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Mercredi 2 mars 2016  
[Preview] Patch Notes for v1.6.1946

Server maintenance is still ongoing. Currently it looks like we are still on schedule to bring the game back online with the patch. We'll keep you posted if there is any updated news in the maintenance thread.


    Five new cosmetics are now available in the Red Bean store for PvP Battle Tokens. PvP Battle Tokens are earned by playing Jetball.

Battleframes and Combat

    Creeping Death now has a fixed range. There was a bug where the radius was not actually increasing and only damaging enemies within 1 meter of its point of origin. The decision was made to give it a fixed range so it may deal its damage at its full area of effect immediately.

Open World

    Reduced the maximum number of wandering encounters in Sertao, but increased their spawn rate.
    Reduced the amount of ambient NPCs that are spawned in Sertao

      Note: Both of these actions were taken to reduce NPC counts in the world at a time which should reduce the issues with critical NPCs not spawning (ex. NPCs related to ARES Job objectives).

Bug Fixes

Battleframes and Combat

    Fixed a bug where the Bastion's Mine Launcher was not repairing Deployable Shield.
    Fixed a bug where the Arcing Bolts perk was doing too little damage.
    Sure Shot should now appropriately increase rate of fire (it was previously decreasing rate of fire).
    Invigorate should now appropriately increase rate of fire (it was previously decreasing rate of fire).

Open World

    Fixed a crash with the Flight Recorder ARES Job at FOB Sagan.
    Fixed a crash with the Treasure Hunt portion of the Orbital Comm. Tower encounter.
    Fixed an encounter crash with the escort step of the Modern Medicine ARES Job in Tecumseh.
    Fixed an encounter crash with Skydock.
    Fixed a spawn issue with the ARES Job boss in the Black Hills Fortress (Northern Shores).
    Fixed a bug where Yuki Lin would not respawn after being killed. Yuki Lin is now immortal.
    Players should now be able to fully complete the SINless ARES Job required for the story line (fixed server-side Feb. 19th)
    Fixed a bug where the Easy Rider bounty would not properly track if the player received the bounty while already in a vehicle.
    Fixed a bug where Bounties would continue to track progress but not complete.

Instances and PvP


      Fixed crashes with the Jetball encounter.
      Kill stats should now be tracked in Jetball (rank points were awarded but the stat was not updated).


      Fixed an encounter crash within Icebreaker.

    Operation High Tide

      Fixed an issue where skivers and Reapers continued to spawn after their respective 8th waves.
      Fixed some issues with the rally point on the final island in Operation High Tide
      Increased the duration of the water delay in the High Tide alternate path. This path should now be feasible for groups of two players.

    Defense of Dredge

      Fixed a crash with the vents encounter in Defense of Dredge.

Cosmetics and Consumables

    Security Keys should now be able to be purchased in 30x quantities.
    Fixed a display issue with the Hotshot Bodysuit Pattern in the Paint Shop.
    The Accord Headset ear gear is free in the New You once again. This may fix the "Insufficient Funds" error some people were experiencing.
* Patch is not yet live.




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