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Mardi 31 octobre 2017  
Frontier news network - Tricks and Treats

The next patch for Titanfall 2 that we’re calling Tricks and Treats is available starting 10/31! Here’s what’s coming:

New elite weapon skins

With the Tricks and Treats patch comes a new set of Elite Weapon skins including 3 Limited edition spooky skins to celebrate Halloween. The Halloween Skins and Bundle will be available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and will be removed from the store on 11/28 so get them while you can!

Each of these skins comes with a Squad Leader Bonus which gives:

    10% chance per owner Elite Weapon [up to 30%] to earn a double xp token at the end of a match.
    Grants 1 extra merit to you and your teammates as the end of a match. A player can only receive this bonus once per match.

Let’s take a look at the skins!

Game updates

    We have new Featured Modes to introduce that will be added to the existing rotation.
    We’ve taken another look at Pistols and heard your feedback. Expect to see some changes for Mozambique and Wingman Elite.
    You will also see some adjustments made to Attrition, Frontier Defense, and Reapers.

More info to come at the end of the week!

Titanfall united

This month the Titanfall community rallied to put on a two day Titanfall 2 stream extravaganza to raise money for the Las Vegas Victims Fund and Ridge to Reefs for Puerto Rico.

Big thanks to iishii who championed and did all the heavy lifting to bring streamers and players together for an awesome weekend. We are so proud of our community and it means a lot to us to see our fans come together to help others.All told over 50 streamers participated and nearly 1000 people joined the Titanfall United Networks and together raised nearly 10K for charities. Thank you to all that participated and donated!

We’d like to recognize the streamers that took the time to support this effort:

And big thank you to any other we might have missed. We appreciate what you bring to our community.

Community corner

It’s never hard to find some great Titanfall fan art, cosplay, and more to showcase. Let’s take a look at just a few of our favorites.

Sir! ZetaplusC2 from reddit shows that their cloaking level is over 9000!

Also this awesome Cosplay collaboration between @theitguy16 (pilot) & jshadow_photography from Instagram

Then here’s JinJayMan from reddit as they learn to never ask a titan how to math.

And since it’s Halloween, we have one of the best BT cosplays to date.

Lastly, let’s enjoy a recap of our experimental high TTK in form Titan Toons created by our very own Moy Parra.


Vendredi 27 octobre 2017  
Patch Notes - Tricks and Treats

Well it's that time again where we layout the changes the patch notes. We update you on weapons, Titans, and mode changes (including whats in the pipeline for featured modes), and some bug fixes. Enjoy!


Elite weapon skins - $4.99 USD each

    Heat Sink ELITE - L-Star
    Crimson Fury ELITE - Mastiff
    Masterwork ELITE - SMR
    Halloween ELITE - Spitfire [AVAILABLE LIMITED TIME ONLY. ENDS 11/28]

Halloween callsigns

    Two will be available right away and both have prism variants you can buy for 1500 credits.

Titanfall 2 game changes


    Increased view kick and hipfire spread for R-101 and 201.
    Reduced recoil for Flatline
    Arc grenades now stick to a surface and explode after .75 seconds.This applies only to multiplayer. Arc grenades will function as they previously have in single player.
    Mozambique and Wingman Elite can now be equipped as Primaries.
    Mozambique is now automatic, has 2 more shots, and fire rate has been increased.
    Damage and magazine size increased for Wingman Elite.
    Turrets now have increased health and take more damage from Pilot weapons [2x damage from AT weapons, grenadier weapons, and Ordnance abilities. 3x damage from primaries]



      Now moves slightly faster using Hover and Cluster Missile speed has been increased.



      Score limit increased to 650.
      Time limit increased to 15 minutes.
      Adjusted AI compositions.
      Reapers are now worth 3 points

    Frontier Defense

      Arc Traps now cost $650.
      Amped Batteries now cost $400
      Join in progress players now receive money for each wave completed.
      Players will now have 5 seconds of invulnerability after jumping out of a dropship.
      Fixed bug with arc traps staying after a loss or after they get picked up and replaced.

    Private Match

      Aegis XP can now be earned in Private Match


    Reapers now take more damage from Pilot weapons [2x damage from AT weapons, grenadier weapons, and Ordnace abilities. 3x damage from other primaries]
    Increased health to 3500 from 3000.
    Increased projectile speed and accuracy [this makes them a little better against Titans]
    Reapers now dodge less frequently.


    Grapple now has one charge and recharges faster.
    Holopilot cooldown decreased to 12.5 seconds [from 16.6 seconds]
    Pulse Blade cooldown decreased to 25 seconds [from 40 seconds] and the pulse duration is decreased to 4.5 seconds [from 6 seconds].

New featured modes

These will be introduced at a later time as part of the rotation of Featured Modes.

    Tactikill Attrition: All tactical cooldowns are reset to full charge when killing an enemy Pilot.
    Attack on Titanfall: Everyone has 3 charges for Grapple.
    The Great Bamboozle: Everyone has Holopilot.

Bug fixes

    Fixed bug with Tone’s Particle Wall taking more damage when aiming at a Titan behind it.
    Pilot loadout menu will now properly display weapon skin name in the description area.
    Player callsign cards in Frontier Defense will update to the proper difficulty in the Network interface.

    PC only

      Fixed highlights appearing cutoff when supersampling is enabled.

Mardi 3 octobre 2017  
Frontier news network

For FNN this month we are sharing a bit of what we’re planning for Titanfall 2 support for the rest of the year. We will be releasing patches in October, November, December and they will be focused on quality of life, bug fixes [like that pesky Tone Particle Wall bug], and balance changes.

We will also be releasing new weapon skins through the end of the year for purchase. Our desire is to have an Elite skin for most of the primary weapons. The art team has come up with some awesome stuff including Holiday themed skins.

The Featured Mode spot has been a great way for us to experiment and also add some fun wrinkles to existing modes. We’ll continue to rotate Featured Modes and have some stuff we want to try this year that we’ll be talking about next month.

Lastly, it was awesome to get some community-made callsigns into Titanfall 2 last month like Nicole Peh’s outstanding Titan Restaurant Series. We’d love to add more so in the near future we’ll be giving you folks the opportunity to submit your art and we’ll be choosing our favorites to add to the game. Keep an eye on our Reddit and Forums for updates.

We’ll be revealing more details on what to expect in the patches and talking more about some of the things we want to try to shake up the meta of Titanfall 2.

Community corner

Our community never ceases to amaze us. This month is no exception.

Take example of this piece submitted by Rubbleubbles over on reddit. One of the best pieces of Tone art we’ve seen.

Basklin (@basklin3 on twitter) created this wonderfully colored art after being commissioned by a fellow player. 

Shhh! You smell that? Oh it’s just Cajunbelle11 over on reddit burning a Ronin into wood.

Lastly we’ll leave you with this Montage, once again, by Aspenox. 

If you want a chance to be featured here in our FNN, make sure join our community over on the Titanfall subreddit and any of our other social channels.




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