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Vendredi 21 décembre 2018  
Moving into 2019

Dear Survivors,

Before we go and visit our families for the holidays, I would like to thank you for all the support you've shown us over the past year. 2018 and the 1.0 release have been a big move forward for all of us here. The Steam Free Weekend with nearly half a million unique survivors (466,522 to be exact) and a peak of nearly 30,000 concurrent players reassured us, that there is still major interest in DayZ.

So, things are not stopping now. As with any of our core games here at Bohemia, the support and content are on their way. It's important for DayZ to thrive and that’s what 2019 is all about for us. What does that mean exactly? Without going into specifics, we will set up pipelines for vehicles and weapons.

Another priority for us is the stability and consistent behavior of DayZ as a platform. We have to improve the server performance which has degraded over the last month and are looking into making sure this get fixed. The same goes for client performance which has seen some dips and weird behavior that is yet to be analyzed.

One big topic that is going to get a lot of attention next year is modding, that is battling different issues, but still progressing very nicely. Shout-out to those of you who made some awesome things already! We see modding as a cornerstone of DayZ and as such we will continuously improve and add depth to the modding possibilities, which also goes through the tools. There is also the topic of documentation and samples, which we want to share to make sure the endless possibilities are used in way that is stable.

Another important element which many of you are probably looking forward to, are features that we cut from the 1.0 release. Climbing for example. As the team is staying the same size next year, we will continue our efforts to bring them in and share details, the same way we will with weapons. Things will get in game over time in both smaller and larger patches.

And while we will work on features that have been cut, we also will look back at some that are not fleshed out properly, are missing something, and/or need balancing to ensure their use is worthwhile. We do play the game with you and often feel the same way about many of its issues.

One crucial thing awaiting us now, is the amount of polish that the game desperately needs. It’s a top focus from our production cycle that we improve things that have lacked enough time put to testing and functionality.

On a last note, I would like to apologize for the lack of communication around our recent server shifts during the PC Free Weekend and the shift of the Xbox servers to the PC branch. The resulting base losses have been announced way too late and we understand this means of course a lot of frustration among you. We will improve on the way we communicate these server changes, by announcing these changes earlier and thus giving you more time to migrate your base to a new server.

I wish you happy holidays; rest up and see you next year!

Ho Ho Ho

- Eugen -


Mercredi 13 décembre 2018  
DayZ 1.0 is now live on Steam! Free Weekend inbound!

Hello Survivor!

Today is the day. The 1.0 update is out now on Steam! It is time to end the Early Access journey, and start a new chapter for the DayZ development.

Over the past days the team has come closer together and worked more passionately than ever to make this important leap happen. And of course, we have seen the support from our community, be it in Tweets, PMs or via Reddit. We want to thank every single one of you for your patience and endurance through the years. We know there is still a mountain of work ahead of us and the team is not taking this milestone as an opportunity to rest, but as a chance to recover, evaluate, and plan for future.

So what's ahead until Christmas?

First of all, we've just started our first Free Weekend on Steam, so this is your chance to show DayZ to your friends and invite them to a trip across Chernarus. This will also be the last chance to buy DayZ for 15% off its Early Access price, which will be increased when the free weekend ends on Monday, December 17th (19:00 CET).

We are also approaching the 16th of December, marking our 5 year anniversary of DayZ. To celebrate this milestone with you, the team will also have a Live Stream on this Sunday evening, to show you some in-game action and talk about the release.

For the following week (17.-21.), we have additional appearances on community streams planned, to share more about what the release means for DayZ and what's to come.

This is DayZ. This is your story.

See you in Chernarus!


Mercredi 13 décembre 2018  
9 Survival Tips for New DayZ Players

Hello Survivor!

So, you've been stranded in a foreign Eastern European country that's struck with a terrifying epidemic? The created infected try to kill you, you don't know who to trust and you are dying of thirst and hunger? Do not despair, we are here to help.

DayZ is all about discovering what's possible, so don't expect this to be a walkthrough or survival guide, you can read this without ruining the game experience for yourself.

    1. Use a microphone, and use it often. Speak to people, you will not regret it. Mostly.
    2. This country, Chernarus, is situated in Eastern Europe, you will find city names and other signs in Cyrillic letters. If you want to know where you are, you better start learning them. 
    3. DayZ does not offer a mini-map, as navigation and discovery is an essential part of the game.  You are able to find static and portable tourist maps in-game that will help you, as well as compasses. Experts may find other means to navigate in the sky.
    4. After starting the game, you will quickly discover that your character is running low on water. Players and infected might be a major threat, but if you ignore your own characters needs for too long, you will find yourself at the bottom end of the food chain pretty quickly. Your energy and body temperature are among the other values that you should constantly keep an eye on.
    5. It can be tempting to stay close to the coast in an attempt to avoid the dangers of the inland. But don't forget that you are not the only survivor washed ashore, so the coastal areas are often picked clean by by-passers. Better prepare yourself to move land inwards as well.
    6. Yes, we have crafting as well. However, we don't want our players to spend 50 percent of the game in the inventory. That's why all crafting combinations are connected to the hands, meaning you need always to have one item to combine in your hands, and add the other item from the open world or your inventory. There are several hotkey slots available to help you avoid long inventory searches in critical situations.
    7. Your character is fragile. A bullet to the head or other vital organs can be your end at any time and you won't even hear it coming. Cherish your character and be careful, when to pick your fights.
    8. Other survivors can be your friends or enemies. They might even start out as one and end up becoming the other. Fact is, avoiding player contact might appear to be safe, but what would life be without company?
    9. But what about the loot? Look carefully. Valuables are not only stacked in buildings, but the infected are also carrying items with them, and nature can be its very own source of food. Stay aware of your surroundings and prepare yourself accordingly, you never know where you will find the next bunch of supplies, once you leave town.

Vendredi 7 décembre 2018  
DayZ 1.0 launches December 13th on Steam!

Hello Survivors,

let's get straight to the point: It is time. DayZ is going to leave Early Access with a PC 1.0 update on December 13th, after almost exactly 5 years in open development!

Everyone on our team has been working hard and will continue for this remaining week to deliver the best launch version we can. With the BETA last month, we've seen the return of the first vehicle and item stashes, as well as the premiere of DayZ base building, the release of server files and the beginning of Modding Support. The most recent Experimental Update has returned horticulture to the game, making survival within your base more autonomous, and allowing the return of the full hermit play style.

Backed by the underlying engine changes introduced with the BETA, the 1.0 launch should feel like a fresh new start for anyone who has not played DayZ for some time - so let your friends know that they have a game to play on December 13.

Keep following us for more events and information over the course of the next two weeks!

See you in Chernarus!





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