileset-based gameplay, but as we shot enemies from a kilometer away in the plains with our pistols, we knew something had to be done.
With the release of Plains of Eidolon, most weapons will have a form of damage falloff added, to reduce their effectiveness at extremely long distances. But don’t panic! This damage falloff will only be noticeable at extreme ranges (greater than 300m). Across all of our current tilesets, we were unable to find an unobstructed line of sight longer than 300m, so that is the point at which damage falloff will start.

Based on our assessment of all existing procedural tiles we’re extra confident that our current tileset-based gameplay will be largely unaffected. It is also worth noting that snipers will be able to fire 600m without experiencing falloff, to give them more of a purpose in this wide open terrain where long range weapons should thrive.

Sniper Rifle Changes

    General Sniper Changes

      Reticle sway removed from all zoom levels!
      1 meter punch through added to all snipers without any to start with (snipers with innate punch through unchanged).
      1 combo count removed at a time when duration runs out instead of all of them (decay vs. cooldown).
      1 combo count removed on miss instead of all of them
      Additional bullets from multishot will each count as their own hits and misses in the combo counter
      Combo duration reduced to 2 seconds for all snipers apart from Lanka which is reduced to 6
      Damage fall off begins at 400 meters and ends at 600 meters with damage reduced to 50% past 600 meters.

Specific Sniper Weapon Changes


      First level zoom +10% Damage replaced with +30% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +50% Head Shot Damage

    Vectis Prime

      Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2.67
      First level zoom +15% Damage replaced with +35% Head Shot Damage
      First level zoom reduced from 4x to 3.5x
      Second level zoom 20% Damage replaced with +55% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom reduced from 10x to 6x
      Next round is chambered immediately after firing instead of waiting for fire rate to cycle


      Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2
      First level zoom +10% Damage replaced with +30% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +50% Head Shot Damage

    Snipetron Vandal

      Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2
      First level zoom +10% Damage replaced with +30% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +50% Head Shot Damage


      Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2.67
      First level zoom reduced from 5x to 3.5x
      Second level zoom reduced from 12x to 6x


      First level zoom +15% Damage replaced with +35% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +55% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom reduced from 6x to 4x
      Third level zoom 20% Damage replaced with +70% Head Shot Damage
      Third level zoom reduced from 12x to 8x

    Vulkar Wraith

      Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2
      First level zoom +15% Damage replaced with +35% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom 15% Damage replaced with +55% Head Shot Damage
      Second level zoom reduced from 6x to 4x
      Third level zoom 20% Damage replaced with +70% Head Shot Damage
      Third level zoom reduced from 12x to 8x


      Charge rate decreased from 1.5 to 1
      Second level zoom reduced from 7x to 5x
      Third level zoom reduced from 12x to 8x

    Vasto Prime

      Vasto Prime Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 3.
      Vasto Prime damage increased from 60 to 70.
      Vasto Prime status chance increased from 15 to 20%.
      Vasto Prime critical chance increased from 15 to 20%.


    All trace fire weapons trace distance reduced to 300m apart from Sniper Rifles which stay at 1000m.
    Magnetic Damage Status Effects now drain energy over time as opposed to completely draining all energy.
    Changed Ayatan Star markers to only display if you're within 100 meters or so range of the drop.. Amber Star markers will also appear larger due to their rarity and to avoid confusion.
    Maroo's Bazaar is now located on Mars.
    Adjusted the Nyx Carnifex Helmet and Skin colors to match original design.
    Toned down the density of the Zenistars FX.
    Removed stagger on hit from Grineer Flameblade units.
    Capture missions will no longer have the chance to change to the Exterminate objective in Kuva Siphon missions.
    Improved the mesh quality of the Angstrum and Prisma Angstrum to avoid blocky textures.
    Companions will no longer lose integrity if a print is in the process of being distilled to prevent unexpected death.
    Changed metal material assignment for ceilings in the Corpus Tilesets to improve performance.
    Improved Corpus Dropship passenger animations and increased the speed at which they drop the Corpus reinforcements.
    Cranked down the intensity of Nox’s helmet smash and explosion upon death sound FX.  
    The following items are now color tintable:

      All Vandal and Wraith weapons.
      The Harkonar Wraith Armour and Syandana.

    Updated icons for the Lato and Braton Vandal.
    Improved Jat Kusar weapon trail so that it is more visible.
    Toned down lens flair on Nekros' idle.
    Improved Operator movement animations in the Landing Craft to remove weird leg and arm motions.
    Changed the TennoGen Knaita Mag skin’s default colors to match the Steam Workshop’s main image. Icons for Helmet and Skin have been updated to match as well.
    Updated Grineer reaction animations to be snappier.
    Updated the Shield Lancer’s shield to PBR.
    Polished Grineer mobility animations.
    Ash’s idle smoke now reacts to lighting.
    Reduced particle count on one of Rell’s manifestation abilities.
    Players who have the blueprints for The Limbo Theorem, Hidden Messages, or Patient Zero will now automatically receive the quest itself upon logging in. The blueprints will be removed and if they were under construction, the resources and credits will be refunded (except for the argon crystals for The Limbo Theorem, sorry!).
    Anti-MOAs are now able to spawn in Exterminate and Mobile Defense missions on Jupiter.
    Tweaked the glass material on the Orokin capsules in the first mission of Vor’s Prize.
    Updated Quaro Sugatra’s material rigidness to make it perform more like metal.
    Updated the Liset’s appearance in the cinematic during the first mission of Vor’s Prize.
    Cleaned up a small patch of unintended Infestation on the Corpus Outpost tileset. Looks like those Corpus janitors were really slacking!
    The Gear wheel can now have up to 12 items!
    The in-game Market now includes a separate category for Warframe Deluxe Bundles!
    The Ayatan Star installing prompt will now only display once per Ayatan installing session rather than on every socket.
    Improved Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage when aiming through doorways. The Barrage will better hit the aimed location than the actual doorway.
    Tweaked the Hydroid Graxx Skin default colors to better match original design.
    Reduced the range at which NPCs see ragdolls / projectiles etc - this helps reduce the chance an NPC will see a body a long distance away and become alert.
    Optimized scripts used by Defection missions.
    Optimized the Infested Tar Moa sounds.
    Made many small performance optimizations to all Warframe abilities.
    Optimized Coolant Leak Mod slightly.
    Removed being able to Quick Revive yourself when dueling in the Dojo.
    The Sharpened Claws Kavat Mod now only applies the Armour debuff when actually dealing damage. Previously the Armour debuff would activate even if no damage was dealt.
    Changed Juggernaut's response to Warframe abilities to be consistent with other bosses.
    Grineer Blunts now only take Melee damage and have a passive Health drain.
    Reduced the radius on a light used on a few of Volt's abilities.
    The Simulacrum “Invincibility” option now works on Operators!
    Updated the Ogris and Grineer Napalm’s fire FX.
    Made sound optimizations for Nezha’s Fire Walker.
    Toned down the smoke FX of Excalibur’s Radial Blind.
    Kela De Thaym is no longer weak to finishers.
    Slightly tweaked the visual FX of Frost's Snowglobe


    Fixed a crash related to Harrow’s HUD.
    Fixed numerous Armor Attachments clipping through the Hydroid Graxx skins.
    Fixed getting stuck in the vent leading into Jordas Verdict Stage 3 nerve area.
    Fixed misleading objective marker pathing in the Once Awake quest.
    Fixed enemies not spawning in the Grineer Shipyard Mobile Defense Sortie tileset.
    Fixed not being able to disable lockdown in the third mission of the Second Dream quest.
    Fixed Syandanas not scaling when Titania casts Razorwing.
    Fixed a case where casting Hydroid's Tidal Surge into a Nullifier could get you stuck in the animation unable to do anything.
    Fixed Hydroid’s Tidal Surge Augment immunity wearing off early if cast a second time while active.
    Fixed Helios and Helios Prime take a long time to find a new target after being interrupted.
    Fixed the weapon trail from the Arca Plasmor being offset to the barrel.
    Fixed a plethora of Syandanas clipping through Equinox’s Insomnia Skin, and Rhino/Rhino Prime.
    Fixed weapon skin blueprints not showing the proper number of already owned in foundry.
    Fixed unequip animation playing twice for some weapons.
    Fixed Mozi Syandana not displaying properly on some Warframes and Skins.
    Fixed excessive bloom in the Donda’s Market diorama.
    Fixed Vor disappearing after the first beam block in the first mission of Vor’s Prize.
    Fixed Broca Syandana being bent while equipped on Nyx.
    Fixed Scourge not being affected by Adhesive Blast and Firestorm Mods.
    Fixed top section of Repala Syandana being rigid and bent at request of creator.
    Fixed a variety of Syandanas clipping into the Trinity Strega Skin.
    Fixed Nave Syandana clipping through Titania’s wings.
    Fixed objective marker pathing in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    Fixed bullets from Pandero’s Alt Fire coming from the holster position and not the gun when performing a Melee slide attack.
    Fixed the Grineer Fortress minimap appearing to have an edge.
    Fixed the 'Disable Sniper Scope' UI option causing regular reticle to not show up initially.
    Fixed various world holes in the Corpus Outpost level.
    Fixed arrows from the Lenz not detonating if fired into a corpse.
    Fixed a spot in the Orokin Derelict where enemies and Companions could get stuck as per:
    Fixed various escapable level holes in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
    Fixed various escapable level holes in the Infested Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed various escapable level holes in the Orokin Lua tileset.
    Fixed the Arsenal displaying a ‘Charged Throw’ stat when Modding a Sentinel with Deconstructor or Deconstructor Prime.
    Fixed being able to avoid the disappearing platforms in the Mastery Rank 13 test.
    Fixed the Star Chart UI displaying Void Fissure mission information to those who do not own any Relics.
    Fixed Clients not seeing the Hosts Angstrum/Prisma Angstrum ammo magazine cycle correctly.
    Fixed the Corpus enemy models in the Clan Energy Lab appearing fully black due to bad lighting.
    Fixed Syandanas colliding with Nova Prime’s mesh.
    Fixed Rhino's Roar FX not appearing on buffed allies helmets.
    Fixes issues with the angle of the Jat Kusar slam FX.
    Fixed issues with Hydroid's water FX not having ideal ripples.
    Fixed issues with Oberon Prime's Hallowed Ground fern FX not appearing correct if cast on small places.
    Fixed issues with casting Hydroid's powers too quickly in succession leading to improper FX.
    Fixed issues with Harrow's Thurible FX appearing broken with Melee Channeling.
    Fixed issues with certain dialog windows appearing behind the Star Chart.
    Fixed issues with elevators being used to escape through certain roofs.
    Fixed an issue with Rescue targets possibly instantly dying on water.
    Fixed issues with extreme bloom in the Grineer Galleon.
    Fixed issues with destroyable loot crates spawning in rocks in the Law of Retribution.
    Fixed issues with the Xiphos landing craft clipping through the Grineer Galleon level.
    Fixed an issue with people being unable to trigger Transference during The War Within.
    Fixed certain Operator hairstyles  appearing completely transparent during transmissions.  
    Fixed some mesh flickering issues on the beams in the Sands of Inaros tomb.
    Fixed certain meshes and assets appearing entirely black.
    Fixed rewards not appearing in the end of mission window after dying as operator in a mission and entering the Void respawn sequence.
    Fixed an extra empty Mod slot sometimes appearing when Fusing Mods.
    Fixed newly identified Rivens giving your weapon negative Mod capacity, when it should just unequip.
    Fixed Prisma Jet Sentinel Wings diorama and store description wrongfully warning that the wings are a cosmetic for the Diriga only when they are available for all Sentinels.
    Fixed the Platinum icon not being centered in the orange background for unowned Landing Crafts in the Market.
    Fixed missing transmissions in the Kuva Fortress assault missions.
    Fixed a script error on Lua Spy missions.
    Fixed no enemies spawning after host migration in Mobile Defense missions.
    Fixed an issue in the final cutscene of The Second Dream quest where the Lotus and the Operator would disappear momentarily, giving players the ability to control their Warframe.
    Fixed wonky Archwing transitions in the final tileset of The War Within quest.  
    Fixed navigation issues in the Infested Hive tileset.
    Fixed Jordas being near invisible during transmissions in the Jordas Golem Assassinate mission.
    Fixed several map holes in the Corpus Outpost, Corpus Ship, Grineer Fortress, Grineer Asteroid, and Grineer Sealab tilesets.
    Fixed crates spawning inside the tilse in the Infested ship tileset.
    Fixed specific instances in the Grineer Fortress tileset where if a player stood at the edge of extraction it would force them into Archwing mode and cause them to clip through the tile.
    Fixed Grineer Hellions floating in air when their jetpack is destroyed.
    Fixed using Loki's Switch Teleport in mid-air causing teleported enemies to float mid-air until the ability animation was complete.
    Fixed Syandanas not sitting properly against Harrow’s cloth.
    Fixed skins on the Soma not previewing on its clip in the Arsenal.
    Fixed a bug where players could fall into the floor if they rushed the hack Console in Grineer Fortress spy missions.
    Fixed tumor destruction FX not appearing in Infested Ship Rescue missions.
    Fixed the Javlok and the Ferrox alt fire playing their holstering animation after throwing.
    Fixed Ancients getting stuck trying to step their melee attack indefinitely after a player parries them.
    Fixed the Igaro Syandana positioning on all Warframes.
    Fixed decorative asset floating from a wall in Corpus Outpost tileset.
    Fixed the Aquiros Syandana floating off of Valkyr’s base model, Valkyr Prime, and specific Valkyr Skins.
    Various LOC fixes.
    Fixed Arcane Helmets not being listed when selecting an Arcane to Normal Helmet conversion blueprint.
    Fixed a progress stop in the Archwing quest where no enemies spawned and where waypoints lead to nowhere.
    Fixed Harrow’s Thurible shadow being visible even if you are not casting.
    Fixed minimap issues on Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    Fixed issues in some levels where projectiles would abnormally slow.
    Fixed issues with broken navigation in Corpus Outpost tileset.
    Fixed ragdoll not having a head if you die while invisible.
    Fixed a case where some melee enemies would get stuck in their melee attacks indefinitely.
    Fixed being unable to stealth attack Ancients and Feral Kubrows.
    Fixed excessive bloom on certain a doorway in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    Fixed visible map hole in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
    Fixed Naru Syandana textures as per Creator’s request.
    Fixed material on the Equinox Insomnia Skin’s helmet to match other Equinox helmets.
    Fixed some door materials not matching their locked/unlocked state.
    Fixed visible yellow seams on the floor of the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed rocks poking into other tiles in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    Fixed ice surface clipping into the platform.
    Fixed being able to zoom out on your Warframe when hitting ESC upon opening the Star Chart.
    Fixed AI getting stuck on a staircase in Grineer Galleon Defense missions.
    Fixed being able to break the Scanner in the Orbiter by continually turning it on and off again.
    Fixed Syandanas defying gravity during wall latch, tight ropes, and certain abilities.
    Fixed the Excavator being improperly labelled “Extractor” in localized versions of the game.
    Fixed crates being able to spawn in areas that might not be accessible on the Orokin Tileset.
    Fixed a rare case of being unable to exit Decorator Mode when using a controller if your bindings were set a specific way.
    Fixes towards Archwing enemies getting stuck on obstacles in the environment.
    Fixed the Broca and Obsidian Azura Syandana clipping through Saryn’s Orphid Skin.
    Fixed various Syandanas clipping through Nyx and Nyx Prime.
    Fixed the Melee combo counter overlapping Nidus, Vauban, and Ivara’s ability UI indicators.
    Fixed missing objective markers in Corpus Trench Run Archwing missions.
    Fixed a script error when firing the Operator Void Beam in the Second Dream quest.
    Fixed Sugatras not attaching properly on the Arca Titron.
    Fixed incorrect textures applying to the Grineer Galleon Sabotage Coolant after destroying it.
    Fixed the Sancti Magistar Health on charge attack function not working with the Palatine Skin equipped.
    Fixed Power Strength Mods not applying to Harrow’s Covenant scaling Crit Chance.
    Fixed Zephyr’s Tornados turning invisible when shot with the Arca Plasmor.
    Fixed seeing the number of Revives/Affinity cost when downed in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed Synthula Alerts appearing in the World State Window before having unlocked the Kuva Fortress via The War Within quest
    Fixed Sugatras and other decorative Attachments flailing wildly and moving at 3 million times the speed of light for a few seconds before being told to chill by the laws of physics.
    Fixed the counter of Landing Craft Decorations owned increasing in the Market after placing the Decoration.
    Fixed Fomorian Ship not appearing in the sky during the Law of Retribution Trial. Now the laser won’t be appearing out of thin air!
    Fixed being unable to preview changes done to a Kubrow or Kavat after removing them from Stasis if they are part of a Loadout.
    Fixed Stiletto Prime’s clip appearing to float when reloading.
    Fixed incorrect animation used when firing a bow while crouched and moving to the left.
    Fixed a platform on the Lua tileset clipping into the ice below it.
    Fixed enemies getting stuck in a room in Grineer Shipyard Mobile Defense missions.
    Fixed not being able to complete the Security Camera Codex entry.
    Fixed the Mastery Sigil displaying the incorrect Rank number when viewing it in the player's Profile.
    Fixed Chat filters sometimes incorrectly including messages that should be ignored.
    Fixed a crash that would occur when someone other than Inaros finishes Devouring an enemy.
    Fixed Mirage’s Slight of Hand interaction with pickups.
    Fixed enemy navigation issues in the Grineer Forest tileset.
    Fixed being able to rapidly fire your Bow if Reflex Guard is equipped.
    Fixed some script errors that could occur if you killed targets affected by Equinox's Rage.
    Fixed the Stalker spawning at the very end of a Void Fissure Defense mission while you’re invulnerable.
    Potentially fixed a script error when using Nyx Prime’s Absorb ability.
    Fixed Frost’s Avalanche damage being delayed on enemies who were already in a reaction animation.
    Fixed Warframe custom HUDs not properly changing if you switch from one Warframe with a custom HUD to another (e.g. Simulacrum arsenal).
    Fixed one case where ragdolls that were pinned by a projectile would flail their limbs like they belonged outside a car dealership.
    Fixed script crash for firing an Amprex and being killed at a specific moment while holding the trigger.
    Fixed script crash that could occur if you used Transference to your Operator at the right moment while casting Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm.
    Fixed some incorrect Portuguese LOC descriptions.
    Fixed Operator having a floating head after using Arsenal in Simulacrum.
    Fixed the Infested Hive Tumors not appearing in the Codex after being scanned.
    Fixed the Archwing Rush Drones not appearing in the Codex after being scanned.
    Fixed Warframes holding their hand out to the left when jumping along walls to the right. Directions are hard.
    Fixed poor optimization on weapons like the Ignos, Nukor, and Cycron.
    Fixed an issue with Shade's Ghost removing cosmetics from your invisible silhouette.
    Fixed issues with accessing Dojos that are going through tier shifts.
    Fixed Switch Teleport causing Titania to clip through floors.
    Fixed a crash with Equinox’s Duality Augment.
    Fixed a rare crash.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Conclave’s innate Power Rate is now variable based on how much energy you have:

      0-25, 2.5 Power Rate (3 during Energy Surge)
      25-50, 1 Power Rate (1.5 during Energy Surge)
      50-75, 0.5 Power Rate (1 during Energy Surge)
      75-100+, 0.25 Power Rate (0.5 during Energy Surge)

    Increased the time kill assists count from 3 to 5 seconds in Conclave.
    Increased get up animation speed from knock down in Conclave.
    Plan B can no longer be used with the Lenz or Zhuge.
    Limbo's Banish duration reduced to 4 seconds in Conclave.
    Loki's Decoy duration reduced to 6 seconds in Conclave.
    Titania's Spellbind disarm duration reduced to 4 seconds in Conclave.
    Nyx's Mind Control range reduced to 20 meters and is also removed on damage from Nyx in Conclave.
    Wukong's Cloud Walker duration reduced to 4 seconds in Conclave.
    Equinox's Metamorphosis duration reduced to 6 seconds in Conclave.
    Duration removed from Vauban's Tesla deployables and a max of 2 deployed at once added in Conclave.
    Fixed ability icons being greyed out for Clients in Conclave.
    Fixed an issue in Lunaro where curved throws would hit the ground first.
    Fixed an issue where Mutalist Cernos poison clouds quick shots were doing more damage than charged shots.  We also reduced the duration of quick shot poison clouds.
    Lie in Wait Conclave mod changed to +20% Fire Rate while crouching.
    Reduced the collision size of Javlok's primary fire projectile in Conclave.
    Sun vs. Moon Conclave modes will now attempt to auto balance teams during matches.

      When a team has more than 1 player than the other team, the last player to join the session will be swapped to the team with less players.
      The player that is chosen to swap teams will receive an Affinity Bonus at the end of the match.
      Players that joined as a squad will not be affected by auto balancing.

Mardi 12 septembre 2017
Hydroid Prime - Hotfix 21.7.1


    The Prisma Angstrum is now tradable! It has been fixed as per Tweaked the Arca Titron’s handle to be longer.
    Tweaked the firing sounds of the Prisma Angstrum.
    Baro's offerings will no longer show Operator items if you have not completed the Second Dream quest.
    To reduce "droughts" between Fomorian/Razorback events, Grineer and Corpus now gain fractional progress towards their construction projects while they are actively invading an opponent's location (i.e. earn progress over the course of their attack regardless of whether they end up occupying the node at the end).


    Fixed the Arca Plasmor not damaging enemy weak spots (Lephantis, Sargas Ruk, etc).
    Fixed the Arca Scisco beam FX disappearing when Modded for high Fire Rate.
    Fixed Clients not seeing the Arca Scisco beams.
    Fixed Panthera Alt fire hitting any enemy within a large radius after Hydroid casts Undertow.
    Fixed failing the mission if you fail to complete the puzzle rooms in Void/Orokin missions before the timer runs out.
    Fixed casting Nyx’s Absorb or Banshee’s Soundquake when hitting an enemy with a "grappling hook weapon" allowing you to move around.
    Fixed getting stuck in the ESC menu when attempting to access the Market during Vor’s Prize.
    Fixed AI getting stuck on balconies in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
    Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
    Fixed shooting Frost’s Snow Globe from the outside with the Lenz resulting in the Blast damage applying twice instead of Cold then Blast.
    Fixed seeing a white Defense bar in Sortie Defense missions.
    Fixed a script error when triggering a Kuva Siphon.

Jeudi 7 septembre 2017
Hydroid Prime - Update 21.7.0

Arca Plasmor

Stagger targets with blasts from this Corpus engineered plasma shotgun. Surviving enemies are consumed with radiation.

Arca Scisco

This scoped pistol analyzes strikes, learning how to damage its targets most effectively. Achieve maximum damage output after five successive hits.

Arca Titron

Each successive kill from this massive electron hammer builds an electron charge that is unleashed with slam attacks.

Arca Armor

Newly discovered composites are what makes this striking Arca Armor set possible.

Arca Bundle

Arca weapons represent the bleeding-edge of Corpus research and fabrication. This bundle includes the Arca Titron, Arca Plasmor, Arca Scisco, and the Arca Armor set.

Find the Arca Plasmor and Arca Scisco in the Market or research them in the Clan Dojo Research Lab.
Find the Arca Titron (and Blueprint) in the Market.


    We have added the display of the Melee Combo Counter when playing in Dual Wield mode!
    Mods dropped by the Razorback Armada now properly list their drop locations.
    Added Baro Ki’Teer’s relay location and time until his departure to the Navigation Panel and to the Alert Menu in the World State Window:
    Added continued polish for the new player experience. 
    After defeating Captain Vor, we now block access to Navigation Console until all Lotus transmissions have completed and the Quest Complete screen has been shown. 
    The Solar Map now only blinks the "next quest mission" node in flashing blue during Vor's Prize instead of all "unlocked-but-not-completed" nodes. We also tuned the blinking interval down to 1 second for Vor's Prize (instead of the default of 2 seconds) so these nodes are even more prominent.
    Added some under-the-hood diagnostics to better assess chat connectivity issues.


    Excalibur Proto and Nyx Nemesis Skins have received the PBR treatment! 
    Overhauled all aspects of physics engine for general optimization. You shouldn't notice anything, but since we literally touched all aspects of physics we are hoping you can keep an eye out for odd new behavior. 
    The Knell's headshot buff now decays only 1 stack at a time and lasts for 2 seconds per stack for a total of a 6 second decaying buff.


    Fixed issues with item linking containing Cyrillic letters in non-cyrillic languages. 
    Fixed issues with some Credit based Inbox messages not instantly increasing Credits. 
    Fixed various issues with Arcanes and some Conditional Mods not having proper line breaks. 
    Fixed Zephyr’s Tornadoes not showing up for low spec machines as per :
    Fixed an issue with hitching in game when switching to Dual Wield Mode for the first time. 
    Fixed an issue with the 'Purity' trigger from New Loka not lasting the intended length in all trigger cases - it now lasts 30 seconds. 
    Fixed issues that could occur when trying to use ESC as the Operator.
    Fixed a script error that could occur when Host Migrating. 
    Fixed the Edo Chest Piece sticking out on the Nyx Carnifex Skin. 
    Fixed the Pakal right shoulder Armor clipping into Nyx’s arm. 
    Fixed the Embolist chest piece clipping into the Nyx Immortal, Saikou, Athena, and Carnifex Skins.
    Fixed an effects-leak that could occur if Mag was killed at the right moment while casting Polarize.
    Fixed getting locked in chat when opening a chat linked Riven during the End of Mission screen.
    Fixed Synthesis Targets sometimes not spawning in The New Strange Quest due to a broken path in one of the procedural levels.
    Fixed a rare script error in Mobile Defense missions that resulted in no enemies spawning and no Objective UI.
    Fixed Maroo and Clem’s mission description not being in uppercase in the Alert Menu.
    Fixed offset issues with Syandanas on Mag. 
    Fixed sending a Friend request via chat not updating the Pending friend list.
    Fixed an issue where weapons that have a girth to their effective range like the Opticor were not hitting enemies in the correct order (sometimes missing nearby enemies but hitting ones further along its path).
    Fixed a case where opening a chat link while in the store would cause the fade of the main store list to be set incorrectly.
    Fixed not being able to view new users joining a Chat channel while the scrollbar is at the bottom without scrolling up and back down.
    Fixed Hydroid Prime’s mesh having holes.
    Fixed a variety of localization errors.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Lex headshot multiplier reduced to 1.5x in Conclave.
    Fixed an issue with the Hirudo innate abilities not working in Conclave.
    Increased primary fire damage of Euphona Prime in Conclave.
    Reduced secondary fire damage of Euphona Damage in Conclave.
    Reduced the radius of Nezha's Warding Halo in Conclave.
    Reduced the damage of Pandero alt fire in Conclave.
    Nezha's Warding Halo now only damages on touch and does not continue to damage targets that stay within its radius in Conclave.

Jeudi 31 août 2017
Hydroid Prime - Update 21.6.1


    Improved objective marker pathing in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
    Rearranged quest order in the codex to help guide newer players.


    Fixed a popular crash that could occur if an NPC was firing a projectile weapon when you ran far enough away (this would often occur when doing Syndicate missions).
    Fixed an invisible material above the Jordas Verdict Stage 2 elevator that was blocking movement.
    Fixed performance degrading and possibly crashing the game when using Melee weapons with Mods that reduce the weapon's Range.
    Fixed range mods not affecting whips when invisible.
    Fixed an issue where Nami Skyla and Nami Skyla Prime were displaying different Riven dispositions.
    Fixed the Jat Kusar charge attack exploding in your face if invisible.
    Fixed instances of Ballistica Prime not properly spawning ghosts.
    Fixed the color of the Prime Ballistica ghosts flickering for Clients.
    Fixed Ballistica Prime not unfolding correctly if no primary is equipped.
    Fixed incorrect glass material in several tileset.
    Fixed level holes in the Corpus Outpost and Orokin Moon tilesets.
    Fixed minimap issues in the Corpus Outpost and Ice Planet tilesets.
    Fixed “building” VFX appearing on crafted weapons waiting in the foundry.
    Fixed several emblems that were appearing too bright or too transparent.
    Fixed an issue where players would get stuck ascending the ramp of their Liset.
    FIxed various other crashes and added diagnostics to help isolate others.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Fixed using the Viper with the Skull Shots Mod or a Grakata with the Brain Storm Mod, activating the headshot bonus with the final shot in your magazine resulting in the weapon to fire much faster than intended in Conclave.

Mardi 29 août 2017
Update 21.6.0 - Hydroid Prime

Hydroid Prime has emerged to dominate foes with the power of raging waters! This deadly mystery from the depths receives a whole new aesthetic and increased stats that even the Orokin can’t keep submerged. Armed with Prime weapons fit for this legendary Kraken summoner, we urge you to take caution when entering dark water....

* Please note that we are working on a Ballas narrated Hydroid Prime trailer to come at a later date. When the Plains of Eidolon train nears the station we will have more available hands to produce this.

Hydroid Prime

Command the ocean’s fury with this king of gold and silver. Additionally, Hydroid Prime’s Tentacle Swarm sports a unique look as well as increased overall Armor, Energy, and Shields!

With the introduction of Hydroid Prime comes two additional Prime weapons suited for a deadly ocean king:

Ballistica Prime

The beauty of this luxurious gilded crossbow cannot obscure its lethal purpose. As an added bonus to the Ballistica Prime, enemies killed from its Charged shot within (50 meters) range will now turn into friendly ghosts for 7 seconds!

Nami Skyla Prime

Forged by a forgotten master, these exquisite blades are bounty from a golden-age long gone.

Check out Hydroid Prime Access here:

With Hydroid Prime bubbling up from the depths, the following Prime items and their Relics have entered the Prime Vault:

    Trinity Prime
    Dual Kamas Prime
    Kavasa Kubrow Prime Collar

As a result of Trinity Prime entering the Prime Vault, the following Syndicate sacrifices have been switched: Red Veil’s sacrifice of Trinity Prime Chassis has been replaced by Saryn Prime Chassis and Steel Meridian’s sacrifice of Trinity Prime Neuroptics has been replaced by Saryn Prime Neuroptics.

In order to accommodate incoming Relics and keep the total number of Relics as low as possible, the Ducat value of the following items will be changed from 100 to 65 (Future Relic placement of these parts will also have them appear in the Uncommon [silver] tier):

    Saryn Prime Blueprint
    Fragor Prime Blueprint
    Nikana Prime Blueprint

New User Experience Changes

We have polished up a number of issues related to the new user experience. This polish essentially speaks to the question 'What do I do when I'm done Vor's Prize'?

    The biggest change we made was to populate the 'Quests' panel of the World State Window with 'Next Objectives'. This means we've seeded the way in this panel for people to have a goal beyond the mass of nodes - they have hints to complete Junctions, Quests, and more in order.
    We reduced node noise making sure the Vor's Prize path was clear. This means we reduced opacity on all peripheral/non core nodes.
    Fixed a progression stopping issue that would occur for any player who returned from 'Liberate the Arms Dealer' mission without equipping a Mod. We now force you to equip a mod when you enter the Arsenal after this mission. 


    Hydroid’s Undertow now displays an ability counter of how many enemies are currently submerged.
    Riven Slot capacity limit has increased from 60 to 90! With 90 as the new Riven Slot capacity limit, this gives room for 30 of each Riven school (Primary, Secondary, Melee) which we believe has been a common request!
    Warframe’s first Prime Sentinel, Wyrm Prime, has had its base Health increased from 100 to 225!
    Reduced the Razorback Cipher cost from 3500 Polymer Bundle to 1500 Polymer Bundle. Back in May of this year we made numerous fixes towards the Razorback Armada, and with another Armada to appear soon we took a second look at the Polymer friction involved with this non-useable Blueprint. See here for past fixes you can expect:
    Reloading can now be interrupted by throwing the Javlok, and can be thrown after depleting all primary fire without having to wait for it to fully reload.
    Specific Auto-generated messages will be removed from your Inbox 30 days after opening them to clean up some unnecessary database space. Only the following time-sensitive Inbox notifications will be affected:

      Stalker Death Marks
      Invasion Battle Pay
      Double Credit and Affinity Weekends

    Improved performance when using Melee weapons with Mods that increase Range.
    Picking up disarmed thrown Secondary weapons (Kunai, Castanas, etc.) will now display the context action “Pick Up Thrown Weapon” instead of “Pick up Auto Pistol”.
    Removed unnecessary "Mastery Rank X Required"Codex text from Quests that are given directly to players after completing Junctions.
    Optimized loading screens.
    Improved the Angstrum's explosion FX.


    Fixed being able to Corrosive Status Effect yourself with Hydroid’s Corroding Barrage Augment if hit at the start of casting Undertow.
    Fixed not receiving the end reward for collecting every Kuria.
    Fixed Titania’s Razorwing ability jittering out of control at lower framerates when boosting forwards.
    Fixed Corpus Condor Dropship turrets lingering in the sky as they fly away.
    Fixed seeing two Warframes upon exiting the Simulacrum Arsenal after entering while invisible.
    Fixed Scanners not displaying scopes when aiming after switching to and from the Scanner via the Gear wheel.
    Fixed initiating a Self Revive consuming a Vazarin New Moon revive. Its design predates the Self Revive and wasn't intended to work together.
    Fixed being able to put Sentient parts on your Warframe by throwing the Halikar at a Sentient and then switching to Operator before it returns. While we understand this was pretty cool, it was broken in many ways. We will aim to revisit as a feature when more time emerges.
    Fixed Operator Void Beam not being functional after swapping weapons while initiating the Scanner.
    Fixed being able to walk on top of Grineer Spy Vault consoles when attempting to hack. This resulted in accidently tripping alarms and canceling the hacking.
    Fixed a specific teleport volume in the Orokin Derelict killing your Sentinel.
    Fixed NPCs that can be given a Secondary weapon, firing the Zakti at an impossibly fast rate.
    Fixed numerous weapon meshes appearing incorrectly on the ground when disarmed by a Drahk Master.
    Fixed the Convectrix not having a pickup context action when disarmed by a Drahk Master.
    Fixed the Operator getting stuck in an idle animation after returning to the Landing Craft during The War Within quest.
    Fixed the Perrin Sequence Sigil appearing bumpy.
    Fixed the Equinox Insomnia Skin appearing incorrectly when viewed in the Star Chart.
    Fixed the Hulta Armor clipping into Rhino Prime.
    Fixed numerous Syandanas clipping through Chroma’s Effigy pelt.
    Fixed being able to see 'Health' of Kuva Ghosts even though they don't die or have Health.
    Fixed a crash when viewing Mission Progress after changing Sentinels in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed Limbo remaining in the Rift when switching Warframe’s in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    Fixed Growing Power scaling indefinitely for Clients as per:
    Fixed Veiled Rivens requiring ‘no damage taken’ resetting progress when hit if no Health/Shield damage is taken but you got knocked down.
    Fixed an escapable level hole in the Grineer Fortress Spy tileset as seen here:

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Inaros and Nidus can now use No Current Leap Mod in Conclave
    Reduced the damage AoE radius of the Castanas family in Conclave.
    Increased the damage AoE radius of the Talons in Conclave.
    Increased duration of the Final Act Mod to 8 seconds and updated the description text in Conclave.
    Updated the description text of Tactical Retreat Mod in Conclave.
    Fixed seeing Warframe’s in a T-pose when attempting to leave a Team Annihilation lobby in Conclave.
    Fixed being able to throw an unstable Lunaro ball at ultra fast speeds due to high latency in Lunaro.

Vendredi 18 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.5.2

Hydroid Undertow Fixes

    Fixed Undertow suspending pickups in midair.
    Fixed Undertow rapidly draining Energy when falling.
    Fixed a large Energy consumption spike when Hydroid’s Undertow puddle settles if moving while it is settling.
    Fixed idle animations playing while in Undertow when equipped on Hydroid.
    Fixed ragdolled (but not dead) enemies in Undertow getting ejected from the puddle.


    Fixed Clients not seeing the in-world markers for Ayatan Stars and Datamasses.
    Fixed Companions dying upon Quick Reviving.  
    Fixed the Scanner sometimes not functioning accurately when swapping between Scanner and weapons.
    Fixed the Arsenal context action appearing in Captura.
    Fixed Rhino Prime's Iron Skin using your chosen Energy color instead of your chosen Accent color. 
    Fixed the Quick-Revive not displaying Affinity cost to Revive yourself.
    Fixed Prime Sigils not appearing metallic and shiny as they once were.
    Fixed some invisible glass in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
    Fixed the Operator not being able to spawn Specters.
    Fixed being able to 'swap weapons' as Operator on the Landing Craft.
    Fixed a script error in Maroo’s Ayatan Hunt mission.
    Fixed an end of mission crash.

Jeudi 17 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.5.1


    Significantly shortened the time required to self-Revive from 3 seconds to 1 second. This is in an effort to make it a quick decision in the heat of battle. We don't want scenarios where teammates try to revive you as you choose to end it and are unsure why they can't do anything for 3 or more seconds. 

Hydroid Fixes, Part IV! 

It's been four deployments since our Original Hydroid revisited. Here is the latest batch of fixes. We do plan on focusing more on fixes for future deployments. In the week since the rework, we've seen a lot of great feedback and have incorporated some big changes. We will be giving the rework more time in player's hands before we consider further big changes - but as always please place your feedback in appropriate subforums. 

    Fixed using Hydroid’s Tidal Surge while in Undertow causing extra Energy to be consumed for the distance traveled.
    Fixed Clients using Hydroid’s Undertow potentially becoming visible and vulnerable.
    Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow water volume replicating for Clients.
    Fixed players affected with Radiation seeing a bunch of 0s when shooting Hydroid’s Undertow with no enemies in it.


    Fixed Vay Hek not entering his Terra Frame phase if he hasn't been encountered the right number of times on the way to the boss room.
    Fixed the Operator Focus gauge visually not displaying for Clients.
    Fixed HUD showing incorrect Health/Shield values for Operators.
    Fixed ability UI not updating when switching between Archwing and ground.
    Fixed the Equinox Insomnia Skin having an incorrect Helmet tintmask on the Day Form.
    Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker disabling custom reticles for Snipers/Knell/etc. 
    Fixed being unable to enter Archwing in the Tyl Regor boss fight as a Client.
    Fixed Stealth Affinity buff display not updating past 100%.
    Fixed players seeing a white Health bar/Revive symbol/generic name over reconnected players.
    Fixed a crash when attempting to Revive.
    Fixed new players seeing the incorrect number of Revives remaining before completing Vor's Prize.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Removed player’s ability to shoot into Hydroid’s Undertow since players don’t get sucked into Undertow in Conclave.
    Fixed a UI error that allowed you to see the names of your enemies through walls as if they were your teammates in Conclave.

Jeudi 17 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Update 21.5.0


It’s time to upgrade your Arsenal with 11 new community-created TennoGen items. 


Skin + Helmet

    Nova Graxx Skin (seperate Nova Graxx Skin from the Nova Gnova Skin) by Faven_PS
    Mag Graxx Skin by Faven_PS
    Hydroid Graxx Skin by Faven_PS
    Nyx Carnifex Skin by Vulbjorn the Walrus Rider
    Saryn Amalgama Skin by prosetisen
    Equinox Insomnia Skin by prosetisen
    Ash Tsukuyomi Skin by Yatus
    Atlas Monolith Skin by Stenchfury



    Nezha Devine Skin by polygonmonster



    Scapulis Syandana by lukinu_u
    Naru Syandana by malayu and Jadie

Hydroid Changes & Fixes

As mentioned in Hotfix 21.4.2 on Friday, we continued reading feedback and testing Hydroid changes up until todays Update. 1 week into Hydroid Revisited and more than a handful of changes from constructive feedback have been implemented! 

The changes below cover a number of ideas about making Hydroid's simply feel better to use, particularly for teams. In the scheme of our 33 current Warframes, Hydroids role is to be a fun and active way to use the power of water and swashbuckling themes to take on enemies.

    Hydroid has received the PBR treatment!
    Hydroid’s base Energy has been increased from 150 to 188 (at Rank 30).
    Tempest Barrage now has a charging sound to indicate when the ability is being charged.
    Allies can shoot their weapons into Hydroid's Undertow to transfer half of their damage and distribute it among all enemies in the puddle.
    Undertow damage per second is now a % of the target's max Health.
    Undertow damage per second now scales with the amount of enemies in the pool - more submerged enemies, more damage!
    Undertow now deals Impact damage towards submerged enemies.
    Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles now move at a slower rate when enemies are captured in their grasp to improve issues with hard to shoot flailing enemies.
    Improved Tentacle Swarm’s cast sound to sound more aquatic and powerful when charging up.
    Improved Tentacle Swarm when cast on walls/odd surfaces.
    Improved the performance of Tentacle Swarm.
    Sentinel abilities are now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.
    Fixed being able to Transference to your Operator when in Undertow.
    Fixed Undertow’s Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
    Fixed certain enemies not working properly with Undertow FX (Nox for instance).


    Reverted a performance improvement that unintentionally made it easier to walk and stand on smaller enemies. This was causing unintentional difficulty when meleeing smaller enemies.
    Upon dying in the Simulacrum your Warframe will insta-Revive instead of having to initiate the Revive.
    Choosing to initiate a self-revive while bleeding out will now prevent other players from attempting to Revive you.
    Removed the Captura Arsenal console from Captura levels, due to it looking out of place. You can still access the Arsenal from the ESC menu. 


    Fixed rejoining a Jordas Verdict mission after experiencing a UI error when attempting to revive, resulting in the UI breaking again.
    Fixed Limbo’s Catacylsm not putting Defense objectives into the rift.
    Fixed the "rank bonuses" list in the Warframe Upgrade screen missing the bonus for your Warframe’s current level.
    Fixed "WARFRAME" showing up in the most used Warframe section in Player Profiles.
    Fixed Chat clearing when trying to send a message with more than 5 Rivens linked.
    Fixed Volt’s Transistor Shield Energy drain when moving applying to elevators.
    Fixed getting kicked from Vor’s Prize for taking too long to complete a mission (i.e. if you sat at the “choose your Warframe” screen).
    Fixed Ordis’ transmissions appearing to have incorrect FX.
    Fixed a script error when spawning G3 during Law of Retribution.
    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not making the strap on Lenz's quiver go invisible.
    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors not matching set holster customizations.
    Fixed Chroma’s Dynasty Skin blocking parts of the Esc menu.
    Fixed seeing sniper scope in photo mode in Captura while resuming time.
    Fixed being able to get Equinox's skirt on other Warframes in Captura.
    Fixed disabling the Sniper Scope UI option resulting in Sniper sights not only appearing, but also lingering indefinitely until the player switches weapons.
    Fixed Clients not having unlimited Focus ability usage in the Simulacrum.

Conclave Changes

    Renamed the ‘FREE FOR ALL’ option for matchmaking to ‘PUBLIC’.

Vendredi 11 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.4.2

With Hydroid Revisited just over 24 hours old, the team has been reading collected constructive feedback. Below are just a few changes we wanted to get out in the wild before the weekend arrives. More Hydroid changes are in the works to be tested and polished over the weekend for deployment early next week.

Hydroid Changes & Fixes


    Improved load times on 3-core systems.
    Optimized character lighting performance in the Earth Forest Defense tileset (among others).
    The mission voting screen in endless missions will now proceed immediately if the squad vote is unanimous. 
    Removed periods from all Challenge descriptions to make them consistent.


    Fixed the HUD freezing when reviving yourself while a teammate was attempting to revive you.
    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors only creating 1 Lenz explosion instead of 3.
    Fixed mission loading screen Liset movement not accurately reflecting the movement of other squadmates.
    Fixed Javlok consuming ammo from throwing while having the Void Fissure Reactant Buff (infinite ammo).
    Fixed the Telos Boltace pull not working for Clients.
    Fixed black squares in place of certain walls/exits appearing in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    Fixed Relic selection screen popping up when going to a quest node through the World State Window if there's a Void Fissure at that node.
    Fixed Baro K'Teer's Inbox messages being sorted as if they were sent a long time ago.
    Fixed some Survival and Spy doors not displaying properly.
    Fixed Large Corpus Spy door frame lights remaining yellow after being hacked.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Increased the damage of the Snipetron in Conclave.
    Decreased the damage of the Snipetron Vandal in Conclave.
    Fixed trying to use Mesa’s Waltz Peacemaker Conclave Augment causing you to get locked out of doing anything until Energy runs out or you die in Conclave.

Jeudi 10 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.4.1


    Improved the ‘charge up’ indicator for Hydroid’s abilities.
    Maroo will patiently wait for the Stolen Dreams quest to be completed before she starts offering you weekly Ayatan Hunt missions.


    Fixed Hydroid’s Corroding Barrage Augment not applying to enemies in Undertow.
    Fixed Hydroid’s Curative Undertow Augment not healing the caster or any allies when the caster is a Client.
    Fixed duplicate Hydroid Undertow ripples.
    Fixed a crash from a Host Migration. 
    Fixed a crash from Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm.
    Fixes towards Challenge title inconsistencies.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed Castanas, Talons and Ogris projectiles being destroyed in flight doing 4x damage with 2x radius in Conclave.
    Fixed edge-case HUD script error when re-spawning in Conclave.

Jeudi 10 août 2017
[Update 21.4.0] Hydroid Revisited Feedback

Hydroid Revisited

Please use this thread to give us your feedback on Hydroid Revisited. We will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with Hydroid's revamped abilities. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed.


The sea has a revamped fear creeping in the depth, and his name is Hydroid.

With Hydroid Prime emerging to the surface soon, the team took another glance at Hydroids power and what we could do in order to achieve ability synergy. Hydroid now brings barrages, puddles, and tentacles into a deadly oceanic horror. 

General Hydroid Changes

    Hydroid’s base Shield and Armor has received a buff!
    Shield is now 375 from 345.
    Armor is now 200 from 65.

Tempest Barrage

    Tempest Barrage can be cast while in Undertow and will now hit enemies submerged in Undertow.
    Tempest Barrage can now be charged for longer Duration (more explosions) and more Damage for more Energy.

Tidal Surge

    Tidal Surge can be used to move around without canceling Undertow (note that Tidal Surge speed - and hence distance - is halved when used in Undertow).
    Tidal Surge will now pull enemies along for the ride.
    Tidal Surge can be interrupted at any point by casting Undertow to go into your puddle, sinking enemies being pulled along.


    Hydroid can pull enemies into Undertow by aiming and clicking on them.
    Undertow can be cast while in air.
    Jump and roll will break Hydroid out of Undertow.
    Hydroid can now move while in Undertow at the expense of Energy.
    Submerged enemies in Undertow receive Damage Per Second, increasing every second they are submerged.
    Enemies that die will be released from Undertow instead of dragging their dead bodies along for the ride.

Tentacle Swarm

    Hold onto your ships, Tentacle Swarm has received a new look straight from the depths of the sea! Can you summon the Kraken?
    Tentacle Swarm can be charged to get more tentacles over a larger area for more Energy.
    Hydroid tentacles will now seek out nearby enemies and attempt to slam on top of them rather than just always flailing randomly and hoping they hit something.
    Tentacle Swarm will protrude from Hydroid’s Undertow if active when cast.

Jeudi 10 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Update 21.4.0


Hydroid Revisited

The sea has a revamped fear creeping in the depth, and his name is Hydroid.

With Hydroid Prime emerging to the surface soon, the team took another glance at Hydroids powers and what we could do in order to achieve ability synergy. Hydroid now brings barrages, surges, puddles, and tentacles into a deadly oceanic horror. 

Feedback appreciated : here

General Hydroid Changes

    Hydroid’s base Shield and Armor has received a buff! 

      Shield is now 375 from 345.
      Armor is now 200 from 65.

Tempest Barrage

    Tempest Barrage can be cast while in Undertow and will now hit enemies submerged in Undertow.
    Tempest Barrage can now be charged for longer Duration (more explosions) and more Damage for more Energy.

Tidal Surge

    Tidal Surge can be used to move around without cancelling Undertow (note that Tidal Surge speed - and hence distance - is halved when used in Undertow).
    Tidal Surge will now pull enemies along for the ride.
    Tidal Surge can be interrupted at any point by casting Undertow to go into your puddle, sinking enemies being pulled along.


    Hydroid can pull enemies into Undertow by aiming and clicking on them.
    Undertow can be cast while in air.
    Jump and roll will break Hydroid out of Undertow.
    Hydroid can now move while in Undertow at the expense of Energy.
    Submerged enemies in Undertow receive Damage Per Second, increasing every second they are submerged.
    Enemies that die will be released from Undertow instead of dragging their dead bodies along for the ride.

Tentacle Swarm

    Hold onto your ships, Tentacle Swarm has received a new look straight from the depths of the sea! Can you summon the Kraken?
    Tentacle Swarm can be charged to get more tentacles over a larger area for more Energy.
    Hydroid tentacles will now seek out nearby enemies and attempt to slam on top of them rather than just always flailing randomly and hoping they hit something.
    Tentacle Swarm will protrude from Hydroid’s Undertow if active when cast. 

General Additions

    Added Spring-Loaded Broadhead to the Conculyst drop table and buffed Mod drop rate to counteract the dilution (the rares are still the same chance but the uncommons are now slightly easier to get).


    Made improvements towards load-times.
    Adjusted the release time of charged throws for all thrown weapons in Dual-Wield mode to improve collision.
    Removed unused tint masks from a bunch of materials to make them render slightly faster.
    Improved the variety of cycled Sortie missions types.
    Removed the explosion delay from Javlok's spear when thrown fully charged. Quick throw retains the delay to facilitate getting out of range before it detonates.
    The "Hacker" mission challenge (hack 1 console) will no longer appear if the mission has no consoles to hack. Additionally, it can no longer be rolled in Survival, Hijack, or Defection, because those mission types give you a console to hack for free at the beginning.
    Removed mission challenges from Junctions.
    Removed the "Stealth" mission challenge from missions where you're not likely to be able to complete it:

      Will no longer be rolled for any Infestation mission
      Will no longer be rolled for the mission types: Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection
      Will no longer be rolled for public matchmaking missions, since other players are likely to go loud and alert the enemies

    Removed the "Style Kill" challenge (get 5 kills while sliding) in Archwing missions.


    Fixed the "forget what you're doing and kill everyone" objective randomly kicking in during Invasion missions (the faction you're supporting probably isn't going to be happy about paying you to kill their own troops...) as per:
    Fixed a potential script error with the Rifleman and Pistol Master mission challenges.
    Fixed Inaros’ passive breaking when having to revive.
    Fixed crates from Vor’s Prize unintentionally spitting out Void resources (e.g. Argon Crystal).
    Fixed Operator getting stuck in a t-pose after Void Dashing in The War Within quest.
    Fixed receiving the "Player has joined/left the game" notifications in every Chat tab.
    Fixed the Lunaro ball appearing in the Navigation screen after viewing Conclave loadout.
    Fixed an issue where various glow FXs wouldn't appear to apply to attachments in certain cases, most notably on the Kavat's head.
    Fixed white "Defense" health bar that can appear instead of the objective's health due to high latency.
    Fixed players not being able to revive when their Sentinel uses Sacrifice.
    Fixed a script error that could occur if an enemy gets destroyed immediately in Hydroids Undertow (e.g. Infested Runners).
    Fixed several weapons using the incorrect model mesh when disarmed by a Drahk Master.
    Fixed Clients not being able to see the Arcata in Lunaro Captura Arsenal.
    Fixed Warframe Ability stats not being properly updated when using the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    Fixed some dead ends in the Corpus Gas City tileset being missing on the minimap.
    Fixed Syndicate Medallions (and perhaps other booty) spawning inside a wall in the Grineer Forest tileset.
    Fixed a case of taller enemies getting stuck under low hanging rocks in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
    Fixed a map hole in the Grineer Earth tileset and Lua Spy mission tileset.
    Fixed jumping off the map as Operator in the Corpus Outpost tileset killing you and then soft locking you if you try to switch to your Operator again.
    Fixed PhysX effects from Acid Shells not working on certain enemies.
    Fixed the Law of Retribution "arming tritium battery" UI stopping progressing if a player looks at the mission progress.
    Fixed a bug where low framerates could cause Clients to be unable to open the Arsenal in the Simulacrum/Captura.
    Fixed 'Abilities' option showing up in the top menu when playing as Operator (causes a script crash if selected).
    Fixed overlapping text in the Arsenal when Modding weapons with high damage numbers.

Conclave Additions, Changes & Fixes

    Added an 'Alliance only' matchmaking mode in Conclave.
    Removed Corrosive radial AoE from Scourge in Conclave.
    Scourge's bullet attractor now lasts 3 seconds in Conclave.
    Increased the damage for all Bow’s charged shots in Conclave.
    Increased the damage for all Sniper Rifles (apart from Lanka) in Conclave.
    Increased the damage Castanas do on impact in Conclave.
    Increased the damage of Hydroid's Tidal Surge in Conclave.
    Reduced the damage of the Tenora in Conclave.
    Reduced the damage of the Stradavar’s full auto mode in Conclave.
    Reduced the damage of the charged throw of Orvius in Conclave.
    Reduced the duration of Hydroid's passive in Conclave.
    Reduced Energy drain of Hydroid's Undertow in Conclave.
    Reduced the mobility of Hydroid in Conclave.
    Hydroid now loses Energy when shooting the center of Undertow in Conclave.
    Fixed the Castanas not doing damage when detonated while airborne in Conclave.
    Fixed Banshee's Sonar in Team-based Conclave overriding team-markers, resulting in opponent team seeing red markers for each other.

Vendredi 4 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.3.2


    Restored AkBronco Prime Status Chance back to original 30%.
    Increased Bronco Prime Status Chance to 30% to match AkBronco Prime.


    Removed rock that was blocking a doorway in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    Removed Archwing from one of the Kuva Fortress extraction tiles.
    Fixed crash that could occur if Warframe were left running for days on end.

Vendredi 4 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.3.1

Addition - Quick Revive

    We’ve added a quick revive option when running non-solo missions! If you’re downed you will now be prompted to “hold “X” to respawn” during the bleed-out state:


    If you chose to quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out, you’ll respawn in 3 seconds. If you chose not to use your quick revive before the bleed-out timer runs out or before a teammate/Sentinel revives you, the standard revive option will become available. 
    The quick revive option is also available to you in Solo missions if you have a Sentinel equipped with the “Sacrifice” mod! 


    Increased Tenora’s magazine size from 80 to 150.
    You can now charge throw the Orvius while in dual wield mode to trigger the same special function when throwing while channeling. Teshin would be proud.

      Adjusted the AKBronco Prime’s Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage to match the Bronco Prime. 
      Increased AKBronco Prime’s magazine size from 6 to 8. 
      Decreased AKBronco Prime’s fire rate from 8.33 to 5.5.
      EDIT: Please know that the AKBronco Prime having 22% Status Chance is unintentional and will be fixed in a future Hotfix.

    Lessened the spread from the Heavy Caliber mod when used with the Scourge, Ferrox, and Javlok. 
    Javlok alt fire changes: 

      AOE explosion happens 1 second after impact. 
      Consumes ammo and AOE damage is increased by 20% per round in mag when thrown.
      Explosion FX updated to better reflect the AOE range.
      Ammo pool reduced to 300.

    Improved handling of corrupt cache when transitioning between levels.
    Adhesive Blast is no longer equipable on the Javlok and the Scourge.
    Made small performance improvement to the Kuva Fortress tilset. 


    Fixed a crash when attempting to sell a lot of weapons from your inventory.
    Fixed UI issue with your overall Syndicate Standing showing as doubled in the End of Mission window.
    Fixed @username tagging in chat not working on players who had recently said something. 
    Fixed Operator abilities not working if a scanner is used before entering Transference. Additionally, fixed being unable to use scanners after Transference. 
    Fixed Operators jittering around when using scanners.
    Fixed not being able to use gear item hotkeys as your Operator. 
    Fixed Operator reticle not being visible when a scanner is equipped. 
    Fixed Iron Skin on Rhino Prime being incorrectly colored. 
    Fixed Pandero’s alt fire bullets shooting from the holster position after a melee slide attack. 
    Fixed missing environment elements in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
    Fixed a rare crash when running in DirectX 9. 
    Fixed getting stuck in a repeating shooting animation when swapping to a Gunblade in the middle of a charged attack. 
    Fixed a crash in the Relay server code that would result in poor performance.
    Fixed the ability to procure the unreleased Helminth Ferocity mod via Transmute/trade. 
    Fixed Nyx being able to sometimes cast Chaos on Mobile Defense terminals, causing it to spin around.
    Fixed a seam appearing in the Corpus Ice Planet minimap. 

Conclave Fixes/Changes 

    Fixed a bug where the Castanas damage was being displayed incorrectly in the Conclave Arsenal. 
    Increased Tenora’s magazine size from 50 to 70.

Mercredi 2 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Update 21.3.0


Eradicate the enemy with the Lenz!

Bolts from this Corpus bow deliver a one-two punch of an icy pulse, followed by a conventional explosion. Excess ammo picked up for other weapons will be converted into charges for the Lenz. Warning, safety-protocols do not exist on this prototype.

Research the Lenz Blueprint in the Clan Dojo Energy Lab or get it in the Market.


    Optimized specific materials to improve rendering performance; the Void and the Kuva Fortress saw the most improvement but materials throughout the game were updated.
    Removed subtle detail patches from the Earth tileset when Geometry Detail is set to Low.
    Optimized Rhino’s Iron Skin shader to reduce the per-pixel cost by about 10%.
    Optimized ambient sound performance in the Grineer Fortress and Lua tileset. 
    Optimized firing sound performance of the Boltor.
    Optimized visibility culling in some situations when Geometry Detail is set to Low.


    Oberon’s Hallowed Ground Grass and Prime ferns will now match your Accent color, and the ferns will get your Energy color in the middle of them for 2-tone fashionframe.
    Reduced the frequency that Quick Thinking can stagger lock a player. This is actually undoing a bug fix where Quick Thinking wasn't staggering players as often as it was intended to, but this is the new intention now! Essentially Quick Thinking is back to the way it was pre Update 21.
    Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
    Improved vegetation pigment to avoid gross looking solid color, fog and Depth of Field tweaks for huge view distances.
    Removed duplicate (and broken) Kuva Siphon Codex entry.


    Fixed another instance of the Jordas Verdict being unplayable due to the Jordas Golem not docking properly. 
    Fixed Clients being unable to pass the ceiling door in the Jordas Verdict Stage 1.
    Fixed Mesa continuing to wall run if wall running when Peacemaker is activated as seen here Fixed the Ki’Teer Syandana having the wrong applied texture as seen here Fixed a functionality loss when firing a scoped Vectis in Captura while using a controller. 
    Fixed an invisible wall causing a progression stopper in the War Within quest. 
    Fixed Kuva Siphon markers appearing prematurely. Will now only be visible once a player is in the same tile as the Kuva Siphon.
    Fixed Kuva Siphons breaking when a Host Migration occurs at the start of the mission.
    Fixed NPCs not moving to collect the Index point pickups in The Index.
    Fixed Maroo & Clem missions not showing up in World State Window's Alerts section if no randomly-generated Alerts are currently available.
    Fixed the Excalibur Prominence Skin using the wrong tint mask.
    Fixed Codex attribution of Mods hidden in Caches.
    Fixed the Lua Security Eye dealing no damage on direct hits.
    Fixed Orokin Derelict Sabotage Caches not giving any rewards.
    Fixed AI vaulting and falling through the level in the Grineer Galleon tileset.  
    Fixed Toxin Resistance Mod not being tradable. 
    Fixed Mutalist Alad V boss transmissions popping up while playing Eris Exterminate missions.
    Fixed Archwing Power UI displaying the incorrect Powers if the player is Equinox
    Fixed sometimes remaining in the squad Chat after leaving the mission.
    Fixed having to restart Vor’s Prize from the beginning if you AFK during the tutorial. 
    Fixed Client Operators being invisible in transmissions.
    Fixed Ivara's Cloak arrow dome not cloaking Operators.
    Fixed some graphics settings not applying until level change.
    Fixed an orange square appearing in the Void Sabotage Portal.
    Fixed a section of tree missing collision in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
    Fixed some Corpus tileset glass being near invisible.

Conclave Changes

    Disabled Headshot Multiplier on all AoE attacks in Conclave.

Mardi 1 août 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.2.1

Once again the Prime Vault closes it’s doors. Rhino Prime, Mag Prime, Ankyros Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, and Boltor Prime (with their respective Prime accessories) return to the Vault until another opportunity arises.

Wild Relics containing these items have been removed from drops, but Inventories will not be touched. Those that possess vaulted Relics may treasure them forever or continue to crack them open for a chance at these items.


    Optimized Dx10 and Dx11 memory footprint by a further 20-30MB.
    Optimized Octavia's special effects slightly.
    Optimized Color Correction performance for some tilesets.
    Optimized Fog rendering performance.
    Optimized Corpus Sniper AI to reduce time spent looking for place to deploy Ratels; in certain extreme cases this was causing small repeated hitches.
    Optimized Feral and Chesa Kubrow AI to reduce time spent looking for pickups.
    Optimized Kuva Dargyn AI to improve performance in Kuva Fortress Assault missions.
    Improved ambience performance in the Grineer Shipyard and Corpus Ship tilesets.
    Removed water caustics when running in Low Shader Quality; this should improve framerate on Earth in particular but other tilesets should benefit in places.


    Buffed Void Reactant pickup radius to match other auto-pickups.
    Kuva Siphons are now marked with an in-world marker to improve locatability.
    Relocated a Kuva Siphon spawn point in the Infested Corpus ship to a lesser claustrophobic spot.
    Searching a Focus school in the Arsenal will now display weapons that have a respective installed Lens.
    Reduced damage of the Swarmer weapon used by Comba and Scrambus units.
    Lowered Corpus Tech Fire Rate from 750 to 600 shots per minute and lowered damage from 45 to 25.
    Improved consistency of Chat context menu option order:
    Friends: Talk, Invite/Join, Profile
    Recent: Talk, Invite, Profile
    Chat: Talk, Invite, Profile
    Reduced the sound effect volume of Moa headshots.
    Reduced muffled sound effect when invisible.
    Reduced the sound levels of Anyo and Sark commentators in The Index. 


    Fixed the Jordas Verdict being uncompletable due to Jordas Golem sometimes not docking in the correct location.
    Fixed 4k Endo Sortie reward not showing in Reward list on the End of Mission screen.
    Fixed Harrow’s Thurible not reflecting the actual buff amount when Power Strength changes during Channel.
    Fixed sometimes dying immediately when being healed with a Warframe ability that removes Viral Status Effects.
    Fixed trying to view any Clan Contributions in a mission with Matchmaking set to Solo resulting in your UI locking up.
    Fixed the hitbox of the Orokin Cryopod defense target on Lua/Stöfler and Uranus/Stephano not being rotated correctly.
    Fixed sometimes getting stuck in decoration objects (hacking panels, etc) when Transferring to the Operator in close proximity to said object.
    Fixed doors sometimes being stuck in the closed position if you joined a mission while the door was open for everyone else.
    Fixed Sentinel Regen Mod not activating sometimes.
    Fixed Clients not seeing explosion FX when Sentinels die.
    Fixed Grineer Commanders not spawning as Synthesis Targets.
    Fixed Kuria Poem displaying incorrectly.
    Fixed Silver Grove quest Apothic Codex entries B and C playing the transmissions from entry A.
    Fixed a rare case of loading into a mission with an empty Mandachord which results in Octavia dealing no damage as per:
    Fixed walking on air when throwing a charged Glaive in Dual-Wield mode while walking off an edge.
    Fixed empty Inventory slots showing the owned/format count element.
    Fixes towards experiencing a hitch when switching Loadout presets.
    Fixed hitches when switching to Scanners in the Gear menu.
    Fixed your Warframe not looking in the direction of the camera after using the pause Menu.
    Fixed Status Effect FX lingering forever if Operator Transference happens before the FX ends.
    Fixed Clients having their Warframe's active invisibility FX break when Transferring back from their Operator.
    Fixed Operator’s not appearing when viewing another player’s Profile as a Client.
    Fixed a script error when a Host Migration occurs right when the mission fails.
    Fixed a black screen and functionality loss when selecting Conclave from the mode menu in the Arsenal.
    Fixed incorrect verbiage when consigning a Companion.

Conclave Changes

    Cephalons can no longer be carried into the Rift by Limbo in Capture the Cephalon Conclave mode.

Mercredi 26 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix


    Fixed getting an unresponsive screen when attempting to gift.

Mercredi 26 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Update 21.2.0


Jat Kusar

Overwhelm hostiles with this jet-powered sickle and razor-chain weapon. Charged strikes ignite an explosive blast at range.

The winning Melee entry from ‘The Best Defense’ contest is here! Concepted and submitted by fellow Tenno SilverBones, this Grineer inspired Plasma Kusurigama is the embodiment of murderous, Grineer ingenuity.

    Original Artwork


    The Squad player list is now displayed by default!
    Hunhow’s Datascape Scene and Harrow’s Temple Scene are now tradable!
    Swapped out the Lith S1 Relic given upon completion of the Mars Junction to a Lith A2 Relic due to the Lith S1 being vaulted.
    Approximated certain lighting calculations when using Low Shader Quality to improve performance; this will be most helpful for the Earth tileset because of the day/night cycle but there should be improvements throughout all remastered tilesets.
    Optimized shader memory by 30-50MB depending on settings.
    Optimized render performance slightly for all platforms.
    Adding friends through the recent players list or Chat now gives the opportunity to add a Friend Note as well.
    Harrow will now detach from his Wall Latch when Channeling his Thurible to avoid awkward animations.
    In-Game Progress can now be viewed in Archwing missions.
    Forma count can now be seen on weapons and Warframes in the Inventory screen (similar to in the Arsenal).
    Tweaked the Volt Arrester Helmet tintmask.
    Reduced the amount of cloth movement on Harrow when viewing the Star Chart.

Earth Tileset Changes & Fixes

    Continued to optimize the Earth remastered tilset to improve performance and lighting quality.
    Fixed crash or full system hang that could occur if too many PhysX Effects were created.
    Fixed an improper Loot Crate placement and spawning in the Earth Forest tileset.
    Fixed numerous lighting issues and floating meshes on the Earth Forest tileset.
    Fixed escapable level holes in Iron Wake and the Earth Forest tileset.
    Fixed an incorrectly placed teleporter in the Earth Forest tileset.   


    Fixed Harrow holding a shield (Silva & Aegis, etc) in an ancient style which history has long since forgotten (probably because shields are not useful if you hold them backwards).
    Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker jamming if the Shift key is held while activating the ability.
    Fixed being able to get permanently stuck switching weapons when spamming Mesa’s Peacemaker.
    Fixed instances where the Client would administer more damage to Lephantis than the Host.
    Fixed the Codex not showing that certain Acolyte Mods also drop from Lua Spy missions.
    Fixed Oberon being able to linger in an infinite bleedout state and be able to revive Sentinels.
    Fixed spawning 3 enemies of different factions simultaneously spawning in the exact same spot in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed clicking Chat links for Mods creating the preview behind the Chat window.
    Fixes towards Smeeta Charm buffs not consistently applying to the Operator.
    Fixed seeing an error when attempting to deploy an Extractor after zooming out of a planet that was not fully completed.
    Fixed Ash’s Fatal Teleport Augment causing enemies to teleport up high if cast from up above.
    Fixed (for real) Primary Mods with Fire Rate buffs applying 3x to Ivara's Artemis Bow instead of 2x.
    Fixed duplicate swords appearing in the Second Dream cinematic.
    Fixing another instance of missing Glaive name in Dual-Wield mode after reviving.
    Fixed a rare instance of the Glaive not being thrown in Dual-Wield mode.
    Fixed a rare issue in Dual-Wield mode where your normal equipped Melee attacks wouldn't combo.
    Fixed Clients being able to obtain Affinity in the Simulacrum (which wouldn't actually apply) but could cause items to level up in the mission temporarily and breaking the Arsenal.
    Fixed Simulacrum enemy selector not remembering the previously selected enemies.
    Fixed being able to spawn unlimited enemies in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed the Mandachord not working in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed not being able to immediately spawn more Simulacrum enemies after killing them.
    Fixed being unable to open the main menu in the Dojo if anyone is kneeling in the Dueling area.
    Fixed Trick Mag applying to your Primary weapon when equipped on the Cycron.
    Fixed Cephalon Simaris' material appearing incorrect in the New Strange diorama.
    Fixed grammar when selecting an Arcane Helmet to convert in Foundry.
    Fixed Sands of Inaros quest tomb drawings rendering over top of the fog.
    Fixed Sentinel flare being too bright when viewing them in the Market.
    Fixed Large Energy Restores not providing detailed information when viewed in the Foundry.
    Fixes towards the Kyroptera Syandana not sitting correctly on Warframes.
    Fixed Clients not seeing Rampart’s destruction FX.
    Fixed Elemental FX not displaying on the Palatine Hammer Skin.
    Fixed Excalibur’s Chromatic Blade Augment not adding Elemental FX to the energy wave.
    Fixed Operators temporarily getting into a bad ledge-climbing animation when Void Dashing in some cases.
    Fixed Clients seeing a floating Operator head for a frame or 2 when Transferring to their Operator for the first time.
    Fixed Operators being able to use Limbo's Rift portal to enter the Rift.
    Fixed enemy locations in the Codex being confused by past events (ie: there aren't really any Nox on Phobos).
    Fixed Defense objective terminals dancing to Octavia’s Resonator as per:
    Fixed Credit total not updating for players attempting to sell items in the Dojo.
    Fixed Syndicate Medallions spawning in the same spot as Cephalon Fragments.
    Fixed a case of being able to get out of the level bounds using Titania's Razorwing.
    Fixed the squad Chat not updating when re-joining after being in a squad of 3 with the squad Chat window closed, while the 4th player is joining.
    Fixed a script error when attempting to Upgrade your Companion in the Relay Arsenal.
    Fixed Pet names with ‘-’ being accepted.
    Fixed not being able to duel players in the Dojo if you are the only 2 present.
    Fixed Clients not having infinite consumables in Simulacrum.
    Fixed spot loading the Arsenal when backing out of the Mods screen that was opened from the Upgrade screen.
    Fixed clipping into walls/staircases when performing a Melee finisher.
    Fixed not Transferring in front of your Warframe as the Operator.
    Fixed a case of Vay Hek not spawning in his Assassination mission.
    Fixed some enemies in the Codex having their Health and Shields listed as ‘None’.
    Fixed normal Grineer enemies spawning on the Mariana Earth node as opposed to Drekar Grineer.
    Fixed Reactant buff icon not displaying after collecting 10 Reactant for the second time in an Endless Fissure mission.
    Fixed Reactant amount and buffs disappearing on squad members if they or you die and respawn in an Endless Fissure mission.
    Fixed missing Nullifier bubbles in Hijack Sortie missions.
    Fixed Clients sometimes not dealing the right amount of damage.
    Fixed script error when trying to whisper someone with a Riven or Song link in the message.
    Fixed a crash in the Simulacrum.

Jeudi 20 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.1.1


    Companion Kavats will now get knocked back and dissolve (instead of just vanishing) when they sadly die because you either left them or didn’t make it in time. 
    Reload sounds will now play properly when Dual-wielding the Zakti with thrown Melee weapons.
    Battalyst and Conculyst Sentient weapons will now disappear after a minute as opposed to lingering on the ground indefinitely. 
    Improved texture-streaming responsiveness.
    Improved Channeling FX on Nova Prime and Oberon Prime. 
    Optimized render performance in cases where dynamic lights were destroyed.

Simulacrum & Captura Changes

    Enemies will no longer automatically be killed by returning to the Arsenal area, and Host will not automatically kill enemies by using the enemy selector console. 
    Enemies can be killed by the Host by selecting the 'Kill Enemies' button in the enemy selector console. 
    The 'Pause AI' button will now dynamically pause and unpause any currently existing enemies.


    Fixed a soft lock when attempting to craft Specters.
    Fixed a crash that would occur when activating Excalibur’s Exalted Blade (and other similar abilities) then entering the Arsenal and going to the Melee weapon upgrades screen in Captura and the Simulacrum.
    Fixed not receiving Syndicate Standing after completing a Syndicate mission. 
    Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker not acquiring new targets if it fails to find a target within a short period of time after firing.
    Fixed enemies affected by Nyx’s Chaos, Loki’s Radial Disarm, Naramon Mind Spike as well as Radiation procs not taking increased damage from faction damage Mods.
    Fixed being able to get infected by a cyst in Captura and the Simulacrum.
    Fixed the Zakti projectiles not hitting enemies in Mag’s Magnetize field. 
    Fixed the Zakti projectiles never exploding with toxic gas when killing enemies or hostile objects. 
    Fixed an issue that was causing all Sentient arms to no longer be destructible.
    Fixed Syndicate Secondaries losing their unique skin in Dual-Wield and looking like the normal version of the weapon.
    Fixed certain weapons firing "out of the Rift" when Limbo's Stasis is disabled. 
    Fixed the Mastery Sigil appearing unranked on Titania and her Skins.
    More fixes towards Energy color issues when using Core Vent on the Elytron.
    Fixed Armor attachments appearing dark in the Star Chart when you zoom out of a region. 

Conclave Changes

    Reduced the AoE damage radius of the Zakti in Conclave

Mercredi 19 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix


    Improved the cloth physics on the Mozi Syandana.


    Fixed a crash upon reviving as Inaros.

Mercredi 19 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Update 21.1.0


Channel your inner crimson warrior with the new Guandao Collection! 

Slice through your enemies with the Guandao, a towering polearm, or take them out from a distance with the Zakti pistol and its lethal toxicity. Adding the Mozi Syandana will ensure your enemies only see a flash of red before their last moments, if they see anything at all…

The Guandao Collection includes

    Guandao Polearm - Harvest the enemy with this towering polearm.
    Zakti Pistol - Fires razor-sharp darts that anchor themselves in their target before erupting in a plume of toxic gas.
    Mozi Syandana - Windswept ribbons of crimson evoke the war-kites of ancient Earth.

Visit the Market today to claim this Collection or each new item individually! 

The Guandao Polearm and Zakti Pistol can also be crafted in the Tenno Research Lab in your Dojo!

General Additions

    You can now select 'Friendly Fire', 'Warframe Invincibility', 'Pause AI', and 'Kill Enemies' in the Simulacrum enemy selector screen. For Multiplayer Simulacrum, the Host will be able to select these options.
    You can now select 'Pause AI' and 'Kill Enemies' in Captura via the enemy selector screen. For Multiplayer Captura, the Host will be able to select these options.


    Improved the Smeeta Kavat Mischief buff for Operators. Relevant buffs on the Warframes will always be transferred to the Operator and vice versa.
    Mastery Rank of each Dojo Research item is now shown in Clan Research selection screen.
    Harrow's smoke FX during his Thurible cast can be seen by other players now.
    Made optimizations to Chat to improve performance when users join/leave the current channel.


    Fixed attempting to launch Solo missions while in a squad causing the Star Chart UI to become unresponsive for the Host and causing Client to load into a black screen.
    Fixed a crash that could occur if many enemies were spawned at once in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed being able to re-run an Alert/Sortie/Syndicate mission again right after completing it. It’s also worth noting that rewards would not be given out twice in this situation. Rewording for clarity: Fixed a super rare edge-case where the Sortie/Alert/Syndicate mission would appear as incomplete, even though you just completed it.
    Fixed having no objective in Sabotage/Invasions missions.
    Fixed not being able to complete Asteroid Mobile Defense missions. 
    Fixed the Cerata having 20% Status Chance when it should be 30%.
    Fixed Excalibur getting stuck in Slash Dash (and thus being invulnerable) if it was cast with no targets and the player took damage right after casting.
    Fixed Companion Pets insta-dying in Kuva Siphon missions (for real this time).
    Fixed Sheev, Snipetron and Dex Dakra displaying an incorrect Riven Disposition.
    Fixed Primary Riven Mods with Fire Rate buffs applying to Ivara's Artemis Bow.
    Fixed regular Primary Mods with Fire Rate buffs applying 3x to Ivara's Artemis Bow instead of 2x.
    Fixed not being able to fire until you recast Mesa’s Peacemaker if you entered bleedout when Peacemaker is active.
    Fixed Nidus' Parasitic Link on allies being terminated early if Harrow uses Covenant.
    Fixed missing rear counter Finishers for Ancients/Moas/Kubrows/Chargers for the Blind Justice Nikana Stance.
    Fixed Viral Status Effects being able to straight up kill you or put you into bleedout.
    Fixed Eximus units having drops in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed Sortie bosses not shutting up after switching World State Window tabs (or cancelling with ESC or pressing WSW minimize button).
    Fixed being able to walk through Defense Targets after a Host migration has occurred.
    Fixed Clients switching between Warframes sometimes appearing to have Equinox's skirt (sorry for ruining the fun).
    Fixed Mastery Sigils not displaying properly on some Warframes.
    Fixed black meshes appearing in the Lua Stealth Challenge room.
    Fixed cases of excessive spot-loading when transitioning from the Mod Station to Arsenal.
    Fixed Equinox/Nidus appearance being reset in the Arsenal when equipping a new Helmet/Skins/etc.
    Fixed a frame or two of animation popping and motion blur on Nidus' flaps when previewing or switching Skins/Helmets/etc in the Arsenal.
    Fixed incorrect Energy color when using Core Vent on the Elytron. 
    Fixed Chat link/Emote auto-complete adding a space at the end of the message instead of after the link.
    Fixed Chat link suggestions breaking when a unicode character appears before them.
    Fixed some Stance Mods not appearing as ‘New’.
    Fixed the Heavy Caliber Mod showing Accuracy stat twice.
    Fixed some Mods having offset description text.

Chains of Harrow: Hotfix


    Improved the cloth physics on the Mozi Syandana.


    Fixed a crash upon reviving as Inaros.

Mardi 18 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.0.9


    Operators are now affected by the Smeeta Kavat Mischief/Charm buffs.
    Improved and widened the Reactant marker visibility range.
    Improved Kavor Defectors colliding with players and each other.
    Improved enemies for targeting Atlas' Tectonic Bulwarks so they shouldn't get stuck (at least as often).

Opticor Change

    Opticor now benefits from Critical Chance / Critical Chance Multiplier Mods (the existing beam always did but the radial AoE damage did not).

Panthera Change

    Panthera Alt-Fire will now benefit from weapon explosion radius Mods.


    Fixes towards Chat sometimes spontaneously not working. 
    Fixed volumetric lighting not working properly when in DX10.
    Fixed being able to use Atlas' Tectonics Bulwark to prevent Defectors from bulwalking through doorways. The Bulwark wall now detects Defectors and the wall will collapse.
    Fixed a case where Atlas’ Tectonic Bulwark walls can have weird targeting from enemies, causing them to either not see the wall or attack it in incorrect ways (eg. shooting it when they can melee it).
    Fixed being stuck in a continuous Emote state upon selecting a looping Emote like the Ki’Teer Presence or Meditating Emote.
    Fixed the Scourge not being affected by Heavy Calibers accuracy reduction. 
    Fixed UI displaying 227 total missions playable when there are actually only 226. 
    Fixed several issues with in-world markers for Hosts and Clients. 
    Fixed certain weapons shrinking when applying skins on them.
    Fixed seeing duplicate FX for Harrow’s Covenant as Client.
    Fixed a missing blocking volume that was allowing players to go out of bounds in the Earth Forest tileset. 
    Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control FX lingering on Ramparts. 
    Fixed the Hyena Sigil FX not fading enough near the edges. 
    Fixed missing muzzle flash on the Tigris Prime.
    Fixed buff indicator for the Zenith disc lifespan not being removed if you recall the disc manually.
    Fixed Relic refinement sort by name being inconsistent, and list issue creating a visual copy of a Relic in the grid.
    Fixed Clients setting Exterminate markers on enemies who don't count towards mission progress.
    Fixes towards Equinox’s cloth getting stuck between legs.
    Fixed Equinox's mesh being reset to the mixed form when previewing Helmets/Skins/etc in the Arsenal.
    Fixed Warframes in Landing Craft/Relay getting stuck in a weird animation state after exiting the Arsenal quickly with only a Melee weapon equipped.
    Fixed hitches when scrolling through Sigils in the Arsenal.
    Fixes towards the Grax Mirage skin to better match the original Steam Workshop images.
    Fixed Operator Void Beam not using Energy properly in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed Clients being able to use Transference while wall clinging in order to float.
    Fixed using the Arsenal as Client causing permanent invincibility in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when starting a Dojo duel.
    Fixed the Host experiencing a significant hitch when the Client finishes loading into a Dojo duel.
    Fixed two Earth Forest tilesets with broken connections to portals which caused issues with objectives and marker pathing.
    Fixes no enemies sometimes spawning in Earth Forest Exterminate until near the extraction room.
    Fixed some positioning of weapon trails on sparring weapons (Obex, Kogake, Hirudo, etc).
    Fixed black and untextured wreckage in Corpus Archwing tilesets. 
    Fixed the Javlok playing a weird animation when quickly cycling through ‘Randomized’ color options.  
    Fixed the Scourge damaging or killing players when picking it up while paused in Limbo’s Rift before it hits the ground.
    Fixed the Sari Syandana covering the pause menu when playing Solo. The wings will now close a lot faster when pausing.
    Fixed the Scourge and Cycron Status lasting longer for the Host.
    Possible fix for Companion Pets being insta-killed in some rare cases (without going into bleedout).
    Fixed a localized typo of Chroma in his Helmet description text.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Increased ammo capacity of Pyrana in Conclave.
    Fixed Oberon’s Reckoning not lifting enemies in Conclave.
    Fixed Oberon’s Reckoning not being terminated if Oberon was killed during the cast in Conclave.

Jeudi 13 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix

Riven Fixes

    Snipetron Rivens are now an option for Rifle Rivens!


    Fixed many weapons not being visible (bows in particular).
    Fixed Kuva Braids randomly summoning Guardian Eximis. 
    Fixed becoming permanently invisible if any invisible ability affecting you ends while you are aiming with a scanner.

Jeudi 13 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.0.8


    The Stalker can no longer apply Nyx's passive to disarm enemies hit with Absorb due to being so powerful it crashed your game. Stalker pls.
    Removed the Chat Relay Message of the Day (MoTD) when in Iron Wake.

Riven Fixes

    Fixed missing Sheev and Dual Heat Sword Rivens.
    Fixed Dark Split Sword Rivens having no effect when equipped.


    Fixed an issue where Clients downed while using Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Wukong’s Primal Fury, or Valkyr’s Hysteria would be unable to switch weapons when revived.
    Fixed players suffering from low FPS resulting in slow casting times for Nidus’ Virulence.
    Fixed low FPS affecting Mesa’s Peacemaker damage per second. 
    Fixed a couple cases where abilities could become permanently blocked in Archwing.
    Fixed Syandanas being huge for Clients joining in progress in Archwing.
    Fixed elevators in the Grineer Sealab tileset not displaying context action correctly. 
    Fixed fog problems on some systems running DirectX 10.
    Fixed Chat not immediately switching to the Squad channel when in the loading screen.
    Fixed the TennoCon 2017 Syandana bunching up when equipped on Mesa.
    Fixed Operator not continuing to sprint after jumping if the player was and is still holding the sprint key before they jumped.

Jeudi 13 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.0.7


    Added a functional Arsenal in Captura via the pause menu. You can also access this menu Arsenal in the Simulacrum. 

Opticor Changes & Fixes

    Opticor beam now has a radius (thicker more cylinder shaped beam) that will allow you to hit more enemies with a single beam.
    Increased the Opticor AoE damage radius from 3 meters to 5 meters.
    Critical Chance and Critical Damage Multiplier now apply to the AoE.
    Reduced Ammo capacity to 200.
    Fixed being unable to destroy Nullifier bubbles with the Opticor. 
    Fixed being unable to kill enemies inside a Nullifier bubble or Eximus Snow Globe with the Opticor. This also fixes being unable to hit Lephantis or Sargas Ruk at times.


    Chat will automatically rearrange and switch to the Squad tab when loading into a mission.
    Optimized mission load times and reduced memory usage dramatically.
    Made several small performance improvements for the remastered Earth tileset (more to come).
    Updated the Frost Zastruga Helmet, Ersatz Loki Helmet, and Zener Volt Skin at each creator’s request. 

Riven Fixes

    Fixed missing Riven for Broken War.
    Fixed missing Riven for Dex Dakra .


    Fixed some cases of network timeout on joining missions with low-end computers (especially when the drivers don't support a shader cache).
    Fixed rare cases of invites not being received when in a Relay. 
    Fixed not being able to use the Codex Scanner to scan Ayatan Statues and other pickups.
    Fixed Vay Hek not spawning 3 times before his final battle and not entering his Terra Frame Phase when playing his boss fight.
    Fixed the water not draining for Clients after defeating Vay Hek on his Earth boss fight.
    Fixed items earned in mission not saving after dying as the Operator in the last stage of the Chains of Harrow quest.
    Fixed not being able to deploy Extractors on Earth.
    Fixed the Nukor creating a ton of FX if it kills something while it's been paused by Harrow's Condemn ability.
    Fixed being able to invite players to Iron Wake before they have progressed in Chains of Harrow.
    Fixed an issue that made you use the Melee charge animation instead of a normal attack animation when quickly pressing Melee after a slide attack in Dual-Wield mode.
    Fixed casting and deactivating Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Wukong’s Primal Fury, or Valkyr’s Hysteria while in Dual-Wield mode resulting in the UI stating the name of your Pistol and ability used.
    Fixed the Palatine Hammer Skin not applying correctly to the Sibear.
    Fixed some clipping issues with the TennoCon 2017 Syandana.
    Fixed incorrect projectile sounds with the Zarr and Knell. 
    Fixed no results displaying after Transmuting in the Relay.
    Fixed Ratals being unable to correctly roll down slopes.
    Fixed being unable to spawn Eximus units in the Simulacrum.
    Fixed some cases of NPCs falling through the floor after entering cover.
    Fixed Vor’s Prize tutorial hints clipping through the environment. 
    Fixed descriptions for Ammo Restores to display the correct values.
    Fixed the minimap appearing displaced in the Relay if your HUD scale is over 100.
    Fixed the Sands of Inaros quest description having the wrong tomb location text. 
    Fixed the ‘Offline Mod Bench’ appearing as a placeholder text.
    Fixed placeholder text appearing when attempting to select the ‘Filter’ button in Chat.
    Fixed Mag’s Magnetized Discharge Augment not triggering when using the "use selected ability" key.
    Fixed being able to spawn inside of a wall in the Mastery Rank 24 test.
    Fixed an invisible Corpus doorframe in the Shipyard tileset. 
    Fixed enemies not playing their injury animation sometimes. 
    Fixed a script error when entering Iron Wake.
    Fixed a script error when casting Harrow’s Thurible.
    Fixed a script error when casting Inaros’ Sandstorm.
    Fixed a script error when casting Nyx’s Psychic Bolts.
    Fixed a script error when casting Valkyr’s Rip Line.
    Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Artemis Bow.
    Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Renewal.
    Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Shock.
    Fixed a script error when casting Rhino’s Charge.
    Fixed a script error when casting Inaros’ Scarab Swarm.
    Fixed a script error when throwing the Ferrox.

Conclave Fixes

    Fixed a script error when casting Inaros’ Devour in Conclave.
    Fixed Octavia’s Amp ability applying buffs to players on the opposite team in Conclave.
    Fixed having the same Primary weapon equipped for both Cooperative and Conclave resulting in a visual error on Conclave weapon Mods.

Vendredi 7 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.0.6


    Harrow's Covenant now applies to Companions.
    Added weekly Defection leaderboards (scored the same as the Pacifism Defect).
    Added Affinity rewards for each Defection squad evacuated.
    Optimized away 1MB of reserve memory.
    Integrated localization updates.


    Fixed the Synthesis Scanner not scanning Simaris targets.
    Fixed Defection losing track of a Kavor when two squads extracted together and both the 4th and 5th defector arrived at the extraction point within half a second of each other.
    Fixed an endless loading screen when trying to load into Galleon survival for a Clem weekly mission.
    Fixed a broken foliage material that could cause some graphics drivers to crash.
    Fixed chat text not appearing while in gameplay in some cases.
    Fixed Toxin Resistance's description (added % for clarity).
    Fixed script error in Harrow's Covenant.

Jeudi 6 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.0.5


    Optimized a number of PBR textures to improve frame-rate for remastered tilesets on slower PCs.
    Reduced Opticor charge time of from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
    Temporarily removed Opticor beam thickness until it can be tested more thoroughly.
    Narrowed camera view cone and adjusted placement of some cameras in Corpus Spy vaults.
    Added controller support to parts of the Chains of Harrow quest.
    Added an option to disable Razer Chroma.
    Optimized mission loading slightly for people using High Shader Quality.
    Tweaked finisher animations for several weapons.
    The Baro Ki'Teer's countdown in Relays now shows where he will arrive in next.


    Fixed a number of performance regressions related to physics interactions between objects; in some cases this would cause a dramatic but temporary drop in frame-rate.
    Fixed not being able to hit Nullifier bubbles and other targets with melee weapons and the Opticor.
    Fixed some metal surfaces in the Corpus Spy vaults being transparent to security cameras.
    Fixed occasional Network Not Responding messages for people who have linked their account to Twitch.
    Fixed transmissions in certain quests being stuck on repeat (eg: Sands of Inaros).
    Fixed pillar hit-detection in the Cunning Drift Hall of Ascension (more improves to follow).
    Fixed Sentinel Precepts being activated at the start of Archwing missions.
    Fixed some cases where you would mount ziplines such as Ivara's Dashwire and then be unable to move from that spot.
    Fixed Companions in the Simulacrum sometimes dying upon entering the Arsenal.
    Fixed Companions floating slightly off the ground in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    Fixed Nox's scream not being ducked during transmissions.
    Fixed rare crashes on level load.
    Fixed certain effects in the Chains of Harrow quest showing up prematurely.

Mercredi 5 juillet 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.0.4

A Donda Decoration has been added!

After completing the Chains of Harrow quest, visit Palladino in Iron Wake to purchase your Donda for a small Ducat fee. Shiny for a shiny!


    Added notification for Energy gained by hitting enemies with Void Dash (it was always 10 energy/enemy but you could never see this).

Harrow Changes
(Values based on Rank 3 Abilities, lower Ranks adjusted similarly)


      Increased Duration from Shields by 25%
      Increased Duration cap from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
      Increased Fire Rate from 25% to 35%
      Increased Reload Speed from 50% to 70%


      Increased Range from 15m to 20m
      Sped up Energy Channeling by 50%
      Energy Channeling speed is now affected by Natural Talent


      Increase Crit per 100 Damage from 1.25% to 1.5%

Defection Changes & Fixes

    Changed Defection squad sizes to a constant 3 in Solo or 4 in Multiplayer.
    Defection sessions are now joinable until 1 squad is rescued or 3 or more Defectors are killed. This will result in more open Defection sessions to join.
    Reduced the scans required on the White Charger from 20 to 3.
    Defection Alerts now count squads rescued instead of individuals rescued. Requirement for normal Alerts is 4 squads (1 squad from A, 1 from B, 2 from C in multiplayer)
    Fixed no enemies spawning after a Host migration.

Chains of Harrow Quest Changes (vague for spoiler reason)

    Increased the amount of Energy returned to the Operator by killing enemies in the Chains of Harrow quest fight from 15 to 30.
    An objective text will now indicate when a certain mechanic is invulnerable in the Chains of Harrow boss fight.
    Increased the hit box size of a certain mechanic when invulnerable in the Chains of Harrow boss fight.
    Red Veil Fanatics now have objective markers on them in the Chains of Harrow boss fight.


    Optimized potential hitches caused by Infested Spawn Pods.
    Vor’s Prize quest intro cinematic is no longer skippable.
    Razer Chroma effects now play in the Main Menu and when Energy color is changed in the Arsenal.
    Disabled mission failure for taking too long in Mastery Rank Tests.


    Fixed a crash upon opening the Options menu.
    Fixed some performance issues with melee weapons and in other areas of the game.
    Fixed the Opticor not having it’s 1m Punch Through.
    Fixed being able to see other players in Palladino’s Iron Wake room.
    Fixed caches on Kuva Fortress/Dakata giving rewards from the incorrect table (thereby not dropping Cyclone Kraken as intended).
    Fixed the Pandero’s reload sounds being too loud.
    Fixed missing Pandero reload sounds when using it in Dual-Wield.
    Fixed Pistols having double responses and animation (sounds, reloading, etc).
    Fixed Harrow’s Thurible Channeling not being cancellable with "use selected ability button."
    Fixed Harrow’s Thurible remaining in his hand if he enters gets downed while Channeling Thurible.
    Fixed not receiving the buff after channeling Harrow’s Thurible if a context action is used.
    Fixed Harrow’s Penance not respecting the duration cap on the initial cast.
    Fixed being able to damage enemies outside the Rift while you are currently in it.
    Fixed bad grass lighting in the Forest tileset.
    Fixed not being able to shoot Sapping Osprey mines.
    Fixed Harrow’s front cloth clipping through his legs during his Agile animation.
    Fixed Emotes being disabled for everybody when a Harrow is Channeling his Thurible.
    Fixed Stalker ‘whooshing’ and other sounds being too loud. Fear the whoosh!
    Fixed a Corpus door opening incorrectly.
    Fixed being unable to hit enemies from within the Rift when using Titania’s Razorwing.
    Fixed the Sheev, Mire, and Hate having unintentionally reduced Attack Speeds.
    Fixed the Staticor not consuming ammo after the mag is depleted.
    Fixed being stuck in endless Melee while Dual-Wielding.
    Fixed the Berserker Mod not applying to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade and its waves.
    Fixed missing consoles in the Corpus Ship tileset.
    Fixed bad hitproxy on back of Arid and Forest Eviscerator enemies that were blocking head shots from behind.
    Fixed an issue where already dead bodies would yield Credits if hit with the Secura Lecta.
    Fixed script error when scrolling through available missions in a tab in the World State Window on a controller while on PC.
    Fixed a script error when casting Harrow’s Thurible or Covenant.
    Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Hallowed Ground.
    Fixed a script error when casting Banshee’s Sonar.
    Fixed a script error when casting Ivara’s Quiver.
    Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Discharge.
    Fixed a script error when casting Mesa’s Peacemaker.
    Fixed a script error when casting Hydroid’s Tidal Surge and Tempest Barrage.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

    Changed Pyrana’s Mag to 10 in Conclave to match PvE values.
    Fixed the Sonicor doing pve damage in Conclave.

Vendredi 30 juin 2017
Chains of Harrow - Hotfix 21.0.3

Harrow Changes & Fixes

    Lowered the damage required per Critical Chance bonus for Harrow’s Covenant from 100 to 80.
    Harrow’s Penance now has a Duration cap of 60 seconds.
    Fixed lower ranks of Harrow’s Covenant having higher numbers than intended.
    Fixed the Ripka's attaching to Harrow’s back.


    Adjusted the Zenith radar to show on enemies heads rather than the torso.
    Disabled Emotes while Channeling Harrow’s Thurible.