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Jeudi 23 février 2012
Vanu Sovereignty Weapons Week - The Beamer

The Beamer

The Beamer is the Vanu Sovereignty's unique sidearm. Lacking any particular disadvantages, the Beamer fires accurate laser projectiles that deliver ample stopping power without sacrificing rate of fire.


Mercredi 22 février 2012
Vanu Sovereignty Weapons Week - The Force Blade

The Force Blade

All Vanu Sovereignty armor configurations are equipped with a Force Blade. The Force Blade's powered edge can effortlessly tear through shields and modern body armor alike.


Mercredi 15 février 2012
PC Gamer Magazine reveals PlanetSide 2 cover feature for April Issue

PC Gamer has revealed its April issue #225 cover featuring PlanetSide 2. Physical issues have started shipping to subscribers and will hit store shelves February 28th. This issue of PC Gamer Magazine features new interviews with our San Diego development team, game info and artwork from the PlanetSide 2 universe as well as an exclusive priority access Beta code for its readers. While the official PlanetSide 2 Beta date has yet to be announced, when it goes live PC Gamer Beta key holders along with Fan Faire 2011 registered attendees, and original PlanetSide 1 players will have priority access. Get ready for massive warfare on an epic scale!

View the official cover here….


Jeudi 9 février 2012
Weapons Week - The Sweeper Shotgun

The Sweeper Shotgun

The Sweeper Shotgun is arguably one of most iconic shotguns in the New Conglomerates arsenal; availability and ease of use make this short ranged, high powered weapon a favorite among many NC soldiers engaged in close quarter combat.


Mercredi 8 février 2012
Weapons Week - The Bolt Driver

The Bolt Driver

The Bolt Driver uses an electromagnetic propulsion system to drive an extremely accurate, high velocity projectile at distant targets. It is prized by New Conglomerate snipers for its stopping power over long ranges and has become the primary weapon of choice for many soldiers entering the field of battle.


Mardi 7 février 2012
New Conglomerate Weapons - The Tempest

The Tempest

The lightweight Tempest is the favored submachine gun of the New Conglomerate. Though inaccurate from afar, the Genudine produced Tempest provides substantial stopping power at close ranges, even while on the move.


Mardi 7 février 2012
New Conglomerate Weapons - The MagShot

The MagShot

The Mag-Shot is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed pistol that is the standard issue sidearm fielded by New Conglomerate soldiers. It is lightweight but very poweful, making it viable a sidearm choice no matter the armor currently being worn.


Vendredi 3 février 2012
Terran Republic Breaking News 01.06.2642

Terran Republic Breaking News, 6.1.2642

At 9:00AM today, fleet vessels were rocked by massive explosions on civilian starship Discovery-7 in what has been called “a savage act of treason by unknown agents.” The tragic destruction of Discovery-7 occurred during a previously undisclosed meeting between Mission Commander Thomas Connery, T.R. military representatives and several civilian insurgent leaders. The attacks resulted in the loss of Commander Connery as well as the lives of all other 591 on board.

The purpose of the secret meeting was explained to us by former Minister and current Terran Republic Councilman Adam Miller. “The meeting was formed hastily to broker a new peace agreement with the insurgents in response to the armed uprising that took place three days ago,” he explained. “It was intended to prevent any further catastrophes.”

The newly instated provisional commander, Brent Waterson, responded to the hostilities quickly by enforcing an immediate but temporary fleet-wide curfew. Waterson has released an official statement regarding the immediate future of the fleet stating that “…citizens who cannot show legitimate cause as to why they are outside their quarters past curfew will be immediately detained. As always, based on rules set by the late Commander Connery himself, all laws enacted have to go through a full and transparent voting process. The proposed law is solely based on our concerns with the safety of the fleet.”

When asked for further information regarding the Provisional Commander’s statement, Miller provided some details about the actions being taken. “We’re looking to take swift action and have proposed two possible levels of security in order to bring those responsible to justice efficiently,” said Miller. “Our ‘Level 1’ plan will have individual ships appoint their own police to deal with the investigation of this terrible tragedy. Additionally, the current curfew would be suspended for the time being.”

“Our ‘Level 2’ plan, however, guarantees a far greater amount of security and safety for the fleet,” explained Miller. “‘Level 2’ will give the T.R. military control over all fleet ships, as well as cause for random searches with the intent to find weaponry possible for the attack on Discovery-7. Those found possessing such weapons will be executed without trial. Furthermore, identification must be carried at all times, and curfew hours will remain in place.”

Councilman Miller reassured our reporter that “all such laws will be rescinded once those responsible have been brought to justice. At that point, all control will return to civilian authorities. Once again, I’d like make it evident that your safety is our primary concern.”

Terran Republic Breaking News, 7.1.2642

Though still reeling from the tragic loss of life on Discovery-7 early yesterday morning, voters began sending their ballots in the mandatory security measure polls today at 3PM. With the final tally finishing an hour later, Level 2 security measures won by a narrow 2% margin. 

Provisional Commander Waterson confirmed that Security Level 2 would be put into operation no later than noon tomorrow. Waterson insisted that both he and other T.R. officials understand the extreme controversy of this action, but promise to wield their new authority with all possible discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Waterson put forth the following in an official statement to the fleet: “We realize Level 2 security was voted in only by the slimmest of margins, but it remains the majority’s choice. These measures exist solely to protect all citizens from the acts of those who brutally murdered our beloved Commander and the nearly 600 others on the Discovery-7. We will find those responsible for the mass slaughter of our peers and they will pay for their crimes. Only then can the fleet return to normal operations.”


Vendredi 3 février 2012
Mobile Reinforcements

Used for mobile assault, these fast attack vehicles insert troops quickly into dangerous conflicts. What PlanetSide 2 vehicle will be your choice for assault


Jeudi 2 février 2012
Historical Archive - Tom Connery - 03.02.2641

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 March 2nd, 2641

We aren’t any closer to finding a planet suitable for terraforming than we were five months ago. We saw readings of gas giants a few months ago, as well as a rocky planet with far too much nitrogen, but nothing promising. To make matters worse, tensions between the T.R. and the insurgents have increased recently, and Colonel Morgannis is increasingly worried about an insurrection.

As innocent people are getting hurt during these increasingly turbulent times, I had no choice but to go against my most basic principles. To protect our people and to enforce the peace, I had to call in the military. It pains me to see armed soldiers patrolling the halls in increasing numbers, because I know that with more soldiers comes greater resistance. But without them, I can see no other way to maintain some degree of safety.

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 December 22nd, 2641

It’s been well over a year since we made it through the wormhole and we’re still lost. Obviously, turning back isn’t an option, so we have no choice but to continue on. The fleet has been referring to the journey as a death march for coming on a year now.

To protect the people, I ordered strict curfews. Despite this, fighting still breaks out regularly throughout the fleet. Initially, the soldiers were instructed to shoot only to stun. But when the insurgents started to kill innocent people, I escalated that order to shoot to kill.

I don’t understand the insurgent’s motives for their actions. I understand the journey hasn’t gone as planned, and that we’re desperate for a full meal, but our best hope this past year has been to work with one another. Yet every few weeks, someone ends up dead after a fight.

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 January 3rd, 2642

I had such great expectations. I wanted to believe that as a race we had progressed beyond our base fears. I didn’t want to believe that technology was the only thing that separated us from our caveman ancestors.  I fear I was wrong; there are some terrible people on board this fleet.

Yesterday, fifty-three insurgents broke into the military weapons supply aboard the Terran Republic military ship, Explorer-5. They killed six soldiers and stole nearly 300 Cyclers. With their stolen arms, they forced their way onto the ship’s bridge and demanded the Captain to step down and give them the ship. It became clear almost immediately that reasoning with them was out of the question. They wouldn’t budge on disclosing where they planned on taking the ship, what they were going to feed their crew with, or how exactly a few dozen armed civilians planned on operating an entire battle cruiser. I ordered troops to respond.

In the ensuing firefight, over seventy people died, including nearly two dozen T.R. soldiers. The insurgents were nearly wiped out, with only a few critically wounded. Our greatest losses came with the death of Captain Rebecca Grey and a few other key military leaders. Both Col. Morgannis and I have agreed it was a suicide mission intended to weaken our military, as they could’ve hijacked any of the civilian ships successfully once they retrieved the weapons. Instead, they decided to attack one of our two military vessels full of armed troops instead. They didn’t stand a chance.

The civilian ministers, urged on by their constituents, declared martial law for the fleet. Military presence was increased dramatically. The curfew I instigated was strengthened. Everyone was to remain in their cabins after the 6PM dinner. Except for immediate family members, no groups larger than three could be together either in public or private. I did everything I could to fight these draconian measures, but a vote was taken. The people, desperate for peace and security, voted to extend military presence. For security against a minority, they voted away their own freedom.

Though with increased armed presence there have been no new outbursts of violence, the people have been imprisoned within the confines of these ships for over two and a half years now. This oppressive decree we’ve shackled onto the people will only serve to make them struggle more.

I decided to call for a secret meeting between the civilian ministers and the military to discuss easing the restrictions. Morgannis and I are coming up with a plan we hope will persuade the people to put down their weapons and work with us. I believe if we fail convincing them, this fleet will become nothing but a collection of derelict ships within a year. The colonel and I have only three days to write up a strategy before our meeting on board the Discovery-7.

For the sake of the fleet, I hope we get it right.


Mercredi 1 février 2012
Historical Archive - Tom Connery - 10.23.2640

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 October 23, 2640.

I’m still coming to terms with what we experienced just three days ago.

The wormhole opened on the 20th, right on schedule. It had felt, initially, like the weight of the world was taken off of my shoulders. I heard cheering over every open channel when we had received positive confirmations of it forming. The doubts of the people could finally be squashed with this irrefutable evidence. The initial wave of 38 ships, including the Discovery-1, scrambled to engage engines to go through, but we had already fallen safely on the other side. Twelve more ships followed us into the rift. The wormhole wasn’t nearly as deep as we had initially thought.

Based on our previous analysis, the wormhole should’ve remained open for approximately two weeks, but as soon as the first couple of waves moved through, it began to destabilize. I watched as sixteen ships were caught struggling in the extreme gravity created by the closing rift. The eleven closest to the opening pulled through, but were severely damaged. In the last moments just before it collapsed, we could see the remaining five trapped ships ripped apart by gravitational forces. The terror I felt watching those civilian vessels destroyed, knowing they met their end because of the journey I had planned, was indescribable.

I wanted to order my ship to turn around to save them, but it was already too late. Our engines were struggling to pull out of the massive gravity well created by the imploding wormhole. There was a real danger that we’d be sucked back into the fissure and destroyed. I’m extremely thankful we made it through unscathed, though I still don’t know how we did.

After gravity anomalies were no longer being read, I ordered the military to rescue the crews of the eleven damaged vessels. Sensors indicated their engines were overheating and on the verge of self-destruction. The ships may have been lost, but I damn well wasn’t going to lose the crews, too. We lost 200 lives on the damaged ships due to space exposure, but thousands more were saved thanks to rescue efforts.

In the beginning, at least, the approximately 40,000 survivors considered themselves lucky. There was relief and some sense of happiness for the time being. Sadly, it was short lived.

The severity of the situation settled in as quickly as the relief of being safe wore off. With the wormhole already closed, there was no way to go back to Earth. There was no way to find out what happened to the other ships. Were they caught on the other side? Did any survive? There would be no answers. Scientists couldn’t even offer theories; no one knew how the wormhole got there and nobody knew why it disappeared. We knew nothing, other than that we were alone and we had no idea where the hell we were.

Even a fantasy rescue mission from Earth wouldn’t be possible for another 100 years.

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 October 24, 2640.

We held a meeting with fleet advisors yesterday to assess resources and plans for the immediate future. The results are a bit unsettling. Though we currently have a surplus of doctors and engineers, as most of the ships that made it through were primarily civilian ships, we suffered large losses in the military and agricultural departments. Only three of the twenty-three hydroponic ships made it through, and the only Explorer-class battle cruisers that survived were the two leading the fleet. Major Wilson told me in private that only 1,100 soldiers made it through.

I’m extremely worried about the welfare of the people for the remainder of this journey with such little food. It’s going to be arduous at best. I just hope the will of the people can weather the rest of the journey.


Mercredi 1 février 2012
A Tactical View of PlanetSide 2

"A suitable recon position or ideal sniper's nest? What do you think it should be in PlanetSide 2?"





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