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Mardi 18 décembre 2012
Server Downtime 12.19.2012

The servers will come down at 6:00 AM PT for a brief maintenance. Downtime is anticipated to be less than one hour. Players may notice the following changes:

    Reaver Decoy Flares should now correctly reflect their intended price.
    Horns should now equip correctly (We really mean it!)
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Jeudi 13 décembre 2012
Server Maintenance 12.13.2012

All servers will come down at 12:00 AM PT for a brief update to address a few outstanding issues. Players may note the following changes:

    Client stability improvements have been made.
    Promotional bundles with weapons should once again include all the corresponding weapon attachments.
    An issue surrounding customers who purchased items not receiving them has been resolved.
    An animation bug fix (“crazy legs”) has been made.
    The Decimator reload animation has been fixed.
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Jeudi 13 décembre 2012
Intel Brief - Anti-Vehicle Magrider

Are you a fan of the Magrider? If not you might be after reading today’s Intel Brief from Slugger!

Magrider - Anti-Armor

There are a few things in life we all consider unavoidable: dying, respawning, paying taxes, dying again. The Vanu Sovereignty is creating technology which often seems both impractical and borderline insane, but time and time again they prove that what we see on paper rarely compares to what we experience on the battlefield, and that their inventions are always practical (but still very much insane). Today we will talk about one of their greatest (and craziest) inventions: the Magrider.

A graceful and stylish beast, the Magrider is a heavy tank that declared treads and tires too mainstream for its purply exterior. How does it move, you ask? No, not by sliding on the snowy hills of Esamir like some sort of rocket-powered sleigh, not blitzing along Amerish on mountain rails. This tank flies, or at least floats. Using the latest of Vanu technology (read: magnets the size of your face), the Magrider hovers a few feet off the ground, just high enough to leave a smoking pair of boots after running you over. This power of floatation gives it an amazing advantage in combat, as well as in transportation, the ability to strafe. That's right, strafe. Forget tigers with chainsaws or bears with machine-guns, this is a strafing tank. If you are not Vanu, I assume you need a moment to go change your pants. If you are Vanu, listen up.

There are several ways to utilize the Magrider in combat to take advantage of its hover and strafe capabilities. Today I would like to share with you one particular way that I personally enjoy: as an anti-armor vehicle. It's important to note that even if you have not spent a single point on upgrading your Magrider, you may still benefit from this knowledge.

The differences between a standard-issue Magrider and an anti-vehicular Magrider are not as great as you might assume. I would also like to note that I am not responsible for the dozens of team-kills you will probably accrue attempting to control this ten-ton magnet (they do call it the "Magmower" for a reason.)

In PlanetSide 2, tanks have varying degrees of armor across their bodies. The front has the most armor, the sides and the top less, and the back is almost completely exposed. When two tanks engage in combat, there will almost always be a struggle to keep the front of the tank facing the enemy. This is not easy to accomplish for most tanks depending on the terrain, unless of course you are in the Magrider. The power of floatation means terrain does not affect your movement as badly as it affects theirs. So while the enemy attempts to keep its front facing you, you are strafing left and right and preventing it from landing a hit. This makes the Magrider a natural tank-duelist.

Should you decide to play the Magrider as an armor-breaking machine, here are a few upgrades you should consider investing in (ordered by importance):

    Reinforced Front Armor

      Unless the enemy managed to catch you by surprise, the front is where most of their attacks are going to land. Add insult to injury by armoring your front, and then add further injury to their insulted injuries.


      Confirming their insanity, Vanu scientists managed to attach afterburners to our lovable Magrider. Excellent for escaping sticky situations, traversing rough terrain, or dramatic jumps over steep edges, the Magburner offers a boost of speed coupled with a small upward thrust. Historians rightly point out the cost of this equipment, for it does have a grim history. Long ago, Vanu scientists attempted to triple the Magburner's boost power in exchange for less armor and a smaller gun. Twelve scientists died in the first 2.8 seconds of the experiment, and a week later the original Scythe prototype was introduced.

    Rival Combat Chasis

      With a name like "Rival Combat Chasis," you know it has to be good. This performance boost grants your tank improved strafing power, reverse speed, brakes, and hovering power. If you've paid any attention thus far, I should have had you at "improved strafing."

    Saron HBR Gunner Weapon

      A nod to the Magrider of the original PlanetSide, the Saron HBR fires a long-range beam that's extremely effective against armored targets. When combining a long-ranged main cannon with a long-ranged secondary cannon, what you get are millions of voices crying out in terror. The only reason it is not the first item on my list of things you should obtain is because of its steep price – not to imply it's not worth every cert.

    Supernova FPC Main Cannon

      This is where we separate the boys from the VS. The Supernova FPC is the Magrider's armor-piercing main cannon, capable of dispatching armored units quickly and effectively. If you are wondering why it's the last item on my list, the reason is simple: This cannon opens vulnerabilities to other ground units. While it cuts through armor like butter, it has an incredibly small blast radius. This makes it very difficult to target infantry – some of which are sure to be carrying rocket launchers. Obtain this weapon only if you are truly dedicated to fighting armor and know you'll be supported by friendly anti-infantry units, and don’t forget you can always run those chaps over. You might also consider using this weapon if you have an anti-infantry secondary weapon.

Remember, the Magrider's greatest strength is its manueverability. It does not have the armor of a Vanguard or the firepower of a Prowler. What this means is that you, as the driver, have to play smart. Avoid close-quarter fighting, as the closer you are, the easier it is for the enemy to land hits. Always aim for a medium to long ranged fight. Be where you are least expected, and use your boosters to get past obstacles or to sneak behind the enemy. Engage when you have the advantage, because firing at the enemy as soon as you see them may not necessarily be the smartest thing to do! Use your surroundings, strafing in and out of cover between shots. Learn to predict the enemy's movements and firing patterns, and work to evade them.

And above all, be glad that the strafing tanks are on your side.

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Mercredi 12 décembre 2012
Horns are Now Available!

How many times have you been in a vehicle convoy rolling across Indar when, all of a sudden, you’re stacked twelve tanks deep on a canyon road and enemy Liberators are salivating overhead? Are you more than familiar with hosing off the remains of a green recruit from underneath your Sunderer? Do people keep ruining your attempts at the Empire overland speed record? Customize your vehicle today with a horn!  These add-ons will allow you to warn others of your impending trajectory or better communicate your general dissatisfaction with the speed of traffic.   

Currently available for the Flash and the Sunderer, look for more horns to become available in the very near future. Check out the Depot to find yours today!


Mardi 11 décembre 2012
Game Update 1

All servers will come down at 6 AM PT for Game Update 1. Downtime is anticipated to be less than two hours. Players may notice the following changes.


    Horns are now available for the Sunderer and Flash! Check the Depot under Vehicle Gear.
    New weaponry is currently being issued to all three empires. If you are looking for a new light machine gun or assault rifle, head to the Depot and check them out.
    A number of changes have been made to Vehicle and Aircraft weaponry. Please see the Vehicle notes below.
    Fixed a few crash bugs and provided some optimizations to improve gameplay.
    Players may now make multiple characters on the same server.

Notable Bugfixes

    The NS-11 Platinum should now properly unlock medals.
    The Facebook Promotional Weapons should now properly unlock medals.
    Players should no longer be able to spot enemies without a line of sight.
    The Gauss Compact S will now provide players the ability to aim down sights and strafe more accurately.
    Destroying enemy terminals will no longer provide a Kill stat.
    The Light Assault Jumpjet will no longer break if you run into terrain while in flight.
    When holding down push to talk it should no longer become "stuck" when released.
    The NS-11 will now have a sound indicating it is being reloaded.
    Spawning a vehicle in the warpgate will no longer cause players to fall through the world.
    The TX2 Emperor should now provide the correct damage level to targets.


    The tail gun on the Liberator is now located on the back of the tail wing and not underneath it. This provides a greater coverage for all tail gun variants.
    Aircraft and Phalanx Turret resistance to the following weapons has been reduced

      M40 Fury
      C75 Viper
      L105 Zephyr
      G30 Vulcan
      M60 Bulldog

    Personal Defense Weapons (on light aircraft only)
    Sunderer resistance to heavy machine guns has been increased.
    All Flak damage has been increased by 5%.
    The Composite Armor tooltip has been adjusted to be more accurate.

Infantry Weaponry

    New Weapons

      The NS Decimator rocket launcher is now available to all empires.

    Terran Republic

      The TAR will provide the best hip fire of this empires assault rifles.
      The T32 Bull will provide an adaptable solution to long or short range combat but has a slow reload.

    New Conglomerate

      The Carnage BR is now available. This medium-fast fire rate assault rifle has good hip fire and range limiting recoil.
      The Anchor light machine gunprovided good mobility and a 45 round magazine.

    Vanu Sovereignty

      The Corvus assault rifle has a slow rate of fire but compensates with deadly accuracy.
      The Ursa light machine gun will provide a slightly lower rate of fire but extreme accurate fire.

    General Weaponry

      Tank mines can now once again be deployed by throwing them reverting the change made last week.
      Extended ammunition attachments will no longer provide more ammunition capability than intended. They all will now provide 4 more rounds.
      A small increase in movement accuracy with iron sights was made on on slower assault rifles, carbines, and light machine guns.
      A small decrease in movement accuracy was made with the 40 round assault rifles and carbines.
      The NC Gauss and Gauss S now have increased projectile speed.
      The Cycler TRV now has reduced hip fire accuracy.
      The Razor GD-23 now has reduced recoil for the first shot.
      The T9 CARV and CARV S now have increased equip time.
      The LA80 projectile speed has been reduced to put it in line with the other empire sniper rifles.

Vehicle Weaponry


      M20 Drake

        Previously the M20 Basilisk, this weapon has increased top end damage. It also has a longer range before damage fall off occurs.

      M60-A Bulldog

        Previously the M60 Bulldog, this aircraft weapon has had the following changes
        Magazine size has been reduced from 10 to 6.
        Magazine size certifications now 1 round per rank increase.
        Projectile speed has been increased
        Direct hit damage has been increased
        Splash damage will no longer damage heavy armor.
        The M60-A has a faster projectile than its ground based variant the M-60G.

      A30 Walker

        This is now the air variant of the Walker weapon system.
        The reticule and first person tracer have been changed to make them easier to see.
        Projectile speed is slower but drop has been reduced.
        Damage has been increased overall.

      Light Aircraft Rocketpods

        Blast radius in which maximum damage occurs has been reduced. This does not change the size of the blast radius.
        Damage against Sunderers and Aircraft have been reduced.
        Significantly reduced damage against Phalanx turrets.

      Liberator AP30 Shredder

        Damage has been increased at close ranges.
        Magazine size has been increased to 50.

      Reaver Air Hammer

        The projectile spread has been tightened up.
        Damage per projectile has been increased.
        Damage fall off will occur at a further distance.

Ground Weaponry

The Lightning Skyguard Turret has increased projectile speed and it's reticule has been adjusted to use the Terran Republic Burster MAX reticule.

    C75 Viper

      Direct hit damage increased
      Increased maximum blast radius damage

    M40 Fury

      Reduced damage against heavy armor.
      Upped direct hit damage and blast damage.

    Anti-Personnel Phalanx Turret

      Cone of Fire tightened up a bit
      Slight adjustments to heat. Will cool off a bit faster and take a little bit longer to overheat.
      Pushed out range where projectiles start to lose damage significantly.


    The main shields at Tech Plants are now operated by two generators in the outlying buildings. These shields now have icons that display the status of the generators.
    Frostbite Harbor Spawn Room now has a pain field.
    The grav pads at the Dahaka Amp Station western forward spawn are now functional.
    Players are no longer able to spawn at Sungrey Amp Station when the SCU has been destroyed.
    Enemy projectiles will no longer go through the Biolab Gate Shields.
    Players still in a vehicle once the pilot has logged off will no longer disconnect.
    The Phalanx Turret has increased projectile speed and it's reticule has been adjusted to use the MAX burster reticule.


    The Regen benefit of a Biolab will now display on the Tab scoreboard.
    All Heavy Assault ability items are now using unique icons.
    Platoons should now longer state they are “full” when all squads have squad leaders and there is still room for more members.
    SAS-R and Impetus optics will now display a description when hovering over with a mouse.
    The TS4 Haymaker and FA1 Barrage now have a tooltip when mousing over the progress bar.
    Moving a player to another squad will no longer boot them from a Squad/Platoon locked vehicle.
    Players removed from a Squad or Platoon channel will no longer be able to use that channel.
    Unoccupied Phalanx Turrets should now display “Press [E] to Enter” messaging.


    The NS-11 Platinum and Ns-11A rifles are no longer the same color.
    The Sunderer Smoke Screen will no longer hide decals.
    Lightning Hood Ornaments will no longer be placed on top of decals.
    New Conglomerate African Forest Weapon Camo no longer displays Vanu Sovereignty coloring.
    A MAX unit will no longer appear to float while descending on a Grav Pad.
    Purchased Weapon Camo will no longer be cleared when a weapon trial ends.
    The Engineering Repair tool is now black.
    Main Battle Tank and Lightning armor should no longer cover decals.
    The Lasher magazine will now reload and no longer “floats” if the player is sprinting.
    The NC Gauss Compact S Underbarrel weapons will now show a reloading animation correctly.
    A player will no longer siplay headless and frozen in a riding pose when killed on a Quad.
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Vendredi 7 décembre 2012
Server Downtime and Hotfix 12.07.2012

As a thank you for your patience during our growing pains, the servers are coming down at 8:30 AM PT for a brief update to begin a double experience weekend. This bonus will stay in effect until 9 AM PT Monday. Downtime is anticipated to be less than one hour. Players may also note the following changes:

    Weapon fixes

      Purchasing the Razor GD-23 with certification points will now properly unlock the Razor GD-23
      Attachments for the Razor GD-23 can be unlocked after unlocking the Razor GD-23.
      The weapon attachment certifications on new weapons should no longer be available to unlock unless the weapon is unlocked.
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Jeudi 6 décembre 2012
Update Notes 12.06.2012

With today's Marketplace update a few changes went in that players may note affects gameplay:

    Anti-Tank mines now require you deploy versus throw them. There is a restriction preventing them from being placed too close together. The current range is farther than the team would like and will be adjusted.
    The following changes have been made to the M60 Bulldog

      Magazine size has been reduced to 4.
      Size certifications provide one round each rank.
      Projectile speed has been increased.
      Direct Hit damage has been increased.

    ESF Composite Armor Tooltips will now more accurately reflect their functionality.
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Mercredi 5 décembre 2012
Gear Up with New Infantry Weapons

New Weapons are now available in the Marketplace!

We’ve opened up the armory and are ready to issue a selection of new hardware. This state of the art weaponry can help you ensure dominance on the field of battle.

For our Infiltrators, prove the age old principle “One shot. One kill” with these brand new sniper rifles. The New Conglomerate Longshot, The Terran Republic RAMS .50M and the Vanu Sovereignty Parallax all provide exceptionally fast projectiles but a slower bolt action fire rate and reload time.

We also have additional gear to provide our Light Assault and Engineers to ensure survivability and lethality:

New Conglomerate Razor GD-23

    This carbine is the sharpshooters dream with extremely high accuracy and greater effectiveness at long range.

Terran Republic LC3 Jaguar

    Perfect in close quarters battle, the Jaguar provides accurate hip fire and the high mobility you need to clear a room.

Vanu Sovereignty Serpent

    The Serpent is the perfect fit for those want to lay down suppression fire. It boasts the fastest firing rate of the Vanu Sovereignty carbines.

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Mardi 27 novembre 2012
Hotfix 11.27.12

Hello All,

Our apologies for the extended maintenance tonight, but we had a couple changes on the stability front that we wanted to get out to you all.

    Improved server stability
    Improved messaging on equipping boosts
    Fixed display bug on in-game browser
    Selection of Depot items moved out of Premium Early Access category and now available to all players

We should be up within an hour.

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Lundi 26 novembre 2012
Don't Forget about Weapon Trials

One thing PlanetSide 2 has is plenty of choices when it comes to hardware upgrades. Having the wrong weapon in a theater of battle can prove fatal to even the most seasoned veteran. Is theT9 CARV, the T9 CARV-S, TMG50, or the T7 Mini-Chaingun the best choice for Heavy Assault? Which Carbine should your Engineer run with? Should you spend your hard earned certifications or Station Cash on any these weapons? If so, which ones? And how do you know?

If you’re having trouble answering these questions, there is good news! The weapon trial system gives you the opportunity to try out any vehicle or infantry weapon at absolutely no cost. If you haven’t taken advantage yet of the weapon trials, check out these screens below to learn more:

Select "Try Now!"

Your Trial has Begun!

You can see the Active Trial here.

It’s just that simple! No more buyer’s remorse or asking everyone else’s opinion, only for them to be wrong about what you needed. Just try it out yourself and see if it fits your playstyle. If not, you haven’t lost anything and you can take a look at another. If the weapon does fit you, well, you’ll know what to save for next!

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Lundi 26 novembre 2012
Don't Forget about Weapon Trials

One thing PlanetSide 2 has is plenty of choices when it comes to hardware upgrades. Having the wrong weapon in a theater of battle can prove fatal to even the most seasoned veteran. Is theT9 CARV, the T9 CARV-S, TMG50, or the T7 Mini-Chaingun the best choice for Heavy Assault? Which Carbine should your Engineer run with? Should you spend your hard earned certifications or Station Cash on any these weapons? If so, which ones? And how do you know?

If you’re having trouble answering these questions, there is good news! The weapon trial system gives you the opportunity to try out any vehicle or infantry weapon at absolutely no cost. If you haven’t taken advantage yet of the weapon trials, check out these screens below to learn more:

Select "Try Now!"

Your Trial has Begun!

You can see the Active Trial here.

It’s just that simple! No more buyer’s remorse or asking everyone else’s opinion, only for them to be wrong about what you needed. Just try it out yourself and see if it fits your playstyle. If not, you haven’t lost anything and you can take a look at another. If the weapon does fit you, well, you’ll know what to save for next!

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Vendredi 23 novembre 2012
Briggs (AU) Server Issues Resolved

First, I want to thank you on behalf of the entire tech, dev, and CS team at SOE for being patient with us tonight, and over the last two days while we worked through the Australian server problems.

I want to iterate what transpired in one spot so it's clear what occurred here. Before I do, let me re-state that every region that PlanetSide 2 runs in is configured, designed, and built the same from a hardware and infrastructure perspective. There is no one region that has a "better" setup than another. The only thing that differentiates them is physical locations in the world.

That being said, this deployment into Australia was definitely a unique experience. You guys have some very unusual laws and limitations that we simply don't see anywhere else in the world. (ISPs cap your bandwidth and download amounts? That's crazy! I personally will be investigating ways to make that better, if it's possible, with regard to our games.)

Now for the summarized details.

Day 1

On launch day we had a 2 fold problem, one that was specific to Australia and one that was worldwide. The first was a server/client bug where characters were getting stuck if they made it into the world and logged out, or crashed out, preventing them from logging back in. You would press play and nothing would happen. This one took a while to figure out, and we finally had a code hotfix on day 2, thank you to the people who let us use your "stuck" characters to solve this one.

The tricky part about this client/server bug is that the symptom for the 2nd problem which was only affecting Australia was the same as the hotfix bug, so diagnosing this second problem was even more difficult. Click play and nothing happens, or click play and it takes forever and then lag is horrible or unplayable. At first we thought it was part of the first problem, but then we realized we had a configuration issue on our side and so we adjusted that. Since the first problem was still occurring because the hotfix hadn't been deployed yet, it was difficult to see if our configuration change really fixed problem 2, it looked like it was improved but it was just too hard to tell for sure. So we waited for the hotfix, and then retested on Day2.


After the code hotfix was deployed and our configuration change was in place, we saw excellent results when the population was low. This lead us into a new set of problems once population started to rise around your peak times. Our provider was sustaining heavy packet loss, and it impacted logins, character creation, and general game play. People were warping, lagging, and disconnecting in mass. Users were taking 30 seconds or more to get into the game, in many cases it took 2-3 minutes. We got the provider involved and it took several hours but they finally made some changes on their end and our problems went away (or so we thought). The game looked good, populations were high, and we thought we were in the clear. My team called it a night, and within a couple of hours something on the provider side changed, and we had a new set of problems, but by this time populations had dropped because the Australian folks were going to sleep and so even though something changed we didn't see it until Day3 when we woke up and reviewed all of the log data.


We noticed something had changed on the provider side a few hours after they fixed the packet loss problem the night before, so that's when we decided to stage the diagnostic tests and bring all of the SOE people together to get this issue solved once and for all. We were confident the code hotfix from day 2 was good, as no other region was experiencing the issues anymore, so we knew whatever had changed was most likely the cause, but we didn't know for sure what it was. When populations were low we couldn't produce the problem, so we had to wait until prime time when populations were high enough to show the issue and the data matched our logs.

Sure enough, your prime time started (and the SOE staff was recovering from food overload on Thanksgiving), and populations were up. We gathered data and working with a very active Aussie community on our forums we had all the evidence we needed to show that something on the provider side had changed. After supplying the data, and working with them they found the problem and rectified it. Once they made the change, all of our network issues went away, and the game immediately started responding how we expected and like every other region. Login times were 1-5 seconds, and within minutes populations had blown to record levels on Briggs. The SOE staff also loaded in and jumped all around the world and things were running beautiful. We witnessed fantastic battles and the game experience everyone else in other regions were experiencing.

This was a 3 day exhausting diagnosis, and it was a mix of a code bug, a mis-configuration, and 2 separate provider issues.

I'm happy to report, at this time, that Briggs is officially performing at SOE standards, and that any Australia related issues on that world are isolated individual cases. If you are still having problems on Briggs, please submit a ticket for assistance, and CS will work to help get you in the game. Assuming we don't have any ninja-changes while we are all sleeping tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing what your prime time produces tomorrow for populations.

Thank you again to the community and all of the data that you guys provided, we couldn't have done it without you. You all helped make the game better for everyone worldwide.

Now get in there and have some epic battles!

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Jeudi 22 novembre 2012
Hotfix 11.22.2012

Hello Everyone,

We’re bringing the servers down for maintenance in 30 minutes for a hotfix. We expect to be down for about an hour.

Fixes include

    Weapon trials will no longer destroy boosts upon expiration
    Fixed roof collision on a base structure
    Fixed a couple of Depot filter issues
    Fixed server issue where some players were unable to log back in
    Client crash fix
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Mercredi 21 novembre 2012
Hotfix 11.21.2012

A hotfix has been released for the client to address a few technical issues.

    The fix was to resolve crashing issues and no gameplay changes were made.

Lundi 19 novembre 2012
PlanetSide 2 is Now Available

Auraxis Erupts in Global Warfare as Sony Online Entertainment Launches the Award-Winning Free-To-Play Shooter PlanetSide 2 in North America and Europe

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 20, 2012 – The war is inevitable. Sony Online Entertainment, LLC (SOE) today announced the availability of its award-winning, highly anticipated massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) PlanetSide 2 in North America and Europe. Players must enlist in one of three Empires – Terran Republic, New Conglomerate or Vanu Sovereignty – to fight in an epic war for control of the planet of Auraxis. An unparalleled gaming experience, players engage in extreme aerial, ground, vehicular and hand-to-hand battles alongside and against thousands of players in massive environments. 

PlanetSide 2 sets the new standard for shooters,” said John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment. “With thousands of players fighting simultaneously across several beautiful, massive continents, the size and intensity of PlanetSide 2 has no equal. You’ve never played anything like it.”

 PlanetSide 2 takes all the groundbreaking features from the original game – massive multiplayer battles, distinct empires to rally around, and enormous continents where intense ground and air combat unfold – and adds features that modern gamers have come to expect of the FPS and MMO genres. With advanced technology, years of gamer feedback, and a new SOE proprietary MMO game engine called ForgeLight™, PlanetSide 2 offers a truly competitive and visceral FPS experience with massive warfare, massive customization and massive community.

“We set out to create a massive, unprecedented game, and we succeeded. PlanetSide 2 will break records for its size and combat,” said Matt Higby, Creative Director of PlanetSide 2 at Sony Online Entertainment. “Now, it’s the players’ turn to make history. The war stories of brutal combat, acts of valor, casualties and victories from beta testing have been epic. But, the slate is clean, and the game has launched. It’s time to create legends.”

Players can opt to play as one of six classes to aid their chosen Empire in global domination. They’ll fight for control of key territories and valuable resources on three playable continents – Indar, Esamir and Amerish. With an extensive skill tree and free-form class-based system, players will be able to customize their soldier, weapons and vehicles to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or empire. Battles can last for days or weeks, so players will need to build alliances and specialized combat outfits to take on long-term strategic and tactical initiatives. With aircraft and ground vehicles, as well as infantry combat, the battles will be larger and more intense than ever before. 

As players earn battle experience, they’ll increase their certs and unlock access to new roles and extensive customization options, along with a variety of weapons and vehicles.

PlanetSide 2 is designed to enable player-driven combat where teammates rely on each other to succeed and survive. With so much control in the hands of the players, every day we learn more about what they can and will do in Auraxis,” said Higby.We’ve launched, but development will never be done. We have tons of plans in place and content in development to help fuel years of battle.”

In addition to the unmatched size and scale of battles, PlanetSide 2 will be the first game to integrate live broadcasting functionality through the largest video platform and community for gamers, Twitch, allowing players the ability to stream gameplay directly to the Twitch platform with a single click.

PlanetSide 2 is now available as a “Free-To-Play. Your Way.™” title on PC systems via digital download. For players who are interested in an enhanced PlanetSide 2 experience, a Premium Membership option is available starting at US $9.99/month and includes scalable gains for resources, XP and passive cert points. Additionally, Premium Members will receive priority log-in queue access, early access to new cosmetic items and a monthly Station Cash bonus. Players who maintain their membership over time will accrue enhancements to their benefits, and players who purchase their membership in multi-month blocks will receive an increased benefit gain immediately.

Players can also purchase additional in-game content with the US $15.00 PlanetSide 2 game card sold exclusively at participating North American GAMESTOP retail locations. In addition to the choice of 1500 Station Cash™ or 30 days of Membership time, the all-new game card will grant an exclusive PlanetSide 2 virtual item, the NS11 Rifle.

­PlanetSide 2 ESRB Rating: TEEN with Violence. Visit for rating information.

For more information about PlanetSide 2 or to login and play, visit:

To download PlanetSide 2 from Steam®, visit:

For PlanetSide 2 Basic Training game tutorial videos, visit:

Players can also follow PlanetSide 2 on their favorite social media platforms, including:

Players can also join their favorite developers and community members weekly during the PlanetSide 2 Friday night stream, Friday Night Ops. To watch the stream every Friday night 4:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. PST or to subscribe to the PlanetSide 2 channel, visit:

About SOE

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is a recognized worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online games. Best known for its blockbuster hits and franchises, including EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, Champions of Norrath®, PlanetSide®, Free Realms®, Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™, and DC Universe Online™, SOE creates, develops and provides compelling online entertainment for a variety of platforms. SOE is building on its proven legacy and pioneering the future of online worlds through creative development and inspired gameplay design for audiences of all ages. To learn more, visit

SOE, the SOE logo, EverQuest, Champions of Norrath, PlanetSide, and Free Realms are registered trademarks of Sony Online Entertainment LLC. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.


Lundi 19 novembre 2012
PlanetSide 2 Glossary of Terms

New to PlanetSide 2? Below are a few terms which will bring you up to speed and able to communicate with fellow soldiers in an efficient manner.

AA, Anti-Air: Weapons designed to counter aircraft.
ADS, Aim Down Sights: As opposed to hipfiring, bringing up your gun and aiming with the sight.
AI, Anti-Infantry: Weapons designed to counter infantry.
AMS, Advanced Mobile Station: Vehicles known as AMS serve as mobile, forward respawn locations.
AV, Anti-Vehicle: Weapons designed to counter vehicles.
BR or Battle Rank: Rank Reflecting a soldiers experience.
Cap, Capture Point: The areas of a base that must be held to capture the base.
Certification Points, Certs: Used to sidegrade into additional skills, vehicles, and weapons. Earned with experience.
Clegged: To bungle something.
CQC, Close Quarters Combat: Fighting that occurs up close and personal.
CoF, Cone of Fire: The spread or area your weapon may discharge into.
Drop Pod: Used in hotdrops to deliver troops to the ground safely.
ESF, Empire Specific Fighter: Referring to each Empire’s unique air fighter.
Engineer, Engi: An infantry class devoted to support of all things mechanical. Probably the class most often run over.
Experience, Exp: Points gained in battle, accumulating into Certification Points and Rank.
Galaxy, Gal: A 12 seat air transport crucial for hotdrops.
Hack, Hacking: Infiltrators are able to hack enemy terminals and turrets, allowing their use for allies.
Heavy Assault, HA: An infantry class devoted to distance suppression and anti-vehicle counters.
Hipfiring: The act of firing your weapon without aiming down the sight.
Hotdrop: Airborne deployment from a Galaxy to drop onto contested territory or behind enemy lines.
Infiltrator: An infantry class known as a cloaker and sniper.
Instant Action: Hotdropping via a drop pod directly from the in-game map.
Jump Jets: Boots that allow a Light Assault soldier to fly or hover for short periods.
Liberator, Lib: A three seat fighter useful primarily for ground strafing.
Light Assault, LA: An infantry class noted for its mobility and use of Jump Jets.
Lightning: A single seat tank available to all Empires.
Magrider: A Vanu Sovereignty two seat tank known for its ability to hover.
MAX, Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit: A suit infantry classes can utilize for superior ground combat.
MBT, Main Battle Tank: Referring to each Empire’s unique two seat tank.
Medic: An infantry class known for healing and reviving allies.
Mosquito, Mossie, Mossy: The Terran Republic’s single seat fighter aircraft.
NC, New Conglomerate: A loosely connected group of rebel factions and idealistic freedom fighters, the New Conglomerate fights against the hegemony of the Terran. The New Conglomerate is a separatist faction determined to remain free of the controlling and domineering Republic.
OL, Outfit Leader: The leader of an Outfit.
PL, Platoon Leader: The leader of a Platoon (multiple Squads).
Prowler: A Terran Republic two seat tank known for its ability to rapid fire.
RoF, Rate of Fire: How fast a weapon fires.
Reaver: The New Conglomerate’s single seat fighter aircraft.
Resupply Terminal: Terminal where soldiers can change their class or spawn ground and air vehicles.
Scythe: The Vanu Sovereignty’s single seat fighter aircraft.
SL, Squad Leader: The leader of a Squad.
Sunderer, Sundy: A 12 seat ground transport. Also often used as an AMS (Advanced Mobile Station).
TR, Terran Republic: With a militaristic government, the Terran Republic uses its Imperial and authoritarian might to impel humanity in peaceful coexistence through any means necessary.
VS, Vanu Sovereignty: A technocratic faction that believes humanity can only evolve by rediscovering and tapping the lost technology of the Vanu. The Vanu Sovereignty are a transhumanist cult of academics, intellectuals, and technology worshippers who believe that human destiny lies in the further development and exploitation of the alien technology.
Vanguard: A New Conglomerate two seat tank known for its shield.
Warpgate, WG: The home base of any Empire on each continent.


Samedi 17 novembre 2012
Five Tips for Vehicles

Welcome back recruits! We took a lot of your feedback from our last tips on infantry and some of you had great suggestions. We’d like to take a moment to respond to those:

    We won’t start requiring tanks to signal when turning. We are however beginning research into some sort of a beeping sound when they are going backwards.
    When we said hold still so the Combat Medic could heal you, we didn’t mean in the middle of a fire fight. The medpacks aren’t cheap folks and we are tired of regrowing arms.
    We received your concerns about the radiation in drop pods. I’m happy to report we’ve found a way to reduce those emissions. We will have to ask you to line the inside of your helmet with this special foil, but this totally has a small chance of working.

On to five more things you should know about vehicles:

1.  Those may look like ants running around, but quite a few of them have rocket launchers (some with lock on capabilities). Buzzing a control point tower may feel fun Maverick, but this isn’t a movie. Blast them before they blast you.

2.  There is plenty of ammunition for everyone. Please form an orderly line at the ammo towers and proceed through in a civilized fashion. We are not, and I repeat, NOT responsible for any damage to vehicles that may occur in the drive thru lanes. And please stop touching the person next to you. Keep it up and we will turn this battle around.

3.  Those are not rocks you are running over in the loading bay! Engineers are here to help, and they can’t do so stuck in your tank wheels.

4.  Jumping from seat to seat in a vehicle may sound fun (and completely realistic) but survivability improves greatly with a support team. Yes even the guy you can hear eating dinner in proximity chat may prove useful.

5.  Primary guns slot into your primary or driver slot. Secondary guns slot on top in the secondary slot. Please stop trying to top-mount your primary tank busters. X’s and O’s people, X’s and O’s.

We hope this helped! Stay frosty out there.


Vendredi 16 novembre 2012
Five Tips for Infantry

Good afternoon recruits!  We are here today to prepare you for the exhilaration of PlanetSide 2 combat.  Sure you’ve got your basic gear, a weapon, and maybe an itch to polish off a few enemy combatants.  That itch is actually mild radiation exposure from your drop pod, but we are mostly sure it’s not fatal or at least we’re mostly certain that, on Auraxis, you’re very much likely to die of something else first.

To help you live as long as you can, we’ve got 5 tips for the infantryman. These tips will not only improve your gameplay experience, but may prevent you from being hosed off of a rock. 

1.  Look both ways before crossing the road. I’m sure you learned this as a kid, but for some reason we can’t get anyone to volunteer as a crossing guard at the Warpgates.  Actually, this is good advice even off road. Be careful crossing any kind of terrain, especially if you can hear motors revving. Almost nobody to run you over if you jump out in front of their tank, but still, everybody will.wants

2.  Grenades are powerful, and they kill you and your own just as efficiently as they kill the enemy. Helpful tip? They’ll bounce. Like off that wall right in front of you and then back into your squad. Don’t be that guy. He’s always picked last when dividing people up for transport in the Sunderers.

3.  Allowing you to traverse long distances quickly, Instant Action and transports like the Sunderer and the Galaxy are your friends. Running 10km may seem healthier but this is the future.  We can regrow your heart. 

4.  Combat Medics can heal you, if you stop running around. I SAID IF YOU STOP RUNNING AROUND!  This is also why you get picked last. 

5.  That squiggly sound you sometimes hear is an infiltrator decloaking. We know it can be hard to tell if you just heard an enemy or an ally infiltrator, so here’s a simple tip. If you hear the sound and you don’t immediately die, it was probably a friendly. If you do find yourself dead, it was probably not. If your friend is standing behind you doing it over and over, you are being trolled.  Hope that helps!

Good luck out their soldiers.  We expect after reading this you are significantly more prepared for combat!  If not, well as I said, we can regrow your organs.


Vendredi 16 novembre 2012
Last Chance for Alpha Squad

Today is the final day to become one of the founding members of Alpha Squad and get a jump on PlanetSide 2 when it launches. Weapon unlocks, an exclusive Camo set, Station Cash, and much more are available. Don't miss this great opportunity!


Dimanche 4 novembre 2012
NeverhaveIever Contest Winner

The PlanetSide 2 team would like to congratulate the first winner of our #neverhaveIever contest!  We had some great contributions and a lot of laughs, but one clear winner. LiquidPixels went over the top and blew us away with this great image:

Who is the creative mind behind this great image? We sat down and asked her a few questions:

Tell us who you are

Everyone knows me as "LiquidPixels" or twitchhimvsher on Twitter. 

Where is your allegiance soldier?

New Conglomerate is my empire.

What class do you prefer to play?

I play Heavy Assault.

What Outfit are you in and do you want to give them a shout out?

Currently I'm a part of Praetorian Guard. Everyone should check out this great outfit!

What was the inspiration for your Image?

The inspiration for my image was Higby's recent stream of Amerish and the addition of water into the map. Clegg did an amazing job with the water and Higby trolled us a bit when he answered a question about the idea of having "sea battles" in the future on PS2. He basically said the first step would be little paper boats in the babbling brook. So, I decided to put both Clegg and Higby in the "babbling brook" with paper boats and hats to troll him back.

What do you like most about PlanetSide 2?

The thing I like most about PlanetSide 2 is the massive battles that occur on a daily basis. I love constant and intense FPS action and PlanetSide 2 is the only game that is able to do that on this scale.

Anything else you’d like to share?

This is truly the only game I love to play and can't seem to get enough of. The developers are doing an amazing job and the fact that they listen to the community and have been as interactive as they've been is great. I've never been a part of such a great community and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm so glad to have won this prize as now HimvsHer will have a proper streaming rig! Thank you so much! Check us out at


Jeudi 18 octobre 2012
PlanetSide 2 Launch date announced!

Grunts, the war is coming. Prepare yourselves now for epic combat on a massive scale like you have never seen before. PlanetSide 2 launches November 20th!

If you weren't watching our livestream from SOE Live in Las Vegas, you definitely missed out on this and more exciting PlanetSide 2 news. Beyond PlanetSide 2 launching in November, the team also informed us that the battle for Auraxis will soon expand to a third continent, dark, swamp-infested Amerish, following from rocky Indar and arctic Esamir. But we can’t have you running around without solid intel, so let’s get you fully briefed on what’s happening.

The most important thing to know is an official launch date has now been announced, so this is not a drill.  On November 20th, PlanetSide 2 will officially launch completely free to play for everyone.  This means no more closed Beta, character wipes, and any of the other fun stuff associated with testing. No more do overs. Live ammunition will be issued, and you have authorization to go weapons free. Your empire’s future depends on you.

Gather your squads, your platoons, and your outfits. You will need to hone your skills, certifications, and equipment to a finer edge than your combat knife. Choose your empire now and swear your allegiance while you can. If you wish it, you will need to join the Alpha Squad very shortly, or forgo the honor forever. You will need to master your ground vehicles, your aircraft, and your infantry classes. You will need to study your battlefield and know it whether blind or bleeding, day or night. Indar. Esamir. Amerish. This is your home now grunt. 

When the warpgates open, when the drop pods fly, when the first shots break the silence, remember this. There is no turning back. Remember your training and you will survive.  This is it. This is war.

This is PlanetSide 2.

For continuing news coverage and to continue your preparations, please join us on our channel to see what you’ve missed, and we’ll see you on Auraxis on November 20th!


Vendredi 5 octobre 2012
PlanetSide 2 Goes to Russia

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome fellow soldiers from Russia and other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States to join us in the glorious conflict on Auraxis.  Adding to the ranks of other recruits from all over the globe, they'll now have the opportunity to experience combat on a massive scale. 

Executive Producer Josh Hackney and a few members of SOE recently visited Russia and talked with press about what PlanetSide 2 is all about.  


Head to our Facebook, Twitter, or Forums and let us know what you think!


Samedi 15 septembre 2012
Community Update September 2012

What an exciting few weeks it's been for us working on Planetside 2.  If you are in the Beta we hope you've been having as much fun as we are using new certifications and trying out base capture mechanics.  It's been going extremely well and there have been a number of insightful discussions from the development team on our forums. Be sure to check out the new Twitter feed and the employee tracker to stay in touch with everything.

If you aren't yet in the Beta there are still a number of opportunities for you.  Continue to follow our official Twitter feed and be sure to show up for Friday Night Ops every Friday. Luperza has been doing an amazing job and we always hand out a few keys during the show. 

If you want a sure way to get in the Beta, then Alpha Squad is the answer.  Instant Beta access is really only the cherry on top of this great deal though.  Not only do you get Station Cash to spend when the game launches, you'll get an exclusive camo set, unlock additional weaponry, and more.  It's worth checking out so head to our website.

You'll see more from us in the near future so make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook. We'll see you all at Friday Night Operations (I mentioned how awesome this was right?) and in game.


Vendredi 14 septembre 2012
Attention Solders - PlanetSide 2 Executive Producer

Hello Soldiers!

I’m sure you all have been following the awesome previews, event coverage, fan streams and gameplay videos that have emerged from the ongoing PlanetSide 2 external Beta. The NDA was removed just about two weeks ago and we highly encourage those of you in the Beta to share your experiences with the rest of the gamer community.

Beyond Beta, SOE Live is coming up fast and I wanted to reach out to everyone about how PlanetSide 2 will be involved this year. The PlanetSide 2 team has traveled to numerous international trade shows and we’ve shown the game at a number of industry events, but none of them are about our fans as much as this annual event that SOE holds in Las Vegas, SOE Live. For those that don’t know it is four days of fun, panels, gaming, tournaments and dinners where SOE staff and development teams get to interact and meet face to face with our players. I’ve outlined a few items below that I highly encourage all able bodied soldiers to attend!

Auraxium Showdown

Gear up with a new character and compete in a three day leaderboard challenge! Three rounds of play with the top six players from each round entered into the finals. Players will be ranked on score with prizes for the top ten competitors in the final round and the winner raking in a cool $6000. Total prize pool for this tournament is $10,100...that’s right, over 10k worth of prizing!

Dev Panels

A number of the devs have signed up to hold panels on some of their favorite topics. The panels will cover environments, characters, mechanics and ForgeLight with deeper discussions on everything from base design to classes, and animations to vehicle mechanics. It’s really a great chance to dive deeper into topics with the people actually working on them.

Live Streams

We’ll also be hosting two of our live streams direct from Vegas! Matt & Tramell are going to onsite doing a live episode of the PlanetSide Command Center covering not only what’s new in the game, but the happenings of SOE Live. And our very own Luperza will be streaming Friday Night Ops!

Director Q&A

With so much evolving during Beta and the activity on the forums there are more things to talk about than can be covered in any one panel. Make sure you jot down all of your Outfit’s questions and take the opportunity to get them answered direct from the source. Not only will Matt and Tramell be there, but the ever elusive Codeforge will make an appearance.

As I mentioned the biggest the part and what we’re most looking forward is being able to sit down and talk to the PlanetSide 2 players. We’ll be easily identified so be on the lookout.

Make sure to come out and join us in Vegas October 18-21!

Loyalty Beyond Death!

Josh Hackney, Executive Producer, Planetside 2


Vendredi 27 juillet 2012
PlanetSide 2 Trailer -- Epic First Person Shooter! Get Your Beta On!

Drop in the middle of the war on Auraxis. Follow the path of one soldier as he powers through the battlefield determined to fulfill his mission. The war is raging, but his mission is clear. Death is No Excuse. The battlefield in the modern warfare epic first person shooter could make you a combat veteran or you could end up with a halo over your head. Just watch this epic trailer that shows you what it is like to go PlanetSide 2!

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and get notified of future game trailers, videos and more: 

Check us out on Facebook: 
and follow us on twitter:


Mardi 3 juillet 2012
PlanetSide 2 Briefing - Donald Spalding Personal Log File

March 15th, 2642

To say that food has been scarce since we made it through the wormhole would be an understatement. If we didn’t have so many provisions already stored outside of the hydroponic ships, the fleet would have run out of food months ago. With only three of the original twenty-three hydroponics making it through in one piece, everyone has had to go hungry. It’s been well over a year since I’ve had a full meal.

 The military has been put on an even higher alert after the vote went through a couple months back. I didn’t know a higher level of security was possible until I saw them start locking people up for being outside of their rooms passed eight.

Everyone is still in shock over the destruction of the Discovery-7 and Tom Connery’s death. I can see Councilman Miller doing his best to keep positive, to give people hope and inspiration, but given the provisions we have left, I honestly have no idea how we’re going to make it. It’s getting harder and harder to shake the feeling that we’re all going to starve to death long before we can find a new home.

April 10th, 2642

The excitement throughout the fleet is palpable – we’ve picked up signs of a world that could support human life on the other side of this system! From this distance we’ve got no idea what sort of shape the atmosphere is in, but our terraforming equipment should be able to handle whatever the planet throws at us, so long as there’s oxygen and a nearby star.

The journey will be long, and we still have challenges to overcome, but the fleet has real hope again! We’re slated to arrive on “New Earth” by January of next year.

Councilman Miller requested that the military suspend, or at least extend, tonight’s curfew. After all these months, he felt the people needed to be able to enjoy this moment with their friends and families. To his credit, Commander Waterson has agreed to extend the curfew to midnight for tonight.

It’s been a good day.

I must admit these last few months have troubled me deeply. I know how much Connery hated the idea of military control over the fleet, but had Waterson been given the authority he has now earlier, Tom and the rest of Discovery-7 would still be here today.

Since the military clamped down after the attack, there have been no additional outbreaks of violence. If only we had done more, sooner…  I can only hope their continued diligence deters any more fighting in the future.

Speaking of the future - now that we seem to have one, I’ve followed up with Adam about what Waterson intends to do about the government when we arrive on New Earth. The councilman has assured me that the military intends to return control to civilian authorities as soon as we’ve landed. He says he’s already reviewed the paperwork himself, but still, I’m grateful that the Terran Republic has laws that prevent any of their worlds from falling under military rule.

I, like many, may question the actions of the military, but those laws allow us to never have to question their motives. Peace and the rule of law, but never at the expense of their citizens. The democracy we’ve created on Earth is to extend to all of our colonies.

Now I’m off to celebrate! If I can dig anything up tonight, I think I’ll have a drink for Mr. Connery. He should have been here for this.


Lundi 2 juillet 2012
Jimmy Whisenhunt Dev Spotlight

Last week we introduced you to Jimmy Whisenhut, who recently joined the PlanetSide 2 Development Team to help make this amazing game. You already know about his background in professional eSports, but what makes him tick and what will he be working on? Let's get a look at the man behind the Heavy Cycler!

Q:  Jimmy why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.  What got you into video games?  What was that first true love that you played and never looked back?

I couldn’t even put a date or even year on the first day I sat down in front of a keyboard and mouse to play my first FPS. I mean, seriously… I can’t. However I know it all started with Wolfenstein 3D, and what really sold me was seeing the first iteration of the Quake engine I saw at some tech show… And so it began.

Q:  We've come a long way from those days and you went well beyond being a player.  You’ve spent quite a bit of time in the world of eSports as a participant and commentator.  How did you end up there and what can you tell us that the average person may not know?

Well like I said, my FPS gaming all started with Wolfenstein 3D and then, all of the sudden, I had spent 12 years playing FPS games in a competitive setting, not including my casual fun games. I actually started analyzing and commentating for FPS game play for an old school group of guys called GameSurge Radio around 2005 when IRC was still the best way to get scrims and schedule online league matches for Counter-Strike in theUS. 

As far as something most people may not know about me in this community: The majority of my time as a competitor I was what we called an ‘in-game leader’. An in-game leader is the individual responsible for designing strategies for his team while being able to handle on the fly changes in the plan and relay new strategy accordingly.

Q:  What advice would you give someone wanting to start playing in the world of eSports?  Where do you start?

Learn your craft, whether you’re a straight up fragger that doesn’t like to think too much or you are a methodical player and like to dabble in a leadership role. Define your role and make it your own. Lots of people can be really good, but few can be unique and surprise their opponents on a regular basis. As far as the commentating side of things goes, just grab some replays/demos/live match feeds from your game of choice and learn as many play styles and personal details from different levels of gamers and start streaming or recording to youtube! It takes time, and a lot more work than I’d like to admit, but the results are rewarding and you can’t beat the level of understanding you can gain by analyzing and really breaking down how and why people play the way they do.

Q:  You've just recently started as a member of the PlanetSide 2 Development Team. What prompted you to take this position?

I had been involved in some popular feedback projects with a new FPS game coming out, and the only way for me to get the word to the company developing the game at the time was to make my feedback and analysis public and push the community to make sure it’s seen. The next step was to teach people to give proper feedback and make sure they understand how what they are suggesting changes things on a large scale. Next thing I know I’m flying toSan Diegoto meet this awesome team! It was an easy choice. This game is epic.

Q:  What specifically are you/will you be working on in the game?

Starting off I’ll be looking at the weapons system. I’m a gun guy, in real life and in-game. I want this to be a unique experience but still holding true to the expectations of PlanetSide fans.

Q:  What is really exciting you the most about PlanetSide 2?

How incredibly ambitious this project is! The ability to rally my followers, friends, and allies all together at the same time and coordinate strikes against an enemy in real time on the ground will undoubtedly be an incredible experience for me.

Q:  What class do you play the most and why?

I tend to bounce around a bit, but typically I stick to assault classes. I like to take leadership roles. It’s hard to really tell what’s happening to the extent needed to make on the fly decisions without being on the front lines.

Q:  What empire do you swear your allegiance to and why?

Glory to the Republic, loyalty until death! We were the first to unify our people and will not waiver on our principals… Annnnnnd, I like the weapons.

Q:  Describe the most awesome moment you’ve had in a PlanetSide 2 playtest so far.

Spending about 15 minutes behind enemy lines taking surrounding posts by myself while setting up ambushes to crush the rebels, I finally ended up with a few magazines remaining on my pistol and no ammunition in my rifle. Suddenly PlanetSide 2 turned into a survival horror as I sprinted from cover to cover trying to make it back to resupply… I ended up getting blown to pieces about 50 feet from a station after my seemingly endless trek across the battlefield. Epic.

Q:  What do you do when you aren’t working tirelessly on PlanetSide 2?

I’m either fragging in Quake Live, Counter-Strike, Battlefield BC2, or Tribes… Sometimes I sleep.

Thanks for talking with us Jimmy!  Look for his handiwork in PlanetSide 2 and let him know what you think when Beta begins.


Lundi 2 juillet 2012
PlanetSide Day Recap

PlanetSide Day was in full swing this weekend and a special thank you goes out to the organizers and those who jumped in to participate.  Whether it was an impromptu assault on Cyssor, or hundreds of aircraft dogfighting near Ishundar, you guys brought your “A game” and made it special.  We hope everyone had as much fun participating in these events as we did supporting and watching them.  If you weren’t able to experience any of the epic warfare yourself, here are some images and video of what you missed. 

Terran Republic Soldiers Line Up for a Parade

New Conglomerate Forms their Ranks

Vanu Sovereignty Prepares to Load up BFR for an Assault

Did Someone Ask for Air Support?

If you are more interested in seeing live combat, PlanetSide Universe and GimpyLung hosted some exciting videos showing just what happened:

Want to see extensive Livestream coverage of quite a few events?  Head over to Planetside TV and catch their coverage.

Special thanks Tatwi and Westy543 for the great screenshots. Also thanks to the big outfits like Azure Twilight and others who helped spearhead and organize this.  

PlanetSide 1 veterans, while you are still enjoying your time in game, be sure to sign up for PlanetSide 2’s Beta if you haven’t! 


Jeudi 28 juin 2012
PlanetSide Day is This Weekend!

This weekend marks the first ever PlanetSide day!  If you are a former subscriber to PlanetSide 1 check your account because you've been given 30 days of free time to enjoy the nostalgia with the entire community!  Look for the following community events:

Saturday June 30th

    3 PM PT – Lone Wolf Tourney With Tigersmith. Details to come!
    4 PM PT – Massive Dogfight over the Auraxis ocean.  Coordinates will be called out before the fight begins but who will remain?
    6PM PT – ANT Demolition Derby.  Drive your fastest and ram your enemy into pieces!

Sunday July 1st

    2 PM PT – Empire War – PlanetSide TV will cover 2 hours of non-stop combat all over Auraxis!
    4 PM PT – PlanetSide Day Parade – March in this formal parade as long as you can.  There will be surprises!

Be sure to catch the MMORPG Livestream tonight with Matt Higby and Trammell Isaac as they discuss PlanetSide 1's influence on the design of PlanetSide 2!


Mardi 26 juin 2012
June 2012 PlanetSide 2 Producer's Comm Link - Beta

Hi all! I wanted to start off this initial PlanetSide 2 Producer Letter to everyone in the community by saying a big ‘Thank you’. The development team has been working their butts off for the past year pulling the game together in anticipation of our first hands-on and Beta. All the fan support so far has been awesome and it’s been really motivating for everyone here as we’re cranking through making the game. At the end of the day we’re building this for the fans!

There is a crazy list of upcoming events this summer for PlanetSide 2 including ChinaJoy, GamesCom, San Diego Comic Con, and PAX Prime, and it really all kicked-off at E3 a few weeks ago. The Electronic Entertainment Expo was the first opportunity for hands-on with the game and thousands of people swamped the booth to do just that. It was three days of epic battles, headshots, tank explosions and kamikaze aircraft. The press jumped in as well and ended up sharing the love with nominations for 40 separate awards and 21 wins so far! For those that missed them, I’ve included some of the links below. The E3 demo was a critical milestone for PlanetSide 2, and we’re extremely proud of the team’s accomplishments, but we still have a ways to go... which is where all of you come in.

Like I said before, the community’s enthusiasm has been stellar, and the comments on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter have really helped shape the game. As we move forward we will continue to have that open dialogue with the PlanetSide 2 community as you are the most important members of our external team! That said, there has been a running theme from everyone revolving around Beta. That time is fast approaching and I wanted to take a moment to break down the phases of the upcoming PlanetSide 2 Beta and how your help is integral to the launch of the game.

We’re currently in Internal Closed Beta which includes daily team playtests, tons of optimizations, lots of bug fixing, polishing game mechanics... you get the idea. Our next step is a Technical Test Phase that will include testing our servers, concurrent players and further optimizations of both our client and our server. This critical step is necessary to ensure a solid foundation for the first phase of our External Beta. I want to be clear that this testing phase is not part of the actual Beta. I don’t want anyone feeling like this is some exclusive thing they didn’t get invited to. This is purely for making sure what video cards work, what drivers work, what machine speeds work and how they interact prior to External Beta.

External Beta will include primary rounds of entry for existing PlanetSide 1 players and additional External Beta registrants, including those who obtained Beta codes from the PC Gamer magazine cover feature. Playtests will be scheduled during this time to ensure the maximum testing of specific aspects of the game with ever increasing numbers of players. Your participation is extremely valuable to us and we’ll be balancing and revising base layouts based on your feedback. Again, we will be inviting as many of our existing PlanetSide 1 players as we can into the early phases of Beta determined by a number of different factors, including machine type. Rest assured PlanetSide 1 players... you’re top of the list in each phase.

As Beta progresses I will continue to send out more specifics on dates of each of the phases. If you don’t have a Beta code, you don’t have to go to eBay to get one. Prove your empire allegiance and tweet (@planetside2) for a chance to receive a Beta code. Be sure to check out our Facebook APP as well!  And, if you haven’t done so yet, sign up for Beta access at and ensure your contact information and computer specs are up to date. Please also remember that Beta testers will be under an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) which requires acceptance prior to admission into Beta.

Thanks again for all the support and help in making PlanetSide 2 a truly epic experience!

Josh Hackney, Executive Producer, PlanetSide 2

Join PlanetSide Day!

Can’t wait for the launch of PlanetSide 2 Beta? Itching for some action? Pass the time and start honing your skills again in PlanetSide 1! The community is returning to Auraxis this Sunday, July 1st, in celebration of PlanetSide Day. In support of this monumental occasion, SOE is granting 30 days of free game time to every current subscriber and former PlanetSide player who had an active subscription! This grant will be processed by 11:59 PM PST June 27th, 2012, however as there are a large volume of accounts some may receive grants earlier than others.

If you need to download PlanetSide 1, head to our Get The Game page, find PlanetSide 1, and click Reinstall. We can’t wait to see everyone back!

 Also don't miss video of our E3 floor demonstration of PlanetSide 2!

E3 Awards and Nominations


Vendredi 22 juin 2012
Jimmy Whisenhunt Joins the PlanetSide 2 Team

It’s an exciting day for the PlanetSide 2 team! Joining the development team from the world of competitive FPS gaming, Jimmy Whisenhunt brings more than a dozen years of shooter expertise to the world of Auraxis.  As a professional FPS player and commentator, he adds a unique perspective that will help make PlanetSide 2 an even more exciting and kickass gaming experience. Here's what he had to say. “Coming to SOE to work on PlanetSide 2 is a huge opportunity to put what I’ve learned from studying what kept FPS games of the past so successful and incredibly fun for all types of players!” You can expect to hear a lot more about him in the future. Join us next week as we learn more about Jimmy and his work on PlanetSide 2.


Jeudi 7 juin 2012
PlanetSide 2 E3 Day 3 Recap

It's the last day of E3 and PlanetSide 2 closed the show with massive combat and epic explosions.  What did you miss?  Videos, promotions, and more can be found just below!  


IGN Night Terrors and Small Victories

Love is a Hex Shaped Battlefield

Gamezone E3 Preview

Did we mention we won Best in Show?


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Mercredi 6 juin 2012
PlanetSide 2 E3 Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of E3 is over and PlanetSide 2 brought another day of battle to the floor.  We had plenty to see and if you missed anything we'll get you caught up quickly!  Videos, live streams, promotions, and more can be found below:


Gamebreaker Hands On

PlanetSide 2 at E3 on Curse Hands On

Gametrailers with PlanetSide 2 at E3


PlanetSide 2 Theater Demonstration! - Get an inside look at a live theater demo during E3. 

Live Gameplay Day 1 – Check out TotalBiscuit’s channel at 3PM PT for gameplay as it happens.


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Mardi 5 juin 2012
PlanetSide 2 E3 Day 1 Recap

It’s Day 1 at E3 and PlanetSide 2 brought massive warfare to everyone for the very first time. Exciting promotions, live gameplay, and much more came from the show floor and you won’t want to miss a second of it! Here are a few of the highlights from today:


5 Reasons to Play PlanetSide 2 at Ten Ton Hammer

IGN Nominates PlanetSide 2 for Best MMO Game at E3 2012

PC Gamer Hands-On Preview


PlanetSide 2 Empires At War E3 2012


Sony Online Entertainment LIVE at E3! - Get a look at what SOE has to show at E3 2012. 

Live Gameplay Daily – Check out TotalBiscuit’s channel at 3PM PT for gameplay as it happens.


PlanetSide 2 Swag Giveaway – Don’t miss out on your chance to nab PlanetSide 2 themed gear. Check out Facebook each day for your chance to win!

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Jeudi 31 mai 2012
PlanetSide 2 Teams Up with TotalBiscuit for E3

SOE is excited to partner with TotalBiscuit in providing the best possible commentary for the next great MMOFPS. If you missed his livecast with Matt Higby on Thursday, you missed more than an hour of amazing video and discussion. Check it out! TotalBiscuit will also be joining us live next week during E3 from the show floor, where you’ll have the opportunity to watch massive combat as it unfolds.

John Bain (TotalBiscuit) helps run In his own words, the Cynicial Brit is a shoutcast, podcast, video, and audio-blogging hub, and he is an opinionated loudmouth who treats arguing like full-scale warfare, which makes him a perfect match for PlanetSide 2. 

    Tuesday, June 5th – 3:00 PM PT – 5:00 PM PT
    Wednesday, June 6th - 3:00 PM PT – 5:00 PM PT
    Thursday, June 7th – 11:00 AM PT – 1:00 PM PT

What are you most excited about with PlanetSide2?

The scale. No game has managed to pull off something that huge yet. Previous FPS titles have ranged from small deathmatches to reasonably sized skirmishes, but when it comes to entire armies clashing, nobody has really managed to pull that off. The fact that it's a futuristic, tri-faction battle makes things all the more interesting.

What’s your favorite PlanetSide 2 vehicle?

I'm Terran Republic at heart so it's got to be the Prowler. It's the biggest, meanest tank on the battlefield with a huge double-barreled cannon as its main armament.

You’ve mentioned that PlanetSide grabbed you more than any other MMO. What made it so different?

Every other MMO I've played has always had to sacrifice something to realize the "massively" part of "MMO." Not only that but it seems like in the last few MMOs aren't massive at all. I mean sure you're playing on the same server but interaction with large groups beyond 10 or 25 players is more often than not limited to chatting, trading and passing them by while questing. I got into MMOs for massive-scale versus and cooperative gameplay that traditional multiplayer titles couldn't offer. Planetside 2 seems to offer a fully fledged combined arms FPS experience without sacrificing what makes multiplayer FPS games fun in the first place and also delivers the "massively multiplayer" experience thanks to the number of players that can be involved in any given battle.

Would you care to shout out to any of your old Outfits?

My Terran Republic brethren over in INI Elite deserve a shoutout for terrorizing Werner with their highly organized operations. I'd also like to give a shoutout to The Halibuts of Emerald. Fear the Fish Gentlemen.

What was your favorite “term” in PlanetSide 1?

Flashlight, aka the Vanu Beamer pistol. Known by that nickname because it was about as dangerous as one.

What was the funniest/weirdest way to kill someone in PlanetSide 1?

Can I say Beamer again? Probably not, the Vanu would get upset. I was rather partial to using harasser buggies as make-shift bombs. They were surprisingly effective at flattening enemy troops if dropped from a Galaxy at a great height.

What’s the significance of the name TotalBiscuit?

It's a one-off reference from one of my favorite authors Terry Pratchett in his novel Carpe Jugulum. Go pick up a copy,

When and how did you get into playing the first Planetside?

I started playing Planetside in 2003. It was a simple case of seeing an ad promising "hundreds of players in a first person shooter" that got me interested. To be honest, who wouldn't be intrigued by that?

What was your fondest memory of the first Planetside?

My very first deployment. I took the HART shuttle and dropped by pod into the middle of a big engagement. I had precisely no idea what was going on, there was a war waging around me so I ran around in a panic for a few minutes before getting run down by a passing tank. That's Planetside in a nutshell, you're just a very small fish in a really large, dangerous pond.

Are you New Conglomerate, Terran Republic or Vanu Sovereignty? And why is that empire better than the rest?

Terran Republic all the way! Terran Republic are the only ones trying to keep any order around here. The New Conglomerate are running around whining about freedom and rights and the Vanu Sovereignty are obsessed with alien technology and clearly can't be trusted. We have the biggest guns that fire the most bullets per second and since sharing is caring, we put more guns and more seats on our vehicles than any other faction. If you're one of those hippy types or an anti-social alien-loving scumbag, feel free to go elsewhere but if you like to party, pick Terran Republic.

Any advice for “noobs” coming to play Planetside 2 for the first time?

Prepare to die. You are one soldier, you are not Superman. You will get killed, a lot. Learn to play well with others pretty quick otherwise you're going to be seeing the inside of a spawning tube more than you'd like. There's nothing quite like a well coordinated assault with your outfit mates.

Favorite In-game Weapon?

The Terran Republic's Mini-chaingun, though calling it "mini" is a stretch. It's a massive rotary cannon that can spit out more rounds per minute than any other weapon in the game.

Favorite In-game location?

I was always a fan of Amerish. Plenty of nice open green fields to do battle in as well as forest cover to avoid passing Reaver patrols.


Jeudi 10 mai 2012
PlanetSide 2 Briefing - Conspiracy


Joseph MacGuire kicked his feet onto the desk he and Jack Sloan shared and cleaned the dirt from his fingernails with a Mag-Cutter.

“Not sure why you’re so creeped out by this place, Jackie. It ain’t that much different from our 90th floor office at Genudine, the only difference is that the rats here ain’t wearing suits. ”

Joseph and Jack had worked as a team for Genudine’s corporate security department for years. Joseph’s charisma and ruthless nature helped him excel at his executive level position, while Jack’s technical knowledge and paranoia worked just as well for him.

“Don’t forget we weren’t crammed behind pallets of building supplies in a storage ship warehouse back home either,” Jack smirked, struggling to push rounds into his Repeater’s magazine. “You’d think they’d make these damn things easier to load after all the revisions they’ve done on them.”

“Still don’t know why you need three rounds a pull to shoot vermin. Afraid he’s gonna dodge?” Joseph teased.

“Where’s this informant of yours at, anyway?” Jack said, ignoring his coworker’s quip.

“Should be here soon. She kept repeating how valuable this data of hers was supposed to be for the N.C. Said it would absolve us of any blame,” Joseph said. He wiped his Mag-Cutter clean and stuck it in the table. “All she asked for in exchange was food and protection.”

“Absolve us of what? The T.R. military has swept every civilian ship half a dozen times in the past four days,” Jack said, pulling the slide on his Repeater. “Whatever evidence they’re looking for blew up on Discovery-7.”

Joseph saw a blonde, fair-skinned woman looking around nervously in one of the glowing monitors propped up on his desk. “Looks like that’s her,” he stated, turning to Jack. “Put that thing away, Jackie. Last thing a girl needs to see in a dark warehouse is your scrawny ass drawing a bead on rodents.”

Jack watched Joseph get up and open the door on the other side of the pallets, greeting the woman and leading her in to their makeshift office.

“Have a seat, Krysia,” he smiled.

“Mr. MacGuire, no?” she asked.

“Please, call me Joey,” he grinned at the beautiful woman. “So, what did you bring me today?” Joseph inquired, kicking his feet back onto the desk. Jack rolled his eyes while staring at his monitors, knowing that this would be another agonizing hour of listening to Joseph’s flirty act.

“Mr. MacGuire,” she said, ignoring his charm. “There’s something rotten at the core of this mission. I’ve got a disc showing the beginnings of a major scandal involving the Lieutenant Commander,” she declared.

“Waterson?” Joseph laughed. “What’s a pretty thing like you be doing with that dejected sad sack?”

Krysia fumbled through her bag and pulled a holodisc out. “He was my boss. I’ve been recording him on and off for months to try and get proof of some of his advances, but this I ended up with this about a week ago. I took a few things from his office’s gun safe for protection and I’ve been in hiding since. They’re looking for me, Mr. MacGuire,” she said, handing the thin blue disc to Joseph.

Joseph fumbled under the desk to search for his holoplayer amongst the various wires and electronics. As he popped in the disc, the form of Lt. Commander Waterson sitting at a dimly lit desk slowly flickered to life.


Lieutenant Commander Brent Waterson clicked on his comm, silencing the intermittent beeping that had interrupted his train of thought. A long day spent in a series of heated impromptu meetings with three other senior officers of the fleet left him with little focus and even less energy.

“Mr. Waterson?” the voice sheepishly questioned.

“Yes, Krysia?” he asked.

“Councilman Miller is here to see you.”

“Great, show him in,” he responded.

Miller was lead into the Lieutenant Commander’s office, a converted no-frills bedroom on Discovery-2. A disheveled Waterson greeted the councilman with a yawn and a handshake.

“What’s going on, Brent? It’s getting a little late for meetings,” Miller yawned.

“Sit down, Adam. We need to talk about this increasingly dire situation,” Waterson said. He filled a mug with from the carafe on his desk and sipped it.

“This couldn’t wait until tomorrow? You’ve made your concerns about food production and housing space perfectly clear.”

“This isn’t about food or housing, Adam. It’s about Connery.”

“Connery? What happened?”

The Lieutenant Commander paused and leaned forward onto his desk. “Nothing happened to him, Adam. I’m concerned with the way things are going with the fleet. We’ll all be dead in two years time, and it’s going to be because of Tom.”

“Two years? What the hell are you on about, Brent? He’s the only thing holding the morale of this fleet together.”

“Morale? There’s a crime epidemic that’s been spreading over the fleet for months. Nobody has any confidence in this mission anymore. We left our desire to finish this journey together on the other side of that wormhole.”

“You’ve seen the statistics, Lieutenant. Unrest throughout the fleet is high, but it’s only a small fraction of the population responsible for the problems we’ve experienced over the past few months. It’s hardly a damn epidemic.”

“The majority of that ‘small fraction’ we’ve been throwing into Explorer-5’s jail have connections to that New Conglomerate group. Connery’s letting Mattherson’s mercenaries run amok on the fleet, and all he needs to do is tighten the Republic’s grip on the people. Instead, he’s giving them the velvet glove treatment. There were half a dozen casualties in that housing ship just last week. What happens when your daughter ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time? The N.C. is going to tear this fleet apart.”

“What exactly are you proposing Connery needs to do, Brent?”

Waterson perked up and smiled. “Pull his head out of his ass, for starters,” he barked. “Hell, this conversation wouldn’t be taking place had he enacted martial law back in October as soon as we left the Solar system. We need a fleet-wide curfew; we need to prevent them from assembling. Instead, Connery considers the freedoms of the people are worth more than their lives. Civilians are still in possession of whatever firearms they decided to bring along with them two years ago,” Waterson ranted. “We should’ve disarmed them before this mission even started.”

The Lieutenant Commander paused and stared into the mug as he swirled the coffee around. “Ideally, what Connery needs to do,” he continued, “is step down as the commander of this mission. Let someone with a pair run the show.”

“The man ran a government that took care of forty-three billion people; he can handle the forty thousand in the fleet. You’re insane to think he’s going to step down,” Miller said. “Even more so if you think the people would even consider voting the man out to allow some hard-ass to enact your neurotic, heavy handed restrictions.”

“These restrictions are the only things that are going to keep this fleet alive long enough to find a planet we can live on, Miller.”

“Lieutenant, I’m not certain what you’re expecting to accomplish by bringing this up to me alone. Hell, you could’ve saved your breath for next week’s council meeting when they shoot down your oppressive measures like any sane person would do. I’m done with this ridiculous meeting, Waterson,” Miller said. He shook his head and turned around, walking towards the closed door.

“I wouldn’t walk through that door if you value your family’s lives, Adam. You should sit down,” Waterson threatened.

The councilman froze mid-step. “Excuse me?”

“It’d be an awful shame your Jenny is at the wrong place at the wrong time. I can’t exactly promise that the local authorities could continue to keep your family safe, what with being spread so thin lately. I’ve spoken to far more than just you about this matter, Adam, and the final step before I can begin to put this plan into action is your cooperation. Everything else is already in place, and all we need now is another beloved figurehead. When the time comes, of course.”

Miller stood facing the door and turned around to the grinning Lieutenant Commander, knowing his hands were tied. “Another? You’re sickening, Brent. How do you call yourself T.R.?”

“Because no one will ever find out, Adam. Who would question us if we pinned it on some of Mattherson’s starving N.C. cronies? We’re calling the shots here, remember? I trust that you’ll comply, given the terms of our agreement, correct?” Waterson said, grinning at his victory.


Jack paused the holovid and looked at the frozen image of Waterson grinning in shock. “You think it’s real?”

“I’d say so, Jackie. This needs to get to command before someone offs Old Man Connery. I just can’t tell if Waterson truly believes it or just thinks Connery is hogging the limelight,” Joseph said. He began to stand up.

“It’s good then, no? I’ll be compensated and protected for this? Secure room, food?”

Joseph paused, sat back down and smiled at her. “We haven’t ironed anything out yet, Krysia. I can assure you that you’ll be compensated well when this is all finished.”

“Waterson is hunting me down, Mr. MacGuire. I can’t just go back home and wait for you to talk to Connery.”

“Unfortunately, we’re completely removed from anything related to your compensation as part of N.C. policy to prevent misuse of our already stretched supplies. We’ll have one of the lawyers on Discovery-9 write up a contract in a few days after we can verify the authenticity of this holovid.“

Krysia stood up and leaned over their desk as any trace of patience disappeared from her demeanor. “You assured me I would be taken care of, Mr. MacGuire. I can’t just sit around at home anymore waiting for your lawyers to cut through red tape.”

“I’m sure we can expedite the process, Krysia. We can have this taken care of tomorrow morning, easily,” Joseph assured her.

Krysia pulled the Mag-Cutter out of his desk and leaned in further, pointing it at his throat. “I’ll be as good as dead the second I step onto Discovery-2. I’m not going back.”

Joseph slowly pushed his chair backwards. “Hey, hey, let’s take a step back here, ma’am. We can-“

He flinched as his words were cut short by three rapid deafening bangs. When he opened his eyes, he only caught a brief glimpse of blonde hair sliding along the table before disappearing. He turned to see Jack, shaking violently and holding a Repeater.

“The hell is wrong with you, Jackie? I had it under control!” Joseph shouted.

“She had a Mag to your throat, Joey. You wanted me to wait for her to turn the thing on?”

Joseph slid over the desk to find the woman on her side. “Ma’am? Can you hear me?” he asked, leaning in closer. He shook her shoulder briskly to no response. He stood up and turned to his panicked friend. “She’s bleeding out.”

“What the hell do we do with her?”

“We? You’re going to figure out the closest airlock and get rid of her. This ain’t on my hands.”

Their argument was interrupted by rustling behind them. Joseph turned around to see Krysia’s bloodied grin as a grenade rolled into his boot.


Vendredi 13 avril 2012
Developer Spotlight Jon Weathers

1) What is your name and title, and what is your role on the PlanetSide 2 team?

Hello there! My name is Jon Weathers and I'm the Systems/UI Design Lead on PlanetSide 2. I primarily oversee the design and implementation of all game systems and UI elements in the game.

2) How did you get into the video game industry? Give us a little background.

A career in video games wasn't in the cards for me, originally. I had always thought games would be a lifelong hobby rather than a living. Game development, I thought, was just too unrealistic of a goal. So, I went to college to prepare myself for a more attainable career. In an effort to make myself more marketable, I focused my studies in a couple different areas and eventually graduated with degrees in Business Econ and Computer Science. My career goal was to become some sort of business consultant for companies looking to utilize modern tech to remain competitive in their respective industries. After graduating, I realized it was less than impossible to be a business consultant with almost no work experience, so I decided to get my feet wet by taking an analyst position at a commercial real estate research company. That was a bad fit for me. After a couple months, I found another job at a healthcare company. That was a bad fit for me also. After another couple months, I found a job as a technical recruiter. And, yup, another bad fit. So, there I was, about 3 jobs and 6 months past graduation, unable to find a suitable place to plant my roots. Getting a little disheartened, I reluctantly dragged myself to a local college's career fair to start hunting for job number four. At the career fair, I found a couple recruiters looking to hire game testers for SOE. After some consideration, I decided I needed a couple months break from "career" jobs and applied to be a tester. Playing games all day and getting a couple bucks to do it seemed very appealing to me at the time. I was offered a temp tester position and immediately took it. It turned out to be a pretty good fit.

3) What games have you previously worked on?

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (Tester), Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (Tester), Free Realms (Developer), Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (Developer)

4) What are you currently working on for the game? What does designing "game systems" consist of on a daily basis?

In the last day or two I've been overseeing iterations on a couple vehicle HUDs, changes to the map interface, tweaks to a couple aspects of our reward schema, changes to some of our loadout interface flow and layout, and adjustments to our certification interface and system design. As far as daily duties, that's a little difficult to define as each day is a bit unique so I'll generalize some. Earlier in the dev cycle, I and other systems designers were focused on defining all the essential systems needed to achieve the game's high level goals. This typically involved a lot of meetings, a lot of document writing, and a lot of iterating. Later in the game's dev cycle, my typical day consisted of me working closely with programmers, artists, and other designers as each system was implemented.

5) Why is it important for a PS2 player to join an outfit? How is it different from what one might have experienced in original PlanetSide?

Our outfit system is designed to not only offer social depth, but to offer additional gameplay depth as well. We plan to have a very customizable and robust outfit system in both the cosmetic and gameplay-affecting sense. I can say non-outfit players will be missing a pretty big part of the PS2 experience.

6) What most excites you about working on PlanetSide 2?

PS2 is a very unique game. The massive scale, the three empires, the persistent world, the shooter and vehicle combat, and the pvp-centric gameplay are things you just don't see in any other one game. This game has the potential to create a lot of amazing experiences that can't be found anywhere else. That's a pretty exciting thing to me.

7) How was it demoing the Alpha milestone to press at GDC? What resonated most with you? With the crowd? Any fun stuff happen behind those monitors on the stage?

The demo at GDC went great, especially for how ad hoc the combat was. The game was received very well by the crowd. I think a lot of them were pleasantly surprised at the progress we've been making on the game. As for fun stuff behind the monitors, does playing the game count? The game's pretty fun. Oh, and I was also chewing gum behind my monitor, which apparently was captured on camera. That earned me an office prank involving a couple hundred sticks of gum and a new office nameplate that may or may not have had the word "bubblegum" in it. Fun.

8) Which Empire do you belong to? Why?

New Conglomerate. Their general ideologies and position on free governance align with my own. NC also totally rules.

9) What video games are you playing in your free time? Do you have free time? What else do you do for fun?

There hasn't been too much free time lately, but I've still managed to finish a play through of Mass Effect 3. Also, I recently got an itch to fire up some older games and have been playing Diablo II, X-COM:UFO Defense, and Indigo Prophecy. Though I haven't been able to do much lately, I used to be a pretty avid mountain biker, disc golfer, and lizard bottler.


Jeudi 12 avril 2012
Developer Spotlight Margaret Krohn

At SOE, we take pride in the fact that we are all gamers. That being said, it takes an extremely talented team of artists, coders, designers, audio engineers, and production staff to build the enormous, incredible and unbelievably badass game experience that is PlanetSide 2. Creating PlanetSide 2 is a "dream come true" for the talented members of our development team, many of which have been with SOE for several years and have diligently worked their way up the ranks over time. This week we feature some of SOE's finest "home-grown" developers that have followed their hearts and found the path that took them from SOE Customer Service and Quality Assurance to the PlanetSide 2 game design team.

Today, Margaret Krohn talks a little more about her work on the infantry weapon systems in PlanetSide 2.

1) What is your name and title, and what is your role on the PlanetSide 2 team?

Salutations! I am Margaret Krohn, an Associate Game Designer on PlanetSide 2. I primarily work on systems and combat feel.

2) How did you get into the video game industry? Give us a little background.

I've been a gamer my whole life, but while I was going to college, I started getting big into blogging, podcasting, and running fan sites. This led me to a lot of gaming conventions and events. At one of the events, I was asked why I had never pursued a career in game design and I thought to myself, "Why haven't I?" I then looked into all the ways that I could get into the industry. At the time, SOE was hiring some Quality Assurance (QA) testers for Free Realms and I applied with hopes of working my way up in the company.

Back then I was living in Illinois, with over two thousand miles of land between me and my goal. It was one of those life changing decisions that you have to really debate with yourself. Was it really worth it – leaving my family and friends behind? What did I have to lose? It was truly an opportunity I could not pass up and I was both nervous and excited.

I packed all of my stuff, slept on a friend's couch for a few weeks, and managed to snag an apprenticeship on Free Realms while working in QA. Soon after, I was pulled on full-time, and here I am four years later working on the sequel to a game that offered me years of entertainment! I am definitely living my dream.

3) What games have you previously worked on?

Before I was brought onto the PlanetSide 2 team, I was working on Free Realms, where I designed content with the world team.

4) What are some tips for the PS2 newbie out there when they first enter the Auraxis elemental?

I suggest joining up with a squad and fighting the good fight! The great thing about PlanetSide 2 is that it's an MMOFPS, and that means that you get to play the game with people from all over the world!

5) What is your favorite class? Why?

This is the hardest question for me. It really depends on the situation I am in. I'm constantly switching up my class based on what's happening around me or what my squad needs. I do have to say that I am becoming much more of a fan of the Infiltrator than I thought I would be. I generally don't snipe much, but I love the stealthy feel and being able to assess the battlefield from a distance. I'm also a huge fan of the Heavy Assault class. I love rocket launchers! Who doesn't?

6) Do you play male or female characters? Or both?

I normally play female characters, but if there's a bad arse looking guy, sometimes I will play them. In PlanetSide 2, you'll most likely always see me playing a female character. That's something I have to say is really rad about PlanetSide 2. As a female, a lot of FPS games don't even have female characters, so I have no choices. It's always the question of which male character I want to play. In PlanetSide 2, I can play a female character and customize her to my liking! Really awesome.

7) What most excites you about working on PlanetSide 2?

Honestly, I haven't been working in the industry for a long time, so it's finally getting to work on an FPS game. I play a lot of FPS games and I enjoy them greatly. It's been an awesome learning experience for me and I get to make a game that I genuinely can't wait to play and explore.

8) Which Empire do you belong to? Why?

I played the original PlanetSide in high school with a few of my friends – 555th for life (only a select few will get that. Haha). It was so much fun and we were always Vanu Sovereignty. I guess that for me it's more about team pride and nostalgia. They also have a unique look and feel which is a major plus for me.

9) What video games are you playing in your free time? Do you have free time? What else do you do for fun?

Oh man, I'm a huge gamer, so I play a lot of games in my free time, at least when I can manage to find free time that doesn't involve sleeping or eating. Working on PlanetSide 2 has been keeping me quite busy and as anyone who follows me on Twitter (@PurrfectStorm) will note, I rarely get to stream games these days. I have just been playing when I find time.

To name just a few games I've played recently – EverQuest II, Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Portal 2, CoD: Black Ops, and Dragon Age: Origins.

10) What advice can you give aspiring game developers who are looking to work in the video game industry?

Take the leap! Sometimes, we just don't realize what opportunities are out there for us. Figure out what you want to do in the industry and strive to accomplish that goal, and work hard to get there.


Mercredi 11 avril 2012
Developer Spotlight Josh Sanchez

At SOE, we take pride in the fact that we are all gamers. That being said, it takes an extremely talented team of artists, coders, designers, audio engineers, and production staff to build the enormous, incredible and unbelievably badass game experience that is PlanetSide 2. Creating PlanetSide 2 is a "dream come true" for the talented members of our development team, many of which have been with SOE for several years and have diligently worked their way up the ranks over time. This week we feature some of SOE's finest "home-grown" developers that have followed their hearts and found the path that took them from SOE Customer Service and Quality Assurance to the PlanetSide 2 game design team.

Today, Josh Sanchez talks a little more about his work on the infantry weapon systems in PlanetSide 2.

1) What is your name and title, and what is your role on the PlanetSide 2 team?

My name is Joshua Sanchez and I am a designer on PlanetSide 2. My main role is working on the systems behind infantry weapons and classes.

2) How did you get into the video game industry? Give us a little background.

I always wanted to be a game designer, so when it came time to find a real job I searched the internet for ways to break into the industry, and Quality Assurance was often recommended as a great entry level position for game designers. I applied to every place I could find in the southern California area and was eventually hired into another company's QA department, where I worked for a few months before being laid off at the end of a project. I repeated the process of applying everywhere and about five years ago I was hired into SOE's QA department, and I've been with the company since.

3) What games have you previously worked on?

As a designer I worked on Free Realms and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Before that I worked on multiple titles as a QA tester.

4) What are you currently working on for the game? What does a "Game Designer" actually do?

Right now I'm working on balancing our weapons and classes for Beta.

Game Designers do a lot a different things, such as designing the rules of the world and the systems behind it, designing the levels that people will play in with those rules, and creating the lore that brings those levels to life. My role on this game is most reflective of the first one.

5) What makes the PlanetSide 2 combat system unique? Can you provide any strategic tips?

PlanetSide 2 will have mixed infantry and vehicle combat on a massive scale. The players who coordinate the two will always have an advantage in a fight over those who don't.

6) What class/weapon are you most interested to see tested in BETA? Why?

I'm most interested in seeing the MAX in action because it's a unique class with a lot of flexibility. It can be equipped to play in the infantry game, the vehicle game, or players can mix and match to play in both. I want to see how the MAX gameplay evolves as players discover new tactics and counter-tactics against each others' loadouts.

7) What most excites you about working on PlanetSide 2?

Everyone has their own special moments that they remember when they talk about the original PlanetSide, things that could have happened nowhere else. I'm interested in creating a world where that same experience can happen for both original and new PlanetSide players.

8) Which Empire do you belong to? Why?

Terran Republic, simply because I like the style of their faction the most.

9) What video games are you playing in your free time? Do you have free time? What else do you do for fun?

I'm a big fighting game fan, though these days I watch other people play in tournaments more often than I actually play myself. Otherwise I tend to bounce around different genres. The last few games I played are Mass Effect 3, Wild Arms XF (I'm finally going through my PSP backlog), and Xenoblade Chronicles. For fun I explore every type of media out there, from film to print to audio. I'm also big football fan.


Mardi 10 avril 2012
Developer Spotlight Kevin Moyer

At SOE, we take pride in the fact that we are all gamers. That being said, it takes an extremely talented team of artists, coders, designers, audio engineers, and production staff to build the enormous, incredible and unbelievably badass game experience that is PlanetSide 2. Creating PlanetSide 2 is a "dream come true" for the talented members of our development team, many of which have been with SOE for several years and have diligently worked their way up the ranks over time. This week we feature some of SOE's finest "home-grown" developers that have followed their hearts and found the path that took them from SOE Customer Service and Quality Assurance to the PlanetSide 2 game design team.

Lead Vehicle Designer Kevin Moyer shares what it's like creating the heavy machinery of PlanetSide 2

1) What is your name and title, and what is your role on the PlanetSide 2 team?

My name is Kevin Moyer, and I'm the lead vehicle designer on PlanetSide 2.

2) How did you get into the video game industry? Give us a little background.

I've always had a strong passion for gaming, but it wasn't until I was about halfway through college that I realized I would rather be making video games. Shortly after college I saw a job posting online for QA testing MMOs in San Diego. I was hired in QA for several years.

3) What games have you previously worked on?

I was a QA tester on Lords of EverQuest, EverQuest II, Legends of Norrath and Untold Legends. I got into design by applying for an apprenticeship on EverQuest. I did that for awhile, and then moved to Free Realms. After Free Realms, I worked on Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures and then moved on to PlanetSide 2.

4) What are you currently working on for the game? How does a game designer actually "design a vehicle"? What does that really mean?

Anything related to vehicles, I work on. This includes the design of their handling, controls, weapons, certifications, utility items, etc.

"Designing a vehicle" is many, many steps. It starts with a design document. The doc outlines what the intent of the vehicle is to every last detail, including what makes it fun and where it fits in the game. From this document we figure out what everyone needs to do to make it happen. What kind of code do we need? What kind of art do need? What additional design do we need? How long will it take? The document is then iterated on until all the tasks are complete and it is in the game.

5) What was your favorite vehicle to design? What is your favorite vehicle to drive?

Probably the most fun to design was the Galaxy. To me it was the most iconic vehicle from the original PlanetSide and I wanted to ensure we kept it that way. In my opinion, we had to preserve the classic hotdrop, but also expand its role so that we see them a little more often.

The Quad is the most fun to drive. I made a test zone where the terrain is just a race track to drive the Quad around.

6) What are some of the cooler things that you can do with vehicles that players can use in their gameplay strategy?

There are going to be some interesting strategies that come with tank locational damage. Successful tank squads will be those that learn how to flank enemy vehicles while protecting each other and not letting their allies' weak spots get exposed. Another advanced tactic that I really enjoy is trying to hit tanks in rear armor with a Reaver. You have to fly really low to the ground to actually hit the weak spots. It's more difficult and risky to pull off, but if successful, you do more damage.

7) Do you have any sweet jumps that you test all the vehicles out on? Which one gets the best airtime?

Yes, the race track zone I built includes many different types of jumps. It reminded me of building an Excitebike level.

Without a doubt, Quad with turbo boost gets the best airtime. I want there to be some rare places throughout the world where a quad can scale large obstacles that other vehicles can't bypass, such as canyons, rivers or even facility walls, so I asked the world designers to make sure they design a few areas like this.

8) What most excites you about working on PlanetSide 2?

It's the game I've always wanted to work on since starting at the company. Next to the original EverQuest, this is my favorite SOE game. I had lots of ideas on how to improve PlanetSide and now I get to implement some of them!

9) Which Empire do you belong to? Why?

New Conglomerate. While I was downloading the PlanetSide beta for the first time I was reading up about the game. Out of everything I read about the empires, I liked NC the best. I liked their reason for fighting, and the harder hitting weapons sounded like my play style. Also, the camera-guided Phoenix sounded like most enjoyable rocket launcher. So before even launching the game, I had already chosen. I even preferred their colors.

10) What video games are you playing in your free time? Do you have free time? What else do you do for fun?

I've been jumping between Battlefield 3, Tribes Ascend, Team Fortress 2, and Starcraft 2. When not playing games I like going out on the weekends, to dinner and movies.

11) Your nickname is "KevMo" any relation to "JLo"?

No relation. The nickname started sometime in high school. I actually can't remember who the first person to call me Kevmo was, but I started using it as my internet name and it has stuck with me.


Lundi 9 avril 2012
Developer Spotlight Adam Clegg

At SOE, we take pride in the fact that we are all gamers. That being said, it takes an extremely talented team of artists, coders, designers, audio engineers, and production staff to build the enormous, incredible and unbelievably badass game experience that is PlanetSide 2. Creating PlanetSide 2 is a "dream come true" for the talented members of our development team, many of which have been with SOE for several years and have diligently worked their way up the ranks over time. This week we feature some of SOE's finest "home-grown" developers that have followed their hearts and found the path that took them from SOE Customer Service and Quality Assurance to the PlanetSide 2 game design team.

Today, Associate Game Designer Adam Clegg shares with us his insight into the games industry and what it's like to work on the world of Auraxis.

1) What is your name and title, and what is your role on the PlanetSide 2 team?

My name is Adam Clegg and I am an Associate Game Designer specifically involved with level design for PlanetSide 2.

2) How did you get into the video game industry? Give us a little background.

I was working valet at the RIO Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and it was a great gig until I realized that it definitely wasn't what I wanted to do my whole life. I always wanted to get into the video game industry but it seemed like a pipe dream. When I was younger I was convinced that you had to speak Japanese and move to Japan to find work. Due to a family emergency I had to move to San Diego and was jobless. I sat in my dad's apartment and thought really hard about my life and what I wanted to do. I came to the conclusion that no matter how hard or crazy it might be I HAVE to get into the games industry. I knew that a good way to get in was to become a Game Tester, so naturally I hit Craigslist and found an open position in SOE for a GM (In-game customer service). It wasn't the exact position I was seeking but I called anyway. I had to try and I'm glad I did because the temp agency had me come down and fill out paperwork for QA (Quality Assurance). I waited 2 very long weeks and got the call asking if I'd like to help SOE test the newly launched Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. I said yes and the rest is history.

3) What games have you previously worked on?

As a QA Tester I've worked on almost every SOE game. When you are in QA, what game you work on depends on what needs to be tested. QA Testers are always testing an upcoming launch, game update, or downloadable content. For example, when EverQuest goes into testing for a new expansion, most everyone in QA is focused on testing EQ. It's is a great way to get exposure on a variety of different games. I was a QA lead for Kung Fu Hustle, Vanguard and even the original PlanetSide. As a Designer I've worked on Free Realms and PlanetSide 2.

4) What is the hardest part about game design?

Adaptation. This is the type of job where you learn something new every day. You are constantly learning, modifying, and shifting your skills and you MUST be able to adapt or you will get left behind. The game industry is an ever changing entity, and you not only have to grow your design skills, but also grow as a person. A recent example was when PlanetSide 2 started. I was working as a systems designer and it's a much more logical, number crunching way of thinking. I was then moved to level design and it's a much more creative, visual way of thinking. I had no choice but to learn and adapt very quickly.

5) What are some PS2 fundamentals? How can one step up their strategy from the start??

Teamwork and patience. Don't go all Leroy Jenkins into the battlefield; you'll just end up as cannon fodder. Really take some time to master a class or vehicle you like to play, then squad or outfit up and see if you can get yourself involved in a nice organized attack. The most prepared Auraxian is the most efficient one.

6) What most excites you about working on PlanetSide 2?

This is all very surreal and I'm not sure it has all sunk in yet. If you could only see me as a child growing up playing games you would see how much I loved them. If I told my child self that he would grow up and become a video game designer I don't think he would believe me in a million years. Everything about the PlanetSide 2 game excites me. Being able to work on a game of this caliber and quality, seeing it on the cover of magazines that I used to read as a child, hearing people I don't know talk about it, and many other things I can't say but you'll soon find out. This is truly a dream come true and I feel so blessed, Even as I write this I feel extremely lucky and thankful.

7) Which Empire do you belong to? Why?

New Conglomerate. My NC allegiance started when I played the original PlanetSide. I absolutely loved the Phoenix and being able to pick off a MAX at long range was very fun. I really enjoyed gunning in a Vanguard, because when you have a good driver it makes the game feel twice as fun.

8) What video games are you playing in your free time? Do you have free time? What else do you do for fun?

When I do get some free time I play as much as possible… I just recently beat Heavy Rain and I thought it was awesome. I'm also playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword, Arkham City and Mass Effect 3. I hop into Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and League of Legends as those three are my go-to multiplayer games right now. I also like to play Magic: The Gathering at a competitive level, but haven't recently due to the large amount of free time you need to play it on that level. I can't live without music, specifically the electronic genres from Trance and House all the way to 8bit chiptunes and Dubstep.

9) What advice can you give aspiring game developers who are looking to work in the video game industry?

Just go out there and take that first step. You have to do it. The worst thing you can do is think about all the ways you can't get into the industry. The only person stopping you from getting into this industry is you. Once you take that first step it's very vital to have good written and verbal communication skills. Even though this is the video game industry, you're still dealing with people in an office setting and you must be able to communicate. Lastly, don't ever lose the passion for games, just keep playing and enjoying games and you'll be fine!


Vendredi 6 avril 2012
Terran Republic Heavy Assault

Terran Republic Heavy Assault Back

Terran Republic Heavy Assault Back

Terran Republic Heavy Assault Close-up


Mercredi 4 avril 2012
New Conglomerate Heavy Assault

New Conglomerate Heavy Assault Front

New Conglomerate Heavy Assault Back

New Conglomerate Heavy Assault Close-up


Mardi 3 avril 2012
PlanetSide 2 Heavy Assault Comm Link

The development of the Heavy Assault soldier was a relatively recent innovation on Auraxis. Designed to combat the surge of instant nanite-assembled vehicles, their presence on the battlefield poses a serious threat to tanks and infantry alike. Their custom Reinforced Exosuit armor configuration is responsible for their ability to take hits that would kill other soldiers, while their heavy weaponry allows them to punch holes in enemy tanks or lay down sustained fire. Equipped with some of the strongest armor and weapons available to infantry, a seasoned Heavy Assault will leave a path of corpses and burning wreckage in their wake.

Their armor and shields can take more punishment than most other soldiers can, allowing them to dominate in direct close-quarters conflict where their heavy weapons are most effective. In addition to the survivability provided by the Reinforced Exosuit’s defenses, Heavy Assault soldiers also have access to prototype Nanite Mesh Generators that temporarily reduce the velocity of incoming projectiles, decreasing their kinetic impact on the user. Though the experimental technology currently requires the user to remain momentarily stationary while the mesh is being formed, NMGs have shown themselves to be an integral component to the Heavy Assault’s continued presence on the field.

Though their ability to endure heavy fire is no doubt legendary, they’re more widely known for the devastating weaponry that they wield. The high capacity LMGs the Heavy Assault carries are capable of both short, accurate bursts and suppressing fire, allowing them to adapt to a variety of situations while only adjusting their trigger discipline. For close-quarters combat that requires sustained fire, their versatile LMGs can be swapped for the raw destructive power of their empire’s hip-slung Heavy Assault weapon. Finally, their rocket launcher can destroy enemy vehicles with a variety of targeting types, continuing to be the preferred method of directly dealing with enemy armor while on foot.

Only with the introduction of Rebirthing and recent improvements in shield technology has their mantra of “endure and eradicate” become viable. While the Heavy Assault’s brute-force strategy may not be the most elegant solution, it’s proven itself as an effective one.


Vendredi 30 mars 2012
Vanu Sovereignty Engineers

Vanu Sovereignty Engineer Front

Vanu Sovereignty Engineer Back

Vanu Sovereignty Engineer Close-up


Jeudi 29 mars 2012
New Conglomerate Engineers

New Conglomerate Engineer Front

New Conglomerate Engineer Rear

New Conglomerate Engineer Close-up


Mercredi 28 mars 2012
Terran Republic Engineers

Terran Republic Engineer Front

Terran Republic Engineer Back

Terran Republic Engineer Close-up


Mardi 27 mars 2012
PlanetSide 2 Engineer Comm Link

Though the Engineer has always had a vital role in defending Auraxis’s facilities, the introduction of nanites to the military sector caused a radical shift from their traditional role of vehicle  and MAX suit mechanics. When factory-built tanks and vehicles were replaced by relatively disposable nano-fabricated versions, Engineers began training extensively in marksmanship and demolitions. Despite their recent shift in duties, Engineers have quickly proven themselves as effective soldiers, capable of either turning an ordinary warehouse into an impregnable fortress, or blasting the enemies fortresses to the ground. 

The Advanced Construction Engine, or ACE, was created to eliminate the need for the Engineer to carry bulky stationary weapons and fortifications in their new combat role. It contains a small, portable fabricator capable of constructing and deconstructing Nanite Blueprints on a smaller scale than seen at vehicle facilities. The ACE’s deployable MANA turret is available in both anti-vehicle and anti-infantry configurations, providing a deadly support weapon that excels at area denial. Engineers can also deploy a shield generator that provides temporary cover to friendly troops by absorbing damage that would otherwise be lethal.  

The Engineer’s viability in the field extends far past their ACE, however. Their easy-to-use Nano-Armor Kit replaces entire tool chests worth of repair instruments, allowing the repair of heavy damage on vehicles, facility equipment, and MAX suits in seconds. They are also experts in the use of powerful anti-tank mines, giving them the means to fortify a facility or cause massive and unexpected destruction on the field by mining a far off chokepoint. 

While their engineering background allows them to provide their empire with support, their infantry training has given them means to remain competitive with other soldiers in medium-to-long range combat. Though their training focuses primarily on the use of rifles, they also have access to many powerful short range weapons such as SMGs and shotguns. 

The Engineer’s flexibility empowers them to excel in many combat situations. Whether they’re defending a facility under siege or assisting their empire in staging one themselves, their legendary support abilities and combat prowess make them a valuable asset to any squad.


Vendredi 23 mars 2012
New Conglomerate Infiltrators

New Conglomerate Front

New Conglomerate Rear

New Conglomerate Close-up


Jeudi 22 mars 2012
Vanu Sovereignty Infiltrators

Vanu Sovereignty Infiltrator Front

Vanu Sovereignty Infiltrator Rear

Vanu Sovereignty Infiltrator Close-up


Mercredi 21 mars 2012
Terran Republic Infiltrators

Terran Republic Infiltrator Front View

Terran Republic Infiltrator Rear View

Terran Republic Infiltrator Close-up


Mardi 20 mars 2012
PlanetSide 2 Infiltrator

Even though Rebirthing technology has nearly eliminated the concept of fear on Auraxis, the Infiltrator remains one of the few things soldiers are afraid of. Originally specializing in the assassination of high-profile political targets, the Infiltrator quickly found a home on the battlefield. Their presence alone has rapidly become synonymous with unease and paranoia, causing enemy soldiers to perceive even shadows in their peripheral as a very real threat. Fear combined with their specialized recon and sniping roles makes the Infiltrator a welcome addition to any empire’s ranks.

The completion of Nanite Systems’ stealth technology in the mid 29th century had a profound effect on combat, and the Infiltrator was born. Designated marksmen and scouts quickly integrated the new tech into their armor and rapidly developed new battlefield strategies that only their active camouflage allowed them to carry out. The most recent iterations of infiltration suits allow the use of various cloak configurations, allowing Infiltrators to customize their camouflage’s strength and power consumption based on their preferences and needs.  Though suits constructed of stealth-compatible materials provide little protection, many veteran Infiltrators claim the tactical advantages provided by being undetectable allow for just as much survivability on the field as heavy armor.

The Infiltrators’ powerful weaponry allows them to be deadly at ranges that outclass even the most accurate assault rifle. Their Sniper Rifles are some of the most accurate weapons on Auraxis, allowing them to lock down straight-aways and wide expanses of land with equal effectiveness. They also have access to Scout Rifles, trading the extreme range of the Sniper Rifle for a weapon more suitable for a direct assault. Of course, Infiltrators also carry a pistol for use in close quarter engagements that render their long range weaponry less effective.

Their covert nature gives them a unique set of strengths. As any shadow or heat shimmer could be an Infiltrator lying in wait, the fear they instill in other soldiers is as deadly a weapon as any. Whether they’re relaying critical information to their empire, laying in wait to strike a target, or preventing an enemy advance, skilled Infiltrators will make sure the only traces they leave behind are enemy corpses.


Vendredi 16 mars 2012
Vanu Sovereignty Medics

Vanu Sovereignty Front

Vanu Sovereignty Rear

Vanu Sovereignty Closeup


Jeudi 15 mars 2012
New Conglomerate Medics

New Conglomerate Medic Front View

New Conglomerate Medic Rear View

New Conglomerate Medic Closeup


Mercredi 14 mars 2012
Terran Republic Medics

Terran Republic Medic Front View

Terran Republic Medic Rear View

Terran Republic Medic Closeup


Mercredi 7 mars 2012
PlanetSide 2 Key Art


Jeudi 23 février 2012
Vanu Sovereignty Weapons Week - The Beamer

The Beamer

The Beamer is the Vanu Sovereignty's unique sidearm. Lacking any particular disadvantages, the Beamer fires accurate laser projectiles that deliver ample stopping power without sacrificing rate of fire.


Mercredi 22 février 2012
Vanu Sovereignty Weapons Week - The Force Blade

The Force Blade

All Vanu Sovereignty armor configurations are equipped with a Force Blade. The Force Blade's powered edge can effortlessly tear through shields and modern body armor alike.


Mercredi 15 février 2012
PC Gamer Magazine reveals PlanetSide 2 cover feature for April Issue

PC Gamer has revealed its April issue #225 cover featuring PlanetSide 2. Physical issues have started shipping to subscribers and will hit store shelves February 28th. This issue of PC Gamer Magazine features new interviews with our San Diego development team, game info and artwork from the PlanetSide 2 universe as well as an exclusive priority access Beta code for its readers. While the official PlanetSide 2 Beta date has yet to be announced, when it goes live PC Gamer Beta key holders along with Fan Faire 2011 registered attendees, and original PlanetSide 1 players will have priority access. Get ready for massive warfare on an epic scale!

View the official cover here….


Jeudi 9 février 2012
Weapons Week - The Sweeper Shotgun

The Sweeper Shotgun

The Sweeper Shotgun is arguably one of most iconic shotguns in the New Conglomerates arsenal; availability and ease of use make this short ranged, high powered weapon a favorite among many NC soldiers engaged in close quarter combat.


Mercredi 8 février 2012
Weapons Week - The Bolt Driver

The Bolt Driver

The Bolt Driver uses an electromagnetic propulsion system to drive an extremely accurate, high velocity projectile at distant targets. It is prized by New Conglomerate snipers for its stopping power over long ranges and has become the primary weapon of choice for many soldiers entering the field of battle.


Mardi 7 février 2012
New Conglomerate Weapons - The Tempest

The Tempest

The lightweight Tempest is the favored submachine gun of the New Conglomerate. Though inaccurate from afar, the Genudine produced Tempest provides substantial stopping power at close ranges, even while on the move.


Mardi 7 février 2012
New Conglomerate Weapons - The MagShot

The MagShot

The Mag-Shot is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed pistol that is the standard issue sidearm fielded by New Conglomerate soldiers. It is lightweight but very poweful, making it viable a sidearm choice no matter the armor currently being worn.


Vendredi 3 février 2012
Terran Republic Breaking News 01.06.2642

Terran Republic Breaking News, 6.1.2642

At 9:00AM today, fleet vessels were rocked by massive explosions on civilian starship Discovery-7 in what has been called “a savage act of treason by unknown agents.” The tragic destruction of Discovery-7 occurred during a previously undisclosed meeting between Mission Commander Thomas Connery, T.R. military representatives and several civilian insurgent leaders. The attacks resulted in the loss of Commander Connery as well as the lives of all other 591 on board.

The purpose of the secret meeting was explained to us by former Minister and current Terran Republic Councilman Adam Miller. “The meeting was formed hastily to broker a new peace agreement with the insurgents in response to the armed uprising that took place three days ago,” he explained. “It was intended to prevent any further catastrophes.”

The newly instated provisional commander, Brent Waterson, responded to the hostilities quickly by enforcing an immediate but temporary fleet-wide curfew. Waterson has released an official statement regarding the immediate future of the fleet stating that “…citizens who cannot show legitimate cause as to why they are outside their quarters past curfew will be immediately detained. As always, based on rules set by the late Commander Connery himself, all laws enacted have to go through a full and transparent voting process. The proposed law is solely based on our concerns with the safety of the fleet.”

When asked for further information regarding the Provisional Commander’s statement, Miller provided some details about the actions being taken. “We’re looking to take swift action and have proposed two possible levels of security in order to bring those responsible to justice efficiently,” said Miller. “Our ‘Level 1’ plan will have individual ships appoint their own police to deal with the investigation of this terrible tragedy. Additionally, the current curfew would be suspended for the time being.”

“Our ‘Level 2’ plan, however, guarantees a far greater amount of security and safety for the fleet,” explained Miller. “‘Level 2’ will give the T.R. military control over all fleet ships, as well as cause for random searches with the intent to find weaponry possible for the attack on Discovery-7. Those found possessing such weapons will be executed without trial. Furthermore, identification must be carried at all times, and curfew hours will remain in place.”

Councilman Miller reassured our reporter that “all such laws will be rescinded once those responsible have been brought to justice. At that point, all control will return to civilian authorities. Once again, I’d like make it evident that your safety is our primary concern.”

Terran Republic Breaking News, 7.1.2642

Though still reeling from the tragic loss of life on Discovery-7 early yesterday morning, voters began sending their ballots in the mandatory security measure polls today at 3PM. With the final tally finishing an hour later, Level 2 security measures won by a narrow 2% margin. 

Provisional Commander Waterson confirmed that Security Level 2 would be put into operation no later than noon tomorrow. Waterson insisted that both he and other T.R. officials understand the extreme controversy of this action, but promise to wield their new authority with all possible discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Waterson put forth the following in an official statement to the fleet: “We realize Level 2 security was voted in only by the slimmest of margins, but it remains the majority’s choice. These measures exist solely to protect all citizens from the acts of those who brutally murdered our beloved Commander and the nearly 600 others on the Discovery-7. We will find those responsible for the mass slaughter of our peers and they will pay for their crimes. Only then can the fleet return to normal operations.”


Vendredi 3 février 2012
Mobile Reinforcements

Used for mobile assault, these fast attack vehicles insert troops quickly into dangerous conflicts. What PlanetSide 2 vehicle will be your choice for assault


Jeudi 2 février 2012
Historical Archive - Tom Connery - 03.02.2641

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 March 2nd, 2641

We aren’t any closer to finding a planet suitable for terraforming than we were five months ago. We saw readings of gas giants a few months ago, as well as a rocky planet with far too much nitrogen, but nothing promising. To make matters worse, tensions between the T.R. and the insurgents have increased recently, and Colonel Morgannis is increasingly worried about an insurrection.

As innocent people are getting hurt during these increasingly turbulent times, I had no choice but to go against my most basic principles. To protect our people and to enforce the peace, I had to call in the military. It pains me to see armed soldiers patrolling the halls in increasing numbers, because I know that with more soldiers comes greater resistance. But without them, I can see no other way to maintain some degree of safety.

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 December 22nd, 2641

It’s been well over a year since we made it through the wormhole and we’re still lost. Obviously, turning back isn’t an option, so we have no choice but to continue on. The fleet has been referring to the journey as a death march for coming on a year now.

To protect the people, I ordered strict curfews. Despite this, fighting still breaks out regularly throughout the fleet. Initially, the soldiers were instructed to shoot only to stun. But when the insurgents started to kill innocent people, I escalated that order to shoot to kill.

I don’t understand the insurgent’s motives for their actions. I understand the journey hasn’t gone as planned, and that we’re desperate for a full meal, but our best hope this past year has been to work with one another. Yet every few weeks, someone ends up dead after a fight.

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 January 3rd, 2642

I had such great expectations. I wanted to believe that as a race we had progressed beyond our base fears. I didn’t want to believe that technology was the only thing that separated us from our caveman ancestors.  I fear I was wrong; there are some terrible people on board this fleet.

Yesterday, fifty-three insurgents broke into the military weapons supply aboard the Terran Republic military ship, Explorer-5. They killed six soldiers and stole nearly 300 Cyclers. With their stolen arms, they forced their way onto the ship’s bridge and demanded the Captain to step down and give them the ship. It became clear almost immediately that reasoning with them was out of the question. They wouldn’t budge on disclosing where they planned on taking the ship, what they were going to feed their crew with, or how exactly a few dozen armed civilians planned on operating an entire battle cruiser. I ordered troops to respond.

In the ensuing firefight, over seventy people died, including nearly two dozen T.R. soldiers. The insurgents were nearly wiped out, with only a few critically wounded. Our greatest losses came with the death of Captain Rebecca Grey and a few other key military leaders. Both Col. Morgannis and I have agreed it was a suicide mission intended to weaken our military, as they could’ve hijacked any of the civilian ships successfully once they retrieved the weapons. Instead, they decided to attack one of our two military vessels full of armed troops instead. They didn’t stand a chance.

The civilian ministers, urged on by their constituents, declared martial law for the fleet. Military presence was increased dramatically. The curfew I instigated was strengthened. Everyone was to remain in their cabins after the 6PM dinner. Except for immediate family members, no groups larger than three could be together either in public or private. I did everything I could to fight these draconian measures, but a vote was taken. The people, desperate for peace and security, voted to extend military presence. For security against a minority, they voted away their own freedom.

Though with increased armed presence there have been no new outbursts of violence, the people have been imprisoned within the confines of these ships for over two and a half years now. This oppressive decree we’ve shackled onto the people will only serve to make them struggle more.

I decided to call for a secret meeting between the civilian ministers and the military to discuss easing the restrictions. Morgannis and I are coming up with a plan we hope will persuade the people to put down their weapons and work with us. I believe if we fail convincing them, this fleet will become nothing but a collection of derelict ships within a year. The colonel and I have only three days to write up a strategy before our meeting on board the Discovery-7.

For the sake of the fleet, I hope we get it right.


Mercredi 1 février 2012
Historical Archive - Tom Connery - 10.23.2640

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 October 23, 2640.

I’m still coming to terms with what we experienced just three days ago.

The wormhole opened on the 20th, right on schedule. It had felt, initially, like the weight of the world was taken off of my shoulders. I heard cheering over every open channel when we had received positive confirmations of it forming. The doubts of the people could finally be squashed with this irrefutable evidence. The initial wave of 38 ships, including the Discovery-1, scrambled to engage engines to go through, but we had already fallen safely on the other side. Twelve more ships followed us into the rift. The wormhole wasn’t nearly as deep as we had initially thought.

Based on our previous analysis, the wormhole should’ve remained open for approximately two weeks, but as soon as the first couple of waves moved through, it began to destabilize. I watched as sixteen ships were caught struggling in the extreme gravity created by the closing rift. The eleven closest to the opening pulled through, but were severely damaged. In the last moments just before it collapsed, we could see the remaining five trapped ships ripped apart by gravitational forces. The terror I felt watching those civilian vessels destroyed, knowing they met their end because of the journey I had planned, was indescribable.

I wanted to order my ship to turn around to save them, but it was already too late. Our engines were struggling to pull out of the massive gravity well created by the imploding wormhole. There was a real danger that we’d be sucked back into the fissure and destroyed. I’m extremely thankful we made it through unscathed, though I still don’t know how we did.

After gravity anomalies were no longer being read, I ordered the military to rescue the crews of the eleven damaged vessels. Sensors indicated their engines were overheating and on the verge of self-destruction. The ships may have been lost, but I damn well wasn’t going to lose the crews, too. We lost 200 lives on the damaged ships due to space exposure, but thousands more were saved thanks to rescue efforts.

In the beginning, at least, the approximately 40,000 survivors considered themselves lucky. There was relief and some sense of happiness for the time being. Sadly, it was short lived.

The severity of the situation settled in as quickly as the relief of being safe wore off. With the wormhole already closed, there was no way to go back to Earth. There was no way to find out what happened to the other ships. Were they caught on the other side? Did any survive? There would be no answers. Scientists couldn’t even offer theories; no one knew how the wormhole got there and nobody knew why it disappeared. We knew nothing, other than that we were alone and we had no idea where the hell we were.

Even a fantasy rescue mission from Earth wouldn’t be possible for another 100 years.

From the holovid report of TOM CONNERY, Commander, Terran Republic, Discovery-1 October 24, 2640.

We held a meeting with fleet advisors yesterday to assess resources and plans for the immediate future. The results are a bit unsettling. Though we currently have a surplus of doctors and engineers, as most of the ships that made it through were primarily civilian ships, we suffered large losses in the military and agricultural departments. Only three of the twenty-three hydroponic ships made it through, and the only Explorer-class battle cruisers that survived were the two leading the fleet. Major Wilson told me in private that only 1,100 soldiers made it through.

I’m extremely worried about the welfare of the people for the remainder of this journey with such little food. It’s going to be arduous at best. I just hope the will of the people can weather the rest of the journey.


Mercredi 1 février 2012
A Tactical View of PlanetSide 2

"A suitable recon position or ideal sniper's nest? What do you think it should be in PlanetSide 2?"


Dimanche 29 janvier 2012
Terran Republic Weapons - The Cycler

The Cycler

The standard issue Terran Republic assault rifle is a good balance of damage output, range, and accuracy. The high rate of fire and 40 round magazine offsets its low stopping power and allows any soldier to quickly hit its target multiple times at up to medium range.


Samedi 28 janvier 2012
Terran Republic Weapons - The Cycler ARV

The Cycler ARV

The high modularity of the Cycler weapon system allows Heavy Assault solders to field the battlefield with variants outfitted with heavy 20' barrels and 100 round drum magazines. The slight loss in accuracy is more than made up for in sustained fire and makes any Heavy Assault soldier deadly at close range.


Vendredi 27 janvier 2012
Terran Republic Weapons - The Mini Chaingun

The Mini Chaingun

The Mini Chaingun's high rate of fire and belt-fed ammunition system makes it the strongest close range weapon in the Terran Republic's arsenal. This extreme effectiveness comes at high weight cost though, making reinforced power armor a must for wielding it efficiently.


Vendredi 27 janvier 2012
Terran Republic Weapons - The Repeater Pistol

The Repeater Pistol

The Repeater Pistol is the standard side-arm of the Terran Republic soldiers, it features a 3 round burst capability and a 15 round magazine capacity that allows it to quickly and effectively take down enemies.


Mercredi 18 janvier 2012
Nanite Systems Common Pool Vehicles - Galaxy


The Galaxy is truly a sight to behold. It is a heavily armored air transport that can fly into enemy air space and drop up to 12 soldiers, making this vehicle an invaluable strategic asset. The Galaxy is equipped with the innovative "Hot Drop" system which automatically encapsulates any soldier or MAX unit that bails out with a protective barrier that slows their fall. This system removes the bulkiness and complications of using parachutes. The Galaxy can also be deployed into a forward base when landed. When deployed, respawn tubes and equipment terminals become active, creating a forward staging and fall back point for infantry. Additionally, the four weapon systems on the Galaxy can still be operated while deployed, giving it some static defenses.


Mardi 17 janvier 2012
Nanite Systems Common Pool Vehicles - Sunderer


The Sunderer is a massive 12 man armored truck designed to break through or "sunder" an enemy's defensive line and deliver troops safely to a strategic location behind enemy lines. Its heavy armor allows the Sunderer to withstand large amounts of focused enemy fire giving it a much longer life expectancy. Its powerful engine and heavy mass also allows it to push almost any other vehicle out of its way, including tanks. Finally, the Sunderer has several support capabilities supplying medical supplies to troops and ammo to troops and vehicles.


Vendredi 13 janvier 2012
Nanite Systems Common Pool Vehicles - Liberator


The Liberator is an armored gunship capable of wreaking havoc on ground forces.  The primary weapon on the Liberator is a downward facing gun emplacement operated by a passenger.  This emplacement has several different options such as an armor devastating 150mm cannon or a shredding 30mm Gatling gun.  The pilot also operates a fixed forward nose cannon.  While less effective than the primary weapon, the pilots weapon can engage from a farther distance and both weapons used in conjunction can be even more devastating.  While it has medium armor the Liberator is slow and particularly vulnerable to enemy air superiority fighters.


Mercredi 11 janvier 2012
Nanite Systems Common Pool Vehicles - Quad

Nanite Systems was once a small company with a singular focus on Nanotechnology.  With advances in technology allowing their nanites to do everything from mining to manufacturing Nanite Systems has become the single largest of Auraxis’ civilian corporations.  Rather than siding with any one of the three empires battling for control of the planet, Nanite Systems provides services, weapons and vehicles to each equally.  Well built and utilitarian, the Nanite Systems common pool vehicles are utilized in a variety of battlefield situations: the Sunderer and Galaxy are the primary supply and transport vehicles used by each empire, dedicated combat vehicles like the Lightning and Liberator gunship help round out the empire’s military forces and the Quad provides a fast transport and strike craft.


For soldiers looking to get from point A to point B rapidly, the Quad fits the bill.  It has the highest top speed of any ground vehicle and is easy to acquire.  The only downside is that it is not very tough, relying on its amazing speed and agility as its defense.  In a battlefield where men cannot permanently die, military commanders have seen value in the quad as a flanking vehicle and have created options for several front mounted weapons.



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