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Mardi 17 décembre 2014
Game Update

Wieldable Knives

    Knives can now be wielded by holding down the quick knife button or via gear slot 8. In general a wielded knife can swing faster than the quick knife.
    Knife hit detection has been adjusted to be more precise. Knives can now get head shots and will play impact effects on the surface they hit.
    A new knife has been added to each empire. They are slower to equip and swing than the default knife, but when wielded, they can be activated by switching fire modes. When activated, these deal increased damage and emit audio and visual effects.

Spitfire Turrets

    The new Spitfire Auto-Turret is now available for engineers. Located in their ability slot, the engineer can construct a Spitfire Auto-Turret that will automatically engage hostile infantry within 50 meters.

Customizable Profile Banners

    Profile banners are now available to customize your Profile and Death Screen.
    Banners are customizable from the My Profile Menu. Banners can be obtained from the Utilities section of the Depot or from completing Expert and Master level weapons directives.

Key Reminders

    When entering a vehicle or switching classes, a relevant key reminder will now display for a few seconds.
    If you don’t want to use this really cool feature that we spent a lot of care and attention on, you can disable it from the Interface Settings page. It’s fine, whatever.

Winter Holiday Event


      New Holiday Directive added


      Snowmen are spawning on Esamir
      Stone Snowmen are spawning on Indar, Amerish, and Hossin
      Golden snowmen can be found on all continents
      Snowman XP will now be shared with all squad members within 300 meters


      New Holiday Items available for purchase.
      New NS knife “Icikill”, Your Ice Cold if you get 100 kills with this knife
      Holiday Hats with 50% XP Boost when worn , TR/VS/NC/NS *seasonal item
      Holiday Bundle, contains the following:

        All Holiday Hats (50% XP Boost) *seasonal item
        “Icikill” knife
        Deep Freeze Pistol (From last year)
        14 day Squad XP boost (50%/5%)
        “Season’s Greetings” Profile Banner
        Digital Snowflake Hood Ornament

*Seasonal Items can only be equipped during appropriate holiday events

Additional Tier Added to Implants

    New Tier 4 Implants, Tier 4 implants have an energy cost of 1.25 per tick
    Overall Implant rates have been adjusted to accommodate the inclusion of new Tier 4 implants.

    Hold Breath 4

      Increases hold breath duration by 4 seconds

    Clear Vision 4

      Reduce effects of Flash and Concussion grenades by 90%

    Emp Shield 4

      Reduces EMP effects by 90%

    Sensor Shield 2

      Allows player to remain hidden from sensors while sprinting, unless they are within 20 meters of the sensor

    Regeneration 4

      Regeneration per second 7%

    Safe Landing 4

      Fall damage resist 50%

    EOD Hud 4

      Detect range 25 meters

    Battle Hardened 4

      Flinch Reduction: 80%
      Camera Shake Reduction: 50%

Additional Implants

    Battle Hardened 2 (Tier 2)

      Flinch Reduction: 65%
      Camera Shake Reduction: 40%

    Battle Hardened 3 (Tier 3)

      Flinch Reduction: 70%
      Camera Shake Reduction: 45%

    Clear Vision 1 (Tier 1)

      Reduce effects of Flash and Concussion grenades by 30%

    Clear Vision 2 (Tier 2)

      Reduce effects of Flash and Concussion grenades by 40%

    EMP Shielding 1 (Tier 1)

      Reduce effects of Flash and Concussion grenades by 30%

    EMP Shielding 2 (Tier 2)

      Reduce effects of Flash and Concussion grenades by 45%

Additional Implant Changes

    Battle Hardened 1(original)

      Flinch Reduction reduced from 75% to 60%
      Camera Shake reduction reduced from 50% to 35%

    Regeneration 3 (Tier 3)

      Regen percentage per second decreased from 6.6% to 6%

    Safe Landing 3 (Tier 3)

      Resist percentage decreased from 46% to 40%

    Clear Vision 3 (Tier 3)

      Reduced effectiveness against Flash and Concussion grenades by roughly 30%

    EMP Shield 3 (Tier 3)

      Reduced effectiveness against EMP effects by roughly 20%


    Red dot Sights added to all NS Pistols
    Spiker Clip size increased from 14 to 16

    Banshee changes

      Max indirect damage decreased from 200 to 150
      Min indirect damage increased from 1 to 10
      Inside damage radius decreased from 0.5 to 0.3 meters
      Outside radius decreased from 2 meters to 1 meter
      New fire audio
      Increased size of impact explosions

    Vulcan changes


        Min COF increased from 0.5 to 1.1
        COF bloom removed
        Damage falloff max range increased from 130 to 200 meters
        Clip size increased from 60 to 90
        FP tracers increased to 1:1


        Min COF increased from 0.5 to 1.1
        COF bloom removed
        Damage falloff max range increased from 65 to 95 meters
        Clip size increased from 60 to 90
        FP tracers increased to 1:1

Ability to Ban Players From Squads/Platoons

    Squad Leaders can now ban players from joining the squad leader’s squad by clicking the player's name in the squad menu and selecting “Ban From Squad”
    The banned player will no longer be able to be invited or join the squad
    To clear the current ban list a squad leader can press the “Clear Ban List” button on the squad menu
    If the squad is disbanded it will also clear all players from the ban list

Ability to Hide Certain HUD Elements

    Missions: The mission elements can now be toggled off. Players will still have the active mission (so they will get the bonuses for it when it is completed), but the ui elements related to it will no longer be visible (text above the minimap, minimap icons, 3d icons).
    Group Login Notifications: Group (squad/platoon) notifications can now be toggled off. Player will no longer be notified when another player joins/leaves his/her squad/platoon.
    Outfit Login Notifications: Outfit login notifications can now be toggled off. Player will no longer receive notifications when outfit members log in or out.
    Implant Drop Notifications: Implant drop notifications can now be turned off. Player will no longer see notifications for implant/charger drops. The item will still print to chat, however.

Identify Friend or Foe Improvements

    Building interior textures and colors changed to assist in picking out players against the walls
    VS character base texture and tint pattern mask adjustments to assist with visual IFF

Depot Additions

    The No-Helmet Helmet is now available in the Depot. Or, the helmet is now not available in the Depot. Whatever your preference.
    Hard Light helmets are available in the Depot
    New Profile Banners are available in the Utilities section
    New Holiday items
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee
    Poland is not yet lost


    Zone Queue Notification window has gotten a pass to implement player feedback
    Added a longer trail the Liberator Zepher and Dalton projectiles, similar to the duster trail
    Updated icons for Engineer MANA Turrets; they now represent the constructed turret instead of an icon with the ace tool
    The Flash Wraith now has a visual component
    The Magburner now has a visual component
    The Nanite Auto Repair system now has a visual component
    The Fire Suppression system now has a visual component
    The Vehicle Stealth system now has a visual component
    The Ejection system now has a visual component
    The Flash Turbo now has a visual component
    The Liberator LF 100 Afterburner now has a visual component
    Player Studio: Added PS tool materials for a rigid helmet and character to help out our Blender users
    All country flags should now be equippable as outfit decals (PS-805)
    VS Heavy Armor had more tintable areas added
    Made the VS MAX composite shoulders full camo
    Added small shoulder pads to VS Engineer, Medic, and Light Assault starter look
    Shooting water at close range should no longer be a performance hit (PS-568)
    Reduced the collision size of grenades
    Increased size of 40mm muzzle flash
    Reverted Serro Listening Post and Vanu Asylum to pre-halloween event names
    Updated the pose for the TR Max when locked down
    Voice chat is getting a hardware upgrade
    [Edit] Some players that received part of the 2nd year anniversary bundle by mistake will no longer see those items in their inventory
    [Edit] Players that have already completed a directive that rewards a profile banner will receive the profile banner via grant throughout the day

Bug Fixes

    Players should jitter much less when viewed at distant through scopes
    Fixed an issue where some of the heavy bullet impacts (Tank Buster, Vulcan, etc) were not playing the correct impact audio
    Voice Over sample rate has been doubled to improve overall quality (PS-734)
    All the NS red dot sights should be the same size as the equivalent NC, TR, and VS versions
    Fixed some skinning issues on holographic armors
    Fixed a bug where swamp water appeared black on medium and lower graphics settings
    Vehicle explosions will now correctly damage players again
    Deployable placement (specifically Engi turrets) will no longer fail after a successful confirmed placement
    Instant Action key shortcut will no longer work through Depot or Top Up UI windows
    Activating cloak will no longer cause the 1p character to completely disappear for second before the cloak effect appears
    Consistency pass on a subset of weapon tooltip icons
    Improved 3p animation of Ace Tool deployment
    Improved 3p animation of crossbow reload
    Fixed 3p animation issue where weapons could float in the air after a player dies
    Fixed 3p animation arm clipping issue with engineer turrets when looking left or right
    Fixed twisted arm in 3p sniper rifle animations
    Fixed twisted left wrist in 3p primary weapon animations
    Players will no longer crouch when shot with an underbarrel weapon active (PS-878)
    Cyclopean helmet should now display properly on male characters in 3p view (PS-872)
    Animation bug fix for a pop when transitioning from sprinting to aiming down sights
    Amerish Bio Labs had a wall with LOD issues (would disappear) that has been addressed
    Resource bar will no longer get stuck on screen if a player switches classes while it is flashing
    Faction issues with the Death From Above decal have been addressed
    The Baron G5AE should now correctly award shotgun kills for Directives (PS-804)
    Harasser: Vehicle kills should now correctly award Driver Assists for Directives
    Gun Kills credit will no longer be awarded for destroying vehicles in the VR zone (PS-652)
    Esamir Bio Labs Teleport Room shields have been aligned correctly
    Waterson’s Redemption vehicle terminal can no longer be hacked through the wall
    ESF displays should now display consistent max altitudes (PS-162)
    Players should no longer be able to get into an invisible state by switching seats on the Flash (PS-767)
    Fixed a bug where helmet effects would play over air vehicles while in3p camera (PS-714)
    Fixed incorrect tooltips on M20 Basilisk-F ammo capacity certifications
    Harasser Predator Bumper should no longer inherit camo on one side (PS-715)
    Harasser Rumble Tire Spikes had a red spot removed and will no longer inherit camo
    Fixed a weapon clipping issue with the 3p TR heavy breastplate armor
    Antiquated Crossing: Removed a spot where a player can get stuck between the wall and a support column
    Added no deploy area to Construction Site Epsilon
    Ghanan Tech Plant spawn shield should correctly drop with destroyed SCU generator
    Ixtab Amp Station: Relocated a badly placed gravity lift
    Added drop pod zones to Kessel's Crossing
    Removed plants clipping into Hunter’s Blind
    Fixed stretched rock textures at Hvar Northgate Garrison
    Removed a hole where players could get stuck at Tawrich Recycling
    Zurvan Amp Station: Aligned gravity lift shield
    Cloaked enemies should no longer glow under certain conditions
    NC Composite Armor had decal stretching fixed (PS-735)
    NC GD RefleXR sights have comparable camo coverage now (PS-229)
    Decals now visible on NC MAX Auraxium Infused Plating
    NC Razor GD-23 ADR icon now correctly represents stock
    NS Compound Helmet now correctly attaches to the player’s body
    Fixed a typo in the NS-15M1 description (PS-807)
    Hot Keys to select class/vehicle and character loadout can now be used on all screens instead of just on terminal screens (PS-189)
    Fixed an issue that was preventing sorts in both directions on the outfit members list (PS-678)
    GSD visual FX fade out has been shortened
    Pump action shotguns should no longer cause a quick ADS between shots
    Shield Regen Device effect on players should now be more visible on TR
    The Lightning's Skyguard is not the faction specific color for each faction and if a camo is equipped, the camo is also applied to the turret
    Cyclopean Helmet will no longer cause stretched textures on the characters in 3p
    Frostbreaker Helmet had a stretched texture fixed
    Fixed a rough LOD swap on a Tech Plant art asset
    Auraxium Infused Plating should now display the appropriate look
    TR: MH2 (2x) reticule preview icon has been fixed
    Prowler Deluxe Banded Trim visuals adjusted (PS-588)
    Prowler Gold Trim should no longer display as black on some settings (PS-526)
    T4 Amp description fixed when displayed on death screen
    Spawn locations adjusted to be more effective
    Generator HP bar should no longer overlap the Generator icon at certain resolutions
    Mine Guard description updated to match functionality (PS-691)
    VS Heavy Assault Hard Light Armor on female models should have leg pieces now (PS-893*)
    VS Infiltrator Hard Light Armor on female models should have shoulder pads now
    Phaseshift VS-S no longer lists ammunition count
    VS Sentinel voice pack description corrected
    VS Zealot voice pack description corrected
    VS Skorpios no longer had a wrist bend in 3p
    Shifted VX6-7 red dot optics so they rest on the rail properly (PS-301)
    Deployed ammo packs will no longer float above stairs in some locations
    Player collision updated in some areas of the warpgate stairs
    Fixed offhand arm animation clipping bug with rocket launchers being equipped or unequipped in 3p views
    Weapon should no longer shake when ADS and walking forward
    Harasser: Toe Cutter Rims are now attached to the vehicle correctly
    KSR-35 should now auto-reload correctly when on empty mag while ADS
    Cloaking immediately after firing a weapon should be more consistent (PS-762)

Mercredi 19 novembre 2014
    Fixed an issue where a player’s arms would remain invisible after cloaking
    Speculative fix for players getting ejected from vehicles
    Ikanam Biolab issues have been addressed
    Improved readability of billboards with large amounts of text
    Halloween seed currency will no longer appear in the UI
    Halloween masks will no longer be equipable
    Further updates to voice chat stability

Mardi 11 novembre 2014


We've worked on Hossin over the past few months to bring it up to a level of quality to match our other continents. We're proud to announce Hossin is now out of Early Expedition!

Revamps for the following Hossin Bases

    Fort Liberty
    OMR Terraforming
    Outpost Lambda

Hossin bug fixes

    Stuck bug fixed near Chac
    Hurakan dirt cleaned up
    Bravata PMC Compound: gap in building fixed
    Genesis Terraforming Plant: terrain seam fix
    Roothouse Distillery: stuck bug fixed

(tracking issue, this is already Live, no changes are being made with this update)

    Fixed sniper rifle level accuracy with the charge mode
    Fixed charge shot headshot doing too little damage


    Boosts should now equip properly (PS-731)
    Adjusted how we handle bandwidth traffic to help out with European server connection issues
    Camo coverage pass on Halloween masks

Bugs Fixed

    Decimator G/B and Annihilator G/B should now update launcher kill objective under Heavy Assault directives (PS-763)
    Auraxium Infused Plating should now have have Auraxium shader
    Razor GD-23 icon fixed
    Tempest helmet should now display character head properly
    Augmented Brain Chasis helmet had LOD issues resolved
    VTOLs should now animate properly (PS-724/PS-727)
    Continent locks should provide appropriate bonuses
    Heavy Assault: Resist Shield: Actual duration and tooltip descriptions are inconsistent
    Reduced red dot size on LANS (3.4x) scope
    Extra laser has been removed from the White Laser Sight
    Double flashlight beam removed after using knife (PS-721)
    Character's head should no longer appear in 1p as uncloaked when on a wraith cloaked Flash (PS-733)

Jeudi 30 octobre 2014


    Allatum Broadcast in unfinished state
    Hitching in VR zone addressed
    Can't deny outfit application if invited via squad UI
    Esamir: Shields in front of the vehicle terminals are purple by default
    Indar: Biolabs: Spawn tubes are doubled or tripled in the biolab spawn rooms
    3P: Pump Shotgun fire animation is jerky between animations
    VS: Tempest Helmet: Helmet is attached sideways
    3P: VS: Analyst helmet stretches the character neck
    VS: Spiker: Weapon creaters broken state if switched from charged shot to burst while charging
    3P: TR: Combat Medic Composite Helmet displays stretched neck
    3P: Underbarrel launchers display a kneel animation after firing the underbarrel weapon
    VS: Hard Light Armor: Female Light Assault armor disappears at LOD
    NS Reflex sights should appear as normal size
    PFX: Lightning: Significant performance drop firing the Viper in shallow water

Mardi 28 octobre 2014
Game Update

Facility Shield Changes

    Opaque Shields – “Total Blocker”

      Blocks all projectiles
      Blocks enemy vehicles
      Blocks enemy infantry
      Allows friendly vehicles
      Allows friendly infantry

    Transparent shields – “Vehicle Blocker”

      Blocks all large projectiles
      Blocks enemy vehicles
      Allows all small projectiles
      Allows all infantry
      Allows friendly vehicles

    Shields can be Opaque on one side and Transparent on the other side
    Icons on all shields indicate what you must do to bring them down

Added Gold and Black version of multiple NS weapons

    NS Decimator-G
    NS Decimator-B
    NS Annihilator-G
    NS Annihilator-B
    A new NS-15M2 will be replacing the original NS-15M in the marketplace. Those who already own the NS-15M will keep it, however the name has been updated to NS-15M1.


    Concussion Grenades

      Concussion grenade no longer detonates on impact and instead has the standard 3 second fuse
      Fixed an issue where the concussion grenade screen effect was always playing at full intensity and not lose intensity based on distance from the grenade blast

    Anti Vehicle Grenade

      Anti-vehicle grenades now stick to vehicles and MAX units. This allows us to lower the radius of the grenade, so it less effective against infantry and more avoidable unless it is directly stuck on a target.
      Inner radius reduced from 2.5 meters to 1 meter
      Outer radius reduced from 10 meters to 5 meters
      We also took a look at how much damage AV grenades can do to aircraft (sense being sticky will allow them to hit aircraft slightly more often). We found the damage to be too low for how difficult it is to hit an aircraft with an AV grenade, so we are increasing the damage done to them. The anti vehicle grenade uses the same resist type as the tank mine, so these adjustments affect them as well.

        ESF resistance to AV grenades changed from 0 to -250%

          This changes it from 3 AV grenades to kill to 2. 1 AV grenade is enough to leave the ESF burning
          This changes it from 3 tank mines to kill to 1

        Valkyrie resistance to AV grenades changed from 0 to -25%

          This changes it from so 3 AV grenades will take it to burning
          This changes it from 3 Tank Mines to 2

        Liberator resistance to AV grenades changed from 0 to -100%

          This changes it from 7 AV grenades to kill to 4
          This changes it from 4 Tank Mines to 2

        Galaxy resistance to AV grenades changed from 40% to 0

          This changes it from 16 AV grenades to kill to 10
          This changes it from 10 Tank Mines to 6

PPA Adjustments

PPA is being heavily modified to be more of an infantry point defense weapon and not a long range anti-infantry weapon.
    Fire rate increased from 150 RPM to 300 RPM
    Reload speed decreased from 4 seconds to 2.5 seconds

      Reload speed certifications reduced from 120ms per rank to 100ms per rank

    Direct hit damage adjustments

      Maximum damage reduced from 235 to 200 damage
      Maximum damage range increased from 10 meters to 25 meters
      Minimum damage reduced from 167 to 50
      Minimum damage range reduced from 150 meters to 75 meters (40 on Harasser)

    Indirect (blast) damage adjustments

      Inner damage reduced from 300 damage to 200
      Inner damage radius reduced from 1 meter to 0.1 meters

    Cone of Fire now blooms with each shot

      CoF grows 0.6 degrees per shot
      Max CoF Changed from 0.3 to 3 degrees
      Reticle changed to crosshair as previous reticle was not dynamic

    Magazine size reduced from 20 to 12

      Certifications reduced from 3/6/11/15 to 1/3/4/6

    Projectile speed reduced from 300 to 150
    Ammo Capacity reduced from 200 to 180

      Ammo Capacity certification per rank reduced from 20 to 12

Striker Adjustments

    The visual effect of the strikers projectile trail from first person has been reduced to make it easier to see
    Magazine size increased from 5 to 6
    CoF has received some adjustments to make it more manageable
    CoF reduced by 0.5 degrees in most stances
    CoF growth per shot reduced to 0.1 degrees from 0.5 degrees

Spiker Adjustments

    Description: Reverse-engineered from ancient Vanu tech, the Spiker's hovering powercore allows the weapon to be switched from its standard 2x burst to a semi-auto charge mode capable of firing a single powerful blast.
    Burst fire rate increased from 336rpm to 480rpm
    6 round charged burst has been removed. The charge mode is now separate fire mode that can fire a single more powerful projectile; charged shots consume 4 rounds per shot.
    Charged shots do a small amount of aoe damage to targets within 1.5 meters of impact
    Clip size has been decrease from 18 to 14
    Total ammo capacity has been decreased from 108 to 84


    Continents can again be locked by owning at least 94% of the territory, independent of alerts
    Unfolded NS Carbine's Stock
    Voice chat: Updated to provide more consistent service
    Infantry directives can now update while in a rumble seat
    Berets are finally here! Yes, really! Get them in the Depot before we change our minds!
    There is now a visual component for Prowler Anchored Mode

Performance / Memory / Crashes

    Performance: fixed some thread contention issues with loading assets
    Timing: corrected some issues with how time is synchronized between client and server
    Performance: some optimizations to data validation on 64-bit clients
    Memory: reduced memory usage by diagnostic systems
    Memory: reduced the amount of cache memory the animation system could use
    Performance: minor optimization to material creation
    Input: DirectInput joystick support
    Memory: fixed a leak in the material system
    Performance: optimizations related to managed Magriders/VR Zone improvement
    Performance: improved smoothness in death animations
    Graphics: Fix for remote players' charge weapons not showing the correct effect
    Input: Fix for vehicle turret aiming during seat switch
    Performance: Some controls for tuning live server performance

The following bugs have been addressed (PIT issue # where applicable)

    C4 explosive damage is effective through certain shields
    Fixed bug where going to ironsights while using the underbarrel attachment of a weapon with the HS/NV scope on it would block the view of the game
    Fixes callout for when ammo is dropped - Engineers will again let nearby allies know when there is ammo to pick up
    Fixed animation bug where offhand slides forward with SMGs when walking
    Fixed an issue where players with certain settings couldn't take screenshots
    HUD: Warp Queue: Default hotkeys are listed on the buttons even if the player changes the keybinding
    Loadout Menu: Medal progression amount for Kills to next is cut off when the count is above 1000
    Serrated textures display on the TMS (4X)'s eyepiece
    HUD: Pumpkin seed removal pop up displays Space Pumpkin Seeds earned +- 25
    Solstice SF: Medals aren't being tracked correctly
    Stalker Cloak: Cloak is rendered visible when approached from a long distance quickly moving (PS-166)
    TR Pounder: The explosions/black smoke appear to cause performance loss
    Loading screens are missing Double XP Weekend announcements
    Harasser: Camo is applied Vehicle Stealth when camo is equipped (PS-513)
    Harasser: Drivers are not receiving Gunner Valkyrie Kill Bonus (PS-338)
    Valkyrie: Pilots are not receiving Gunner Harasser Kill Bonus (PS-338)
    Unable to invite to squad from friends list if not already in a squad (PS-624)
    AP Magrider primary weapons are displaying explosions that are too large
    Vanguard: Reinforced Side Armor: Top edge is not flush with the vehicle (PS-445)
    Incorrect model for the HS/NV sight
    Indar continent lock incorrectly provides -50% consumables cost in addition to the intended -50% air resource cost
    HUD: Warp queue GAQ cannot be dismissed if the player leaves the warp queue after receiving GAQ (PS-579)
    Addressed an issue where new TR chars could get stuck under the world when leaving the tutorial
    LA1 Anchor: Supressor can be purchased twice
    Show HUD Alert Timer: Player must relog in order for changes to take effect if turning the setting off (PS-178)
    Tooltip for the Tier 1 Charger has been adjusted from 800 to the correct 1800
    Lightning: C75 Viper: 2D Icon has a reversed NS logo and appears darker than other turrets (PS-443)
    T32-Bull: Incorrect model displays for low LOD
    Updated Spanish flag decal to the modern flag
    VS: Xenous Helmet had LOD issues addressed
    Fixed bug where Indar was showing the deprecated aerospace benefit (this had no effect on gameplay) (PS-372)
    Switching from driver to gunner seat causes the weapon to snap facing forward
    Lancer VS22: Fully charged projectile is the same size as the low charge one in 3P
    When viewing another player change heading their primary weapon will appear to stutter
    Settings Menu: Arrow sliders for various settings cannot be unselected

Jeudi 16 octobre 2014
    Updated the Trick or Treat Halloween Directive: The Expert tree requirement has been reduced from 20 kills to 10 kills and the Master tree has been reduced from 50 kills to 20 kills.
    A small number of pumpkins (including the rare Galactic Pumpkin) will now spawn 24/7; alerts will increase the number of pumpkins spawning as well as add an additional Galactic Pumpkin
    Recon Detection Device will now appear/function again

Lundi 13 octobre 2014
    Pumpkin alerts should now award proper experience (PS-609)
    Purchased facepaints will now unlock account wide

      Note: This will only affect new purchases; we'll be doing a grant later today (no downtime) to fix existing accounts in the broken state

    [Enter] and [Numpad Enter] can now be mapped independently
    MANA Anti-Vehicle Turret should no longer be grayed out in Engineer Master Directive
    More joystick support (PS-168)

      We should now be back to the same state as we were before the PS4 code merge

    NC Medics that had issues equipping armor suits should no longer have issues
    On screen notifications for unlocked decals should now be accurate
    Fixed an issue where vehicle and facility turrets would appear facing in the wrong direction at a distance (PS-146)

Mardi 7 octobre 2014

Nanite of the Living Dead

    Pumpkin seeds are now awarded at the end of a Pumpkin alert
    Pumpkin spawning improved (fixed an issue where they weren't spawning enough)
    Added proper iron sights to Candy Cannon
    Wearing Halloween masks in VR Training no longer updates objectives
    Leatherface objective should now update properly


    Striker is now automatic fire, meaning you can hold the mouse button down to fire off all rockets
    Increased fire rate of striker from 100 RPM to 150 RPM
    Cof adjusted to grow 0.5 degrees per shot instead of 2 degrees

      The above changes combined are intended to make the weapon feel better when firing and reduce the amount of time exposed when firing off all five rounds.

    Increased direct damage from 100 to 200
    Adjust vehicles resistances so that damage is mostly the same per hit

      While damage per hit does not change against vehicles, this change will increase effectiveness against infantry. Effectiveness against vehicles is increased with the fire rate adjustments.

    Lock-on range of striker increased from 15 meters to 20 meters

      This is just to make it a little easier to lock on to aircraft, especially large ones.


    VK_OEM key support
    Using numpad keys should no longer disrupt sprinting
    Windows key should now work correctly


    Projectiles from vehicle weapons should appear to fire in the proper direction
    Reverted an accidental increase to camera shake
    EU flag is now rectangular
    Red dot sights visibility will no longer be affected by the time of day

Jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Holiday Event

    Pumpkin Hunt alerts no longer lock the continent
    Normal alerts have been reactivated
    The frequency of all alerts has been increased
    Ironsights added to Candy Cannon
    Text on Halloween items tooltips should now fit the window
    Facepaints have correct previews in the Depot
    Halloween helmets should now obey the proper Depot filter logic


    Membership bonus experience issue that some players had should be resolved
    Revives will no longer count as spawn kills unless it has been less than 12 seconds since they have respawned normally
    Newly spawned characters will lose the spawn kill flag as soon as they do any damage to an enemy
    Squad recruitment UI should now populate correctlyNot yet fixed
    Volume of new voice packs increased
    Range of audio on new horns doubled
    New flag decals icons are changed to rectangular shape

      NOTE: The decals themselves are still square due to a bad promote, will be fixed in next hotfix

    All resupply-able items, currently owned and at point of purchase, will default to having auto-resupply checked. Only newly certified items had resupply checked where the previously owned items had their checkboxes unchecked.

      Speculative fix to the resupply button being checked, but not resupplying

    Empire specific Harrasser Pride hubcaps should now LOD properly
    Centered Support window UI
    NC weapons now have proper camo coverage

Mercredi 1 octobre 2014
Game Update

Nanite of the Living Dead!
Nanite Systems needs YOU!

As we all know (due to the stellar teachings of our patent-pending POD educational system, used in schools all across the Auraxis colonies!), the Space Pumpkin is an amazing fruit, genetically modified by talented grad students at the accredited* Nanotech University Online. This wonderfruit has literally dozens of proven medical and scientific uses that are beneficial for most humans. Unfortunately due to a recent class-action lawsuit, we are currently unable to discuss these uses, but boy oh boy are they great!

“That sure sounds super interesting, but what does it have to do with me?” you may find yourself asking.

Good question, talented and intelligent soldier! Due to a recent “mix-up”, some of our latest samples were shipped down to the surface of Auraxis instead of the testing facility that they were intended for, because Helen in Order Processing can’t seem to separate her personal life from her job long enough to get her assignments sorted.

Unfortunately due to the Space Pumpkin’s super-fast growth hormone, the samples have already taken root and are now growing on Auraxis. That’s no good for us or our court-ordered suspension of distribution, so we need you, the soldiers of Auraxis, to help us out!

It’s simple, really. Find a Space Pumpkin, destroy it, and bring the seeds (SPS) to a designated SPS-drop off zone, and you’ll get a reward!

Isn’t science amazing?

    For a limited time only hunt down space pumpkins and use their seeds to purchase new masks.(these masks are seasonal and can only be equipped during the Nanite of the Living Dead events)

      Azure Inferno Skull (NC Only)
      Crimson Inferno Skull (TR Only)
      Violet Inferno Skull (VS Only)
      Skull Noir (NS)
      Inferno Skull (NS)
      Spectrum Skull (NS)
      Ichabod Crown (VS/NC/TR)
      Frankenstein Facepaint (NS)
      Jester Facepaint (NS)
      Skull Facepaint (NS)
      Augmented Brain Chassis (NS)

    New Alert type - Pumpkin Hunt

      Space Pumpkins will only spawn during the alert
      The empire that has the destroyed the most pumpkins at the end of the alert locks the continent
      The alert duration is 1 hour and triggers at random intervals throughout the day
      Territory Control alerts have been temporarily disabled

    Watch out for strange new properties in sticky grenades and mines.
    Some outposts have been frightened into adopting new names.
    The NS CandyCannon 3000, The Slasher, and brand new horns are available for purchase.
    Complete the Halloween 2014 directives to unlock special rewards.

Directives Updates

    You can now track your objective progress on the HUD

      Click on any objective from the directive screens to add a progress tracker on your HUD
      The tracker is positioned on the left side on the HUD, directly above the mission UI
      Clicking a tracked objective either from the directive screen or from the HUD will untrack the objective
      Up to 6 objectives can be tracked at any one time
      Completed objectives will automatically be untracked

    A summary screen has been added to the Directives UI that displays the following
      Overall Character Progress: Shows the directive points earned by your character and his progress towards completing all directives
      Recently Completed Objectives: Displays the last 6 objectives completed by your character
      Tracked/Recommended Objectives: This section displays a combination of your tracked and recommended objectives. If you’re tracking 6 objectives, all 6 tracked objectives will show up in this area. If you’re not tracking any objectives, all 6 objectives in this area will be recommended objectives.

    Directive category progress bars have been added to the navigation buttons
    Tooltips have been added to each objective to provide more information

    New Leadership Directive Tree

      Leadership directives are based on Leadership Ribbons and Squad Beacon spawns.

    New Events category & Halloween Tree

      The first of seasonal event directives has been added.
      This tree has lower requirements than other trees due to the limited time to complete the directives.
      This tree will be available through November 9th.

    Objectives Tree

      Number of required deployed AMS kills has been reduced for all tiers.
      Objective Support Ribbons now award after 2 events (down from 5).
      Objective Support Ribbons no longer count Terminal destruction and now hacking terminals (not turrets) will give credit towards the ribbon.
      Point Control ribbons have been adjusted upwards but now count the new experience ticks and periodic guard xp awards for capture (see experience changes below).

    Force Recon Tree

      Spotter ribbon is now awarded every 5 spot assists (down from 10).

Optics Changes

    All 1x, 2x, 3.4x and 4x sight reticles have been updated to be dynamically drawn, rather than static geometry. This will better represent where the weapon is aimed when moving, firing, or flinching.
    Updated existing scopes of all NS weapons with new NS scopes.
    Color and shape variants for 1X and 2X reticles are now available.

      Reddot icons now show shape and color of the sights reticle

Flash Improvements

    The rumble seat on the flash now faces forward and its passenger can rotate 360 degrees.
    Flash handling has received an overhaul. It should now be much harder to flip and lose traction less often.
    Fixed model preview for Flash scout radar.

Experience Reward Changes

    Capturing a control point will now grant 4 ticks of 100 xp each during the capture, plus a bonus 25 for controlling the point for a total of 425 xp for a full point capture.
    Guarding a friendly control point at a contested facility will grant 50 xp every 20 seconds.
    Kills while in capture range of the capture point will now award a bonus of 100 xp.
    Multi-kill bonus is now awarded at 2 kills within one second (down from 3).
    Domination bonus is now awarded at 2 consecutive kills against a player without being killed by that player (down from 3).
    Nemesis bonus (killing a player who is dominating you) increased to 100 xp.
    Revenge bonus increased to 50 xp (up from something less significant).
    MAX kill bonus increased to 200 xp (up from 20).
    Deploy bonus renamed to “Transport Assist” in all places where it was referenced (including Directives). These are awarded when a player leaves your vehicle and gets a kill within a couple minutes, provided you are still in the vehicle.
    Transport Assist is now equivalent to a kill, 100 xp (up from 50).
    Driver assist XP for when the gunner gets kills is now equivalent to a kill, 100 xp (up from 75).

Support Grenade Assists

    EMP, Flash, and Concussion grenades now award assist experience if the target is killed by another player while under the effect of your grenade.
    Ribbons and Medals for EMP, Flash, and Concussion grenades have been added or reworked to be based on these assists instead of kills.

Vehicle Destruction Kill Credit

    Destroying a vehicle will now count as a kill for all weapon medals and most directives.
    Only directives that require you to kill a specific target (ex: Enemy Infiltrators or MAX) do not count a vehicle kill for credit.
    Any vehicle counts as 1 kill. This is in addition to the driver and any passengers you may also kill. For example, destroying a fully crewed Prowler will be considered 3 kills.
    The vehicle does not have to be occupied to be credited for a kill, so you’ll still get credit for suiciders/bailures.

Spawn Kill Changes

    Spawn kills are now worth 0 xp across the board.
    Time after spawn before a player is not considered a spawn kill increased to 12 seconds (up from 10).
    XP earned before a player is not considered a spawn kill increased to 100 (up from 5).
    Spawn kill is still considered time since spawn or xp earned, whichever happens first (this is unchanged, only the values listed above were tuned).
    Other changes to spawn kills will be in a later update, including making freshly revived players not count as a spawn kill, and removing spawn kills from awarding credit towards kills, medals, ribbons, or directives.

Cloaking Fixes

    Visual effects such as lumifiber and helmet particles are now disabled while stealthed.
    Improved performance and visual quality of stealth on lowest graphic settings.
    Cloaked objects will now look the same across all graphics settings.
    Fixed a bug where sometimes an Infiltrator's head and gun would be visible while the body is cloaked.
    Flashes no longer cast a shadow while stealthed.
    Fixed a bug where sometimes Flash headlights would be visible while stealthed.

Hossin Updates

    The following bases have been redone.

      SRP Nanite Relay Station
      Gourney Dam
      Kessel’s Crossing
      Staggered Mesa Outpost redone and renamed to Bunker J993

    Fixed various bugs from grass growing through the floor of buildings, to holes in the terrain, to shield generators being inside of objects.



      The T2 Striker (and variants) can now be dumbfired and is no longer able to lock-on to targets. While in flight, the rockets will automatically lock-on to hostile aircraft if they pass by within range.

    T9 CARV

      Annual Terran Republic Military performance review has revealed an unacceptable level of inaccuracy among Republic heavy assault soldiers. Loyal weapons engineers have corrected this with a minor improvement to the horizontal control of the venerable T9 CARV unification platform. The T9's new replication schematics have been updated on all Republic equipment terminals and deployment facilities.
      Horizontal recoil reduced to .21375 (down from .225).


    Brand new voice packs have been added! Go, get to da depot!! C’mon, do it now!
    New horns are available for the Scythe, Reaver and Mosquito.
    A new horn is available for the Galaxy. It may or may not sound like a whale.
    Check the Depot for a new set of country flags (Denmark, EU, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Wales, and Belgium). Reminder that more flags will come in as copyright processing occurs.

      Known issue: The dimensions of the new flags are off (too square), which will be fixed in a future update.


    The 50% Membership XP bonus has been moved from the Auraxium tier to the Copper tier.
    The cert cap has been raised for members to 50,000.
    Non-Members will no longer gain certs while offline. We've done this for two reasons:

      Offline cert earning is not communicated effectively as a general login incentive and does not achieve its goals.
      Removal from non-members increases the overall benefit of being a Member.


    The S-AMS certification for the Sunderer is now auto-granted, making it available to all players by default. Points spent on it before this change have been refunded.
    For vehicles, there is now heavy bullet impact audio. This is intended to provide better feedback when your vehicle is being struck by light fire against heavy fire. For example, getting hit with a tank buster will now sound different than getting hit with an assault rifle.
    Yell chat now works from beyond the grave. Spooky.
    Outfit MOTD shows up in chat on login, and as a notification + chat when changed.
    Corrected an issue that was preventing a non squad leader from inviting players to the squad they are in from the friends list.
    Members of a squad that are not the leader will now be able to select a players name in chat and invite them to the squad. When done it will prompt the squad leader with a request to invite that player.
    Updated location of shields on second floor of Towers. RIP Hallway of Death.
    Added a timer to the Death Screen show how long you have to be revived.
    Moved to the "Being Revived" indicator to the lower section of the screen closer to the Spawn buttons.
    Named a base to honor a hero of Auraxis (It’s on Hossin).
    Energy Bridge Terminals (Heyoka Chemical Lab) no longer have a neutral state. They can also now be flipped by any class to your faction, but Infiltrators with hacking certifications do so much faster. This is to make the bridges more intuitive to learn, and to eliminate a player on your own team from doing the ‘wrong’ thing by unknowingly giving the enemy access to cross the bridges.
    Texture updates to the Mosquito and Prowler.
    S12 Renegade now uses circle (shotgun style) reticle
    Squad Logistics System for Valkyrie now has unique icon.
    Increased range when your quick deploy location resets. Previously your quick deploy location would change if you died 300 meters from it. We’ve upped this to 400 meters.
    Updated login queue page for full zones and servers

Bugs Fixed

    NC Iron sight missing the bright spot from the front sight
    The Platoon Conquest ribbon should now be working.
    Amerish, Moss Ravine: Removed lift pad in front of spawn room teleporter (PS-464)
    Amerish: Jagged Lance Mine: Players can inside the rock formation at /loc 2571.670 77.760 2255.380
    Amerish: Sungrey Amp Station: Strange audio effects near /loc 2229.410 85.540 1176.920
    Changing vehicle mouse sensitivity will not take effect until you switch seats (PS-215)
    Claymores can be placed on walls if the player deploys it while close to a wall (PS-9)
    Cloaking: Reticle on optics disappears when player cloaks (PS-422)
    Consumables: Unequipping Grenade Bandolier or Utility Pouch can result in reserve consumables
    Continent locked Amerish does not reward 50% consumable bonus (PS-518)
    Continent Locking: Continent territory control after reset does not match up with warp gate rotation
    Continent Locking: Outfit capture does not reset after the continent unlocks and regions reset
    Damage assist XP does not clear when a vehicle is repaired
    Decal on the Prowler and Galaxy do not display
    Deploying your sunderer now sets your quick respawn location to that sunderer. You will no longer get sunder attack warning messages for a sunderer that you have never interacted with.
    Directives: Objective progression does not display properly for previous tiers
    Eclipse VE3A: Medals don't appear to be granting properly
    Esamir: Multiple box shaped server areas floating in the sky
    Exploit: Amerish: Mekala's Auxiliary Compound: Players able to get inside base tower through a hole at /loc -198.527 71.310 1652.894
    Exploit: Hossin: Hurakan Western Pass: Players can get inside the terrain and shoot out at /loc -275.450 79.120 -1404.480
    Fix for auto-resupply not functioning correctly. Auto-resupply settings have been wiped and default to on. (If you don't want a grenade to resupply, make sure to uncheck that checkbox.)
    Fixed a bug where sometimes an infiltrator's head and gun would be visible while the body is cloaked. (PS-7)
    Fixed a spelling error on a German loading screen.
    Fixed an error in the French description for Heroic Boosts.
    Fixed incorrect tooltip for Valkyrie Auraxium Lumifiber
    Fixed missing title for Valkyrie nose cannon slot in the Loadout page
    Flash attachments no longer affect the visual appearance of stealth.
    Flash Directive Master tier now shows correct icon.
    Hossin: Abomination Point: Capture point is not visible
    Hossin: Construction Site Lambda: Water texture missing at /loc -1015.630 4.000 77.310
    Hossin: Hurakan Amp Station: Airpad does not resupply ammo at /loc -310.240 101.660 -968.610 (PS-140)
    Hossin: Iron Quay: Tree branches clipping through the ceiling at /loc 353.150 8.230 -1843.650
    Hossin: SCU Shields are invisible when you are in close proximity (PS-186)
    Hossin: The Finger: The foot of the facility is floating at /loc 2494.910 81.950 2593.590
    Hossin: Vex Biologics: Grass clipping through the floor at /loc 2006.350 56.520 1379.950
    Hossin: Western Warpgate: Ammo packs float if dropped at /loc 1885.660 25.300 -2964.220
    Indar: Hvar Northgate Garrison: Player can clip into the large container
    Indar: Tree root is not connected to terrain close to Peris Eastern Grove
    Keybindings: EU Keyboard: Cannot bind/use the [<>] key
    Keybindings: The "Open Squad/Platoon Page" keybinding cannot be used to close the screen
    Loadout Menu: Pressing “Spacebar” at loadout screen will automatically switch the loadout to the 10th slot
    Made it so engineers switch back to their previously equipped item after deploying an ammunition pack using the "use ability" key instead of always switching to their primary weapon.
    Max aircraft altitude depends on where the aircraft is spawned (PS-65)
    Medic Heal Ribbon is now awarded every 10 healing xp events. Only events which reward XP are counted. Medic Shielding Ribbon is now awarded every 10 shielding xp events. Only events which reward XP are counted.
    Motion Assist XP sometimes not being granted when overlapping with other sensors
    Multiple scopes with red dot's aren't red
    NC LA1 Anchor: Reload audio is not in sync with reload
    NC MAX weapons are disabled if using MAX punch while turning the Aegis shield off (PS-330)
    NC: Blitz GD-10: Advanced Laser Sight rail attachment is floating (PS-317)
    NC: NC4-FB Mag-Shot: Gold texture is washed out
    NC: NC4-FB Mag-Shot: Weapon icon does not display gold trim
    No-deploy zone due to other deployed Sunderer does not display on mini map
    NS weapon sight descriptions should now be localized.
    Numpad cannot be used to open a text field (PS-159)
    Numpad enter cannot be used to send messages (PS-335)
    Player is stuck in place for nearly 5 seconds after the loading screen is dismissed
    Players can no longer use auto join squad to bypass squad friend only / guild only restrictions. (PS-28)
    Players who are vehicle owners will not receive Grief or damage when some other player physicslly collide with the vehicle
    Players who fail to respawn at a location will no longer see their character dead, they will just stay in the spawn selection screen.
    Players will no longer see locked vehicles as squad spawn options.
    Several UI strings are now localized.
    Spotting: [Q] brings up an empty menu when there is no target (PS-227)
    Squad Deploy no longer spawns players on the squad beacon
    Squad Leader: Newly appointed squad leaders do not have a spawn beacon until they resupply (PS-59)
    Suarva South Fortress: Sand is showing through the facility floor near /loc 1974.980 71.580 -2114.750
    Sunderer: Exterior: Rail guards have a permanent green/forest camo applied
    Sunderer: S-AMS: There is a delay before you can use to deploy

      [*] Switching to Underbarrel mode of the Eclipse VE3A should now show you an ammo count instead of heat meter. (PS-342)
      [*] Terminal loadout defaults to the 10th loadout when pressing spacebar
      [*] The NC Auraxium Godsaw and Gauss Prime are now using the correct models.
      [*] TR Eclipse Helmet [ID: 77362] Does not apply camo
      [*] TR Roughneck misidentifies enemy Harasser (PS-164)
      [*] TR: Prowler: Anchored Mode: There is a delay before you can use to deploy
      [*] Tracking Bug: Exploit: Players can get in a state where they are invincible
      [*] Tracking Bug: Jump jets intermittently failing to trigger
      [*] Tracking Issue: Players are seeing [Null] for a Deploy prompt on the death screen
      [*] Tutorial Banners are displaying white from far away
      [*] Unable to use/bind Microsoft gamepad (PS-238)
      [*] Unoccupied squad spawn vehicles are not immediately removed from deployment
      [*] Updated String for some new Key Bindings. Toggle Gear Slot 1 & 2 - Toggles between your primary and secondary gear slots. Utility Slot - Equips your current Utility Item Tool Slot - Equips your tool or 3rd gear slot (PS-171)
      [*] Valkyrie rear landing gear now rests better/touches the ground
      [*] Valkyrie: Cockpit Glass is missing when Cyan Glass is equipped
      [*] VS: Love Vehicle Decal is missing from inventory
      [*] VS: MAX: Camos do not get applied to the MAX Xenoxus Helmet
      [*] VS: Medic Vehicle Decal is not being displayed on vehicles
      [*] HUD Icon for Counter Intelligence Implant is very small and difficult to see
      [*] Outfit Recruitment: Players unable to accept/deny pending applications
      [*] WDS capture/defence point is shown on the heat map filter on map

Jeudi 25 septembre 2014
Hotfix Notes

Directives Reset Make-Up Grant

Players that had their tier 3 (Expert) or tier 4 (Master) Directives reset have had their progress towards those Directives increased to match any lost progress between 5 August (when Directives went Live) and 5 September (when the resetting issue was fixed). Note that tier 1 (3 to 15 points) and tier 2 (15 to 75 points) progress was not reimbursed as most players have since completed the lower tiers, and due to the larger volume it added too much complexity and risk to the grant for little return.

Affected Directives include

    Combat Medic: Kills
    Combat Medic: Saviors
    Combat Medic: Medic Kills
    Engineer: Kills
    Explosives: Multi-Kills
    Explosives: Vehicle Destruction
    Flash: Roadkills
    Force Recon: Deployable Destruction
    Force Recon: Headshot Kills
    Galaxy: Air Kills
    Galaxy: Deploy Assist
    Galaxy: Gun Kills
    Galaxy: Pilot Assists
    Galaxy: Ram Kills
    Galaxy: Squad Spawn
    Harasser: Driver Assists
    Harasser: Gun Kills
    Harasser: Roadkills
    Heavy Assault : Air Deterrence
    Heavy Assault : Kills
    Heavy Assault : Launcher Kills
    Heavy Assault : MAX Kills
    Infiltrator: Infiltrator Kills
    Infiltrator: Kills
    Infiltrator: SMG Kills
    Infiltrator: Scout Rifle Kills
    Infiltrator: Sniper Rifle Kills
    Liberator: Air Kills
    Liberator: Belly Gun Kills
    Liberator: Pilot Assists
    Liberator: Tail Gun Kills
    Liberator: Tank Kills
    Light Assault: Carbine Kills
    Light Assault: Kills
    Light Assault: Light Assault Kills
    Light Assault: SMG Kills
    Light Assault: Shotgun Kills
    Light Assault: Vehicle Destruction
    Lightning: Air Deterrence
    Lightning: Roadkills
    Lightning: Tank Kills
    Magrider: Driver Assists
    Magrider: Tank Kills
    Magrider: Top Gun Kills
    MAX: Air Deterrence
    MAX: Kills
    MAX: MAX Kills
    MAX: Vehicle Destruction
    Objectives: Deployed AMS Kills
    Objectives: Facility Captures
    Objectives: Facility Defenses
    Prowler: Driver Assists
    Prowler: Tank Kills
    Prowler: Top Gun Kills
    Sunderer: Deploy Assist
    Sunderer: Driver Assists
    Sunderer: Gun Kills
    Sunderer: Roadkills
    Sunderer: Squad Spawn
    Vanguard: Driver Assists
    Vanguard: Tank Kills
    Vanguard: Top Gun Kills

Medals Not Advancing Properly

Several weapons that were correctly recording ribbon progress but not correctly recording medal progress have been fixed. Affected players have had their medal progress increased to match their ribbon progress (e.g. 10 kills per ribbon).

Weapons include

    M40 Fury
    M60 Bulldog
    C75 Viper
    C150 Dalton
    L105 Zepher PX
    Pulsar C
    Lasher X2
    AF-22 Crow
    Hawk GD-68
    M9 SKEP Launcher
    Hades VSH4
    Nemesis VSH9

Lundi 15 septembre 2014
Hotfix Notes

Hotfix Notes

    Initial support for joysticks and gamepads. Note that functionality has been restored to the previous state, but we still have some more work to do (example: directional pads on controllers may not work currently); but we should be back to the same levels as before the August update.
    Memory reduction for 32 bit clients. This means that there should be less crashes for 32 bit clients.
    GPU input lag fix
    Smoothing improvements

      From the coder: Rather than reprocessing frames when GPU bound, the game now monitors GPU processing time, and will move a large portion of the time we'd normally be waiting on the GPU to the portion of the code where we stall in order to smooth out the framerate. While this doesn't yield quite as much benefit as reprocessing frames, it's far less intrusive a change to the engine's normal flow. The downside is that it requires framerate smoothing to be active. So a new effort is being made to make smoothing an option that no player would want to turn off. To this end, smoothing is now adaptive to the current refresh rate, and the game now selects the highest refresh rate available for the selected resolution.

    Hit detection improvements
    ESF engines and FX should no longer jitter or cause hitching
    Made some changes to prevent deployable spam at warpgates
    Sprint lock now has a toggle to revert to the legacy mode
    Adrenaline Shield should now work appropriately
    Mouse smoothing settings should persist through logins now
    Middle mouse button can now be mapped to more options and used appropriately
    Outfit Browser should now show the correct number of players online

Jeudi 4 septembre 2014
Hotfix Notes

Note: Where applicable, PS2 Community Issue Tracker bug ID's entered in parenthesis


    Valkyrie composite armor now increases resistance to aircraft nose cannons by 2/3/4/5% up from 1/2/3/4%
    Small arms damage against Valkyrie reduced by 25%
    Valkyrie base resistance to flak increased from 25% to 37%
    Valkyrie base resistance to armor piercing bullets increased from 50% to 70%
    Increased the power of the Valkyrie airbrake
    Passengers in the rumble seat of the Valkyrie now have an innate resistance to Flak and other explosive damage

Keybindings / Input

    Input lag addressed
    Mouse Smoothing Toggle and sensitivity added to the settings page
    Pitch keys no longer control aircraft freelook (PS-93)
    Buttons that call the chat window should no longer occasionally fail to give window focus after the first hit (PS-32)
    Toggling the mouse and setting waypoints on the main map and minimap should now work again (thanks Itzhaki)
    The tilde key [~] can be bound again (PS-242)
    The Grave Accent key can be bound again (European keyboards)
    The 'interact' action binding should now work if bound to any character keys (won't work with non-character keys yet, but we have a task in for a future update)
    Spotting without a target will no longer bring up an empty menu


    Minimap icons should more reliably represent in-world actors (PS-188, PS-183)
    Fixed the Sidearms Master tier for the NC to include the LA8 Rebel, not the LA80 sniper rifle (PS-244)
    Water around Grouney Dam has the kill plane re-enabled
    Water deaths on Hossin are no longer revivable
    2 Client crashes fixed
    Zone crash fix

Samedi 30 août 2014
Hotfix Notes


    Client crash fix
    Added Depot support for Labor Day Sale
    Number keys should now switch loadouts again
    Fix to hold breath mechanic
    Character Create input focus fix
    Pressing [space bar] will again re-center map on player

Mercredi 27 août 2014
Update Notes 8/28 (August Update)

Downtime Start: 6am PDT


A new NS vehicle is now available at standard aircraft terminals, the Valkyrie!

The Valkyrie is a six person aircraft used for close air support and transportation. It is crewed by a pilot and a forward gunner with room for four additional rumble seat passengers. These passengers sit in open seats on the side of the Valkyrie which allows them to use their personal equipment while in flight.

New Ribbons and Medals

    Mentorship Ribbon

      Awarded to players in a squad who are above BR 20. Awarded by being within 50m of a squadmate who is at or under BR 20 for every 200 squad bonus XP that squadmate earns.

    Drill Sergeant Ribbon

      Awarded to squad leaders. This ribbon is awarded every time a player under Battle Rank 20 gains a battle rank in the squad. Requires the squad leader to be within 300m of the player to receive the ribbon.

    Squad Leadership Ribbon

      Awarded to squad leaders. This ribbon is awarded for every 500 squad bonus XP generated by players in the squad. Requires the squad leader to be within 300m to receive credit towards the ribbon.

    Platoon Leadership Ribbon

      Awarded to Platoon leaders. This ribbon is awarded for every 3 squad leadership ribbons earned by other squad leaders in the platoon.

    Platoon Conquest Ribbon

      Awarded to Platoon Leaders. Ribbon is awarded for every 30 platoon members involved in a capture in the same region as the platoon leader. Partial credit is awarded, so platoons smaller than 30 can still receive the ribbon through more captures, and platoons larger than 30 can earn more credit towards the next ribbon. It requires at least 10 enemies to be present at the time of the capture in order to receive any credit.

Hossin Updates

    The following Hossin bases are no longer under construction:

      Edgewater Overlook
      Last Hold
      SRP Nanite Relay Station
      Bridgewater Shipping Yard
      The Offal Pit

    Plus we fixed a ton of bugs.


    Removed Adversarial Alerts and reverted to the previous alert implementation:

      Alerts trigger based on time
      Alerts have a maximum duration of 2 hours
      The empire with the most territory control at the end of the alert wins and locks the continent

Weapons / Balance

    Increased harasser resistance to canister rounds from 69% to 76%
    Canister reticule is now NC colored
    Vulcan reticule now uses a red circle (shotgun style)
    PPA projectiles can no longer shoot through gate shields
    NC08 Mag-Scatter: Toned down recoil when firing in iron sights

    Gauss Prime (NC assault rifle directive reward)

      Improved hip cone of fire

        Crouch reduced from 2.0 to 1.8
        Crouch-walking and stand reduced from 2.5 to 2.4
        Running hip COF unchanged. Remains at 3.0

      Faster equip time, from 0.78 to 0.75 seconds
      Recoil min/max angle changed from 23/25 to 17.25/18.75
      Fixed semi-auto fire mode having higher recoil than full-auto

    19A Fortuna (NC carbine directive reward)

      Fixed muzzle velocity being faster in the semi-auto fire mode

    NC6A GODSAW (NC LMG directive reward)

      Removed Barrel Attachment

        Horizontal recoil increased from 0.14875 to 0.175
        Cone of fire bloom per shot reduced from 0.168/0.084 Hip-fire/Aimed to 0.14/0.07

      Added High Velocity Ammunition

    The Moonshot (NC sniper rifle directive reward)

      Long reload is faster, from 5.575 to 5.0 seconds
      Short Reload is faster, from 4.72 to 3.86 seconds
      Faster equip time, from 0.95 to 0.85 seconds
      Stand-moving hip accuracy improved from 7.0 to 6.75
      Crouch-moving hip accuracy reduced from 6.0 to 6.25
      Minimum damage range reduced from 335 to 325 meters

    The Executive (NC pistol directive reward)

      Removed hip cone of fire penalty

        Crouch and stand COF reduced from 1.2 to 1.0
        Crouch-moving and stand-moving COF reduced from 1.8 to 1.5

    T1A Unity (TR assault rifle directive reward)

      Removed compensator
      Replaced Velocity Ammunition with Soft Point Ammunition

    TRAC-Shot (TR carbine directive reward)

      Fixed muzzle velocity being faster in the semi-auto fire mode

    T9A "Butcher" (TR LMG directie reward)

      Removed barrel attachment

        Hip cone of fire bloom reduced from 0.12 to 0.1
        Aimed cone of fire bloom reduced from 0.06 to 0.05
        Vertical recoil increased from 0.85 to 0.9
        Horizontal min/max recoil increased from 0.19125/0.19125 to 0.225/0.225

      Added Soft Point Ammunition

    Bighorn .50M (TR Sniper directive reward)

      Long reload is faster, from 5.575 to 5.0 seconds
      Short Reload is faster, from 4.72 to 3.86 seconds
      Faster equip time, from 0.95 to 0.85 seconds
      Stand-moving hip accuracy improved from 7.0 to 6.75
      Crouch-moving hip accuracy reduced from 6.0 to 6.25
      Minimum damage range reduced from 335 to 325 meters

    The President (TR pistol directive reward)

      Removed hip cone of fire penalty

        Crouch COF reduced from 1.2 to 1.0
        Crouch-moving and standing COF reduced from 1.8 to 1.5
        Stand-moving COF reduced from 2.4 to 2.0

      Fixed muzzle audio not being suppressed when firing in semi-auto

    Darkstar (VS assault rifle directive reward)

      Removed High Velocity Ammunition
      Added heat mechanic
      Equip time lowered from 0.78 to 0.75 seconds
      Hip COF improved

        Crouch reduced from 2.0 to 1.8
        Crouch-walking and stand reduced from 2.5 to 2.4

      Recoil angle changed from 17/20 min/max to 12.75/15
      Fixed semi-auto fire mode having higher recoil than full-auto

    Eclipse VE3A (VS carbine directive reward)

      Removed soft point ammunition
      Added heat mechanic
      Fixed the underbarrel shotgun not being equipped on the weapon in certain conditions

    Betelgeuse 54-A (VS LMG directive reward)

      Removed barrel attachment

        Min/max horizontal recoil increased from 0.17/0.19125 to 0.2/0.225
        Horizontal recoil tolerance increased from 0.85 to 0.9
        Hip cone of fire bloom per shot reduced from 0.12 to 0.1
        Aimed cone of fire bloom per shot reduced from 0.06 to 0.05

      Added Soft Point Ammunition
      Added heat mechanic

    Parsec VX3-A (VS sniper rifle directive reward)

      Long reload is faster, from 5.575 to 5.0 seconds
      Short Reload is faster, from 4.72 to 3.86 seconds
      Faster equip time, from 0.95 to 0.85 seconds
      Stand-moving hip accuracy improved from 7.0 to 6.75
      Crouch-moving hip accuracy reduced from 6.0 to 6.25
      Minimum damage range reduced from 335 to 325 meters

    The Immortal (VS pistol directive reward)

      Removed hip cone of fire penalty

        Crouch and stand COF reduced from 1.2 to 1.0
        Crouch-moving and stand-moving COF reduced from 1.8 to 1.5

Quality of Life / Misc

    Death Recap screen updates

      Iterated to include buttons for changing your spawn point and quick spawning.
      These buttons can now be mapped to specific keys.
      The quick deploy button is now a toggle and was renamed Auto Spawn to indicate this functionality.

    Sunderer Deployment shield now has an attachment visual and associated particle effects.
    A new Hossin-themed camo bundle has been added to the Bundles section of the Depot.
    Players will now be notified when the sunderer that they last spawned at has been damaged or destroyed.
    Updated the seating locations on the Sunderer HUD image to be similar to where you actually sit in the vehicle.
    Players are again invulnerable inside the Warp Gates.
    Auraxium Decimator now has Auraxium explosion.
    The Liberator and the Galaxy have had their physics updated with lower centers of gravity. They are now harder to flip over on less graceful takeoffs and landings.
    Inverted reverse steering is now on by default for tanks.
    The time and date of an outfit’s base capture has been added to the score screen.
    It is now possible for up to 4 continents to unlock automatically based on server population. Previously, only up to 3 continents would unlock automatically.
    All Auraxiam weapons now default to iron sights (6x scopes for sniper rifles) and have optics available for purchase.
    NS AutoBlade now has Medals and Ribbons.
    Outfits that have not had any player participation since January 1 have been removed.
    Still reading? Good for you. Over halfway there!

PMC (Performance / Memory / Crashes)

    Fixed an issue where players could end up in a bad state of hit registration after reloading and firing exactly as the reload ended.
    Fixed an issue where objects from one zone would sometimes appear in a different zone.
    Fixed a crash where textures could be unloaded while still in use.
    Fixed an issue where graphical artifacts could appear after unlocking the machine.
    Better management of terrain object memory.
    Fixed a possible crash while loading actors.
    Zone performance: Better tuning of some data structures.
    Zone performance: Throttling client request for profile stats to a 30 second maximum.
    Zone performance: Better caching of vehicles and other types of objects.
    Zone Performance: Some fixes identified during profiling.
    Zone Performance: Changes to object-to-object awareness system.
    World performance: Better tuning of some data structures.

Bugs Fixed
Everything listed below has been addressed

    Fixed a bunch of stuck bugs on Amerish.
    Special thanks to KleenexTRissues for finding nearly 100 Stuck Bugs on the Test Server!
    Fixed a bunch of stuck bugs on Esamir.
    Fixed an issue where hit detection would get into a bad state after switching weapons instantly after reload was completed.
    Fixed Magrider PPA having incorrect icon in the depot.
    Claymores will now be displayed correctly on the death recap screen.
    [=] activates cruise control while player in chat or /bug screen
    Amerish: Crux Mining Operation: Non-functioning gravity lift in front of a teleporter at /loc 1161.150 114.520 3135.640
    Amerish: Lithcorp Secure Mine: Invisible gravity lift located in front of the spawn room teleporter
    Amerish: Lithcorp Secure Mine: Players can get stuck in a hole in the mountains at /loc 1796.350586 162.261887 -1212.928589 1.491549
    Amerish: Shrouded Skyway: Rock textures don't go to the ground near /loc 68.840 58.160 -3264.210
    Amerish: Sungrey Amp: Spawn room tunnel shield is not aligned with exit
    Fixed a handful of broken Grav Lifts on Amerish
    Auraxium Armor: NC MAX has very little coverage in the back
    Fixed the skinning on Auraxium Sunderer Lumifibers
    Blank blue screen displays just before the initial loading screen
    Charge ability meter is empty when players switch to/resupply MAXes
    Client becomes unresponsive if it times out due to inactivity
    Collision: When crouching next to any type of collision you cannot stand up till you move away from it
    Coming soon camos are displaying on sale for 50% off
    Commissioner: Reload does not play audio
    Directive score displays incorrectly on death screen
    Fixed the floating teleport room shields on Esamir Biolabs
    Esamir: Freyr Amp Station: Gravity tunnel shield does not cover exit point properly
    Collision can be breached here /loc 1083.680 18.840 -1602.570
    Galaxy wing turrets now have collision
    Players can clip into containers and shoot out
    Tech Plants: Clipping through the walls at tech plants
    Harasser: Other: Windshields have a permanent green/forest camo applied
    Hossin: Chac Intel Hub: Deploying to this facility will spawn you directly on the capture point
    Hossin: Chac Water Purification: Deploying at the facility spawns you underground
    Hossin: Facility contention discrepancies on map
    Hossin: Hurakan Western Pass: Spawn tube is on the same location as the teleporter
    Hossin: Ixtab Power Regulation: the spawn room teleporter is in the wrong corner
    IFF shields are inconsistent between spawn rooms and air towers
    Extended Sunderer No Deploy area at East Canyon Checkpoint
    Infiltrators can stay perma cloaked on a flash if entering the vehicle when activating cloak
    Fixed missing word in the description of some proximity radars.
    Mani Fortress point can be captured from the outside of the point room
    Medics are unable to revive other players if they die on top of a vehicle pad
    NC Weapon: Hawk GD-68: Weapon is missing tint mask
    NC: AF-4A Bandit: Rail attachments clip through the weapon
    NC: Combat Medics cannot equip Suits
    NS Weapon: NS Annihilator: Glass eyepiece appears to be made of metal
    NS-15M: Weapon is missing textures
    Objects floating in the sky at random locations
    Outfit Browser: Members online label is being displayed as a string
    Fixed bug that caused the Phobos VX86 shotgun to appear completely black
    POI: HUD elements can completely obscure PCs which inhibits gameplay
    Quick Spawn: LMB or RMB also initiate quick respawn
    Skin clips through the left side of the neck with open wasp helmet
    Strange cache issue with previously viewed GUIs when interacting with terminals
    The reload circle animation on the main HUD does not display for the Mosquito
    TORQ-9: Fixed attachments showing a second unlock button after being purchased with SC
    Tracking bug: Broken state on the death screen clicking through a revive attempt
    Tutorial: IFF Shield is not the color of your faction
    UI: Unnecessary facility icon displays on screen
    Vivox: Audio chat does not work reliably
    VR Room: NC15 Phoenix missile pass through dummies
    Blast damage will now hit VR zone targets.
    VR Training now has a description in the Warp Terminal.
    VS: Magrider: Proton II PPA displays wrong icon on Item Purchase screens
    VS: Pistol: Cerberus: Weapon is barely audible
    VS: Weapons: Phaseshift VS-S charge animation is broken in 1P/3P
    C4 sticking to infantry
    Removed the NS banners at Eisa Mountain Pass
    Fixed a bad LOD for the A30 Walker
    Moved wall blocking access to turret at Ixtab.
    Fixed the Smart-Choke attachment showing as a Suppressor before being unlocked on the the new NC08 Mag-Scatter pistol.
    Fixed Spawn Beacon timer reduction certifications not applying to the squad leader.
    Fixed Spawn Beacon timer resetting for the squad leader when other squad members spawn on the beacon.

Known Issues

    Firing a Phoenix from a Valkyrie rumble seat may hit the Valkyrie you are in. Friends don't let friends fire wired guided missiles inside aircraft.
    Decals on the Valkyrie may appear stretched.
    We're looking into ways to help mitigate firing sway on the Valkyrie rumble seats.
    PS4 codebase integration side effects:
    There may be some new input issues (unable to map keys etc); we caught a lot of them but some may have slipped out
    Visibility issues (objects not occluding properly); with our Umbra upgrade we may have some problems here where objects either occlude too much or not enough.


The PS2 team wants to thank the community for setting up the external bug tracking system ( Our QA team has been referencing it extensively and multiple bugs have been logged that we didn't have tracked before. We appreciate the efforts to keep everyone up to date; thanks!


Lundi 25 août 2014
Five Things You Need to Know About the Valkyrie

When the flak over the battlefield gets hot and heavy, sometimes a Galaxy isn’t the way.  Sure, it holds an entire squad, but with its enormous size you might as well strap sparklers to your wings and start planning your next loadout.   The Valkyrie promises to provide a more surgical insertion option and close air support (and comes with no fireworks of any kind).

Here are five things you should know about the Valkyrie:


The Valkyrie does not have an afterburner and it relies on its vertical thruster more than other aircraft, requiring the pilot to keep the nose of the Valkyrie tilted down to obtain max speed.  It can also yaw at nearly double the rate of an ESF.

Low Flying

The Valkyrie is intended to fly low to the ground.  While it’s possible to reach the flight ceiling, it’s not as fast or maneuverable as a Fighter and not as tough as a Liberator.  The Valkyrie should fly low and use terrain to cover its approach.

Hot Drops

Although it is a transport, the Valkyrie does not come with a stock ejection system.  Without it, the pilot will need to expertly swoop in low to the ground in order to drop off its passengers safely.  The ejection system is optional can be equipped for safe high speed and high altitude drops.

Weapon Systems

The Valkyrie has five unique weapons systems.  The stock heavy machine gun, a Vulcan-style anti-vehicle chain gun, an anti-personnel explosive machine gun, a general purpose laser guided missile, and an armor-piercing rocket pod.

Gunner Coverage

The nose gun can aim 20 degrees up, which allows it to cover most of the area that the pilot can see.  In other words, what the pilot can see, the gunner can usually hit, allowing for easier coordination.  The gunner can also aim 80 degrees downwards and 110 degrees left or right.

The Valkyrie is now available in PlanetSide 2, so grab your squad and take to the skies (but not too high)!

Kevin "Kevmo" Moyer

Jeudi 21 août 2014
Update Notes

Downtime start: 6am PDT

    Optimized historical statistics save frequency

      This will further help European server performance and login times (not a final solution but another step towards better performance overall)

    Fixed an issue where a small amount of players ended up in a broken state with their medals

      This isn't a fix for Directives not saving, still working on that issue

Mercredi 20 août 2014
Update Notes

Downtime Start: 6am

    Improved data tunnel from Europe to US-based databases

      This should help login and ping issues on Cobalt and Miller

    Directives should no longer lose objectives progress
    Directives memory leak fix (server side)

      Would degrade server performance over time

    World crash fix related to the outfit server
    Biolab dome and shield collision fix

      Prevents infantry from abusing bad collision

    Priority Deployment certification now correctly applies to squad leader again
    Added a visual asset to the Sunderer deployment shield mechanic

Dimanche 10 août 2014
Update Notes

Adversarial Alerts

[Note: these are not final resolutions, they are intended to tweak things a bit to help us get more data and make the alerts function a bit better as we get longer term fixes in]

    Launch criteria - Min Faction %: 51% (down from 75%)
    Attacker dominating win%: 65% (down from 85%)
    Defender win %: 50% (up from 35%)


    Nanite cost of MAX units has increased from 350 to 450


    Fixed the missing directives for the Crow, Nemesis, Hades, and Hawk launchers in the Tier 4 Launchers directive tree.
    Changed the string for the Objectives Directives "Facility Captures" to "Contested Facility Captures" to better reflect that several enemies must be present for the capture to count towards the directive.
    Fixed the Sidearms Tier 2 NS-38 Underboss to require the Silver medal instead of the Gold medal.
    Added a requirement to the Squad Spawn support ribbon to require the player to be inside a Sunderer or Galaxy in order to receive credit towards the ribbon. This is already a requirement of squad spawning; the ribbon now reflects that.
    UI: Multiple unlock display issues resolved
    Better notification audio added for ribbons and medals
    Removed faction specific callout in Directives help page


    Adjusted shields in tutorial to face the proper direction
    Updated the first shield to disappear completely when deactivated

Environment / Bases

    Fixed multiple stuck bugs on Indar (special thanks to KleenexTissues for the compiled list)
    Base shields will now render out to 1000 meters (same as they used to)


    Lock on missiles should be back to their previous functionality
    Squad Beacon timer set back to intended refresh
    No more Sunderer ejection seat
    Deployed Sunderers should no longer move when Cruise Control is used
    Eclipse VE3A now has underbarrel shotgun attachment
    Map legend should now have icons

Known Issues

    VChat still being looked into, has a potential fix in this update but we'll continue to monitor
    There is a text/string error on the login page
    Tutorial still disabled for new players

Lundi 4 août 2014
Update Notes

The Devs want to thank the PS2 players who helped out on Test over the past week. To show our appreciation, we’re granting Analyst helmets to the Live accounts to anyone who spent an hour total on the Test environment between 12:01 am Thursday July 24th and 11:59 pm Sunday August 3rd.

Also, special thanks to the following who went above and beyond and really helped our QA team out: Sir_Kane, DarkTexas, Shaql, Kalakhina, Shadoiex, MUCHO, Itzhaki, LCTR, GustavoM, and KleenexTissues.


We’ve added a brand new prestige/achievement-style system.

    Showcase Your Honors: Build up your Directive Score and show off your prowess with others!
    Ramp Up Stats: Earn points and certs with each Directive Tier completion (4 per Directive Tree)
    Build Your Arsenal: Obtain exclusive Auraxium prestige weapons and appearance items upon each Directive Tree completion
    Choose Your Direction: Directives reinforce all roles available in game; from aircraft to tanks to grunts to generals, there are options for every soldier!

For a very detailed write up on the system see this post.

New Ribbons

    Kill Streak: Earning a kill streak bonus awards credit towards this ribbon.
    Logistics: Awarded by Sunderers equipped with resupply or repair modules when they give repairs and resupplies to other vehicles. Amount required is comparable to the Resupply Ribbon. Players must be in the Sunderer for this ribbon to be credited.
    Resupply Ribbon (updated): Resupplies by Sunderer will no longer count towards the Resupply ribbon; it is now exclusively from Engineer ammunition resupplies.

Faction Pistols

    VS Spiker: Reverse-engineered from ancient Vanu tech, the Spiker's hovering powercore allows the standard 2x burst to be held and charged into an accurate 6-round salvo.
    NC NC08 Mag-Scatter: The NC08 Mag-Scatter's powerful tungsten buckshot and compact frame make it an excellent close-range sidearm that can quickly dispatch nearby targets.
    TR T4 AMP: The Terran Republic's Automatic Machine Pistol functions similarly to an SMG thanks to its lightning-fast, fully automatic fire.

Resource Consolidation

The three resource types have been consolidated down to one; Nanites. The old resource system was a common source of frustration for many players. To alleviate numerous pains of that system and pave the way for future strategic improvements, we have consolidated all of the resources into a single new resource, rebalanced costs, and normalized resource income.

    Infantry resources, Mechanized resources, and Aerospace resources have all been combed into a single new resource called Nanites.
    Nanite income has replaced all other resource incomes and occurs at a steady 50 resources per minute, with a max pool of 750.
    Resource boosts such as those from Membership now apply to Nanites.
    Nanite income is tied to the warpgates, so it does not change with territory ownership or vary by continent. Players will always receive 50 nanites per minute.
    New players will start with 600 nanites.
    You can now see your current value of Nanites on the lower sections of the Mini Map.
    All vehicles and MAX now cost Nanites to be created. Vehicle and MAX costs have been rebalanced to account for the consolidation.
    Infantry consumables are now purchased with Nanites. Costs of consumables have been rebalanced.
    Acquisition timers have been removed from vehicles and MAX. The ability to pull additional vehicles and MAX is now purely based on available resources to the player.
    Acquisition timer cert lines have been deprecated,and all certs spent on them refunded.
    Auto resupply is now defaulted to on for all items. This is now the way to restock consumables. An auto-resupply toggle checkbox has replaced the “+” resupply button on the main loadout page.
    Consumable stack sizes have been reduced to the max possible carrying capacity. Players who have more than the new stack size will still have all the consumables they purchased previously, but will be unable to see that amount and will eventually use enough to get down to the new limit.
    Nanite Costs of Vehicles and Consumables:

      450 - Galaxy, Liberator, MBTs
      350 - ESFs, Lightning, MAX
      200 - Sunderer
      150 - Harasser
      75 - Revive Grenade, C4, Prox/Betty/Claymore mines
      50 - Flash, Tank Mine, Concussion Grenade, AV Grenade, Sticky Grenade, Frag Grenade, Medkit
      25 - Restoration Kit, Flash Grenade, Smoke Grenade, EMP grenade, Heal Grenade, Decoy Grenade

Spawning Changes

    Quick Deploy:The death recap screen now has a quick deploy option.

      When you spawn at a location it will become your quick spawn location, respawning at that location will be 5 seconds quicker than a normal respawn.
      When your quick spawn location becomes invalidated (destroyed/capped/too far away) a new one will be chosen based on your death location.
      Quick spawn can be bypassed using Escape or Mouse Click. Those will open the Deploy Screen as normal to pick a new class or deploy location.

    Respawning at Facilities or Sunderers that are within 300m of your death location should no longer require a loading screen.
    The canopies on top of most spawn rooms has been removed. This will allow you to shoot up out of the spawn rooms a little easier, hopefully shooing away those pesky Liberator campers.
    The painfields around most spawn rooms have been increased in size. This should force campers to back up a bit.
    New defensive certification for Sunderer: Deployment Shield.
    Generates a shield for the Sunderer when deployed that will absorb up to a certain amount of damage, but will regenerate over time. Damage done to the Sunderer or the shield will delay the shields regeneration for several seconds.

Outfits & Recruitment

We polished up the interface, fixed bugs, and added a couple things to Outfits and Recruitment.

    Outfit Leaders now have the ability to give permissions to set the Outfit Decal, Update Recruitment Details, and Manage Recruitment Applications.
    If an outfit rejects a player's petition to join them while that player is offline, a notification will be played the next time that player logs on.
    Outfit leaders will now receive a notification when someone applies to your outfit.
    As an applicant you will now receive a notification that your application was sent successfully.
    If you drop your outfit for a different one your decal will now update correctly.
    You can now type way more information when listing your outfit for recruitment.
    Added a filter to the outfit recruitment browser for outfit size.
    Outfit base capture now calculates play contribution before xp buffs are applied.
    All faction banners have been redesigned for better visibility and for outfit decals.
    Pending requests that were in a bugged state should now be removed.

Continent Locking

We did some polish and bug fixing. We also added new adversarial alerts.

    Outfit capture data will clear if continent locking or unlocking changes base to faction other than what captured it.
    If the last continent you were on is now locked, it will try to find another continent for you before resorting to VR.
    Capture Progress is now reset when a continent becomes locked.
    Added lock icon on continent selection drop down to show if a continent is locked.

    Adversarial Alerts

      All existing alerts have been retired and replaced with Adversarial Alerts
      An Adversarial Alert triggers whenever an empire controls at least 75% of a continent
      The "attacking" empire who triggered the alert wins by either conquering the continent (by having 85% territory control) or by maintaining their 75% control by the end of the time limit.
      The "defending" empire wins the alert by gaining 35% territory control
      The continent locks in the case of an attacker win
      It is considered a draw if neither the attacker nor defenders meet their win condition
      All adversarial alerts have a 1 hour time limit
      The 2 minute countdown to the start of an alert was removed
      Alerts now have a participation bonus of +30% XP (up from +20%)

    Adversarial Alert Rewards

      There are 4 possible end conditions and the reward scheme is as follows:
      Attacker Dominating Victory (attacker territory is equal to or greater than 85%)

        Attacker reward = 5000 XP
        Defender reward = 500 XP

      Defender Victory (defender territory is equal to or greater than 35%)

        Winning Defender reward = 5000 XP
        Losing Defender reward = Portion of 5000 XP (based on their territory control)
        Attacker reward = Portion of 5000 XP (based on their territory control)

      Attacker Victory (attacker territory is greater than or equal to 75% but less than 85%)

        Attacker reward = Portion of 5000 XP (based on their territory control)
        Defender reward = Portion of 5000 XP (based on their territory control)

      Draw (attacker territory is less than 75% and defender territory is less than 35%)

        Attacker reward = Portion of 5000 XP (based on their territory control)
        Defender reward = Portion of 5000 XP (based on their territory control)

    Concurrent alerts are now supported

      Multiple alerts can now be active at the same time
      You must be on the continent of the alert to see alert status information on the Tab screen
      The continent selector on the map screen now displays active alerts and their timers
      The warpgate terminal also shows active alerts and their timers

Lethality Changes (Rocket Launchers, Tank Primaries, Bulldog)

We have a long term goal to remove some of the excessive lethality in the game. The Liberator belly gun changes made last June were a step in meeting this goal. This goal is not just about reducing vehicle lethality against infantry, but lethality across the board (infantry against vehicles, infantry against infantry, aircraft vs infantry, etc). For this update, we are adjusting the lethality of heavy assault rocket launchers, tank primary weapons and the M60 Bulldog.

For most Heavy Assault rocket launchers we are reducing infantry vs infantry lethality by lowering the the blast damage and inner blast radius. The blast damage reduction will render the rocket launchers incapable of a 1 hit kill against full health infantry with blast damage alone. In addition, this will prevent a 1 hit kill on a direct hit against targets using max rank flak armor:

    Inner blast damage reduced from 1000 to 750
    Inner blast radius reduced from 0.5 meters to 0.35 meters

    Affected launchers

      Skep Launcher


      Inner Blast damage reduced from 1000 to 650

        The decimator required a larger blast damage reduction to make it possible for a soldier with max rank flak armor to survive the direct hit

      Inner Blast radius reduced from 0.5 meters to 0.35 meters
For tank primary weapons, we want to reduce the blast effectiveness of HEAT and HE. HEAT will no longer be able to 1 shot infantry with splash damage alone. For HE, the blast radius will be reduced in size (matching HEAT) but will still retain the ability to 1 shot infantry. The time to reload will also be reduced on the HE to match HEAT/AP. These changes combined should make the difference between HE and HEAT more clean:
    HEAT does more damage to tanks on a single hit, can’t 1 hit kill infantry with blast.
    HE does less damage to tanks on a single hit but can 1 hit kill infantry with the blast.
    All other stats except muzzle velocity should be identical between them.

Change Details

    Lightning HEAT

      Blast damage reduced from 1000 to 750

    Lightning HE

      Time to reload reduced from 3750 to 3000
      Outer blast radius reduced from 8 meters to 5 meters
      Inner blast radius reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter

    Lightning Viper

      Blast damage reduced to 450

    Magrider HEAT

      Blast damage reduced from 1000 to 750
      Inner blast radius reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter

    Magrider HE

      Time to reload reduced from 4750ms to 3750ms
      Outer blast radius reduced from 8 meters to 5 meters
      Inner blast radius reduced from 2 meters to 1 meter

    Vanguard HEAT

      Blast damage reduced from 1000 to 750
      Inner blast radius reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter

    Vanguard HE

      Time to reload reduced from 4750ms to 4000ms
      Outer blast radius reduced from 8 meters to 5 meters
      Inner blast radius reduced from 2 meters to 1 meter

    Prowler AP

      Blast damage reduced from 500 to 375

    Prowler Heat

      Blast damage reduced from 650 to 450

    Prowler HE

      Time to reload reduced from 3500ms to 2500ms
      Outer blast radius reduced from 8 meters to 5 meters
      Inner blast radius reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter


    Blast damage is being adjusted so that the weapon requires more accurate shots. For the air version, we are making a reduction in its projectile velocity to reduce its effectiveness against air. The velocity will be reduced to the same level of the Zepher.

      Blast damage reduced from 600 to 500
      Inner blast radius reduced from 2 meters to 1 meter
      Outer blast radius reduced from 6 meters to 5 meters
      Air version only: Projectile speed reduced from 250 to 200 mps

Canister, PPA, Marauder

Tank anti-personnel secondary weapons are all receiving some adjustments to bring them closer together. These changes are intended to be a first step; we may have additional changes for these weapons based on how well these changes work.

    C85 Canister

    The area the canister is lacking in the most is range. To increase the effective range we are making two changes. We are increasing the minimum damage and tightening the pellet spread a little. We are also changing it to use a shotgun crosshair.

      Pellet spread decreased from 1 degree to 0.9 degrees (1.33 degrees to 1.1 degrees on Harasser)
      Minimum damage increased from 80 to 100
      Crosshair changed from standard crosshair to a shotgun crosshair.

    The minimum damage change should noticeably reduce the amount of hits required against targets outside the max range (42 meters for Van, 31 meters for Harasser). For example, if you were far enough away and only landing an average of two pellets a shot, the min damage change will change that from a 7 shot kill to a 5 shot kill.

    Proton II PPA

    We want to address how much the weapon can be spammed and how effective it is at suppressing an area, so we will be reducing its magazine size and ammo capacity. In addition, we are reducing the visual size of the projectile. The projectile was as big as the resulting explosion visual, and that felt weird.

      Magazine size reduced from 50 to 20

        Certifications reduced from 5/10/15/20 per rank to 3/6/11/15 per rank

      Stock Ammo capacity reduced from 350 to 200

        Certifications reduced from 50 per rank to 20 per rank

      Projectile visual scaled down 50%

        This has no bearing on its collision detection

    P525 Marauder

    For the marauder we are starting with its ability to hit. We are increasing the projectile speed.

      Projectile speed increased from 150 to 175 (125 to 150 for Harasser)

G30 Walker, A30 Walker and M20 Drake

These weapons are intended to be effective against fast moving aircraft but they are simply missing too many shots. So we’re increasing their projectile velocity and normalizing their cone of fires to be similar.

    M20 Drake

      Projectile speed increased from 550 to 750 meters per second
      CoF increased from 0.5 degrees to 0.65 degrees

    A30 / G30 Walker

      Projectile speed increased from 750 to 1000 meters per second
      CoF decreased from 0.75 degrees to 0.65 degrees

Repair Tool

Repair tool targeting has been adjusted to be based off the vehicles bounding box instead of the origin. This should make the range of the repair tool more consistent regardless of where you are in relation to the vehicle and fix locations where you seem like you should be able to repair the vehicle but can’t.

Cruise Control

The vehicle version of auto-run, cruise control, should now continue to function when controller focus is no longer on the vehicle; for example when opening the map or alt tabbing.


    New Player Studio items have been added! Rejoice in your new potential for beauty.
    New loading screen! Out with the old and busted, in with the new hotness.
    Changed standard C4 description text and added colored text with instructions how to use.
    Updated the default dumbfire VS rocket launcher S1's description.
    Updated the NS Decimator description.
    Updated the NS Annihilator description.
    Changed all NS-7 PDW ribbon/medal strings to no longer contain the word "commissioner" in any of them.
    Reworded many consumable descriptions: Nanite Healing Grenade, Nanite Revive Grenade, Medical Kit, Restoration Kit, Concussion Grenade, Anti-Vehicle Grenade, Flash Grenade.
    Facility Turrets now use the same vehicle shader as common pool vehicles. They have been optimized and should be easier to discern from a distance.
    Base Turrets have had their textures optimized.
    Polish to small placeable objects:
    Ammo pack - increased deploy size
    Ammo pack, C4, Tank Mine, Proxy Mine, Bouncing Mine - improved physics
    Removed the option to toggle motion blur from settings because the feature itself has been temporarily disabled (see Known Issues section below)

Bugs Fixed

Everything listed below has been fixed.

    Fixed various zone crashes and memory leaks.
    Fixed issue where Dalton and Zepher rounds impacting a vehicle would not play the correct impact audio for the vehicle occupants.
    Fixed an issue with the /bug UI that allowed the text being typed to be a larger area than the background.
    Solstice VE3: Unable to unlock VMS optic attachment with SC
    Fixed various animation issues.
    Made various fixes to claymore collision.
    Fixed various terrain issues on all continents, including indoor plants, broken gravity lifts, weird invisible barriers, and terrain gaps.
    ADS is broken with iron sight rocket launchers if dying with full scope weapon previously
    Ammo kit icon will now appear in the world correctly.
    Barons attachments purchased with certs don't stay unlocked after relogging
    Capture points flip factions regardless of players being in the area
    Compare Stats: Pellet Count doesn't appear to highlight green on the weapon with more spread
    Continent Locking: Lock and Unlock notifications do not appear in chat
    Decals: Galaxies only display decals on one side of the vehicle
    Deployed vehicles no longer get weapon recoil applied to the vehicle chassis. Recoil is still apply to the weapon.
    Drop Pods will sometimes cause death or launch into space after hitting the ground
    Engineer: Ammo pack icon appears in the ground
    Explosives/Spawn Beacon cannot be destroyed if deployed over water areas
    Fixed the shields at Chac Tech Plant.
    Implant icon and ammo counter icon overlap while in secondary vehicle positions
    Fixed broken LOD skinning on the Xiphos Anti Personnel Turret
    Fixed the reversed SCU shields at The Crown and Crossroads Watchtower
    Lightnings and Vanguards turrets are showing stretched textures when the turret is turned
    Loadout: Functionality of icon button is larger than icon
    Medical Applicator firing instructions run off the textbox
    NC Infiltrator Lumifiber armor has stretched textures while on the flash
    NC05 jackhammer description display auto for fire mode
    Added text to better explain the limitations of the NS-10 Burster
    NS-30 Vandal: Scope disappears if the darklight flashlight is equipped
    The claymore damage now applies 100% if at least one of part of a player intersects the cone of the weapon
    Players are no longer able to manipulate the position of claymores by walking through them. Claymores are no longer a physics object after they land on a solid surface they become a sticky object.
    Claymores are once again a directional mine with a 180 degree blast radius and it is safe to stand behind them.
    Players gravity becomes reversed if they exit a vehicle onto a grav pad
    Squad beacon cooldown timer is incorrect if squad member respawns with squad deploy. [Special thanks to Itzhaki (Woodman) for the repro steps]
    Fixed an issue where No Deploy zones would sometimes prevent base owners from deploying.
    The color of the NS-15M should be the same tan color as the NS-11
    TR MAX Lockdown/release missing the usual 'stomping' audio asset
    Tutorial directions are missing speaker image
    Players should no longer occasionally get stuck at a black screen while logging in with a new character.
    Corrected a bug that could cause your implant icon to show over top of your ability or ammo display on the centralized hud.
    Unable to unlock the HS/NV Scope for the AS16 NightHawk with SC
    Unable to unlock the HS/NV scope for the EM1 with SC
    Unable to unlock the HS/NV Scope for the LC2 Lynx with SC
    Unable to unlock the S3 (6X) scope for the T1S Cycler with SC
    Instant join HUD notification for leaders will no longer appear at all and therefore will no longer get stuck on the user's screen.
    Error feedback now given for unsuccessful squad deploy attempts. Should be a visual and aural cue.

Known Issues

    The tutorial has been disabled temporarily. We had a problem with the scripting when you exit that got into a bad state with the new spawning changes. We have a fix ready to go up with the first hotfix after the update.
    Motion Blur has been disabled. It was a factor in the input lag issue, and needs to be retooled to work correctly. We're going to gauge the demand but currently didn't have the bandwidth to add it back in for this update.
    Directives help page missing. We wanted to launch with it, but it came in a bit late. This is also ready for the first hotfix.
    Directive Tooltips Missing. We are planning on adding these in a future update.
    Commissioner Reload is missing an asset. Will be fixed in the first full downtime after the patch.
    The Tier 4 Launcher Directives cannot be completed by VS or NC. For each of these factions two launchers are missing directives. This will be fixed in a hotfix later this week. Don’t worry, any medals on the missing weapons will count when we fix it.
    The Tier 2 Sidearms directive for the NS-38 Underboss is erroneously wanting the gold medal instead of the silver. This will be fixed in a hotfix later this week.
    Ejection seat in the Sunderer.A couple seats in the Sundy will launch players out with too much force. We’ll be hotfixing this, but have fun with it over the next day or so.

Mercredi 23 juillet 2014
Update Notes

Downtime Start: 6am PST

As previously messaged by RadarX, in appreciation of your patience during our DNS issues we are granting all paying customers 200 certs. This is a separate grant from the membership. Thanks for your support, we appreciate it.


    Claymores will no longer do damage in a 360 degree arc, it will now be the intended 180 degrees. See the movie Edge of Tomorrow to realize why this is important.
    Players can no longer move claymores by running into them.
    Placing claymores on objects no longer causes reduced damage.
    Improved placement of claymores when near doors and walls.


    The Rusty Bent Glaive no longer has bad collision allowing players to get underneath the buildings.
    SCU shields at The Crown and Crossroads Watchtower fixed.
    No deploy zones at Tech Plants will no longer apply to base owners.


    Resolved an issue where some players were having loadouts reset due to not re-equipping certain attachments.
    Fixed an issue where experience buffs were counted in base capture score.
    Addressed bad out of bounds layout on Hossin map screen.
    Continent Locking calculations changed to fix an issue which caused incorrect locks.
    Prowler lockdown mode recoil issue resolved.

Jeudi 17 juillet 2014
Butcher, kill montage // [NUC] elusive1 - Hossin Predator 2 (PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Gameplay)

Butcher, kill montage

[NUC] elusive1 - Hossin Predator 2 (PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator Gameplay)


Mercredi 16 juillet 2014
Update Notes

Continent Locking

This feature now updates the number of locked continents automatically based on the overall player population. This will result in less queues during peak hours and more intense combat in off hours. The lock thresholds are Design-tunable.


    Comm Clash World Champions decal can now be selected as an outfit decal.
    Pulsar C Auraxium medal issue where players weren't given the appropriate medal should be resolved.
    Granted certs to some ex-PSG multi-month subscribers who were improperly listed as copper level at the beginning of June. The cert amount includes some 'interest' to make up for the long wait on a resolution.
    The /bug window had usability improvements based on /r/Planetside/ feedback.


    Hossin map updated

Hossin Bugs Fixed

    Unable to capture Rustwash Offal Pit
    Ixtab Amp Station: Exploit: Players able to shoot out from inside rocks
    Sharpe's Run: Players can fall through platform and get stuck
    Nason's Defiance: Sunderer no-deply zone doesn't include capture point A
    Kessel's Antiquated Crossing: Spawn room inaccessible
    Matsuda Genetics: Capture point A capturable from upper floor
    Naum Marsh Compound: Players can get stuck in a crevice
    Halcyon Watch: Floor incomplete
    Wainwright Armory: Floating plants
    Ixtab Amp Station: Turret line of sight blocked by tree
    Genudine Holographics: Missing water texture
    Bravata PMC Compound: No-deploy zone not indicated on the map
    Ghanan Tech Plant: Stairs are missing bottom step
    Bitol Eastern Depot: Missing turret
    Gourney Dam: Building missing stairs
    Nason's Defiance: Players can get stuck at /loc 121.610 130.790 -58.220
    Construction Site Beta: Gap in the floor
    Acan Southern Labs: Teleporter room missing shields
    Acan Bio Lab: Teleporter room's shields are misaligned
    Acan Southern Labs: Teleporter blocking part of a spawn room exit
    Mossridge Command Center: Gravity lift is not functioning
    The Rusty Bent Glaive: Turret line of sight blocked by trees
    Hurakan Southern Depot: Players can get stuck at /loc -573.820 75.930 -1029.920
    Naum Ravine Overpass: Players can get stuck in the rocks
    Construction Site Alpha: Extra non-functioning capture point
    Ixtab Southern Pass: Tree branches clipping through building walkway
    Vex Biologics: Players can get stuck behind the teleporter room
    Halcyon Watch: Floating mushrooms
    Rustwash Offal Pit: Floating mushrooms
    The Rusty Bent Glaive: Floating plants above water
    Edgewater Rickety Overlook: Floating plants
    Ghanan Tech Plant: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -676.120 16.920 -3091.370
    Iron Quay: Floating grass at /loc 289.337 5.182 -1739.749
    Chac Water Purification: Players can get stuck behind vehicle pad
    Iron Quay: Floating grass at /loc 289.337 5.182 -1739.749
    Chac Water Purification: Players can get stuck behind vehicle pad at /loc 3014.532 7.970 1026.166
    Chac Water Purification: Vehicle terminal located inside spawn room
    Ancient Clutter vehicle spawn does not spawn vehicle
    Gourney Dam: Tree branch hanging through roof at /loc -774.040 141.050 -16.930
    Gourney Dam: Tree branch hanging through roof at /loc -784.790 141.190 -256.060
    Southern Warpgate: Floating plants at /loc -2999.250 4.290 148.650
    Hayd Skydock: Floating tree roots at /loc 2424.706 7.761 -181.302
    Naum Marsh Compound: Players can get stuck inside a hole at /loc 2288.230 30.740 -1027.850
    Construction Site Lambda: Floating grass along the road at /loc -1465.780 14.000 78.580
    Ixtab Southern Pass: Tree branches clipping through wall at /loc -802.120 71.060 1083.898
    Woodman ASE Labs: Shield generator is inside a prop
    Hurakan Western Pass: Players can get stuck between tree/rocks at /loc -190.210 98.360 -1447.140
    Mossridge Command Center: Floating plants at /loc 272.810 47.330 1499.010
    Ghanan Research Labs: Players can hide in a hole at /loc -402.840 56.340 -3194.170
    Cairn Station: Floating grass at /loc -1219.758 9.495 -1107.969
    Chac Water Purification: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc 3144.490 20.890 905.470
    Wainwright Armory: Players can get stuck at /loc 1005.867 29.216 -1692.265
    Archaic Supply Station: Players can get stuck at /loc 2795.188 43.125 1488.968
    Broken Vale Garrison: Players can get stuck in a rock cave at /loc 605.955 131.452 -489.257
    Hurakan Southern Depot: Boxes cliping into the wall at /loc -746.660 71.800 -1240.840
    Zotz Agriculture Lab: Grass growing inside spawn room
    Cairn Station: Aircraft terminal does not spawn aircraft
    Gourney Dam: Turrets cannot be hacked
    Genesis Terraforming Plant: Players can get stuck in the airpad base at /loc -707.380 27.260 1637.970
    Hayd Skydock: Floating plants at /loc 2518.190 4.000 -375.630
    Kessel's Antiquated Crossing: Spawn room doorway blocked at /loc 3301.860 5.120 -211.880
    Southgate Checkpoint: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -2663.543457 9.734508 1446.612183 -3.130736
    Southgate Checkpoint: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -2760.560 8.320 1280.820
    Hurakan Western Pass: Floating plants at /loc -504.190 81.340 -1460.750
    Nason's Defiance: Dirt visible inside building at /loc 44.515 140.640 -108.429
    Comglobal Telegraph: Teleporter is underground
    Mossridge Command Center: Bridge is not flush with the ground
    Gourney Dam: hacking the vehicle terminal also changes the faction for spawn shield and turrets
    Vex Biologics: Airpads are not rearming aircraft
    Ixtab Amp Station: Spear Phalanx Turret is inaccessible to players
    Zotz North Garden: Facility is missing no-deploy zone
    East Acan Storage Depot: Hole in the ground with view into building
    Mossridge Command Center: Gravity lift is not functioning
    Zotz Arboretum: Spawn point and facility don't display in the correct location on the deployment screen
    East Acan Storage Depot: Building is not connected to the ground at /loc 1044.600 103.610 394.390
    Iron Quay: Floating rock at /loc 651.710 19.640 -1949.180
    The Finger: Players can get stuck between building and rocks at /loc -3272.830 12.830 689.160
    Woodman ASE Labs: Floating plants at /loc 688.310 124.000 277.140
    Edgewater Rickety Overlook: Players can get stuck at /loc 1380.430 67.980 -2363.290
    Edgewater Rickety Overlook: Players can get stuck in a hole in the rocks at /loc 1520.700 43.950 -2226.240
    Hayd Skydock: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc 2326.213 5.731 -105.703
    Ghanan Tech Plant: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -967.517578 42.334862 -2803.142090 2.610667
    Southgate Checkpoint: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -2715.670 5.950 1380.160
    Nason's Defiance spawn room shield is see through from both sides
    Bitol Stockpile: Players can get stuck between a building and rocks at /loc -2141.040 26.840 -1725.820
    Bitol Stockpile: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -2126.880 19.850 -1697.490
    Mulac Purification Site: Players able to hide and shoot from underwater at /loc -2109.270 2.210 2274.550
    Matsuda Genetics: Floating plants at /loc 2337.110 4.290 1995.950
    Gap at the bottom of door and windows of the satelite teleport room in the bio labs
    Bitol Northern Outpost: Floating generator at /loc -1811.910 33.290 -1245.020
    Bravata PMC Compound: Gap in the wall at /loc 9.320 27.870 1860.270
    Bravata PMC Compound: Stairs visible through building wall at /loc 45.040 24.410 1810.990
    Edgewater Rickety Overlook: Floating plants at /loc 1519.350 11.700 -2544.970
    Gourney Dam: Spawn room steps not flush with the ground at /loc -680.160 128.810 -280.690
    Ixtab Southern Pass: Misaligned window at /loc -789.440 66.530 1153.250
    Rustwash Offal Pit: Floating plants at /loc 2886.980 6.230 -636.440
    Woodman ASE Labs: Bright lighting on the ground at /loc 833.570 110.670 737.130
    Nason's Defiance: Spawn shield extends to below the spawnroom, visible over the vehicle pad
    Hurakan Amp Station: Players can get stuck in a cave at /loc -563.970 83.710 -1076.510
    The Rusty Bent Glaive: Floating plants at /loc -1311.020 18.710 -2459.730
    Construction Site Delta: Floating plants at /loc 1584.060 4.390 -1657.340
    Hurakan Southern Depot: Players can get stuck at /loc -779.924 68.078 -1129.429
    Bitol Stockpile: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -2213.255127 43.974644 -1689.259521 -2.151710
    Ghanan Southern Crossing: Players able to go inside the rock formation at /loc -954.810 18.560 -2962.470
    Bravata PMC Compound: Floating plants visible at /loc -81.200 5.600 1924.860
    Eastern Substation: Floating box at /loc -511.180 18.570 2132.237
    Comglobal Telegraph: Floating rock formation at /loc -2563.520 25.920 -46.910
    Hurakan Western Pass: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -262.570 99.310 -1483.470
    Hossin BioChem, Inc.: Facility does not contain a vehicle terminal
    Hurakan Amp Station: Spawn room has empty turret platforms
    Gourney Dam: Players can hide underwater at /loc -353.290 124.970 -21.530
    Iron Quay: Water area incomplete at /loc 2.950 4.000 -2089.240
    Staggered Mesa Outpost: Speakers appear completely white at /loc 966.670 96.150 1389.970
    Ghanan Tech Plant: Floating base corner at /loc -619.740 8.530 -3006.330
    Ghanan Tech Plant: Tree branch visible from inside building at /loc -716.990 16.490 -3014.490
    Zotz Agriculture Lab: Visible gap from under a bridge at /loc 210.360 5.550 2676.100
    Zotz Arboretum: Tree branch clipping through roof at /loc 454.570 21.720 2250.570
    Eastern Substation: Seam in the water visible at /loc -284.220 4.000 2049.960
    Bravata PMC Compound: Floating mushrooms at /loc 63.450 23.770 1858.390
    Gourney Dam: Players can get stuck in the rocks at /loc -567.082 128.216 22.216

Mardi 8 juillet 2014
Update Notes

Downtime start: 6am PDT

    New Starter Packs are available for each Infantry Class. Check them out in the Bundle section of the Depot. Or don't, and wonder for the rest of your life what could have been.
    Thermal Scopes will no longer allow you to view players behind the spawn room shield.
    Fixed an issue with black stripes appearing in certain areas of the Hossin maps (main and minimap)
    NC05 Jackhammer: Rail attachments can no longer be purchased twice.
    Phobos VX86: Flashlight can no longer be purchased multiple times.

Mardi 1 juillet 2014
Update Notes

Downtime Start: 6am PDT

    A reported Tank handling issue at high speeds has been addressed

      Various instances of flora growing indoors has been removed
      Ixtab southern pass painfield has been fixed
      Vex Biologics air ammo resupply station has been fixed
      Gourney Dam spawn doors should now function correctly.
      Ancient Clutter vehicle terminal has been fixed
      Minor misc fixes have been made to improve general gameplay.

    All infantry and MAX weapon attachments are now purchasable with Station Cash. Like the existing weapon optics, any attachment purchased with station cash will be unlocked account wide.
    All weapons that have a second advance variant of forward grips or laser sights have been condensed down into a single attachment unlock. All certification points that have been spent on these attachments have been refunded.
    Added 2x Optic to all appropriate weapons that were missing it
    Kill Assist Experience should calculate correctly
    Server Ping Rate re-added to the server select screen
    Continent Locking

      Lock warning will display on main HUD

    Outfit Recruiting

      Profanity filter added to the Outfit Summary
      Fixed some text errors in the Outfit Browser

    All spawn doors should now have the new visibility changes
    Bloom has been set back to normal levels.

Known Issues

    The Darklight Flashlight attachment on the Phobos VX86 shotgun can be unlocked twice. Only the first unlocked attachment is useable.
    All rail attachments on the NC05 Jackhammer will show a second unlock button after first being unlocked. These rail attachments can be used without having to unlock them a second time.

Vendredi 27 juin 2014
Update Notes

Downtime Start: 6am PDT

    Continents will now correctly lock to the Alert victor upon the completion of the Alert
    Since Hossin is a brand new continent that we want everyone to enjoy, we've temporarily disabled all Hossin alerts to prevent Hossin from being locked through alerts. Hossin can still be locked through territory domination, however.
    Latest Hossin map
    Fixed the spawn room shields at Nason's Defiance
    Removal of redundant FX on some plants in Hossin
    Server performance fix
    All reinforcement spawn points will now turn off once a faction has greater than 50% population in the region.
    Outfit Browser: Will now only show outfits from your own server
    Updated the notification for facility capture to include more details on the dominant outfit

Mercredi 25 juin 2014
Update Notes

The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of its preceding patch note.

New Continent! Hossin

“------//// Deputy Director’s Journal, June 26th, 2859 ////--------

With some unfortunate losses, our mission to Hossin was a success. As expected, the swamp was totally devoid of any humans; NC or otherwise. We experienced some unforeseen setbacks after helplessly watching our pilot transferred into a Galaxy that spawned- and instantly exploded- into the unkempt overgrowth of the swamp. Without the resources to recalibrate the spawn matrix for the terminals, I made the decision to proceed to our given location on foot. Unfortunately, the Vanu apparently left their entire stock of proximity mines at every chokepoint leading up to the manual override for the Rebirth network. With two of us down from stomping on proxy mines, EOD Hud was mandatory in loadouts until we got out of the place.

Resetting the system was surprisingly uneventful finish. No big generator spooling up, massive explosions or anything of note. The Board contacted us moments afterwards confirming that Hossin’s Rebirth indicator was back online; mission successful. Just a quick redeploy after confirmation and Sigma Squad managed to finish our only a few hours into overtime.

The day was wrapped up with a pat on the back (verbal, of course) from my bosses and the beginning of a new chapter in Auraxis’ history. Witnessing the first actual deaths on Auraxis in nearly a decade was rough, but hopefully the loss of their lives was not in vain. When The Board activates the warpgates tomorrow morning, the NC can begin taking back what was once our home.

Alyss Rodriguez, Deputy Director, New Conglomerate”

Explore a brand new continent with over 80 new bases in a brand new biome.
This is an Early Expedition. Read about what that means in this post from Creative Director Matt Higby:

Continent Locking

    Continents can now be locked to a conquering empire in one of two ways:

      Dominate the continent by owning at least 94% of the territory
      Win an alert

    When a continent locks, the conquering empire automatically captures all remaining regions on the continent
    All players on the locked continent will be prompted to redeploy to another continent.
    A maximum of 2 continents can be locked at any one time.
    Whenever a continent is locked the oldest existing locked continent will automatically unlock.
    A Continent Benefit is now only active while the continent is locked.
    Continent Benefits have changed:

      Amerish gives -50% Infantry Purchases (up from -10% Aerospace Purchases)
      Esamir gives -50% Mechanized Purchases (up from -10% Mechanized Purchases)
      Indar gives -50% Aerospace Purchases (up from -10% Infantry Purchases)
      Hossin gives +25% XP (new) (It's almost like we want you to play there!)

    To accommodate continent locking, Global Alerts have been removed from the game, meaning every alert is now specific to a continent
    When a continent is unlocked the warpgates on that continent will rotate, and territory will be reset to a default starting configuration for each warpgate. (Tired of your warpgate location? Now you can fix it)
    Warpgates will no longer rotate every other week and are now exclusively rotated via continent locking.

Outfits Recruiting

    Do you run an outfit? Looking for some new blood? List your outfit in the brand new recruiting system.
    Are you looking to join an outfit? Want to meet some new friends? Find an outfit to join in the brand new recruiting system.
    To list your outfit go to the outfit screen and there is a Manage Recruitment button.
    To view recruiting outfits, go to the outfits button on the social tab. On the main page is a button to find an outfit.

Outfit Decals

    Your outfit can now select a decal to represent yourselves.
    Purchase Infantry or Vehicle Outfit decals in their Depot categories for 100 SC or 250 Certs
    Equip like a normal decal. If you’re in an outfit and the outfit has a decal selected, the decal will display as the selected decal. (How many times can we say decal? You'd be surprised!)
    If you’re not in an outfit, the decal will not display. (So just join and stay in an outfit already)

Outfit Base Capture

    When your outfit captures a base your outfit’s decal will be displayed on the faction banners at the base, on the scoreboard, and on the map. (We got tired of some of you "marking" the map. Infantry are provided latrines).
    An outfit is recognized as being the captors by being the highest scoring outfit during the base’s capture
    For now, this score is simply the cumulative score of the outfit members that participated in the base capture (i.e. the scores that are displayed on the scoreboard). (If you are bad at math, just have everyone try harder ok?)


    The descriptions on the Medical Applicator now list the hotkeys required for healing and reviving. (Some of you were just mashing 5 keys and getting lucky).
    Adjusted ranges of “Enter Vehicle” and “Equipment Terminal” interactions on Sunderer.

      Change reduces overlap and is intended to reduce the chances of accidentally triggering the interaction you don’t want.
      When the vehicle is deployed, you will need to get closer to the terminal and closer to the vehicle.
      When the vehicle is undeployed there should be no change in the enter vehicle interaction.

    A lattice link has been added between TI Alloys and Ceres Hydroponics on Indar.

Bug Fixes

    Desynch fix for multiple situations. (This should improve a number of issues some of you have been reporting but poor accuracy is still in your hands)
    Fixed focus issues with the chat window after hitting escape.
    Fixed an issue where thermal optics for the Dual-75 Duster were not set up like other belly guns.
    The TR Honeycomb camo will now scale correctly.
    Updated the descriptions for Liberator belly weapons to be more accurate with recent changes.
    The unpurchasable magazine size certification should no longer appear for the Hyena Missile Launcher. (In this particular case, size didn't matter)
    Camo will now apply correctly to the Bruiser Plating and Scrapper Vanguard attachments.
    Kills caused by explosions will no longer grant double experience. (This doesn't mean you should stop doing it because come's entertaining right?)
    Equipping the Ammunition Package during a weapon reload will no longer skip the reload animation.
    Adjusted the Ammunition Package so that it it less likely to continuously shake when thrown on uneven terrain. (See? You thought you were just really nervous.)
    Fixed an issue where tank reverse turning speed would change when toggling the ‘Invert Reverse Steering for Tanks’ option. (We really can't make this stuff up....)

Vendredi 20 juin 2014
Update Notes
    Corpse collision has been fixed to no longer block bullets it shouldn't. This was causing a feeling of bad hit registration in firefights with multiple corpses.
    Soccer/Football themed assets have been added to the Marketplace.

      Note: Some country flags are copyrighted and we couldn't use them. Write your local politician on that one, no bug reports please ;)

    Fixed a text error in the UI settings.

Mercredi 18 juin 2014
Update Notes

Travis Manion Foundation Weekend June 20-22

    10% of all sales and all proceeds from TMF decal bundles will be donated to the Travis Manion Foundation.
    Check it out the Depot!

Liberator Changes

We are reverting some of the stock armor changes that were presented in the Liberator update.

    Liberator stock resistance to Armor Piercing rounds is being reverted from 10% back to -20%
    Liberator stock resistance to HEAT rounds is being reverted from 10% back to -33%
    Liberator stock resistance to non lock-on rocket launchers rounds is being reverted from -70% back to -88%

The composite armor benefit is remaining but will be less effective with the stock armor being adjusted.

Liberator Engine Audio

    Liberator audio adjusted to be more noticeable from greater distances. This does not affect the audio heard for players inside the Liberator.

C150 Dalton

To reduce effectiveness against infantry, the Daltons blast damage and size is being adjusted to be similar to an armor piercing tank shell.

    Inner Blast radius reduced from 1 meter to 0.5 meters
    Outer Blast radius reduced from 9 meters to 1 meter
    Blast damage reduced from 700 to 450
    Blast damage is no longer capable of damaging tanks (or other vehicles normally resistant to explosive damage). Direct hit damage has increased from 1825 to 2000 to compensate.
    Ammo Capacity

      Base Capacity reduced from 40 to 20 rounds
      Certified ammo capacity reduced from 8 rounds per rank to 2 rounds per rank. (Maximum of 40 down from 120)

L105 Zepher

The Zepher is receiving a reduction in effectiveness against infantry but will remain a more effective anti-personnel option than the Dalton due to its six round magazine and blast size. In addition, it will be receiving a small direct damage reduction to make the Dalton stand out more in that regard.

This is the Zephers intended role; A variant of the Dalton that trades some vehicle damage for being more forgiving and more effective against infantry.

    Blast damage reduced from 750 to 450

      Direct hits now use the same damage type that the Dalton uses

    This makes the damage more comparable/consistent between the two
    Direct hit damage lowered from 1200 to 600

      This will result in some vehicles requiring 1 to 2 more Zepher hits to destroy (except Galaxy).

    The resist and damage adjustments results in the following changes

      MAX (3 HK to 4HK)
      Flash (1HK to 2 HK)
      Harasser (4 HK to 6 HK)

        Note: This corrects an issue that the Zepher was superior to the Dalton at destroying Harassers.

      Sunderer (16 HK to 17 HK)
      Lightning (9 HK to 10 HK)
      MBT (10 HK to 11 HK)
      Phalanx (9 HK to 11 HK)
      Galaxy (12 HK to 16 HK)

        Note: TTK was previously identical between Dalton and Zepher, this provides a greater distinction

    Ammo Capacity

      Base Capacity reduced from 90 to 60 rounds
      Certified ammo capacity reduced from 18 rounds per rank to 6 rounds per rank

Dual-75 Duster

The Duster is intended to be primarily anti-infantry and needs improvements in this regard. It needs to stand out in that role so we are increasing the blast radius.

    Inner Blast Radius increased from 0.75 meters to 2 meters
    Outer Blast radius increased from 4 meters to 6 meters

AP30 Shredder

We are removing the blast damage on the Shredder to reduce effectiveness against MAX units and personnel. MAXs will be receiving a bump in armor piercing resistance as well.

    Blast damage removed from Shredder.
    Ammo Capacity

      Base Capacity reduced from 1250 to 500 rounds
      Certified ammo capacity reduced from 120 rounds per rank to 50 rounds per rank.

Tank Changes

    Tank primary turrets are now stabilized. (Their elevation will not move with chassis elevation changes, unless it hits the upper or lower constraint)
    Vanguard acceleration is being brought closer to the other tanks.

      It is still the slowest tank to accelerate; it was just too low.

ESF Changes

We are making adjustments to ESF rocket pods and hornet missiles to both better define them and allow the Liberator to stand out more as anti-vehicle.

Rocket pods will be receiving a direct hit damage reduction that will lower its effectiveness against vehicles. We are adjusting it so that it will take 1 full volley of rockets (no misses) to the rear of an MBT will place it in critical damage instead of destroying it.

    Mosquito Pods

      Damage decreased from 475 to 400


      Damage decreased from 635 to 550


      Damage decreased from 550 to 475

Hornet Missiles will be receiving a direct damage increase. This increase will make hornet missiles more effective against vehicles than rocket pods in certain situations.

    Damage increased from 1800 to 2000

The Air Hammer is too effective against Liberators and Tanks. This is partially because of damage and the pellet spread.

The pellet spread is tuned around hitting ESFs, so against larger vehicles some of the shotgun disadvantages of the weapon are lost. To compensate for this, we will be adjusting the fall off damage ranges to require the Air Hammer to get in closer.

Along with fall off, we’re changing the damage type from heavy machine gun to aircraft machine gun. This will leave it mostly alone against ESFs and other light armor, but heavily armored vehicles will resist more.

    Direct damage is now on aircraft machine gun resist type
    This essentially means heavy armored vehicles (tanks & libs) will resist more
    Max damage increased from 150 to 175
    Base magazine size increased from 3 rounds to 5 rounds
    Max damage range reduced from 150 meters to 50 meters
    Minimum damage range reduced from 300 meters to 100 meters.

Coyote Missiles

    Increased time required to reload from 3 seconds to 4 seconds

MAX units

    Max resistance to AP rounds increased from 48% to 60%

NS Baron shotgun

    Overall reload is now faster

      First shell reload is now faster, from 0.8 to 0.58 seconds
      All shells after the first shell are also faster, from 0.55 to 0.5 seconds
      The shotgun is now ready to fire faster when interrupting the reload

    Improved accuracy when running while in iron sights

      Accuracy improved from 0.9 to 0.7


    Some soccer (or football, if you're into that sort of things) cosmetics have been added to the Depot. Buy them or you're not a true fan.
    Optics purchased with Station Cash will now be unlocked account wide.
    Added an option to turn down bloom.
    Soldiers who place explosives will now get an assist xp award if they are detonated by someone else and the explosion kills an enemy.

      Assist XP from explosive kills = exact same xp as a full kill

    Engineers can now equip the ammunition package directly by pressing the ability key (default: F)

      To match the above, the ammunition package is no longer equipped in the utility slot and is no longer an alternate fire mode on the ACE Tool.
      The thrown ammunition package is now a physics object and is no longer in the deploy system. This will allow it to be thrown anywhere.
      The ammunition cert line can still be found in the Engineer Certs list.

    The Medic tool now uses right click to revive and left click to heal.
    The visuals on the Combat Medic’s Regeneration Field will now grow to match the range of the device as it is certed up.
    Adjusted the visuals on the Combat Medic’s Regeneration Field to improve performance.
    Sunderer owners now get 5xp per player who spawns on their deployed Sunderer. Increased from 2xp.
    Flash kills are now worth 100xp. Increased from 25xp.
    Added spotting voice callouts for spotting both deployed enemy Sunderers and enemy spawn beacons.
    Adjusted lag compensation to improve overall responsiveness.
    Renamed ‘Pistol’ slot to ‘Sidearm’ slot. Crossbows are now listed as crossbows instead of being listed as pistols when looking at their weapon stats.
    Increased collision size of placed Spawn Beacons so that they’re easier to shoot and hit with explosives.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed various crashes.
    Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause players to spawn at unwanted locations due to deployment spawn list changing.
    Changing drivers in a Prowler or Sunderer will no longer cause the vehicle to teleport back to the initial deploy location.
    Addressed an issue where at some distances projectiles and bullets could ignore collision and hit through things like spawn room doors.
    Fixed explosives damaging facility objects, such as terminals, through geometry.
    Aircraft weapons should no longer be able to shoot through Biolab shields.
    Gateshield Diffuser will now function properly when activated while holding A or D.
    The Infiltrator Recon Detect Device descriptions now list the correct duration of fired recon darts.
    The audio effect from a gravity pad will no longer persist when exiting a vehicle onto a gravity pad.
    Weapon sights will once again work correctly in VR Training.
    Class abilities will once again work correctly in VR Training.
    Fixed a bug where the Greenhorn Voice Pack was missing.
    Fixed various geometry bugs on Amerish and Indar.
    Fixed issues with decals displaying incorrectly on some TR Infiltrator armor.
    Fixed a skinning bug that kept the Reaver Tiger Fins from moving with the Reaver wings.
    Fixed the graphic for the latency meter to be scaled correctly.
    The 1x scope can now be purchased on the AS16 Nighthawk.
    The EM6 LMG will no longer incorrectly show an advanced laser sight for unlock.
    Fixed a bug that was preventing the VS Corvus VA55 assault rifle from playing recoil animations.
    The Medic Regen Shield description now correctly lists it’s radius.
    Fixed throwable physics objects, such as ammo packs and tank mines, not being thrown if activated while the player was sprinting.

Mercredi 4 juin 2014
Ep. 11- PlanetSide 2 - Work in Progress with @Xalorn! - Official Video

See the latest episode of Work In Progress, a new series in which we give you an inside look at the development of PlanetSide 2. In this episode, watch David "Malorn" Bennett work on Hossin's Amp Station.


Lundi 2 juin 2014
Update Notes

The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

New Membership Perk - Squad Boost

Members in a squad will now provide the entire group with 3% bonus XP


    Continent Domination Threshold for gaining a continent benefit is now 94% (up from 75%)
    Continent Domination Threshold for losing a continent benefit is now 7% (down from 15%)
    Lattice links have been added between all adjacent warpgate-bordering territories.
    Hex regions around the warpgates have been adjusted to fit new lattice links between the warpgate-adjacent territories. (Since they are hex shaped, they fit together. Geometry is fun.)
    Added a short deploy timer to Instant Action when a player is dead. (Possibly taking the Z outta zerg. Now it's just "Erg I gotta wait a sec."

New Ribbons

    Resupply - for resupplying ammunition to friendly players, including vehicle resupplies. (Everybody likes this guy...)
    Air Deterrence - for surface-to-air damage inflicted against enemy aircraft.
    Air Superiority - for air-to-air ESF vs ESF kills.
    Anti-Tank - for destroying enemy tanks.
    Recon - for motion sensor and scout radar assists.
    Spotter - for spot assists.
    AMS Support - for supporting your team with Sunderer AMS spawns.
    Marksman - for infantry vs infantry kills at ranges >= 70m (Shooting someone in the face at point blank range doesn't make you a marksman. It just makes you smarter than the guy you just killed).
    Vehicular Combat - for roadkill and ram kills while in a vehicle. (Friendlies don't count. Yes I'm looking at you guy who drinks and drives against regulations.)
    Point Control - for capturing control consoles and kills around them.
    Savior - for saving your teammates from certain death. (This does not include killing friendly Vehicular Combat guy).
    Objective Support - for overloading, stabilizing, and destroying generators.
    Squad Spawn - for providing a spawn for your squad members via beacon, Sunderer, or Galaxy. (Everyone likes this guy too...)
    Deployment - For deploy bonuses from transporting friendly players who go on to earn kills shortly thereafter. (Also known as the "Holy crap did we just make it through that alive?" bonus)

Area Bugs

    Speculative fix for the base flipping. (We'll stop blaming rogue nanites).
    Refactored some code that will improve how areas are handled in general (gravity pads, etc). (In English this means game code got resorted. It's kind of like organizing your pantry because you can't find the Captain Crunch. In the event a programmer murders me for this analogy I have no regrets.)
    Adding significant amounts of logging in case the above two fixes don’t work.

Cert Refund: Optics Incorrectly Deducting Certs

    We performed a grant to replenish certs for a small group of players who were incorrectly charged twice for certain optics purchases.


    Charger Energy Values have been Increased.
    Drop rates for implants has been reduced.

Bugs Fixed

    Updated Harasser nanite auto repair description to reflect in-game effect.
    Fixed a bug where EOD HUD implants were draining energy while the implant user was dead.
    Darklight flashlight should now be available on NC4 Mag-Shot.
    Sending a message from Outfit Members list will no longer redirect to friends list.
    Fixed some texture stretching issues on the Magrider.
    Infantry decals will appear over armor now.
    You can now resupply grenades in VR Training.
    Crouching then jumping on a vehicle will no longer result in suicide. (We had serious safety concerns over this but you guys are apparently expendable),
    Headhunter camo will now cover the entire body.
    The 3.4x Red Dot sight reticle will now show up better at night.
    Fixed an issue where some items could be removed from you when leaving VR Training.
    Fixed a bug where the Greenhorn Voice Pack was missing.
    The AV mana turret ribbon is now awarded at the intended number of kills.

Jeudi 22 mai 2014
Update Notes

Update Notes 5/22

    Combat Medic Regeneration Field device now available in the ability slot

      This deployable creates a nanite field that regenerates ally shields; each cert rank increases the regeneration rate


      Effectively removed drop caps from loot drops
      Implant tooltips on the reveal screen are now properly aligned
      VS Heavy Assault damage delay with regeneration implant fixed

    HS/NV sight again available for the TRS-12 Uppercut
    NS Baron: Weapon sights now available for SC purchase
    NS Baron: MH2 Reflex Sight (2x) and TMS (4x) should now properly unlock
    Dual 75 Duster can now be trialed
    Dual 75 Duster TR rank 4 zoom optic is now purchasable
    Fixed issue where scout radars and proximity radars were not detecting at the correct ranges
    Retuned explosion audio variants

Mardi 20 mai 2014
PlanetSide 2 s'illustre sur console PlayStation 4

Prévue pour être présentée lors du prochain E3, la version console du MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 s'aperçoit à travers deux photos sur les réseaux sociaux.

Si elle était prévue de longue date, l'adaptation du MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 sur la console PlayStation 4 a rencontré des difficultés techniques. La version PC a ainsi du patienter plusieurs mois avant de gagner en fluidité avec la série de mises à jour « Make Faster Game (OMFG) », compliquant au passage la tâche des équipes de SOE au regard des contraintes techniques sur console.

La version PlayStation 4 voit néanmoins enfin la lumière du jour, par le biais de son producteur exécutif Clint Worley, qui a posté deux photos sur le réseau Twitter. On aperçoit donc la version prévue pour être présentée lors du salon E3, accompagnée d'une PSVita bien en évidence pour probablement des fonctionnalités annexes. Il restera à confirmer en vidéo la résolution (1080p) et la fluidité de l'ensemble. Le lancement sur PS4, toujours prévu pour courant 2014, viendra renforcer l'offre des MMO free-to-play sur la console de Sony.


Lundi 19 mai 2014
Update Notes

The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

Cert Window

Cert screen has been replaced by the Nano-Cycler (Implant) screen
Leadership certs can be found in the Social screen (This is no guarantee of improving social ability. Eating cheetos with an open mic is still frowned on)
Class certs can be found in the Classes screen (It was the next place you were going to look....)


    Soldiers can now augment their battle prowess by equipping combat implants (We do realize this is controversial but "battle prowess" is not a metaphor).
    Implants are slotted in custom loadouts
    Implants are occasionally awarded to soldiers as they earn experience (They are awarded through the magic of nanites).
    Implants can also be requisitioned with Certification Points or Station Cash via Implant Packs in the Depot
    Implants are powered by the Implant Power Core, which uses energy to power their effects
    When energy is completely depleted, implant effects are lost until energy is replenished
    Implant energy is replenished by using Chargers
    Chargers are occasionally awarded to soldiers as they earn experience
    Chargers can also be requisitioned with Certification Points or Station Cash in the Depot
    There are three tiers of implants - the higher the tier, the more powerful the implant! (Meaning more prowess).
    Soldiers can now use the new Nano-Cycler to break down unwanted implants and create new implants
    The Nano-Cycler is accessed from the main menu
    Nano-Cycler instructions can be found in its help menu (In a super helpful way!)

New Weapons

    New Combat Medic Assault Rifles

      NC-9 A-Tross

        The NC's A-Tross was created as the ultimate in heavy-hitting, long-range assault rifles. Featuring a 30-round magazine and an overclocked propulsion coil firing a high-damage projectile, the A-Tross can drop targets at even distant ranges. (Are you seriously not overclocking your propulsion coil? )


        The Terran Operations Rifle is a favorite amongst TR who feel at home with an all-around performer. Deadly accurate with fast reload assists for its 40 round magazine, the TORQ-9's versatility and ease of use make it a solid choice in combat.

      Terminus VX-9

        The Vanu's shadowy VX Labs launched the Terminus VX-9 shortly after joining the war. Engineered with advanced cooling systems that allow for its high rate of fire, the Terminus allows users to hold their ground at close-to-medium ranges. (You may also remember VX Labs as creators of stealth rations where proved unpopular with most VS troops.)

    New Common Pool Shotgun

      NS Baron G5

        Nanite Systems' first attempts into close-range weaponry resulted in the powerful Baron G5. The tube fed Baron is able to put down targets at longer ranges than typical shotguns thanks to its narrow choke.

    Medic Updates

      Combat Medics can now use Battle rifles (Warden, AMR-66, and Eidolon VE33) for their primary weapon. (Leave them alone, they've been working out)
      Combat Medic now has access to the Adrenaline Pump certification in their suit slot.
      Triage now heals allies who are outside of the vehicle if they are within 5 meters. (Now you see the TRUE power of nanites!)

      Heal Grenades

        Heal rate increased from 60 hp per second to 100 hp per second
        Detonate time is now faster, from 3 to 2 seconds
        Increased heal range to 10 meters

      Fixed last two ranks of the medic’s default heal ability regening the timer during use, causing active duration to be inconsistent. All ranks of the medic ability now match the cert upgrade descriptions. (If you didn't notice this then....carry on soldier. Nothing to see.)
      The last cert rank of the medic’s default ability now adds +1 meter to the ability range.

    New Cosmetic Laser Sights

      New colored laser sights are now available for the NS-44 Commissioner, NS-357 Underboss, and their black and gold variants. They can be found under the Rail loadout for each weapon. (Laze your targets with flair! Combat can be both violent and fabulous!)

    Howling Pass to NS Material Storage Update

      The road from Howling Pass to NS Material Storage has been adjusted. The choke point along that road has been vastly shortened, large fields have been added for fierce tank battles, and secure parking spots have been added for Sunderers. All together this should make fighting along this stretch much more fun! (Warning: When leaving a secure parking spots be sure to lock your Sunderer and take all your valuables with you,)

    Decoy Grenades

      Decoy grenades now place false firing indicators on enemy minimaps.
      Updated decoy grenade audio to match recent weapon audio changes.

    Flash & Harasser Handling

      With some code changes we've made over the last few updates, we’ve updated the handling on the Flash. The Flash should grip the ground a lot better and be less likely to spin out and a *little* less likely to flip. It is still possible to do both but it should be under more extreme circumstances. (Extreme stunt videos will live on YouTube forever...)
      We've also enabled these changes on the Harasser, but without any tuning modifications. So the Harasser is using the new code but there shouldn't really be any noticeable difference.

Gameplay Improvements

    Large outposts have Galaxy access now, if there are aircraft available.
    Lightning tanks are now available at all vehicle terminals.
    Reduced Sunderer deploy exclusion to 65 meters.
    Spawning Harassers at The Crown is much safer now. (Spawning vehicles into tank barrage fire is still risky.)
    Revised explosion audio to help with too much low frequency buildup during gameplay and allow other things to audibly cut through. Explosions now play different sounds for close (0-250 meters) and distant (beyond 250 meters).
    Added an extra magazine to the VS Zenith VX-5 carbine for a total capacity of 210, which is consistent with other carbines. (Who would have thought the VS of all empires would have the least efficient carbine? Science guys!)


    The ping meter on the leaderboard has been replaced with a more accurate Network Quality status.
    If your Network Quality is low you will now be warned on your HUD.

Bugs Fixed

    Many client crash fixes
    Dual-75 Duster should no longer display magazine size certifications in the VR zone.
    The NS Vandal can now be trialed.
    The magazine now falls out of NS Vandal on reload. (You guys are soooo needy with your "need to proper reload your weapons".)
    Polish to 3rd person reload animations for the Vandal.
    Fixed a broken Reaver Tiger Fin skinning issue.
    Fixed Sunderer attachments, Boar Grill, Bull Grill, Duskbuster Headlights, Fogbreach Headlights, and Retro Grill to not have camo on non-camo Sunderers.
    Updated tooltip on scout radars to mention they detect player movement. They have functioned this way for quite some time. (Surprise! It's a feature!)
    Your loadout should no longer be reverted to slot 1 when you log out.
    Sniper scopes should no longer pop when entering and exiting ADS.
    Fixed a ton of animation bugs for things like off hands clipping into weapons to reload animations not playing correctly.
    Fixed a bunch of geometry bugs all over the world. There should be far less inescapable pits, floating bushes, shields sticking through walls, and busted stairs.
    Deployed Sunderers can no longer be moved by other vehicles. (We are looking at you Mr. I use the Magrider as a bulldozer).
    Semi-auto weapons will now show the correct rate of fire when looking at weapon stats. (Some of you don't like made up numbers for some weird reason...)
    Shotguns now highlight pellet spread correctly when comparing them. The weapon with the lower spread is green and the higher spread is red.
    Fixed the LC2 Lynx carbine showing the icon for the old model if it wasn’t owned.
    The primary turret on the Vanguard should no longer twitch when viewing from the top gunner position.
    Auraxium medals can now be earned on the Hades, Nemesis, Hawk and Crow.
    Pulsar C medals and ribbons have been fixed.
    Many incorrect medal names have been fixed. Sorry, you don’t really have Auraxium in Female VO Pack, and your Shredder is not a Bulldog.
    The AV MANA Turret now has a ribbon.
    Fixed Phantom VA23, KSR-35, and Impetus rifles jumping during the recoil animations.
    Backseat passengers in the Harasser can now be seen reloading. (No more freeloading!)
    Fixed pump-action shotguns sometimes not playing reload animations if empty.

Vendredi 2 mai 2014
Update Notes for Unscheduled Maintenance


    Fixed an issue with the daily sale for non-members. They were being charged an incorrect amount. (We will be granting this back soon. No need to contact Customer Service.)
    Fixed some membership and commerce issues for certain customers. Some customers who were unable to see their SC balance or claim SC as part of membership should now be able to do so. However, we are still working on some related issues in regards to purchasing SC and membership.
    Fixed an issue with being unable to purchase sale items without enough SC to cover the pre-discounted price.
Posté par d_carey

Jeudi 30 avril 2014
Unlocked! Known Commerce/Membership Issues

The game is now unlocked, but please be aware that we're still battling some membership and commerce related issues.
Reposted the information below, but please consult the other Major Known Issue thread to stay up to date: here

    Commerce and Membership Issues

      Description: SOE is battling some company wide commerce issues due to the All Access update, which may present in a variety of ways and seemingly random. If you experience any issues with your membership, membership loyalty, membership benefits, SC balance, SC purchases, or anything of that nature, it is indicative of the larger issue we're dealing with.
      Status: We all hope to have this fixed very soon.

    Client Crash - Darklight Attachment!

      Description: We picked up a new client crash in this update. If you switch classes with a darklight attached to your primary weapon, you will crash.
      Status: Working on a fix and will have it addressed sometime today!

Thanks again for your patience.


Mardi 29 avril 2014
Update Notes

All Access Membership


    Lowered instant action reuse timer from 5 to 2 minutes.
    Players may now spawn at the nearest facility if they are respawning cross zone and the spawn point becomes invalid during the zoning process.

Bugs Fixed

    Fixed an issue that could cause a periodic (every 20 minutes) long frame rate hitch.
    The S3 scope can now be unlocked on the T1S Cycler.
    EM1s can now unlock the HS/NV Scope.
    LC2 Lynx now has a description and the HS/NV Scope can be unlocked.
    Vanu lady characters will no longer mistake reavers for mosquitoes when spotting.
    Fixed the Deserted Mineshaft teleporter to work correctly.
    Erroneous XP will no longer show up on the Death Recap screen’s graph.

Lundi 26 avril 2014
Major Live Issues

Hey all

In order to give some visibility to the top issues we're working on fixing we'll be posting a weekly thread with the issues we're tracking. We won't always have a fix as of the posting, and often we'll be asking for more info from you on these issues. These are the things we're hearing you guys say are broken, so they're where we're focusing our attention.

We are tracking the following major issues as of 4/28/2014:

Live issues

    Commerce and Membership Issues

      Description: SOE is battling some company wide commerce issues due to the All Access update, which may present in a variety of ways and seemingly random. If you experience any issues with your membership, membership loyalty, membership benefits, SC balance, SC purchases, or anything of that nature, it is indicative of the larger issue we're dealing with.
      Status: We all hope to have this fixed very soon.

    Client Crash - Darklight Attachment!

      Description: We picked up a new client crash in this update. If you switch classes with a darklight attached to your primary weapon, you will crash.
      Status: Working on a fix and will have it addressed sometime today!

    Multi-second hitch/freeze frame every 20 minutes

      Description: Some players have been experiencing a long pause that occurs exactly every 20 minutes. We have found the cause of this issue, it is also related to network connection, players with a worse connection to the game server will have a more severe hitch.
      Status: The fix in testing didn't work out. Should be fixed within the next few days.

    VOIP Inconsistency

      Description: in-game voice is a bit inconsistent, with players not being in the correct squad/platoon/outfit channels
      Status: We're aware of issues here, working on a resolution but no ETA at this time.

    Briggs (Sydney Server) excessive login times

      Description: Login times to the Briggs server are excessively long.
      Status: Another fix incoming very shortly.

Common Crashes

    NVIDIA Graphics Driver Crash

      Description: Latest NVIDIA graphics drivers crash causing a black screen which lasts several seconds in game.
      Status: NVIDIA has a new driver in testing and the results look good. We don't have a release date yet but will let you know when we have it.

Resolved / Monitoring on Live / Reviewing Player Feedback

    Input latency (Mouse lag)

      Description: Players have reported latency in mouse input and issues with raw mouse input
      Status: Fix live 3/27. We're still taking feedback and working with some of you on possibly related issues. More on that later.

    Out Of Memory Crash

      Description: the client will crash at around 3gb of ram used, this commonly causes crashes on longer play sessions
      Status: Fix live 4/2.

    Area de-synchronization

      Description: Players entering and exiting areas in the game is currently error prone. This bug is the cause of a variety of issues like the vehicle invulnerability (where the game didn't think you left the warpgate), bases capturing with no players present, credit for capturing a base that you've left, etc.
      Status: Fix live 4/2.

    Hit Detection inconsistencies

      Description: We have tracked many of the recent issues with hit detection to anti-cheat validation on the server. This can be made worse by having a slower or unstable connection to the game server.
      Status: Improvement live 4/1.
      Next Steps: Additionally, in the next few weeks we are going to put in some more information about the quality of your connection state so that you can be better informed when connection related errors are occurring.

    Server Crashes

      Description: We've got one open server crash in testing, which should be going up with next week's update.
      Status: Fix Live 4/16

    Client Crash

      Description: Players may crash at various times but most often when moving between continents.

    Client Crash - 64 bit

      Description: We've all the major crashes associated with the 64 bit. We've had a rare one crop up this morning which is only affecting some players.
      Status: The client has been temporarily disabled until this is resolved.

    Asset Management Crash

      Description: This is a fairly common crash that we're very close to fixing, it would feel like a random crash to desktop without any consistent reproduction.
      Status: Close to having a fix.

    AV Software Preventing Client from Running

      Description: If you're running AV software and can't run after today's patch, 4/2, try disabling it for now.

Vendredi 18 avril 2014
Finding Balance in PlanetSide 2

Keeping something as complex as PlanetSide 2 gameplay balanced is a tall order for anyone to fill.  Players and developers both have ideas which sometimes don't always mesh, creating a war of words spanning various internet battlefields.  Josh Sanchez fights from the trenches of this on going conflict to ensure the game has both equilibrium and fun.

We sat down with him to learn a little more about what he does and how the most recent balance update came about: 

Tell us what you do as a Game Designer on PlanetSide 2.

I work on the gameplay side of PS2. In general that breaks down into two parts, planning out upcoming gameplay-related features and guiding them to completion, and watching the live game and balancing things as needed.

New features start with me (or another designer) fleshing out the general design and figuring out all needed functionality. For example, we’ve been working on getting wieldable melee weapons into the game, so the first step is figuring out everything that needs to exist for this to happen. Things like how the player chooses to equip the melee weapon and how attacking with a wielded melee weapon works are documented and broken down into tasks for all the individual disciplines (art, code, etc.). I then work with the artists and coders to make sure that those tasks come together to make the completed feature while balancing things like weapon stats along the way.

Working with others to keep the live game balanced is the other part of my job. We collect a lot of data and player feedback and make adjustments to keep everything competitive and fun. Balancing PS2 is a constant job because new features and weapons are always being introduced to keep the game fresh.

Well speaking of constant, we had a recent balance update on a lot of vehicles and weapons. What do you feel is the biggest change?  What is really going to impact the game the most?

I think the changes on the armor side will have the biggest impact on the game. We took a look at the ground armor game and attempted to plug a few holes in the secondary weapons so that the ground game is more varied. Anti-air options have been lacking on ground vehicles so we gave them noticeable buffs, anti-infantry weapons gave up too much for what they gained so they got improvements against things like light armor, and anti-vehicle secondary weapons got small adjustments here and there so that they’re all closer to the baseline. It’ll take some time but I think we’ll start seeing more varied ground loadouts on the battlefield, which should ripple out and cause more variety on the other side because now things like air vehicles will have to worry about tanks having anti-air on them.

 Removing the delay reductions on Nanite Auto Repair is another change that we expect to shift the armor gameplay in subtle ways. Right now, armor can often reach a state where one side can’t output enough damage to get the other side to feel threatened enough to move, which can lead to stalemate situations or one side reaching a point where the other side cannot fight back. We didn’t want armor to die faster, but we did want more opportunities for one side to do some damage and create openings because the other side has to pull back and repair. Adjusting Nanite Auto Repair should help with this while also creating a more ebb and flow feeling in vehicle combat.

You guys obviously have to make some very tough calls when making these types of changes.  What was the hardest one to make? 

In this particular update converting the Terran Republic’s Lynx carbine over to a different damage model was the most debated change we did. Changing the functionality of something already live is always a hard choice to make because there is usually a group of players who like the existing functionality, so typically we would rather add something new to fill any gaps in a faction’s gameplay. In this case we decided that two existing weapons were too similar so converting one over was the better route to take.

How much player feedback was taken into account with these changes ?

Player feedback is always taking into consideration when making changes. The best example in this update was the new carbines. Our goal with these new weapons was to plug some holes in the faction carbine spreads, and the feedback from players after releasing them to the Test server was that our initial set of new carbines didn’t accomplish this for the TR and NC. We revisited the stats for those faction carbines and adjusted the weapons to be more in line with where players thought their factions were lacking.

I see questions all the time asking how the team determines what needs to be balanced.  Why vehicle weapons over carbines or ESF?

At this point in the game’s lifespan its mostly comes down to how long it’s been since related things were last introduced or adjusted. Players have developed strategies for dealing with things and they have found weapons that they’re comfortable with, so it can take weeks to months to see the full impact of any particular change or newly introduced feature. For example, a newly introduced vehicle weapon may seem like it’s too strong at first, but this can just as easily be caused by the players on the other side not knowing how to deal with it. Balance changes need time to settle and newly introduced mechanics need time for players to develop counters against them.

For this particular update we looked at what’s had time to settle and where the biggest performance gaps were, and we attempted to even out things there. This is why there were bigger changes in categories like ground vehicle secondary weapons and certain infantry weapon types, while other areas only got small adjustments or none at all. We’re keeping an eye on the other areas of the game and will make any adjustments in the future if needed.

Thanks for this for Josh! We look forward to seeing the impact of the recent update and I'm sure there will be plenty of feedback to follow.


Mardi 15 avril 2014
Game Update Notes

The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

Known Issues

The loading screen will stay up longer than usual. This is to address issues with the loading screen coming down too early and certain elements not being loaded.

64-bit Client

    64 bit client is back! This should be a significant reduction in client crashes, but we still have more to fix.

Server Crashes

    All known server crashes fixed.

New Carbines

The following Carbines have been added to fill existing holes in itemization.

    NCAF-4A Bandit

      Designed with mobility in mind, the lightweight alloys that make up Auraxis Firearm’s AF-A4 Bandit allows for faster movement while aiming without compromising on stopping power in close to medium ranges. (What are the alloys? Nanites. Stop asking questions and get back to shooting.)

    TR HC1 Cougar

      The Terran Republic’s Heavy Carbine project resulted in the HC1 Cougar. Utilizing a higher caliber cartridge than its LC cousins, the Cougar possesses unparalleled stopping power amongst other Terran carbines up to medium range. (If you are curious how far medium range is, it's like not really far away but close enough to render. If you are loyal TR you are going to use it regardless).

    VS Zenith VX-5

      Vanu Labs’ close-to-midrange Zenith VX-5 uses advanced crystalline structures to significantly reduce weight without compromising on strength. It features both precision hipfire and increased movement speed while aiming. (To that guy who actually attached the gun to his hip and shot at people, this is not what was meant).

Straight Pull Bolt Attachments

    New attachment have been added to bolt action sniper rifles that allow you to stay scoped while bolting the rifle. (Apparently a few of you wanted this released...)

Quality of Life and Balance

    The TR LC2 Lynx carbine has been completely revamped

      Very few weapons are able to touch the Lynx’s incredible rate of fire. Featuring a cyclic rate of 910 RPM, the LC2 Lynx tears through infantry at close to medium ranges.

    Unintentionally falling short distances will no longer apply jump penalties or force a weapon out of iron sights. (You've been told repeatedly to stop standing on the edges of stuff. If this change doesn't work you are all being issued bubblewrap armor).
    Lifespan of AV MANA turret projectile has been reduced from 10 seconds to 4.75 seconds. This makes the maximum range of the MANA turret around 450 meters.
    Both Engineer turret models have been slightly adjusted to have tighter collision.
    The amount of the player’s head exposed on NC and VS anti-infantry Engineer turrets now matches the TR. (We've actually genetically shrunk TR soldiers heads but this sounds better.)
    All ranks of TR MAX Lockdown now deploy and undeploy faster (Again, Nanites. Stop questioning why.)

      Deploy times reduced from 2.5 to 2.0 seconds

    Zealot Overdrive Engine

      ZOE max rank now lowers the MAXs resistance to small arms fire by 5% instead of 10%. All ranks: 9/8/7/6/5% reduction.
      Comet direct damage while under the effects of ZOE increased from 347 and 375. Max damage range increased from 10 to 15 meters. Min damage range increased from 50 to 85 meters.

    Knife damage has been reduced from 625 to 500. The previous damage value was compensating for the old Nanoweave functionality where players could have up to 1250 health and is too high now that players cap out at 1000 health (not counting abilities).

Vehicle Changes

    All Vehicles Nanite Auto Repair

      Additional ranks no longer reduce the delay
      The delay is 12 seconds across all ranks (That is still going to feel like 10 minutes when you are under fire).

    All Vehicles Night Vision Optics

      Night vision adjusted to have a longer range and a slightly brighter green.

    Flash Stealth Certification

      Reduced to 4 ranks like other vehicles.
      The certification line has been reset and previously spent points have been refunded.
      The benefit at max rank for the new line remains the same as the previous max rank.

    Magrider Magburner

      Increased regeneration rate of lower ranks.
      Seconds required to fully regenerate from 60/48/34/20 going down to 35/30/25/20.

    Vanguard Shield

      Amount blocked by shield reduced from 3000 to 2000.
      Duration of shield has been normalized across all ranks to be 6 seconds (when it is not destroyed via damage)

    Prowler Anchored Mode

      Projectile speed is now normalized at +30% across all ranks.


      Stock armor damage reduction increased from 37% to 39% (You probably wouldn't have noticed but once again NANITES!)

        This mostly makes some sources of damage less spikey. (Note: both spikey and blunty damage will blow up your vehicle).
        Most big hitting weapons still destroy in the same amount of hits

      Stock resistance to infantry small arms increased from 80% to 82%

        With the stock armor changes this places the resistance to this type 50% of the way back towards the pre-PU02 values

      Harasser turbo now consumes 50% less fuel while active, allowing for a longer boost

        This is the pre-pu02 value

      Turbo is now standard on all Harassers. (Now everyone can feel the need for speed!)

        This frees up the utility slot for other options. (No you still cannot add hydraulics.)
        The certification line still exists, but as a passive bonus

Vehicle Weapon Tuning

    M20 Basilisk

      Basilisk is performing too well at long ranges.

        Reduced minimum damage range from 130 to 100 meters (Sunderer and tank version only)
        Projectile speed reduced from 600 meters per second to 550 (all versions)

    M12 Kobalt

      Needs improvements to be a more competitive load out option. While certainly effective as a long range anti personnel weapon, it gives up a lot to do so. The changes below should improve that role and make it more effective against light armor.

        Minimum damage increased from 143 to 154
        Minimum damage range decreased from 130 to 110 (Tank and Sunderer versions only)
        Projectile speed increased from 600 meters per second to 650
        Pitch up limit increased from 65 degrees to 80 (same as walker and ranger)

    C85 Canister

      Still could use improvements in the anti-personnel and anti-light armor rolls.
      Removed CoF penalty (pellet spread remains) (Yup we track pellet spread)
      Downward elevation range increased from 17 degrees to 35, (25 to 35 degrees on Harassers) allowing the close range weapon to hit stuff at close range
      Stock magazine size increased from 8 to 10

        The following changes are intended to extend the range of 2 shot kills by a few meters
        Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5 to 2
        Legshot multiplier decreased from 0.9 to 0.95 (No seriously there is a legshot multiplier...).

      Minimum damage range increased from 40 meters to 42 (30 to 31 on Harasser variant)
      ESF resistance to the C85 canister lowered from 80% to 75%
      Harasser resistance to the C85 canister lowered from 72% to 69%

    Saron HRB

      It is too effective as an anti-infantry weapon.

        Blast damage reduced from 367 damage to 200 damage (334 to 200 for Harasser version)
        This makes it require 3 direct hits to drop non infiltrators instead of 2. (Sorry Infiltrators. Maybe if you'd stop wrapping yourself in those weird flashy nanocloaks you'd live longer).
        Inner blast damage radius increased from 0.5 meters to 1 meter

    Enforcer ML85

      It is too strong in the anti-tank category. The below changes should bring it closer in line with other weapons like the Halberd.

        Magazine size reduced from 10 to 8
        Reload speed increased from 3 seconds to 3.25 seconds
        Ammo capacity decreased from 100 to 80
        Ammo capacity per rank decreased from 10 to 8

    G30 Vulcan

      The Vulcan is missing too many shots at 100 meters. (See? You aren't that horrendous of a shot!)

        Increasing COF sight range from 75 meters to 100 meters

    G40-F Ranger

      Needs to perform a little bit better

        Camera and muzzle flash has been adjusted to block less of the reticule
        Flak damage increased from 45 to 50
        Ammo capacity being increased from 490 rounds to 800
        Ammo capacity per rank increased from 16 to 70

    Lightning C75 Viper

      The weapon is too effective in both anti-tank and anti-personnel. Both aspects are being toned down

        Direct hit reduced from 400 to 345 damage

          This makes it so all HEAT cannons kill faster than the C75 viper.

        Blast damage reduced from 600 to 500 damage

          This reduces the radius for two hit kills by 0.5 meters
          Can no longer one hit kill infantry on a direct hit

    Prowler P2-120 HEAT

      The double barrel is too effective against personnel; the following changes are intended to bring it more in line.

        Blast damage reduced from 700 damage to 650 damage
        Inner blast damage radius reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter
        The above two changes reduce the effective two hit kill radius by 0.5 meters

    Prowler P2-120 HE

      Similar to the HEAT version, the damage is a bit too high, for the HE we are just adjusting the damage.
      Blast damage reduced from 700 damage to 650 damage

    Liberator L-24R Spur

      CoF reduced from 0.75 degrees to 0.3 degrees.

    Liberator Dual-75 Duster

      Reduced maximum CoF from 8 degrees to 6 degrees.

    Air Hammer, M14 Banshee, AP30 Shredder

      Bullet impact FX has been updated to have a small explosion, to better represent that these fire explosive rounds.

    M18 Needler

      Increased magazine size
      Magazine size increased from 70 to 75
      Ammo resupply rate increased from 140 to 150 per tick
      Ammo capacity increased from 840 to 900
      Ammo per rank increased from 70 to 75

    M40 Fury

      Increased ammo resupply rate
      Flash variant increased from 8 to 16
      Harasser variant increased from 8 to 24
      Sunderer variant increased from 8 to 32

Infantry Weapon Tuning


      Carnage AR

        Lowering the muzzle velocity to match this weapon’s short-to-medium range role.
        Muzzle velocity lowered from 600 to 580


        This weapon had a lower total recoil magnitude than weapons with a slower rate of fire. The below recoil increase corrects this.
        Vertical recoil increased from 0.3 to 0.31


        Projectile velocity increased from 580 to 620 to match this weapon’s longer range role.

      Gauss SAW S

        Faster equip rate, both base and when a forward grip is attached.


        Recoil recovery is being slowed down to match the general pattern of high-capacity, high-RPM (per damage class) LMGs having the lowest in class recoil recovery. This change makes the weapon more consistent with other LMGs.
        Recoil recovery slowed down from 13 to 12


        The opposite of the above. Recoil recovery is being improved to match this weapon’s lower rate of fire and longer range role.
        Recoil recovery is faster, from 12 to 13

      AF-4 Cyclone

        Small short reload adjustment to get this weapon’s damage over time output more aligned with the SMG standard. Increasing recoil because this weapon is performing too well at range.
        Short reload increased from 1.75 to 1.855
        Vertical recoil increased from 0.22 to 0.24
        Min horizontal recoil increased from 0.2 to 0.212
        Max horizontal recoil increased from 0.3 to 0.304

      LA8 Rebel

        Improving reload speeds to correct this weapon taking too large of a damage over time penalty.
        Short reload is faster, from 1.8 to 1.7 seconds
        Long reload is faster, from 1.5 to 1.4 seconds

      NC05 Jackhammer

        This weapon is outputting too much damage over time when using the faster firing single-shot mode. The below reload adjustments correct this.
        Short reload increased from 2.6 to 2.7 seconds
        Long reload increased from 3.65 to 3.7 seconds


      Cycler TRV

        The below recoil adjustments are a small increase to overall accuracy.
        Min horizontal recoil reduced from 0.275 to 0.272
        max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.3 to 0.295


        Projectile speed increased from 600 to 620 to match this weapon’s longer range role.

      T1B Cycler

        Increasing ammo to 42 so that the burst count matches up.

      T1S Cycler

        Short reload increased from 2.7 to 2.52 seconds to better align the damage over time output with the S-class weapon standard.


        Very small recoil adjustment and damage over time increase when using the short reload.
        Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.3 to 0.297
        Short reload is faster, from 3.0 to 2.97 seconds
        Fixed the weapon being held in a slightly different position in the single-shot hip-fire fire mode. Small adjustment to overall hip-fire held position so the weapon transitions to aimed mode smoother.

      TRAC-5 Burst

        Increasing ammo to 42 so that the burst count matches up.

      TRAC-5 S

        Short reload is faster, from 2.7 to 2.595 seconds to better align the damage over time output with the S-class weapon standard.

      LC3 Jaguar

        The below recoil adjustments are a small increase to overall accuracy
        Min horizontal recoil reduced from 0.245 to 0.243
        Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.275 to 0.273

      T9 CARV-S

        Reducing max horizontal recoil to better match the ROF tradeoff when compared to the base CARV.
        Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.225 to 0.2119
        Fixed the muzzle flash being different in burst and single-shot fire modes

      T32 Bull

        Short reload faster, from 3.195 seconds to 2.890 seconds
        Muzzle velocity increased from 600 to 670

      SMG-46 Armistice

        The below recoil adjustments are a small increase to overall accuracy
        Min horizontal recoil dropped from 0.35 to 0.347
        Max horizontal recoil dropped from 0.4 to 0.376
        Bullet speed increased from 360 to 370

      PDW-16 Hailstorm

        Max horizontal recoil dropped from 0.35 to 0.331
        Recoil recovery increased from 18 to 20. Now tied with the NS-7 PDW for best in class.
        Bullet speed increased from 335 to 360

      T7 Mini-Chaingun

        Small increase to starting (pre-spool) refire rate. The fully spooled up fire rate remains the same.
        This weapon now has a fixed cone of fire when using the aimed fire mode.
        The hip cone of fire is now capped at 3 (standard is 7).
        Added a Ballistic Rapid Refire Toggle attachment (Yes we know what you guys wanted...sorry!)
        The Ballistic Rapid Refire Toggle overclocks the Mini-Chaingun's motor drive, allowing it to both spin up faster and increasing its rate of fire.

      T2 Striker

        Max projectile speed increased from 100 meters per second to 125



        Lowering the muzzle velocity to match this weapon’s short-to-medium range role.
        Bullet velocity reduced from 590 to 570


        Increasing overall accuracy
        Bullet velocity increased from 630 to 670
        First shot recoil reduced from 2.5 to 2.0
        Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.225 to 0.22

      Corvus VA55

        Improving accuracy of the initial burst.
        First shot recoil reduced from 1.85 to 1.75

      Serpent VE92

        Like the NC’s GD-7F, this weapon had a lower total recoil magnitude than weapons with a slower rate of fire. The below recoil increase corrects this.
        Vertical recoil increased from 0.245 to 0.255
        First shot recoil increased from 2.75 to 3.0


        Lowering the muzzle velocity to match this weapon’s short-to-medium range role.
        Projectile velocity reduced from 615 to 570


        Lowering the recoil recovery to match this weapon being a more closer range LMG (0.75x move speed + better than average hipfire).
        Recoil recovery reduced from 13 to 12


        The below recoil adjustment improves accuracy.
        Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.1875 to 0.182

      Eridani SX5

        The below recoil adjustment improves accuracy.
        Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.4 to 0.392


        Improving reload speeds to correct this weapon taking too large of a damage over time penalty.
        Short reload is faster, from 2.1 to 2.0 seconds
        Long reload is faster, from 1.75 to 1.65 seconds
        Reduced suppressor muzzle velocity penalty to match this weapon having a lower than average base velocity

Coramed Labs Updated

Revamped Coramed Labs and surrounding area on Indar. Combat between Dahaka and Indar Excavation is much more enjoyable.


    Update to Reaver texture, empire colors, and camo patterns.
    Fixed Reaver viper fin skinning bug.
    Defend Missions will once again be created if enemy population is significant in a vulnerable facility. Defend missions once again require the enemy presence to be significantly reduced before the mission will end. (No more just making faces at each other through a spawn room shield).
    Capture status for the current facility will now always show when a player is in the facility area regardless of whether that facility is the player’s current mission.

Bugs Fixed

    Fixed various client and zone crashes
    You will no longer play the death animation in the spawn tube after respawning.
    Fixed various art and terrain issues on Indar, Amerish, and Esamir. Includes fixes to missing textures, gaps in terrain, missing or floating turrets on bases, holes you can get stuck in, rocks inside buildings, and even the replacement of entirely missing buildings.
    Fixed missiles fired from the AV Mana turret not being visible to other players. (No more free stealth tech).
    Decals will once again display correctly on the Harasser.
    Dalton and Zephyr now have different sound effects.
    Updated the Harasser turbo tooltip to be more accurate.
    Hornet missiles should no longer appear to come from the cockpit of the plane when fired in first person.
    Flashlights will no longer force players to hold the gun in the ready to fire position while sprinting.
    Infantry should no longer be able to move vehicles by jumping from underneath them. (You weren't really that strong.)
    Magazine now falls out of NS semi auto sniper on reload.
    Fixed various animation issues.
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Vendredi 11 avril 2014
Producer's Letter - Weekly Updates

Hi All,

I’m Ryan “Raxxyl” Wells, producer of PlanetSide 2. If you’ve watched the O:MFG series, you may have seen me a few times or heard me behind the camera during some of the late night antics around here. You also may have seen miscellaneous patch notes, forum posts, Reddit responses, etc. Anyhow, I’m here to briefly talk about one of our top community topics: Weekly Updates.

The short of it is that it’s a good concept that wasn’t always executed well. Our intention was to bring you something interesting and benefit the game each week, but it hasn’t been consistent and we’re going to make changes to fix that.

Most of you have probably noticed or heard that we didn’t put out a game update this week. That’s step one in doing this better: holding the update until it is ready. We sometimes take risks late in the development cycle trying to get a change up to Live to help improve the game. Most times, that works out, but once in a while, it doesn’t. It’s on us to decide if the update is ready or if that change can wait.

Next, we are going to do more concentrated updates, which will allow us to focus more time on getting them right. Sounds simple, I know, but it’s not always easy holding so many people back from trying to make the game better each day. This team loves the game and wants nothing more than to make it exceptional.

And of course, we are going to do more and better testing, which you can help with. PlanetSide 2 is a game of massive scale and it’s not easy to properly test everything without significant population. If you’ve got the time, drop by on our Public Test Server and help us test. Check out our Test Server patch notes, jump on and send us bugs via the in-game tool. Or check for scheduled play tests, which will happen more frequently now, and play with us. As we’ve mentioned before, each of the bugs submitted in-game are emailed directly to every one of our developers and QA folks where we review them and work on them as possible. It’s not as simple as fixing every single bug exactly when we get it, but we’re working on allocating more time to reviewing and bug fixing while we’re on Test Server. (Expect more info on this later, but we’re also working on a small reward program for folks that help us on Test Server.)

If you don’t have the time or interest in helping us test, that’s okay, we’d ask just one thing: support the game. If this game is as important to you as it is to us, support it in any way that you can. Tell your friends, bring them back, stream a play session, upgrade now, write a bug report, give RadarX a break, make a PS2 video, upgrade now, tweet @mhigby, show a newbie how to play, post on the forums, send us beer, etc. Have you upgraded yet?! All joking aside, we really can’t do this without you.

Thanks for your time and for sticking with us. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and dedication to PlanetSide 2 and I personally look forward to being with you all for years to come.

Ryan "Raxxyl" Wells

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Mercredi 2 avril 2014
Scheduled Maintenance April 2nd

All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes.The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

Major Issue Status - here

    Area de-synchronization (players entering and existing areas causing areas) fix
    64 bit client implemented

64-bit Client

    If you’re running a 64 bit operating system, you’ll be running with the 64 bit client. If you’re running a 32 bit operating system, you’ll be running with the 32 bit client. This should cut down on memory related client crashes. (If you are running a 16 bit processor, please put your original Super Nintendo back in the closet and load up PlanetSide 2).

New Items added to Depot!

    New non-Player Studio Camos are available for purchase Right Meow.
    A plethora of Player Studio items have been added to the release schedule. Coming soon: Lots more helmets, decals, and many of the camos that you’ve been pining for all these years. (By pine we mean of course strongly desire, not suffer a physical or mental decline. You should never grow that attached to your camo).

Missions Adjustments/Fixes

    Defend missions will temporarily no longer use enemy population as a condition to trigger or end the Defend mission. This is to fix an issue causing Defend missions to not end properly and resulted bogus missions. This should reduce the number of missions available and result in more stable and predictable mission behavior.
    Mission update delay when crossing region borders has been adjusted to reduce frequently changing missions. (This experiment with hardcore mode which provided "simulated conflicting orders" has proven unpopular. Message received!).

      Aircraft are 30 seconds (up from 20)
      Ground vehicles are 18 seconds (up from 10)
      Infantry are 10 seconds (up from 8)

    VO will now be played when a point is captured or lost at the mission’s facility.


    Instant action drop pods will now be limited to areas around bases on Indar and Esamir. This change was already made on Amerish. (Your chance of skillfully tearing through a Liberator has not been reduced).
    Optimized the art for the Reaver. (It's art. Don't try and understand why it's better. Just appreciate it like any civilized person should!).
    Update to Reaver texture, empire colors, and camo patterns.

Bugs Fixed

    Mouse clicks will close the death recap screen (You can now stop murdering your mouse button.)
    Fixed cases where reinforcement and instant action spawn points would not show up appropriately.
    Reaver fins should display empire color (small coverage) and camo.
    Adjusted the location on the model of the NS sniper rifle strap ring. (Don't ask where it was before).
    Fixed an issue where capture points could flip factions regardless of players being in the area. (To be very clear, we are not working on a Skynet type AI. It honestly no longer needs us.)
    Fixed an issue when ALT tabbing or mouse clicking out of the client, the mouse will still interact with the game
    Client crash fixed
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Vendredi 28 mars 2014
Des missions à remplir sur PlanetSide 2

La guerre se met en scène sur le MMOFPS PlanetSide 2. La dernière mise à jour introduit un système de mission sur le principe de l'attaque / défense.

Afin d'aiguiller les joueurs à travers les champs de bataille de PlanetSide 2, les développeurs de SOE proposent à la faveur de la dernière mise à jour des missions pour l'attaque et la défense des structures.

Ces missions proposées automatiquement viseront tous les sites à capturer en ce qui concerne l'attaque, et les sites vulnérables avec des ennemis sur place en ce qui concerne la défense. Les joueurs réunis en squad devront s'en remettre à leur chef d'équipe. Les joueurs à bord d'un véhicule seront notifiés de la mission avec un temps de retard pour laisser un peu d'avance aux joueurs à pied.

La mise à jour apporte également des changements au niveau de l'interface ainsi que pour l'écran de mort, en plus de plusieurs correctifs. Pour plus de détails, vous pouvez retrouver l'ensemble des modifications à cette adresse.


Mercredi 26 mars 2014
Scheduled Maintenance March 27th, 6 AM PT

All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes. The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

Members Only Double Experience Weekends!

As a thank you to our loyal members starting this week, double XP weekends once a month starting now! Thanks again, we couldn’t make this game without you guys!

Still in Progress


    Missions Phase 1

      Two types of Missions, which are automatically created by the system:

        Attack missions are always created at any capturable enemy facility.
        Defend missions will be created if there is significant enemy presence at a vulnerable friendly facility or a friendly facility is being contested. They will not end until that enemy presence has been removed and the facility is fully resecured. (The guy who keeps accidentally TKing you with C4 is not technically an enemy).

      Mission Assignment

        Missions are automatically created and assigned based on proximity to capturable/contested facilities. Players wishing a different mission can go to the region of choice and the appropriate mission will be automatically assigned.
        The closest mission to the player’s region by lattice-links is the primary selection logic, then action scoring if there is more than one. (If you didn't understand this, it's ok. It just means we are always going to point you in a direction that may get you killed.)
        Players in vehicles (especially aircraft) will experience delays in mission assignment as a convenience to avoid rapid re-assignment spam while travelling around a continent. (Your Outfit leader however may continue to yell conflicting orders more quickly.)

      Squads & Missions

        Players in a squad always inherit their squad leader’s mission. No action by the squad leader is necessary for this behavior.
        The rules for squad leader mission assignment are the same as players not in a squad.

      Mission Rewards

        Players in a squad that are in the area of their squad’s mission will receive a 15% experience bonus for staying together and participating in the squad’s mission. (Once again TKing the guy in the squad for improper C4 use does not get a bonus.)
        There is currently no reward for completing a mission for this phase of the system. (Completion is it's own reward. Right? Right?!?)

    UI Changes

      The Mission information panel is now above the Minimap in the HUD. This panel contains the target mission, distance, and direction.
      If the player is in the target facility area the direction and distance indicator is replaced by capture point status and progress.
      If the player’s target mission is on another continent the direction and distance is replaced by the continent name. (While it might be funny to just randomly point you in a direction and call it Amerish, this probably makes more sense.
      The Mission Waypoint will always direct players to the currently assigned facility mission.
      The Mission Waypoint will be hidden while the player is in the facility area of the target facility mission.

    Death Screen

      Minor modifications and polish to the layout.
      Personal Stats now appear on the Suicide screen. (We still don't advocate killing yourself. Nanites aren't free you know.
      Life stats now stay in the Session stats panel. Previously they were transitioning out to quickly to be perceived.
      Messaging has been added to let you know when you’re being revived while on the death screen. (Text may include "Seriously again? How many times is this?")


      Lowered the respawn time after redeploy from 15 to 5 seconds
      Increased presence of membership status to highlight those benefits.


      Removed SMS payment support.

    Bugs Fixed

      WDS Dominator titles should appear correctly for previous winners.
      Fixed laser sight attachments on the MKV Suppressed having grenade launcher attachment descriptions. (Supression of Grenade Launchers seemed interesting but not plausible.)
      Flashes should no longer have the wrong faction decal. (We get it. You don't want to be subtly brainwashed.)
      Multiple environment bugs fixed (special thanks to player DarkTexas for all the help on Test server)
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Mercredi 26 mars 2014
Major Live Issues for 3/26/2014

Hey all

In order to give some visibility to the top issues we're working on fixing we'll be posting a weekly thread with the issues we're tracking. We won't always have a fix as of the posting, and often we'll be asking for more info from you on these issues. These are the things we're hearing you guys say are broken, so they're where we're focusing our attention.

We are tracking the following major issues as of 3/26/2014.

Live issues

    Server Crash

      Description: Server crash fixed with hotfix on 3/27.
      Status: This is reverting a potential fix for our area issues, but we're already testing another fix for those and the crash on our internal servers.

    Hit Detection inconsistencies

      Description: We have tracked many of the recent issues with hit detection to anti-cheat validation on the server. This can be made worse by having a slower or unstable connection to the game server.
      Status: We're making some adjustments to the thresholds for the validations which will be going live over the next few days and continuing to monitor. Additionally, in the next few weeks we are going to put in some more information about the quality of your connection state so that you can be better informed when connection related errors are occurring.

    Multi-second hitch/freeze frame every 20 minutes

      Description: Some players have been experiencing a long pause that occurs exactly every 20 minutes. We have found the cause of this issue, it is also related to network connection, players with a worse connection to the game server will have a more severe hitch.
      Status: We have identified the problem and have a solution in progress. It will go live ASAP but no solid ETA at this time.

    Input latency (Mouse lag)

      Description: Players have reported latency in mouse input and issues with raw mouse input
      Status: Fix with implemented with 3/27 patch. Please give us feedback. (Side note -- We have a known issue with holding backspace not working. Working on a fix for that.)

    Area de-synchronization

      Description: Players entering and exiting areas in the game is currently error prone. This bug is the cause of a variety of issues like the vehicle invulnerability (where the game didn't think you left the warpgate), bases capturing with no players present, credit for capturing a base that you've left, etc.
      Status: We're testing a fix we hope to have in tonight's game update. If it works, and the issue is resolved, warpgate invulnerability will be subsequently reenabled.

    VOIP Inconsistency

      Description: in-game voice is a bit inconsistent, with players not being in the correct squad/platoon/outfit channels
      Status: We're aware of issues here, working on a resolution but no ETA at this time.

Common Crashes

    NVIDIA Graphics Driver Crash

      Description: Latest NVIDIA graphics drivers crash causing a black screen which lasts several seconds in game.
      Status: NVIDIA is working on fixing this crash in their driver, we recommend the 332.21 driver for now for maximum stability.

    Out Of Memory Crash

      Description: the client will crash at around 3gb of ram used, this commonly causes crashes on longer play sessions
      Status: 64-bit client will help if you have a 64-bit OS. This client isn't quite ready for live yet, but you can help get it there by hopping on Public Test and helping us hammer on it. Let us know what you think!

    Asset Management Crash

      Description: This is a fairly common crash that we're very close to fixing, it would feel like a random crash to desktop without any consistent reproduction.
      Status: Close to having a fix.
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Lundi 24 mars 2014
La chevauchée des Valkyries prochainement sur PlanetSide 2

Parmi les nouveautés dans les cartons de SOE pour le MMOFPS PlanetSide2, l'arrivée du véhicule Valkyrie laisse présager des attaques rapides en milieu hostile.

Le directeur créatif Matt Higby s'est fendu d'une vidéo pour présenter les nouveautés à venir sur PlanetSide2. Du contenu et de l'équilibrage sont actuellement en cours de développement du coté de Sony Online Entertainment.

Des missions, des armes et des implants feront leur apparition, alors qu'il s'agira d'équilibrer les armures et les ressources. Les médecins de combat peuvent attendre des changements encore à connaitre. Autre nouveauté, les joueurs de PlanetSide 2 pourront embarquer prochainement dans le Valkyrie, véhicule aérien léger conçu pour un petit équipage. Un pilote, un assistant contrôlant les tourelles et deux passagers iront semer le chaos dans les lignes ennemis.

La guerre d'envergure actuellement en cours sur PlanetSide 2 peut se rejoindre à partir de son site officiel.


Jeudi 20 mars 2014
Scheduled Server Maintenance March 21st

All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes. The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

Warpgate and VR training invulnerability temporarily turned off

    As a temporary fix for the invulnerability issue, we’re turning off the warpgate invulnerability. We are continuing to work on additional solutions, but in the meantime, be excellent to each other.


    The few remaining stragglers who couldn't take the class quiz on all their characters should have that ability now.
    Players who didn’t get cert point rewards when they earned medals should now have those certs upon login.


    Instant Action will deploy you in predefined spots per outpost.
    An updated map is now available. (Stopping and asking for directions is still strongly discouraged)
    Fixed Terrain bugs throughout Amerish. Notable:

      Fixed a hole at Sungrey (Who knew a hole could take down a MAX Unit? They just wobble and fall over.)
      Fixed occlusion issues at The NC Arsenal (If you aren't sure what occlusion is, we did not clear the NC Arsenals arteries).
      Removed all deprecated objects from Amerish (no more pink barrels) (If you are still seeing said barrels please discontinue whatever medication you've been issued).
      Fixed Flora issues at Westpass Watchtower
      Fixed floating rocks at Shrouded Skyway

    Added Vehicle spawn and ammo tower to Subterranean Nanite Analysis.
    Added another lift up to the bridge at Auraxis Firearms.
    Added a jump pad at Onatha Southwest Gate.
    Fixed many cosmetic bugs where objects were clipping, flora was indoors, there were terrain gaps, there were missing textures, and water wasn’t quite right.

Indar & Esamir

    Hex boundaries for regions on Indar have been updated.
    Hex boundaries for regions on Esamir have been updated.
    It is easier to attack The Crown from the North. Added a path up the hill for Sunderers, and a path up near the bridge to the West. (Note: The term "easier" is subjective and we do not guarantee a reduction in you being shot in the face)
    Gameplay improvements to the area around Hvar Tech plant, including changes to Quartz Ridge and Sandstone Gulch, as well as the Hvar Satellite outposts.


    Velocity Ammunition changes

      Velocity ammo now gives a more noticeable damage increase at range. The damage increase differs per weapon, but in general the minimum damage range has been increased by ~80% on carbines and ~40% on all other weapon types when compared to previous velocity ammo values.
      Fixed a bug where velocity ammo sometimes did not increase projectile speed on carbines.

    Suppressor attachment changes

      Reduced penalty to the minimum damage range when a suppressor is equipped on all primary weapons except SMGs. (Sorry SMGs you are silent but less deadly)

    Pistol-specific suppressor tuning changes

      NC LA8 Rebel: Reduced the maximum damage range penalty by 3.5 meters when a suppressor is equipped
      VS Cerberus: Reduced the maximum damage range penalty by 1 meter and the minimum damage range penalty by 10 meters when a suppressor is equipped
      Fixed the TX2 Emperor & TS2 Inquisitor sounding like NC weapons when suppressed. They now play TR-specific audio. (No more pew pew in your TS2)


    Head hit box increased slightly so that it better matches the larger helmets.
    Adjustments to arm hit boxes so that they're less likely to block the head during certain animations. (Seriously guys, it may be "economical" but putting your hands over your heads is not a replacement for good head gear).
    The pool for assist XP is now equal to the kill value. Ex. a 500 point Magrider that you do 50% damage to will award 250 points.
    The death screen now waits for the death animation to play before being displayed.

Bugs Fixed

    Light Assault Jump Jets will once again continue to function after using the Phoenix Rocket Launcher. (Apparently some of you believe Jump Jets are "required" and "not overrated" )
    Anyone who earned a WDS title should now see it in their title list.
    Improved camo coverage on several Sunderer bumpers and grills, Lightning cosmetic armor, Harasser cosmetic attachments, Prowler cosmetic armor, Mosquito fins, a Vanguard cosmetic armor piece, Liberator fins, a Galaxy fin, and the Magrider primary cannons.
    Fixed a bug with boost timers telling time incorrectly. (They've now repeated 1st Grade but still have trouble with division)
    Client crash fix.
    Client memory leak fix.
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Lundi 17 mars 2014
Scheduled Maintenance March 18th 6 AM PDT

Patch Notes

    Client crash fixes
    Fix for Auraxium weapon medals not giving the correct amount of certs
    Members only double XP event from March 28th through 30th. Starting this month, members will get a double XP event once a month!
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Vendredi 14 mars 2014
Server Maintenance March 14th 6 AM PT

Known Issues

    Our invulnerability fix didn't work as planned. Still working on it.
    The class quiz fix for all characters didn't work 100% -- working for most.

All servers will be unavailable beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET) for a small update to address a few outstanding technical issues. Players may note the following changes:

    A fix was made for a server crash some players were experiencing.
    All Characters should now be to take the Class Quiz now (No really we mean it!)
    A fix was made to prevent characters and vehicles from getting in an invulnerable state.
    Abilities which had become unavailable should now function normally. (We do appreciate your patience and creativity when you couldn't use small things like "jump jets")
    Grenades and consumables should no longer be consumed when switching loadouts (They were in your other pants).
    Improved the exit speed of client (Allowing at least a 100% faster rage quit)
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Jeudi 13 mars 2014
Scheduled Maintenance March 13th 6 AM

Major Known Issue Tracking

    Reports of an occasional bug where players are getting stuck on the death screen. For now, the only way to get through this is to close the client. Working on a fix.
    Looking into some reports where some characters cannot equip certed abilities. Looking into the cause and will put up a fix as soon as we can.
    Earned auraxium medals are not appearing correctly on the death screen.
    Server crash likely due to running with 64 bit servers. Working on some growing pains here. We'll get to the bottom of this soon.

Looking into these and will work on getting them turned around ASAP.

All servers will be unavailable beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET) for maintenance. Players may note the following changes:

The notes in italic parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

Death Screen Revamp

    The death screen has been redone to provide more information. The following can now be seen:
    A minimap displaying the killer’s relative position to yours. The killer’s position will only be revealed if the killer was previously spotted. In the case where the killer was not spotted, only the general direction of the killer will be shown. (Please note: You are still really dead)
    The killer’s and assister’s weapon attachments
    The killer’s and assister’s last completed medal for the weapon they killed you with (Feel free to congratulate them on their recent murder!)
    Your current progress towards your next medal and ribbon for your primary and secondary weapon
    Up to 3 upcoming medals
    Various session stats
    A graph and XP event feed that summarizes your last life (Which as a reminder has been terminated.)
    In the case where you did not register any significant XP events a helpful tip will be shown instead of a graph. (For veteran players this may include "You should attempt to die less" or "So to answer your question, yes, you were too close to that C4.")
    The death screen can now stay up indefinitely. You can press any key to continue to the deployment screen after a couple seconds, however.

Liberator Update

    New Liberator Nose Gun: L24R Spur

      The L24R Spur is equipped with specialized optics that allows the pilot to adjust the weapons aim rather than be fixed forward. (Settle down Maverick. You still need to stay with your wingman.)

    New tail gun: Hyena Missile Launcher

      Hyena Missiles are compact, short range missiles that are dumb-fired, but will lock-on to enemy aircraft if they get close enough and inflict light damage.

    New Belly Gun: D-75 Duster

      The D-75 Duster is equipped with dual 75mm cannons that fire HE shells. While able to quickly unload its magazine of ten shells, each shot decreases targeting accuracy unless given time to recover. This allows the D-75 to feather accurate shots, or unload the magazine and bombard a wider area. (Let the trigger happiness commence!)

    Tail Gun Improvements

      The liberator tail gun has been adjusted to give it increased firing angles. It can now rotate 180 degrees but is forced to aim down when facing towards the front of the Liberator. This gives it some additional coverage to the bottom and sides of the Liberator.

    Liberator Composite Armor

      Composite armor now increases resistance to HEAT rounds, AP rounds and light anti-vehicle rounds (Zepher & Bulldog). We are also upping the lower ranks against flak. (Would you believe us if we said it was just dense aluminum foil?)

        Flak resistance changed from (4/6/8/10) to (7/8/9/10) each rank
        HEAT and AP round resistance added (15/20/25/30) each rank
        Dalton Blast Damage resistance added (35/40/45/50) each rank
        Light Tank Rounds resistance added (10/15/20/25) each rank

    C150 Dalton

      Inner radius blast damage decreased from 1000 damage to 700 damage.
      In cases where this causes an increase in direct hits required to kill a target, the resistance to this damage was adjusted so that it remains the same. Except for Liberators, Liberators will now be set on fire after two direct Dalton hits instead of destroyed. (It's still not ok your Liberator is on fire).


      The fall off damage on the Vektor is being adjusted so it is not as steep and its reload certification is being improved.

        Minimum damage increased from 150 damage to 225
        Reload Speed Certification is now -0.2 seconds per rank up from -0.12 seconds (Because some of you are going to notice this...)

    A30/G30 Walker

      We are increasing damage done within 125 meters and upping the minimum damage slightly. Between 125 and 400 meters the weapon will be near identical to the previous version.

        Maximum damage increased from 115 to 130
        Max damage range decreased from 175 meters to 50 meters
        Minimum damage increased from 75 to 85
        Minimum fall off range decreased from 500 meters to 400 meters

    G40-F Ranger

      Weapon is underperforming, receiving the following adjustments (Much like Rudolph, the other weapons don't like it but you'll need it one day)
      Magazine size increased from 32 rounds to 70 rounds
      Flak damage increased from to 38 damage to 45 damage (Flak from your squad for not killing that aircraft has also been reduced by 20%)

    Liberator Belly Gun Adjustments

      The “dead zone” when pointing the weapon straight down has been reduced by 5 degrees.

Misc Balance Adjustments

    Liberator Racer Airframe

      Increased cruising speed: Previously it was ~7 KPH per rank for a total of 20 KPH at max rank. It has been increased to ~11 KPH per rank for a total of ~35 KPH at max rank.

    Liberator Stealth (and Galaxy)

      The lock-on time increase for Liberator and Galaxy stealth certifications has increased from 0.25 seconds per rank to 0.375 seconds.

    Liberator Afterburner

      Initial fuel cost (the additional fuel cost consumed when activating the afterburner) reduced to 25% of the tanks capacity down from 33% (What can we say? We are going greener with our afterburners).
      Reduced the amount of fuel consumed per second.

        Previously a full burn was around 1.5 seconds
        Now a full burn is around 3 seconds

Shared Vehicle XP

    Experience for kills are now shared amongst the entire crew of a vehicle, this includes all gunners and passengers (but passengers receive a smaller amount).
    Experience for assists are now shared amongst the entire crew of a vehicle, excluding passengers. This amount is usually less than the amount awarded for the actual assist. (Passngers may still continue to peer out the windows in terror at incoming fire).


    Station Cash prices have been added to Infantry Weapon optics.


    The “Light anti-tank resistance” has been adjusted on several vehicles. “Light anti-tank” includes L105 Zepher, M40 Fury, M60 Bulldog and Underbarrel Grenade Launchers.

      Liberator resistance to light anti-tank increased from 0% to 35%
      Galaxy resistance to light anti-tank increased from 25% to 50%
      Lightning resistance to light anti-tank decreased from 40% to 30%

    This change reduces some extreme damage these weapons were able to do against Liberators and Galaxies. While on the other side the Lightning was too resilient against this type of damage, able to withstand as much punishment as a MBT could.

      Liberators are receiving a few base line resistance increases against heavy hitting damage types.
      Liberator base resistance to Armor Piercing Rounds increased from -20% to 10%
      Liberator base resistance to HEAT rounds damage increased from -33% to 10%.
      Liberator resistance to non lock-on rocket launchers (decimator & default launchers) increased from -87.5% to -70%

    The above changes cause

      Two Dalton rounds to now put a Liberator in burning state rather than outright destroy it.
      Armor piercing tank shells will do less damage per hit, but will still kill in the same amount of hits (except for the lightning AP, which will take one more hit).
      HEAT rounds require one more shot than their AP counterparts (except for lightning HEAT, which will critical instead).
      Decimators will no longer two shot Liberators, instead two shots will place it in critical damage.

    Maintained lock weapons (A2A missiles and Striker) can now maintain an already established lock against aircraft 300 meters beyond the maximum acquire range (400 meters).
    Reduced head collision size to lower the amount of unearned headshots (Seriously guys, taking off someones ear isn't really a headshot).
    The motion sensor now can be resupplied from engi ammo packs and now auto-swaps to a weapon after deployment.
    Fixed Phantom VA23 having the incorrect iron sight transition time. It is now at the same faster speed as the other two empires.
    The Class Quiz can now be completed on each of your characters. (Free stuff for all!)
    Coyote Missiles have been updated with new reticule.
    Camo can now be applied to heal and repair tools. (If you hold that repair tool really still against the turret they might not see you!)
    Laid some groundwork for future Flash tuning improvements. These changes should be imperceivable in this update.
    Temporarily using an external web browser for CS support and some purchase flows.

Bugs Fixed

    VO callouts will now play all the time instead of randomly stopping.
    AF-8 RailJack forward grip is no longer errantly available in the VR training room.
    On Amerish at The Scarf Reliquary, now has a pain field present in the spawn room.
    Platoon leaders can once again kick out players from the drop menu on the platoon screen.
    Tank turrets will have camo applied.
    Fixed an issue where the minimap compass was off by 45 degrees. (What? 87.5% directional accuracy isn't good enough for you in the future?)
    Fixed an issue where the aiming of vehicle weapons would be off if you switched seats.
    Garage shields will now be the correct color from all distances.
    Weapons and helmets will now cloak correctly at very close ranges.
    Head selections will no longer disappear in character create.
    Loadout dropdown menu on the deploy screen will no longer overlap the deploy button.
    MANA Anti-Vehicle Turret now has a more appropriate icon in the stats page.
    Medics should no longer call out to allies when they throw a heal or revive grenade. (You are going to have to take credit for your accomplishments on your own).
    Players should no longer call out when repairing their own vehicle from the rumble seat. (Look, nobody was impressed ok?)
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Vendredi 7 mars 2014
Correspondant de guerre, de la propagande sur PlanetSide 2

La série "Correspondant de guerre" nous plonge en vidéo au coeur des combats sur le MMOFPS PlanetSide 2.

Le correspondant de guerre Robert Stoneman est chargé de relater la situation sur Auraxis, lointaine planète en proie à un conflit perpétuel. Son reportage nous place au coeur des combats, littéralement dans la peau des combattants. Si le sigle MMOFPS est souvent utilisé, PlanetSide 2 est l'un des rares pouvant se targuer de le mériter, comme l'illustre cette vidéo rondement menée.


Mardi 4 mars 2014
Scheduled Maintenance March 5th, 2014

Notable edit

    Reduced verts on various scopes to increase performance. (We swear this is not us telling you that you need scopes because your aim is poor).
We did not reduce the cert cost on scopes. Art did a pass to reduce Verts (for performance reasons); the results should not even be noticeable in the end product, as they were superfluous.

All PlanetSide 2 servers will be unavailable beginning at 6:00 AM (3:00 PM CET) for a brief update.

The notes in parentheses are additional information from your Community Manager and may not be representative of the intent of it's preceding patch note.

Camo Grant

In an effort to make amends to those affected by an incomplete fix to the missing camo patterns, we are granting the players who went one week without their camos a specific free camo item. This grant will occur later on Wednesday, March 5th. This camo is exclusive to those players for the time being and eventually be purchasable by everyone in the Depot. In the meantime, please enjoy your exclusive camo and thank you from the whole team for your patience while we sorted this complex operation out.

Player Studio Items

    Blast Shield Cockpit Glass
    Flying Menace Cockpit Glass
    Scheduled items for the month – you’ll see them in Coming Soon!

Depot Items

    Galaxy intakes are back in the Depot... for real this time! (No intakes back).

Nano-Armor Cloak Balance

    The Infiltrator Nano-Armor cloak cert line has been adjusted so that it isn't as penalizing at the lower ranks when compared to the Hunter and Stalker cloaks.

      Cloak duration for ranks 1-4 have has been increased by 0.5 seconds each
      Rank 1 cloak regeneration from empty is now 13 seconds, down from the previous value of 15 seconds. All cert ranks now increase the regen rate by 0.5 seconds
      The final rank of the Nano-Armor cert line remains the same as before

    The Nano-Armor cloak now resists direct hits from the below in addition to infantry small arms. (This does not prevent any mocking you may receive from taking direct hits).

      Aircraft machine guns (ESF nose guns)
      Armor Piercing Chain Guns (Tank Buster, Shedder)
      Anti-aircraft machine guns
      Flak direct hits
      Vehicle secondary machine guns

    Nano-Armor Cloak no longer stacks with Nanoweave armor (Seriously that stuff is heavy. How did you even walk with it?)

Bug Fixes

    Fixed certain attachments on the NS-30 Vandal having incorrect cert costs. They are now consistent with the other weapons.

      1x and 2x reflex sight lowered to 30 certs
      Forward grip and and flashlight increased to 100 certs

    Heavy Assault Resist Shield and Nanoweave now properly resist Aircraft Machine Gun resist type. (We don't encourage you attempting to draw aircraft machine gun fire).
    Spotting your own engineer turret will no longer offer it ammo. (You really wanted a prize for pointing out your own turret?)
    Galaxy intakes will now tint appropriately for your empire when a camo is applied.
    Your dead body will now always be a skull and crossbones icon on the map. (You are still not a pirate ok? Stop yelling Avast! at the rest of your squad).
    You can once again preview weapons in the Depot as just weapon without your pesky character model being in the way.
    The icon for the zebra camo is now a better representation of the camo’s pattern. (In case you didn't know what a Zebra looked like).
    Reduced verts on various scopes to increase performance.
    Minimap compass heading is now accurate
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Mercredi 26 février 2014
Scheduled Maintenance February 27th, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

PlanetSide 2 will be unavailable beginning at 6:00 AM for a game update.

Patch Notes

    Known Issues

      A small percentage of players didn't have their camos successfully converted. We identified the issue and it will be resolved during a short downtime on Friday, 2/28.

    EU Server Issue

      Adjustment to the way logins are processed which should reduce the long login issue and instability. (We’re not done working on this issue, but it’s another important step.


      Starting the game now puts you in the deploy screen instead of at the warpgate
      Players can now select to spawn at a reinforcement point on another continent if there are no open reinforcement points on their current continent.
      The closest spawn point to the squad leader is now available across zones

    Revive Timer

      Player corpses now have a 30 second decay timer. If the dead player is not revived before this timer then their corpse will be removed from the world and that player is no longer reviveable.
      Successful revives now have a player-facing 10 second accept/decline timer. If this timer reaches zero then the revive is declined and that player's corpse is removed from the world.
      Medics will now see the revive icon blinking as feedback when an ally player’s corpse decay timer is getting short.

    Camo Consolidation

      Camos for weapons, vehicles, and armor have been consolidated into one item.
      All players who have purchased a camo in the past will now be able to equip that camo in all slots (if applicable; a small amount of camos have faction, vehicle, or weapon restrictions)
      Single Use camos are not included in this change.

    Class Quiz and Starter Loadouts

      A class quiz has been added to help new players figure out which class to try first. Completing the quiz gives a reward for the class selected. All players can take the quiz when logging in to a warpgate.
      Each class now begins the game with two unlocked loadout slots. These loadouts have been geared to expose each classes roles.
      Existing players will have receive the additional loadout and any new items added to starter gear as part of the new loadouts

    Sniper Rifles

      New faction unique sniper rifles!

        NC AF-8 RailJack

          Cutting edge railgun tech found in Auraxis' Firearms Railjack sniper rifle allows for lightning-fast bullet velocities. Distant targets are dropped almost instantly following a split-second charge-up delay from its powerful superconductor.

        TR TRAP-M1

          Multiple firing modes on the TRAP-M1 give it incredible flexibility on the field. In addition to standard semi-auto fire, it utilizes a 2x burst mode for accurate long-range kills, with an additional higher RPM 3x burst mode for closer targets.

        VS Phaseshift VX-S

          Equipped with an experimental regenerating power core, the Phaseshift VX-S can be fired indefinitely with proper trigger discipline, or held down to fire a powerful overcharge shot. Reloading the core will cool down an overheated Phaseshift.

      New common pool Nanite Systems scout rifle

        NS-30 Vandal

          Thanks to its lightweight frame and stabilized barrel, the NS-30 Vandal scout rifle features accurate fire and superior mobility while aimed, making it a common choice for aggressive, mid-range infiltration.

    VO Packs and VO Improvements

      VO Packs can now be purchased and the new voice can be selected on the profile screen. Voice packs are specific to faction and gender.
      Added occasional, contextual, automatic voice callouts:

        Tossing grenade
        Target-specific kill callouts (infantry, MAX, sunderer, etc)
        Friendly fire warning


    Un-owned boosts can now be viewed and purchased from the boost equip screen
    Icons for each player’s class are now displayed on the passenger list
    UI cleanup to the notifications menu
    Horn audio can now be previewed.
    The minimap/objective area of the HUD has been rearranged in anticipation of the Missions system
    Sunderer No Deploy zones added to the Light Bridges at Heyoka Chemical Lab. They block deployment regardless of faction.
    Nighttime on Amerish shortened and brightened. Now similar to other continents.
    Redistributed infantry and areospace resources in regions around the southern warpgate on Amerish.


The NC Gauss SPR & Impetus, TR 99SV & KSR-35, VS VA39 Spectre & Phantom VA23 semi-auto sniper rifles have been improved to allow faster follow-up shots. They are also receiving an increase to damage at range and damage over time.

    Recoil recovers faster, from 5 to 6
    Cone of fire bloom per shot improved from 1.0 per shot to 0.8 per shot
    Min damage improved from 334 at 75 meters to 334 at 85 meters
    Long reload is now faster, from 3.3 to 2.975 seconds
    Short reload is now faster, from 2.22 to 2.125 seconds
    Hip cone of fire improved: min = 5.5, max = 6.5
    In addition to the above, the NC Gauss SPR, TR 99SV, VS VA39 Spectre have had an additional recoil reduction. Vertical recoil reduced from 1.3 to 1.2 per shot.

    TR 99SV & TSAR-42

      Adjusted weapon position in hip so that they block less of the screen and have a smoother transition into scoped mode

    TR KSR-35 & VS Phantom VA23

      Now transition to iron sights faster

    Semi-Auto Scout Rifles have received a damage over time increase when emptying the magazine. This includes the NC AF-6 Shadow, TR HSR-1, and VS Nyx VX31

      Reload is now faster, from 2.76 to 2.4 seconds
      Ammunition capacity increased from 12/72 to 12/84
      Increased NC AF-6 Shadow and TR HSR-1 muzzle velocity to 570 m/s
      Corrected VS Nyx VX31 muzzle velocity being set too high. It is now at 540 m/s as listed in the 02/13 patch notes

    Battle rifle muzzle velocity is now faster

      NC Warden & TR AMR-66 projectile velocity increased from 500 to 600
      VS Eidolon VE33 projectile velocity increased from 500 to 570

    NC AF-18 Stalker, TR SOAS-20, VS Artemis VX26

      These no longer use sniper tracers or flyby audio. They now use carbine style tracers.

Bug Fixes

    Engagement Radar will now track enemies that are no longer on the minimap
    Fixed reinforcement spawn points and instant action not working correctly on Amerish
    You should no longer be able to fall between the terrain and building structure at Split Peak Pass
    Fixed issues at Ikanam Garrison with spawning underground and broken teleporters
    Fixed issues at Ikanam Biolab where the airpad wouldn’t resupply and the jump pads were jacked.
    Fixed the gravity pads and missing collision at Mekala Cart Mining
    Removed some pesky pink barrels at Deep Core Geolab
    Fixed an issue where single use camos could not be unequipped
    Fixed a bug where the option to resupply or equip frag grenades is removed once the player runs out of their purchased amount
    Fixed confirmation window having the wrong text when unlocking crossbow bolt attachments
    Fixed standard spawn locations being incorrect when death happens while out of bounds
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Mercredi 19 février 2014
Server Downtime for Patch February 20, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Patch Notes

    Amerish Revamp

      Implemented the Lattice system
      Performance pass
      Separated the Facility Satellites into independent outposts
      Added 9 brand new outposts!
      Updated, polished and/or reconstructed every outpost on the continent
      Added the multi-cap point Amp Station at Sungrey
      Improved roads throughout the map for easier travel
      Updated resource rewards to maintain resource clusters on the updated Amerish continent
      Increased major facility resource rewards on Amerish from 30 to 50

Bug Fixes

    The Hunter QCX crossbow can now be trialed
    Fixed audio not playing when reloading an empty Hunter QCX crossbow
    Corrected the look of the Stargazer when camo is applied
    Fixed an issue where the damage from flying over an enemy's spawn room would sometimes persist
    Camos should now apply to all vehicle cosmetic attachments
    All bolt action sniper rifles will now play the reload animation when they are empty
    Client crash fix
    Server optimization


    All Infiltrator cloaks now become less visible at a faster rate after sprinting. This is especially noticeable when transitioning from sprinting to crouching.
    Hunter QCX normal bolt damage adjustments

      Minimum damage range increased from 30 to 35 meters
      Maximum damage range increased from 50 to 60 meters
      This makes the bolt a consistent 2 shot kill against full nanoweave targets for up to 40 meters

    Hunter QCX explosive bolt damage adjustments

      Min damage range increased from 20 to 30 meters
      Max damage range increased from 40 to 50 meters
      This makes the bolt a consistent 8 shots to kill against stock MAX units for up to 40 meters


    Purging old characters
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Jeudi 13 février 2014
Server Downtime for Hotfix February 14, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

    Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
    Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours

      Fix for squad boost effect being interrupted by respawn
      Secondary cert grant to catch some All Access members who did not get caught in yesterday's grant for missing bonus certs
Posté par Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

Mercredi 12 février 2014
Server Downtime for Patch February 13, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Patch Notes


      The lost bonus membership certs have been restored. The individual amounts vary from player to player, depending on the amount lost. The grant includes an extra percentage as a thank you for your patience while we sorted this issue out.
      The lost individual WDS points have been restored. To make this as fair as possible, we moved everyone to one point below the next tier reward, which is a significant bump of extra points for most folks. Thanks for participating, and we appreciate all the great feedback on this event.


        New Tool: Motion Spotter

          When placed, the motion spotter spots all nearby moving enemy players on the mini-map

        New Ability: Stalker Cloak

          Stalker cloak does not drain energy as long as the infiltrator remains stationary, allowing the cloak to last indefinitely. However, stalker cloak prevents the use of the infiltrators primary weapon and regenerates slower than the hunter cloak.

        New Suit Slot: Adrenaline Pump

          Increases the Infiltrator's sprint speed while equipped

        New Armor Choices: Gold and Lumifiber
        New Weapon: MKV Suppressed

          The MKV has an integrated suppressor that prevents the user from showing on the minimap when firing. It features superior bullet velocity and long range stopping power compared to SMGs using optional aftermarket suppressors.

        New Weapon: Hunter QCX

          The powerful Hunter QCX Quad-Cam crossbow is a lightweight sidearm, capable of silently taking out targets up to medium range with deadly precise bolts. Has two unique rail attachments.

            Explosive Bolt: Replaces the default bolt with an explosive tipped variant that does light damage to MAX units and other enemy armor
            Recon Bolt: Replaces the default bolt with a low damage variant that includes a sensor device. The sensor can detect enemy movement within a limited range

        Cloak Improvements

          Reduced the cloak visibility when moving in all states except for sprinting. Sprinting retains the same visibility setting as before
          Cloak visibility will now transition faster when changing from one movement state to another

            For example, cloaked players will now reach the lower visibility state faster after they stop moving

          Fixed a bug that that was sometimes preventing the cloak visibility state from updating correctly

            For example, crouching will now always enter the crouch state. No more having to move slightly to reach the lowest visibility setting.

        EMP grenades will now destroy the below enemy explosives and deployables. This destroy effect will even work through cover.

          Tank Mines
          Personal Mines
          Placed Motion Spot tools
          Detect Tool sensors (this includes crossbow bolts)
          Spawn Beacons

      Darklight Flashlights

        All Flashlight weapon attachments have been converted into Darklight Flashlights.

          The rail mounted Darklight Flashlight can illuminate hostile cloaked infiltrators and dark areas but the light can give away your position. The light can be turned on and off with the Toggle Attachment hotkey
          Cloaked Infiltrators will see their first person arms change color if they’re being illuminated by darklight as feedback

      Squad Boosts

        They've returned to the Depot and have been improved.
        The self-buff portion of squad xp boosts is now 50%, up from 30%
        All squad xp boosts now buff the squad's xp gain by 5% per boost, up from 3%.
        Activating squad boosts will notify squad members that one has been activated.
        All Alpha Squad and Heroic Boosts now buff squad xp gains by 5%, including those already equipped.

      Valentine's Day *Update: We had an issue with the bundles and camos. They will return to the store soon(TM =P).

        For a limited time you can purchase pink and black/pink variants of the Hunter QCX. Getting kills with each special V-Day weapon will unlock a unique title.
        See the Depot for a selection of themed items and check out the Cheap Date and Unwanted Advance Bundles for the best value.

      Amp Stations

        Layout adjustments to Zurvan and Dahaka
        Adjusted Dahaka to provide more cover in the vehicle bay.
        Adjusted Zurvan walls to provide more visual awareness inside the base.

      WDS Preseason

        Changed scoring values based on Preseason Feedback

          Small Outpost:

            Capture / Hold value scales 2 -> 8
            Defend value scales 3 -> 25

          Large Outposts

            Capture, Hold, and Defend value scales 4 -> 16

          Bio Labs
            Capture Hold & Defend value scales 8 -> 32

          Tech Plants & Amp Stations

            Capture / Hold value scales 8 ->32
            Defend Value scales 12 -> 50

          Bio labs and large outposts have a smaller defend scaling simply because they have 3+ points and they are easy to cheese and get a lot of extra defense points out of it. So we lowered the value on these so the entire event doesn't boil down to cheesing these two facility types.


    Tank mines are now smaller

    Coyote Missiles

      Inner Radius Blast Range reduced from 1 meter to 0.35 meters
      Inner Radius Blast Damage reduced from 334 damage to 200 damage
      Decoy Flares will now prevent Coyote missiles from locking on

    Hornet Missiles

      Projectile Speed increased from 100 meters a second to 125 meters a second

    Tomcat Missiles

      You can now switch weapons once the missile is in flight and still maintain lock

    Antares LC projectile speed increased from 700 to 800 (matching the Saron)
    M20 Kestrel projectile speed increased from 650 to 750 (matching the M20 Mustang)
    M18 Locust projectile speed increased from 650 to 750 (matching the Needler)
    ESF Racer frames have had their cruising speed bonus increased.

      Reaver/Scythe Rank 3 now grants around +35 KPH up from +20 KPH
      Mosquito Rank 3 now grants around +30 KPH up from +10 KPH

    Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: Increased direct hit damage from 750 to 800. This was mainly to give a slight damage increase against MAX units and armor
    Pump-action shotguns are no longer stuck in iron sights during the chamber animation
    Semi-auto Scout Rifles: NC Shadow, TR HSR-1, VS Nyx

      Increased min damage from 250 to 280
      Projectile velocity increased from 500 to 550 on NC and TR, from 500 to 540 on VS (lower because of no drop)


    Audio pass on Rocket Launchers. They should be heard at further distances and more distinct.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a case where locked on projectiles would ignore terrain
    Explosives will now blow up deployables and other explosives
    Fixed a bug that was often causing explosives to do partial damage. Explosion damage will now be more consistent across the board
    Fixed healing grenades not functioning at all
    Fixed an issue where the medic tool's heal beam would be invisible
    Reload audio for the T9 Carv and T9 Carv-S will now be synced with the animation
    Fixed issue where sometimes there were two liberator icons when previewing vehicle items
    The NC14 Bolt Driver's Rail slot options are properly available as certifications again
    Fixed an issue where notifications would sometimes persist
    Fixed a case where vehicle debris would do too much damage to other vehicles
    Fixed misspellings on External Fuel Tank certifications
    Fixed tooltip error in scout radar descriptions
    Fixed an issue where the reload HUD timer didn't match the weapon's animation in the centralized HUD mode
    The effect for the Heavy Assault resist shield will stay on for the entire duration of the ability
    Fixed fire animation sometimes freezing on burst weapons
    Visual tracers will no longer go through collision
    Can now obtain Auraxium Medal on the M9 SKEP Launcher. NOTE: Kills earned before this fix do not count towards progress
    Fixed issue where some platinum weapon variants (NS-15MP, NS-11CP and NS-357P Underboss) did not award ribbons
    Fixed some invalid attachments showing up for Coyote Missiles in VR zone
    Fixed the NS-44P Commissioner (platinum variant) having less ammo than the other Commissioner variants
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Jeudi 6 février 2014
World Domination Series - The Battle Begins

The PlanetSide 2 World Domination Series (PS2WDS) Preseason 2 event starts TODAY with new rules, scoring and rewards. Check out our PS2WDS Page to keep up with all things PS2WDS! The event ends February 28th, 2014, so what are you waiting for? Jump in-game to attain your Supply Caches and help your empire be victorious for Week One!!

Also, don't forget to tune in Friday nights at Twitch.TV/PlanetSide2 from 5:00 - 7:00 PM PT for a Friday Night Ops filled with PS2WDS goodness! Community Manager Margaret Krohn will be joined by Game Designers Adam Clegg, Taylor Dowell and David Bennett who will be representing each faction and spreading their empire love!

Posté par Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

Jeudi 6 février 2014
Love & Bullets are in the Air

Even in a world filled with war, Cupid couldn't resist putting some hearts on the line for Valentine's Day. Here's a sneak peek at some of the items he's got lined up for you, Auraxians!

Which combination will you be adorning your soldiers and vehicles with, whilst skillfully shooting bullets at your enemy?

Empire Specific - Love Decal

Empire Specific - Loyal Hearts

Empire Specific - Tarnished Hearts

NS Broken Hearts

NS Esamir Hearts

NS Indar Hearts

NS Amerish Hearts

Heart Hood Ornament

Cupid Horns for the Flash, Harasser and Sunderer

Valnetine's Day Crossbows

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Mercredi 5 février 2014
Server Downtime for Hotfix February 6, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)


    Zone crash involving vehicles

      We’re still working on another known zone crash as well

    Removed an incorrect entry in the cert tree that would cause players to lose 1,000 certs if selected

      Lost certs will be refunded in the scheduled update next week

    Potential fix for a small amount of players who are missing certain particle effects
Posté par Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

Mardi 4 février 2014
Server Downtime for Patch February 5, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Patch Notes

    Known Issues

      We are not performing our cert reimbursement for this update and will definitely be doing it for next week’s update. Unfortunately, we need to postpone this in order to work around our issue with character loading that occurs on patch days.
      The patch day character load issue should be resolved before next week’s update but shouldn’t happen in this week’s update due to the above workaround.
      We’re still working on a fix for a server crash that happens occasionally


      New Sunderer cosmetics available in the Depot
      Galaxy cosmetics are available in the Depot
      New Player Studio items released every week!


      Optimization pass for Liberator and its attachments (texture reduction pass)
      Optimization pass for Lightning and its attachments

    Vivox Voice Chat Upgrade

      Improved audio quality
      Reduced CPU usage on client
      Reduced audio latency

    Bug Fixes

      Healing and Repairing Service Ribbons should now function again
      Fixed a client crash that would occur when closing a Twitch stream
      Fixed an issue that could cause blank member and daily sales
      Fixed an issue where the Prowler appears to be firing three rounds at range, but is only firing one
      Fixed M20 Basilisk-F not animating when firing.
      Fixed an issue with faction colors not showing up on vehicles at long range
      Fix for overlapping turrets at Freyr
Posté par Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

Lundi 3 février 2014
World Domination Series - New Rules. New Scoring. New Rewards.

After the first World Domination Preseason, we took all of your feedback and made some major changes to the rules, scoring and rewards. Today, we're happy to announce the start of PlanetSide 2 World Domination Preseason 2 on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 12:00 AM PT!! Check out the changes below and prepare for war, Auraxians!

Scoring & Rule Adjustments

    Disabled Difficulty and Top Dog multipliers. This means scores will be far more consistent and predictable throughout the day, and contributions have equal value regardless of time of day or continent population.
    The time between hold points being awarded to the empire has been reduced to 30 minutes (from 60).
    Point values for capture, defense and hold now increase the longer a region is held and resets when the region is captured.

      The value increases occur every 30 minutes the facility is held.
      Max value is attained after the facility has been held for 6 hours. After 6 hours, hold scores will still be awarded every thirty minutes, but the values will not increase any further.
      There’s now a “time held’ field in the region info panel which records how long your empire has held a particular facility.
      Point values still differ based on outpost type. It is configured such that overall value of a Large Outpost is twice that of a Small Outpost, and a Major Facility is twice that of a large outpost. Major facilities are worth significantly more points to capture, hold and actively defend.

    Defending a region now awards WDS points.

      The defend value is shown instead of the capture value on the region info panel if your empire owns the region.
      Defend value is lower than capture value due to frequency of captures compared to defenses. Overall these values are calibrated to be roughly equal in total contribution to empire score, with captures being slightly higher.

    Hold value remains as an empire-only scoring mechanism and comprises roughly two thirds of an empire’s total score.

The purpose of these adjustments is to provide more value to holding and defending territory and more value to taking territory that has been held for a long time. This also opens up a lot more strategic options for players wishing to maximize their personal contribution, the point earning of their empire, or those trying to set back another empire.

Outpost Scoring Values

Values listed are Starting Value / MaxValue after 6 hours.

    Small Outpost

      Capture 3/25
      Defend / Hold 2/8

    Large Outpost

      Capture 6/50
      Defend / Hold 4/16

    Major Facility

      Capture 12/100
      Defend / Hold 8/32

Warpgate Balance

By removing difficulty, we have also removed population adjustment, and we want to explain why we have not replaced it as population was a big concern for players. We have been collecting scoring data over the last several weeks using these updated scoring rules so as to create a baseline and calibrate the scoring values. It was also used to calibrate any population adjustments if required. Across all servers and factions, the data showed no significant skew as a result of population. However, it did show a very significant skew based on warpgate position across empires and servers. So at this time, we do not have a population adjustment and we're instead focused on balancing out the only significant source of scoring bias supported by our data.

We have used this calibration data to create three sets of warpgate positions such that each set of warpgates has close to the same point earning power per day. There are six permutations of these positions between the three empires, and over the course of the season each of those permutations will be active for a week.

    Each position is set such that the sum of all point earnings across all continents for the empire with that position through normal non-WDS play is roughly equal to the other positions.
    The positions will rotate through each permutation automatically at teh start of each week. (Weeks start Friday at 12AM.)
    This rotation does not require downtime and players will receive several warnings prior to a rotation. Players in the warpgate during the rotation will be taken to the respawn screen.
    Only the warpgates are being rotated; territories owned at the time of the rotation will be unaffected.

Server-Specific Rewards

    Weekly and Season reward distribution will now be dependent on the individual server’s WDS scores

      Ex: If TR had the highest score on Connery, but VS had the highest score worldwide, TR on Connery would still receive the weekly reward.

    Worldwide scores will still be tracked and displayed on the website, but will no longer have rewards tied to them.
    Each player of the winning empire for the week will receive a 3 Day Experience Boost
    Each player of the winning empire for the season will receive an exclusive decal and the temporary title of “Dominator” (which lasts until a new season winner is crowned)
    Both the Weekly and Season Scores and Rewards will be displayed on the [Tab] Screen.

Weekly Personal Rewards and Contribution

    Players now earn contribution points by participating in the defense or capture of a base
    The amount of contribution points a player receives is equal to the amounts of WDS points their empire receives (i.e. the points that are displayed on the map region panel).
    The total amount of contribution points a player earns during a week will qualify the player for weekly personal rewards
    There are 3 tiers of weekly personal rewards
  Tier 1 is awarded at 200 contribution points
  Tier 2 is awarded at 800 contribution points
  Tier 3 is awarded at 2000 contribution points
    Each contribution tier rewards the player with a Supply Cache, which contains one of many items (ex: camos, boosts, weapons, etc)
    Higher tier Supply Caches will both contain more valuable items and have a higher chance of having a more valuable item in them
    Each personal reward will be distributed immediately after meeting the qualification
    Players can earn multiple weekly personal rewards provided they meet the qualifications of each one
    Player contribution progress will be displayed on the [Tab] Screen.

Originally posted:

Posté par Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

Mercredi 29 janvier 2014
Server Downtime for Patch January 30, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

    Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
    Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours (staggered unlock – hopefully for the last time)

Patch Notes

    Known Issues

      We’ve enhanced logging to detect the membership certification benefit issue. We hope to find it quickly and have an update out soon. For all those missing certs, we’ll be reimbursing and throwing a little something extra on top.
      Long login times on patch days. We’re close to a couple fixes on this, but don’t have anything quite yet.

    Squad Vehicle Spawning

      In an effort to encourage squad cohesiveness and increase available spawn options we are adding the ability to spawn in squad owned transport vehicles.
      Vehicle spawning is limited to Galaxies and Sunderers that are occupied and owned by a squad member.
      The Sunderer AMS no longer requires an item to be equipped in order to function. Once the certification is purchased, it is always available. This frees up the Utility slot on the Sunderer for other items.
      Squad Vehicle Spawn Bonus Reward: Vehicle owners receive 10 XP when squadmates spawns in their Sunderer or Galaxy, which matches the current squad spawn beacon XP reward


      Moved Ally and Enemy filters into a new section called “Heat Maps”
      Added WDS capture and defend point heat maps to help identify the point-rich regions
      Refined lattice line art


      Deploy Kill Bonus: Vehicle owners now receive 50 XP per kill, up from 5 XP, when passengers exit the vehicle and kill enemy players
      Automated Warpgate rotations are now scheduled. The first one is THIS FRIDAY!
      We've done a lot of backend work to support WDS, so keep an eye out for another pre-season
      Squad deploy and instant action timers now trigger independently

    Bug Fixes

      HUD indicators for ally aircraft will once again only be displayed if they are in line of sight
      Fixed an issue that sometimes caused spawn points in contested areas to not display on the deployment map
      Removed "capture" and "hold" text from shield generator HUD icons
      Fixed an issue that sometimes caused loadout tooltips to not display
      Removed incorrect green hue to some layers of the Reaper helmet to make it consistent with other TR helms.
      Shield generator HUD icons will read Overload or Destroy again.
      Kill notifications are now able to display longer names without truncation

    Performance and Tech

      Reduced VO quality by a notch to improve client memory usage
      Server performance optimization
      Client crash fixes
      Zone crash fixes
Posté par Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

Samedi 25 janvier 2014
New AMP Station Changes!

As you may or may not know, we actively track combat data flow. We want to know where players are in the world of Auraxis and what they are doing. We want you to experience massive fights from a defender’s standpoint and an offender’s perspective because we can all agree, being in combat is fun!

While looking through our data regarding AMP Stations, we found that the Freyr AMP Station layout provided players with a more sustained fight – where attackers and defenders were fighting up to the last seconds over the capture points instead of waiting around for the base to be captured.

Using the above information along with other data, we decided to make the following changes to test out how they affect the battle flow:

    1. Zurvan AMP Station Changes

      For this base, we took the Freyr AMP Station layout, placed it where the old Zurvan AMP Station was and cleaned up the area.

    2. Dahaka AMP Station Changes

      With this base, we wanted to test out a hybrid AMP Station that takes some great aspects of the classic (older version) of the base and swapped the SCU (Spawn Control Unit) and spawn rooms. We then cleaned up the base to make it work with one capture point and one spawn location.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new changes, so please hop in game and test them out! What do you like or dislike about the changes? Help us make Auraxis a better place by providing us with your feedback on our Official PlanetSide 2 Forums. You can also Tweet us or send us a message on FaceBook.

We also highly recommend that you check out Friday Night Ops. On Episode 55 and Episode 56, Adam Clegg joined us to build a new base in PlanetSide 2 on Amerish, Kevin Moyer hopped in to discuss the new ESF Update and Xander Clauss stopped by to chat with the community about the new AMP Station and Amerish changes! We hope that you enjoy the show and continue to watch our future shows!

Good hunting, soldiers!

Posté par Margaret "Luperza" Krohn

Jeudi 23 janvier 2014
Client Hotfix

Now live!

    Fixed some placeholder world objects on Amerish
    Fix for Liberator composite armor not attaching correctly
    Addressed a client crash
Posté par Luperza

Mercredi 22 janvier 2014
Server Downtime for Patch January 23, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Updated with downtime

Downtime ETA
Up to 3 hours (for staggered world unlock to minimize load issues)

    We're aware of issues with members not getting the appropriate amount of bonus certs. We are working on resolving the issue. We have logging for all the instances of lost certs and will be performing a grant once the problem is resolved.
    Performance: Addressed an issue with particle effects that caused a performance decrease.

    Amp Stations

      Zurvan has been updated to a Freyr style Amp Station.
      Dahaka is a hybrid with elements from both the Freyr layout and the stock amp station.


      Hornet Missiles
      Outer Blast Radius reduced from 5 meters to 4 meters
      Inner Blast Radius reduced from 0.5 meters to 0.35 meters.
      Direct hit damage increased from 1500 to 1800
      Coyote Missiles
      RPM increased from 200 to 400.
      Projectile acceleration increased from 2 meters a second to 10 meters a second.

    Bug Fixes

      Ground/Air lock-on message no longer looks like a key prompt
      Fixed collision issues with some rocks on Esamir
      You should no longer be able to get stuck under the stairs at Scarred Mesa Skydock
      Fixes to various minor collision and geometry issues
Posté par d_carey

Vendredi 17 janvier 2014
Client Hotfix

Now Live!

Log out and back in to get the client fix.

    Fix for tanks being unable to rotate in place
    Fix for many vehicle attachments that were displaying the wrong faction
    Fix for issues preventing Sunderer and Prowlers from undeploying
Posté par Raxxyl

Mercredi 15 janvier 2014
Server Downtime for ESF Update January 16, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours (for staggered world unlock to minimize load issues)

Empire Specific Fighter (ESF) Update


      New nose cannon for each faction

        TR M18 Locust
        NC M20 Kestrel
        VS Antares LC

          These weapons feature a larger magazine that reduces how often they need to be reloaded. This allows for fewer missed opportunities when engaging fast moving targets.

      New wing mount weapons for all ESFs

        Coyote Missiles

          Coyote missiles fire a volley of small, light damaging missiles. If they get close to a hostile aircraft then they will lock-on and seek towards that aircraft.

        Hornet Missiles

          These laser-guided missiles will fly toward the pilot’s crosshairs.

      New Certification Lines

        Engagement Radar

          Engagement Radar is a low cost certification that goes into the Utility slot. It provides pilots with increased situational awareness against other aircraft by displaying indicators over nearby enemy aircraft. This indicator will also clamp to the edge of the screen if the target goes off screen, showing the pilot which direction to go if they want to give chase.

        External Afterburner Fuel Tanks

          Afterburner Fuel Tanks now have a certification line. Ranking up fuel tanks increases both fuel capacity and fuel replenishment rate.

      Changes to existing ESF weapons and certification lines

        Tomcat Missiles

          Air-to-air missiles now require the lock to be maintained (the pilot needs to keeps the target in their crosshairs until the missile hits). If the target leaves the crosshairs for too long then the lock will be lost.
          Added a lock-on loss angle to missiles in flight. If a locked missile finds that its target is more than 145 degree turn away then the lock will be lost.
          The max travel distance of fired rockets has been reduced from 1250 to 1000 meters
          Lock-on acquire time reduced from 2.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds
          Default ammo capacity increased from 5 to 6. Ammo resupply now gives 2 missiles per tick.

        Stock Afterburners

          Stock fuel replenishment rate reduced by 15%. This means it takes about 1 second longer to replenish from 0 to full.
          The cost of engaging the afterburner when in hover mode has been increased. This fuel cost is only applied once, when the afterburner button is hit. This consumes 0.5 seconds worth of fuel.

        Scout Radar

          Scout radars will now give detect experience to the vehicle driver

        ESF Fire Suppression

          Increased the amount of damage repaired by fire suppression on ESFs. Increased from 3/6/9/12% to 6/12/20/25%
          Note: This change does not apply to the Fire Suppression cert line on the other vehicles


    Added following resist types to Heavy Assault Resist Shield:

      Vehicle Grenades
      Vehicle Shotguns
      VS Vortex AV: C3
      VS Vortex AV: C2
      Liberator Indirect Damage
      Lancer AV
      Anti Aircraft Machine Gun
      Flak Projectile

    Infantry Flak Armor now resists Lancer and charged Vortex damage.
    VS shotgun slug velocity now matches the velocity of the other two factions.


    Updated the Bundle item preview buttons on the selected item and bundle purchase screens to make it more obvious that they are buttons that lead to preview.
    Heroic Boosts are now permanently available in the Boost section of the Depot.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed instances of flashing in the Amerish sky file on some graphics settings
    Fixed an issue with Squad Filters filtering by page, causing misleading results
    Stationary and deployed vehicles will no longer slide when on inclined surfaces
    Fixed an issue where HUD timers for primary and secondary objectives stop updating when you open a UI screen
    VS MAX bodies should no longer turn about 90 degrees when crouched
    Underbarrel grenade launchers reload animation now lines up with the weapon
    Fixed missing reload animation for NS-7 PDW
    The bolt action animation for VS sniper rifles should no longer block the player's view
    Adjusted position of misplaced tank guards in Ellis Amp Station
    Jump pad at Mani Fortress jump you to the Biolab onto the jump pad back to Mani Fortress
    Closed up some collision issues in Biolabs allowing Light Assaults to attack from unattended areas
    You should no longer be able to get under The Rink's collision
    When another player is talking in voice chat the indicator that displays at the bottom of the screen will no longer overlap your weapons info in the Centralized HUD
    The heat gauge and name of the turret are no longer overlapping each other in centralized HUD mode
    Fixed issue where AMS Sunderers were not animating when being deployed
    Fixed issue where some VS MAX projectiles were missing lights and sounds
    Adjusted NC Sunderer and Harasser colors
    Fixed the lock-on reduction buff (given by vehicle stealth) sometimes being lost when the vehicle comes from outside of awareness range
    Fixed pop after firing a SMG while aimed
    Jumping will pull character out of iron sights
    Fixed FOV being stretched in certain resolutions. It is now back to how it was before Performance Update 2
    Added a Wide View Mode option under graphics settings. This option auto-adjusts the FOV to fit wider resolutions.
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Mercredi 8 janvier 2014
Server Downtime for Patch January 9, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours (for staggered world unlock to minimize load issues)

Patch Notes

    Server crash fixes
    Rotated warpgates counter-clockwise
    Disabling the holiday event
    Fixed for some wrist contortion of the left hand on primary weapons
    Fixed moused sensitivity changing when immediately entering ADS (fixes “hitch” when entering iron sights)
    Fix for some missing stairs in the Tutorial
    Fixed sound effects for vehicles in critical states
    Fix for laser sight attachment being offset on NC Blitz GD-10<
    AI MANA turret fire mode description corrected
    Pulsar VS1 and Equinox red dot 1x sights should now be vertically aligned
    Three new Player Studio helmets per empire are now available in the Depot!
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