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Jeudi 19 novembre 2020  
Update 1.10

Hello survivors!

We are excited to inform you that DayZ Game Update 1.10 has arrived on all platforms! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Experimental phase (both PC and Xbox communities). The response to this update has been amazing so far, and we can’t wait to see how things will play out in a live environment. There are tons of substantial changes in this update, so let’s get started!

First off, the long-awaited M3S truck has returned to the lands of Chernarus and Livonia. This two-seat, heavy-duty truck with six-wheel drive will become your new off-road friend, and its carrying capacities will be greatly appreciated by many. Along with a drivable variant, we’ve added a set of brand new abandoned static variants for part spawning - fully replacing the legacy wreck model on both maps.

Speaking of vehicles, they were updated as well. This includes increased engine durability during collisions with the environment, as well as the option to repair the vehicle’s chassis with epoxy putty, and the engine itself with a pipe wrench (unless, of course, your engine happens to be ruined). We also added player damage when jumping out of a car.

Many of you will be pleased to learn that we’ve returned leg fractures to the game, along with improvised fixtures (splints). Legs can be broken in all kinds of situations, including combat, stepping on a bear trap, falling or jumping from a great height, and even while jumping out of a car. Keep in mind that if you don’t fix a fracture with a splint, you’ll suffer limited movement, as well as frequent shock damage, which can render you unconscious. In order for you to understand these penalties better, we’ve added visualizations of current shock values (i.e. how close you are to unconsciousness), and when the actual shock damage is dealt. Applied splints are now visible on the injured player as well.

We’re also re-introducing the signal pistol. This simple, gas-powered gun can shoot a powerful flare that lights up the night sky. Use it to call for help or when you feel like celebrating a bright moment during dark times. Ammo for the pistol comes in four distinct colors.

We’ve also made some major additions and balance changes to the cold survival side of the game. Base temperatures now follow real-life behavior in regards to cold mornings and warm afternoons, and are likewise affected by local wind speeds and altitudes. Furthermore, players now have the ability to temporarily contain heat from the fireplace after they’ve left it, the user interface now includes information about the heat insulation qualities of an individual piece of clothing, and heat insulation / maximum absorption limits for all clothes have been rebalanced to offer players more interesting choices when it comes to protection against the rain or cold.

And great news for those of you who enjoy the wilderness survival side of things because we’ve added new improvised shelters to the game. They come in three variants (stick, leather, tarp) and offer basic storage capacity, as well as protection from the rain.

The central economy setup has undergone a number of changes as well. Compared to update 1.09, the longevity of most items in the world has been dramatically lowered. In addition to that, only locked doors stay locked during server restarts now, while the rest of the doors are randomized.

Last but not least, we've implemented many localization tweaks and are happy to introduce localization into Brazilian Portuguese.

On behalf of the DayZ team,



Mercredi 18 novembre 2020  
Stable Update 1.10


    Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
    Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
    In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
    You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.


    Added the M3S Truck (Covered variant) and associated vehicle parts
    Added abandoned M3S Truck wrecks to the maps, with parts spawning
    Added a respawn dialog, offering an option to spawn with a random or the main menu character (shows only when server has a disableRespawnDialog parameter set to 0)
    Added localization for Brazilian-Portuguese
    You can now break the players lower leg, damage is applied by falling or brute force (walking/fighting with a broken leg will result in shock damage)
    Added the Signal Pistol and its ammunition (in various colors)
    Added the crafted Splint
    Added crafted Tanned Leather using Garden Lime
    Added crafted Leather Backpack
    Added crafted Improvised Shelter
    Added Tarp (material)
    Added the ability to replace ruined parts of tents (entrance-/window-covers) with tarp
    Added the Pipe Wrench
    You can now repair a damaged car engine with the Pipe Wrench
    You can now repair parts of the vehicle chassis with an Epoxy Putty
    Clothing items now have an indicator for their insulation value
    Exposure to wind will make your character freeze more (forests can provide cover)
    Food decays over time
    Items dry up over-time when put on the ground or in a cargo space on the ground (proximity to a fireplace is no longer required, but the area of a fireplace dries items faster)
    Items cool down over-time in the player's inventory and on the ground
    Added a heat buffer to supply an overtime heat bonus to the thermal comfort of the player character (you receive a temporary heat bonus after spending time near a fireplace)
    Added a smoking slot to several types of fireplaces, used to dry meat
    Added additional coastline details between Storozh (prison island) and Ostrog, making the sea traversal easier and more interesting (Chernarus)
    Punching now deals damage to gloves and can cause bleeding to bare hands
    Added a visual effect to increasing shock damage (both reflecting getting hit, and current state)
    Added damage when jumping out of a running vehicle (also including a chance for broken legs and death)
    New visual heat haze effect for the fireplace, flare, road flare and torch lights


    Fixed an issue that prevented the player from combining stacks of items from their inventory with the second stack being in their vicinity
    Gas stove with Canister + Frying Pan/Pot attached could be stacked infinitely
    Item wetting/drying was not taking into account attachments and nested inventories
    Sawed-off weapons now have a short weapon length (when it comes to collision with walls etc)
    Fixed an issue preventing the player from detaching their magazine
    Loading ammo into a weapon using hold on quickbar always loaded only one bullet
    Fixed an issue restoring a rag to the pristine state after being used as a gag
    Dead bodies of players should now fall through walls less often
    It should now be more intuitive to locate the inventory of dead bodies
    It was possible to consume pills and other items when they were ruined
    It was not possible to place traps, barrels and crates on slopes
    It was possible to wash bloody hands even while wearing gloves
    It was possible to get sick by drinking/eating when the player had gloves and bloody hands
    Dried raw meat would still trigger diseases
    Locked doors were not saved correctly when opened by force, making them lock themselves again after a server restart
    Water particles were appearing when hitting a player that is on an object above the sea
    The player was able to fish through piers
    Climbing on an object while it is being deleted could teleport the player
    A Gunter 2 was spawning badly in the Svergino parking lot (Chernarus) (
    It was not possible to attach/detach headlights on Sarka 120 and Gunter 2 from the vicinity
    Gunter 2 lights were not visibly glowing
    Grass was not flattened when driven over with a vehicle
    Fixed a bug causing a stuck item widget
    Text was overlapping or cut off in the tutorials screens in certain languages and resolutions
    Fixed a server crash connected to user actions
    The player could use materials gained from de-crafting ruined construction kits
    It was possible to build watchtowers on top of each other
    Swapping an item in the hands and the inventory during an action could with the right timing cause the head to disappear
    It was not possible to wash hands in the sea
    It was not possible to swap items in hands under certain circumstances when it should be possible
    It was not possible to swap to small items when having heavy items in hands
    It was possible to induce desync of the hand slot by interrupting specific actions
    Wearing the Great Helmet would not change the player's voice
    Swapping the last attachment of a fireplace would always give the max quantity of the item instead of the current
    The fireplace sound was still playing when coming back to it, after it had died out while the player was far away from it (should also work for flies stuck above a dead player's body)
    It was possible to over-stack Wooden Sticks using a fireplace
    Fixed an issue with firewood disappearing when put into the indoor oven or fireplace (
    Fixed an issue where the player could use ruined attachments in base building objects to build parts
    Melee attacks to legs could sometimes deal damage to the head instead
    Fixed an issue that allowed players to duplicate rags using the quickbar
    Fixed an issue with stamina sometimes draining completely when holding breath while aiming down sight (
    The inventory could not be opened while forcing vomiting through the gesture wheel (
    Boiled steaks showed a wrong texture
    Added the missing engine to the ADA wrecks
    Fixed wrong decals on the legacy police Olga wreck
    Fixed various object placement fixes for both the Chernarus and Livonia terrains
    Fixed sound issues related to doors in several buildings
    Certain airfield objects were glowing at night
    Fixed window collisions in several buildings
    It is no longer possible to climb up the broken staircase on the industrial silo
    It was possible to open city store back doors at certain pieces of a furniture in the front part of the building


    Adjusted the base temperature behavior to be more authentic (warm afternoons, cold mornings)
    Windchill, fog and altitude penalties are not applied to the local environment temperature, if a player is inside a building
    Being under a roof provides a lower local environment temperature bonus than being inside a building
    Increased the effect of altitude on the local environment temperature around the player
    Cloud cover increases the base environment temperature more
    Adjusted the default comfort temperature of the player character (now 26 degrees Celsius)
    Balanced the heat insulation values of clothing items
    Balanced the maximum wetness level of clothing items
    The damage state and wetness of clothing impacts their heat insulation
    Lowered the max wetness value on Plate Carrier, Press Vest and Tactical Vest
    Items inside other items will only get wet when the container is soaked or drenched
    Automated drying of clothing (not wringing out) is now less effective
    The character speed has a larger impact on the overall heat comfort
    The backpack is now taken into account for heat comfort, the armband was removed
    Lowered the energy penalty in the lower warning cold state
    Lowered the maximum energy buffer of the player
    The pick axe can be used to dig hidden stashes
    You can now open food cans with the Hand Saw
    You can now skin animals with axes, saws, the pick axe, the crowbar, and the screwdriver
    Removed skinning from the shovel, as it was causing a conflict with the bury action
    Reduced the usability of duct tape for certain items
    Clothing will no longer get badly damaged during the initial spawn
    Shoes will no longer get damaged during the initial spawn
    Tools damage due to crafting is now consistent across recipes
    Balanced tool damage across actions
    Reduced the damage done to tools by burying ashes and players bodies by 60%
    Increased the health of the Stone Knife, Steak Knife and Kitchen Knife
    Increased the durability of the whetstone
    Sharpening knives costs less durability than sharpening axes
    Reduced the melee damage against animals
    Adjusted item drops from animals
    Damage to individual vehicle zones will be displayed in the UI (when you look at them)
    Adjusted the occurrence of arrows for bleeding in the HUD (now more progressive instead of nothing and then 3 arrows)
    Adjusted lard consumption when cooking (1 full Lard can be used to prepare 8 pieces of baked meat)
    It is no longer possible to dry meat by cooking it on low temperatures (replaced by smoking slot in stoves)
    Increased the speed of cooking when using the direct cooking slots
    Boathouse doors are now twin doors instead of single
    Resized the Heat Pack to 1x2 in the inventory
    Animal meat will fill your stomach more
    Increased the nutrition value of farmed vegetables
    Increased the overall energy values of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms
    Any drinking/eating with bloody hands bares the risk of infecting the player with Salmonella
    The influenza disease is generally slower in increase and has a slower immune response to it
    Antibiotics are now weaker and have a slower tick (in sync with the disease)
    Cholera takes longer to build up and disappear, penalties scaled with disease progression and higher resistance against immunity
    The build up of the Salmonella disease is faster, will activate sooner, and penalties are scaled with the progression of the disease
    Charcoal tabs have now a slower tick and a delayed response in fighting Salmonella
    Applying saline adds hydration in addition to blood
    Vitamin pills can be combined, but not split
    Medication can be split and combined
    Higher player character immunity levels are easier to get (requirements on water and energy lowered and they now correspond to the UI badges too)
    The tent packing action is now continuous (no more instant packing of tents)
    Trees now drop long wooden sticks instead of small wooden sticks
    Engines of all cars are now more durable thanks to decreased transfer of damage to them
    Tweaked the main menu character customization menu to better explain what a customized character means

Central economy

    Lifetimes of items were lowered across the board (2 days have become 8 hours, 1 day has become 4 hours). This change may take up to 3 days to be in effect on the official servers
    Fixed an issue of the bear not spawning properly in all cases, when using the offline database
    Disabled the spawning of berries
    Pepper, Potato, Tomato and Zucchini can now appear also in dried or rotten state
    Infected on the coast of Chernarus have higher chances of dropping various items such as tools, clothes and food



      CE global variables for toggle of wetting/drying/heating/cooling and food decay
      Init flag in economy.xml now toggles randomizing door state every time the building loads in on server except for locked doors
      disableRespawnDialog server config parameter, allowing to force always random respawn (1) or use custom character from the main menu (0)




      Avoidance system overloaded message now has more information



      Brazilian Portuguese localization


      The launcher was not showing the country of the language in the language selection



      OnPlacementComplete vector parameters (optional, defaults set to zero)
      windModifier config parameter for surfaces (affects the windchill value in the environment exposure code)
      Ability to define the min and max base environment temperature for each month per world
      StaticConstructionMethods that can also be used by other mechanics outside regular construction (Construction uses them too)
      Heat haze effect API for lights
      Flare simulation classes
      Script bindings to the Bone Transform API to DayZInfected



      Moved GetCurrentItemHeatIsolation into MiscGameplayFunctions
      Removed additionAnimalMeleeMultiplier parameter from ammo configs
      The clothing class should now be modifiable (
      Legacy improvised shelter classes commented out, assets still present
      Absorbency parameter in config is no longer used (replaced by varWetMax)
      Moved CanBeRepairedToPristine() method up, ItemBase -> Object
      Simplified the API for clothing that changes the characters voice. Enable it by overriding IsObstructingVoice() to true and set the desired effect by overriding GetVoiceEffect()


      The wind speed in environment tick is now handled relative instead of absolute
      Deagle named selections now cover also the pistol grip (for re-texturing purposes)


      Calling of SoakItem method from Pot class, now replaced by an overtime wetting

Known issues

    The player may not regain the ability to sprint and climb after healing a broken leg
    Items attached to a Gas Stove may get deleted upon relog




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