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Lundi 30 décembre 2013  
2014 Development Timeline

A year has passed since the posting of the project development timeline and it is time we drew up the quick summary of what has been done and what not, so as our plans for the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, almost all the last year we spent fighting with technical issues and implementation of the network protocol of the game. As you know, last May we started the Closed Alpha test which revealed a lot of problems with the network part, especially for the players with poor Internet connection. It took us all the way up to mid-October to finalize all the issues and debug the code, which in turn, has considerably influenced our development plans.

Creation of the unique PvP mode which has been liked by many players becase an important achievement of this year. Though it is still not without faults, your feedback and support demonstrate that we’ve been moving in the right direction.

Now briefly on what we plan to do in the next year:

For the start of 2014 we plan the next big update which will contain a new user interface, artifacts, Mamayev Kurgan in-game location, so as a system of game tasks. The most interesting and important clause in that list is the system of in-game tasks to allow players improve their reputation with the factions. On top of that, this will allow us add the gear of the Renaissance Army and the Fringe Settlers to the game.

Following that, part of our team will start working on the Freeplay mode. We expect to be able to demonstrate the first results as soon as by summer, so that by the end of 2014 we could get down to testing that mode. First off, the players who have earned their reputation throughout the closed beta testing will be admitted.

The rest of the team will continue working on improvements to the PvP mode, so as develop the game elements to come in handy both for PvP and the Co-Op modes.

Q1, 2014

On top of a large number of smaller changes, we plan to focus on the team-play game possibilities. This includes support for both squads for playing with friends, and the clans.

Q2, 2014

For this period we plan two important updates. First off, the anomalous Storm which will considerably impact the gameplay, especially at the later stages of the battle. Secondly, the game character customization system.

Q3, 2014

The third quarter will be dedicated to the clan game improvements. We plan to integrate the clan wars for territories, a separate clan ranking system. Also, from that moment we plan to start telling the story of the world of Survarium. The players will have a number of in-game events to allow them explore the game world better and influence its future, available.

Q4, 2014

At the end of the year we will fully focus on polishing the Freeplay game mode. The first stage will be held at the dedicated closed servers with a limited number of players admitted. Our goal is to have this mode appear on the official servers by the next New Year.

Please, note the list above is a mere representation of our plans. They could change depending on our progress. In case of such changes we will duly notify you about that on our web-site.

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Vendredi 27 décembre 2013  
Survarium Founder Packs Launched

Soon the adventures into the world of Survarium will begin, with its every inhabitant searching for his own path amidst the aggressive nature and hostile factions.
Today you have a possibility to prepare yourself for the fight for survival in advance by using one of our unique Founder Packs.

By purchasing one of the six Founder Packs you will not only receive instant access to Closed-Beta of Survarium, unique items for your character and bonus premium currency, but also the exclusive status of the game’s Founder. This way you will have your name immortalized in the project’s history. Please, review each of the packs and choose the one you like best. This is a limited-time offer, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!

See you in the game!

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The Founder Packs

Greetings, Survivor!

Soon the adventures into the world of Survarium will begin, with its every inhabitant searching for his own path amidst the aggressive nature and hostile factions.

Today you have a possibility to prepare yourself for the fight for survival in advance by using one of our unique Founder Packs.

By purchasing one of the six Founder Packs you will not only receive instant access to Closed-Beta of Survarium, unique items for your character and bonus premium currency, but also the exclusive status of the game's Founder. This way you will have your name immortalized in the project's history. Please, review each of the packs and choose the one you like best.

This is a limited-time offer, so make sure you don't miss this opportunity!

See you in the game!

Attention! Prior to making a purchase, please make sure your system meets the current minimum requirements for the game.

    Instant Beta access
    $10 in Golden Rubles

This is the first and most basic pack we have on offer. By purchasing this pack you will instantly receive the Closed Beta access, as well as 1000 Golden Rubles (equivalent of $10 USD) in-game store credit to spend on the items of your choice.

    Instant Beta access
    1 month Premium account
    $25 in Golden Rubles
    Survivor forum title
    Survivor character decal
    Digital soundtrack

Here we have the Survivor Pack, a great way to dive into the game with a few more items at your disposal. You'll get a 1-month Premium Account Membership with a 2500 Golden Rubles (equivalent of $25 USD) store credit, the Survivor title on forum, a rare Survivor in-game character decal, which you can place on your survivor to add that extra bit of individuality and uniqueness, a digital copy of the game soundtrack and of course early game access.

    Instant Beta access
    3 months Premium account
    $50 in Golden Rubles
    Explorer forum title
    Explorer character decal
    Digital soundtrack
    1 friend invite

The more experience you gain, the better your equipment, so look at this awesome founder's pack. The Explorer pack offers you a 5000 Golden Rubles (equals to $50 USD) store credit, a 3-month Premium Account Membership, a more detailed and rare Explorer character decal, a digital copy of the game's soundtrack and of course early game access alongside one friend invite.

    Instant Beta access
    6 months Premium account
    $100 in Golden Rubles
    Veteran forum title
    Veteran character decal
    Soundtrack on CD
    1 faction flag
    Veteran Founder shield
    2 friend invites

Show the world that you have been around since the beginning and have earned your stripes. This pack includes some great features. A 10000 Golden Rubles (equals $100 USD) in-game store credit, a detailed star-shaped Veteran character decal and cast-metal Survarium Veteran Founder shield, a copy of the game's soundtrack on CD, the Veteran title on the game forum, a random 1 of 4 faction flags, 2 friend invites, 6 months as a Premium Account Member and of course, early game access.

    Instant Beta access
    12 months Premium account
    $250 in Golden Rubles
    Master forum title
    Master character decal
    Soundtrack on CD
    2 faction flags
    Master Founder shield
    Survarium T-shirt
    Ammo-crate wooden box
    3 friend invites

Master your surroundings with this founder pack. What do you get? Prepare for a long list! A 25000 Golden Rubles (equals $250 USD) store credit, an entire year as a Premium Account Member, an illustrious star-shaped character decal & cast-metal Survarium Master Founder shield, the game's soundtrack on CD, a unique Master title on the game forum, random 2 of 4 faction flags, a Survarium T-shirt – all that comes in an ammo-crate-styled wooden box. On top of that, 3 friend invites and last but not least, early game access!

    Instant Beta access
    24 months Premium account
    $500 in Golden Rubles
    Legend forum title
    Legendary character decal
    Soundtrack on CD
    4 faction flags
    Legendary Founder shield
    Survarium T-shirt
    Ammo-crate wooden box
    5 friend invites

Now this is where things get serious. This is the ultimate, everyone's goal. To be, the best Survivor!

The Legendary pack offers you the most unique and valuable items out of all the packs. Premium Account Membership for two years, an absolutely stunning, prized and unique star-shaped character decal as well as a cast-metal Survarium Legendary Founder shield, the game soundtrack on CD, a Legend's title on the game forum, you will receive all 4 of the faction flags, a 50000 Golden Rubles (equivalent of $500 USD) in-game store credit, a total of 5 friend invites, early game access and last but not least, the package comes in an ammo-crate-styled wooden box. This pack is simply the best of the best!

Prior to making a purchase, please make sure your system meets the current minimum requirements for the game

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
    Video Card: 512MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD 3870
    RAM: 2GB
    OS: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 + Platform update), Windows 7, Windows 8. Currently problems may occur on systems with the 32-bit Windows and video memory above 512MB.
    NOTICE: The game does not support Windows XP!
    Internet connection: download - from 128 kbit/s (up to 512 kbit/s in case of high ping and/or poor connection), upload - from 32 kbit/s. We support pings up to 400ms (check your ping rate to; our game servers are currently based in Russia, so ping rates may be high depending on your location). At the moment there may be problems with 3G-connections at the time of peak server loads

As we will progress with improvements and game optimization, the system requirements will be modified accordingly.


Mardi 24 décembre 2013  
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I’m sure we are not the only ones wondering just where this year went. It seems to have passed by so quickly. So much has happened with so much more still to come. For now though, it is time to relax, take some time to enjoy the holidays and recharge your batteries for the upcoming year.

However, there is no time to waste. Next year work will continue on Survarium at full speed. We expect to continue improving the build of the game as each month passes. As always we will be in constant communication with all of you to make sure you never miss a single piece of information.

We would like to, once again, say thank you for your support this past year. It truly has been phenomenal and inspires us to deliver the best possible game we can.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Lundi 23 décembre 2013  
Survarium "Among Us" - Contest Finished

In late November we closed entries for the photo contest (link to the contest page). Participants provided a variety of unusual and interesting photos of different types.
The jury, having carefully studied the photos, chose the following winners:

I place - Alexei Volnikov

II place - Vitaliy Dunets

Congratulations to the winners! They’ll become participants in the Closed-Beta-Testing of Survarium, as well as receive T-shirts and a poster autographed by the developers!

All photos were seen by the artists at Vostok Games, and we do not exclude the possibility that some of the locations may be shown in the game in the future.


Vendredi 20 décembre 2013  
Closed-Beta Testing and Invites Lottery

Today, after many months of hard work from the staff at Vostok Games and our testers, we are extremely happy to announce that we are officially entering the Closed-Beta-Test for the PvP (team play) mode of Survarium.

This is of course very good news for everyone interested in the project as it means that development is marching forward at a reasonable pace.

Our Invites Lottery has also gone live today. This means that every hour, we will be sending out three invites for the CBT (Closed-Beta-Test). So make sure you have registered an application and are active on a daily basis on our forums to increase your chances of being selected.

At the moment we have five locations available to the players: Rudnya, School, Radar Station, Chemical Plant and Tarakanovsky Fort. You will be faced with anomalies, two factions: Scavengers and Black Market, a large number of diverse weapons and equipment, a ranking system and much more! Enjoy the CBT! Last but not least we want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for your patience, your on-going support and your passion for our project. Without you, our community and fans, none of this would be possible.

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Mardi 17 décembre 2013  
New Concept Art

The words "Mamayev Kurgan" might sound familiar to you and if they do it is because we recently revealed a new location with this very name. However, today we would like to show you a little more of this interesting place, this time, some new concept art of the map! We hope you like the images! Enjoy!

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Mercredi 11 décembre 2013  
New Bonus Video

It has been a long, long time since the first "Campfire Talk" video was released. Today we bring you a new one. This time, we sit down to answer some very specific questions asked by our ever-growing community. In short, we discuss all 3 game modes, a new skill system, some future ideas and plans for Survarium. We hope you enjoy it and find it informative.

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Mardi 3 décembre 2013  
December Calendar Released

As the new month begins, we are glad to introduce our December calendar featuring the recently announced Tarakanovsky Fort location. Enjoy!

Download the image.


Vendredi 29 novembre 2013  
Developer Diary #7 Released

Things have really changed a lot in the past few months, the game has progressed a great deal. It’s getting bigger, better and more beautiful as each day passes. Catch up on all the latest developments with the seventh instalment of the video diary series. Learn about two new locations, Tarakanovsky Fort and Mamayev Kurgan, the current build status of the game and our plans going forward for the next few months.

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Vendredi 29 novembre 2013  
New Location Revealed

The world of Survarium, much like the Forest that continues to engulf the world, is forever expanding. Today we are pleased to present to you 4 new screenshots from the never-before-seen location “Tarakanovsky Fort”. This brutal and yet beautiful area is the home of The Fringe Settlers and therefore is right on the end of the safe zone. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Mercredi 27 novembre 2013  
Screenshots Updated

Attention Survivors, today we have spent some time updating the "Screenshots" section of our website. Rather than a selection of screenshots from just one location, we have opted to upload 12 never-before-seen screenshots, 3 from each of the 4 current locations, Rudnya, Chemical Plant, Radar Station and School. We hope you enjoy them!


Jeudi 7 novembre 2013  
Concept Art Updated

We’re pleased to announce that the official "Concept Art" section of our website has been updated. Some elements may be familiar to you already, but we think that despite this, they are still very interesting. Enjoy!

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Vendredi 1 novembre 2013  
November Calendar Released

We’re into the second last month of what has been a very busy year of development. Holidays are just around the corner but until then, work continues at full steam. Today we present you with a new calendar for the forthcoming month of November, taken from deep inside Rudnya. Enjoy it!

Download the image.


Jeudi 31 octobre 2013  
Screenshots Added

We are pleased to announce that we have updated "screenshots" area of our website. A collection of images from "Rudnya" including the pictures already published earlier across our community network pages and some brand new, never-before screens too! Enjoy!


Mardi 29 octobre 2013  
Concept Art Section Launched

The official Survarium website has got a new media section named Concept Art! Here you can enjoy the artworks of in-game locations, anomalies and landscapes.

As Karel Čapek said, the artist is always like a sailor on the ship of Columbus who spotted a faraway shore and shouted “Land! Land!” – He did not create the America, but was the first to see the new world. It is in this Concept Art section where you are going to be the first to look at the unknown that awaits you in Survarium – as they were ‘discovered’ by the artists of Vostok Games.

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Lundi 28 octobre 2013  
Photo contest started

Despite how things seem, there is indeed a widespread attack on civilization, all one needs to do is look out of the window or go for a walk to find a place where the scenery can  evoke thoughts of a post-apocalypse enviroment. We will not argue about whether it is good or bad, because today we will do something slightly different.

Adjust your camera and make sure they are ready for service, because our new competition "Survarium among us" is designed especially for you!

Your task: To find an area of residence that showcases interesting buildings, architectural structures or industrial facilities that fit perfectly into the style of our game, Survarium, photograph them and send us the pictures!

When reviewing the photos we will be taking the following into account

    The image resolution. (the higher the better)
    Landscape (area in which the facility is located ) the state of nature and its unusual phenomena that occur when shooting.
    Exterior - close-ups of the object, the individual parts of an object (communication devices/Radar dishes, various metal constructions)
    Interior - general view within the premises of the location.
    Mechanisms - interesting industrial devices, appliances and other equipment.

Your photos should have no publications on third-party resources.
Pictures of the public, taken from the Internet, are not allowed!
Photos that have no relation to the theme of the competition will be ignored.
Email us the download link to your photos with the subject title "International Photo Contest" at from 28 October to 28 November 2013. Don’t forget to include your name and surname when sending in your entries.

Pictures that are selected and approved will be posted in a separate album of Survarium facebook community. Failure to comply with the rules of this competition will result in disqualification. Within one week of the closing date we will select the names of 2 winners with the third being decided by a vote from the community.

Each of the three winners will be rewarded with an invite to test the project, a Survarium branded t-shirt and a poster signed by the developers.

Good luck Survivors and have fun!


Mercredi 23 octobre 2013  
Lasertag tournament - Survarium - Clean Air

Over the 12th and 13th of October in Svitlovodsk (Ukraine) a military-themed laser tag game "Survarium: Clean Air" Took place. The event attracted more than 100 participants from different countries. Vostok Games decided not to limit themselves to being just the organisers and sent some of our employees to the battlefield.

Participants had a chance to not only shoot military weapons, but also a ride the ground equipment. All the players were divided into two groups: “Renaissance Army" and "Black Market". The main purpose was to protect the army scientist who has developed a special chemical for "Black Market", purifying the air of harmful toxins. The task of the fighters of the "Black Market" was the opposite – to take over their base and neutralize the opposing forces.

After much fierce fighting the "Renaissance Army" repelled all enemy attacks base and managed to win the game. Check out our short photo report below and to see all the photos, just go here.

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Mercredi 9 octobre 2013  
Igromir 2013 Report

Last week was a busy one for us, attending the biggest games tradeshow in Russia, Igromir 2013. A total of more than 130,000 people attended the even over the 3 days that it was open to the public; a hugely entertaining and exciting way to spend a weekend.

Our booth was a hive of activity, not only could the public get some hands-on time with the Alpha version of Survarium but we had many other activities for them to take part in and challenge their fellow Survivors. The ever popular AK assemble/dissemble (against the clock) challenge was fantastic, challenging one another at various physical training tasks, for example, the largest number of push-ups and a race to see who can equip a gas mask in the shortest time. Overall a great time was had by everyone, public and Vostok Games staff. As if that wasn’t enough we were honoured that our project Survarium received two awards; “Best Debut at Igromir” and “Best Free 2 Play Shooter” a true honour!

Here are a collection of photos from the event. Our booth, some of the challenges the fans faced and other general shots. Only a small collection have been uploaded to the website but for the full album, check out - Enjoy them!

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Vendredi 4 octobre 2013  
New video Scavengers vs Black Market on Rudnya

We are glad to introduce a new video with demonstration of PvP gameplay of Scavengers vs Black Market fighting on Rudnya location in Survarium. The video was created based on an early version of the game and does not represent the final quality of the project.

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Mardi 1 octobre 2013  
October Calendar Released!

Ten months have flown by in such a short time. The month ahead will be a busy one as we continue our work on all things Survarium. Having said that, let us present this month’s calendar taken from the "Rudnya" location.

Enjoy it!

Download the image in the Calendars section.


Jeudi 26 septembre 2013  
Survarium at Igromir

Dear friends, we would like to extend to you an invitation to visit our booth at this year’s Igromir 2013 held in Moscow. From 3 to 6 October this convention will be the epicentre of interactive entertainment and will once again be held at Crocus Expo Centre.

At our booth we will introduce visitors to the Alpha version of Survarium. Those who wish to take the opportunity and take part in online battles in our vast locations, try your luck in a variety of competitions, tackle some quizzes and possibly receive some prizes; this is where you need to be!

Our booth will be located in lobby number 4, Stand C2. For detailed directions to the Crocus Centre please go to:


Lundi 2 septembre 2013  
Gamescom 2013 Report

This year we took Survarium to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Three days of back-to-back interviews and game demonstrations for multiple gaming-websites as well as other forms of media such as camera interviews and print. Overall the response from everyone was extremely positive. One aspect which was noted time and time again was the stunning visuals in the game and for a project that is only in Alpha, to receive such positive feedback was very flattering for us. Below you will find some assets from the event including links to videos as well as a collection of photos. Enjoy!

Polygon interview with Oleg Yavorsky.

Gamestar walkthrough with Joe Mullin.

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Vendredi 30 août 2013  
September Calendar Released

Today we are pleased to present you with yet another monthly calendar. The 1st of September marks the start of autumn and what better way to mark the occasion than with a new image from Radar Station. Enjoy it!

Download the image in the Calendars section.


Dimanche 18 août 2013  
I Games-Expo photo report

We are glad to present you a photo report from the ongoing I Games-Expo trade show in Kiev, Ukraine. Survarium booth has been visited by numerous fans who had an opportunity to test PvP battles in the current Alpha version of the game, to take part in competitions by assembling-disassembling Kalashnikov rifle and loading cartridge clips, answering questions about Survarium, all to win various prizes like Survarium t-shirts, badges, posters etc. The developers have been communicating with the visitors about the development progress, game features and plans.

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Mercredi 31 juillet 2013  
Survarium August Calendar Released

And here the last summer month settles in. The warm days fly fash to give their place up to the Fall soon. We are glad to present you our traditional calendar, this time the August 2013 one. The stillshot demonstrates the updated in-game School location. Check it out!

Download the image in the Calendars section.

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Mercredi 10 juillet 2013  
Developer's Diary #6 released!

Attention all Survivors!

Today we are pleased to present the latest developer diary video, diary number 6. It is by far our longest video so far is the series and contains a whole host of information; starting off, we disclose the story behind the Chemical Plant location, shortly followed by and in depth look at a new faction called The Fringe Settlers. We disclose their agenda, history and ethos. Lately the remaining part of the diary delves into the Alpha testing, our expectations for future Alpha tests, content and more!

Enjoy the video and as always, we look forward to your feedback and thank you for your on-going support!


Mercredi 10 juillet 2013  
New Screens, Artwork and Game Pages Revealed!

We are happy to show you these new screenshots from the School location and some new artwork featuring the new Fringe Settlers faction.

We have also added detailed information on the Fringe Settlers and Chemical Plant location to the “Game” area of the website. Enjoy the new assets!


Lundi 1 juillet 2013  
July Calendar Released

The month of June is upon us. Hard to believe it’s already half way through 2013. Work on Survarium continues at full-steam. This month’s calendar comes from the Chemical Plant location, we hope you enjoy it!

Download the calendar


Lundi 1 juillet 2013  
Anomalies - First screenshots posted

Check out a handful of fresh screenshots featuring some of the anomalies you can find in the game (screens originally published by Anomalies will be one of the new additions to the upcoming Survarium alpha version 0.12 update. Should you wish to register for a chance to be an Alpha tester of Survarium, go here.


Lundi 3 juin 2013  
FAQ Section Added
As many of you know there has been a FAQ available on the Vostok Games website since the launch of the studio. However, now that development on Survarium has been going for a while we have taken the most relevant questions & answers from the FAQ and added them to the game’s website. Check out the FAQ here to read on.

Vendredi 31 mai 2013  
June Calendar Released

The month of June is upon us. Hard to believe it’s already half way through 2013. Work on Survarium continues at full-steam. This month’s calendar comes from the Chemical Plant location, we hope you enjoy it!

Download the image in the Calendars section.


Mercredi 22 mai 2013  
Survarium website updated!
More good news for fans of Survarium: Since the beginning of the alpha testing we have been working on a large update to the "Game" section of our website, in both information and visual aspects. Now you can find out a whole lot more about one of the three game modes, teamplay (PvP), anomalies, artifacts, character development, factions, clans, achievements, tournaments, locations and heroes of the new age. We truly hope you enjoy the update and new look of this section of the website.

Lundi 20 mai 2013  
Survarium Gains Two Awards!

May 15-17 2013: Every year in Moscow developer’s conference KRI 2013 takes place. This year Vostok Games set up an exhibit at the event and showcased a Survarium-themed booth. In our small stylized ‘bunker’ every fan could take part in heated PvP battles by playing the current Alpha version of Survarium. It should be noted that this was the first public showing of the game.

Throughout the three days of the show the game was play-tested by several hundreds of conference attendees, dozens of journalists and 29 members of the jury made up of the industry leaders. Based on results of what they saw, the latter were to provide their verdict when voting for the game projects demonstrated.

We are pleased to announce that Survarium gained two awards; as 'The Best Debut of KRI 2013', as well as being so highly acclaimed by the players and our colleagues to achieve 'The People’s Choice of KRI 2013' award! Both of the awards have successfully reached Kiev shores to find their space in our studio.

On behalf of Vostok Games, we’d like thank everyone that supported Survarium at KRI 2013! Our special thanks go to the players who actively played on servers during the show to help us demonstrate the game at its best.

See you next time!

Below is our photo report of the event, enjoy!


Lundi 13 mai 2013  
The Survarium Alpha Test Has Begun

Vostok Games is happy to announce that the Alpha testing stage of Survarium MMOFPS has begun! The first survivors have already dived into the atmosphere and taken part in PvP battles – throughout last weekend testers took part in 226 matches where 9 011 characters died. At this stage we would like to achieve no less than 200 players constantly on the severs both at day and night. Therefore, we will continue sending out invites until such number of players is reached. Gradually we plan to increase the number of players on server by inviting new participants.

At the moment the Alpha version of Survarium contains only one game mode – the team-based PvP. This is the basis which we’ll use to add new features on in the future. Our main task at the moment is to make sure the key aspects of the game (movements, shooting, and network synchronizing) work correctly. Besides that, we have decided to start releasing the Alpha testing diary which will describe our progress with the test on a regular basis.

You can read the first part here.

Currently the testing has started in the Russian-speaking territories. We plan to open the international test within the next few weeks. Today we are happy to post a couple screenshots demonstrating gameplay of Survarium Alpha version.


Mercredi 8 mai 2013  
World War II Victory Day Greetings!

On the eve of the 68th anniversary since the Great Victory day we would like to extend our greetings to everyone who did their best to near that very moment: the veterans to have shed their blood on the battlefields, the workers of the rear who toiled to produce the battle-front supplies. We bend our knees to honor those participants of the dreadful war who are no longer with us today.

Noone is forgotten, nothing is forgotten! Happy Victory Day!


Lundi 29 avril 2013  
May Calendar Released!

The month of May is already upon us. As May 1st is an international holiday "Worker’s Day" we thought it only fitting to have this month’s calendar be one from deep inside the "Chemical Plant" location, where a lot of activity once took place. Download the high-resolution version in our calendars section. Enjoy it Survivors!

Download the image in the Calendars section.

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Vendredi 26 avril 2013  
Chernobyl - 27 years later

27 years ago, this day was a turning point in the history of human civilization. It was then that a terrible accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant not only changed the lives of many people, but also the course of History. A huge radioactive cloud covered the continents of our planet, our past, present and future changed under it. The notion of "Chernobyl" is now much broader and has gone down in the life of everyone who was there and all others who didn't notice that the great catastrophe, the catastrophe of century would forever influenced their fate.

We must remember Chernobyl, because the past may return if we do not remember and respect it.

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Mardi 23 avril 2013  
Survarium Developer Q&A for the Fan-Sites

Recently Vostok Games held an event among the Russian-speaking Survarium fan-sites. The idea was for the fan communities to generate their questions to the developers and send those over to Vostok Games. From among the general stack of questions the most interesting ones were picked to get answered by the development team. Read on to check the Q&A here.

The event is not over though.

Now, admins of each fan-site listed in the Community section at can send their 5 best questions to Vostok Games by May 31. Just email those to In case your questions are selected from among the rest, your fan-site will be rewarded with the invites to access Survarium early game builds.

1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy is remembered by many players not only with its awesome atmosphere, great music, but also the quite impressive intro and outro movies. The MMO-games are not particularly known for their mesmerizing cg videos, as those are expensive, yet – Do you plan to come up with at least an opening video for Survarium _

    Yes, we have such a video planned for the game. We expect to come up with it closer to the game getting into the Open Beta stage.

2. While most MMO games currently switch to the "f2p" model which allows downloading games directly from the developer’s website, some are also available to purchase in stores as a hard copy. For example, World of Tanks you can buy in two versions, one of those containing a special code enabling you to test the premium account and a small amount of in-game gold. It would be great to buy the game on disk in a box containing, say, the code to unlock a unique gun, armor or a certain amount of “golden” roubles! Do you plan a distribution like that for Survarium? _

    Yes, the volunteers will be able to purchase a collector’s edition of the game in box. More details on what will be included and where to buy it we’ll share closer to the game’s release.

3. Will it be possible to make screenshots or talk about the Alpha Test publicly? _

    No, at the Alpha Test stage the posting of screenshots and in-game materials will be prohibited by the User Agreement. Those spotted in violating that will have their Alpha Tester’s account suspended.

4. Under the player’s disconnection from server (as a result of Internet problems or server problems), will there be implemented a certain player protection system to prevent data loss (achievements, equipment etc?) _

    Definitely there will be.

5. Do you plan to split the Survarium world by languages? One part, for example, for the Russian- speaking players, another one – for English, third one – for Germans and so on? Or will all the players play in one world? _

    We plan to divide the game servers based on the territorial principle. It is technically possible to split the servers by languages, but you need to deeply analyze the playing audience, weigh up the pros and cons of such a decision.

6. Does Vostok Games have any plans to launch a benchmark for testing the user’s hardware compatibility/appropriateness to the game’s requirements a month or two prior to the release? It would be good to have a chance to know about the possibly required upgrade in advance. _

    Releasing such a benchmark is an interesting idea definitely. As of now, though, our entire team is focused on developing the game features and tools, therefore we do not plan to come up with a benchmark in the nearest time.

7. Is it possible to build the game based on cloud technology when the Internet channel ‘width’ will be much more important than the hardware component of client machine? _

    Unfortunately, the current development of Internet channels does not allow playing shooters with acceptable ping. Judge it for yourself, even if you have a ping of 20ms, the image on screen will lag behind your actions by 40ms (given we ignore the time of server’s work), which equals to playing at 25 FPS. Contemporary client-based online games project the server response and start actions even before receiving it and correct the result in case the prognosis didn’t match. Thus, if you pressed Forward you will move forward straight away, not 40ms after. In case of cloud-based technology that pause, unfortunately, cannot be fixed by any means, and all boils down to the speed of signal transfer.
    On top of that, if you want to play in the resolution of 1920x1080, and if we admit that the image transferred is compressed 10 times, then your Internet channel must be about 124 mbit/sec-wide.

8. Will there be various events dedicated to certain dates and events of Survarium, the developers and real life? For example, the Chernobyl anniversary, Kyshtym accident, various holidays like Earth Day, Vostok Games jubilee etc. _

    Yes, there will be.

Mardi 9 avril 2013  
New Screenshots Released

Today, you will notice some new images have been loaded onto our website. These come exclusively from a new location we're busy working on, titled "Chemical Plant". We hope you enjoy them!


Mercredi 3 avril 2013  
Survarium Alpha Test Registration Now Open

Vostok Games announces the start of registration for the Alpha testing of Survarium MMOFPS!
Soon the first of you will be able to witness the world of 'green apocalypse' and try out the boots of various faction fighters! The server tranquility will burst with first gunshots; man will face man in PvP combat, while the will of one fighter will clash with the will of another!

Follow this link and fill out the form to register for participation.

We would also like to share the following information with you

    The fact of filling out the form and the application submission does not guarantee that you will obtain access to test the game. If/When an invite is received, that is the only guarantee of your participation.
    We will be choosing the candidates who best fit to the needs of each specific game testing stage. We are going to pick users of various gaming styles and experience – from hardcore users to casual players, and on top of that we are going to test the game on a variety of hardware specs.
    We encourage you to provide accurate data about yourself and your hardware. Do not exaggerate - remember that alpha testing of Survarium is hard work, rather than entertainment. The participants will deal with an unoptimised game client, experience errors and bugs, submit reports on those and deal with multiple things requiring patience and diligence.
    If you have not been selected for the first wave of the Survarium alpha test, do not get upset – you still have a chance to join later as we are going to constantly increase the “army” of testers depending on our current needs.

The Vostok Games development team wishes you good luck in the challenging testing process – it is only together that we’ll be able to breathe life into Survarium, remove the bugs and polish the project to perfection. We count on your help and are very grateful for your efforts!


Mercredi 3 avril 2013  
Survarium Developer's Video Diary #5

We are introducing the fifth Survarium developer’s video diary by Vostok Games. Watch the video and learn about the Vostok Radar Station location and the first details about the Renaissance Army faction last but not least we showcase the in-game character builder.


Mercredi 3 avril 2013  
Official Survarium Forum Launched

We are happy to announce that the official Survarium forum is now open!

It is here (or there) where you, the game fans, will be able to share opinions and ideas, chat with the Vostok Games developers, comment on news, discuss various aspects of gameplay, as well as submit your ideas for improving the game.

Make sure to register on Forum ( to join in the discussion!


Mercredi 3 avril 2013  
April calendar released

As has come to be expected from us over the past few months a new calendar, featuring the "School" location for the month of April is here. Enjoy it!

Download the image in the Calendars section.


Jeudi 7 mars 2013  
Happy Women's Day!

Dear ladies, on behalf of Vostok Games, please, accept our cordial greetings of the upcoming International Women’s Day!

“Beauty will save the world” as the famous saying by Fyodor Dostoevsky goes. And we can’t but agree! Thank you for making this world even more beautiful!

Wishing you happiness, joy and love!

Click to view the image in full resolution.


Vendredi 1 mars 2013  
A Year In Orbit

Today marks our one year anniversary as Vostok Games. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed. So much has happened in the last 12 months. We’ve made huge strides in the development of our game engine and Survarium and the future looks bright and promising.

But before anything else we need to thank you, the community, our fans, the survivors, without your never-ending support we would not have been able to reach this milestone. Thank you, each and every one of you. Let’s collect our supplies, gather our troops and prepare for another successful year!


Jeudi 28 février 2013  
Survarium March Calendar Out

March seems to be a month of new beginnings and rebirths. Spring is upon us and it also signifies the creation of Vostok Games as this month we celebrate our one year anniversary as a company!

As we have done in previous months we would like to present you with a new desktop calendar featuring the Vostok Radar Station location from the game.


Vendredi 22 février 2013  
Happy Armed Forces Day!

Established in 1918 during the Russian Civil War when the first major draft into the Red Army, this holiday has been set aside to acknowledge the armed forces of the Fatherland, today we remember and thank them all for their difficult, yet honourable service in the line of duty for the good of the fatherland and all who inhabit it!
We wish them all peace and happiness.

Click to view the image in full resolution.


Mercredi 13 février 2013  
Valentine's Day Greetings!

February is the month of love and with that comes Valentine’s Day. Even in the harsh world of Survarium there are times when the fighting stops, the weather calms and we can come together and admire the beauty that remains in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Vostok Games!

Click to view the image in full resolution.


Jeudi 31 janvier 2013  
February calendar released

2013 is definitely not slowing down. January is already behind us! Our work on Survarium continues at full steam as before. We are happy to present a new calendar for the month of February.

Vostok Radar Station

This time the image was captured from the Vostok Radar Station location now available in the "Calendars" section! Enjoy it!


Lundi 28 janvier 2013  
Survarium tops the expectations!

Based on the "Perpetuum MOB 2012" gamers' voting held at, our Survarium project was voted as the most anticipated online project of 2013!

Thanks to all who have expressed their support for Survarium - We are extremely pleased to see so many people are excited to immerse themselves in the game-world we are creating.


Jeudi 17 janvier 2013  
2013 Game Development Timeline

Hi everybody! Following our tradition to be utterly open to the players, we are eager to share our development plans for Survarium, so as the expectations of when and which game elements you can see in-game. What follows is a brief list of the planned versions, their approximate release dates and the features to be included in those updates. Generalized, we have these data arranged into a development timeline table presented below.

development timeline

Let us draw your attention to the point that this list is merely a representation of our plans. Those may be subject to change, depending on our progress. In case of such changes, we will not hesitate to inform you through our web-site.

v0.1 – Alpha version (Q2, 2013)

Starting from this version we will be inviting players to help us out with testing the game. Alpha version is a rather early game compilation with many of the planned features still missing. But it forms the basis for new game elements and functionality to be added later. The main focus when developing this version will be made on the network optimization, client and server stability, so as testing of the gameplay balance and the damage system.

    What to expect in this version

      Working PvP mode
      Four game maps
      Two factions (Scavengers and Black Market)
      In-game system of tasks

v0.2 – Clans, rankings and achievements (Q2-3, 2013)

In this version we plan to add player clans support. In its initial implementation, the feature is going to be very basic, but it will allow us to add interesting in-game clan-related mechanics in future.

The key new element is going to be the system of ranking and achievements added to the game. We will share more details as to how this is going to be implemented in one of the next developer video diaries.

We will also continue working on improving the combat element of the game. At this stage, we plan adding the close combat mechanism, so as to enable the players climb relatively low objects, overcome barriers etc.

    What to appear in this version

      Player clans (basic implementation)
      Ranking and achievements system
      Close combat system
      Interaction with the in-game environment

v0.3 – Global map (Q3, 2013)

The key new feature of this version will be the introduction of global map and possibility for the clans to fight for control over the territories. The second key new feature will be the tournaments system to allow the players determine who the strongest, fastest and most accurate is by combating face-to-face.

On top of that, we would like to implement in that version a system to enable clans and individual players to impact the balance of forces on the server (for example, in the conflict between Scavengers and Black Market).

The final bonus will be the introduction of a new game map.

    What to appear in this version

      Global map
      Tournaments system
      Possibility of players to impact the story
      Fifth game map

v0.4 – Objects modification (Q3-4, 2013)

Equipment search and modification is an important feature of Survarium. Starting from version 0.4 you will be able to locate various parts and modules which will allow you to make your equipment even better.

The second important innovation is going to be the introduction of two new factions in the game.

    What to appear in this version

      Equipment search and modification
      Two new factions

v0.5 – Beta version (Q4, 2013)

t the end of this year we expect to reach the Beta status of the game. What does it mean to us? First of all, this means we plan to open the game access to a larger number of players. Most likely, it’s going to be an open beta. But in case of huge influx of new players we could temporarily hold up the admission of new players to ensure the increased server capacities, so as not to spoil the fun for those who already got the game access and have pulled through the alpha test crucible with us.

As for the pleasing additions, we will introduce the clan upgrades system (more details on it to be shared later) and the auction for the players to trade in the game.

    What to appear in this version

      Clan upgrades system
      In-game auction
      Open game access

Those are the plans we have for 2013. What next? Certainly, we do not intend to stop at that point. We will continue introducing new maps, factions and items, so as adding a ton of gameplay tweaks to make it all even more fun. But our biggest expectations are for a new play mode to be introduced. Which of the two modes will appear next – Co-op or Freeplay, is to be announced later. We estimate the new game mode to become available in version 0.8, which is planned for Q2-3 2014.



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