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Lundi 29 décembre 2014  
January Calendar Released

Greetings Survivors!

While we are most certainly at the end of 2014, a rather eventful and busy year for us here at Vostok Games; this does not stop us from looking forward, not for a moment. So, a few days early we bring you the January 2015 calendar; featuring a hardened Fringe Settler faction member making his way through the ruins of Rudnya. Thank you for your great support in 2014 and we hope you continue to show faith in us and Survarium in the coming New Year!

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Vendredi 26 décembre 2014  
European Server Launch

Greetings Survivors, come January 5th 2015 we will be launching some new servers, this time, located in Europe. This of course brings us to the launch of the European Open-Beta. A much anticipated event, both for us and all of you. The Beta will feature two variations of the PvP game mode; the traditional Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval. This event, while time consuming does not, for one moment, stop the development of Survarium.

Come next year we plan to add many new features to the game that will not only improve the performance, look and feel, but also add new content. And then of course we continue work on the greatly desired PvE (Freeplay) game mode.

Now a little more about the Beta; the game is currently available in multiple languages, including English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and German. In the near future we plan to expand on these to include many more European languages, so localization and indeed server zone will be greatly expanded.

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Mercredi 24 décembre 2014  
Firearm Training: "Kiparis"

Today we are glad to present a new video from series of video tutorials dedicated to the Survarium armory. The weapon which we have reviewed in this video is the submachine gun OTs-02 "Kiparis". This video is somewhat an experiment from us so, as always, we would be very grateful for your opinions and feedback and let us know which weapon you would like us to do next!

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Mercredi 24 décembre 2014  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2014 is coming to an end and it sure was a difficult one for everyone in the Vostok Games team. We fought our way through a handful of challenges, but also realized some great achievements! Throughout this year we productively worked on the development of Survarium, with each update adding new many new changes and improvements. Team Deathmatch was released in open-beta in the former Soviet Union, and more recently Polish players joined the OBT.

At the same time work on further tasks never stopped, not even for one day (including weekends) - on the contrary, everything is full steam ahead! We look forward to the day of the full international release of the open-beta of Survarium, and this achievement requires a great deal of effort from us.

Of course, we will keep you informed of events and news. We want to thank all the players who have been with us from the very beginning of the project, and those who joined us this year. We’ll do our very best to try and meet your expectations in the future! We wish you good luck, good health, prosperity and success in all things to come! We'll see you in 2015!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Mardi 16 décembre 2014  
Survarium Beginner's Guide - Modifiers

You can change the characteristics of your equipment and weaponry in Survarium. Learn about the modifiers and what they do in this new video. We’d also like remind you that the previous series of guides on Survarium is available in the playlist on the Vostok Games channel.

Watch the video and please feel free to leave comments and subscribe to our channel.

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Mardi 16 novembre 2014  
New Forum Avatars!

We’ve added a new selection of avatars from the different factions in the world Survarium. To select one of the new avatars, go to your profile, go to "Edit Avatar" and select the one that you like the most!

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Lundi 15 décembre 2014  
Christmas Apocalypse Contest!

The task is to transform yourself into any Christmas character from a post-apocalyptic wasteland! We give all participants the freedom of choice - dress up as Santa Claus, a Christmas tree or maybe even a Santa’s Reindeer! It's for you to decide.

Please note that it is important to preserve the identity of your character within the theme of Christmas and to maintain a post-apocalyptic style. We will pay attention to the originality, quality and complexity of your cosplay.

Take a picture and upload photos to our facebook page or send to mailbox marked in the subject of the letter: "Christmas Apocalpyse".

In addition to your cosplay, pictures must contain the phrase "Merry Christmas, survivors!". You can write it, for example, on a sheet of paper, so that it can be seen clearly.
The size of the photos of should be at least 1024x768. The quality and composition of the photo will be a great advantage.
Photos not complying with the rules of the contest are not eligible to participate.

Entries are accepted from the 15th to the 29th of December 2014.

Rewards: The entrant of the most creative cosplay will receive the title of "Hero of the Christmas Apocalypse, he/she will be interviewed on the official Survarium website! He/She will also get a premium account for 2 months in, 1000's of Gold and a shirt with symbols from the game.
Second place will receive 1 month premium account, 700 gold and a t-shirt.
The third place will be rewarded with 2 weeks of premium and a t-shirt.

Go ahead, survivors!


Vendredi 12 décembre 2014  
Survarium Update 0.26a

We are glad to inform that the update 0.26a was installed on the server.
The public test server has been shut down until the next update.
Thank you all for your help in testing the patch.

Version 0.26a


    Added a new game mode Team Deathmatch (TDM)
    Added a new mechanic to the leveling of the game character. At the moment only shooting and physical training branches are available
    Added support for multiple equipment profiles and the ability to change the sets of equipment in battle, while the character is dead
    Added melee kill missions for all factions
    Added weapon stopping power mechanics. The stopping power depends on type of weapon and ammunition
    Maximum portable weight increased up to 30kg;speed penalty now begins from 20kg
    Now when a leg is wounded, the player receives a penalty to movement speed - 10%, with the broken leg - 20%
    Battery chargers are physical objects now. They react to shots and can be pushed
    Added physical collision detection between players of different teams

Equipment and weapons

    Armor-piercing bonus for 7.32x39 increased to +20%
    Reduced dispersion for all weapons
    Prices for equipment upgrade now depends on the level of equipment

    Independent traders

      Mosin Carbine: armor-piercing increased to 50
      PPSh, TT-33: armor-piercing increased to 25
      VSS “Vintorez”, SR3M "Vihr": armor-piercing increased to 30
      AK-74N: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      PP-19-01 "Vityaz": damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
      After the battle players can find the SOCOM rifle (12 level equipment);


      OTS-02 "Kiparis", PM: armor-piercing increased to 20
      TOZ-122, Remington 700: armor-piercing increased to 45

    Black market

      AKS-74U: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      UZI: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
      Winchester 1894: damage increased to 100, armor-piercing to 40

    The Fringe Settlers

      SCS: armor increased to 40
      APS: damage reduced to 35, armor increased to 20
      Vepr, RPK: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      UMP-45: damage increased to 55, armor-piercing to 25
      SV-98: damage reduced to 120, armor-piercing increased to 50, set the sight 1P69 "Hyperon"
      Set "Keeper": armor is reduced to 70
      9A-91, VSK-94: armor-piercing increased to 30
      added to the Shop: PP-2000 (9 level equipment), automatic ASH-12 (15 level equipment), sniper rifle VSSK (15 level equipment);

    The Renaissance Army

      Fort 17: damage reduced to 35, armor-piercing increased to 20
      AKM, RPD: armor-piercing increased to 40
      SR-2M: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 25
      AK-74M, A-545: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      Kit “Hammer-UM2”: armor reduced to 75
      added to the Shop: AK-12 (15 level equipment) and SVD sniper rifle (12 level equipment);


    Added a few extra passages/bypasses to Tarakanovsky Fort

User Interface

    Most of the elements of interface redesigned
    In the description of a weapon we've added the display of the speed of transition into the aiming mode
    Added display of empty containers for artifacts in battle
    changed the statistics screen at the end of the battle, added more detailed information about obtained experience, reputation, money

Bug fixe

    Fixed installer, causing the inability to install the game client
    Fixed a bug that caused spontaneous double shot
    Performance optimization

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Vendredi 5 novembre 2014  
Update 0.26 is on the PTS From Tomorrow (Updated)

Dear Survivors, we’re happy to announce that starting tomorrow, the Public Test Server will resume its operation at 12:00 GMT +3.We hope to see you all testing Update 0.26!

The test server has limitations and differences from the main servers. The PTS will operate for a limited time. The server can be taken offline without warning, if there is a need to make urgent changes.

Your progress will not be saved and transferred to the main game server. Please note that the test server does not support the function of payments; any payments sent to the test server, will be credited to your account on the primary server. We hope that you will contribute to the development of Survarium and will provide essential support in the improvement of the project!


To participate in testing on the PTS, you must download a special game client and game version, available here. Installing the PTS client will not affect version 25

Version 0.26a

Attention! Only the players that registered before November 28, 2014 have access to public server. The entire game progress on the public test server will not be saved and will be lost when the test server is shut down. All the players on the public test server will get 1000000 silver rubles and 5000 gold rubles to facilitate the testing process.


    Added a new game mode Team Deathmatch (TDM)
    Added a new mechanic to the leveling of the game character. At the moment only shooting and physical training branches are available
    Added support for multiple equipment profiles and the ability to change the sets of equipment in battle, while the character is dead
    Added melee kill missions for all factions
    Added weapon stopping power mechanics. The stopping power depends on type of weapon and ammunition
    Maximum portable weight increased up to 30kg;speed penalty now begins from 20kg
    Now when a leg is wounded, the player receives a penalty to movement speed - 10%, with the broken leg - 20%
    Battery chargers are physical objects now. They react to shots and can be pushed
    Added physical collision detection between players of different teams

Equipment and weapons

    Armor-piercing bonus for 7.32x39 increased to +20%
    Reduced dispersion for all weapons
    Prices for equipment upgrade now depends on the level of equipment

    Independent traders

      Mosin Carbine: armor-piercing increased to 50
      PPSh, TT-33: armor-piercing increased to 25
      VSS “Vintorez”, SR3M "Vihr": armor-piercing increased to 30
      AK-74N: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      PP-19-01 "Vityaz": damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
      After the battle players can find the SOCOM rifle (12 level equipment);


      OTS-02 "Kiparis", PM: armor-piercing increased to 20
      TOZ-122, Remington 700: armor-piercing increased to 45

    Black market

      AKS-74U: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      UZI: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 20
      Winchester 1894: damage increased to 100, armor-piercing to 40

    The Fringe Settlers

      SCS: armor increased to 40
      APS: damage reduced to 35, armor increased to 20
      Vepr, RPK: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      UMP-45: damage increased to 55, armor-piercing to 25
      SV-98: damage reduced to 120, armor-piercing increased to 50, set the sight 1P69 "Hyperon"
      Set "Keeper": armor is reduced to 70
      9A-91, VSK-94: armor-piercing increased to 30
      added to the Shop: PP-2000 (9 level equipment), automatic ASH-12 (15 level equipment), sniper rifle VSSK (15 level equipment);

    The Renaissance Army

      Fort 17: damage reduced to 35, armor-piercing increased to 20
      AKM, RPD: armor-piercing increased to 40
      SR-2M: damage increased to 40, armor-piercing to 25
      AK-74M, A-545: damage increased to 50, armor-piercing to 30
      Kit “Hammer-UM2”: armor reduced to 75
      added to the Shop: AK-12 (15 level equipment) and SVD sniper rifle (12 level equipment)


    Added a few extra passages/bypasses to Tarakanovsky Fort

User Interface

    Most of the elements of interface redesigned
    In the description of a weapon we've added the display of the speed of transition into the aiming mode
    Added display of empty containers for artifacts in battle
    changed the statistics screen at the end of the battle, added more detailed information about obtained experience, reputation, money

Bug fixes

    Fixed installer, causing the inability to install the game client
    Fixed a bug that caused spontaneous double shot
    Performance optimization

Mardi 2 décembre 2014  
December Calendar Released

Today we publish a new monthly calendar, the last of the year! This time the focus is on the lower floors of the laboratory complex "Vector" – a perfect place for ambushes and covert infiltration into the enemy territory.

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Vendredi 21 novembre 2014  
Survarium Special Edition in Poland!

Today (November 21st 2014) in Poland we began selling Special Editions of Survarium! It includes the game DVD, official soundtrack, 2000 Gold (premium currency), premium account for a period of 3 months, unique decals and other game bonuses. The price of special edition is 49,99 PLN.

A week later, on November 28 2014, the Survarium Open-Beta test starts for all Polish players. And on the eve of this event, a special event will be held in Warsaw: a meeting with Vostok Games developers and the presentation of the Polish edition of the book by Andrew Levitsky "The One from the Forest".

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Jeudi 20 novembre 2014  
Survarium at G-Star 2014

Today the largest game exhibition in South Korea, G-Star opened its doors. It is noteworthy that this year Vostok Games is one of the participants. Our company will present Survarium to visitors in the business area of the exhibition.

This is the first showing of the game in the Asian market and we hope to impress local colleagues and publishers. We’d like to thank you for supporting us and playing on our servers at night and thereby help us to show the project. 

Good luck to you all and see you soon!

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Mardi 18 novembre 2014  
New "Black market" Wallpaper

Biker jackets, heavy boots, leather gloves and, of course, skulls serve as symbols to anyone as an integral part of the "Black market". We offer you the chance to decorate your desktop with a new “Black Market” wallpaper.

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Vendredi 14 novembre 2014  
0.26 Update Preview

In the nearest time we plan to start the preliminary testing of 0.26 build on the dedicated public test servers. We continued the previous strategy with increasing the stability and optimization of the game. A special attention was paid to optimizing the performance on low graphics settings for the low-end PCs, which yielded the performance boost of 20-30% in some cases. On top of that, we prepared several innovations which you can find out about in more detail below.

The Skilltree - Shooting and Physical Training

We start integrating into the game the updated system of skilltree for your character. The single skill string has now been replaced with a tree of skills. Each branch contains five levels of skills. The first skill level is always available. In order to unlock the following levels of skills you need to invest a certain number of skill points into the current branch skills. Every skill can be improved from one to five times, depending on the skill type and the bonus yielded with it. Every development branch is designed in a way to fit several play styles.

Thus, the shooting practice branch contains as the skills to increase the shooting accuracy, so as the ones allowing you to move faster while in the aiming mode. On the fifth level you can choose between the ‘Terminator’ skill allowing you to hold two two-handed guns and the ‘Loot-seeker’ skill which replaces the second gun slot with an Item slot.

The physical training branch provides as skills increasing speed and stamina, so as skills increasing the maximal carried weight, grenade throw distance and damage when falling off heights. On the fifth level you can choose between the ‘Dash’ skill allowing you to use sprint even when overloaded and the ‘Heavyweight’ skill which reduces the impact of your carried weight on the running speed, yet removes the possibility to sprint.

Team Deathmatch

We continue working on increasing the variety of battles in the PvP mode. With the 0.26 update the current two variants of the game mode featuring the batteries hunt the classic Team Deathmatch mode is added. This mode provides for two teams of players fighting until complete eradication of the opposing team. Each of the teams possesses a limited number of points which are lost with the team’s players dying. In case the team has zero points left, the possibility to respawn after death is disabled. Yet, the remaining survivors preserve the possibility to win the battle provided they can bring the enemy team to zero and destroy all their players.

New Weapons

With the 0.26 update the weapons arsenal is replenished with a whole string of new weapons. The Fringe Settlement arsenal will be broadened with PP-2000 under the 9-mm caliber, VKS “Vykhlop” specialized sniper large-caliber rifle, so as the large-caliber assault rifle ASh-12. The weapon range of the Renaissance Army will be enriched with the legendary self-loading SVD sniper rifle, so as the modern variant of AK-12 Kalashnikov SMG. On top of that, the game will have marksman’s SOCOM 16 rifle available as a battle reward only.

Equipment Profiles

The players obtain a possibility to create several equipment profiles in the game lobby. The equipment profile is a set of weapons, wear items, ammunition and gear you can switch between in battle at the time of respawn. Every switch of equipment will take a certain time, so abusing such a possibility will hardly benefit your results. Please, note if you create profiles with different levels of equipment, the match-making will be accomplished based on the maximal level of gear equipped. The system will be introduced on the test server for the testing purposes. Changes to the system are possible based on the results of public testing.

New Victory Screen

We have changed the screen of the battle results in order to provide players with more information on what impacts their reputation, experience as well as income and spending of money in combat. Now the players will see detailed information about which items and ammo their funds are spent on. Besides, by clicking on any character name you can see his complete set of equipment.

Keep in mind, these are not all the changes being made to the game with the 0.26 update. A more detailed list of changes will be introduced with the launch of our dedicated test server.

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Lundi 10 novembre 2014  
Beginner’s Guide - First Battle

Survivors, we’re happy to announce the next episode of the Survarium Beginner’s Guide. This video will show different nuances of the first battle in the game. We hope that our video guides will help new players to better adapt to the conditions in the world of Survarium. As always we’d be grateful for your feedback and comments.

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Mardi 4 novembre 2014  
New Survarium Fan Art

Another portion of Survarium Fan Art was added our website’s gallery. This time you’ll see the characters of the game world in the imaginations of Survarium's fans. Such works are of particular interest because thanks to them we get a good opportunity to look at Survarium from a different angle. We hope you will appreciate their fantastic efforts!

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Samedi 1 novembre 2014  
November Calendar Released

We’re into the second last month of what has been a very busy year of development. Holidays are just around the corner but until then, work continues at full steam. Today we present you with a new calendar for the forthcoming month of November. Enjoy it!

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Vendredi 31 octobre 2014  
Beta Test Diary #10

Today we continue to acquaint you with the Survarium development process and talk about future plans. In today’s Beta Test Diary #10, we talk about the forthcoming changes to the skill system, additional equipment profiles, improvement of the damage system and we’ll also speak on two very important topics, the most highly anticipated Freeplay mode and the Storm.


Sorry for the silence, the last few months have been intense. Since the publication of the last diary two months have passed which were marked by three major events: the launch of a special test server for mass testing of the new update, the 0.25 update and our participation in IgroMir. It’s time to share with you our vision of the current state of the project and also to talk a little bit about how things are progressing.

First of all I want to acknowledge the tremendous positive role of the special test server and the players who helped us find and fix lots of errors. Because of this, in version 0.25, the frequency of de-synchronization between the client and servers was reduced by four times, the number of client crashes was reduced by three times, the number of matchmaking servers crashes was reduced by one and a half times. When update 0.26 approaches release we can confidently say that before you install the new version on the official servers we will hold a public test on the special test server.

Now let’s talk about what we are working on at the moment. In the next update we plan to change the character leveling system. The current, simplified system will be replaced with a skill tree. Unfortunately of the five originally created skill trees only two are currently implemented: shooting and physical training. The remaining three skill trees will be added in the next update, along with items that increase the usefulness of certain skills trees (for example, sensors and engineering training).

We also decided to listen to the opinion of many players and try to return equipment profiles to the game. This is quite a difficult decision for us. On the one hand, we don't want players engage in battle as some kind of universal soldiers, with sets of equipment for all occasions. On the other hand, now there is a lose-lose situation when players can’t do anything at all. For example, the last battery is in the anomaly and no one has the equipment with protection against anomalies. So we decided to allow players to create a limited number of equipment profiles (2-3), and give the ability to change profiles when respawning.

We’re also working on the damage system. At this point in skirmishes the situation occurs where bullets often penetrate the arms and legs of the enemy. At low levels the difference in the damage looks acceptable; but then when firing at a player with heavy body armor, a first aid kit and using upgraded survival skills the difference between damage to the torso and limbs becomes way more distinctive. This creates many situations like: "I shot the whole clip in him, and he didn't die! Cheater!" or "No damage!!!11!". In the next update we will try two innovations which should mitigate this effect. First, we’ll slightly reduce dispersion of most automatic weapons and change the distribution formula to give players more control over where bullets are going. Secondly, we will introduce the mechanics of bleeding. Every wound that pierces your armor will cause you damage over time until the wound heals, or until you apply bandages. We’ll also reduce the number of hit points for the limbs, so that critical injuries of the hands and feet occur more frequently (currently, the player often dies from being shot in the hand before his hand gets damaged).

Finally a few words about the game modes. We get lots of questions about the Storm and about the free play mode. We are pleased that these two modes are of great interest among our community. Unfortunately by announcing them too early we've done ourselves a disservice. Each of these modes has already acquired so much speculation that meeting the existing expectations becomes an almost impossible task for us. Nevertheless, I want to absolutely honestly share with you the current state of development.

Free mode. We spent summer prototyping game locations for Free mode to determine size, the scheme of the game locations, pace of the game and technical requirements. We found several bottlenecks in the Toolkit which blocked further work on this mode. This was compounded by the lack of stability of version 0.24 which forced us to commit all developers to fixing bugs. Now that the stability of the release version has improved significantly we will continue work on the development of free play mode. Unfortunately this means that we will not be able to run closed alpha test of free play mode until the end of the year as was previously planned.

The Storm! This situation is more optimistic. The Storm was originally conceived as a kind of "special effect" that can occur during any battle at any location. In the development process we faced two opposing problems. On the one hand a frequent Storm just irritated testers. On the other hand a rare Storm caused a lot of questions like: "Why look for batteries when there’s no Storm anyway?”. Both of these effects have led us to believe that it is necessary to make the Storm a separate game mode. This will give us the opportunity to run the effects of the Storm starting with the first minute of the fight on the one hand and not burden the player with gathering batteries in case there is no Storm. These findings perfectly fit with the desire of many Survarium players to have classic online shooter game modes such as TDM (team deathmatch) or S&D (search and destroy). At the moment we are working on the mechanics which will allow us to comfortably maintain and expand multiple game modes. We cannot guarantee that the Storm will be added in version 0.26 because in addition to the above mentioned problems there is optimization that is very important for Storm implementation due to the amount of special effects involved. However we are applying maximum effort to implement the Storm by the end of the year!

Stay tuned for the news on our official website.

Ruslan "Stohe" Didenko
Survarium Project Manager

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Vendredi 17 octobre 2014  
Survarium Update 0.25b

Version 0.25b

Update 0.25b has been uploaded to the game servers. Here's an overview of the changes we've got with this patch.
A number of technical and in-game issues have been fixed; starting levels range in matchmaking was reduced; a few tweaks were made to the user interface.
Find the detailed list of changes on our forum.

Due to the technical maintenance on our servers on October 17 2014, all users who have active Premium accounts will receive an additional day of Premium. We apologies for the inconvenience.


    Reduced starting level range in matchmaking.

Equipment and weapons

    SR-3M clip size reduced to 20, range reduced to 60, dispersion increased to 1.

User Interface

    Added the ability to view the contents of the bundle items in the store.
    Now match results window display a real chance of finding items after a match is shown; Previously the amount of bonuses were displayed.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed several critical game server and client bugs.
    Fixed bug in creating clan positions resulting in a loss of privileges of clan commander.
    Fixed "safe zone" in "Cologne Bridge".
    Fixed bug in "Tarakanovsky Fort" that lead to situation when the boxes couldn't be picked up.
    Fixed installer bug including DirectX installation error.
    Fixed a bug in "Steal a battery" quest.
    Fixed bug causing blood stains to permanently be displayed on screen.

Mercredi 15 octobre 2014  
Concept Art Gallery Updated

A few Work-In-Progress images created by Vostok Games artists have been added to Concept Art Gallery. Some of the ideas depicted in them, were not included in the game, but to us, that doesn't make them any less interesting. Enjoy!

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Vendredi 10 octobre 2014  
Survarium Update 0.25a

Version 0.25a

We are glad to inform you that today at 14:00 Kyiv time (GMT +3:00); Survarium game servers will go offline as we prepare for the release of the 0.25a update. The public test server (PTS) will go offline until the next update. Thank you all for your help in testing the V0.25a. We apologize for the inconvenience. Follow this link to learn about the changes contained in the patch.


    Player clans were implemented into the game. The number of players in the clan depends on the level of clan available special mode clan battle, where the selection of opponents depends on clan rating
    Now players can upgrade an item using an identical item as a donor
    Added the ability to change random modifiers on a weapon
    Added melee
    Updated "Mamayev Kurgan"
    Changed the algorithm for matchmaking. Extended the search range for opponents for high levels of equipment
    When choosing a random map the history of players’ matches is taken into account now. The system selects the less played map
    Rebalanced game’s economics to match the income and expenditure of in-game currency at different levels of equipment. Basically the prices of items
    Reputation for actions in battle is now added to the faction with which a player cooperates
    Increased chance of getting weapons and equipment after a match by 50%
    Removed ammunition and special equipment from the list of items dropped after a match
    Now there’s a chance of a zero drop after a match to balance the increased items drop
    Now the result of a match and premium account increase the chance of finding items after a match, instead of a chance to obtain an item of superior quality
    Only weapons, items, camouflage and decals are dropped after using a stash map
    Changed the algorithm of ammunition auto refill; now available slots are automatically filled by the most simple ammunition
    Now both variations of combat are available on all the maps: with batteries in random locations and with batteries in special charging devices

Equipment and weapons

    Now there are separate modifiers for damage and armor
    Aiming speed modifier now works properly and affects the speed of transition in the aiming mode and not dispersion
    IZH-27 "Lancaster" can now use buck-shot
    PP-19-01 "Vityaz" is transferred to the 4th level of equipment
    Tornado energy drink was added to in-game shop; it increases movement speed during one match
    Protein was added to in-game shop; it increases the maximum carried weight during one match
    Ration was added to in-game shop; it increases health recovery speed during one match
    Portable radio was added to in-game shop; it reduces the time of respawn during one match
    “Motherwort Extract” was added to in-game shop; it increases aiming speed during one match
    "Artifact-master”, was added to the in-game shop, it accelerates the collection of artifacts in the course of one fight
    reduced the rate of breakage of armor and weapons
    removed +3 and +4 modifiers for the size of pockets


    Light armor moved to the 4th level of equipment
    Added a new set of armor at the 5th level of equipment

Black Market

    Thug’s jacket moved to the 3th level of equipment
    Added a new set of armor at the 4th level of equipment
    Corsair Jacket moved to the 5th level of equipment
    increased rate of fire of Winchester 1894
    increased recoil of AKS-74U

The Fringe Settlers

    Explorer armor set moved to the 8th level of equipment
    Stalker set moved to the 9th level of equipment
    SV-98 moved to the 9th level of equipment, aiming speed reduced
    “Vepr” moved to the 12th level of equipment
    RPK moved to the 11th level of equipment
    “Leshy” set moved to the 12th level of equipment
    “Keeper” moved to level 14 gear
    Added new weapons: H&K UMP45, 9A-91, VSK-94, ammo: .45ACP PAB-9, SP-5, SP-6
    Added new gear: "Pilgrim" armor set

The Renaissance Army

    "Sokol" set moved to the 8th level of equipment
    "Storm" set moved to the 9th level of equipment
    RPD moved to the 9th level of equipment
    AK-74M moved to the 10th level of equipment, fixed sight, recoil reduced
    “Molot-UM" set moved to the 12th level of equipment
    A-545 set moved to the 12th level of equipment, added ammunition h N
    "OZK-18KB" set moved to the 14th level of equipment
    Added new weapons: SR-2M, AS “Val”, ammo: SP-10, PAB-9, SP-5, SP-6
    Added new gear: "Zubr-UM" armor set
    Assault’s backpack moved to the 14th level of equipment

User Interface

    Game launcher appearance changed
    Friendly team’s traps are now displayed
    Fixed bug in displaying items dropped during a match
    Store and inventory are now available through different buttons in the top menu

Bug Fixes

    Bug causing loss of performance during a match
    Fixed bug in calculation of the main award of the daily bonus
    Fixed bug causing the inability to use stash maps
    Fixed bug in calculation of awards for quests completed in "x2" matches
    Fixed bug in checking the validity of the profile before entering a match
    Fixed common bug that led to crash before loading of level
    Fixed bug in checking "steal a battery” quest
    Fixed bugs “Cologne” location that allowed players to get outside of the game zone
    fixed graphical errors on "Mamayev Kurgan" location
    fixed collision of models on "Vector Laboratory"
    fixed lighting on all locations
    fixed bug that made network packets send for too long
    fixed synchronization errors
    fixed a bug in calculation of damage if a player leaves a match
    fixed crouch animation

Mercredi 8 octobre 2014  
IgroMir 2014 - Highlights

IgroMir has ended and we almost managed to recover after a frenetic four days in Moscow Crocus Expo. According to organizers the exhibition this year was attended by almost 160,000 people which is significantly more than last year.

We were glad to be a part of this big gaming celebration and to demonstrate Survarium to guests of IgroMir. We thank all the players who supported us in the exhibition hall as well as those who played at home during the exhibition days - your support means a lot to us! Special thanks to all the cosplayers and clan mates who actively participated in the work of booth and helped us to make the show brighter!

On behalf of Vostok Games let us also thank our technical partners at IgroMir - Oldi Computers, AMD, Plantronics and LG. We would like to complete our story with a little video that captured the highlights of IgroMir 2014 and the atmosphere that reigned in the hall. Enjoy the video and see you next year!

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Lundi 29 septembre 2014  
October Calendar Released!

The year is racing by! We are fast approaching the end of 2014 and can begin looking back on some of the progress we have made over the last 9 months. One of the “standout” mentions must go to this month’s calendar feature, Vector Laboratory, an interesting location indeed. Enjoy the new calendar Survivors!

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Vendredi 26 septembre 2014  
Survarium Beginner's Guide

Good news for players who are just starting to get to know Survarium! Our Youtube channel is launching a series of special video guides for the game that will help newcomers to get started in the world of The Green Apocalypse and to understand all its intricacies. The first video is our experiment and it's already available on our channel! We would be very grateful for your opinions and feedback.

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Mercredi 24 septembre 2014  
FAQ update

General questions

Q: What does "Survarium" mean?
A: Survarium is a survival zone.

Q: What kind of game is it?
A: Survarium is a free2play online shooter, which is set in the near future on Earth. The game is distributed free of charge via the Internet. Players need to download the game client and install it on their computers.

Q: Why MMO anyway?
A: This is a modern format of games with a number of advantages:

    Adding content and the development process are easier, protection against piracy and
    Developers directly communicate with the audience, which positively affects the development of the game.

Q: How do I start playing?
A: You need to download and install the game client by clicking on the big "PLAY NOW" button on the main page of the website.
Before the first battle, we recommend you to check out our video guide "Introducing the Game".

Q: I have some ideas for the game, how to deliver them to the developers?
A: The best way to do this on the official forum of the project in the section "Ideas and proposals"
There you will be able to discuss them with other players, learn more about their suggestions and make sure that our specialists know about them.

Q: How can I find Survarium on social networking websites?
A: Yes, we have an official page of the game in all of the most popular social networking websites:

Q: Do you support Survarium fan sites?
A: We always welcome any attention to the world of Survarium and are ready to support and encourage projects that are aimed at its promotion.
The most popular fan sites, from around the world are listed on our website under the tab "Community". If you have a fan-site and would like it to appear on this list, please contact our Support Department.

Q: What will I get after buying Golden rubles or Premium?
A: Buying Golden Rubles does not affect the game balance, but makes it much more comfortable. You’ll get the opportunity to purchase Premium account so that you’ll gain experience, income and reputation 50% faster. You will be able to give your character a unique look and buy items that will brighten up the difficult everyday life of a soldier in the world of Survarium. You can find more information in the Survarium online shop.

Q: How can I contact the developers?
A: If you have any questions on Survarium project, You can make a request to our Support team. The most frequently asked questions are covered in the Knowledge Base and on the forum Using the "Advanced search" option, You will easily be able to find whether your question was discussed earlier. Don’t forget to follow The Beta Test Diary, which is conducted by the project Manager Ruslan Didenko/

Q: Do you have any Survarium related contests?
A: You can find a list of all carried out and current contests and events "Official Contests" section of the forum:

Q: Where can I watch the Developer Diaries?
A: You can find all the released Developer Diaries on our YouTube channel. Also have a look at the "Adapter" Project – a video guide to survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

Q: I really want to help the project, how can I do that?
A: We are very grateful to all the players who show interest in our project. Those who are willing to help should participate in the contest for the chat and forum administrator position. Leave your request here.

Q: How do I file a complaint against a player?
A: In the post-match statistics, you can praise a player or file a complaint against them. Simply right-click a character’s nickname and select the appropriate reason to file a complaint. This function is also available in the game lobby. If you have proof of wrongful actions of another player, You can file a written complaint about it to Support.

Technical issues

Q: What are the system requirements for Survarium?
A: ATTENTION: the game does not support Windows XP!

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 Ghz or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
    Video card: 512 Mb nVidia GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD 3870
    RAM: 2 Gb
    Operating System: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 + Platform update), Windows 7, Windows 8.
    Internet connection: download - from 32 kbit/s (up to 128 kbit/s in case of high ping and/or poor connection), upload - from 8 kbit/s. We support pings up to 500ms (check your ping rate to; our game servers are currently based in Russia, so ping rates may be high depending on your location).

As we will progress with improvements and game optimization, the system requirements will be modified accordingly.

Q: What is the test server?
A: All new patches will initially be available on the test server; there will be a copy of the main user database. The actions that the player performs on the test server will not affect the main public server. Each player will have the opportunity to test the new patch before it’s out.

Q: Do you plan on releasing the game on consoles?
A: We’re considering this at the moment. It is a matter of perspective.


Q: Will players be able to make mods for the game?
A: We plan the game to support mods, but without affecting the balance of the game. For example, changes to the game's interface.


Vendredi 19 septembre 2014  
Concept Art Updated

Concept art is one of the most important aspects of game design. Without the imagination and vison of our artists, Survarium’s world would never come to life. Today we share some new concept art from the Cologne Bridge location.

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Jeudi 18 septembre 2014  
How the character images were created

Survarium is different from other “post-apocalyptic” games in not only the setting and storyline but also in the special visual style of each faction. The factions have nothing in common so it’s impossible to confuse them. All these unusual variations of clothing and auxiliary equipment didn’t appear by chance. Each outfit is the result of combining things from real life, but even at first glance it’s not very noticeable. Where was the source of inspiration when designing these unique suits, and what the authors wanted to transfer, I was told by the representative of  Vostok Games and Project Lead of Survarium, Ruslan Didenko.

You can find the Russian version of the article here.

Perhaps, The Fringe Settlers have the most unique and unusual outfits.  Animal skins and some ethnic elements dominate their clothing. By the way, one of the earliest questions that the players asked after the announcement of the faction in the video diary was “It would seem that these people define themselves as followers of peaceful coexistence with the Forest, but almost every jacket has a wolf’s head on it. How can you explain this”?

The Fringe Settlers - Explorer


The Fringe Settlers at the moment is the most difficult faction for us because we’re still looking for the perfect visual image. The Explorer was the character from which it all began. Before settling on this concept, we went through several options, from the image of “Soviet scientists” to geologists and polar explorers and even shamans of the Far North :) Eventually we’ve chosethis image. As for the thesis “To live in peace with the Forest”, it does not mean “to be an absolute pacifist”. This means «do not take more than you really need for survival”. As you know, wolves are the defenders of the forest, because they kill the weak and the sick in the first place, allowing the strong to survive and to produce offspring. This resonates with The Fringe Settlers, fighting primarily against those who are weak and sick from the point of view of the Forest, who won’t lead mankind to prosperity in the future.

The second variant of The Fringe Settlers is the Hunter


These are the results of creative research. Something did not fit due to technical limitations. Helmet, gas mask and body armor can be worn separately from each other, so they should not be structurally connected. Something just did not arouse those emotions from the image that we were trying to achieve.

Another visual concept of The Fringe Settlers is the Stalker. He seems more like a “high-tech” fighter: he’s got NVD, and his jacket is better, and there’s something strange on his mask around the mouth (by the way, what is it?).

The Fringe Settlers: Stalker


The Stalker is a mobile spy. Their main advantage is speed. He quickly sneaks into the enemy’s base. That’s what we tried to show in the image. The strange design in the area of the mouth is an element of ethno-decoration invented by the artist. You won’t see it in the game.

Among other things, there’s a fighter who operates more like a sniper.

Sniper («Leshy»)


Yes, a typical sniper. But a little light weighted. That is, it preserves the mobility of the Stalker, but his outfit better blend in with the surroundings due to the camouflage.

So we come to perhaps the most interesting images of The Fringe Settlers. When you look at the Pilgrim, there are some mixed impressions. He belongs to The Fringe Settlers butthe mix of ethnicity and hi-techin his outfit is a little confusing.

The Pilgrim


This is the elite warrior; he is the medium between technology and nature itself. It was constructed on the basis of technological security samples corrected by using more natural materials. In the battle he is a heavy fighter that obtains all the possible security measures to protect him from anomalies. In addition he’s got a special container for his artifacts. He is most suitable for battles in the contaminated territories as the usage of the artifacts will help him to become more resilient in the battlefield (the armor set in question will appear in future updates of Survarium).

The Fringe Settlers soldiers are pretty interesting. E.g. the Assault differs from the previous characters a lot. Among all the soldiers of the faction he is the most efficient and the one that has the scariest look of all. That unusual mask in the form of the animal bones with glowing eyes, is it a Night Vision device? Was the usage of animal bones simply decorative or did it have some other meaning?

The Assault («Keeper» armor)


The Assault suit has nice protection, though unlike the Pilgrim he can show great mobility. The mask is not a Night Vision device. It is more like a tactical mask from a future that helps a warrior to locate and identify the enemy. This is a mix of technology and nature that’s why the Assault turned out the most impressive character in the whole game.

Anyway The Renaissance Army has a lot of interesting stuff too. E.g. these soldiers with face masks that look like some kind of array on their mouths or just plain closed.

The Renaissance Army: Assault soldier


The Renaissance Army equipment is more straightforward. When you see a heavy metal mask it is surely for face protection. The idea of this outfit is that it consists of the leftovers from the clothes of regular army combined with anything found nearby. Of course after the ecological catastrophe a lot of different technological inventions were lost, and The Renaissance Army tries to recover these lost things step-by-step. For example, they are already using molding to produce protective gear.

There’s also the explorer in The Renaissance Army. It is funny that it reminds us of Scavengers: The material of their clothes is poor, it looks like rags, and the parts of their pants are made of tires. The accessories on their helmets look like a dosimeter.

The Renaissance Army: Scout («Sokol» armor)


It is a dosimeter indeed. By the way, “explorer” is not very suitable name as he is rather a Scout. That’s why there are so many protective pieces in his equipment. As The Renaissance Army still doesn’t have a lot of its own experience in surviving in contaminated areas so it had to adopt Scavengers experience along with some elements of their equipment.

Of course, you had to include “tanks”. The Renaissance Army uses them in battle a lot. At the first sight the tanks are much stronger than The Fringe Settlers’ ones. Will this equipment be demanded in the game? Aren’t they too futuristic in visual aspect? And what exactly is that steel pipe on the soldier’s back? Is it a grenade launcher?

Heavy armors Molot UM-2 and Zubr UM-4


This is the most protective bulletproof jacket. We are experimenting to make it ultimately immune to specific kinds of weapons, but we’re still not sure we’ll implement it into the game. A lot of elements of molding were used in the equipment design for The Renaissance Army. What we got in the end is “a future soldier”. The “pipe” is a mere result of our artist’s fantasy as there will be no grenade launchers in the game.



And this is the evolution of the Explorer class but with bigger anti-anomaly protection, bulletproof jacket and less mobility. He is the most protected soldier of The Renaissance Army though he is weaker than a Pilgrim, of course.

Scavengers are the first faction which gamers can take from the very beginning in the PvP mode. Because Scavengers prefer to wear old used items, this faction was called “bums” by some gamers in the beta-test. And looking closely at the new sketches only confirms that thought. Aren’t they too pretentious? Don’t you consider such image repelling? How have you come to this re-imagining of Scavengers?


The first sketches and these two were made by different artists. That’s why they differ so much. Creating new characters we always think about discovering new images that can be a little grotesque. As for Scavengers, creating them we tried to base on the theme of old used things for survival that’s why you’ll be able to see so many familiar items used in unusual ways.

In the end I’d like to say that we have succeeded in gaining the desired results in the development of the characters that truly represent their factions.



Mardi 16 septembre 2014  
Forthcoming Version 0.25a Update

We are glad to present you with a brief announcement of the upcoming 0.25a patch that will be uploaded to the game servers in the near future. First of all, we’d like to note that one of the main directions of our work on Survarium is to increase the stability of the game client and to improve the overall game quality. We had to realign the internal development processes, so the preparation of the next update took longer than usual. Also, starting with the 0.25a patch, all major updates will be pre-tested on a special Test Server (Public Test Server or PTS). We will tell you more about the test server and participation in testing of early versions of new updates in a special post on our website.

And now, some of the most notable changes in the 0.25a update.


One of the biggest changes will be the introduction of Clans. To create a clan you will need to enlist other players and to pay 250,000 silver rubles. After that, a unique name and abbreviation will be assigned to the clan; it will automatically appear next to the player name. The number of players in the clan is limited and depends on the level of the clan. The level of the clan grows automatically as clan players gain experience during the game. In addition clan players will have access to a special battle mode "Clan vs. Clan". In this mode teams should consist entirely of players from one clan, and the opponents will be selected according to clan’s rating earned for victory in this match. For more detailed information on clans, and how in the future we plan to develop the clan component of the game, we will explain in a special article dedicated to the Clan system.

Equipment upgrades

Two new ways to improve your gear will be also added in the 0.25a update. You can improve any piece of equipment, using another, exactly the same item, as a “donor”. If successful, you will receive an item with one additional feature. Thus, it is possible to improve the items up to the maximum level, which corresponds to three additional features. The second way to enhance your gear will be changing of unwanted random features to another one. You will be offered a choice of three new variants with each attempt. We expect that these two innovations will give players more control in improving their equipment, and will also give the possibility to use multiple identical items in a new way.

New equipment and weapons

A new range of products will be added to Factions’ stores. The Renaissance Army will get a super heavy armor "Zubr UM-4", submachine gun SR-2M, and the AS "Val". The Fringe Settlers will get "Pilgrim" - a set of heavy armor to fight in a contaminated area, submachine gun H&K UMP45, automatic rifle 9A-91, and VSK-94. In addition, players that use high-level equipment will receive more in-game currency after a match.

Melee combat

The most noticeable change in the game mechanics will be the ability to hit the enemy with a weapon in melee combat. In the current update this attack, in most cases, is fatal and does not depend on the weapon used. In the future, we intend to evolve this mechanic – hitting heavily armored opponents will cause stun and confusion, instead of instant death. On the other hand, if a player installs certain upgrades on his weapon, such as bayonet, he will deal increased melee damage.

"Mamayev Kurgan" location update

Apart from creating new maps, it is also important to fix critical bugs in “old” locations. In the 0.25a update we focused on improving the "Mamayev Kurgan" location. Besides many fixes aimed at optimizing the location, we have slightly changed the layout of the level. E.g. acid anomaly in the current version is ignored by players. So we moved it closer to the center of the location and now it is a key point that allows you to control several important passages.

You will see these and many other changes in the upcoming 0.25a update. Stay tuned for the news on our website.

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Lundi 15 septembre 2014  
Fan-Art Section Updated

During the last few weeks, our community has continued to send us different artworks inspired by Survarium. Today we would like to share some more of those images with you. Follow the link to view them in high resolution. As always we appreciate the support and creativity from our community. If you have any Survarium themed artworks that you wish to share with us, please feel free to send them to us.

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Vendredi 12 septembre 2014  
New location screenshots

The struggle for existence in the world of Survarium takes palce everywhere: on the far banks of the Rhine, and among the remains of the Novosibirsk scientific center. Survivors searching for necessary resources made a took a few shots of the "Vector Laboratory" and the "Cologne Bridge". Enjoy!

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Lundi 8 septembre 2014  
Cologne Bridge Concept Art Added!

With the introduction of "Cologne Bridge", the territory of Survarium expanded outside of the former USSR for the first time. Vostok Games' artists had to create the most atmospheric image of the new location; keeping in mind that it had that suffered the invasion of the Forest. Today we present you with several sketches of the Bridge that demonstrate a work in progress on various elements of the location.

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Lundi 1 septembre 2014  
September Calendar Released!

Cologne is a city of centuries-old history, which could not avoid the fate of other locales around the globe at the time of the Green Apocalypse. The Survivors camp had been posing resistance for not as long as expected, only to give way to the Forest invasion. The new Survarium calendar features the famous bridge over the Rhine engulfed by the flamboyant mutating greenery. Enjoy!

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Mardi 19 août 2014  
Developer Diary 9 Released!

Sound design is one of the most crucial game components and affects the entire game atmosphere. In this new diary video we pay close attention to the creation, composition and implementation of sound effects, music and ambience in Survarium. Enjoy the new Developer Diary video!

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Mercredi 13 août 2014  
New Screenshots Released!

We've got some new "Vector Laboratory" and "Cologne Bridge" screenshots in the media section of our website. Both locations have individual layout and thereby give the players new experience.

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Mardi 12 août 2014  
Survarium coub contest

Contest active

Recently Internet was embraced by a popular phenomenon called "coub". Coub is a short looped video. We offer you to create your own coub based on Survarium gameplay. Make it funny or serious, it’s your choice! In addition, you can use any background music in your video.

We have prepared the following prizes for the authors of the best coubs:

    I place - Survarium T-shirt, access to the Closed Beta Test and 2000 units of Gold;
    II place - Survarium T-shirt, access to the Closed Beta Test and 1500 units of Gold;
    III place - Survarium T-shirt, access to the Closed Beta Test and 500 units of Gold;
    IV place - Access to the Closed Beta Test and 300 units of Gold;
    V place - Access to the Closed Beta Test and 100 units of Gold.

The finalists' coubs will appear on the official Survarium coub-channel!

Learn how to make a coub.

The maximum size of an uploaded file — 200 MB and 10 minutes, the maximum length of YouTube or Vimeo videos — 10 minutes. You may want to use reverse (this option is to the right of “cancel/revert changes” buttons).

When you’re sure your coub is finished, give it a name, add "This is SURVARIUM (" to it and make sure to include #survarium hashtag.

Leave a link to your coub in the corresponding section of the official Survarium forum.

The contest will be held from August 12 to 26, 2014.

The winners will be chosen by a jury represented by the PR Department of Vostok Games and the official Survarium forum administration. The number of likes that your video gathers will also matter.

We wish good luck to all the participants!


Lundi 11 août 2014  
Survarium at Gamescom 2014
On August 14-17 the annual international video game exhibition Gamescom will be held in Cologne, Germany. Vostok Games will be a participant of this huge event (The largest in Europe). We will show the Survarium beta to selected gaming press. Also we plan to have a number of business meetings with potential partners. Attention all participants of Survarium beta: during Gamescom, the new maps “Cologne Bridge” and "Vector Laboratory" will appear more often.

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Vendredi 8 août 2014  
Fan-Art Updated!

As many of you know, we are sent fan artworks on a daily basis. And from time to time we take our favourites and upload them to our website. Today is one such day. Follow the link to view the new additions to the art section as well as peruse through the previous works as well. We’d also just like to add that we love getting artwork from our community and if you’ve ever wanted to send some our way, please feel free to do so! Enjoy!

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Jeudi 7 août 2014  
Cologne Bridge Art

After the first waves of the Forest’s attacks swept over the planet, survivors retreated to the Cologne Bridge. They established a camp while doing everything necessary to make the bridge an unapproachable and formidable fortress within which survivors would be relatively safe from threats. Take a look at the new artwork and see it for yourselves.

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Lundi 4 août 2014  
V0.24a Key Features Preview

We’ll launch 0.24a update very soon. Let’s see what new features will be introduced.

Changes in the PvP mode

From the beginning of Closed Beta players could try out Survarium PvP mode, the objective of which is to find and deliver the batteries to the base. We received a lot of positive and negative feedback, and as a result we have decided to experiment with the game rules a bit. So a new version of the PvP mode will be activated on the two new locations integrated. Its key difference is that batteries are no longer scattered randomly throughout the level but placed in the dedicated charging stations. The batteries charge in random intervals, and it is impossible to predict in which of the stations the next battery will charge. Players are still required to take the charged battery and deliver it to their base. We hope that the change will make the battles tenser, and will significantly increase the importance of territorial control.

"Vector" Laboratory Location

This update will add two new locations. The first one is "Vector" Laboratory. This is a medium-sized map with a large number of alternative routes. Batteries can be found in three chargers, two of which are located in large research halls, and the third one is placed in the adjacent territory outdoors. The central research hall is critical for control over the territory, because the shortest route to the enemy base goes right through that hall. The drawback of the Central hall is that it has high levels of radiation registered. So players can’t do much there without proper protection measures.

Cologne Bridge Location

Cologne Bridge is the first attempt to expand the geography of Survarium outside the ex-USSR. After all, the disaster has affected all the inhabitants of the planet. The "Bridge" is a compact map and may seem too narrow for players who are used to the expanse of Rudnya or Mamayev Kurgan. The bases of the opposing teams are located at the far ends of the Central section on the bridge. Two trains divide the map in length into three "corridors", and together with survivors’ hovels they form several tiers vertically. There are only two charging stations at this location so each battery will be very difficult to get.


The long-awaited decals will now be added to the game to expand the variety of visual modifications for your character. Together with camos, the decals will allow players to create truly unique-looking and unusual characters, and we hope that the players will enjoy those new options. Players who purchased Founder packs will receive unique decals alongside the release of this update. The winners of the literary contest and members of the "Alpha" squad who performed greatly during the closed alpha test will also receive unique decals. Part of the decals are sold in the game store but some of them require a certain level of reputation with the factions. Over twenty other decals can be picked as a match reward only.

New equipment

With every major update we continue to add new equipment and weaponry. With this update we are delighted to present four sets of armor and four new guns. The Fringe Settlers sell "Leshy" armor set designed for players who appreciate mobility and "Keeper" – a set of heavy armor for those who "like to stand under bullets". The "Vepr" assault rifle and the RPK-74M were added to The Fringe Settlers shop. The Renaissance Army can offer its soldiers "Molot UM-2" – a set of heavy armor that provides the best protection against fire-arms, as well as OZK-18KB - an armor designed for combat in infected area. AK-74M and A-545 were added to The Renaissance Army shop. And finally, for the stealthy guys who enjoy stealing batteries from the enemy base we are introducing smoke grenades.

Daily bonus

Starting with this update, the first three victories a day will give players double experience and reputation points. In addition, for the fulfillment of the seven-day series of three victories a day players will receive additional valuable bonuses.

Those and numerous other changes await you in the upcoming update 0.24. Keep your eyes peeled for further news coming to our web-site.

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Vendredi 1 août 2014  
"Cologne bridge" location

Humanity couldn’t stop the onslaught of the Forest. However, some natural barriers served well in struggle for survival. The Rhine River was one of them, and the bridge across it was the only way for survivors to get to a safe place. The camp built by the settlers right on the bridge restrained the attack of mutating nature for a long time but in the end the Forest had overcome this bastion as well. Read the full story about what happened at the Cologne bridge on the page dedicated to this new location in the game.

Cologne Bridge

Originating in Siberia, the Forest quickly began to conquer new territory, inexorably spreading around the world. It relentlessly moved from the East to the West, absorbing the remains of human civilization. Despite all efforts, the government could not cope with the Forest and soon fell under its onslaught. Only natural barriers could halt the spread of the Forest.

One of such barriers was the Rhine River that divides the Western Europe from the Alps to the North Sea. For some time, the combined forces of Europe managed to restrain the Forest. Most of the Rhine bridges were destroyed. It was decided to keep safe at least one bridge in each large city so that survivors could move to a secure territory.

The powerful defensive structures successfully performed their duty but any kind of defense would be breached sooner or later. The Rhine frontier was no exception. Eventually the Forest found a way to overcome it, fully capturing Europe. Once surrounded, the defenders of the Cologne bridge continued to fight back thereby making the bridge a shelter for hundreds of survivors.

The struggle for life continued for several years. Over this period an entire city was built on the bridge. But the defenders grew smaller in numbers and it was obvious that the Forest would be able to capture their enclave - it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, the further fate of the survivors is unknown. For some reason the inhabitants had left the Cologne bridge leaving their settlement to be devoured by the forces of nature.

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Jeudi 31 juillet 2014  
Survarium Soundtrack is available online

A fragment of the Survarium title musical theme in the 8th Vostok Games video diary. We’ve promised to release the full version of the track, and we're happy to announce that this moment has come! Thanks for waiting! Visit the official Survarium SoundCloud channel and listen to the track. Feel free to leave your comments and likes.

One more piece of news for all Founder packs owners who acquired a digital copy of the game soundtrack (the collection includes 13 tracks!). The Founders can find the download link in their Profiles on the website. Have fun listening to the record!

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Jeudi 31 juillet 2014  
August calendar released!

Hello Survivors! Summer is upon us and despite it being the hottest time of the year, we will not be resting. Once again, we have a new calendar for your desktop. Enjoy a beautiful dawn from the Vector Laboratory but as always, beware of the Forest!

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Vendredi 25 juillet 2014  
Beta Test Diary #8

We're glad to announce that a new Beta Test diary is available for reading on the forum. From the 8th edition you will learn what the developers are doing at the moment and what the team's plans are. The diary covers such topics as tougher measures against cheaters, changing the game rules for new locations, update of all the player movement animations and more.

Hello everyone!

So it finally happened – Survarium is in OBT. Now, when the fever of first weeks is gone, critical bugs are fixed, and the game went out of state "ICAN’TPLAYTHEGAME!!!111!”, the time has come to share with you our plans for the future.

First of all, let’s talk about the notorious massive ban of players for using cheats. We receive a lot of questions, players ask why we didn’t ban all the cheaters, how does the anti-cheat system work, will a player be banned in case he created a new account and stopped cheating? I want to point out say that the main task for us is not to ban cheaters from entering the game but to discourage players from cheating. We’ll carry out such actions on the regular basis, and we will ban every person against whom we have strong evidence of cheating. For the first wave we intentionally put quite soft conditions – we banned only those who used cheats in more than ten matches. In the following wave conditions will be tightened. And we notice that some players who were not banned have ceased using cheats - this is a positive result for us. As for the way of detecting the cheaters, we use the combined method - part of the data is parsed automatically, for example, attempts to modify the client or modify data in the game memory process. In addition, the system analyzes players’ stats, and when it notices any significant changes from the average statistical data, it gives a signal that you need we need to study replay of this segment of the match and make a decision whether a player used cheats or not.

Now a little bit about our plans for the development of the game. We are currently working on a major content update which is to be released early in August. We’ll add two new locations. One of them you know already - the "Vector" Laboratory. The other location will remain a secret for a while, perhaps, we will release a special article about it closer to the release of the update. We’ll slightly change the rules of the game in these two new locations. The batteries won’t be scattered throughout the level from the beginning of the match but will appear at intervals in one of the chargers. The main purpose of this change is to shift the focus of the battle to different parts of the map, to make the battles more dynamic, to improve players’ understanding of battle tactics.

We continue working on the quest system. There are problems at the time, not all quests require active player participation and are executed by themselves. Also the quests are very different in terms of difficulty level. In the end, the average player’s chart of leveling up has a highly fragmentary character: a player often gets an impression that his reputation grows too slow or too fast. According to our idea, quests should remain the main source of reputation gain, but the speed of reputation growth should depend more on the player’s skill and not on random events. Therefore, the quest system will have the following changes:

    Loyalty bonus mechanism that allowed players to receive more awards for several consecutive quests will be removed;
    The difficulty of some of quests will be changed;
    The quest award will now depend on the type and difficulty of a quest;
    New types of quests will be added the execution of which depends more on the skills of the player, and not on random events;

The third important change will be the update of all movement animations. This is only the first step in improving the movement system in the game. So, one of the essential problems, which we continue to deal with, is a sudden change of direction without slowing down. As a result, the characters move like flies that looks unrealistic and just disturbing.

Of course, we’ll continue working on fixing bugs. One of the most common errors is the game crash because of memory shortage. This is especially relevant for 32-bit systems after several matches played. The reason for this is RAM defragmentation. In the next update we will make several changes that should fix it.

These and many other changes will be made in the next update, including:

    New equipment and weapons;
    Decals on the characters;
    Changes of shotguns behavior (due to numerous requests);

Ruslan "Stohe" Didenko
Survarium Project Manager


Jeudi 24 juillet 2014  
New concept art of "Vector"

Vector Laboratory's scientific research was interrupted by the onslaught of the Forest. This encounter ended badly either for the laboratory or the scientists working in it. You can see for yourselves the consequences of the tragedy in the concept art of this new game location.

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Lundi 21 juillet 2014  
"Fan Art" Section update!

We updated our Fan Art Gallery with new artwork from Survarium fans. You can find it in the corresponding section of our site.

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Jeudi 17 juillet 2014  
Game Update 0.23h

Version 0.23h

Good day Survivors! Today we release Survarium update 0.23h. Many changes to the game have been made. Some of the highlights are, "The Renaissance Army" and "The Fringe Settlers" now sell some new equipment, the system of complaints and praises has been added. Basically a voting system, a few changes in quest awards, the system of automatic tracking of "unfair" players was implemented; the game interface got some innovations.


    Added system of complaints and praises. Each player is allowed to file a complaint against another player, or to praise him. Praise is possible only in the results menu after a match.
    The quest reward now depends on the level of match, in which the quest was completed. The award in the lobby is displayed according to match level that corresponds to your current equipment. The real reward may be different in case a player joins a more difficult or easier match.
    Automatic tracking of "unfair" players.
    The price of sold items reduced by half.
    Improved search algorithm of obscene language.

Items and equipment

    A character without equipment now has one pocket .
    7.62x39 7N23 ammunition with a 10% bonus to armor-piercing for AKM and ACS are now on sale at The Renaissance Army and The Fringe Settlers shops.

Black market

    Leather vest now gives additional space for bullets instead of pockets.
    Ropers now give speed bonus, instead of stamina bonus.
    Choppers now don’t give any bonuses.
    Leather pants now give speed bonus, instead of stamina bonus.


    Quilted jacket now gives additional space for bullets instead of pockets.
    Military Boots now give stamina bonus instead of speed bonus.

The Renaissance Army

    Added new equipment: Scout’s armor set.
    RPD damage reduced from 48 to 46.
    Backpack now only gives bonus to the size of the pockets; its weight is reduced to 6 kg.
    Army pants now have additional cartridges instead of pockets.
    Pants "Storm" have no bonuses now.
    Bullet-proof vest "Storm" now has one pocket instead of two.

The Fringe Settlers

    Added new equipment: Explorer’s armor set.
    Hunter’s pants now have a pocket instead of speed bonus.
    Stalker’s pants have speed bonus instead of pockets.

User Interface

    Now properties of items are displayed in tooltips.
    Buttons of modification, repair, purchase and sale were moved to the right side of the screen and integrated with the inventory.
    Added a button following a user to the Knowledge Base from the lobby.
    Now the chat messages of the administration and moderators are color highlighted.

Error fixes

    Fixed issues with Survarium launcher’s "Play" button.

Mardi 15 juillet 2014  
Sending out the Survarium Founders packs!

We’re glad to inform you that we have begun sending out the Survarium Founders Packs to everyone who participated in a special campaign from December 27, 2013 to May 12, 2014. Owners of Veteran, Master and Legendary packs will finally get their hands on their unique items and bonuses! Please note that due to the large number of orders, and postal delivery, receipt of your Pack may take some time. All owners will receive a tracking number by e-mail as soon as their Pack has been sent.

For the attention of Survivors and Explorer pack owners. Digital soundtrack will be available for download within one week - a download link will be added to the Founder Packs bookmark Sets in your forum profile. Special characters labels (decals) for all the founders will be available as soon as those decals are added to the game.

Summing up, we would like to thank all the founding fathers, whose names will now remain in the pages of Survarium history forever! - Your support has and will continue to help Vostok Games make the game bigger, better and more interesting! Thank you for waiting, this is a big moment!

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Samedi 12 juillet 2014  
Project Adapter. Instruction #20

We continue to keep you in shape with our Project Adapter video instructions on survival. This time Gleb Skorobogatov explores a dead city, explains how to make the very basic sun glasses, get yourself protected against insects and more tips in this Instruction #20. Feel free to share your feedback with us on forum.


Vendredi 4 juillet 2014  
Developer Diary 8 Released!

Today, after a long and often difficult road we bring you a new Developer Diary video; This time, speaking to many members of the team and getting their impressions and hopes for the Russian OBT as well as the future plans for the International OBT. We talk about future additions to the game, our plans for the next few months and where we hope to see the project grow over the next cycle of development. We hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to leave us your comments!

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Vendredi 4 juillet 2014  
July Calendar Released!

Greetings everyone, we’re now into the second half of the year. Yes, already! We can’t believe it ourselves. As tradition dictates we are pleased to once again present you with a new calendar for your desktop, snapped on a particularly beautiful day in Rudnya. Enjoy it!

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Lundi 30 juin 2014  
Development Status Update

We have been working on the game at an almost flat-out pace the last few months to ready the client for the Russian OBT.
Today, we have reached our goal; having said that, we are currently putting together the plans for the international release - the negotiations with potential publishers will continue, so as the development of the game.

We will keep the community informed about all the further plans regarding the launch of the game in the next territories. We thank everyone for support of the project and will do our best to make the game available to public worldwide as soon as it is possible.


Lundi 23 juin 2014  
Adapter Instruction #54

We bring you yet another video in our Adapter series. This time, while exploring a derelict laboratory we learn how to utilize an eye-patch to increase visibility in the dark along with many other useful bits of information. We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to keep a look out for more Adapter series videos in the future.

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Vendredi 20 juin 2014  
Survarium Support Section Opened!

Since the launch of the Survarium helpdesk we have processed a large number of applications. Through direct collaboration with the players, we’ve been able deal with every issue individually, listen to a lot of good ideas and suggestions and pick out the most popular requests. With your wishes in mind, we have launched the Survarium Support section which will optimize communication between the developers and players.

The Knowledge Base and the form for submitting tickets are the main blocks of the Support section. The existing Knowledge Base is already filled with detailed answers to the most frequently sent requests. All topics are divided into 4 main sections; to quickly find a desired question just type keywords in the Search box (e.g., "login", "artifacts", etc.)

If the system does not display search results, go to the "Submit a Ticket" section, in which (after explaining your issue and selecting the required topic) you will be able to send a request to the support service. Our specialists will do everything possible to give an answer in the shortest possible time. 

The Knowledge Base will be constantly updated and edited. We will be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding the Support section of our forum.


Mardi 17 juin 2014  
Patch Notes (change logs)

Version 0.23a

ATTENTION !!! In this version we have considerably reduced the amount of money obtained for accomplishing tasks. The reason for this is that the accomplishment of tasks was the biggest income source and caused a misbalance between those who can complete 2-3 tasks every battle and those who cannot. We believe that task accomplishment should serve the greatest source for reputation, but not money. The money should be earned for actions nearing your team to victory and to be more dependent on victory or loss, rather than on the completion of tasks. Many players will feel a decrease of income per battle, or notice their battles have become detrimental. We will keep a close eye on the situation to balance out the economy based on the statistics collected. Therefore, the short-term skews might happen.


    The algorithm for “item finding” after the battle changed. Now the number of various items that could be found within a battle reduced to 1. In exchange, the result of the battle impacts the chance of finding the items with a greater number of modifiers.
    A Premium account increases the chance to find higher-profile objects by 50% for its owner and by 20% for his teammates. This bonus is not accumulative.
    Bug leading to decreasing all the damage by 2% fixed.
    Mosin carbine armor-piercing increased to 25.
    The starting number of ammo pouches set to 3.
    Now after the battle the player can have a small amount of gold, rubles, as well as a 1-day premium account ticket (to be activated).
    The possibility to convert premium currency into game rubles added.
    Financial reward for task accomplishment lowered.
    Item breakdown for combat actions fixed.


    The containers spawn place in the anomalous zone on Mamayev Kurgan location fixed.


    Scatter of fire for OTs-02 Kiparis increased to 2.0.
    The sight swaying for TOZ-122 decreased.

Black Market

    UZI dispersion increased to 1.8.

The Renaissance Army

    The RPD sight swaying decreased, damage increased to 48.

The Fringe Settlers

    APS recoil and dispersion increased to 2.0.

Mardi 17 juin 2014  
Developer Chat Q&A Part 3

How will the clan system work in freeplay if you're friends are in different factions? Are you enemies or can you work together?
It will work in a different way. Let’s talk in more detail about the freeplay later.

Will there be some kind of quest system in freeplay or co-op mode?
Yes. The principle will be similar as currently in PvP.

Is there a chance that you, the developers, will introduce more WW II weapons?

Will we be able to play with the same character (keeping level, progression and weapons) in the three modes?

In regards to ragdoll and dismemberment, can we expect anything remotely close to games such as Soldier of Fortune 2?
We don’t plan dismemberment, however ragdoll will be implemented.

Question 1: Do you plan on keeping the power gain system in place for weapons and armor you have now? Or do you plan to move to more of an asymmetrical balance system where each piece of armor and weaponry are in ways balanced with each other inside the game while items unlocked through progression will be able to support different types of player preferences and play styles?
As you progress with your character development, the gear will progress accordingly. However the weapons and armor you already own can still remain competitive.

Will we be able to change the eye colour of the character/add a milky eye with a scar, etc?
No, not at this point.

What is your long term vision for them game? 1 year from now? 2 years? 3 years? 6 years?
There’s still a lot to do on the game, we’ve got ideas enough to keep us busy with the game for the next 5 years or so). Most importantly is to have the interest of the players to keep playing the game.

Is there going to be a lot of focus on the co-op part of the game?
Just as much as with the other modes. We want to pay equal attention to everything we deliver.

Will flashlights be added eventually?

Will you be able to kill other players and steal their gear in free play mode?

Will there be skills/perks you can unlock passively through habit/experience/meeting a certain criteria?
Don’t have such plans for the moment.

Will I be able to create messages on cards and leaving them in the game world for other players?
No plans in that way so far.

Are you thinking of adding real survival elements like eating, drinking, radiation/illness treatment and etc.?
We don’t want to make it too complicated in the survival aspect of the game. Just some basic stuff, like antidote, medicine etc.


Jeudi 12 juin 2014  
New Concept Art Added!

We have just updated our Concept Art section with some images from the newly revealed Vector Laboratory location. These two digital paintings provide a preview of what you can expect while exploring this exciting location. We hope you enjoy the images!

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Mercredi 11 juin 2014  
Vector Location Revealed!

Today we reveal a brand-new location, The Vector Laboratory. It is a location with a terrifying backstory; consisting of tragedy, hope and ultimately, destruction. Together with your friends you will be able to explore and uncover the mysteries behind the experiments that took place there. For a more detailed description check out the Locations section we’ll add more screenshots in due course. We hope you like what you see!

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Vendredi 6 juin 2014  
Adapter Instruction #10

Today we bring you another Adapter Instruction video. This time, our host spends some time with a Geiger counter, an abandoned factory and various items with which to make fire. Take a moment to watch this video as the information is detailed, crucial to survival and interesting. To make sure you never miss a single video in the future, take a moment to subscribe to our “Youtube” channel. Enjoy the video!

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Jeudi 5 juin 2014  
New Screenshots Released!

Work on Survarium continues at an ever increasing pace. Things are going well and to acknowledge this we have decided to release 6 brand-new screenshots, one from each of the current locations. Examine them closely; they contain a lot of detail. As always we wish to thank you all for your on-going support! Enjoy the screenshots!

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Samedi 31 mai 2014  
June Calendar Released

Greetings Survivors! Can you believe half the year has already gone by? We've had our heads down and so focussed on the project we hardly noticed. As always, a new month brings a new calendar; this time a beautiful shot from a location in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Rudnya. We hope you enjoy it!

Full resolution image.


Mardi 27 mai 2014  
Developer Chat Q&A Part 2

Common Questions

?????2006: When can we expect the introduction of three remaining artifacts? Will you eventually add others too?
Vostok Games: New artifacts will be added as they become available.

What else, presumably, can be purchased for Golden Rubles, besides the premium account?
Vostok Games: Weapon customization: camouflage, decals, etc.

Morgan K: How do you select the alpha testers for the upcoming PvE mode?
Vostok Games: We are planning to bring those who actively helped us to test PvP, But not all of them at once.

syoopi: Do you plan on releasing the game on other platforms?
Vostok Games: Only PC, so far.

Wizzardinium: It is difficult to find the most realistic shooter nowadays. Will you try to bring your game as close to reality as possible?
Vostok Games: We stand for realism as long as it doesn’t harm the gameplay. Making Survarium a survival simulator is not our objective.

Dr_Porsche: I would like to know whether the work is carried out on game sound?
Vostok Games: We work on the sound daily. This also applies to music. But unfortunately due to technical issues many sound effects and features will only feature at a later stage.

Cthulhu5000: When’s the next update? And will the next update start OBT ?
Vostok Games: The next update will not start the OBT.

Cthulhu5000: Will the representatives of assault factions (Black Market, The Renaissance Army) and stealth sniper factions (The Fringe Settlers, Scavengers) make the same level of noise?
Vostok Games: No, they won’t.

Химик2006: Do you plan to purchase a more powerful server hardware in the future?
Vostok Games: Yes, if necessary.

Химик2006: Will anti-cheat system immediately ban the player, or just issue a warning and will not let him play the game while the software is active?
Vostok Games: It’s too early to say. We are still working on implementing the anti-cheat system to the game.

Химик2006: Will there be an in-game encyclopedia with descriptions of weapons, locations, bestiary, etc? Will an article on the given object be available immediately or after interaction with this object? Will there be achievements associated with this encyclopedia (e.g., an achievement for opening all the articles in the encyclopedia)?
Vostok Games: We really would like to create Survarium encyclopedia but we just don’t have enough resources to do it at the moment

Химик2006: Are there enough people on staff in Vostok Games? Have you got people working on game’s plot?
Vostok Games: We’ve got enough people on the staff right now. Development proceeds without any interruptions.

MrBubulyka: What will be the punishment for cheaters and macros users?
Vostok Games: The most serious punishment possible.

MrBubulyka: Are you planning to give administrators more information so that they can answer questions about the game and development process?
Vostok Games: You have to understand that most of the guys from the administration of the game are not present in the Vostok Games office, so it’s difficult for them to answer questions related to the development process.

SCOOR: How are you going to keep players in the game for six months, a year? For example, CBT is on, but many players are already close to level 100 and they’ve got 2 to 6 million in-game currency.
Vostok Games: There will be different gaming leagues for the players. For example, after a certain time, the players occupying the top places in the ranking table will pass to a higher level league so that they can compete only with top rated players. And, of course, we’re going to add lots of new content :)

Electromechanic: I've wanted to ask. You finish developing Survarium, add three game modes, what’s next? Are going to evolve the project somehow?
Vostok Games: The key feature of any online project is that it constantly evolves, adding new features and improvements. So we’re not planning to stop even after the fulfillment of previously announced plans. Our highest priority is to keep the players happy with the game!

Morgan K: In one of the interviews you mentioned a combination of cooperative gameplay with PvE. How are you going to achieve this? Don’t you think it will deface those modes?
Vostok Games: It's too early to talk about it.

smim: Have already begun sending out the Founder Packs?
Vostok Games: Not yet. We’re going to do it right before OBT.

smim: When will you add music to the game? At least one theme in the lobby?
Vostok Games: We will add music in OBT.

Venis47aka: Are you shooting new Developer Diary? When’s it going to be ready?
Vostok Games: We’re discussing a new episode right now.

OlegatoR: How are things going with the development of voice chat? Will we see it in the next 3-4 months?
Vostok Games: Voice chat is in development. It will be available sometime after OBT.

4izhik_1992: Don’t you think the game is not ready for a beta release? Maybe you should postpone the start of OBT for a few months?
Vostok Games: We understand that there is still a lot of work. However, we will try to meet our deadlines.


Silent_Joker: So what about prone position? Are you still going to put it in the game?
Vostok Games: Yes, we are.

marader17: Hello. Why take a single isolation parameter? Is it possible to make radioactive shielding, chemical and electrical protection, etc.?
Vostok Games: It’s a temporary simplification. Actually there are different types of damage already.

marader17: You said that it will be possible to upgrade weapons. And what about armor and equipment?
Vostok Games: Players will be able to upgrade armor as well.

marader17: What can you say about the "skill tree"? And is there any chance that we will see it before OBT?
Vostok Games: We hope to finish it during CBT.

marader17: Will there be a player-to-player trading system?
Vostok Games: We’re working on that.

marader17: Will there be other objects in PvP in addition to boxes that need to be collected?
Vostok Games: Yes, most likely.

WinVamp: Will you add binoculars, infrared scanners and other devices that simplify the detection of the enemy? The concept art shows something that looks like night vision scopes.
Vostok Games: We will.

WinVamp: Will there be land mines or maybe booby traps?
Vostok Games: Yes.

WinVamp: Will the players be able to exchange items?
Vostok Games: Maybe.

StepDeath: Greetings! How soon will you add ladders, melee combat and prone position to Survarium? In what order will those features appear in the game?
Vostok Games: We will add all of the above. But we can’t specify the exact order for now.

Spaser: How exactly does the drop system work? I was 10-0, nothing dropped. 3:7 – SKS dropped. And what affects the level of modification (stars) for equipment and weapons?
Vostok Games: It depends only on the game score. We’re working on the drop system now.

Rammsteine777: Greetings! There is a fire anomaly in Mamayev Kurgan, and players often dump the batteries there. Will it be possible in the future for a character with high level equipment (e.g., a suit with built-in thermal protection) to carry away the containers from fiery depths of this anomaly?
Vostok Games: More advanced equipment is on the way.

4izhik_1992: Will the weapons jam in PvP? And don’t you think that such a feature would complicate the game and make it more hardcore?
Vostok Games: Weapons will degrade and break. And it is likely they will jam also.

Nickadimus: When will you repair the minimap? It has been displaying the position players incorrectly lately.
Vostok Games: We’ll fix it as soon as we can.

Nickadimus: Will the players be able to interact with the environment e.g., elevators?
Vostok Games: They will.

Pr1me: Will the melee combat be implemented in the next update?
Vostok Games: Maybe in the update after the next one.

Химик2006: Will you eventually expand the initial range of equipment of "Scavengers" and "Black Market"? Will you add weapons and equipment, or just consumables, such as mines and grenades?
Vostok Games: There will be both equipment and consumables.

Химик2006: Will the players be able to interact with the environment (climb vertical ladders, jump over small obstacles or climb on them, open and close doors, or even switch on/off the light in rooms)?
Vostok Games: The players will be able to climb ladders and jump over obstacles.

Химик2006: Are you going to reform the economy? Some players have earned more than a million rubles, but they’ve got nothing to buy, despite the fact that ammo is refilled only for money. I do not understand this. You can just tick Auto refill and that’s it. The ammo is cheap so we don’t feel that we really spend money on it.
Vostok Games: We will reform the economy. Not all of its components are finished. E.g., weapons still don’t get out of order.

Химик2006: Will night vision devices have their own slots, or put into the mask or helmet slot? Or will they be used as consumables?
Vostok Games: The night vision devices will be put into the mask slot.

Nickadimus: Will there be any bleeding effects (both visual and related to constant inflicting of a character)? It’s so fun to trace the enemy by the blood trail.
Vostok Games: The bleeding effect, as well as death from it will be implemented in the future.

Cthulhu5000: For the time being is leveling up to the top equipment doesn’t take much time. You’ve got the best equipment unlocks before level 20 of 100 available. So the question is how are going to evolve the game in terms of new equipment? Will you add new, "cool", paramilitary, groups or just expand the range of features of the existing ones?
Vostok Games: There’s only 25-30% of all planned leveling up system in the game.

Cthulhu5000: Will you add sniper and semi- automatic rifles and automatic shotguns?
Vostok Games: We already have.

Cthulhu5000: How exactly will the weapon customization look in OBT? How many additional devices can be added to one weapon? Will it affect the parameters of weapons?
Vostok Games: We plan on adding a deep customization system with different types of rifle butts, pivots, etc. Of course, this will all be introduced piece by piece.

Cthulhu5000: There are no perks in Survarium. One can only upgrade skills, that improve his natural abilities. Will you add CoD-like perks? I'm not talking about specific things such as the "Last chance", "+1 grenade" maybe?
Vostok Games: We will add perks for sure.

Cthulhu5000: Will players be able to get or buy outfits (weapons, uniforms ,ammunition, consumables, etc.) not in the group shops? Say, new equipment each new level?
Vostok Games: Yes, they will.

Cthulhu5000: Will the machine guns have bipods and will the players be able to use them (e.g., in prone position)?
Vostok Games: Maybe.

Cthulhu5000: Expansive rounds and bullets with the displaced center of gravity. Yes or no?
Vostok Games: Yes.

Cthulhu5000: Melee and knife combat. Will we have one knife by default or we can upgrade it too? What will the knife combat look like? Press "V" – hit a target, or choose a knife from the list of weapons and then left-click? Will we be able use the butt of a rifle to hit other players?
Vostok Games: “Press “V” – hit a target” is the right choice. Using the butt of a rifle will also be available.

Cthulhu5000: The recoil force of the non-automatic weapons is very high. So automatic weapons have a big advantage over non-automatic ones. Will you decrease the "kickback" force of non-automatic weapons?
Vostok Games: The recoil force will be reduced and refined. The recoil force will depend on the caliber of the bullet.

Химик2006: When can the players be able to change the crosshair? Would it be possible to change its size and color?
Vostok Games: We’re working on that.

Химик2006: Will you redesign the "friend or foe" identification system to make it more atmospheric? Markers over the head slightly spoil the atmosphere but neon outline silhouettes, for example, would look pretty cool.
Vostok Games: It’s a matter of experiments and further testing. Changes are possible in the future.

Химик2006: Will you refine the damage system? Or everything will remain as it is? At this point, it’s quite impractical to shoot the enemy in the legs to hold him; it’s easier to kill him right away. Thus the players have no use of medkits and bandages. And although I read that consumables will become more useful in the next update, I still wonder how broken bones can fuse in 15 seconds. Don’t you think it’d be better to completely remove health regeneration, and leave only the possibility to treat wounds with consumables and artifacts?
Vostok Games: We’re working on that. Something of the above will appear in the nearest update.

Химик2006: In addition to bleeding can we expect other effects? For example, a convulsion after a grenade explosion or anomalies that would cause the body to collapse?
Vostok Games: We will gradually improve the system of those "effects."

Химик2006: How do you plan to improve the leveling system? Will there be more branches in the skill tree?
Vostok Games: The leveling system will be improved and evolved in the future.

Химик2006: Will the players on the same team be able to interact with each other (healing, handing ammo, etc.) ?
Vostok Games: We’re planning to add “healing”.

Химик2006: Melee combat - how do you see it? Will it be the usual “one button hit”, or an elaborated combat system? Will you add different melee weapons (knife, machete)? Will there be a separate slot in the inventory?
Vostok Games: it’s going to be a system with a different type of action, depending on the situation. It will be implemented into the game soon. Knife included.

Sbogdanov2: Do you plan on punishing players who intentionally kill other players at their spawn points?
Vostok Games: This is a bug with invulnerability at the spawn point and it will be fixed.

Sbogdanov2: Do you plan to redesign spawn locations? Everyone has noticed it’s easier to enter combat from certain spawn points and some of them just make you a potential target?
Vostok Games: All the maps will be improved, of course.

Химик2006: Will you add items that are not yet in the game, but can be seen in developer diaries (e.g., Scavengers’ hood)?
Vostok Games: We will.

PRAVIY: Will you somehow punish cheaters before the implementation of anti-cheat system or they’ll just walk?
Vostok Games: We’re doing it already. If we’re sure that the tester uses cheats. But it is also important to understand that any good player can be labeled “cheater”.

Pr1me: Why don’t you ban the players who exploit errors of the game?
Vostok Games: It is important to understand that we’re at the CBT stage right now. Bugs and errors are normal for this stage of development. The developers’ main purpose is to consider such “bug uses” and fix them. However, if you think someone is overusing bugs you can record a video and send it to our technical support at

YaIvengo: Do I understand correctly that during the Storm players with a higher isolation level can continue playing the game as if they fell into anomaly?
Vostok Games: Yes, you understand it correctly. :)

Technical issues

Feod: Will players be able to play with a gamepad ?
Vostok Games: No.

volkroft: Does FPS drop due to network issues?
Vostok Games: Yes.

Ovlivions : Will the game the game be seriously optimized in the next quarter? Will the synchronization with the server be improved?
Vostok Games: Yes, and yes.


Vendredi 23 mai 2014  
Developer Chat Q&A

Common Questions

MasterJoker: Tell me what prompted you to create such an original world?
Vostok Games: Our previous experience in developing STALKER series and the desire to make a new step, creating an even greater gaming universe.

Silent_Joker: Tell me will there be a possibility to trample the grass underfoot before the start of OBT? Or have you already abandoned this idea?
Vostok Games: We’ve added this feature but it is disabled for now. We may enable it in the future.

Silent_Joker: Is the team working on the correction of skeletal character models and animations?
Vostok Games: We are, yes.

Silent_Joker: When can we expect the dynamic change of weather?
Vostok Games: After the implementation of the Storm.

Silent_Joker: Can you customize the characters only by choosing from a standard set of faces or can one change facial features (nose shape, ear size, etc.)?
Vostok Games: So far, only a set of faces.

WinVamp: Will there be other types of anomalies, such as gravitational, temporal, spatial, and frigorific?
Vostok Games: Yes, there will.

Spaser: Why does the match-making pit 7 people to one team, and 9 to the other? When will we see a normal balance system?
Vostok Games: We’re working on that.

Spaser: How's work on anti-cheat system?
Vostok Games: We’re working on that.

gadzhetone: When will the OBT start?
Vostok Games: The plan is to start OBT in Russian-speaking territories first, while the international test will continue as CBT for now. We still need to make a number of changes and improvements to the game to get it prepared for launching internationally. Once we determine the exact release dates – we’ll make an announcement accordingly.

Rammsteine777: As I can see in the development schedule, clan system will be introduced soon. So should one pay real money to create a clan or is it free of charge? What is the approximate cost of this service?
Vostok Games: You’ll have to pay with in-game currency to create a clan.

Burzummm: Good evening! How long do we have to wait until the announcement of the clan system? Will there be restrictions on the number of players in a clan? If yes, what ?
Vostok Games: Most likely, the full support of the clan system in the game will be available after the transition to OBT - we hardly have time to do this earlier. This topic deserves a deeper and more precise discussion, so we suggest getting back to it later.

SergeyChuma: Do you plan to evolve Survarium as an eSports discipline?
Vostok Games: Yes, we do. We had planned to create a separate tournament module in the game. We can’t say how soon it will appear in the game. Definitely after the OBT.

Phantom_the_sky: Good afternoon, dear developers. Question: Do you plan to somehow evolve “Scavengers” and “Black Market”? Or will they remain as some sort of sandbox? Will they have at least some equipment , like "The Fringe Settlers" and "The Renaissance Army"? Thank you!
Vostok Games: We do plan to evolve those groups and also add new weapons and equipment.

-WOLF52-: How about a new mode for PvP?
Vostok Games: We’re working on that.

-WOLF52-: When is the next update?
Vostok Games: When it’s done.

MasterJoker: The players are given only two groups for leveling. What should be done to open the other groups?
Vostok Games: To open the next groups you should raise your reputation in the starting ones.

volkroft: Why don’t you release micro patches?
Vostok Games: Because even micro patches take a long time.

volkroft: Skeletal animation will be tweaked. Will it affect weapons in the game? Will collisions still happen?
Vostok Games: Collisions are still possible because there is a lot of different equipment with different sizes in Survarium.

4izhik_1992: Should we expect a patch this month?
Vostok Games: You should.

4izhik_1992: Will the Storm be fully present in the game before OBT, with random effects, etc.?
Vostok Games: It will but only partially.

Bezil: Will there be special awards for active CBT participants?
Vostok Games: We haven’t decided yet.

Antipat: Do you plan on implementing different difficulty modes to the game?
Vostok Games: Speaking of PvP - the difficulty of the game depends on players of the opposing team. This is the sole purpose of the match-making system. I.e. we can set difficulty levels only for NPCs and scripted scenes. Perhaps this could be implemented in Freeplay.

Klisan: The main question is how often do the developers look into the technical section of the forum? There are only a few replies to bug related questions, but I hope that at least VG can see what players write there.
Vostok Games: We look through it every day.

Спутник: Do you plan to go on vacation in summer, or will you work on the project tirelessly without leaving the office? Where would you go to relax?
Vostok Games: No vacation for us.

Ovlivions : How’s development going in general?
Vostok Games: It’s going great.

Ovlivions When the clan system is in the game, what will you do to the clans, in which the leader and / or his deputies, or most of the clan members will be involved in spreading and / or using cheats?
Vostok Games: We’re not sure yet.

Ovlivions : Does the situation in Ukraine distract you from the development process?
Vostok Games: It doesn’t.

Nickadimus: Will blood splatter and other dismemberment be added to the game? A gunshot wound is a bloody mess, and I don’t feel much realism in the game. Will there be at least bullet holes and ragdoll physics?
Vostok Games: Bullet holes are already there. Ragdoll is on the way.

Nickadimus: Do you plan on adding spectator mode similar to Counter-Strike?
Vostok Games: Maybe.

Nickadimus: Will I be able to scribble my girlfriend’s name on my weapon (weapon customization, camouflage)?
Vostok Games: Camouflage is on the way.

Nickadimus: Why are there medkits and bandages in the game? Either they do not work, or I’m too clumsy.
Vostok Games: They do work, but not properly. We’re working on that.

zombi_smertnik: Will you add equipment sets (costumes)?
Vostok Games: Yes, we will.

zombi_smertnik: Will rank in groups affect something other than unlocking new things ?
Vostok Games: Maybe in the future.

zombi_smertnik: Are there macros users and cheaters? How soon will you deal with them? I hope you’ll fulfill my dream and add Sturmgewehr 44 in one of the updates.
Vostok Games: Yes. We’re working on resource and client protection. Adding StG 44 is quiet possible in the future.

Pr1me: How soon will random anomalies appear in the game?
Vostok Games: Random anomalies will be implemented in the game together with the effects of the Storm.

Antipat: How do you feel about the idea of creating an Advanced Testers Squad? ... =30&t=8529
Vostok Games: Maybe in the future. Regular testers have been fully performing their functions so far.

Fastmind: Do you pay attention to the ideas and suggestions of players (beta testers)? Do you highlight their main wishes and work on implementing them?
Vostok Games: Yes, we do.

Михаил1: Will you hold any special events (for e.g. x2 experience gain, equipment sales, etc. )?
Vostok Games: We will.

icehot: Will you release the game by yourselves or will you cooperate with any publishers?
Vostok Games: We’ll release Survarium in the CIS by ourselves. Releasing in Europe, Asia and the US still remains an open question.

Химик2006: Do you work on something that is not mentioned in the development schedule for this year (weapon customization, interaction with the environment, the redesign of the skeletal model, etc.)?
Vostok Games: We do.

Химик2006: Do you plan on creating some new factions in the game, in addition to existing ones ?
Vostok Games: We do.

Химик2006: How soon can we expect to see ragdoll physics, redesigned skeletal models and animations? Is this already underway or just still in the plans?
Vostok Games: We’re working on that but you won’t see it any time soon. This thing takes a very long time.

Vendredi 16 mai 2014  
The portal update and 10 000 invite codes

The official Survarium portal has been operating since December 2012. During this time it was updated frequently and eventually the website became more informative. Today we’re glad to present you our new background image for the website. Be ready to post your comments on the matter.

We feel privileged to use this opportunity to thank you all for your genuine interest in our project. Due to the fact that on May 12 the Founder Packs were removed from sale and we get more and more requests from beta-test applicants (though we’ve already sped up the Beta Key invites lottery 20 times) we decided to gratify our players. Today we’re sending 10 000 additional Closed Beta invite codes. So hurry to check your mailbox – maybe you’re the lucky one!


Jeudi 15 mai 2014  
New sketches of Survarium characters

Our Concept Art section has been updated with some brand new content: you can find images of soldiers from “The Renaissance Army” and “The Fringe Settlers” in the sketch gallery. The equipment of each character is unique. Not only does it represent the clan the character belongs to but it also depicts his particular role in the Survarium universe.

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Mardi 13 mai 2014  
Adapter Project. Instruction #17

We are glad to introduce you a new part of the Adapter project, a series of videos dedicated to practical skills of survival and extreme conditions adaptation tips. Instruction #17 focuses on disguise and camouflage. When watching the video you will learn how to camouflage yourself in various different locales as well as other useful info. Those who missed the first two parts of the Adapter series can watch them here and here.

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Jeudi 8 mai 2014  
Victory Day!

May 9th marks what could quite possibly be the most important day in recent human history. The day the Allies managed to defeat their enemies and secure the overall victory of World War II. On this day we choose to honour those comrades we lost in battle, who gave their lives for the Freedom of us all and fought like true heroes. Our future as a free people is their legacy and for that, we can all be grateful.

To mark the occasion and celebrate the day we'll be sending out 10,000 Closed-Beta invites. So, if you have not registered an account on our website, there is no better time than now! Once again our thanks and utmost respect to all our fallen heroes!

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Mercredi 7 mai 2014  
Fan-Art Updated!

As many of you know, we are sent fan artworks on a daily basis. And from time to time we take our favourites and upload them to our website. Today is one such day. Follow the link to view the new additions to the art section as well as peruse through the previous works as well. We’d also just like to add that we love getting artwork from our community and if you’ve ever wanted to send some our way, please feel free to do so! Enjoy!

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Mardi 6 mai 2014  
Mamayev Kurgan Page Added!

Today we bring you the brief history of Mamayev Kurgan. This decaying yet beautiful area has long since been a sort after stronghold by many factions. Follow the link to learn all about it and view some fantastic images! Enjoy!


Lundi 5 mai 2014  
Founder Packs Final Sale!

Dear Survivors, as many of you know we have been selling the Survarium Founder Packs for some time now. We're removing them from sale on May 12th at 12:00 Kiev time, as they were always a limited edition item. So, if you have been thinking about becoming a Founder, there is no time like the present. Check out the Founder Packs here We'd also like to extend our deepest thanks to all those who supported us by purchasing a Pack. Your support means a lot to us and we cannot thank you enough!


Jeudi 1 mai 2014  
May Calendar Released

As the new month begins, we are glad to introduce our May calendar featuring the recently released Mamayev Kurgan location. Enjoy!

Full resolution image.


Mardi 29 avril 2014  
New Beta Test Diary!

Today we bring you the latest instalment of the Beta Test Diary. It has been a while since the last one so we’ve got some interesting information to share with you. In it you will find details on (recently held) Doors Open Day, plans for the Storm event, a hint about a new location, technical details regarding network traffic and some news for 32bit OS users.

The Beta Test Diary #2

Hi everybody!

As you know recently we had the Doors Open Day test and now finally I’ve had some time to put all my thoughts together and share our future plans with you. Besides the possibility to check out Survarium, the event served as great stress test which revealed several bottlenecks. Thanks to the efforts of our programmers, all of those were removed within a few hours, so by the evening most of the players could play without any hindrance. We received quite promising results, both in terms of the server performance and the players’ feedback about the game. As a result, we made a decision to increase the number of winning tickets in the lottery by 20 times.

Now a bit regarding our plans; unfortunately, the Storm as we envisioned it, turned out to be way too complex (especially given our visualization requirements set) to implement and release within one update. Therefore, in order not to procrastinate with it, we have decided to deliver it part by part. We will start with separate storm effects based on individual locations, so that later when the number of effects implemented exceeds a certain threshold, we could activate the mechanism to launch a random Storm effect on a random location at any point in time.

One of the key future update changes will be the increased role of artifacts, as well as that of the ammo in battle. Currently a lot of ammo and artifacts are purely a situation-based application, which makes the gear allow you to carry too much ammo and artifacts barely useful when it comes to real combat. Thus, for example, having two or three artifact containers, you can collect a good set of artifacts no sooner than by the end of battle when there is no possibility to effectively influence the result.

One of the most questioned parts is the match-making system. Thus, many players don’t understand why they are being thrown in battle against much better equipped opponents. Therefore we decided to improve the character equipping interface and the match-making interface, so as to make the process more understandable to the player. We are going to display the player the ‘equipment level’ parameter which depends on the items put on and the ELO ranking of the player (players of high rank are thrown into higher-profile battles). At the time of the match-making the player will see the range of possible battles (which expands with every minute of waiting), so as the approximate number of players standing in line for each of the battle levels.

Additionally, we are eager to modify the daily tasks system. As you know, currently every faction gives the player one random task with a time limit to complete. The option with automatic tasks yielding we chose as a simpler way for the new players to grasp (this way they don’t need to be explained where to pick up tasks). However, under such an approach there comes another side of the coin – I can simultaneously have up to four tasks and only one of those will be interesting to me. Also it’s a bit confusing to be able to (as the same time) accomplish tasks for several factions at once. We’ve considered a number of solutions to resolve such a dilemma. One of the approaches is to have the player choose one faction which he cooperates with at the moment and which tasks he’s up to completing. The player is free to pick another faction at a loss of loyalty bonus with the former one. So we’d be curious to get the players’ feedback to such an idea.

On top of the gameplay changes, we keep working on the technical side of the game. Already in the current version we have considerably reduced the traffic, which proved beneficial for playing on lower-end computers, narrow channels or for users with high ping rates, so as for the performance of our servers. This is not yet the best we can do though, as we continue improving the smaller loss or damage of packages in order to guarantee an unprecedented quality of game performance, especially with wireless connections. We also are finalizing the optimization of the game renderer under the 32-bit OS, so soon we’ll be able to lift the limitation on screen resolution for the 32-bit systems.

Before I forget, shortly we are going to announce a new game location we’ve been working on at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on and speak soon!

Ruslan Didenko – Survarium Project Lead


Lundi 28 avril 2014  
Open Day & Lottery Update

Good day Survivors, today we bring you two pieces of news. First a review of the recent "Doors Open Day" test and then the Closed-Beta Lottery, so let’s begin; Doors Open Day, from our perspective was a challenging day indeed. Dealing with 10 times the number of players on our servers and trying to make the game as stable as possible while new players logged on all the time. We’re happy to report that aside from a few minor hiccups we’ve had extremely positive feedback from our community, invaluable feedback that will help us progress forward and make the game even better! More than 100,000 people logged onto the game’s website and the number of concurrent players online reaching 5000! We want to thank everyone for taking part as it was an important day for us and Survarium.

Now on to the Closed-Beta Invites Lottery. For a few months now we have had the lottery automatically selecting a new user every 20 minutes and a key to the access the Closed-Beta was sent to their email. However, now, we have some good news for all of those who have been waiting for months to get their hands on the game. We’ve decided to speed the lottery up 20 times! That essentially means that every minute a new user is selected and a new key sent out. So, keep an eye on your email as you may be lucky enough to receive an invite. We hope to see you all venturing into the anomalies soon!


Vendredi 25 avril 2014  
We Shall Never Forget!

The tragedy at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was one that will be remembered for all time. April 26 marks the anniversary of this catastrophe as we remember our fallen comrades. We can only hope that mankind can and has learnt from this event and will strive to ensure it never happens again. This is after all the only way humanity will be able to maintain peace and tranquillity on the planet. We want to thank the Liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, living and deceased, who defended all humanity from the horrors of the accident. Your efforts, your story and your memory shall live on forever!

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Jeudi 24 avril 2014  
Doors Open Day Times Revealed!

Dear Survivors, tomorrow, April 25th we are opening up Survarium to all of you for 24 hours. From midnight tonight, Kiev time (GMT+3) you will be able to download and install the game.

Playing will be possible from April 25 at 11:00am GMT+3 (Kiev time) for 24 hours until April 26 at 11:00 GMT+3 (Kiev time).

In order to download the client of the game, go to the main page and press the ‘Play Now’ button (will be enabled tonight). You will be prompted to login/register on site in order to download the game. We will also be starting a special section on our official forums where you can discuss your experience and share your impressions with other users.

All this being said, welcome and we hope you enjoy this day with us!

NOTE: This is a Beta version of the PvP (Teamplay) game mode only. Freeplay and Co-op are not part of this Beta test. Currently our game servers are located in Russia, so players from other regions might experience connectivity issues due to long distances and high ping rates. We are doing our best to minimize the technical problems as much as possible.


Mardi 22 avril 2014  
Forthcoming V0.21a Update!

Good day Survivors! Today we bring you some great news. We’re planning a rather exciting update to the Survarium Client, Version 0.21a. With this patch come multiple new additions, game play changes and features.

Some of the highlights of the patch are the new Mamayev Kurgan location, changes to the in-game HUD, allowing players to remove certain aspects they no longer wish to see, significantly reduced traffic between the client and server, some new weapons, the possibility to be rewarded with unique items and much more!Check out the full patch notes. We hope you enjoy the changes and additions this update will make to the game.

Version 0.21a

Attention!!! Due to change of items characteristics, we have automatically removed all the equipment from the game characters.
All your items have been safely kept inventory.


    Added a new location “Mamayev Kurgan"


    Veteran reputation with the Scavengers now gives you 12x70 Jacketed Bullet
    Scavengers no longer sell ammunition 9x19 Parabellum and 7N21

Black Market

    Jacket “Brute " now provides additional pouches for ammunition
    Black Market now sell 9x19 7N21

Renaissance Army

    Now sell Fort 17 pistol, shotgun Franchi SPAS- 12 and ammunition 9x18 PBM
    Protection settings for army pants and army boots upgraded to army vest - 50/45 %
    Parameter of insulation for the army vest increased to 10%
    Army body armour now gives additional pouches for ammunition
    Army body armour no longer protects hands
    Weight army boots increased to 1.2kg

Fringe Settlers

    Now sell the respirator "Malachite" as well as APS pistol , shotgun Benelli M4 Super 90, 9x18 ammunition PBM
    Pants and hunter boots hunter now give a bonus of speed of movement
    Weight of Hunter Boots reduced to 1.0kg


    Added the feature (depending on the players’ match statistics) the possibility for them to be rewarded with a random unique item.
    Now players can only take one two-handed weapon into battle
    Match-making algorithm improved: now teams should be more balanced
    Increased the amount of reputation required to improve relations with factions
    Reduced the number of XP points gained from killing the enemy
    Now the award for actions in combat will depend on the maximum level of equipment the players involved
    Faster reloading for all shotguns
    The number of rounds of ammunition in a pack for 7N6M 5.45x39 , 9x18 PM , 9x19 Parabellum is now 50
    Reduced the number of cartridges in a pack 7.62x54R to 10
    Changed the mechanics of recoil; automatic weapons with a strong impact can no longer be stabilised completely
    Kickback now allows player movement to compensate the impact from bullets
    Increased the chance of ricochet on all ammunition
    Now the player begins to accelerate automatically when key is pressed and recovered energy spurt - Now, throwing grenades and switching weapons interrupts loading a cartridge
    Now you can throw a grenade during a run
    Fixed count of player's rating after the battle
    Fixed the bug “Infinite breath hold”

User Interface

    Added squad chat in the game lobby and in the battle
    In the options menu added the ability to change the position of the minimap as well as turn it off
    Added filter swear words
    Added display of current tasks during the battle
    Added a message on the completion and the failure of tasks
    Now when killing an enemy , hit indicator will briefly be tinted red
    Oxygen Tank now displayed in the non-lethal weapons
    In the game interface indicator added ammunition
    Added the ability to copy and paste text using the clipboard
    Fixed bugs in the display of objects on the minimap


    Improved texture mapping on distant objects from the player


    Added a variety of sounds in the environment for school locations , Radar Station and "East"
    Increased volume of the detector for radiation while in the radioactive zone at locations Tarakanovskiy School and Fort
    Fixed hearing distance for shotguns
    Optimization of the sound of automatic weapons, to reduce the load on the processor
    Reduced the volume of enemy steps on some surfaces


    Changed the algorithm for sending network messages about user : now the information about other users can only be sent at no more than 20 times per second . This change reduces the network traffic
    Increased interval at which the server duplicates lost network messages, which led to a substantial decrease in traffic and load on the client and server. This change is not final.
    Added network statistics that allow us to get more detailed information about those users who are still experiencing problems with the network synchronization
    Fixed a desync when picking up a battery

Lundi 21 avril 2014  
Survarium access is declared open!

On April 25, 2014 Vostok Games announces “Doors Open Day”. For 24 hours on that day, absolutely anyone is welcome to enter, download the current beta version of the game and try it out in action. For the moment the game features only the team-based play mode (PvP). Once the Doors Open Day is over, the game will revert back to the “Closed-Beta” state as we continue preparing the game for the OBT. Especially for this occasion, we decided to film a video on what currently is going on inside Vostok Games and how the developers get ready for the event. In addition, the video will be useful to all who follow the project's development closely - you will be able to see and hear a lot of news on what's in works at the moment and to be released with the forthcoming and future game updates. Enjoy!

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Vendredi 11 avril 2014  
Mission Status - 2 Years and Counting!

Here at Vostok Games we like to not only look to the future but also remember past. For the last two years we have been deeply involved in our mission of creating a truly unique and special gaming experience. April 12th is a traditional holiday, Cosmonautics Day, a truly inspirational time of year when we can look back at all the amazing achievements made in space exploration. As previously mentioned, two years has gone by since we began development of Survarium and as with space exploration, we have learnt many new things, tested new ideas and technologies. It has been a really exciting time! So, in celebration of Cosmonaut’s Day and our 2 year anniversary, we’ll be sending out 2000 Survarium Beta keys. Be sure to keep an eye on your email as you could be one of the lucky ones! Before signing off we just want to once again thank each and every one of you for the faith, support and encouragement over the last two years. It means a lot to us! Thank you Survivors!

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Jeudi 10 avril 2014  
Mamayev Kurgan Concept Art Added!

Greetings Survivors, today we’re posting some rather provocative concept art of the forthcoming location Mamayev Kurgan. These images, although not screenshots, give you some great insight into the atmosphere at surrounds of this area. The two of the three images reveal different anomalies while the third is a brief representation of the base. Enjoy!

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Mardi 1 avril 2014  
New Survarium Calendar!

Amidst the ruined and derelict Mamayev Kurgan the statue of "The Motherland Calls" remains; standing tall, unruffled and uncompromising; holding firm against time, staring at the world that has changed so drastically. The monument, a symbol of the will for victory is the centrepiece of April's Survarium calendar.

Full resolution image.


Lundi 31 mars 2014  
The 'Roscon' Survival Zone

On March 29 there was a one-day science-fiction literature event named Roscon, held in Moscow. Given Vostok Games' plans to launch a series of novels based on the world of Survarium (in the Russian language, to begin with), Vostok was an active part of the trade show.

In the frameworks of the event, visitors could not only see a presentation of the Survarium book project, speak to one of the writers and a developer's representative, but also play the latest version of the game and receive invitations to take part in the Closed-Beta. On top of that, Survarium cosplayers were rewarded with in-game premium currency. As you can guess, we had a very busy day in Moscow - the show was a great success and lots of fans came to visit us at the event.

To cap it all off, please, check our selection of photos from Roskon below.


Mardi 25 mars 2014  
5 New Screenshots Released!

Dear Survivors, We’ve been hard at work on the Closed-Beta version of Survarium. Several patches were released in the last 2 weeks and we continue to push through each day. So, in light of recent progress we thought it only right that we share some new assets with you. We present five new screenshots, two of them from the highly anticipated Mamayev Kurgan location, a beautiful shot from Rudnya, sunrise at the Vostok Radar Station and last but not least one from the Chemical Plant. We trust you’ll enjoy them. More news coming soon!

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Mercredi 14 mars 2014  
Forthcoming V0.20a update!

We’re working as fast as we can to please all current players of the Survarium CBT. We are at present preparing to update the game client to Version 0.20a. We expect the patch to go live Monday (March 17th) across our servers (technical works will start at 10:00 am Kiev time). We invite all participants to try out the new features and changes which we have implemented. Below you can see the full list of patch notes.

Version 0.20a


With the release of the 0.20a update we have made significant changes to the starting equipment and overall player/game balance that requires us to reset all players back to zero. This zeroing of players’ progress (wipe) shall be the final one of its kind and in the future we no longer plan to reset characters. To compensate players their time spent on the development of their characters, we chose to give each player premium currency. The amount of compensation depends on the experience gained to date, for every 1000 experience points we will issue 2.5 Golden Rubles.

    General changes

      Added support for groups of players. Size is limited to three. When players join together as a group, they will find themselves playing in the same team. The system balances the match selection based on the strongest player.
      We’ve added gear for both the Renaissance Army and The Fringe Settlements ". Renaissance Army players can equip an AKM. The Fringe Settlers in turn, will have the SKS carbine. We will expand the range of available equipment with each future patch.
      Added ability to activate a premium account. Premium accounts increases all the resulting experience, reputation and money by 50%. Players who bought Founder Packs get promo codes, the use of which activates a premium account. These promo codes will be tied to your account and cannot be used to activate any other accounts.
      Changed the mechanism for issuing assignments to players. Now each group offers only one daily task. Performing this task increases loyalty between you and the faction. Continuing to perform tasks will increase the loyalty bonus by up to 25 %. Failing to complete of task will result in a loyalty points reset. The player cans switch one task for another, so they are able to proceed through the list; when changing jobs loyalty bonus is reduced by 5 %.
      To make life easier for new players, it was decided to add two new starting weapons - PCA and Mosin rifle. These weapons are available to all new players.
      Added two new weapons to the Scavengers, "Cypress" and MP- 153 shotgun "Baikal".
      Black Market Winchester 1894 added.
      SMG 'Vityaz' removed from the shop. Maybe in the future it will be returned to the game as a bonus or award weapons.
      Added new missions for all factions.
      Added notifications when a new rank-reputation is achieved with factions. Added dynamic lighting Particle.

    Produced a massive change in the UI, including

      Changed the position of the minimap, now it is located in the lower left-hand corner. In the future, we will add the ability to change its position by using the "options" menu.
      Changed the crosshair and hit indicator. Now the size of the hit indicator depends on the damage done.
      Indicators changed over allies. Now their appearance depends on the type of equipment the player is using.
      Added an indicator for endurance;
      Added ability to inform the Allies about a spotted enemy.
      Changed statistics window after the match. Now it is possible to see details of all the players and their used weapons.
      Added different decals, Particle and sounds for the case of penetration, no penetration and rebound.
      Added visualization location in an area of radioactivity.
      Now you cannot procure artifacts with a battery in hand.
      Now you cannot disarm the trap with a battery in hand.
      Now if you kill a character at a time when he puts a battery into container the battery falls to the ground.

    Balance Changes

      Made changes to the following locations: School, Radar and Tarakanovskiy Fort.
      Rebalanced the characteristics of weapons, ammunition and armour.
      A backpack with a container for the artifacts is now available for newcomers.
      Reduced weight of the larkspur artifact.
      Reduced weight of most ammunition.

    Bug Fixes

      Fixed an opportunity to pick up the battery while sprinting.
      Fixed a bug with the use of aesthetic. Reducing its effectiveness.
      Fixed a bug with the influence of the weight on the speed of movement.
      Fixed a bug with the working of first-aid kits, now it treats critical damage as specified.
      Fixed crash when a player tried to change the piece of equipment, when a trap was added to their pocket.
      Fixed crash when completing the match with activated artifact.
      Fixed a crash in the lobby when frequent changes to equipment are being made.
      Fixed crash when completing the game, if one of the players left the match.
      Fixed bug in the formula for determining the best sniper.
      Fixed the shadow of the character in the form of the first person.
      Fixed several synchronization issues.

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Vendredi 28 février 2014  
March Calendar Released!

Dear Survivors, the year is truly flying by. We’re into the third month already! It is by now no surprise that we are presenting a new calendar for your desktop. Taken during the day in the Radar Station area you can really get a great sense of the game’s lighting and atmosphere. As always, work on the game continues at a good pace. Enjoy the calendar and we wish you a good month ahead.

Full resolution image


Mercredi 19 février 2014  
Mamayev Kurgan Wallpapers Released!

Survivors, today we are pleased to present you with two brand new wallpapers from the forthcoming Mamayev Kurgan location. These images give you a small perspective of the sheer size and majesty of the central statue figure. So, check out our wallpapers section and select the one you like best. Enjoy!

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Vendredi 14 février 2014  
St Valentine's Day!

Today around the world everyone is celebrating St Valentine’s Day. So in accordance with the tradition of giving and receiving gifts on this day, we have sent out 100 keys for the Closed-Beta test.

The keys were distributed at random to make sure it is fair. So, good luck, check your email, perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and most importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Vendredi 14 février 2014  
Closed-Beta Test Diary #1

Hello everyone!

Time is passing and we are still working extremely hard on our project, despite of some difficulties breaking through the mountain of errors and problems related to the Closed-Beta test. With each new update we are adding more and more to the game, always collecting statistics of the behavior of the players. This helps us to determine which innovations are liked more than others. That’s the reason why we have decided to publish a more expanded news report with much more detailed information after each "big" update (which includes not only bug fixes but also something more substantial), describing our current tasks as well as information of what players should expect in the forthcoming updates.

At the moment our work is focused in several directions;
first one is improvement of the user interface. In the next patch, we are preparing an update of the game interface. In addition to feature changes, we want to expand the informative role of the minimap and icons related to allies, as well as some of the action icons so players can have better understanding of the (current) actions – what players are doing correctly and what is being done wrong. Also the screen with statistics which is shown after the match will be changed.

The second direction is to work on adding new weaponry and equipment. In version 0.19 of the game, we added a mechanism that allows players to improve their reputation with "Scavengers" and "Black Market" factions and therefore gives them possibility to receive greater access to a new gear. In the forthcoming update, we will introduce tasks given by "The Fringe Settlers" and the "The Renaissance Army" factions, as well as the basic set of equipment for these two factions. That also involves a change in task mechanics. At the moment a very large percentage of tasks are being performed automatically, without deliberate action being taken by the player. We are working on reducing the number of tasks that player can perform during single match as well as expand the role of the player in successfully completing the task. We are also considering to implement a specific bonus for the player who completes multiple tasks in the row; in the nutshell we‘d like to make the speed of the character development more dependent on the skills of the player rather than just pure luck.

The third direction is the development of the game mode. In particular, the adaptation of the game rules specifically for the changes that appear after the implementation of the Anomalous Storm. As you know, our idea was that two teams will be collecting batteries for a protective device that will allow them to survive the forthcoming Storm. The team that brings more of these parts will win the match. (In the future winning team will be rewarded with useful items). At the moment batteries are randomly scattered around the location from the start of the match. We’d like to change this by slightly delaying them by putting the batteries into special charging devices that convert the energy of the Storm into electricity. Therefore we expect to face two problems: the "syndrome of the last box" when one of the teams has an overwhelming advantage, but cannot find the last battery and thus cannot finish the match. As a result both teams will suffer. The second problem is to overcome static fights where right from the start of the match there is a stalemate. We expect that new rules related to battery collecting will change the course of the match and thereby make gameplay more interesting and diverse.

In addition we are working on many other things. In the near future we are planning to implement squads into the game, allowing players to cooperate with each other and choose one of side or the other. In the final phase of this we will be adding the "Mamayev Kurgan " location.

We are constantly struggling with technical problems. We have made some changes by reducing the amount of memory required. However, we still working on improving the quality of the game when using a 3G connection.

Follow the news on our website - we will constantly update you about all important things happening. Also we’d love to hear your feedback and comments related to above described ideas and plans.

Thank you Survivors!

Ruslan 'Stohe' Didenko
Survarium Project Lead


Mercredi 5 février 2014  
Survarium updated to version 0.19a

Through the entire January the team have been working full-throttle to update the current Beta of Survarium and finally, we are happy to inform a big content patch upgrading the game to version 0.19a has been uploaded to the game servers.

The technical improvements and bug fixes aside, the game obtained a lot of new stuff: we considerably modified the user interface; factions now give tasks to the player, and by accomplishing those tasks the player receives rewards and increases his reputation with the faction; artifacts the player can now locate and use in battle are sure to add more variety to the gameplay.

On a separate note, with the launch of 0.19 we have zeroed the progress of all the players to the state of new players, which will allow refreshing the feel of character development and adding the competing interest when accomplishing the game tasks for the Closed Beta participants.

Check the full list of changes in the 0.19a version below:

Version 0.19a


With the release of 0.19a update we have zeroed the progress of all the players to the state of new ones.
This reset has affected the player's experience , in-game money , game items, player rating.

    General changes

      Artifacts have been added to the game. To raise an artifact, you need to be equipped with an artifact container
      Lobby interface redesigned completely. Part of the secondary windows remain in the old form yet (eg the "Options" )
      Game tasks from the faction added. By accomplishing quests you gain reputation with the appropriate faction and move up the career ladder within it
      The mechanism of equipment autorefill changed. Now this is an option that affects all the replenished items equipped on the player (ammo, first aid kits, grenades , traps , etc.)
      License Agreement window added when you enter the game first time
      Sounds of hitting the opponent added. If your bullet pierced the body armor of the enemy, the sound hit will differ.

    Changes to the game balance

      The spawn locations on Tarakanovsky Fort" map changed
      The anomalies on School and Vostok Radar Base changed
      The formula for damage calculation when wounded with fire arms changed. If the bullet does not pierce the body armor, the minimum damage is applied ("protection" parameter in the body armor). Maximum damage is applied if the armor piercing parameter of the bullet is twice higher than the armor vest’s
      Complete rebalance of weapons and armor by the new formula made
      The effectiveness of the respirator and the oxygen container reduced
      Parameters of piercing and ricochet for the level elements

    Bug fixes

      Fixed the bug that caused the resyncs when using grenades
      Fixed the bugs that caused resyncs when jumping
      Fixed the game freeze bug at the stage of splash screens when loading the game
      Fixed the critical error occuring if you do not assign a key to use the quick access slots
      Fixed the bug that caused the death of a character when staying in crouch for a long time
      Fixed the player getting stuck at complex geometry

P.S. The current update contains a known bug which causes downloader freeze for several minutes when switching the download type from torrent-connection to the direct download on the x32 systems.

We are working to fix this bug, however we don’t want to delay the patch release because of it.

For the moment, we recommend you not to switch the type of connection.


Lundi 3 février 2014  
February Calendar Released

A new year is upon us and we’re starting it off with a fresh calendar. This year sees us approach the monthly calendars in a slightly different design interpretation. We really hope you enjoy this atmospheric shot from the Tarakanovsky Fort location.

Full resolution image.


Mardi 28 janvier 2014  
New in-game screens

The Media section of the website has been updated with new screenshots. Today we've got new still shots from several in-game locations - Rudnya, School, Chemical Plant and Tarakanovsky fort – all added to the gallery. The images display the latest modifications to the game levels and the weather effects in Survarium.

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Vendredi 24 janvier 2014  
Tarakanovsky Fort – The Story

After announcing the new location Tarakanovsky fort in our last developer diary video we are now ready to reveal it in detail.

Tarakanovsky Fort is a range of defensive buildings built in the 19th century to defend the Western cordons of the Russian empire. By a twist of fate the Fort participated neither in the First, nor in the Second World War and for a long time it was in disuse and fell victim to gradual decay over time.

Everything changed after the Catastrophe. A group of former scientists settled in the serene fort located on the very edge of the Forest. Later other survivors joined them. The once derelict fort now grew and strengthened as a settlement. The belief in the almighty powers of nature and symbolism took an important place in the lifestyle of the populace, so a whimsical altar surrounded by totems was raised inside the fort area, while the walls got decorated with ritualistic symbols.

For reasons unknown the Forest didn’t attack them, while the Fort provided good protection against wandering nomadic gangs. Owing to its location on the brink of the Forest and the safe territories, the Fort was dubbed – the Fringe settlement, which shortly spread onto all of the fort residents.


Jeudi 16 janvier 2014  
F.A.Q. Updated

Keeping with our promise of always doing our very best to stay in touch with our community and keep you all up to date with progress, we’re happy to inform you that the FAQ has been updated with a few items. So, follow the link and take a look!

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Lundi 14 janvier 2014  
Server Downtime

Dear Survivors, we would just like to inform you that from 3am to 7am (Moscow time) our servers will be offline for routine maintenance. We expect the game and website to respond a bit faster once work has been done. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’ll let you know as soon as they are back online.

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Jeudi 9 janvier 2014  
January Calendar Released

A new year is upon us and we’re starting it off with a fresh calendar. This year sees us approach the monthly calendars in a slightly different design interpretation. We really hope you enjoy this atmospheric shot from the Tarakanovsky Fort location.

Full resolution image.



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