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Lundi 30 septembre 2013
Week 2 - WDS Pre-season Rewards Granted

Salutation Auraxians!

Week two's winner is the Terran Republic! All players who participated on the winning empire for week two of the PlanetSide 2 World Domination Series Pre-season event have been granted a 3 Day 50% XP Boost. You had to have logged onto your TR character between September 23th- 29th, 2013. This is a one-time use Boost item that you can use on any of your characters. Be sure to equip it on the character you want to use it on!

You can find your Boosts here after you accept the notification on the character you want the boost on:

Enjoy your reward, soldiers!

Catch up on last week's PlanetSide 2 World Domination Streams with your developer representatives!

You can catch this week's streams by joining us on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4PM - 5PM PDT!

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Lundi 30 septembre 2013
Quick Optimization Update

Hey all

We've made some really great optimization progress in the last few weeks across several different areas of the game. Overall we're running faster across all our hardware test cases, in some cases with up to a 30% increase in framerate, and we're not even done yet. We know everyone here is anxious for news so we wanted to share some tentative dates of when we expect to have some of these efforts released to you guys.

Our current schedule has us completing the changes for our first major optimization patch on October 9th, as soon as possible after that we'll be patching things up to our Public Test server where we'll be running a few events and focus tests to make sure things are stable and performance increases are being realized. Assuming that our testing goes well our hope is to deploy the first major optimization patch on October 23rd.

As usual I have to caveat that dates can be slippery, and while we'll make every effort to adhere to these dates, with engineering changes of the complexity and magnitude of those being undertaken by the team right now things can go wrong.

We will be posting a followup thread to talk about some of the specific changes we've made and results we've seen from them so far, but we wanted to get the news on the dates out to you all as quickly as we could!

I also wanted to thank each of you for your patience while we've made these changes. We know the delays to content additions has been tough, but, based on the results we're seeing internally already we think you will all agree that it has been well worth the wait.

See you on Auraxis!

Matthew Higby, Creative Director - Planetside 2

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Jeudi 26 septembre 2013
Server Downtime for Hotfix September 27, 2013 6AM PDT (3PM CEST)

All servers will come down for maintenance at 6:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CEST) for a hotfix.

    Downtime Start: 6 AM
    Downtime ETA: 90 minutes

Players can expect the following changes:


    Warpgate rotation

Bug Fixes

    Fix for instant action taking players to unpopulated facilities
    Fix for flares occasionally not breaking lock-on
    Soft point ammunition no longer unequips after logout when equipped on the following weapons: AF-4G Cyclone, SMG-46G Armistice, Eridani SX5G
    Bad spawn point at Zurvan Auxiliary removed
    Fixed exploit where shooting a mine, but not detonating it, would grant kill credit to the person who shot it, not the person who deployed it.

      Detonating a mine will still grant credit to the person who caused it to blow up by shooting it or using a grenade/rocket.


    ESF Lumifiber Trim

      Now available in new colors.

    Chrome ESF Fins

      Because everything is better in chrome.

    Coming Soon in Depot

      Harasser Bumpers

        Five bumpers available in original, gold, chrome and pink flavor.

    Sunderer Lights

      If you’ve ever lost your Sunderer somewhere in the dark, these lights are for you. Batteries included.

    Sunderer Grills

      You are unique and special, and so is your Sunderer. At least, it is with one of these new grills.
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Mardi 24 septembre 2013
Hiding in Plain Sight - Are You Using Camo Correctly

Camouflage has many uses on Auraxis, from displaying the proud colors of your Empire to helping you stay hidden. Choosing the right camo for the job is an important skill for any soldier, so here are a few tips to help you get it right: 


      Disguising your Sunderer as a rock with Indar Canyons v.2.


      Trying to pass off your Sunderer as a really fat Zebra.


      Developing a signature style with camo and decals; everyone in your Outfit knows you on sight.


      Showing up to a formal base takeover wearing the exact same thing as your best friend. How embarrassing! 


      Matching your armor to your gun. Customization is key.


      Stripe with Mongo Spots. Did you resupply in the dark this morning? 


      Arctic-toned camo on Esamir: Esamir Ice, Esamir Snow, and Rocky Tundra all work well.


      Palm camo on Esamir.  (Pro tip: If you see a “palm tree” growing out of the snow, open fire.)


      Outfitting your Galaxy with the sweet new Flame Camo.


      Pranking your squad by screaming: “WE’RE ON FIRE, BAIL OUT!” as you fly over enemy territory.

All-out global warfare is no excuse to look boring!  Visit the in-game depot today for the latest camo, helmets, and vehicle accessories to make sure you stand out from the pack. 

For more helpful hints and all the latest intel from Planetside2, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Enlist today and play for free at!


Lundi 23 septembre 2013
Week 1 - WDS Pre-season Rewards Granted

Salutation Auraxians!

Week one's winner is the Terran Republic! All players who participated on the winning empire for week one of the PlanetSide 2 World Domination Series Pre-season event have been granted a 3 Day 100% XP Boost. You had to have logged onto your TR character between September 16th- 23rd, 2013. This is a one-time use Boost item that you can use on any of your characters. Be sure to equip it on the character you want to use it on!

You can find your Boosts here after you accept the notification on the character you want the boost on:

Enjoy your reward, soldiers!

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Mardi 17 septembre 2013
Dome Domination - How to Capture a Bio Lab

From a distance, the massive domed Bio Lab facilities that loom over Auraxis look calm. But the second your boots hit the landing pad, you’ll quickly learn why veteran players often refer to bio lab fights as “meat grinders”: lots of soldiers with big guns in a small, enclosed space. In other words, really fun!  Holding a Bio Lab also grants your Empire passive health regeneration, making it a useful acquisition.  Want to take control of one of your own?  Read on: 

Step 1: Secure the surrounding territories.

The Lattice Link system on Esamir and Indar means that your Empire must have at least one direct line to the Bio Lab in order to capture it. 

Step 2: Get up there. 

Since the capture points are within the closed dome of the Bio Lab and inaccessible to armor and aircraft, infantry soldiers should be the main bulk of your forces. There are several ways to get inside the dome, and the most effective assaults generally use a combination of tactics:

    Gravity lifts

      These beams of light are located directly beneath the aircraft pads on the ground level of the bio lab. Yellow beams take you up, and purple beams bring you down. Use with caution; it’s not uncommon to find an entire enemy squad waiting for you at the top with guns drawn.

    Jump pads

      These glowing circular platforms can be found in outlying buildings and will launch you into the air at high speeds. Like the elevator beams, they drop you on the aircraft platform of the lab, so be ready to fire.


      Teleporters are located in outlying buildings and territories near a Bio Lab; for example, the Allatum Bio Lab on Indar has teleporters in the Allatum Broadcast Hub, Allatum Research Lab, and the Allatum Botany Wing. Going through the portal will take you directly to your empire’s spawn room inside the bio lab.  Convenient!

Step 3: Capture the points.

You made it in – get ready for a fight.

    Move together

      It’s easy to get separated in the confusion of the bio lab fight, but one soldier alone is an easy target. Fall in with a group to push objectives.


      Can’t take point A? Go for C instead. Or try both at the same time to keep your enemies guessing.

    Guard what you take

      Leave at least two people at every point to pick off scouts and call for reinforcements. You fought hard for it, so make sure you keep it. 

Step 4: Kick ‘em out.

Too many defenders? Tip the odds in your favor by getting rid of their spawn point.

    Take out the shield generator

      This is located in one of the bio lab’s main buildings. If you can overload it and keep anyone from repairing it, the generator will explode when the timer runs out, leaving the Spawn Control Unit defenseless.

    Overload the SCU

      Once it goes out, the faction that currently holds the base will lose their bio lab spawn room. 

Step 5: Victory! 

Regroup, resupply, and enjoy that sweet, sweet health regeneration. 


Vendredi 13 septembre 2013
Client Update September 13, 2013

We've just released a client update. No downtime is expected. Players may note the following changes:

Patch Notes

    Fix for warpgate shields disappearing (without the crash!)
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Jeudi 12 septembre 2013
Client Update September 12, 2013

We've just released a client update. No downtime is expected, but you will need to re-log if you are currently in the game. Players may note the following changes:

Patch Notes

    Fixed a bug that was causing major crash issues
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Mercredi 11 Septembre 2013
Server Downtime for Hotfix September 12, 2013 6AM PDT (3PM CEST)

All servers will come down for maintenance at 6:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CEST) for a hotfix.

    Downtime Start: 6 AM
    Downtime ETA: 90 minutes

Players can expect the following changes:

Patch Notes

    Recon drone removed from Infiltrator cert tree (we’ll be granting certs back to folks after the fix is live)
    Ping column on server select now correctly named and sorted
    Platoon member distance readings should not display an error
    Fixed miscolored Lumifiber on Magirder
    Removed some errant test domes from Amerish
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Mercredi 11 septembre 2013
Client Update September 11, 2013

We've just released a client update. No downtime is expected, but you will need to re-log if you are currently in the game. Players may note the following changes:

    AOE damage fixed
    Fixed the comically large particle effect on the Magrider PPA
    Fixed an issue where some objects weren't despawning correctly – vehicle debris, grenades, mines, etc.
    Lock-on notifications should behave properly again
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Mardi 10 septembre 2013
Server Downtime for Hotfix September 11, 2013 6AM PDT (3PM CEST)

All servers will come down for maintenance at 6:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CEST) for a hotfix. This is a pre-performance patch to clear up some of the major pieces that were done or very close to done when we started the performance initiate. Enjoy!

    Downtime Start: 6 AM
    Downtime ETA: 90 minutes


    New Player Studio items!

Alert modifications

    Continent-specific facility capture alerts have been modified. They will now trigger much less often and their duration and final reward have been cut in half.

Spawn priority changes

    The squad reinforcement spawn list now deprioritizes regions where your side has a population advantage
    Instant action has been modified so that it more often places people into active fights

Savior XP

    Added a bonus experience reward for killing an enemy player who recently severely damaged, but did not kill, a friendly player

Physics and Projectile Improvements

    Fix for guided rockets not traveling the correct path on other clients
    Fix for projectiles not rendering when shot out of render distance (looking at you AV MANA turret)
    Fixed Striker missiles flying through terrain and buildings and still hitting targets
    Victims of the Phoenix missile should no longer see the projectile adjust course quickly within 10m and then detonate
    Air to Air rockets won’t look like they’re bouncing back and forth to remote clients


    Made ammo pack indicators smaller
    Server ping column added to server select
    Changed ammo counter font
    We’ve officially cleared out all the weapons and attachments from the Certification screen. Locked weapons and their attachments can now be previewed and compared in the loadout screen.
    We now show the “Lock-On” display while in third person
    Added another “Other” cosmetic slot for the Sunderer
    Added a display for Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) to air vehicles

Bug Fixes

    Fixed issue where turrets and terminals would be instantly hacked or unrepairable
    Added a fix to prevent AOE damage hitting players inside IFF shields from certain angles
    Fix for scope sway persisting into optics that aren’t intended to have any
    Addressed large amounts of interpenetration in the spawn room at Andvari Frozen Reservoir that could cause players to get stuck in spawn tubes
    Fixed a bug that caused Thermal or NV to persist when switching from the gunner seat to the driver seat in the Harasser
    Fixed missing gate shield generators at Freyr Amp Station
    Fixed the M12 Kobalt’s thermal optics so they don’t reset/fade in during each reload
    Sunderer exhaust stacks should now display properly for players in first person that are seated in the passenger seat
    Fixed a bug that allowed you to attempt to redeploy with the hotkey from the character select screen
    Fixed missing reload audio for the Lasher X2
    Fixed some alignment issues on the 3rd person Mosquito HUD
    Pilots can no longer utilize free-look to lock on to targets
    Rhino hubcaps now granted account-wide
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Mardi 10 septembre 2013
Operation - Make Faster Game

Operation: Make Faster Game (OMFG)
Getting Our FPS Higher FPS

Hey folks,

It’s been a while since my last optimization post, so want to make sure you know that we’re going to be posting a lot more often than we have been.

Why haven’t you done all this already?

We’ve spent the better part of two years with PlanetSide 2 measuring and reviewing the elements of the game which are slow. When we’ve found things we could fix quickly, we did. When we found general optimizations that didn’t have much of a risk to them, we worked on them. But mostly, given that we were a live game since the opening of the PS2 Tech Test, we kept our optimizations as “safe” as possible. Optimizing often involves reorganizing code that has already been through rigorous testing, and that means as we move it around we can….Bust something…No matter how hard we try not to. Many optimizations that we found just required far too much “soak time” to be feasible at that stage of the project.

Why are you doing this now?

PlanetSide 2 has reached the point in its development where we think the core game is THERE. Designers have a vast array of options from here on out to create content, artists have at least a minimum set of tools for creating art, the UI works well and is understandable, we have an actual tutorial (no more “Welcome to the game! *POW*!”), and players around the world are able to find PlanetSide 2 and play it in their native language as available.

We have reached an opportune time, and recognizing this, Smed stepped up and said, “Fix it, now.” We all have wanted to get the time necessary to do some of these bigger changes, and do them right. Smed also recognizes fully that no matter how much work the design department or art department puts into making the game shine, it simply isn’t as fun of an FPS experience at a low frame rate.

With this proclamation, all of our teams have been given the freedom to fix things that take significant time to fix. What you’re going to get at the end of this is a serious, noticeable increase in frame rate, PLUS some ancillary benefits that are capable as a result of some of these architectural advances. Every single member of the team, no joke, is actively looking for and implementing ways to make the game faster so we can deliver a better gameplay experience to you.

Alright enough appetizer, gimme some meat!

I’m going to introduce you to some fairly technical terms. If you’re Vanu, you can skip this disclaimer and you probably know it all anyway. TR, if you don’t understand something ask your C.O. If you still don’t understand, you’re probably a Heavy…don’t worry about it… If you’re an NC, all this is probably just some plot by the man to keep you down. Just read it anyway.


This game has physics scenes that are unrivaled in their complexity. While a normal game may have upwards of a hundred different shapes bouncing around and solving for their collision, we sometimes have scenes with over a thousand shapes, or more! Those huge tank battles really do a number on the physics solver!

So OMFG will see us spending significant time restructuring the complexity of our physics solved in a way we call “Adaptive Level of Detail.” What this means is that we will be lowering the amount of work the simulator does, based on frame rate and distance to object. Basically, we give the physics simulation less to do by taking things that are a distance away from you and making them simulate less.

“But wait Ryan!”, you say to yourself, which is a funny thing to say to yourself, “Won’t lowering the simulation quality result in a crappy simulation!? I love PlanetSide 2’s awesome physics and would never want to see any harm done to it! PlanetSide 2’s physics are the best ever!” Well, now you’re getting a bit too…Okay…I’ll accept that compliment. To answer your question, though, we simply don’t know.

Some of the things we’re doing are experimental. We have great ideas from some of the best in the biz on how to solve our performance problems, however coding is 60% science and 60% art. Some of the tasks I’m talking to you about today are still in their early stages, and may not make it into the final game as described, or at all!

With Adaptive Level of Detail, we hope to emulate the frames we don’t simulate, “smoothing” out any simulation errors that may occur, but it is going to take a lot of work and caffeine to make it, then even more to determine if it is good enough. As far as effect on frame rate, it won’t have much of one unless you have 4 or less cores, but it will have a HUGE impact on physics “hitches” and anyone with 2-4 cores will see potentially massive increases in frame rate when in a big battle.

Overhead Manager

Right now, when you’re in that Big Battle, we spend a lot of time drawing those little triangles (we call them Doritos, but get no product endorsement money…Can you believe that?) above people’s heads. They don’t look like much, but there is a complicated system under the hood to make sure we show them even though their owner may not be visible to you, and don’t show them when we shouldn’t and heck tons of other rules. We’ve seen real improvements from re-factoring that entire system to be more efficient and change only what’s necessary, when necessary. We’re also re-factoring its rendering code so it will be much faster as well.

Player Updates

The more players you have around you, the more time your game client spends updating the information about those players. Be it sounds they’re playing, bullets they’re firing, stats that are changing, etc. Your client spends an amount of time per dynamic entity making sure the things that are dynamic get dynamic-ed. In an effort to make this more efficient, we are only going to update a number of them per frame and we are going to be smarter about whether or not they need a full update. In early testing, this has resulted in less than 10% of all dynamic entities actually NEEDING to be updated though right now 100% of them get their update. Needless to say, in large battles this will be nice to have.

Animation Updates

PlanetSide 2 has a really robust animation system, with every tech animation buzz word you can think of (except for ragdoll…Yeah…Why isn’t ragdoll done yet? Seriously!?) We animate a lot more stuff than most games out there, through some very complex state networks. For our animation optimizations, we’re looking at ways to process fewer animations per frame and when they do process, have less complexity per process to iterate through while producing the same high quality result. This is tough work done through collaboration between the art and code teams, but we’re confident we will get a good result here.

User Interface

Our user interface is incredibly complex. It may look simple (on purpose….It’s actually a heck of a lot MORE work to make something look simple!) but there are many tens of thousands of lines of code running all the time to keep that data fresh. However, now that we’ve had over a year to manage its functionality, we see areas where we can reduce the per-frame overhead and have it to give you the same data, but cost less to do so. We are actively optimizing the minimap and hud to reduce per-frame time to as little as 10% of what it currently is.

Furthermore, we are upgrading our UI middleware to its latest version, which includes optimizations that further decrease the time UI takes to draw.

Also, we are decoupling the part of the UI that manages the data, manages the on-screen movie, and renders the movie into three sections- each of which can run in a different thread. This decoupling also allows us to run each piece at a different rate, so they don’t all have to update every frame.

Occlusion / Visibility

PlanetSide 2 has a huge world. 64 km^2 filled with over a hundred thousand objects and thousands of players per continent! Each combination of mesh (the polygons that make up an object) and texture (the things we paint onto the mesh) has to be individually described in detail to your video card and then rendered. So how do we render hundreds of thousands of things per frame? By NOT doing it! Easy, eh?! Instead we first split the continent up in a whole bunch of ways and then use 10 man-years’ worth of code to determine what subset of those things you can actually see. This is Visibility. We also want to avoid rendering something that is behind something else, be it a “dynamic” object (like a person or bullet, something that changes) or “static” object (something that doesn’t change, like a building or Higby’s opinion). This is Occlusion.

We use a third-party code source called Umbra to do most of our Visibility/Occlusion. As part of OMFG, we are upgrading our Umbra to the latest version, which also requires a significant re-factor of how our visibility pathway works, changing several factors of our core client and tools. This is going to reduce the time spent per-frame on visibility by a sizeable amount, which means that the more complex your scene (like, for example, a base where there are thousands of objects) the more benefit you will get. We are also putting our visibility fully in another thread, so those of you with multicore systems (most of you) will see added benefit, and AMD users will see a pretty significant benefit from the parallelization of visibility operations.

Multithreaded Renderer

Many elements of PlanetSide 2 are already in separate threads, but each of those threads often have to be in lock-step with the main thread and the renderer. So we are taking the part of the renderer that actually talks to DirectX and we’re putting it into its own thread just like the UI renderer. This will give the main thread less to do per-frame, further increasing the frame rate for those with 4 or more cores.

More Instrumentation

We are working on adding even more tuning dials and nobs for ourselves, giving us even more power to see what’s happening in these big battles and where we should tune next.

I’m also excited about our ongoing efforts to create a Benchmark Level. Old-school “run through a rail and compute your frame rate” here. SOE believes in empowering its users like nobody else, and this is another example. We’re going to be giving you the ability to actually measure your frame rate in a static environment so you can, with every patch, have a one-button “How am I doing?” solver. You fly around a scene, while we compute all sorts of metrics on fill rates, object update times, UI times, and hundreds more…Then, at the end,you can see a score,discuss it and WE get that score as well, along with your hardware setup. Being able to have a static scene custom-purposed to find performance problems is HUGE. No more, “Well I got X frame rate at a bar in Indar on a Tuesday while it was raining.” Now you’ll be able to say, “Last week I got a score of 8300, but this week IT’S OVER 9000!!!!”

In closing

We’re going to keep talking about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. These optimizations DO improve everyone’s life, not just the low-end machines. They are significant increases in performance that will change your gameplay for the better.

You are a part of this. Questions welcome.

Ryan Elam - Tech Director PS2

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Mardi 10 septembre 2013
Choose Your Empire Quiz!

The battle for Auraxis rages on, and it’s time for you to enlist and join the fight! Choosing one’s Empire should not be taken lightly; it’s important to ally yourself with a faction that understands your personal values. Fortunately, the research team at Nanite Systems has developed this simple questionnaire to help you discover where you belong:

How would you describe your wardrobe?

    A.  Sleek: Spandex is the fabric of the future, after all.
    B.  Casual: Cargo pants everywhere!
    C. Utilitarian: Just the basics, impeccably organized.

When you weren’t in class, where did you spend most of your time in school?

    A. Science Club.  Experiments FTW.
    B. Detention.  The teachers weren’t amused by my protests for longer recess.
    C. Volunteer Hall Monitor. Nobody was brave enough to cut class on my watch.  Bonus: fancy badge!

If you won the lottery, you would:

    A. Charter a private spaceflight.  Why should astronauts have all the fun?
    B. Throw a house party of epic proportions.  (The house may or may not be standing when it’s over.) 
    C.  Buy a tank.  Just for fun.  What, like you’ve never thought about it?

What sound should a gun make?

    A. *PEW PEW*
    B: *BOOM*

It’s movie night! Which genre are you drawn to?

    A.  Sci-Fi, especially movies featuring alien abductions.  Some people have all the luck!
    B. Action.  The more explosions, the better!
    C. Historical propaganda films. We can learn a lot from our ancestors' methods.

Your dream car is:

    A. An exotic import: the faster, the better!
    B. A pickup truck: Don’t need anything fancy, just something that works.
    C. A Humvee: My vehicle should be able to handle a trip to the grocery store or a zombie outbreak.

If you were hired to create a children’s show, what would your mascot be?

    A. A purple dinosaur that sings, dances, and explains basic computer programming skills.
    B. A tribe of miniature blue creatures fighting the good fight against the tyranny of a big overlord.
    C. A red fuzzy monster that teaches the importance of loyalty and avoiding friendly fire.

Your results

    If you picked mostly Option A

Your love of progress and technology means you belong in the Vanu Sovereignty. Bring enlightenment to the masses… with lasers!

    If you picked mostly Option B

A free spirit like you will do well in the New Conglomerate.  Join us in the fight to liberate Auraxis!  

    If you picked mostly Option C

The Terran Republic needs disciplined soldiers like you.  Together, we will restore order to this chaotic world.  

Now that you’ve chosen your empire, enlist today and play for free at!

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Mercredi 4 septembre 2013
SOE Maintenance September 5, 2013 at 3 AM Pacific

Important: We will perform maintenance beginning at 3:00 AM Pacific* on September 5, 2013. The following services will be unavailable:

    Account management
    Commerce transactions
    New log ins to any of our games.

We apologize for this interruption and will resume all affected services as soon as the maintenance is completed. The expected downtime is 3 hours.

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