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Mardi 30 juin 2020  
Update 1.08

Greetings survivors, the long-awaited 1.08 Game Update has arrived on all platforms. Given the challenging past few months, the development cycle for this update took longer than we anticipated. As things stand now, we remain committed to the schedule outlined in our DayZ in 2020 blog. About the content itself, we believe this update is a prime example of our focus on bringing improvements to the platform with a focus on stability, bug-fixing, and balancing while spicing it up with some smaller but exciting new content.

We want to thank everyone for the participation in the experimental phase of this game update and for all the valuable feedback that was sent our way (be it via our forums, social media, or feedback tracker). We are particularly happy that Xbox players had an opportunity to try out the experimental build for the first time. It has allowed us to gather feedback on the console version to ensure the smoothest launch possible.

But now, let's dive into a summary of the 1.08 Game Update. If you like surprises, stop reading here and enjoy the adventures in-game.

The last, visibly unfinished area of Chernarus - The Saint Roman Ski Resort and the adjacent Biathlon Arena in the north-western part of South Zagoria have been finished. Additionally, static vehicle wrecks for all currently available drive-able cars were added to Chernarus. These replaced the old vehicle wrecks and allowed the spawn of abandoned (rusty) parts on Chernarus (just like on Livonia).

The biathlon shooting range would not be complete without some proper low caliber sport rifle, and as many of you guessed it already, the Sporter 22 rifle is making its comeback. This neat semi-automatic .22 rifle can load either 15 or 30 round magazines and has an option to attach the hunting scope. Talking about weapons, we have also reworked the sway and hold breath behavior, which should make dynamic long-range engagements easier.

We have taken a deep look into the base building again, focusing on changing the way raiding works. Fences and watchtowers are now destructible only by using melee attacks, firearms, or explosives. Objects show visual damage, are repair-able, and overall take much more time and resources to damage/break into compared to the previous versions. Additionally, we took a look at tents, which were often used as a replacement for fences. And so, the tents are now also destructible, showing visual damage, an option to repair, and have a destruct animationA similar treatment was also applied to the storage items such as barrels and crates. Whenever a tent or storage item gets destroyed, it spills its content on the ground. Work on the tent damage has also allowed us to implement color variants for existing tents, which will, together with the brand new canopy tent, add to the overall variety within your bases.

Besides the big focus on the base building topic, we have also taken a more in-depth look at the fireplaces. The old cooking slots (accepting only cooking equipment) were replaced with generic cooking slots. These slots allow both cooking equipment, but also individual food. So, if you want to prepare food (meat), you no longer need to use a long wooden stick, but you can simply place it on the fireplace plate or grill. Speaking of cooking, We've re-introduced the frying pan, added a disposable lighter and a new type of interior fireplace to the game.

There simply isn't enough space to talk about all the things that have been done though, so head out to the official changelog post on our forums to get the full idea what this game update is about.

On behalf of the DayZ team,



Mardi 2 juin 2020  
Patch Version - 1.08.153228


    Fixed: The side-room of the aircraft shelter was impenetrable, even when doors were opened
    Fixed: The Sporter 22 hunting optic was floating above the gun
    Fixed: An issue that would prevent kindling to get combined in the fireplace


    Changed: Kindling and fuel will not get ruined while burning in the fireplace and thus allow combing with new ones, before disappearing


    Changed: Updated the offline CE files to latest version

Mardi 2 juin 2020  
Experimental Update 1.08

We hope everyone is staying safe during these challenging times. Things have surely taken a route only a few would imagine at the beginning of this year. For us in the DayZ development team, switching to a roughly two month home office was certainly an interesting experience, but we are back in the office, ready to share what we have been working on - the long-awaited 1.08 Game Update.

As usual, we are starting with a series of experimental builds, where we would like to get as much feedback as possible. If you are interested in trying it out, simply start DayZ Experimental from Steam and join one of the available experimental servers (be it through the launcher or the in-game browser). This blog highlights the areas we would like to get feedback aboutSome areas have intentionally been left out and are for your to explore. We invite the most curious of you to have a look at the full change log on the forums. Issues and suggestions are very welcome on our official channels: Feedback Tracker and the forums.

Base destruction/raiding is one of the most significant changes. Fences and watchtowers are no longer destructible using actions, but instead, by standard melee attacks, firearms, or explosives. Any non-vital part can receive damage and shows visual damage alongside with an option to repair. In addition to this, all tents are destructible using standard melee attacks, firearms, or explosives as well repair-able. If a tent becomes ruined, it will flatten and spill its contents onto the ground. Similar logic was also applied for all commonly used storage items such as barrels and crates. In addition, some light balancing changes and bugfixes happened. These include, among others, increased material costs for the wooden crate, lifetime of the hidden stashes decreased to 2 weeks, and better action targeting when interacting with base-building objects. All of these changes have really high chances of spicing up the current base-building meta and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback from your experimental adventures.

Besides the base-building changes, we have made a lot of changes to the fireplaces. The old cooking slots were replaced with something we call direct cooking slots. These slots accept both cooking equipment, and individual food, meaning you are no longer dependent on always carrying a piece of cookware with you. Fireplaces have also received lots of balancing changes and bugfixes. These for example include the return of the ignition conditions (tied to interior spaces, weather conditions and so on) to make fire-ignition more authentic. While this inevitably reduces the number of places you can create a fire now, worry not, there is a new indoor fireplace type, which you can find in various buildings.

We would also like to hear your feedback on the rework of the weapon sway and hold breath behavior. When holding your breath, the stamina consumption is now non-linear, the swaying pattern is much more stable, and there are new sound effects when your character is running out of air to warn you ahead of heavy stamina drain. We have also made some changes in the way vehicles spawn into the world, which should improve the situation with the instability of vehicles when parked in closed spaces (such as barns). Vehicles additionally received changes to brake power behavior, which now increases over time rather than instantly causing loss of control over the car. And when talking about vehicles, it's also now possible to pull dead bodies out of a car. Some changes to the damage system were done, to solve some issues with hits getting registered multiple times when going through more complicated damage zones (such as chest or pelvis, resulting in survivors receiving more damage than they should have).

That's all for now, head out to the experimental servers, there is more stuff to find and things explore!

On behalf of the DayZ team,






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