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Mercredi 3 avril 2019  
PC Stable Update 1.02

Hello Survivors! 

The second Platform Update of DayZ is out on Steam (both the game update and server files update). Along with many quality of live improvements, fixes and tweaks, it reintroduces two .308 caliber weapons and what's arguably the most luxurious transport option the post-apocalyptic Chernarus offers: the mighty Olga 24 sedan.

While the 1.02 update does not have a strict theme, a lot of work has been done to streamline the inventory design and functionality (yes, you can move with your inventory open again!). The game design team also put emphasis on promoting stealth gameplay when dealing with the infected, and also went through a couple of iterations on the night time experience. Get all the details and full patchnotes below!

New vehicle

Olga 24

Once a high end, "Executive" level car, the Olga 24 is a four-door Sedan easily able to reach top speeds on the Chernarussian roads.

New Firearms


The select-fire rifle LAR is used by specialized military forces. It comes with a 20 round magazine, using .308 caliber bullets.

M70 Tundra

The M70 Tundra is a bolt-action hunting rifle using .308 caliber ammunition.

New & improved weapon attachments

    Usable backup iron sight of the ATOG
    Compensator for the Mosin 91/30
    Mini Sight (small red dot)
    RVN sight
    Individual zeroing of iron sight and telescopic sight for compatible items


    Holster and pouch for the plate carrier vest

    Assault vest and its butt-pack


    Ability to move slowly while displaying the inventory
    Better visualisation of the inventory content
    Proper scaling of items in the hands slot
    Ability to have containers as an attachment (e.g. pouch on a plate carrier)
    Various icons and visuals
    Ability to reorder the inventory containers


    Possibility to kill an infected in melee hit (e.g. with an axe), from the back
    Changes to night lighting
    New Noise indicator to encourage stealthy gameplay



    Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
    Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
    In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
    You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.


    Added: OLGA 24 with attachments
    Added: LAR with attachments
    Added: M70 Tundra
    Added: .308 WIN ammunition
    Added: Assault vest
    Added: Utility buttpack
    Added: Plate carrier holster and pouches
    Added: Mini red dot and RVN sights
    Added: Mini red dot sights now compatible with CR-75 and BK-133 as well
    Added: Functional back iron sights on ATOG optics
    Added: Toggle iron sights/scope aim by pressing RMB
    Added: Precise weapon lifting by weapon length
    Added: HUD noise indicator
    Added: Improved inventory icons rendering
    Added: Inventory icons dynamic scaling
    Added: Ability to one hit kill infected from behind with selected items
    Added: Particle effects visible on the inventory player character
    Added: Inventory character has items in hands
    Added: Ability to walk (but not jog or sprint) while inventory is open
    Added: Quick add to quickbar by hovering and pressing a number key
    Added: Highlighting to hovered items in inventory
    Added: Client-side personal night light (environment is subtly illuminated from the camera at night to save players from becoming completely blind without a light source)
    Added: Mosin 91/30 compensator
    Added: Independent firearm zeroing for iron sights and scopes
    Added: Option to change the order of inventory cargo containers
    Added: Hand cramp for brain disease
    Added: Injury animation is visible in inventory view
    Added: Expanded admin log (detailed hit messages, placement & base building action logging, player list printout)
    Added: Footsteps sounds for movement inside tents
    Added: Footsteps scuff sounds for grass surface
    Added: Sounds for lock/unlock doors action
    Added: Sounds for combination locks
    Added: Sound animation events for heavy hit animations
    Added: New set of sounds for male infected
    Added: Sounds for hot and freezing character animation
    Added: Foley sounds for movement with heavy items in hands (Power Generator, Barrel, Tents, Sea Chest)
    Added: Sounds for pick up and drop action for various items
    Added: Position dispersion when infected cannot see the target, but can hear it
    Added: Expanded admin log (detailed hit messages, placement & base building action logging, player list printout)
    Added: Muzzle flash effect for Mosin compensator


    Fixed: Client crashes when attempting to connect to the server through launch parameter on Windows 7
    Fixed: Server crash caused by in-game actions
    Fixed: Server/client errors upon loading weapon
    Fixed: Client error when equipping bandana
    Fixed: Server error when manipulating vehicles parts
    Fixed: Client error when manipulating barrel
    Fixed: Client error when manipulating radios
    Fixed: Client error when manipulating dead infected
    Fixed: Client error when removing wooden logs from fence or watchtower
    Fixed: Client error when disconnecting near a radio control panel
    Fixed: Client error when removing rag from the mouth
    Fixed: Client error when attaching combination locks
    Fixed: Client error when committing suicide with weapon
    Fixed: Multitude of environmental issues (models adjustments, objects collisions, incorrect LODs, )
    Fixed: Various IK poses (base building and electricity items, seeds packets, ammunition, vehicle parts)
    Fixed: Blending of textures on Skybox (previously causing sudden flashes)
    Fixed: Weak dynamic lights during dusk and dawn
    Fixed: An issue where the majority of the character clothing was rendered in lower resolution than the game was running at
    Fixed: Items can be picked up through walls (T137847)
    Fixed: Texture artefacts on the crosshair
    Fixed: Player can skip vomiting by staying crouched
    Fixed: Player can skip vomiting by jumping
    Fixed: Salute gesture keeps items in hand
    Fixed: BK-133 does not change textures according to damage states
    Fixed: Speed of inventory scrolling
    Fixed: FPS drop when dismantling/destroying base building parts
    Fixed: Barbed wire attached to fence will now move properly when opening gate
    Fixed: Player does not get proper damage while standing in flames
    Fixed: Driving over a character with a vehicle does not inflict damage
    Fixed: Player receives damage from a vehicle while standing close to it
    Fixed: Some gestures with weapons make arms twitch
    Fixed: Infected do not inflict any damage to animals
    Fixed: Player becomes deformed for others while sitting in a car
    Fixed: Windows cannot be destroyed for some of the vehicles
    Fixed: Splitting/combining rags will overlay another item in the inventory
    Fixed: Items can get stacked incorrectly in one slot on top of each other (T136643)
    Fixed: Items can be put in hands via inventory while sitting in a vehicle
    Fixed: Projectile impacts do not alert infected
    Fixed: Swapped clothing items can remain in characters inventory when standing in the vicinity (T136679)
    Fixed: Sawing off Mosin 91/30 with attached optic/loaded ammo deletes the items completely (T136205)
    Fixed: Players are able to access dismantle actions on towers from the outside (T136666 + T 137639)
    Fixed: Switching seat while driving will result in a silent vehicle (T137285)
    Fixed: Item size changes visually for wielded item when logging off (T136822)
    Fixed: Selecting survivor in the main menu and pressing play opens old server browser (T136726)
    Fixed: Environmental damage is not logged correctly in server logs (T137257)
    Fixed: Attacking infected clip through the player (T137370)
    Fixed: Missing arrow mark on items with container or attachments (T137103)
    Fixed: Offline missions cannot be launched on Windows 7 (T137264)
    Fixed: Hunting scope allows looking through walls (T137033)
    Fixed: Crafting improvised suppressor takes 1 % from the duct tape (T133200)
    Fixed: Collision of packed Car Tent remains in the middle of the unpacked Car Tent
    Fixed: Barrel inventory is misplaced when several barrels are in one place
    Fixed: Tent and barrel placement is restricted only to flat surfaces
    Fixed: Weapons cannot be reloaded while lying on the back
    Fixed: Restrained characters can play freezing animation
    Fixed: Handheld optic, binoculars or rangefinder were not usable (T137102)
    Fixed: AIs might get stuck mid-air after being killed by vehicle
    Fixed: Enduro helmet attachments are out of place in inventory
    Fixed: Fitting of localized item names in tool-tips and headers
    Fixed: Electric devices (spotlight, cable reel, etc.) getting unplugged after server restart
    Fixed: Server crash upon respawn
    Fixed: FX-45 was not functional
    Fixed: Getting shot underwater put the character into falling animation
    Fixed: Inventory, vicinity, and hands slots were overlapping with each other
    Fixed: The first gunshot caused FPS drop
    Fixed: Server VMEs related to the in-game map
    Fixed: Character noise indicator not being present
    Fixed: Attachment icon dragged from hands slot to an invalid slot disappears
    Fixed: Character noise indicator not showing appropriate values
    Fixed: Collisions of base building objects remaining after their parts have been detached
    Fixed: Rangefinder drawing its value on other clients' screens, assorted client error, and interference between rangefinders
    Fixed: When opening doors for the first time, the whole building model can move slightly
    Fixed: Client error connected to player presence indicator
    Fixed: It is no longer possible to attach the Hunting Scope to the BK-18
    Fixed: A client-side crash connected to the base building feature
    Fixed: Fence gate cannot be opened after server restart
    Fixed: Fence can be walked through after server restart
    Fixed: Backwards compatibility for mods using particle API from version 1.01 and older (GoreZ and such).
    Fixed: Client error tied to base building
    Fixed: Ruined tires now affect vehicle behaviour
    Fixed: Fire geometry for offshore worker infected type
    Fixed: Invisible dynamic events and custom objects
    Fixed: Adjusted MRDS post-process on FX to make it more usable
    Fixed: Tuna can miss the "Open" action in certain conditions (player/others nearby manipulating with a Compass)
    Fixed: Stacks of .308 Ammo spawning with 0 quantity
    Fixed: The player now dies properly from hypothermia, preventing client errors and other issues
    Fixed: Only one player in a VoN conversation can hear the others
    Fixed: Vehicle radiator cannot be refilled until the car has been started
    Fixed: Character movement speed desynchronization, where the character moves as if aiming down sights even when they are not
    Fixed: Client error connected to using a water bottle on a fireplace
    Fixed: Leaving ADS on weapon actions


    Changed: The weather simulation has been reworked, improving the network synchronization and lowering its performance cost. As part of this, SimulWeather and its related options were removed.
    Changed: Improved the impact of dynamic lights on surfaces (including the roads)
    Tweaked: Improved quickbar visuals and responsiveness
    Tweaked: Minor tweaks to the global light config
    Changed: Major cleanup of CfgWorlds config parameters (and related classes such as CfgSurfaces and Clutter)
    Tweaked: Alpha channel of mud road texture, so it's lit up properly by the dynamic lights
    Tweaked: Inventory blur intensity is now at half of the previous value
    Tweaked: Inventory icons for firearms and their attachments
    Tweaked: Item sizes for handguards and buttstocks
    Tweaked: Inventory size of suppressors
    Changed: Items located in fireplace cargo will now be burned to 'Ruined' state instead of 'Badly damaged'
    Tweaked: Damage system for ADA 4x4
    Tweaked: Central economy (minor adjustments)
    Changed: Item view bounding box enlargement when attachments are added
    Changed: Improved behavior of all light sources (fade in / fade out effects and more)
    Changed: Light sources slowly fade out when they are low on energy instead of suddenly going completely dark
    Tweaked: Slightly darkened breath vapor particle to avoid glowing at night
    Changed: Improved behavior of smoking chambers on all guns (smoke escapes only while the chamber is open)
    Tweaked: Decreased intensity of all light sources during daytime
    Changed: Reflector surface of all light sources now shines properly
    Tweaked: Chemlight illumination radius increased
    Changed: Torch is now always transformed to stick when its rags are removed from it
    Changed: Bear trap damage output is now dynamic (it always causes the victim to start limping, but it won't kill them unless their health is already critical)
    Changed: Significantly improved quality of vehicle smoke particles during high speed
    Changed: Melee/weapons to animate with "spine3" bone (different shoulder animation)
    Optimized: Physics rayRcast & Shapecast callbacks
    Optimized: Possibility to enable multithreaded replication from server config using "multithreadedReplication" parameter
    Optimized: Size of entity create network messages
    Tweaked: In-game map behaviour
    Changed: All particles are now preloaded during the game's initial loading
    Changed: 'FullAuto' fire mode set as default mode on all relevant weapons
    Tweaked: Sneak attack on the Infected now also works when hitting the torso
    Tweaked: Infected are less perceptive in terms of sounds in general, limited vision at night
    Tweaked: Blood and health regeneration slowed by roughly 1/3rd
    Tweaked: Water and energy metabolism slowed down by approximately 1/5th
    Tweaked: Increased water, energy and healthy penalty by approximately 1/2 when heat comfort is low/high
    Tweaked: Chemlight illumination range lowered to 7.5 m
    Changed: Updated tourist trail map model and textures
    Changed: Lowered the Infected alertness caused by projectile impacts nearby
    Changed: Disabled attaching of MRDS to CR75 (MRDS currently has issues on the weapon that need to be dealt with first)
    Changed: Blood regeneration speed lowered
    Changed: Amount of blood loss from hamolytic reaction raised
    Changed: Lowered the illumination range of chemlight and the light around character at night
    Tweaked: Lowered chance of jamming for pistols


    Added: Script function for disabling flares on light entities
    Added: Script function for setting the relative position of flare on light entities
    Added: Particles that are attached on an object can now rotate independently from that object (this fixed unintended directional flame on burning torches, see Particle.PlayOnObject(...) function documentation)
    Added: Script function PlayerPreviewWidget::GetDummyPlayer
    Added: New method on particles: ScaleParticleParamFromOriginal(...)
    Changed: Particle API was refactored. Function Play(...) was replaced by functions PlayInWorld(...) and PlayOnObject(...). Please update your scripts accordingly to prevent compilation errors.
    Changed: Huge refactor of how scripted lights behave. Please start using this API instead of config Pilot Lights. (Check file ScriptedLightBase.c and see examples in Scripts\4_World\Entities\ScriptedLightBase)
    Tweaked: Corrected name of config parameter 'slopeLimit' to 'slopeTolerance'
    Removed: Obsolete/deprecated configuration parameters were removed.
    Tweaked: Personal light access parameter (PlayerBaseClient.m_PersonalLight) changed from 'private' to 'protected' to allow modding

Known issues

    Individual melee hit registration issues against infected
    Going unconscious with an open map can cause freezes




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