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Mardi 21 juin 2016  
Status Report - 21 Jun 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Version 0.60 containing the new renderer has been released on Stable branch, and the team keeps pushing towards Beta. In this status report we have Brian, Viktor, and Andrej commenting on subjects such as the milestone goals going towards 0.61, the new audio module, and of course more of those sweet animations that are coming up.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

As I'm sure most of you already know - 0.60 build was moved to Stable branch last week during E3. It is but one step towards 1.0, but one that we were all excited to get into your hands. While the build has been enjoyed by over 400,000 people since hitting stable branch, we've been keeping our eye on issues present on the build - and have been working towards a hotfix for the most critical issues, while also moving forward on 0.61. Current top issues for a hotfix are:

    AI Related Server Crash
    Container Lifetime Refresh Issue
    Known Duplication Methods
    Vehicle Location/Position Persistence

With those being worked on - the milestone goals for 0.60 have been achieved, and we can look forward towards our goals for 0.61.

    0.60 Build Milestone Goals

      New Renderer: Implemented
      Randomized Attachments & ItemsRandom: Implemented
      New Reload Mechanics: Implemented
      60 Player-per-instance: Implemented

    0.61 Milestone Goals

      Server Login Queue
      Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
      Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
      Dynamic Spawning of Infected
      Predators (Wolves)

I'll be at RTX in Austin, Texas early next month to talk about 0.61 and show some early representations of some of the systems, as well as recap 0.60 and what was achieved there. For those not attending the show, we'll be recording the audio off the sound board - and will match it with the presentation media and upload to our Youtube channel.
Lastly, we'll be experimenting with uploads to our DayZDevTeam YouTube channel at 4k on the new nVidia GTX 1080 card, so for those eager to see how that performs on 0.60 - keep an eye out for that.

A massive thanks from all of us at the DayZ Dev Team to those participating in the Early Access period and especially to the 415,000 who have joined us in testing 0.60 over the last two weeks.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Viktor

In past week there have been some cool animations finished. To mention some of them, we have now attaching and detaching doors for vehicles, new reload animations include Winchester and there is also completely new reload for M249. The infected have received idle variations and few different door attacks.

The upcoming player character can hold items and aim using new aim spaces. We are still polishing existing animations for changing stances and movements. The way the character reacts to controls is great, the fact that we can blend multiple animations means it's fluent, not limiting and it looks much better. For instance you can start running and go to crouch at the same time and you can raise your weapon as well, or you can change your mind and go back to the original pose - all in the transition itself - without any limitation or interruption.

There is still a lot in front of us for the new player controller from small tasks to complex features. In the next weeks we will focus on improving dynamics for character locomotion, finish camera behavior and start implementing new reload animations.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Hi everybody,

After a long silence from the audio department, I am delighted I can talk about some big improvements and upgrades we have  planned moving toward 0.61. Our programmers worked hard on implementing our new Audio system which will also be the core of the Enfusion Audio. In the coming updates we will have completely new gunshots sounds with new distance parameters and attenuation and frequency curves which are enormous improvement over existing ones. You will be able to distinguish distance and position of the shots fired with greater precision. Also new sound effects we made are better quality and have greater diversity, so you could recognize which type of weapon is firing more easily.

In the coming updates we also plan to consecutively upgrade ambient sounds which will be an enormous core upgrade, but also vehicle sounds, melee and all character sounds that will compliment the new character animations you've been told about.

- Andrej Sinkević / Lead Sound Designer -

Community Spotlight

About a week ago we had the 0.60 version going live on Stable branch and we are of course happy to see that players are helping us out by reporting loads of bugs on the Feedback Tracker! In that regard, we can see that there might be a bit of confusion as to how the persistence (refreshing lifetime) works for containers at the moment. Basically, in order to renew the lifetime of a container left on the ground, this can be a barrel, a tent, a backpack, or even a piece of clothing, you will have to manipulate the inventory of that particular container. This can be done by moving items around inside the container or placing a new object inside the container for example. It is not enough to just pick up the container and moving it to a different location.

Additionally, we also received quite a few reports in regards to characters not loading in with intact inventories, servers crashing when connecting to them, or players beeing booted back to the main menu when trying to connect to a server. A lot of these reported bugs are tied together and are results of corrupt character data. The team is aware of this and the problem is more or less nailed down, but still, all the data we can get to analyze further is much appreciated.

Again, we're thankful for all the reports received so far, and please don't be shy, do keep those reports coming. Thanks for sticking with us until now, we hope you're enjoying 0.60 so far!

Video provided by: IPokeNinjas

Awesome header image submitted by: Charles W. Owens

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 7 juin 2016  
Status Report - 07 Jun 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Another status report tuesday comes around, this time with Brian, Mirek, and Viktor giving us a bit of info on subjects such as the new player controller, new server browser, connection and inventory issues, and an update on blocker/prio issues for 0.60 going live on Stable branch.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Its that time again - so lets take a look at last weeks blockers on 0.60 experimental, talk about their status - and outline the current priority issues on the road to 0.60 stable branch.

    Characters prevented from logging in once connected: Fixed
    Client stuck on black screen after launching PC in some configurations: Fixed
    Weapon Attachments twitching randomly out of sync with weapon and player hands: Fixed
    Clearing weapon chamber deletes the chambered round: Fixed
    Known issues with "infinite ammo": Fixed
    Known causes of server crashes: Approximately 75% resolved - remaining issues are under investigation
    Server Memory Usage issues: In progress
    Restock values affecting global economy: Fix in testing

The last entry specifically is one part of the ongoing development of DayZ's Central Economy that those who like to dig into those values might enjoy knowing a bit more about. The CLE for DayZ is an interestingly complex tool that manages over 3 million potential spawn points, covers all potential tag and category classifications for items, and structures, is dynamic enough to be adapted to new maps for mod authors in the future, in some cases monitors items not only in the gamespace but also within player camps and player inventories. Each item in DayZ has its own values configured dynamically within this tool covering:

    Minimum Amount: Bottom end point in which the system will begin respawning once quantities drop below
    Nominal Amount: Targeted operating value in which items respawning at the minimum point will respawn to
    Lifetime: Duration the item can be persisting in the world before being cleaned up to free up space for new items
    Restock: Value used for rare/controlled items to ensure that if they fall below the minimum they do not respawn in bulk and allow loot cycling of rare items
    Tiering: Regions of the world in which these items are allowed to respawn
    And quite a bit more

The CLE is an integral component in DayZ gameplay, and has evolved throughout the Early Access period thanks to us being able to observe raw data from the Experimental and Stable branch servers. DayZ Mod had a very basic, rudimentary trigger based spawning controlled via script and having to populate no more than around 10,000 potential points - only spawning within proximity to players. DayZ spawns globally, and has evolved to allow more and more precise and complex control over when/where/how much/etc and we continue to iterate upon it, constantly trying to find that right point in which we offer a struggle to survive, without allowing abuse or making the experience *too* punishing. For .60 we're hoping to have the restock values functioning properly for the first time on controlled high end military gear, and pending testing on experimental branch we'll see if this value will function properly enough to allow us to use it for the entire economy - potentially creating points of shortage / supply & demand rotating throughout the servers life. As always, testing and iteration will tell - but Peter and I both are very excited about the possibility here.

    0.60 Build Milestone Goals

      New Renderer: Implemented
      Randomized Attachments & ItemsRandom: Implemented
      New Reload Mechanics: Implemented / Iteration on jamming mechanics in test
      60 Player-per-instance: Implemented and pending final call on server performance

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Mirek

As you know, we spent more than a week on fixing connection issues. Very big amount of connection requests revealed some issues, which were there from the beginning, so at least it gave us opportunity to find and fix them. Now all the team members assigned to connection issues are back on their long term tasks.

A lot of fixes were made in weapon and inventory system and we've also fixed server memory leaks, which have led to lower server performance after few hours from the server restart (should be released today). Probably last thing, which is blocker on our side for the stable release, is the most common server crash, so we hope we will fix it as soon as possible.

Team members are also still working on features for 0.61 like login queue and the new server browser.

We're preparing a new feature for the main menu, where you will be able to list and select one of your characters which exists on different shards and connect to the server without opening server browser (I hope we will show you prototype soon).

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Dev Update / Viktor

Several different animations are in progress at the moment. Quite soon we should have new anims for infected when in idle. This will improve a bit how infected look and move in the world by giving them some variety. They will have four different idle poses with its own set of idles and moves. Also more animations when infected attack doors are being created. They will use different body parts when smashing doors - hands, feets, shoulders and of course head.

New player controller is comming together quite nicely. We are still in process of setting up a proper camera behavior which would reflect different situations and stances the player character can be in. As new features are available for the new player controller we are adjusting animations so they are ready for implementation for instance looking around poses which are related to the camera.

Extended reload animation sets are being finished for last few guns. But just right after that we will start on the new jamming animations for all weapons. At the same time attaching wheels and vehicle doors is being created for hatchback. Since different vehicles have different sizes we will need to find an elegant way how to use this animations without any major clipping issues. Last part of player which is being worked on right now is wounded character. The animations for linmping crouch with rifle in hands is still in progress since it is 16 animations to cover all speeds and directions.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight

Like in our last status report, we have some more 0.60 footage on tap for you all. This time around we have ItsNaterHD and a couple of his friends showing us how they take care of both friendly as well as hostile encounters:

If only I would be so lucky that another player would hand over a fully functional car...

In case you haven't had a look at ItsNaterHD's stuff before, it'll be a good time to do so. His channel library is chock-full of great DayZ content. If interested, you can follow him via his Twitch and Twitter accounts as well.

Don't forget that we have a brand spanking new Feedback Tracker which you can use to help us out by filing all the bugs you come across as development moves on. Again, thanks so much to those of you who have already taken the time to help file bugs from Experimental as well as Stable branch!!!

Header image credit: Jarek_Skvarek

- SMoss / Community Manager -





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