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Mardi 23 décembre 2014
Hotfix Notes

Hotfix notes

    Fixed numerous client and zone crashes, including:

      Speculative fix for the crash that was caused by trying to use an Add-On claim flag.
      A crash when accepting a group invite that is not from the groups leader.
      Addressed an issue with Linking and Triggering that was causing Understanding - Timber to overload and crash.

    The monsters on Layer 3 should no longer become invulnerable.
    Barrier should now have props on the surface.
    Recipes for metal blocks now exist on all three tiers of smelter refining stations. Additionally, several refining recipes that were either granting too many components or that were requiring too few components have been fixed.
    Recipe items now stack.
    Adjusted the depth at which some ruins spawn in caverns, to make them look more natural.
    Proximity Chat for Vivox should now fall off at 20 meters, instead of 10.
    Blade of Assault abilities should now properly indicate the amount of damage they deal.
    The temporary shield provided by Earrings of Infusion can no longer be triggered by channeled armor heals, such as those supplied by Boots of the Zephyr.
    Infinite Glide, the ability supplied by Boots of the Zephyr, should now properly identify itself in chat notifications when activated.

Mercredi 17 décembre 2014
Update notes - Let There Be Monsters!


The Landmark cave system is being expanded and true layers are being introduced! Rather than altering the current surface caves, which would require popping off any affected claims in the area, surface caves will be removed from existing continents in the 12/15 patch. They will return in the new continents that will be generated for open beta. Beneath the surface of each island explorers will be able to explore through 5 layers filled with underground caves. Along with the cave and layer expansion, mining veins of metal and gems will be redistributed so that the higher tiers of resources are found in the deeper, more dangerous depths.

    Below the surface caves, large caverns can be found as part of the cave networks. These are very large, and within them, explorers may find ruins and buried monuments to explore for treasure; but also within the caverns lurk monsters who may challenge the unwary! Many of the buried ruins were created by Landmark players as part of our collaborative open development process, and will credit the creator.
    Be warned! Falling damage has been re-enabled. Be careful as you explore the massive cavern systems underground – there are some really long drops!


Update notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters!Five new types of monsters, some of which have never been seen before, will appear in the world. Each type has a unique mode of attack and strategies to learn. While there will be a few monsters found above ground, more will lurk in the underground caverns and around buried ruins, so explorers and adventurers seeking treasure in the deeper depths should be sure to take some sturdy armor and weapons.Update notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters!Starting outUpdate notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters!The starter equipment that all new characters begin with is now known as Adventurer’s Gear. Zero cost recipes have also been added to the Stone and Tech Forge that will let you replace these items if you ever need to. The full list of Adventurer’s Gear now includes:

    Adventurer’s Pick (this also now swings faster and hits a larger area)
    Adventurer’s Axe
    Adventurer’s Blade
    Adventurer’s Doublet
    Adventurer’s Boots

New equipment

Update notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters!In Landmark, your choice of equipment is what determines what abilities you can use during combat. This allows you to try a wide variety of combat styles, and mix and match equipment to customize your fighting abilities to suit exactly what you want! Armor, weapons, and equipment use a synergistic key word system which allows items with matching key words to enhance each other’s effectiveness.Update notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters!Four new weapons that are lootable and craftable. They are:

    Crescent-Bladed Broadsword (Two Handed Sword) – The wielder of this lightning blade can charge up large amounts of energy and release it into devastating attacks. Allies can gather around to benefit from the excess energy given off. This weapon is slow, but powerful and heals the energy of nearby allies. The play style is a lumbering damage dealer, similar to a barbarian.
    Obsidian Daggers (Double Daggers) - The wielder of this pair of affliction daggers can perform quick attacks while darting around the battlefield and leaving poison in your wake. This weapon focuses on movement and damage over time effects. The play style is a quick assassin, similar to a rogue.
    Darksteel Sword and Shield (Sword and Shield) – The wielder of this shadow sword and shield can channel and bend the shadows to become a defensive powerhouse. This weapon focuses on being defensive and protecting allies. The play style is a dark tank, similar to a shadow knight.
    Lucent Wand (Wand) – The wielder of this radiance wand focuses light into powerful beams to uplift and inspire allies. This weapon focuses on enhancing allies and protecting them from range. This play style is similar to a priest.
    The selection of craftable and lootable armor is expanding greatly! Over 20 new choices of armor have been added, including four specifically aligned with with key words for additional bonus effects when combined with matching key word weapons or accessories. Choose the armor that fits your playstyle and your look!
    A selection of new accessories are also craftable and lootable. They include accessories themed to enhance abilities with the lightning, radiance, affliction, and shadow themes.
    Note that there have been some changes to harvesting equipment also, including the replacement of Relics, all new picks, and a new sickle progression – see the harvesting section below (redistribution of voxel materials) for more details.

Key words system

Update notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters!Key words on equipment are represented as icons and colored text. Combining equipment that has the same key word can provide a bonus to abilities based on that key word. For example:Update notes - 17 Dec 2014. Let There Be Monsters!

In the case of abilities, the background of the tooltip will be the color of the key word(s) of that ability. The list of key word types is as follows:

Collectible Recipes

    Only a few of the recipes for the new items will be known to crafters when the servers come up. Most of the recipes must be found from chests or looted from monsters. If you want craft all the new items, head into the caves and explore!


The portal spire on each island is expanding into a full leyline network, which will include additional teleport points both above and below ground for ease of transport. The transport UI is also being upgraded to include more useful information such as which type of environments are found on which island. Each subterranean layer will have a hub that explorers will be able to travel to, but additional leyline points will need to be discovered before they can be traveled to.
    The Portal Shard item has been changed. It will now allow the user to teleport to the surface portal spire on a 10 minute cooldown. It is still consumable and can be crafted.
    The Stone of Recall has been added to the game. The stone is a permanent, non-consumable item that will allow you to teleport to the surface portal spire of your current island as well as to any claims you own. There is a 30 minute cool-down between uses. The stone will be included in the starting inventory of every newly created player. Those with older characters can acquire a stone by visiting the resupply chest at any portal spire.
    In addition, when digging between caves you will now find that pulverizers now dig through terrain faster and have a larger destruction radius.
    Powered Pulverizers and the Calibrated Rockgrinder now have a faster dig speed when compared to the basic Mechanized Pulverizer.


With the addition of NPC monsters to the world, the chances that adventurers will experience death has increased! If you die on the surface you will return to the hub. If you die below the first layer you will revive in one of the graveyards which are scattered around the underground layers.

When a player dies in the wilds of Landmark they now have the option to revive themselves at the spot that they died. However, to do this the player needs to spend a Spirit Anchor. Spirit Anchors can be crafted at any workshop.

Harvesting changes

Grab your pulverizers, because resources are moving underground! With the arrival of underground layers our various tiers of surface and subsurface resources have moved into the extensive cave networks that can now be found deep beneath the islands of Landmark. While this change makes the search for resources a far more interesting and exciting prospect, it also makes it a bit more challenging. But don’t worry! We’ve taken this into account and made a number of changes to our tiers, the resources assigned to them, and the way those resources are used to accommodate gatherers, crafters, and builders alike.

The resource/harvesting changes below have also been added to the in-game help system (the ? button on your bottom menu) so you can refer to it at any time.

Redistribution of Plants

Plants have always been biome specific, but they were also designed with a progression in mind that required a layered world. With the advent of those layers our underground botanical progression dreams have finally been realized! To accommodate this new progression we’ve adjusted the tiers at which certain plants spawn and in some cases also swapped around their home biomes. As a result the following distribution changes have occurred.

    Textile Plants

      Jute, Plumthistle, and Cotton are now tier 1 textile plants and appear on the surface as well as within tier 1 caves.
      Crystia (formerly a potion plant) is now a tier 2 textile plant and only appears in tier 2 or lower caves.

        All existing Infused Crystia has been converted to Woven Crystia.
        All recipes that previously used Infused Crystia now use Infused Vilebloom.

      Sunblossom is now a tier 4 textile plant and has been moved to the deciduous forest biome, meaning it will no longer drop until that biome is released during open beta.

        All recipes that previously used Woven Sunblossom now use Woven Crystia.

    Extract Plants

      Bluebell is now a tier 1 potion plant and appears on the surface as well as within tier 1 caves.
      Cordella is now a tier 1 potion plant and has been moved to the deciduous forest biome, meaning it will no longer drop until that biome is released.

        All recipes that previously used Infused Cordella now use Infused Bluebell.

      Nightbloom is now a tier 3 potion plant and only appears in tier 3 or lower caves.
      Bloodtear is now a tier 4 potion plant and only appears in tier 4 or lower caves.
      Vilebloom, a new tier 5 potion plant found in old growth forest biomes, has been added to tier 5 caves.

    For Future Release

      Collection entries have been created for a new tier 5 textile plant called Embercup, and for a new tier 1 potion plant called Nomad’s Crown, which are both scheduled for release with our upcoming volcanic biome.

In addition to the various distribution changes mentioned above, several sweeping changes have been made to plants, which include the following.

    Large and Perfect versions of every plant can now be found underground! These rare (- , but) and easy to spot super plants yield significantly more resources than their normal brethren and grow more numerous as you venture deeper below the surface.
    Normal plants now drop fewer materials, but woven and infused combines are also cheaper to make.
    Plant Extract and Fibers now also drop from normal, large and perfect plants in addition to the common world plants to which they were previously exclusive.
Along with this new plant progression comes a new sickle progression and 4 new sickles. Find them on the Stone Forge!
    The silver sickle has also been renamed to match our new tool naming conventions.

Redistribution of Voxel Materials

As with plants, our stones, metals, and gems have been redistributed and pushed underground to fill out the vast array of caves now found beneath the surface. However, as we considered the implications of underground gathering in the deepest layers of our world, we also decided to move forward with a long idle plan to streamline our gathered material list with composite materials. The result of this plan is that fewer materials are found in the world, but those materials can now be combined to create composite materials. For example, rather than mining a Mithril vein you would create that rare metal by combining Iron and Gold.

The point of this change is to simplify the goals of gatherers when hunting for resources underground, making it easier to focus on a smaller selection of veins, which in turn should make it easier to accumulate those resources in sufficient quantities over a reasonable period of time. To accommodate this new resource plan we’ve adjusted the tiers at which certain material veins spawn. As a result the following distribution changes have occurred.


      Marble is now a tier 2 stone and only appears in tier 1-3 caves.
      Amaranthine is now a tier 3 stone and only appears in tier 2-4 caves.
      Obsidian is now a tier 4 stone and only appears in tier 3-5 caves.
      Alabaster is now a tier 5 stone and only appears in tier 4-5 caves.


      Copper is now a tier 1 metal and only appears on the surface as well as within tier 1-2 caves.
      Tin is now a tier 2 metal and only appears in tier 1-3 caves.
      Iron is now a tier 3 metal and only appears in tier 2-4 caves.
      Silver is now a tier 4 metal and only appears in tier 3-5 caves.
      Gold is now a tier 5 metal and only appears in tier 4-5 caves.
      All other metals have been converted to composite materials.


      Agate is now a tier 1 gem and only appears on the surface as well as within tier 1-2 caves.
      Sapphire is now a tier 2 gem and only appears in tier 1-3 caves.
      Ruby is now a tier 3 gem and only appears in tier 2-4 caves.
      Emerald is now a tier 4 gem and only appears in tier 3-5 caves.
      Diamond is now a tier 5 gem and only appears in tier 4-5 caves.
      All other gems have been converted to composite materials.

    Ancient Earth

      Ancient Earth continues to spawn on the surface and now in all underground tiers.

In addition to the various distribution changes mentioned above, several significant changes have been made to voxel materials, which include the following.

    Voxel hitpoints have been modified to support a smoother gameplay experience, the result of which is a predictable number of swings to destroy voxels from tier to tier. The baseline is now 2 swings for stone, metal, and gems, and 1 swing for everything else, which remains true as you increase in tier when using picks with a matching harvest rating.

      Note, this does not apply to existing picks. See below for information on a new set of picks being released with this update.

    Elemental resources no longer drop or are used in any recipes.

      All recipes that previously used elemental resources now use a new item called Ether Shards.
      Unfortunately existing elemental resources have no use and cannot be sold or salvaged in this update. This will change in a future update to the salvaging system, which will add support for salvaging large quantities of excess resources.

    Relics no longer drop – instead Ancient Earth deposits now drop Ether Shards.

      Existing relics can still be used to upgrade tools crafted before this update, but will eventually be retired with future updates to the upgrading system.

    Coal and Essence of Earth no longer drop from stone.

      Coal can still be crafted at a forge using wood, and the item description has been updated to reflect this, but essence of earth has been removed from the game entirely. All recipes that previously used essence of earth now use an appropriate amount of ether shards.

The various voxel material changes listed above have also invalidated the existing pick progression, but rather than reduce the stats on existing picks we’ve elected to create a set of new picks that match the new distribution plan. Find them on the Stone Forge!

    Existing picks have been retired and can no longer be crafted, but players who previously created them can still use them to harvest voxel materials belonging to appropriate tiers.

Composite Resources

Landmark isn’t a game about grinding levels; it’s a game where everything you gather and create has value, and we want to ensure that's as true for crafters as for builders. To accomplish this, we are introducing composite resources. These are materials used specifically for crafting, and they include low tier resources in the creation of high tier composites.

These composites are called "Cut" materials on the crafting stations (e.g. "Cut Rubicite"). This means some resources that were formerly mined directly are now created by combining other resources; for example, rubicite is no longer a mined ore, so to craft an item using rubicite, you would first create cut rubicite out of copper and gold.

The full list of resources that are now composites includes the following.


      Solucite – created from a combination of Copper and Tin. (New!)
      Druidium – created from a combination of Tin and Iron (formerly Tungsten).
      Indicite – created from a combination of Iron and Silver (formerly Cobalt).
      Rubicite – created from a combination of Copper and Gold.
      Mithril – created from a combination of Iron and Gold.
      Etherium – created from a combination of Tin, Silver, and Gold.


      Skystone – created from a combination of Sapphire and Agate (formerly Aquamarine).
      Amethyn – created from a combination of Ruby and Sapphire (formerly Amethyst).
      Tormeral – created from a combination of Emerald and Ruby (formerly Tourmaline).
      Sunstone – created from a combination of Diamond and Agate (formerly Topaz).
      Omenstone – created from a combination of Diamond and Ruby. (New!)
      Moonstone – created from a combination of Diamond, Emerald, and Sapphire.

    Lumicite materials, which were technically the first of our composite materials, have also had their recipes updated to utilize non-composite materials, including ether shards (remember: these can also be obtained by mining ancient earth).

Building Resources

We don't want the gathering of resources for building to be onerous. Thus, while composites are our solution for gatherers and crafters, we've created a similar system to allow builders to make many building materials out of the resources they gather from the world. Our solution here is the introduction of Blocks, which work the way wood and glass have already been functioning. By giving builders recipes to craft blocks, which are only used for building, we can allow a much more generous conversion rate than we could when you were building directly with mined ore. In other words, instead of one unit of mined rubicite equalling one placed voxel of rubicite, the block recipes allow a small number of units of mined copper and gold to convert into a large number of placed voxels of rubicite. Wherever the resource you want to build with is not directly mined in the world, look for a block recipe to build with!

The full list of resources that now involve Block conversions includes the following.

    Wood Blocks

      Plain Wood Blocks are now used for all plain wood materials (formerly used plain wood logs and planks).
      Burled Wood Blocks are now used for all burled wood materials (formerly used burled wood logs and planks).
      Striped Wood Blocks are now used for all striped wood materials (formerly used striped wood logs and planks).

    Textile Blocks

      Jute Blocks are now used for the Light Mauve and Light Brown Rough Cloth materials (formerly used dirt).
      Plumthistle Blocks are now used for the Oxeblood and Green Rough Cloth materials (formerly used dirt).
      Cotton Blocks are now used for the Light Blue Rough Cloth material (formerly used dirt).
      Crystia Blocks are now used for the Dark Blue Rough Cloth material (formerly used dirt).

    Metal Blocks

      Druidium Blocks are now used for all Druidium materials (formerly used Tungsten Ore).
      All existing Tungsten Ore has been converted to Druidium Blocks.
      Indicite Blocks are now used for all Indicite materials (formerly used Cobalt Ore).
      All existing Cobalt Ore has been converted to Indicite Blocks.
      Rubicite Blocks are now used for all Rubicite materials (formerly used Rubicite Ore).
      All existing Rubicite Ore has been converted to Rubicite Blocks.
      Mithril Blocks are now used for all Mithril materials (formerly used Mithril Ore).
      All existing Mithril Ore has been converted to Mithril Blocks.
      Etherium Blocks are now used for all Etherium materials (formerly used Etherium Ore).
      All existing Etherium Ore has been converted to Etherium Blocks.

    Gemstone Blocks

      Skystone Blocks are now used for the Raw Skystone material (formerly used Aquamarine).
      All existing Aquamarine has been converted to Skystone Blocks.
      Amethyn Blocks are now used for the Raw Amethyn material (formerly used Amethyst).
      All existing Amethyst has been converted to Amethyn Blocks.
      Tormeral Blocks are now used for the Raw Tormeral material (formerly used Tourmaline).
      All existing Tourmaline has been converted to Tormeral Blocks.
      Sunstone Blocks are now used for the Raw Sunstone material (formerly used Topaz).
      All existing Topaz has been converted to Sunstone Blocks.
      Moonstone Blocks are now used for all Moonstone materials (formerly used Moonstone).
      All existing Moonstone has been converted to Moonstone Blocks.

Several new material categories have also been created and many existing materials have been migrated to these categories.

    Dirt, sand, snow, ice, and glass materials now belong to the Common category.
    All gem materials now belong to the Gemstone category.
    All cloth materials now belong to the Textile category.

Harvesting Accessories

We’ve always been unhappy with the cumbersome item swapping gameplay promoted by our existing harvesting accessories, but with the introduction of monsters throughout the world that problem has only become worse. We debated several possible solutions, but in the end decided that to properly address this problem we needed to retire our existing harvesting accessories while finding a better way to provide those bonus stats. Unfortunately the mechanism we are currently planning on using to provide these stats isn’t ready and will have to be included in a future update. So for now we are doing the following.

    Harvesting accessories are being retired in this update, meaning they will no longer be craftable or available via drops, but any existing accessories can still be used.


The big change here is the new salvaging system, and when we say big, we mean massive. Salvaging introduces a new item creation loop that is fueled by items with real value. These are the weapons, armor, and accessories dropped by the monsters of Landmark; items that have function and purpose, and that can now be used to create items that fit your specific play style. Our monsters have also been granted item drops that teach new recipes, fulfilling a long desired goal of making recipes collectible.


Salvaging expands the crafting system by introducing the ability to break down extra equipment items into magical components. These components can be used in the new recipes to craft new equipment for your exploration and adventure! You will also get Ether Shards from salvaging, which will be an important currency in the future.

As with our other crafting systems the salvaging system is accessed via its own crafting station; the Ether Stone (shown above!). These vastly ancient devices can be found at every hub, and can also be crafted if desired. The Ether Stone breaks apart most items, converting them into various magical components that can be used to craft similar items, e.g. salvaging several weapons produces an Aspect of Destruction, which can be used to create a specific weapon with unique properties. Matching salvage components exist for the following item types.

    Weapons produce Aspects of Destruction
    Tools produce Aspects of Gathering
    Chest armors produce Aspects of Fortitude
    Head armors produce Aspects of Protection
    Hand armors produce Aspects of Deftness
    Boots produce Aspects of Speed
    Accessories produce Aspects of Focus

Additionally the salvaging system interacts with damage keywords by letting you salvage the same items mentioned above for keyword specific components known as essences. Recipes that call for both aspects and essences produce powerful items with specialized keyword synergies that trigger when using abilities with matching keywords. Keywords that produce salvage components include the following.

    Physical items produce Essence of Might
    Affliction items produce Essence of Frailty
    Fire items produce Molten Essence
    Water items produce Aquatic Essence
    Radiance items produce Essence of Light
    Shadow items produce Essence of Darkness
    Lightning items produce Essence of Storms
    Primal items can be used to produce any of the essences mentioned above.

The Ether Stone can also be used to produce Ether Shards, which are highly mutable pieces of crystallized energy that act as a spark or catalyst for just about everything that can be crafted in Landmark. They are also commonly found in the clutches of monsters, in long lost chests, or buried in ancient deposits of dirt.

Recipe Changes

The most notable change to recipes in this update is that many are now earned from monster or chest loot, rather than being granted automatically. As all recipes were previously granted automatically this means that existing characters will no longer have many of the recipes they previously had. The full list of recipes that are now dropped is somewhat large, but we can confirm that the list only includes a selection of items with the following types.

    Grappling Hooks
    Armor (chest, head, and hands)

As you might expect most recipes in the game have also been updated to include salvage components, but many had their harvesting resource costs reduced as well. This change was made to compensate for the addition of salvage components.


The upgrading system is scheduled to undergo some significant changes between 12.15 and our next big update, however until those changes hit our Live servers we are putting a soft hold on the system. You will still be able to use relics you’ve already collected, but you won’t be able to collect any more for the time being. A larger implication of these upcoming changes to upgrading is that all upgradable items now drop and craft as Average quality only.


Many new recipes have been added to the refining stations, including composite and block recipes. But this is only a single step towards our long term goals. When the refining system comes online we intend to make blocks the de facto item type used for material placement, with refiners being the primary avenue through which blocks are acquired. In anticipation of this change we’ve made tier 1 refiners far more accessible, reducing the cost to craft them considerably.

Mastercraft Bracer and Tech Forge

As a result of the upgrading changes mentioned above, namely the removal of randomized quality from crafted items, the mastercraft bracer and tech forge are receiving some changes this update. Instead of increasing the quality floor when crafting an item, both of these items will now refund a number of salvaging components when a recipe is completed.


Tooltip improvements are here! This change brings some much needed polish and visual flare to the basic tooltips we had before. Tooltips now have a delay (yay!) as well as improvements to the way we display abilities, item quality, keywords and more.

    Where did those detailed ability tooltips go?

      They’re still there! We’ve hidden them by default to make browsing items a little easier. If you are viewing an item that has an ability press [ALT] to toggle the detail view on and off.

    Where did the item quality go? What does the colored border mean?

      The color and design of the border is the new way we represent Item Quality.

Average (no border), Superior (green), Exceptional (blue), Legendary (violet)

    Tooltip display delay can now be adjusted!

      There is a new “Tooltip Delay” setting in Game Settings > Interface Settings. Change the delay to your liking, or eliminate it entirely.


We’ve got a huge list of new props for you this update, including some really great FX emitters that drop exclusively from NPCs and chests!


    Long Hanging Curtains (Black & White, Green, Regal Red, Regal Blue, Red & Grey, Red & Cream)
    Short Hanging Curtains (Black & White, Green, Regal Red, Regal Blue, Red & Grey, Red & Cream)
    Bahama Shutters (Buttermilk, Federal Blue, Marigold, Pitch Black, Tavern Green, Barn Red)
    Louvered Shutters, Left & Right (Buttermilk, Federal Blue, Marigold, Pitch Black, Tavern Green, Barn Red)
    Hook Brace (Brass and Iron)
    Ring Brace (Brass and Iron)
    Coiled Rope (Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black)
    Curved Rope (Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black)
    Straight Rope (Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black)
    Large Knotted Rope (Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black)
    Small Knotted Rope (Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Black)
    Bouquet of Lilies (Orange, Pink, Pink & White, Red, Yellow)
    Bouquet of Roses (Orange, Pink, Black, Red, Yellow, White)


    Plain Wood Bench
    Dark Wood Bench
    Cherry Wood Bench

Linking and Triggering Props

    Simple Trapdoor
    Simple Floor Switch


    Magic Fire (Campfire, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange)
    Small Magic Fire (Campfire, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow)
    Torch Fire (Campfire, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow)
    Geyser Warning Fire
    Geyser Eruption Fire
    Lava Fire
    Small Lava Fire
    Gas Fire
    Fire Embers
    Fire Plume (two types)

Improved level of detail

    The environment team is hard at work upgrading the detail on all of our procedural props. This means a higher level of detail on all of our trees and plants. These upgrades will trickle out over the next few updates, but take a look at the difference in this update.
    We’re also updating all the player characters and wearables in a similar way, so look for those soon.

Linking & Triggering

The Linking and Triggering system allows you to “Link” two or more props so that interacting with one will “trigger” the others. Some examples:

    Have one light turn on all other lights.
    Create a locked door that can only be opened by clicking on a hidden item.
    Automatically open gates when players walk up to them.
The system works through linking Events and Actions. An event triggers an action. An event could happen when you pull a lever or enter an area. Actions are things like “Open” or “Turn On”. Triggers and actions differ between props.

Setting up links is easy:

Place the two (or more) interactable props on your claim and right-click on the one that will start the link; select the new ‘Link’ option. (By interactable prop, we mean any prop that currently does something when clicked on - like a light turning on and off, or a door opening and closing.)
    1. Select the trigger event on the starting prop.
    2. Click on the prop you want to link after selecting the event.
    3. And then select the action you want the linked prop to do when it is triggered.

Area Tool

A new tool has been introduced for use with linking and triggering: The Area Tool. This tool allows you to create a custom area that can then be linked. Some more details:

    This tool is given to new characters along with all the other tools when you place your first claim.
    Existing characters who have already placed a claim can get the new area tool from the resupply chest located at the Portal Spire.
    Use this tool to create hidden areas that can be linked to the props on your claims. (Use the tool to select the trigger area, then press E to confirm it.) These linked areas can then trigger those props when players enter or exit them: simply right-click on the area and choose the "link" option, as above.)
    A new ‘Show Trigger Areas’ option has been added to the claim drop down window. This can be toggled on and off to see the trigger areas on your claim.

Checking or breaking links

To confirm what a link is doing, or break a link, simply right-click on the starting prop again, choose the "link" option, and look at the connecting link line. Clicking the white chain link icon will break the connection.

Voice chat

Voice chat comes to Landmark! The first iteration of In-game Voice Chat (Vivox) has been added. It has basic functionality but will allow you to speak to others in Proximity, Party or Guild channels.

How do I enable Voice Chat?

    By default voice chat is OFF. To access the Voice Chat window click the voice icon attached to the chat window.

      Alternatively you can open the Voice Chat window by selecting it in the Main Menu popup list.

    Turn voice chat ON by checking the “Voice Chat Enabled” option at the top of the window.
    Once voice chat is on:

      You will automatically join the Proximity channel. The proximity channel allows you to hear and speak to nearby players who have the channel enabled.
      You will automatically join a guild channel (named after your guild) if you are part of a guild.
      You will automatically join a party channel if you are in a party.

How do I mute voice channels?

    Each channel can be muted individually in the Voice Chat window by clicking the checkbox next to them.

How can I speak in a voice channel?

    You can speak to a channel using one of two modes Push to Talk or Voice Activated.

      Push to Talk

        When in Push to Talk you must press and hold a key to speak.
        This can be useful if you play in a noisy environment or prefer complete control over when your voice will be heard.
        Push to Talk must be turned on in the Voice Chat options.

      Voice Activated

        When in Voice Activated mode you microphone is always on and your speech is transmitted to the currently selected channel at all times.
        This mode is useful if you play in a quiet environment and you don’t want to have to press a button to speak.

    To speak to a voice channel:

      In Voice Activated mode, press the keybinding associated with a channel to select it, then speak.
      In Push to Talk mode, press and hold the keybinding associated with a channel, then speak. Release the key when you are done speaking.

How do I ignore this annoying troll in the proximity channel?

    Players can be ignored in any channel by:
      Clicking the checkbox next to their name in the Voice Chat window OR
      /ignore add playername OR
      Manually adding any player to your blocked list via the Contacts window.

How do I adjust my Voice Chat settings?

    You can fine tune your voice chat settings by clicking the “Voice Chat Settings” button in the Voice Chat window. This will take you to the Voice Chat tab of the Game Settings window.
      The options there include:
      Enable Voice – Toggles Voice Chat.
      Input Device – Select your microphone from this drop down list.
      Transmit Volume – Set the volume level of YOUR voice.
      Test Microphone – Use this recorder to hear how you sound to others.
      Push to Talk – Toggle Push to Talk mode.
      Output Device – Select the speakers you would like voice chat to go to.
      Master Receive Volume – Select the default volume of incoming voice chat.
      Ducking – Set the amount that game sounds and music volume should lower when there is voice chat activity.

How do I change the keys bound to each voice channel?

    Currently these are located in the ESC > Customize Controls menu, under the Voice action set. We will improve this in the future.

And more!

    A new permission level – Copy Only – has been added to claim permission. This allows visitors to make a copy of anything on a claim, but be unable to do anything else to it, including delete. Hooray, swap meet owners!
    Removed the cool down from Soles of the Outrider
    Removed the cool down from Messenger’s Sandals
    Soldier’s Blade has been renamed to Blade of Assault
    Mercenary’s Staff has been renamed to Frozen Crystal Staff
    Slayer’s Bow has been renamed to Dragonbone Bow
    You can now use the quantity field on all Crafting Stations.
    Fixed an issue where you couldn’t place props on the very bottom of a claim.
    Grappling in a cave should no longer pop you to the surface.
    Copy/pasting animated props should no longer cause the props to change position incorrectly
    Fixed an issue that was causing the player character's collision volume to change in size when wearing some outfits.
    The Iron Portcullis should no longer disappear if scaled down too small.
    Added audio to the Feather Tipped Boots ability.
    Addressed an issue where the Founder's Chest would sometimes not return lost items.
    Fixed the LOD's on numerous props. They should no longer rotate or flip when getting a certain distance away from them.
    Crystia plants should now properly have collision.
    Added proper FX to the base of the Tall Glowing Mushroom props.
    Added a scroll bar to the Recipe Components area of all crafting stations.
    And more!

Vendredi 12 décembre 2014
The *enormous* update next week!

Hey folks,

Next week's update is going to be extremely large. How large?

    Caves down to the world core
    New loot
    Transportation systems
    New resource distributions and crafting changes
    Linking and triggering
    New props & emitters (yes! surprise!)
    Big quality of life improvements

This means that there are MANY MANY MANY MANY new systems. (Yes, that many.)

We fully expect this update to be problematic. (If it's not, it will be the best Christmas present we could ever imagine.)


    1) We're going to start keeping you updated with our successes and failures via Twitter. Watch my feed and the Landmark feed for information over the weekend. Community will also post on the forums periodically to distill the feeds.
    2) We will announce *on Sunday* whether the update will occur on Monday or not.
    3) When the update occurs, the outage time will be from 4 to 48 hours in duration. We will not bring the servers back up Live until things are working again. If they aren't in good shape, we'll leave them down and continue to work.

We apologize in advance for those of you that *need* to log in to Landmark and can't stand the delay. We hope you understand. :)

There will be oh so many new toys for you to experiment with when we're done. Soon!(tm)

More details as we go!

-- The Landmark Team --


Jeudi 4 décembre 2014
Landmark - Update Notes

First off, as we approach our first holiday season in Landmark we'd like to say: Thank you!

    As a token of appreciation, check your in-game mail for one of three special holiday outfits.

Starter Templates

    All players have been granted sets of Starter templates, to get you building quickly

      A set of Arcs, from 1 to 100 voxels in size
      A set of Ovals, from 10 to 50 voxels in size (and one of a 100 voxel size)
      A set of Triangles, from 1 to 100 voxels in size
      Four sets of fonts (including one in the Landmark Style)
      The Landmark Logo
      A set of Angled lines
      A set of Cylindrical Pillars
      We've also included two Holiday templates: a Snow Globe and a set of Reindeer!

Competition Changes

    We're making some sweeping changes to the way that Competition entries are submitted.

      Competition entries are no longer submitted via a Template - they now use the entire claim.
      Once you tag your claim, a Competition button should appear in the Claim Management UI (assuming there is a competition active)
      Once a claim has been entered, it cannot be edited / deleted / foreclosed. It also no longer costs upkeep.
      Once entered, the entry should be viewable in the Competition section of the Showcase.
      Once the submission phase ends, other players can now vote on your entry.

New Material

    Added a new material to your tray: Green Cloth.

New Props

    Ogre Workshop Props

      Intricate Chandelier
      Intricate Lowback Chair
      Intricate Round Table
      Intricate Small Table
      Oxidized Brass Mug
      Oxidized Brass Carved Horn
      Coiled Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
      Curved Hanging Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
      Straight Hanging Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
      Large Iron Barrel
      Brass Trimmed Basin
      Plush Pillow (Turquoise, Deep Red, Hammered Gold, and Ivory variants)
      Round Pillow (Turquoise, Deep Red, Hammered Gold, and Ivory variants)

    Kitchen Props

      The following props come in Copper, Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel variants.
      Large Stockpot
      Medium Stockpot
      Large Braiser Pan
      Small Braiser Pan
      Saucier Pan
      Medium Stockpot Lids
      The following props come in Apple, Blueberry, Blackberry, and Cherry Variants
      Full Pie
      Partial Pie
      Slice of Pie
      Toaster with Toast


      Iron and Gold Lamp Post
      Lastly, we've also created a Winter Holiday Tree.
        This one should fit your rooms much better than a shrunk down tree prop from one of the biomes!

Crafting Window Improvements

    As part of an on-going process to update and improve our UI, the Crafting Window has received a bit of a revamp.

      In addition to new art and a cleaner, more streamlined look - the window now has a search function!

Bug Fixes

    When attempting to place a claim on an invalid area (such as a cave) the message is much more specific now.
    Barbed Armor will no longer react to fall damage.
    You should no longer see incorrect / garbage text when viewing claims from the map.
    Waypoints should no longer appear under the map when changing islands.
    Chopping down trees should no longer take more than one click.
    The Selection Tool should no longer unequip when using CTRL to enter Tweak Mode.
    You can now properly grapple while gliding.

Lundi 24 novembre 2014
Landmark - Hotfix Notes

Props (Rocks and Plants) that are found in the caves are now craftable on the Workshop!

    Added 42 new props to the Workshop.
    Also fixed a bug that was preventing the selection of Facial Hair on Males when in Character Create.


Vendredi 14 novembre 2014
Landmark - Update Notes



      This optimization should improve frame rates in areas around complex player-made voxel geometry and cave systems.

    We've done a lot of behind the scenes work on Texture Atlasing.

      This should resolve the issue with materials sometimes showing as dirt or something else entirely.
      Textures that are closer to the camera are actually being displayed at a higher resolution.
      This also fixed an issue that would sometimes result in a very long shutdown time.
      PC's that are on the lower end of the Min Spec should see an improvement in performance when setting their Texture Quality to Low or Medium.
      On the Development side, this opens the door for a significant increase in the number of materials we can use at any given time.


The first iteration of the keyword system is in! This system allows items and abilities to communicate with each other. This means that abilities will be marked with a keyword and items will have bonuses that apply only to abilities with the specified keyword.

Each ability on the already existing weapons has been marked with a damage type keyword that is reflective of its overall flavor. The keywords are as follows:

    Soldier’s Blade is now Physical
    Mercenary’s Staff is now Water
    Slayer’s Bow is now Fire


There are several new temporary pieces of armor that are craftable for free on the Forge. These are gloves, helms (non-visible, sorry), and chest pieces. Helms and gloves are stat based items that grant base stats. Each chest piece has an associated helm and glove set.

Chest armors have major passive bonuses associated with them and many stats (some new). These bonuses can be keyword specific or generic and often times allow you to create a new style of play for yourself. The armors are as follows:

    Battle-Forged Plate - Using a Physical Dash ability gives you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Health.
    Barbed Armor - Opponents that deal damage to you are attacked back, taking (0.25 Offense + 5) damage. Can only be triggered every 1 second.
    Blood-Soaked Leathers - While your Armor is at 0, your Critical Strike is increased by 100%.
    Fiery Tunic - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Fire abilities, but Fire spells cost 20% more energy.
    Cloak of Quickness - Decreases your cool downs by 30%, but lowers your Offense by 15%.
    Frost Coat - Each time you damage a Frozen or Snared opponent with a Water ability, they take an additional (0.05 * Offense) damage.
    Pursuit of Power - You gain 10% Armor Steal, but your Armor is reduced by 20%.
    Soldier’s Breastplate - Increases Offense by 55 when you are below 25% Health.
    Slayer’s Vest - Increases Critical Strike by 200 when wearer is at full health.
    Mercenary’s Robe - Scoring a critical strike instantly heals 25% of your maximum Energy. Can only be triggered every 2 seconds.


There are also many new accessories available on the Outfitter’s Table. These accessories are created to support the play styles that the weapons have and the play style changes that the armors promote.

The accessories are as follows:

    Reinforcing Charm - Incoming Physical Armor heals also restore an additional 2%of your Health. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
    Ring of Shielding - Scoring a critical strike grants you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Armor.
    Liquid Iron Orb – Fire projectiles deal (Offense * 0.09) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.
    Band of Flame - Fire attacks deal (Offense * 0.12) additional damage in a 5 meter radius around the target. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
    Crystal-Shard Earrings - Water abilities lower the cool down of your abilities by 0.2 seconds.
    Sigil of Piercing Cold - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Water abilities.
    Earrings of Precision – Your Offense is increased by 8% while using projectile abilities.
    Excruciating Anklet - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using damage over time abilities.
    Ring of Crushing Might - Physical attacks cause your target to bleed, dealing (Offense * 0.06) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1.5 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.

Please check these out, test the different combinations and let us know what you think!

Flight on Claims

    You can now fly on your claim, or any claim you have permission on! To enable flight, head to the Workshop and craft the “Builder’s Bauble of Flight.”
    Click the item to activate Flight. While activated, you can use Space Bar to ascend, and X to descend.

Claim Expansion

    We've increased the number of expansion claims you can have, from 5 to 8.

Notification Window

    There is now a Notification Window that compiles all of your notifications (mail, upkeep reminders, etc.)
    More important notifications (PVP Queues, etc) will still pop up in bottom right hand corner, in order to increase visibility


    Festive Props

      The holidays are approaching, so we thought you might like some decorations for your claim!

    Ogre Doors

      Added two new Ogre Props for your Workshop builds:

        Intricate Wood Door (Left and Right)
        Intricate Copper Banded Door (Left and Right)

    Miscellaneous signs

      Construction Sign
      Stop Sign
      Direction Sign


Modal Improvements

    Added modal bars for prop placement / interaction.
    Added button for Tilde (Change Mode)
    Removed all of the tool hints from the right side, since the modal bar should cover all of those controls.

Bugs / Misc

    Re-exported the icons for the Sci-Fi props to match their in-game tint.
    Fixed an issue where the Grappling Hook location was too low when you grappled in.
    Blocking and then unblocking another player from your Block list should now work correctly.
    Added Control Hints on the map, on how to place Waypoints
    The Halloween trophy should no longer flip when viewed at a different LOD.
    Picking up a prop should no longer leave you in "Build Mode."
    Pressing SHIFT with a Heroic Movement item equipped will no longer close all UI windows.

Vendredi 31 octobre 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes


    We had to redo the Expanded Storage (Pockets) Maintenance due to an invalid quantity on the bundle.
    This means that the original Update Notes are still relevant.

      We've done some back-end work on how the Inventory / Vault pockets work. As a result, we've had to do the following:

        The pockets you have purchased / consumed have been reverted, and the Pocket items themselves have been refunded to you.
        When consumed, these items are now on your Station account. This means that they will persist if you happen to delete and re-create your character.
        The amount of increase given by each expander type has been increased.
        If you do not see your previously purchased expanders please make room in your primary inventory and log out and back in again
        If you currently have all of your expanded inventory space your Items will go into overflow.

    We also made sure that those of you who bought Trailblazer packs got your pockets re-granted.
    Fixed an issue where resources were not being refunded after a Claim foreclosure.
    Fixed the model on the Kerran lattice (which was inadvertently changed to the Kerran Trophy.)
    Miscellaneous fixes / polish to the new Commenting system.

Jeudi 30 octobre 2014
Landmark - Update notes


    Multi-Threaded Rendering

      MTR is now turned on by default. On systems with slower CPUs, lower resolutions, or systems with very fast video cards the difference is more noticeable.
      Basically on any machine where the game is CPU limited there should be a performance increase. However, we’ve done a lot of CPU optimizations over the last couple months, so the game is usually GPU limited for most configurations now.


      Landmark now supports SLI! You should see a performance increase when running in High or Ultra.
      NVIDIA hasn't published new configurations for SLI Mode in Landmark, so you'll have to enable AFR Mode for Landmark64.exe in your NVIDIA Control Panel manually.
      In your NVIDIA Control Panel, do the following:

        Select "Manage 3D Settings."
        Under Program Settings, add the Landmark64.exe to the Customize List.
        Once you've done that, set "Multi-GPU Rendering Mode" to "Force Alternate Frame Rendering 2."

    LOD Improvements

      We’ve made some improvements to increase the visual quality of voxels at certain distances. Your voxel based structures should retain their shape much better at further distances, with one caveat - this will only affect newly placed voxels. This change is not retroactive, so if you want to make sure your claims look good at a distance, you'll need to force it to update by making small voxel changes in each corner of your claim.


    We've been reading your feedback from all of the Control and Keybinding changes, so we've decided to revert a few things.

      While exploring through the world and being in Combat, nothing has changed from last week.
      While building however, we reverted some of the Mouse Wheel and Key Modifier controls.
      With a Building Tool active, the Mouse Wheel once again controls your Cursor Size.
      With a Prop or a Paste Volume active, the Mouse Wheel once again controls Rotate / Translate / Scale.
      Camera distance is controlled via CTRL + Mouse Wheel.

Modal Building Tools

    In an effort to solidify and concentrate the options when using Building tools, we're introducing the first iteration of our Modal Tool bar.

      The way it works, is that a secondary tool bar will appear over your normal Action Bar, any time you equip a Building Tool.
      This bar lists the Options that each tool has, and displays the keybinding that activates them.
      We're still iterating on this system, so expect to see it expand (to Props, in particular) and iterate over the coming weeks. We look forward to your feedback!

Player Created Waypoints

    You can now set waypoints on the map for yourself! With the map open, press CTRL + Left Click to place a way point. This will stay on the map, and in the world until you remove it (or you zone / logout.) You can place up to five waypoints at a time, and they can be removed by CTRL + Left Clicking the icon again.


    Previously, the max voxel count for a template was 20 million. We've increased this limit to 46 million.
    Unfortunately, we found a last minute issue with this, and had to pull this functionality. We'll introduce this in a future update.

Storage Expander Changes

    We've done some back-end work on how the Inventory / Vault pockets work. As a result, we've had to do the following:

      The pockets you have purchased / consumed have been reverted, and the Pocket items themselves have been refunded to you.
      When consumed, these items are now on your Station account. This means that they will persist if you happen to delete and re-create your character.
      The amount of increase given by each expander type has been increased.
      If you do not see your previously purchased expanders please make room in your primary inventory and log out and back in again
      If you currently have all of your expanded inventory space your Items will go into overflow.

Props / Materials

    Since it looks Dwarves are going to lose yet again, we've got some Ogre goodies for you this update!

      New Material


      New Prop

        Intricate Copper-Plated Door (Left and Right)

    Additionally, we inadvertently changed some materials to use "Worked" versions a while ago. (Stone, Obsidian, etc.) We are changing those materials back to use only the base material for now, since having "Worked" materials ties in to our Refining system, which is still in progress.

Commenting System

    You can now post comments on Player Studio items in the Marketplace.

Bug Fixes

    Pressing SHIFT with a Heroic Movement item equipped will no longer trigger said item if your cursor is in a text box.
    Addressed a couple issues with outfits (they should no longer overlap when zoning, they should update properly when switching between outfits / armor)
    Fixed the Keybinding for "Duplicate Prop."
    You should no longer be able to get stuck in a running or diving animation while Gliding.
    Removed the reference to "Esc" from the Observer cam text.
    FX and audio should no longer persist the first time you use a Heroic Movement item.
    Fixed an issue where you couldn't use the Grappling Hook if you had SHIFT pressed.
    Removed a duplicate entry for "Free Look: Left and Right Strafe."
    Fixed an issue that would result in a broken stamp volume, after using a Shaped Block on a selection volume.
    Your character will now animate properly when attempting to equip a tool while using Ledge Grab.
    Placing a prop with a weapon drawn now works properly.
    The Portal Shard window will no longer persist if you teleport with the Tweak Mode UI open.
    Fixed a bug where the cursor would get "stuck" on the Original Selection after pasting a copied selection.
    The Translate arrows will now properly go away after pasting a copied selection.

Mercredi 15 octobre 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Heroic Movement Changes

    There have been significant changes to the way Heroic Movement works. Please see the separate post below for specifics.

Weapon Adjustments and Armor

    There have been significant changes to the weapons that are currently available. We're also introducing Armor for the first time! Please see the separate post below for specifics.

Default Controls and Keybindings

    There have been significant changes to the default controls and Keybindings. Please see the separate post below for specifics.


    We're introducing a new slot on your Character Sheet this update - The Appearance Outfit.

      This slot lets you use any outfit that you might have, as a visual override to the armor you're equipping.
      This means you can use any of the cool outfits you got from your Trailblazer Packs, or from the Marketplace, while still equipping combat armor!

Heroic Movement Ruleset Restrictions

    You can now decide to limit what Heroic Movement abilities are used in your PVP matches.
    This includes:

      Multi Jump
      Grappling Hook

We're currently experiencing issues with our settings on the High Jump restriction (Lunar Treads, Leaper's Launchers, Neon Blitzing Boots) so we've removed it for now. We'll add this setting in a future update.

UI Changes

    The Action Bar has a new look! Internally, we are currently in the midst of a full UI redesign. This will include both UI skinning, as well as different functionality. We'll be releasing these in chunks as they are ready, but for now please enjoy the newer, cleaner Action Bar.
    Also of note: we've added the ability to lock the action bar.

New Materials

    In preparation for future Workshop competitions, we have a large number of new materials for you!

      Small Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
      Medium Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
      Large Intricate Stacked Stone Bricks
      Intricate Stone Slabs
      Intricate Stone Cut
      Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim
      Horizontal Stone Intricate Trim Small
      Vertical Dull Stone Geometric Trim
      Horizontal Dull Stone Geometric Trim
      Geometric Stone Floor Tile
      Geometric Stone Pavers
      Oxeblood Rough Cloth
      Vertical Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
      Horizontal Dull Bronze Geometric Trim
      Dull Bronze
      Dull Horizontally Banded Bronze
      Dull Vertically Banded Bronze
      Dull Hammered Bronze
      Dull Bronze Panels
      Dull Riveted Bronze
      Horizontal Brass Intricate Trim
      Oxidized Brass
      Hammered Brass
      Vertical Dull Iron Geometric Trim
      Horizontal Dull Iron Geometric Trim
      Dull Dark Iron
      Dull Horizontally Banded Dark Iron
      Dull Vertically Banded Dark Iron
      Dull Dark Iron Hammered Metal
      Dull Dark Iron Panels
      Dull Riveted Dark Iron
      Worn Dark Iron
      Dull Iron Hammered Metal
      Crusted Lava

        Please note that since Lava does not exist in a biome at this time, it will simply use Stone as a resource. Once lava can be found in the world, we'll move it over to use that resource.


Bug Fixes

    Previously, the Spire would not always teleport you on the first click. This should no longer occur.
    Fixed an issue where the Translocation Pad would fail if placed on a vertical surface.
    Interactable props that have an on / off, should now work more reliably.
    Addressed an issue that would cause the General Chat tab to be unusable, if you logged out with it active.
    Logging out on the spire should no longer result in you being under the spire when logging back in.
    Removed the option to Duplicate a Game Table, since you can't have more than one on a claim anyway.
    You can now teleport to your Game Props, even if you're standing in a claim that does not contain a Game Prop.
    Game Props can be brought out and placed even if you're not in a claim that currently has a Game Prop.
    Addressed an issue that was causing a gap between the Moving Platform and their docks.
    Fixed the Flame FX on the SOE Live 2014 prop.
    Kill Bonus and Death Penalty options should now work correctly.
    Fixed an issue where Double Jumping at the end of a front roll animation would cause the player to float.
    Your player will now appropriately slide down inclines.
    Added audio to the Gothic Gates.
    The chat tab should now default to "Chat" upon login, not Combat or Loot.
    The Yellow Spotlight should no longer show candles as a lightsource.
    You can now use the Smooth Tool when under the ocean. We're still working on this functionality for smoothing under user placed voxel water.
    Fixed the collision on all rope props. Previously, their collision was about twice as large as the model itself.

Heroic Movement

Heroic movement is a pillar of Landmark and we are taking some steps to make sure it remains relevant and fun with the addition of every new system. After analyzing, playing combat, and looking at your feedback we have decided to change the way heroic movement works. We like heroic movement being cool while playing in the over world, but we also want to provide strategic and interesting combat choices (remember, in the future, combat will exist outside of claims as well). We approached this problem with a few main goals. They are:

    Keep heroic movement a focal point of Landmark
    Make heroic movement an active choice and not a passive one
    Create many diverse and interesting heroic movements
    Narrow the number of available heroic movements at once
    Design with strategic and tactical combat in mind

In order to do this we have removed all passive stats from heroic movement items and replaced them with a unique ability. These abilities are still activated the same way that the heroic movements used to be activated (shift and spacebar), except now they follow ability casting rules. This means they potentially have cast times, energy costs, and cool downs. I want to clarify that we did not remove any items from you. We simply replaced the functionality of each item. If you had a heroic movement accessory previously, you will now have a pair of boots in their place with the functionality associated with the corresponding item.

Creating the heroic movement items in this manner allows us to make combat much less frenetic and twitchy, but still keep cool movement methods and reinforce the strategic element that we want prevalent in combat. These abilities also allow us to provide you guys with many more options when it comes to heroic movements. We don’t have to deal with each movement as a stat, we can now view them through the lens of abilities. For example this means you will no longer get an item that increases your jump stat by some amount, but you would get an item that allows you to charge up and jump much farther than previously allowed, this ability could have damage when you land on the ground or an armor heal or any of the other things an ability system could bring to it.

We are confident that this decision will provide MUCH more variation to everyone and in the end will result in a much more robust and interesting game. Without further ado, here are the previous items and what we have done to each. This is just the beginning of the types of abilities we will be presenting in the future. We look forward to seeing these in game and hearing what you have to say!

P.S. There will be some items with duplicate functionality. These items are often promotional items. The main perk of a promotional item is that they are visually distinct from the items that you can get in game. Usually when we release a promotional item, this will be the case.

    Feather in a Bottle -> Feather Tipped-Boots

      Allows double jump ->Grants Feather Burst ability. Feather Burst allows you to double jump and gain a 10% damage bonus for 5 seconds after use.

        Cost: 50 energy
        Cooldown: 5 seconds
        Cast Time: Instant

    Crystalline Cloud Bangle -> Nimbus Boots

      Allows double jump -> Grants Cloud Burst. Cloud Burst allows you to double jump and gain a 10% damage bonus for 5 seconds after use.

        Cost: 50 energy
        Cooldown: 5 seconds
        Cast Time: Instant

    Belt of the Zephyr -> Boots of the Zephyr

      Allows glide -> Grants Infinite Glide. Infinite Glide allows you to glide while in the air by holding the space bar down. While gliding you regenerate 5 armor per second.

        Cost: 0 energy per second
        Cooldown: 0 seconds
        Cast Time: Instant

    Scout’s Emblem -> Neon Blitzing Boots

      Increases movement stat by 1-1.7 -> Grants Electric Charge. Electric Charge jumps you forward and then increases your movement by 25% for 3 seconds.

        Cost: 75 energy
        Cooldown: 10 seconds
        Cast Time: 0.5 seconds

    Messenger’s Signet -> Messenger’s Sandals

      Increases movement stat by 3-6 -> Grants Immediate Delivery. Immediate Delivery increases your movement speed by 37.5% while channeling.

        Cost: 40 energy per second
        Cooldown: 10 seconds
        Cast Time: Instant

    Pendant of the Outrider -> Soles of the Outrider

      Increases movement stat by 5-8.5 -> Grants Outrider’s Charge. Outrider’s Charge increases your movement speed by 25% and regenerates 1 armor every second while channeled.

        Cost: 60 energy per second
        Cooldown: 10 seconds
        Cast Time: 0 seconds

    Anklet of Bounding -> Boots of Bounding

      Increases jump height by 2-3.4 -> Grants Charged Leap. Charged Leap allows you to jump forward a tremendous distance. The longer you charge this ability, the greater distance you will jump.

        Cost: 100 energy
        Cooldown: 5 seconds
        Cast Time: 0-1.25 seconds, auto release at 4 seconds

    Leaper’s Charm -> Leaper’s Launchers

      Increases jump height by 4-6.8 -> Grants Explosive Leap. Explosive Leap allows you to jump forward a large distance and deals damage when you take off. The longer you charge this ability the greater the distance you will jump and the more damage you will do.

        Cost: 80 energy
        Cooldown: 10 seconds
        Cast Time: 0-1.50 seconds, auto release at 4 seconds

    Lunar Anklet -> Lunar Treads

      Increases jump height by 11.6 -> Grants Astral Ascension. Astral Ascension allows you to defy gravity and glide upwards while channeled.

        Cost: 50 energy per second
        Cooldown: 5 seconds
        Cast Time: 0 seconds

    Anti-Grav Band -> Anti-Grav Boots

      Increases jump height by 11.6 -> Grants Defying Gravity. Defying Gravity allows you to glide while in the air by holding the space bar down. While gliding you regenerate 5 armor per second.

        Cost: 0 energy per second
        Cooldown: 0 seconds
        Cast Time: Instant

    Run Speed Changes

      Previously, the default run speed was 10. When holding SHIFT to Sprint, it increased to 13.
      Since we’re moving the Heroic Movement abilities to SHIFT and Space Bar, we’ve removed the regular ability to Sprint. However, we've increased the default run speed to 13. So you’re effectively Sprinting all the time, when out of combat.
      The default run speed inside of PVP Claims is 8. This was in an effort to slow down the pace of combat, and to make the Heroic Movement Itemization more significant. Your choice in items is important!

Weapon Adjustments

Each current weapon got an upgrade that includes a new ability, particles, sounds, and even ability functionality updates! Here’s why…

We want to ensure we have enough design space on each weapon we create in order to make them distinct, fun to use, thematic, and strategic. We feel as though 2 abilities per weapon was not cutting it on any of these fronts, so we decided to increase that number to 3. This means that you will have access to 4 abilities while in combat (3 on your weapon and 1 on your boots for heroic movement). The new ability on each weapon is defaulted to the E hotkey. Some of you might notice that this is where the grappling hook goes! You are correct and that has been moved to the Q button by default.

Now, whenever we add an ability to an item, we take a step back and look at what that does to the strategic landscape of that weapon. We felt that adding a 3rd ability substantially changed how we wanted each weapon to function. These changes, plus the addition of keyword flavors (in preparation for the keyword system), resulted in a large upgrade to each weapon. Whenever possible we tried to retain, and even highlight, the flavor and feeling that the weapon already had. To clarify, your existing weapons will be upgraded to these.

Here is what the weapons look like now:

    Soldier’s Blade

      Slash – “Swing your blade, dealing (0.3*Offense)+65 damage to all opponents in front of you. 10 armor is restored for each opponent hit.”
      Battle Rush – “Charge forward, knocking back and dealing (0.4*Offense)+115 damage to all opponents hit.”
      Warrior’s Roar – “Roar fiercely, restoring 300 armor and snaring all nearby opponents. Each opponent snared increases the amount of armor you restore by 50.”

    Mercenary’s Staff

      Frost Orb – “Launch a slow moving orb of frost that explodes on impact for (0.45*Offense)+45 damage, and creates a small storm that lasts 2 seconds and deals (0.15*Offense)+15 damage every 0.5 seconds to all opponents in the area.”
      Shatter – “Freeze the ground at a target location for 2 seconds, dealing (0.3*Offense)+30 instant damage and slowing opponents in the area. Terrain at the center of the area is also destroyed, knocking down and dealing (0.3*Offense)+30 bonus damage to any opponents hit.”
      Frozen Domain – “Summon a controlled ice storm at a target location that deals (0.15*Offense)+15 damage every 0.5 seconds to all opponents inside. After 2 seconds the storm explodes, freezing and dealing (0.9*Offense)+90 damage to any opponents still in the area.”

    Slayer’s Bow

      Quick Shot – “Loose a burning arrow that deals (1*Offense)+40 damage to opponents. Successful attacks give you a stack of Focused Strike. At three stacks, you unlock Blazing Shot, which grants bonuses to Charged Shot and Immolating Barrage.”
      Charged Shot – “Charge a powerful shot that deals (2*Offense)+80 damage to opponents. Blazing Shot: Charged Shot deals (2.75*Offense)+110 damage.”
      Immolating Barrage – “Fire a barrage of flaming arrows which instantly deal (2*Offense)+80 damage to all opponents hit. <br><br>Blazing Shot: Instead of dealing damage instantly, Immolating Barrage deals (0.3*Offense)+12 damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds.”


We want to get some temporary armor items into your hands so we can begin balancing and item design with a more complete picture. Much like our previous weapons, these are place holder and will one day be removed for armor sets with real stats that are upgradable, etc.

For now take a look at the new sets, mix and match and let us know what you think! Each set includes a chest piece (which grants you a visible appearance) as well as gloves and a helmet (which are not visible, sorry!). You can find and create any of these items at a forge.

    Soldier’s Armor Set

      The Soldier’s Armor is the tanky armor set. It combines health and bonus armor to make you truly sustainable. Specific stats include the following

        Chest has 500 armor and 200 health
        Head has 300 armor and 0 health
        Hand has 200 armor and 200 health

    Mercenary’s Armor Set

      The Mercenary’s Armor set is meant to be a less defensive, more options sort of set. It focuses on a few different stats with diverse functions. Specific stats include the following

        Chest has 300 armor, 30 energy and 15 offense
        Head has 150 armor and 30 energy
        Hand has 150 armor and 15 offense

    Slayer’s Armor Set

      The Slayer’s Armor set is all about damage! This set is the opposite of the soldier’s set and sacrifices everything for extra DPS. Specific stats include the following

        Chest has 100 armor and 50 offense
        Head has 100 armor and 20 offense
        Hand has 30 offense

Default Controls and Keybindings

With the addition of new Heroic Movement abilities, and in preparation for abilities on Armor, we had to shift some of our controls around a bit.

    Grappling Hook - Previously, the default button for the Grappling Hook was "E."

      This is now bound to "Q."

    Camera Zoom - Previously, this was SHIFT + Mouse Wheel

      This is now bound to just the Mouse Wheel.

    Cursor Size - When building, this was previously bound to Mouse Wheel.

      This is now bound to CTRL + Mouse Wheel

    Alternate Control - Previously when holding CTRL, this button would act as a modifier. For example, hold CTRL to grab the opposite side of a Selection Volume.

      This is now bound to F + Mouse Wheel.

Keybindings have been improved to increase customization options. This is a large step on our way to fully customizable keybindings.

    You can now modify the keybindings for these actions independently

      Primary Attack – [Mouse 1]
      Secondary Attack – [Mouse 2]
      Select – [Mouse 1]
      Inspect – [Mouse 2]
      Mouse Look: Strafe Left – [A]
      Mouse Look: Strafe Right – [D]
      Cam Distance Mod (w/Wheel) is replaced with:

        Zoom In – [Mousewheel UP]
        Zoom Out – [Mousewheel DOWN]

      Grow/Shrink Cursor is replaced with:

        Build Mode: Grow – [Control + Mousewheel UP]
        Build Mode: Shrink – [Control + Mousewheel DOWN]

      Move Heroic Ability – [Left-Shift]
      Jump Heroic Ability – [Spacebar]

    Additional binding options

      Separate actions can now be bound to Mousewheel UP and Mousewheel DOWN.

    New default keybindings

      Alternative Control renamed to

        Building Tool: Alternate Mode – [F]

      TweakPlacement renamed to

        Prop Inspect Window: Tweak Mode – [F]

      Duplicate Prop renamed to

        Prop Inspect Window: Duplicate Prop – [X]

      Reset Prop renamed to

        Prop Inspect Window: Reset Prop – [Control + R]

      Pick Up Prop renamed to

        Prop Inspect Window: Pick Up Prop – [Delete]

      Place Prop renamed to

        Prop Inspect Window: Place Prop – [Mouse 3]

    Some bindings have simply been renamed to make their function more clear

      All of the hotbar slots have been renamed:

        Current: Hotbar Slot 1
        Previous: 1

      All of the hotbar swap shortcuts have been renamed:

        Current: Select Hotbar 1
        Previous: Bar 1

      Print Screen renamed to

        Save Screenshot to Clipboard [Print Screen]

    Other keybinding fixes

      Duplicate Pitch Plant option removed

Lundi 6 octobre 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes

We've addressed a few issues in regards to the area surrounding the spire.

    That area will now properly suppress procedural props.
    You can no longer mine / harvest in this area.
    You can no longer place a claim in this area.

      If you do happen to see a claim that has been placed over a Spire, please stand in the offending claim and type /reportclaim. Our CS crew will take care of it!

    We've fixed a couple issues that could prevent teleporters from working correctly. There are definitely some remaining issues with Teleporters, and we hope to address these in a future update.
    Previously a pasted volume would default to rotate - it should now default to translate.
    We have also increased the capacity of personal storage for raw resources to 900,000 up from 100,000. Also expanded the capacity of vault raw resource storage to 500,000, up from 100,000

      Please note that in the future, the expansion of personal storage will be unlocked via Progression / Achievements. This is a temporary increase for Closed Beta.

We've added some logging in an attempt to catch the odd issues that people are seeing with Props disappearing on their claims, and with Chests in general. This should let us gather some good data in order to squash these bugs once and for all.


Vendredi 3 octobre 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes

A client update has been pushed out which addresses a memory leak issue that could cause some people to crash. You will get this update next time you re-patch through the launchpad. We are also introducing additional logging to help track down the cause of other issues.

We are still working to address a number of other issues and plan to hotfix these on Monday, including:

    Not seeing friends in your friends list;
    Being able to claim and mine around spire hubs;
    Trees growing on hubs;
    Pasting a selection defaulting to rotate arrows;
    Teleport pad issues;
    Spires sometimes not working (work-around: this appears to be a distance issue, so try moving around. You can also teleport to a friend or via the gallery, or log out and in again.)
    Seeing no chat in a chat channel (such as /General) if you log out while in it (work-around: manually /leave the chat channel, then rejoin)
    Lighting props not turning off.

Please note: until we can fix the claimable spires bug, we request that you please do not claim the land on a spire hub. If you do, please expect that your claim WILL be deleted and you may not get your materials/props back.


Jeudi 2 octobre 2014
Landmark - Update notes

User Interface changes and Improvements

    F to Interact will now only appear when in Combat Mode
    Moved the UI elements that used to appear in the center of the screen, to a smaller area on the right hand side. This is in preparation for future UI changes to Weapon abilities, in that center area.

      These elements include the F to Interact, Tip text for the Building tools, etc.

    We've also shortened the interaction radius on most objects, so that it's easier to interact with large groups of objects.
    You can now disable the Grappling Hook indicator.
    You can also disable the Grappling Hook icon.
    Moved the compass to the upper right hand side of the screen.
    This is an on-going task, so look for more UI improvements soon!


    You can now pick up chests that have items in them.
    Once picked up, their tooltip will list their contents.
    Addressed an issue where you couldn't open chests when they had been repositioned across claim lines.


    We've got a bunch of awesome props that will be great for Halloween, but also for anything you make that is in a particularly "Gothic" style.

      Bubbling Cauldron
      Gothic Gate (Left and Right)
      Gothic Fence
      Gothic Fence Post (for mounting the gates)
      Mounted Gothic Brazier (basically, the fence post without brackets, and with a glowy brazier)
      Gravestones (Small, Medium, and Large)

        Click the Graves for a spooky surprise...

      Stone Gargoyle
      Skull, and a Jaw-less Skull.
      Note: The Cauldron, Gravestones, and Brazier are the first props to use our brand new FX system. Let us know what you think!

    We've also added three new Kerran Lattices, in different Burled Wood tints (Light, Medium, and Dark.)


Bugs / Misc

    Item Icon / Name / Descriptions are now visible when dead.
    Slider bars in the Game Settings will no longer shrink when moved back and forth.
    Your character will no longer enter a falling animation when exiting water voxels on a claim.
    The main Landmark menu will now appear over the chat window when opened.
    Fixed the Portal Shard menu (it shrank significantly last update.)
    The claim owner can no longer teleport to game props during a PVP match.
    The Settings menu on the Translocation Pad should now work properly. Let one way teleporting commence.
    Fixed an issue where you couldn't teleport to a claim via the gallery
    The Ore Prospector should now properly detect all veins of Etherium.
    Infused Cordella should no longer take an extreme amount of time to infuse.
    Polished mouse movement in general. Previously if you tried to move the mouse diagonally, it would jitter. It should be much smoother.
    Fixed another issue related to placing very large templates. Let me know if you're still seeing this!
    There should no longer be an invisible item attachment to Upkeep emails.
    Addressed an issue where the mining cursor would be stuck to your camera (ala Combat) when mining in first person.
    The Hanging Kerran Lamp will no longer seem to flip over, when viewed at a different LOD.
    Pressing ESC will no longer make the rotate cursor appear on a Template placement. It will simply cancel the placement.
    We've made a handful of optimizations that should enhance the performance on some machines.

Jeudi 25 septembre 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Game Table and PVP Improvements

    Game Markers

      You can now use Game Markers to specify which of your claims you want a PVP match to be active in.
      In the Prop Settings of your Game Table, simply click the Game Marker and place it in each claim that you want the PVP match to be active.
      The claim that has the Game Table in it will always be active for PVP.
      You also don’t have to put Game Markers down in claims that already have Control Points or Spawn Points – they are automatically flagged for PVP.

    Observer Mode

      There is now an Observer Mode on claims that have a PVP Match active.
      When entering a claim that has a match active, you'll no longer be kicked to the claim boundary. You're free to walk around inside the claim, but you'll be invisible to the other clients who are current playing.
      Additionally, you can click the "Observer Mode" button in the PVP Banner, which will switch you to a Free Camera mode. This lets you fly around the claim, watching the action from any angle you choose.

    Cross World Queue

      You can now queue for a PVP Match on one world or island, and accept the queue on another. Previously, you would have to stay on the same island, if you wanted to join a game.
      For example, you can now queue for a match on one world, travel to another world to mine or harvest, and when your queue pops, you'll be teleported to the claim that you queued at.

    Gallery Improvements

      Active PVP games will now show additional information in the Gallery.
      When a game is in queue, a yellow crossed swords icon will appear.
      Active, in-progress games have green cross swords.
      You can also filter claims in the Gallery by game type (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Zone Control, etc.)

Upkeep Progression

    You can now increase the number of days you can prepay your upkeep. This increase is tied to the length of time you have spent paying for a claim.
    The longer you pay for your claim, the more days you can prepay for!
    When you hit a number of days paid your cap will be increased and we will send you a mail letting you know.

      When you’re just starting out, the cap is five days.
      Once you’ve spent those 5 days, your cap will increase to 7 days.
      After 15 days, the cap increases to 10 days.
      After 30 days, the cap increases to 15 days.
      After 50 days, the cap increases to 20 days.
      After 80 days, the cap increases to 25 days.
      Finally, after 120 days, cap will max at 30 days.

    If you happen to miss a claim upkeep payment and your claim forecloses, we don’t start you over from zero. Instead, it will pick back up at whatever tier you left off at.
    For all current players, the starting balance of days of upkeep paid will be set to 30. This means you will be able to prepay up to 15 days of upkeep from the start.

New Materials

    There are two new materials for you to experiment with: Worn Iron, and Worn Bronze.


    You can now set the Translocation Pad to be a one-way teleport. Use the option in the Setup window.
    The Flinger destination no longer has collision.

Bug Fixes / Misc

    The Greater Lightstone now works properly.
    You should no longer slide off the Magical Platform when it's placed at a steep angle.
    Scaling one props after another will no longer cause the second prop to start with the scale of the first.
    You can no longer place the endpoint of a Flinger outside of your claim.
    Re-ran the prop / treasure chest placement in all caves. This should fix any instances of half sunken props / treasure chests.
    Wrapped up the tree optimization in all biomes.
    Props will no longer be unintentionally selected when using the mouse to move.
    Selection Volumes will no longer remain in the world if they were up when a claim was deleted.
    Fixed a typo in the Magical and Glass Platforms.
    Shiny Hammered Mithril no longer has a seam.
    You can now talk in party using /g as well as /p.
    Fixed an issue that was preventing players from harvesting plants, harvesting trees, or using a potion while grappled.
    The Marksman's Bow will no longer have a looping sound as if it's being drawn, when standing idle.
    The Selection Volume will now respond to tools more consistently. Previously it would sometimes take multiple clicks to get a tool to apply to the volume.
    A blank banner will no longer drop down when entering Competition claims.
    F to Interact will no longer show through other pieces of UI.
    Pasting a very large template would sometimes fail. This shouldn't happen any longer.
    Moved buff icons to the upper left corner of the screen.
    Decreased the crafting cost of Rope props.

Jeudi 18 septembre 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Map Tag Searching

    You can now search for Claim tags on the map!
    Looking for a specific type of claim on your island? Maybe you're looking for some cool PVP claims in your neighborhood? You can now search for any tag, when you have your map open!

      Press M to open your map
      Type in any tag that you're looking for, and hit Enter
      We'll show you how many results came back, and those claims will be shown on the map.


    You can now expand your voxel storage for Templates via SC.

      Voxel Storage Expander: 100,000 - 79 SC
      Voxel Storage Expander: 500,000 - 299 SC
      Voxel Storage Expander: 1,000,000 - 499 SC

    We've also added some Prop bundles to the Marketplace.

      Chain and Brace Bundle - 249 SC
      Bathroom Bundle - 99 SC
      Modular Tree Bundle - 249 SC
      Rope Bundle - 199 SC

Bug Fixes

    We've done some additional work on teleporting in general. This should address most of the instances where you might fall from a certain height to the ground, or you might fall through the ground as you load.
    Addressed an issue with the Magical Platforms that was causing players to fall off of it.
    Resizing props that have a particle down to it's smallest version will no longer cause FX artifacts.
    Pressing the Delete key after placing a Game Table will no longer bring up a confirmation box to delete the object.
    Fixed an issue where the orientation of your character would be off axis, after using ledge grab on an odd angled surface.
    Lumicite is no longer indestructable.
    Weapon tooltips properly refer to "Energy" instead of "Mana."
    Weapon tooltips should properly go away if the map is opened while they are on screen.
    Deleting any Mover (Translocation Pad, Flinger, Magical Platform) will now properly work with Undo.
    The Grappling Hook will no longer appear in Template screenshots.
    Fixed a bug where there was a lengthy wait to join a queue, if you had just left the game.
    Hitting ESC will now reset the voxel cursor or prop placement to default before cancelling.
    Pressing the down arrow in Guild Ranks will no longer create new ranks infinitely.
    Addressed an issue where deleting and then creating a new character would result in no chat window, no recipe tracker, and no pop-up.
    Teleport to Friend will now correctly display an error when it is on cooldown.
    Speculative fix for chat windows duplicating themselves. Let us know if you see this one!

Vendredi 12 septembre 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where some Guilds could not invite any more members.
    Set the Guild Member cap at 250.

Mercredi 10 septembre 2014
Landmark - Update notes

New Props

    Hot on the heels of the rope props last week, we're introducing Chain props for this update. There's a straight, a curved, and a coiled chain.

      We’ve also got three different hooks that you can use for the rope and chain props.

    Additionally, there’s a few bathroom props for you: a Bath Tub, a Sink, and a toilet.
    Lastly, we've got something interesting: a modular tree!

      We essentially took a version of the large Banyan tree from the Jungle biome, and broke it up in to numerous pieces for you to experiment with. There's a Trunk, a Small and Medium branch, and three different large branches.


Claim Management Fixes and Polish

    Individual Claim Permissions should now work properly.
    Added descriptions for text entries in the Claim Management window
    Fixed an issue where the Claim Management UI looked like it could be edited, even if you didn't have a claim.
    The Claim Management window will now properly display longer text descriptions via a scroll bar.\
    Previously, you would have to click the "Tag" button to actually save your tags in the Claim Management UI. We removed this, and you can now save all of that information by simply clicking "Save."
    Fixed an issue where you couldn't delete your Claim Photos
    Fixed an issue where you could only take three photos, instead of four

Game Table Fixes and Tweaks

    ESC will no longer place a Game Table, when it's on your cursor.
    Sometimes you could see a blank claim banner when crossing a claim boundary. This should no longer occur.
    Holding CTRL will no longer place multiple props when using the Game Table.
    Removed the Assist Kill point setting on the Deathmatch Game Table.
    The settings window will no longer instantly appear when attempting to place a Game Table. It will open however, when it's placed.
    Updated the PVP Claim Banner art, and added more detailed game status descriptions (Idle, Ready, Waiting, Running, etc.)


    The windows on the main Gallery page have been altered to be more useful with the current feature set. The left-most pane is now “Games”. This includes more than just PvP. It also includes platformers, mazes, and more. The right window is now “New Buildouts” which means claims that have been submitted in the recent past. The tabs at the bottom of the screen is where the fantasy, sci-fi, and modern buildouts are being displayed now.


    The bundling interface has been upgraded. When you look at a bundle on the marketplace, you’ll now see the individual icons of the items contained and you can click those items to go directly to their detail panes for more information. (Click the back button to return after checking out the bundle item.)
    The categories used in the Category list on the Gallery page have now been moved over to the Marketplace page also. This makes it a lot easier to search for items in the Player Studio offerings.

Bug Fixes / Misc

    Reduced the energy cost of the Grapple Hook by 50%.
    We believe we've addressed the issue where some guilds were unable to invite members.
    Fixed an issue where the Spire would move from its intended spot.
    The Founder's Pickaxe should no longer unequip itself.
    Addressed an issue where your upper body would be stuck in a certain animation after chopping down a tree.
    Fixed an issue where the Armor / Health / Energy were showing when the map was opened
    You no longer see your friends go offline / online when they change worlds or islands.
    Copying a selection will no longer break the undo / redo stack (Seriously. It's fixed this time.)
    Buff icons will no longer relocate to the center of your screen after zoning
    "F to Interact" is a little more intuitive when near multiple props. The prop will now highlight apprpropriately when you're near it.
    "F to Interact" will no longer show on the Map, or on Server Select.
    The spire on the Dark Elf museum island should now work properly.
    Removed the cast bar when mining.
    You can no longer use the Translocation Pad to teleport to a far away claim.
    As part of an on-going optimization process, we're reducing the polycount on some of the props that populate our biomes. This update has some of the Jungle biome props optimized, and the rest of them should trickle out in the coming weeks.

Jeudi 4 septembre 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Game Tables

    We've made a number of improvements and bug fixes to the Game Table system.
    The red Claim Dropdown now displays more information, including:

      Number of Max players
      Number of Minimum players required to start
      The Status of that particular game

    The Party Window now displays the color of the team you're on
    The Queue window now shows the Game Type, instead of "Claim Name"
    Added numerous audio pieces to Game Start, Countdown, Game End, etc
    Fixed a UI issue where all the sliders would not line up when all the way to the right
    Game Table props should no longer appear in Template Screenshots
    Changed the "Game Settings" drop down to "Game Type Settings"
    Disabled the Feedback button for the Claim owner when a game is active
    Fixed an error messaged that referred to the Game Tables as "rule set objects."
    Previously, the cursor while in the Game Table options would display as the "Move UI" cursor. Fixed.
    Removed the green "Place Here" button in the Prop Settings, until we can introduce this properly.
    Fixed an issue where "Leave Queue" would flash briefly after Joining a Game
    The "Penalty per Death" option should now work properly
    The Scoreboard UI should now update accordingly, if players join while it's open.
    Addressed an issue where deleting an attached claim that had a Game Table on it would leave you in a bad state. You must now remove Game Tables before deleting a claim.
    The Props in the "Prop Settings" list now have tooltips on the "Go to Prop" and "Remove Prop" buttons


    The ability name in Combat Chat will now show properly
    We believe we've addressed the issue where Health / Energy bars would not show sometimes. Let us know if you see this!

New Props / Materials

    We've got some new Rope props for you! These include straight, curved, knotted, and wrapped rope.
    We're also introducing a new material: Cloth!



    Speculative fix for the flickering ocean issue that some players were seeing
    You should no longer die after teleporting.
    Fixed an issue where outfits were tinting the players body color
    Sometimes you would ledge grab on props that didn't really have a "ledge," such as plants, etc. This should happen much less frequently.
    Copying a selection should no longer break your undo / redo stack.
    Fixed an issue where some spawns of Plumthistle were not harvestable.
    All players in the vicinity of a chest will now be awarded loot when opened.
    Introduced an optimization that should result in about 10% reduced memory usage, especially in complex scenes.
    Addressed a few crashes.
    Added meta categories for "PVP" and "Movers" in the Gallery.
    The flinger should no longer go in to Translate mode after a copy / paste.

Vendredi 29 août 2014
Hotfix Notes

Bug Fixes

    The Moving Platform can now be crafted.
    You can now mine while grappled.
    Game Set Object settings will now properly reset all settings when the "Default" button is pressed.
    Fixed the descriptions for the Flinger and the Launcher.
    Fixed the particle color on the Gold Spawn Point.
    Sometimes the Revive options would remain on screen after reviving at the hub - no longer.
    Removed the option to revive at the place you've died. You can now only revive at the hub. Corpse runs are next. (Just Kidding.)
    Made the "F to Interact" prompt a bit easier to see.
    Scoreboards now sort by player score.
    We think we've nailed down an issue that was causing some players to completely lose their Chat / Loot tabs. Let us know if you see it again.
    Fixed a potential issue that could cause Game Set PVP matches to stop responding.
    Addressed a handful of crashes.

Mercredi 27 août 2014
Update Notes

Combat and Game Tables

    Ladies and Gentlemen... are you ready to rumble? Combat is now in Landmark, and we're starting with PVP.
    To engage in PVP, you'll have to join a Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, or Zone Control Game Table that is running on someones claim (or set up your own!)
    For a more detailed explanation on Combat and Game Tables, please read the detailed notes located here.


New to this update, Movers are props that you can place on your claim that will fling, teleport, or generally move you about your claim as you see fit.

    Spring Loaded Launcher

      This prop will launch the user in the air, at a speed and angle that you specify! Right Click the object and select "Setup" to modify the settings.

    Spring Loaded Flinger

      This prop acts similarly to the Launcher, but is a two piece prop. The secondary piece can be moved and placed as you see fit, and acts as a landing spot. Simply place the Cube Object wherever you want, and when you activate the flinger, it'll propel you towards the target! You can also right click this object and select "Setup" in order to change the Height (angle.)

    Translocation Pad

      This is a prop that has two pieces, and can teleport the user from one piece to another. After initially placing the two-piece prop, simply right click one of the Pads and select "Reposition." Move it anywhere else on your claim, and when you walk over one of the Pads, it'll teleport you to the other pad!

    Magical Platform

      This is a three-piece prop, that acts as a moving platform. You can reposition the two end pieces to make the platform move in any manner that you want. Left to Right, Right to Left, Up and Down, Diagonally - you can even rotate the ends in any axis, which in turn rotates the pad as it moves!

    These props can be crafted at the workshop.

Claim Management Overhaul

    We've significantly overhauled the Claim Management window. You no longer have to open multiple windows to edit your claim, or pay upkeep - this is now an all-in-one solution that lets you easily manage everything in one window.

      Press U to open Claim Management
      On the left side, you can see all or your claims. Clicking on one of them will refresh the middle pane of the window with that selected claims information (no more separate windows!)
      In that middle pane you can update your screenshots, change the claim name and description, and add tags. There is a tab on top of that middle pane that accesses the Security Settings.
      The right pane displays the Upkeep information for all of your claims. Simply input the number of days you'd like to pay, and it'll tell you how much Copper or SC it will cost.

    Speaking of SC, we've added the option for you to pay for your upkeep with Station Cash. The current cost is 10 SC per day, per claim.

Showcase and Player Studio enhancements

    You can now Follow players and tags within the Showcase!

      On the My Store tab, click "Start Following." From here you can type in the name of your favorite creator, and start following them.
      You can also decide to follow certain tags, and this is where you can really get specific.
      For example, you could put in two separate tags: PVP and Castle. If you're just searching for these, you would get updates from anyone who submitted something with the tag "PVP" or "Castle."
      However, you could also group tags together! So if you only want to get updates on "PVP Castles" then we would only update you when someone submits something that has BOTH of those tags.
      Every 24 hours, we'll search for anything that has been successfully submitted to the Marketplace or Gallery, and send you an in-game mail with updates from your followed tags and creators. If you have your personal e-mail on file, we'll also send you an e-mail with the same information.

    You can now bundle your Player Studio items together!
    Bundling is a system that lets you bundle any approved Player Studio objects together into a single item that can be purchased from the store. This is obviously useful when you’re attempting to sell anything built with modular pieces, or even just to offer collections of your items at a single price point for convenience.

      To bundle items together, go to MyStore.
      You can only bundle items that have been submitted successfully and approved previously.
      When bundling items, you will name the bundle, give it a description, and then add items from your MyStore list into the bundle.
      Your bundle price cannot be lower than the total of all the item minimum prices contained within the bundle. Example: If I make an item and submit it to Player Studio, it will have a minimum SC price that needs to be charged. Let’s say I made an archway and the minimum price was 25SC. I list that item for 100SC individually. When I add it to a bundle, it will raise them minimum price of that bundle by the item’s minimum price of 25SC, not by the higher price you decided to charge. 10 such items added into a bundle would raise that bundle’s minimum price by 250SC.
      Once a bundle is created, it is submitted through the regular review channels for content check. Once approved, you’re good to go!
      You do not pay any additional Listing Fees for creating a bundle. The listing fees were charged already for the individual pieces.
      You can create any number of bundles, but you can currently only actively list 10 of them at a time.

New Props and Material Changes / Additions

    We've got some great Kerran themed props for all you Workshop builders!
      Hanging Kerran Lamp
      Standing Kerran Brazier
      Hanging Kerran Lantern
      Wooden Kerran Lattice
      Rectangular Kerran Rug
      Ornate Kerran Vase
      Wooden Kerran Table
      Wooden Kerran Lamp Post
      Simple Kerran Stool (six colors)
      Ornate Kerran Stool (six colors)

You can also now craft Proximity Mines. For more info on Proximity Mines see the Combat and Game Tables link above.
As a side note, we've also categorized our Prop Lists, since the list seems to grow every update!

      Prop – Decoration
      Prop – Furniture
      Prop – Lightsource
      Prop – Interactive

    Added ten new colored Stucco variations, and sixteen new Burled Wood variations (light and dark tints to all current burled wood textures.) These should add some diversity to Kerran Workshop builds!
    We've made the Glass Voxels more clear (it previously had a green tint) and removed the rippled texture from it.


Claim Attachments

    Good news everyone! We've increased the amount of attached claims you can have to five!
    To recap, you can have up to two root claims, and up to five attachment claims (total.)
    As a reminder, all claims must be in a 3x3x3 box around the root claim.

Performance Improvements

    We've made a number of optimizations that should improve framerates for many players. This does not include the Multithreaded Rendering, which we are still working on.

Bug Fixes / Misc

    Ledge grab has been enabled!
    You can now interact with a prop, if you have a sickle equipped.
    Added the following message to Character Delete. "WARNING: Deleting your character will permanently delete all items in your inventory, chests, and vault. This includes items purchased from the Marketplace. Note: Building templates currently saved will carry over to your new character. If you are SURE that you want to delete your character and all its items, please type DELETE below to confirm."
    Windowed Full Screen should now allow you to Alt Tab to a window that is on another monitor.
    Fixed numerous crashes.
    The Portal Spire should now have a near infinite view distance.
    Added a proper skin to all the Notification Windows (Mail, Upkeep reminder, Player Studio Approvals, etc)
    The Showcase should now close with "B."
    Fixed an issue where you would continue to swim on land, if you migrated on to user placed voxels from the water
    Turned the FPS meter off by default. You can bring it back with Alt + F.
    You can now press "F" to interact with objects.
    You are now able to map the Mouse4 and Mouse5 buttons to any control.
    If you have an item that enables Double Jump, you can now jump after falling.
    The Contacts list will now keep the Friends / Guild dropdowns regardless of the "Show Offline" setting.
    Addressed numerous Guild UI bugs
    There is now a "Retrieve All" button in the Overflow inventory.

Mercredi 27 août 2014
PvP, Game Tables, and you!

In the week of August 27th we're introducing the first stage of combat to the worlds of Landmark: PvP. This update allows you to place a game table on your claim(s) and convert them to PvP arenas in which you can challenge your friends, enemies, and any who dare to enter!

Please note: PvP is entirely optional and consensual. If you don't want to PvP, then you don't need to. However, we appreciate everyone who does wish to try it out sending us feedback so we can improve!

This update introduces:

    death (there is currently no death penalty ... yet)
    falling damage (suspended if you're on your own claim or a claim you have building privileges)
    3 PvP match types (zone control, free-for-all deathmatch, and team deathmatch)
    3 temporary weapon types (these will likely be removed/replaced later after further refinement)
    new combat mode UI including armor, health, and stamina (automatically displayed when a weapon is equipped)
    proximity mines and some other new props that, while not PvP-specific, may make your arenas more interesting!

There is much more coming to combat in Landmark and this is only the first stage. Remember to keep your eyes on the Blueprint for regular updates on upcoming features and approximately what stage we expect to be working on them!

The quick overview

    1 - Obtain a game table.These are crafted on the tinker's workshop and can be placed on your claim like props.


    2 - Place the game table on your claim, and click it to adjust the game setting variables to your preference. Currently, the game table will affect all claims attached to the one it is placed in.
    3 - Open the prop settings tab and place the props that are required for your game. In the case of a Zone Control game you are required to place at least 1 control point and one spawn point per team. You can place additional props of each type as you see fit.
    Finally - Enable the game! Players can join using a button on your claim banner. When enough people join, the game begins.

Players will need to bring a weapon, which they can craft at the forge.
Read on for more specific details...



Initially, there will be three new weapons available for testing combat. These are crafted on the forge, and cost no resources.

Remember to craft yourself a weapon before joining a PvP match!

As we continue to refine combat, these weapons may be updated or replaced, and more weapon types will be added based on your feedback and the data we gather.

    Conjurer’s staff

      Energy Burst: launch five energy orbs that each deal minor damage to the first enemy hit.
      Gravity Shock: shift the gravity in an area, instantly stunning and dealing heavy damage to all nearby enemies and leaving behind a gravity swell that slows the movement speed of all enemies inside of it.

    Marksman’s bow

      Quick Shot: shoot an arrow that deals moderate damage to the first enemy hit. Marked enemies take double damage and are knocked backwards.
      Sniper’s Mark: fire an enchanted arrow that deals heavy damage and marks the first enemy hit.

    Soldier’s Blade

      Slash: swing your blade, dealing moderate damage to all enemies in front of you.
      Battle Rush: charge forward, stunning and dealing heavy damage to all enemies hit.

PvP Game Types

There are currently three types of game table available, each corresponding to a game type:

    Zone Control - teams capture a control point by clicking on it. The player who captures the control point gains points immediately; in addition, at set time intervals, teams gain points for every control point in their possession. By default, kills are not worth any points, although this can be changed.
    Free-for-all Deathmatch - there are no teams, everyone is your target and the one with most kills wins.
    Team Deathmatch - teams compete for most kills.

Each game table has three areas that can be changed:

    General Settings - general settings for the game, this is the same between all game types
    Gameset Settings - settings specific to the particular game type
    Prop Settings - settings for the game props related to this game type (e.g. spawn points, control points)

General Settings

These general settings control the number of teams and game-related details. These settings are similar for all game types.


    "Is Free-for-all" is not currently supported - in the future it will convert the game into a free-for-all fight ignoring teams. Ignore for now!
    Number of teams is currently limited to 2 for this first phase of testing, although we expect to allow more in the future.
    A minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 players are allowed per team at present (16 players total for a free-for-all deathmatch).
    Max Join Time in Queue: Max Join Time in Queue is the amount of time a player has to accept a join invite once they have been admitted to the game.
    Max Offline Time in Queue: Max Offline Time in Queue is the amount of time a player will remain in the queue if they go offline.
    Max Offline Time in Game: Max Offline Time in Game is the amount of time a player will remain in the game if they go offline.

Game Type settings

    Zone Control game type


      Time limit: how long the game lasts (in seconds)
      Team point limit: first team to reach this number of points wins
      Points per capture: one-time point bonus for capturing the control point
      Points per objective: how many points the team gets each time interval for each control point held
      Objective score interval: how many seconds between each point increment for holding control points (for example, if this is set to 60 and 'points per objective' is set to 10, then every 60 seconds a team holding 2 control points would get 20 points added to the team score.)
      Time to capture: how long the capture of a control point takes to complete (the progress bar)
      Respawn delay: the number of seconds delay between a player dying and respawning at a spawn point
      Points per kill: this will award points for killing players on the opposing team.
      Penalty per death: this will deduct points from a team for each death of a team member.

    Free-for-all deathmatch game type


      Time limit: how long the game lasts (in seconds)
      Points per kill: how many points a player gains per player killed
      Penalty per death: how many points a player loses if they are killed
      Points per kill assist: NOTE: THIS IS NOT YET WORKING. In the future it will be how many points a player gains for assisting in a kill.
      Point limit: first player to reach this number of points wins
      Penalty per self kill: how many points a player loses if they kill themselves
      Respawn delay: the number of seconds delay between a player dying and respawning at a spawn point

    Team deathmatch game type


      Points per kill: how many points a player gains per player killed
      Penalty per death: how many points a player loses if they are killed
      Time limit: how long the game lasts (in seconds)
      Team point limit: first team to reach this number of points wins
      Penalty per self kill: how many points a player loses if they kill themselves
      Respawn delay: the number of seconds delay between a player dying and respawning at a spawn point

Prop Settings

The prop settings tab allows you to place and manage game props such as control points and respawn points.
Initially the tab will simply list all the possible game prop types that can be for the game. These are highlighted in gold to indicate they are not actual placed game props yet, just available ones. The game prop listed varies depending on the game type, for example, the zone control prop settings tab shows both control points and respawn points:


Each type of game prop will show whether it's required or optional. Clicking the + beside each will add one to the list; it will appear on your cursor ready to be placed:


Once placed, it will show on the list. "Real" placed game props show in blue, the available game props list remains highlighted in gold and can be used to add more game props if needed.

In the future we may add individual settings to the game props, but for now they are simple items to place.
Beside the placed game props are two icons: a yellow magnifying glass which will teleport you to the game prop so you can find it; and a red X which will delete the game prop.
Note that the option to add another control point is still shown below in gold, but it's now listed as optional, rather than required.

Enabling the game

Once you have placed all the game props and confirmed all the settings are as desired, you will also want to edit your claim in the claim management window (U) to change the details appropriately for your game type, so that players know what to expect.
Once everything is ready, it's time to apply your settings and enable the game. At the bottom of the game table settings window are three buttons: Default (restores all settings to the default); Apply (confirms any changes you've made); and Enable Game.
Once the game is enabled, the claim banner will change. It will now look like this (name and game description come from what you wrote in the claim management window):

Anybody on your claim will be able to click the "Join Queue" button.

On the map view, PvP-enabled claims will also now show a crossed-swords icon so they can easily be found.


Joining a Game

Click on the "Join Queue" button in the claim banner of a PvP-enabled claim. This will place you in a queue. The number of players needed for the game is based on the game settings on the game table object. Once enough players are queued to start the game, another window will prompt players to join:

Once players have joined, a count down will display and players will be assigned to a group and teleported to one of the spawn points to start the match.

NOTE : if you leave the island or the world while queued for a match, you will be removed from the queue.

Players who are on the claim when a game starts but who do not join the game will be teleported outside the claim for the duration of the match.
Players who wish to join the game late can enter the edge of the claim and join via the claim banner if there is still room in the match.
If you wish to leave the game before it ends normally, you can click the "Leave Game" button in the claim banner. This will remove you from the game and teleport you off the claim.
Remember to equip a weapon when you join a game!

Playing the games!

Each game type has a slightly different goal. At the top of your screen, you'll see a summary of the current score (your team is indicated by a small arrow on theleft) and score required to win, as well as a reminder what type of game you're playing and the time remaining. For the Zone Control game type shown below, you'll also see a number of squares corresponding to the control points it's possible to capture. As these are captured, they will fill in a solid color matching the team that has control of them. Unclaimed control points will remain blank.


To see more details of the current score, holding down the tab key will bring up the scoreboard. The currently winning team will be indicated with a small crown icon. Individual kills, deaths, and scores are listed in the scoreboard; note that the team's total score will not be a sum of the individual scores during the Zone Control game type, since the team score ticks up over time based on the control points that are owned.

NOTE : there is a new setting under "game settings" which allows you to turn on/off the visible claim boundaries for PvP matches.


Terrain destruction

Some of the combat abilities cause damage to voxels. Fear not! When the PvP match ends, all voxel damage should be reset, you do not need to manually repair your PvP arena.
On a related note, use of building tools is disabled when a PvP match is active. No deleting holes out from under your enemies!

Landmines and other hazards

While not directly related to PvP, a number of new props have been introduced in this update that can be used to enhance your PvP experience. This includes moving platforms, flingers, teleporters, and proximity mines - all of which can be crafted at the Tinker's Workshop. Most notably, mines will trigger a count down when any player approaches too closely, and will explode at the end of the count down causing severe damage to anyone too close. These may add an additional element of danger to a PvP match - so listen carefully for the countdown sound! (Proximity mines can be placed on non-PvP enabled claims and will still explode, but will not actually do damage.)


Armor, Health, and Death

Equipping a weapon will change your camera perspective to the combat view. This view will also add a combat reticule (this is a white circle which turns red if you're targeting an enemy you can hit) indicating where your attack will hit, as well as a small number beside the reticule indicating the distance to your target. You will also see your armor and health to the left side of your character, and your energy to the right. Armor is a yellow bar, and health is a red bar beside the armor bar. Damage is first taken off the armor bar, and when the armor is depleted, then the health bar is reduced.

Armor will regenerate if you are not hit for approximately 10 seconds (this value may be adjusted in the future based on feedback). If your health bar reaches 0, you die.


When you die during a PvP match, you will see a count-down timer whose value is based on the "respawn delay" that was set on the game table for this match. Once the timer reaches 0, you will respawn at one of the respawn points for your team (or a neutral point, for the free-for-all deathmatch game type).


If a friendly ally is near you, they can revive your corpse on the spot so you don't return to a respawn point (by using the F key to interact with your body). This takes a few seconds, and depending on the game's respawn delay this may or may not be practical for a particular PvP arena. This will be up to the game owner who configures the settings.

If you happen to die outside a PvP game, your allies can also revive you similarly.


Mercredi 20 août 2014
Le « multiclasse » et les « mots clefs » d'EverQuest Next

EverQuest Next promet une quarantaine de classes jouables au lancement, toutes accessibles via un système de multiclasses. Le développeur précise leur jeu de combinaisons grâce au système de « mots clefs » du MMO.

Contrairement à l'alter-ego Landmark, dont les joueurs sont cantonnés à une classe unique d'aventurier (et dont les capacités évoluent seulement en fonction des outils et armes équipés), EverQuest Next entend proposer une quarantaine de classes jouables différentes au lancement -- qu'on découvre progressivement entre mage et guerrier, clerc, élémentaliste ou tempest.
Pour pimenter le gameplay d'EQN, on le sait, les joueurs devront d'abord opter pour l'une des huit classes de base dont la liste dépend de la race du personnage, pour ensuite débloquer progressivement de nouvelles classes jouables via notamment des lignes de quêtes spécifiques ou son niveau de réputation, ou au contraire en allant contre leur nature profonde pour accéder à des classes ayant normalement peu d'affinités avec leur culture d'origine (toutes les races de personnage ont accès à toutes les classes même si certaines combinaisons sont plus difficiles à assumer).






Le système de « mots clefs » d'EverQuest Next

Fort de ces classes nombreuses et accessibles à tous, EverQuest Next intègre logiquement un système de « multiclasses » et imagine des mécanismes à la fois pour les combiner et pour encourager les synergies entre les joueurs évoluant en groupe. L'équipe de développement s'appuie ainsi sur un système dit de « mots-clefs », « liant les classes entre elles au travers de capacités tout en affirmant leur originalité ».

Les « origines » d'EverQuest Next

Très concrètement, chaque classe est associée à une « origine » (un premier mot-clef) parmi les six disponibles et définissant « l'origine » des pouvoirs de la classe ainsi que son identité visuelle (afin qu'on puisse l'identifier sur les champs de bataille). On y retrouve :

    Une origine « martiale » regroupant les classes utilisant des armes et non la magie
    Une origine « naturelle » regroupant les classes exploitant les plantes ou les éléments climatiques comme la foudre
    Une origine « divine » regroupant les classes puisant le pouvoir d'une magie sacrée mais aussi démoniaque (combinant donc approche bienfaitrice et maléfique)
    Une origine « psionique » regroupant les classes utilisant la puissance de l'esprit, la télépathie, l'empathie ou encore la télékinésie
    Une origine « élémentaire » s'appuyant sur les quatre éléments et les primordiaux
    Une origine « arcanique » regroupant les classes de personnages utilisant l'intelligence, la connaissance et plus largement la magie profane.

Les « types de dommages » d'EverQuest Next

S'y ajoutent sept types de « dommages » (une seconde famille de mots clefs) déterminant la forme de pouvoirs et le type de dégâts que la classe est susceptible d'infliger à l'adversaire. Selon l'équipe de développement, la notion doit néanmoins être appréhendée très largement : l'électricité (une forme de dommages largement utilisée par le Tempest notamment) englobe ainsi aussi diverses formes d'énergie et notions de mouvement, qui permet donc à la fois d'infliger des dégâts électriques à la cible, mais aussi au Tempest de se changer en foudre pour se déplacer très rapidement ou encore d'utiliser des aptitudes lui permettant de régénérer sa barre d'énergie lorsqu'il se déplace au combat ou utilise certaines compétences reposant sur des dommages électriques.
Le développeur livre la liste des sept mots-clefs liés aux dommages :

    Les dégâts électriques - évoqués ci-dessus
    Les dégâts physiques, basés sur les armes et mécaniques d'armure (la compétence Bulwark par exemple, permet de lever son bouclier pour se protéger et protéger ses alliés proches pendant trois secondes)
    Les dégâts d'ombre, intégrant par exemple les compétences de drain de vie adverse ou le sacrifice de ses propres points de vie pour augmenter les dommages infligés (via la compétence Dark Mantle)
    Les dégâts d'eau à dominante protectrice et manipulant la mobilité de l'adversaire
    Les dégâts de feu très offensifs et basés sur les dommages directs et coups critiques
    Les dégâts d'affliction infligeant des dommages progressifs et des debuffs
    Et les dégâts dits de radiance articulé autour des soins et bénédictions.

Combinaisons de mots clefs

Selon l'équipe de développement, ces différents mots clefs se combinent alors entre eux (un type de feu divin ou naturel, par exemple ou une ombre maléfique, etc.), ou pour être appliqués à différents pans de gameplay. Chaque classe repose généralement sur une origine et un voire deux types de dégâts (et d'illustrer le mécanisme au travers de l'exemple du clerc présenté comme une classe de « feu divin » et/ou de « radiance divine » alors que le tempest est une classe de « nature électronique » et/ou de « nature physique »), générant au total une douzaine de capacités différentes pour chaque classe.

Mais au-delà de cette classification, quel est l'intérêt concret de cette distinction ? Dans EQ Next, les objets suivent le même principe de combinaisons de mots clefs, déterminant donc les armes voire les sets pertinents pour chaque classe. Là encore, le développeur donne un exemple : une amulette reposant sur un pouvoir d'origine naturelle améliore l'armure lorsque le personnage restaure son niveau d'énergie. Un tempest « énergie » appréciera sans doute cette amulette puisqu'il a une affinité avec la nature et que certaines de ses compétences restaurent son énergie.
Le MMO va un peu plus loin et croise les capacités de chaque classe. Le Tempest améliorant ses capacités « énergie » pourra aussi développer son côté « martial » cette fois, pour accéder par exemple à la compétence « ténacité des nains » octroyant un bonus de dommages en fonction du niveau d'armure. L'amulette qui augmente l'armure grâce à ses capacités « naturelles » devient particulièrement intéressante pour aussi augmenter les dégâts grâce au pendant « martial » de la classe.

On le comprend, toutes les facettes d'une même classe de personnage sont interdépendantes et s'influencent mutuellement selon leurs « mots-clefs » respectifs pour développer des synergies et des affinités.
Et mécaniquement, le système se complique considérablement au travers du système de « multiclasses » permettant de combiner plusieurs classes entre elles, débloquant donc de nouvelles capacités et surtout de nouvelles opportunités de combinaisons. Le joueur peut en effet faire progresser (en attribuant des points) l'ensemble des classes débloquées afin d'améliorer progressivement ses capacités et son champ des possibles même si le développeur précise qu'un personnage devra toujours faire des choix (il ne devrait pas être possible d'activer toutes les classes et de les monter toute au niveau maximum). Le système doit quoiqu'il en soit permettre une grande souplesse créatrice et d'imaginer des combinaisons atypiques comme des rogues supports ou des tanks sorciers.
On sera quoiqu'il en soit curieux de découvrir plus précisément la quarantaine de classes devant être disponibles à la sortie pour mieux appréhender les combinaisons qu'elles promettent.


Mercredi 6 août 2014
Landmark - Update notes


    Guilds are here! Join up with your friends and make a name for yourselves in Landmark.
    Click here to see all the details of this robust system.

New Materials

    Glass Voxels are now here! This material can be crafted at a forge or smelter using sand. This material is located at the bottom of the Stone category.
    New Ice Materials! We've taken advantage of the new tech we made to support water and glass, and made a new Ice textures that are actually transparent. Note that we did not overwrite the current ice texture, but instead added these new ones in addition to the old ones.
    We've also made a small change to the Water material. We felt (and received feedback) that the water was a bit too static, so the material animates a bit more.

Multi-Screenshot functionality for Claims

    Much like how you can take multiple screenshots for your Templates and Player Studio items, you can now take up to four screenshots to display your claim in the Gallery.

New Props

Since SOE Live is imminent, we wanted to release some cool props for you to decorate your claim with - so let’s have a party!

    Glassware, Mugs, & Steins

      Drinking Horn
      Large Stemmed Goblet
      Short Stemmed Glass
      Medium Stemmed Glass
      Medium Stemmed Goblet
      Tall Stemmed Glass
      Large Stemmed Glass

    Food & Drink

      Medium Keg
      Bread 1
      Bread 2
      Pink Cake
      Chocolate Cake
      Buttercream Cake
      Roasted Meat 1
      Roasted Meat 2
      Small Keg


      Blue Spotlight
      Green Spotlight
      Indigo Spotlight
      Orange Spotlight
      Red Spotlight
      Violet Spotlight
      White Spotlight
      Yellow Spotlight

    We've also added all of these to bundles that can be purchased in the Marketplace.

New Outfits

    We've added Planetside-themed tints to the Commander's Gear, which can be purchased in the Marketplace!
    Choose from the New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, or the Vanu Soverignty!

Claim Upkeep Change

    The maximum time that upkeep can be paid in advance has been increased to 15 days, up from 8.
    There will now be an upkeep payment reminder sent out 3 days before a claim expires. The previous reminder occurred 1 hour before expiration.

Voxel Vision

    VV has received a bit of a revamp from the code side, in order to increase performance.

      Curved / contoured surfaces should now display with more accuracy.
      The client should no longer stall significantly when attempting to display detailed geometry.
      Attempting to build with Voxel Vision active should not result in single digit FPS.

Steam Friends

    Upon login, all Steam friends that are also logged-in will be auto-added to the Landmark friends list, as long as they aren't ignoring you, and vice-versa.
    This only works if each player is logged into Landmark. A Steam friend that is logged in, but not into Landmark won't get added until they actually enter the game while you are also in.
    Once added, a Steam-enabled user won't need to log in with steam to retain the Landmark friends association (unless a friend is removed, obviously).

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue with the Sickle in the Starter Pack not functioning correctly.
    Deleting your surfacecache folder will no longer result in missing terrain.
    Addressed an issue that let you continue to swim in the air, after exiting a water volume.

Mercredi 6 août 2014
Landmark - Update notes


    Guilds are here! Join up with your friends and make a name for yourselves in Landmark.
    Click here to see all the details of this robust system.

New Materials

    Glass Voxels are now here! This material can be crafted at a forge or smelter using sand. This material is located at the bottom of the Stone category.
    New Ice Materials! We've taken advantage of the new tech we made to support water and glass, and made a new Ice textures that are actually transparent. Note that we did not overwrite the current ice texture, but instead added these new ones in addition to the old ones.
    We've also made a small change to the Water material. We felt (and received feedback) that the water was a bit too static, so the material animates a bit more.

Multi-Screenshot functionality for Claims

    Much like how you can take multiple screenshots for your Templates and Player Studio items, you can now take up to four screenshots to display your claim in the Gallery.

New Props

Since SOE Live is imminent, we wanted to release some cool props for you to decorate your claim with - so let’s have a party!

    Glassware, Mugs, & Steins

      Drinking Horn
      Large Stemmed Goblet
      Short Stemmed Glass
      Medium Stemmed Glass
      Medium Stemmed Goblet
      Tall Stemmed Glass
      Large Stemmed Glass

    Food & Drink

      Medium Keg
      Bread 1
      Bread 2
      Pink Cake
      Chocolate Cake
      Buttercream Cake
      Roasted Meat 1
      Roasted Meat 2
      Small Keg


      Blue Spotlight
      Green Spotlight
      Indigo Spotlight
      Orange Spotlight
      Red Spotlight
      Violet Spotlight
      White Spotlight
      Yellow Spotlight

    We've also added all of these to bundles that can be purchased in the Marketplace.

New Outfits

    We've added Planetside-themed tints to the Commander's Gear, which can be purchased in the Marketplace!
    Choose from the New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, or the Vanu Soverignty!

Claim Upkeep Change

    The maximum time that upkeep can be paid in advance has been increased to 15 days, up from 8.
    There will now be an upkeep payment reminder sent out 3 days before a claim expires. The previous reminder occurred 1 hour before expiration.

Voxel Vision

    VV has received a bit of a revamp from the code side, in order to increase performance.

      Curved / contoured surfaces should now display with more accuracy.
      The client should no longer stall significantly when attempting to display detailed geometry.
      Attempting to build with Voxel Vision active should not result in single digit FPS.

Steam Friends

    Upon login, all Steam friends that are also logged-in will be auto-added to the Landmark friends list, as long as they aren't ignoring you, and vice-versa.
    This only works if each player is logged into Landmark. A Steam friend that is logged in, but not into Landmark won't get added until they actually enter the game while you are also in.
    Once added, a Steam-enabled user won't need to log in with steam to retain the Landmark friends association (unless a friend is removed, obviously).

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue with the Sickle in the Starter Pack not functioning correctly.
    Deleting your surfacecache folder will no longer result in missing terrain.
    Addressed an issue that let you continue to swim in the air, after exiting a water volume.

Mercredi 30 juillet 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Rotatable Templates and Pasteboards

    You are no longer constrained to just 90 degree rotations on templates or anything you’ve copied on to the pasteboard! To use this new functionality, place your template or pasteboard using Tweak Mode (hold shift while placing) and then rotate to your heart's content!

      Be aware than when you paste something off of the regular 90-degree angles, it is highly likely that thin things (especially 1-2 voxels in width) will distort and have artifacting. Rotatable pasteboards can be highly useful, but not in all situations.
      Also note: Rotating a selected group of props together is *highly* useful. Try it out!

Negative Pasting

    When placing a template or anything you’ve copied, you can now select to “Remove Voxels” which will use the template to remove any voxels where it is being placed in that shape instead of pasting normally!

      To do this, simply enter tweak mode (hold shift while placing) and click the "Remove Voxels" checkbox.
      You cannot use this option when pasting a Player Studio purchased template.

Foundation Museums world & Dark Elf Museum island

    We've added a new world to the game. It's called "Foundation Museums". The Workshops we've been running typically end in a "Foundations competition". The winners of those competitions will be enshrined on these "Museum" islands within this new world.
    We’ve added the Dark Elf Museum island to this world, where you can go and see all of the winners of the Dark Elf Foundation Museum Competition.
    Please note, all islands on this world are meant for displaying competition winners only. So on these islands, there are no resource deposits, there are no caves and you cannot place claims on these islands.

My Store

    Any template that has been active for 30 days without a sale will automatically be set to an inactive status.

New Outfits

    The new Traveler’s Attire outfit can now be crafted! You can choose between 6 new colors!

      Yellow, Red, Emerald, Orange, Black & Green

Bug Fixes

    There was an issue that was causing props to not respawn reliably after being harvested. This should now work as intended.
    When mining underwater, it would often teleport you back to the surface of the water. You should now stay safely submerged.
    There was an issue with recipes that had the same name that could cause problems when used. This issue has been fixed.
    An example of this is the two water recipes. They will now properly use snow and ice, respectively, for their components.
    Fixed a number of instability issues.
    Template Names are now correctly limited to 148 characters.
    Fixed a memory leak that occurred when placing large templates.

Jeudi 17 juillet 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes

Note: This is a client only patch, and did not require any downtime. If you see any of the issues below, please repatch.

    Fixed an issue where voxels would sometimes disappear (but would still have collision)
    Fixed the Item Review window, in regards to multiple screenshots.

Mercredi 16 juillet 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Water as a Building Material!

    No longer will you have to fake your fountains and bathtubs with Aquamarine and Glass Window props - Water voxels are here!
    Water recipes using snow and ice have been added to the alchemy station. Refining versions of these recipes have also been added to the various infusers.

New Materials

    We've got some other new materials for you to experiment with as well. We've added all the available brick textures to Moonstone.

New Props

    We've got a handful of new props for you!

      Regal Master Bed (Brown)
      Regal Fireplace
      Secret Door Bookcase

        Click it and it moves! (There are two versions, a Front Hinged and a Rear Hinged)

      Wooden Bookcase (Non moving version)
      Stackable Bookcase
      Regal Dresser
      Sliding Shag Rug

        Click it and it moves!

      Shag Rug (Non moving version)
      Regal Armoire
      Wooden Bookcase

Multi-Screenshot support

    You can now take up to FOUR pictures per template!
    This also means that items submitted to Player Studio and to Competitions will display up to four screenshots.

Marketplace Updates

    We've added a Bedroom Furniture Bundle with all of this week’s new props
    We've added new Tints to existing outfits:

      The Formal Victorian Wear is now available in brown.
      The Casual Victorian Apparel is now available in green.
      The Wandering Nomad’s Finery is now available in dark green.

    We've added Starter Kits to the Marketplace. These are intended to give newer players a bit of a headstart, if they choose to do so.

      Starter Kit (Basic)

        The resources needed to craft a Claim Flag and 2 Attached Claim Flags, a Traveler's Grappling Hook, 2 Keen-Eye Bands, 10 Portal Shards, 5 Lightstones, a Rustic Stone Vault, non-upgradeable versions of the Tungsten Pick, Gold Axe, Silver Sickle, and Mechanized Pulverizer, an Adventurer's Hiking Gear outfit, and 5000 Dirt, Sand, Stone, and Copper.

      Starter Kit (Superior)

        The resources needed to craft a Claim Flag and 2 Attached Claim Flags, an Explorer's Grappling Hook, 2 Keen-Eye Bands, 20 Portal Shards, 10 Lightstones, a Rustic Stone Vault, non-upgradeable versions of the Tungsten Pick, Gold Axe, Silver Sickle, and Powered Pulverizer, the Casual Victorian Apparel outfit, the Treasure Seeker's Garb outfit, a Stone Forge, a Tinkerer's Workshop, a Lunar Anklet, an extra inventory slot, an extra vault slot, and 10000 Dirt, Sand, Stone, and Copper.

      Starter Kit (Deluxe)

        The resources needed to craft a Claim Flag and 2 Attached Claim Flags, an Explorer's Grappling Hook, 2 Assessor's Marks, 20 Portal Shards, 20 Lightstones, a Rustic Stone Vault, non-upgradeable versions of the Cobalt Pick, Gold Axe, Silver Sickle, and Powered Pulverizer, the Formal Victorian Wear outfit, the Colonist's Encounter Suit oufit, a Lunar Anklet, a Feather in a Bottle, 2 extra inventory slots, 2 extra vault slots, and 20000 Dirt, Sand, Stone, and Copper.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where the sky inside caves would brighten any time a Grappling Hook was used.
    Placing a block on your character with Tweak Mode should no longer drop you through the world.
    Addressed numerous crashes, including one involving large Template Pastes.

Jeudi 10 juillet 2014
Landmark - Update notes


    You can now edit your keybindings in the ESC menu, under "Customize Controls."

Landmarks of Landmark Competition Winners!

    You will now find the winners of the Landmarks of Landmark competition on various islands / worlds. They have been enshrined in their very own Claim, for all players to see.
    In the near future, the contributors will be listed individually, and you’ll be able to:

      Click their name, taking you to the Showcase (so you can see other examples of their work!)
      Send them Feedback on their submission

Marketplace Recommendations

    The Marketplace will now display recommendations specific to you! Depending on your browsing and spending habits, we'll recommend SOE or Player Studio items that we think might interest you. These recommendations can be found at the bottom portion of the Marketplace.
    Let us know what you think!

New Craftable Outfits

    We've introduced some new tints to the Craftable outfits on the Outfitter's Station.
    Artisan's Outfit and the Pathfinder's Gear can now be crafted in White, Blue, Tan, Mint, and Grey.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug where pasting without air was causing artifacts on nearby voxels.
    Some materials did not have specific audio when they were being mined - this should be fixed.
    Changed the Demo Mode options to "Enable" when checked, instead of "Disable" when checked. They should still default to "On."
    Sometimes when you were perpendicular to the face of a Selection Volume, it would quickly zoom away. This should no longer occur.
    Previously, using the rotation arrows when the camera is perfectly aligned to that axis was difficult. This should be much better now.
    Addressed an issue where re-naming a template would reset the "Date Created" to an invalid date.
    Fixed an issue where copying your own voxels over another owners voxels would transfer ownership.
    You can now delete Player Studio templates, even if they're surrounded by other voxels.
    The chat window should no longer move on its own after relaunching the client.
    Prop Placement will no longer unintentionally enter Adjust mode (this happened when trying to pick up a prop while in adjust mode, and then placing it again.)
    Exiting the game via the game window's X should no longer bring up the ESC menu - but will instead force close the client.
    Addressed a bug with the selection volume getting stuck to your mouse cursor, even after releasing the mouse button.
    Previously, the Ornate pitcher would not sit flush on other objects or voxels. Fixed!
    The Claim Banner dropdown will no longer lock your keyboard when clicked multiple times
    Renamed the Pathfinder’s Gear (Grey) to Pathfinder’s Gear (Black)

Mercredi 2 juillet 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Demo Mode

    We've enabled the ability to display all building tool cursors / animations to other clients. This means when co-op building, or when doing tutorials to other players, they'll be able to see the same building tool cursors that you see! This should help when attempting to show your fellow players some of your advanced techniques.
    In Game Settings - General, there are two options you can toggle on/off. These both default to unchecked (which means the mode is enabled) so that you don't have to do anything if you want to show (and see) other people's building cursors.

    Disable Demo Mode (Self)

      This determines whether you are sharing your cursors to the people near you

    Disable Demo Mode (Others)

      This determines whether you see the cursors of people who are sharing that are near you.

New Materials!

    We've added a couple new materials, in direct response to your feedback.

      Worked Slate Bricks (perfect for Dark Elf builds)
      Small Brown Bricks (we've seen a lot of requests for smaller, finer brick sizes.)

Ancient Earth Change

    Fewer Talismans now drop from pockets of ancient earth on higher tier islands and rune stones can now drop in tier 1. The overall drop rate of relics remains the same, but the chance of getting rune stones, power sources, and artifacts from ancient earth has increased.

My Store

    Phase 1 of My Store is now available in the Showcase!
    From here, you can:

      See every item that you've submitted to Player Studio
      See what status that item is in

        Active, Inactive, Review, CS Review or Rejected

      Change the status between Active and Inactive if you want to change whether it shows up on the Marketplace or not
      Change the price of your item

    We'll be adding more functionality to My Store in the future! Let us know if there's something in particular you'd like to see.

Voxel Ownership in Templates

    With this update, we removed all voxel ownership information from templates that were created by players before the update that introduced Player Studio (6/18/2014). We had the code in to track ownership before that but no way for people to see it, therefore in an effort to be fair and impartial, we've removed the previous ownership on those templates. That means if you place down a template you created prior to that date, all the voxels will now belong to you.

Bug Fixes

    This week, we focused on rounding up and squashing bugs specifically related to building and building tools! Here’s what we addressed:

      Fixed an issue where the painting tool did not correctly calculate the correct amount of resources needed
      The paint tool will no longer "paint" water (which was effectively adding voxels)
      When using the Terrain Offset on tools, the translations arrows will now show
      Sometimes the translation arrows when in Tweak or Paste mode would be really hard to select. This should no longer occur.
      Occasionally the Right Click menu would not appear when selecting a prop (especially after modifying it once.) Fixed!
      The Material Tray now stays open until you decide to close it.
      You can now grapple up out of the water, up on to user placed voxels.
      Opening the Template window will now put your focus in the Search entry. This should allow for quicker searches of saved Templates.

Vendredi 27 juin 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes

Player Studio

    A permissions change has been made for Player Studio templates. This change only applies when you are building on someone else's claim. In that case only, you may no longer copy any area that contains a Player Studio template.

Bug fixes

    Normal offset on sphere cursor now shows arrows
    Shaped blocks should scale in tweak mode
    Shaped blocks don't stretch away from the cursor when scaled
    Note: These fixes temporarily introduce a minor cursor centering issue which will be fixed in the next patch.
    [late update] The issue where your claim appeared to be missing after teleporting to it should also be fixed now!

Stability improvements

    We have also addressed some reported crash issues and will continue to monitor for any further issues.


    Moonstone and Etherium bundles are now available in the marketplace.

Jeudi 26 juin 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Roaming Vectors

    In a nutshell, this lets our tools act with more precision.

      Angles and edges when using the Line Tool are cleaner.
      Artifacts in Shaped Blocks have been drastically reduced.
      Artifacts when Copying / Cutting slices out of other shapes has been reduced.
      You can now use the 1x1x1 size with Shaped Blocks.

    We’re still working on improving the fidelity of shaped blocks and the line tool, but this should be a pretty big improvement.

Voxel Cursor Changes

    We've made a fairly large change to the sizes of voxel cursors. Previously the default sizes on cursors were in powers of three. You could also switch to powers of two by pressing "N." This is a bit convoluted, and didn't really make sense, seeing as how you could make a shape any size with the Selection Volume anyway.
    With this change, the mouse wheel now increments the size of the cursors by one.
    Please note that while we allow you to use the Sphere cursor sizes with anything under six, we've tinted the cursors Red. This is because Spheres don't draw well with anything under a 6x6x6 size.

Material Changes and new Materials!

    Thanks to the thread located here we took a hard look at how our voxel materials matched up with the voxel grid.
    Code fixed numerous bugs including:

      Most materials were offset from the grid by .5
      Most materials when on a Y-Axis were actually being projected upside down

    Art went in and did a full polish pass as well:

      Fixed individual materials that were not aligned to the grid
      Fixed repeat rate on some materials to balance density
      Materials like Banded Metals and wooden baseboards got a little smaller, to match a 1x1x1 Voxel. For Rivets in particular, we’ve fixed it so that a Rivet would display every other voxel, in the center.

    In addition, we've also got FOUR new shades of Slate for you to work with. This should help all you Dark Elf architects mix it up a bit!

New Props!

    Several new props have been added to the Tinkerer’s Workshop, including five different trapdoors, rows of assorted books, and a number of high tech pipes, control panels, switches, and activatable fans.

      We’re focusing on making props that can be used in lots of different ways in the future. Even though the high tech props may be of more limited use, we can’t wait to see the crazy things you do with them!


    Several new colors of the Colonist’s Encounter Suit have been added to the Marketplace!

      Lime Green
      Red & White
      Orange & Grey
      Blue & Grey

    We've also bundled up the aforementioned high-tech props and added them to the Marketplace.

Ore Distribution Changes

    Marble and amaranthine veins are now more plentiful on the surface of Tier 2 islands.
    Obsidian and alabaster veins are now more plentiful on the surface of Tier 4 islands.
    Large veins combining marble and amaranthine can now be found in caves on Tier 2 and Tier 3 islands.
    Large veins combining obsidian and alabaster can now be found in caves on Tier 3 and Tier 4 islands.

Player Studio

    You will now receive an in-game mail when your Player Studio submitted template is in any of the available statuses:

      Peer Review
      CS Review

Bug Fixes

    We've redistributed the Props on all continents once again. This should eliminate both the "Wall of Props" issue, and the bug where there were large areas with no props at all.
    Claim Headers will no longer automatically drop down when your mouse cursor gets close to it. They will still drop down automatically when you enter any claim, but will auto-hide after a few seconds. You'll need to click the button if you want it to drop down. This applies to all claims.
    The Ore Finder can now detect Etherium and the Ground Sounder can now detect Moonstone.
    When you jump in the air, we determine what you're landing on / in, and play the appropriate animations. This means that you will now dive headfirst in to water, among other animations.
    Infused Nightbloom can now be made on the Legendary Infuser
    The Rotate / Translate widgets should no longer stay in the world when switching from Cube / Sphere to another shaped block.
    Fixed an issue where paste volumes would be embedded one voxel in to whatever you surface your mouse cursor was on.
    Fixed numerous typos in the Help Sections

Jeudi 19 juin 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes

Player Studio

    Player Studio will now reject products that contain a subtemplate which is for sale at a higher price

      Example: You bought a template from Player Studio for 1000SC.
      You placed the template in your castle, and then made a template of the entire castle.
      If you attempt to sell that template in Player Studio, the minimum price will at least be as much as the highest priced sub-template (in this case, 1000SC.)

    Smoothing Voxels now transfers ownership.
    The only person that can place a Player Studio template on a claim is the person that owns that claim. Additionally, the only person that can make a template of something on that claim that *contains* a Player Studio template is the person that owns that claim.
    Disabled the Player Studio button on templates that you have purchased

Bug Fixes

    Added a confirmation box to the delete functionality of Voxel Vision
    Copying / Pasting voxels should no longer change ownership of existing voxels.
    Addressed the issue where the screen would become blindingly white when going in to a cave or digging underground
    We had to revert to the previous placement of procedural props on all islands in order to address a framerate issue. This means we will, temporarily, have areas that have no props while we work on a final solution. The other fixes for props will still be in though, so everything should still be harvestable.
    Fixed an issue that was causing a hang / crash, which should also reduce the “hitching” issue that some players were seeing.
    Fixed an issue that was causing a reduced frame rate around large numbers of props.

Mercredi 18 juin 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Player Studio

    Player Studio is now live!
    You can now submit your templates to Player Studio and when they're accepted, they'll show up in the marketplace for people to browse through and find something they like.
    The full details of how to do this are at the bottom of the update notes for everyone interested!


    The Showcase has received a bit of a facelift!
    We've separated the Marketplace, Gallery, and Competitions in to three separate tabs for ease of use.
    Added the ability to cycle through items in the Marketplace, while in the Detail window
    Added the ability to sort by World and Island
    Increased the size of the screenshots shown so you can more easily see detail

Caves, Resource Veins, and Items

    Resource veins have been significantly redistributed, making cave exploration even more rewarding.

      On the surface of each island, only common ore, gems, and stone can be found.

        Tier 1: copper and agate
        Tier 2: iron (plus small amounts of tin), aquamarine, marble, amaranthine
        Tier 3: tungsten (plus small amounts of silver), amethyst, marble, amaranthine, obsidian, alabaster
        Tier 4: cobalt (plus small amounts of gold), sapphire, obsidian, alabaster

      Rare ore and gems have been moved into caves. In addition, materials of the next tier can be found in the caves.

        Tier 1 caves: iron, tin, aquamarine, tourmaline, ancient earth
        Tier 2 caves: tin, tungsten, silver, tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, ancient earth
        Tier 3 caves: silver, cobalt, gold, topaz, sapphire, emerald, ancient earth
        Tier 4 caves: gold, mithril, rubicite, emerald, ruby, diamond, ancient earth

      Veins that combined stone/metal and stone/gem have been removed.
      Ancient earth pockets are no longer found on the surface.

    Etherium and moonstone can now be mined in Tier 4 caves. They’re rare, so keep your eyes (and resource detectors) peeled!
    Made a couple of changes to treasure chest loot!

      First, the Mechanized and Powered Pulverizers have been removed from the treasure chest loot table, and have been replaced with a unique one – the Calibrated Rockgrinder!
      The Rockgrinder is a high-quality pulverizer that is not upgradable, but should perform well for those who do not have upgraded versions of the Powered Pulverizer.
      Also, the chance of items such as accessories and gear dropping from chests has been tripled, so these items should be seen more frequently when opening a chest!

    The Traveler’s Grappling Hook, a new Tier 1 Grappling Hook, can now be crafted at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. This easy to craft grappling hook is perfect for first time explorers hoping to brave the caves of Landmark.
    Lightstones are now craftable at the Tinkerer’s Workshop, providing access to a low cost, consumable, personal light source for Tier 1 players.
    The Ore Prospector recipe now requires Aquamarine as its gem component.

Bug Fixes / Misc

    Frame rate hitching introduced for some players with the last patch has been largely eliminated--with a bit of a frame rate boost for everyone included!
    There was an issue where the screen would become almost completely white when coming out of a cave - this shouldn't occur anymore.
    Sometimes you would get extra loot when clicking a Treasure Chest multiple times. Fixed.
    Redistributed props on all Islands. This should both eliminate the vast areas of land that had no props.
    Occasionally you'd come across trees or plants that could not be harvested. This should be fixed.
    Added more Ocean audio near the shore. Waves crashing, etc.
    Fixed an issue where your equipped outfit would overlap with the default outfit after zoning.
    Addressed numerous crashes.

Player Studio

Submitting your template

Submitting an item to Player Studio is done via templates.

Pro Tip: If you’re not familiar with making templates, here’s how you do it: While in game, use the selection tool to create a selection volume around the item you wish to submit. Open the templates window (T) and use the “Create New” button to create a template from your selection. It’s always best to take the best possible screenshot of your template as this is what buyers see when they see your template in the Player Studio!

Once you have a template, use the “INSPECT” button to open the template details. There is a gold Player Studio logo on the right side of that window. Click that button.

NOTE : If you are not already registered and validated your personal tax info for Player Studio, you’ll be prompted to go through the tax registration process. That process can take a bit of time to complete and process, so just be aware that it’s absolutely necessary (or your country’s government will get very angry with us). Instructions and details of the tax registration process can be found here:

Assuming you’ve already completed the tax requirements, the process of submitting a template is actually very simple.

The screenshot below shows all the info you need to fill out, but it’s presented to you a single step at a time so you can easily make decisions.

Name your item, set a price, write a description and enter tags (so players can find your item via the search feature). That’s it! Then hit SUBMIT!

IMPORTANT NOTE : There is a listing fee for each item submitted to Player Studio. This is 10% of the price you set, or a minimum of 100SC.

Other things you might want to know!

Player Studio is now open to players living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, and Norway. Other countries will be added as we work through the individual country tax laws.

At this time, players under 18 are not able to submit templates in PlayerStudio. We are working towards addressing this.

You can submit templates containing creations made by more than one person. The number of voxels “owned” by each person is handled automatically, and royalties will be credited to all creators involved in the creation of that template.

Ownership of a voxel is determined by:

    Whoever changed the voxel last “owns” that voxel.
    The one exception to this is that PAINTING a voxel does not change its ownership. (Add and Line *do* change ownership. Smoothing should change ownership, but there’s currently a bug with that and it will be fixed in the next update.)
    Copy/pasting voxels retains their original ownership. So if person A places some voxels and person B copies and pastes them, they are all still owned by person A.

If more than one person owns voxels in the template, they will all be listed as creators. ALL creators of the template need to have completed tax registration for Player Studio so SOE can pay them. If any of the creators of a template have NOT completed tax registration, it will not be possible to submit the template.

Props are not tracked for contribution to a template. This may be added in the future, but currently, prop placement will not add you to the contributor’s list on a template. Only voxel changes do that currently.

Keep in mind, that when buying a Player Studio template, it does not come with any resources or props. You are buying a *template* of that object, and it acts in all ways exactly like any other template you own.

Your Template Voxel Limit is not affected by any Player Studio templates purchased. So if you are currently at 1,250,000 voxels out of a max of 3,000,000 voxels in your limit, and you buy Player Studio templates, you are still at 1,250,000 voxels.

You access any Player Studio templates purchased through your normal Template interface (“T”).

If you delete a Player Studio template, it is gone. This is similar in nature to any other item you buy from the Marketplace. If you delete it, it’s gone. In the future (not currently), Player Studio templates will be highlighted in an obvious manner to help minimize this possibility, but right now, you still get a confirmation dialog to avoid deleting them accidentally.

How Can I Tell Who Owns Which Voxel?

Answer: Voxel Vision!

While in-game, and on one of your claims, you can click the “Voxel Vision” button on your claim boundary. When you do that, two things happen: a) all the voxels in the area change color, and b) a legend appears showing all the builder names that have “owned” voxels on your claim. Colors appear next to each of their names that match up with the colors you see on the voxels.

In this way, you can easily see which voxels are owned by which player.

How Does an Item Get Accepted?

Once an item is submitted to Player Studio, it will be reviewed by other Landmark players that have previously purchased at least 1000 SC of items from the Marketplace. (Why? Because people that are willing to buy stuff have proven that they are inherently interested in what goes into Player Studio.)

Players who are online when an item is submitted and who are eligible to be reviewers will receive an in-game prompt asking if they would like to review a new item. They will either approve the item, or disapprove it. Disapprovals can be made on the grounds of lewd/offensive content, or copyright violations, either because of the name, the object itself, or its description.

Initially, no player will receive more than two opportunities to review an item per day. There are ways to earn more review opportunities (as well as a host of other cool abilities), but those will be coming at a later date. Currently, there is no way to opt out of the review system, but that is coming ASAP after initial launch.

*IF* your object is rejected, it is moved to a Customer Service queue for review. Customer Service will either uphold the player findings or override them, thus confirming the rejection or accepting the item instead.

Once approved, the item appears in the Marketplace section of the Showcase and can be searched for like any other item. Search for any of the tags on your template to bring it up, or you can also search by the name of the submitter.


Items remain listed on the Marketplace as long as they have at least one sale per month. If an item does not have any sales for an entire 30 day period, it will be removed from listing. (But can be resubmitted again.)

Future Improvements

    MyStore : This feature will have lots of great functionality, but chief among its abilities will be the ability to see the status of all items, including the ability to de-list or change pricing on an item. MyStore will be accessible from in-game *and* from the web.
    Review Opt Out : If you don’t want to review item submissions, you can opt out. (This will also be part of MyStore.)
    Mega-Categories : To make it easier for players to find your items, we’ll be adding more “mega-categories” to the Category pulldown. Example: We’ll create a “Castle” mega-category that includes tag searches for things like “Keep” and “Fort” and “Fortress” (etc) so that players can select that one easy category without having to search for every random word they can imagine to cover what a “castle” might be.
    Creator and Patron Achievements : Both the successful creators of items *and* the supporters of Player Studio items earn special perks and privileges for so doing. This will all be detailed later.

Royalty Payments

We pay out Player Studio disbursements at the end of every quarter. Revenue is a 60/40 split of the net revenue of each item sale, but for details, please see


Lundi 9 juin 2014
Landmark - Update notes


    Caves are here! Large, craggy underworld entrances have broken through the surface of Landmark’s islands, awaiting your discovery. Each of the dark, windy caves are unique and house brand new biomes to explore, mine, and pulverize your way through. Eager spelunkers will want to gather some new and existing tools to help them navigate the twisty turns and drops of the exposed caverns, especially if they plan to seek out the more isolated cave pockets that don’t break the surface. This is our first phase of caves in the game and they only occupy 10-15% of the depth of the world. When we roll out the next phase of Caves, they'll fill up the rest!
    Please note that the area around a cavern entrance cannot be claimed. if you happened to have a Claim where a Surface Cave has been generated, it will automatically be foreclosed. Your Claim will be auto-templated and your resources and props will be refunded.
    Caves have ore, gem, and ancient earth veins that can be found while spelunking. Be sure to look all around you! You’ll find veins not only on the ground, but on the cave walls and ceilings.

      Most of these veins are bigger than their counterparts on the surface.
      Some veins are hidden just beneath cave walls and floors. Using detection items will help you locate these rich deposits.
      Ore and gem veins can now be found underground in the space between caves. They’re rare, so detection items are a must!

    With the discovery of caves through the world, come rumors of treasure chests to be found! These chests contain resources, props, accessories, potions… and even a few new items to be discovered. Treasure chests will award loot to any nearby group or player – when loot drops for you, it will automatically be granted to you!

Resource Detection

    Because of the addition of Caves (and Ore / Gems in said caves) we wanted to introduce a way to find stuff that is buried in the ground.
    Ore Prospector: Using this item will illuminate surrounding ore veins for 15 seconds and summon a directional HUD element for 30 seconds (with an optional distance indicator).
    Ground Sounder: Using this item will illuminate surrounding gemstone, stone and ancient earth pockets for 15 seconds and summon a directional HUD element for 30 seconds (with an optional distance indicator).
    The Landmark Exploration & Spelunking Society highly recommend players acquire these items before venturing into underground caverns.


    Get your swimming trunks on, and grab your snorkel - you can now swim in the ocean! As you enter the water, you'll swim along the surface – aim the camera down with Right Mouse or press X to dive down and explore beneath the waves. You can still use all of your tools under the sea!

Plant Harvesting

    Plant harvesting has received a minor makeover to help support the addition of Infused Plant crafting items and improve the overall experience:
    All non-special world plants are now harvestable. These basic plants will be drop Plant Fiber and Plant Extract, basic ingredients of Average quality used to make Textiles and Infused Plants.
    Textiles now require only 5 of their respective plant ingredients (down from 10) and 5 basic Plant Fiber ingredients to create.
    All special plant harvestable ingredients are now Superior quality, rather than ranging from Average through Exceptional.
    The Alchemy Station, Alchemy Lab, and all three Infusers can now create Infused Plant ingredients.
    Special plants now spawn in specific biomes, and several new plants have been discovered to be spawning in caverns.
    Plant descriptions in the collections inventory now indicate which biome they can be found in.
    Large versions of plants are now growing in their respective biomes, and will yield more bountiful harvests when sickled.

Tree Changes

    The special trees which drop Heartwood in the desert, jungle and tundra have been updated to support new prop distribution. You can see examples of these new trees in the Resources Guide, which is accessed by clicking the Help button. We've also renamed some of them, to better fall in line with the model of the trees.
    Thistle Seed is now known as Gnarled Knot
    Spindle Cone is now known as Spindled Splinter
Palm Heart (Jungle biome) now drops from the Wild Palm tree.
Gnarled Knot (Desert biome) now drops from the Petrified Gnarl tree.
Spindled Splinter (Tundra biome) now drops from the Frosted Spindle tree.
Ancient Rootstock (Old Growth biome) now drops from the Ancient Sagewood trees.


    Various consumable potion items can now be crafted at the Alchemy Station using existing ingredients and the new Infused Plants.
    Sharp-Eyed Elixir: Increases Discovery stat by 5 for 15 minutes.
    Potion of Minor Yield: Increases Harvest Bonus stat by 10 for 15 minutes.
    Potion of Furious Harvesting: Increases Harvesting Damage stat by 25% for 15 minutes.
    Potion of Greedy Harvesting: Increases Harvesting Size stat by 25% for 15 minutes.
    Potion of Nimble Harvesting: Increases Harvesting Speed stat by 10% for 15 minutes.
    Highstep Brew: Increases Jump Bonus stat by 5 for 15 minutes.
    Bottled Moonlight: Increases Light Radius stat by 30 for 30 minutes.
    Spirit of the Wolf: Increases Run Speed stat by 5 for 15 minutes.
    Note that these potion effects are not cumulative, and do not stack with themselves.


    Be sure to check out the new bundles in the Showcase.

      Wooden Furniture Bundle
      Round Cushion Bundle
      Bloodtear Builder’s Bag & Chest
      Bluebell Builder’s Bag & Chest
      Cordella Builder’s Bag & Chest
      Crystia Builder’s Bag & Chest
      Nightbloom Builder’s Bag & Chest

Tool Improvements

    We’ve made a few Quality of Life improvements to some of the tools.
    Added a Mirror button to Paste / Template Volumes, and removed the Scale button (since you can’t scale those anyway)
    Made the Translate arrows on small paste volumes easier to use. There’s now a bit of a buffer around your pasted volume, so that the arrows don’t obscure what you’re trying to paste. That cheering you hear is from all you microvoxels users!


    Added a new feature to the Template Screenshots! When you create a template and take a screenshot (with a selection volume active) it will now highlight your selected voxels in the screenshot, and darken everything else.

Bug Fixes / Misc Changes

    Increased the rollover time on Claim Likes. Previously, Likes would “expire” within seven days. We’ve increased this to 14 days.
    Fixed an issue that caused some templates that used older materials from Alpha from being placed.
    The new cushion props now stack up to 40, just like all of our other pillows.
    Sometimes you could get in to a state where you could not completely remove all the tags on your claim. This is fixed.
    Typing /bug should no longer result in a LUA error.
    Previously you could queue up multiple Deletion confirmations, this no longer happens.

Mercredi 4 juin 2014
Landmark - Update notes

New Materials

    We've added new materials for all metal ores! All ores now have:

      Hammered, Panel, Horizontally and Vertically Banded, and Riveted!
      These will either be Dull or Shiny depending on the ore type.

    We've also added raw versions of Plain, Burled, and Striped wood.

Smoothing Tool Improvements

    We've done a couple things to the Smoothing Tool.

      The new tool uses a completely new algorithm which makes the smoothing "proportional." Now, the amount of smoothing is relative to the thickness of what you're smoothing.

        Example: Smoothing a large solid cube will eventually result in a sphere. Previously this would result a shape that is close to a sphere, but would have flat / lumpy edges.

      We've also toned down the strength a little bit, and given you the option to tone down the strength even more.

        With the Smooth Tool active, hold CTRL. This will enable a Fine Smooth mode that will allow minute smoothing to materials. Try it out!


    Chat windows will now save position upon logout. If you break out multiple chat windows, these will also save.

New Props

    Several new props have been added to the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

      Painted Wooden Settle
      Painted Wooden Desk
      Sword Stained Glass
      Round Cushion (Black)
      Round Cushion (Blue)
      Round Cushion (Red)
      Round Cushion (White)

Bug Fixes

    Paused the ocean animation while in map mode. People who get motion-sick, rejoice.
    Ancient Dirt now has a more appropriate texture (you can see the relic fragments now!)
    The Friends window will now remember its location / settings upon logout.
    Removed unused stats “Gathering” and “Crit Chance” from harvesting stat section. “Harvest Bonus” stat is now known as “Harvesting Bonus” and is located in its proper location on the stat list.
    Icons for the two crafted Grappling Hooks have been created and hooked up.
    Fixed an issue where sometimes the surface of the terrain could not be mined with any pick or pulverizer. Let us know if you see this one again!
    The chat window will now only autoscroll to the bottom upon receiving a new message if the current scroll position is the bottom. Meaning if you scroll up to read something and receive a message it will not auto scroll down until you scroll down all the way.
    Sometimes you could bring up multiple destroy prompts for one item. This shouldn't happen anymore.
    Footstep sounds should now always be appropriate according to whatever material you happen to be walking on. Except water. Because that wouldn't even make sense.

Jeudi 22 mai 2014
Update Notes

Discovery Change

    We had a problem with Discovery: In a lot of cases, increasing the quality of a item wouldn’t increase the amount of Discovery found on it. For example, both Superior and Exceptional Keen Eye Bands always had 1 Discovery . To fix this, we’ve increased the amount of Discovery found on items. This change doesn’t alter the underlying percentages, so your chances of finding extra stuff is unchanged. We also weren’t happy with the way Discovery was working with trees, so the chances of Discovery triggering when harvesting a tree has been slightly increased.


The following outfits have been added to the Showcase:

    Casual Victorian Apparel (Pink)
    Formal Victorian Wear (Green)
    Wandering Nomad’s Finery (Brown & Maroon)
    Wandering Nomad’s Finery (Grey & Blue)

Friends List

Polished up the Friends list UI with final art assets, as well as made a few quality of life improvements.

    Added a counter that tells you how many of your friends are actually online
    Added a Search box, allowing you to easily find the person you're looking for
    Friends list is now sorted alphabetically, with your offline friends at the bottom.
    Fixed an issue where the arrows to resize the Friends window were not aligned with the window itself.

Bug Fixes

    Collision on props are now disabled when they're in a paste preview.
    Worked Stone / Marble Obsidian / Alabaster / Amarathine now have the proper, unique icons.
    Typing the first letter will now populate all available tags in the Edit Claim window.
    Fixed an issue where the Claim Boundary button in the Claim Header would hold focus until you clicked somewhere else in the UI.
    Added a tooltip to the Tag button when it is grayed out, with a brief explanation. "A screenshot is required to tag your Claim. To screenshot your claim you must be standing within the Claims Boundary."
    Added icons to the Fireplace screen and toolset.
    Occasionally, Tweak Mode would cause a framerate drop. This should no longer occur.
    Fixed an issue where props that were in a paste volume or template would lose their positioning when mirrored.
    Sometimes if you were in a party you would see the FX and hear the audio of a party member who was nearby. Fixed!
    If you mailed an item that you currently had equipped in hand, it would still display on your character. This is resolved.
    Optimized the Recipe Window to resolve a framerate issue.
    Fixed an issue where the Gathering List would flicker anytime a quantity you were tracking would update.
    Removed the LODs from Character models to resolve an issue where your head would disappear at max camera range.
    Hitting the Delete key with a prop active should now return it to you inventory, instead of deleting it permanently.
    When refunding materials / items (example: undo) it will now dump the items in to the overflow if your regular inventory is full.
    Fix for the Selection Volume turning red when switching tools
    Fixed an issue where holding or pressing Alt would cause the client to freeze briefly
    Fixed an issue where the claimable areas of the map were showing as red, when your Video settings were set to low

Lundi 19 mai 2014
Hotfix Notes

Features & Bug Fixes

    The shaped blocks have been added back into the game. Please note that the math oddities on the blocks have not been fixed yet, but since many of you use them even in their current state, we re-instated them so you can get whatever mileage you can out of them, and we’ll fix them later.
    The “white screen” issue at character create that occurred when graphics were set to “Low” has been resolved. Those folks affected should be able to get into the game easily now.
    There was a major frame rate problem with the Element Tray that was occurring each time you gathered resources. That has been resolved, however, there are still another couple of similar, but minor issues with the Recipe Tracker and that will be addressed in our next update.


    A number of “convenience bundles” are now available in the marketplace for those that want it right now instead of taking a trip to the crafting tables. NOTE: These are existing, craftable items just put into bundles for convenience.

      Small Lantern Bundle (99 SC): 20 Small Lanterns
      Iron Chandelier Bundle (99 SC): 20 Iron Chandeliers
      Pillow Bundles (49 SC) : 10 round pillows plus 10 plus pillows. Any of the following colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red or White.
      Living Room Bundle (299 SC) : 2 Sofas, 4 chairs, 2 round rungs, 2 square rugs, 2 bookcases, 4 tables, and 4 candles.
      Candle Bundle (49 SC) : 10 candles, 5 medium candle groups, 5 large candle groups.
      1x1 Glass Window Bundle (49 SC) : 20 pieces
      2x1 Glass Window Bundle (79 SC) : 20 pieces
      >3x2 Glass Window Bundle (129 SC) : 20 pieces

    A pack of 10 Light Orbs in the marketplace has dropped in price from 100SC to 49SC.

SEARCH NOTES: You can always find the items created by SOE in the marketplace. Just search for the “SOE” tag and you’ll see a list of everything available. You can also use the Category pull-downs to narrow your focus. (Example: Just choose “Outfits” to see all character outfits available.) Color is also highly useful when searching.


Lundi 12 mai 2014
Update notes

Recipe Journal

    This is a journal that you can access from the Start Menu (Hotkey: L) that will allow you to browse all of the crafting station lists.
    This will allow you to see exactly what you need to gather to make that next pick or prop, even when you're out in the world, far away from a crafting station.
    Additionally, you can click the "Start Tracking" button on any item within this list, and a small Gathering List will appear on your HUD which allow you to track the resources needed for that item.

Gathering List

    We’ve added this window to allow you to keep track of what you want to gather while you’re out and about!
    New characters will start with a ‘claim flag’ in this window, to help guide them towards claiming a home of their own.
    Existing characters can add to this list using the Recipe Journal, as described above.
    The window will only appear if there is something in it.
    NOTE: currently, the gathering list does not save between sessions. If you log out, you will need to re-add items.
    To remove an item from the window, mouse over the icon of the item being tracked, and click the red X that will appear.

Element Tray

    The element tray functionality has been improved so that instead of auto-hiding, it now stays open unless closed by the user (X button). You now need to click on the material swatch to open the element tray, instead of it auto-opening.
    Shaped blocks have been removed from the Element Tray. They were not working as we intended, so they have been removed until they are working correctly, or until we determine they are not needed.

Help Menu

The DevTalk feature formerly accessed using F12 can now be toggled on and off using F1.
There is a new Help button beside the start menu in the lower left. Clicking on the gold ? button will bring up help and information to help newer players around the game. You can open these for reference any time. There are four areas:

    1. Getting Started

      This will automatically open for new characters and is intended to help give direction to the first hour of gameplay.

    2. Tech Tree

      This is a tree diagram that details the progression of crafting stations.

    3. Building Tips

      This page details the basics of the building tools and how to use them, along with any relevant hotkeys.

    4. Resources Guide

      This page explains all the mined and harvestable resources, and what kind of equipment it takes to harvest them.

First Time Events
(aka: making life friendlier for new players)

We’ve added a First Time Event system which allows us to give information or items when certain events happen for the first time. Normally this would only affect brand new characters, but since the system has just been added, on the first login after this patch ALL characters will be treated as new characters. If you are not a new character, you can ignore these or not as you prefer:

    Upon first login after the patch, all characters will see the Getting Started guide and have the Claim Flag recipe added to the new Gathering List.
    Upon first claim placement after the patch, all characters will experience the following changes:

      Building Tips help window will open automatically
      All Building Tools except Add Tool will be added to inventory (if you already have them, you can delete the duplicates)
      Additional changes related to this:

        Building Tools can no longer be crafted at any crafting stations
        Lost Building Tools can be retrieved by clicking on the Resupply Chest
        New characters will only receive the Add Tool with starting items
        You can now retrieve your Add Tool from the Resupply Chest at the hub if you happen to lose yours.


Home decorators rejoice: several new furniture props have been added to the Tinkerer’s Workshop, to make your castle, lighthouse, ziggurat, or dungeon more cozy!

    Padded Sofa
    Padded Armchair
    Fireplace Screen
    Fireplace Tools
    Small Round Regal Table
    Round Pillow (Black)
    Round Pillow (Blue)
    Round Pillow (Gold)
    Round Pillow (Green)
    Round Pillow (Pink)
    Round Pillow (Purple)
    Round Pillow (White)
    Plush Pillow (Black)
    Plush Pillow (Blue)
    Plush Pillow (Gold)
    Plush Pillow (Green)
    Plush Pillow (Pink)
    Plush Pillow (Purple)
    Plush Pillow (White)

Keyboard shortcut changes

    F1 is now used for DevTalk rather than F12

Claim management

    You can now view and manage all your claims in the claim management window (U), regardless of which island you are on.

Bug Fixes

    There was an issue with the screen being all white for some people when they had graphics settings set to low. This should now be fixed.
    Grappling hook should now work better when the camera is zoomed far back
    Selecting the corner triangles of the selection tool should be more reliable now
    /bug now works without additional text at the end
    Plumthistle Builder’s Chest can now be purchased in the Exchange
    Placing a block in the water could cause a “hole” in the ocean. This has been fixed.
    A bug preventing selection of eye color for new female characters has been fixed.
    You can once again rotate your character in character create to see what the back of your hair looks like.


Mercredi 7 mai 2014
Table ronde - Une créativité encadrée pour préserver l'univers EQ Next

Les joueurs d'EverQuest Next doivent-ils profiter de la même liberté créatrice que ceux de Landmark ? Si Sony Online encourage la créativité, elle ne doit pas contrarier le gameplay et la cohérence de la licence EverQuest.

Ponctuellement, les équipes de développement du studio Sony Online consultent les joueurs sur l'avenir d'EverQuest Next (le MMORPG) et de Landmark (le MMO de construction) dans le cadre de Tables Rondes thématiques. La dernière en date interroge sur le degré de liberté qu'il convient de laisser aux joueurs dans l'univers d'EQ Next.
On le sait, dans Landmark, les joueurs sont libres de façonner l'univers de jeu comme ils l'entendent. On compte ainsi de nombreuses créations très impressionnantes, mais comme dans toute plateforme reposant sur la création de contenu par les joueurs, certains créateurs prennent aussi des libertés avec l'univers traditionnel de la licence EverQuest (certains imaginent des structures de science-fiction, d'inspiration western, d'autres y ont recréé le village des bisounours). Doit-on laisser la même liberté aux créateurs qui interviendront dans EQ Next ? Les joueurs sont partagés : les uns militent pour une grande liberté d'action, les autres souhaitent éviter les inévitables dérives et encadrer les constructions ou les limiter à certaines zones. C'est l'approche retenue par l'équipe de développement.

Selon Jeff Butler, le développeur est très impressionné et réellement enthousiasmé par la créativité des joueurs. Pour autant, on comprend qu'il convient à la fois de préserver la cohérence de l'univers d'EverQuest et d'assurer un gameplay efficace au MMORPG -- ce serait impossible si les joueurs pouvait construire tout et n'importe quoi, n'importe où.
À en croire le développeur, dans certaines zones, les joueurs auront une grande liberté d'action mais quelques restrictions leur seront imposées (pour « respecter le style graphique de la licence EQ »).
Jeff Butler imagine surtout des concours (sur le modèle de celui actuellement en cours dans Landmark) permettant d'identifier les joueurs les plus talentueux et dont l'enjeu serait l'acquisition d'un terrain emblématique dans le monde d'EverQuest Next, qu'ils pourraient façonner et sur lequel ils pourraient ériger des structures dans le ton du lieu. Une méthode permettant de donner libre cours à la créativité des joueurs dans le respect de la licence -- et qui aurait l'avantage de créer des mondes différents d'un serveur à l'autre et de doter chaque monde d'une réelle identité, mais aussi de faciliter le contrôle du développeur sur le contenu de son univers (évitant ainsi les contenus inappropriés, voire clairement illégaux).
Selon Jeff Butler, les joueurs restent l'une des principales sources d'inspiration des équipes de développement et le développeur entend poursuivre, dans le cadre d'EQ Next, la collaboration qui s'est instaurée dans Landmark.


Mercredi 7 mai 2014
Landmark - Update Notes

Water! (Oceans, Phase 1)

    Welcome to the first part of our water system, Phase 1 of Oceans!
    All islands are now surrounded by water.
    As this is the first phase, there are a few caveats:

      You cannot swim. Swimming as a system has multitudes of requirements: robust animations, swimming above and below water, drowning (which means health, a revive system, etc) and countless others. Instead of waiting until every system is in and fully functional, we'd rather get this first phase out to you now.
      Interacting with the oceans right now means you're simply walking on top of it. Let's just pretend everyone has Boots of Water Walking, okay?
      If you had a claim at the very edges of the Island, it's possible that your claim is now underwater!
      Since you cannot swim at the moment, that means the only way to access said claim is to use a Portal Shard and teleport to it.
      It's completely up to you if you want to leave your claim there, but realize that when you're underwater, it's not as if you're actually in a water volume - you're simply walking around at the bottom of the sea.
      In the current phase, water cannot be used in building. If you try to select it, you will be told that material is currently unavailable to build with.

Crafting / Harvesting Changes

We've made multiple balance changes to crafting and harvesting in this update - and will continue to do so as we proceed through Closed Beta.

    We've moved Item Upgrading to the Stone Forge, making it available at the hub. To compensate the loss of this exclusive feature from the Tech Forge, we're adding an inherent boost to the quality of all items the Tech Forge creates.
    The recipe costs for all picks and axes have been reduced. This is a balance change aimed at reducing the early game grind from tool to tool, and to make upgrading costs more palatable, as upgrade costs are directly proportional to the cost of the item being upgraded. Early tier tools received a larger cost reduction than later tier tools.
    Claim Flags are now crafted with copper ore and heartwood.
    The difference between Restored Talismans and Restored Idols was not significant enough to warrant keeping both of these item types, so we are retiring Idols and slightly buffing Talismans. This doesn’t mean we are removing Idols from the game, we just won’t be dropping Idol fragments anymore from any sources. Any existing Idol fragments you’ve already collected can still be restored and Restored Idols can still be used to upgrade items.
    Relics dropped from the world have been changed to Relic Fragments. Several fragments are now needed to make a single Restored Relic, however you no longer need additional components such as elemental resources or gems to craft Restored Relics. The drop rate of Relic Fragments from dirt, sand, and stone has also been increased, and sifted bags can now drop several relics (up to 6 per bag) instead of 1 or very rarely 2 relics per bag.
    Veins of Ancient Earth have been added to all tiers of islands. Ancient Earth is a large pocket of dark-brown soil that offers a chance to find relic fragments needed to upgrade your harvesting tools.

      On tier 1 islands, the veins can contain Talisman and Idol Fragments.
      On tier 2 islands, the veins can contain Talisman, Idol, and Rune Stone Fragments.
      On tier 3 islands and higher, the veins can contain Talisman, Idol, Rune Stone, and Artifact Fragments.

    Sifters can now sift stone, in addition to dirt and sand.
    Sifters can no longer be used to convert dirt, sand, or stone directly into ore, gems, or relics. Instead sifters now convert dirt, sand, or stone into a single bag that gives a random assortment of ore, gems, or relics up to the tier above the tier of the sifter. This means that a bag crafted at a tier 5 sifter would have a chance to drop tier 6 resources.
    The recipes used to create sifters have been modified.

      The Roughwork Sifter is now crafted with Tier 2 resources.
      The Tradesman’s Sifter is now crafted with Tier 3 resources.
      The Masterwork Sifter is now crafted with Tier 5 resources.

    Recipe Category sorting has been adjusted at the Outfitter’s Table and Tinkerer’s Workshop to make non-cosmetic items crafted at these stations more apparent.
    Several changes have been made to the crafting stations spawned at Hubs.

      The Basic Forge has been replaced with the Stone Forge.
      The Basic Workshop has been replaced with the Tinkerer’s Workshop.
      The Alchemy Station and Outfitter’s Table have both been added to all Hubs.

    The Tinkerer’s Workshop now has a new model! This model is not complete in terms of Animation and FX, but we wanted to get the new one out ASAP, since the previous one was using a Saw Table model (which led to a bit of confusion.)
    Stone Tools have been removed from the Basic Forge, but can now be retrieved from the Resupply Chest.
    The Silver Sickle is now using its originally intended cone-shaped targeting system. Note that harvestable plants will now only highlight while inside the targeting cone.
    The frequency of gem nodes has been slightly increased.
    Nodes that combine common gems and metals now have the gemstone at both the beginning of the vein and at the end. This should make the gem portion more visible. This affects copper/agate, iron/aquamarine, tungsten/amethyst, cobalt/sapphire, and mithril/ruby.

Cross World Parties

    You're now able to properly party with people who are across multiple worlds.

Menu Changes

    We've re-arranged some icons, and added a new "Help" icon to the bottom left Menu bar.

      The first icon of the spotlights is for the Showcase. This is where you can buy in-game items and resources, as well as access the Gallery to browse other player's claims.
      The next three remain unchanged - Templates, Inventory, and the Map.
      The Question Mark icon is new - this is the Help menu. Right now, this leads you to a "Getting Started" page that will provide some tips and tricks to newer players. This menu will expand in the future.


    Several decorative sea shell props and a starfish prop has been added to the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

      Conch Shell
      Yellow Speckled Shell
      Red Speckled Shell
      Open Speckled Shell

    Also of Note: With our regular prop releases we’ve managed to publish quite a few props since the launch of alpha! However, this has made finding a particular prop rather difficult in our current crafting interface, which is why all prop recipes have now been sorted. Look for chests first, non interactive props second, animated props third, and light sources last.


    Bundles of Cotton, Jute, Plumthistle, and Sunblossom are now available in the Showcase.

Rotate / Translate change

    We've moved the modal change of Rotate / Translate off of SHIFT + TAB, to Tilde (`). Changing the axis when in one of those modes is still TAB.
    To reiterate:

      With a prop or paste volume active, press Tilde (~) to change between Translate / Rotate / Scale.
      While in Translate or Rotate modes, press TAB to switch the axis.

Camera Change

    Increased the maximum distance the camera can be zoomed out from the character to make it easier to position and place large templates. For now, it will be possible to zoom the camera out to this new distance, however, we plan to limit this so it will only be possible to do so when placing a template or pasting large selections in the near future.


    Added a toggle to the Claim dropdown to switch your own Claim Boundaries on and off.
    The Claim Boundary graphic has been simplified a bit. Having the boundary on is quite useful when building, but previously it had too many things going on with it – decorative corners, bright blue walls that were hard to see through, etc. It’s now a very simple box. We’re still using the old Claim Boundary box on the map though!

Bug Fixes

    Pressing “R” after receiving a tell will automatically populate a reply to that person.
    When a selection volume extends past the bounds where it is allowed to be used, it will turn red just like all the other tools.
    Made it easier to select the faces on the Selection Volume when the volume is at its smallest size.
    You now receive the following error message when trying to delete a claim from another island: “Your claim cannot be deleted from here. To delete a claim, you must be on the same island as the claim.”
    Woven Cotton, Jute, Plumthistle and Sunblossom are no longer using placeholder icons.
    Sometimes you'd see a "0 Voxel" selection volume below the world. This should be resolved.

Mardi 6 mai 2014
Schéma de développement de Mai à Août

Le mmog sandbox Landmark développé par SOE continue son petit bonhomme de chemin dans son développement.
Voici quelques jours, son directeur de développement, David Gorgeson, a mis en ligne la trame chronologique espérée des fonctionnalités à venir pour les 4 prochains mois. En voici la traduction (condensée) !

Première quinzaine de Mai


      Toutes les zones dépressives seront remplies d'océans créant ainsi des baies et des îles. Au départ il sera impossible d'y nager ou d'explorer les zones sous-marines.


      Exploration de cavernes reliées à la surface, avec tout un réseau les reliant les unes aux autres et à découvrir. Toutes les ressources seront proposées dans les cavernes, sur chaque continent. Un système de Détection de Ressources permettra de connaitre la direction des ressources lorsque vous creuserez.

    Player studio

      Les templates des "oeuvres" créées par les joueurs seront disponibles à la vente sur le Player Studio.

    Aide aux nouveaux joueurs 

      Information sur les ressources à collecter en tout lieu (en dehors de la fenêtre des ateliers de fabrication).
      Un schéma de progression des améliorations des ateliers de fabrication (et ce qu'ils permettent de fabriquer).
      Des améliorations sur la fenêtre de chat.
      Obtention de tous les outils basiques de fabrication lors de la réclamation d'un territoire ; tous les ateliers de fabrication basiques seront disponibles au Hub.
      Amélioration du visuel des limites de votre territoire.

Deuxième quinzaine de Mai

Outils de Service Clients : tout est dans l'intitulé...

    Crafting 2.0

      De nombreuses choses, certaines seront peut-être disponibles qu'en Juin. Cela inclus le "Imbuing", "Refining", "Reinforcing" et le "Salvaging" qui complètent "l'Upgrading" introduit dernièrement.

    Chasse aux trésors

      Des récompenses apparaîtront dans les cavernes. A vous de les trouver !


      Un système de VoiP intégré directement dans Landmark, pour ceux n'utilisant pas Ventrillo/TeamSpeak.

    Fonctionnalités "sous-marines"

      Possibilité de nager, ajout d'effets sous-marins et de la flore sous-marine.

    Amélioration de la carte

      Vous pourrez y trouver les territoires des joueurs, définir des points de navigation, des tags, etc.

    Ajout d'une minimap

      De nombreuses infos indiquées dessus.

En Juin

    "My Store"

      Un espace personnel pour gérer votre Player Studio.


      Comme matériau de construction (en voxel).

    Amélioration de la personnalisation des personnages

      Plus de choix, plus de personnalisation pour votre personnage.

    Claims 2.0

      Ajout d'un bouton permettant de placer directement les templates (ceux à la taille de votre territoire), et vous autorisant aussi de sélectionner à la volée l'un de vos templates (selon l'humeur du jour) ; système de "cap" de territoires (plus vous jouez, plus le nombre de nouveaux territoires est élevé) et augmentation du nombres d'extensions de vos territoires (créant ainsi de véritables villages) ; changement sur le système de loyer des territoires (à la place du système de location actuel à 8 jours).


      Echange des ressources contre de la monnaie (aussi bien pour payer les loyers des terrains que pour commercer avec les autres joueurs), et ajout des étales de boutiques situées au hub (vous permettant de vendre vos productions aux joueurs itinérants).


      Système de santé et de dommages. Avec une mort contraignante, seront aussi ajoutées les "Shields", un système de défenses permettant de réduire les risques de mort.

    Encore plus de choses sur la carte

      Un "brouillard de guerre" sera ajouté sur la carte (tant que vous n'explorez pas la zone concernée, elle ne sera pas visible) ; vous pourrez voir les cartes des autres îles et continents (pour le moment, vous ne pouvez visualiser que la carte du continent courant). Cela vous permettra de trouver spécifiquement un biome voulu, ou bien les les zones non encore revendiquées.

    Recettes et Exploits

      Ajout d'un livre de recettes, vous permettant de collecter les recettes de fabrication lors de vos explorations et vous autorisant, seulement à partir du moment de leur découverte, la création des objets concernés (le système actuel où toutes les recettes sont disponibles est donc provisoire).
      Les Exploits ne permettront non seulement de vous récompenser d'avoir effectuer des actions spécifiques, mais aussi de pousser les joueurs à explorer le jeu quand ils le découvrent pour les toutes premières fois.

    Système sociable

      Un petit titre pour beaucoup de choses. Il s'agit du "Chat 2.0" (refonte du chat actuel, comme l'introduction des liens et du "Message du jour", nous permettant de vous communiquer des choses essentielles, la configuration et les options de canaux), ainsi que de la refonte du système de Groupe et l'ajout de la gestion des Guildes.

    Voxel Liquide

      L'eau devient un matériau utilisable [NdT : attention, il ne s'agit pas encore de l'eau dynamique !].

En Juillet

Forte propension à ce que ces fonctionnalités subissent des changements d'ici là ! 

    Système de pièces d'équipements

      Disparition du vêtement unique ! Désormais il y aura plusieurs pièces d'équipements ce qui permettra une personnalisation plus complète des personnages, mais sera aussi essentiel au système d'Armure, lui-même nécessaire pour les Combats !


      Un seul mot pour définir plusieurs choses

        Pathing : un monde à base de voxels rend vraiment très compliqué la mise en place d'un système de pathing pour l'IA. Mais il devrait être opérationnel pour juillet.  Compétences: compétences que vous pouvez créer et apprendre. Et bien sûr, les compétences pour les Monstres...
        Système de physique : toujours lié à un monde fait de voxels. Les interactions nécessitent un système de physique.
        Ciblage : A la fois pour les joueurs et les monstres.
        Projectiles : les projectiles constituent un système totalement séparé de celui du corps-à-corps.
        Monstres et récompenses : il n'y pas de PvE sans ennemis, et aucune raison de prendre de risque sans récompense (une extension du système de Chasse aux trésors)

      Tout ceci n'est pas vraiment une façon attrayante pour décrire ce que cela apportera au jeu en terme de danger, d'adrénaline et de vie. 


      Ajout de la fonctionnalité d'emotes basés sur les expressions faciales du joueur (via une webcam). Ajout aussi de la possibilité d'enregistrer vos propres emotes, et de changer le son de votre voix sur le VoiP (pour le RP ou l'anonymat).

    Etendues d'eaux en altitude

      Des étangs et des lacs à différentes altitudes.

En Août 

Avant le SOE Live de mi-août. Mais vu que les développeurs sont des humains et qu'ils ont besoin de repos, il n'est pas certain de voir ces fonctionnalités à ce moment là. Mais voici notre objectif :

    Amélioration des outils de construction

      Nous utilisions ces outils depuis mal de temps et nous savons jouer de leurs faiblesses, mais des faiblesses ils en ont et elles doivent être supprimées ! Nous collectons les retours sur tous les outils et apportons des améliorations. Quelque part en juillet ou en août, ces améliorations devraient arriver dans le jeu...


      Yep ! Les chevaux sont le premier objectif.

    Eau dynamique

      De l'eau qui s'écoule et que vous pouvez manipuler et contrôler avec des sceaux, ou des barrages et des ponceaux.

Et pour la suite... 

C'est tout pour le moment. Bien entendu, d'autres choses sont prévus qui ne sont pas mentionnées ici (comme le PvP, et la création/gestion de donjons).


Lundi 5 mai 2014
Vers l'intégration officielle des premières créations de joueurs

Dans Landmark, les joueurs façonnent l'univers de jeu au gré de leurs créations. Les plus remarquables (selon les joueurs et les développeurs) seront pérennisées pour définir l'identité de chaque zone de Landmark.

On le sait, le studio Sony Online définit Landmark comme un « MMO social de construction » : le développeur fournit un lopin de terre et des outils de construction aux joueurs qui façonnent ensuite leur parcelle virtuelle et laissent libre cours à leur imagination.

Certains joueurs se montrent particulièrement créatifs (leurs réalisations se dévoilent en vidéo ci-dessous) et certaines de ces créations ont vocation à être « officialisées » pour être officiellement intégrées à l'univers de Landmark (voire d'EverQuest Next si la création est conforme à la trame du MMORPG).

Pour distinguer les meilleures créations de joueurs, Sony Online invitait récemment les architectes à participer à un concours créatif. Depuis le début du mois, les joueurs votent in-game pour saluer leurs créations préférées (générant un classement populaire strictement indicatif) et à partir du 7 mai prochain, les développeurs départageront officiellement les participants.
Celles retenues par l'équipe de SOE (les plus spectaculaires et créatives, les chefs d'oeuvres des créateurs) seront officiellement intégrées dans les « hubs » de Landmark, ces zones d'accueil des îles du jeu de construction. Les créations de joueurs auront ainsi vocation à définir l'identité de la zone (« comme la Tour Eiffel définit Paris ou le Golden Gate Bridge définit San Francisco ») et seront définitivement préservées, complétées d'une plaque commémorative mentionnant le nom des créateurs.
Pour l'instant, ces créations n'ont pas vocation à intégrer l'univers d'EverQuest Next, mais on imagine que des concours similaires pourraient être organisés pour commencer à façonner le contenu du prochain MMORPG de Sony Online -- sous réserve de respecter la trame et l'histoire de l'univers.


Lundi 5 mai 2014
Landmark - Update Notes


    Our first competition is now live! Read more about the Submission process here:
    In the new Template Inspect Window, there is a new button called "Competitions."
    From here, you can submit that template to any Competition that is active.
    To view submissions, use the Category pull down in the Gallery. This competition is called "Landmarks of Landmark."

Claim Feedback

    The Claim Feedback button is now active on other players claims! Have you ever visited an amazing claim, and wanted to leave the owner a note?
    Maybe you wanted to donate some materials so they could finish their project? Now you can!
    When on another players claim, you can send them Feedback by clicking the button in the drop-down claim header.
    This will open a Mail window and you can let them know how much you like their claim, and / or attach a gift or two!

Teleport to Claim from Gallery

    Did you find a really awesome claim in the Gallery that you want to see in person? Well now you can go there directly, assuming you've crafted some Portal Shards! (Portal Shards can be crafted at any Workshop.)
    Simply click the Teleport button in the gallery, and we'll whisk you away to that claim.
    Teleport to a Claim in the Gallery has a 30 minute cooldown. Also note that we've reduced the cooldown of Teleporting to your own claim from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

Chat Improvements

    You can now split off multiple tabs of chat in to their own windows!
    Added an Options Button that opens the Options screen from the Game Options ESC menu
    Renamed "Default" to simply "Chat"
    These changes currently won’t save between sessions of the game, but we’ll be getting that in ASAP. We thought this would still be useful enough to everyone without it so we wanted to get it to you this week.

New Props

    New props can now be crafted on the Tinkerer’s Workshop!
    Small Round Rug
    Runner Rug
    Large Rectangular Rug
    Medium Candle Group
    Large Candle Group
    Wooden Bed
    Wooden Bench
    Wooden Stool
    Wooden Crate
    Painted Wooden Chair
    Rustic Bookcase

Also of note: The Smelter Refining Station has a new model!

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where items were disappearing from chests. If you return to the Island that has your Claim that had said chest, the items should spit out in to your Overflow Inventory.
    If you had lost items from your claim previously, even if not related to chests, there is a good chance they will also be restored to your Overflow Inventory when you return to your claim island!
    Fixed an issue where if you had the EXACT amount of materials required for an upgrade, it would fail.
    Sometimes the sifter counts in the recipe window would not update properly. Fixed.
    Addressed an issue where a Tree health bar would appear on the map if you started to harvest a tree and opened the map at the same time.
    Fixed an issue where a tooltip would remain on the screen if you pressed ESC while in the mailbox.
    /afk now has a default message.
    If you had just switched toolbars and then pressed SPACEBAR, it would switch to the next toolbar. Fixed.
    Sometimes the tabs in the chat would become unresponsive. This should be fixed.
    Party Member names should now display properly on the map.
    Clicking on "Add Friend" should now give that text box focus.
    Fixed an issue where other UI windows would be on a higher layer than the map, and could not be closed.
    Fixed an issue where sometimes the Inspect and Place button in the Template Window would require two clicks to activate.
    Sometimes you would receive a message that you needed to delete attachment claims before you could delete the root claim, even if you didn't have any attachment claims. This is fixed.
    The color of an outfit has been moved to the end of the outfit’s name to make it easier to sort outfits. For example, "Adventurer's Hiking Gear (Black)"

Vendredi 2 mai 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes


    Fixed an issue where Crafted items that had upgrade slots would lose their slots, if they were placed in a chest and the server was bounced. However, we're unable to fix the existing items that were broken because of this bug. Unfortunately, that data is not recoverable. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
    Adjusted the Cooldowns on Teleports to make it easier to visit cool claims and see the world!

      Teleporting to another player’s claim via the Gallery no longer costs a Portal Shard, and now has an independent 2 minute cooldown.
      Teleporting to your own claim or the Spire still consumes a Portal Shard and has a shared cooldown, but this has been reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.
      Teleport to friend remains unchanged, with a 30 minute cooldown.

    Some Competition entries were not showing in the Gallery if they had the max amount of tags (ten.) This is will now work appropriately.

Jeudi 1 mai 2014
Landmark - Update notes


    Our first competition is now live! Read more about the Submission process here:
    In the new Template Inspect Window, there is a new button called "Competitions."
    From here, you can submit that template to any Competition that is active.
    To view submissions, use the Category pull down in the Gallery. This competition is called "Landmarks of Landmark."

Claim Feedback

    The Claim Feedback button is now active on other players claims! Have you ever visited an amazing claim, and wanted to leave the owner a note?
    Maybe you wanted to donate some materials so they could finish their project? Now you can!
    When on another players claim, you can send them Feedback by clicking the button in the drop-down claim header.
    This will open a Mail window and you can let them know how much you like their claim, and / or attach a gift or two!

Teleport to Claim from Gallery

    Did you find a really awesome claim in the Gallery that you want to see in person? Well now you can go there directly, assuming you've crafted some Portal Shards! (Portal Shards can be crafted at any Workshop.)
    Simply click the Teleport button in the gallery, and we'll whisk you away to that claim.
    Teleport to a Claim in the Gallery has a 30 minute cooldown. Also note that we've reduced the cooldown of Teleporting to your own claim from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.

Chat Improvements

    You can now split off multiple tabs of chat in to their own windows!
    Added an Options Button that opens the Options screen from the Game Options ESC menu
    Renamed "Default" to simply "Chat"
    These changes currently won’t save between sessions of the game, but we’ll be getting that in ASAP. We thought this would still be useful enough to everyone without it so we wanted to get it to you this week.

New Props

    New props can now be crafted on the Tinkerer’s Workshop!
    Small Round Rug
    Runner Rug
    Large Rectangular Rug
    Medium Candle Group
    Large Candle Group
    Wooden Bed
    Wooden Bench
    Wooden Stool
    Wooden Crate
    Painted Wooden Chair
    Rustic Bookcase

Also of note: The Smelter Refining Station has a new model!

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where items were disappearing from chests. If you return to the Island that has your Claim that had said chest, the items should spit out in to your Overflow Inventory.
    If you had lost items from your claim previously, even if not related to chests, there is a good chance they will also be restored to your Overflow Inventory when you return to your claim island!
    Fixed an issue where if you had the EXACT amount of materials required for an upgrade, it would fail.
    Sometimes the sifter counts in the recipe window would not update properly. Fixed.
    Addressed an issue where a Tree health bar would appear on the map if you started to harvest a tree and opened the map at the same time.
    Fixed an issue where a tooltip would remain on the screen if you pressed ESC while in the mailbox.
    /afk now has a default message.
    If you had just switched toolbars and then pressed SPACEBAR, it would switch to the next toolbar. Fixed.
    Sometimes the tabs in the chat would become unresponsive. This should be fixed.
    Party Member names should now display properly on the map.
    Clicking on "Add Friend" should now give that text box focus.
    Fixed an issue where other UI windows would be on a higher layer than the map, and could not be closed.
    Fixed an issue where sometimes the Inspect and Place button in the Template Window would require two clicks to activate.
    Sometimes you would receive a message that you needed to delete attachment claims before you could delete the root claim, even if you didn't have any attachment claims. This is fixed.
    The color of an outfit has been moved to the end of the outfit’s name to make it easier to sort outfits. For example, "Adventurer's Hiking Gear (Black)"

Vendredi 25 avril 2014
Landmark - Hotfix notes

Hotfix Notes

    There was an issue where harvestable plants were not highlighting when you had the sickle equipped. This is now fixed.
    We were using an overly aggressive word filter with Claim Descriptions, which could cause a submission to the Gallery to fail. It should be more lenient now.
    The Stone Forge has a new model!
    Fixed a UI issue with the Vault Slot information not scaling with the window.
    We now require a screenshot to be taken before you can tag your claim. This ensures that all Claims in the Gallery will always have a screenshot.
    Updated the Upkeep information to reflect the fact that we changed the max time from Five days to Eight. Oops.
    Fixed the sorting in the Template Window. All columns will now sort appropriately (alphabetically or numerically) when clicked. As a default, it will sort by Template Name alphabetically.
    Grappling hook stats have been restored to their values before the 4-24 patch. This change includes grappling hooks made pre and post patch. Grappling hooks are also once again crafted as Exceptional items. Unfortunately, Superior quality grappling hooks that were made after the 4-24 patch will remain Superior.
    The Exceptional Saw Table can now craft Worked Obsidian.
    Right Mouse clicks will now remove uncommitted relics.
    Fixed an issue where picking up uncommitted relics would not remove the slot, so that it could be dropped in to another.

Jeudi 24 avril 2014
Landmark - Update notes

Item Upgrading

    You can now upgrade most of the tools crafted at a forge (everything but Building Tools), allowing you to improve their primary statistics like damage, speed, and size, or even increase their quality from Superior all the way up to Legendary!

      The fancy new upgrading interface that makes this possible is unlocked at the Tech Forge, a new Tier 4 upgrade to the Stone Forge crafting station which can be crafted at any Workshop.

    To upgrade a tool it must have some number of upgrade slots, which are randomly assigned when the item is crafted, and which range from 1 – 5 slots depending on the tools initial quality.

      Unfortunately any tools created before this update are not upgradable, as we were unable to retroactively assign them upgrade slots. This does include the Founder’s Pickaxe. However, while we won’t be using this system to upgrade it, the Founder’s Pickaxe will receive its own path to power in a future update.
      Additionally, the Mastercraft Bracer now increases your chances to get more upgrade slots when crafting a tool, in addition to simply improving the chances of rolling better stats when that tool is initially crafted.
      Upgrading an items quality, i.e. improving it from Superior to Exceptional or Legendary, does not consume any of its allocated slots.

    Tools are also now always crafted at Superior quality, meaning the initial range used to determine a tools stats, and thus number of upgrade slots, is significantly smaller than it previously was (Hurray, less RNG!).

      As a result of this change all mods (the bonus tags like Fast or Biting that sometimes show up on tools) can now be randomly assigned to a crafted tool regardless of the tools quality. This means that Exceptional and Legendary mods can now be randomly rolled on Superior tools.

    Upgrades are facilitated by a new set of items called Restored Relics, which are crafted at the Alchemy Station using damaged relics found in dirt, sand, or common stone.
      Damaged relics are very uncommon, but they can also be acquired by sifting large amounts of dirt or sand at the various Sifter Refining Stations.

    The Item Upgrading system is phase one in a larger set of changes coming to crafting that we are collectively calling Crafting 2.0. For more information on Item Upgrading, and some of the other crafting systems we are planning on rolling out in the future, check out this Round Table response video by Lead System Designer, Michael Mann.

The Showcase, The Exchange, and The Gallery

    First it was the Marketplace, then it was the Trading Post. Now it's called the Showcase. Hopefully this is the last time we rename it!
    The Showcase has two categories, the Exchange and the Gallery.
    The Exchange consists of all of the items that we sell: Outfits, Props, Resources, etc. Eventually, when we let you guys sell your templates, this is the section where they'll live.
    The Gallery is what we're pretty excited about. This section lets you browse other players Claims!

    Here's how it works

      When you create a Claim, you can upload a Screenshot and add tags to your claim.
      Tags allow you to categorize what type of claim you're making, and in turn lets other players search for specific tags they'd like to see. For example, I'm currently building an underground military base with robots! I've set my tags to: SciFi, Military, Robots, Mecha, and Subterranean.
      As soon as I tag my Claim and add a screenshot, it'll show in the Gallery. If anyone searches one of my tags, or searches by my in-game name, they'll see my claims!
      Right now, each Claim will show the World Name, Island Name, and location. In the future, you'll be able to teleport to the claim, for the low cost of a Teleport Shard.

New Template Window

    The Template Window has received a bit of a revamp!
    It's been moved out of the left side tray, to the Start Menu. You can access it quickly with the "T" key.
    We now display the following information at a glance in each template:

      Name / Author / Primary Material used / How many Voxels are in it / How many Props are in it / The Date you've acquired it

    You can also click a template and inspect it, to get some additional information:

      A screenshot (if you've taken one)
      Exact numbers on how many voxels of each material you’ve used
      Exact numbers on how many of each prop you've used

    From here, you can also enter that template in to any Competitions that are currently running.

Claim Upkeep

    We've increased the max amount to 8 days. We're still working on a system that will increase this cap, the longer you've had the claim, but hopefully this will give some of you a bit of padding with your upkeep.
    The Mail window has received a bit of an UI update, with near final art assets. We also plugged in some extra functionality (the ability to take all attachments at once, for example) as well as stubbed out some future functionality (attaching currency, and Cash On Delivery.)


    Pockets that increase the number of available inventory and vault slots have been added to the Showcase. Once our Merchant and Currency systems are implemented, you'll be able to purchase these same items with in-game currency. Until then, we're making them available on the Showcase.

Tree Harvesting

    Chopping down trees just became a bit easier on your clicking finger! Harvesting is now a toggle - simply click the tree once (with your axe equipped) and you'll continue to chop down the tree.

Character Delete

    We now prompt you to type in "DELETE" when deleting a character. That should prevent any inadvertent character deletions.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where props would become offset when you placed a template that was rotated.
    The collision for the Light Orbs were too big for the size of the model. Fixed!
    Added Apex FX to the Saw Table Crafting Stations.
    Added crafting progress FX to the player when using the Smelter, Infuser, and Tinkerer's Workshop.
    The descriptions for pulverizers have been updated to make clear that they do not collect any resources.
    Violet Light Orbs no longer require Red Lumicite to craft. They require Violet Lumicite.
    Tweaked the opacity of the Claim Box so it's easier to see through at night
    The paint tool will no longer allow you to try to paint if you don't have the required materials.
    Duplicating a prop that you just adjusted will no longer revert that prop to its previous size.
    Fixed an issue where a prop that is duplicated on a vertical surface would sometimes rotate 90 degrees
    We think we've nailed down that Mining / Pulverizer crash as well. Let us know if you continue to see it!

Vendredi 18 avril 2014
Hotfix coming tomorrow

So we have a lead on the issue causing issues when trying to get in to the game. The worlds are being hammered by some logic we put in the game this week. We're working on a fix for it but it won't be ready to go out tonight. So we're planning a hotfix for tomorrow at 1:00 PM PST (we will let you know if this shifts) to fix this issue and a couple of other fixes we can get out at the same time. Here's the list!

Bug Fixes

    Fix the issue that can stop players from getting in to the game from character select.
    Fix the anomalies that could occur when pasting a template without air.
    Fix an issue that could cause your client to display "old" data for part of the world you're modifying for a brief period of time.
    Fix an issue that was causing the following outfits to tint incorrectly

      Courtier's Regalia
      Noble's Regalia

Vendredi 18 avril 2014
Du verre et des trous d'air pour la construction sur Landmark

La dernière mise à jour du client bêta de Landmark permet notamment l'apparition des fenêtres transparentes, d'une boussole et la possibilité d'inclure ou d'exclure l'air, une gestion du « rien » quand il s'agit de voxel.

La construction sur Landmark gagne petit à petit des possibilités au fil des mises à jours. Les développeurs de SOE se sont notamment penchés sur le cas du vide avec le mode Tweak, à prendre en considération avec le voxel. Même invisible, le bloc en 3D peut ou ne pas être là.

Pour poursuivre sur la transparence, il sera justement possible de fabriquer des fenêtres transparentes, de quoi finaliser un certain nombre de créations. Histoire de ne pas perdre le nord, une boussole a été implantée parmi d'autres nouveautés et ajustements.

    Nouvelles options du mode Tweak

    • Quand vous collez ou placez un Template en mode Tweak (Maj+clic gauche), vous avez maintenant une nouvelle option : la possibilité d'inclure ou d'exclure l'air.
    • Quand vous construisez avec des voxels, si vous supprimez une partie de la construction, ces voxels deviennent de l'air. Cela veut dire qu'il y a en fait quelque chose dans cet espace, c'est juste que vous ne pouvez pas le voir. Si vous aviez utilisez l'outil Heal sur cet espace, ça l'aurai remplit avec du « rien » (au lieu d'air).
    • Ca veut dire que si vous copiez/collez un volume avec de l'air dans un endroit avec des voxels cela va laisser un espace vide.


    • Votre interface est maintenant équipée d'une boussole. L'époque où vous deviez constamment ouvrir la carte pour vérifier si vous étiez sur le bon chemin est maintenant révolue !

    Nouveaux Props !

    • Les orbes de lumières que nous avions ajoutés à la boutique en ligne sont maintenant fabricable dans le jeu. Il vous suffit pour ça d'utiliser un Tinker's Workshop
    • Vous pouvez maintenant fabriquer des fenêtres transparentes.

    Fenêtre pop-up de Claim simplifiée

    • Suppression du graphique « température »
    • Affichage du nombre de Likes durant les 7 derniers jours
    • Si vous passez votre curseur sur les likes, vous pourrez voir leur nombre total depuis la création du Claim.

Mercredi 16 avril 2014
Update Notes

Here are all the new things we've added and the bugs we've fixed since the update last week! Have fun and let us know what you think!

New Tweak Option!

    When you want to Paste or put down a Template in Tweak Mode, there is a new option: The ability to include/exclude air.
    For the advanced builders out there, you probably already know what this means. To everyone else, let me explain a bit.

      When you're building with voxels, if you delete anything, that voxel space becomes "air." That means there's actually something in that space, you simply can't see it. Now if you had healed that space, it would essentially fill that area with "nothing."
      This means that if you copy and paste an area with "air" in to another area with voxels, it will leave an empty space. This can sometimes be an issue if you want to interpenetrate a pasted volume in to another area with voxels. It will remove chunks of an area that you may not have realized had "air."


    There's now a Compass on your HUD. Gone are the days of constantly switching to the map to see if you're going in the right direction!

New Props!

    As we stated last week, the Light Orbs that we added to the Trading Post are now craftable in-game. Just visit a Tinker's Workshop and craft to your heart’s content.
    Transparent Glass Windows are now craftable at the Tinker's Workshop.

Simplified Claim Walk-On window

    Removed the temperature graphic.
    The number of likes within the past seven days will now display.
    If you hover over the number of likes, it will show you the number of Lifetime likes.

Bug Fixes

    If you sorted by slot in the Supplies window, blank icons would display. Fixed.
    Fixed an issue where you would remain floating in a grappling animation if the tree you were hanging on was destroyed.
    Sometimes props would remain in the world on an expired claim, if they were put there by someone other than the claim owner. This shouldn't happen any longer.
    The Beta Boost potion FX should no longer play each time you switch tools.
    Posting to Facebook via the Social Window without attaching a screenshot, should no longer attach a blank screenshot.
    Previously it was possible to stack numerous items on top of each other in the Mail attachment window. Not anymore!
    Made sure that the error audio would play each time you attempted to use a tool that had a Red (invalid) cursor.
    Fixed an issue where props placed by other players would not display the scale and rotation changes.
    There was an issue where props placed by other players would not be able to be moved on your claim. This is fixed.
    Decreased the interaction size on the Superior Loom.
    The newly added Light Orbs will now show in the Props category in the Trading Post.
    Sometimes the Pulverizer audio would become distorted after changing Worlds / Islands.
    Fixed an issue where a Paste Preview would inexplicably drop to the ground, if you rotated / translated it in a certain way.
    Added a character limit to chat messages.
    Fixed an issue where user placed voxels would sometimes re-appear at a distance if they were deleted or removed with undo. (testable next build)
    Did a polish pass on all dull and shiny metals (similar to what we did last week with gold!)
    You can no longer trade items in a chest with other players, if that item is marked "NO TRADE"
    Fixed a leftover issue from last week regarding tooltips in Chests. You should no longer get in to a state where no tooltips are showing.
    Modified the Vault window in order to get rid of all that extra space on the bottom.


A couple of additional things:

    White Light Orbs have been added to the Trading Post. They can be purchased in bundles of 10.
    The following Trading Post items have had their prices adjusted:

      Now 900 SC: White Colonist’s Encounter Suit, Purple Casual Victorian Apparel, Red Casual Victorian Apparel, Black Casual Victorian Apparel
      Now 800 SC: Gold Casual Victorian Apparel
      Now 700 SC: Blue Casual Victorian Apparel
      Now 500 SC: Royal Blue Adventurer’s Gear

Jeudi 10 avril 2014
Hotfix Notes

So, there was clearly an issue with this morning's update and people were losing items from their collection inventory. We had to bring the servers down immediately to fix it and to stop anyone else from being affected.

We managed to reconstruct the data from the time the servers were brought down, so no one will have lost anything EXCEPT for things you collected during the roughly 60 minutes the servers were up after the update today. If you happened to have purchased something during that time, you will still have those items when you log back in and if for some reason you don't, please contact CS and we'll get it fixed up. We have all the purchases made during that time so we can easily track down any issues there.

Because of the extended downtime, we've added one full day of upkeep to everyone's upkeep bank (based on your current daily upkeep cost) to ensure that no one lost their claim during the downtime today.

We also fixed a tooltip bug that was a big pain that players reported in the hour that the servers were up!

    There was an issue where tooltips would completely cease to function if you interacted with an item in your chest. There is still a smaller bug where tooltips may not show after moving an item in a chest, but can be fixed by opening the chest again. We’ll get this fixed properly next update.

Jeudi 10 avril 2014
Update Notes

Claim Changes

    Good news, everyone! We have increased the number of claims you may own! You may now have two (2!) root claims and three (3!) attached claims. You will need to craft the flags to stake these claims as usual. Also be aware, that the limit on attached claims is a total limit of three. It is not three per root claim. For example, you can have one root claim that has all three attached claims but that will leave your other root claim with zero available attached claims.

Crafting Changes

Several recipes have been rebalanced to better support the current allocation of resources across Tiers. These include:

    All axes
    The silver sickle
    Both Grappling Hooks and Pulverizers
    All tiers of the sifter crafting station
    All accessories
    Additionally, the Ring of Brawn can now be crafted at the Basic Workshop and Iron Ingots can now be crafted at the Basic Forge.
    Grappling Hooks have also been renamed. The Bronze Grappling Hook is now the Explorer’s Grappling Hook and the Viridium Grappling Hook is now the Adventurer’s Grappling Hook.

    Mining / Harvesting Changes

      Ore veins have been changed so that metals of the same tier are now combined.

        Copper appears alone, as it is the only tier 1 metal.
        Iron has been paired with tin.
        Tungsten has been paired with silver.
        Cobalt has been paired with gold.
        Mithril has been paired with rubicite.

      Individual veins of tin, silver, and gold have been added to tiers 2, 3, and 4, respectively.
      Descriptions of metals, gems, and stone have been updated to clarify where they can best be found.
      Rebalanced spawn weight of Cotton, Jute, Plumthistle and Sunblossom to help even the spawn chance of each plant. Also slightly increased model size of Jute to help it better stand out against the environment.
      Sundrop Heartwood is now called Petrified Heartwood
      Vital Heartwood is now called Ancient Heartwood
      Serpentine Heartwood is now called Mossy Heartwood

New Props

We’ve added a handful of craftable props to the crafting stations!

    White Light Orbs, two stained glass windows and a pair of iron braziers can now be crafted at the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

New Material!

    Pink Lumicite is now available to craft at the Saw Table. Just in time for Easter.

The Showcase (previously the Trading Post)

    We’ve renamed the Trading Post to the Showcase! We decided to do this because it is going to be used for a lot more than just purchasing items. We’ll be adding the ability to easily browse through and vote on all of the entries in a given competition. You’ll also be able to easily browse through and find claims in the world that you might be interested in visiting!
    The Showcase is now available outside of the game!
    We’ve added some new items to the Showcase!

      Orbs of different colored light (Blue / Green / Indigo / Orange / Red / Violet / Yellow)
      Navy Blue Wandering Nomad’s Finery (This is a brand new outfit!)
      White Wandering Nomad’s Finery
      Black Formal Victorian Wear
      Black Casual Victorian Wear
      Royal Blue Adventurer’s Gear
      Red Colonist’s Encounter Suit
      Mithril Builder’s Bag and Mithril Builder’s Chest
      Diamond Builder’s Bag and Diamond Builder’s Chest

    All items purchased from the Trading Post can now be traded 12 hours after purchase. Just as a reminder – items purchased from the Trading Post are not re-granted if you delete your character!


    We’ve added swappable hotbars to the game! Want to have all of your building tools one one bar, all your mining tools on another? You can do that! You can swap your hotbars by pressing the arrows on the left side of your hotbar, or by pressing CTRL + 0-9.


    You can now use the Right Click menu on yourself and other players within the Party Menu. You can Promote to Leader, Kick a party member, or Leave Party.
    Sometimes, portions of the Crafting UI would not update when switching from one station to another.
    Changing islands would sometimes result in the outfit you were wearing to overlap with the default outfit. This should no longer occur.
    It was possible for stat bonuses to persist after you had switched out one equipped item for another.
    Sometimes you'd get an odd lightsource around your character when you went in to First Person mode. Fixed!
    The Leyline Station window will now close when you get a certain distance away from it.
    Heroic Movement animations should now display to other players.
    Revised the Gold building materials to be more gold-like.
    Added Audio to the Pulverizers.

Dimanche 6 avril 2014
Peu d'outils de création pour stimuler la créativité des joueurs

Faut-il de nouveaux outils de conception dans Landmark ? Peut-être, mais Sony Online préfère souligner que des outils génériques obligent les joueurs à faire preuve de créativité dans leur utilisation, tout en étoffant le méta-jeu.

« Player Studios » lancé d'ici au 1er mai et notamment en France

Faut-il de nouveaux outils de conception dans Landmark ? C'est la question soulevée par Omeed Dariani et Jake Sones (designer en charge de l'interface de Landmark) dans la dernière table ronde du « MMO social de construction » de Sony Online. Interrogés, les joueurs répondent évidemment par l'affirmative : de nouveaux outils sont manifestement toujours les bienvenus pour aider les constructeurs à façonner l'univers de jeu. Pour autant, les joueurs s'expriment peu sur le type ou l'usage des outils qui pourraient être ajoutés.
Et dans ce contexte, le développeur dit aussi hésiter à ajouter de nouveaux outils trop spécifiques, notamment parce qu'ils brideraient la créativité des joueurs. Avec des outils génériques, les joueurs se révèlent enclins à les détourner de leur objet premier pour les adapter à leur besoin spécifique (et effectivement, on sait les architectes de Landmark prompts à bidouiller, et parfois à réaliser des guides pour aider leurs compères). Le peu d'outils disponibles servirait donc le « meta-game ».

On n'est pas tout à fait sûr que les joueurs obligés de consacrer un temps de construction élevé à chacun des détails de leurs fabrications partagent le même avis. Dans l'immédiat, le développeur précise quoiqu'il en soit vouloir continuer à parfaire et peaufiner les outils existants de Landmark, tout en restant à l'écoute des joueurs en vue d'éventuels ajouts à venir.


Jeudi 3 avril 2014
Hotfix Notes

Brief update today

Bug fixes

    Fixed a bug where after you zoned, you would appear to be wearing two overlapping outfits.
    Fixed a couple of back-end and performance issues, most of which should not have impacted gameplay:

      Fixed a bug with our customer service tools
      Fixed an issue with claims upkeep timers
      Fixed an issue with logging of claim information that was generating too much data

Mercredi 2 avril 2014
Hotfix Notes

Hotfix Notes

    Fixed an issue where you couldn't Rotate or Translate props after they had already been placed.
    We also resolved an issue where very small Paste Volumes or Templates would not place. Rejoice, all you microvoxel builders!
    Also fixed an issue where wood props did not have the correct tint. Again.

Mercredi 2 avril 2014
Scheduled Update

Glowing Building Materials

    Eight new luminescent building materials can now be crafted at the Saw Table refining station. Once crafted, you can find Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and White Lumicite under the Stone section in your Material Tray.

GPU Physics

    For those with PhysX compatible graphics cards we’ve enabled GPU based turbulence and destruction particle effects. You can see some examples of these on the Leyline crystal on at the Portal Spire, the Void Vault, as well as mining and harvesting debris.
    This setting is located in the Game Settings > Video > GPU Physics.

Template Change

    We changed how props work in templates a bit. If you attempt to place a template that has both Voxels and Props, we will continue to report (as normal) what materials / props you're missing. However, if you have enough materials to place the template, but not enough props, we'll allow the placement of the template, minus any props that you might be missing.

Party Fix

    Party members are now visible on your map.

Bug Fixes

    It's possible you could get in to a state where Upkeep timers were saying "Zero Days remaining" even if you had a balance in your Upkeep Bank. Fixed!
    Occasionally, tooltips would remain on the screen until you activated another tooltip. This should occur with far less frequency.
    Fixed an issue where you couldn't build across Claim boundaries.
    Rare trees should appear more frequently.
    Looks like we've nailed down the issue where props would disappear / reappear after changing islands. Rejoice.
    Props now collide with each other during placement. This will greatly help initial placement of a prop when placing it on top of another prop. You can still force props to interpenetrate by using Tweak mode or the normal placement controls.
    Fixed an issue where the sky would become unnaturally bright when going underground in the Desert biome.
    Twitter would sometimes occasionally fail to post a screenshot. This should be resolved.
    Wind has been restored to all biomes. May your flags wave briskly.
    Tin should now appear more regularly at the end of copper veins.
    Sometimes you would fall through props if you were standing on one when the Map opened. No longer!
    You can now attach materials to Mail, directly from your Collections window in your Inventory.
    The ESC button should now properly close the Mailbox and the Leyline window.
    If you cancelled the deletion of a Claim, the Delete Claim button would remain grayed out until you re-opened the window. Fixed.
    You can now use the following characters in your Claim Description: !@#$%^&
    Sometimes when you joined a chat room, you could never leave it. This shouldn't happen anymore.
    Party leadership is now passed to the eldest member of the party, when the leader leaves.
    Fixed an issue where you could place multiple items over each other, in the Mail attachment window.
    If you teleported from your claim to your friend who is not on the same island or world, your claim header could persist. This is fixed.
    Previously, you could attempt to add yourself as a friend while in a group. Not anymore!

Mercredi 2 avril 2014
« Player Studios » lancé d'ici au 1er mai et notamment en France

Avec le programme « Player Studios », les joueurs créatifs de Landmark pourront commercialiser leurs créations dans une boutique dédiée. Elle ouvrira ses portes dans les prochaines semaines aux États-Unis, puis ailleurs en Occident et notamment en France.

« Player Studios » lancé d'ici au 1er mai et notamment en France

L'une des principales originalités de Landmark tient à son approche créative : grâce aux outils intégrés dans le jeu (les mêmes que ceux utilisés par les développeurs et mis à disposition des joueurs), les testeurs façonnent l'univers de jeu, érigent des bâtiments et fabriquent des objets. On sait tout autant que l'échange de ces contenus créés par les joueurs (mais aussi leur commercialisation) doit être l'une des composantes phares de Landmark.
Et Sony Online entend manifestement ouvrir rapidement cette dimension du jeu au travers son programme « Player Studios ».

On connait le principe de Player Studios : les joueurs créent du contenu original, l'intègrent dans la boutique du jeu afin de les proposer à la vente (contre de vrais dollars) et partagent les bénéfices avec Sony Online.
Initialement (dans le cadre de PlanetSide 2, notamment), le programme Player Studios s'adressait aux développeurs purs et durs (les objets créés et mis en vente devaient être conçus avec des logiciels de conception 3D, comme Maya). Dans le cadre de Landmark, le programme entend s'ouvrir au plus grand nombre puisqu'il suffira d'utiliser les outils de conception de Landmark pour façonner du contenu commercialisable. Et Sony Online précise aujourd'hui par voie de communiqué que la boutique du Player Studios ouvrira ses portes d'ici au 1er mai prochain (permettant de poursuivre la monétisation du jeu et de son contenu après la vente de « packs »).

Dans la foulée, on note aussi que le programme ne s'adresse plus aux seuls créateurs nord-américains (pour des raisons juridiques, Player Studios ne fonctionnait jusqu'alors qu'outre Atlantique). Sony Online précise en effet que « les premiers pays à profiter du programme Player Studio après les Etats-Unis seront le Canada, la France, l'Allemagne et la Grande Bretagne » et que d'autres pays suivront plus tard.
On retiendra quoiqu'il en soit que les joueurs créatifs occidentaux pourront prochainement commencer à monétiser leurs créations les plus réussies. Et a contrario, ceux ayant un peu moins d'imagination ou de talent créatif pourront tout autant magnifier leur domaine pour peu qu'ils acceptent d'ouvrir leur porte-monnaie. Et les autres seront peut-être simplement curieux d'examiner le type de contenu mis à vente et achetés dans la boutique.


Vendredi 28 mars 2014
Hotfix Notes

Claim Upkeep

    We've modified the Claim Upkeep flow a bit. We wanted to surface this system to you immediately after you place a claim, so that you're aware of it is, and how it works.
    Basically, you'll be able to place a claim as normal - we're not going to charge you anything up front.
    After placing your claim, we'll pop up the Upkeep Management window for you, so you can see how much time you have left on your Claim. If you haven't touched this window before, you should have just under 24 hours. You can deposit Copper Ore to extend that time. For a single claim, it is 300 Copper Ore per day and you can deposit enough to pay for up to 5 days in advance.
    Additionally, if you login to Landmark and have less than 24 hours of upkeep remaining on your claim, we'll popup a small notification (similar to the one we use for Friend Requests, Mail, Trades, etc) to let you know how much time you have left.

Bug Fixes

    The Founder’s Pickaxe will, once again, be able to chop down all the trees in the world! Treants beware!

      Tier rating has been split on picks and axes. Picks now use Mining Tier, and Axes now use Harvest Tier. The Founder’s Pickaxe now has both ratings, with a Mining Tier of 2 and a Harvest Tier of 6.

    We now allow you to stamp Paste and Template volumes that exceed the boundary of your claim. This means if you have a very large template that you're trying to place, and it seems to exceed your claims’ boundary, we let you stamp it down, and the excess is shaved off.
    We fixed an issue that was preventing some players from placing templates, even though they had enough materials to do so.
    There was a bug where the Rare trees could potentially become rarer and rarer as more were harvested. Fixed!
    When you decide to travel to a new World, we'll send you to the hub of the same island you were previously on. Previously it was easy to become confused about where your claim was, because we'd send you to the exact same location that you were at previously, but on a different world.
    Fixed the zone-in location when traveling to the island of Channel (Tier 1.)
    Removed Sundrop Heartwood as a component for the Rubicite Axe recipe.
    Characters will now start with one complimentary Portal Shard.
    If you were a Trailblazer, and didn't get all of your items, the Founder's Chest at each hub should now properly restore anything you had missing.
    Several plant prop recipes that could not be crafted now require a single wood log instead of those same plants.
    Refiners, which are private crafting stations, now give a clearer error message when a player that doesn’t own the station interacts with it. The item descriptions for these stations have also been updated to reflect their private status.

Jeudi 27 mars 2014
EverQuest Next Landmark devient Landmark et fait évoluer son gameplay

EQ Next Landmark devient officiellement Landmark pour mieux se démarquer d'EQ Next. Dans la foulée, le « MMO social de construction » fait évoluer son gameplay et promet des combats, du loot, voire du PvP.

Depuis hier, EQ Next Landmark est officiellement en bêta-test, après avoir mis un terme à son alpha. Une transition dont profitent les équipes de Sony Online pour renommer le « MMO social de construction ». EverQuest Next Landmark devient simplement Landmark afin, selon Dave Georgeson, d'éviter une connotation fantasy trop forte.

« Pour nombre de joueurs, le terme EverQuest dans le titre suppose qu'il s'agit d'un jeu fantasy. Landmark est tout ce que vous pouvez imaginer. Supprimer la mention d'EverQuest Next semble être une meilleure option. Ça ne change rien à ce que nous avons annoncé concernant Landmark ou EverQuest Next. Tous les détails propres à ces jeux restent les mêmes et nous utilisons toujours Landmark pour concevoir EverQuest Next -- et nous avons toujours des zones dédiées à EQN. »

EverQuest Next

Et que ce soit Dave Georgeson sur les forums officiels ou Terry Michaels dans sa lettre de producteur (ci-dessous en vidéo), l'un et l'autre évoquent l'avenir des tests de Landmark.
Le bêta-test sera l'occasion « d'ajouter le combat (qui intègre un système de dégâts, de mort et de risque), l'évolution de l'artisanat que [le développeur a] évoqué sur les forums, Player Studio [permettant la monétisation des créations de joueurs], la gestion de l'eau (à la fois statique et dynamique, [les rivières comme les océans entre les îles), le système de loot, SOEmote [les animations faciales de personnages], un journal pour suivre [s]a progression dans le jeu, des hauts faits, un système de collections et de carte améliorée, le démantèlement d'objets, les guildes, les lignes telluriques, le PvP et bien plus ». Et de promettre une mise à jour prochaine de la feuille de route des tests afin d'informer les joueurs sur les priorités de développement.
On le comprend, alors que Landmark change de nom (et acquiert donc une identité propre), le jeu promet aussi un gameplay spécifique, qui se veut manifestement plus clairement distinct de celui d'EverQest Next. Rendez-vous dans les semaines et mois à venir, donc, pour constater les évolutions de Landmark et l'enrichissement de son gameplay (on imagine que Sony Online en profitera pour concentrer ses efforts immédiat sur le développement de Landmark, interrogeant au passage sur l'avenir concret et à plus long terme d'EQ Next).


Mercredi 26 mars 2014
Closed Beta Launch Update Notes

Welcome to Closed Beta!

For those you that played in Alpha, we have created templates of all claims you had when the worlds came down on Monday. You can see these templates in your template window with a name that matches your claim name. Currently, it will be nearly impossible to paste one of these templates in a new claim because you cannot see the actual edges of the template if they were air. We’ve got a fix coming for this and we’ll have it to you this week. Once that’s in, you’ll be able to overlap the edges of a claim with a template and when you place it, it’ll only paste the parts that are inside the claim. Until then, have fun gathering resources, finding the spot for your new claims and create all of the workstations, harvesting tools, and building tools that you’ll need to do incredible things!

Added: Also, one more important change that Trailblazers and Explorers should be aware of. Claim flags are now crafted and no longer auto granted when you create your character! You can craft your root claim flag at any of the workshops, including the Basic Workshop at the Hub of any island.

New Features

    Claim Ratings

      The first phase of Claim Ratings is now in game! Once a player has tagged their claim, you can visit them and give them a thumbs up. As more people upvote their claim, their Temperature Gauge will change from an icy blue to a fiery red. (Votes expire after seven days.)
      As this is just the first phase of Claim Ratings, we have lots more to look forward soon, including, but not limited to:

        Searching via ratings / tags / visitor count / recommendation count
        Filtering via ratings / tags / visitor count / recommendation count on the Map
        Sending Feedback / Tips to the owner of the Claim

    Claim Upkeep / Foreclosure

      Claims now require an upkeep cost.
      You must deposit resources in your Upkeep Bank to pre-pay for upkeep. To fill (or refill) your Upkeep Bank, press “U” to open the Claim Management window, and click the “Upkeep Management” button.
      Upkeep is due every 24 hours, but can be pre-paid for up to 5 days of real time. (tweet comment)
      If your claim expires, it is automatically deleted. However, we'll template up your claim(s) for you, and email you all of the resources and props that were present in the claim when it was foreclosed on.
      FOR NOW, the upkeep cost is 300 copper ore per claim - this will change in the future to use in-game currency.

    Character Create

      We've added new options to character create! Choose from a variety of faces, hairstyles, and facial hair for both male and female characters.

    New Islands

      We've generated a bunch of new islands for you explore and stake your claim on.
      Previously almost all (48 of the 50) of the islands were either Tropical / Desert or Tundra / Old Growth Forest. No longer!

        We now have all available combinations available! Want a lush tropical jungle that blends in to an old forest? Maybe you'd like the cold mountainous tundra, that smoothes in to the rolling sand of a desert? You can choose!

      Since we've also added new islands... how about a new Tier? Tier 4 is now available! You can now find Mithril and Diamond in Tier 4 continents.

    Founder's Pack Chest

      We've added a chest to the Spire that will automatically re-grant any Founder's pack items that you might have missed or accidentally deleted.

    New Outfits

      There are two new outfits that each come in 7 different color combinations that can be crafted at the Outfitter’s Table.

Mercredi 26 mars 2014
EQ Next Landmark en bêta - Nouveaux serveurs et nouvelles îles

Après avoir mis un terme à l'alpha, EQ Next Landmark s'annonce en bêta-test. Les serveurs doivent ouvrir ce soir à 18h, et Sony Online en profite pour ouvrir de nouveaux serveurs et de nouvelles îles à coloniser.

On le sait, l'alpha-test d'EQ Next Landmark a pris fin pour laisser place à un bêta-test accueillant des testeurs plus nombreux (les acquéreurs de certains packs de fondateurs, en plus des proches des alpha-testeurs de la première heure, qui pourront -- prochainement -- distribuer des invitations à les rejoindre dans le « MMO social de construction »).

Et pour accueillir les nouveaux venus, Sony Online annonce aujourd'hui l'ouverture de nouveaux serveurs de jeu : en plus de trois serveurs internationaux (Courage, Serenity et Liberation) et des deux serveurs européens (Satisfaction et Understanding) déjà disponibles, on pourra donc prochainement aussi s'installer dans quatre nouveaux mondes : Rebellion, Determination, Confidence et Adventure.
Dans la foulée, une cinquantaine de nouvelles îles (dont les noms sont listés sur le forum officiel) sont également ajoutées et prêtes à être revendiquées par les architectes voulant y installer leur lopin de terre.
Pour mémoire, le bêta-test d'EQ Next Landmark doit officiellement être lancé aujourd'hui, mercredi 26 mars, à 18h, heure de Paris (10:00AM PDT). Les testeurs doivent recevoir aujourd'hui, par courrier électronique, les liens nécessaires au téléchargement du nouveau client de jeu.


Mercredi 26 mars 2014
Vos tout premiers pas dans la bêta d'EQ Next Landmark

Afin de ne pas perdre du temps à savoir par quels bouts attaquer son débarquement dans la bêta d'Everquest Next Landmark et acquérir ainsi rapidement un territoire, Smokejumper, développeur chez SoE, bien loquace, livre aux nouveaux joueurs comme aux anciens, quelques astuces bien venues !

Si vous êtes un Fondateur

    1) Collectez du "Copper" et fabriquez une paire de "Keen Eye Bands" (stats de découverte)
    2) Collectez de l'Iron et les autres ressources nécessaires à la création d'un Drapeau de Possession (Claim Flag)
    3) Créez ce drapeau dans la "Basic Forge", située au Hub (le point de départ)
    4) Allez planter votre drapeau pour prendre possession d'un territoire !
    5) Retournez au Hub pour créer une "Stone Forge" et apportez la jusqu'à votre possession afin de créer des lingots d'Iron et tout le reste (la forge rudimentaire ne permet par de les fabriquer !)
    6) Fabriquez une "Alchemy Station" puis une "Iron Pick" (pioche) et un "Silver Axe" (hache)
    7) A vous de jouer... mais un conseil de Pro : envisagez de fabriquer une "Outfitter's Station" (pour les vêtements) afin d'accéder à de meilleurs accessoires de type "Discovery"

Si vous N'êtes PAS un Fondateur
(vous avez reçu une clé beta par un tiers)

    1) Commencez pas construire une "Copper Pick" (pioche rudimentaire) dans la Basic Forge du Hub
    2) Collectez plus de "Copper" et fabriquez une paire de Keen Eye Bands
    3) Fabriquez une "Tin Axe" (pas obligatoire mais bien meilleure qu'une "Stone Axe")
    4) Collectez de l'Iron et les autres ressources nécessaires à la création d'un Drapeau de Possession (Claim Flag) puis créez ce drapeau dans la "Basic Forge pour aller le planter et ainsi prendre possession d'un territoire !
    5) Faites les mêmes points qu'indiqués au-dessus pour les Fondateurs. 

Vendredi 21 mars 2014

We're pushing out a couple of fixes right now that we thought were important enough for a short downtime.

Bug Fixes

    We reintroduced an issue with people using Intel Integrated graphics that caused the world to once again be all black. This should now be fixed.
    There was an issue that could cause your client to hang and have to be shutdown manually if you teleported to your claim that was on a different island of the world you were currently on. Now it should complete the teleport appropriately.
    We fixed some issues that could cause problems when you were trying to create templates. Specifically this will fix the issue of sometimes no template actually being created when it should have. It may also have fixed the issue of templates being created without having the appropriate data in them as well, but we need more data to be certain of that! The best way to know that it created the template correctly is to make sure it shows up when you request to place that template again in the world (you don't have to actually place it, you just want to make sure it shows up on your cursor).

Jeudi 20 mars 2014
Update Notes

This week we have a number of new features to play with as well as a bunch of bug fixes. We've added Parties, In-Game Email, Teleport to Friend, Teleport to Hub and Teleport to Claim. We've also added Facebook and Twitter integration into the game.

New Features!

You can now invite people to a party! Join up with your pals and get a 20% bonus to loot when miningharvesting. A party can have up to 4 people in it at any time. You can invite people to a Party in one of three ways:

    If they're on your Friends list, right click their name and click "Invite to Party."
    If you see them standing around in the world, right click on them and click "Invite to Party."
    If they're not anywhere around, or not on your friends list, you can type "/party invite <player name>
    We’ll be adding UI options for these in the very near future but didn’t want you to have to wait to play in parties! Here are the slash commands for everything you can do in a party.:

      /party invite <playername>
      /party accept
      /party reject
      /party kick <playername>
      /party leave
      /party disband
      /party setowner <playername>

    You can now send in-game mail to other players! Simply go to any Saw Table to craft a mailbox, and place it at your claim. From there, you can Send / Receive Mail and Attachments to any player.
    You can now craft Portal Shards at any Forge, which allow you to Teleport to the Hub of the continent you're on, or to your claim directly. These two Teleport abilities share a 60 minute cool down.
    You can also teleport to any player on your friends list! This ability has a separate cooldown from the Hub / Claim ability, and can be done every 30 minutes (and does not require a Portal Shard.)
    We've added the ability to post directly to Facebook or Twitter from within the game! You can even include a screenshot if you want. You can access this from the Social window, available on the Start Menu.

Bug Fixes

    We believe we have fixed the last issues with the Alpha Boost potion. In order to help us test this, we’ve temporarily added a recipe for the Alpha Potion to the Workbench. Feel free to craft one up (it only costs 1 dirt) and help us verify everything is working! We’ll be re-granting the potion to everyone that bought a Trailblazer pack at the start of Closed Beta to make sure you get the full benefit from the potion that we had intended!
    We’ve added your current and max limit on storing voxels in templates to the template window. You can see it at the top of the window in order to help you better manage your templates.
    The categories on the Crafting stations would sometimes show the incorrect items. This has been resolved.
    Previously we did not provide the full list of missing materials when attempting to place a template down. Now we do!
    You were previously unable to use your Material Picker (using the Alt Key) when outside of your claim. Now you can!
    All the prop related permissions listed in the Claim Permission window should now work properly.
    Building tools should now be more responsive, and not get “stuck” when near the boundary of your Claim
    Coal, Essence of Earth, and a handful of other items went missing in your Supplies inventory. They have returned!
    Updated a handful of icons, including all the crafting tables!
    There was an issue when using the Translate widget on a selection volume that would cause the camera to move. This should be resolved.
    Added FX to crafting animations, the Alchemy Table, and when you complete a crafted item
    Your character on the Server Select screen would sometimes have a foggy or oversaturated appearance. This should look much better now.
    Undo/Redo will now work properly after a /camp and logging back in to the game.
    Previously if you camped (or chose logout on the menu) of the game and then re-entered the game, undo/redo wouldn’t work. Now it works as expected.
    Channel tabs would sometimes drop off from existing channels. They should stick around now.
    Amaranthine loot should now look more appropriate while you’re out harvesting in the world.
    The material tray will now show the total number of resources you have between your personal inventory and your vault. Previously it didn’t include your vault amounts.
    Fixed an issue that made it sometimes difficult to select the faces on a Selection Volume. Previously you sometimes had to click in an area that didn’t have a material directly behind the face you were trying to select.
    Tooltips should now position better when the mouse is near the edge of the screen.
    Your claim drop down will now update appropriately when you make changes to the data in the claim management window.

The music will no longer restart when you open and close the map.
Escape should behave more consistently when you are trying to paste something into the world.


Jeudi 20 mars 2014
EverQuest Next Landmark en bêta-test le 26 mars

Après quelques semaines d'alpha-test, le monde d'EQ Next Landmark tel qu'il existe actuellement sera détruit dimanche 23 mars prochain pour renaître en bêta le mercredi 26 mars suivant -- avec plus de joueurs et d'îles à coloniser.

Actuellement en alpha-test (depuis fin janvier dernier) dans le cadre d'un développement auquel les joueurs sont étroitement associés, EQN Landmark s'apprête à franchir une nouvelle étape pour basculer en bêta-test.
A en croire Dave Georgeson sur les forums officiels, l'alpha-test prendra fin dimanche 23 mars prochain, suivi de deux jours au cours desquels les serveurs resteront inaccessibles, en attendant de rouvrir officiellement en bêta le 26 mars.

Et ce changement de statut a deux principales conséquences. D'abord l'arrivée de nouveaux testeurs / architectes dans l'univers de Landmark. Et pour les accueillir comme il convient, Dave Georgeson annonce l'ouverture de nouvelles îles à coloniser. Ensuite et surtout, cette bêta annonce la fin d'un monde (celui de l'alpha) : les créations réalisées en alpha seront donc détruites et les testeurs de la première heure sont invités à sauvegarder scrupuleusement tout ce qu'ils souhaitent conserver (leurs templates). Les équipes de Sony Online procéderont aussi évidemment à une sauvegarde, mais le système de créations étant complexe (et parfois capricieux), le développeur invite à prendre quelques précautions. Les architectes sont prévenus -- et auront un nouveau monde à bâtir à partir de mercredi prochain.


Mercredi 19 mars 2014
Table ronde - Faire la pluie et le beau temps dans Everquest Next Landmark

Le climat doit-il influencer l'environnement d'EQ Next et Landmark, voire impacter le gameplay (générer des inondations, des tempêtes de neige limitant les déplacements) ? Les possibilités sont vastes, mais les difficultés techniques aussi.

Comme chaque semaine, les équipes de développement d'EQN Landmark et prochainement d'EverQuest Next échangent avec les joueurs sur un point de gameplay ou de la conception du double projet. Et cette semaine, Omeed Dariani et Terry Michaels s'intéressent aux effets du climat dans l'univers de jeu.

Table ronde d'EQ Next : faire la pluie et le beau temps dans EQN Landmark

Selon le duo de développeurs, pour la première fois dans un MMO, EverQuest Next permet de générer un univers réellement dynamique et évolutif en fonction des divers paramètres, dont le climat. Dès lors, la pluie et le beau temps doivent-il influencer l'environnement ? Voire le gameplay ?
Sans surprise, les joueurs répondent par l'affirmative. Et le développeur y adhère dans la mesure où une réelle gestion climatique est un facteur d'immersion. À cette heure, le climat fait encore l'objet de réflexions (pas encore d'un développement concret), mais Terry Michael imagine par exemple que la musique du jeu puisse s'adapter au temps qu'il fait (pour renforcer le sentiment d'immersion) et les joueurs espèrent déjà pouvoir contrôler le climat de leur lopin de terre (pour ériger un château perdu dans la brume, par exemple).
Le climat doit-il aussi influencer le gameplay ? Selon Terry Michael, les possibilités sont immenses : on pourrait imaginer des inondations ravageant certaines régions du monde (et modifier durablement la physionomie d'une contrée), ou encore des tempêtes de neiges entravant les déplacements des joueurs et les échanges commerciaux entre les artisans. Pour autant, les difficultés techniques soulevées par une telle gestion du climat sont tout aussi énormes (« il y a une grosse différence entre voir le monde se couvrir de neige et faire en sorte que la neige s'accumule, génère des congères et ralentisse les déplacements des joueurs »). Dans ce contexte, les influences du climat sur le gameplay s'envisagent à long terme, mais les développeurs se disent curieux d'entendre les idées et attentes des joueurs quant au rôle que le climat pourrait jouer dans l'univers de jeu et sur ses mécaniques ludique.


Vendredi 14 mars 2014

There were a number of bugs/issues that made it in to the update yesterday. We wanted to get a quick hotfix out that addresses the ones we could fix in the past 24 hours! So here's what we've got for you today:


    Fixed an issue with Tweak Mode that made the cursors turn "invalid" (red) when using them.
    There was an issue with Elemental Rubicite and Elemental Mithril where it looked like those items were turned in to coal or Essence of Earth. This was only a display bug and has been fixed! No data was lost!
    All of the prop-related permissions for moving/adjusting props should now work!
    There was a missing Obsidian material that was causing problems with a number of people's templates. This has been added back in. Silly data gnomes.
    The Template Window will now sort alphabetically. This will be in next week, sorry for the confusion.
    Thistle Seeds should be more easily obtainable now. Apparently, there weren't enough of these trees around! (Look for trees with purple thistles!)
    The Founder's Pick Axe can now chop down all trees as expected.
    Striped Wood and Burled Wood were rewarded from the wrong trees. They have been swapped so that now you get Striped Wood in the Desert and Burled Wood in Old Growth.
    We introduced refining logs into planks a little earlier than originally expected. This adjustment was meant to appear at the same time as the Refining Station patch. We, of course, do not want you guys to have to sink hours worth of your time into sitting in front of a crafting station watching a bar move. Unfortunately, due to many different reasons, we cannot just pull back that part of the change. We do want you guys to still have tons of fun building and we do not want to hinder you in doing that. To this end we determined that the best course of action was to do a temporary fixand adjust the log to plank ratio to be 1:100. This means that for each log you refine, you will get 100 planks of that type.

      This WILL BE CHANGED in closed beta. Until then, have fun!

    With the changes to trees, it became difficult to know what axe you needed to harvest it. For the short term, we've added descriptions to all axes to let you know what kinds of trees it can chop down as well as descriptions to all wood materials to let you know which axes can be used to harvest that resource. This will make it clearer until we can get the full solution of letting you know when you attempt to chop down a tree what kind of axe you need!
    We've added a new outfit to the Trading Post that didn't quite make the update yesterday. We finished it last night so we've added it back in. The new one is the Casual Victorian Apparel.
    We've updated the icons and preview images for all outfits in the Trading Post so that they show the appropriate colors to help avoid confusion

Jeudi 13 mars 2014
Update Notes

We have another big update this week! New features, changes to existing functionality and bug fixes! Let us know what you think about them!

Feature Updates

Claims Permissions are in! You can now give your friends permissions to help build on your claim(s). These are set through claims interface, which you can access now through the Start menu, and have to be set for each person you want to have rights to change your claim. Currently, there is an issue with moving/adjusting or interacting with props on someone else’s claim. This issue will be fixed for next week’s update, but we wanted to get the rest of permissions out there for everyone to have fun with!

    No Access – You cannot use any tools on this claim (default for everyone but yourself).
    Visitor –Once the prop issue is fixed, Visitors will be able to use any placed prop.
    Customer – The permissions of a Visitor PLUS the ability to take items from chests.
    Decorator – The permissions of a Customer PLUS the ability to move props you didn’t place (once we fix the prop permission issue).
    Builder – The permissions of a Decorator PLUS the ability to place or destroy voxels and place a prop. If you placed it, you can also move it around.

Phase two of our business plan has begun, so the marketplace now exists within the game…and it even has some stuff in it for sale if you’re so inclined! Resource bundles and character outfits are available for you to peruse. To enter the marketplace, just hit the “shopping cart” button at the bottom of the screen. The rest should be self-explanatory!

    Many of the features within the marketplace are grayed out right now (because we’re still building them) but this area will become very, very useful in the near future for contests and claim ratings as well. You’ll see.
    This is also the area where Player Studio offerings will be available. The “What’s Trending?” categories and such will make a lot more difference later on.
    You can use the Categories pull-down on the left side of the search panel, or just type any tags you want to use for a search and hit enter. This takes you to a Search Results page where every item with that tag on it is shown. (This becomes vastly more useful later when we have more items and Player Studio opens up.)
    Anything you purchase on the marketplace (or that you get with the Founder’s Packs) will persist through any wipes we do.

Overflow Inventory! This is a new tab in your inventory that will only show up a situation occurs where you are granted items, but your inventory is full (e.g., when you Delete a claim that has 1,000,000 stone on it). You can go there and drag items out to your normal inventories. Be warned though: Items will be destroyed after being in your overflow inventory for 24 hours of in-game time. We will be balancing this time limit and will let you know when it changes.
Tweak Mode is now in the game!

    With a paste volume or template, if you hold SHIFT+CLICK to place it, you can then move around and modify the placement of it to be exactly where you want before you confirm the placement (which you do by clicking the checkmark button).
    With a prop, if you hold SHIFT+CLICK to place it, you automatically go into “adjust” mode so you can easily move it around without it being attached to your cursor.
    With any building tool, you can SHIFT+CLICK to enter tweak mode before you confirm the placement as well! This even works with the Line Tool (both parts)!

Friends are now in the game! Now all of those friend requests can actually be accepted (or declined)! We’ve also added a Blocked list for people who are the opposite of your friends! You can access these by pressing ‘K’ or by using the “Friends” button from the Start Button.
Added 4 new paintings to be used in decorating your house, castle, pub, tent, giant statue or other creation! These can be crafted at the Tin Trimmed Work Bench (or higher versions of the work bench).


We have made significant changes to wood harvesting.

    Burled and Striped wood are no longer rare drops on trees, instead specific trees drop specific types of wood. Look for burled wood in the desert and striped wood from many of the larger trees in the tundra and old growth forests.
    Trees now drop significantly fewer logs than before, but logs can now be converted into many planks at saw tables. All recipes requiring wood logs have been altered to use a proportionately smaller amount and building now pulls from your plank supply instead of your log supply.
    You are guaranteed to get at least 1 primary crafting resource from every tree you chop down. In most cases, this will be heartwood. However, if you find rare trees in each biome and chop that tree down, your guaranteed crafting resource will be a different one. Other primary crafting resources to get include:

      Palm Heart
      Thistle Seed
      Serpent Resin
      Spindle Cone
      Ancient Rootstock

    The Alchemy Crafting Station is now available and will allow you to create higher tier versions of heartwood by combining it with the unique items dropped by rare trees. These high tier heartwood items are required to craft several high tier tools, such as axes and picks.
    Several new axes have been added to the game and the overall axe progression has been modified.

      Stone Axe – Harvests basic trees in any biome
      Tin Axe – Harvests basic trees in any biome (but more awesome than a stone axe!)
      Silver Axe – Harvests basic trees in any biome (cooler than a tin axe)
      Gold Axe - Harvests basic trees + special Jungle and Desert biome trees
      Rubicite Axe - Harvests basic trees + special Jungle, Desert, and Tundra biome trees

    We have also made some changes to the way we assign quality to gathered and refined resources, as well as changed the actual names of our quality types from Common, Uncommon, and Rare to Average, Superior, and Exceptional. Legendary items remain Legendary, and NO item statistics were modified by this change. The quality of crafted tools also remains unchanged.

      All ores, ingots, gems, stones, and plants are now Superior [Uncommon], which should make elemental drops (which remain Exceptional [Rare]) easier to spot.
      All types of wood are now Average [Common] and all heartwood and seed drops are now Superior [Uncommon].
      Changed the quality names assigned to items from.. Item statistics were not changed.

    Added animations when your character is crafting an item.

You can now use Free Look (left mouse button) when you have a tool equipped if you couldn’t activate the current tool based on where your mouse currently is.
You can now walk around the world instead of running! You can press ‘.’ to toggle back and forth between walk and run. Sprinting automatically puts you in run mode.
We’ve added “cannot use” mode drawing for all tools now so that you can easily see if a click of the mouse should actually work or not when you’re building with the various tools. We’ve also added sound effect feedback for when you attempt to use a tool when you can’t actually use it.
Claim Management is now available via the start menu or by pressing the ‘U’ key.
We’ve extended the range at which you can see trees. But make sure to continue to search for the forest.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a problem that was stopping people from getting their Founder’s Pack items if they recently purchased a pack.
    The material tray now shows the material you’ve selected! It should now automatically open to your current selection when you expand the tray.
    Fixed a problem where a number of props were showing up faded or gray. They should now be properly tinted.
    The hero window should now behave more consistently. Items you’ve equipped should always show up in their appropriate spot. Previously they would occasional not show an icon even though they were equipped.
    Previously, tools would occasionally disappear from the hotbar when you clicked on them. This should now be fixed.
    Fixed a bug that could cause drag and drop to fail after recently dragging another item. It should behave now. Good dog!
    Previously, if you hit ‘/’ while the UI was hidden using Ctrl+F10, it was difficult to get the UI to come back. Now, it works as expected if you just press Ctrl+F10 again.
    The chat window should now properly reposition itself when changing resolution or window size. This fixes an issue where the window could have ended up off-screen with no way to get it back.
    Also fixed an issue where you the chat window could be moved off the screen purposely and then you couldn’t get it back. If you restart the client it should always move back on to screen.
    Trees on other people’s claims should no longer highlight when you have an axe equipped.
    Fixed the issues with deleting a claim owned by a character when that character was deleted. This was the cause of many “orphaned” claims out in the world.
    Re-enabled the delete character button on the character create screen.
    Fixed/Updated a large number of icons for items, props, materials and resources.
    Temporarily removed the Claim Group functionality from the claims window.
    Fixed an issue that was causing the game to use the wrong font in a number of the UI windows.
    There was an issue where it would report the wrong quantity of a material needed when using shaped blocks. It is now correct.

Lundi 10 mars 2014
Table ronde - Soyons méchants (mais pas trop)

Landmark mise sur la créativité des joueurs. Mais certains utilisent la liberté offerte au détriment des autres joueurs. Certains comportements sont encouragés, mais le développeur entend contrecarrer les actes de griefing.

Deux nouveaux biomes et extension du domaine

Les MMO « créatifs » comme EQ Next Landmark présentent des avantages évidents : ils offrent une vraie liberté aux joueurs « créatifs », qui produisent du contenu (parfois plus original ou insolite que celui imaginé par une équipe développement) et contribuent donc à rassasier la soif de nouveautés des joueurs « consommateurs ».
Pour autant, le joueur en ligne peut aussi se montrer taquin, voire espiègle, et utiliser cette liberté pour perturber les autres joueurs (de la simple farce au piège mortel, en passant par la pure malveillance -- détruire les créations d'autrui). Dans ce contexte, quelle liberté d'action faut-il laisser aux joueurs d'EQ Next Landmark ? Interrogé par Sony Online dans le cadre d'une table ronde, près d'un quart des joueurs revendiquent le droit de semer la mort et la destruction sur leur passage. Le développeur se montre un peu plus mesuré.

EverQuest Next

Selon Omeed Dariani et Darrin McPherson, le fait que certains joueurs se montrent espiègles fait partie du jeu. Le fait de creuser un trou pour qu'un autre y tombe, voire le fait de reboucher le trou une fois qu'un autre y est au fond (il pourra trouver recreuser une sortie), ou encore créer des labyrinthes complexes pour perdre les autres joueurs sont évidemment des composantes ludiques faisant partie intégrante de Landmark. Et le développeur se dit avide de ce type de contenu.
D'autres joueurs se montrent néanmoins un peu plus retors. Certains imaginent par exemple des maisons piégés (et de se souvenir d'EverQuest 2, où des joueurs avaient conçu une maison dans laquelle on pouvait entrer mais plus ressortir). Le développeur dit vouloir chercher des solutions à ce type de « créations ». D'autres encore adoptent des comportements purement malveillants et le développeur se dit résolument contre le griefing. Un joueur pourra donc par exemple autoriser ou interdire la possibilité, pour d'autres joueurs, de saboter ou détruire ses créations. De même, un créateur pourra l'autoriser ponctuellement : une création pourra par exemple être le théâtre d'affrontements PvP, être totalement destructibles... mais une fois la « partie » jouée, le créateur pourra recharger une précédente sauvegarde afin de retrouver une version de sa création en parfait état.

À cette heure, Landmark est encore en alpha et les joueurs se montrent donc prompts à rechercher (voire exploiter) certaines mécaniques à leur avantage -- ou aux désavantages des autres joueurs. Le développeur encourage donc les joueurs à se montrer machiavéliques, le temps de l'alpha, simplement pour expérimenter les pires comportements et surtout trouver les parades appropriées avant le lancement du jeu.


Vendredi 7 mars 2014
Deux nouveaux biomes et extension du domaine

Alors que les mises à jour de l'alpha d'EverQuest Next Landmark se poursuivent à un rythme soutenu, à raison d'une par semaine, la dernière en date, publiée sur les serveurs durant la nuit du 6 Mars, apporte son lot de nouveautés dont notamment l'introduction de deux nouveaux biomes - la Toundra et la Forêt Vierge - permettant de collecter de nouvelles ressources.

Deux nouveaux biomes et extension du domaine

Cette mise à jour apporte aussi la possibilité aux joueurs d'étendre leur "Claim" (zone de construction dans laquelle ils peuvent laisser parler leur imagination d'Architecte) par l'adjonction de nouveaux terrains adjacents à celui initial.

Foret Vierge

On notera aussi l'arrivé de nouvelles recettes pour placer roches, arbres et plantes sur le "Claim" afin de créer son petit espace vert, ainsi que des modifications sur les outils "Smooth" et "Selection", et les corrections habituelles faîtes aux nombreux bugs.

Voici l'ensemble de la note de mise à jour du 06 Mars 2014, traduite par le CM francophone Terre.

    Claims rattachés! Vous pouvez maintenant crée un Claim rattaché qui doit être placé directement à côté d’un claim existant. Vous pouvez fabriquer un claim rattaché en utilisant une stone forge ! A l’heure actuelle vous pouvez avoir jusqu’à 2 claims rattachés.
    Nouvelle outil Smooth ! Ce nouvel outil va permettre au système d’ajouter/supprimer des voxels tout en lissant dans le but de créer des formes et des courbes plus naturelles.
    Il y a deux nouveaux biomes ! La Toundra et la Forêt Vierge. Pour éviter d’avoir à faire un wipe sur les iles déjà existantes, nous en ajoutons 12 nouvelles pour un total de 50 iles par monde.

      Abyss (Tier1) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Barrier (Tier 1) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Channel (Tier 1) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Shield (Tier1) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Cave (Tier 2) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Kettle (Tier 2) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Spine (Tier 2) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Valley (Tier 2) – Jungle Tropicale et Forêt Vierge
      Gully (Tier 3) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Stump (Tier 3) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Tube (Tier 3) – Forêt Vierge et Toundra
      Tunnel (Tier 3) – Tropicale & Toundra

    Les nouveaux matériaux dans les nouveaux biomes sont également disponibles en tant que matériaux de construction.
    Nous avons ajouté des recettes pour tous les arbres, plantes et rochers qui sont présents dans le monde. Cela devrait vous permettre de créer les accessoires manquant pour que vos Templates fonctionnent. Ces recettes sont temporaires en attendant le vrai système sur lequel nous travaillons pour collecter ces types d’accessoires dans le monde.
    Nous avons changé les contrôles de la Sélection de Volume. Maintenir Maj. fait maintenant apparaitre les flèches de manipulation et les rends utilisables. Contrôle est maintenant utilisé pour attraper le coté éloigné du volume de sélection (avant c’était la touche Maj.).

Corrections de bugs

    Lors du positionnement d’un Template, si il vous manque des accessoires qui vous empêchent de le poser, le jeu vous donnera une liste aves tous les accessoires qui vous manquent.
    Correction de plusieurs crashs du client
    Le red rock (roche rouge) devrait être maintenant utilisable dans un Template et dans la construction.
    La liste des iles au cristal de téléportation est maintenant organisée par ordre alphabétique
    Il y avait un problème avec certains caractères dans les notifications de loot qui rentraient en conflit avec la fenêtre de chat et ne montrait les messages que partiellement. Ça devrait être corrigé maintenant.
    Déplacer un objet sur la feuille de personnage pour l’équiper devrait le mettre dans un emplacement vide s’il y en a de disponible au lieu de le mettre systématiquement dans le premier emplacement.
    Créer un personnage féminin ne devrait plus montrer un personnage masculin pendant un bref instant avant d’entrer dans le jeu.
    Apres avoir supprimé un personnage votre ancien équipement n’apparaitra pas plus dans la création de personnage.
    Correction d’un problème qui faisait apparaitre un réticule attaché à votre curseur après avoir déséquipé un outil.
    Vous pouvez maintenant interagir avec l’interface tout en vous déplaçant sans que cela vous arrêtes.
    Correction d’un bug qui vous permettez de récolter des arbres sur les Claims.
    Nous avons corrigé un problème sur le nombre de ressources requises pour effectuer un changement sur votre Claim. Avant vous deviez avoir le nombre total de ressources requises AVANT que les ressources dans la zone soient prises en compte. Maintenant, vous devait seulement avoir besoin de la différence entre ce que couterait et ce qu’il vous sera redonné.
    Nous avons nettoyé beaucoup de statistiques de personnage. Regarder la table ci-dessous pour les détails. Certaines de ces stats vont surement changer et d’autres ne sont pas encore utilisées mais elles le seront !
    Avant si vous utilisez la carte en étant en vue première personne vous sortiez en vue troisième personne. Maintenant vous restez dans le même mode.
    Il y a maintenant une taille maximum pour le nom des Templates (30). Avant la création du Template aurait échoué si le nom entré était trop long.
    Les noms pour tous les ateliers de craft seront maintenant réduits pour rentrer dans l’interface au lieu de déborder.
    Le placement des info bulles a été amélioré quand ils apparaissent sur les bords de l’écran.
    La fenêtre de craft a été changée pour vous prévenir quand votre inventaire est plein au lieu de griser le bouton, ce qui portait à confusion.
    Vous ne pouvez plus cacher l’interfacer dans l’écran de sélection des personnages et des serveurs.
    Le curseur de la souris de changera plus pour le curseur de craft quand vous êtes trop loin et qu’il est sur un atelier de craft.
    Avant, si un gros accessoire touchait le bord de votre claim il pouvait être coincé dans un état qui vous empêchez de le bouger. Ça a été corrigé.
    Le réticule se comportera maintenant de manière approprié quand vous passerai d’une pioche a de la dynamite.
    Quand vous dupliquez un accessoire sur votre Claim, il aura maintenant la même rotation et la même taille que l’original.
    A partir de maintenant quand vous détruisez un objet d’un coffre, le nom de l’objet que vous détruisez s’affichera.
    Lors de la fabrication de plusieurs objets en même temps, leurs nombres diminuent maintenant au fur et à mesure.
    Le Prime Grappler peut maintenant être supprimé !
    Les lettres ne seront plus coupées à moitié dans la fenêtre de chat.
    La fenêtre de craft sélectionnera la première catégorie et la première recette quand elle sera ouverte pour la première fois.

Liste des statistiques

    Health - Bonus de points de vie