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Lundi 23 décembre 2013  
Mark Kern débarqué de Red 5 Studios

Co-fondateur et CEO de Red 5 Studios, Mark Kern a été débarqué par sa direction de son poste de CEO et du studio responsable du problématique Firefall.

Depuis sa fondation en 2005 par des vétérans de l'industrie, Red 5 Studios peine à convaincre avec son titre phare Firefall. Le shooter MMO a vu en septembre dernier son PvP retiré le temps d'une refonte. Cette mauvaise nouvelle était suivie de peu du licenciement de 10% des effectifs du studio.

Les choses ne s'arrangent pas pour Red 5 Studios et Firefall, dont le responsable en la personne de Mark Kern se voit débarqué par la direction avec effet immédiat. L'homme en était pourtant le co-fondateur en 2005, après plusieurs années chez Blizzard où il avait contribué à Starcraft et World of Warcraft. De plus, Mark Kern était devenu depuis 2009 le CEO du studio.

Le 19 décembre 2013, James Macauley a pris la relève après une décision de la direction. Dans les mails communiqués en interne et diffusés par Game Front, la société remercie Mark Kern de sa contribution depuis plusieurs années, tout en précisant qu'il n'y est plus à sa place. Firefall est actuellement en période délicate, en bêta ouverte faisant office de sortie dans le cas d'un free-to-play, malgré un PvP en refonte. L'année à venir sera déterminante pour l'avenir du shooter.


Jeudi 19 décembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1730r1

Hey all, we've prepared a hotfix for this patch to fix a couple of issues:

Patch Notes

    Fixed an issue where refining multiple resources at once would only display one of the resources when claiming the process.
    Fixed some encounter crashes related to the new wandering encounters.

Mardi 17 décembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1730

Patch Highlights

    Celebrate the holidays with Wintertide cosmetics!
    Omnidyne-M industries is proud to announce a partnership with Luau Larry's to present their very own vending machine coin! We have made 14 new and exciting pieces of technology and aesthetics available through this program that we're sure ARES pilots will be excited about, including the newest vehicle in New Eden: The Omnidyne-M LGV.
    Added three new encounters that players may come across while adventuring in New Eden.
    Open World zones will now have staged creatures. This was done so that the world has a feeling of progression about it. Any player can access the zones, though they will have a tougher time dealing with higher staged areas.
    Fixed another issue regarding the drop rate of Melded Muscle Tissue and Melded Blood Samples. These should be seen more frequently now and at the intended drop rate.
    Increased the Army cap to 100 players.


    Celebrate the holidays with Wintertide items old and new!

      Wintertide Present grants a bonus to a friend.
      "Seasons Greetings" Fireworks
      Candy Stripe armor pattern
      The Chiller helmet
      The Santa Hat
      Reindeer Antlers
      Tech Antlers
      Elf Ears
      Santa Beard
      Elf pet

    Wintertide item unlocks can also be won at the vending machine with Accord tokens!

    Omnidyne-M Tokens

      Omnidyne-M industries is proud to announce a partnership with Luau Larry's to present their very own vending machine coin! We have made 14 new and exciting pieces of technology and aesthetics available through this program that we're sure ARES pilots will be excited about:

        Visual Kit: Iceman
        Visual Kit: Purple Haze
        Aviator Sunglasses
        Chewing Wheat
        Recharging Sonic Detonator
        Recharging Small Health Pack
        OmniTech Crown
        Phantom Mask
        The Hunter
        Omnidyne-M LGV
        Crystal Skull
        Recharging Manufacturing Terminal

    General Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where autorun would not cancel when pressing the 'Move Forward' key ('W' by default).

Combat and Battleframes

    Fixed an issue where allocating 350 or more surplus power in the Battleframe Garage would give an error.
    Fixed an issue where health regen would cease to work in combat.
    Battleframes are under review to increase the desirability/usability of some abilities in the open world. The main purpose is to have players to more carefully consider their options when deviating from their default kits, as well as have the default kit have a more desirable and effective set of abilities for the open world. Not all battleframes will be addressed all at once, but we plan on making adjustments as time permits.


      Accord Assault

        Updated the visual effects of Scattershot projectiles.


        Disruption now causes affected targets to become lightning conduits, during which they will electrocute nearby enemies.

          Context: Disruption was not used much in the open world because of its low damage and snare effect. These changes were made to spice up the ability a little more and make it a more attractive choice than its previous incarnation.

        Missile Shot damage has been increased.

          Context: Missile Shot was barely better than a normal shot unless there were many enemies grouped up, so it was too situational. It is a much better direct damage hit now, so it should always be more useful in terms of putting out damage.

        Missile Shot now has a new explosion effect.
        The mechanics of the Fusion Cannon's alt fire, "Nova Cannon" has been modified. Instead of clicking once to initiate the charge and clicking again to release, you press and hold alt fire to charge. Release alt fire to fire the Nova.
        The Fusion Cannon's alt fire, "Nova Cannon", now has a flat charge time of 3 seconds (previously ranged from 1.5 to 4 seconds) and deals full damage each time it is fired.

          Context: Fusion Cannon was really confusing previously. It had some extremely long charge time (4 seconds) but you could fire at any point after one second, while charging didn't do anything to the damage. The visuals were also confusing where two charge bars were displayed to fire the Nova. We feel that it is much more intuitive to press and hold to charge.

        Trailblaze now fires automatically when you activate it as opposed to overriding your ammo.

          Context: We feel there is no benefit to making people override their ammunition/next shot and then fire Trailblaze. This behavior clogs up the player's weapon with no real purpose.

        Fixed an issue where the quality of Tether Field was not modifying the damage done to targets that leave it.


        Increased the DPS range of Incinerator. Previously the range was 30 to 60 dps, the current range is now 68 to 136 dps.
        Inferno Dash's flame trial will now last 5 seconds, up from previously 2 seconds.
        Inferno Dash's flame trail now deals 150 dps, up from previously 100 dps.


      Shortened the Poison Ball explode sound effect to match the visuals.

      Accord Biotech

        Fixed an issue where the Toxic BioNeedler's Alt Fire would not play the proper sound effect.
        Fixed an issue where the Accord Chemical Sprayer Arcfold did not have a duration timer when activated.
        Fixed an issue where the Accord Chemical Sprayer Arcfold did not have a holstering sound effect.
        Fixed an issue where Poison Trail duration could potentially be longer than its cooldown.


        Adjusted the description of the Necrotic Poison passive so that it more clearly states that the poison is applied via the BioCrossbow alt fire and abilities.
        Fixed an issue where high stages of the BioCrossbow did not have a muzzle flash.
        Fixed an issue where visual effects were not displaying for the damage over time caused by the BioCrossbow's alt fire.


      Fixed an issue where the Dreadnaught's weapon did not follow the player's aim in Turret Mode with Explosive Rounds activated.

      Accord Dreadnaught

        Barrier Heavy Machine Gun's alt fire should now play the proper sound effect.
        Added a sound effect for when Accord Mortar Launcher is drawn after activation.


        Fixed an issue where activating Combat Shotgun or Particle Beam would cause the owner's unused and deployed gliderpad to vanish.


        Dreadfield has been reworked. Previously it stacked bonus damage per nearby enemy. Now it is a flat damage bonus and the Rhino gains a rate of fire bonus for each nearby enemy. If at least one enemy is within Dreadfield, the Rhino's weapons no longer consume ammo.

          Context: The previous stacking damage bonus of Dreadfield was not a sustainable design as players were using it to trivialize encounters. The rework should reign in this HKM while still keeping it desirable. The rate of fire boost in the new Dreadfield while not consuming ammunition while an enemy is within Dreadfield should still feel fun and good for shooting at high speeds at a long duration.

        The Laser MG alt fire was slowed down slightly and its damage was increased to compensate. There should be no gain or loss of effective DPS.

          Context: With rate of fire boosting effects like Turret Mode and Dreadfield, we wanted to reduce the amount of packets sent for performance reasons. As mentioned, the end result should be that the Laser MG should retain its effective damage per second.

        The Laser MG alt fire now deals 1.5x damage on head shots.

          Context: Any weapon that isn't splash damage should deal headshot damage. It gives the player more to do than just hold the fire button down.

        Sundering Wave now plays an animation when activated.
        Fixed an issue where using the Explosive Rounds with the Rhino's Laser HMG was making the laser disappear.


      Fixed an issue where after placing a claymore, the Engineer's main and alt fire animations would not play properly.

      Accord Engineer

        Fixed an issue where players leaving the range of Deployable Shield's ambient audio and returns, the audio would not play for the player.
        Fixed an issue where Accord Engineer could pick up Ammos from stations although they already have full Ammo.
        Fixed an issue where Turrets would ignore enemies in front of Quick Deploy Shield.


        Fixed an issue where the Fortify sound effects would play locally for a player when another player activated the ability.
        Fixed an issue where Sentinel Pod was not properly targeting friendly deployables at times.


      Proximity Response now plays an animation when activated.
      Added a slight delay to Resonating Bolts to match their throwing animation.


        Fixed an issue where when scoped in with the Charge Rifle, the player's arms would appear to shake to other players.
        Fixed an issue with Conduit not stacking correctly. Previously, after the Raptor reaching "Full Power" (3 stacks of Conduit), 2 stacks of Conduit would remain. Now, after the Raptor reaching full power, there will no longer be any Conduit stacks as intended.
        Fixed an issue where the Raptor's HKM, Overload, was not giving the Raptor "Full Power" Conduit charges for its duration.
        Fixed an issue where gaining 1 stack of Conduit and then waiting for it to expire would result in the Raptor reaching "Full Power".


        Fixed an issue where the Remote Explosive detonation and audio were not synchronized.

Open World

    Added three new encounters that ARES Operators may come across while travelling Coral Forest: The Birds, "Super Bugs", and the Distress Beacon.
    Added the Accord Thumper and Chosen Executioner encounters to the 'First Hour' new player experience in Coral Forest.
    Modifications were made to the Road Ambush encounter.
    Added an NPC that can be defended throughout the Road Ambush encounter, with Follow/Stay commands.
    The Resource Vein Layer was not correctly scaling. You should see more veins at the edges of the map.
    The repulsor event from Diamondhead is being removed and the Melding is being moved to cover a small portion of the north in preparation for the Warfront.
    Open World zones will now have staged creatures. This was done so that the world has a feeling of progression about it. Any player can access the zones, though they will have a tougher time dealing with higher staged areas. There will be more features coming online or iterated upon in the future to help support this change.

      Coral Forest will have Stage 1-2 creatures.
      Sargasso Sea will have Stage 3 creatures.
      Diamondhead will have Stage 2-3 creatures.
      Antarctica will have Stage 4 creatures.

    Thumpers will spawn minimum difficulty creatures depending on the zone they are called down in. For example a stock thumper in Antarctica will spawn Stage 4 creatures since that zone is a Stage 4 zone.
    Added some variant sounds to Chosen weaponry so not all of their rapid fire weapons sound the same.
    Some polish was made to the first 5 minutes of the New User Experience.
    Chosen Drop Pod encounters should now reward bonus XP when defeated.
    There should now be a noticeable difference between normal aranha sacs and the aranha sacs that contain the giant aranha.
    Players may now only issue duel requests when alive.
    Incoming duel requests will be auto-declined unless the recipient is alive.
    Adjusted the Land Shark so that it is more threatening at melee ranges in a fight.
    Made adjustments to the loot tables and drop rate of Melded Muscle Tissue & Melded Blood Samples. These items should drop a little more frequently now. Please note that they are still not to be regarded as common drops.

    Open World Bugfixes

      Fixed some areas in Diamondhead where Teleport Shot could be used to pass through areas that were not intended to be passed through.
      Fixed an issue where players would take no damage at the bottom of a lava stream in Diamondhead.
      Fixed an issue where the lavafall in Diamondhead was not damaging players.
      Fixed an issue where new players would spawn inside the Melding upon their first visit to Diamondhead.
      Fixed an issue where the Mag Lift mission in Sargasso Sea was giving less rewards than expected.
      Fixed an issue where scouts could call down drop pods within 300 meters of Copacabana.
      Fixed an issue where disarmed mines would still explode and remove players from their LGVs.
      Fixed an issue where a public user sending back a completed thumper would have a long delay before the thumper is recalled.
      Fixed an issue where Chosen Invasion music could drop out and restart repeatedly.
      Fixed an issue where players could see the Arclight although they couldn't see what was between them.
      Fixed an issue where the Brinewyrm attack sound wasn't playing.
      Fixed few collision and textures issues.
      Fixed an issue where the waterfall of Sunken Harbor didn't have any origin.
      Fixed an issue where the locks above the boxes weren't centered.
      Fixed an issue where the Bandit Cache's leader was referred as "Bandit Grenadier" instead of "Bandit Leader".
      Fixed an issue where the Tornadoes were missing sound effects.
      Fixed an issue where NPC names would display as gibberish.
      Fixed an issue where the Crystite Aranha Sieger's ranged attack would ignore its range limit.
      Fixed an issue where after starting the Sunken Harbor LGV race, Terremoto destroys the LGV.
      Fixed an issue at a Mushroom Island ARES space where you could look through the walls at a specific spot.
      Fixed an issue where a foreign object was a part of the player's shadow.
      The Data-Worm should no longer appear to bleed when it takes damage.
      Adjusted the water depth of the river in Cerrado Plains.
      The aggressive Culex should now play the proper death animation when the giant Culex is defeated, as opposed to simply disappearing.
      Fixed an issue where Chosen Grunt Scouts would not walk properly.
      Fixed an issue where all Brontodons have the title "Herdmaster Brontodon".
      Fixed an issue where Melded Culex would fly under the ground.
      Fixed an issue where the beam visual effects at Incursions would not display properly at certain angles.
      Fixed an issue where Whiptail Threshers had a silent idle growl.
      Fixed an issue where one of the Glider Pads in Sunken Harbor was in the floor.
      Fixed an issue where Terremoto's dialogue was not synchronized with the LGV getting arc folded.
      Fixed an issue where Terremoto's LGV Race would end directly after you begin.
      Fixed an issue with the 'Bombing Run' achievement where players would get credit towards the achievement if killing less than 5 enemies in a single glider flight.
      Fixed an issue where a player would get stuck in the duel state if the other player logs out during the countdown.
      After disconnecting during starting missions, Aero will no longer play generic dialogue.
      Fixed an issue where Chosen Strifebringers did not have visual effects associated with their destruction.


    Instances Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where the UI for the Queue isn't clearing after quitting the squad during an instance queue.
      Fixed an issue where the stats from running Blackwater Anomaly were not showing properly.
      Fixed an issue where some Chosen weren't spawning properly in Blackwater Anomaly.


    Crafting Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue in which players were unable to claim their research job in the printer.
      Fixed an issue where the component preview wasn't showing the right weight.
      Fixed an issue where the Research button in the Molecular Printer wasn't fully responsive.


    Updated collision volumes on vehicle wheels to help prevent other players and NPCs from pushing around vehicles.
    Raw resources can now be traded.

    Items Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where decals were not being placed on certain battleframes properly.
      Fixed an issue in using the inventory, items pending deletion were auto cancelled.
      Modified the rear wheel of the Vapor LGV so that it wouldn't appear to continually change shape on low graphics settings.
      Fixed an issue where the LGV sound wasn't playing properly for remote players.
      Fixed an issue where wearing the Chosen Mask mouth gear would not have the proper warpaint applied when wearing the Astrek Monocle gear.
      Fixed an issue where the decals couldn't be equipped on the Dreadnaught Battleframe.
      Fixed an issue where the LGV physics were not working as intended (it felt as though the LGV was driving on a slippery surface).
      Fixed an issue where the Mouth Breather wasn't shown properly in New-You.
      Fixed an issue where the LGV's were throwing off grass when driving on dirt roads.
      Fixed an issue where Personal Thumpers weren't splitting the rewards properly in squads.
      Fixed an issue with the Holo-Headdress name.
      Fixed an issue where zooming with the Sniper Rifle caused a brief lag spikes and a drop in frames.
      Fixed an issue where crafting components would not have the proper icons when listed in the Marketplace.
      Fixed an issue where the act of picking up resources that came from surface deposits would not play a sound effect.
      Fixed an issue where only Stage I Accord Absorption Plating would show in the Battleframe Abilities Inventory tab.
      Fixed a camera issue when spawning a LGV on top of a glider pad.
      Fixed an issue where the Angel Wings visual effects would continue to display on a player after landing from a short flight.
      Fixed an issue where Resonating Bolts could not be listed on the Marketplace.


    Increased the Army cap to 100 players.

    Social Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where non-existent players could be sent friend requests.
      Fixed an issue where items on the Marketplace would display different stats than they did in inventory.
      Fixed an issue where using different accounts will tie to the same Facebook account for sharing screenshots.
      Fixed an issue where players could not share their screenshot upon their first Facebook login.

User Interface

    New ambient sounds have been added to character creation.
    The Marketplace shouldn't close on character's movement, as it isn't a Terminal.
    The Marketplace UI will no longer allow purchases of items that cannot be afforded. Instead of a red button, the buy button will be greyed out if the item cannot be afforded.
    Waypoints may now be doubled clicked to set focus!
    Waypoints now bring up a context menu when right clicked.

    User Interface Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where the Token Vendor displays more slots than the token actually grants.
      Fixed an issue where the Space key wasn't shown properly in French and German.
      Fixed an issue where the Action Bar wasn't showing in the First 5 minutes of the new player experience.
      Fixed an issue where the American Flag decal wasn't showing in the list properly.
      Fixed an issue where the Red Bean count was lowered to 0 when purchasing items in New-You.
      Fixed an issue where the Battleframe progression isn't costing Crystite.
      Fixed an issue where the surroundings of Luau-Larry were missing except for the terminals.
      Fixed an issue where the paint applied on the armor of the Recon Battleframe was showing on the bodysuit and vice-versa.
      Fixed an issue where the decals couldn't be equipped on the Dreadnaught Battleframe.
      Fixed an issue where the decals on the Tigerclaw were mirrored.
      Fixed an issue where the players were unable to type in the Username field after logging off an account.
      Fixed an issue where the some UI elements weren't opening properly.
      Fixed an issue where Bird's Eye View's Achievement was stuck at 8/9.
      Fixed an issue with the text of the Horn of Plenty displaying on NPCs, even though the effect isn't applied on them.
      Fixed an issue where the waypoint sound effect would continually play while in the Battleframe Garage.
      Fixed an issue where Marketplace searches were not performed in the selected game client language.
      Fixed an issue where the HUD did not show the amount of stackable items in the calldown slot.
      Fixed an issue where the chat Red 5 icon would display within the character's name when messaging in the French or German localized game clients.
      Fixed various issues where German and French text was truncated in the French and German clients.
      Fixed an issue where the reward popup when claiming a finished manufactured item would not display any stats.
      Fixed some tooltip typos in the Crafting interface.
      Fixed a typo in the Battleframe Garage in regards to SMG I.
      Fixed an issue where title regions on the Dashboard would appear to be clickable upon mouseover. There are no hyperlinks associated with these regions.
      Fixed an issue where tooltips would not display in the inventory after opening a right-click context menu.
      Fixed an issue where opening the Marketplace caused the Red Bean Balance button in Inventory to have width errors.
      Fixed an issue where tooltips on the Character Sheet would not update properly after changing battleframes.
      Fixed an issue where toggling the option for PvE: Fly camera to respawn checkbox in options, the respawn camera would be the same.
      Fixed an issue where the Club Thumping achievement incorrectly displayed that the Squad Thumper I was required for the achievement. It should now properly reflect that it requires a Stock Squad Thumper.
      The flashlight tutorial tip should no longer display when a player is in flight on a Dropship and unable to activate their flashlight.
      Fixed an issue where the Thumper status element would disappear (Personal Thumper III).
      Fixed an issue where the Thumper status element would appear oversized.
      Fixed an issue where players could not use the Username field after logging off.
      Fixed an issue where Engineers would not have the proper pose/stance when previewing them with a secondary weapon in the Battleframe Garage.
      Corrected the splash damage tip on Drowning Damage.
      The key for the Army screen can now be changed in keybindings.
      Fixed an issue where opening the Character Overview caused crashes in the New Player Experience.

Mardi 3 décembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1729

Patch Notes

    Removed Thanksgiving items from vending machine.
    Decreased resource blending times to a flat 10 seconds regardless of quality or quantity.

Mardi 19 novembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1725

Patch Highlights

    Thanksgiving items are now available for sale from November 19th through December 2nd.
    Added three new dynamic encounters players can experience while playing in Coral Forest.
    The durability mechanic has been adjusted so that items no longer decay on use, but while "in combat".
    More bugfixes!


    Celebrate Thanksgiving with Firefall! From now until December 2nd, you'll be able to purchase the following new items, or win them in the Vending Machines:

      Horn of Plenty (5 Pack)
      Turkey Hat
      The Beak
      Holo Headdress
      The Gobbler


      Our particle system has been optimized and is now able to display the same quality of particles at low frame rates. For example:

        Short burst visual effects such as muzzle flashes will no longer disappear when the frame rate drops below 15-20 frames per second.
        Thumper dust clouds don't clump together anymore.

      Overdraw has been improved greatly. Players should experience less frame rate drops.




        Updated Tetherfield's activation sound.


        Fixed an issue where Healing Generator leash visual effects did not despawn at the end of the ability.

      Accord Biotech

        Fixed an issue with Triage's tooltip, it should now show the % of HP the player is resurrected at.



        The Teleport ability will fail if it places the player into an object or gemoetry. This will still work as normal on players or enemy NPCs.
        Fixed an issue where LGV's collided with Thunderdome.


        Updated Gravity Field Grenade's tooltip to reflect that only enemy projectiles are affected, which is the intended behavior.
        Fixed an issue where the Laser MG projectiles would not display properly while Explosive Rounds is active.


        Fixed an issue where the Claymore's arming sound would play at full volume for players at long distances away.

      Accord Engineer

        Fixed an issue where sticky grenades would appear to attach to the person that fired them and could not be detonated.
        Added a 30 minute timeout to Heavy Turret.
        Known Issue: Heavy Turret ignores enemies in front of Quick Deploy Shield (not intended).


        Fixed an issue where the Tesla Rifle's alt fire sound effect continues to play after firing.
        Fixed an issue where the Bastion would get stuck in the mounted position after Anti-Personnel Turret expires.
        Fixed an issue where Sentinel Pod would not function properly after some time.


        Overclocking Station should now spawn and activate a little quicker.



        Sniper Rifle tooltip updated to explain that when an enemy creature is killed, it explodes for area of effect damage.


        Charge Rifle tooltip updated to explain that when an enemy creature is killed, it explodes for area of effect damage.
        Fixed an issue where the rising pitch sound effect of Teleport Beacon would continue to play after teleportation is complete.

Open World

    Added three new dynamic encounters: "LGV Riding Challenge", "LGV Ambush" and "Bandit Cache".

      These encounters spawn in close proximity to the player or squad leader.
      These encounters are designed to provide short gameplay experiences.
      These types of encounters are not added in SIN.

    Thumpers now lock in the "thumper group" when started. Members of the thumper group (even if they are no longer in the squad):

      May send the thumper back.
      Receive rewards upon completion. Players added to the owner's squad during thumping also receive rewards. This means that a thumper owner cannot cut out players who've helped with the thumper since the beginning, but also that new squad members added during thumping will benefit as well.

    Any player may send up a thumper that is 100% complete.
    Added ambient sound effects to SIN Towers.

    Open World Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where Melding Tornadoes could climb.
      Fixed an issue where the Copa Power Supply SIN Imprint spawned in deep water.
      Fixed an issue with the NPC audio in the first 5 minutes of the New User experience.
      Fixed an issue where ground effects were not working for some LGVs.
      Fixed an issue where the player becomes a glowing beacon of light at seemingly random times.
      Fixed an issue where the Loot Pinata was spawning indefinitely after pocket events.
      Fixed an issue where the Centauri Foray watch tower retake was not giving rewards.
      Fixed an issue where Chosen Strifebringers in the high cliff ARES space would spawn in the ground.
      Fixed an issue where Oilspill would not respond to Aero when a Bomb Defusal ARES mission would fail.
      Fixed an issue where Resonators for the Bomb Defusal ARES missions would partially be underground.
      Renamed all thumping achievements to reflect the appropriate tier of thumpers available.
      Fixed an issue where Terromoto would send a message about the LGV being destroyed if the player dismounts the LGV during the race. He should now be using the proper dialogue if the LGV is not destroyed.
      Fixed an issue with forcefields that was allowing enemy NPCs to pass through them.
      More fixes to props and collision around the world.
      Known Issue: In Antarctica, players can spawn at a tower that is covered by the Melding.


    Blackwater Anomaly rewards are now given once every 24 hours. The timer starts when the objective is completed. Players will still be able to play Blackwater Anomaly and compete for bragging rights for time. The adjustment was made because the ability to gain the amount of rewards in the amount of time it takes to complete Blackwater Anomaly is imbalanced. Blackwater Anomaly rewards will be readdressed in the future, but this was a change that needed to happen as soon as possible.

    Instance Bugfixes

      Fixed some issues in regards to crashing when queueing for instances.
      The Chosen IT department has sorted out Graves' hologram projector technology and his head should now properly be displaying at the end of Blackwater Anomaly. The pranksters responsible have been converted to Tortured Souls.
      Fixed an issue where water was not damaging players in Cliff's Edge.


    Crafting Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where the Claim button wasn't appearing for players in the Molecular Printer.
      Fixed an issue where the component weight wasn't shown properly in the build preview in the Molecular Preview.
      Fixed an issue where the construction sound was still playing when all the Manufacturing slots were full.


    The way durability functions on use has been changed. The amount of durability lost on death remains at 10%.

      Item decay is no longer factored on use.
      Equipped items will decay over time spent "in combat".
      A player's combat state is determined by three different factors: dealing damage to enemies, taking damage from enemies, and healing another player. Similar to how HKMs charge, a player is considered "in combat" if one of these conditions are met. If the player does not take any damage, deal any damage, or heal another player in ten seconds, they are no longer considered "in combat".
      The rate of item decay should remain the same for now, though we expect that to change once the prestige and salvaging systems are implemented.
      This change to the durability mechanic was made to better accommodate the future prestige system, which will affect salvaging.
      This change will also make item decay much more consistent and address many edge case scenarios where items would decay at fast rates due to usage (for example high rate of fire weapons, or abilities you deploy multiple times (Resonanting Bolts, Multi-Turret), or abilities often used out of combat (Afterburner, Trailblaze).

    Adjusted the drop rates of Melded Glial Smears, Melded Blood Samples and Melded Muscle Tissue.

      The frequency of Melded Glial Smears in comparison to Melded Blood Samples and Melded Muscle Tissue has been lowered.
      This should result in Melded Blood Samples and Melded Muscle Tissue dropping more frequently now.

    Re-enabled vehicle spawn ability for arc-porting effects.
    Loot power ups will use a different sound from other power ups.
    Updated the sound effects for picking up ammo powerups.
    Added new voice packs for Male: Sophisticated, Soldier, Holmganger
    Added new voice packs for Female: Sophisticated, Soldier, Spy

    Items Bugfixes

      Fix for LGV visual model remaining for too long after explosion.
      Fixed an issue where the LGV would not play exit audio upon leaving the LGV.
      Big improvement to auto positioning of Flashlight.
      Improving aiming to crosshair of Flashlight.
      Fixed an issue where you could aim the flashlight while down.
      The LGV tail lights has been fixed.
      Fixed an issue where when switching sex in the New You, the character would default to a non-free hair style.
      The ARES Mask should now better fit available head options.
      Fixed an issue where players could not use their calldown hotkey.
      Fixed an issue where players were not receiving full-screen status effects while driving LGVs.


    Army Commanders and Officers should now properly get a confirmation prompt when attempting to kick a player from their army.

    Social Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where holding shift while typing in a chat window would deactivate glider wings.
      Fixed an issue where Army Commanders or Officers would accept an application but the applicant is not added to the army.
      Fixed an issue where the Army Commander would have a kick icon next to them on the Army list.

User Interface

    The network settings in options menu have been simplified.
    More options have been added to the Advanced Tab.
    The glider UI has been updated to a more cleaner look.
    Add option support for moving queue inventory items to right side of the screen.
    Added an additional check to ensure user emails are compared correctly.
    Updated flag art and fixed their alignment on the login screen.
    Repairing items is much more responsive.
    Notification that items have been repaired should be snappier.
    The Marketplace now reads from the game client's inventory. This should increase the responsiveness when viewing and interacting with your inventory in the Marketplace.

    User Interface Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where the UI text is upside down for back and rotate buttons in New You.
      Aliasing fixed on 3D buttons.
      Fixed an issue with blurry images in the UI.
      More fixes for HUD space.
      Fixed an issue where the camera in New You is reverting to odd location after confirming changes.
      Fixed an issue where after closing the map on resource scan, re-opening it doesn't show the player's position.
      Fixed an issue where using the maintenance button while syncing to sin causes the garage to lose all functionality. You couldn't leave the paint shop while the paint shop is trying to save changes.
      Fixed an issue where the UI text was upside down for back and rotate buttons.
      Fixed an issue where pressing Shift would cause to drop glider while typing in chat.
      Fixed an issue where buttons and text were missing in Dump Truck at 125% DPI.
      Fixed an issue where the Thumper Card weren't scaling properly.
      Fixed an issue where French UI elements were showing up in English.
      Fixed an issue where New You music was triggering twice.
      Fixed an issue where the Achievement notification bar was longer than intended.
      Fixed an issue where the Paint Shop in the Garage would be unresponsive at times.
      Removed some legacy achievements from ATLAS (players were unable to complete these achievements).
      Fixed an issue where you could not use mouse mode to swap ability slots after setting an ability slot to 'None' in the Garage.
      Fixed an issue where the Toxic Varant's poison status effect would stay on the screen after death.
      Fixed an issue where the respawn timer was not displaying correctly.
      Fixed an issue where ability icons would revert when using mouse mode to change the ability order on the hotbar.
      References to Battleframe Terminal has been changed to Battleframe Station.

Vendredi 8 novembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1724

This is a hotfix patch for the following issues...

    Fixed an issue where Attracting Repulsor Blast was pulling in friendlies, deployables, and world objects.
    Fixed a small hitch that would happen when zooming in as a sniper.
    Removed the self-revive token (DRAT) from the recipe list.

      This will return once it has had more design time to consider all the issues you've brought up.

    Fixed an issue where Blackwater Anomaly was not giving out proper rewards.

Mardi 5 novembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1723


    Adjusted the Burst Rifle model so it fits more properly in an ARES Operator's hands.


      Accord Assault

        Crater: Energy Control System was pointing to the blueprint resource type for the component instead of the resource type for the ACTUAL Component. As a result, Crater splash radius can now be modified as expected.


        Fixed an issue where the Nova charge-up sound effects were not properly playing.
        Updated the sound effect for Tether Field's activation.


      Accord Dreadnaught

        Added audio to match the alt fire shield visual effects cooldown.


        Fixed a typo in Particle Beam's tooltip.


      Accord Engineer

        Fixed an issue where Reparing Nanites was only affecting deployables within a 7m radius around the Engineer. The radius has been extended to 25m.


        Fixed an issue where Sentinel Pod was targeting pets as hostile.
        Fixed an issue where Sentinel Pod's white circle visual effect did not play.
        Fixed an issue where Multi-Turrets would spawn at improper angles.


        Fixed an issue where Stock Bulwark was displaying as green quality in the Garage. It should now display white as intended.


      Fixed an issue where Recon bullet trajectory was not coming out of the barrel.

      Accord Recon

        Fixed an issue where SIN Beacon would remain in the world indefinitely and not debuff enemies.

Open World

    The arena at Sunken Harbor is once again a free-for-all area where players can test their mettle against one another. This will be automatically disabled during Chosen Invasions.

    Open World Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where melee creatures could not harm players that were performing emotes.
      Fixed an issue where after turning in the fifth and final Crashed Thumper component, the UI would message "Time Extended". It should now read "Success: Thumper repaired."
      Fixed an issue where players are occasionally seen firing nonstop.
      Fixed an issue where ARES Operators could advance their first mission without interacting with the Copacabana SIN Uplink.
      Made some adjustments for smoother long-distance terrain/water rendering.
      Fixed more prop and collision issues.
      Fixed an issue where Explosive Inclinations achievement would unlock early at 4/5.
      Fixed an issue where players would complete an objective for Daily Achievements but the mission would not trigger as completed.


    Instance Bugfixes

      Fixed an area in Cliff's Edge where players could fall through the world.
      Fixed an issue where squads would "bug" when attempting to queue for Blackwater Anomaly and other instances and those squads could no longer queue for the instances without reforming the squad or moving to a new shard.


    Crafting Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where starting and cancelling research or crafting would count towards the 'Me... Love... SHINY!' achievement.


    Items Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where color qualities for resources were not displayed in inventory.
      Fixed an issue where the Samurai Mask is not appearing on characters in the New You.
      Fixed an issue where unequipping items in the Garage did not update constraint values.
      Fixed an issue where unequipping all abilities and HKM would make the player move at a much slower pace.
      Fixed an issue where unlocking a visual kit would give the title "No Title" in the Garage.
      Fixed the visuals for the Dusk Gliderpad.
      The title 'Beta Scout' should now be available for those that are eligible.
      Items crafted with optional components should now display properly on the Marketplace (ex. "Soaring Afterburner" will no longer appear as only "Afterburner").
      Fixed an issue where players could not view or access Crystite Earrings in the New You.
      Fixed an issue where the Baneclaw Brain Bucket unlock was not able to move to the calldown menu, blocking players from unlocking their Brain Bucket.


    Share your screenshot on social media! When you take a screenshot, a notification will pop up. If you accept the notification it will open a window and ask if you want to share your screenshot with a caption.

User Interface

    User Interface Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where interacting with the ARES Exchange terminal would bring you to the beta page and not the market.
      Fixed an issue where players were receiving an unexpected error when double clicking the "List Item for Sale" button.
      Fixed an issue where secondary weapons equipped appear as valid options for other frames in the Garage.
      Fixed an issue where mission markers on the map were not being removed upon changing zones.
      Fixed an issue where after getting the error "Cannot connect to Firefall Servers" error clicking back the UI is uninteractable.
      Fixed an issue where LGV damage taken appeared as green at times.
      Fixed an issue where the edit cursor would often disappear from the Username and Password fields if you move your mouse away from it.
      Fixed an issue where after crafting an item the Molecular Printer would erroneously display that the player has 0 resources.
      Fixed an issue where after unloading 4 manufacturing slots, loading more items would give an error.
      Fixed an issue where the Molecular Printer UI would get stuck when trying to craft an item, not allowing players to use the interface without reloading their interface.
      Daily Item Crate rewards should now properly be localized.
      Fixed an issue where the progress bars for completed Daily Achievements would only be partially filled.
      Fixed an issue where the New You would sometimes be unresponsive when attempting to click on interface elements.

Vendredi 25 octobre 2013  
Hotfix - v0.7.1718r0

Patch Notes

    Fixed an issue where the Marketplace was not loading after opening for the first time.
    Fixed an issue where players could not interact with the manufacturing UI due to dynamic resolution.
    Changing the dynamic resolution setting will no longer affect dynamic resolution (effectively dynamic resolution is disabled).
    Fixed an issue where Melding Tornados were giving people error messages regarding contribution and locking them out of the portal.
    Fixed an issue where the Marketplace page numbering was vertically aligned instead of horizontally aligned.
    Fixed an issue where new Vending Machine icons were using error textures.
    Fixed an issue where players would activate the Samhain unlock and not receive the proper item.
    Fixed an issue where the Social panel was not displaying on the Dashboard.

Mardi 22 octobre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1716


    Celebrate our second annual Night of the Melding with us! Halloween cosmetics are available for purchase at Luau Larry's and the New You for a limited time. Don't miss out!



      Accord Assault

        Power allocation should now affect Overcharge.



        Fixed an issue where optional components were not affecting Arsenal plating.



        Fixed an issue where Fortify's audio would continue to play after the ability expires.
        Fixed a bug where Sentinel Pod was not targeting deployables properly.

Open World

    Open World Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where the LGV was causing the player's game client to crash in Copacabana.
      Fixed several collision issues.
      Fixed an issue where Copa NPC names would appear through geometry while inside a nearby ARES playspace.


    Attention ARES Operators, SIN has picked up enemy activity in two new locations outside of New Eden. The Accord is looking for squads of brave ARES Operators to investigate Cliff's Edge and Tanken Cave.
    The two new short ARES missions are instanced and are meant for squads of two to five ARES Operators.


    Tech Skull and Top Run and Gun helmets should now be affected by current warpaint (for reals this time).
    Updated daily login rewards. The item crate is now given for the fourth consecutive day and 1,000 resources are rewarded for the 5th consecutive login day and beyond.
    The Daily Rewards Crate will now contain one Red Bean along with its other items (this is pertaining to the daily missions).

    Items Bugfixes

      Fixed some hitches related to purchasing items from vendors.
      Fixed an issue where all visual kit unlock decals were showing up as the Stellar Ponies decal.
      Fixed an issue where hair was clipping through various head gear.

User Interface

    User Interface Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where players could not set 'None' for Secondary Weapons and Abilities in the Garage.
      Known Issue: Setting all four abilities to 'None' will cause you to move extremely slow.
      Fixed an issue where 365 day VIP time would not display properly.
      Fixed an issue where the 'List Item' button on the Marketplace would disappear after receiving an error message.
      Fixed an issue where non-resource items sold at very low prices would show up as resources on the Marketplace.
      Fixed an issue where blending or refining jobs would display an estimate of 20 seconds for completion.
      Fixed an issue where the "constructing" sound would play when attempting to manufacture something even though the slots were full.
      Fixed an issue where after crafting an item, the Molecular Printer thinks the player has 0 resources.
      Tooltips should no longer display during cinematics.
      Tooltips for controlling vehicles should only play when driving vehicles.
      Fixed an issue where the name of a main POI would overlap with its icon.
      Fixed an issue where after connecting to a SIN tower, resource view on the map would still not display information for the previously unknown area.
      Fixed an issue where the Samurai Helm's name is cut off in the New You.

Jeudi 10 octobre 2013  
Hotfix - v0.7.1714r1

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where players could not interact with the manufacturing UI
    Fixed an issue with the New You not loading
    Fixed an issue where Red Bean visual effects were coming out of the daily reward create.
    Temporarily disabled the profanity filter for chat.
    Fixed an issue where the manufacturing UI resolution was showing text smaller than intended.
    Fixed an issue where players could not interact with the terminals at the end of Blackwater Anomaly.

Items already fixed between the patches

    Fixed an issue where Female characters had a male voice.
    The support link on the Esc screen should now properly function.
    Fixed an issue where Marketplace tooltips were showing base stats, not modified stats.

Mardi 1 octobre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1714

Patch Highlights

    Added the VIP Program. Players can purchase VIP access with Red Beans, giving them access to 50% bonus Crystite from missions and loot, 2 additional manufacturing slots and 8 additional marketplace slots.
    Updated the new user experience. New ARES Operators will join Typhon on the battlefield in an epic mission to fight off Chosen invaders at Copacabana. Be warned, this mission is not for the fainthearted.
    Copacabana city planners have revitalized the city by shifting key points of interest around and providing easier access to city amenities.
    Removed the key requirement to access the Melding pockets as well as Blackwater Anomaly.
    ARES Operators can now travel to different zones via a new full-world globe.
    The Accord Army Corps of Engineers has finished their forward base deployment in the area known as Diamondhead. ARES operators are needed to secure more land and fight back against the melding in this area.
    Crafting technicians have found a way to utilize components dropped from creatures as optional modifiers in battleframe equipment recipes.
    Decreased the drop rate of all equipment loot.
    DNA, crystite hybrid modules, gems and precious metals have been removed from the game.
    Added mouse mode (press V to toggle on and off). Mouse mode can be used to interact with clickable UI elements and rearrange the ability bar.
    Many many many many many many bug fixes.


    Red Beans can now be purchased with GlobalCollect on the Firefall website.
    Arena PvP has been deactivated for now.

    VIP Program

      The Firefall VIP Program gives you premium membership status based on blocks of time, starting from a single day all the way to twelve months.
      While a member of the VIP Program, ARES Operators will have access to the following:

        +50% Crystite from missions and loot.
        Two additional Manufacturing slots.
        Eight additional Marketplace slots.

      The pricing for the VIP program is as follows:

        1 Day - 10 Red Beans
        3 Days - 25 Red Beans
        7 Days - 40 Red Beans
        30 Days - 100 Red Beans
        180 Days - 550 Red Beans
        365 Days - 950 Red Beans

      Note: Buying additional time while already a part of the VIP program will act as a time extension on your membership.
      Note: Anything loaded in the VIP manufacturing slots will continue to process and can be unloaded if VIP time expires. These slots cannot be used again until the VIP membership is renewed, however.
      Note: Any items listed in the VIP Marketplace slots can be claimed or cancelled normally if the VIP time expires. These slots cannot be used again until the VIP membership is renewed, however.

    New Player Experience

      Upon creating a character, ARES Operators will be prompted to enter their callsign and receive a mission from Consul Nostromo.
      ARES Operators are encouraged to customize their characters at New You stations around New Eden.
      A Chosen attack has devastated the Battle Lab, making the facilities unusable to train new ARES Operators.
      New ARES Operators will join Typhon on the battlefield in an epic mission to fight off Chosen invaders at Copacabana. Be warned, this mission is not for the fainthearted.
      The new user experience is now more strongly focused on Firefall's exciting storyline. ARES Operators will be introduced to a variety of important characters in the first few minutes of gameplay.
      ARES Operators do not have to complete this mission alone! Other new ARES Operators will be able to team up and work together to fight off the Chosen.

    General Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where deleting a character that is an army commander would give an empty LUA error. A proper error should now be displayed.
      Fixed an issue that would cause sounds to stop playing after some time.
      Fixed an issue where users were allowed to use C: as their parent Firefall directory.
      Fixed an issue with Logitech Mice (particularly the G500) where changing the vertical scroll speed on the GS mouse options would cause Nav Wheel to increment by the set point value.


    All Battleframes will now start out with a secondary weapon - they no longer require an unlock for the initial secondary weapon.
    Fixed an issue where the Burst Rifle's magazine would remain in the air during the reload animation.
    Fixed an issue with beam weapons where their firing visual effects would continue to play after switching weapons while firing.


      Accord Assault

        Fixed typos in the description of Crater.
        Fixed a typo in the description of Shockwave.
        Fixed an issue where players were sliding off of enemies when directly hitting with Crater.
        Fixed an issue where Fuel Charger II, III & IV could not be crafted, giving the message that the blueprint cert was missing even though that is not the case.
        Fixed an issue where Shockwave would damage enemies behind collision, out of its line of sight.
        Fixed an issue where Shockwave was damaging enemies 15m behind the cast.


        Added a new weapon model for the Fusion Cannon.
        New visual effects for Fusion Cannon model and Missile Shot.
        Fusion Cannon's Nova Blast can now only be detonated by its owner.
        Fixed an issue where Nova Cannon firing animation would not play in first person view.


        Added a new weapon model for the Thermal Cannon.
        Thermal Cannon's alt fire will now be affected by elemental ammo chambers.


      Accord Biotech

        Fixed an issue where Healing Wave IV range is not affected by Range Booster IV.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation does not affect Poison Trail.
        Fixed an issue where Accord Chemical Sprayer's tooltip does not display damage.


        Added a new weapon model for the BioRifle.
        Fixed an issue where the BioRifle's alt fire did not have an animation.
        Fixed an issue where the stock BioRifle did not have audio for reloading.
        Fixed an issue where an ally would be healed for one extra tick when Rally is triggered.
        Fixed an issue where Battleframes below a certain threshold would trigger Rally twice.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation does not affect Healing Pillar (applies to both damage and healing).
        Fixed an issue where power allocation does not affect Healing Ball (applies to both damage and healing).


        Updated the BioCrossbow weapon model to its original intended model.
        Fixed a typo in the description for Stock Kinetic Shot.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation was not affecting Evacuate damage.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation was not affecting Creeping Death damage.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation was not affecting Kinetic Shot damage.


      Fixed an issue where players would be unable to equip or remove certain Dreadnaught plating. Existing plating will be equippable by all players until broken, but new plating will be Dread specific, as by the design.
      Fixed an issue where Turret Mode would only affect HMG weapon stats.
      Known Issue: Turret Mode's shield is causing durability loss for equipped items when in use.
      Accord Dreadnaught
        Fixed an issue where Accord Mortar Launcher III & IV AoE would not be affected by crafting.
        Fixed an issue where Accord Mortar Launcher's stats were not affected by item quality.
        Fixed an issue where Heavy Armor sound effects would not stop playing for players other than the Dreadnaught.
        Fixed an issue where the Forward Shield alt-fire would refresh instantly.


        Arsenal Chassis and Reactor upgrades renamed to 'Aggressor'.
        Fixed an issue where if an Arsenal was downed while using Particle Beam and is revived, the ammo count for Particle Beam is reset.
        Fixed an issue where Turret Mode bonus damage was not applied to Light Machine Gun.
        Fixed an issue where Arsenal Plating III research tooltip shows "Research Rhino Plating III".
        Fixed the tooltip description for EMP to mention it triggers upon ability activation.
        Fixed an issue where the alternate Chassis and Reactor could not be equipped.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation was not affecting Combat Shotgun or Particle Beam damage.
        Fixed an issue where Combat Shotgun and Particle Beam could be used on other Dreadnaughts.
        Fixed an issue where using the Accord Arcfold Mortar in combination with the Combat Shotgun would fire a mortar for each shotgun round.
        Fixed the description of the Arsenal in the Garage that mentions its use of a "Primary Heavy Machine Gun".
        Fixed an issue where using the alternate fire and then swapping to primary fire would cause the spread to instantly become its maximum value.


        Added a new weapon model for the Plasma HMG.
        Fixed an issue where the Plasma HMG would not deal any splash damage.


        Added a new weapon model for the Laser HMG.
        Fixed an issue where Rhino loadouts were still using Accord Dreadnaught plating.


      Fixed an issue where deployables spawned under water would not take damage. Deployables under water can now be affected by deep water.

      Accord Engineer

        Fixed a typo in the description for Sticky Grenade Launcher.
        Fixed an issue where Heavy Turret was doing more damage than the tooltip displayed.
        Fixed an issue where players other than the Accord Engineer would not get healed by Supply Station.


        Fixed an issue where power allocation does not affect Sentinel Pod.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation does not affect Multi-Turret.
        Fixed an issue where Multi-Turret would cease to shoot at enemies.
        Fixed an issue where Sentinel Pod was healing players as well as deployables.
        Fixed an animation issue causing strange wrist movement when Sentinel Pod & Multi Turret abilities were activated.
        Fixed an issue where the Tesla Rifle's audio would cease to play though the player is still firing.


        Modified the Shock Rifle's alt fire so that only the owner may detonate the energy orb by firing at it.


      Fixed an issue where crafted Resonating Bolts' preview was not reflecting the actual outcome. The cooldown for Resonating Bolts should now trigger after the proper maximum amount of bolts have been deployed.

      Accord Recon

        Fixed an issue where Accord Regenerative Plating is healing an extra tick.


        Added a new weapon model for the Sniper Rifle.
        Removed the headshot multiplier on from the hip shots when using Eruption Rounds.
        Fixed a typo in the description for Stock Ambush.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation was not affecting Remote Satchel Charge damage.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation was not affecting Execute Shot damage.
        Fixed an issue where power allocation was not affecting Eruption Rounds damage.
        Fixed an issue where Smoke Screen would affect deployables.


        Added a new weapon model for the Charge Rifle.
        Reduced base strength (Rate of Fire & Charge Time) for Chosen and Crafted versions of Power Field.
        Fixed an issue where Electron Charge Emitter III did not affect the strength attribute of Power Field.
        Fixed an issue where Teleport Beacon had a slightly higher global cooldown than the rest of the Raptor's abilities.
        Fixed an issue where SIN Scrambler does not make enemies appear red when in a squad duel.
        Fixed an issue where the Raptor weapon does not leave a bullet decal when unzoomed.

Open World

    Removed the requirement to have Arcfold modulators to get into Diamondhead, Sargasso Sea, and Antarctica. These are now accessible by anyone.
    Removed the requirement to craft a key to gain access to Blackwater Anomaly.
    Copacabana has been modified to better accommodate the new user experience and general usage flows.
    When retaking Watch Towers, there is a chance that one of five different encounters may start on the first attempt at taking the Watch Towers from the Chosen.
    SIN towers now emit a pillar of light from their center, reaching out to the sky.
    SIN's world map view has improved. ARES Operators can now zoom out to a global view.
    ARES Operators can now use the global view to arcport to certain locales marked on the map.
    The Accord Engineering Corps has adjusted buoy placement closer to the shore to better signify safe areas for ARES operators.
    The Accord Engineering Corps have made some adjustments to the terrain along the coastline south of Copacabana. They have also cleared out some of the road debris at Broken Shores.
    Watch Tower rewards are now scaled based on the number of Chosen cleared.
    Watch Tower all clear message triggers after ten seconds, down from two minutes.
    Melding Wyrms are now treated as boss creatures for Melding Thumper encounters.
    Added a Battleframe Garage terminal to Moisture Farm.
    Daily Mission Objects should now destroy themselves upon logout to reduce inventory clutter.
    Reduced the accuracy of Tanken Assaults.
    Players can now leave Freecam (F9) mode by pressing Esc.
    Added a sound effect for when EXP boosts are applied.
    Added a sound effect for when EXP boosts are expired.
    Hitting SPACE while gliding now activates jump jets rather than closing the glider wings and dropping (this has been moved to the SHIFT key).
    Chosen Troopers will now use tactical positioning to pick locations to move to while fighting.
    Disabled the music for the Pirate Raid encounter.

    New Players

      After completing the new player experience, players will fly into Copacabana on Oilspill's dropship.
      Players will be led to the Copacabana SIN tower and driven to different activities that will show them the basics of interacting with the Firefall world.
      Deimos, a friendly robot, will come to new ARES Operators' aid if they are incapacitated during their first two hours of play.


      The Accord Army Corps of Engineers has finished their forward base deployment in the area known as Diamondhead. ARES Operators are needed to secure more land and fight back against the melding in this area.
      The new base requires additional power to help keep the Melding at bay. ARES Operators are asked to keep the SIN tower powered up to prevent the Melding from collapsing over the entire zone. Depositing Melded Crystite will keep the SIN tower at the forward base powered up.
      Three new areas have been discovered within Diamondhead where ARES Operators may be dispatched to disrupt potential enemy activity.
      New creatures have been spotted in Diamondhead. ARES Operators are advised to take note of the new threats, Vile Scorpions and Armored Scorchers.

    Open World Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where enemies for ARES missions would spawn outside of their ARES spaces.
      Fixed an issue where SIN was not highlighting enemies properly.
      Fixed an issue where the Data Collector for the Crashed LGV event was louder than intended.
      Fixed various holes, props and collision around New Eden and the Melding Pockets.
      Fixed an issue where the Riot turret would fire at seemingly nothing during an invasion.
      Fixed an issue causing NPCs to fire on ARES Operators before visually appearing.
      Fixed an issue where ARES Operators were not getting mission credit for kills by squadmates.
      Fixed an issue where Oilspill would repeat his dialogue when leaving the area of a crashed thumper.
      Fixed an issue where the Melding Tornado would knock players back if they were not near the funnel.
      Fixed an issue where the Melding Tornado shards would not move with the tornado.
      Fixed an issue where the Jacob's Pass Watch Tower status is affected by the type of monsters in the nearby ARES cave.
      Fixed an issue where Meld-thumping near a Watch Tower would award the thumper players with multiple Watchtower Defense rewards.
      Fixed an issue where ARES Operators were not getting hit by rocks thrown by Wooly Brontodons.
      Fixed an issue where Crystite in Crystite Containers in Moisture farm would cease to rotate as a player approaches.
      Fixed an issue where the Repulsor and Tectonic icons were on top of each other in the Diamondhead map.
      Fixed an issue where Recovered Grenade Launcher was dropping more frequently than intended.
      Fixed an issue where ARES Operators could not drop their Payload during Retrieval ARES missions.
      Removed remaining Omnicon banners in Sunken Harbor.
      Fixed an issue where pressing F9 while gliding would change gliding direction. Movement input orientation is now locked so players may use the freecam reliably while gliding.
      Fixed an issue where typing a number while donating Crystite Resonators would activate abilities.
      Fixed an issue where the Unknown Savior achievement would not update.
      Fixed an issue where the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun achievement could not be unlocked.
      Fixed an issue where the Me...Love...SHINEY achievement is not tracking progress. Fixed an issue where the Tire Kicking achievement would complete at 24/25 races.
      Fixed an issue where all the following achievements would only track the thumper stated within the description of the achievement:

        Quite the Gamble
        No Pain, No Gain
        Risk and Reward
        Thumper Aficionado
        Thumper Journeyman
        Thumper Professional
        Ground Pounding
        Underground Resourcer

      Realigned the forcefield at the Biosphere respawn.
      Fixed an issue with Chosen Warbringer visual effects, the generator emissions should be thinner and less noisy.
      Fixed an issue where Brontodon melee strikes were hitting players vertically well above the expected height.
      Fixed an issue where a user could die while mounting a LGV, allowing them to ride around on the LGV and respawn on it.
      Fixed an issue where holding jump just before picking up a heavy object completes allows players to jet normally (Crashed Thumper).
      Oilspill should no longer use the phrase "It's raining Crystite!" upon 100% completion of a thumper (you don't get Crystite from thumping directly).
      Fixed an issue where the grinding sounds would not play as part of the thumper's thumping.
      Fixed an issue where Chosen Grunt Scout melee audio would play for remote ARES Operators.
      Fixed an issue where logging out while on Dropships would spawn players at their last known location, causing them to fall to their death. Players should now be saved to their most recent "on ground" position during logout.
      Fixed an issue where Brinewyrms created odd textures on rocks they kick up while burrowing.
      Fixed an issue where Antarctica objectives could be healed by a Bastion's Tesla Rifle.
      Fixed an issue where Sargasso Sea and Diamondhead objectives could be healed by a Dragonfly.
      Fixed an issue where the floor of the underwater area at Shanty Reactor would not damage players.
      Fixed an issue where Stock Tiki Thumper has less health than Stock Thumper.
      Fixed an issue causing the rear wheel of the LGV was kicking up more dust than intended.
      Fixed an issue where weapons could be charged and fired while mounting an LGV.
      Aero should now suggest ARES Operators to uplink with new SIN towers less frequently now.
      Fixed an issue where the Toxic Thresher did not have a spawn-in animation.
      Fixed some audio issues with the crashed LGV.
      Fixed an issue where the battleframes detail popup in the Battleframe Garage could not be closed.
      The Brazilian Party Radio of Sunken Harbor has been relocated to the picnic area.
      Fixed an issue where Melding Tornado orb projectiles had no flyby audio.
      Removed the 'Do Not Enter' visuals from the entranceway leading to the Melding Arcporter for Blackwater Anomaly in Copacabana.
      Fixed an issue causing female characters' upper body would tilt to the side when in the air and looking down.
      Fixed an issue where character orientation would not match LGV orientation when dismounting the LGV.
      Fixed an issue where players would hear other players' death sound as they spawn in.
      Fixed an issue where ARES Operators would be notified of a new mission even though they were already engaged in that mission.
      Fixed an issue where Aero was only using one line for SIN uplinks. There should now be some variance.
      Fixed an issue where looking straight up from below a vehicle would inverse the camera.
      Smoothed out NPC head turning animations when facing players.
      Fixed an issue causing framerate to drop inside the Melding Tornado Room.
      Fixed an issue where when turning with the glider it would cause the player to dive into the ground.
      Fixed an issue with the ARES space at the Agricultural Facility, south of Sigu's Sanctuary. Assassinate targets could get knocked into the water and were unable to be killed, making it so the mission could not be completed. Targets should no longer be able to be knocked into the pool.
      Fixed an issue where using the Melding Tornado exit multiple times would give multiple rewards.
      Fixed a typo with the Copacabana advertisement sign at Trans Hub.
      Fixed an area where the Crashed Thumper would spawn out of reach of its thumper parts due to heavy load (between Copacabana and Trans Hub).
      Fixed an issue where the Tectonic Generators in Diamondhead did not have collision on their tops.
      Fixed an issue where the Mag Lift in Sargasso Sea did not have the proper collision.
      Fixed the Assault Rifle animations in first person mode.
      Fixed an issue where "Remaining" for time remaining would not translate in non-English versions.
      Fixed an issue where ARES Operators would still get SIN and radio chatter at Sunken Harbor while it was under Chosen control.
      Fixed various areas across Coral Forest and the Melding Pockets where players could get stuck.
      Removed the ability for certain (intended to be) inanimate objects to dance.
      Fixed an issue where ARES Operators were able to switch to a weapon while carrying an object without dropping the object.
      Fixed various civilian NPC placement and pathing.
      Fixed an issue with the Chosen Executioner's weapon firing audio.
      Fixed an issue where Chosen drop pods were spawning too close/underneath watch towers.
      Fixed an issue where jumpjet audio would continually play.
      Fixed an issue where NPCs were not properly animating after leaving a deployable.
      Fixed some areas that would display "Accord-Restricted Zone" for thumping and the message should have been "Unthumpable Surface".
      Fixed an issue where Chosen were still playing grunt sound effects after death.
      Fixed the gear shift audio for LGVs, the sound effect has been reverted to its previous iteration.
      Fixed an issue where a vehicle's driver would be missing when mounted out of sight.
      Fixed an issue where players would continue to burn after jumping out of lava.
      Fixed an issue where the Tanken Grenadier had no weapon fire audio.
      Fixed an issue where SIN Imprint voice over and radio voice over would overlap.
      Fixed an issue where stealth enemies could be spotted and placed in SIN.
      Fixed an issue in Diamondhead where burning and crackling ambiance sounds were playing when there was nothing burning or crackling nearby.


    DNA, Chosen technology, crystite hybrid modules, gems and precious metals have been removed from the game. They served little purpose and offered no additional depth to the crafting system. They also drove up the price of crafted items significantly, making them harder to sell compared to the very common and cheap loot drops.
    Removed the requirement for any of the above items from crafting recipes.
    Added a second optional component slot to crafted equipment recipes.

    Optional Components for Abilities and Weapons

      Added new creature drops to be used as optional components for certain weapons and abilities. The quality of the drops depend on the stage of the creature that dropped them.

      Plasma Cannon

        Dragonborn Plasma Cannon

          Replaces Scattershot Alt Fire with "Dragon's Breath", shooting a burst of fire forward in a cone.
          Requires optional component Fire Gland which is dropped by Explosive Aranhas + Ash Dragons.
          Fire Gland quality modifies Dragon's Breath range.


        Shielded Crater

          Adds Blast Shield to Crater. Blast Shield spawns centered on the impact site of Crater.
          Requires optional component Drone Module which is dropped by Chosen Drones.
          Drone Module quality modifies Blast Shield health.


        Soaring Afterburner

          Adds Quick-Deploying Gliding Gear to Afterburner. Glider wings sprout from the Assault at the end of Afterburner.
          Requires optional component Wings which is dropped by Culex and Wasps.
          Wings quality modifies Quick-Deploying Gliding Gear duration.

      Bio Needler

        Noxious Needler

          Replaces alt fire with Plague Blaster, which increases the amount of damage enemies take when hit by the alt fire. This effect also spreads to nearby targets.
          Requires optional component Poison Gland which is dropped by Toxic Aranhas + Toxic Varants.
          Poison Gland quality modifies the % of increased damage taken.

      Poison Trail

        Toxic Poison Trail

          Adds Blinding Fumes to Poison Trail, decreasing enemies' accuracy while in Poison Trail.
          Requires optional component Ink Sac which is dropped by Nautilus.
          Ink Sac quality modifies the enemy accuracy reduction.


        Ghostly Triage

          Adds a Phase Unit to Triage, which allows the player to be able to pass through enemies/allies causing damage to enemies and healing allies
          Requires optional component Space Manipulator which is dropped by Chosen
          Space Manipulator quality modifies duration.


        Barrier HMG

          Adds an Upgraded Forward Shield to the HMG alt fire, creating an improved shield. Full body shield
          Requires optional component Brontodon Ivory which is dropped by Brontodons.
          Brontodon Ivory quality modifies shield health.

      Heavy Armor

        Spiny Heavy Armor

          Adds a Damage Reflector which harms enemies that hit the Dreadnaught while Heavy Armor is active.
          Requires optional component Shell Fragment, which is dropped by Rageclaws & Terrorclaws as well as the mighty Bane Claw (best quality)
          Shell Fragment quality modifies the percentage of damage returned.

      Repulsor Blast

        Attracting Repulsor Blast

          Adds a Magnetic Attractor to Repulsor Blast, drawing enemies in to the Dreadnaught before Repulsor Blast is fired.
          Requires optional Component Space Manipulator, which is dropped by Chosen
          Space Manipulator quality modifies pull-in range.

      Sticky Grenade Launcher

        Burrowing Sticky Grenade Launcher

          Adds Burrowing Explosives to Sticky Grenade Launcher which applies a Damage over Time effect to the area that they were detonated on.
          Requires optional component Brinewyrm Goo, which is dropped by Brinewyrms.
          Brinewyrm Goo quality modifies the damage of the Damage over Time.

      Supply Station

        HKM Supply Station

          Adds High Capacity Arcfold Tech to the Supply Station, replacing health pickups with HKM powerups.
          Requires optional Component Hypercapacitor, which is dropped by Chosen
          Hypercapacitor quality modifies amount of HKM charge given.

      Heavy Turret

        Rocket Turret

          Adds Rocket Turrets to Heavy Turret. Rockets fire ontop of the normal firing projectile
          Requires optional component Explosive Device, which is dropped by Tanken
          Explosive Device quality modifies rocket damage.


        Sharpeyed R36

          Adds tech to increase the magnification when zooming with the R36.
          Requires optional component Cornea, which is dropped by Rimehunters and Wargrim.
          Cornea quality modifies magnification.


        Advanced Decoy

          Adds AI behavior to Decoy which allows Decoy to move and shoot before it explodes.
          Requires optional component Drone Module, which is dropped by Chosen Drones.
          Drone Module quality modifies AI damage.

      Cryo Grenade

        Burning Cryo Grenade

          Adds a Frost Burner to Cryo Grenade, which increases Cryo Grenade damage. Applies a DoT that burns he target ontop of slowing them
          Requires optional component Fire Gland, which is dropped by Explosive Aranhas + Ash Dragons.
          Fire Gland quality modifies damage.

    Crafting Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where Smoothbore Barrel III (used for Shotgun III) would only accept Methine when the stats ideally want Nitrine. This component should now only accept Nitrine.
      Fixed an issue where using the "Clear" button on non-optional component slots would not do anything in Molecular Printer.
      Fixed an issue where the Manufacturing Complete window is missing information.
      Fixed an issue with missing equipment models in the crafting UI.
      Fixed an issue where stat previews of equipment don't update when a component is slotted.
      Fixed an issue where claiming items from a Molecular Printer would not appear until relogging.
      Fix for missing cost text in workbench purchase dialog.
      Fix for repair points/pool not displaying in crafting previews.


    Decreased the droprate of full equipment loot. This was done because the amount of items coming into the economy through loot drops is too high and we would like crafting to have a more prominent role in the marketplace.
    Decreased the stats of Chosen loot. We feel that the equipment that was dropping was too powerful. This should only affect new drops.
    Added a random delay before market listings will appear in search results.
    Executioner's Hood will now match current warpaint.
    Tech Skull will now match current warpaint.
    Model 5 Helmet will now match current warpaint.
    Model 5 Tech Helmet will now match current warpaint.
    Gas Mask will now match current warpaint.
    Top Run and Gun will now match current warpaint.
    Updated Thresher Leash's icon.
    When an ARES Operator wins a very rare item at the Vending Machine, a sound is played globally along with a chat notification.
    Updated token art.
    Added marketplace sorting by list price, quality and amount.

    Items Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue where T.O.P. did not have a top hat.
      Fixed an issue where the DigiCamo pattern does not affect Accord Dreadnaught.
      Fixed an issue where "The Gobbler" icon in the vending machine was missing.
      Fixed an issue where unlocking items in the New You would not appear until after relogging.
      Fixed an issue where calling down rewards crates too quickly in succession would cause crates to get lost.
      Fixed an issue where consuming a second set of an already owned cosmetic unlock from the Vending Machine would cause the item to disappear permanently.
      Fixed an issue where Mustang would not show any currency type next to his prices.
      Fixed an issue where vendors would show the wrong clip size for grenade launchers.
      Fixed an issue where the Beta Crystite Glider triggers the cooldown of the Sunset Glider Pad.
      Fixed an issue where the Rechargable Hoverpad & Crystal Wing Glider shared cooldown.
      Fixed a typo in a Vendor's error message "Insufficient Funds".
      Fixed an issue where unpackaging items from the Vending Machine would remain in inventory and could be sold on Marketplace.
      Fixed an issue where decal position would reset on a battleframe upon logging out.
      Fixed an issue where the Sunset Glider Wings were using the Angel Wings visuals.
      Fixed an issue where inventory settings would reset after deleting an item.
      Fixed an issue where pressing 'Delete' at the inventory screen would not delete the selected item.
      Fixed an issue where the Battleframe Terminal was not displaying all cosmetics.
      Fixed an issue where resource pickup sounds were playing for ARES Operators when their squadmates would pick up resources.
      Fixed an issue where players would purchase items on the Marketplace and are charged Crystite but would not receive the item.
      Fixed an issue where attempting to post an item to the Marketplace with an excessive price causes and endless SIN sync. Sell price is now limited to 99.9 million Crystite.
      Fixed an issue where players could not trade passive ability modules on the Marketplace.
      Fixed an issue where some packaged pets could not be sold on the Marketplace.
      Fixed an issue where equipped and worn items would show up on the sellable list on the Marketplace.
      Fixed an issue where players could not cancel Marketplace listings.
      Fixed an issue where the quality of listed items was not being displayed on Marketplace tooltips.


    Added profanity filter option to gameplay Options.
    Added a chat scroll indicator and you can now scroll chat via the mouse wheel when moused over chat.
    Added a /me emote system that plays on the say chat channel.

    Social Bugfixes

      German Localization - fixed an issue where the Backspace key would open the yell chat channel instead of chat response.
      Fixed an issue where the chat scroll bar would not fade out with the rest of the chat box.
      Fixed an issue where the "Available" button would not stay active after a player closes the Squad Search window.
      Fixed an issue where the Squad Search and Friends UI would not save which tab you last used.
      Fixed an issue where players could not whisper friends from the drop-down menu.
      Fixed an issue where players could ignore themselves.
      Fixed an issue where players could add themselves to their friends list.
      Fixed an issue where a player could add the same name to their friends list multiple times.
      Fixed an issue where players could add <blank> as a friend.
      Fixed an issue where players could not invite friends to a squad using the drop-down menu.
      Fixed an issue where clicking between "My Friends" and "Blacklist" will move the window.
      Fixed an issue where using the Nav Wheel to accept a squad invite would not work.

User Interface

    Added a mouse mode! Press V to toggle mouse mode on or off.
    Mouse mode can now be used to rearrange the ability bar or click on different elements on the HUD.
    Added a clickable VIP button to the top left under the player's name.
    Added (placeholder) buttons for chat tab interaction.
    Added a clickable HUD element to the bottom left of the screen to navigate to different UI features.
    Added the ability to drag calldowns from inventory to the calldown (5) slot on the ability bar.
    Added a Heads Up Display for Gliding.
    All Web UI elements that are interactable (such as buttons or inventory items) now switch the mouse pointer to the hand state when hovered upon.
    Esc. menu is now accessible at loading screen (not the Firefall splash screen, though).
    Added a chat notification for when screenshots are taken.
    Moved the killing blow notifications to the top-middle portion of the screen by default.
    Added a Character Overview screen (default hotkey P) which displays the following information of the current equipped battleframe:
    Battleframe progression.
    Equipped weapons, abilities and other equipment.
    Mouse over the equipment icons for tooltips.
    Inventory once again has a list view.
    Tooltips load faster.
    Optimized inventory cache in the UI.
    Added a ON_PRE_RELOADUI event to gUI for the add-on community, allowing authors to safely save data before the UI is reloaded.
    Added VIP manufacturing slots to the Molecular Printer.
    Updated the Molecular Printer slot purchase process.
    Added VIP purchase panel to the NavWheel
    New tip appearance.
    New loading screen visuals.
    Updated notification alerts.
    Updated achievement progress popup art.
    Updated point of interest/location UI upon entering a new area.
    Added a standard [X] close button for New You and Garage at the top right.
    Moved the 'Paint Shop', 'Maintenance', and 'Tutorial' buttons in the Garage UI to the top of the screen.
    Changed the audio for swapping battleframes in the Garage to a shorter and quieter sound effect.
    Known Issue: you cannot currently buy or craft self-revive tokens.
    New appearance for loot cards in the world with full tooltip info via holding the Aquire Target key (F by default).
    Added a 'Remember Password' option to the Login screen.
    Added a button on the character select screen to assist with setting up authenticator apps.
    Known Issue: When you unload all 4 slots and begin to load items in again, sometimes a 400 error is given. The current workaround is to close the error and load the workbench again.

    User Interface Bugfixes

      Fixed an issue on the dashboard where XP is showing multiple values overlapping.
      Fixed an issue where the HUD was displaying a Crystite bonus that was not actually applied to the player.
      Fixed a display with the Year field when setting birthdate (no longer uses a comma).
      Fixed an issue where the TAB Maintenance window was not updating durability status until logout or reloading UI.
      Fixed an issue where inventory and Garage would not update Crystite values.
      Fixed an issue where when tabbing through the New Account fields, it would skip Birthdate and Country.
      Fixed an issue where the New You menu list extended beyond the background graphic.
      Fixed an issue where the chat window would cover a portion of the Marketplace UI which disallowed any interaction with that portion of the Marketplace UI.
      Fixed an issue where the Flashlight tooltip would appear during daytime.
      Fixed an issue where reloading the UI while downed would cause the respawn UI element to disappear.
      Fixed an issue where the interact button was misaligned.
      Clicking Notifications when there aren't any notifications to display will now display the message "No Notifications".
      Fixed an issue where the Garage would display zero resources and not allow a player to purchase progression certifications.
      Fixed an issue where the audio from the Garage video tutorial would play after exiting the Garage.
      Fixed an issue where the Endangered Species achievement does not show a progress bar.
      Fixed an issue where the Title for Thumper Journeyman is missing from the achievement menu.
      Fixed an issue where after completing Bird's Eye View achievement, the progress bar would display 8/9.
      Fixed an issue where after completing Siege the Walls, the progress bar would display 9/10.
      Fixed an issue in the Garage where players could not see what was equipped on their battleframe when a slot was locked.
      Fixed an issue where HP bars were not visible while scoped in with sniper rifles.
      Fixed an issue where duplicate mission waypoints would stack on the screen.
      Fixed an issue where the difficulty bars around the outside of a map icon were not properly aligned.
      Fixed an issue where you could open the map while the loading screen is up.
      Fixed an issue where replacing broken gear with gear that's not broken causes maintenance tab text to overlap.
      Fixed an issue where broken weapons had permanently prompted for a reload.
      Fixed an issue where the 'Back' button in the Decal positioning menu was only responsive on bottom half.
      Fixed an issue where selecting 'None' as a warpaint option would cause functionality issues with the Garage.
      Fixed an issue where in using the Garage, clicking the 'Maintenance' button while in the Decals menu would cause the UI to overlap and Garage to lock.
      Fixed an issue where the loading screen would disappear before the character is spawned in the world.
      Fixed an issue where SIN cards were not updating or despawning for certain missions.
      Disabled an improperly formatted loading screen.
      Fixed an issue where players were not getting the Activity Tracker on their second login of the day.
      Fixed an issue where quality numbers on abilities would appear outside of their module box in the Garage.
      Fixed an issue where inventory tooltips in the French and German versions would display in English.
      Fixed an issue where bringing up the Achievement screen on the loading screen would not fully appear.

Mardi 17 septembre 2013  
Red 5 (Firefall) licencie 10% de ses effectifs

Alors que Firefall est encore en bêta ouverte (tout passé en "Stage 2"), le studio Red 5 confirme aujourd'hui le licenciement de 10% de ses effectifs dans le cadre d'une « restructuration » de ses activités.

Firefall est en développement depuis des années (on en parle depuis 2005, même si le jeu se dévoilait pour la première fois en 2010) et depuis exactement deux ans, le shooter du studio Red 5 accueille les joueurs dans le cadre de son bêta-test ouvert - complété d'une boutique en ligne en activité depuis déjà quelques mois. En attendant un lancement commercial officiel, le studio Red 5 annonce (par voie de communiqué) une « réorganisation » de ses effectifs qui s'accompagne d'une vague de licenciements.

« Alors que Firefall gagne en maturité, nous devons faire évoluer nos priorité et notre stratégie de développement en nous concentrant sur l'exploitation et le support du jeu au quotidien. Parallèlement à cette réorganisation, les studios Red 5 confirment avoir procédé au licenciement d'environ 10% de ses effectifs, majoritairement affectés à Stage 5 TV, la chaîne de vidéos en ligne de Red 5. Le développement de Firefall n'est pas impacté par cette réorganisation et l'étape 2 de la bêta ouverte suit son cours, avec un patch majeur prévu avant la fin du mois. »

Sur les forums officiel, l'équipe communautaire précise qu'en plus de l'équipe en charge de Stage 5 TV, « quelques membre de l'équipe de production » sont aussi affectés par cette « restructuration ». Et de préciser que le prochain patch majeur de Firefall devrait être déployé sur les serveurs de test d'ici la semaine prochaine.
Et comme pour souligner que ces licenciements sont plus stratégiques que le fruit de difficultés financières, le développeur précise aussi être en quête de programmeurs web, serveur et de gameplay pour renforcer ses effectifs. On pense aux salariés concernés.


Lundi 16 septembre 2013  
Firefall gèle son système PvP en attendant une refonte complète

D'après Mark Kern, les mécaniques PvP de Firefall ne fonctionnent pas. Elles sont donc gelées, le temps d'être repensées et réintégrées ultérieurement. Reste le gameplay PvE - celui-là même que Mark Kern présentait comme le fossoyeur des MMO.

On se souvient des ambitions du studio Red 5 pour son shooter Firefall : réaliser un jeu en ligne d'action, articulé autour d'affrontements entre joueurs (sur la base d'un gameplay de shooter) mais transposé dans un univers persistant et évolutif de MMO et intégrant un gameplay PvE (dans Firefall, le joueur lutte aussi contre une engeance extra-terrestre).
Las, le PvP qui devait être le coeur de Firefall semble assez peu séduire les joueurs du shooter et dans une lettre ouverte qui leur est adressée, Mark Kern (CEO de Red 5) annonce un gel du gameplay PvP en attendant une refonte complète.

« Comme vous le savez, Firefall a débuté avec du PvP. Nous avons adopté un processus très itératif, et pendant un moment, nous avons poursuivi la voie controversée du sport électronique. Comme nombre d'entre vous le savent, ça n'a pas très bien fonctionné. Notre dernière grosse tentative était la réalisation d'un mode totalement dédié au « PvP eSport », le Jetball. Bien que très fun, il nécessite une approche très technique et n'a pas attiré énormément de nos joueurs (moins de 3% du PvP dans Firefall).
En outre, le PvP a souffert de l'intérêt que nous avons porté aux éléments populaires du PvE du jeu. Les joueurs veulent plus de contenu, moins de bugs, et un jeu mieux peaufiné dans ses mécaniques globales. Pour ces raisons, nous avons pris la décision de suspendre le PvP et de déconnecter ce système le temps que nous puissions le repenser et le relancer. Le PvP est une part importante de notre jeu et nous voulons qu'il fonctionne correctement.
Nous allons donc y repenser collectivement, et proposer un système PvP le plus solide possible, susceptible d'être apprécié de tous. Nous n'avons pas encore de délai à ce sujet, mais dans un futur proche, les composantes PvP seront interrompues en vue d'une relance quand ces fonctionnalités seront prêtes.
Merci de votre compréhension. Nous souhaitons simplement proposer la meilleure expérience ludique à l'ensemble des joueurs et nous avons le sentiment qu'en prenant le temps de repenser notre PvP et de le réimplanter correctement, nous pouvons faire bien mieux. »

On sera donc curieux de découvrir la prochaine mouture du PvP ultérieurement. D'ici là, on se souvient néanmoins qu'au lancement de Firefall, le même Mark Kern défendait les mécaniques « émergentes » de gameplay (axées notamment sur l'interaction des joueurs), considérant que « la course au contenu » imposée par les modèles PvE avait tué le genre massivement multijoueur. Manifestement, lui aussi est rattrapé par certaines réalités.


Mercredi 11 septembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1710r3

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue with some lower-end video cards that caused a Direct3d Depth Buffer error.
    Fixed a common client crash that was showing up in DumpTruck reports lately.

For Reals This Time Bug Fixes (the LUA files for these fixes were missing in the last patch)

    Fixed an issue where Arsenal visuals would not save properly or display in the garage properly.
    Fixed an issue where Friend status would spam chat.
    Fixed an error with the crafting reward screen.
    Fixed a UI problem with the drop down list on multiple monitors.

Jeudi 5 septembre 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1710r2

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a memory leak and crashes caused by initializing Twitch API at start up.

      Note, enabling Twitch streaming may cause your client to crash. We are working to resolve this problem.

    Fixed an issue where Arsenal visuals would not save properly or display in the garage properly.
    Fixed an issue where Friend status would spam chat.
    Token count should now update properly on token vendor screens.
    Fixed an error with the crafting reward screen.
    Fixed a UI problem with the drop down list on multiple monitors.

Mercredi 28 août 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1710

Patch Notes

    Fixed an issue where players' daily missions would reset under certain conditions.
    Fixed an issue where players would not have their 50% Arsenal XP boost applied.
    Fixed an issue where the Copacabana Arcporter was not teleporting players to Copacabana.
    Implemented a fix to improve performance for older dual core processors.
    Fixed a bug preventing players from selling items from the vending machine on the marketplace.
    Fixed a bug causing players to always spawn at the Lagoa Rasa watch tower upon login.
    Players can no longer thump around the Omnicon events.

Mardi 27 août 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1708

Patch Highlights

    Omnidyne-M is proud to present its latest battleframe based off the Dreadnaught archetype, the Arsenal!
    In celebration of the Arsenal's release, Omnidyne-M is holding Omnicon in Sunken Harbor.
    Sunken Harbor has gone through renovations.
    Vending machines added - try your luck at getting rare cosmetic items!
    Baneclaw rewards adjusted.


    Omnidyne-M Industries is proud to announce its latest battleframe chassis based off the Dreadnaught archetype, the Arsenal.


      The Arsenal comes with plating that grants it 2,000 hit points (stock).
      The Arsenal's Regulation plating grants it 2,400 hit points (PvP).

    Signature Weapon

      Light Machine Gun (LMG)

        The LMG has a high rate of fire, dealing 42 damage per round. The LMG has a clip size of 120 and its maximum ammo reserve capacity is 480 rounds (stock).
        The Arsenal's Regulation LMG has a clip size of 120 and its maximum ammo reserve capacity is 480. The Regulation LMG deals 58 damage per round (PvP).

      The LMG's alternate use is a slower but more accurate rate of fire.


      Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) - Specialty/Passive

        Each time the Arsenal activates an ability, it sets off an Electro Magnetic Pulse blast in a 3 meter radius originating from the Arsenal, sapping all energy and dealing 300 damage (stock).
        The Regulation variant of Electro Magnetic Pulse deals no damage, but instantly drains all energy from enemies within a 3 meter radius when triggered (PvP).

      Combat Shotgun

        The Arsenal switches its weapon to a combat shotgun. The combat shotgun has 8 shots and fires 12 rounds per shot. Each round deals 35 damage (stock).
        The Regulation version of Combat Shotgun has 10 shots and fires 14 rounds per shot. Each round deals 50 damage (PvP).

      Particle Beam

        The Arsenal switches its weapon to a particle beam. The particle beam charges up and deals 450 damage at its targeted area with an area of effect range of 4 meters. The Arsenal can fire three shots of its particle beam before switching back to its main primary weapon (stock).
        In Regulation, the Arsenal's Particle Beam has 5 shots and deals 675 damage on a direct hit with an area of effect range of 4 meters (PvP).

      Rocket Jump

        The Arsenal launches itself directly upward, dealing 300 damage in a 3 meter radius around where the Arsenal initiated Rocket Jump (stock).
        The Regulation version of Rocket Jump deals 350 damage in a 3 meter radius around the place the Arsenal initiated Rocket Jump (PvP).

      Shoulder Rockets - Hyperkinesis Module

        The Arsenal launches a barrage of rockets out of its backpack for 2 seconds at its target. The rockets have dropoff after a range. Each rocket deals 300 damage and deals area of effect damage in a 3 meter radius (stock).
        In Regulation, Shoulder Rockets rockets for 3 seconds that deal 350 damage per rocket and deals area of effect damage in a 3 meter radius (PvP).

Open World

    Sunken Harbor has been renovated.
    The arena portion of Sunken Harbor is now flagged for a free for all PvP zone. Players will not suffer durability on death from other players in this area.
    Players should now face forward after dismounting their LGV.
    CPU unlocks should now increase the battleframe's energy pool.
    Fixed a waterfall that was missing water in Blackwater Anomaly.
    Vending Machines are now available throughout the major points of interest in Coral Forest!
    The Marketplace can now also be accessed via terminals in major points of interest in Coral Forest.
    Fixed an issue where the Custom Match screen would not display the correct selected map.
    The gentleman posing as Mustang has been removed from Sunken Harbor. The real Mustang has returned!
    Fixed an issue where crafted components for Burn Jets was not affecting its cooldown.
    Fixed an issue where Deployable Shield's component quality would not affect stats.
    Stim Packs no longer cease to heal the player once damage is taken.
    Fixed an issue where warpaints would appear washed out on engineer turrets.
    Fixed an issue where gradients weren't working properly in-game (ex. the AMD Special warpaint).
    Adjusted the Wargrim hitbox so that it better fits the creature.
    Added more loading screens for zones.
    Players calling for help while downed should be easier to find:

      Places pulsing map marker with a waypoint
      Indicator hangs around for up to 30 seconds now.

    Fixed an issue causing dropship pile-ups.
    Fixed a bug where dropships would appear to have zero velocity.
    Smoothed out vehicle movement.
    Enemy deployables now use enemy team colors.
    Cleaned up some Terrorclaw and Rageclaw behaviors.
    Fixed an issue where achievement pop-ups would be triggered for players that did not get the achievement.
    Fixed some areas where creatures could not reach Thumpers.
    Added a parking brake for vehicles. Engage your parking brake to lock your vehicle in place while idling.
    Added a parking brake keybinding (default CTRL-Space).
    Carbons, Biopolymers, Radine, Methine and Octine are now spawning in Melding Pockets properly.
    Disabled durability loss on death from duels.
    Improved terrain rendering time for AMD users.
    During an LGV Race, ARES operators MUST stay on the LGV throughout the race. Dismounting ends the race.
    All battleframes will now award a unique title when fully progressed.

      Titles for existing eligible characters will be awarded retroactively after the patch is live.

    Vending Machines

      Vending machines are now available in the major POIs. Try your luck by inputting a silver or gold coin! Each try guarantees four prizes, with a chance at an extremely rare item!
      Silver coins can be crafted.
      Gold coins can be purchased with Red Beans and have a higher chance at winning a rare item.


      Celebrate the release of the Arsenal with Omnicon at Sunken Harbor!
      For the duration of Omnicon, players can activate a 3 day trial period of the Arsenal battleframe.
      There are several activities to participate in while using the Arsenal battleframe.
      Omnicon kiosks are available and interacting with them will give a 50% XP boost on the Arsenal while it is on.


      Watch Tower retakes have been modified.
      The spawner in the top room cannot be destroyed until a hack is initiated.
      Defensive turrets spawn to defend the tower.

    Baneclaw Rewards

      Added the Claw Shell Fragment to Baneclaw's rewards table. A random participant will receive the fragment upon a kill.
      Rewards for killing Baneclaw have been reworked.

      Baneclaw Summoner Rewards

        Baneclaw Brain Bucket (if the summoner does not already own one)
        Reduced the rewards the Baneclaw summoner receives
        Accord Merit Points
        Crystite Resonators
        A chance for a random piece of equipment
        1 Melded Calcium Carbonate

      One Random Participant's Rewards

        One random participant will gain an amount of resources (unchanged from before)
        Accord Merit Points
        Crystite Resonators
        A chance for a random piece of equipment
        A chance for the Claw Shell Fragment

      All Participants' (not including Random Participant and Summoner) Rewards

        Increased amount of Resources participants receive
        Accord Merit Points
        Crystite Resonators
        A chance for a random piece of equipment


    Omnidyne-M has made modifications to their Prototype Arena. The ramps in the middle of the map have been modified so the Jetball cannot get stuck underneath them.
    Hyperkinesis Module Powerups in PvP arenas now grant 30% charge (down from 50%).
    Hyperkinesis Module Powerups in Omnidyne-M Jetball Arena no longer spawn during warmup. They spawn at the beginning of the first period and are on a two minute timer after pickup including between rounds.
    Fixed an issue where the ball could not be picked up if dropped by a downed player.
    Fixed some issues where the ball would not bounce off the edge of decals and floor stops.

Combat & Balance

    Changed Shotgun reload penalty to better fit animations.
    We’ve been working hard on a system to balance the game that is backed by numbers. We’ve taken weapon properties like Splash Range and Projectile Speed, provided our own weights based on our testing and community feedback and threw them all in a spreadsheet. Taking that data as well as our own input, we’ve made many changes to the primary weapons of many frames. These balance changes are the first instance of us utilizing our new data.


      Fixed an issue where Burn Jets was not applying Incinerator.


      Fixed an issue where Nova Cannon would explode a nova blast in its users face upon switching weapons.

    Accord Biotech

      Base Needler damage decreased from 75 to 70.
      Regulation Needler (PvP) damage decreased from 113 to 105.


      Evacuate damage now scales with crafting.


      Emergency Response strength and duration should now scale with crafting.
      Base Bio Rifle damage decreased from 68 to 65.
      Regulation Bio Rifle (PvP) damage decreased from 102 to 98.


      In order to keep the Dreadnaughts identity as a more heavily-armored damage dealer intact, we have done some sweeping changes to Dreadnaught health. We felt that health wasn’t being compensated enough for a lack of mobility. We’ve also made several weapon and ability changes to expand their effective range. They’ve been seeing a lot of play in our internal testing and we look forward to see how our changes play out!

    Accord Dreadnaught

      Accord Dreadnaught Regulation (PvP) armor now gives 2,700 HP (previously 2,100).
      Regulation Accord HMG (PvP) damage increased from 59 to 61.


      Rhino Regulation (PvP) armor now gives 2,400 HP (previously 2,100).
      Charge! speed boost changed from 15% to 30%.
      Charge! duration decreased from 6 to 4 seconds.


      Mammoth Regulation (PvP) armor now gives 3,000 HP (previously 2,700).
      Plasma HMG spread reduced from 2 to 1.5.
      Plasma HMG projectile speed increased from 80 to 120.
      Added activation animation to Tremors.

    Accord Engineer

      Supply Station's Healing Pack now scales with crafting.
      Charged Pulse Generator health now scales with crafting.


      Added an ammo cost for Tesla Rifle's energy drain.
      Regulation Tesla Rifle (PvP) clip size reduced from 210 to 150.
      Headshot damage on the Tesla Rifle was at odds with how we want the weapon to handle. Players should be focusing on hitting a target as much as possible and not aiming for critical spots on the target. Additionally, removing headshot damage on a charged Tesla Rifle will balance out the potential DPS of the weapon.

        Removed headshot damage from Tesla Rifle (Monster crit areas still apply).

    Accord Recon

      Accord Recon R36 base damage reduced from 80 to 70.
      Regulation Accord Recon R36 (PvP) damage reduced from 120 to 110.


      Regulation Charge Rifle (PvP) charge rate lowered from 2.5 to 2.0 seconds.
      Regulation Charge Rifle (PvP) clip size increased from 12 to 14.
      Teleport Beacon’s duration and range has been improved which should expand the use of the ability greatly.

        Increased the range that Teleport Beacon can be thrown.
        Increased the duration of Regulation Teleport Beacon from 5 to 8 seconds.


      Smoke Screen can now be utilized effectively over longer engagements. The Smoke Screen change will also allow additional time for allies to utilize the smoke cloud.

        Increased Smoke Screen's base duration from 4-6 seconds.
        Increased Smoke Screen's PvP duration from 4 to 7 seconds.

Lundi 26 août 2013  
Lancement du Stage 2 de la bêta ouverte de Firefall

Le shooter online Firefall poursuit sa bêta ouverte. Le Stage 1 de la bêta va se terminer et laisser logiquement le Stage 2 prendre la relève avec un monde qui s'étend et devient dynamique.

Avec le Stage de 2 de la bêta ouverte et une nouvelle interface en cours, le conflit impliquant les joueurs de Firefall prend de l'envergure. L'objectif est désormais de libérer la planète de l'emprise du Melding. Les joueurs passent donc à l'offensive avec un théâtre d'opération évoluant selon leurs actions. Le but sera d'alimenter les répulseurs géants de chaque zone, afin de reconquérir progressivement la planète. Quand une zone sera libérée, les joueurs devront voter afin de déterminer quelle direction prendra le front.

Des événements viendront pimenter le conflit avec notamment une forteresse de l'ennemi à découvrir et à détruire, débloquant de nouvelles recherches pour l'artisanat. Des contre-offensives pourront survenir, dans le but de conserver toutes les zones actives et faire évoluer le front. Et pour impliquer d'avantage les joueurs, un classement des contributions récompensera les plus méritants, avec une statue érigée pour leur faire honneur dans la nouvelle capitale ainsi que la possibilité pour le premier de nommer la ville.

Red 5 précise que la libération complète de planète débloquera une nouvelle instance et un nouveau chapitre de Firefall. Pour les joueurs souhaitant participer à la libération de la Terre, cela passe par le site officiel.


Vendredi 16 août 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1694p1

Stability and Scalability

    Big improvements to the back end that will improve response times when accessing inventory, Battleframe Garage, Molecular Printer, etc. With these improvements we should see more stability to character services, logins, etc.


    Fixed a bug with the keybinding sections that would disappear if the modifier key was disabled.
    The reply keybinding will now work correctly in languages other than English.
    Updated Progress Bar Art in Achievement UI.
    Fixed an issue where Battleframe visuals would appear to revert to pre-paint shop settings when navigating back to the progression and loadout screen.
    Fixed an issue where players could not make loadout changes until you reload the battleframe.
    Fixed an issue where resource stack selection was not being refreshed/loaded in the progression UI.
    Loot rarity background will now match the quality color in the Sliding Loot Popup UI.
    Updated the look of the Battleframe Terminal UI.
    The Battleframe Terminal UI now uses a mouse cursor interface instead of a mouse wheel interface.

      There is an option in Interface Options to revert battleframe selection at the Battleframe Terminal to mouse wheel mode.

    Updated the look of the Login page.
    Updated the Options UI.
    Addons will now have an 'Addons' section instead of getting mixed into Interface. The Addons section will only appear if addons with options are present.
    Updated the Crafting UI to resize based on resolution.
    Added a background border to recipes in the Crafting UI.
    Updated the 'Claim' button to use different text for researching in the Crafting UI.
    Updated the bleedout UI for when a player is in the 'downed' state.
    Updated the end of match screen.

      Displays accumulated XP per battleframe for the PvP match.
      Displays rewards acquired for the PvP match.
      Tab for scoreboard attached to end of match screen.
      Tab for leaderboards attached to end of match screen.

Jeudi 8 août 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1694


    Join Red 5 for the Double Crystite Weekend! Starting on Friday, August 9th @ 10am PDT (17:00 GMT) through Monday, August 11th you can earn double crystite from PvP, mission rewards, and resource drops across New Eden.
    All battleframes are now on sale for only 7 Pilot Tokens for a limited time. This sale will last until August 20th.
    The purchase of any Red Bean pack now includes a new glider (on a separate cooldown), a new helmet, and decal. One per account.
    PvP Leaderboards added. Check out where you rank in each gametype on the global leaderboards and even vs your friends list.

      Ranking is based on ELO scores of match-made PvP matches.
      Check this out in your Nav Wheel or at the end of a PvP match.

    A new location reporting heavy levels of enemy activity has been located Southwest of Copacabana. ARES teams are requested.
    Low-stage ARES missions have seen a decrease in enemy activity and should be more reasonable for junior ARES operators.
    New advances in our understanding of Chosen technology have solved issues of destabilizing Chosen bomb placements when the incorrect key is placed in the available socket. The correct key will now help stabilize the bomb by 10%. The Chosen have responded by decreasing their bomb timers.
    Ratchet is once again selling special rewards for ARES operators with an abundance of beta crystite. You are still not able to create new beta crystite.
    Battleframes will now start with the ability to use their three core abilities. Players will still need to spend XP to unlock the ability slots in the garage in order to make changes to those ability slots.
    Arcporter keys for Antarctica, Sargasso Sea, and Diamondhead are now far easier to craft and had their resource costs cut down to 10% of previous amounts.
    Added recipe tracking audio to the crafting UI.
    Changed Jetball spawn countdown to begin at 3 instead of 10.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where some players would be stuck at the Armies of the Accord loading screen when connecting.
    Fixed an issue with Jetball countdown UI not matching the actual ball spawn.
    Fixed an issue where Warpaint purchases were not saving upon exiting the Battleframe Garage.
    Player location is no longer reset to Copacabana upon logging out and back in. Upon log in, players should be placed at the closest Accord-owned outpost in New Eden to where they logged out.


    Adjusted the Inferno Dash (Firecat) AoE stat to a floating point. It should now show that it is scaling with crafting properly.
    Immolate III (Firecat) will now properly have its area of effect stat changed based on the quality of resource used during crafting.
    Inferno Dash III's (Firecat) area of effect stat will now scale depending on the quality of resources used during crafting.
    Inferno Dash IV's (Firecat) area of effect stat will now scale depending on the quality of resources used during crafting.
    Power Field III's (Raptor) rate of fire buff and buff duration should now scale properly depending on the quality of resources used during crafting.
    Power Field IV's (Raptor) rate of fire buff and buff duration should now scale properly depending on the quality of resources used during crafting.
    Sprint energy cost was removed from the crafting preview of servos as it was a stat that was not being used.

Known Issues

    The duration of Power Field III and Power Field IV's field is not scaling with the quality of resources used during crafting.
    Players will no longer be able to completely un-equip a non-HKM ability. This is not an intended effect.
    Players are unable to craft Deployable Power Relays II, which is required to build Deployable Shield (Accord Engineer) II, III, IV.

Vendredi 2 août 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1688

Open World

    Increased Chosen attack frequency on POIs and Towers.
    Players should no longer get stuck on the Echoes from Sertao mission.
    Fixed a crash that was caused occasionally when using /promote command
    Turret mode should no longer cause faster HMG durability decay.
    Fixed an issue where dropships were dying in the Melding and never returning.


    Accord Assault

      Regulation (PvP) Afterburner Speed burst reduced from 30 to 25.


      Inferno Dash (PvP & PvE) speed burst reduced from 25 to 21.
      Inferno Dash AoE reduced from 3 to 2.

    Accord Biotech

      Healing Wave no longer damages players in PvP.


      Maxmimum ammo reduced from 200 to 100 for Bio Crossbow.


      Laser HMG regulation (PvP) and stock clip increased to 300 bullets.


      Stock Shock Rifle damage decreased from 225 to 200.
      Regulation (PvP) Shock Rifle damage decreased to 300.
      Regulation (PvP) Shock Rifle ammo clip reduced from 12 to 10 ammo per clip.


    Resilient Plating I - IV requires the correct resource now.

      Personal Health Sensor IV has been corrected to take a stat that has a higher resilience.

    Personal Health Sensor IV requires the correct resource now.

      Personal Health Sensor IV now takes regenics for its resilience stat.

    Flame Applicator IV requires the correct resource now.

      This component now takes Xenografts over Biopolymer for Thermal Resistance.

    Stasis Field Unit IV requires the correct resources now.

      This nanoprint now takes Biopolymers over Xenografts for Toughness.

    Firecat's Immolate IV components improve ability stats now.

      The AoE stat will now modify correctly depending on the quality of stat on the input.

    Firecat's Inferno Dash AoE now scales with crafting.

      The AoE stat on inferno dash will now scale depending on the quality of resource

    Health Propagator IV requires the correct resource now.

      The nanoprint now requires Aluminum for Malleability.

    Overseer components improve the ability stats now.

      Fixed Shield Energizer to accept Mass as its stat over Power, this will now affect the output depending on the resource quality input.

    Repairing Nanites components improve ability stats now.

      Changed the constraint type of the component Personal Health Sensor from Power to Mass.

    Heavy Turret components improve ability stats now.

      Changed the component constraint type from Power to Mass.

    Charged Pulse Generator components improve ability stats now.

      Charging System component changed to Energy Generator for recharge stat.

    Supply Station components improve ability stats now.

      Instant healing System (healing) constraint type is now set to Mass over Power.

    Players are now effectively able to reduce the cooldown on Burn Jets.

      Changed Fuel Charger to Energy Generator which is a recharge based on Power.

    Players are now effectively able to reduce the cooldown on Afterburner.

      Changed Fuel Charger to Energy Generator which is a recharge based on Power.

    Players are now effectively able to reduce the cooldown on Emergency Response.

      Changed Fuel Charger to Energy Genrator which is a recharge based on Power.

    Multi Turrets III and IV will now deploy at 100% HP. It is by design that Multi-Turret will only deploy 3 turrets before the initial cooldown. A battleframe can store only 3 turrets a time, but you are able to increase your total number of deployed turrets through crafting.

Jeudi 25 juillet 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1683

Patch Notes

    The required tutorial upon a player's first entry into Copacabana has been shortened. The removed missions (such as crafting Jump Jets) are still given to players afterwards, outside of the tutorial.
    Equipping crafted gear will now bind it to your character (this includes previously equipped gear). This isn't new per se, but now gives the player an explanation why they cannot put used items on the market.
    Fixed an issue preventing the Melding Repulsors in Coral Forest from spawning.
    Accord Chemical Sprayer - Poison burn duration shortened from 1000ms to 300ms
    Added controls to the tutorial videos.
    Tutorial video buttons are now bigger and glow.
    Moved Create Account button closer to login.
    Added Red Bean shop to the top of the Nav Wheel.
    Some improvements to Battleframe Garage performance.
    Fixed some crashes that were being caused by chat and in-game voice.

Mardi 16 juillet 2013  
Patch Notes - 0.7.1672

General Updates

    You can now purchase a Copacabana Arcporter for Red Beans at Luau Larry's.
    The white wargrim should be easier to find.
    You can only use /leavezone when a zone has been shut down or in PvP matches. No more tornado cheats.
    Daily resource and item rewards will now call down a crate to interact with.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed multiple server crashes and memory leaks.
    Improved server performance to handle higher loads.
    Fix for mission waypoints not not showing up properly.
    Turning off network streaming should now properly disable texture streaming.
    Fixed an issue where your calldowns would disappear if a web service call failed.

      While you won't lose your calldowns anymore, if the web service call fails, you still might not get whatever item/resource/etc was part of the failed call.

    Fixed an issue where you could thump in certain locations with no creatures spawning.
    Fixed web UI not showing up after changing zones.
    Language settings should no longer be overridden after re-launching the game.
    Dropships will now timeout if the landing zone is too busy. No more drunk pilots.
    You can no longer track recipes with no output on your mission tracker. (eg. crystite refining)
    Geometry objects should "pop" less often.
    A bunch of encounter/mission crash fixes.
    Fix for battle labs getting stuck with no one in them.

Patch should be available later tonight, but since I will be on a plane when that happens wanted to get these posted right now.


Mercredi 10 juillet 2013  
20 « Operator Starter Packs » Firefall à gagner !

Le shooter Firefall est officiellement disponible depuis hier ne bêta ouverte. Pour l'occasion, nous nous associons au studio Red 5 pour distribuer 20 « Operator Starter Packs » permettant de bien débuter.

Depuis hier, Firefall est officiellement disponible en bêta ouverte et invite l'ensemble des joueurs à prendre part à la refonte de la civilisation humaine. Pour l'occasion, nous nous associons au studio Firefall et mettons en jeu 20 « Operator Starter Packs » permettant de débuter dans de bonnes conditions (avec des bonus d'expérience ou de ressources, des fonds à dépenser dans la boutique ou de quoi débloquer de nouvelles classes jouables).

20 « Operator Starter Packs » Firefall à gagner !

Pour tenter sa chance et peut-être gagner l'un des packs mis en jeu, rendez-vous dans nos pages Jeux-Concours MMO, à cette adresse, avant le mardi 16 juillet prochain pour répondre à quelques questions (nécessitant un peu de recherches in-game ou sur le wiki officiel, par exemple). Avis aux enquêteurs qui chercheraient à mieux connaître le jeu - ou à s'occuper au bureau ou à la plage.


Mardi 9 juillet 2013  
Coup d'envoi de la bêta ouverte de Firefall

Après plusieurs mois de bêta fermée, Firefall donne le coup d'envoi de « la première étape de sa bêta ouverte ». De quoi découvrir le shooter online plus concrètement et « s'assurer que le développement va dans la bonne direction ».

Le studio Red 5 l'avait annoncé et c'est maintenant effectif : Firefall entre en bêta ouverte et accueille l'ensemble des joueurs gratuitement sur ses serveurs. Mais si le shooter online est évidemment très largement jouable, le développeur se montre encore prudent. Cette ouverture des serveurs se veut seulement la « première étape » de la bêta ouverte et Red 5 concède que tous le contenu n'est pas forcément déjà présent ou que certains aspects peuvent ne pas fonctionner comme prévu.
Quoiqu'il en soit, cette nouvelle phase de test a vocation à accueillir plus de joueurs afin de récolter des avis plus nombreux et « s'assurer que le développement va dans la bonne direction » (dès l'origine, Red 5 souhaitait associer les joueurs à la conception du titre et les commentaires des joueurs ont déjà donné lieu à des modifications drastiques). Et pour aider ces nouveaux joueurs à mieux appréhender le contenu de Firefall, le shooter se dévoile au travers d'un tutoriel détaillant ses principaux concepts.

Tutorial : bien débuter dans Firefall

Pour les curieux, l'inscription et le téléchargement de Firefall sont disponibles sur le site officiel, à cette adresse.


Mercredi 3 juillet 2013  
Patch Notes - 0.7.1666

General Changes

    Blending resources will no longer decrease the overall quantity of resources.
    Jetball loading screen will now have a proper loading image.
    Changed UI to support up to 8 characters for two-stage authentication allowing for a longer delay between codes.
    Bastion ability, Multi-Turret, will now spawn more than three turrets at higher stages.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed multiple crashes with the French version of the client.
    Existing players should now properly receive the melding pocket key mission when donating crystite resonators.
    Thumpers in the melding pockets are now pulling the proper resource types.
    Baneclaw will now reward a more appropriate amount of resources upon defeating him.
    Players should now have all the battleframes that they've unlocked previously.
    Battleframe abilities and upgrades that were not unlocked properly should be unlocked now.
    Fixed an issue where Shockwave would destroy ARES mission objectives.
    Fixed issues with the private lobby screen showing invalid data.
    Fixed an issue with the reward screen misaligning the reward if scrolling.
    All items should now unload from the manufacturing station without errors.
    Fixed multiple chat server crashes.
    Items listed to the marketplace should no longer disappear. All previous items should be showing up now.
    Performance improvements to web services affecting characters, inventory, etc.

New Known Issues

    Researching Heavy Plasma MG IV does not unlock HMG Barrel Assembly IV blueprint, and therefore the component and Heavy Plasma MG IV cannot be crafted.
Patch will be available in just a few.

Dimanche 30 juin 2013  
« La course à l'accessibilité des MMO a tué le genre »

Aujourd'hui à la tête du studio Red 5 (Firefall), Mark Kern a aussi longtemps dirigé les équipes de World of Warcraft où l'accessibilité était l'un des mantras de Blizzard. Une obsession qui a (failli) tuer le genre massivement multijoueur.

C'est une évidence, le MMO s'est démocratisé et vise aujourd'hui un public particulièrement vaste. Et cette démocratisation n'est pas le fruit du hasard : depuis des années, les développeurs travaillent pour rendre les univers de MMO plus accessibles et moins complexes à appréhender. Trop ? C'est la question que se pose Mark Kern (avec sans doute quelques arrière-pensées), CEO de Red 5 Studios et principal artisan de Firefall, dans une tribune publiée dans les colonnes de
Il s'interroge : quand êtes-vous mort pour la dernière fois dans une zone de départ ? Qu'est-il advenu des raids pour 40 joueurs et qu'on fait aujourd'hui à cinq ? Y a-t-il le moindre intérêt à la course menant au end-game d'un MMO ? A moins que le end-game soit le seul enjeu d'un MMO aujourd'hui ? Et Mark Kern est sans doute relativement bien placé pour soulever ce type de questions puisqu'avant de fonder le studio Red 5, il a participé très activement au développement de World of Warcraft, dont « l'accessibilité était le principal mantra » et qui a théorisé les grands principes de démocratisation du genre ayant ensuite été repris par tous les développeurs ou presque.

« Nous avons d'abord travaillé et retravaillé sur l'interface du jeu, pour trouver celle qui serait la plus facile et la plus intuitive pour les joueurs novices en matière de MMO. Nous avons ensuite créé un nombre colossal de quêtes pour diriger les joueurs à travers le monde, et afin de nous assurer qu'ils n'aient jamais à penser "à quoi faire ensuite".
Mais ce n'était pas suffisant. Alors que la population grossissait, comptait toujours plus de joueurs occasionnels, les extensions repoussaient les limites de cette mécanique. Les quest trackers ont été ajoutés, les gains d'expérience ont augmenté, il était donc plus facile de progresser dans les "vieux contenus" et d'obtenir les "nouveaux équipements" de l'extension faisant pâle figure face aux précédents. La courbe d'expérience a augmenté jusqu'à ce que tout le monde soit embarqué dans une course vers le niveau maximum et qu'il n'y ait quasiment plus rien entre ce début et cette fin. Pourquoi se soucier de son équipement de niveau 20 puisqu'il sera obsolète avant même que vous vous déconnectiez dans quelques heures ?
Et ça a fonctionné. Les joueurs ont suivi, par millions. Mais à quel prix ? Parfois, je regarde ce qu'est devenu WOW et je me demande ce que nous avons fait. Et je pense que je sais ce que nous avons fait : nous avons tué un genre. »

Si, selon Mark Kern, il y a « plein de raisons » expliquant ce constat, il vise plus particulièrement la courbe de difficulté des MMO aujourd'hui. Avec un niveau de difficulté trop faible, les joueurs progressent plus vite et sont captés rapidement (au moins pour un temps), mais la progression perd de son intérêt (elle devient rébarbative) et de son sens (le joueur ne ressent aucun sentiment d'accomplissement). En conséquence, les « mondes ouverts » de MMO ne sont plus exploités, le contenu devient plus linéaire à force d'aiguiller le joueur et l'essence même d'un MMO (un monde partagé) tend à disparaitre.
Les joueurs progressent trop vite, ne prennent pas le temps de contempler le paysage d'un univers, ou de s'immerger dans un monde. La faute aux développeurs ? Sans doute. Mais selon Mark Kern, il est aussi difficile « de se motiver » pour créer un monde qui ne sera que survolé par les joueurs, dont l'histoire ne sera pas lue, et pour des joueurs ne s'impliquent pas.
Les MMO s'embourbent ainsi dans un cercle vicieux qui perdure depuis une petite dizaine d'année. « Il n'y a plus de réflexion, il n'y a plus de choix à faire, juste un chemin idéal à consommer de façon linéaire ». « Nous avons oublié que les MMO sont un voyage, une découverte, à vivre pour eux- mêmes » et non un objectif à atteindre le plus rapidement possible « en attendant un miracle à haut niveau qui n'arrive évidemment jamais ».


Selon Mark Kern, ce n'est pas du end-game qu'il faudrait se soucier, mais « du voyage » qui fait qu'un MMO devrait être « une expérience qui se savoure dans la durée », non pas en alignant des cohortes de quêtes mais en réalisant un monde vivant et évolutif dans lequel le joueur souhaiterait s'immerger.
Evidemment, on ne peut que souscrire. Et évidemment, le discours de Mark Kern n'est pas totalement innocent alors que son Shooter MMO Firefall accueillera l'ensemble des joueurs en bêta ouverte à partir du 9 juillet prochain - et de souligner que son jeu entend proposer un certain challenge aux joueurs, ne s'appuie pas sur des quêtes ou une progression linéaire mais sur des événements dynamiques dont le niveau s'adapte à celui des joueurs, que le monde de Firefall est ouvert et mêle PvE et PvP ou encore que l'artisanat du jeu se veut « parmi les plus riches et complexes depuis Star Wars Galaxies ». Chacun pourra juger le 9 juillet (en notant au moins que la volonté de trancher avec les canons de ces dix dernières années est présente) mais d'ores et déjà, on note par ailleurs que son discours est de plus en plus partagé par les développeurs de MMO et que, peut-être, la physionomie du genre pourrait évoluer à l'avenir - maintenant que le genre est largement démocratisé et est manifestement en quête de profondeur.


Vendredi 28 juin 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.7.1665

When you first log into the game this patch, all your gear across all battleframes will be unequipped and in your inventory. Head to the Garage to equip your loadouts again. I'm sorry for the slight inconvenience, but with this method the team was able to take the MUCH faster route for maintenance.

Patch Highlights

    Added full item loot drops into the game.
    Added three small playable areas (Melding Pockets) into the game: Antarctica, Diamond Head and Sargasso Sea.
    Added our first five player instance, Blackwater Anomaly, to the game.
    Added a new PvP gametype, Jetball, with its first map, Omnidyne-M Prototype Arena.
    Updated the New Player Experience.
    Added daily login rewards.
    Updated daily achievements and added a rewards crate for completing the daily achievements.
    Added a difficulty scaling system for the Open World.
    Adjusted progression unlock resource requirements so that only groups of resources are required, not specific resources.
    Added researching to crafting.
    Added Stage III and Stage IV gear to crafting.
    Added a player marketplace where players can buy and sell resources and certain items.
    Fixed the issue causing achievement progress to reset upon logout.
    Many UI improvements.
    Firefall now available in French! Click the flag for France at the login for the French localized version.
    Added a two-factor account protection system as well as the ability to change your registered e-mail address.
    New Accounts page available at
    Red Beans can be purchased via PayPal on the new Accounts page (more payment methods coming soon)!

Open World

    Enemies and supply crates in the Open World now have a chance to drop full items of all stages as loot.
    Certain enemies drop special items that can be used as consumables.

      Culex: Mosquito Wings - allows the user to hover for a short duration.
      Explosive Aranha: Fiery Aranha Gland - throw the gland to generate an explosive blast that damages enemies on impact.
      Icy Aranha: Icy Aranha Gland - throw the gland to generate an icy blast that freezes enemies on impact.
      Toxic Aranha: Toxic Aranha Gland - throw the gland to generate a poison field that damages enemies within.
      Reckless Thresher: Adrenaline Gland - use the gland for a speed boost.
      Chosen Drone: Hacked Chosen Drone - deploy a forcefield at your location.
      Enemies in the Open World no longer drop components as loot.

    Changed the daily achievements. Dailies are now compromised of three random events in the open world.
    Completing daily achievements will award the player with a call-down crate that's filled with all kinds of goodies including a guaranteed item! Access your crate via your calldown menu.
    Added daily login bonuses that display upon first login for the day.
    Added Info Bots to accompany each station in Copacabana to describe what the station is used for (audio only).
    New identification system to help differentiate what stage of gear enemies are tuned for:

      Yellow: Stage I
      Orange: Stage II
      Purple: Stage III
      Red: Stage IV

    Pressing "F" to add enemies to SIN will display this change.
    Applied the new difficulty levels to ARES missions and other dynamic content.
    Some ARES Missions have had their spawning logic adjusted to prevent unintended ambushes with multiple players in the encounter.
    ARES icons updated to reflect their tuning for player composition as well as their difficulty level.

      Group Missions have a small group icon above the ARES icon in the world map.
      The bar to the right of the ARES icon displays the difficulty level of the ARES mission (see the con system above)

    World map Improved

      Displays Zone Control & Bonuses
      Displays Legend
      Mouse over icons for more details about the area or task.

    New world map icons for:

      Crashed Thumpers
      Crashed LGVs
      LGV Races

    Added Vouchers as a currency that are earned by depositing Crystite Resonators the respective POI's Crystite Resonator Recepticle.
    Types of vouchers for the open world include:

      Copacabana Voucher
      Trans Hub Voucher
      Thump Dump Voucher
      Sunken Harbor Voucher

    Vouchers can be spent at each POI's Quartermaster for items or components for the corresponding Melding Pocket's key.
    Accord Air Traffic Control has authorized Dropships to increase their in-flight speeds.
    Thumper names have been updated to match difficulty and recommended gear stages.

      Stock Personal Thumper, Personal Thumper I, Personal Thumper II, and Personal Thumper III
      Stock Squad Thumper, Squad Thumper I, Squad Thumper II, and Squad Thumper III

    Upgraded the visuals of water and added new river technology.
    A profanity filter has been added to character and army names.

Melding Pockets

    Three Melding Pockets are now available: Sargasso Sea, Diamond Head and Antarctica.
    Each player must create the key for the corresponding pocket before they may access the pocket.
    Melding Pockets can only be accessed when their respective Point of Interest is at Power Level 3.
    Thump for Melded Crystite in each pocket to repulse the Melding for special encounters.
    Each special encounter has a chance to grant its required fragment to create the key for Blackwater Anomaly.
    Added missions to direct players to attuning for the Melding Pockets.

    Sargasso Sea

      Sargasso Sea can be reached via the Arcfolder at Thump Dump.
      Item required for access: Thump Dump Arcfold Modulator.

      New Creatures

        Scorpion Culex
        Sargasso Thresher
        Toxic Varant

    Diamond Head

      Diamond Head can be reached via the Arcfolder at Copacabana.
      Item required for access: Copacabana Arcfold Modulator.

      New Creatures

        Pyre Wasp
        Ash Dragon


      Antarctica can be reached via the Arcfolder at Sunken Harbor
      Item required for access: Sunken Harbor Arcfold Modulator.

      New Creatures

        Glacial Aranha
        Wooly Brontodon

Blackwater Anomaly

    Firefall’s first 5-man PvE instance, Blackwater Anomaly, is now live!
    Fight the Chosen on their turf in a 40-60 minute co-op shooter experience
    Experience an all new visual environment for Blackwater Marsh
    Learn more about the Chosen, who they are, and what they’re up to
    Queue up for Blackwater Anomaly using our new PvE Matchmaking system

      To do this, form a squad with the squad leader having the key to Blackwater Anomaly
      Have the squad leader use the ‘Melding Fragment Arcfolder’ in any major POI (Sunken Harbor, Copacabana, Thump Dump or Trans Hub)
      Queue for Blackwater Anomaly!
      Note: This feature is currently still in development and doesn’t currently handle new players entering an existing squad’s instance if they’re invited while the instance is in progress. So in the meantime, please have the squad you want to play with ready-to-go before queuing!

New Player Experience

    Made some adjustments to the New Player Experience.
    Added DEIMOS as a guide during Battleframe Training in the Battle Lab.
    Oilspill got a new wrap for his Dropship.
    Added missions and voice over for a player's first fly-in to Copacabana to explain systems in Firefall.

      Uplink with SIN
      Set a waypoint
      Purchasing from vendors
      Scanning and Thumping
      Unlocking equipment slots
      Equipping new items


    Jetball is a new PvP gametype now available for play on the first map, Omnidyne-M Prototype Arena.


      One ball, spawns at the center of the map.
      Two goals, one nearby each team's spawn area.
      Work with your team to move the ball into enemy territory and score on their goal.
      One point is awarded for throwing the ball through the enemy team's goal.
      Three points are awarded for carrying the ball through the enemy team's goal.
      It is possible to score on your own goal, and that will award the enemy team points.
      There are three periods in Jetball, each lasting five minutes.
      Players may only change battleframes before the game begins and in between periods.
      If at the end of three periods the score is tied, the teams will play in a sudden death fourth period.
      Highest score wins the game.


    Added a "Battle Arena Vendor" in Copacabana that currently sells PvP Titles.
    PvP Titles can be bought with Battle Arena Vouchers.
    Battle Arena Vouchers are earned through playing PvP.
    PvP ability ordering has been fixed, abilities should no longer change their order randomly.


    Female models are now 5% larger.
    The delay between landing and jumping has been removed.
    Running over a Trailblaze now refreshes its duration.
    Accord Biotech Sprayer has been reduced in damage and healing.
    Healing Pillar Max Targets Craftable stat has been increased and now goes from 3 to 7 to 5 to 11 targets.
    PvP run speed has been reduced by 1m/s across all battleframes.
    Range on Accord Chemical Sprayer adjusted from 8m to 6m.
    Duration of Accord Chemical Sprayer has been adjusted from 18 seconds to 12 seconds.
    Created new sound effects for air-sprinting.


    Changed the resources required for progression unlocks.

      Mass unlocks require any resource from the Mineral group.
      Power unlocks require any resource from the Gas group.
      CPU unlocks require any resource from the Organics group.

    XP costs are now associated with unlocks for all equipment slots on new battleframes.

      Existing players with the battleframes unlocked will not have to unlock their equipment slots.
      Abilities and secondary weapons are unavailable until they are unlocked.
      Primary weapons, plating, passives, servos and jumpjets cannot be upgraded until unlocked with XP.

    Jump jet effects now change as players upgrade their CPU technology.
    Completing all 10 level constraint unlocks on an advanced frame will unlock that frame's special warpaint in the Garage.
    Characters with already-existing fully progressed frames will get these warpaints shortly after the patch.


    Stages III and IV gear are now available to be crafted.
    Players must now perform research to unlock the ability to craft gear and some items at the cost of time and crystite. The higher the stage, the more Crystite and time required.
    Only gear recipes for unlocked battleframes may be researched.
    Basic recipes unlock all Stage I items for the specified Battleframe or Shared Component.

      ex. Researching Basic Biotech unlocks the ability to craft BioNeedler I, Healing Wave I, Poison Trail I, Triage I, Accord Chemical Sprayer I, and Siphon Plating I.

    Stage II, III and IV recipes are unlocked individually.
    Mission items do not need to be researched (ex. Melding Pocket keys, or the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer).
    Updated the Crafting UI with tabs for easier navigation.
    The Refine tab holds all the refining, blending and processing.
    The Build tab is where items are crafted.
    The Research tab is where you can research new crafting recipes.
    Updated the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer subcomponents to have broader resource input requirements.

      ex. DNA Biochip requires 7500 Inert Gas instead of Nitrine; 2500 Enzymes instead of Regenics.

    Updated the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer recipe to be a bit more straightforward crafting Trimmed DNA Solutions, Filtered DNA Samples, and DNA Plasmatic Fractions.
    Corrected some errors with various Nanoprints - players please keep reporting those issues!

Player Marketplace

    Players can now trade certain items and equipment on the Player Marketplace!
    Access the Player Marketplace from the Nav Wheel or by using the hotkey Alt+M.


    Updated the rewards screen for completing missions in the open world.
    Updated the Achievement screen.
    Updated the Private Lobby screen.
    Improved the interface for depositing Crystite Resonators at Crystite Resonator Recepticles - now with a sliding bar!
    Titles can be set in the garage, above your character name
    All Founders have been given the Founder title
    Setting your character title should update your forum title as well
    Inventory tooltips display more correct stats.
    Inventory comparison tooltips should behave more reliably.
    Inventory comparison tooltips now compare constraints.

Game Client Performance

    Improved performance and memory usage.
    Screen Space Emissive LIghting quality improvements.
    Twitch.TV streaming quality improvements.
    Note: 32-bit operating systems are temporarily limited to High video settings due to an issue causing out of memory problems that has yet to have been identified.


    Added two-factor hardware fingerprinting for player accounts.
    When you log in for the first time on a new piece of hardware, you will be prompted to authenticate with a six digit code.
    The link to get the code is sent to the registered account's e-mail address.
    Google Authenticator may also be used to generate your code. The link provided in e-mail also has a QR scanner for this.
    Added a first implementation Account page on the website where you can:

      Purchase Red Beans. *You can now use PayPal to purchase Red Beans! More payment methods coming soon!*
      Change your account's e-mail address.
      Change your account's password.


    Fixed an issue that would clear achievement progress upon logout.
    Fixed a bug where Poison Trail was using Stage II stats for Stage I.
    Fixed an issue where Energy Wall would not be destroyed at 0 hp.
    Fixed an issue where Laser HMG bullets weren't traveling fast enough.
    Fixed an issue causing floating ironsights with the Burst Rifle.
    Fixed an issue causing the Melding "Trollnado"
    Fixed an issue where Charge (Rhino) would not increase the user's max sprint speed.
    Fixed an issue where Fortify was not correctly increasing the rate of fire of turrets.
    Fixed an issue where advancing CPU technology would not award the player with increased energy for the specified battleframe.
    Fixed an issue where the army UI would vanish when clicking on the header window.

Mercredi 26 juin 2013  
Firefall se met à jour pour ses deux dernières semaines de bêta privée

Le 8 juillet, Firefall sera officiellement disponible en bêta ouverte. D'ici là, le shooter se met à jour en avant-première pour testeurs de la première heure : trame scénarisée et nouveau mode PvP sont au programme.

On le sait, Firefall donnera le coup d'envoi de sa bêta ouverte le 8 juillet prochain. Mais d'ici là, le shooter online du studio Red 5 se prépare à accueillir les joueurs et s'enrichit donc aujourd'hui d'une nouvelle mise à jour - permettant donc aux bêta-testeurs privés à découvrir en avant-première le coeur du contenu de la bêta ouverte à venir.
Et la mise à jour déployée aujourd'hui débloque notamment du contenu PvP et pose les bases de la trame narrative du jeu.

On s'en souvient, dès l'origine, Firefall était certes pensé comme un shooter online mais plongeant le joueur dans un monde ouvert et évolutif, s'appuyant sur un scénario - l'univers de jeu reproduit la Terre dans un futur proche (on joue à New Eden, sur un petit morceau d'Amérique du Sud), après l'invasion d'extra-terrestres belliqueux alors que les joueurs organisent la survie de l'humanité. Et le premier épisode de cette histoire de Firefall débute très officiellement avec le déploiement du patch.
Concrètement, les joueurs pourront quitter New Eden pour explorer « l'Amalgame, la tempête mortelle qui a pris le contrôle du monde ». Il conviendra d'y enquêter sur « une anomalie apparue dans les marais d'Eaux-Sombres, apprendre la raison de la présence des Élus, et tenter de comprendre qui, ou ce qui, est derrière cette attaque contre l'Humanité ». Et pour attiser la curiosité des joueurs (en plus de les immerger dans cette trame narrative), le scénario de Firefall pose ses bases avec un court-métrage en live action dont découvre le teaser.

Teaser du court métrage "live action" de Firefall

Pour les joueurs plus férus de PvP, la mise à jour intègre aussi le mode « Jetball », un jeu (une sorte de Quidditch futuriste devant servir de base aux tournois eSport de Firefall) opposant deux équipes de cinq joueurs rivalisant pour « marquer des buts » en amenant une balle dans la zone adverse. Et comme porter la balle oblige à s'expose aux tirs ennemis, on nous assure que le jeu d'équipe sera ici de rigueur pour espérer s'imposer.
On jugera sur pièce dès maintenant au cours des deux dernières semaines de bêta privée ou dès le 8 juillet prochain en bêta ouverte (après s'être inscrit sur lesite officiel).


Jeudi 6 juin 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6.1641

Game Updates

    Stage I equipment component vendors decided they would rather have your Crystite instead of AMPs. Components now cost 500 Crystite.
    Turrets should don their owners' current warpaint once again.


    Fixed a bug where players would be kicked from PvP matches before loading in.

Open World

    Fixed an issue with Tourtured Souls' animations.
    Removed some more "exploit" thump areas from the world.
    Fixed an issue where ARES mission interactables would spawn underground in some areas.
    The denizens of ShantyTown have nailed their buildings to the ground.
    Accord Air Traffic Control held some training courses, expect some improvements to Accord Dropships!
    Fixed an issue causing audio to degrade after playing for a certain amount of time.
    SIN imprints should now only play the audio of the latest imprint received.
    Fixed an issue causing one of the Human Female faces to display incorrectly.


    Fixed an issue where Accord HMG II does not properly fire after spinning up.
    Fixed an issue where Sticky Grenade detonation audio plays without detonation.
    Fixed a bug where Mortar Arcfold would trigger the Rhino's passive when the ability was not fully charged.
    Fixed a bug that was preventing placement of Charged Pulse Generators near Sentinel Pods.
    Fixed a bug where the Heavy Machine Gun's accuracy spread was growing in each stage instead of shrinking.


    Fixed an issue where players would get an error when selecting a different quality resource on a progression unlock.
    When browsing a vendor, items will only be purchased when the "Buy" button is clicked.
    Fixed an issue where using the mouse wheel would "break" the crafting UI.
    Fixed the most common causes of Win HTTP errors when using the Garage or Manufacturing terminals.

Jeudi 30 mai 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6.1637r1 - Hotfix

General Changes

    Turrets should now track targets at a reasonable rate.
    Pirate raids on Holmgang equipment will now spawn less frequently.
    Fixed a crash in New Eden servers.
    Fixed a rare AI server crash.
    Fixed an issue with game servers not shutting down after PvP matches.
    Fixed our binary diff patching process.

Vendredi 24 mai 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6.1637

Patch Highlights

    Significant resource and Crystite rewards have been added to most (if not all) activities and encounters in New Eden!
    Resource and Crystite rewards added to PvP!
    ARES missions now have more difficult variants available.
    Dropships are now available as fast travel between POIs!
    Power constraint has been redesigned. Excess power can now be allocated (available as a button under the Power tree) to gear in the Garage!
    Mass constraints have been loosened. New ratios are available to see in the Garage.
    Moisture Farm added into PvP rotation once again.
    Improvements to POI power levels and presentation.
    Removed the concept of purity. Raw resources refine at a 1:1 ratio now.
    Renamed and organized resources.
    Replaced the Esc menu with the new and improved in-game dashboard.
    Added further improvements to the Crafting and Garage interfaces.

Game General

    Added extra messaging warning players what is lost when deleting a character.
    Some UI settings have been reset to default.
    Fixed many items that were not being translated to German.
    Fixed an issue where swapping genders in the New You would not reflect properly on the player's avatar at the login screen.
    Fixed an issue where players would lose certain sounds after playing for a 30+ minute duration.
    Fixed an issue where the Firefall client process would remain open after crashing.

Combat and Battleframes

    Added UI tool tips for primary weapons.
    Adjusted several sound effects for various battleframe abilities.
    Added visual and sound effects to air sprinting.
    Fixed an issue where plating regeneration was not working due to the health regeneration given by Copacabana.
    Fixed an issue where turrets would fire at pets.



        Fixed an issue where Shockwave would cause excessive bloom on the player and weapon on very/ultra high shader settings.
        Fixed an issue where Overcharge was not buffing Shockwave damage.
        Fixed a bug where Afterburner's impulse strength was going down with each crafting stage, rather than up.


        Fixed an issue where Auxiliary Tanks Stage I was not increasing energy regeneration.
        Fixed an issue where Trailblaze would not be usable when at 0 ammo.


        Fixed an issue where Incinerator was able to damage friendly players.
        Fixed an issue where Thermal Wave could not be cast more than once.
        Fixed the activation animation for Immolate.


      Added sound effects for Poison Ball.
      Added sound effects for Healing Generator.


        Fixed an issue where the following items had no requirements to equip:

          Triage I
          Healing Wave I
          Accord Chemical Sprayer I


        Fixed an issue where the Dragonfly's BioRifle would not fire after using Healing Dome.
        Fixed an issue where Rally (Passive) was not getting a health threshold bonus from crafting.
        Fixed an issue where the BioRifle alt fire would damage enemy NPCs.


        Improved Kinetic Shot's damage for low to mid ranges.
        Fixed activation animation for Necrosis.


      Fixed an issue where Sundering Wave (Rhino) and Repulsor Blast (Accord Dreadnaught) was displaying excessive bloom on very/ultra high shader settings.
      Fixed an issue where Absorption Bomb was not dealing the correct amount of damage.
      Fixed a bug where weapon charge was not loading properly.


        Fixed an issue where Accord Mortar Arcfold was not dealing AOE damage.
        Fixed the activation animation for Repulsor Blast.
        Fixed a bug where Explosive Rounds was not granting bonus damage.
        Fixed an issue where the following items had no requirements to equip:

          Explosive Rounds I
          Heavy Armor I
          Repulsor Blast I
          Accord Mortar Launcher I


        Fixed the activation animation for Mammoth.
        Fixed an issue where Shield Wall could be used again as its cooldown finished, thereby granting a second one while the ability should not be available.
        Fixed an issue where Stage I and Stage II Mammoth Plating was using the wrong value for maximum health.Affected players will have to rebuild their plating with proper values, old plating will not be updated.


        Fixed an issue where the charge-up duration for the Laser MG II was greater than intended.
        Fixed an issue where the Charge II tooltip was showing Overcharge instead.
        Fixed a bug that caused Gravity Field to last 5 seconds regardless of crafting.
        Adjusted the audio on Gravity Field to the intended sound.


      Fixed an issue where Charged Pulse Generator did not display a cooldown timer.
      Added sound effects for Charged Pulse Generator.


        Fixed an issue with Heavy Turret where the double barrels would not animate on the upgraded version.
        Improved Engineer turret behavior. Aim rotation is smoother and targeting of new enemies is faster.
        Fixed an issue where the following items had no requirements to equip:

          Heavy Turret I
          Deployable Shield I
          Supply Station I
          Anti-Personnel Turret I


        Fixed an issue where Energy Wall audio would loop after despawning.
        Fixed an issue where the Tesla Rifle alt fire would damage the target before healing.


      Added sound effects for Proximity Response.


        Fixed an issue where enemies in the open world would maintain agro on a player while under the effects of Decoy.
        Fixed the activation animation of Decoy.
        Fixed an issue where the following items had no requirements to equip:

          Cryo Bomb I
          Decoy I
          SIN Beacon I
          Accord Artillery Strike I


        Fixed an issue where Execute Shot was reducing weapon damage in the open world.


        Fixed an issue where the Raptor's Charge Rifle was not working properly (it was applying unscoped damage when scoped).
        Fixed an issue where Overload would attach itself to the player that fires it and can kill friendlies.
        Overload duration reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.
        Fixed a bug where the user was not getting Powerfield benefits.
        Fixed a bug where charged SIN Scrambler wasn't increasing enemy damage taken.
        Fixed a bug where charged SIN Scrambler wasn't showing new visual effects on an empowered shot.

Open World

    Significant resource and Crystite rewards have been added to most (if not all) activities and encounters in New Eden!
    AMPs are now awarded more often.
    Baneclaw is now worth significantly more resources to the summoner. No, seriously. Seriously.
    Baneclaw is now worth more resources to all non-summoner participants of the encounter.
    The rewards screen for dynamic events is available via notification (pressing N by default) after completing most events.
    Added an Activity Tracker to show tracked activities.
    Removed the need for the second interact when the Data Worm arrives on the Crashed LGV encounter.
    Thumper assistance has been changed.The assistance reward has been increased from 20% to 30%, but that reward will be split amongst all players that assisted.
    Resource rewards added for players who guard a watch tower until the all-clear is given.
    Watchtowers are now given the all-clear at one or less Chosen in the vicinity.
    Watchtowers now become immune to Chosen attacks for 5 minutes after an all-clear.
    Consul Nostromo can now be found at Trans-Hub.
    Chosen Juggernaut should now only shoot at deployables and thumpers from a medium distance.
    Chosen Shock Trooper accuracy reduced.
    Warpaint is visibly damaged based on durability.
    Taken away the ability to thump some "exploit" locations.
    Removed the misplaced shack in Shantytown (outside the water pipe spawn).
    Removed the NPC nearby Ratchet that was shown as a vendor but did not have any items for sale.
    Vendors will now show their titles along with their names on the world map.
    Implemented technology that allows resource nodes to spawn based on location in the Open World.
    Fixed an issue where multiple NPC voice overs would play simultaneously.
    Fixed an issue if an LGV at 0 health explodes while a player is on it, it reduces durability by 1000 on crafted gear.
    Fixed an issue where non-Chosen hostile NPCs would not be dealt with when entering an Accord-controlled watchtower spawn room.
    Fixed an issue where dropship sound effects were not playing on the initial fly-in to Copacabana.
    Fixed an issue where a Thump Dump SIN Imprint would sometimes spawn in the Melding.
    Fixed a display issue where Warbringers for the Sunken Harbor invasion would be named as "Invasion of Thump Dump".
    Fixed an issue where Drones deployed by Chosen Engineers would get stuck inside walls/geometry.
    Fixed an issue where using your Scan Hammer would toggle the flashlight off.
    Fixed an issue where Chosen death despawn would cause excessive bloom on very/ultra high shaders.
    Fixed various prop and collision issues in the world.
    Fixed an issue where players could not pick up their rightful loot while in a squad after leaving the squad.
    Fixed an issue where Chosen would despawn after their drop pods were destroyed during the POI retakes.
    Fixed an issue where LGV Race music would continue to play when joining a PvP queue.
    Fixed an issue where certain abilities would persist after entering a vehicle.
    Fixed an issue where a player could not get on their P-39 Cobra LGV.

    ARES Missions

      Carried objects in the ARES missions are now picked up by running over them.
      ARES missions now have more difficult variants available.
      Removed "Heavy Load" type from ARES missions.
      Added Defuse and Man Hunt types of ARES missions.
      Added two new playable ARES Mission spaces around Trans-Hub.
      Carried objects now replace the user's weapon when picked up.They can be dropped again by "firing".
      Renamed ARES Threat to ARES Threat Level.
      Fixed some issues where the improper voice over would play for ARES missions and objectives.

    POIs and Power Levels

      Changed main SIN card at POIs to show the percentage of power charge for the level.
      Interacting with Accord Weaponry on weapon racks at power level 2 or 3 towns will consume the Accord Weaponry and give the player a one-shot particle cannon.
      SIN tower effects should increase with power level.
      While in the radius of a POI's SIN, the power level will be displayed to the player.
      UI/HUD should update players on their contributions and overall status of POI power level.
      POI power level data is now displayed on the world map.
      POI buffs are now shown on the world map.
      Most power level numbers have been multiplied by 10 to give a more substantial feeling to power levels.
      The time between ticks of power decay has been increased to 1.5 minutes.
      The time that power decay is frozen after crystite resonators have been donated has been increased to 5 minutes.
      The amount of power decay per tick has been reduced by 1/4.
      Added a 1000 XP bonus per Crystite Resonator donated.
      Fixed an issue where a POI's power level was 0 after being taken back from the Chosen.


      Dropships are now available as fast travel between POIs! This is an early implementation so while it may be buggy, expect fixes and improvements later on.
      Interact with the back end of a dropship to board the ship to your destination.
      At any point during flight, press E to interact and drop out of the dropship, deploying your glider wings (don't hold space!).
      Dropships will not stop for pickup or dropoff at POIs controlled by Chosen.

Battle Lab

    Fixed the placement of various objects and NPCs in the Battle Lab.
    Fixed an issue in the Battle Lab where players could not proceed after interacting with the New You until interacting with the Battleframe Station.


    Moisture Farm added into PvP rotation once again.
    Moisture Farm now uses spawn rooms.
    PvP wins and losses now award players with resources and Crystite (the winning team is awarded more resources and crystite).
    Resources are given at random, similar to the way Open World rewards work.
    Fixed an issue where the PvP server would not restart automatically after a crash.
    Fixed an issue where players were not granted the proper amount of experience upon completion of a PvP match.
    Fixed an issue where players could use teleport abilities to enter spawn rooms on Rig.


    Stage I gear now requires progression unlocks to equip. Players that do not have the required unlocks but already have items equipped will not be able to further save their loadouts without changing to the gear with the appropriate certifications.
    Power constraint has been redesigned.Excess power can now be allocated (available as a button under the Power tree) to gear in the Garage!
    Items that can be allocated excess power are:

      Primary weapon
      Secondary weapon
      All abilities with the exception of the passive

    Excess power converts into bonus damage (for weapons and abilities that deal damage) at a ratio of 10 power = 1%.
    A maximum of 50 power points per Stage can be assigned (ex. Stage I = 50, Stage II = 100).
    There is no longer any damage penalty associated with Power.
    Mass constraints have been loosened.New ratios are available to see in the Garage.
    Maxiumum movement speed is now capped based on Mass constraint unlocks (90%/100%/110%/120%). This cap only applies to base movement speed and does not prevent abilities and effects that increase movement speed from working as normal.
    Improved the visuals of progression tooltips.

Crafting and Crafting UI

    Low quality Stage I components for primary weapons can now be purchased from vendors.
    Heavy Personal Thumpers now only require 15 Crystalline Crystite Engines and Polymorphous Fibers (previously 25 of each).
    Increased Crystite needed to craft Heavy Personal Thumpers from 3000 to 5000.
    Players are now able to manufacture flares, health packs, stim packs and ammo packs one by one, with a maximum of 20 per batch.
    Removed subcomponents from flare and medium health pack nanoprints.
    Players are now able to manufacture up to five Polymorphous Fibers and Crystalline Crystite Engines per manufacturing batch.
    Clicking on the Refine Resources button in the crafting UI now defaults to the six slot refining recipe, not the one slot.
    Requirement text has been replaced with icons.
    Added warning text when an input slot lacks the required amount.
    Added a text input field for the resource selection amount.
    Outputs of the same item types and quantity are now being combined.
    While at the Molecular Printer, players can now choose to "track" an item which will direct them to areas to get the desired materials. Only one item may be tracked at a time.Selecting to track a new item while already tracking an item will override the previously tracked item.
    Scrolling panels should now communicate that there is more information off screen more effectively now.
    When navigating through crafting menus, if you do not have refined resources or a crystite hybrid created on the subcomponent level, you can navigate further to the refining process.
    Added a text input box to the input selection menu to type in the quantity.
    Added a new icon for Chosen Technology pieces.
    Added new UI slider skins.
    Updated resource selection menu appearance.
    Fixed an issue where the second workbench would periodically break when loading or unloading.
    Fixed an issue where the process Chosen Technology 1 was taking Chosen Technology Fragment instead of Choson Technology Piece lvl 1.
    Fixed an issue where nanoprints would not be listed the first time you open a manufacturing terminal.
    Fixed an issue where the Advanced MPU could not be crafted.
    Replaced resource amount sliders with a text input box.
    Removed the concept of purity.Raw resources refine at a 1:1 ratio now.
    Renamed all resources.
    Organized resources into groups and families (shown below).
    Nanoprints have been adjusted to call for less specific resources at earlier stages of equipment (for example, Stage I gear will call for materials of a GROUP as opposed to specific resources, and the specificity of the nanoprint will increase as you progress through the stages of crafting).

    Mineral (group)

      Metal (family)

        Copper (previously Conductive Metal)
        Iron (previously Hi-Tensile Metal)
        Aluminum (previously Computational Metal)

      Composite (family)

        Carbon (previously Energized Carbon)
        Silicate (previously Carbon Composite)
        Ceramic (previously Electroactive Carbon)

    Gas (group)

      Reactive (family)

        Methine (previously Ceramic Dielectric)
        Octine (previously Ceramic Composite)

      Inert (family)

        Nitrine (previously Ceramic Insulator)
        Radine (new resource, no correlation to a previous resource)

    Organic (group)

      Biomaterial (family)

        Petrochem (previously Bioactive Compound)
        Biopolymer (previously Bio-Organic Stintergel)
        Xenograft (previously Bio-Organic Smartgel)

      Enzyme (family)

        Toxin (previously Conductive Polymer)
        Regenic (previously Hi-Strength Polymer)
        Anabolic (previously Electroactive Polymer)


    The maintenance button now pulses upon entering the garage if there are items that need repair.
    Items that are broken beyond repair are displayed in the repair shop to allow you to see it's completely broken.
    Added an 'Equip' button in the Garage to equip the selected Battleframe.


    Updated the in-game dashboard.
    The dashboard is shown when pressing Esc to exit the game, replacing the old Esc menu (menu buttons are now found on the bottom right).
    Added a character overview section which displays personal stats.
    Added an element to display Friends and Armymates that are online.
    Added a section for community updates & notices.

Known Issues

    Some battleframe warpaints are looking washed out. Unfortunately this can't be fixed without a patch, but we are aware of the issue and fixing it for next time.

Jeudi 9 mai 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6.1623

Hey guys, we've prepared a patch for you guys to fix the following issues:


    Fixed an issue causing several crashes in beta (including sending thumpers back).
    Fixed an issue where non-Assault battleframes could not open the Beta Crystite Crate (x11)
    Fixed an issue where some battleframe abilities were damaging and killing players in the open world.
    Fixed an issue where bringing up TAB to display durability would display incorrect information.
    Fixed an issue where the Diamond and Crystal Wing Glider Pads would not deploy after using the pad.
    Fixed an issue in the Garage that would erroneously display constraint bars across the UI after modifying cosmetic options.

Patch should be live shortly.


Vendredi 3 mai 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6.1621

Patch Highlights

    In-game squad voice chat now added.
    Beta Crystite vendor is active with all announced items.
    Two new abilities added to each battleframe archetype for open world use.
    Added components as very rare loot drops from larger creatures.
    Trans-Hub Command rework and optimization.
    Power levels added to major POIs. Increasing a POI's power level increases its global buff along with adds new NPCs such as special vendors.
    Progression costs have been adjusted down.
    The P-39 Cobra (LGV) can now be crafted.
    Equipment durability and repairs added. For the time being, repairing equipment is free of cost.
    Improvements to the visuals and functionality of the Crafting and Garage UI (more improvements yet to come).

In-game Voice Chat

    Added in-game squad Voice Chat. You can configure your settings at the Options -> Voice Chat menu.
    Added a key bind option in Key Bindings for Voice Chat push-to-talk (PTT).

Beta Crystite

    Ratchet has relocated and opened up shop for all your Beta Crystite purchases. You can find her nearby Spicy Al's in Copacabana, just past the fruit stand. Items immediately available (all prices in Beta Crystite):

      Beta Crystite Pack: 10,000. Each pack comes with one consumable, one boost and a one-time use version of a Beta Crystite item with a small chance of a permanent version of the item.
      50% resource boost, 60 mins: 10k
      T.E.X. Leash: 20k
      Cobra LGV: 75k
      Angel Wing Gliderpad: 300k
      5% Permanent Resource Boost: 15k
      10% Resource Boost, 6 months: 250k
      Beta Crystite Crate (11 Beta Crystite Packs): 100k
      Crystalwing Gliderpad: 20k
      Diamondwing Gliderpad: 100k


    Changed the progression curve on newly crafted abilities.
    Lots of new visual effects and sounds to existing weapons and abilities.
    Added 10 new abilities to use in the open world (2 per archetype, usable by all frames within the archetype).These can be crafted at the Molecular Printer.
    Improved hit registration and network performance.
    Added subtle strafing momentum.
    Using an elemental damage chamber should now remove the previous one if you already had one in use.


      Added Bombs Away: The Assault deploys a barrage of bombs, damaging targets in the area of effect.
      Added Burn Jets: Activate Burn Jets, allowing the Assault to hover over the ground.Enemies underneath the jets are damaged.


        Fixed a bug where you could use Trailblaze with the scatter shot alt fire.
        Fixed a bug where missile shot was not working with the basic plasma cannon.


        Fuel Air Bomb now leaves a fire patch in its wake.
        Inferno Dash now leaves a trail of fire behind.


      Added Poison Ball: Shoots a ball that damages targets and afflicts them with poison, damaging them further over time.
      Added Healing Generator: Deploys a healing generator that leashes to nearby allies and converts a portion of their damage into healing.


        Fixed a bug where the Recluse passive wasn't doing any damage.
        Fixed a bug where Kinetic Shot was only doing 1 damage.


        Healing Pillar will now display on the caster's UI how long it will last before it detonates.


      Added Turret Mode: Toggled activation ability that locks the Dreadnaught in place.While in Turret Mode, the Dreadnaught has increased damage, rate of fire, accuracy and a damage absorption shield that reapplies itself (does not require you use your primary weapon).
      Added Absoption Bomb: The Dreadnaught braces for impact, briefly gaining extreme damage resistance. The Dreadnaught then explodes outwards, dealing the absorbed damage to nearby enemies.


        Fixed a bug where the Dreadnaught passive wasn't activating.


        Laser MG Alt Fire reload has been fixed so it plays the proper animation.
        Reduced the amount of ammo the Laser MG consumes on alt fire.
        Fixed a bug where Sundering Wave wasn't debuffing targets.
        Fixed a bug where Dreadfield wasn't working.
        Gravity Field Grenade base duration increased to 6 seconds. PvP duration increased to 6 seconds (up from 5). Adjusted other stages to appropriate starting durations.
        Gravity Field Grenade now makes enemies within it take bonus damage (starting at 10%).


      Added Charged Pulse Generator: The Engineer shoots out a deployable that begins charging up ambient energy. When fully charged, the deployable deals heavy damage and knocks back nearby enemies.
      Added Claymore: Places a directional explosive. Enemies who trigger the claymore take heavy damage. Several claymores can be stored at one time.


        Fixed a bug where the Engineer passive wasn't healing deployables.


        Fixed a bug where Overseer (Bastion) stats were not coming from crafting.
        The sentinel pod cooldown now begins upon ability activation.


        Shock rifle has added damage degradation with a lower max range.
        Fixed an issue where the Shock Rifle was not doing 1.5x damage on headshots.


      Added Resonating Bolts: The Recon shoots out a powerful explosive that detonates after a short time. This ability has several charges that can be stored up.
      Added Proximity Response: The Recon explodes outwards, damaging and knocking back nearby enemies. Affected targets become briefly snared, significantly reducing their movement speed.


        The R36's alt fire has a slower rate of fire with improved accuracy


        Smoke Screen now provides a short stealth duration to allies. Stealth lasts while in the smoke or for two seconds outside of it.
        Added small AOE damage when killing enemies in the open world with the sniper rifle.
        No scope accuracy has been increased.


        SIN Scrambler now taunts NPCs on hit, causing creatures to attack the target (no additional effect in PVP).
        Power Field now increases charge rate and spin up for weapons.
        Added small AOE damage when killing enemies in the open world with the charge rifle.

Open World

    Added component loot drops from creatures.
    Resource rewards added for encounters and ARES missions.
    Resource veins are now bigger so multiple players can thump on the same node.
    Added the ability to look at what resources are in that SIN area by pressing TAB while viewing the world map.
    Crafting items now have shareable components.
    Fixed various issues with clipping and collision in regards to mountains in the open world.
    Updated deployable collision radius, players should no longer be able to place deployables under players (ex. glider pads).
    Finding resources should be much easier via world map display and resource area tuning.
    Squad thumpers now remove the full quantity collected from resource veins.
    Accord completion bonuses are now taken from the resource veins.
    Player-built LGV race starting line will now despawn properly.
    Fixed various props around the open world.
    Fixed an issue where SIN Imprints would not play upon collection.
    Fixed an issue where using anything with a physics event on a Melding Tornado Shard would cause it to fall to the ground (they are now immune to physics events).
    Fixed an issue where the Dropship would disappear when a player is dropped off in Copa.
    Fixed an issue where Chosen Engineer would over use its ability to spawn Drones.
    Fixed an issue where the interact button would cover faces of "short" or sitting NPCs.
    Known Issue: Participating in a thumper encounter will override the TAB key to show a scoreboard instead of the durability paper doll.The current work around is to reload your UI using the /rui command.

    Melding Anomaly Neutralizer and Melding Field

      The gameplay flow has changed for the beginning of this encounter.
      The Melding Anomaly no longer does damage.
      To activate a Melding Anomaly Neutralizer a player with a M.A.N Unit in their inventory just needs to interact with the Anomaly itself.
      The Encounter will begin as normal.
      Fixed an issue where users were not getting an empty MAN after using a charged MAN.

    ARES Missions

      ARES Missions now more prominently display their difficulty on the world map.
      ARES missions now provide raw resource rewards commensurate with difficulty.
      Retrieval ARES missions have further cleanup on end-of-scenario crashes.

    Trans-Hub Command

      Trans-Hub has undergone some changes for future plans.
      Improved the flow of the city and reduced some of the clutter.
      Improved performance of the city.
      Removed the old tunnel for the LGV mission.


      Power levels are now in for Copacabana, Trans-Hub, Thump Dump and Sunken Harbor. UI is currently missing, though a SIN card on the terminal shows all relevant information. Power is measured in megawatts.
      Note: UI is not complete for this feature yet.
      Players can upgrade the power level depositing Crystite Resonators into the power amplifier terminals at these locations.
      Power levels can decay if Crystite Resonators have not been deposited after some time.
      Crystite Resonators are awarded after events in which Accord Merit Points are awarded.They can also be bought from normal crafting vendors for 1 Accord Merit Point each.
      At each additional level, the global buff given by the town will increase in power (for example, Sunken Harbor's XP buff goes from 1% at level 1 to 5% at level 3).
      Outposts that are not Copacabana, Trans-Hub, Thump Dump and Sunken Harbor are always considered to be at level 1 and are not under some of the restrictions of the bigger towns.
      New sets of civilians and guards spawn at power levels 2 and 3.
      "Exclusive NPCs" are present at specified power levels of the POI.Look out for these advanced crafting vendors:

        Corporal Leticia Delgado - Copacabana
        Carl Denman - Sunken Harbor
        Corporal Jato - Thump Dump
        Staff Sergeant Thane Fisher - Trans-Hub

      New sets of deployables spawn at power levels 2 and 3.
      Level 1 (level range: 0-100 megawatts): Chosen SIN Detector - places all Chosen that are attacking the outpost into SIN for 2 minutes.
      Level 2 (level range: 0-200 megawatts): Newly tweaked Flamethrower and Riot Gun turrets and Area SIN detectors (places nearby enemies into SIN and increases damage dealt to them).
      Level 3 (level range: 0-100 megawatts): AA guns, energy barriers and sensor drones which act as mobile SIN Detectors.
      Automated outpost turrets have received a slight revamp and should be more effective in the fight against the Chosen.


    Progression constraint unlocks now cost Crystite in addition to resources, experience and crafted items.
    Progression constraint costs have been adjusted down.
    Stock, Stage 1 and Stage 2 items have been rebalanced.
    Progression constraints have been renamed and now have tooltips.
    Progression items are now craftable with rare components purchased at POIs from special NPCs that spawn at Power Level 3.
    CPU is now functioning properly.
    CPU Cores are now available for purchase at crafting vendors. Mod your gear today!


    Added recipe to convert Crystite to Beta Crystite (1:1 ratio).
    More progress on the crafting UI both visually and functionally (it is still a work in progress, though).
    Added refine button which acts as a shortcut to the refining recipes.
    All components will now take a very short time to craft (usually 10 seconds).
    All final items will take enough time to let you do a thumper or two, or some PvP.
    Trying to craft a crystite hybrid component will select the raw resource refining recipe.
    Shared components! Many components can be used in similar items.
    Cleaned up the Nanoprint lists a bit, less spam.
    Aranha, Thrasher, Hisser, Culex DNA and Chosen Tech pieces are now used in the creation of colored crystite hybrid modules, used in Stage 2 recipes and beyond.
    Stage 2 items will almost always have superior performance than Stage 1 items.
    Sifted Earth refining takes significantly less time.
    Sliders have been implemented into the crafting UI.
    Sliders can control the amount of a resource you can refine.
    Select stackable items can be crafted in multiples.
    Resources for crafting a component will be sorted by best to worst preferred stat value.
    Fixed an issue causing some recipes not to show up in crafting UI.
    Fixed an issue causing sifted earth to break input selection in crafting UI.
    Fixed an issue where components could not be selected on some recipes.
    Fixed an issue where the stats scroll bar was not resizing.
    Fixed an issue where the recipe tree was duplicating itself in the Misc category.
    Known Issue: The second workbench at the Molecular Printer will sometimes disappear after unloading or loading from it.Using the command /rui in chat will bring it back.

    Cobra P-39

      The Cobra P-39 is the first craftable LGV in the game and now has a Nanoprint at the Molecular Printer. This is a permanent vehicle.
      The Cobra P-39 requires 5 components to be built: Cobra P-39 Keys, Tri-Axial Wheels, Microfusion Engine, Transverse Suspension, Metalloid Chassis.
      The Cobra P-39 Keys can be found at the vendor in Copacabana near the Molecular Printer.
      All other components are found at vendors in the POIs affected by power levels only when the POI's power level is 3. Look out for these vendors:

        Lieutenant Dwayne Tucker - Copacabana
        Dynamo - Sunken Harbor
        Jun - Thump Dump
        Blanca Gomes - Trans-Hub
        Components for the P-39 are bought for Crystite.

    Crafted Equipment Durability and Repairs

      Added a HUD element to display when equipment is about to break or is broken.This pops up at 50% but can be brought up at any time with TAB.
      All equipment will take a 10% durability hit after dying and respawning in the open world.
      Equipment will take durability hits from general usage.
      Equipment can be repaired at the Garage.
      Repairing equipment is currently free of Crystite charge (temporarily only).


    Fixed an issue where XP and Resource boost notifications were displaying 0% boost.
    Triple monitor: splash screens should be more consistent when switching from the login screen to the main UI.
    Triple monitor: left and right monitors are now blacked out during loading screen.
    Triple monitor: loading screens with descriptions will no longer stretch onto the third monitor.
    Fixed an issue where you could not play SIN Imprints through the Achievements UI.
    Fixed an issue where loot UI would give errors in trying to access obsolete stats.


      Adjustments made to progression and Garage UI.
      You can see all owned equipment regardless of requirements.
      Item requirements stand out more - if the item is red you cannot equip that item.
      All abilities in the Garage now have tooltips.
      It is now possible to view tooltips and loadouts for battleframes not owned.
      Equipping/Viewing gear choices in Garage has been streamlined.
      The amount of the resource needed to progress the battleframe selected is now displayed in the Garage.
      Items in the Garage show their durability pool.
      Items in the Garage now have a little icon on them when they are damaged.
      There is now a button in the Garage that allows players to repair damaged items.
      Clicking on various parts of the player is no longer required.Select the slot you wish to modify from a list to the right of your character in the Garage screen.
      Changed font and coloring on Tooltips.
      Tooltips are now positioned relative to mouse's vertical position on the frame.
      Prevented right clicking out of Garage.
      Pressing 'Esc' in the Garage while the slotting interface is focused will close the Garage and not just the interface.
      Fix for redundant stats appearing in tooltips that are already calculated as attributes.
      Fix for inverted stats being +/- flipped in item tooltips.
      Fixed an issue where the item tooltip would break when using compare.
      Fixed some missing description text of some items.

Jeudi 18 avril 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6.1606


    Player health regeneration in PvP is now 10 hp per second, with the exception of Mammoth, which is 15 hp per second.



      Fixed a bug where the Firecat Passive would apply the Incinerator effect to all enemies previously affected by Incinerator.


      Fixed an issue where Tether Field's HKM bar was sometimes not being consumed.



      Fixed an issue where the Recluse's BioCrossbow's alt fire would remove the crosshair.
      The Recluse's Necrotic Poison (passive) no longer persists through death.


      Fixed an issue where the Biorifle's projectile would land slightly off target from where the reticle is aimed.



      Fixed an issue with Explosive Rounds preventing it from dealing AoE damage with the Plasma HMG and Laser HMG.


      Fixed an issue where the Rhino retains the Charge! run speed bonus after the ability ends.
      Charge! now gives the Rhino a flat 20% run speed boost for 6 seconds (previously the speed would ramp up over time).



      Fixed the issue preventing users from placing a Heavy Turret and Anti-Personnel Turret next to their Multi-Turrets.
      Lowered the distance required between Heavy Turrets and Anti-Personnel Turrets from 15m to 10m.


      Fixed an issue where shield effects (Boomerang Shot & Bulwark) would stack on players infinitely.
      Boomerang Shot no longer applies a shield to the player on a successful hit.
      Bulwark will now affect the initial user if they are in the radius of detonation.
      Shock Rifle headshot damage multiplier reduced to 1.5x from 2.0x.
      Added damage degradation to the Shock Rifle at especially long ranges.
      Fixed an issue where Electrical Storm's HKM bar was sometimes not being consumed.



      Fixed an issue where the Accord Recon's passive is applied to the target killed as well as the Accord Recon.
      Added a new scope sight for the Accord Recon's primary weapon. This can be used with other sniper rifles. You can change scopes by going into Options -> Interface -> Reticle manager and then select "Light Sniper" under Sniper Rifles.


      Fixed an issue that would break Teleport Beacon until relogging.


      Fixed an issue where Ambush (passive) was dealing more damage than intended.
      Smokescreen VFX should now scale with the actual duration of the effect properly.

Open World

    Player LGV Races. No Really. Not kidding. We promise.
    Resource information and location should now be displayed on the world map.
    Fixed an issue where players could not interact with thumpers when a lot of mobs are attacking the thumper.
    Thumper waves now have a smoother and smaller difficulty ramp from start to finish.
    Fixed an issue where players could collect resources from a squadmate's thumper that they did not help protect.
    Fixed an issue where players were unable to place turrets while a thumper is out.
    Fixed an issue that was interfering with the player's ability to interact with the shield disruptor at Chosen Incursions.
    Fixed an end-of-scenario crash that was happening in ARES missions.
    Fixed a broken timer with creature kill streaks.

Melding Anomaly Neutralizer

    Fixed an issue where a player would lose their Melding Anomaly Neutralizer if placed in the incorrect position.
    The Melding Anomaly no longer damages players.
    Radius in which the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer calldown is placed is closer to players.
    Increased the radius of acceptable placement location of the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer.
    Known Issue: In order to build a Melding Anomaly Neutralizer, you need the components Isolated Mitochondrial DNA Strain, Transfer DNA Array and Coding DNA Sequence. The blueprints needed to make these components are misnamed as DNA Multi-Printing , DNA Microarray Nanofiltration and NanoTech-Assisted DNA Splicing respectively.

User Interface


      Fixed the sliders in the Color Picker.
      Added a new reticle option for the Accord Recon's primary weapon.

    Open World

      Resource Monitor now short-hands thousand after 10k instead of 1k.
      Changed the scan report position to better face the player.
      Ability kills now display a skull instead of the ability text.
      Added the ability to save resource scans. Saving the scan will pin the desired result to the world so that you can keep track of it. Saved scans are lost upon entering PvP matches, disconnecting or switching shards.
      Fixed an issue where map markers would appear under the world until you look in the direction they actually are.
      World map navwheel will now close after selecting abandon.


      Fixed an issue in the garage where mousing over Sundering Wave (Rhino) would give a UI error and would not be able to be equipped.


      Requirements are now displayed in crafting UI.
      Fixed an issue where some of the tooltips in the refining process were showing incorrect information.
      Added a tip to display if the player can equip an item in the crafting UI.
      Added a quality value to the end of resource names in the crafting UI.
      Filtering recipes will automatically expand the recipe tree once its size drops below a threshold.
      Fixed an issue where raw resources are not being updated after putting them in the crafting terminal.
      Fixed an issue where players were unable to load workbenches.
      Fixed an issue where a character with no workbenches unlocked could not unlock a workbench.

Patch is live.


Jeudi 18 avril 2013  
Firefall mis à jour et en bêta ouverte le 9 juillet

Après déjà plusieurs mois de bêta-test au cours desquels Firefall a largement évolué, le shooter online du studio Red 5 s'annonce en bêta-test ouvert à partir du 9 juillet prochain. D'ici là, le développeur promet moult mises à jour.

Dès les prémices du développement de Firefall, le studio Red 5 entendait s'appuyer sur un long processus de test. Très tôt, des testeurs de plus en plus nombreux étaient invités à découvrir leur jeu et surtout à partager leur avis sur le gameplay (parfois critique et sans NDA « puisque de toutes façon le jeu change sans cesse »). Sur la base de ces commentaires, le jeu a donc déjà fait l'objet de plusieurs modifications profondes (que ce soit dans la gestion de son monde ouvert, des mécaniques de PvP ou plus récemment d'évolutions des personnages) et il continue d'évoluer.

Et à partir du 9 juillet prochain, les tests prendront une envergure accrue avec le coup d'envoi de la bêta ouverte. Dans la lignée des tests précédents, le studio Red 5 affirme par voie de communiqué qu'il ne s'agit pas là d'une « bêta marketing » mais bien de tester les mécaniques de Firefall avec plus de protagonistes.
D'ici là, entre mai et juillet, le jeu devrait faire l'objet de plusieurs mises à jour majeures dont Red 5 esquisse les principales orientations.

    Niveau d'énergie des villes : les joueurs recevront des bonus et des récompenses en augmentant le niveau d'énergie des villes principales. C'est la participation des joueurs aux missions et évènements locaux qui influera sur ce niveau d'énergie.
    Exploration de l'Amalgame : en augmentant le niveau d'énergie des villes et en débloquant certains modules, les joueurs pourront pénétrer et explorer des poches d'Amalgame entourant Nouvel-Eden.
    Instances Élues : fortifier le monde permettra aux joueurs de passer à l'attaque et d'affronter cette race extraterrestre hostile dans de nouvelles instances épiques.
    Artisanat et Progression : les joueurs verront de nombreux ajouts au système d'artisanat et à la progression des Battleframes (dont une nouvelle interface).

Pour les curieux et ne attendant le 9 juillet, les inscriptions à la bêta fermée restent accessibles notamment à cette adresse, sur le site officiel.


Jeudi 4 avril 2013  
Patch Notes - 0.6.1597

Open World Changes

    Player-made LGV races are in! Deploy your starting line and create your own LGV races.
    Added two new free heads (male and female); also 3 new female heads and 2 new male heads for purchase at the New You.
    The Chosen Engineer weapon is capable of making sound once again.
    Fixed an issue where you would not get credit for participating in a Tornado event.
    Players will no longer spawn in as a ragdoll and then come to life.
    Fixed collision problems with Whiptail Threshers.
    Brody is no longer so disapproving when you send back a thumper at 100%.
    Turrets should now track and fire at enemies more consistently.
    Fixed issues where there would be no Arcporter Pylon available when exiting an ARES mission.

    Chosen War

      Fixed an issue that caused map markers for events not to show up after reclaiming POIs from Chosen until 10 minutes later
      Added another wave of drop pods when players attempt to take back a Chosen occupied POI
      Renamed Chosen Invaders to Chosen Strike Team to avoid confusion between Chosen attacks and the invasion events


      Made a fix for incursions so the amount of Chosen in the area before the shield disruptor spawns is 2 or less instead of exactly 0
      Upped the HP of the warbringer and shield generators by about 3x
      Added a bonus reward (XP) for completing an incursion without losing a shield disruptor


      Made the pre-invasion VO play zone wide
      Fixed an issue that would cause the melding to permanently cover Thump Dump or Sunken Harbor instead of only 3 hours
      Renamed Siege of Thump Dump and Siege of Sunken Harbor to Invasion of Thump Dump and Invasion of Sunken Harbor for clarity

Bug Fixes

    Using /stuck while on an LGV will dismount the character from the LGV before respawning.
    Fixed an issue where warpaint on the body suit would not appear on the advanced frames.
    Added audio effects for many objects that were missing in the last patch.
    Promoting a new squad leader should no longer disband the squad.
    Brassy and Fired Up female voices are no longer the same voice.
    Fixed issues with certain heads and facial hair options clipping.
    Adjusted the volume of various weapon and NPC sounds to help distinguish what is attacking you.
    You can now deploy turrets even while the Thumper is on cooldown.
    Players should no longer remain horizontal when crashing from a glider while in free cam mode.
    Removed tooltip references to Tech Trees.

Crafting Changes

    Updated nanoprint categories to help organize and simplify finding the nanoprint you want.
    Battleframe-related components that require resources to craft now require half the amount of resources, and take half the time to complete.
    Added advanced refining recipes that support multiple inputs – players can refine multiple stacks of raw resources in the same job.
    Item stage/tier is now noted in the resulting item as well as the nanoprint. Assault Rifle II nanoprint now results in an Assault Rifle II item.
    Healing Accelerator I and Healing Charge Builder I should now have crafting times associated with their recipes.
    Regeneration Assembly I & II recipes should now output the appropriate component for the Accord Absorption Plating.
    Subcomponents that require Polymers or Carbon should now allow you to select the quality of those resources.
    Fixed a bug where selecting a resource for a component would not select the proper resource.
    Fixed a bug where selecting the third resource in a list would fail to select that resource.
    Healing Ball Charge Builder I and Healing Accelerator I now require appropriate number of resources and time to craft.
    Crystite and Red Bean totals now appear in the manufacturing station UI.
    Inventory items now show appropriate requirements in their tooltips.
    Passive modules will now be shown in player inventories.
    Stock gear will no longer display durability information on the tool-tips (starting gear ignores durability)

Resource Collection Changes

    Tweaked the way raw resources are generated in the world – should result in fewer cases of horrible, horrible quality resources.
    Resource qualities will now update more frequently in the world.
    Added new scan report UI when using the scanhammer to detect resources.
    Surface deposit sin cards should no longer pop into view and then disappear when you get within range.
    Using a scan hammer to crack surface deposits will now result in a smaller resource reward than using sonic detonators.
    Squad Thumpers have been renamed to match personal thumper progression (Stock, Light, Medium, Heavy).
    The Accord now gives the full 100% bonus to all squad members for completing a personal thumper – it is no longer split.
    Thumper locations are reserved for the thumper’s owner for 30 seconds after thumper is sent back.
    All thumper health increased by approx. 25%.
    Thumper capacities adjusted to reward greater risks of moving up in weight class.
    Squad thumper capacities increased to encourage more squad thumping.
    New STOCK Squad Thumper introduced by The Accord Technologists. Perfect for that squad using new Battleframes!
    Fixed a bug where Thumper boss waves would respawn.
    Slightly decreased the health on crystals inside the Melding tornado portal.
    All the tiki thumpers are now correctly using the tiki thumper web icon.

PvP Changes

    Small, Medium, and Large healing powerups increased to restore 1.5 times more health.
    Added the 2 teleporters back in to each spawn room in Sunken Harbor.
    Removed the penalty for carrying Double Damage - the player with it no longer takes bonus damage, only deals bonus damage.
    XP rewards for PvP should no longer be split among the team. XP rewards were meant to be for the individual.
    Fixed an issue with the challenge mode where a player would not receive an invite if they had any players on their ignore list.
    Spectator mode should now properly display the in-game clock, score, etc. when observing a match.
    When spectating via the challenge mode, the camera should now properly attach to a player at the start.
    Keybindings and mouse controls should now work properly in spectator mode.
    Clicking the exit button in spectator mode should now exit the match cleanly.

Battleframe Changes

    Primary Weapons - Did a pass on all primary weapon ammunition and added some weight/size to projectiles.


      Reduced weapon damage by 20% (PvP only)
      SIN Scrambler - Reduced damage to half weapon damage.
      Overload - Reduced damage to half of weapon damage.
      Overload - Now arcfolds the appropriate weapon to the user on activation.


      Reduced primary weapon damage by 20% and reduced "Ambush" damage bonus by 5% (PvP only)
      Eruption Rounds - Now arcfolds the appropriate weapon to the user on activation.


      Increased accuracy, clip size, and damage of the R36 (primary weapon) at all stages.
      SIN Scrambler - Can now be used with the R36 (accord recon primary)


      Sentinel Pod - Limited max hostile targets to 1
      Deployables will now get the appropriate stats at all levels.
      Fixed a bug where Bastion was getting Starting Gear in PvP.
      Bastion Ultimate (Fortify) - Fixed a bug where the player was getting fully healed instead of the sentinel pod.
      Tesla Alt Fire - Reduced the rate of energy drain to match new energy totals.


      Sticky Grenade Launcher - Added explosion audio when sticking grendes to an NPC or player.
      Anti-Personnel Turret should no longer loop audio.


      Buffed the damage of all ranks of Disruption. Starting was 212, now 350. PvP was 375, now 600.
      Increased the run speed bonus provided by Trailblaze to 120% at the starting value, up from 110%. Remains 130% in PvP


      Immolate damage significantly increased - 75 per tick base, up from 38. PvP damage buffed to 90 per tick. Immolate radius increased to 5m base, up from 3.4m. PvP range left alone (5m)
      Thermal Wave base damage increased from 212 to 350, and all crafting ranges increased accordingly. PvP damage is still 375.


      Plasma Cannon - Increased speed of the projectile to better fit in between Thermal Cannon and Fusion Cannon


      Creeping death - Fixed a bug where the radius was far larger than intended.


      BioRifle (Dragonfly primary) - Players should no longer warp around while firing.
      Fixed a bug where Dragonfly was getting Starting Gear in PvP.


      Sundering Wave now causes targets to take 15% more damage at base, up from 12%. All stages raised accordingly. PvP raised to 20% extra damage taken by affected targets.
      Heavy Laser MG base damage per round raised to 46, up from 38. All stages raised accordingly. PvP damage increased from 77 per round to 80.


      Fixed the issue causing the Accord Dreadnaught's passive effects to become stuck on his body.

As you may notice, we still have not replaced the crafting UI. This is an ongoing process. I wanted to let you know that it is absolutely being worked on and here is a concept of what we are currently working on in regards to that new crafting interface...

Step 1: Refining your resources


Step 2: Building Sub-components


Step 3: Building item components


Step 4: Building your item


There is still more work to do, but we just wanted to make sure you guys knew we were working on it. Feel free to give feedback on the UI that you see here.


Vendredi 29 mars 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6.1586r2

UI Changes

    Fixed issues with the crafting UI that required you to reload UI constantly.
    Fixed multiple UI crash issues with crafting UI.
    Implemented multiple server-side performance improvements to inventory and character services.

Vendredi 22 mars 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.6

Welcome to Patch 0.6!

We heard your requests and our team worked hard to make many of your wishes become a reality. This patch introduces new exciting content, an updated progressions system, a large number of improvements, and laid the foundation for amazing things to come.
As always we would love to hear your feedback. Join us on our journey to make Firefall a remarkable experience!


The new progression system is live!

    Weight has been renamed to “Mass”.
    CPU has been renamed to “Cores”.
    All currently created items in the game have been removed and replaced with starting gear.
    Tiers have been removed from the game. Unlocking new Battleframes now costs 10 Pilot tokens or 100 Red Beans. Pilot tokens are awarded at the 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th unlocks in each of the 3 constraint progression trees.
    Unlocking progression items in the three trees will increase Battleframes Mass, Power and CPU Cores accordingly. Battleframes movement speed and overall damage will be affected by Mass and Power usage respectively. More constraints mean more room to equip better gear!
    Acquiring progression items in the three trees requires Experience, Resources, and a special crafted item for the 10th unlock. Each Battleframe has a different resource requirement and special item needed to progress.
    CPU Cores are used to equip abilities. These will be utilized more in a Future Update
    You can now preview Battleframes before unlocking them.
    As this is a system in progress, please help us by reporting any oddities, and expect changes as we work out the kinks and bring more features online!


    The Accord Battle Lab

    Welcome to the The Accord Battle Lab

      The Accord Battle Lab serves as a basic tutorial for players as they enter the game. This experience will introduce the player to the world of Firefall. It features a series of challenges from movement, combat, character customization, and introduces weapons and abilities for each of the 5 Accord Batteframes. For this patch, all players, when they first log on, will play through this experience.

    Things to Expect

      When players enter the experience, they will find that they are in Civilian Clothes, and will be walked through a series of challenges
      Players will be given access to each of the 5 Accord Battleframes and be offered challenges to test each of these abilities.
      Players will meet both Aero and Oilspill

    Known Issues

      If you use any of the interactable terminals more than once, you will queue VO lines. This can result in Aero repeating herself.
      After selecting a Battleframe from the Holograms you will see 5 challenge Drones. They are friendly. Interact with them and they will give you the appropriate challenge
      The Triage Challenge is not working as intended.
      Before using an Ultimate, make sure to run over the HKM Power Up. This is mentioned in text and via a Sin Card, but some people miss both of these.

Chosen Warfront


      Chosen no longer attack watchtowers from random locations on the map.
      Attacks now come in more organized groups in much more noticeable ‘warfront’ patterns.
      Chosen attack from outposts they control and directly from the melding
      New Chosen AI has been integrated into all warfront encounters


      They’re back, and have been redesigned
      The Chosen are focused on invading Thump Dump and Sunken Harbor
      The Chosen use siege tactics to bombard the SIN towers as well as invade with ground forces to destroy the shield generators, requiring players to both defend and attack to deal with the threats.
      Invasions are designed to be multi-squad encounters

    Chosen Scouts & Drop Pods

      Drop pods have been redesigned
      They no longer spawn everywhere / anywhere in the world. Instead, they are called down by Chosen Scouts.
      Chosen Scouts and their drop pods are designed as solo-player content.


      Incursions have been redesigned
      The number of Chosen defending the Incursion has been increased and the number of defending structures has been decreased in order to make the encounter more mobile
      Players need to clear out the area around the Incursion in order to spawn a Shield Disruptor
      When players use the Shield Disruptor, it begins the defend state. During this time, players defend the Shield Disruptor against waves of Chosen while it brings down a shield protecting a generator.
      When a generator is vulnerable, players can quickly blow it up to start the next defend wave, which is harder than the previous wave
      After all the generators are destroyed, the Warbringer is vulnerable and can be destroyed
      Incursions are designed to be squad content


      When occupied by Chosen, the spawn room contains a device that governs the Chosen’s ability to spawn in that room. Players can interact with that device to blow it up to prevent the Chosen from spawning in the watchtower until a new device is arcported in.
      Watchtowers updated with new VO
      Watchtowers now display the amount of Chosen in the vicinity (if any) when Accord controls the tower
      Watchtowers are no longer revealed by default on the map. They are now associated with certain points of interest (POI). When players uplink to a POI’s SIN tower, the associated watchtowers are then fully revealed.
      Watchtowers are designed to be group content
      Placement of some glider pads on watch towers have been adjusted so they no longer propel the user into terrain

POI Buffs

    POIs under Accord control now give players buffs
    Major POIs (Thump Dump, Copacabana, Sunken Harbor, and TransHub) each give a unique buff to all players in the zone while the Accord maintains control of the POI

      Copacabana: Increased health regen
      Thump Dump: Increased resource gain
      TransHub: Reduced cooldowns
      Sunken Harbor: Increased XP gain

    Minor POIs (Sigu’s Sanctuary, Northern Shores, Cerrado Plains, etc) give a small stacking damage buff that increases in strength the more minor POIs that are controlled by the Accord
    When the Accord loses control of these POIs, they also lose the associated buffs
    Note: UI is not yet in the game to communicate that these buffs are active, but they are working behind the scenes. We decided to keep the bonuses in-game while we continue to work on the UI for it.

ARES Missions / Local Events

Introduced ARES missions throughout New Eden!

    There are many new locations around New Eden where your expertise as an ARES operator is required
    Thirty new interior spaces will now challenge you with objective based combat scenarios

      Missions vary in difficulty, from solo encounters to five player group scenarios.
      Fight through several different mission types with ever changing enemy forces in every one of the thirty spaces.
      Earn rewards for the new crafting and progression system.
      Nearly 200 unique narrative scripts have been added to these encounters which highlight the role of players as ARES Operators and inform about the state of New Eden and its population.

    Known issue

      Sometimes the Arcporter does not appear at the end of an ARES mission. If this happens, you may need to re-enter the mission volume and exit again to make it appear.

    New Event: Player Created LGV Races

      A new item called “Starting Line” is craftable at the manufacturing station, and becomes a consumable.
      Place the Starting Line anywhere in the world. You are automatically given the Finish Line which you place a minimum of 500m from the Starting Line.
      Anyone can participate in the race by interacting with the Starting Line.
      The race will stay in the world as long as players keep using it.

Thumper and Scanning Improvements

    All of the thumper costs and capacities have been adjusted.
    New sizes of Personal and Squad thumpers have been designed by Accord engineers and are available for manufacture. Find the thumper that best fits your squad’s gear and skill!
    Personal Thumpers are designed for 1-2 players. Resources recovered are split amongst the squad.
    Squad Thumpers are designed for full squads. Resources are shared equally amongst the squad (no splitting).
    Creatures spawned by the thumper are much more region-specific.
    The balance and timing of all thumper spawns have been adjusted.
    Completing a thumper to 100% yields a double resource bonus.
    Completing a thumper to 100% results in an XP reward for the squad.
    Explosive Aranhas killed by players only have small explosions instead of their large self-destruct explosion.
    If you help a squad with their thumper, you will receive a small resource reward from the Accord.
    Thumpers now have global mapmarkers – check your map to find a nearby squad with an open slot that is digging for a resource you need.
    Lots of new voice over and feedback has been added to the thumper encounter.
    Thumper placement rules have been adjusted to reduce positional exploits.
    Players are now able to thump in flat water and wet sand
    Many other small improvements to thumpers including: visual effects, lighting, creature spawn positions, thumper health, new creatures, etc.
    You can only see the Thumper map markers if you’ve connected to the SIN tower for that area
    Scan Hammer visuals have been improved – the SIN data should be much easier to read in order to find the best veins.

Open World

    The Sunken Harbor watch towers now have unique names
    Sunken Harbor spotlights now move even if players are not looking at them
    Several NPCs in Trans Hub now have different names
    Floating buildings around New Eden have been put back on the ground
    Various floating rocks, bushes, etc. are now back on the ground
    Various texture glitches have been fixed
    Various texture seams have been closed
    Hisser nests now align properly to mountains
    Fixed auto turrets that clipped through the ground
    Antennas are now properly displayed from far away
    Plugged terrain holes in the Dig Site 5 cave
    Plugged terrain holes in the back of the Cliffedge Encampment near Copacabana
    Plugged terrain holes around the Broken Shores Secret Lab
    Plugged terrain holes around Thump Dump
    The SIN Tower in Thump Dump now has collision
    Shield barriers of the SIN towers in Sigu and Stonewall are now correctly aligned
    The /cheer emote of the female character no longer loops
    Removed some rocks in the middle of the road by Cerrado Plains

SIN Imprints

    Fixed some SIN imprints that were not playing
    Playing a SIN imprint will interrupt other SIN imprint recordings
    SIN imprints are now prettier and easier to see from a distance
    Missions & Encounters
    Daily missions are now resetting properly
    Players no longer get double rewards for the Holmgang mission
    Dynamic events are now spread out in a more distributed pattern


    Chosen have a new fashion designer
    Chosen have taken to wearing masks
    Chosen have developed their own weapons and weapon appearances
    Chosen will now take additional damage when shot in critical locations with any weapon
    Chosen are no longer able to re-capture towers after dying
    Chosen no longer get stuck between a crate and a rock ledge
    Chosen no longer get stuck during an invasion trying to target shield generators through walls

    Chosen Assault

      Renamed to “Shock Trooper”
      Now uses the Chosen Assault Rifle instead of the burst rifle
      Various AI tweaks and improvements
      Gets the party started by deploying a Tortured Soul spawner


      There have been slight adjustments to his plasma cannon


      Revision to hit area of Siegebreaker’s charge attack
      Corrected animation issues with Siegebreaker’s weapon firing


      Chosen snipers have been spotted in New Eden for the first time
      May also deploy Tortured Soul spawners


      Chosen engineers are now pushing out of the Melding
      Now owns Chosen Drones


      Owned by Chosen Engineer
      Provides support to other Chosen units

    Tortured Soul

      Chosen have been seen sending mutated creatures known as Tortured Souls into battle.


      Now only plays one sound when making melee attacks
      The Chosen grunt now plays his attack animation properly
      The Chosen Grunt animations no longer twitch


      Creatures now drop specific crafting components instead of random resources
      Where creatures spawn in the world is more closely related to the environmental conditions.
      NPCs can now use weapon alt-fires, be cautious
      Creature burrow/unburrow improvements
      Reduced health points of smaller creatures like the shelless Hisser and Skiver from 700 to 200


      Terrorclaw now hits targets in a more reasonable area while rolling
      Fixed various animation glitches

    Toxic Aranha

      Toxic Aranhas now have screen effects when damaging a player


      Thresher charge delay duration reduced


      Wyrms are hostile and gradually decay hostility
      Fixed wyrm facing issues with ability and attack

        Shortened target selection range in combat
        Checks range before attacking

    Storm Kestrel

      Storm Kestrel have their descend speed reduced but their charge increased

    Explosive Aranhas

      Explosive Aranhas will not walk through shields anymore
      Less powerful explosion when killed by a player vs. blowing up on their own


      The wasp has been introduced into New Eden for the first time
      Behaves much like the Culex and can be found inland


      Skivers have been introduced into New Eden for the first time
      Skivers are small creatures with low health and tend to attack in swarms
      Sand Skiver variants are found in different biomes than Skivers



      Double Damage is now dropped when the carrier dies. It can be picked up again by nearby enemies/allies during its 20 second “active” duration.


      Increased base movement speeds in PvP
      Increased air control universally
      Increased jet thrust strength
      Increased gravity
      Added “Air Sprinting” – press and hold shift while jetting to move faster in a horizontal direction. Costs more energy per second.
      Sprinting will now drain energy while enabled in PvP


We have laid the foundation for our new crafting system!


      Resources now only have 3 aspects (down from 5): Power, Mass, and CPU-Cores
        Like the previous resources, each resource in a family is "best" at a specific aspect
        An additional stat on resources is called "Purity" which influences the the refining process (read below)

      The number of resources are changing from 3 families of 3 (9 total) to 5 families of 3 (15 total)
        Resources and families have new, less cryptic names

      Creatures now drop only crystite and have a chance of special drops which are used in many recipes

    Resource Refining

      Raw resources

        All resources are acquired as "raw" and must be refined before they can be used in crafting recipes
        Aspect stats of raw resources persist into their refined versions

      Refining takes the raw resources and splits them into multiple results

        Seed Crystite (currency)
        Refined resources (used for crafting)
        Crystite Hybrids (used for crafting)

          Crystite hybrids are used in the new crafting system to power the more powerful weapons and abilities
          For every unit of raw resources being refined, there is a 0.1% chance of getting a crystite hybrid

            If you refine 1000 units of a raw resource, you get 1 crystite hybrid 100% of the time

          If you refine more than 1000 units you have a +0.1% chance of getting an extra crystite hybrid per unit being refined

            Refining 1355 units of a raw resource means you get 1 crystite hybrid, and have a 35.5% chance of an additional crystite hybrid

        The higher the purity of the raw resource, the more units are outputed when refined

    Crafting & Components

      All Battleframe modules & weapons now have component-based recipes
      To build a Plasma Cannon I, you must first build two components: the Plasma Cannon Barrel I and the Plasma Reactor I, each requiring refined resources
      Each component affects a different attribute of the master item – the Plasma Cannon Barrel I affects AOE radius, the Plasma Reactor I affects damage
      The quality of the resources used determine the quality of the component crafted – the higher the component’s quality, the better it affects the related attribute
      There are 4 stages of crafting planned per item, this patch features the first two
      The higher the crafting stage, the more complex the recipe and the more powerful the item
      More powerful gear will be more constraint-hungry – see the Progression notes!)
      For the time being, ALL crafting recipes are available – in a future patch, you will have to research each crafting recipe before you can build the item

    Manufacturing UI

      A new, and still in development, interface has been added at the molecular printer to allow players to manufacture components and gear.
      Recipes are organized by category for organizational purposes.
      A search field has been added for ease of finding specific nanoprints.
      All players will have 2 available workbenches allowing 2 nanoprints to be built in parallel.
      Many improvements to come in future patches.

    Old Resources

      New recipe added for Beta Crystite Refining
      The Beta Crystite Refining recipe takes up to 6 inputs at once
      The Beta Crystite Refining process takes 20 seconds regardless of the amount of input
      You can use full stacks of resources in the Beta Crystite Refining recipe
      Old resources will convert into Beta Crystite at a ratio of 1:1
      You may only use old resources for Beta Crystite Refining, all new recipes will require the new resources.
      The vendor containing items purchasable for Beta Crystite is not yet in the game, it will be made available at a later date.


      Each Battleframe now comes equipped with a unique Hyper-Kinesis Module (HKM) which is the "ultimate" ability of the Battleframe.
      HKMs are charged by dealing damage, taking damage, or healing
      After a duration of not dealing damage, taking damage or healing, the HKM meter will slowly lose its charge.
      Added a HKM meter to the bottom of the ability bar.

        Yellow: signifies you are charging your HKM
        Green: signifies HKM is ready
        Red: signifies HKM charge is fading

      Known issue (bug): using your scan hammer will empty your HKM charge

Accord Battleframes


      Primary Weapon – Plasma Cannon

        Fires a plasma round which deals both splash damage and extra direct damage. Splash radius has been reduced.

      Alternate-Fire – Scattershot

        Fires a shotgun-style blast of small plasma projectiles

      Specialty (Passive) – Accord Absorption Plating

        Player receives a bonus heal over time equal to 25% of the health granted from a health pickup.

      Ability 1 – Crater

        Player slams to the ground, dealing AOE damage that scales up based on distance travelled (height).
        Crater now sends the player down-and-forward at a consistent angle.

      Ability 2 – Afterburner

        Player dashes in the direction they are facing at a high speed

      Ability 3 – Overcharge

        Overcharges the Battleframe, causing the player to deal bonus damage for the duration

      HKM - Shockwave

        Fires a shockwave shell in the direction the player is aiming, dealing massive damage to any enemy it passes though


      Primary Weapon - BioNeedler

        Discharges small spikes at a high rate of fire.

      Alternate Fire – Needle Shotgun

        Fires a cluster of spikes at once

      Specialty (Passive) - Accord Siphoning Plating

        A percentage of all damage and healing dealt returns to the Biotech as health.

      Ability 1 - Healing Wave

        The Biotech sends out a wave in a frontal cone that heals allies, as well as damages and knocks back enemies.

      Ability 2 - Poison Trail

        The Biotech emits toxic clouds that linger for a duration, dealing heavy damage and snaring any enemies that pass through them.

      Ability 3 - Triage

        Biotech is able to revive allies at a much faster rate, as well as receive less damage from enemy attack for its duration.

      HKM - Accord Chemical Sprayer

        The Biotech's weapon switches to a chemical sprayer for a short duration, which damages any enemies and heals any allies caught in the spray.



        Base movement speed increased slightly.

      Primary Weapon - Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)

        Requires spin-up time before firing, and rapidly discharges bullets in a cone of fire.
        Accuracy cone has been improved, though weapons damage decreases beyond 20m.
        Rate of fire decreased slightly and damage per round increased slightly (no change in DPS).

      Alternate Fire - Forward Shield

        While the alt fire is active, a Forward Shield is projected from the HMG, blocking incoming projectiles until its health reaches 0.
        If the shield is "broken", it will go on a short cooldown

      Specialty (Passive) - Resilient Plating

        When the Dreadnaught falls below 35% health, it gains increased health regeneration until reaching 35% again.

      Ability 1 - Explosive Rounds

        Overrides the HMG ammo for a short duration. Rounds deal bonus damage and explode on impact, causing some AOE damage.

      Ability 2 - Heavy Armor

        Activates a shield around the Dreadnaught, causing them to take less damage for a short duration.

      Ability 3 - Repulsor Blast

        The Dreadnaught emits a powerful wave of energy, dealing damage to and knocking back any enemies caught in the blast.

      HKM - Accord Mortar Launcher

        The Dreadnaught's weapon is replaced with a Mortar Launcher, which fires projectiles that explode for AOE damage upon impact.


      Primary Weapon - Sticky Grenade Launcher

        Fires grenades that stick to surfaces and wait to be remotely detonated (can stick to players).

      Alternate Fire - Sticky Grenade Launcher Detonation

        The alt fire detonates all deployed grenades from the Sticky Grenade Launcher when triggered.

      Specialty (Passive) - Accord Nanite Deployment

        When the engineer's deployables drop below a certain amount of health, small nanites are deployed to repair the device over time.

      Ability 1 - Heavy Turret

        Deploys a heavy turret that deals moderate damage within combat range. This turret automatically upgrades itself after dealing enough damage to enemies.

      Ability 2 - Forward Shield

        Deploys a quarter-dome shield that blocks projectiles and prevents enemies from moving through it.

      Ability 3 - Supply Station

        Deploys a supply station that periodically spawns health and ammo pickups that anyone can use.

      HKM - Anti-Personnel Turret

        Spawns a useable anti-personnel turret that can be controlled by either the player or ally. Lasts 30 seconds or until destroyed.


      Primary Weapon – R36 Assault Rifle

        A specialized assault rifle with a mid-range scope, better accuracy, and harder hitting rounds.

      Alternate Fire - Range Scope

        The Recon aims down the sights, greatly increasing accuracy when firing.

      Specialty (Passive) - Accord Regenerative Plating

        Grants health regeneration after achieving a kill or assist

      Ability 1 - Cryo Bomb

        Throws a grenade that detonates on impact
        Enemies caught in blast radius are significantly snared for a short duration

      Ability 2 - Decoy

        Activates a cloaking field, rendering the Battleframe invisible
        Leaves behind a SIN hologram that does not move to distract enemies
        Hologram explodes at end of duration for moderate AOE damage

      Ability 3 - SIN Beacon

        Launches a beacon in a straight line from the Recon.
        Sticks to any surface and adds enemies in its radius to SIN. Enemies entered in SIN in this way take additional damage from the Recon's allies.

      HKM - Accord Artillery Strike

        Designates an artillery strike at spot of reticle
        After a brief moment, Accord artillery shells impact the designated area for AOE damage

Specialty Battleframes

Advanced battleframes can equip any of the gear of their Accord counterpart, plus their default gear as listed below. (example: The Firecat can equip both Firecat gear and Accord Assault gear)



        Primary Weapon - Thermal Cannon

          Fires a small fire-based plasma projectile that does heavy/wide AOE damage.

        Alternate Fire - Triple-Shot

          Fires three smaller projectiles that damage and apply the Firecat's passive damage-over-time effect to enemies they hit

        Specialty (Passive) - Incinerator

          Any damage dealt by the Firecat's abilities or alt-fire cause their enemies to catch on fire, dealing a minor amount of fire damage every second. The lifetime of the effect is extended when the target takes damage from the primary fire of the Thermal Cannon.

        Ability 1 - Thermal Wave

          Shoots a burning projectile in a straight line forward that deals moderate damage
          Applies passive damage-over-time effect to enemies hit

        Ability 2 - Immolation

          Deals heavy fire damage to enemies around the player. Also applies the passive damage-over-time effect.

        Ability 3 - Inferno Dash

          Player dashes in the direction they are facing at a high speed
          Enemies in the path of Inferno Dash are ignited with the passive damage-over-time effect.

        HKM - Fuel Air Bomb

          Calls in a bomb that explodes for significant fire damage over a large area upon impact.


        Primary Weapon - Fusion Cannon

          Fires a plasma round that deals bonus direct damage but has very little splash.

        Alternate Fire - Nova Cannon

          Fires a larger, slower moving plasma ball that deals heavy AOE damage and costs more ammunition

        Specialty (Passive) - Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

          Activating an ability causes the Tigerclaw to gain bonus energy regeneration for a duration

        Ability 1 - Trailblaze

          Creates a spot of energy on the ground that significantly increases the Tigerclaw's movement speed as well as the movement speed of allies when passed through. Up to 3 uses of this ability can be stored at once.

        Ability 2 - Missile Shot

          Single shot override for the Fusion Cannon
          Travels faster and does AOE damage upon impact

        Ability 3 - Disruption Wave

          Sends a ball of energy straight out from the Tigerclaw
          Deals small amount of damage to enemies and snares them for a short duration.

        HKM - Tether Field

          Fires a projectile that detonates and creates a field of energy
          Enemies caught in the field are unaffected unless they leave the field
          Leaving field causes enemy to be significantly snared for a moderate duration
          Tigerclaw’s Specialty is active for duration of Tether Field



        Primary Weapon - BioRifle

          Fires small energy projectiles at a high rate of fire
          Projectiles do a small amount of AOE damage upon impact

        Altfire – Micro-Healing Wave

          Applies a small heal-over-time to affected allies, which is cancelled upon taking damage

        Specialty (Passive ) - Rally

          Allies below a certain percentage of health when healed receive an extra heal-over-time. The heal-over-time stops if the target takes damage.

        Ability 1 - Healing Ball

          Fires a projectile that detonates upon impact of an ally or when ability is pressed again. The detonation heals allies within the AOE's explosion and damages enemies

        Ability 2 - Healing Pillar

          Fires a projectile on the ground that creates a circle. After a short duration the circle erupts in a pillar, healing allies and damaging enemies in the radius

        Ability 3 - Emergency Response

          Dragonfly launches up and forward at a high velocity
          Leaves a cloud behind that causes enemies to take bonus damage for a duration if they pass through it.

        HKM - Healing Dome

          Places a deployable at point of activation and creates a dome. Allies within the dome are healed for a significant amount over time.


        Primary Weapon - BioCrossbow

          Fires a crossbow bolt at a relatively low rate of fire

        Alternate Fire - Poison Grenade

          Fires a grenade that explodes on impact, poisoning any enemies struck
          Applies Necrotic Poison

        Specialty (Passive) - Necrotic Poison

          Deals a percentage of the target's maximum health in damage every second.
          Duration refreshed when struck by a BioCrossbow Bolt

        Ability 1 - Kinetic Shot

          Single shot ammo override
          Deals bonus damage based on distance the projectile travels (more distance grants more damage).
          Applies Necrotic Poison

        Ability 2 - Creeping Death

          Single shot ammo override
          Projectile detonates upon impact and releases a large cloud of poisonous gas, which grows over time
          Applies Necrotic Poison

        Ability 3 - Evacuate

          Causes the Recluse to launch up and backwards at a high velocity
          A poison cloud is left where the Recluse launche from and applies Necrotic Poison as well as damages enemies

        HKM - Necrosis

          Creates a cloud around the Recluse. Deals significant damage to nearby enemies and applies Necrotic Poison




          Base health increased.

        Primary Weapon - Heavy Plasma Machine Gun

          Rapidly fires small plasma projectiles that explode for light AOE damage on impact

        Alternate Fire – Snare Rounds

          Fires plasma bolts accurately at a much slower rate, but snare targets upon impact

        Specialty (Passive) - Imminent Threat

          All enemies near the Mammoth take more damage from all sources

        Ability 1 - Teleport Shot

          Fires a projectile that teleports the Mammoth to the spot of impact. Modified to allow hitting the ground or other objects.
          Damages creatures when teleporting to them.
          Limited Range

        Ability 2 - Thunderdome

          Creates a shield at the location of the Mammoth, which allies can freely pass through, though enemies cannot
          Blocks projectiles

        Ability 3 - Shield Wall

          Raises a durable forward shield that blocks incoming enemy projectiles.
          Mammoth and allies can fire through the shield
          Allies behind the shield take less damage from all sources

        HKM - Tremors

          Powerful seismic waves erupt from Mammoth every second for Tremors' duration, causing damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back and snaring their movement


        Primary Weapon - Heavy Laser Machine Gun

          Fires lasers at a high rate of fire and maintains damage at longer distances than other HMG variants.

        Alternate Fire – Focused Beam

          The Heavy Laser MG fires a single, short-ranged laser that consumes ammunition at an incredibly high rate but does higher DPS than the primary fire.

        Specialty (Passive) - Personal Shield

          Each time the Rhino activates an ability, it gains a personal shield that absorbs a low amount of damage.

        Ability 1 - Charge!

          The Rhino accelerates over a few seconds and maintains the new maximum speed for a few seconds more
          Enemies the rhino passes by are snared for a short duration

        Ability 2 - Gravity Field Grenade

          Rhino throws a grenade that creates a gravity field at the point of impact
          Projectiles that pass through the field are redirected to the center
          Enemies caught within the field are heavily snared

        Ability 3 - Sundering Wave

          Powerful wave erupts from Rhino dealing low damage to nearby enemies and causing them to take bonus damage from all sources for a duration

        HKM - Dreadfield

          The Rhino surrounds itself with an energy-siphoning vortex.
          Drains energy from nearby enemies
          Grants bonus damage to Rhino that stacks based on how many enemies are affected.



        Primary Weapon - Tesla Rifle

          Fires a straight beam of lightning that has a limited distance.
          The damage of the Tesla Rifle ramps up as it successfully hits targets. This bonus damage decays over time when not firing or missing.

        Alternate Fire - Drain Beam

          An energy-siphoning beam that is very short range and drains the target’s energy quickly.

        Specialty (Passive) - Overseer

          When a Bastion is nearby its deployables, those deployables take 15% less damage from all sources

        Ability 1 - Multi-Turrets

          The Bastion can place multiple, weaker turrets. These turrets can stick to any surface and can be upgraded once to specialized styles of turrets.

        Ability 2 - Sentinel Pod

          Deploys a sentinel pod. This device will repair damaged deployables in range once per second. If no deployables nearby are damaged, it will look for a nearby enemy to siphon energy from and deal slight damage to.

        Ability 3 - Energy Wall

          Fires a projectile that can be detonated to create a wall that’s impassable to enemies.

        HKM - Fortify

          Fortify strengthens all of the Bastion’s deployables in range, healing them back to full life and giving them a bonus rate of fire for the duration.


        Primary Weapon - Shock Rifle

          Fires a straight laser that goes long distance and is very precise

        Alternate Fire - Energy Orb

          The Shock Rifle's alt-fire shoots an energy ball that can be detonated by hitting it with the primary fire of the weapon. Otherwise it explodes on impacting a surface.

        Specialty (Passive ) - Fail-Safe

          Upon reaching a low health threshold, the Electron’s Battleframe detonates an EMP blast. This blast completely drains the energy of any nearby enemies and gives all of their abilities a 2 second cooldown.

        Ability 1 - Boomerang Shot

          The Electron fires a projectile out that passes through enemies and deals relatively high damage. This projectile stops at a certain distance and then returns to the Electron, once again damaging enemies it passes through. The Electron gains a temporary shield if any enemies are hit.

        Ability 2 - Bulwark

          Fires a projectile that can be detonated. Upon detonation, any friendly targets in range gain a temporary shield that will absorb damage.

        Ability 3 - Hypercharging Pad

          Deploys a pad that generates a pickup periodically. When run over, this buff grants the player bonus movement speed and energy regeneration for a duration.

        HKM - Electrical Storm

          Launches a projectile that moves fast and can be detonated. Once detonated, the projectile grows into a large spherical energy storm that moves slower and snares all enemies it passes near, as well as dealing significant damage.



        Primary Weapon – Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

          Deals high damage per shot, and double damage on headshots.

        Alternate Fire - Scope

          A scope which gives the player a 4x and 8x zoom.

        Specialty (Passive) - Ambush

          When not in enemy SIN, the Nighthawk deals more damage. This can only occur for one shot every 30 seconds.

        Ability 1 - Execute Shot

          The Nighthawk loads a special round for his next shot, which deals 20% more damage (base). If the target dies from this shot, they bypass incapacitation and are dead. If he shoots a downed opponent with this shot, the opponent is executed and explodes for AOE damage.

        Ability 2 - Smoke Screen

          Throws a smoke grenade that removes allies from SIN and prevents targets inside from being added to SIN.

        Ability 3 - Long Range Charge

          Deploys an explosive at long range. This explosive sticks to any surface and does not detonate until the ability is activated again.

        HKM - Eruption Rounds

          The Nighthawk equips special ammunition for the duration. These rounds explode for AOE damage whenever they pass near an enemy target.


        Primary Weapon - Charge Rifle

          Charges up while scoped, dealing more damage the longer it has to charge between shots.

        Alternate Fire: Scope

          A scope which gives the player a 4x and 8x zoom.

        Specialty (Passive) - Conduit

          Successfully hitting an enemy with the Charge Rifle grants the Raptor an electrical charge. Upon reaching 3 electrical charges, all of his abilities become Empowered and gain additional effects/benefits.

        Ability 1 - SIN Scrambler

          One shot ammo override
          Scrambles target's SIN reading, making them appear as an enemy to their allies
          Prevents healing for its duration
          SIN Scrambler makes target take additional damage from all sources when Empowered

        Ability 2 - Power Field

          Launches a deployable that detonates when impacting a surface
          Creates a power field that grants allies Supercharge when they walk through it
          Increases rate of fire and gives unlimited ammo
          Grants unlimited energy when Empowered

        Ability 3- Teleport Beacon

          Throws a beacon that the Raptor will teleport to when activated again.
          Raptor gains massive movement speed bonus after teleporting when Empowered

        HKM – Overload

          The Raptor uses his Battleframe to power his Charge Rifle, firing electrical beams instead of regular bullets. These beams deal splash damage at their points of impact. For the duration of Overload, his Charge Rifle charges twice as fast and all of his abilities are Empowered.

New You

    New You and Manufacturing Terminals now show up on the world map
    The comparison tooltips are a lot bigger
    It's now possible to select ornaments when in New You
    This change was done to avoid situations where certain ornaments with slot restrictions are equipped in such a way that none of the head slots are available which makes head selection impossible
    New ‘mouth’ category for ornaments in the New You
    Sex changes are now available in the New You
    Bald is beautiful, bald is back! The bald option should now be available as a "hair" option


    Removed duplicate items from the selection lists
    Group similar abilities and weapons together
    Cleaner exit for Garage if suddenly closed, so it can start up properly the next time it is accessed
    Stabilized the garage and reduced crashes
    Fixed patterns being inaccessible without a custom warpaint
    Fixed breakage when exiting garage without saving a pattern edit
    Automatically navigate to the slot of the loadout you are currently wearing when opened
    Increased the visibility of tooltips in the garage
    Removed ammo, reactor, and processor slots
    Show confirmation dialog for constraints upgrades
    Disabled zooming in and out
    Fixed an issue where the garage interface was unresponsive
    Fixed a bug where making the armor pattern smaller or bigger would break the garage


    Improved vehicle behavior
    Vehicle engines now are disengaged when the vehicle is destroyed
    Reduced the collision impulse when the vehicle is moving at low velocity
    Improved vehicle collision against deployables
    Reworked vehicle collision damage
    Vehicles should no longer receive damage on bumpy roads
    Fixed a bug where a player gets immediately ejected from a vehicle if they hold the interaction key too long while entering
    Tied exhaust effects to engine state so there is no smoke while the engine is off
    The light of the LGV is no longer shining through the LGV
    The Founder LGV is now back in the calldown menu


    Notifications can now be accessed from the World Map, New You, and the garage
    Fixed an issue where players received multiple loot messages
    Fixed an issue where players received multiple experience gain console messages
    Fixed the giant nametags in the spectator mode
    The E-To-Interact interface element is now pointing better at the player’s face
    Changed some interface outline colors
    Post processing for low and medium settings is now disabled
    Added notifications for experience boosts
    Added notifications for experience boost expiries
    Fix for when using the scan hammer via the fire ability keybind, would then select the first ability rather than stay on the scan hammer
    A text field was added to the loading screen to indicate when you are connecting to the server versus actually loading into the game.
    The character creation screen has been cleaned up and battleframe selection has been removed since all players will receive each of the Accord battleframes.
    The text of the loading screen has been repositioned
    Fixed a bug where active menus did not receive mouse clicks
    Fixed a bug where interface elements could receive mouse clicks while still loading into the game
    Optimized the loading process and progress display of the loading screen
    Fixed the bug where players were stuck in the loading screen at 100%
    Added a "waiting for response" message to the Login UI
    The intro sequence can now be skipped by mouse click or space bar
    The ESC-menu is the topmost menu again
    The crafting interface closes itself automatically when the resolution is changed
    Fixed a bug that displayed self-heals twice in third person
    The death message when killed by an explosive Aranha is now much shorter


    Introduced a new navigation system that shows breadcrumbs to objectives and waypoints

      Hold F to display all current navigation trails


      Reduced the distance at which waypoints are docked to the edge of the screen
      Improved the 3D look of waypoints
      Waypoint icons will scale with distance to the player
      Gigantic waypoint labels have been resized
      Waypoint indicators are now animated when the user opens the world map

SIN Cards

    Improved the perspective to the player so SIN cards are better to read
    SIN cards fade out after 100m distance by default
    Improved the size scaling of far away SIN cards
    Improved the resolution of big SIN cards so the font looks less pixelated
    Increased the small SIN Card of small thumpers to make it look more proportional

Achievements (shortcut “Y”)

    The achievement window has been made prettier
    The achievement completion count text is now displayed properly
    A reward display and tooltip has been added for achievements
    Pressing the view achievements key while an achievement notification is up will open the window to that specific achievement entry
    SIN imprints can be played from the achievement window
    Added animations to the achievement icon
    Achievement icons now light up brighter on mouse over
    Added a reward unlock text in the achievement completion notification
    Updated the achievement notification to not display the reward text if the achievement was completed before
    Combat awards and achievement completion notifications are now separated
    Fixed the daily challenges not displaying the completion notification
    Adjusted the saturation of the achievement progress bar background
    Daily achievements now work as intended
    Fixed a spelling error of the Colossal Remains achievement
    Completing the achievements of Grand Executioner and Scourge of the Chosen will reward the user with the same accessory, which is the Executioner's Hoody

NavWheel (shortcut “~”)

    Added a preview list to the side as you move through the top-level, to show you what is in each category
    Added a calldown history for the last 8 used items you slotted. Cycle through them with the 'Select Next/Previous Calldown' keybinds under Interface (defaults to [ and ])
    Increased the text space for titles in the NavWheel
    Added armies to the social menu
    The friends list option now opens the correct interface
    Added navigation hints to the NavWheel
    The social section has been reorganized
    The achievements option has been moved to the correct section (was in the social section before)


    Moved "Activate Selected Ability" to be after the "Select Previous/Next Ability" bindings


    Popups will no longer appear on loading screens
    Fixed a bug that would display old subtitle text if no new subtitle is available
    Popups will now be on the topmost layer
    Popup are not clickable
    Duel request HUD-notes are now colored in the PvP color
    World map / Minimap
    Fixed an issue where initially the world map was loaded at a wrong position
    The world map now notifies you when outposts in unexplored areas are taken over by Chosen so players are aware when they walk into a possible conflict
    Watchtower icons now appear on the mini-map as well as world map
    The watchtower icon now correctly changes the color after becoming friendly


    Gameplay options

      Added options to disable fly cam to respawn point

Challenge system (shortcut “/challenge”)

    Replaced the old challenge system with a new interface that can be accessed through the NavWheel (‘~’), the Versus menu (‘K’) or by typing “/challenge”.
    Added an event to update the daily challenge timer on daily challenge update
    Added PvP item rewards for winning and losing teams
    You cannot queue while in a challenge
    You cannot create a challenge while queued
    Players are no longer required to be in a squad to initiate or accept a challenge. Invite squad leaders to invite their entire squad.
    Invite spectators directly to the match challenge
    All private challenge mode matches provide no XP
    All private mode matches are played at 2pm in-game time
    Added a ‘lobby’ chat channel

      Chat with both teams in a private chat channel while waiting for Ready-Up

    Play matches with fewer than max players
    View map selection in UI
    See who is ready and not ready on either team
    Kick players from the challenge mode
    Give invite permissions to other players
    Invite squad leader to invite his entire squad

Social Features


      Armies have been added to Firefall!
      You are now able to build an army with your friends
      Access the Army panel via the Social section in your Nav Wheel
      Name your Army and set the Army Tag that will appear next to your name.
      Manage your roster and promote members to help you out.
      Get your own chat channel (/a or /army to select channel)
      Additional Army functionality in future releases.


      Implemented a search (lfg) feature

        Panel can be found under the social section of the nav wheel
        /lfg <message> slash command. If message is left blank, the command will toggle the player's lfg status


      Added sounds for when friends come online and go offline
      Added chat messages for friends coming online and offline


      Chat now shows army tags for players in active armies
      The chat no longer fades out if you are AFK
      Emotes are now case insensitive
      Removed the Splash Damage tip when taking falling damage
      The Red 5 Studios logo has replaced the [R5] tag on developer chat messages
      The bonus reward text color has been changed
      Chat bubbles have been fixed
      The chat is being docked into predefined slots on the New You, garage, and crafting screens to prevent overlap and hiding of key UI elements
      Fixed a typo in the chat bubble
      Added additional channel sound options


    Teams will rebalance during warm up if players drop or join in late.
    Added large XP rewards for winning and losing in PvP
    Removed individual XP rewards for kills, hacks, etc.


    The message “warm up” is no longer intersecting with the timer at the top of the screen
    The interface now flashes while hacking a point


    The interface has been cleaned up and the winner is now displayed properly at the end of the match
    Added capture points to the HUD and minimap
    The boost effect no longer plays after the effect expired
    Increased the size of the A,B,C objective so they can be read from greater distances

Shanty Town

    Added bullet collision to a ramp in Shanty Town
    Players can no longer fall and get stuck in a tight spot behind a building
    Closed the underside of a tower

Sunken Harbor

    Various force fields on Sunken Harbor are now properly aligned to the opening
    Floating ammunition powerups have been put back to the ground


    Double Damage now spawns near the currently open point. I.e. when B is capturable, Double Damage spawns near B, and when C is capturable, it spawns near C.
    In round 2, OCT will end as soon as a winner can be determined rather than going until the timer runs out.
    Fixed a bug where the winning team sometimes did not get the win

Moisture Farm

    Moisture Farm will temporarily be offline for PvP matchmaking while its spawning rules are revamped and updated to our new encounter system.

PvP Queue

    Hitting ’unqueue’ now unqueues the player even when he gets the confirm/decline match popup
    Squad mates get notifications of other squad mates cancelling the queue
    The match will wait for the ‘Accept Match’ period to end or for all players to accept instead of starting with the minimum amount of players
    Removed unqueue when becoming idle.


    Modified the balancing algorithm to create better teams with disparate skill ratings
    Teams are now auto-rebalanced if a match is in warmup and one or more users are backfilled or dropped during launch
    Improved searching mechanism to matchmake players faster
    Players at extreme ranges of skill ratings should experience much lower queue times
    All matches created via matchmaking are played at hours between 8am and 6pm in-game time (no more night time PvP)


    Fixed a launch error when using Russian characters in the name with a windows account
    Resume file downloads for the patch files
    Reward experience points for zone unlocks
    Updated password reset appearance
    Adding ‘Forgot Password’ button to login UI
    Updated the Red 5 logo movie to be higher res and quieter
    Fixed bug where dropship twists on landing pad
    Fixed bug where dropship sinks into landing pad
    Tweaked gamepad and gamepad aiming
    Improved support for Windows user names with UNICODE characters
    By default clients entering the game for the first time will play the introduction sequence regardless if the character has seen it already
    Lots of installer/patcher changes
    Various crash fixes for disconnecting in various error scenarios
    Fixed a crash when restarting a replay as spectator
    Changing the default fly cam FOV to 90 degrees to better align it with the game FOV.


    Outline shader improvements

      Improved the artistic style of character and object outlines to have a more SIN feel

    New Water Rendering

      Rewritten and massively improved

    Screen Space Emissive Lighting

      Each pixel on the screen is an emissive light source.
      Very expensive effect, not enabled by default (not even on Ultra settings)
      Watch as your Battleframes and the world light up!

    Smaller worst-case patch sizes
    Added support for high-DPI display settings
    Multi-monitor surface support (Eyefinity, Surround)
    Fixed a bug to restore the camera when exiting vehicle
    The vertical FOV is now preserved when the window is wide
    Enabled the area light on grass
    Reduced the moon size in the moon illusion effect to make it look more natural
    Updated video quality auto-detect settings
    Decals have shadows now
    Vegetation (i.e. grass) bends when players walk through itMade the lens-flare effect look more dirty
    High sun intensity will boost sky intensity to provide an "HDR-ish look"
    Enabled terrain normal maps on medium shader quality which is an huge improvement at a moderate cost


    Added sounds to the character create screen
    HMG and Sniper flybys are now playing properly
    Improved the music system
    Fixed a bug where the HMG weapon sound would loop
    Increased the SIN imprint audio volume
    New jumpjet sounds have been added for Dreadnaught, Engineer, Recon and Biotech


    Performance Improvements (both CPU&GPU)

      40% improvements on some CPUs/GPUs

    UI improvements

      20% improvement of the user interface

    Fixed a memory leak in matchmaker
    Plugged a physics engine memory leak
    Plugged a UI memory leak
    Fixed several 64bit fixes
    Fixed a bug that caused the system to assume the client was running on a 32-bit system and thus trim down some memory pools
    Fixed a particle bug where deleted memory was accessed
    Tweaked terrain for ultra settings
    Added water performance improvements for low to medium lighting quality settings
    Various latency tuning and cleanups
    Fixed parallax mapping, now twice as fast
    Implemented additional fine-grained shadow quality settings
    Tweaked shadow cascade distances for overall performance and quality improvements
    Fixed large frame time spikes in physics engine when many enemieswere killed in close proximity

Mardi 5 mars 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1545r1

UI Changes

    Fixed the ability to launch Leaderboards
    Added Leaderboards

      Open via NavWheel (~) - Versus Options - Leaderboard

Check out your stats and who is the hottest of the hot in PvP in the new Leaderboard system. This is the first implementation of the leaderboards system pulling basic stats from PvP matches. Please report any issues you see with bad data. Data is limited in scope for right now. We will also be creating new leaderboards after the milestone hits to have everyone starting fresh.


Mercredi 20 février 2013  
Un week-end de bêta ouverte pour Firefall le 22 février

Firefall ouvre largement ses serveurs de test du 22 au 25 février prochain et en profite pour mettre en avant son gameplay aérien (via ses jet-packs). Illustration vidéo.

En bref. Parallèlement à la bêta fermée, Firefall ouvre ponctuellement ses serveurs à l’ensemble des joueurs dans le cadre de week-ends de bêta ouverte. Le prochain se tiendra du vendredi 22 au lundi 25 février (le week-end prochain) et invite les curieux à explorer New Eden. Le studio Red 5 place cette nouvelle phase de test sous le signe de la « verticalité », vantant notamment l’usage des jet-packs et autres boosters pour composer un gameplay réellement en trois dimensions dans l’espace (au sol mais aussi en volant).

Bande-annonce "Verticalité" de Firefall

Pour encourager les hésitants à se connecter, le studio Red 5 organise par ailleurs des concours et met plusieurs lots en jeu. Outre que les participants peuvent débloquer des titres spéciaux, un concours de vidéo ou de captures d’écran (devant mettre en scène l’approche « aérienne » de Firefall) doit permettre de remporter du matériel informatique. Avis aux curieux, les inscriptions restent ouvertes sur le site officiel


Mercredi 13 février 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1545


We added full Twitch support to Firefall! You are now able to stream your Firefall gameplay and your microphone input over Twitch with a simple push of a button. A Twitch account is required. For further information about Twitch and the creation of an account visit


    Smooth progress bar added for uploading big dumps after a crash
    The Highlight and the focus is now on the text field of DumpTruck so players are able to directly write a report
    Founder rewards are delivered - including the Tiki Thumper. Check the manufacturing station for the Tiki version of the thumper
    0.4 second delay between slotting a consumable and seeing it slotted in the ability bar has been removed

Open World

    Added a new “Light Personal Thumper” to the game to fill the gap between the Stock and Improved Thumper. It’s cost is similar to the Improved Squad Thumper
    Fixed an issue where two Crashed Thumpers would spawn in close proximity to each other
    Signal Scan event is now working
    The Melding Guts refining process has been improved to get guaranteed refined items
    Increased the resources gained from supply crates in the world
    Removed explosive barrels from the world
    Players are no longer able to spam El Terromoto which would produce audio and text repeats
    Fixed the loss of the Hammer Time mission thumper when players joined a PvP match right after calling down the thumper


    Steam overlay is now working with Firefall if you add Firefall as a non-steam game in steam.
    The W-Key now works when exiting a vehicle
    Stylized cursors have been added to the game
    Added a tooltip for water damage
    Added a “drowning” damage type
    The mouse is now able to use during chat and players can click the text input box
    Loot from encounters are now shown in the UI
    Clicking on “create” in the zone selection screen is working now
    Fixed the “SIN System Error” message when selecting the portable antenna in the manufacturing terminal


    UI memory leak has been plugged
    NPCs should now be displayed animated at long distances
    Increased the cache size of 64-bit systems to handle high performance areas with high quality graphic settings


    Players will now hear sound effects when using the Nav wheel
    Fixed an issue where players sometimes stopped hearing audio dialogue while playing
    Fixed an issue with players losing audio while thumping

Account & character creation

    Users can now register for a new account from within the Firefall client
    Gender icons in the character creation screens have been optimized to better differentiate them from each other
    Fixed a blank tutorial tip when logging into the game


    New Year glasses and SIN antlers are now invisible when recon uses the Decoy ability

Vendredi 25 janvier 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1524p1

UI Changes

    Replaced the intro video player to hopefully improve performance of video streaming.

Let us know if you see improvements or if it's worse.


Mercredi 23 janvier 2013  
Firefall en bêta ouverte le temps de trois week-ends

Le week-end prochain, à partir du vendredi 25 janvier à 19h (heure de Paris), Firefall ouvre ses serveurs à l'ensemble des joueurs inscrits sur le site officiel. D'ici là, le shooter online se dévoile en vidéo.

En bêta-test privé depuis fin 2011 (réunissant d'abord quelques centaines de testeurs, avant d'augmenter considérablement leur nombre pour impliquer tôt les joueurs dans le processus de développement), Firefall s'annonce finalement officiellement en bêta ouverte au travers d'une nouvelle série de stress tests.

Les serveurs s'ouvriront à l'ensemble des joueurs inscrits dès le week-end prochain pour 48 heures, à partir du vendredi 25 janvier à 10h PST (19h, heure de Paris). Et pour l'occasion, le monde de New Eden promet une longue série d'animations et de concours.
D'ici là, Firefall se rappelle à notre bon souvenir en vidéo, illustrant les points forts de son gameplay dans une bande-annonce inédite. Avis aux curieux.

Bande-annonce de bêta ouverte de Firefall


Jeudi 10 janvier 2013  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1524

Gameplay Changes

    New "Mouth" category for New You allowing for gas masks and other items that are not full-face.
    Warpaint patterns are now available even without a custom warpaint.
    You will now be alerted to what award you've unlocked when completing an achievement.
    Chosen should fire more often with higher accuracy.
    Hellclaw health increased to 1450 up from 1250.
    Thumping near the melding should be slightly easier than before.
    More resource veins should appear in the available world as opposed to behind the melding curtain or under unthumpable rocks.
    Adjusted the costs on the Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell (less expensive) and the Empty Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (more expensive)
    Changed Crystalline and Polymer resource categories to "Ionic" and "Covalent" respectively.
    Blackwater and Orbital Comm Tower give out 2x the resources for both winning and losing.
    Blackwater Harvester will now properly give out basalt.
    Re-enabled basalt blending in manufacturing station.
    Players will no longer be kicked for being AFK if they are queued for PvP in open world.
    Secondary weapons once again have limited ammo.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where Orbital Comm Tower matches would not be saved or would be saved incorrectly (Loss instead of a Win or vice versa)
    Fixed issues where a team would get over backfilled (6v5 on TDM).
    Player skill rating scaling will no longer start from scratch when requeuing after a failed match launch.
    Fixed a memory leak on matchmaking servers.
    Players should no longer go invisible after respawning
    Terrain should no longer appear invisible after respawning.
    Multiple performance optimizations.
    Weird things that Lutz did that I can't comprehend because he uses code in his comments, but I'm sure are awesome changes.
    Fixes for the garage erroring out due to "missing items".
    Fixed bug that showed self heals displaying twice in 3rd person.
    Fixed some client-side crashes.
    Fixed an issue with squad challenges that would prevent the match from starting.
    Fixed an issue where Baneclaw health scaling could give the Baneclaw way more health than was intended.
    Fixed issues on Orbital Comm Tower that would not identify the correct winner.
    Fixed the lower forcefields on the Orbital Comm Tower attacker spawn so that you can not leave the spawn until the match begins.
    Fixed infinite glider exploit. Sorry.

Binary diff patch is approximately 13 megabytes.



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