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Mardi 30 août 2016  
The Final Week of Shear Madness and Beyond

Today we introduce the newest medic to Evolve Stage 2, Paladin Parnell, and mark the fifth and final weekly update in our month-long Shear Madness event. Even though Shear Madness is coming to a close, there’s still more to come in Evolve Stage 2. In case you missed the Month of Shear Madness, here is a quick rundown of the last 5 weekly updates in Evolve Stage 2:

    3 New Hunter Adaptations: Quantum Caira, Renegade Abe and Paladin Parnell
    2 New Map Variants: Cataclysm and Overpowered
    1 New Co-Op Operation: The Deepest Dark
    Numerous Quality of Life, Bug fixes and Balance changes.

Introducing Paladin Parnell

With the latest Paladin Armor Update 2.08, we’ve introduced the newest medic character to join the fray, Paladin Parnell. Sporting a whole new set of gear to take to the field of battle, Paladin is our 2nd cross-class character in Evolve Stage 2.

    Paladin Parnell’s Abilities

      Generyst Rockets

        These rockets explode in a small area healing for a large amount. No longer deals damage.

      Heal Burst

        When activated it gives Paladin a huge self-heal.

      Mutagen Shotgun

        Short range shotgun that lowers your heal Burst cooldown after hitting a target.

      Righteous Fury

        When activated, it gives Paladin a huge, but brief increase to fire rate, reload speed and it reduces incoming damage.

Be sure to check out Paladin Parnell today alongside the rest of Update 2.08 here.

WHat’s next for Stage 2?

It has been a busy month for us over at TRS, to say the very least, and really we’re just getting started! As each month comes to a close, it marks another milestone for Stage 2 and for our community. And it really has been all about our community – you guys have led us in new directions, helped us refine existing features, add new ones and further develop Stage 2 to be a better experience each week. Now that Shear Madness is coming to an end, we’re going to pause, take stock of how far we’ve come in the two months since Stage 2’s launch, and then get right back to work.

What’s next? We want to get a fan favorite Monster, Behemoth (Bob), back into our players hands! We’re currently re-working Behemoth and when we re-release him, he’ll have a brand new passive ability, the first of its kind for any Monster, which is something exciting that we’re exploring in the Stage 2 Beta. As the weeks roll on we’ll continue to keep balancing, bug fixing, listening to your feedback and pushing Evolve Stage 2 forward in every way we can. We can’t do it alone, though, so as always, thank you for your support.

Haven’t given Evolve Stage 2 a try yet? Download it completely free on Steam today and let us know what you think!

And if you haven’t already, you can catch up on the entire month-long Shear Madness event on Evolve Updates, and the TRS Forums. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube.


Samedi 27 août 2016  
Update 2.08 - Matchmaking, Bug Fixes, Silver Keys, Paladin Parnell and Progression.

Silver Key Earn Rate has been doubled

After getting a lot of feedback over the last few weeks we felt that we needed to increase the Silver Key rates for playing through a Hunt game.

    All Silver Key earn rates during matches (Win/Loss bonus, in-game awards) have been doubled.
    The UI on the main menu will show 2X Silver Keys once the update is live

parnelladinFINAL.jpg4096x2304 3.97 MB

Account level cap increase (+25 new levels)

    Account progression has been increased to level 75 from level 50.

      We’ve added perk unlocks, badges and more Silver Key bonuses as players work their way up to level 75!

Matchmaking Changes

    Ranked has been removed and replaced with “Hunt Beta”

      Placement matches are removed
      No longer displays ratings
      No leaderboards
      All about skill based matchmaking.
      No Map Variants in this Queue. ‘Pure’ Hunt experience.

    Hunt has been renamed to “Arcade”

      Map Variants remain in this queue.
      Players will be able to match into Monster with a party in Arcade mode.
      Skill buckets

Tutorial Pop-up Changes

    The text of the pop-up will be different based on the player's tutorial completion state.
    If the player agrees to do the tutorial and hasn't done any of them, we will put them directly into the Monster tutorial.
    If the players agreed to do the tutorial and has already done the Monster or Hunter tutorial, we will put them directly into the tutorial they haven't completed.

      This will show until both tutorials are completed.

New Store Content

Hunter Skins (Thursday)

    Paladin Parnell Man Eater
    Paladin Parnell Monarch

Weapon Skins (Wednesday)

    Paladin Arctic
    Paladin Victory
    Paladin Union Jack

Balance Updates

Hunt Solo Benefits

    Rank 1 (1 Solo Player)

      Decreased Max health bonus from 10% to 9%
      Decreased Movement speed bonus from 5% to 4%
      Decreased Jetpack recharge bonus from 5% to 4%

    Rank 2 (Two Solo players)

      Decreased Max health bonus from 17% to 15%
      Decreased Movement speed bonus from 10% to 8%
      Decreased Jetpack recharge bonus from 10% to 8%

    Dev Insight

      After the changes to Hunt Solo Benefits we wanted to scale back the bonuses slowly to see how it changes things around for the general matchmaking experience.



      Renegade Abe


          Damage over time reduced from 20 to 19 DPS

        Nerve Toxin Dart

          Damage over time reduced from 32 to 30 DPS

        Corrosive Grenades

          DPS reduced from 12 to 11

      Dev Insight

        We got a lot of feedback sent our way about Renegade Abe and just wanted to bring down his damage over time across his whole kit down a notch this update. We like that he is a viable pick and want to see what this small number change will do to his overall performance.

Deepest Dark

    All damage from minions and Monsters up 7.5%

      Dev Insight: We’re going to up the difficulty just a bit with this mode. We’re starting to work on more changes to Deepest Dark in the future with all the feedback we’ve received so be on the lookout for more changes!


    Wildlife Spawns at 20 seconds to 25 seconds

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where hotswapping would cause Hunters to move at superspeed.
    Fixed an issue where wildlife would move at unintended speeds. (gotta go slow)
    Fixed an issue where Leg Breaker was showing the improper values in the perk descriptions.
    Fixed stacking perk icons over Hunter heads in Overpowered.
    Players can no longer late join a game and not play to get experience and Silver Keys.
    Enhanced Senses perks now show correct numbers in the perk descriptions.
    Fixed instances where Renegade Abe’s Double Shotgun firing animation was missing.
    Fixed several instances where Kraken would not properly climb certain ledges.
    Fixed an exploitive area on Orbital Drill where Monsters could get outside the map.
    Fixed an issue where mouse movement would become unresponsive after a controller was unplugged and force the player to restart.
    Fixed a number of issues with the Wraith AI in Co-op vs AI modes.

Mardi 23 août 2016  
Introducing - The Deepest Dark (Beta)

At Turtle Rock Studios, co-op is core to the experiences we create. It always has been. Our studio was built with a vision for finding new ways for people to have fun and work together in games.

With Evolve Stage 2, we’ve been working alongside our community to help craft an experience based primarily on their feedback. The whole thing is one massive experiment that has seen production schedules and content launches shift based on what our players tell us is important to them. And if there’s one thing that Evolve players have made clear, it’s that they want a true co-op story experience.

So in the spirit of continuing to work together with our community, today we’re releasing our first Co-op Operation, “The Deepest Dark” (Beta). Like Stage 2 itself, this operation is an experiment, and we’re excited to hear what you think.

Gorgon Queen

What is The Deepest Dark?

Unlike your typical 4v1 Hunt, The Deepest Dark is a linear 4-player co-op experience built within the Evolve universe. For now, players will access the operation as a new map variant within the Co-op vs. AI matchmaking queue, but the experience is much more than the other recently released map variants. It’s potentially the seed from which more co-op vs. AI ops (or maybe even a campaign of ops) could grow from.

At the start of the operation, the Hunters are greeted by an ominous voice setting the scene and alluding to the events that have led to the Queen of Gorgons taking over a Wraith containment facility and the surrounding area. As the team makes their way to the Queen’s lair, they’ll face hordes of infected wildlife and Gorgon minions that spawn from the Queen’s eggs. Can the Hunters survive and take down the Queen of Gorgons to uncover why she’s on Shear?

Thank you for your support!

Getting a chance to explore the story of Evolve is something we’ve always wanted to give our fans, and the Deepest Dark is just the first baby step in that direction. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce this experimental experience to the world, and to see what the community thinks and where they take it next!

Interested in giving our first Co-op Operation a try? Download Evolve Stage 2 on Steam today and let us know what you think!

As always, thank you so much to our fans for the overwhelming support we’ve received since the launch of Evolve Stage 2. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the rest of the month-long Shear Madness event on Evolve Updates, and the TRS Forums. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube.

- Turtle Rock Studios and 2K -


Mardi 16 août 2016  
Let's Get Overpowered - Update 2.06

The Madness continues! Before we go into today’s announcement we want to express our gratitude to the residents of Shear, our incredible players, who have joined in the hunt since launching Evolve Stage 2. To thank you, this Friday at 10am PDT will kick off Overpowered Weekend. Lasting until Monday at 10am PDT, players will earn 10X XP and 10X Silver Keys to drive your progression to new heights. We announced that it’s been a “journey surpassing our wildest expectations” when Evolve Stage 2 achieved 2-million players worldwide in less than a month, and it’s important that we continue to surpass your expectations as well. So this weekend, everyone’s OP.

Today we’re releasing a brand new Assault character ‘Renegade Abe’ and a new Map Variant ‘Overpowered’. Bringing forward a new gameplay experience where Hunters and Monsters fight for control of powerful wildlife buffs, Overpowered is our 2nd Map Variant introduced into Evolve Stage 2. The update will also include numerous community requested features, balance updates and bug fixes. 

Our latest Map Variant ‘Overpowered’ will place Hunters and Monsters on Weather Control that has become home to countless Elite Wildlife soaking up the Sun. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the Map Variant works:

    There are three types of Buffs to collect, Offense, Utility and Defensive buffs.
    Hunters and Monsters have 5 slots for the wildlife buffs.
    You can create any combination of buffs to create the playstyle you want in Overpowered.

Are you an Assault who wants to blow the Monster to smithereens? A Support who wants to Jetpack dodge further? Or will you be a Monster who becomes an unstoppable force? 

With the latest update we’re bringing out our first character that has gone renegade. Due to the events following Cataclysm on Shear, Abe has taken on the Assault role to face new challenges Shear is facing during the evacuation.

The challenges Abe has faced has led to him setting aside his Trapper gear to modify what he could find to go on the Assault. 

    Primary: Double Barrel Shotgun

      ‘Penitence’ is a double barrel shotgun that poisons targets. Alt-fire increases damage and spread (fires both barrels) but does not poison.

    Secondary: Nerve Toxin Dart

      Abe’s dart gun inflicts damage over time, and also increases all damage done to the Monster.

    Corrosive Grenade

      Deploys a moderate damage grenade that also reduces the target’s damage and applies poison.

    Lesser Defense Matrix

      Projects a Defensive Matrix over Abe, blocking a percentage of incoming damage. This version is weaker compared to other Assaults. Abe couldn’t salvage a fully powered Defense Matrix.

Overpowered Weekend will kick off Friday, August 19th at 10am PDT and run until Monday, August 22nd at 10am PDT, awarding players with the XP and Silver Keys to propel them and their characters to new heights of supremacy in the hunt. During Overpowered Weekend players will earn:

    10X Silver Keys from activities during a Hunt match (Win/Loss, Bonus, Etc.).
    10X XP to account and character progression.

Haven’t tried Evolve Stage 2 yet? Download and play for free on Steam.

For full patch notes for today’s updates, see here. Be sure to come back each week this month for more information on each new update as the Shear Madness event rolls on, and keep checking on Evolve Updates for teases and content drops each week. Finally, if you don’t already, go ahead and follow us on Twitter, check out the TRS Forums, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube.


Lundi 8 août 2016  
Cataclysm & Co-op Update – Version 2.05

Introducing: The Cataclysm and Co-op Update – Version 2.05

It’s week two of our Shear Madness event that’s happening all-month long. Last week we introduced you to a new media variant, Quantum Caira, and today the cosmic-themed updates continue with an all-new map variant – “Cataclysm” – and a brand matchmaking queue, Co-op vs AI.

As the name implies, the events leading up to this Cataclysmic moment have caused the world of Shear to terraform into something the Hunters have never seen before. Is this the only zone of Shear that is being affected by this madness?

Orbital Drill has been altered into a map engulfed in hellfire and molten lava. The sky has been consumed with embers, soot and smoke that could engulf the whole planet. Strangely enough alongside the hellfire, the planet seems to have taken some of the Hunters healing technology through this transformation. Once Hunts begin in the Cataclysm zone, both Hunters and Monsters will see the damaging hellfire meteors falling from the sky accompanied by Generyst infused meteors that will heal both the Hunters and Monsters on impact.

Starting today Cataclysm will make its way into general Hunt matchmaking and the new Co-op matchmaking queue.

Alongside Cataclysm we have a number of new community requested features including the previously mentioned Co-op vs AI matchmaking queue where you can play with your friends and enjoy some more relaxed games of Hunt on Shear! Be sure to check out the full update notes and see what’s next to come in our month of content updates with Shear Madness. You might even get to catch a glimpse of some exclusive Co-op experiences we’ll be launching during the Shear Madness event.

Haven’t tried Evolve Stage 2 yet? Download and play for free on Steam.

For full patch notes for today’s updates, see here. Be sure to come back each week this month for more information on each new update as the Shear Madness event rolls on, and keep checking on Evolve Updates for teases and content drops each week. Finally, if you don’t already, go ahead and follow us on Twitter, check out the TRS Forums, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube.


Mardi 2 août 2016  
Quantum Caira Hunter Adaptation Now Available

A Month of Shear Madness is Upon Us

First, a message to our fans:

Before we get to the big announcement, we thought we’d take a moment to share an update on how the Stage 2 experiment is going and thank you, our incredible players, for all your support and valuable feedback these last few weeks. From fewer than 200 PC players just days before the re-launch on July 7, Evolve Stage 2 now has more than 2-million players worldwide in less than one month. In that time, we’ve released weekly patches and hot fixes and we will continue to tune the Stage 2 experience every week. It’s been an absolutely incredible journey so far – one that has surpassed our wildest expectations – but we’re not done yet. We plan to continue adding new and exciting content to the game, and intend to continue to work on addressing issues with the game that are important to you. We’re very excited for today’s announcement and we hope that it demonstrates our commitment to you and this great experience we’ve built together. Again, from the bottom of our hearts – thank you. Let the road to 3-million begin!

Today marks the start of a month-long “Shear Madness” event in Evolve Stage 2, where we’ll be rolling out our boldest content updates yet. Starting today, you can expect five new updates over the next five weeks that will include three more Character Adaptations, three new Map Variants that shake-up the traditional Evolve experience, a brand new Co-op game mode, and a veritable 3-meat feast of community requested features and quality of life improvements. Be sure to checkout Evolve Updates for more info. As the weeks go on we’ll continue to update the Shear Madness with each week's featured update. Today we’re kicking off the Shear Madness event with The Quantum Surge Update.

The Quantum Surge will include the newest Medic to the Hunter team’s roster, Quantum Caira. Her unique area control style healing combined with new abilities, which are detailed later in this post, marks one of our most daring Medic designs yet.The update will also feature…

    Some first steps towards improving widespread community issues on matchmaking and leavers
    Balance changes
    A brand new series of Advanced Hunter tutorials
    An all new “Try Before you Buy” option, where all hunters, monsters, skins and perks that you’d normally earn using Silver Keys are now unlocked in the game’s Training Mode.

For weekly updates on all of the Shear Madness content dropping this month, make sure to keep your eys on Evolve Updates

Quantum Caira

Quantum Caira keeps the team alive through sustained healing and careful positioning. Her Regeneration Fields create healing zones while her Neutron Barrier blocks damage for the whole team, as long as she's in the right place. Unlike other medics she has no healing burst so a well-positioned Regeneration Field combined with a well-timed Proton Field are the keys to success with Quantum Caira.

    Proton Field

      Deploys a zone that damages enemies over time. Multiple fields stack.

    Regeneration Field

      Deploys a Generyst™ zone that heals each nearby Hunter over time. Multiple Regeneration Fields stack.

    Neutron Barrier

      Applies a short damage-resistance buff to all nearby Hunters.

    Generyst II™ Field

      Heals hunters and damages monsters in the area for the duration of the effect.

Haven’t tried Evolve Stage 2 yet? What are you waiting for!? Download and play for free on Steam.

For full patch notes for today’s updates, see here. Be sure to come back each week this month for more information on each new update as the Shear Madness event rolls on, and keep checking on Evolve Updates for teases and content drops each week. Finally, if you don’t already, go ahead and follow us on Twitter, check out the TRS Forums, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube.




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