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Mardi 16 février 2016
Introducing Build Mode!

Hiya builders!

Let's talk about some upcoming changes that are in the works - and reworks!

Over the past year we've had several discussions about ways to improve the building tools and UI. One of those was specifically the "mega palette" design. During lots of testing and iteration, we've been narrowing down the features we think are essential and fun.

With our next update (date still TBD; stay tuned for more info!), build mode can be toggled on and off with a key press. When you toggle it on, your hotbar and the bottom part of the screen will be replaced by a new "build mode" UI with several tabs containing your tools, props, materials, templates, and similar building-related goodies. We think this will keep things convenient and accessible, as well as help distinguish between different building styles: i.e., those who want to full-out voxel build, those who prefer to assemble and construct with pre-made templates, and those who focus on decorating with props.

The new player experience is also being completely overhauled - but more on that later. Right now it's time to look at build mode!

Building tab

    This contains the building tools for voxel building, which no longer exist as items taking up space in your inventory; they're now built into the UI. Don't worry though, you can still activate them with a numerical keypress! We have arranged them in what we feel is the rough order of basic to more advanced difficulty.
    Besides the building tools, this tab also includes the shaped voxel brushes, and materials selection.
    The materials can still be filtered by name keyword and can also be toggled to display only materials you currently have the resources to build with.
    We're rearranging the materials so each is only in one category, and making the categories clearer.

Props tab

    Props are now in a similar tab, and the UI includes a keyword search box and a toggle to display only props you have resources to create.
    Tooltips will display more details, including what's needed to make the prop.

Templates tab

    The Templates tab will provide a convenient shortcut for template placement.
    We're still playing around with the layout of this tab so no screenshot yet!

Tints tab

    Surprise! On this tab you'll find a palette of tints that can be applied to props.
    Not all props will tint, but we're trying to allow it to work on props where it would make sense. Some examples and a quick preview video below!
    As always, the small print: as this is still a work in progress and shown on our internal servers, there may be bugs, UI may not be final, features may still change, do not swim for half an hour after eating, etc.

We are really excited to bring these features to you in the next update, and look forward to hearing your feedback once you get to play with the features.

(Note: video shows a selection of test tints, more are planned.)


Lundi 8 février 2016
Claim Time and Cameras

Late last year we discussed details of a proposed “mega palette” design that would unify the building tools and controls into a combined user interface, and add some extra functionality at the same time. We have spent a lot of time in the past months working on these designs and iterating on the plans. We’ve made a number of changes to the original design you saw last year and in the coming weeks we hope to share some updates with you! We'll start with the claim time and camera controls, read on...

The small print: as this is still a work in progress and shown on our internal servers, there may be bugs, UI may not be final, features may still change, do not swim for half an hour after eating, etc.

Time of Day Controls

This will be available to you on your claims when you press the appropriate key, and will close when you either toggle it off or leave the claim. Only the claim owner can set this.

The lower part of this window shows the time of day on your claim, the time of day on the Landmark island you’re on, and Earth time in the real world (based on your PC time).

The upper part is where the magic happens! The drop-down lists allow you to choose to keep the time of day on your claim in sync with the island time, lock it at a specified hour, or custom cycle through the day/night at a speed you set. Best of all, you can set separate options for yourself and for what visitors see. If you want to work in bright daylight but want your visitors to only see your claim at midnight, you can now do this. And there was much rejoicing!

But wait, there’s more! Want to see it in action? Here’s a quick video showing how it looks right now on our internal server. Now it can be happy hour all day every day!




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