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Mercredi 23 décembre 2015  
Renegade Crate

The Renegade Crate brings a touch of class to the apocalypse. From snazzy looking suits to spiked helmets, you’re bound to find something to love.


Samedi 19 décembre 2015  
Game Update + Wipe

The Live servers will be down starting at 3AM PST for approximately 2 1/2 hours. Battle Royale Servers will lock an hour before starting at 2AM PST. Because of the new base permissions and the changes to the military base this update will include a full character and world wipe.

Patch Notes

Holiday Event ...

    While in survival, seek out the naughty or nice zombies to get a special holiday gift. These zombies are particularly resilient to certain damage types.
    While playing BR, keep your eyes to the sky and watch for those airdrop crates to retrieve your holiday goodies.

3 new traps for survival ...

One time use. Can be placed anywhere objects can normally be placed

    Fire: instant and fast dot damage
    Flash: Blind and disorient
    Gas: Snare and slow dot damage

New body sim stat called Comfort ...

Consuming various foods and drinks or sitting by a fire will increase your comfort level. Suffering attacks from zombies, bears, and wolves will cause your comfort to go down. The higher your comfort level, the faster you regenerate health and stamina

Foundation permissions

Added the ability to give each foundation a separate set of permissions for construction, destruction, and container access on a per player basis.

Military Base revamp.

New buildings have been placed, vehicles and zombies spawns are now there. The item spawners have also been revamped and you should now find more items that pertain to what you would expect to find in a military base. Such as, explosives, MREs, and Rifles.

Additional Updates

    New Character Select screen with new Player Characters to choose from
    The spawn rate of guns and ammo has been adjusted ... [4] . Weapons and ammunition should be more scarce than before.
    Vehicles in regular BR (not team) have been set to single occupancy

Other Fixes

    Fixed half-second pause when bringing up inventory
    Zombies will attack exposed players on ATVs and in the back of the Pickup Truck
    Rearranged vitals overlay to match how vitals are listed in inventory
    Fixed spurious attacks when the player is repeatedly using the Push special ability.
    Fixed bad raycast that was associating items placed under a structure with the structure above the items.
    Fix for Ground Tillers that have been placed on Ground Tampers
    Fix object "previews" being left behind during construction for very quickly-placed objects.
    Added build permissions to the Ground Tamper
    ARs disappearing in gas clouds fixed
    Pixel Hoodie is now exchangeable
    Fix for build permissions being inconsistent
    Fix for item spawning oddities
    Added check to allow building safely on deck expansions
    Fix for UI button not responding in build permissions menu
    We know of the "Craft Max" bug and will address it soon. We didn't want it to gate this upcoming patch.

Mercredi 16 décembre 2015  
Dev Blog - Item Spawn Adjustments

Hi all,

First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Garrett Fern, or bronstahd, and I’m a Game Designer at Daybreak. My primary responsibilities include combat mechanics, game economy and item spawning, and improvements/added features for base building. Today I’m here to talk about upcoming changes to the spawning of items in Survival mode in H1Z1 (note: these changes aren’t being made in Battle Royale).

Why are we changing things?

It’s currently possible to acquire and keep a large amount of resources. While some amount of resource accrual is good, and is in fact important to creating a sense of accomplishment in the game, too much accrual can become a problem. In particular, this can become problematic with survival items (items like food, water, guns, and ammo) because survival can become too easy if these items are readily available to acquire and hoard. Item scarcity helps create a sense of tension, and the need to scavenge should be a big part of survival. We believe many survival items are currently too common in H1Z1 and this change is intended to begin improving the position of those items within the game’s economy and, by extension, survival as a whole.

What is changing?

Our initial adjustment is focused on reducing the amount of guns and ammo that are spawned in the world. Because we understand that there’s no silver bullet for reigning in the game’s economy, this will be a measurable but conservative adjustment. We’re playing it safe, because we don’t want to break the game as we try to fix it, but we need to start making impactful changes. The initial adjustment will be to reduce the spawning of guns and ammo by 30%. This sounds like a big number but, as I will discuss below, we have robust data on the spawning of items which was used to arrive at this number.

Why guns and ammo?

The main reasons are that our ultimate goal is the improvement of H1Z1’s survival game mode and that spawning the right amount guns and ammo is absolutely critical to the enjoyableness of survival. It’s something we have to nail, so it became a logical starting point.

Another important reason we chose to start with guns and ammo is that we have great data on the spawning, looting, and use of guns and ammo. We’re able to look not just at individual items on individual servers for individual days, but aggregate data across multiple servers and multiple days. Being able to say, definitively, that over the last 5 days an average of 524 Hunting Rifles spawned, 280 of which were looted, per day on servers with an active population is incredibly empowering when making a change like this because it allows us to anticipate the outcome and reasonably predict its impact. We’re able to say, with relative surety, that what we’re planning won’t break the game because we have a pretty good idea of what will happen.

What’s next?

Having good data doesn’t just help us plan; it helps us analyze the outcome. Once this change goes live we’ll be able compare data from before and after the adjustment to see how far our adjustments impacted the game and determine whether we moved too little, too much, or just enough in the direction we were hoping to go. This analysis, along with player feedback, will inform our next steps, so it’s premature to talk about specifics right now, but it’s the biggest reason we’re taking the steps we are. In the past, we’ve seen the benefit of basing changes on factual data rather than instinct and intuition. It’s not just about this change, which is important; almost more important is how much we’ll learn about the game through this analytical, data-driven design philosophy and how that will allow us to make better, more reasoned choices as we continue improving survival in H1Z1.


Mardi 15 décembre 2015  
Going for a Slay Ride?

There’s no place like the Apocalypse for the holidays, am I right? This year, the zombies of Pleasant Valley (and the surrounding areas) seem to be competing to see who can end up on the “naughty” list and who just might find a way to the “nice.” Care to take a gamble and see which is which? 

Throughout the world of H1Z1 this holiday season, you may stumble upon a zombie wearing an old Santa hat. The naughty zombie packs quite a punch – you’ll be feeling those effects for a while! But the nice zombie has a gift for YOU – a Santa Hat skin for tactical helmets.

Hear that sound? No, it’s not the jingle bells on a reindeer’s harness. It’s an air drop coming in! And you’ll want to get to it quickly if you want the Antlers skin for your tactical helmet! 

It may be the end of the world, but at least you can say you’ve survived one more holiday season.


Jeudi 10 décembre 2015  
Finding Comfort in the Apocalypse

Global Pandemic got you down? Found some zombie parts in your cheerios this morning? Why not take some time to sit down by the fire, cook a steak, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee to take your mind off of the way things are now?

After a day of zombie slaying, finding some time to unwind and relax can be comforting. The more comfortable you are, the quicker your health and stamina recover, making it easier to face the zombie-filled day ahead. Introducing a new body sim stat called Comfort.

How it Works

Consuming various foods and drinks will increase your Comfort level. The higher your Comfort level the faster you regenerate health and stamina.

Comfort is displayed in UI alongside your other vitals.

Players will start at 750 Comfort when spawning into the world. Comfort goes down 1 per second. It will take 5000 seconds to go from max to 0 Comfort. Zombie, bear, and wolf attacks will reduce comfort by 3% per hit.

Things like food, drinks, and campfires add to your overall Comfort. Being near a campfire and sitting will apply an effect that regenerates comfort by 3 per second. To go from 0 to max Comfort by a campfire will take 2500 seconds.

All foods will have a note in their description that says how much Comfort they add.

    High (30%)

      Blackberry Pie
      Bear Steak Sandwich
      Deer Steak Sandwich
      Rabbit Steak Sandwich
      Wolf Steak Sandwich
      Rabbit Stew

    Medium (10%)

      Deer Steak
      Bear steak
      Wolf Steak
      Refried Beans
      Roasted Corn
      Coffee with sugar

    Low (5%)

      Blackberry Pie Slice
      Canned Meat
      Purified Water

It’s important to keep your Comfort high. There are three levels of bonuses associated with your Comfort level:

    5000 – 2000: 10% bonus to stamina/health regen

      Displayed as Comfort ++
      Health Regen 0 to max: ~4500 seconds
      Stamina Regen 0 to max: ~270 seconds

    2000 – 750:  5% bonus to stamina/health regen

      Displayed as Comfort +
      Health Regen 0 to max: ~4750 seconds
      Stamina Regen 0 to max: ~285 seconds

    750 – 0: No bonus

      Health Regen 0 to max: ~5000 seconds
      Stamina Regen 0 to max: ~300 seconds

So even if the realities of life in the Apocalypse have your spirits down, there are still ways to find Comfort in the world.


Vendredi 4 décembre 2015  
Booby Trap Your Base

You just spent a good amount of time surviving the wilderness, collecting important resources, and building a base. The next thing you are going to want to do is find a way to keep these things safe, because in this world, there are always people looking to take what you have. Next time you leave your base unattended, you’ll be able to make sure it’s still defended with these new traps.

Each of these new traps will have different debilitating effects on your attacker, such as leaving them blind, coughing uncontrollably, or even lighting them on fire. Take these opportunities to get the upper hand over those who seek to get in the way of your survival!

All of the traps can be crafted from a work station. Get a head start on collecting the supplies you’ll need to make these traps by beginning to stockpile the resources listed below:

Trap Kit

    Tripwire and ignition items used to create various traps
    Metal Shards
    Wood Stick
    Duct Tape

Fire Trap (No images yet, they will be added when they are completed)

    Trap Kit
    Molotov Grenade

Gas Trap

    Trap Kit
    Gas Grenade

Flash Trap

    Trap Kit
    Flashbang Grenade

It’s a dangerous world in H1Z1, but with these new traps, you should have the upper hand when it comes to survival!


Mercredi 25 novembre 2015  
Game Update & Wipe

Servers will be coming down at 3AM Pacific for approximately 4 hours. BR servers will lock at 2am to new players to allow all games to finish before the maintenance.

Patch Notes

    A world and character wipe will commence during this maintenance
    Server optimizations have been made to improve gameplay
    Fixed a few reported crash bugs

Mercredi 18 novembre 2015  
Dev Blog - Upcoming Changes To Building

We've had several competing (and sometimes confusing) systems implemented to combat cheaters, as well as to make construction in survival more robust and appealing. I've spent the last several weeks ironing out some new systems, streamlining old ones, and working with our UI team to make some substantive improvements for our base building fans.

The current construction design on our live servers requires people wanting to share building tasks to join together in a group. While in the group, players can build on each others’ structures, demolish them, and generally have full control over the bases of any player in their group. One of the issues here is obvious: what if I don’t want player XXXX to have 100% control over everything I’ve built in the game? Another issue is the simplistic way the permissions are being done, which means that anyone in the group has access to all items (due to being able to use a demo hammer) in short order. The final issue is that groups are not persistent, and lead to frustration when players cannot build while the owners of structures are offline.

We were going to replace the group system with a persistent clan system, which would have solved the latter problem. However, the other problems would still be unsolved. Instead, we chose to implement a fully-fledged and extendable permission system. This will allow a much more granular control of bases, and will protect the base owners from the majority of bad outcomes due to the “all or nothing” nature of either groups or clans.

The system we have in development is a per-foundation access list, with a set of three permissions: Container Access, Construction Access, and Demolition Access. This gives the base owner a way to set persistent permissions on a per-player, per-foundation basis. Base-building foremen, as owners, can set up (for example) a multi-foundation base, where one of the foundations is a “common” area, where players with construction access can place their own structures.

Under this architecture, one or two trusted players could be given demolition access for certain parts of the base, to be available to aid other players who misplace items on the base. They also protect against a player with construction access griefing everyone who shares the base by building irritating or deadly areas into the base.

This also allows the base-building player to have their own base, secure in the knowledge that only the people they designate can alter it. So, base owners can have their own private bases without having to worry that someone from another base-building project can come and wreck their work.

These access lists fit into our current system nicely, replacing the group-based access lists. We still support the Secured Areas (such as large shelters) with their no-clip protection. These new access levels apply to anything attached to the foundation. The new rules for building apply at all times, but the new rules for destruction and container access only apply when the base is secured (i.e. fully enclosed by walls and/or gates). This is to allow PvP to occur in bases on servers that support it.

To recap, the following are the rules of the new base system:

    Current Secured Areas function as normal.
    Destruction and container access control only on closed bases.
    Construction access control applies at all times.
    PvE servers only allow players to destroy base components if they have demolition access.

This system is currently in testing, and we look forward to getting it out onto our Test and Live servers as soon as possible.


Jeudi 12 novembre 2015  
Game Update

Servers will be coming offline tomorrow at 5AM Pacific. They will remain down for approximately 2 hours.

Battle Royale servers will lock to new games at 4am, all servers will come down at 5am and will remain down for up to 2 hours for the maintenance.

Patch Notes Client Version, Steam Content Build ID 855163

    Frozen characters after loading screen drops
    Incorrect decals on female kevlar vests
    Adjust rewards for Green Dawn rounds
    Overall server stability (sudden disconnections)

Mardi 10 novembre 2015  
5 Servers. 1 Epic Showdown.

Attention Battle Royale fans! Coming this December, Daybreak is proud to present the H1Z1 Showdown!

What is the Showdown?

The Showdown will take place on December 12, 2015. It’s a tournament event pitting 75 Battle Royale players against each other for fame and glory.

How will competitors be chosen?

From November 10th through December 6th, a group of players will be operating their own whitelist servers. Our server hosts are:

    sxyhxy & Trick2g
    Ninja & MrGrimmmz
    PhazePyre (Team Reddit)

The server hosts will act as team captains, selecting 12 players from their servers to represent them in the Showdown—server hosts will not actually participate themselves. In addition to those invited from the servers, Daybreak will watch the stats to select some of the top Battle Royale players to participate. Players selected by Daybreak will be drafted by the team captains, so that each of the five teams in comprised of 15 players. This means that even if you aren’t associated with a particular team, you still have the opportunity to participate in the H1Z1 Showdown.

The servers and tournament are part of a pilot program to help the H1Z1 team identify key lessons for potential future programs, tournaments and more.

Is there a new crate? What’s cool about it?

The H1Z1 Showdown crate will be dropping in Survival and Battle Royale. It’s got unique skins themed for the Showdown and each of the team captains. Here’s what’s included in the crate:

H1Z1 Showdown Crate

PLUS from November 10th through December 12th, Daybreak will be donating $0.50 for every H1Z1 Showdown Crate key purchased to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $40,000. The No Kid Hungry campaign connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.

What else?! I want to know more!

Stay on top of all the news at, and join us on on December 12 for all the action!


Mercredi 4 novembre 2015  
A Green Dawn Rises in Battle Royale

As H1Z1 continues to grow and evolve in Early Access, we will be testing new game modes and features along the way. One of our newest additions is a game mode called Green Dawn. Green Dawn is Battle Royale with a twist. The gameplay will be faster and more frenetic than ever, plus there will be new rewards! 

Here’s how the Green Dawn game mode will work: 

    The match begins at dawn, meaning you won’t have the full brightness of a sunny day by which to spot your enemies. Use this to your advantage.
    The toxic fog rolls in twice as fast as it does in normal Battle Royale.  This means matches will be shorter and more action-packed.
    First place winners will receive one of three exclusive new gun skins. If you’re skilled enough to get all three guns skins, you will start earning Mercenary crates for subsequent first place finishes.
    Airdrop crates will also have unique skins available inside them. If you survive long enough to open an airdrop crate, you will be rewarded for your bravery.

Green Dawn will only be available for a limited time as we test and refine the gameplay. Green Dawn is expected to go live on Nov. 10th alongside a game update.

So, how do you join a Green Dawn match? Well, if you’ve been wondering what those Event Tickets are for, here’s your answer! You can jump into a Green Dawn match by using an Event Ticket. After launching the game, select Battle Royale and click the new button labeled Green Dawn. Once you’re in the game we will automatically deduct one ticket from your account inventory. If you have run out of Event Tickets and want to play more rounds of Green Dawn, you can win them in Battle Royale or purchase them from our in-game marketplace. 

You can expect to see more game modes like Green Dawn accessible with Event Tickets in the future. 

Your feedback is instrumental in shaping the direction of H1Z1. We’re anxious to hear your thoughts on Green Dawn!


Mercredi 28 octobre 2015  
Halloween Comes To H1Z1

H1Z1 is getting into the Halloween spirit, and you don’t want to miss out on the tricks and treats waiting for you! In Survival, you can expect to see a unique zombie roaming the wastelands wearing a pumpkin on its head. Be careful when trying to take this zombie down, he is resistant to projectiles so you will need to get up close and personal with a melee weapon. Upon killing it, you will either be cursed with a trick or rewarded with a treat! So, do you feel lucky? Do ya? 

If you ARE lucky enough to receive the treat, you’ll be able to take the zombie’s pumpkin mask to keep as your very own, adding it to your collection of item skins.

Battle Royale is getting in on the spooky action as well. There will be a unique scarecrow mask hidden in the airdrop crates that float down onto the battlefield. Can you survive long enough to grab one for yourself? Or will the lure of the airdrop trick you into a waiting ambush? Be vigilant, and that mask could be yours!

The in-game events in Survival and Battle Royale will take place from Oct. 28th through Nov. 13th. Don’t miss out on the Halloween fun! If you’re one of the ones who gets the treat of the new masks, you’ll be able to scare their friends all year round.


Jeudi 22 octobre 2015  
Game Update

Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours. This downtime will include the granting of the remaining Crate Keys

Patch notes

    Increased overall effectiveness of base repair hammer
    Changed collision to allow looting shelves in the Hospital gift shop
    Adjusted drop height in BR and time allowed to float
    Pelvic Barrage and the Twitch Hoodie are now both usable in the Good as New tradable system.
    Changed permissions for demolition hammer
    Rendering fix for shadow rendering causing strange "spotlight" effects around the player on inside buildings
    Fixed settings to prevent branches being super effective against some doors
    Added Recursive healing for base repair
    Added an error message when you try to drop or salvage something that isn't empty

Lundi 19 octobre 2015  
New - Mercenary Crate

The Mercenary Crate is now dropping in H1Z1. Here are the items you can get from the crate, and their rarity: 


Mercredi 14 octobre 2015  
Game Update

Servers will be coming down at 6AM Pacific for approximately 4 hours.

Any questions about base decay and repair should look to this thread

This update will include server consolidation. We are taking drastically underused servers offline in order to increase population across survival servers. This should also decrease the loading time into Battle Royale.

Patch Notes


Features a brand new structure with new content and activities.

Good As New Exchange

    This will allow players to “Trade-Up” Items received from crates (promotional items and items received from Mystery/Elite Bags do not qualify) *
    The number of items required to exchange is based on the tier rarity. Ultra Rare Items cannot be exchanged.

      Common to Uncommon: 5 Items
      Uncommon to Rare: 4 Items
      Rare to “Ultra Rare”: 5 Items

    Exchanging Rare items will reward a unique Weapon skin that is exclusive to the Good As New Exchange.
    The item you get for item exchange is based on the items that were “donated”. If you are exchanging four uncommon items, and three are from the Mercenary Crate and one is from the Vigilante crate you will have a 75% chance of getting a Mercenary Crate rare and 25% of getting a Vigilante Crate rare.

New Vehicle-ATV

    ATV first usage and tuning

Full Player and Server Wipe

    Female Zombies have been added
    New Mercenary Crate
    Ghillie Suits will appear in airdrops that have hunting rifles in them.
    Armor now works by blocking a portion of damage that would have been done. This absorbed damage is applied directly to the durability of the item. When the durability becomes 0 the item will break and be removed visually and from the equip slot.
    Motorcycle helmets offer protection for the head and face. They will block about 50% of gunfire damage to the head or face. They will break after a shot or two.
    Tactical helmets offer protection for the head only. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the head. They will break after a shot or two.
    Chest armor offers protection to the torso. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the torso. More shots to break the armor is required the better the chest armor is. From worst to best is Wood, Plated, and Kevlar.
    Hunting rifles are now in more of the Battle Royale airdrop crates. They appear in 65% of the crates instead of 50%.
    Adjusted basic movement code for zombies for better movement and avoidance of each other
    Shotguns have been tuned to be better used as a close range weapon. They now fire 8 pellets instead of 12. Each pellet does more damage to compensate. The cone of fire for pellet shots has been slightly reduced. Shots do not travel as far as they used to, and will do no damage after about 50 feet.

NPC movement enhancements

    NPCs attack while moving
    Eliminated several “stuck states”, which would cause NPCs to become non-responsive.
    Perpetually stuck NPCs trigger their own deaths after 1-2 minutes.
    Improved ground detection for the procedural spawner system.
    Spawners detect attempts to spawn off of nav mesh (i.e. no more deer / zombies on rooftops).
    Fixed empty foundation despawning to take expansions and socketed stairs into account. Will help to clean up unused foundations.


    Reworked several shooting, running, and reloading animations.
    Adjusted melee to prevent character "lifting" when crouched
    Adjusted in one-handed actions for smoother transitions
    Updated the blended skeletons and animations for smoother transitions.
    Adjusted sound markup for better sync with actions.

User Interface

    Icons in descriptions are larger and easier to see (and should have better contrast)
    Should no longer be able to interact with objects by pushing their camera through/over collision
    Added Force Single GPU option to UI (and defaulted to OFF) since SLI support is not ideal


    Shotguns have been tuned to be better used as a close range weapons.
    Impact FX will better match the material types of objects hit. Added a water-splash effect for characters when standing still in water.


    Fixed spears so they can be picked up again
    Fixed the 3rd person camera arm so it’s not blocked by arrows or spears
    Error support for showing username when having trouble logging in
    Shirt timers are adjusted (insta-shred has been fixed)
    Enabled door damage for guessing wrong password on PvE servers.
    Disabled the ability to prone/crouch in areas that place the player’s head under water.
    Fixed worn item durability loss due to damage. Worn equipment will now properly disappear / break when damaged to 0 durability.
    Fixed empty foundation despawning to take expansions and socketed stairs into account. Will help to clean up unused foundations.
    Fixed area of effect (explosion) damage to structures. This eliminates the “invulnerable base” issues.

This is the new available server List

North American servers

    Battle Royale

      Battle Royale (US)
      Battle Royale (US) - First Person
      Battle Royale Team - 2 Person
      Battle Royale Team - 5 Person


      The Stronghold
      The NGTZombies Horde Server





        Axe Away


        Another day
        The journey
        End Times
        Ground Zero
        Loner's Road
        Little hotel


        No Hope
        Last Hope
        The fearless

European Servers

    Battle Royale

      Battle Royale (EU)
      Battle Royale (EU) - First Person
      Battle Royale Team - 2 Person
      Battle Royale Team - 5 Person


      Vienna (EU)
      Marseille (EU)
      Berlin (EU)
      Asgard (EU)
      Amsterdam (EU)



        HeartLock (EU)
        Fiend Fire (EU)
        Lodz (EU)
        Belgrade (EU)
        Bremen (EU)


        Kishinev (EU)
        Sevilla (EU)
        Milan (EU)
        Outpost 7 (EU)
        Rotterdam (EU)
        Trafalgar (EU)
        Gaben (EU)
        Budapest (EU)
        Elysium (EU)
        Munich (EU)
        Viking (EU)
        Bonfire (EU)
        Devastation (EU)
        Valencia (EU)
        Bloodletting (EU)
        Malaga (EU)
        Bollocks (EU)
        Dusseldorf (EU)
        Stuttgart (EU)
        Bloodcurdle (EU)
        Roma (EU)
        Hannover (EU)
        Europa (EU)
        London (EU)
        Moscow (EU)
        Copenhagen (EU)
        Essen (EU)
        Dortmund (EU)
        Hamburg (EU)
        Zed (EU)
        Walking Corpses (EU)
        Madrid (EU)
        Lisbon (EU)
        Zeddit (EU)
        Frankfurt (EU)
        Stockholm Syndrome (EU)
        Barnaul (EU)
        Birmingham (EU)
        Paris (EU)
        Banshee (EU)
        Barcelona (EU)
        Krakow (EU)
        Badlands (EU)
        Arctic Hell (EU)
        Abondoned (EU)


        Chelyabinsk (EU)
        Minsk (EU)
        Face Off (EU)
        Crazed (EU)
        Deadville (EU)
        Bullet Points (EU)
        The Union (EU)
        Oslo (EU)
        Shrapnel (EU)
        Naples (EU)
        St. Petersburg (EU)
        Breslau (EU)
        Perm (EU)
        Ignition (EU)
        Stockholm (EU)
        Turin (EU)
        Genova (EU)
        Last Living (EU)
        Cologne (EU)
        Bastille (EU)

Oceanic Servers

    Battle Royale

      Battle Royale (AU)
      Battle Royale (AU) - First Person
      Battle Royale Team (AU) - 2 Person
      Battle Royale Team (AU) - 5 Person





Mercredi 14 octobre 2015  
October Update - She's New Around Here

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the world of H1Z1 is about to get even scarier… read on to find out about what’s coming in the October Update!


The Female Zombie

Listen for new, terrifying sounds among the zombie horde. The sounds of the new female zombie, voiced by Twitch Streamer LegendaryLea!

Female zombies have joined the horde, and you’ll notice, they’ve brought along more relics of their previous lives. Female zombies will be dressed in similar wearables to those of the survivors. So, when you see a policewoman or a biker chick wandering the streets of Rancho Taquito, make sure you check to see if she’s among the living…or the undead.


The female zombie brings with her more than just an aesthetic change to the horde. Zombie behavior is also being improved with this update. The undead are adapting and getting a little bit smarter… don’t expect them to just stand there as you run by or take a swing! And you may notice they’ll begin to swarm around you if you draw attention of enough of them.

The Hospital

A new point of interest has been unveiled on the map. Introducing: the hospital!


The hospital provides more than a place to explore for weapons and items that will help you with your survival. The hospital area introduces new interactive gameplay experiences. Found a key? Somewhere, there’s a lock waiting for you to open it. What’s in the locked box? You’ll have to find it and see for yourself!


Jeeps and squad cars are so last summer. This Fall, survivors will be speeding across the hills outside Pleasant Valley on the new ATVs. These two-person vehicles have room for one driver and one passenger. The passenger will face backwards, allowing them ample ability to pop out an AK and mow down any animals or undead trying to follow you!


The H1Z1 Item Exchange System & New Crate Rules

With the new October update, the Mercenary Crate will begin dropping throughout the world. With this crate come new rules for how the crate items will work. For full details, read this reddit post.

Alongside the new crate rules, the team is introducing the H1Z1 Item Exchange. This new system will provide survivors an alternative way of obtaining rare crate items in game. You’ll be able to put in multiple items from crates of the same rarity type, and in exchange, you’ll receive a single item of a higher rarity.

Player and World Wipe

Just logging back in and noticing things look different? That’s because the October update included a Player and World wipe. Enjoy your fresh start in the Apocalypse! As part of the Player/World Wipe, there were also server consolidations. You can find the full list of the servers that are now available here.


Lundi 12 octobre 2015  
Game Update and Wipe

Hey everyone!

We are going to be patching to the Live Servers this Wednesday 10/14. The patch will include everything that is currently on the Test Server and will require a full Player and Server wipe.

If you’ve new to Player and World wipes you can expect to start with a clean slate. The world will reset back to its pristine apocalyptic setting and you will need to create new player characters. So if you always wanted the name FluffyPantsExtreme, after the patch you will have an opportunity to claim it for yourself. So now is the time to play like it’s the end of the world…

Full list of patch notes and bug fixes coming Tuesday:

    Hospital content + new interactive content
    Female zombies
    Improved Zombie responsiveness
    Item Exchange system
    New Mercenary Crate
    Player wipe and server wipe
    And more

Vendredi 9 octobre 2015  
Test Server Update

Client Version - Steam Content BuildID 809520

We are publishing a Test Server patch with some more collective fixes to the terrain and placed objects (these changes make it a large patch), AI navigation data, and other design parameters. These changes include:

    Adjustments to skin weighting on models
    Fixes for collision in hospital areas
    Adjustments to the map and navigation data for AI
    Adjustments to item spawning in hospital and surrounding areas

Mercredi 7 octobre 2015  
Test Server Update

You will see the Test Server update shortly with a big patch and bunch of changes.

Client Version - Steam Content BuildID 804467

This is a bit of a catch-all patch, in addition to the new features to you might want to validate your Steam Game Cache files in your Steam Library (if you haven't done it for a while). There are bound to be problems with some of the new features and buildings, so please chime in with anything that's .. unexpected.

New Stuff / Key Changes

    The Hospital
    A new Female Zombie model (we are aware the spawns are busted until our next update on the Test Server)
    The Item Exchange
    The ATV first pass tuning - You have been warned - have fun - You will probably die - often
    Ghillie Suits will appear in airdrops that have hunting rifles in them
    Armor now works by blocking a portion of damage that would have been done. This absorbed damage is applied directly to the durability of the item. When the durability becomes 0 the item will break and be removed visually and from the equip slot.

      Motorcycle helmets offer protection for the head and face. They will block about 50% of gunfire damage to the head or face. They will break after a shot or two.
      Tactical helmets offer protection for the head only. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the head. They will break after a shot or two.
      Chest armor offers protection to the torso. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the torso. More shots to break the armor is required the better the chest armor is. From worst to best is Wood, Plated, and Kevlar.

    Hunting rifles are now in more of the Battle Royale airdrop crates.
    Adjusted basic movement code for zombies for better movement and avoidance of each other
    Shotguns have been tuned to be better used as a close range weapon. The cone of fire for pellet shots has been slightly reduced. Shots do not travel as far as they used to, and will do no damage after about 15-20 meters.

Some of the NPC movement enhancements

    NPCs attack while moving
    Eliminated several “stuck states”, which would cause NPCs to become non-responsive.
    Perpetually stuck NPCs trigger their own deaths after 1-2 minutes (we expect some videos).
    Improved ground detection for the procedural spawner system.
    Deer / Zombies on rooftops should be more rare.
    Fixed empty foundation despawning to take expansions and socketed stairs into account.


    Reworked several shooting, running, and reloading animations.
    Adjusted melee to prevent character "lifting" when crouched
    Adjusted in one-handed actions for smoother transitions
    Updated the blended skeletons and animations for smoother transitions.
    Adjusted sound markup for better sync with actions.

User Interface

    Icons in descriptions are larger and easier to see (and should have better contrast)


    Impact FX will better match the material types of objects hit.
    Added a water-splash effect for characters when standing still in water.

Other bits

    Fixed the 3rd person camera arm so it’s not blocked by arrows or spears
    Shred timers are adjusted (insta-shred should be fixed for all)
    Enabled door damage for guessing wrong password on PvE servers.


    The inevitable missspelled word
    11:40: We have seen reports and are looking at issues with:

      ATV's despawning
      Collision problems in general (in the hospital, new areas, etc)
      G10 errors after creating characters
      Item spawns are not complete or turned up - there will be an update later with better item spawns

Mercredi 30 septembre 2015  
Survival Update

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who supported the H1Z1 Invitational. It was a fantastic event and we couldn’t be happier with the response we have received. Now that we have that under our belt it’s time to get back to Survival.

We have a lot of awesome stuff coming up this month. On Friday 10/2 at 11AM Pacific, you will be able to tune into a Work in Progress stream with developer, Devin Lefontaine as he works on the new map. We will also be having a livestream next Thursday 10/8 to show off a slew of new content including:

    The Kurama Medical Facility
    New Female Zombie
    The new ATV
    A new crate with unique items
    Adjustments to weapons and body armor

Our next patch will of course come with more polish and bug fixes. We are hoping to get these new features onto the Test Server so you can play around with them and help us stress test before going to Live.

This is just the beginning to more improvements coming to H1Z1. We will be giving base building an overhaul and the grouping/guild systems an update as well.

We also have a fun in-game Halloween event planned for later this month. Coming off of the success of the Invitational, it’s now time to double down on Survival!


Mercredi 23 septembre 2015  
A Trophy to (Not) Die For

So here at the H1Z1 studio, we had a little project materialize to support TwitchCon.  It happened like a happy accident.

The project initially, and unintentionally, started a while ago when ace Senior Artist Ryan Zimmermann (of Zimm’s) decided to make a fun mask on his own for the H1Z1 game.  He just brought in the crazy rubber pig mask and wowed the whole team after working on it at home over a weekend or so.  Everybody wanted that kind of iconic mayhem in the game, and it’s still a very popular item. 

Fast forward a few months to TwitchCon 2015 and the mask resurfaces in another form.  Somebody had the idea to make trophies--- real ones, not just in-game -- for the Battle Royale Invitational, so the team started coming up with possible solutions. 

Newcomer to the H1Z1 team, Senior Character Artist Kacey Helms, turned “Zimm’s” original Mask 3D art into a design for the trophy and base.  Senior Software Engineer Grat Crabtree  (but more famously known for Grat’s Refried Beans and Chili) offered to take the 3D mesh of the pig mask and render it on a stand with his 3D printer.  He brought in a rough test of it, and then it was green-lit—which just means we all decided that it was a good idea and started on the task.

Kacey experimented with a number of plaque designs for the base.  Some of these were a bit too complex for the 3D print medium, so she went with clear text designs (that I think turned out awesome!).  I* was asked to try to paint it up, and since we needed a couple of them, to do it quickly.

*That would be me: Jeff Jonas, Senior Artist, who also gets to invent things for the game like Romero’s and Pleasant Valley, and make the cars out of spare parts. 

I am somewhat skilled at modeling and painting physical things, which is why they asked me to give it a go. My challenge was that  I hadn’t worked with the material before.    He had used PETG plastic, which worked out since it is commonly painted with normal hobby paints.  Also, 3D prints have striations and some cracks/infirmities that would need to be addressed.  Some recommended a Resin paste for dealing with this, but I grabbed up the box and took it to my home studio—where the brushes, spray paint, metal files, and sanders are stashed.

The first thing I did was inspect the trophies. These were printed in two parts.  The bases were a black, shiny material, and the faces were white.  The bases were relatively clean; they mostly had some wiry filaments that I had to pull off.  The faces were more of a challenge due to the number of pits and striations.  There would be filling! 

I documented the process with some photos, to remember the before and after.  The first photos reveal the issues on the back side where there were cracks and where the striation patterns mesh up the aesthetic of the front details.  I had tested some new gold spray paint on the test sample provide by Grat, and that was good to go, and I knew Acrylic Hobby paints would work fine.  But how was I going to make these surfaces work for me and end up with a pleasant result? Elbow grease was the only solution! 

I decided to sand down each trophy with some heavy and light grit sandpaper.  Then I needed to get into the crevices and get out filaments and sprue and other bumps.  So I borrowed my Dental Tech wife’s hi-whizz-bang Dental Hand tool to grind those places out.  My plan was to coat the trophy in Gesso once I had a cleaned up base—Gesso is a pasty paint like substance that is thick and clings to things well, and can be sanded.

While those were setting, I was able to tackle the bases.  The plan with those was to do touch ups, paint the text, and then seal them with Future Acrylic sealer, something that modelers often use to get high sheen and sturdy protection for models.  Plus it unifies the look, and fills in more gaps. After applying a couple coats of acrylic the bases were done, and looked solid with the lines going in logical patterns.

Back to the heads!  These now needed refining, sanding, and filling.  I did a quick spray of Gold metallic Krylon paint to see how it was gripping the surface, and that allowed me to see where I need to fill more with putty.  So some quick setting putty went on and that was sanded down again. 

Finally, I got to where I could do a first coat of metal paint.  It went on smooth and with few runs, and dried quickly—a real plus!  This allowed me to do more sanding and filling, but at this stage, I could tell the process was going to work.   The striations were not as exposed, and the sanding was cleaning up the major interest points of the model.

Another coat of paint, then I added some dark spaces to help define the mask look.  One more coat of paint, some more shadows.  I then mixed up a batch of my super shiny Gold acrylic paint and with a big brush went over the models so this shiny gold would hit the highlights.  Once that was dry, I buffed them with a soft cloth to make the trophies as smooth as possible.

The final stage was adding numerous coats of an acrylic clear coat, to protect and fill in more details, and try to achieve a uniform sheen (that might almost fool somebody’s eye that these were actually made of metal).  Once dry the pieces were completed and ready for shipping, they were just buffed a bit more. Can’t do enough buffing!

In addition to these trophies for first place, each of the top ten winners in both games will each receive a H1Z1 Invitational Plaque, made by H1Z1's Technical Architect, Greg Spence:

Plaque for Invitational
Trophy Final

Our H1Z1 BattleRoyale TwitchCon has generated a lot of excitement and a lot of folks have worked hard to make the game the best it can be.  I’m hoping that these trophies add to the fun and are indeed “to (not) die for” in BR!


Jeff Jonas


Vendredi 18 septembre 2015  
Game Update

Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific tomorrow for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes

In addition to various fixed crash bugs:


      Fixed popping in iron sight transitions
      Fixed many cases of frozen animations after exiting vehicles
      Fixed issue where a animations would freeze while holding a shotgun while crouched or while sprinting and reloading
      Fixed several cases of animations getting stuck in jumping or falling state
      Fixed issues where and observed 3rd person aim doesn't line up with 1st person aim
      Fixed bug that allowed going prone and fire backwards
      Fixed de-sync for prone animations showing prone players as standing when holding the AK47


      Fixed several cases of audio sticking around between switching servers or BR rounds
      Fixed cases where running audio would persist between 1st and 3rd person while pistol was equipped.


      Removed Leader Board display temporarily from BR (related to crash bug when put into a parachute) - statistics are still being recorded.
      Fixed issue where an equipped bow stays on your back even after you get rid of the bow
      Fixed issue where vehicles were able to coast through water by turning off the engine before entering a water source.
      Fixed ability to double prone through floors and ceilings
      Fixed issue when dropping from a parachute (1st person) and landing to see the inside of the players head
      Fixed many cases of movement de-sync causing invisible players on some clients
      Adjusted rendering distance for some barrier objects
      Adjusted weather settings for less doom and gloom
      Police car is now far less likely to explode on collisions with poles
      Players will no longer remain on fire forever if hit with a Molotov.
      Dead players should no longer shows up as undressed when coming into proximity
      Fixed case of stuck on the loading screen due to environment rendering deadlock


      Fixed issue preventing properly skinning boots and shoes
      Fixed issue where fog circle wouldn’t appear on the map.
      Fixed issue with throwable items showing an incorrect ammo count [1/1 when holding 1 item]
      Entering and exiting vehicles by pressing “E” is now more responsive and only require one button press.
      Added ability to hide chat messages

Mercredi 16 septembre 2015  
Test Server Update

We are patching the H1Z1 Test Server to address a few assorted crashes and also players should find:

Client Version - Steam Content ID 778278

    Fewer cases of frozen animations after exiting vehicles
    A few hundred MB of clean up for patched audio files
    Adjustments to timing for entering vehicles and switching seats

Dimanche 13 septembre 2015  
Test Server Update

We are updating the Test Server with a variety of small changes to address stability and memory leaks. There isn't a specific list of all the changes, but please pay attention to any changes in behavior for:

Client Version - Steam Content Build ID 772920

    Frame Rate

      If you notice a repeatable or consistent improvement or loss of frame rate, please report it.

    Memory Leaks

      If you see or notice any change in memory or frame rate over time, we are interested.

    "Spontaneous" crashes

      Several of the changes would appear to be random crashes, but could be crashes related to in-game special effects, logging in or out, and other strange (but not generally repeatable) crashes.

Mardi 1 septembre 2015  
Test Server Update

Client Version - Steam Content BuildID 758267

We are updating the Test Server to clean up several bugs:


    Fixed flipped ax direction
    Fixed popping in iron sight transitions


    Removed Leader Board display temporarily from BR (related to crash bug)
    Adjusted rendering distance for some barrier objects
    Adjusted weather settings for less doom and gloom


    Added ability to hide chat messages
    Fixed ignored keystrokes when interacting with objects quickly
    Fixed another case of stuck on the loading screen due to environment rendering deadlock

Lundi 31 août 2015  
Test Server patch

Client Version - Steam Build ID 756699

    Fixed - vehicles are now affected by water when disabled
    Fixed - occasional crash/lockup during animation updating
    Fixed - additional cases of player desync (players not appearing for other players)

Samedi 29 août 2015  
Live Client hotfix - v0.121.4.59787

We are publishing a client-only hot-fix to address the following items:

    Fix for sound file memory leak (causing persistent effects like rain)
    Fix for several cases of player stuck in persistent falling state
    Fix for crash/endless loading screen case (potentially related to entering a server, BR match start, or survival re-spawning)

Steam Content ID 754992


Jeudi 20 août 2015  
Game Update

Servers will be shutting down by 5am and will be down for approximately 3 hours.

BR matches will lock for starting new games starting 30 minutes before downtime (so 4:30am)

Client Version - Steam Content ID 740964

This is an update to address the following items:

    Fix for failed rewards in Team BR matches
    Additional seat added to all vehicles, for a total capacity of 5 people
    Adjustments to AI for performance improvements
    Grant of some of the missing items from wins the previous week BR matches.
    Adjustments to address server/client desync (resulting in invisible players and AI characters)

Mercredi 19 août 2015  
Test Server Patch - Version

We are updating the Test Server with the following changes:

Client Version - Steam Build ID 740477

    Fixes in code and data to address desync (resulting in invisible players)
    Vehicles should now have 5 seats available
    Fix for occasional rubber-banding movement

Mardi 18 août 2015  
Test Server Patch - Version

We are updating our Test Server around 8pm Pacific time with changes to address the following issues:

Client Version - Steam Content ID 739183

    Server performance

      We have made adjustments to AI and other server processes to reduce population-related lag.

    Server Desync

      We have made adjustments to the servers to help address the server/client desync problem resulting in "invisible" players.

    Battle Royale modes

      Team BR rewards should be granted properly for all places

Note: Based on results from testing, we may publish one or two more times over the next day to address further desync issues noted in our logs.


Vendredi 14 août 2015  
Test Server Patch - Version

Steam Content / Build ID 734217

We are deploying a build to our Test Servers to verify the following changes:

    Rifle barrels and sights should be aligned as before, and not with the sight aimed down relative to the barrel. This change applies to the AK-47, AR-15, and .308 - please report other issues separately.
    Added an option to disable system messages in the main display. Immediately, players can add HideBannerBroadcasts=1 to the [General] section in their UserOptions.ini file. We will provide a UI option with a hotfix when it's tested and ready.
    Doubled system messages should be fixed - please report specific messages if you continue to see this.

Vendredi 14 août 2015  
Urgent Live Update - Client Version

We are deploying an update to the live Client and Servers to address the following:


    Bullet drop - a change was pushed out an order of magnitude too high, and has been reverted to it's previous values
    The fade to red screen effect as you get hurt has been adjusted to be more subtle


    We have added an option to only have system messages in the chat window. You can add the line "HideBannerBroadcasts=1" into the [General] (or top) section of the UserOptions.ini file. Once we add the option to the UI, we will hotfix the client to make it easier.
    The duplicate system messages should be fixed - please report any specific messages you are still seeing doubled


    Crazy arms should be much less crazy - animation was getting out of sync and getting the shoulder twisted, which should be fixed now

Mercredi 12 août 2015  
Game Update


    A new crate is now available for the H1Z1 Invitational! Find out more details here!
    Feel a bit more secure! 16 character pass codes on doors are available!
    You look a little lost. Game hints are now on the Loading screen.
    Can't find your stuff? New grouping controls are now in the inventory screen to help.

Additional Features

    Loading screen spinner and status
    Adjustments to VoIP displays for groups and solo players
    Added base security system that requires doors to be removed before accessing an enclosed area

Bug Fixes

    Fix for several cases causing endless loading screen and crash after start of round in BR worlds
    Fix for some vehicles not saving locations correctly
    Fix for quirky group display when initially added to group
    Fix for graphics settings exploit for seeing through objects briefly
    Fix for duplication exploit involving ammo
    Fix for parts of models not rendering (including some cases of invisible players)
    Fix for lost focus on UI with Steam Overlay active (mostly Windows 10 machines)
    Fix for many cases of containers immediately closing when being looted
    Fix to code preventing some files from properly loading
    Fixes to help prevent additional cases for vehicles not staying on top of objects
    Vehicles whose drivers disconnect should stop far more quickly and no longer go on international flights
    Adjustments to help prevent damage issued on initial login
    Adjustments for water impact effects
    Adjustments to address client/server desync (that was causing invisible players)
    Adjustments to address rubber-banding movement
    Added some additional variety in branch and leaf harvesting effects
    Weapon image/texture adjustments
    Color adjustments to many textures
    Adjustments to jumping height and mechanics have been made.
    Adjustments to falling damage calculations have been made.
    Adjusted "hold breath" sounds
    Adjusted "damaged" effect
    Adjustments to address vehicle desync issues when other vehicles come into view

Mardi 11 août 2015  
What Else Can This Crate Key Do?

With the start of our Road to TwitchCon, we're introducing the H1Z1 Invitational Crate. This crate will include new weapon skins, other cool skins and emotes, an in-game Twitch hoodie skin, AND t-shirt skins with logos from your favorite streamers! You can find out more about what's included in the Invitational Crate here.   

The H1Z1 Invitational Crate can be earned by playing in either Survival Mode or Battle Royale.

On top of the amazing items inside the crate, 25% of the Invitational crate key sales will be added to the prize pool for the H1Z1 Invitational happening this September at TwitchCon. Show some support for those competing and increase the prize pool the winners are chasing! And remember, YOU could be chasing that prize pool too if you enter our Road to TwitchCon contest and tell us why you're a #BRBadass. Find out more about that and enter to win here. 

The crate key will only be on sale from 8/11/2015 through 9/22/2015, so don't miss the opportunity to add some of these awesome items to your collection!


Mardi 11 août 2015  
We Are on the Road to TwitchCon

We’re excited to announce that H1Z1 will be at TwitchCon in San Francisco, and on September 26, we’re hosting an Invitational! Featuring many popular Twitch personalities, this is a chance to see who will be the best of the best in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battle Royale!

PlayerUnknown's Battle Royale

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battle Royale provides a thrilling, unique gameplay experience inside H1Z1. There are four different ways to play Battle Royale in H1Z1: Standard, Hardcore, Two-Person Team, and Five-Person Team. Get in game and battle alongside your favorite streamers as they prep for the road to TwitchCon, or hone your own skills... you just might need them. (Keep reading below for more details on that).  

We're also excited to announce that we'll be partnering with Razer and Alienware for the Invitational. 


Not going to be at TwitchCon? We’ll be streaming the Invitational live from the event. But that’s not the only way you can get involved…

Do you think you’re a #BRBadass? Want to prove it for a chance to win a trip to TwitchCon and a seat in the H1Z1 Invitational? Create an image, video, or essay describing why YOU should be chosen for one of the available spots! Read the full official rules and enter the contest here.


Samedi 1 août 2015  

We published a hotfix to the game client.
Client Version, Steam Build ID 716515
You should notice the following changes

    adjustments to jumping height and mechanics
    adjustments to falling damage calculations
    fix to help prevent damage issued on initial login
    fix to code preventing some files from properly loading
    adjustments to placement rules

Jeudi 30 juillet 2015  
Game Update

Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific for 3 hours.

Patch Notes

    Jumping height was corrected
    Server fix for invisible players in BR and Survival
    Fixed issue where bleeding only lasts for one second
    Crash fix when entering vehicle
    Crash fix related to entering group BR
    Crash fix in rendering
    Fixed bug where in BR, players could still click and use a second tactical first aid kid (TFAK) while they already have one. It doesn't stack the effect, but their TFAK gets consumed and wasted.
    Fixed placement highlight sometimes not appearing (shader fix).

Mardi 28 juillet 2015  
Game Update

H1Z1 servers will be coming offline at 5AM Pacific. There is a general Daybreak maintenance at 6AM for 2-3 hours. H1Z1 servers will come back up after that maintenance.

Patch Notes

    Vehicles should no longer sink into ramps, stairs and deck expansions
    Fixed invisible zombies after being hit by cars on headshot-only servers.
    Fixed interaction problems with BBQs and furnaces.
    Fixed a bug with the direction of some melee particle effects.
    Nameplates and health bars should be appearing again on test
    The Nameplate should now line up with the player head.
    Fix for crash bug in the animation system
    Core Game: You can no longer stack First Aid Kits. First aid kits will override the effects from Bandages and Gauze. Bandages and Gauze can still be stacked with each other but not First Aid Kits.
    Battle Royale: Replaced First Aid Kits with Tactical First Aid Kits and replaced Bandages with Field Bandages. Tactical First Aid Kits stack with Field Bandages and Gauze. Field Bandages and Gauze can be stacked with each other.
    The fire axe will now work properly again.
    Removed recipe wipe from hardcore rule set.
    Fixed prone rifle rolling (works for both Male and Female) Hold down Shift+A or D while in prone
    Added Messaging to players to use [NUMPAD1] to Team Chat.
    Fixed issues where Gun slide would stay open ammo still remaining
    Added rewards to Team Battle Royale.
    Added Voice and Group indicators to nameplates.
    Object Placement is no longer allowed while crouching or prone.
    Fixed a problem causing some players to not appear to nearby players after initially spawning.
    Grenades now trigger the proper effects based on ground material.
    Toggle HUD resources remapped from “F” to “H” key by default.
    Fixed several bugs related to objects not detecting rain properly (campfires, dew collectors, etc).
    When teammate drops from team in the box of destiny, a notification should be sent to the other player(s) on the team indicating the present size of their team and the character name of the player that dropped.
    Fixed issue where some players were unaffected by bullets (invincible player/rubber bullet bug).
    Added global team chat to key binding/display in group window.
    General improvements to zombies and animal awareness.
    Multiple mics are now displayed on HUD .
    Nameplates now have a mic icon which appears during voice chat.
    Adjusted bear AI to be more responsive.
    Fixed bug where you were unable to place a wall on base expansion where the foundation and expansion meet.
    Fixed issue which caused the inventory window to close prematurely.
    Added team chat “How to use” notification to players in team BR.
    Added team member notification message in team BR.
    Zombies should no longer warp to another dimension occasionally after being run over by vehicles. Wormhole should be closed.
    Crop growth is now persistent after server restarts.
    Made changes to the Body Simulation. Sims should now work as designed.
    Lock codes should now work properly after server restarts.
    Made trees provide better cover versus projectiles.
    Updated iron sights position on rifle animations.
    BR: Turned off “Team kick” when player disconnects before the match starts.
    Bug fixed in base construction that could leave a foundation socket unusable until the next server restart.
    BR: Adjustments to the parachute sequence.
    BR: Added a text notification for matches that end in a draw.

Mercredi 22 juillet 2015  
Test Server - Update

Patch Notes

    Removed recipe wipe from hardcore rule set.
    Fixed prone rifle rolling (works for both Male and Female) Hold down Shift+A or D while in prone
    Added Messaging to players to use [NUMPAD1] to Team Chat.
    Fixed issues where Gun slide would stay open ammo still remaining
    Added rewards to Team Battle Royale.
    Added Voice and Group indicators to nameplates.
    Object Placement is no longer allowed while crouching or prone.
    Fixed a problem causing some players to not appear to nearby players after initially spawning.
    Grenades now trigger the proper effects based on ground material.
    Toggle HUD resources remapped from “F” to “H” key by default.
    Fixed several bugs related to objects not detecting rain properly (campfires, dew collectors, etc).
    When teammate drops from team in the box of destiny, a notification should be sent to the other player(s) on the team indicating the present size of their team and the character name of the player that dropped.
    Fixed issue where some players were unaffected by bullets (invincible player/rubber bullet bug).
    Added global team chat to key binding/display in group window.
    General improvements to zombies and animal awareness.
    Multiple mics are now displayed on HUD .
    Nameplates now have a mic icon which appears during voice chat.
    Adjusted bear AI to be more responsive.
    Fixed bug where you were unable to place a wall on base expansion where the foundation and expansion meet.
    Fixed issue which caused the inventory window to close prematurely.
    Added team chat “How to use” notification to players in team BR.
    Added team member notification message in team BR.
    Zombies should no longer warp to another dimension occasionally after being run over by vehicles. Wormhole should be closed.
    Crop growth is now persistent after server restarts.
    You can no longer stack first aid kits, a first aid kit will override a bandage. If a first aid kit is being applied, you cannot use a bandage during the same time. Bandages can still be stacked.
    Made changes to the Body Simulation. Sims should now work as designed.
    Lock codes should now work properly after server restarts.
    Made trees provide better cover versus projectiles.
    Updated iron sights position on rifle animations.
    BR: Turned off “Team kick” when player disconnects before the match starts.
    Bug fixed in base construction that could leave a foundation socket unusable until the next server restart.
    BR: Adjustments to the parachute sequence.
    BR: Added a text notification for matches that end in a draw.

Jeudi 16 juillet 2015  
Game Update and Wipe

Servers will go down at 3:00am Pacific and will remain down for 3 hours.

Patch Notes

    Battle Royale rewards have been added to Team BR
    Top 5 two man teams get rewarded
    Fixed UI bug where "character create failed" message would be shown for no good reason.
    Fixed issue with zombies taking two head-shots from arrow before going down.
    Bears AI should be more responsive and act correctly.
    Performance and stability enhancements.
This is the first update from our 2 weeks of bug fixes and stability. You will see more patches going to Test and Live than our normal cadence.

To stay up to date on when there will be downtime be sure to keep your eyes here on Reddit or follow @H1Z1game on Twitter.


Mardi 7 juillet 2015  
Watch Your Front. Your Team Has Your Back.

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale provides a thrilling, unique gameplay experience inside H1Z1. Previously, there were only two versions of Battle Royale to choose from: Standard and Hardcore. Now, we’re adding a third mode – Team Battle Royale – with two variations to choose from: Two-Person Teams and Five-Person Teams. There are two ways to participate in Team Battle Royale: join solo and be matched with a random group, or form a group and fight with your friends.

Playing “Solo”

Don’t have a crew ready to fight with you? You can still play Team Battle Royale. Joining a Team Battle Royale match without a party will randomly pair you up with either one (if playing Two-Person) or four (if playing Five-Person) other players in the Box of Destiny. Your group will show up in your character window in a special tab, and the nameplates above your teammate’s head(s) will be green:

Playing with a Pre-Made Group

There is a new lobby for Team Battle Royale that allows you to create a premade party before heading in to the Box of Destiny and the match. From the lobby, players can invite their Steam friends to join them in their party. Once they have either two (for Two-Person) or five (for Five-Person) people in the group, they can join the match. 

What Happens if You Die?

Death in Team BR currently works the same as death in Standard or Hardcore Battle Royale. The only difference is, if you’re taken out and your teammate(s) are still in, your team still has a chance to win!

How to Win Team BR

Once your crew is in the match, it’s up to you how you want to strategize. Only one member of your team needs to make it to the end alive (but let’s face it – it’s more fun if you all manage to win together!). To win a Team Battle Royale match, you must be the last team standing. If your multiple members of your team are left alive at the end of the match, the game will end (so you don’t need to stab your friends in the back for a final victory).

New Rewards

The new Vigilante Crate is now available in all versions of Battle Royale. Look here for a sneak peek at what could you unlock should you stumble upon a crate!

So what are you waiting for? Find your friends (or frenemies), band together, and see who comes out victorious in new Team Battle Royale!


Mardi 7 juillet 2015  
Game Update and Wipe

The servers will be down at 5:00am Pacific for approximately 2 hours

There will be a player/world wipe during this time.

Patch Notes

    Heavy clouds and rain have been added alongside fog
    Military Checkpoints and Camp Bastion have been added to the map.
    Grenades can now be thrown by clicking the left mouse button only. You no longer have to hold down the right mouse button first. Throwing a grenade will now automatically reload another grenade from your inventory if you have it.
    A unique reticle was added to the bow while aiming.
    New Vigilante Crate
    Tweaked the handling of grenades some more and added new first-person animations. Throwing grenades should feel improved.
    Removed the dot reticle from ironsights on all guns (bows not affected)
    Bear behavior has been tweaked so they are a little bit more reasonable. While they are still deadly escape should now be a possibility.
    Team Battle Royale will remain on the Test Server while we iron out a few more issues

Game Fixes

    First Person Servers and HCBR no longer show the camera inside the player character driving vehicles.
    Adjusted the ironsights on the AR-15 and AK47
    Fixed a bug with tree shadows sometimes not rendering in a halo around the player.
    Fixed exploit where player could hide in tree by exiting a vehicle.

Lundi 29 juin 2015  
Kill Them With Style

Out with the old, in with the AWESOME new masks! It’s time for the previous Battle Royale crate to be retired, and in its place, we’re introducing the new Vigilante Crate. The Vigilante Crate includes Police-themed gear, Stars and Stripes shorts, hoodies, a rasta backpack, and much more!

Try and survive in new Team Battle Royale and see if you stumble upon one of the new Vigilante crates. What do you hope to unpack from yours?


Mercredi 24 juin 2015  
Game Update

Patch Notes

    Recipes have been added that allow you to craft flaming and explosive tipped arrows.
    Bows can now switch between different types of ammo. Pressing the “B” button will switch between the available ammo types.
    Furnaces, BBQ, Bee Boxes, and Workbenches will now be much easier to destroy if they are not placed on a foundation. Some of these still require too much damage to destroy and that will be addressed when a wipe happens.
    Added a new recipe which uses the flare as a component, the Parachute Flare.
    Added recipes for the basic bandana and gloves. The basic bandana can now be scrapped for cloth.
    2 item slots have been added to the loadout that can hold flashlights and binoculars. These slots act as hotkeys the same way as the weapon slots do. Additional items will be usable in these slots in the near future.


    Eliminated most NPC spawning on rooftops where they have no way down.
    Solved several cases of stuck and/or teleporting NPCs.
    You can now craft AK-47 ammo
    First Aid Kits will now stack properly
    Car battery bulk has been adjusted
    Explosive arrows will now manually reload
    Explosive arrows will now damage cars in PvE
    Still heavily investigating the leak involving UI and containers. Thanks to your reports we have made good headway. We will get the fix in as soon as we nail it down 100%. It's currently at the top of our bug list.

Mardi 16 juin 2015  
Game Update

Servers will be coming down at 5AM for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes

    Communication radios have been added. They can be found throughout the game. After finding and equipping one in the new radio tab in the UI, you will be able to turn it on and select a channel. You will be able send and receive voice chat on that channel. Numpad 7 is the default press to talk key. Currently you will not also broadcast to proximity voice chat when talking on your radio.
    The AK-47 is now available.
    Added a Police Station at Cranberry.
    Added a new recipe to create Lookout Towers. These towers can be placed on foundations.
    Added a new recipe to create a Foundation Expansion. The expansion attaches to the edge of a foundation to give it more building room.
    You can now "Mute All" via hot key(CTRL + M) or within settings.
    Vehicles should no longer drop through foundations when their driver walks out of range.
    Vehicles and foundations should now be visible at further distances.
    Fixed an issue with buildings not rendering at an appropriate distance.

Jeudi 11 juin 2015  
The Marauder Crate

The Marauder Crate has arrived in H1Z1! It brings a new slew of exciting items to the game. What do you hope to unlock in your crate?


Mardi 9 juin 2015  
Game Update

Patch Notes

    The stairs on the deck foundation have been removed. You can now craft foundation stairs and place them in multiple locations around the deck.
    Added a new recipe for a deck ramp that can be placed in multiple locations around the deck foundation.
    Made some adjustments to the wolf behaviors. They should no longer behave erratically.
    Door lock pass codes are now hidden with "*"
    The "Marauder Crate" is now available
    Fingerless Gloves, Sunglasses, Bandanas, and Kevlar have been added to the world.
    Placed structures with decay should now retain their decay amount through server outages.
    Interacting "E" with vehicles & items should now be more responsive.
    Hardcore Battle Royal vehicle spawns have been setup. Hardcore BR vehicles do not spawn with extra fuel in the trunk.
    Magnum ammo should now spawn in Battle Royale

Mardi 2 juin 2015  
Game Update

Patch Notes

    The Magnum and .44 Magnum ammo can now be found in the game along with Battle Royale and Hardcore Battle Royale. Added a recipe to create Magnum ammo and the ability to melt it down in the furnace.
    Tear gas grenades are now available. When thrown they will create a cloud of gas that will obscure vision, cause coughing, and do a small amount of damage. If you are wearing a full face respirator the gas will not affect you.
    Large structure can now be picked back up
    Abandoned bases with nothing on them will expire after an hour
    There is now a key binding set for “Walking”
    Hardcore BR spawning is more distributed
    Zombie vision/night vision effects are cleared when leaving servers
    Dew collectors will now automatically fill up to five bottles of water at the same time
    The crossbow will no longer automatically reload in ironsights. To begin automatically reloading release ironsights. As a result of this change, you will no longer get stuck in crossbow ironsights.
    Drinking coffee will return an empty bottle to your inventory
    Repair Kits will now properly repair all weapons

Mercredi 27 mai 2015  
Game Update

Patch Notes

Hardcore Battle Royale Improvements

Hardcore BR now includes zombies, bears and night vision goggles. Reduced minimum starting players to 64. The match can now take place at night and includes a Hardcore Elite Bag containing new unique items.

A list of known issues with Hardcore BR

    Icon missing from new elite bag
    Currently there are no doors
    Currently there are no vehicles or compass, this is intended for testing as we want to see how it effects the gameplay of hardcore mode.

Other Additions and Fixes

    Footwear has been added to the Battle Royale spawns.
    Male and Female character models now have alternate head models to choose from.
    New and improved female movement animations.
    Fixed cases of loading screen freezing.
    Zombies now respond to all acoustic signatures including: ethanol/bio fuel explosions, grenades/molotovs, red hazard barrel explosions, landmines/IEDs, vehicle explosions
    Potential fix for bows getting stuck in ironsights
    Arrows fired from a recurve bow and crossbow now properly bounce off materials they are not meant to stick in, such as metal or stone.
    Molotovs now properly set players and NPCs on fire. This effect will last for a few seconds when outside of the fire.
    Grenade/Molotov explosions should be more responsive now on high pop servers.
    Battle Royale: Arrow bundles will now spawn near the crossbow
    Lip sync mouth movement to voice chat
    Vehicles: Occupants will be able to shoot from within vehicles. Currently it’s only the passengers who can shoot from within the car. The player in the driver seat cannot. Occupants can now be hit from people outside the vehicle.
    Boots now have a small resistance to punji stick damage
    Crossbows and recurve bows can now be repaired with repair kits.
    Fixed issue where character doesn't appear in BR chute

Thank you to all the people who helped with reports on the Test Server!

Test server fixes.

    Fixed: Issue preventing placement of furnace, storage and workbenches on a foundation.
    Fixed: Invisible Bio-fuel bug
    Fixed: Crash issue when running over zombies with vehicle.
    Fixed: Unable to pickup items in the world.

Mercredi 27 mai 2015  
Battle Royale Just Got Hardcore

Battle Royale has been a staple of H1Z1 since Early Access launch. You may have played hundreds of matches by now and are beginning to wonder, “What’s next?”  Hardcore Battle Royale is what’s next.

What is Hardcore Battle Royale? HaHTake your standard Battle Royale and layer on some awesome new changes. To begin with, zombies! That’s right, not only will you have to worry about other players, but now you have the undead to contend with. Bears have also found their way onto the playing field and they’re just as deadly as before.

Unlike regular Battle Royale, only 64 players will be allowed into each session of Hardcore Battle Royale. This means matches will begin quicker and the frantic pace of Battle Royale will remain constant. Hardcore Battle Royale is also only available in 1st Person. You can no longer look around corners for your enemy by panning back to a 3rd person view. Do you think vehicles are over-powered in Battle Royale? Don’t worry; there are zero vehicles in Hardcore Battle Royale.

The sun goes down in Hardcore Battle Royale, blanketing the battlefield in darkness. This would be a good time to pull out your night vision goggles (assuming you want to survive).

The rewards have also changed for this new mode. Only first place players will receive a prize in Hardcore Battle Royale. Six brand new items can be found in the new Elite Bag. Wear them and show off to your friends, or sell them and fetch a high price on the Steam Marketplace.

Battle Royale has just stepped up its game. Are you ready?


Mercredi 20 mai 2015  
Zombie Slaying Weapon of Choice - Crossbow

One of the most popular zombie-killing weapons has been added to H1Z1! Armed with the new crossbow, everyone can live out their Walking Dead fantasies. This new weapon is perfect for stealth kills and keeping a low profile. Craft a bunch of arrows and become the king of Pleasant Valley.

Tons of new features were added to H1Z1 during the month of May. Be sure to check out the H1Z1 Roadmap to get a sneak peek at the future of the game!


Mercredi 20 mai 2015  
Full Server Wipe 5/21

Hey everyone!

We are going to be bringing the servers down tomorrow morning at 5:30AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours. This will give us an opportunity to do a full player and server wipe on the Live and Test servers.

As you may have noticed, we are also going to be changing our patching cadence. Stating next week, we will be patching things to the Live servers on Tuesday mornings and putting out our build on the Test servers on Thursdays. This will give allow people to try and break things on the Test server over the weekend and should provide us ample time to have a very solid build on Tuesdays.

The H1Z1 Roadmap has been updated to reflect the new dates of the publishes.

The Pre-Patch Livestreams will be returning again but this time they will take place on Mondays. Not next Monday due to the holiday but moving forward, that will be their new time slot.

Thanks again for all your continued feedback!


Vendredi 1 mai 2015  
Game Update and Server Wipe

We will go down at 3:00 am
We’ll be down for 2 hours
We should be back up by 5:00am Pacific

We will be doing a full player/world wipe

We will be collecting a list of current players for the FREE Daybreak t-shirt grant. This grant will happen after the servers go live.

Steam Marketplace is being moved to our Quality of Life patch next week. We're working with Steam to make sure all the bugs are ironed out. This is a bigger ticket item and requires multiple passes from us and Steam. It almost made it into this patch but unfortunately had to be moved.

Release Notes


    You can now choose to be a female survivor in the H1Z1 core game and Battle Royale.
    All existing wearable’s and emotes work for both genders, including your account items. No matter what gender you choose, skinning an item or using an emote will work for both.
    If you wish to change gender, you will need to delete the character and recreate it.
    Known issues:There is currently limited voice for the female character. More will be coming soon.

Other Additions

    All H1Z1 players will receive a "Daybreak Games" in-game t-shirt. You must own H1Z1 prior to the server wipe.
    First Person Battle Royale is now available
    Offroader now has upgraded interior
    Green and Brown Camo beanies now have the correct texture
    You can no longer pick up items, open/close doors or search containers while restrained
    380 rounds will now spawn in Battle Royale
    The recipe for yeast now gives 2 yeast instead of 10
    Handcuff keys are now visualized in game
    Added a new recipe for a metal wall that has a doorway inside of it. This can be used instead of a metal gate to gain access to your base.
    Biofuel and ethanol now do half the damage to structures that they used to.
    The recipe for ethanol now creates 1 ethanol instead of 5.
    Flashbangs are now in game, they will explode after 3 seconds of being thrown and will blind anyone within a 7 meter radius.

Construction changes

    “No placement” radius around bases has been increased. The owner of the base and people grouped with the owner are not affected.
    If the owner of a foundation does not log in for a set amount of time (currently testing it at 2 weeks), the foundation reverts to un-owned, and may be claimed by another player.
    If the owner of a foundation deletes his or her character, the base will be set to un-owned immediately. This will allow groups of friends to "hand off" management of their base to another player.

Test Server Issues Resolved

    You can now interact with everything in your inventory
    Night vision will turn on and off as intended
    Night vision goggles fit on the female model

Jeudi 30 avril 2015  
Huge April Updates!

H1Z1 has been in Early Access for over three months now, and the changes since day one are staggering. April alone gave the game a significant overhaul. The Big Damn Patch brought a slew of new features to the game, including things like a new male character model, an expansive new dam section, and more. 

Every update to the game has brought memorable new elements to the core gameplay. Lighting a group of zombies on fire with a Molotov cocktail? Why not? And, of course, April also brought us things like Citizen's Arrest and Bees! 

It's also now easier than ever to play H1Z1 with your friends. We have added new Steam functionality and in-game maps to get your group together quickly. 

Want to see a full list of everything you may have missed in April? Head on over to our H1Z1 Roadmap and see all the progress for yourself!


Vendredi 24 avril 2015  
Game Update

Release Note

    Night vision goggles now available
    Added HE Grenades to the game.
    Known Issue: Grenades will not collide with players or zombies yet, nor will they break through windows.
    Explosive barrels are more reactive now to bullets and there no longer a delay from their initial explosion to killing nearby survivors/NPCs.
    Molotov Cocktail is now much more responsive and less prone to crashing clients when burning hordes of zombies alive… dead.
    Resolved various animation and timing issues with the Molotov cocktail.
    Resolved Molotov cocktail may not trigger 100% of the time when NPC’s / players enter the ring of fire.

    Inspect restrained inventory

      When you handcuff a player you can now go through their inventory and take things, their stuff shows up in the proximity pane.

    Note: Equipped items are not in the list yet, but will be in a future update.

Steam Friends

    Blue means they are online
    Green means they are in H1Z1

    Right click for context menu


        Open steam overlay and send a message to this person

      Profile <:>

        Open steam overlay and view this persons steam profile

    And if they are on a server but not BR

      Join Server

        Log into server that this person is currently on.

    Moved character create from server select screen to it's own screen. This is where character customizations such as male/female, face types, hair, etc.
    Checkbox added to server select screen to share your server with your steam friends

H1Z1 Virus - First Pass

You will now be able to contract the H1Z1 virus from zombies. Survivors have a natural immunity against the virus, but this immunity is weakened the more it is exposed to zombie attacks. Currently only zombie attacks reduce this immunity but other means can be introduced in the future based on feedback from the community. Survivors can bypass this immunity and give themselves H1Z1 via extracted infected blood.

    Note: Current implementation of the extracted infected blood syringe allows you to use it on yourself only! You cannot use it on other players. This will change in the near future.

There are multiple stages to the H1Z1 virus once you have contracted it. The virus may not be as noticeable at first but as you advance to higher stages you will begin to feel its affects.

Once you have the virus, you have it for life. Only death or respawning will remove it. Each stage slowly progresses on its own but there are other means to push the virus forward or backwards depending on your actions or items you use.

Stage Progression

    Minor Stage

      Slight damage over time

    Advanced Stage

      Minor damage over time
      Survivor will occasionally cough. This can be heard by other survivors and may attract nearby wildlife or zombies.
      (Non-PvE only)Zombies will no longer target you. However, attacking a zombie will cause it to attack back.

    Severe Stage

      Moderate damage over time
      No longer coughing
      (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
      Max movement speed slightly reduced
      Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you. Eating/Drinking them does nothing for you but upset your stomach, causing you to cramp up. Continued eating will cause you to vomit. You must feed from dead players, wildlife or zombies to restore Energy and Hydration.
      Fresher corpses restore more to each resource and restore a little bit of health. Depending on what is you feed on determines the amount you restore. Bears offer the most while rabbits offer the least. Feeding on zombies will slightly progress your H1Z1 virus.
      You will be able to feed off corpses a maximum of 2 times.
      Survivor Tracking: Survivors at this stage of the virus may notice a gaseous effect in the world. This effect means that a survivor was in that spot recently. You can use these markers in attempt to track down other survivors. Survivors at this stage do not leave a marker themselves. Survivors also do not leave a marker if they are inside a vehicle.

    Deadly Stage

      Severe damage over time
      Zombie Vision - First Pass - Currently we have simple color grading in as the first pass. You might see some of this effect happening as soon as the Advanced stage but it will become more apparent at this stage. We will continue to add more features and improve this vision in future patches.
      (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
      Max movement speed slightly reduced
      Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you.
      Survivor Tracking

Other related notes

    All-in-One Cold medicine slightly reduces your H1Z1 virus. Antibiotics reduces it a little more. Hyperpheron greatly reduces the virus
    Immunity Boosters and Multi-Vitamins boost H1Z1 immunity to help prevent you from contracting the virus. This is bypassed completely if you use extracted infected blood on yourself.
    Guts will appear at dead survivors around the abdomen of the body after it has stopped its rag doll.
    Survivors with severe stages of H1Z1 will have the option to feed on the corpses of wildlife, zombies and the newly spawned guts from dead survivors.

Known Issues

    There is supposed to be a progression bar on your vitals. Once you have H1Z1, this won't appear unless you log out and come back in.

Jeudi 16 avril 2015  
Game Update

Release Notes

    Added a recipe for a sleeping mat. This can be placed and rested on. Currently it is using a mattress model while a custom model is in the works.
    The Police Car has an upgraded interior for an enhanced driving and passenger experience in first person.
    Well Rested duration has been doubled
    Fixed issue with not being able to pick up handcuff keys
    Very Tired and Exhaustion no longer slows down your movement. It only drains stamina at increased rates
    You can now rest on the firehouse cots
    Rest timer reduced to 20 seconds
    Fixed issue where you can use a mansport backpack skin on a military backpack. You can only skin other mansport backpacks now
    Health drain from Dehydrated and Starving has been slightly increased
    The white T-shirt now has the correct icon
    Your character will start breathing heavier the lower your stamina gets. NOTE: Animations will come soon
    Added Molotov Cocktails. Hint: recipe involves moonshine
    Player speed is now reduced while moving in water.
    Battle Royale: Emotes should now work again


    There is now an extra tab in the center part of your inventory window that says: “Group”
    You can check the “Do Not Group” to prevent notifications and will auto-decline invites.
    If you are not in a group then “Disband” and “Kick” are disabled.
    If you are in a group and not the leader then “Invite” is disabled and “Kick” says “Quit”
    Type somebody’s name and hit invite and they will receive a notification
    Your group members names over their heads will be in green.

Bee Boxes

    You can now discover the recipe for and, build, and place bee boxes. After being placed, the bees will immediately get to work. Over time they will create up to five full honeycombs. These can be taken out and eaten, but are more useful if empty bottles are used to collect honey from them. When honeycomb and empty water bottles are both in the bee box, the honey will drain into the bottle after a short period of time. This will produce not only a bottle of honey, but also wax as a byproduct.
    Honeycomb will continue being produced until there are either five honeycombs or ten honey bottles inside of it.
    If you damage a bee box, the bees will retaliate.

What can you do with all this bee stuff?

    Honeycomb – Eat it, keep it in the bee box to drain the honey from it.
    Honey – Eat it for gains to endurance, stamina, and energy. Honeycomb gives the same resources but at a lower value than raw honey.
    Dressed Bandages – Combine five bandages with a bottle of honey to create dressed bandages. These bandages heal for a bit more and a bit longer than bandages alone.
    Wax – Make candles. The candles can be placed, and after lighting them they will burn for a couple of days. They have a few different models that it switches between so you can see them melting down over time.

Jeudi 9 avril 2015  
Game Update

Patch Notes

    New Crates in the account item list will glow and have an exclamation point until mouse over or if the notification is clicked.
    Medicine now restores a minor amount of health
    The number of zombies has been increased.
    There is a new "Feet" slot on the character loadout where players can equip workboots. Additional shoes will come soon.
    Zombies do slightly more damage to players and have a greater chance inflict bleeding
    Zombies do less damage against vehicles
    Punji sticks no longer damage players inside vehicle
    Stamina is reduced by a lesser amount when jumping
    The recipe for ground tamper now requires metal sheets, nails, metal brackets, and branches.
    Hitting players, animals and Zombies with the torch will now set them on fire.
    Currently the only way to escape the fire is to wait (5 seconds for players, 20 seconds for zombies and animals)
    .308 Rifle Scope zoom brought from 5x to 3.4x.
    .308 projectile mass and drag decreased
    Equates to better accuracy at range
    The bullet land effects on most material types has been drastically improved for visibility.
    Missed shots will be much easier to spot for both the shooter and the target.

Restraints – First Pass

    Handcuffs and Handcuff Keys can now be found in the world. Handcuffs may be used to restrain another player. Handcuffs must be placed in any of your weapon slots: Primary, Secondary or Tertiary. Left-Click mouse while aiming at another player who has his "hands up" (Default: F2 key). If you try to handcuff a player who doesn't have his hands up, you will be disappointed.
    When you are restrained, clicking your mouse-button will cause you to struggle to get out. As it stands now, your chance to struggle increases each time you attempt to get out so the more you try, the better your chances.
    To be set free from restraints, your savior must be wielding an item. For handcuffs, it’s a handcuff key. When they click you with the key, you’ll be set free and they will take possession of the cuffs.
    This system is a first pass and we will be improving it in the upcoming updates. Look forward to new ways to remove restraints, new items to restrain people with, additional items to use on other players, etc...

Session Stats Session stats are now visible on the Death screen.

    For H1Z1

      Zombies Killed
      Wildlife Killed
      Recipes Discovered
      Minutes Survived

    For Battle Royale

      Players Killed
      Vehicles Destroyed

Body Sim

    Players now have endurance. Endurance will reduce over time on its own and sprinting will reduce it more. When endurance is low the player will begin to feel tired or exhausted, causing them to slow down in movement. You can restore endurance by resting in a bed. NOTE: You can only rest in a bed when you're feeling tired or exhausted.
    Resting in a bed will give you a Well Rested effect, which initially restores 15% health and all endurance. It also gives you a brief increase in sprint speed and health regeneration.

Body Armor

    A new equipment slot has been added named Chest Armor. To make use of this slot, two new recipes can be learned:
    Wooden Body Armor
    Plated Body Armor

To get started discovering the recipes, look for duct tape, which appears in commercial and industrial areas. This armor will mitigate damage when struck in the chest. The plated armor is more effective than wood armor. Damage is absorbed based on the attack type. Damage mitigation effectiveness from least to most:

    Gun damage (Least)
    Piercing/slashing melee
    Blunt melee
    Punching (Most)

Jeudi 2 avril 2015  
Game Update and Server Wipe

Servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM Pacific for 4 hours. Patch file size will be larger than normal due to the changes made to the map. This patch will also include a server and player wipe.

Patch Notes

    New Male character model is available
    The Dam area has been given a major overhaul.
    Battle Royale starting area has been updated.
    Current Grid position is now shown on-screen(like BR). Hand drawn map has basic grid markers.
    Added a new equip slot for the face
    Fixed Bug - player will now exit a vehicle towards the same side on which they are seated.
    Fixed bug where player could sometimes get injured when moving off a rock.
    Fixed a lot of erroneous terrain bugs that have caused objects to float including cars, campsites and other smaller objects
    Added a small improvement to placing free placed items, preventing them from being able to clip through walls.
    Server optimizations made to the body sim
    Zombies will now wear the lootable hats and helmets they have in their inventory. They will carry weapons. Note: They do not the wear lootable shirts or pants yet.
    Pickup Truck first person interior has been enhanced.
    R380 pistol added to game, it is a high fire rate, low caliber pocket pistol. The R380 can be found in BR and around the world in the core game.
    12GA Shotgun damage increased.

Zombie Spawn Changes

    Made zombie total population based on player population, to keep low-pop servers from getting completely overrun. This does not include the current wandering hordes (which are accounted for outside this number). On a server full of players, the total number of zombies is unchanged.
    Biased zombie spawns toward areas with more player heat, and more items, so that cities, camps and player firefights have the highest rate of zombie spawns, and the wilderness areas have less.
    Made the spawned zombies that occur in player spawn areas biased more toward low-speed shamblers, so that new players (with no weapons) can more easily run away.

Workbenches, Ammo Conversion, Gun Dismantling, and You

    Workbenches can be found in the world or crafted and placed. If you are close enough to the workbench you will be able to use it to create specific recipes. You don’t actually interact with the workbench at this time, you just need to have it in your proximity. It can be used to convert ammo into other types of ammo, break down guns into gun repair kits, or to create some of the existing recipes that would be too difficult to do by hand.
    Any type of ammunition can be broken down into “Gun Components”. Each bullet or shell will give you 1 Bullet Component. You can then use 2 Bullet Components to make any other type of ammunition.
    Guns can be dismantled into “Gun Parts”. Larger guns will give more gun parts. You can then use three gun parts to create a “Gun Repair Kit”. This repair kit can be used on weapons to repair them. Currently this will repair any weapon, but in the future it will be restricted to guns only.
    Metal crafting recipes will now require a workbench to create. This includes the recipes for Metal Sheets, Metal Pipes, Machete, Combat Knife, Bear Trap, Landmine, IED, and the above mentioned conversion recipes for ammo and guns.

Vendredi 27 mars 2015  
Update Notes

The H1Z1 servers will be coming down at 3:00am Pacific for 2 hours.

Patch Notes

    M9 pistol has been added to the game, it can be found around the world in the core game and is available in Battle Royale.
    Fixed bug where branch could be used to chop down tree.
    Zombie density has been increased and is more reactive to players.
    Landmines and bear traps have been improved.
    Anti-cheat – Continuing our efforts to provide a better anti-cheat service and stop more cheaters

Jeudi 19 mars 2015  
Update Notes

H1Z1 servers will come offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours.

Patch Notes


    Vehicles now can start/stop the motor by pressing K.
    Characters now animate with look orientation and emote support while in vehicles. Visible from outside, 3rd person and 1st person views.
    Removing required parts from a vehicle load-out will stop the motor if it was running.
    Your camera state (third or first person) should now be preserved across entering and exiting a vehicle.

Crafting and Building

    Placement will now check the material underneath it to ensure it's a valid location. Example: foundation's can’t be placed on cement.
    You can now move while placing items. Not during jumping, crouching, or prone though.
    Objects being placed have no collision while being placed. Once placed, they will then have collision again.
    Objects now turn a transparent red when they can’t be placed and a transparent green when they can be placed. To aid the color blind and color deficient, the object will also scale up and down to indicate it cannot be placed.
    Objects will require all four corners of its bounding box to be touching something in order to be placed. This is true for free placed items and for foundations. Socketted objects, however, will not check against this restriction.
    The placement object will follow the center of your screen – not your mouse.

Other Additions

    Added a Recurve Bow with better range, fire rate, and arrow speed. It replaces the current bow in Battle Royale. This new bow can be found in the core game around the world and cannot be crafted.
    Weapons will now appear on the player model
    Adjustments made to zombies versus wildlife population ratios in favor of more zombie spawns.
    Leaf FX and sound when you harvest blackberries
    Dot reticle has returned to 3P and does not change per weapon yet
    1P reticle will change per weapon
    Dot will be used for melee weapons and gun Iron sights
    Basic crosshair will be used for AR15 hip fire and 1911 hip fire
    Shotgun will use a circle for hipfire and iron sights
    1911 delay bug fixed, it will now be ready to fire or reload immediately after switching.

Mercredi 11 mars 2015  
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a couple of things on the horizon – our next publish and a specialBattle Royale Weekend to test out our new queueing system and updates. Keep reading for details!

Do you like Battle Royale? Do you like winning unique skins? Then this upcoming weekend is for you!

Battle Royale just got a slew of improvements during this last patch, and we want you to help us test them. To show our appreciation, all First Place winners of Battle Royale matches this weekend will receive a special item at the end of the round.

Everyone who participates will earn a unique item which will be granted a few days after the event.

This Battle Royale Weekend will take place from Friday at 3 p.m. PDT through Sunday at 6 p.m. PDT (time is subject to change). So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to show off that sweet chicken dinner winner’s shirt and be the envy of all your friends? Jump into Battle Royale right now and get practicing! 

Are you one of the few people who have been living under a pile of zombies and never heard of Battle Royale? Watch this video to get caught up.


Mardi 10 mars 2015  
Next Publish + Battle Royale Weekend

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a couple of things on the horizon – our next publish and a specialBattle Royale Weekend to test out our new queueing system and updates. Keep reading for details!

Upcoming publish

We’ll be releasing the next publish in the coming days and wanted to give you all a peek at the incoming changes.
We've made some significant improvements to the way Battle Royale matches are handled, fixing some of the issues you have been experiencing with queues, disconnects, end match placement and other anomalies. Battle Royale Updates include:

    On-demand zones are now launched when enough players request a Battle Royale match. This means that the queues are now working, and players should not leave the queue once they have been placed in it.
    Players that wait too long on the reward screen are automatically logged out (gracefully).
    The winner is also automatically logged out after their celebration period.
    Player population tracking has been improved, reducing the players who thought they were in the match, but were instead Battle Royale: registered in an invalid state. This had caused people to wait out the match and receive no rewards.
    Should no longer drop crafting ingredients as part of the loot that spawns
    Map visual Adjustments

Additionally, we’re doing a ton of fixes and updates to the main game, including new recipes and increased base building functionality.

    All damaged base building pieces will now show health bars.
    Damaged vehicles will show a health bar if you are near it and have a wrench to repair it.
    The dew collector will now look like its basin is full of water when it is ready to be collected. The old splashing effect has been removed.
    Crafting saline will no longer produce an empty bottle.
    Crafting a first aid kit will return an empty bottle from the used up saline.
    The recipe for the yeast starter has been modified to directly create yeast.
    The recipe for yeast will now return an empty bottle from the used up purified water.
    Barbed wire and punji sticks now have resistance to being shot with arrows.
    Furnaces and barbecues now have less health.
    Troll furnaces and barbecues can be removed the easiest with a crowbar. The crowbar’s description now reflects that.
    Storage containers can now be destroyed. The new demolition hammer is the best way if you are the one that placed it. Otherwise explosives or crowbars will work. Please note that at this time if a container is destroyed with items in it, the items will be destroyed as well.
    Added a new recipe for a Demolition Hammer. It can be discovered with a metal pipe. It is used to remove misplaced or unwanted base building structures that you have placed.
    The demolition hammer can be used to do massive damage to base structures that you have placed. It will not work on other’s bases.
    The demolition hammer will destroy base pieces in 2-8 hits depending on the size of the object. Please note the condition bar is not appearing over certain base items like the stairs or the large structures so you will not be able to see that damage to the condition is being applied.
    Ethanol and Normal Torches can now be placed. When placed they will automatically be lit.
    Zombies will now target the vehicle first instead of the player inside.
    OffRoader has some minor geometry upgrades
    A crosshair reticle has replaced the dot
    The player will no longer see “you have been disconnected” message and the chat will be wiped on logging into another server
    When sitting, pressing a movement key will automatically make you stand.

Battle Royale weekend

Battle Royale is getting a lot of improvements with this next publish and we want you to help us test them. To show our appreciation, all first place winners of BR matches this weekend will receive a special item and the top five winners of the weekend will earn another unique item. The event will take place from Friday at 3 p.m. PDT through Sunday at 6 p.m. PDT and we encourage everyone to jump in and send us your feedback.


Vendredi 6 mars 2015  
This is the Face of a True Survivor

Hello, I'm Sebastian Strzalkowski. I joined the H1Z1 team as Art Director a couple months ago.

Our post EA plan has been to spend a couple months focusing on polish. We have three big goals for the art roadmap: better in-game lighting, more detailed environments, and character revamp.

One of the coolest aspects about working on a project in early access is a chance to include players throughout the iteration process. The player character is a great example of something that commonly gets iterated on many times before launch. In this case our goal has been to create a typical looking male and female player character, but still have personality you could get invested with.

The H1Z1 male player character (or PC) evolved several times since its inception.

Something was still off with the last iteration. The team recognized and tried to address the symptoms: the head appeared too small, the arms & legs too long and the shoulders too square. This symptom was compounded by animations that stretched the model to its limits, when the arms were raised the shoulders would pinch in unnatural ways, when crouch-walking the arms appeared too long.

The character was based on idealistic anatomy proportions: his body was 8 heads tall meaning you could stack his head 8 times from his feet to his head. This was the source of the problem: we needed to lower the head ratio.

We made the decision to adjust the proportions and animations a few weeks before Early Access. The anatomy changed significantly so many animations had to get adjusted too. These adjustments got done just in time for the January EA release and the current iteration in-game right now.

We learned a lot from the last iteration, but it was time to upgrade the model and incorporate our ideas for a new wearable system that will support more slots and customization. Once we went Early Access, the character artists began work on the new male player character.

Previously the human male player character model and the zombie models were created as separate characters, but with the character revamp we wanted to make all the humanoid characters (humans and zombies) built with the same wearable system and skeleton in mind. This gives us the ability to create outfits for one body and use for both human and zombie which means more variety for zombies, and paves the way for human player characters to become zombified…

Satoshi Arakawa joined the team and hit the ground running building a new character. We looked at a lot of references and imagined what this character would look like if he lived in the Northwest and survived a disaster of H1Z1 proportions. We wanted him to be attractive and appealing, but not too specific, since players will be using the same model for a while.

Once the male model was complete we got him in-game and tested each time-of-day with the new lighting revamp to make sure it looked accurate.

Finally, we built a new starter outfit to go along with the new model. Since H1Z1 takes place someplace in the Northwest USA, we thought a long sleeve Henley would be more appropriate and more interesting for the starter shirt. We made a paracord bracelet as a test for the 1st person camera model, but it may not necessarily make it in-game as a starter piece. What do you guys think?

The last step for the male PC is getting all the animations hooked up to the new model with a new skeleton. We’re expecting to get him animated in-game by the end of this week and available to players mid-March. The wearable system isn’t ready, so no new clothing slots yet, but now that we’ve got the new model complete we can focus on that.

We started work on the female player character last week and I think it’s coming together very nicely. The same goals for the male apply to the female: we chose a relatively typical looking character, a little on the athletic side. The female model will be relatively the same height as the male model, so there will be no advantage in terms of hit target space. We are also creating male and female equivalent clothing. If you find a pair of jeans in H1Z1 as a male PC and wear them, you’ll have the male version visually; if you find that same pair as a female PC, you’ll have the female version visually. The clothes will basically be the same slightly modified to fit each gender. Nothing will be restricted to either gender and there will always be a 1:1 equivalent for each one.

Expect to see more progress on the female player character in the coming weeks; we’re aiming for an April release.

All this work is the first step toward a universal character system with more clothing slots to mix and match. Now that the models are almost done and in-game, we can focus on adding more wearable slots in addition to different heads/hair styles for players to choose, and start churning out a lot more clothing options too. Thanks for checking out our progress and hope you like the improvements so far!

- Sebastian -


Mercredi 25 février 2015  
Game Update and Server Wipe

The servers will be coming offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes

Base Building

    The Upper Level Wall recipe is now discoverable.
    Doors can now be placed in Upper Level structure doorways.
    Increased base health by 10 times.


    Melee weapons will now lose more durability when hitting player built structures that are made of metal.


    Report Last Killer" button added to death screen


    Players jumping/landing on stationary vehicles should no longer be killed unexpectedly.

      "Aim Punch" issues addressed for 3rd and 1st Person:

    For Third, we split the flinch reactions into two types – if you’re holding a firing weapon, flinches will be in the neck and head region only (allows you to fire and flinch at the same time without losing aim). If you’re holding a one hand melee weapon or open fists, the entire upper body flinch will play as normal.
    For First, we added a case to make sure flinches only happen if being grappled (they were being triggered even when not being grappled).

Player and World Wipe

    Server and Player Wipe 2 will take place during this patch. You will see significant changes moving forward. Since players can no longer be able to stack items on top of each other, you shouldn’t see barricades and other annoying structures.
    If you are not familiar with what a server and player wipe entails, please read this post.
    In an effort to reallocate servers for better distribution we are making the following changes. Please refer to the following list to incase your server was affected. We understand that your favorite server might be one of the ones coming offline but because of the player and world wipe you will get to start fresh on a new server the next time you log in. Removing these servers from the list will give us more flexibility as we add new rulesets. You will see them again but with a new coat of paint. Removing them now helps un ensure we won’t have to reallocate many more times in the future.
    These European servers are being converted to EU Battle Royale Servers

      No Sanctuary
      Hammer Beach
      Schwerer Gustav
      Show Down

    This server is being converted to NA Battle Royale:


    These servers are being taken offline and will be reused for future Rulesets:

      Toxic Waste
      The Grove
      Rusty Knife

Mardi 24 février 2015  
Recapping the Hizzy Awards

The Hizzy Awards for 2015 have come and gone. We hope you enjoyed watching them just as much as we enjoyed hosting them! Did you miss any part of the show? Don’t worry, we have the whole hour available directly below.

Best Documentary

Best Roleplay

Best New Series

Best Stunt Driver

Best Inspirational Film

Best Acting

Best Ensemble Cast

Best Comedy Series

Best Short Film


Vendredi 20 février 2015  
Game Update Notes


    Increased shotgun damage
    Slightly increased shotgun recoil
    Increased 1911 damage

Battle Royale

    Cleaned up persisting rewards and safe zone information between Battle Royale matches
    Parachutes should no longer act like skateboards for more than a few seconds.

Base Building

    Upper Level Walls, Shelters, and Stairs can now be crafted. These look like the walls, stairs, and shelters that you are used to, but they can be stacked on top of placed walls and shelters. This means that metal walls can now be two walls high. Structures can be placed on top of other structures for more variation of layout. Stairs can be placed on top of shelters for greater vantage points.
    Fixed an issue that was causing base building structures to not be resistant to melee damage types.
    The Metal Gate is now almost twice as tall.
    Metal Walls, Shelters and Large Shelters now require more of the same components to craft.


    Vehicle collisions with terrain boulders should be more stable, still dangerous but less likely to toss the vehicle up in the air.
    Adjusted the requirements for vehicle entry to help improve the response time.
    Vehicle death explosions should now consistently damage players in the immediate vicinity.

Jeudi 12 février 2015  
Game Update Notes

Release Notes 12/02/2015

Weapon Changes


      Lowered Hip Fire & Iron Sight horizontal recoil.
      Lowered damage.
      Improved overall consistency while firing.


      Increased Hip Fire recoil.


      Lowered damage per pellet.
      Lowered horizontal recoil.
      Lowered pellet count.
      Slightly increased fire rate.
      Adjusted pellet spread.
      Decreased pellet speed.
      Increased pellet weight.
      Decreased amount of bleeding caused when hit by shotgun.


    Updated Steam API to fix some crashes.
    Items that had the same placed and dropped item (like landmines) now have a different dropped item. You shouldn’t be able to accidentally drop them and blow yourself up anymore.
    Lighting has been given a significant overhaul, it should now look better in almost all circumstances. We’re not done yet, but this change should address any lighting problems that effect game play. You will most likely find some lighting artifacts(bright objects or strange glittering effects). We are aware and will address these as they come up. Feel free to report these.
    Fixed a bug in spawned item accounting that decreased spawn rate over time
    Objects will retain their orientation during placement mode when they change what surface they are being placed on.
    Free placed objects (ie, campfires, furnaces, animal traps, etc) cannot be stacked on top of each other.
    All placed objects can no longer collide with other objects, including player placed objects and static designer placed objects. This means that foundations cannot interpenetrate with other foundations, shacks, buildings, vehicles, roads, or anything else. Free placed objects also can’t interpenetrate with the same objects, excluding the object they are being placed on (ie, still be placed on a road, but not when colliding with a destroyed car).
    Fixed a bug with socket bound placement objects (ie, stairs on a foundation, barricade on a window, or anything that snaps to a fixed position) that allowed multiple of these objects to interpenetrate each other (a common case was stairs overlapping stairs).
    Cannot place free-placed objects on rocks and tree stumps
    Key bindings can now be re-mapped. After selecting an action, press the key to map to that action. Pressing [Esc] will cancel the key bind. Holding [Esc] will clear the currently mapped key. Users cannot bind a key to multiple actions in the same action set. Also added a button to reset all key bindings to default.
    Collision resist values adjusted for the vehicles to reduce the damage taken from impacts, particularly when landing hard on the suspension and wheels.
    Lighting system updated.
    All weather and light sources adjusted with new lighting values. Please report any strange behavior (i.e. flashlights too bright).

Battle Royale

Important : When the match ends, if you don't exit the match quickly, your game client may end up in an unconnected state. We're fixing this for the next update.

    Vehicle Spawn Counts set to be consistent with survival.
    End screen now shows your rank and your rewards.
    Map now displays a “safe zone” ring.
    Revamped fog movement phases.
    Adjusted rewards to more align with our final payouts (Excessive payouts previously were for testing purposes, BR is still not ready for the consumption of event tickets and will continue to get updates, thanks for helping us test and polish BR so far!)
    Removed crate keys from rewards
    Removed crates from 2nd-4th (1st place will still earn a crate along with all other current awards)
    Lowered the amount of tickets awarded for 1st-4th

      1st 2 tickets
      2nd 1 ticket
      3rd 1 ticket
      4th 1 ticket

    Added an Event Ticket reward for 9th-12th
    Keep in mind these rewards are based on a 48-64 player max BR, the 200 man BR will have a different set of rewards.

Mardi 10 février 2015  
Game Update Notes

The servers will be coming down at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes

    The backpack frame recipe now requires wood sticks, nails, and metal brackets.
    The framed backpack recipe now requires a backpack frame, a spool of twine, and eight pieces of cloth.
    The spool of twine rate of appearance has been slightly increased.
    Applying an account item to an inventory item no longer resets durability.
    Dropping an item from an inspected container now places the dropped item at the players feet, not the origin of the items container.
    Fixed durability not being attached to projectiles - thrown spears should now be the same durability as when they were your inventory
    Fixed drop spear dupe -you should no longer be able to drop thrown weapons and have them dupe
    Adjustments to "heat" generated while crouched. This will allow players to more effectively sneak around zombies.
    Exiting from a flipped vehicle should no longer send you below the world.
    Vehicles that fall through the world Should now reappear above the world after a small amount of time
    Added a ‘ForceSingleGPU’ option to the [Rendering] section of UserOptions.ini. Adding this option set to 1 will disable the games code adjustments applied when it detects you have more than one GPU active (SLI or Crossfire). This may help some users that are having issues get the game running better without needing to disable their SLI/Crossfire setups.

Vendredi 6 février 2015  
H1Z1 prend des couleurs

En bref. Hier, les équipes du studio Daybreak Game (ex-Sony Online) déployait un premier patch majeur sur les serveurs de test de H1Z1. Mais d'ores et déjà, le développeur envisage l'avenir proche du MMO de survie et entend retravailler la gestion des effets d'ombres et de lumière du jeu, selon les effets de matières et de textures du décor -- et rendant manifestement la nuit un peu plus claire (tant mieux pour les chasseurs, mais tant pis pour les traqués).

Et comme une image vaut un long discours, le studio illustre la modification graphique à venir au travers d'une série d'images avant / après.

Le studio Daybreak Game ne précise pas quand cette évolution graphique sera déployée sur les serveurs du jeu, mais elle est présentée comme une modification « très prochaine » du jeu.


Jeudi 5 février 2015  
Game Update Notes

Servers will come down at 7AM for approximately 4 hours.

This will include a full server wipe and only allow for one character per server after the patch.

Release Notes

    Sitting will cancel auto-run.
    Fixed a bug where players can interrupt equip actions too quickly.
    Fixed an issue where ammo count could become incorrect if you interrupt a reload action.
    Objects making noise above or below you in a multi-story building will now be properly attenuated.
    Added slight zoom to all guns and bows in Iron Sight mode.
    Lowered sway on .308 rifle while in scoped mode.
    Fixed an issue with hydration burning too fast when stamina was full.
    Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause oddities on SLI setups
    Dropping an item from a world container places it at the players feet instead of the world container origin. The latter would hide it in the world container model.
    Vehicle stability adjustments – angular damping, moment of inertia, center of mass, tire friction and steering range tuning on the OffRoader, PickupTruck and PoliceCar.
    Working on getting the vehicles to be more stable and less likely to abruptly roll or flip (this will still be possible on rocks, rough terrain, and player placed objects) but trying to make them more fun and survivable.
    Fixed /respawn on PvE servers.
    Fixed self-damage on PvE servers; the players may be the source of damage to themselves without mitigation.
    Made players names reusable across servers. Names on each server must still be unique.
    Battle Royale: Cleaned up gas after matches.
    Battle Royale: gas damage reduced.
    Fixed certain points of interest not getting reported when players entered.
    Limited players to one character per server.
    Recipe Changes
    The makeshift shovel recipe now requires a metal sheet instead of a metal shard.
    The storage container recipe now requires more materials.
    The barbed wire recipe now requires wood planks and more metal shards.
    The snare recipes now requires more metal shards.
    The dew collector recipe now requires more wood planks and wood sticks.
    The ground tiller recipe now requires more metal shards.
    Bulk Changes - Many bulk changes have been made in an effort to meet somewhere in the middle of realistic and not annoying.
    Canned food is 25 instead of 100.
    All instances of water bottles are 25 instead of 50.
    Backpacks are 150 instead of 600.
    Military backpacks are 500 instead of 1400.
    Car batteries 300 instead of 100.
    Car fuel is 100 instead of 10.
    Wood logs are 50 instead of 100.
    Wood planks are 25 instead of 50.
    Campfires are 50 instead of 100.
    Scrap Metal is to 25 instead of 5.
    Metal Sheets are 100 instead of 50.
    Metal Pipes are 150 instead of 50.
    Shirts are 50 instead of 100.
    Jeans are 50 instead of 100.
    Many melee weapons have had their bulk reduced.
    First aid kits are 25 instead of 10.
    All meat is 15 instead of 5.
    Rifle ammo is 2 instead of 1.
    Shotgun shells are 5 instead of 1.
    Arrows are 5 instead of 1.
    Shirts can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 90.
    Pants can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 100.

Mercredi 4 février 2015  
Server Wipe

Tomorrow as part of our normal game update, we will be doing a complete server wipe. What does that mean for you? Think of it as a factory reset. We are going to be wiping the world clean of any player built structures, vehicle placement, everything. We are also going to be doing a full character wipe as well. Your characters will not exist on any servers, so you will have to create new ones.

What won’t be going away are any account locked items. These items are things like crates and crate keys. All the cosmetic skins you found inside the crate or won from Battle Royale will be safe and be locked to your account. The things that will not be safe are anything you have on your character or hidden in the world at the time of the wipe.

For people who purchased the Premium or upgraded to the Premium Edition will be topped off up to 3 Airdrop Tickets. If you already have 3 or more Airdrop Tickets you won’t be receiving any additional ones. This won’t happen at the exact time of the wipe but will be granted to your account within a few business days afterward.

Full server wipes are a part of Early Access and this won’t be the last one. They help make the game better in substantial ways. We appreciate your support in H1Z1 and the game has already grown a huge amount because of the collaboration between us.

You will receive the full list of other patch notes as we get closer to announcing when this downtime will exactly be tomorrow.


Mardi 3 février 2015  
Game Update Notes

H1Z1 servers will be coming down at 1:00PM Pacific and will remain down for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes

    Bandages and First Aid Kits no longer heal vehicles when used from the trunk
    Reduced the amount of stacked ammo that can be found in the world. Finding a full magazine worth of ammo will be very rare.
    Adjusted the amount of durability lost on worn equipment when killed.
    Adjusted the amount of durability lost when firing weapons.
    Changed some input mapping data which may reset some edits done to InputProfile_user.xml if they player has edited them
    Speculative fix for large latencies when players dismount vehicles.
    Fixed additional cases of poison gas persisting after leaving a Battle Royale match.
    Adjusted toxic gas damage.
    Adjusted some server configurations to improve overall server performance

Vendredi 30 janvier 2015  
Game Update Notes

H1Z1 servers will come down at 12:00PM Pacific for roughly 2 hours.

Patch Notes

    Battle Royale: Pressing “M” brings up a map
    Fixed a few client crash cases
    Adjusted zombie behavior from airdrops
    Loot spawn adjustments
    The satchel has a new model and icon
    IEDs and Punji Sticks will no longer damage players on PvE servers
    Gameplay tips have been added to the death screen message.
    Battle Royale: Made some improvements to the gas visuals and movement
    Battle Royale: Fixed an issue where players would start in green gas
    The makeshift bow now has a unique model.
    Modified campfires, BBQ, and furnace so that they should perform better under heavy load.
    The wrench now has a wrench model
    The repair hammer and repair wrench now repair structures or vehicles on each combo swing instead of the just the first one.
    The starter belt pouch now has a 2 second shred timer (it was instant before).
    Furnaces now take damage/decay and can be repaired with hammers.
    Increased server stability.

Vendredi 30 janvier 2015  
Take Your H1Z1 Experience to the Next Level

If you bought the Standard Edition of H1Z1 and want even more great content, you’re in luck! You can now UPGRADE your Standard Edition to the Premium Edition! The purchase must be made in the Marketplace within the game using Station Cash. You will only be able purchase this upgrade once.

The Upgrade cost is only 2000SC, and you will receive everything the Premium Edition has to offer:

    Early Access to H1Z1
    25 Event Tickets
    3 Airdrop Tickets
    4 Launch Crate Keys
    6 Crates
    Exclusive Aviator Hat Crafting Recipe

So what are you waiting for? Get the most out of H1Z1 today!

Want to learn more about Station Cash? Visit our site


Mardi 27 janvier 2015  
Game Update Notes

Servers will be coming down at 1:00AM Pacific (1/27) and will remain down for approximately 90 minutes.

Patch Notes

    Fixed an issue with loot which was preventing re-spawning of some items.
    Battle Royale: Fixed some issues which were causing problems when a match would complete
    Additional general server stability adjustments

Vendredi 23 janvier 2015  
Game Update Notes

The servers will be coming down at 3:45 PST for approximately 2 hours.

    Revised loot spawn rules
    Your nameplate will not display while prone.
    Fixed Metal Doors to open/close/lock/unlock properly.
    Punji stick traps, dew collectors, and rabbit traps will now slowly decay over time. They can be repaired with a hammer.
    Punji sticks have lower health and should be a little easier to remove.
    Spool of twine now has a unique icon.
    The arrow recipe now produces one arrow instead of two.
    Increased placed barricade resistance to damage.
    Slightly raised the chance to harvest usable cloth from dead zombies.
    Metal pipes, metal sheets, and hunting rifles can be melted down in furnaces for metal bars.
    There were two Calamity (EU) servers. One has been renamed to Collapse (EU). Please check the green character indicator on the far left of server select to see if which server your character is on.
    The ground tamper item has been disabled and the recipe to make it is no longer discoverable
    Improved Vehicle Survivability
    Rotten food has been removed from the fridge spawners

Vendredi 23 janvier 2015  
H1Z1 Arrives at PAX South!

PAX is making its debut in San Antonio this weekend with PAX South, and we just had to be there! We sent three of the H1Z1 Dev team members to scout the scene. Jimmy, Adam, and Battle Royale’s Brendan have hit the show floor to spread the word about H1Z1. If you run into any of them, you could find yourself with a new H1Z1 t-shirt!

If you aren’t already, you should be following their Twitter accounts for updates on their PAX shenanigans:

If you don’t run into them on the show floor, you can catch them at these events!

SATURDAY 1/24 @ 10AM – PANEL: This is the End: Why We Love the Collapse

    Jimmy takes the stage with other designers from DayZ, State of Decay, and Wasteland 2.

SUNDAY 1/25 @ 10:30AM – PANEL: Get in the Game:  Find and Manage a Career in Gaming

    Hear about the myths and truths about getting in and moving up in the game industry from a diverse panel of game industry veterans and learn how to win in the game industry!

We hope PAX South is ready, because H1Z1 is spreading… NOW! 


Mardi 20 janvier 2015  
Game Update Notes

Servers will be going down at 2:00PM with an approximate downtime of up to 2 hours. Servers should be returning around 4:00PM Pacific.

The update includes the following fixes:

    Fixed issue with loot rules which were preventing spawning items inside containers
    Metal Gate should now work properly
    Floating Arrows should no longer cause damage or obstruct vehicles.
    Structures are now more resistant to damage
    Zombies should no longer slide or attack while knocked down
    Dragging a stack of items that was too large to fit in your inventory would not move any of the stack. It now tops off as much as it can fit
    Fixed issue where the inventory wouldn't accept the maximum it could hold when picking up items from proximity/containers.
    The dew collector should work now, seriously
    Adjusted many items so that they will stack in the inventory properly
    Added a recipe for a Metal Door that is more durable than a wooden door
    Additional server list sorting options are now available
    The inventory option "Delete" has been removed
    “Drop”, “Unload” and “Place” inventory options have been removed from proximity items
    Rebalanced melee damage, including fists
    Enabled melee headshot damage for NPC's and players
    Fixed issue with the Runamok Toxic Cavern container not working
    Stagnant water can now be purified in barbecue.
    Bear meat can now be cooked on a barbecue.
    Rabbit stew can now be cooked. It now requires cooked rabbit meat instead of raw rabbit meat.
    Hammers, wrenches, and combat knives can now be melted down into bars inside of a furnace.
    Some larger items like the machete and AR15 now yield more metal bars when melted in a furnace.
    Animal traps now take damage.
    The animal trap recipe now require four nails.
    Fixed picking overlapping blackberry bushes where players sometimes had crouch to pick them successfully
    Fixed event tickets so that tickets found in the world are granted and the name and count show up properly

Jeudi 15 janvier 2015  
The Must-Read Guide to Everything H1Z1

It’s been a long road, with many hills and valleys, but we have finally arrived at Early Access! Getting to this point is just the beginning of the incredible journey that H1Z1 is about to take. We couldn’t be more excited to start the collaboration with you, our fantastic community. In the end we are making this game together, and with our powers combined, I know we can take gaming to the next level.

H1Z1 is available now on Steam Early Access, but before you go rushing off to buy it, make sure you take a look at everything this article has to offer. We want to give you a big head start in your post-apocalyptic adventures.

The H1Z1 Dev team sat down to write a letter directly to you. In this letter they lay out EXACTLY what you can expect when you pick up H1Z1 on day one and what your experience will be like during Early Access. You can read the full letter right here.

Now, a picture is worth thousand words. Well, our new trailer is worth even more!

Want to watch H1Z1 on Twitch, 24 hours a day? Be sure to look at our Launch Day Livestream Schedule to see who is streaming.

There are two options when purchasing H1Z1 through Steam Early Access:

This Standard Edition Bundle grants you:

    Early Access to H1Z1
    3 Event Tickets
    1 Launch Crate Key
    2 Crates

The Premium Edition Bundle grants you:

    Early Access to H1Z1
    25 Event Tickets
    3 Airdrop Tickets
    4 Launch Crate Keys
    6 Crates
    Exclusive Aviator Hat Crafting Recipe

We here at H1Z1 take our open development motto seriously. When we say we want you to help us design the game alongside us, we mean it. There are a few ways you can get your ideas in front of us and potentially into the game. Over on our Reddit page is your one-stop shop for letting us know your great ideas and communicating with the entire development team.

Over on our Roadmap Forums you will get to see the features we are currently working on and have the option to vote on what we tackle next to be added to the Wishlist. With Reddit and Roadmap combined, you get to be directly involved with the development of H1Z1.

Still have unanswered question? Head on over to our in depth FAQ. Want to get in touch with us directly? You can always reach us by following the social channels below.

From all of us here at H1Z1 and Sony Online Entertainment, we want to thank you for your support of H1Z1 and can’t wait to see what incredible game we can create together.

(Of course, if I see an axe in the world, I’m still going to try and grab it before you get it.)

Good luck out there, survivors!


Jeudi 15 janvier 2015  
What you can expect from H1Z1 Early Access

H1Z1 is an apocalyptic survival game in a world where the H1Z1 virus has caused zombies to rise from the dead! We’re excited to launch the game into its Early Access Alpha. As much as we are excited for you to join us on this adventure, we think it’s important to make sure you have a good idea of what we’re actually delivering and what the experience is going to be like in a very clear manner so there is no doubt you have your expectations set before you buy.

First off – H1Z1 is going to be a Free to Play game, but you are paying for entry into the Early Access Alpha. During this phase we are charging money to get in. If this bothers you, you may want to wait until the game launches as a free to play game down the line. Early access isn’t for everyone and it’s fair to say you’re paying for something that isn’t finished, is buggy and rough around the edges. Our desire to be transparent and involve players in this process is just as important as the game we’re making. We’ve evolved this world with core gameplay elements one would expect in a persistent MMO, and are excited to perfect them even more with players during Early Access.

Here are some key things to consider prior to your purchase

    1) It’s very early – there are lots of bugs. There are likely to be some bad ones. You should fully expect that there will be bugs that persist for a while. Even potentially game breaking ones.
    2) The Artwork should all be considered placeholder – The terrain is an 8k x 8k area that is still being worked on. It’s probably 10% of where we expect the quality level to be at launch. There are tons of placeholder textures in and everything hasn’t been updated to the fidelity it needs to be at and will be at given time.
    3) The character model is not done. We’re not satisfied with what we’ve got in there now, but it’s good enough for Early Access so we can focus on gameplay. It’s probably 30% of the quality level we’re shooting for and it’s being worked on right now.
    4) We don’t have climbing in yet – we have lots of ways to get to high ground, but no ladders yet.
    5) Water is only knee deep right now.
    6) We don’t have much in the way of military gear in the game yet. It’s coming, but isn’t in there yet. We can’t promise when it will be in there but it is a priority.
    7) We don’t have attachment points in yet, so you can’t see that awesome rifle you or someone else is carrying hanging off their backpack or over their shoulder. This leads to situations where you’re fighting a guy with a knife and all of a sudden he brings a gun into it and you didn’t know he had it. This is something we intend to correct quickly but that’s how it is day 1.
    8) We have made the decision to allow paid for airdrops into the game with things like guns and other things being randomly selected as part of the airdrop. We’re making them highly contested and building a whole set of rules around this, but you should be aware that our goal is to make this a way to keep things interesting on the servers but still be contested. If these offend your sensibilities just know that they are going to be there. We have gone out of our way to make sure the airdrops are contested in-game and that you can’t simply expect to easily walk about to the airdrop and grab it. Even if you paid for it.
    9) Expect the servers to be offline sometimes… even unexpectedly. We plan on making frequent changes to the game, and this means sometimes the servers need to come down. This will happen more frequently during Early Access.
    10) Balance problems – expect that early on the game won’t be balanced properly.
    11) We have building in the game, but it’s what we would consider phase 1. We have a lot more to add to it and it’s going to be a focus… but we have the basics only at this point.
    12) We don’t have female characters yet. We will, but can’t promise when they will be in.
    13) Keybindings via our interface – we don’t have this done yet.  It’s high on our priority list though.
    14) Crates – one of our primary monetization methods is crates. You are given crates over time simply for playing. The keys will cost 250 Station Cash ($2.50) and can be purchased in bundles for less per key. Inside the crate are skins that can make your character or equipment even cooler. However you have to actually find items in-game to reskin. So if you get a military backpack camo pattern.. you still have to find a military backpack in game (which has the same # of slots btw). The crates have one item each in them and there is a random rarity, so you might get a common item or you might get a rare item (obviously less chance for the rare). Crates are not necessary for gameplay. You never have to buy one if you don’t want to.
    15) Event Tickets / Event Servers – We have many different types of servers that you can play on. One type (Event Servers) requires an Event Ticket which can be purchased for roughly 100SC ($1). At the start we have Player Unknown’s Battle Royale servers that you can play on. This is an awesome Last Man Standing kind of game that we think you’ll really enjoy. You don’t need to buy the tickets.. you will earn them simply by playing H1Z1. If you like it and want to play that more, you can buy them. If you get good at it, we give you additional tickets for being near the top of the leaderboard after the end of a match.

These are really just some of the things we want to make sure you’re aware of. Early Access is a wonderful thing in our opinion. It gives us the opportunity to craft the game with real users being a part of the experience and helping us to deliver a game with a lot more player input then we would get by waiting to release it. However, Early Access isn’t for people that are expecting a super polished experience. If that’s your expectation, don’t buy it… just wait till it’s free. We are being very transparent in our development. We would encourage you to visit the /r/h1z1 subreddit and interact with the wonderful community that’s formed there. Our developers will be interacting with players on that subreddit and you can expect that we’ll be taking the pulse of the community very closely.

We’re very excited to let you all in to play H1Z1. See you in the game!


Jeudi 15 janvier 2015  
H1Z1 Launch Livestream Schedule!

Here we go everybody! H1Z1 is live for you to play, and it is also live for you to watch on Twitch. Stuck at work or some other H1Z1-less place? Fear not! We have you covered with around-the-clock livestreams.

H1Z1’s official Twitch page will be going live at today with your Community Manager @greghenninger. Several members of the H1Z1 Dev team will be stopping in as well.

H1Z1 will be hosting other popular streamers throughout the day on our page so you can rest assured that when you visit, you will see some great gameplay.

Some of the biggest personalities on Twitch will be streaming their way through H1Z1 today. To name a few, we have:

24 Hour streams

At launch streams

You can always search for H1Z1 on Twitch and it will bring up a lot more awesome people playing. The streaming isn’t limited to launch day. Make sure you subscribe to our official Twitch page and you will be notified every time we go live!


Jeudi 8 janvier 2015  
Falling, with Style

Hi, I’m Dave Avram. I’ve been working at Sony online for the last 9 years, developing tools to make certain games run smoothly by the time they get to you. On the H1Z1 team, I’m responsible for implementing all sorts of different things, running the gamut from the tool the designers use to place objects in the world to writing code to make the guns fire, to making sure the wheels don’t fall off of the vehicles while you are driving them.

I was recently asked to assist in the development of a feature for one of our upcoming game modes. In this Game Mode, the player starts the round by falling out of a plane, then parachuting down to the ground, and are able to steer the parachute to an extent and pitch up and down to control their speed.

Unfortunately, the only vehicle or control model similar to this in our code base was the drop pod from PlanetSide 2 - we had to make something for the most part that was brand new functionality based on something that had some similarities to what we wanted.

In order to develop this, I needed to attach the player to a vehicle. Since an artist is still working on the model for the parachute while I’m developing the code for this, I will be using the good old Off Roader and changing the data behind the scenes. This is done because we want to allow the parachute to behave as a vehicle, be controllable, and follow the dynamic effects as a vehicle would, and allow a player to attach to a socket on the model easily.

The first thing I looked at was how we wanted the parachute to fall; the drop pod in this respect simply accelerated to its max speed as soon as it spawned and used what we call a dampener to prevent itself from falling faster. The dampener works by pushing or pulling the object in a direction along a local axis – in this case, the Y or vertical axis. This caused the object when pitched forward to move forward, and pitched back to move back, as well as stopping vertical acceleration.

The green lines represent the Y axis, or the vertical. The tri-color axis in the lower right is the world axis, and the one on the off-roader represents the relative rotation of the object to the world, or local axis. In general, we don’t want this to happen with our parachute. The parachute needed to work by slowing down only along the global vertical axis, and maintain its speed along the X and Z axis. To produce something similar to this, I tried a simple rule - if I’m falling faster than I wish to (10 meters/sec or so), I apply a small linear force in the opposite direction – mainly up. This causes a nice smooth change in acceleration as the parachute approaches its terminal velocity, and holds it at that speed as it falls.

The next item that comes up is the matter of control. The drop pod allows for some manner of control, allowing you to move side to side or front to back, similar to firing a thruster in a direction opposite the way you wished to travel. We want something more akin to a glider, where there are no maneuvering thrusters. The only propulsion you can achieve is by altering the shape of your parachute, and trading drag for angular (turning) velocity. This type of control feels more akin to using an airplane joystick, where moving the mouse left/right banks the vehicle to the direction you point to. Pushing forward pitches the parachute towards the ground, and pulling the mouse back pitches the parachute up. The pitch controls are invertible in the settings.

Since there is no forward thruster, and we are allowing gravity to add to our horizontal speed, but counteract that with a straight up vertical thrust to simulate the parachute’s drag, a neat thing happens – we manage to allow the physics simulation to let us build linear momentum based on our pitch, and preserve that inertia in a direction as we fall. Since the local velocity along our forward axis (X) is preserved, if we pitch back up a little from vertical, we can then accelerate in a direction as we fall – and use that momentum travel parallel to the ground.

There is one consequence of the current simulation that arises, in that there is now no consequence for pointing the chute straight down and gaining as much speed as you can, since your vertical speed won’t increase. To resolve that problem I changed our earlier rule to allow our designers to set a maximum terminal velocity as well, and then set the maximum fall velocity for any particular moment to be:

V = (Max Terminal Velocity – Min Terminal Velocity) * (current pitch / 90)

This ends up allowing the force pushing up (vertical drag) to be proportional to the angle of pitch (0 being parallel to the ground, -90 being pitched straight up, 90 being pitched straight down. This is simulated by allowing a higher velocity for a higher pitch, and a lower velocity for a lower pitch. It also means that if you pitch up to much at a low speed, you start falling backwards!

Thanks for reading this long winded article, and I hope to see all falling from the skies online soon.


Mercredi 7 janvier 2015  
This Stream Could Be Your Key to Survival

We’ve been stockpiling supplies for weeks in preparation for the Early Access launch of H1Z1 next week. This isn’t your normal zombie apocalypse, so help us celebrate the impending decimation this Friday on our Twitch channel.

We’ll have a number of special guests in and streaming on their personal channels including:

In addition we’ll have CohhCarnage, Ellohime, NGTZombies, and itmeJP streaming not only from their channels, but the official H1Z1 Channel alongside your favorite developers.

    12:30PM PST - Introduction with Greg Henninger, Adam Clegg, and Jimmy Whisenhunt
    1:00PM PST - Jimmy Whisenhunt featuring CohhCarnage (@CohhCarnage)
    2:00PM PST - Steve George featuring Ellohime (@EllohimeTwitch)
    3:00PM PST - Adam Clegg featuring NGTZombies (@NextGenTactics)
    4:00PM PST - Adam Clegg featuring Adrianne Curry (@AdrianneCurry)
    5:00PM PST - Jimmy Whisenhunt featuring itmeJP (@itmeJP)

Also, be on the lookout for news, videos, livestreams, and body counts from these news outlets:

Don’t miss the opportunity to hang out with us one last time before H1Z1 launches in Early Access next week!


Lundi 5 janvier 2015  
H1Z1 Zombie Survival Guide

There are hundreds of things one needs to know when faced with a world of reanimated corpses. To give you a leg up on surviving the wasteland of H1Z1 Here’s our top 10 survival tips and tricks. Read them thoroughly, they could be the only thing keeping you alive…

1. Keep a Low Profile

Everything in H1Z1 wants you dead. It’s up to you to keep that from becoming a reality. The best way to get around and stay alive is to keep quiet. Zombies and other players are attracted to loud sounds such as chopping down a tree or starting up a car. You may want to keep yourself warm by the fire, but remember that fire creates smoke and can be seen from a great distance. You may find yourself in a pinch and have to fire a gun, but keep in mind that with that great power come great consequences. Sticking to a silent weapon like the bow will keep things quiet when you need to dispatch an enemy.

2. Look Under Every Rock

The name of the game is scavenging. Leave no leaf unturned. When in a home or building, make sure you search it from top to bottom. You may come up empty handed because other survivors looted the place before you got there, but it is always worth looking. Everything you find is important to keeping you alive. You may think an empty water bottle is just trash, but you can fill it in the lake and boil it over a fire for fresh clean drinking water!

3. The Hills are Alive

Zombies aren’t the only things running around out in the wild. In your travels you will come across a wide range of wildlife. That wolf may look like the family pet you used to have but don’t be fooled, they will take you down faster than you can blink. Deer are a great source of food but they can also be used as a distraction tool for the zombies. The undead will chase anything that moves – they don’t care what it is. And watch out for bears; don’t even think about taking one down unless you are very, very will armed.

4. Crafting is Key

You won’t find everything you need right away, but you can eventually make it yourself. This is why it’s important to pick up all sorts of different materials. You never know what you can create until you try combining them through the discovery system. Learn simple things like bandages and progress to things like full structures. You’ll be surprised at the number of useful items you can make with your own two hands. Some things may require heat to make, so keep your eyes peeled for furnaces and camp fires.

5. Have the Latest Information

If you are lucky enough to read this before all major infrastructures like electricity and the internet have gone down, then you are one of the fortunate few. Before you do anything else, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest announcements regarding this H1Z1 apocalypse. Help us shape to world you are about to live in; make your voice heard on our Reddit page.

6. Vehicles are a Gift and a Curse

Count your lucky stars if you come across one of the very rare working vehicles. They are the best way to get across the land quickly. You can use them to store your extra gear and when you’re inside, the dead can’t reach you. Be aware that the noise of the vehicle will instantly alert zombies and other survivors to your presence. Sure, you can run them over like an overpowered bowling ball but the amount of chaos you create will only draw more. Make sure you have all the parts you need to make the car run as well.

7. Learn Who You Can Trust / Trust No One

You will inevitably run into other survivors in your travels but tread carefully when meeting another person for the first time. They are out here trying to survive at any cost, just like you are. Some will want to work together but others are living in a “kill or be killed” state of mind. Even your best friend might look at you a little differently when you find an extremely rare item…

8. Know What You Signed Up For

Just like any other catastrophic world event, the landscape of H1Z1 will change a great deal as time goes on. Expect to encounter unforeseen consequences. Game crashes and bugs are just a part of life in Early Access, and we appreciate all of your bug reports and feedback! When things do go wrong, rest assured that a team of highly skilled people are working on the problem and will get things up and running as soon as zombily possible. Is that a word? It is now.

9. Build Your Home…

After a period of living an uncomfortable, nomadic lifestyle, you may want to decide to set down roots. The benefits of setting up camp are many. You can create things like dew collectors to keep you supplied with water. You can plant crops in your yard for a steady source of food. The walls around your new home will keep your safe from the undead. They will require some maintenance but it will be worth it.

10 Defend It!

Your home base will quickly become the envy of all. It’s up to you to make sure a roving band of bandits don’t come to take everything you worked so hard for. It’s important to find someone who will help you defend your keep. Two pairs of eyes are better than one. You can also set up a series of traps for the unsuspecting bandits. Luring hordes of zombies just outside your walls is also a nice deterrent to would-be human looters – kind of a moat with undead. This is your new home in the apocalypse; defend it to your last breath!

There are many, many more things to learn about surviving in H1Z1 and your knowledge will grow with time and experience. From all of us at the Zombie Survival Institute, good luck and stay alive!



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