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Vendredi 28 décembre 2012  
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As we all prepare for the long awaited winter festivities, we would like reflect on the past year. 2012 has been a year full of obstacles and new challenges: attempts to save the development team, a search for investors, setting up a new company and the announcement of the Survarium project. Starting from scratch is always difficult yet interesting. Our debut project is a new experience, a new trial and we will surely do our best to meet your expectations. We are thankful for your avid support and for staying with us!

The entire Vostok Games team would like to extend our best wishes for the upcoming Christmas Holidays and New Year! May you be happy, joyful, successful, optimistic and healthy! Keep in touch, next year is expected to be "anomalously" intense!

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Vendredi 28 décembre 2012  
The Developer's Video Diary #4

As January dawns, make sure to check out our new Survarium calendars. Based on screenshots of the in-game Vostok Radar Station and School levels, there are two versions of the calendar for you to choose from.


Mardi 25 décembre 2012  
The Developer's Video Diary #4

In line with past tradition, we would like to present our fourth developer’s diary video and thus continuing the story of Survarium’s development. The new diary reveals the background story of the Black Market faction, demonstrates the School location (in-game) and highlights the system of combat and weapons in the game.


Mardi 25 décembre 2012  
New Survarium Screens and Art Available

We are happy to present new in-game screenshots of Survarium. The stills demonstrate parts of the new Vostok Radar Station location. The images were captured based on a work-in-progress, pre-alpha build of the game and do not represent the final quality of the project.

Alongside the fresh screenshots, we are happy to reveal a brand-new Survarium wallpaper, available here.


Mardi 25 décembre 2012  
Survarium web-site launched!

Vostok Games announces the official web-site of the Survarium project!

The portal provides all users with detailed information on the game, its background story, heroes, factions and many of its other features. Visit the Media section to check out in-game screenshots, developer video diaries and other visuals.

The web-site will regularly be updated with new assets and news on the game. Expect the official forum to launch shortly. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more news coming soon!




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