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Jeudi 11 février 2016  
Patch Notes for v1.6.1942


    Hardcore Operations should now award epic or prototype equipment upon completion.
    A new script to restore old modules that were slotted in equipment prior to Update 1.6 is being run. Players should receive the full amount of modules upon login*.
    Upon login*, players should find one crate of epic equipment per Scorcher, Demolition, Draconis, or Bane Chitin core owned prior to Update 1.6.

      Each crate grants an epic of each of the following items: Grenade, Medical System, Operating System, Head, Torso, Reactor, Arms, and Legs.
      Crates are weightless until opened.

    Upon login*, players should find two Titan Tokens per Kanaloa weapon owned prior to Update 1.6.

      Any remaining Kanaloa primary weapons will still salvage for one Titan Token.
      It is very strongly recommended that players purchase items with Titan Tokens to bring themselves below the Token cap (8) before salvaging any remaining Kanaloa primary weapons.

    Updates were made to the way zone transfer logic works. The result should be that players should not experience issues with transferring to different zones such as using /joinleader or joining and leaving instances.

* For service performance reasons we have to move the "Give You Stuff Script 2.0" to put people in a queue on login. What will happen is that once you log in, you will be put in a queue, and we will have a "worker" going through the queue at its pace granting players their items. You will be granted your items whether you are online or offline, your place in queue will totally depend on your first login after the queue is implemented.

Bug Fixes

Open World

    Fixed a bug where Nian would not attack some players.
    Fixed some encounter crashes with Nian.
    Nian's difficulty should now properly scale based on the amount of players participating in the event.
    Fixed a bug with escort missions near FOB Sagan where ambushes would spawn but the encounter would not get cleaned up.
    NPCs and pets should no longer gain the effect from Relic Glider Pads.
    Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in mouse mode after a tutorial popup upon completion of the Trespass mission.
    Fixed a terrain issue nearby The Nest where players could not leave the alcove by normal means.
    Fixed an issue where Accord Thumper encounters would not properly display a timer.


    Fixed an encounter crash caused by Tarantus and Aliyan in S.O.S.
    Fixed a bug where enemies were not leaving spawn closets in S.O.S.
    Fixed a bug where S.O.S. would always grant first time rewards.
    Fixed a bug with enemy deployables in the Agrevian mission.
    Fixed an issue where players could not use Power Override Terminals in the Boss room during Gatecrasher (hotfixed earlier this week).
    Fixed an encounter crash on the final island in Operation Hightide.
    Fixed a bug where encounters would crash following a restart of Operation Miru due to a party wipe.
    Fixed a bug where a miniboss encounter would crash if a player logged out prior to engagement during Operation ARES Team.
    Fixed a bug where a group larger than five players was able to enter the Bathsheba mission.
    Fixed some encounter crashes within the Unearthed mission.
    Fixed an encounter crash with Vagrant Dawn.
    Jericho should now award items of the appropriate level.
    Fixed an encounter crash with the vents in Defense of Dredge.
    The Defense of Dredge encounter now properly awards a Titan Token upon first completion of the week.
    The main encounter rewards for Defense of Dredge now has a one week lockout as intended. The rewards chest does not have a lockout or limitation.


    Fixed a bug where standing directly in front of an object would affect aiming.
    Fixed an issue where armies with special characters in their names or tags would not appear in search results.
    Fixed a bug where the clip of the Biotech's weapon would float in the air while reloading.
    Players should no longer be missing perks caused by the progression migration.
    The Extinguisher perk now properly displays a description.
    Fixed an issue with warpaints displaying incorrectly on the Tigerclaw.
    Fixed a bug where certain warpaints could not be purchased.
    The Nian Jr pet should now properly follow its owner.
    The Brinewyrm pet should now properly follow its ow

Mercredi 10 février 2016  
Update 1.6 - Status Update #5

Hello, Firefall fans, it’s time for another Status Update! The topics that will be covered in this update will be hot issues such as missing modules, epic prototype core compensation, Kanaloa weapon compensation, research refunds, and the problem with queueing into hardcore instances as well as Defense of Dredge.


As mentioned last week, the pre-maintenance database was brought online in an internal environment. That information was used to create a script to read the modules slotted in equipment and then grant those modules to players in the production environment. The script was expected to take days and the team wanted to wait until it was fully complete to investigate potential discrepancies with the results. Yesterday it was confirmed that many players did not receive all of the modules they are owed.

Today work has begun to bring up the pre-maintenance database in the production environment and the Web Dev team is working on a new script that should improve the accuracy of the modules delivered to ensure players receive 100% of the modules they are missing. Once the script is programmed and tested, it will be deployed to production. Much like the previous script the new one will run over quite some time, though this time it will have the added benefit of processing players as they log in to the game. This script is designed to go through all of the players’ previously slotted equipment meaning players will get all of the modules they are missing and retain the modules granted from the last script as well. 

Work is still underway on the new script and we will be sure to let the community know when we are ready for to deploy.

Epic Prototype Cores

The current plan is to get the epic crates as mentioned in the previous update to players with the new script for the modules.

To recap the situation with the epic prototype cores, players will receive one crate of equipment per Scorcher, Demolition, Draconis, or Bane Chitin core they owned prior to maintenance. Each crate contains one of each of the following in epic quality: Grenade, Medical System, Operating System, Head, Torso, Reactor, Arms, and Legs.

NOTE: The equipment will be the level of the battleframe that opens the crate. Be sure you are on a level 40 battleframe if you want level 40 equipment!

Kanaloa Weapons

The migration plan for Kanaloa weapons was that the primaries would grant 3x Titan Tokens, though the secondary weapons were not intended to convert into Titan Tokens. There is a bug with the primary weapons and they are only granting 1x Titan Token when salvaged. The current plan is to award players 2x Titan Tokens per owned Kanaloa primary weapon whether it has already been salvaged or not and continue to allow the leftover primary weapons to salvage for 1x Titan Token. Players will also be granted 2x Titan Tokens per Kanaloa secondary weapon owned. This should be set to run with the new module script.

NOTE: There is a current cap of Titan Tokens that can be held at a given time set to 8. When players are granted their 2x Titan Tokens, this may put them over the Titan Token cap. We highly advise players to avoid salvaging any leftover Kanaloa primary weapons until they are below the cap!

Research Refund

We are still moving forward as planned with granting a full time, Crystite, and Research Point refund spent on research prior to Update 1.6. This may not run at the same time as the new module script like the cores and Kanaloa weapons. We did want to confirm that it is absolutely on our radar and on our list of action items.

“Waiting for Server...”

With last week’s 1.6.1940 patch, a potential fix for the way our instanced servers are handled. This fix did address one of the major bugs with these servers. There is another issue that is causing the issue where our services are not placing players into the proper instances. This is currently under investigation by our Web Dev, Tech Ops, and Gameplay Programmer teams. We know this is a major pain point for players right now and are doing all we can to get to the bottom of this problem.

We at Red 5 are extremely sorry for the amount of impact these problems have had on our veteran players. It was never our intention to put our players in an unfair state when Update 1.6 was released. We were aware coming into this update that due to the nature of changes we wouldn’t be able to get everyone exact, but our intent was to ensure that players were comfortable with their power status in the update. We’re working the best we can to make things right and appreciate the amount of patience everyone has been showing, even while frustrated.


Jeudi 4 février 2016  
Patch Notes for v1.6.1940

Hey all, we're still working on some encounter server-side fixes that we will be able to deploy after the client patch. Here are the notes for what we have ready:


    French and German text localizations are now available.

PvE Battleframes & Combat

    The Arsenal Combat Shotgun now has module slots.
    The Arsenal Combat Shotgun model has been updated.


    Thermal Wave’s base range has been increased from 15 to 30 meters.
    Thermal Wave now has a slightly wider cone of effect.
    Improvements were made to Thermal Wave’s visual effects.


    The speed of Pulsar’s projectile has been increased by approximately 50%.
    Supercharge has been changed to make the ability more appealing. The ultimate still grants increased movement speed and unlimited energy for its duration.

      Superchrage no longer reduces the cooldown of other on-cooldown abilities.
      Supercharge’s base duration has been increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
      While Supercharge is active, it modifies the other Tigerclaw abilities:

        Supercharged Pulsar gains the effect of a gravity field that pulls enemies into the pulsar when it is on the ground or attached to an enemy.
        Supercharged Hellfire fires twice as many missiles as Hellfire over the same duration.


    Creeping Death can be modified by the effect radius statistic.
    Creeping Death’s radius grows over the duration of the ability.
    Creeping Death’s damage has been significantly increased.


    The primary weapon of the Bastion, the Mine Launcher, has been redesigned:

      Primary fire (left click) deploys arc mines that will fire a beam at nearby enemies, damaging them over time.
      Alternate fire (right click) deploys repair mines that will repair nearby deployables, alternating between the deployables that need repairs the most.
      Mines last for 20 seconds and cannot be attacked or destroyed by enemies.
      The amount of mines (either damaging or repairing) that a Bastion can have out at a time is determined and modified by their equipped Mine Launcher’s magazine size.
      The range of the mines is modifiable by the weapon range statistic.
      Swapping to a secondary weapon causes any mines that are out at the time to deactivate. The mines will reactivate once the Bastion swaps back to the Mine Launcher.
      Known issue: The Mine Launcher reward from Defense of Dredge is currently not working properly.

    The decay rate of Deployable Shield has been slowed significantly.
    The maximum shield health of Deployable Shield has been slightly increased.


    Players should now be able to mail items between characters on the same account without the three day restriction.

Bug Fixes


    Fixed a bug where the Nighthawk’s Sniper Rifle would occasionally deal no damage when striking an enemy.
    Fixed a bug where Bulwark could cause the Electron to become invulnerable.
    Fixed a bug where the Hardware Genius perk was not dealing increased damage against machines.

Elite Ranks

    Bonuses to weapon rate of fire now function properly.
    Bonuses to weapon charge up rating now function properly.
    Bonuses to weapon spread rating now function properly.
    Bonuses to ability recharge rating now function properly.
    Elite Ranks should no longer offer battleframes to players that already have them unlocked.


    A potential fix for the issue where players are stuck in a “Waiting for Server” state when queueing for instances has been deployed.
    Hardcore Operations now correctly award level 40 rewards.
    Fixed a bug where a squad dying following the completion of Defense of Dredge would restart the raid.
    Fixed a bug in the Bathsheba mission where players could interact with turret placement areas and place turrets after they had been rewarded, resulting in an encounter crash.
    Fixed encounter crashes within the epic Vagrant Dawn.
    Fixed a bug where players could receive a level 1 item as a reward from completing Vagrant Dawn.
    Fixed an issue where the voice over would begin to play before players were loaded into Vagrant Dawn.
    Fixed a bug in the mission Catch of the Day where the boss fight would not complete if the boss is stunned before the second wave of enemies spawns.
    Fixed an encounter issue with the mission Fisher of Chosen.
    Fixed some issues with the Crash Down mission.
    Fixed some issues with the Accelerate mission.


    Fixed a bug where attempting to combine fragments for legendary items would result in the fragments becoming consumed but the appropriate part is not given to the player in return. It should now be safe to combine your fragments for your legendaries.


    Fixed a bug where players could not apply to join a squad in the Squad Builder if the applicant is level 40.
    Fixed a bug where players with EyeFinity configurations could not interact with interfaces.
    Fixed a bug where shotgun weapons would use the incorrect reticle by default.
    Fixed a bug where the north marker was not displayed on the minimap.


    Fixed a bug with the calm state animation on female characters.
    The radar ping now is correctly defaulted to “off”. This can be changed by navigating to the following: Options -> Audio -> Radar Ping
    Fixed a bug where players could not be invited to squads (deployed server-side earlier).
    Fixed an issue where voice over would not play for some ARES Jobs.




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