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Mardi 11 février 2020  
Update 1.07

Hello Survivors,

The Game Update 1.07 has arrived on PC and brings some important fixes and new gameplay elements.

The Repeater Carbine, which uses .357 rounds has arrived on Chernarus and Livonia, alongside with the 12ga Rubber Slugs that can be used by any of your favorite shotguns, as non-lethal ammunition. On the visual side, the global lighting received some noticeable changes, starting with the night time, which now has a "bright" mode that the server owner cans opt for in the server configuration. Also, the brightness, contrast of the shadows, rain, and others have been tweaked. Last but must least addition, you'll be able to find Amusement Parks that have been added across Chernarus.

Finally, the update also brings some fixes, like the most problematic inventory-related issues and other adjustments that should improve the immersion and the gameplay experience.

Get all the details and full patch notes below!

PS: As mentioned earlier, the Console Update 1.07 may take up to a week before being available.

Patch notes


    Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
    Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
    In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
    You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



      Repeater Carbine
      .357 Rounds
      12ga Rubber Slugs
      Amusement park locations throughout Chernarus


      A client error caused by re-encountering the weapon you dropped during a previous death
      The map always used to open at the top left corner (now remembers the last opened position)
      The action "Jump out" was disabled from the back seats of the ADA 4x4
      Action circle was missing while dismantling the oven
      The player can no longer attach both the suppressor and compensator to the SG5-K
      Issue caused by starting an action with a desynchronized item in hands 
      An animation glitch related to throwing
      Several types of inventory interactions related to item reservation
      Water bonus from wells was added too early in the action
      Infected would not cause bleeding wounds as intended
      Issues with doors in the aircraft hangar, hospital, school, harbour crane
      Issues with the sounds of doors in the fire station and big ATC buildings
      Issues with a ladder on the construction site
      Wooden plank stacks could spawn on top of each other
      The big doorway of the sawmill had bullet collision even when opened
      Object placement on Enoch and ChernarusPlus
      Yellow heat comfort was giving a penalty on health regeneration
      Position of the combination lock widget, LODs, and textures
      The player could collide with individual ivy parts
      The Denim Skirt showed the wrong colour in 1st person view
      Infected could not navigate into the large grey sheds
      The Construction Lights behaved incorrectly when thrown
      It was not possible to empty liquid containers inside buildings
      Blue Athletic Sunglasses had a green texture (
      The Thermometer would always display 0 degrees (
      Night vision was darkened when someone entered the players' network bubble (
      Base building actions could be mixed up resulting in building the wrong part
      Large numbers (quantity) were not fully visible in the hand slot
      Barrel with holes was still able to store liquids (
      Item description of the beige Working Boots



        Global lighting changes (ground-lighting addition, brightness of the day and night, shadow contrast during clear weather, rain visual tweaks, darker clouds during overcast)
        Improved inventory attachment icons (missing icons added, tweaked and unused removed to free space)
        Changed: Clean-up of the car damage zones
        Lowered the amount of leaked coolant when the car radiator is destroyed
        The "Open" option for the fence gate can be accessed easier
        Removed the collision from the Barbed Wire
        Barbed Wire now causes bleeding sources instead of shock damage
        The fence and watchtower kits can now be dismantled
        Heavy items (with collision) are dropped using physics
        Rework of the combination lock destruction (requires more time but in shorter cycles)
        Sawing a pile of wooden planks is now a truly continuous action


        Decreased range of the night light, and changed its color, position, and brightness for a better immersion
        The fence gate opens and closes slower
        Inventory view of the Assault Helmet Visor
        You receive one additional plank when cutting down a wooden log
        You receive one more wooden log when cutting down most trees
        Clearer placement of the base building materials
        Sorted attachments icons of firearms
        The base building build action won't show up at all when it cannot be successfully executed (previously allowed to execute without result)
        Tweaked: Adjusted the logic behind obstacle checks when building base parts
        The map is now full screen
        Removed the collision from tourist trail poles
        Update of the game credits



        Ability to choose between bright and dark nights through a server config parameter lightingConfig (0 for bright, 1 for dark)


        LimitFPS is now logged and default crop value raised from [1, 50] to [1, 200], by default it's unlimited



        Curl context can store the results into files + API
        Livonia ruined houses variants without overgrown ivy
        Named selection for the bear (Body_Injury)
        Named selections for all ivy parts (leaves)
        GetGame().GetWorld().LoadNewLightingCfg("filepath") can reload the global lighting config during runtime
        SetSoundMaxVolume() to change the max-volume level
        Functions InventoryItem::EnableCollisionsWithCharacter & InventoryItem::HasCollisionsWithCharacter
        Exposed rigid body functions to script
        Missing dGeomCreateCylinder implementation
        Script method Object::SetDynamicPhysicsLifeTime


        InventorySlot changed to inventorySlot[] (string to array of string) to allow slot extensions
        Livonia terrain files *_ce, *_data and *_navmesh changed from *.ebo format to *.pbo
        Commented out transferToZonesThreshold method
        Renamed OnEventFromRemoteWeapon event into OnEventForRemoteWeapon


        Obsolete pond/well drink actions

    Known issues

      Picking up an item on the upper floor of a watchtower can crash the game




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