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Mercredi 8 mai 2019  
Patch 0.59 is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Patch 0.59 with the V-Day in Europe event, SSR support, Winchester 1894 and its new unique modules is now live!

Please find the complete list of changes below. Have a good time playing the game!

Not playing Survarium yet? Download the latest version of the game here!

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.59a

General Changes

    Onyx: duration of the active effect reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
    Introduced new visual setting: SSR – screen space reflections. The setting is available under Graphics menu.

Faction Challenge Event

    The game event will last from May 8, 2019 to May 16, 2019.
    Earn reputation for your favorite faction fighting in PvP-matches at specific time! The schedule of the fights awarding event reputation is at the end of the news. If you wish, you can support several factions in turn.
    Support a faction to receive rewards, including weapons with unique camouflage! All you need to do to get them is gather enough reputation during the event. You can get all rewards from all factions if you play long enough!
    Each faction has the following rewards (total reputation required is in parenthesis): 500 spare parts (10.000), 3 day Premium voucher (20.000), unique WWII helmet with faction emblem (50.000), a weapon with unique faction camouflage (75.000), a box with 10 rare modules (100.000).
    Faction event weapons with unique camouflage have all module slots unlocked.
    The faction to receive the most reputation by the end of the event wins!
    The winner will get a new decal which will be added in one of the upcoming Survarium updates. Moreover, after the event the winning faction will offer a discount on all its equipment and weapons.
    The other three factions will also give a discount, but it will be lower.
    Also, for the first victory during the event you will receive a side cap (Russian pilotka). With it, you can earn more reputation for the match.

Weapons and equipment

    Winchester 1894 is back into the game. The weapon is available on the 1st tier in Black Market faction.
    Winchester 1894 now has three unique weapon modules: optics rail, "Maxim" Silencer and bullet loops.
    Barrett M82, ASVK: now each ammo pouch increaseses ammo count by 5. Initial ammo count is 15.
    Remington-700, TOZ-122, SV-98: now each ammo pouch increaseses ammo count by 10. Initial ammo count is 30.
    RPD, PKP "Pecheneg", FN Minimi, Fort-401: now each ammo pouch increaseses ammo count by 50. Initial ammo count is 150.
    Due to the changes to ammo count, sniper rifles and light machine guns were removed from the players' profiles and presets. Please re-equip the weapons.
    "Guardian" set: "Slowdown" bonus changed from -5% to -3%.


    Vostok Radar Station: it's no longer possible to climb 3rd floor in the antenna building in "Search and Derstroy" mode.
    Tarakanovsky Fort: fixed a bot who couldn't leave his base.
    School: fixed player collision in the boxes in the basement.
    Abandoned base: it's no longer possible to look through the staircase on the ground floor in the officers' building.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue when charging handle on AKMSU and Vepr did not move when firing the weapon.
    Fixed an issue when Docter collimator was shown for weapons it couldn't be installed on.
    Fixed an issue with incorrect bolt animation when firing PP-19-01 "Vityaz".
    Fixed an issue with reload animation Valmet Rk.62.

Faction Challenge Event Schedule

1:00 AM - 11:00 AM GMT
1:00 PM - 11:00 PM GMT
Scavengers - The Fringe Settlers
Scavengers - Black Market The Fringe Settlers - The Renaissance Army
The Fringe Settlers - Scavengers The Renaissance Army - Black Market
The Renaissance Army - The Fringe Settlers Black Market - Scavengers
Black Market - The Renaissance Army Scavengers - The Fringe Settlers
Scavengers - Black Market The Fringe Settlers - The Renaissance Army
The Fringe Settlers - Scavengers The Renaissance Army - Black Market
The Renaissance Army - The Fringe Settlers Black Market - Scavengers
Black Market - The Renaissance Army

Download Survarium 0.59 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

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Jeudi 2 mai 2019  
Read Survarium Update 0.59 Preview

Hi everyone! V-Day in Europe is coming, and we will have a holiday event to commemorate! Naturally, that’s not everything to come to the game soon, so read through the preview to find out what you can expect to see in Survarium Update 0.59!

V-Day Event

Gameplay wise the event will be similar to the New Year’s Faction Challenge. People supporting each of the in-game factions will receive unique rewards, including weapons and helmets with faction-specific WWII themed camouflages. The winning faction will also receive an additional reward in the next big Survarium update.

We thoroughly read your critique and suggestions regarding the New Year event and faction challenge and made corresponding changes. The fight between factions will last longer (right now we are thinking about two 10 hour-long faction battles per day) so it’s easier for you to find a time to participate in the event. Additionally, reputation requirements for the rewards will become lower – hopefully, this way more players will get the weapons they desire. However, you shouldn't assume that receiving all rewards in all four factions is going to be a walk in the park.

Finally, for the first victory in any PvP mode during the event you will receive a forage cap increasing the amount of reputation earned. One of the event rewards will be Winchester 1894 with a unique WWII camouflage. And yes, we are returning the weapon to the game!

The Return of Winchester 1894

Survarium veterans must remember a classic American XIX century rifle which was removed from the game due to technical issues. Winchester 1894, at last, makes a comeback receiving a few new unique modules in the process.

Now you can install special bullet loops (on the buttstock), silencer "Maxim" and charging handle pad. Improved version of Winchester 1894 with these modules is pictured on the screenshot below. Additionally, it's possible to install some other existing modules on the rifle.

SSR and New Weather on Vostok Radar Station

We continue to improve the new Survarium renderer and adding a new option: SSR – screen space reflections. When turned on, SSR makes all metallic and wet surfaces to reflect objects that are in camera view. This option reduced overall game performance, so it's not recommended for the low end PCs. But if you can afford to turn it on, SSR greatly increases the effect of image "depth" due to the amount of added reflections, especially on rainy versions of the locations.

In the preview Survarium Update 0.58 we introduced CNPP tower with rain, and now we want to further diversify visual part of the game by introducing a foggy/damp version of Vostok Radar Station. The changes affect only "Slaughter" modification of the map for now. We'd like to see your reaction and decide whether we should rework other locations or spend our effort elsewhere.

Survival Skill Tree

The reaction of Survarium's community to the Technical skill tree introduced in the update 0.57 has been generally positive, and we wanted to introduce the fifth skill tree for a long time, so here we go!

As with the technical skills, our aim was to design more interesting abilities than boring passive bonuses to character's stats. We didn't manage to do this with all the new abilities, but we hope the new skill tree has enough interesting mechanics allowing you make your character really unique. With five skill trees in the game you should have more than enough abilities to experiment with the builds and find the one best suited to your play style.

Please note that we plan to introduce the new skill tree in the version 0.59b which is to come after the V-Day event.

You will find a few examples of the new skills below.


      Ability to crawl with broken legs. Speed is increased as you level up the ability (but the speed is still much lower than when walking).


      Heal allies by throwing out your first aid kits and bandages. Upon picking them up an ally restores health.

    Second Wind

      When on low health (below 10) movement speed is increased. Leveling up the skill increases speed bonus.

    Supply Pocket

      You can take supplies instead of the second weapon.

    Brothers in Arms

      Reduced damage from allies. Leveling up the skill reduces the damage further (but does not make you immune to friendly fire).

Updated Melee Attack and Other Improvements

We continue to work on the game engine, and one of the most noticeable improvements is a new melee attack. Now you won't have to aim to kill an enemy in a melee, and when landing a blow, your character will slightly turn so the enemy is closer to the center of the screen, and the blow itself looks more natural.

These are only a part of upcoming changes and improvements. Expect to see a full list when Survarium Update 0.59 goes live. You will be able to play the new version of the game really soon, about the time for V-Day in Europe anniversary!

Discuss the update on the forums and stay tuned!





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