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Mardi 20 décembre 2016  
Status Report - 20 Décember 2016

Hello survivors!

Christmas is coming and we have a small gift for you - 0.61 on Stable branch,  Brian is going to tell you more about it. Peter talks about character growth and Mirek has information about vehicles, and their presence on Exp/Unstable.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

For those that weren't aware - we pushed 0.61.136770 to Steam stable branch yesterday. While there are still some issues we want to address (VOIP Volume, Supersonic cracks, Container contents desync, Infected footsteps volume, status modifiers stuck, and more) we looked at the experience the tests over the weekend provided, compared to what was going to be available to those on Stable branch over the holiday break and decided to go ahead and make the move. This allows us to ensure that users on Steam stable over the holiday season will be able to enjoy a stable DayZ 0.61 experience, while we continue to address the issues the team is concerned about on Exp/Unstable branch, and pending build health potentially push these over to Stable on our regularly scheduled Wednesday maintenance. Lets take a look at the milestone goals for 0.61 Stable, and then we'll cover what is currently on Exp/Unstable branch - as well as what is pending a new Exp/Unstable update.

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue
    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.
    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.
    Dynamic Spawning of Infected.
    Predators (Wolves)
    Dynamic Shadows
    Network Synchronization Improvements
    New Server Browser

While we're happy to say that we've hit all of these milestone goals for 0.61, there are still issues that need to be addressed. Currently on Exp/Unstable we have build 0.61.136796 which is focused on the following changes:

    Fix for issues with container contents desync
    Fix to address supersonic cracks
    Adjustments of animal SFX levels
    Adjustments of infected footsteps levels
    Adjustment to Infected swing SFX

In addition to the build currently in test on Exp/Unstable we are focused on more Exp/Unstable updates to address:

    Status Modifier Updates
    Adjustments to Dynamic Lights
    VOIP Volume too quiet
    Issues with Hand Slots on corpses
    Some clients experiencing FPS drops

And lastly, as promised - future 0.61 Exp/Unstable builds will also be pushed (more than likely after the holiday break) with changes to test network sync on vehicles in DayZ. These builds likely will have vehicles set up to spawn ready to drive, but don't expect that change to follow through to Stable branch!

We're all enjoying watching, reading, and hearing about your adventures in the latest change to Stable branch DayZ and we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday break. This will be our last Status Report until January 10th, so see you all in the new year!

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

Don't get attached to your gear. This well known DayZ rule is there with us from very beginning. But then what is it, that you should be attached to? In short, it's your character, a survivor in post apocalyptic world full of infected and other threats, where every choice matters and has its consequences. It's easy to say that, but currently the only attachments your character has is his/her gear, his/her location within the world and his/her state. Losing all the gear, getting seriously sick or suddenly need fast travel often leads to sacrificing your character and starting from scratch as a fresh spawn. This behavior goes against the survival idea behind the DayZ in general.

To build the value of your character we have planned three pillars which are connected to his life span and activities. Probably the most desired and awaited one is the visual representation of your character appearance like growing beards, scars, bloody hands and others which really reinforce connection between player and his character in world. Second pillar is pretty straightforward and it is connected directly to upcoming stamina system. With stamina in place, sprint wouldn't be intended for traversing long distances (that's what vehicles are for right?), however it will be an important factor for fleeing from immediate dangerous situations you may encounter on reasonable distances. Keeping the character alive longer will benefit from being able to carry more load until the penalty for overload in terms of shortening available stamina strikes in. Third pillar is obviously soft skills, which we have implemented in prototype state for quite some time. Same as with other stuff (for example stamina system mentioned above), this mechanic is waiting primarily for introducing his majesty, the new character himself, which as you may know will be formed from interconnected systems like new animation system, new controller and state machine, new physics, new damage system, new user actions and others.

We had been speculating about soft skills for quite some time. Skills leveling system based on gained experience as we know it from traditional RPG games doesn't fit DayZ very well. First draft of soft skills was close to it, there was enclosed skill sets defined by actions which tried to mimic exact roles like medic, mechanic, hunter, builder, farmer and few others. Performing actions within skill sets add experience points to its pool and eventually raising its level. Such system leads to mindless grinding of actions without any meaningful gameplay context which, I believe can really easily ruin the gameplay experience for plenty of players just to witness such behavior. To minimize it, there needs to be some anti-grind solution like simple maximum cap for points per timeframe, or other more elaborate solution which demands more or less UI elements to be clear for players what are the rules and what's going on with experience and skills.

In the end we decided to strip soft skills to bare minimum and dare to take different route once again so the vision of DayZ stays intact. Soft skills should not be mandatory, however they should reward long living, dedicated characters and reflect their past actions. Main idea behind it is simple - with little abstraction it's safe to say that if you can stitch up someone, you for sure are relatively able to gut animal or pick seeds from harvest, and on the other hand if you can build fences and watchtowers it should be relatively easy for you to cut tree down or dig garden plot. We introduced so called specialty, which is axis with two poles - precision and roughness, when a character is spawned the pointer is in the middle, neutral position. All actions in game can be divided between precise or rough ones. Even actions from traditional roles like medic can be categorized independently and sit somewhere else in specialty spectrum, for example transfusion as precise action while CPR as rough action. Performing actions in game is moving specialty dynamically towards one pole or other, every action can have different weight so it can move specialty in different amount, let's say while performing transfusion you gain more precision then with simple bandaging. Dedicated characters will be able to profit from current state of their specialty in terms of performing given specialty actions with shorter times, less materials used, wearing out tools less and more outcome gained as current specialty is multiplier for all of these. Not dedicated characters who don't care about specialty or those who feels like jack of all trades are not punished in this system as their specialty will be moving around the middle neutral position which means no penalty as both precise and rough actions will take default time, use default amount of material, worn out tools for default value and gain default outcome. Note, that we are not planning to punish dedicated characters yet (but there is a possibility to do so), if your specialty is more towards roughness you will be stitching yourself as you would do while your specialty is in middle position. I think it's kind of unique approach and it doesn't spoil DayZ with unnecessary tables, numbers, UI clutter and undesirable player behaviors.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Mirek

Today it will be quick again. We released stable version yesterday, but we're still working on fixing some major issues, like broken modifiers and statuses for some players. We might have a fix today on experimental branch. Looks like it's happening only when one player is connecting at the same time when another is disconnecting, which can happen very often for waiting players in the login queue.

About vehicles, we made some progress with synchronization. It's still not perfect and you will experience some micro-teleportation during driving when it hits experimental branch, so please keep in mind that it won't be in its final state. Currently there is just one known blocking issue and it's related to passengers not being able to get out of vehicle sometimes.

I don't want to give any promises, but it's still our target to release vehicles on experimental branch before Christmas and if we don't make it, it's priority No.1 at the beginning of next year.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Progammer -

Community Spotlight

I'm sure this happens to you sometimes. You meet a fresh spawn on the coast, befriend him, travel and loot together. But when he finds a gun with ammo, you hear a shot and your screen goes black and you are dead. Your trust in other players is down, but is it like that every time or is there hope for friendly players? 

YouTuber Cyborg Lyzard had an idea about a social experiment which would prove whether or not players are as cruel and hostile for real. When he released his first social experiment video it was a real successful. 

Look at this social experiment on update 0.59. Cyborg Lyzard gave a weapon with ammo to a random player and waited to see what happens next. 

31% of players killed him immediately. The remaining 69% were friendly. This is not so bad.

He tried it again. But in the second experiment he gave the players a gun with ruined ammo. What a lecture on trust and morality! 

He repeated this experiment again a few weeks ago on update 0.60 and he found out that players are more friendly than before. 

And what about you? What would you do if somebody gave you a weapon with ammo? Would you put a bullet between his eyes or thank him and go your own way? Let me know on our official Twitter

Header image by: MrBlueAndQueenie

Merry Christmas for you all!

- Baty / Community Manager -


Mardi 6 décembre 2016  
Status Report - 06 Décember 2016

Greetings, survivors!

We have Brian and Mirek on this week, mostly covering the recent improvements in server performance and our final push to have 0.61 out on Stable before Christmas. Additionally, Brian provides a bit of an insight on the intended DayZ survival experience, we have some exciting news regarding vehicles on Experimental branch and share several forums threads that we think you'll find interesting!

Dev Update / Hicks

As many of you may know, we're in an Exp/Unstable branch iteration phase - on the road to moving 0.61 to Stable branch. So, this Status Report I'm going to break my part into two. First part covering where we are with 0.61, and what our current critical issues for moving to Stable branch are. For the second part, I'll talk briefly about my opinion on 0.61 as a build and our goals with it as an experience.

Now that all of our milestone goals for 0.61 have been implemented, we're currently in a rapid iteration phase. For those testing on Exp/Unstable branch this means a lot of things can change quickly, not to mention break. 

Over the last few builds, we've been focused on both improving server performance and trying to tackle issues that were caused as a byproduct of work on optimizing client network traffic. While that may be frustrating for those of you excited to try out 0.61, it is absolutely critical for the development process that we are able to iterate, and test these changes under a larger load than internal QA resources allow. 

Additionally, a good deal of the critical issues we've been seeing on the Exp/Unstable branch servers simply do not reproduce internally. Thus, us being able to test through the Unstable branch, and provide the team with the critical crashdumps, debug logs, and profiler data is is absolutely required for 0.61 to get to Stable branch on Steam as soon as possible. 

So, the next time you run across a server crash, frustrating bug, or gamebreaking issue while testing on Exp/Unstable - do your best not to get frustrated, head over to the feedback tracker and give as much data as you are able to. Every ticket and comment on the feedback tracker helps, even if you might not feel like it does!

For Stable blocking issues, we're currently tracking:

    Characters twitching/stuttering when crossing rubble/bodies
    Client Crash(es)
    Some structures not having proper shadows
    Items stuck in hands
    Server crash(es)
    VOIP Too Loud
    Infected Vocalizations too loud
    Naked Characters / Silent Gunshots

Mirek has some fascinating insight into some of the issues we've discussed above, as well as where we are with improving the vehicle simulation - I encourage you to scroll down and read what he has to say, the information is critical to understanding what is going on with the gameplay programming team (which has a large impact on how DayZ plays!)

For the second part of my text this week, I'd like to comment on the swing towards survival with 0.61.

It is no secret that DayZ set out to be a punishing survival title from the start of the project. Much of the mechanics that would drive this type of experience have been in prototyped phase, with the full functionality of them dependant upon technology from the engine, optimization to make them a threat, and so on - because of that, for the majority of our development period they have had little impact on gameplay unless you intentionally sought them out (or a bug related to them caused larger issues, such as the hyperthermia issue on 0.60). 

With this side of the game being present in such a state, most of DayZ's gameplay throughout the Early Access phase has centered around social interaction, and gunplay. With little incentive, or push for anything else to occur. As bugfixing, feature implementation, and optimization has allowed us to bring some of these mechanics more to the forefront of gameplay, I fully expect the large portion of the Early Access playerbase that might not keep up to date on development to be surprised, and even push back on these changes once they hit stable branch. 

I'm fully aware many of you love DayZ for the action you experience when you get into a gunfight, or the interesting (and often hillarious) social situations that player interaction creates. I do not want you to feel ignored. Everything in DayZ should come with a cost, be it struggling to survive, choosing to make a beeline for the closest military base looking to pick a fight, or creating a farming commune on the coast. 

The closer we move to Beta, and Early Access release this will become more apparent, and we will of course ensure that all styles of gameplay are as viable as possible, assuming you make the correct decisions to overcome the environment that seeks to kill you. Be it through starvation, infection, murder, the cold, or being eaten alive by wolves.

Excited as we are by the slow but inevitable progression to that unforgiving survival experience we set out to create back in 2013, we're all very aware (as you all should be) - that this is a development build. Many critical pieces to the final puzzle are still missing, and there will be bugs, but we hope that you find these changes compelling, and enjoy your experience inside Chernarus even more.

I've rambled on enough for this Status Report. I'm sure you all wanted to see more fancy screenshots or gifs - but these things slow down as the team wraps up what is in 0.61, and starts to focus on bugfixing in order to get to stable branch. Once we get past 0.61 and can start talking about 0.62, I'm sure we'll have more eye candy for you.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Mirek

Last week, we were mostly focused on server performance improvements. We rewrote the updating strategy of network objects and the results are pretty good. This part is now about five times faster. On the other hand, it reintroduced the "naked characters" bug.

Things like these can happen quite often, because this mechanism is very complex. As server performance is one of the major blockers of stable release, we had to release it into Experimental branch as soon as possible, so there wasn't much time to test it internally. I hope you won't get angry when things like these happen on Experimental branch.

Another bug we found is that Central Economy (CE) limits for infected count didn't work properly, so too many infected were spawned over the entire map. This slows down server performance too much and it's the source of incorrectly updated character modifiers, or the "persistent unconsciousness".

We also decreased the simulation rate of distant AI units, so this should help the server performance a lot, and it should also lead to a general decrease in network traffic. All of these fixes are scheduled for merge into Experimental branch this week (it's possible that some of them are already merged by the time you're reading this).

Now about vehicles. In the last status report, I wrote about two blocking issues. The broken simulation of more players in a vehicle is now resolved, but because the server is now authoritative over player's position and movement, new small issue appeared. You won't be able to see some animations (like head movement) of remote players sitting in the vehicle. We're not planning to fix this this in 0.61 - we will be taking another look at this issue when the new player controller is merged in, because we want to avoid doing things twice.

Client side correction still doesn't work well and I'm not sure how long it will take to fix this.

Also, because we would like to release Stable build before Christmas, we will release it without vehicles. We will, however, continue releasing Experimental builds with vehicles included, when they get ready.

We've also made other vehicle simulation improvements, which will hit Experimental. Here's the short list of changes:

    dashboards now reacts to switching vehicle lights
    player can use zoom when sitting in the passenger seat
    engine animation now correctly reacts to all user actions, damage etc.
    cars can be drown in any water, not only in the sea
    working particles from wheels
    updated suspension physics and collisions

      cars can now drive over small obstacles based on wheel's radius
      suspension along with wheels now correctly reacts to land surface

The second part of my status report will be dedicated to infected. We are working closely with designers to tweak them a little bit for 0.61, mainly improving their movement and attacking. Pushing won't be solved, as there is still the issue with AI units having a new physical controller built on bullet physics, while players use the legacy Arma collision detection.

In this case, what happens is that infected penetrates into the player (because it's unable to find a collision), but player detects that he's in collision with something and moves away from the collision. We won't be able to resolve this without the new player controller, so we're trying to at least improve it by tweaking some movement parameters.

This is all for now from me.

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Progammer -

Handpicked: DayZ Forums News

Our official DayZ community forums provide the easiest way to discuss all things DayZ. The discussion there is free of the usual constraints of other channels, like the 140 character limit on Twitter or the occasionally questionable voting mechanism on Reddit. The forums have a solid user base and are also the place where developers have been staying in touch with survivors basically ever since the early DayZ Mod days.

For these reasons, we'd love to drive most of the discussions there - both those where members of the dev team engage with you, the DayZ community, and those where you simply talk to fellow survivors.

Supporting the effort to keep the forums a busy place, we'll do our best to handpick some of the new content from the forums for each new Status Report, and highlight interesting posts or threads created in the past two weeks as a recommended reading material. Occasionally, we will also open a discussion on a topic we want to hear you opinions on.

Mind you, there will likely be exceptions to the schedule: Status Reports often turn into truly massive behemoths already, and development updates should always be the main focus here. Then, sometimes, people simply get too passionate about one or two particular threads and just won't let go of them - and so we usually don't need to drive additional traffic to such threads.

But now, let's get to it, here's what's been happening on the official DayZ community forums lately.

Friday Experimental Build Thread

As you probably know, the 0.61 build we deployed on Friday suffered from some serious server crashing, and the discussion that unfolds on the first 5 or 6 pages in the related thread is a nice practical example of the nature of the Experimental/Unstable branch of DayZ. Often, even if you can't really play the game properly, you may have actually helped the development team (and we appreciate that a lot!):

Read the thread

While in this particular case, we've already gathered enough data about the crashes and our Deployment Engineer David sacrificed a bit of his weekend to revert the Experimental branch to previous build, it should be expected that Experimental builds may stay all over the place like that for some time. If that happens, we'd like to kindly ask for your patience, ask you to read this post over here to understand the nature of the Experimental branch, and ultimately ask you to switch over to Stable if you just want to play DayZ.

0.61 Stable Loot Thread

Loot has always been a massive discussion topic in the community, and even internally. cs_wolf has started a thread where he's expressing his own hopes for the vanilla loot distribution of 0.61 on Stable, and while our design team is getting a clearer idea of where the vanilla experience is going themselves, feel free to fantasize about your own ideal setup with your fellow survivors:

Read the thread

Best DayZ Weapon Combo Thread

When you've managed to get the basics to survive, it's the best time to get properly armed. kataro posted what he believes is the most efficient weapon combo in DayZ, and is asking you to share your own deadly combos. Even our Community Manager Baty, a truly experienced survivor, is sharing her personal favorite, so hit the image to read the thread and see what her best weapon combo consists of:

Read the thread

BETA Content: CR 550 Rifle Thread

The last entry in our handpicked section of the Status Report is actually a start of what will hopefully become a series of sneak peeks on some of the BETA milestone content and features. This week, Brian is keeping it simple, teasing the already announced CR 550 and asking what your personal expectations and hopes are for this new piece of weaponry:

Read the thread

Community Spotlight

The news for update 0.61, which is on Experimental branch right now, are new dynamic shadows.  Shadows look great, and the way you all are using them to take screenshots is really amazing.

Besides facing the Infected, you also have to deal with an additional level of paranoia because dynamic shadows create a new dynamic, all happening in real time.  

Player XRW64 utilizes the  new shadows and backlighting to create an interesting visual experience with a friend. 

It's like open world DayZ shadow puppet theater!  

Say hello to yourself! Test the new dynamic shadows and send us more rad images. LikeJoeBandit.

Wanna get really creeped out? Imagine a silent infected hiding somewhere in this room.

Bibix is a very successful streamer from France, and he has a great talent for capturing unique moment. We love his screenshots. For more pics click here. All of these screenshots are great examples of how creatively Bibix uses the flares. It really sets a frightening mood.

I don't know about you, but I definitely don't want to find someone (or something) dangerous inside, much less an evil clown. This is what can happen in the world of Chernarus.

If you play on Experimental/Unstable servers, don't forget to use our Feedback Tracker to submit bugs, and for the newest info or a place to share your screenshots, follow the official DayZ Development Team Twitter account.

Header image by: BIBIXHD

- Baty / Community Manager -


Mardi 22 novembre 2016  
Status Report - 22 Nov 2016

Hello Survivors!

We have a juicy Status Report for you again! Victor presents a video full of new animations, Adam is talking about military base changes and Baty is showcasing all the cool wolves footage from our community creators.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

So as many may know, it has been a pretty busy few weeks. We've had a good deal of experimental updates go out. For those that don't follow our posts on the official forums I'll try and give you all some perspective on what those updates have been aimed towards, and what our current priorities are for 0.61.

Server side performance is one of our major goals for improvement on 0.61 experimental. Aside from stability (server side crashes), this has the largest impact on the actual effectiveness of the major changes gameplay wise for 0.61. When server performance drops below the acceptable line on these servers, it will reduce and impede the functionality of these areas. To give you guys an example, server performance can cause issues such as (but not limited to):

    Modifier/Damage Application can be stuck or delayed
    AI Reactions and Speed can be reduced (Infected, Wolves, Wild Animals)
    Door States can be reported incorrectly

Obviously, as you can see the above issues are critical to have reduced as much as possible for 0.61 Stable. In addition to that we're looking into issues related to:

    Infected vocalizations being too quiet
    Infected response to firearm types being uniform (Suppressed/Lower db ammo not having proper effect)
    Infected able to push characters through/into model geometry (potentially causing characters to be stuck/die)
    VOIP Volume too loud / Adjustment not functioning

Today we pushed an additional update for Exp/Unstable branch addressing previous issues caused by the latest update. Characters displaying as nude in some situations, some gunshot sounds not being played for all players, a new server crash, and some adjustment to predator AI behavior.

We'll continue our march forward to getting 0.61 to Stable branch, and I think I speak for the whole team when I say we're all very excited to see the .61 changes in the hands of the larger stable branch update. This of course is not where we want DayZ to be yet, but it is a great step forward to that experience.

Don't forget to grab a raincoat, don't waste those bullets, and head over to the official DayZ forums at to participate in the ongoing discussion!

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue
    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.
    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.
    Dynamic Spawning of Infected.
    Predators (Wolves)
    Dynamic Shadows
    Network Synchronization Improvements
    New Server Browser

Dev Update / Peter

With the quite dark due high intensities of lights in general. Overpowered lights are also causing unpleasant effect with camera exposure in new renderer as it tries to clamp and scale down huge differencies in scene luminancy for display output, which is resulting in pitch black surroundings outside the reach of lights. Power of lights was intentionally set higher in the past as they were compensating former pitch black nights in old RV engine renderer. In new renderer we approached the night time differently so there shouldn't be a need to change your gamma settings to see at least something when you play fair, of course those who doesn't we prevent unfair gamma abuse, but it's currently very low on priority list. What's on the top of the list regarding lights is for sure first balance pass of their intensities which should bring them to reasonable values for new renderer and its camera. You can expect to see these changes any time soon in 0.61 experimental releases. In future, for 0.62 version we would like to tackle day time and night time lighting to pull out more potential from new renderer combined visual updates for environment.

Another troublesome behavior in 0.61 experimental releases you witnessed is infected and their movement and attacking. Actually it's quite a problem as currently both player character and infected are using different physics which doesn't like each other. However we are doing our best to fight these issues for 0.61 release via changes to configuration of AI which are the only weapons available for us now. With new player character, the old physics will be ditched and we gain more freedom in implementation of infected as well. One more thing I would like to mention is, that alongside new synchronization for players, vehicles are being worked on too. Count in they are getting so much love implementation wise so I hope we will be able to get some of these changes in 0.61 to make vehicles much more reliable and pleasure to drive.

In the moonlight... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Mirek

Today will be just a small update. We merged server performance improvements into experimental branch, which introduced some new bugs, like gear despawning for remote players (that's also the reason why you can't hear some gunshots - because remote players don't have weapon in their hands).

Anyway, we fixed this issue and it should be available in the next experimental update. New server performance improvements won't be enabled, as we have to deal with some new server crashes. When these are resolved, we will enable these improvements.

Another big task is finishing vehicle synchronization and it's priority No. 1 now, as we want to bring vehicles back as soon as possible. There are two blockers now - client side correction and bad simulation, when two or more players are inside the vehicle.

- Miroslav Manena / Lead Gameplay Progammer -

Dev Update / Fido

We’ve implemented terrain light reflection, variable coloring of trees (to add a bit more of the autumn feeling to Chernarus) and managed to progress with implementation of the new SimulWeather/TrueSky technology that we use for rendering the sky and clouds. These are merely some experimental visual effects, adding a little bit of “drama” to the world.

- Filip Doksanský / Lead Engine Programmer -

Dev Update / Viktor

Today I would like to share with you a short video that demonstrates some of the new player character features. We still have a lot to do to make all transitions work perfectly and we are also in the process of refining the animations. There are a couple of interesting things in the video however. I would like to describe them for you in more detail.

First of all you will notice new camera and movement. The animations have been polished so they feel more natural and fluent. The camera system has been redone and now we finally are able to adjust the camera to our needs. The version you see is still WIP and we are constantly working on it. But in short, new camera options allow us to adjust camera per stance or even per animation if needed.

One of the most visible changes in the character movement is the possibility to interrupt almost any animation. This gives players greater control over the character. We have talked about this in previous status reports a few times already but it is a really big change compared to the old system.

The way character look around is also different. Now we have the ability to use poses for look at things or aiming. By creating aim-spaces we are able to adjust character poses properly to certain angles which gives us perfect control over how the animations look in the game.

Gestures, actions and other animations now are divided in two groups. Some are full body animations and some are upper body or other body part animations. This had to be done to allow movement while eating, drinking, greeting and many other situations. It's important however that all of them are interruptible as you can see in the video, with the LYING DOWN gesture. Most of these actions are made of three parts - IN, LOOP and OUT. We play IN animation at the beginning, then the character starts doing actions like chopping trees, and when players release the mouse button, OUT is activated.

Hopefully you enjoyed this small video preview. I am pretty sure we will put together some more. For the next couple of weeks we will be focused on implementing animations for weapons, new combat and of course, continue improving the player character.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Dev Update / Adam

If you were playing .61 experimental over past few weeks, you may have noticed that we have added little military location on Sosnovka pass. Many of you were probably wondering why something like that was added, well, wonder no more. In this status report, I will cover major additions and changes to the military locations on Chernarus! Please bear with me, this may be a bit longer, but I feel that such thing needs to be explained in greater detail so we avoid any misinformation.

The overall aim is to start finalizing important pieces of the map prior beta so there is a solid ground for associated Central Economy tweaks. To achieve that, we have been looking with designers into options on how to deal with the current situation of military loot locations, which is without doubt one of the main drivers behind the survivor movement on Chernarus. While we are quite satisfied with the way concrete military buildings are distributed as of now, the distribution of improvised military objects (mainly tents) is something we need to tackle. To get rid of military loot saturation within Myshkino and North West Airfield tent camps, we have decided to significantlyreduce tent count in these locations and use newly created "buffer of tents" to either add to existing or create completely new military locations on Chernarus. So let me now go over the existing locations to see what was exactly changed including pictures (for some locations, keep in mind that they are work-in-progress).

Myshkino tents

Previously positioned on the coast south of Balota airfield, this military camp is one of the biggest military locations (as of .60, both in terms average loot availability and size). With this change, this camp has been stripped to 1/4 of its previous size. It has been built more or less from the scratch (so it will spice up the game-play for a while), but the general location still stays the sameFor now - as I mentioned in October status reportwe plan to change this area significantly as it is part of much bigger plan that is aimed to a complete re-design of western border of Chernarus (more on that in later status report/s).

North West Airfield

One of the most famous locations on Chernarus and well known since early days of DayZ Mod. Again, focus was on the military camp. This camp has been reduced to half and completely re-designed from scratch. I also did some minor modifications to its surroundings to - hopefully - offer some new tactical possibilities. Now I should mention thatin no way you should consider this change to be permanent. We will soon formalize internally a clear plan for a complete re-design of North West Airfield. NWA is one of the few locations on Chernarus that basically still look like it did in Arma 2 version of Chernarus (and it looks completely out of place compared to other areas of Chernarus+). Even after the change within northern tents, we expect this area to be still very active and we will do our best to make sure that the airfield and its surroundings will look and play just as good. We will of course keep you updated as we progress towards this goal in future status report/s.

Kamensk military base

Fairly a new military location, which was however changed quite a lot over time (someone remembers pit of death?). It has received a slight face-lift along with its surroundings (and will receive more once new forests will arrive). This base utilized "tent buffer" and received number of military tents scattered among the ruins. This change along with other (smaller) additions to northern highway should hopefully increase traffic in this part of the map.

Tisy military base

One of the newest additions on Chernarus - concluding the northern expansion - is slowly crawling to be the location of first choice for all survivors, who seek top tier military equipment. Located in North West corner of the map, players need to venture through the whole Chernarus to reach it. To properly reward them for taking risks of doing so, large military camp was added into the perimeter of the base. This camp should give you an idea that it has been built in there to stay for a longer period of time - assuming its inhabitants would survive long enough. I should mention (the usual) disclaimer - Tisy military base is still not yet considered to be done and this military will change in the future.

The new stuff!

9 military locations were added (with one already present on .61 experimental) on Chernarus. They are represented either through a military roadblocks of different sizes or through a smaller military camps (similar to the one in Stary Sobor). If you are looking for a list of new locations along with pictures, you wont find them here. I think we need to keep some things as a surprise, so I will let you figure it out once this hits public (experimental) branches.

As you can see, Chernarus just got even more interesting to explore. And we are definitely not stopping there. Our aim is to have more locations that would resemble humanity's struggle to tackle day zero situation. But again, more on that in later status reports.

We understand, that this particular change could easily be one of the most significant changes on Chernarus during its development and so - once it will hit consumer branches - we will be actively looking into our data and feedback from you to see how this change performs in the live environment and implemented tweaks if necessary. But of course feel free to discuss this already and let us know what you think!

And given the progress that has been made in this particular task for the past few weeks, we are actively discussing the possibilities of testing these changes within .61 update (if not, then .62). So stay tuned!

- Adam Franců / Map Designer -

Community Spotlight

Wolves are the new thing for the 0.61 update, and we had amazing feedback from your side on our social networks and forums. You have sent us a lot of amazing screenshots and videos from your first contact with wolves. We are as excited as you are because we love to watch your reactions when you meet them for the first time.

For the first time you are scared, you are running for your life, someone fights, someone dies. It is not easy to survive encounters with wolves. Look at this great reaction by John Connor who met these predators face-to-face.

Check out this amazing performance with wolves by CamCANTRUN. His touchingly sad story should affect everyone. In my case, he's definitely succeeded.

When Man Becomes Prey

When Man Becomes Prey II

Player jakon72 dealt with the wolf in his own way, He killed it and made a dinner from it when the wolf attacked him.

If you did not meet any wolves yet, you can try to find them on our Experimental/Unstable servers. Check the map of wolf locations by DAYZTV here.

I hope you enjoy 0.61, and if you have something you'd like to share, send it to out official Twitter account.

Header image by: Sweetest_Kill

- Baty / Community Manager -


Mardi 8 novembre 2016  
Status Report - 08 Nov 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

We have an update from Brian, Mirek and Dustin for you. They'll be sharing the latest about the 0.62 presentation at PAX Australia, 0.61 Experimental public testing, and some details about what's going on here at the DayZ offices.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

It has been a pretty exciting (and potentially stressful at times) two weeks for development on DayZ, both in the .61 development and the discussion on moving forward beyond that. This Status Report I'll go over what we're currently focusing addressing on 0.61 experimental, and then I'm going to summarize the main points from the 0.62 and Beyond talk at PAX Australia.

As many of you may know, we've gone through several iterations on Experimental/Unstable branch for 0.61. With our principle focus being on server stability, and performance. The gameplay programming team has been experimenting with several possible options in improving our server side performance, which you as survivors will directly see as improved infected responsivity and speed, faster user actions, and general overall improved responsivity to your interactions with the world. While we've made some strong improvements in regards to stability, we're not quite where we'd like to be with server performance. As I've mentioned many times before - server performance is and will continue to be an ongoing area of focus for us throughout development and into the beta phase. That said, it is especially important to the 0.61 experience, given that at a gameplay level the dynamic spawning of infected is such a corner stone. I won't spend too much time talking about this, as Mirek is going to elaborate a bit on some of the different changes his team has been working on in this area further in to the SR.

Enough rambling, lets take a look at what critical issues we have on 0.61 Exp/Unstable.

    VOIP Icon missing when using VOIP
    Server Performance can dip below acceptable line
    Character deformation when entering structure under high ping
    Character model twitching when standing on bodies
    Client side crashes (Several)
    VOIP Volume balancing
    Character sounds balancing
    Characters hands stuck raised in some situations
    Server side crashes tied to specific item
    Character roll backs during some server crashes Reconnecting / Manipulating weapon magazine can prevent magazine use

Keep in mind this is just a list of critical fixes for 0.61 Stable - and is fluid based on the feedback and data we get back from 0.61 Experimental/Unstable builds. If you've encountered other critical issues, please let us know about it via our feedback tracker or on our official forums.

As mentioned earlier, I was at PAX Australia in Melbourne this last weekend and had the opportunity to talk about where we are headed after 0.61 hits stable with the Australian and New Zealand community. For those that would rather not read my rambling wall of texts, I will be re-recording the audio along with the presentation slides. However, for those that don't mind reading - I'm going to summarize the presentation in this Status Report. (We'll jump past the start of the presentation that talks about .61, as if you are reading a Status Report this is probably redundant information)

Now that .61 is on Experimental/Unstable - lets take a look at what our plans internally are for development beyond .61 hitting Stable branch on Steam. Once this occurs, the primary bulk of the DayZ development team will be switching their focus to the "Beta" milestone for DayZ. Beta for us is a major point in our development, and it goes without saying that it has its own challenge and hurdles. This milestone is focused on the following areas:

    New Animation System
    New Player Controller
    New User Actions
    Improved Vehicle Physical Simulation
    And that big ol' feature/content backlog (that is dependant on these technologies)

Now what do I mean when I say "Backlog"? Well, as many of you may be aware - there are a good deal of gameplay systems, mechanics, items, and more that we have talked about in previous Status Reports, presentations, and are sitting in the "In Progress" column on our Trello. Nearly every single one of them are dependant upon the technologies listed above, either through technical limitation, or having just been written from the ground up on Enforce script and designed with the new tech specifically in mind. At the presentation in Australia I gave the following examples:

Now, one of the key points I tried to point out during this presentation was how critical this milestone is to the progress towards the final version of DayZ. Work on not only the technologies that power this milestone, but all the content and mechanics that we hope to hit with it, has been an ongoing task throughout DayZ's development. Artists, Designers, Animators, and Programmers have been working for quite some time on changes to DayZ that can't hit the Early Access userbase until these changes to DayZ's engine are ready to be merged into the main trunk of our development. This won't be a simple task, either. The work described is very similar to the change to DayZ's rendering technology in its risk and complexity. I've likened these milestone goals to a changing of the spine of DayZ, at least at a gameplay level. So, as mentioned before - once we get 0.61 to Stable branch - the primary bulk of DayZ's development team shifts all its focus on this goal. Exactly how much of that feature backlog we will be able to get into this milestone will be discussed in more detail in future Status Reports, once we can properly gauge any potential risk - but make no mistake, this is both an exciting time for us on the development team, but also a major task.

While the primary bulk of the team is focused on this, our beta milestone - a small 5 man team (Comprised mostly of artists, environment designers, and support from one programmer) will be branching off to work on a 0.62 update to DayZ Early Access focused on a much needed overhaul of Chernarus's visual fidelity. What exactly do we mean by that? Well - lets take a look.

Road Surfaces

Damaged Roadways

Dirt Roads

Forest Density & Fidelity

Forest Undergrowth and Clutter

Now, in addition to to the obvious goal of bringing the visual of appearance of Chernarus + to a more modern level, the massive improvement in making our forests not only look more *real*, but to allow users to more believably create hidden camps and stashes in forests that more closely resemble the forests you might find in the Czech Republic is obvious. It merits mentioning that these images we are sharing with you here are initial tests. There is still a good deal of work, and analysis required to see how dense and believable we can make these forests, fields, and so on without compromising client side performance. However, we're all excited by what we've achieved so far - and as we get closer to this interim 0.62 milestone that the small team dedicated to it is working on, we'll be sharing more - both visually, and input on where we are with these goals.

So lets recap what we've covered in this:

     0.61 hits Stable branch
     Principle DayZ team starts work on our Beta milestone
     This is a massive overhaul of our core gameplay
     Focus on New Animation Sys, Player Controller, Enforce Script transition, New User Actions
     We start hitting that content/feature backlog we have
     This is a massive task for us, both technically and gameplay wise
     While this is ongoing, a splinter team of 5 developers approx will start work on an interim 0.62 Visual Overhaul of Chernarus

Thanks for making it through that wall of text, and for those that would prefer the audio/visual narration, I'll have that on our Youtube as soon as possible! I hope you're all excited as I am for the dayz/days ahead (heh heh heh) and now that we've got this Status Report out and I'm back in the office - I'm going to get some time in on the latest 0.61 Experimental Update. 

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Back to Contents

Dev Update / Mirek

I will split this status report on two parts - work related to 0.61 and work related to later versions.

Starting with 0.61. The last two weeks we were dealing mostly with issues blocking experimental release and after that with stability of servers. We found and fixed that ugly crash, which was related to shooting and damaging world entities, disabled infected's loot was a side effect of commit related to networking optimizations - we have a fix for this, so infected's loot will be back today or tomorrow. Also, the new server browser has gotten some fixes (there was a client crash related to server browser) and improvements (you can see slot counts and also server browser will show you how many player's are waiting in login queue).

Now we have to deal with other client/server crashes (there are still too much of them), some synchronization issues (we have reports that client side correction doesn't work well sometimes) and we also prepared some server side performance optimizations, which are not merged to experimental branch yet.

A lot of people were also complaining about low FPS/movement jittering. This issue is not connected to renderer, it's a game side issue and it's related to new player's synchronization logic. Player is now simulated by fixed time step, before it was every render frame. That means player is simulated by the same number of steps on every computer, no one has an advantage with better hardware and every computer is sending the same amount of input messages to the server. The issue there is that interpolation between these simulation steps isn't done, currently we're working on fixing this.

Another big issue, character saving when server performance is low. This fix is ready for release.

And another improvement is ready for release, as we disabled AI freezing when the nearest player is farther than 500 meters. But first, we have to test this on experimental servers to see if it negatively affects server performance.

The rest of the gameplay programmers are still working on new features for the damage system, infected's AI, vehicle physics and central loot economy. We're not still sure if we will merge something into 0.61 or if it will be available in later version, but here is a short list of what has been done so far.

    infected AI - improved target selection
    vehicled physics - improved wheels friction
    vehicles physics - collisions with small items (bow arrows too :) )
    infected spawning together with dynamic events (like helicrash)

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Progammer -

Dev Update / Dustin

Greetings all,

I don't do too many updates (that would be zero until today), but we have some stuff going on here at the BI offices I wanted to share. First, if you've not gotten an opportunity to check out our latest DayZ Q&A with Enfusion Engine architect Filip Doksanský, check out Part I and Part II by clicking the red links. It's a great interview and solid insight into just how hard this development team has worked over the last year to fully realize the vision of DayZ. We have also opened up the latest round of question submissions for our next Q&A with Lead Gameplay Programmer Miroslav Maněna. We're accepting questions on Twitter (hashtag them with #GameProgZ so we can easily find 'em) and the official DayZ forums until the 14th of November.

And on that, you might have noticed a significant uptick in quality in our in-house DayZ-related videos. We're stoked to have a solid videographer and editor named Filip working with us now to produce high quality video content at a much swifter pace than we were able to accomplish before he came to us. With his help, you should get a much clearer picture of what development of DayZ is really like, and what it takes to build every aspect of DayZ's world. I'm quite excited about what's coming down the pipe related to video content, and I think you will be too. 

And remember, the best way to learn even more about what we do is to participate in the official forums. It's a direct conduit from you to us to engage in conversation about your questions, concerns and general inquiries. We hope to see more of you make accounts and join in the discussion.

Finally, we've been getting asked for new BI Store apparel for a long while, and I'm happy to announce we've added faction t-shirts that are available now. You can represent the 27th MEU, ChDKZ and CDF factions, with a slight delay on the NAPA faction t-shirt. We'll drop a mention on Twitter as soon as it's in the store as well. And if you haven't visited in a while, our faction patches are available in the store too. Click here to give the store a visit.

There is a lot coming up in the coming months I'm excited to share with you all as DayZ gets closer and closer to beta and beyond.

Until then, stay hydrated, and try not to get chewed on by an Infected. They have super gross oral hygiene.


- Dustin, PR & Brand Manager -

Community Spotlight

Hello Survivors,

I want to dedicate this portion of the Status Report to the most beautiful daytime periods in Chernarus - sunset and sunrise. Everyone who plays DayZ should stop and watch a stunning sunrise or sunset over a city, the sea or forest. It is beautiful moment of peace and lots of players share these moments with the DayZ community on Steam. Here are some of our favorite captures from the game from our players. 

Breathtaking view over Chernogorsk by PrimalCrescent:

Joulik with his friend watching a beautiful sunrise from a sunken ship:

Dawn in the industrial zone by TikTac'tical:

Lucy's amazing screenshot of a village view sunset:

And finally, check out this video by Harold Palmer. He is showcases a time-lapse of some incredible locations in 0.61 Chernarus. Great job Harold!

As always, If you have any DayZ creations of your own that you'd like to share, tweet them to us on our official Twitter channel. We'll be happy to have a look!

Header image by: Sumptuous Dust

- Baty / Community Manager -


Mardi 25 octobre 2016  
Status Report - 25 Oct 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Another status report Tuesday comes around with Brian, Peter, Viktor, Mirek and Adam. They will share the latest info on where we are at in the development process.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Over the last two weeks we've been doing a lot of iteration, and regression testing on the critical issues preventing 0.61 Experimental/Unstable branch update. As you all may recall, those issues are server side performance and player to player sync. For the end user, that translates into A) How fluid your actions are in game (As well as how functional AI is) and B) How you see, and hear other players (Think sliding, player position, and gun shot sounds). The gameplay programming team (lead by Miroslav Manena) has made some big improvements in the issues previously mentioned regarding poor performance in high ping situations, and in the player to player sync. We're no longer seeing the jittering/hitching we previously saw in the 100+ MS range, and player to player sync issues are greatly reduced - however we are still able to reproduce them in some situations. 

The list of stable blockers includes several other issues (of which I will list below) but experimental blocking issues really currently is isolated to getting server performance to an acceptable rate with the dynamic spawning of infected and 40-60 player population, and knocking out the last issues with player to player sync listed above. This is where the bulk of gameplay programming, and QA resources are currently focused. I can say personally from the frequent multiplayer test passes we have been doing nearly every day these last two weeks, I have not encountered a single case of traditional desync. However, that said - I am personally holding my breath until we see how this performs under a larger player population such as the experimental/unstable branch.

In addition to that, we've taken a look at some of the feedback on our forums about the .61 version of the server browser and its filtering options and made changes accordingly. You can see the latest look of it on our Trello, which should be linked below.

Additionally, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish our Community Manager Smoss a fond farewell. Michael is pursuing some new and awesome opportunities that have come his way, and has spent the last few weeks bringing up to speed a new member of our Community Team - Baty!. Baty is a devout DayZ lover, and internal hire for us. She has been working with us for quite some time now on the support and test side of the fence, and brings with her a strong knowledge of DayZ as an active member of the Czech and Twitch DayZ communities. I'll give Baty an opportunity to introduce herself below:

"My name is Zuzana Cinková alias Baty Alquawen. Videogames have taken a part in my life as long as I can remember. My favorite genre is tactical FPS, RPG and survival games. I have five years long experience on gaming scene in several roles like journalist, PR, marketing and community. I worked on communities for Czech region of Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Rocksmith, Rayman series etc.), Codemasters and SEGA franchises for 4 years.

The beginning of my DayZ journey started on 28th December 2013 since then I have more than 1500 hours of private gameplay time. I play a lot of styles - role-play, survival, friendly and PVP which I play with my clan on dedicated servers. My hobbies are streaming games, cosplay and cats (yes, I am crazy cat lady).

My work at Bohemia Interactive started as tester and now, I am fulfilling my dream to be community manager. I really hope that all this is a great foundation for my DayZ community work.

So... Friendly?"

And finally - once again I'd like to remind you all to swing by the forums. We try to take an active role there as much as possible, and discuss our perspectives on the state of the build, as well as share insights into development in general. Over the last few weeks I've shared some videos and screenshots of 0.61 development, and healthy discussion has into development in general.

0.61 Must Fix Issues

    Client crashes after exiting title
    Player to Player Sync
    Using Cancel action on Item in Hands will cause item to be stuck in hands
    Dynamic Shadow issues on specific structures
    Server Performance under ideal load
    Magazine volume inconsistent between players

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue
    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.
    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.
    Dynamic Spawning of Infected.
    Predators (Wolves)
    Dynamic Shadows
    Network Synchronization Improvements
    New Server Browser

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

Doors. There are myriad different ones across the whole of Chernarus. Small ones or large ones, single or doubled-sided, in structures or in the open, all these doors are waiting for you to interact with them. Let's focus on their core functionality now which is opening and going through. It's interesting to observe how such a simple action is causing so much trouble. Opening toward you, a door won't hesitate to displace your position in the world and in some specific cases, clip through you or, in the worst case scenario, break your leg (which was a common problem in the mod days, some survivors were more afraid of doors than infected). And it doesn't end at characters. A good example is shooting vehicles into orbit once collision geometry of doors penetrates vehicle geometry, which is easy to achieve as swinging of doors are driven by simple rotating animations ignoring physics completely during the swing. These issues are just unacceptable and they are crippling the overall experience. 

There are a few possible ways to address and resolve this problem. For example, the easiest choice will be to remove all the doors. While this sounds like a silly idea, it's still a functional one. However, don't worry, it's clearly not a suitable solution for DayZ as doors should also act not only as obstacles for navigation through the environment, but they should also offer a tactical advantage against infected or other survivors, especially with advanced barricading in the future. Another option will be locking characters into the animation of opening the door. You know the drill, hand catches handle, press it down and start pulling the door toward you. Once done, you are free to move again. Such a solution, as visually appealing as it can be to watch, can become frustrating in the long run, especially in competitive environments where every second counts, and I bet we all agree that fluid movement and responsiveness is crucial for DayZ. 

From my point of view there is one solution which is very close to ideal, and we started to experiment with it; doors which swing in both directions. At first I thought it a bit unacceptable as we are trying to stay as authentic as possible, and such doors are quite rare even in real life. However, from a gameplay perspective it solves plenty of issues and I would be happy to make concessions as a designer and a player if its helpful. The most valuable benefit is that they will never interfere with you and your movement through the doorway, as they will always swings away from you when opening. It's true that some door placements needs to be adjusted so they don't collide with each other. Also there are some structures where such a door design doesn't make much sense, from the top of my head, jail cells or outhouses, but for the greater good it could be worked through. On the other hand, garages are more of a problem with such an approach, as it will be possible to put a vehicle in, close the doors from the outside, and then never be able to get back in as collision with vehicles will stop them, but every problem has a solution. Also barricading will benefit from this door behavior, as planks could be physical objects where, so when you try to open a door against them, the door strikes the planks. Or jamming the door with a barrel will be a possibility. While it still could have some very specific issues which can be tackled on their own I think it's the right approach and I hope we will succeed with it as it will add to the experience and overall in-game possibilities.

Break on through to the other side... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Viktor

Our main focus at the moment is on the user actions and player locomotion. We are adjusting the graph and animations to make it more fluent and natural. Since some user actions start in different stances, some allow you to move and some not, we need to make sure this works as intended. This means a lot of work on the code side, animation graph and animations.

Regarding the player locomotion we are in the process of replacing single loop animations with 2-3 loops. That basically means instead of repeating one cycle of run there are now 3 cycles which makes it less repetitive. It allows the character to run more naturally and believable.

At the same time there is work in progress on next unjamming animation. This time it is for break action rifles. Since making unique weapon animation is usually very time consuming we always create unjamming for specific type of gun which then we retarget and adjust with some details for other firearms of the same type.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Dev Update / Mirek

Today, I will try to be fast, as we're trying to resolve blocking issues as fast as possible. We're still dealing mostly with animation desync issues and server performance issues, as we want to spawn more infected than in previous versions.

Work is going well, and we are every day closer to the state in which we want to release experimental 0.61. The rest of the team is working on vehicle physics, new features for the damage system and improvements on infected AI.

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Dev Update / Adam

Its has been a long time since you read something from the environment department in the SR, so lets change that! I will cover some of the changes that you should see during your .61 journeys in Chernarus!

While we are busy with many tasks prior to upcoming large scale changes to the map (more on that the in the future), we were still able to focus on some specific locations that were in dire need of help for the past few months.


Myshkino, located deep in West, has been completely redone from scratch. The new layout is inspired a bit by its real counterpart (Neznabohy). Its proximity to one of the busiest military areas of Chernarus has been kept in mind (so do not worry, the water pump is still there, its just prettier overall). As it is always with settlement revision tasks, big efforts are also put into changing the surrounding forests and fields. Myshkino's surroundings were no exception (see pictures below). Now, you may ask, "Does that mean Myshkino military camp was changed too?" No, not yet, but we will get there.


The little village North of Zelenogorsk has met the same fate as Myshkino, and has been completely redone from scratch to hopefully match its hilly position better, and to make it more village-like. Many changes also happened to its surroundings, AKA "the land of heli-crash sites" (with a small surprise on Sosnovka pass).


Another village in the land of helicopter crash sites and another one to bring us closer to the ultimate task of revisiting all settlement of Chernarus, Pulkovo has been redone from scratch along with its surroundings. There is an interesting open market area, new pond and medium-sized apple orchard to the West.


Another village, this time within Central Chernarus on the way to Stary Sobor. This one couldn't be missed as many of its neighbors (eg. Shakovka, Staroye,..) have been changed in .60 already. Guglovo was changed significantly with its central position moved away from the main road going to Staroye/ Stary Sobor. With a newly placed big oak tree in the village centre, none can miss Guglovo now from a distance. As always, surroundings were changed too, mainly to the Southeast (connecting to the Staroye area), South and Southwest, where village of Kumyrna lies, one of the very few destroyed settlements of Chernarus. It would be shame if this village would be missed and so it too received a proper visual upgrade.


An amazing spot for a village, yet for many survivors probably an unknown place. A new and extended stream within the valley shapes the new layout of Dolina in a unique way. The village itself has grown quite lot and it should hopefully attract more survivors now (although the big red barn didn't make it, sorry about that).


Settlement revision is a lengthy task, but with the changes within Solnichniy, we are yet closer to having all villages within the Eastern part of Chernarus upgraded to new DayZ standards. While you may still recognize this village, many additional details were added to the layout along with major texture data changes to the village itself and its surroundings (including "Three Valleys" as seen in the 3rd picture).

As I mentioned in the beginning, I wont be giving you a full list of what has been done in .61, there are still much to explore, and I will leave that to you, survivors of Chernarus. So, see you in-game!

-  Adam Franců /  Map Designer -

Community Spotlight

Today, I'd like to focus on musical creations from the DayZ community, which are without question amazing. I admit more than one of them blasts in my music player almost daily, and I believe I’m not alone there.

You surely already know some of the well known channels, like Canadian Team Geo, which became internet famous with their songs "Friendly", "I Want Some Beans" or "Play DayZ". Their success is no surprise. The combination of great lyrics and catchy in-game clips make for entertaining songs that'll get you humming them in the shower. If you're unfamiliar, I highly recommend listening to them, you won't regret it.

I would also like to point out blAkeMusic, whose rap "DayZ Saga" is amazing musical storytelling. blAke has incredible talent to transfer his feelings into rhymes so we can experience them with him. I am highly recommending his channel.

One of the latest on the DayZ music scene is CMAM – Collective Madness And Moles with their song"Chernarus Bay" on channel . The author’s name is Steffen, hailing from Germany. He's very talented.

Check it out for yourselves:

If you have any DayZ creations of your own that you'd like to share, tweet them to us on our official Twitter channel. You might just grace the next status report with your talent!

Header image credit: RΣLΛX

- Baty / Community Manager -


Mardi 11 octobre 2016  
Status Report - 11 Oct 2016

So, an update from Brian, Peter, and Viktor in regards to user actions and animations, the new launcher, and of course the current status going towards 0.61 as well as blockers are in this week's status report.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

I know a good deal of you are reading this hoping to see somewhere in big bold letters that 0.61 is hitting experimental/unstable branch *right now!*. Well, let me derail that train right away. We're not quite there yet. Fortunately in this Status Report I'll do my best to fill you guys in on what the dang hold up is, and our progress against getting it onto experimental/unstable branch since the last Status Report. In addition, Peter will be talking briefly about our designs for the DayZ Launcher, and Viktor will be talking about some of the animation teams work towards the implementation of the new animation system. As well, the Trello should have some new renders of the CR 550 and its magazines, as well as an updated image of the current look of the server browser.

Over the last two weeks the team has been doing almost daily all-hands multiplayer tests in an effort to isolate the remaining blocking issues getting us to experimental/unstable. Those issues specifically are fundamental to the base gameplay of DayZ. Namely server side performance, and player-to-player synchronization. I'm sure some of you are wondering why we're currently fighting new issues related to synchronization of players, as one of the milestone goals for .61 is just that - improving and reducing the chance for client/server desynchronization.

The work Miroslav, and the gameplay programming team have been doing in this area has made massive changes to the communication process between client and server for DayZ - and it has most definitely changed how a lot of the behaviour is manifested client side. While the improvements in client/server synchronization have been outstanding (and lets hold our breath until the larger testing pool gets ahold of them to be safe) they have (not unexpectedly mind you) caused new issues. Thanks to the frequent all hands MP sessions we've had over the last few weeks, we have isolated repro steps and proper bug data on all of the ones we have encountered.

As we get closer to .61 hitting experimental/unstable and look at the road beyond .61, towards massive engine and gameplay changes such as the new animation system, player controller, user actions, and so on we have to be very aware of the fact that huge changes like that are going to take time to get ready for Steam, and thus we have to make sure that the build that you'll all be playing while we work on that is as enjoyable and functional as we can make it. We're all very aware that the journey we've all taken together in Early Access has not been the easiest, and can be massively frustrating at times. However, speaking for myself I think we've opted for the harder road in the short term, but the road that leads to the best final product - and always keeps the focus on 1.0 being the best DayZ it can be, first and foremost.

Enough rambling from me though, lets dig into exactly what our blocking issues are for .61 (and keep in mind, these are Must-Fix for Stable branch, not all of these are must fix for Experimental/Unstable)

    Player SFX significantly quieter than others: (Fix for this is in testing now)
    Network: Players can become severely out of sync with each other: (Gameplay Programming team working on a fix for this currently)
    Client crash when exiting title
    Player position hitching when navigating collision
    Magazine ammo count quantity reporting incorrectly
    Items can be stuck in hands under certain cancel action situations
    Dynamic Infected spawning without player trigger
    Some infected not responding to triggers (Fix in test currently)

Before I sign off for this Status Report - I'd like to encourage you all to visit, and participate in our official forums. I do my best to jump into as many discussions as possible, and as we move closer to the major systems dependencies that are holding back large gameplay systems changes and updates such as soft skills, weapon customization, base building and so on I would love to see the discussion around those mechanics and systems start to open up more. If you're interested - you'll find me at

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue
    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.
    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.
    Dynamic Spawning of Infected.
    Predators (Wolves)
    Dynamic Shadows
    Network Synchronization Improvements
    New Server Browser

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

In the upcoming 0.61 version of DayZ you will be able to try out the brand new Server Browser which doesn't bog fps down like the old one, and it's a breeze to use with all these filter options (mind that per character filter won’t be part of 0.61 release as it's not yet fully implemented). Alongside the new server browser I hinted at the external launcher a few status reports ago, so why not uncover a bit of information about it now.

The most important function of a launcher is obviously to run modded DayZ. Without mods there would be hardly any launcher at all. Actually it's possible to have mods support even without the launcher but that will lead to unpleasant yet necessary restarts of the game as different addons should be loaded at start, unless you are launching them from command line. However, both cases aren't very user friendly. In the launcher you can easily manage installed mods and overview their current state and additional information like description, author, source and others.

Apart from the game section for mod selection, there are also two other separated sections dedicated for tools and servers with central economy including their startup parameters and launch buttons for additional value which offers easy discovery of options of DayZ as a platform to users that aren't aware of them. Last but not least, the launcher will also serve as the official DayZ communication channel aggregating news, status reports, change logs of releases, Q&A videos, WIP showcase and hands on videos, maintenance and community spotlight.

The launcher is currently being implemented with all requirements mentioned above with the aim to be well arranged and simple to use and while it might not see daylight publicly in 0.61 it will be released once DayZ is ready to be open for modding community.

See you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Viktor

As I have mentioned in last status report the animation team is busy with many tasks related to player character. We are doing polishing pass for unarmed and rifle locomotions. That includes work on animations and graph as well. The animations are being adjusted so they blend nicely and feel more natural which has to be on a par with the player graph where blendtimes between animations need to feel right and fluent.

There is also ongoing work on user actions. Since these are already in the player graph now we need to connect them with the designers scripts so the animations are played when some actions happen. This is a big task as it includes drinking, eating, all the medical action, as well as any item usage and even gestures.

We have some progress regarding the combat as well. We do have few prototypes now like combat stances for unarmed, one handed item and two handed item and some simple attack animations. This week we will have a meetng and more discussions about the combat itself and the animations style.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight

Keeping in trend with highlighting some of the awesome DayZ communities, we'd really like to put focus on one of the largest community sites out there (currently +4 million hits/month.) There's a good chance have already crossed paths with this one which is simply known as: DayZTV!

DayZTV has been around basically since forever, and they have a really nice site that provides a lot of options and info for users via the many sections on their site. As an example; if you're looking for other players to team up with for a session, or a more permanent group to team up with, you should be able to find plenty via the Broadcast tab in the Forum section, and if you feel like setting up an event for yourself and others, you can do so via the Community --> Community Server selection. For this, DayZTV have also been helpful for users by setting up a Discord server where you can reach other players.

What is also relly nice about DayZTV is that via the Live section you will find a selection of live Twitch streams from users playing DayZ, and outside of that, there is a boatload of helpful info for users stowed away under other sections such as Guides for example. We can only imagine how much work and effort it must take to run and develop the site, and we really appreciate the massive support that DayZTV has provided for so long in regards to promoting DayZ as well as DayZ related news while it is in development!

As always, in case you are part of a community that you would like to see highlighted, or if you are a contect creator looking to share your stories and footage, just send us some info at and we'll be happy to have a look!

Header image credit: HunterKiller

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 28 septembre 2016  
Status Report - 28 Sept 2016

Brian has been out sick for the past couple of days but he's back in action again and, while a day late, we now have Brian, Peter, Mirek, and Viktor giving us the status quo on DayZ development as we keep moving towards 0.61.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

First off let me apologize for the status report being pushed a day, I was unfortunately ill over the last few days - and wanted to ensure that the data in the Status Report reflected the most up to date state of our 0.61 branch, and where we were with it.

Yes, we are still working on destroying the last few remaining issues preventing us from pushing 0.61 to experimental. As is usual, I'm going to walk you all through what those issues are in this Status Report so you're aware of what they are, and what it is that is keeping 0.61 from hitting the experimental servers. Once we go over those, I'm going to spend some time discussing points made over on our forums in regards to status reports, and feature set backlog so as to address some discussion I've read on the community side regarding those. In addition to that, Peter will spend some time sharing his excitement for future changes to the animation system, player controller, user actions, and so forth, Miroslav will discuss some of his teams current tasks, and Viktor will elaborate on some of the work the animation team is focused on for builds past 0.61.

As of this morning, we're looking at approximately 11 open must fix issues, are regression testing 5 other issues that have been flagged as resolved by the developers assigned to the issue(s).
Taking a look at what exactly that means:

Current Must Fix Open Issues

    Client crash after exiting title
    Player SFX sounds near silent
    Players can become severely out of sync
    Some firearms not firing on first mouse click
    Player position stuttering under 100+ ms network conditions
    Some lighting conditions not casting proper shadows
    Known 0.60 item duplication methods
    Magazine capacity issues
    New methods for players swimming in ground
    UI Zeroing not present
    Glock muzzle flash / SFX not present for other players

Obviously some of these issues are far more critical than others, and some are new. Over the last few weeks we've been fairly aggressive with some of our bug bash sessions, and while it is most definitely frustrating for all of us - I'm very pleased with the fact we've been able to track down some of these critical issues. For example, the players out of sync issue (#3 on the above list) took a good deal of time to find a proper repro on, but the behavior it caused makes for a total break down of network messaging between two players. Causing some animations, and sounds caused by other players to not show up properly for several minutes. (Think gunshots, or player position) which will only lead to incredibly frustrating gameplay and is something I absolutely do not want to see on the Steam branches. Tackling known methods for duplication, animation glitching, and so on are also absolutely critical to get resolved - and left unchecked will do damage to both the economy, and player experience in the time between new builds being pushed to Steam.

In addition to those, the issues we're currently regression testing include issues with player temperatures / modifiers, player sounds, and several serious client crashes. The player temperature issue is something I've spent a good deal of time focusing on, and discussing with Peter's design team on. As I feel that both resolving the issue present on 0.60 stable for hyperthermia, and pushing towards providing players on 0.61 an actual environmental risk (more towards hypothermia being a risk when wet and or dealing with severe cold and improper protection against those elements) is absolutely important.

While those above issues are regression tested, and fixed by the appropriate developers, Peter and I have also gone over behaviours of per player dynamic spawning, and what the technology of the Central Economy will allow us - and have pushed for changes in that area to switch to a more area based trigger rather than per player, to reduce player ability to try and meta game the system.

Recently I've been pushing myself to have more of a presence on our official forums, and engage actively in discussion on the project, gameplay, mechanics and so on with the users over there. As well as sharing experiences and details of the ongoing 0.61 internal testing. I hope at the very least more of you will read the posts over there, if not actually register and participate.

Speaking of the forums, I want to revisit some key points I've made over the last few months in the "A Few Thoughts On" posts. Specifically, in regards to Status Reports, and Pending Feature/Content updates.

As many of you may recall, or have noticed - we made changes to how we communicate "new things" in the Status Reports. From the old method of talking about whats to come in DayZ as soon as we've settled on a design, or may have a model ready, to specifically focusing on what is upcoming in the very next build to be pushed to Steam.

I know some of you haven't necessarily enjoyed this change, but I honestly feel it is a much safer approach to managing hype, and not giving people false hope on how soon they might see something in game. Now, I do feel there is however some compromise on our part that can be made - which is why I'd like to compile a 1.0 feature set we can keep on our forums that will give people an idea of exactly what to expect of the final version (within a margin for error of course), and I hope this will help reduce some of the confusion. I'll need to sit down with Eugen, and the leads responsible for each department before publishing this, but I hope it will serve to answer some of the questions I've seen out there.

Which brings me to my next point.

Just because Status Reports are not touching on a major technology change, or new pending feature set does not mean it is not being worked on. As I mentioned above, we focus the Status Reports on progress towards the next major build to be pushed to Steam - and does not cover changes that are slated for builds to be pushed to Steam past that. A perfect example would be the new animation system, player controller, and user actions. The developers responsible for this have been working their fingers to the bone day in and day out, and we *will* be talking about it and showing off examples once we reach the point in which we are focusing on those updates for the next major build update for Steam.

In addition to that, we have a *significant* content and feature backlog that is dependant on these systems - and as Peter will discuss below, we are at a point in which it does not make much sense to create systems, or address non game breaking issues in the old SQF script and hierarchy. I, and the rest of the team are all very aware of how frustrating this might be for many of you. We're all right there with you, but the work we are doing and have been doing this year represents *massive* changes and the introduction of the major key points for DayZ's new Enfusion engine.

We're not going anywhere. The developers who work on DayZ are some of the most passionate, dedicated, and hard working folks I've ever had the pleasure of working with. We love this game, we love the stories you all create in the world of Chernarus, and I believe I speak for all of us when I say we have the most absolute faith that all of our hard work is going to make DayZ a game that is truly worthy of the dedication and love you have all shown it throughout the trials and hardships of public development.

We might not always agree - all of you that make up the DayZ community, and I - but I don't think I could ask for more amazing, and dedicated fans for the project - and I wouldn't trade you all for the world. Truly, thank you for being there with us through the ups and downs. I can not wait for the adventures we will all have together.

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue

      Ready for experimental branch testing - no current issues preventing this at this time.

    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.

      Technology successfully merged into DayZ branch. Ready for further testing on experimental branch.

    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.

      All current firearms configured - Audio team is now focused on addressing must fix issues for 0.61

    Dynamic Spawning of Infected.

      Testing complete on initial implementation, Programming team is now making the requested changes described above to area triggers in order to provide the Design team with the requested functionality.

    Predators (Wolves)

      Internal Testing is very optimistic, several fixes to behavior have been merged over - and programmers are focused on addressing several server crash issues potentially tied to the predator AI.

    Dynamic Shadows

      Last few issues related to proper shadow projection are being focused on now, once these are resolved we should be ready on this specific feature.

    Network Synchronization Improvements

      The gameplay programming team is currently focused on addressing the previously mentioned issues with 100+ MS connections having jittery gameplay in some situations, as well as tracking the recently discovered repro steps for causing player to player sync to fail. Once these issues are resolved, we should be good to go.

    New Server Browser

      Functionally this is ready, however while the must fix issues are addressed, several small UI changes have been made to make the new server browser easy to use and understand.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

We are getting very close to that big moment, I would say kind of a milestone for DayZ we all are looking forward to, of saying farewell to the good old character. We had a love and hate kind of relationship with this; while reliable and proven by years, it was clunky and absolutely not suitable for our intended purposes, lacking behind the current standards of the game industry. It's no secret that we are no longer supporting (unless there are some game breaking issues to fix) the former SQF scripts nor writing new features in SQF. In the meantime, while programmers were implementing the new animation system, all scripted systems and mechanics were refactored and rewritten into Enforce script. You will also see all the postponed features you had been waiting for to pop out as they are now being, step by step, plugged into the mix as everything is getting together to form the mythical new character along with new behavior, animations, physics, player controller and damage system.

Ranged combat (as well as melee combat) is being re-evaluated as now, with the new systems pouring in, it's finally the right time to revamp it. Apart from the configuration side issues of ammunition types and materials leading to improper ballistics and penetration outcome as well as the current use of the wonky old damage system, the most unpleasant parts which makes it hard to enjoy gunfights are connected to handling firearms themselves. Examples of handling issues would be stealing control over weapons from players during movement animations, guns lagging behind the crosshair while taking turns, difficulty controlling recoil, enormous sway and nearly negligible "hold breath" effect. We are aware there is plenty of space for changes and improvements which can be made to make gunfights enjoyable again.

With upcoming dynamically triggered infected and some changes to how Central Economy handles zones, we are playing with the idea of decentralizing high risk high reward areas across whole Chernarus. The former state didn't differentiate between zones and tiers, as both of them are just some areas in the system but with different meaning for us. Zones defines usage of items while tiers define their value. For example, until now it was impossible to make a military zone with tier 4 loot since the CE spawned loot with military or tier 4 flags, that's why you were able to find FAL in some villages which fitted in tier 4 even without them being in a military zone as well. Now there is AND operator between tiers and any other zones which means we can start tiering those military zones, so you will be able to find let's say AKS at Balota. With such important change we are also free to tidy up configuration of categories and tags of loot items and their spawn points in structures which in some cases went out of hand when trying to bend the system.

For brighter tomorrows... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Mirek

Half of our team is focused on issues blocking experimental release, which are mostly crashes, animation desync between client and server and some server fps drops.

The rest of team members is working on improving vehicle physics and synchronization, networking optimizations and new character controller.

Some of you are complaining that there are not any information about character controller in our status reports. Be sure that character controller will be mentioned often later. For now I can say that we have basic movement and shooting done, but there's a lot of things which we have to implement and the next major step is preparation for network synchronization (from server to observing players). When this will be done, we will move to implementation of other animation states, like swimming, moving on ladders, vehicle driving and a lot of item manipulation.

There's a lot of things which player can do in DayZ, so character controller is quite complicated and even current player has a big amount of animations and actions, which means rewriting of whole player controller needs a lot of time. Once we move over network synchronization, I believe that adding new animation states will go much faster and you will also see it in status report. Until then, please be patient.

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Dev Update / Viktor

In this short update from animation team I would like to share some news with you. In past days and weeks we have went through couple of polishing passes of player character graph and animations. Just recently we have reviewed infected attack animations and created missing ones. Now we are adding them to the infected animation graph in the upcoming animation system.

A new big task we have started working on is related to combat. We are now reworking basic combat poses and after they are finished we will start with prototyping the combat locomotion and attack animations. As usually it involves many talks and discussions how the combat should look like.

Last but not least, there are now the first prototype poses for aiming from vehicles. Keep in mind this is very experimental at the moment so it is very unlikely we will see this ready any time soon.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight

Going back to highlighting some of the awesome communities out there, it seemed like a good idea to turn your attention to one of the bigger ones out there. This one simply goes by the name of "DayZ Standalone Community". DayZ Standalone Community has a strong member count (12.000+ members) and they have held plenty events, as you can see in the Events section of their Facebook page.

Even though it's been a while since the last event, there is a really nice feed on the Facebook page from users wanting to share their experiences and stories from Chernarus, and I'm quite sure that if you're looking for other players to team up with for random sessions or for setting up new events, this would definitely be an excellent place to come looking!

Also, the "DayZ Standalone Community" group is running a Facebook page called "DayZ Standalone News" where they highlight status reports, Trello updates and such, and if you're interested you can always have a look at their page at or contact them via their Twitter account: Still, for discussions on topics related to status reports and other news, we do recommend that you visit our official forums as mentioned above by Brian:

As always, in case you are part of a community that you would like to see highlighted, or if you are a contect creator looking to share your stories and footage, just send us some info at and we'll be happy to have a look.

Header image credit: Just λ Guy

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 13 septembre 2016  
Status Report - 13 Sept 2016

As we move closer towards the next Experimental branch update, Creative Director Brian Hicks will share the latest info on where we are at in the development process.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Lets dive right into it and take a look at where we are with our milestone goals. After that we'll talk about some of the current top issues we are working on in prep for 0.61 experimental, and lastly we have a few new things on our Trello for you all.

Fair warning - text wise this is a brief status report - but we tried to also push in some stuff that is being worked on, if not specifically for 0.61.

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue

      Ready for experimental branch testing - no current issues preventing this at this time.

    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.

      Technology successfully merged into DayZ branch. Ready for further testing on experimental branch.

    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.

      All current firearms configured - Audio team is working on completing SFX for future firearms. In addition, this week several issues were encountered with impact noises on some weapons not operating properly, this issue is being addressed by the audio team as of the time of this report.

    Dynamic Spawning of Infected.

      Gameplay Programmers are still working on fully plugging in animal spawns to this system. While this is ongoing, the design and gameplay programming teams have been discussing ways to evenly distribute dynamic spawns across all vilages and points of interest, and ways to provide a compelling experience without impacting the server performance budget during the lifetime of the server.

    Predators (Wolves)

      Still cautiously optimistic here. However at this point it is looking like we *will* be testing wolves on some of the initial 0.61 experimental pushes to see if they behave and operate as expected in a live environment.

Beyond our defined milestone goals, we have several additional changes that are looking to be rolled into 0.61, lets take a quick look at those right now.

    Dynamic Shadows

      Programmers from the Enfusion engine team have been working to resolve the last remaining issues encountered in internal testing with this. As of the current build in internal testing right now we still have a few small issues with light in some edge cases ignoring geometry, however this is looking really good for 0.61 experimental. Below you'll see an example of how this is looking right now, both in the Status Report and on our Trello.

    Network Synchronization Improvements

      As Miroslav, our Lead Gameplay Programmer discussed in a previous Status Report - he has been working hard on improving our client/server synchronization in an effort to improve quality-of-life and reduce frustrating deaths and poor gameplay experiences due to client/server disagreements. Things are looking very, very promising. That said, as tends to happen in development, internal testing has encountered several issues that can potentially cause unexpected changes to player position and movement under less than ideal network conditions. As everyone that plays DayZ has different connection conditions, and communities are spread across the globe, ensuring that gameplay and network synchronization works properly under all reasonable pings and connection speeds is critical. So that said, the gameplay programming team and the quality assurance teams are working hand in hand to resolve this issue for 0.61 experimental.

    New Server Browser

      Many players have reported large frame drops and client unresponsiveness in our legacy server browser (currently used in 0.60 stable branch), and due to that we have pushed up the merge of our new server browser to 0.61 in an attempt to address this sooner, rather than later. Keep in mind however, this is only the first iteration of this and some functionality will not be present or working entirely. However, functionality we fully expect the first iteration to be 1:1 with the current 0.60 server browser.

Currently, our QA Lead Ondrej (Andy) is tracking 16 must-fix bugs for 0.61, including but not limited to:

    Player Sounds significantly quieter than environment and AI
    Client crash after exiting
    Player position hitching under less than ideal network conditions (150+ms)
    Animation Issues related to swimming
    Certain walls and objects not displaying shadows at certain angles
    Characters getting stuck when climbing ladders
    Player to Player magazine capacity synchronization
    Item Duplication Exploit (Thanks to the new security feedback form!)
    Client crash related to connecting to server
    Characters stuck in weapon raised pose in certain conditions

We've updated our Trello with some new progress shots from the art team, and a preview video of the current status of dynamic shadows (see below!)

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Community Spotlight

Thanks again for all the bug reports we've received from you all so far! Since noone likes a cheater, don't be shy to also report those security related issues that you come across. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we have a new task type in our feedback tracker which is specifically set up so that you can safely and securely report sensitive issues in DayZ. For more info on that, please have a look at the following link:

Also, for those of you that have been having trouble finding supplies in Chernarus as of late, there is help to be found. MadMcardle has made a small guide on how you can go about getting food in 0.60:

On top of that; MadMcardle also has a pretty neat playlist containing useful guides for crafting different items such as the fireplace, the spear, and the improvised fishing rod for example. All good help for those that like to try and create their own gear and such: DayZ Crafting Guide

Well done, sir!

Header image credit: JøhnnY

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Jeudi 1 septembre 2016  
DayZ Security Issue Report

Greetings Survivors,

Over the last few months and into the beginning of the year we've been making adjustments to our Feedback Tracker to better support the Early Access userbase. We're happy to announce that one of our newest initiatives, driven by our production and quality assurance teams is the DayZ Security Report.

This new task type in our feedback tracker is specifically set up to allow users to safely and securely report sensitive issues in DayZ unrelated to general game bugs. Entries through this form are private, only shared between the developers and the reporter, and are given top priority attention upon being reported. With this new feedback tracker type set up we hope to reduce some of the confusion and increase ease of reporting critical security related bugs.

You can find the new Security Issue report form here:

DayZ Security Issue Report Form

"What kind of issues should I report here?"

Any security issue that isn't directly caused by an in-game bug (Please report standard bugs using the DayZ Bug Report, or Private DayZ Bug Report if you feel like the issue shouldn't be known publicly). Common examples include:

    Abusable Script Commands
    Memory Hacks (Specifically abusable functions which can be called by client)
    Remote Code Execution
    Access Rights Elevation (Such as acquiring server admin rights without having access)
    Server Stability Issues

"What kind of issues don't belong here?"

    Reporting hackers
    Reporting cheating sites
    Issues working only on older DayZ Version than the current Steam Stable Version.
    Server admin abuse and other breaking of server hosting rules (Please use DayZ Bug Report for that)
    Item duplication issues using a bug (Please use DayZ Private Bug Report for that)
    Ways to glitch into buildings using in-game bugs (Please use DayZ Private Bug Report for that)

"What should I include in my report?"

Please be aware that the quality of your report increases chances of timely and successful fix. To ensure that we are able to understand what you are reporting and the potential impact, please make sure your report contains the following items:

    What type of issue are you reporting? (Is it a memory hack, script, network issue ...?)
    How does a user reproduce your issue? (Detailed steps or source code are very helpful).
    What is the impact of your issue? (Does the issue affect other players? What does it allow you to do?)"

As always, thanks for your support!


Mardi 30 août 2016  
Status Report - 30 Aug 2016

Development rolls on, and this week we have Creative Director Brian Hicks and Lead Gameplay Programmer Mirek filling us in on where we're at in regards to subjects such as network synchronisation, the new audio tech, and dynamic spawning of the infected.

Dev Update/Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Over the last two weeks the team has been hard at work tackling bugs and final missing functionality on intended .61 milestone goals. Not to mention a few additional improvements not listed on the milestone goals, such as dynamic shadows, network sync improvements, and expanded improvements in the audio technology side of Enfusion. The test / fix / regression process between when a build is feature ready for experimental and functionally ready for experimental can be a bit of a grind here in the office (especially when you consider the branching that occurs so that the stable candidate can be worked on, while the rest of the team continues work on .62 and forward), but as always I'm proud to say the team has been relentless. To give you an example, just over the last week the QA, Programming, and Design teams have squashed bugs such as:

    Client freeze on server connection
    Isolating remaining issues with new synchronization system
    Audio configuration issues w/ interior and exterior surfaces
    Infected hit detection issues
    Reload / Chambering not occurring when player initiates animation
    Chambered ammo not being depleted when firing (ooh boy that one is nasty!)
    Dynamic shadows not behaving properly with certain geometry within Chernarus
    Client side control failures under certain animation states (clients locked into one direction after jumping off of certain terrain)
    NavMesh problems with Infected (ignoring some structure geometry)
    Character gear loss under certain crafting, and connection scenarios
    Client crashes when using Exp Debug window
    Dynamic events not showing on client side
    Virtual Machine exception related to containers
    Infected being blocked by collision with corpses
    Server crash caused by animal behaviour
    Server delay registering clients after initial connection

This is just a brief look at some of the issues tackled over the last week - and does not include issues the team is still working on. Countless issues are tackled before the player even sees the next testable build - and I hope this gives you all at least a small example of the work that goes into getting a build to experimental. Unfortunately the reality of development is its never quite as easy as just making the desired functionality, and pushing it to the experimental branch.

Past that - Miroslav will be talking to you guys this week about exactly what he hopes to see from the upcoming improvements to network synchronization, and while I might have a bit more caution to my optimism I can safely say I am excited to see how it will behave under a larger testing pool. Keep in mind as well, he specifically calls out that there is a high chance the initial experimental builds for .61 won't be spawning vehicles - as he and his team are currently working on the synchronization improvements for them specifically.

Looking at the .61 milestone goals for this Status Report:

    0.61 Milestone Goals

      Server Login Queue

        Ready for experimental branch testing - no current issues preventing this at this time.

      Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.

        Technology successfully merged into DayZ branch. Ready for further testing on experimental branch.

      Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.

        All current firearms configured - Audio team is working on completing SFX for future firearms, as well as working with design and programming team to tackle configuration, and surface effect issues as they pop up in QA.

      Dynamic Spawning of Infected.

        Programming team is currently working on plugging animal spawning into this system. Once this is functioning properly they will continue working on adding the additional functionality of per-player impact on the quantity inside a defined area.

      Predators (Wolves)

        We're cautiously optimistic here. While we're seeing improvements on our end, there is still a high chance this milestone goal will be pushed to a future build. Network synchronization improvements could make this viable for .61. Testing, and regression will give us a better idea.

Past the milestone goals for .61, as you all know we have several improvements we're aiming to also be present for that build. Including but not limited to:

    Experimental Branch Debug Monitor
    Network Synchronization Improvements
    Dynamic Shadows

And for those who don't keep an eye on our development board - we've pushed a few updates there to give you an idea of what some of this can be expected to look like:

Lastly, I completely understand the frustration many of you may feel in the lull between build publishes to experimental, and stable branch. There is a saying that goes around the community that after two months of a build being available, it starts to get long in the tooth and the community is eager for the next, and this is entirely true. However, it is not just the community - we (the developers) are just as eager as all of you out there playing, and participating in DayZ's development, as hard as that may seem to believe. As we move closer to beta, the builds we push out are less about initial prototyping and more about large changes to DayZ's engine. Enfusion is a massive change for us on so many levels, and it is because of that that these builds seem to take longer to push out. We're all massively grateful for those of you who continue to ride through the storm with us, and help to shape the final product that DayZ will become. I'm personally very excited to jump into .61 experimental when it goes live, and start a new series of adventures in Chernarus.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update/Mirek

As we are moving closer to 0.61 experimental, we're mostly stabilizing the build (catching crashes, tweaking character selection from the main menu and new infected/animal spawner).
But there will also be one big thing we would like to enable in 0.61 experimental which Brian mentioned in the last status report a bit. We were reworking major parts of the network code and completely changed synchronization of player controlled entities, which should deal with position desynchronization. This means that there won't be any weird deaths (on stairs, near the edges of roofs, etc.), character won't be blocked somewhere else on the server side (infected or other players won't hit you from large distances and if the player is inside a building, he won't be blocked outside), the game should behave much better under stressful network conditions and it should deal with a lot of issues that were present in the game since EA release.
I have to admit that these changes aren't applied on vehicles yet, so vehicles won't probably spawn in the first iterations of experimental builds, but once we will enable them for vehicles, they should fix most issues like lagging and freezing, when a vehicle is in proximity of another vehicle.
Also, please don't expect everything will be amazing, we still have some animation issues and a couple of other bugs, especially related to ladder movement and it's very likely that more will appear after the experimental release. It's even possible that the network changes won't hit stable if a lot of issues appear and instead will be postponed to 0.62, because we don't want to block 0.61 stable release for too long.

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Community Spotlight

Kind of like the last time around, we'll see if we can help players who are looking to join a community which is not necessarily english speaking.

We were approached by Dopeyferes who asked if we would have time to look at a couple of his videos as well as showcase his channel, and of course, we were more than happy to do so.

Outside of having really nice videos of DayZ on his channel, he is also part of a larger hispanic community that plays DayZ among other titles. So, if you are looking for a spanish speaking community, I'm quite sure that he'll be able to help you out if you contact him via his Facebook page, or if you for example join the Steam Group that he is a member of. Of course, Dopeyferes also has a Twitter account where you can follow his updates and he streams from his Twitch account as well.

We do have yet another community lined up for the next status report, but in case you are part of one that you would like to see highlighted, just send some info to and we'll be happy to have a look.

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 16 août 2016  
Status Report - 16 Aug 2016

This week a lot of the guys are off for GamesCom, so our Creative Director gives us some good info on subjects such as upcoming updates for audio, dynamic shadows, desync, as well as an update on the 0.61 milestone goals.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

We don't have too much new and exciting or flashy news for this Status Report, and most of the usual SR participants are either attending Gamescom or on holiday. However, we do have updates on the progress of development towards .61 experimental, and thus Stable. In addition I'll go over the recent .61 Dev Log video that hit our Youtube channel yesterday, talk a bit about some of what was featured in it - and close with a few comments on the economy (of course - its not a Status Report without talking about the CLE).

    0.61 Milestone Goals

      Server Login Queue

        Functional testing is complete internally - just waiting to push it to experimental and see if it breaks!

      Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update.

        Technology successfully merged into DayZ branch. Ready for further testing on experimental branch.

      Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology.

        Down to three firearms left to be configured and mastered - effectively ready for larger testing pool on experimental branch.

      Dynamic Spawning of Infected.

        Bulk spawning in areas defined through the zone generation tool is done. As demonstrated at the end of the last Dev Log video for .61. Work is still continuing on plugging in animal spawning to this system as well. Per-player infected spawning configuration (eg: 1 player entering a village can spawn X number, additional players spawn more) and support is being worked on by gameplay programming team.

      Predators (Wolves)

        Some strong progress has been made in regards to making wolves sync and move better in multiplayer - there are still several glaring issues with animation, and position syncronization up close that just don't make them very rewarding in their current state. That said, the programmers responsible for this area have several potential positive areas they are working on to improve this. As it sits right now, they are not functionally ready for a larger testing base. That said - we will be looking very seriously at the possibility of branching all the other main milestone goals off for testing on experimental branch while work continues on wolves. We'll keep people up to date on this via the official forums as this moves forward.

Past the stated milestone goals for .61 - several other fantastic improvements have been made internally during the development of .61 build. As you may have seen in the latest Dev Log video - dynamic shadows coming from point source lights are finally a thing for us. We're currently tracking down several issues with this new functionality, but just having it functioning at a base level has been a huge source of excitement in the office. Bohemia Interactive engines have always had amazing strengths, but like any technology - they have their short comings. The dreaded "light going through walls" is one of the oldest, and for DayZ players (Flashlights going through buildings and telling everyone where you are at night!) one of the most irritating.

In addition to this - Our gameplay programming team, led by Mirek Manena has made some strong improvements tackling desync of player position within DayZ. Now, keep in mind poor network conditions, and poor server performance can still cause bad behavior here - but addressing more fluid handling of this at a server level has been something that has been worked on, iterated on, and thought about a lot internally here. We're excited to see how the latest changes will shape up when under heavy player load - as a smooth experience and removing those pesky random leg breaks and inability to pick up items at times is pretty dang important for us.

As mentioned, we recently uploaded a new .61 Dev Log video to the official DayZ Dev Team youtube channel. In it we show some work in progress examples of assault rifles, and some pistols using the new audio technology DayZ now has thanks to cooperation from the fantastic Arma dev team. As well as some examples of general group dynamic infected spawning in both Vybor, and Elektro. Now, our intended functionality with dynamic spawning of infected is to allow each player entering the area to cause more, and more infected to spawn - thus potentially creating a very large threat in the presence of a large amount of players. (Think of the infected mentality as always moving towards something that gets their attention.) In addition to allowing for a "restock" or "respawn" timer - giving players the ability to potentially temporarily clean an area out and make it safe. Currently, we're not quite there - but we do have general dynamic spawning of infected when any player enters an area.

Lastly - in regards to the Central Economy. I've kept an eye on forum posts, youtube videos, and livestreams and I've noticed some folks starting to question the availability of food. The slow reduction of non-perishable food is entirely intended. Peter and myself have been working with the design team to slowly reduce the amount of available non-perishable food every two or three days to a level that we're somewhat comfortable with.
Keep in mind, finding supplies like that shouldn't be too easy - players need to be at a position where considering picking berries and apples, killing animals, planting crops, or harvesting meat through... other methods.. is viable. Rest assured however, given that the economy is entirely dynamic - if things get too hard they can be easily changed without any update required to servers and clients.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Community Spotlight

This time around we'll try and go with something slightly different. The team is blessed in having loads of support from loads of players in many different countries, and on that note, it would be nice to highlight some of the communities out there that are not necessarily of the english speaking player base. So, if you're looking for a french speaking community, there might just be something interesting for you over at Team ONU. Team ONU does events from time to time (there's an event calendar on their website), and by looking at the teasers from a couple of their previous ones, there should be a good chance of having some fun by participating!

Have a look here:

This next one is from before 0.60, but still worth showing since it looks like Team ONU puts a lot of effort into their events (big thanks to Joe for helping out with the language/dialogue!):

Excellent travail, tout le monde!

Again, if you're interested in finding a french speaking community, then have a look at their website and see if it might be something for you:

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 2 août 2016  
Status Report - 02 Aug 2016

This week our Creative Director gives a status update on work being conducted on the CLE and the 0.61 milestone goals, while Lead Designer Peter and Lead Animator Viktor fill is in on subjects such as the server browser and work on animations.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Since the last Status Report we've been mostly focused on .61 - and getting it ready for experimental. That said, there are a few things I'd like to cover before we talk about the current status of each of the .61 milestone goals.

Over the last two weeks, Peter and I have spent a good amount of time discussing two areas of DayZ. Dynamic changes to the economy, and the external DayZ launcher. Peter will be talking about the launcher in his portion of this status report, so I'll talk a bit about the dynamic changes to the economy. 
The current iteration of the central loot economy allows for dynamic (no patch required) updating of every item that spawns in DayZ. This means it includes:

    The minimum, and nominal operating values of each item.
    The frequency it can respawn.
    The region of Chernarus it can spawn in.
    In the case of items such as magazines, and piles of ammo - it can dictate the minimum and maximum ranges for how much of that items capacity it spawns with.

The reason I bring this up is because the design team routinely will adjust these levels based upon data and behaviour observed on stable branch, and these changes can be effective within an hour of the change occurring. Over the last few weeks quite a few adjustments have been made on everything from the availability of certain ammo types, to the available quantity of non perishable canned goods. Thus, it makes it even more valuable for those observing bugs or general issues with this system to be specific in their reports on the feedback tracker. Make sure to detail exactly what you observed, when you observed it, and most important - what server it occurred on. 

To give you an example of exactly how important this data is, we've been trying internally to track down behaviour in regards to certain items spawning in piles (specifically in this case firearms) despite the fact that the restock timer should prevent such behaviour. It has been a nasty issue that has seemed to occur on the stable branch significantly easier than we have been able to reproduce it internally. That said, thanks to several dedicated feedback tracker users - we were able to isolate the issue on stable branch - and have identified the cause of it. (Much to the satisfaction of both Peter and I) We'll now be able to resolve the issue discovered with .61.

In addition to this, today the design team will be introducing changes to firearm and ammunition tiering and nominal values. Like all things, we'll need to wait and observe over the coming week to see the impact as existing availability within the economy (on players, in camps) can and will impact how this behaves. As these changes become effective in the stable branch wide economy, it is vital that if you notice an issue, you file a feedback tracker issue with as much information as possible. 

Enough about the economy though - lets take a look at where we are with .61 development goals:

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue

      Feature implemented, system under review with internal QA teams.

    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update

      Tech implemented fully into DayZ. Existing sounds and configs from legacy system functioning properly. (Backwards compatibility with legacy sound technology).

    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology

      21 weapons ready, work continues on remaining firearms. Youtube channel dev log preview upcoming!
      Glock 19
      Red 9

    Dynamic Spawning of Infected

      Feature implemented into internal branch. QA teams are doing initial passes and providing programmers with initial issues.

    Predators (Wolves)

      The team are currently working on several key issues with predators (wolves). Specifically being addressed currently are:

        Issues with navigation in urban / dense areas.
        Overall physics related issues.
        Damage application against non player targets.
        AI Targeting priority.

It's no secret that as far as DayZ and .61 goals go, predator AI is a big addition to gameplay, and clearly the largest at risk area for milestone goal slippage. That said, we're still very confident in our progress on the feature and the pace at which it is moving forward. We'll continue to update you all as to the status of this milestone goal with Status Reports.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

As many parts of the game are still under active development, the main menu with such crucial parts as the server browser are no exceptions either. We all love the character presence in the environment at the main menu giving you a nice feeling and it's the point where immersion starts to kick in, but why not to take it more further and personal? Everything in DayZ is revolving around your character, and the main menu with the server browser should follow the same formula.

At the main menu you will be able to thoroughly list all your available characters across all shards. Coupled with additional information like visualization of character and his gear, name and actual stats helps you to select the character you want to play with. The selected character at the main menu then acts as a filter in the optional next step which is the server browser. The new server browser will filter out only the available servers from that shard where the selected character belongs to. This added layer of filtration eliminates the need of memorizing what character you have where, as well as any possible confusion after logging on to a server just to find out that it isn't the character you wanted to play with.

The new server browser also comes with other useful changes and functions to provide a better and uncluttered user experience. There will be only three tabs used for high level and clear differentiation between official servers, community servers and servers on LAN as other unnecessary tabs for favorites, friends, history and remote will be removed and become filters instead. Filters are now part of the server browser screen directly so they are always visible and at hand to easier check what's being filtered. Filter parameters have 3 different states - include, exclude and ignore so their setting can be handcrafted to exactly what you want to see. Columns in the server list were also reduced to a bare minimum as most of their information were doubled in server details. You can see and sort filtered servers according to their name, time of day, population and ping. Similar to filters, server details is no longer a separate pop up dialog window as every row in the server list is independently expandable to unveil additional server details like description, public/private, mode, version, IP and others so it's easy to compare two or more servers.

Above all of that, the external launcher will behave as a master filter which means that the game server browser will show only the servers related to the mod which DayZ was launched with. However, I don't want to go over the external launcher right now as it's another topic we will be talking about in the future.

Happy filtering... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer

Dev Update / Viktor

Animations usually take a lot of time but on the other hand when we finish a batch there is usually many new things. Fortunately in the past weeks there were couple of finished animation batches. So this time there is a bit more of news.

New animations and graph for drawing a bow have been added. With advantages of upcoming system drawing will be available while walking as well. The jamming/unjamming for pistols has been created and there is already ongoing work on bolt action rifles.

Not to forget about vehicles we have finished set of animations for upcoming vehicle and started on the next one. Also some more specific animations for attaching vehicle parts have been created.

Last week I was going through process of reviewing and updating poses. Since the character can put almost anything in his hands we have at the moment poses for clothes, small items, large items, firearms, weapons and many more. That makes in total over 800 animation poses. I have updated some and polished to give them more natural look.

And last but not least there is always some more polishing for the animation graph of the new player character. More about some recent changes from Adam our Technical Animator responsible for most parts of the player graph.

Adam Oresten / Technical Animator

These past weeks I have been heavily focused on making the movement system feel more natural, for such a simple term it is quite the complex task. I started reviewing the stance-system from the player's viewpoint and I think I've got a quite nice iteration for the stance changes.

For example, you're lying down in the grass near the airfield's tents and you thought you saw movement in the distance. You start to stand up but realize that it was in fact another player, and any time during that animation you can decide to go back to prone, finish standing up, or to go crouch instead and aim your weapon (at the same time). If you then realize that the bandits noticed you, you start to run (still in crouch) and stand up while moving and leg it (and ultimately get picked off by their SVDs).

While it is a small change, it has added a whole new dimension of feel, and I can't wait to put it in your hands!

 - Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator

Community Spotlight

Afternoon all,

Summer time is usually outdoor time (when the weather allows for it, of course), but if you still find yourself indoors, NomadFreeman has provided a bit of entertainment for you. No gear, no problem:

Also, a lot of you probably already know about Tatanko, but for those of you that don't, I highly recommend having a look at his VERY extensive galleries. Tatanko puts in a lot of effort into creating his screenshots and he keeps his galleries jam packed with quality visual goodness:

Be sure to use this link in order to follow Tatanko via his Twitter account for future updates (you won't be disappointed):

Header image by: Sylvester

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 19 juillet 2016  
Status Report - 19 jul 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

This week our Creative Director gives a status update on where we are with our hotfixes, as well as our .61 milestone goals, and Viktor our Lead Animator talks a bit about the new animation system.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Today we're going to take a quick look at the status of hotfixes for Stable branch, and talk a bit about where we are with development of the .61 milestone goals.

    Character Gear Loss (On reconnect): Hotfixed to Stable
    Tent Lifetime Refresh: Hotfixed to Stable
    Tent Position/Orientation: Hotfixed to Stable
    Vehicle Position Orientation: In Test
    Animation/Sync Issues: In Test

0.61 Milestone Goals

    Server Login Queue

      Technology supporting this has been merged in and is in test with internal QA. UI Element notifies user of position in queue. As of the current status report, there are only minor bugs remaining. Will need further QA to be certain - and of course, plenty of experimental testing.

    Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update

      Technology successfully merged into DayZ branch. Configuration testing on existing audio configs under way.

    Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology

      Nine weapons ready, work continues on remaining firearms. Youtube channel dev log preview upcoming (Not of the full list, as some still require a little polish)!


    Dynamic Spawning of Infected

      Technology implemented into main internal branch. Basic area configuration is set up. Restock timer current disabled for testing. Programmers currently working on per-player configuration support.

    Predators (Wolves)

      Predator AI Sync working properly in offline mode, synchronization issues are present in network play. Triage is currently isolating these issues to legacy animation system. Programming, design, and animation teams are focused on investigating risk and cost effectiveness of fixing legacy animation sync issues for predators, or focusing on pushing animals operating with proper support on new animation system.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update/Viktor

In recent days and weeks there were many discussions about the new player controller where we talked about camera, aiming, IK, combat, controls, and other related features. Although it is coming together quite nicely we are still missing some major things like climbing ladders or overcoming obstacles. On the other hand there is now much more of wounded character. While new features are being added we are polishing the existing ones in the player graph and the animations itself are being adjusted less or more. Many items have been moved from the graph to a new layer of config which gives us a great way to quickly iterate changes in the character behavior and most importantly the animation graph doesn't have to solve unnecessary logic like in the old animation system.

Also we are finishing first phase of extended animation sets for guns. At the moment almost all of the existing firearms have chambering animation and updated magazine reloads. At the same time we have started working on another pass by adding jamming/unjamming anims. There will be one for each gun. Each animation is divided into three parts with in, loop and out to give our designers better control over unjamming process. I think it will be a great addition and interesting game mechanic.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -


Jeudi 7 juillet 2016  
Status Report - 07 jul 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

This week the Status Report might seem a little thin for those who follow development closely, as not much new has occurred between Friday when the presentation was held, and today.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

This week the Status Report might seem a little thin for those who follow development closely, as not much new has occurred between Friday when the presentation was held, and today. Focus is on recapping the stuff shown at RTX 2016 covering .61 and what we can expect for it - but aside from that we have some updates on current Stable Branch hotfix, some new renders of work in progress animations for the first of our predator animals, wolves, and Peter talks to us about body temperature and how it impacts DayZ gameplay.

Current Stable Branch Hotfix goals are:

    Known Server Crashes
    Item Duplication Methods
    Animation State Issues
    Tent Lifetime Refresh
    Spatial Orientation for Vehicles

A couple key things to note on the above list: Tent Lifetime Refresh is currently not functioning as intended on stable branch, meaning you are only able to refresh the lifetime of placed tents by packing and unpacking them. Intended functionality on these is to match the current behavior of containers such as barrels, and backpacks - which refresh their lifetime whenever an item is moved inside the inventory of the container. In regards to Spatial Orientation for Vehicles - the hotfix we're working on here should resolve complaints of vehicles not persisting. As current stable branch behavior does not properly save the directional orientation of the vehicle on server restart, in some cases this can cause the vehicle to be destroyed and cleaned up.

In addition, we've uploaded some animated gifs of .. oddly enough.. animations of the upcoming wolves to our Trello board. If you're into that sort of thing, go check it out!

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

With the release of DayZ 0.60 stable version there was a bit of misunderstanding regarding the body temperature mechanic and considering it currently as bugged since characters can reach hyperthermia state in a very short time which wasn't the case in the 0.59 version. I would like to point out to those who aren't aware of it, that the engine which DayZ runs upon is capable of marvelous things that aren't obvious at first sight. Trajectories of sun and moon (even it's phases), star positions, tide heights, complex weather forecasts with air temperature, wind, newly added fog and other game world subsystems directly depends on the time of the day, date and geographic coordinates configuration.

While geographic coordinates is tied to the map itself and cannot be easily changed, date and time is exposed in the server configuration so admins can change it freely. Unfortunately, date and time is not separated in the configuration file and the easiest way is to set it to the system date and time of the server itself especially to get more variety in time of day across the servers, and as most servers aren't running in the past or in the future, that's where things like the body temperature mechanic which is connected to those settings can seem off, even if it behaves correctly - I bet most of you will be overheating and sweating while sprinting hundreds of meters in full gear, long clothes and with gloves, masks, vests and helmets on top of it all in summer weather with air temperature around 30°C. As DayZ is visually set in eternal autumn it makes sense that this mechanic is balanced to that time of year, where nights are actually cold and days can be anywhere from a bit warmer to quite chilly depending on the forecast, not to mention plenty of foggy and rainy days. Of course, it could be hard-balanced without taking weather and air temperature into consideration, however, it would be a step backwards considering that DayZ will be open to modding and there being possibilities for us to expect maps in different times of the year and geographic coordinates - jungles, deserts, mountains anyone? To allow more control over it we are going to tear apart date and time in the server config so the date is not affected when the system time is used by admins. In the meantime, there was an offset applied in the calculation of body temperature for the experimental version so it behaves more according to the visuals of an autumn environment instead of an actual summer date set in the server config file.

Now is a good time to unveil a bit more regarding the temperature feature, even if it's obviously quite low on the priority list now. Many of you noticed there is heating up and cooling down of item temperatures already present in game. This can be used to affect the body temperature of your survivor as heat packs, and even improvised ones like cans heated up in fireplace embers, will raise the body temperature while cold items will lower it. We are going to add more purpose to handling temperatures by making food perishable, especially raw meat alongside with blood bags. With plenty of refrigerators in houses or at junkyards you will be able to store food and blood bags safely to keep their expiration under control after you connect the fridges to an electricity system. The addition of cooling box containers will help you to carry food and blood bags around in fresh condition and ready to use. Considering food as one of the most crucial things for survival and with lowering of the amount of non-perishable food in the world towards the end, it will lead to promoting interesting approaches to gameplay for both lone wolfs and groups alike, as it will offer short time solutions of immediate consumption balanced against long term solutions with incorporating electricity usage at barricaded houses, camps, and bases during the times of need.

Stay cool... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny - Lead Designer -

Community Spotlight

Another couple of weeks have passed, and we have again received a good amount of bugs via the Feedback Tracker. Regularly, we still see quite a few reports on player characters having lost their gear, and we do have a set of repro steps for this bug:

    1. Join a server.
    2. Go to any M4 handguard laying on the ground.
    3. Take M4 to your hands.
    4. Swap handguards on your M4 with handguard on the ground via action menu or by drag-and-drop.
    5. Relog.
    6. Notice that the character is missing all the gear except for the M4.

If you experience loss of gear in any way different than with the repro steps above, please do let us know:

Of course, we also have a video to highlight. This time around it's a video made by: PolishedGuy

Also, in case you tend to find yourself a bit on your lonesome when roaming around Chernarus, BarelyInfected has a meeting event coming up on July 16 at 22:00 CEST. Have a look here:

If you also have an event coming up in the future, just let us know via our DayZ Forums and we'll help spread the word.

Awesome header image submitted by: Charles W. Owens

Header image kindly provided by: wstdsgn.

Thanks as always for all your help and support!

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 21 juin 2016  
Status Report - 21 Jun 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Version 0.60 containing the new renderer has been released on Stable branch, and the team keeps pushing towards Beta. In this status report we have Brian, Viktor, and Andrej commenting on subjects such as the milestone goals going towards 0.61, the new audio module, and of course more of those sweet animations that are coming up.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

As I'm sure most of you already know - 0.60 build was moved to Stable branch last week during E3. It is but one step towards 1.0, but one that we were all excited to get into your hands. While the build has been enjoyed by over 400,000 people since hitting stable branch, we've been keeping our eye on issues present on the build - and have been working towards a hotfix for the most critical issues, while also moving forward on 0.61. Current top issues for a hotfix are:

    AI Related Server Crash
    Container Lifetime Refresh Issue
    Known Duplication Methods
    Vehicle Location/Position Persistence

With those being worked on - the milestone goals for 0.60 have been achieved, and we can look forward towards our goals for 0.61.

    0.60 Build Milestone Goals

      New Renderer: Implemented
      Randomized Attachments & ItemsRandom: Implemented
      New Reload Mechanics: Implemented
      60 Player-per-instance: Implemented

    0.61 Milestone Goals

      Server Login Queue
      Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
      Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
      Dynamic Spawning of Infected
      Predators (Wolves)

I'll be at RTX in Austin, Texas early next month to talk about 0.61 and show some early representations of some of the systems, as well as recap 0.60 and what was achieved there. For those not attending the show, we'll be recording the audio off the sound board - and will match it with the presentation media and upload to our Youtube channel.
Lastly, we'll be experimenting with uploads to our DayZDevTeam YouTube channel at 4k on the new nVidia GTX 1080 card, so for those eager to see how that performs on 0.60 - keep an eye out for that.

A massive thanks from all of us at the DayZ Dev Team to those participating in the Early Access period and especially to the 415,000 who have joined us in testing 0.60 over the last two weeks.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Viktor

In past week there have been some cool animations finished. To mention some of them, we have now attaching and detaching doors for vehicles, new reload animations include Winchester and there is also completely new reload for M249. The infected have received idle variations and few different door attacks.

The upcoming player character can hold items and aim using new aim spaces. We are still polishing existing animations for changing stances and movements. The way the character reacts to controls is great, the fact that we can blend multiple animations means it's fluent, not limiting and it looks much better. For instance you can start running and go to crouch at the same time and you can raise your weapon as well, or you can change your mind and go back to the original pose - all in the transition itself - without any limitation or interruption.

There is still a lot in front of us for the new player controller from small tasks to complex features. In the next weeks we will focus on improving dynamics for character locomotion, finish camera behavior and start implementing new reload animations.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Hi everybody,

After a long silence from the audio department, I am delighted I can talk about some big improvements and upgrades we have  planned moving toward 0.61. Our programmers worked hard on implementing our new Audio system which will also be the core of the Enfusion Audio. In the coming updates we will have completely new gunshots sounds with new distance parameters and attenuation and frequency curves which are enormous improvement over existing ones. You will be able to distinguish distance and position of the shots fired with greater precision. Also new sound effects we made are better quality and have greater diversity, so you could recognize which type of weapon is firing more easily.

In the coming updates we also plan to consecutively upgrade ambient sounds which will be an enormous core upgrade, but also vehicle sounds, melee and all character sounds that will compliment the new character animations you've been told about.

- Andrej Sinkević / Lead Sound Designer -

Community Spotlight

About a week ago we had the 0.60 version going live on Stable branch and we are of course happy to see that players are helping us out by reporting loads of bugs on the Feedback Tracker! In that regard, we can see that there might be a bit of confusion as to how the persistence (refreshing lifetime) works for containers at the moment. Basically, in order to renew the lifetime of a container left on the ground, this can be a barrel, a tent, a backpack, or even a piece of clothing, you will have to manipulate the inventory of that particular container. This can be done by moving items around inside the container or placing a new object inside the container for example. It is not enough to just pick up the container and moving it to a different location.

Additionally, we also received quite a few reports in regards to characters not loading in with intact inventories, servers crashing when connecting to them, or players beeing booted back to the main menu when trying to connect to a server. A lot of these reported bugs are tied together and are results of corrupt character data. The team is aware of this and the problem is more or less nailed down, but still, all the data we can get to analyze further is much appreciated.

Again, we're thankful for all the reports received so far, and please don't be shy, do keep those reports coming. Thanks for sticking with us until now, we hope you're enjoying 0.60 so far!

Video provided by: IPokeNinjas

Awesome header image submitted by: Charles W. Owens

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 7 juin 2016  
Status Report - 07 Jun 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Another status report tuesday comes around, this time with Brian, Mirek, and Viktor giving us a bit of info on subjects such as the new player controller, new server browser, connection and inventory issues, and an update on blocker/prio issues for 0.60 going live on Stable branch.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Its that time again - so lets take a look at last weeks blockers on 0.60 experimental, talk about their status - and outline the current priority issues on the road to 0.60 stable branch.

    Characters prevented from logging in once connected: Fixed
    Client stuck on black screen after launching PC in some configurations: Fixed
    Weapon Attachments twitching randomly out of sync with weapon and player hands: Fixed
    Clearing weapon chamber deletes the chambered round: Fixed
    Known issues with "infinite ammo": Fixed
    Known causes of server crashes: Approximately 75% resolved - remaining issues are under investigation
    Server Memory Usage issues: In progress
    Restock values affecting global economy: Fix in testing

The last entry specifically is one part of the ongoing development of DayZ's Central Economy that those who like to dig into those values might enjoy knowing a bit more about. The CLE for DayZ is an interestingly complex tool that manages over 3 million potential spawn points, covers all potential tag and category classifications for items, and structures, is dynamic enough to be adapted to new maps for mod authors in the future, in some cases monitors items not only in the gamespace but also within player camps and player inventories. Each item in DayZ has its own values configured dynamically within this tool covering:

    Minimum Amount: Bottom end point in which the system will begin respawning once quantities drop below
    Nominal Amount: Targeted operating value in which items respawning at the minimum point will respawn to
    Lifetime: Duration the item can be persisting in the world before being cleaned up to free up space for new items
    Restock: Value used for rare/controlled items to ensure that if they fall below the minimum they do not respawn in bulk and allow loot cycling of rare items
    Tiering: Regions of the world in which these items are allowed to respawn
    And quite a bit more

The CLE is an integral component in DayZ gameplay, and has evolved throughout the Early Access period thanks to us being able to observe raw data from the Experimental and Stable branch servers. DayZ Mod had a very basic, rudimentary trigger based spawning controlled via script and having to populate no more than around 10,000 potential points - only spawning within proximity to players. DayZ spawns globally, and has evolved to allow more and more precise and complex control over when/where/how much/etc and we continue to iterate upon it, constantly trying to find that right point in which we offer a struggle to survive, without allowing abuse or making the experience *too* punishing. For .60 we're hoping to have the restock values functioning properly for the first time on controlled high end military gear, and pending testing on experimental branch we'll see if this value will function properly enough to allow us to use it for the entire economy - potentially creating points of shortage / supply & demand rotating throughout the servers life. As always, testing and iteration will tell - but Peter and I both are very excited about the possibility here.

    0.60 Build Milestone Goals

      New Renderer: Implemented
      Randomized Attachments & ItemsRandom: Implemented
      New Reload Mechanics: Implemented / Iteration on jamming mechanics in test
      60 Player-per-instance: Implemented and pending final call on server performance

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Mirek

As you know, we spent more than a week on fixing connection issues. Very big amount of connection requests revealed some issues, which were there from the beginning, so at least it gave us opportunity to find and fix them. Now all the team members assigned to connection issues are back on their long term tasks.

A lot of fixes were made in weapon and inventory system and we've also fixed server memory leaks, which have led to lower server performance after few hours from the server restart (should be released today). Probably last thing, which is blocker on our side for the stable release, is the most common server crash, so we hope we will fix it as soon as possible.

Team members are also still working on features for 0.61 like login queue and the new server browser.

We're preparing a new feature for the main menu, where you will be able to list and select one of your characters which exists on different shards and connect to the server without opening server browser (I hope we will show you prototype soon).

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Dev Update / Viktor

Several different animations are in progress at the moment. Quite soon we should have new anims for infected when in idle. This will improve a bit how infected look and move in the world by giving them some variety. They will have four different idle poses with its own set of idles and moves. Also more animations when infected attack doors are being created. They will use different body parts when smashing doors - hands, feets, shoulders and of course head.

New player controller is comming together quite nicely. We are still in process of setting up a proper camera behavior which would reflect different situations and stances the player character can be in. As new features are available for the new player controller we are adjusting animations so they are ready for implementation for instance looking around poses which are related to the camera.

Extended reload animation sets are being finished for last few guns. But just right after that we will start on the new jamming animations for all weapons. At the same time attaching wheels and vehicle doors is being created for hatchback. Since different vehicles have different sizes we will need to find an elegant way how to use this animations without any major clipping issues. Last part of player which is being worked on right now is wounded character. The animations for linmping crouch with rifle in hands is still in progress since it is 16 animations to cover all speeds and directions.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight

Like in our last status report, we have some more 0.60 footage on tap for you all. This time around we have ItsNaterHD and a couple of his friends showing us how they take care of both friendly as well as hostile encounters:

If only I would be so lucky that another player would hand over a fully functional car...

In case you haven't had a look at ItsNaterHD's stuff before, it'll be a good time to do so. His channel library is chock-full of great DayZ content. If interested, you can follow him via his Twitch and Twitter accounts as well.

Don't forget that we have a brand spanking new Feedback Tracker which you can use to help us out by filing all the bugs you come across as development moves on. Again, thanks so much to those of you who have already taken the time to help file bugs from Experimental as well as Stable branch!!!

Header image credit: Jarek_Skvarek

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 24 mai 2016  
Status Report - 24 May 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

It's that time of the month where Brian, Peter, and Viktor give us some info on the current state of 0.60 on Experimental branch as well as a bit of extra info on upcoming work of course.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

As many of you may already know, the team has been hard at work on several major blocking bugs with the 0.60 experimental build - specifically with the login process of players to a server. We're all just as equally frustrated by this as the rest of you - but let's focus on what is new since our last Status Report:

    Error Messages when picking up any item with attachments that has been placed on the ground, and then moved to inventory: Fixed
    Player Item Loss when logging off while holding backpack: Fixed
    Several server crashes causing VERY short server uptime: Current known server crashes are fixed
    Client crashes when navigating certain coastal cities: Reproducible client crashes related to rendering are fixed
    Weapon Attachments twitching randomly out of sync with weapon and player hands: In progress
    Client stuck on black screen after launching PC in some configurations: 50% of known causes are fixed, the remaining are in progress
    Players seeing other players stuck in climbing animation in some situations: Reproducible known causes have been fixed
    Client crash after exiting to Main Menu in some configurations: Fixed
    Character unable to see their clothing after initial spawn and login: Fixed
    Client Crash when connecting to a new server: Current known causes of this issue are fixed
    Roads visible through some objects: Fixed
    Characters prevented from logging in once connected: Fix pending testing

Now, be careful not to get too excited. We still need to push the latest test build to experimental to see what issues are still present, and discover any new issues. However, in addition to the bug fixes listed above we have also made changes in the areas of:

    Configured new buildings for loot spawning
    Tweaks to percentage chance for random items in civilian inventory has been modified
    Dynamic Event weapons have been temporarily moved to spawn in all applicable military structures
    Randomized loot on infected (likely to end up in .61)
    Modifications to jamming functionality (we've dialed this down dramatically pending functional changes for future builds to allow us to attain desired behavior)

Beyond this, the Engine programming team have been working on some outstanding new things for post .60 in way of:

    Shadows from dynamic lights
    Replacement of legacy particle system (Smoke, Debris, Blood, Freezing Breath, Fires, etc)

Lastly for this Status Report, we should be ready to push a new experimental build soon and I'd like to take the time to thank the over 196,000 unique players who have contributed to the testing of experimental branch build 0.60. Without all of your help this would undoubtedly be a much longer, and less enjoyable experience. Hats off!

    0.60 Build Milestone Goals

      New Renderer implementation: Implemented and Bugfixing underway
      Randomized Attachments & ItemsRandom: Implemented
      New Reload Mechanics: Implemented and modification underway
      60 Player-per-instance: Implemented and pending final call on server performance

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

There was a buzz in the community about dead bodies and how long they should stay on a server. Coincidentally we were dealing with the design on dead bodies a few days ago, so I would take the opportunity to write down a short summary of what we settled on and what will hopefully be implemented to enrich player experiences, as death is an inseparable part of DayZ.

First off I want to emphasize that the current 10 minutes timer for survivors, after which their dead bodies are removed from the server, is temporary and it's set like that because of two reasons - avoiding unnecessary burden of server performance and making metagaming of getting your loot back a bit more inconvenient. In an ideal world where dead bodies don't drain server performance, they should remain at their positions until server restart. To achieve this, a dead body can't simply be switched to a static object since it was positioned by ragdoll, so it will look very unnatural, not to mention that survivors can have countless combinations of gear and equipment attached to them, so it's nearly impossible to prepare corresponding objects beforehand or bake them on demand. Server performance will be stressed to a minimum once we'll be able to turn off all unnecessary components like physics, AI, and others after death, so it will allow us to stretch the lifetime of dead bodies to the maximum reasonable value. Later, the central loot economy will help us fight the metagaming I mentioned at the beginning by removing items when they reach the end of their lifetime, which can be changed on demand.

However, having dead bodies scattered around the environment wouldn't be very meaningful unless there is an important part allowing you to create stories or make decisions based upon them. It's our intention to make everything as graphical as possible and we also want this to be the case for dead bodies of animals and especially other survivors. Visual observation of dead bodies can give you answers for questions such as, what happened at a specific location, or to evaluate the level of potential risk in any given area. All this should be indicated from easily readable facts like how that being died, how long ago it died, and what actions were performed on its dead body. After death, a body can be found in different states which are visualized by small or complete changes of appearance. Obviously actions like skinning a body should leave a pile of unusable remnants to be removed later, such as burying it with the proper tools on the right surface thus creating a built up heap of soil. More interesting is how a dead body changes its stages to reflect how long it's been laying around and how it affects interactions and other mechanics. Flies, and later on decaying flesh, helps you to estimate the timeframe and warn you that meat collected after skinning will be rotten, and it will be better if you disinfect looted items from a corpse before using them. Decals, which are generated from bullet and/or melee hits, stay on dead bodies, and coupled with blood puddles from severe bleeding, these unveil the probable cause of death. Note that all changes to character appearance acquired while alive, like beards, bloody hands, and others are visualized in the dead state too.

It's much needed to keep dead bodies present as long as possible, same as the added functionality of them. I'm eager to see how their behavior over time changes gameplay and player experiences by building a more believable world and making DayZ's atmosphere even more tense at the end.

Bodies fill the fields I see... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Viktor

In the past week we have started to process recently captured data. New animations will include missing parts of wounded character set, animations for attaching vehicle parts and more infected attack variations. New reloads and animations for weapons include some Trumpet, SVD and MKII anims.

Regarding the new player controller we are discussing how to improve the camera itself for first and third person view as well. Character movement now has new settings options which give us better control over transitions when changing speeds and directions. This all brings us closer to more responsive and better player character which hopefully everyone can enjoy in near future.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight

A couple of weeks have passed by now with 0.60 on Experimental branch, and on the DayZ forums I found the following piece of 0.60 footage made by Boydy:

The video is part of an interaction series that Boydy has been working on for quite some time now, and there are some real gems squared away in his channel library. I had the good luck of getting to play with Boydy for a while a couple of months ago, and if you ever get the chance to do so as well, I guarantee you will enjoy it; Boydy is a legit dude!

If you wish to get in contact with Boydy or if you would like to follow him as he uploads new content, you can do so via the following channels: Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook.

Since the release of 0.60 on Experimental branch we've already had loads of good bugs reported on the DayZ forums, and as Brian mentions, it is an immense help from you all! In this regard we're happy to announce that we have a new bug tracker up and running at the following location: It is quite a bit different from the old feedback tracker and if you need a bit of help navigating, there's a short tutorial available for those of you that have the time to help out with testing: All the help you all have provided really means the world to us!

Header image credit: ProTos1080p

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 10 mai 2016  
Status Report - 10 May 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

So, as 0.60 was released on Experimental branch during last week, Brian and Peter have a few words to share on the first impressions of this version as well as the road going forwards towards the Stable release.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

As I'm sure many of you are aware, 0.60's first few iterations have hit experimental branch. Despite our feedback tracker being offline for upgrades, our fantastic userbase has submitted hundreds of new issues on the temporary bug reporting sub forum over at the Official DayZ forums ( and we are all blown away by the support and engagement. The demand for access to experimental branch servers has been overwhelming, and far exceeded any previous experimental branch interest levels.

For those interested in what experimental branch is, or have questions as to why experimental branch servers are intentionally kept at a certain quantity - check out these two forum posts by myself, and our community moderator PurePassion.

Past that, we have several blocking issues holding us back from pushing 0.60 to stable branch. Let's take a quick look at some of them below:

    Error Messages when picking up any item with attachments that has been placed on the ground, and then moved to inventory
    Player Item Loss when logging off while holding backpack
    Several server crashes causing VERY short server uptime
    Client crashes when navigating certain coastal cities
    Weapon Attachments twitching randomly out of sync with weapon and player hands
    Client stuck on black screen after launching PC in some configurations
    Players seeing other players stuck in climbing animation in some situations
    Client crash after exiting to Main Menu in some configurations
    Character unable to see their clothing after initial spawn and login
    Client Crash when connecting to a new server
    Roads visible through some objects
    And more..

We've fortunately been able to squash several issues related to disappearing items after swapping, some blocking issues preventing some players from starting the client at all, and rolled out some new debug logs to help the programming team to analyze existing server crashes.

Now that we have 0.60 on experimental branch, we can let you all know what our milestone goals are for 0.61 build!

    0.61 Milestone Goals

      Server Login Queue
      Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
      Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
      Dynamic Spawning of Infected
      Predators (Wolves)

While 0.61 will more than likely have additional changes, the above updates are what we are focused on as priority for the 0.61 update.

We're all extremely excited and happy to see such a positive reaction to the Enfusion Engine's renderer, and the environmental improvements to the coastal cities in Chernarus. The entire DayZ development team is chomping at the bit to get 0.60 to stable branch and join you all in DayZ's latest update.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

With first experimental iterations of 0.60 version available publicly there emerged some questions related to gameplay mechanics. I would like to remind you that there is no need to worry since most features and mechanics are a work in progress, not to mention that everything is being currently rewritten in Enforce script including core gameplay functionality.

The current state of advanced weapons handling in 0.60 can be somewhat confusing as there are no proper animations connected to it, so it's nearly impossible to visualize and read the state of the weapon. New animations regarding weapons handling, some of which were already showcased by our Lead Animator Viktor, will be implemented with the new character as there is no point in doing the same work twice, which also applies for other features which were postponed a bit. I understand that it can be tiresome waiting for improvements but it's for a good reason and it will help us make the best game. Most of the mechanics can be rewritten in parallel so that old and new implementations coexist together. Good examples of this are user interface, damage system, animation system, the renderer and many others. However this sadly wasn't the case with weapons, where crucial changes have to be made directly in a living and functional system (a similar situation for this is with vehicles for example). Due to this limitation we went into release with a state of weapons handling which may be unpleasant to players as many of its mechanics are not obvious.

Of course, things like a higher chance of weapon jams or even jamming pristine weapons with pristine ammunition are purely on the configuration side of things and they are set like this because it's easier to test them especially in an internal environment and hand in hand (as it's the same build) with the publicly available build on experimental branch with a much wider audience. I'm not personally thrilled that such loose configuration can leave a bitter taste in the mouths of players when playing with new features, but you can count on it being set in reasonable numbers for stable release (I don't want to say balanced, as huge balance passes will take place in the future when most of the features will be in their final or nearly final state).

Carry on... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Spotlight

Sweet joy, version 0.60 was released on Experimental branch last week and there is already plenty of good content to find! One such example would be the first look at 0.60 as seen through the eyes of DAT Gooner while he and one of his friends go look at some updated locations and check out a couple of the new items (warning: LOUD audio from 0:23 to 0:29):

We hear you (and a lot of other players wanting to have a go at 0.60) at the beginning of the video. As for the amount of Experimental servers available, please do have a look at the posts linked by Brian.

The introduction of 0.60 was in part also aimed at increasing client performance, and while this seems to be the case for the most part across the board, there might be a bit of help to find here for those of you needing to cram a bit more fps out of DayZ on 0.60:

Thanks to iConnorN Gaming for making this guide!

Also, we have already received massive amounts of bug reports on the DayZ Forums since the launch of 0.60 on Exp. branch which is awesome!!! Of course, we hope that you'll keep reporting those bugs whenever you find them since this is an incredible help for the dev team. Thanks for all your support everyone, you're the best!!! We know that there'll probably still be loads of ups and downs going forward from here, but we hope you'll enjoy the ride along with us :)

Header image credit: Jon Snow

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 4 mai 2016  
0.60 live on Experimental branch !

Alright, the guys all worked tireless hours in order to bring you version 0.60 over on Experimental branch!

Please feel free to join in on the discussion in our 0.60 Experimental topic on our DayZ forums here, and feel free to report your bugs in the forum topic here. Your support is massively appreciated, everyone!

Now, there's no dev build in play without bugs, so for now, we have the following known issues:


    FPS may drop to zero when clouds are enabled.

Error Message

    “Cannot open object dz\plants\dead\d_fagussylvatica_fallen.p3d”.
    “unable to load WoodTwinOpen from CfgActionSounds”.


    Some animals can get stuck in obstacles.


    Freshly spawned character can be visually naked.
    Pistol on 'Hip' slot is placed under feet on the characters model.


    Character is able to look through walls when wielding a ranged weapon.


    Infected can hit you at a distance when you go from prone to stand.
    Infected can lose their texture.
    Infected: Infected run through walls after getting stuck on stairs.
    Hits registering with a delay when infected attacks player.
    Infected attack at a distance for the first couple of attacks.


    Items swapped in the in hands slot during action can disappear permanently.
    Suppressors have no effect.


    Server browser

      Missing "icons" for servers (Passworded, Bad version).

New Renderer

    Paramedic infected are visually disappearing at a certain distance.
    Some damaged, badly damaged and ruined items have texture as pristine.
    Attachments on weapon are twitching.
    Visual bugs - shadows, textures (flickering, missing for example), light.


    Items are not persistent after server restart.
    Ammo/magazines are not peristent after server restart.
    Corpses are frozen in their last pose after reconnect (standing/kneeling for example).


      Player sees another player in climbing animation.


      Remote tab doesn't work properly.


    If a weapon is thrown after swapping (weapons), it can get stuck in hands.


    New UI

      Player is not able to dress another unconscious/dead/restrained character.
      Redundant Action "view content" is present.


    Global Issue

      Vehicles suddenly stop moving.
      Characters can't get out when the vehicle is stuck between obstacles.
      Players driving vehicles will have a delayed view of other players driving vehicles.
      Global: Input delay while driving with another car in close proximity.
      Driver experience tiny rollback when getting close to another vehicle.


    Global Grenades

      Grenades will do their function only if thrown.

    Flash Grenade

      Inconsistent blinding effect.


      Reloading and chambering weapons on the ground isn't registered until character takes weapon into hands.

    Bolt/pump action

      Internal mag based weapons can shoot two shots without appropriate action taken.
      Bolts/arrows are not being rendered inside weapons.

There's a risk that you get a client crash when connecting to servers if the initial installation (as in, literally the first installation you ever do) of DayZ is the current 0.60 Experimental version. Try fixing by updating drivers and Windows, revert to 0.59 on Stable branch, log on to a server, log off/shut down DayZ, upgrade to 0.60 on Experimental branch.

Header image credit: Lewy

- Smoss -


Mardi 26 avril 2016  
Status Report - 26 Apr 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Brian, Peter, and Viktor give us the lowdown this week on the current blocker issues, as well as let us in on upcoming work from the design and animation teams.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Now that PAX is over lets take a quick look at what we're doing to tackle the last Status Report’s listed blockers, and what issues are between us and .60 hitting experimental (so you're all in the know).

    Loot Distribution

      The QA, Design, and Gameplay Programming teams have isolated the cause of the issue, specifically tied to stalling of item respawn - while initial server spawn, and server cleanup are functioning properly. The Gameplay Programmers responsible for this are hard at work nailing down a fix to this issue, and a possible solution has been handed to QA - we will run it through the QA department for verification.

    "Stuck Magazines"

      This issue has been resolved, and the QA Team are no longer able to reproduce it. Strike one more issue from the list.

    Sliding Players

      All of the reproducible methods for causing this issue have been flagged and resolved by the gameplay programming team, and have been verified by QA.

    Playability of New UI Inventory

      The team has finished all remaining changes needed to be ready for .60 experimental - once the build is in the hands of the experimental userbase, we'll be able to make any required adjustments or improvements based upon how they interact with it.

In addition to these previous issues, the engine and gameplay programming teams are currently working on resolving two issues we'd like to see solved prior to hitting experimental:

    FPS Drop / Clouds

      Internal Testing discovered a 100% reproducible frame drop to single digit factors on limited hardware configurations. While the issue only appeared on 2 out of 30+ PCs, we're taking it very seriously. That said, the engine programming team has committed a fix and QA are verifying it as of the time of this report.

    Server Crash

      We've encountered an issue with unconscious players reconnecting / logging in to a fresh server sometimes causing the server to suffer an unexpected crash. Obviously we'll need to get this resolved before pushing to a large userbase because no one likes playing on servers that are consistently crashing - and we all know there will be plenty of unconscious survivors throughout Chernarus. That said, the gameplay programming team have a solid repro, and all the crashdumps and server logs they could want, and are tracking this issue down as I write this.

As you can see, we're knocking issues down one by one, and each day brings us closer to pushing the first .60 experimental build to Steam. Keep in mind, this will be just like every other experimental upload and will have issues. So lets all chip in and make sure to submit good bug data when encountering them - Quality Assurance Lead Ondrej Klima gave some excellent pointers in how to submit the best bug data possible in our last Dev Q&A video on the official Youtube Channel (

All of us here at the DayZ dev team cannot wait get .60 on to experimental branch. The excitement and support at PAX East was overwhelming, and there are still so many more improvements to the technology powering DayZ to come!

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

I would like to talk about base building in this issue of Status Report a bit as it didn't get much attention in SRs from me yet, thus the community was naturally left with many questions which needs to be answered. It's known that we are using base building as a common name for a broad set of activities that leads to creation of your very own base of your operations made from different facilities which can provide you or your team shelter, storage, food, water, fortification, outlook or even an electricity grid.

Alongside pitching the stock tents which can be found or improvised ones made by crafting when needed and other features like barrels, fireplaces and such it's the sturdy made structures which turn a basic campsite into a base, may it be the barriers to secure the perimeter of a base or a watchtower to get a better overview of the surroundings. Structures are again divided into premade and crafted ones. Ready to go mesh containers which may be found at military bases are an easy and fast way to form desired barriers as they can be transported to site, placed and filled with soil and eventually emptied in order to reorganize the barrier or to take them to a different location. On the other hand you can made your own walls, sheds or watchtowers with proper tools, materials and a bit of dedication. Because I'm not a huge fan of premade whole objects when it comes to building mechanics in sandbox games I wanted to allow as much options as possible within the scope of our game to allow players to create varied results. Construction of non-portable structures starts with placing of their basic elements so as to form their foundation. Characters can interact with this foundation to extend it into a desired state. Walls have split lower and upper halves and it's up to you whether to mount wooden planks or metal sheets with connecting materials like nails to fill them or optionally leave one or both halves without any filling. To gather wooden planks or metal sheets you will have to look for pallets which will be spawned as a dynamic event similar to helicopters or police cars although with admittedly higher chances. After you run out of material for filling, don't worry that your construction urge will be halted as there is the possibility of crafting planks from chopped trees at several sawmills across Chernarus. However, it needs to be said that metal sheets give your walls more protection than wooden planks. I admit that plain walls could be quite bland after some time so you will be able to enhance them with some goodies like camo netting for added camouflage or light chains when you wish to achieve something completely opposite, may it be a trading post, a trap or just to add some cozy atmosphere in a harsh world. Tents can be also equipped with both of them. Anyway, there are more things to do to improve the functionality of any given wall. Improvised hinges turns a wall into a gate broad enough that even a V3S can pass through, or the addition of barbwire fence helps protect close proximity of the wall itself as, don't forget it, even a wall can be disassembled with proper tools like a crowbar. To step even further, barbwire can be plugged into an electricity grid maintained by a power generator turning it effectively into an electric fence so you will think twice before taking it down with pliers.

I'm excited to see how players will use this feature to build all the variations of bases to mark their presence in the persistent environment of Chernarus. It must be said that even if we have working prototypes and final implementation in process of construction of non-portable structures and precise object placement (yes, it was postponed), it will not see public release until the arrival of the new character, which consists of the new animation system, new rewritten scripts in Enforce, new controller, new damage system, new controls and other supportive components.

Unleash your inner survivalist architect... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Viktor

I will continue where I left in previous status report. Last week there was a mocap session. We have captured many missing animations for wounded character and also some weapon specific animations. Once the data are processed the animators can start working on wounded crouched locomotions for player. In general most of basic anims for injured player are already done. However we need to implement it all at once and of course after the new animation system is fully in.

In recent stream you might have noticed some special moves for infected where they were going over some obstacles. Currently there are four different animations for getting over obstacles depending on the height. You should be able to see it in action with the next update. Please keep in mind this is very first implementation of such a feature and we will be working on many improvements to it but I think it works pretty well already and infected are now scary as s.... well have fun!

- Viktor / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight

A short while ago I was contacted by one of our forum users HugoStiglitz. He sent a couple of links to videos that his friend CamCANTRUN had made, and it was some pretty good stuff. Especially the "Friendship" series was a good watch. Cam meets a random player Kyle who had a bit of trouble in real life it seems, and it was nice to see how Cam tries to pick up Kyle and take his mind off of things while doing a bit of adventuring through Chernarus. We should all be so lucky as to have a friend like CamCANTRUN.

Do go have a look at his Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter accounts as I'm sure there'll be more entertainment coming up in the future.

If you also have some footage, artwork, or screenshots you'd like to share, you can always swing by the DayZ forums and post it in the Gallery section.

Header image credit: Uga

- SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 12 avril 2016  
Status Report - 12 Apr 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Brian, Viktor, Miroslav, and Raist give us an update on current development in this Status Report. Subjects covered by the guys are blocker issues, network code, the new AI spawner, and the new animation system.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

It’s that time again - biweekly Status Report time. In addition to my update, we have some interesting reads from Miroslav our Lead Gameplay Programmer, Viktor our Lead Animator, and Raist the Senior Programmer responsible for DayZ's Central Economy. That aside, let’s look at what our current critical issues are for the release of .60 to experimental branch.

    Loot Distribution

      Current internal builds have an issue we're chasing down that drops globally spawned quantities of items to about 3,000 in certain situations/server states. This is around 17,000 to 18,000 less than the acceptable minimal operating value. This issue is one of the top priorities for the designers currently, as it effectively makes the title near unplayable.

    "Stuck" Magazines

      The gameplay programming team are working on an issue that causes magazines during the reload process to become "stuck" within the players inventory, thus causing several cascading failures with players inventories requiring them to disconnect and reconnect to resolve the issue.

    Sliding Players

      The QA Team encountered a 100% repro rate series of steps to cause players to become stuck in a sliding state - regardless of laying, prone, or erect. These steps have been provided to the gameplay programming team - and they are working on resolving the issue.

    Playability of New UI Inventory

      The design and gameplay programming teams are wrapping up the last of the playability issues moving to the new UI, as functional support for the legacy UI won't be possible moving forward with the new Enfusion renderer.

Since the last Status Report the team has nailed down the last blocking bugs on the renderer side, squashed some nasty virtual machine server exception issues, resolved blocking issues with navmesh generation, infected AI behavior, several critical client crash bugs, a new nasty issue with the desync of player positions, and rolled out the support for configuring all the initial required graphical options within the options menu for the new renderer release.

Looking at what the Engine Programming team have taken on and ahead of them for the Enfusion Renderer:

    MSAA Implementation
    Alpha to Coverage Implementation
    Resolved all issues flagged as "Must Fix" or "Blocker" for .60

Current Focus is on:

    New UI and Renderer Major & Minor severity level issues

Aside from the current issues I've mentioned above, personally I'm a bit concerned of the network state of vehicles. With the team focused on the milestone goals for .60 we haven't been able to give the attention to iterating on network synchronization, performance, and physics on our current group of vehicles. I think they're far from where I'd like them to be - but we'll more than likely have to put off improving their state to somewhere more enjoyable for the Early Access playerbase to future builds.

Each day moves us closer to having a build we're confident and able to move to experimental branch, and no one group of people want it out there more than us, the developers. Lastly, before I sign off for this Status Report - I know I've said it before - but I can't say it enough, keep in mind this is just our first public iteration of this portion of Enfusion engine. In addition to iteration and progression from feedback and bug reports from the Early Access player base we'll also be working with GPU manufacturers to figure out how best to use their technologies to the maximum effect, and get DayZ optimized for use in future drivers from said manufacturers.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Miroslav

In my last status report, I mentioned that we are rewriting some important parts of network code. Well, the work is finished and first testing showed improvements on server performance and server response time. So, these changes will be available in experimental build from start and if nothing goes wrong, they will hit the stable release too.

Two weeks ago, we started revisiting another important part of networking. The login process. Now, it's possible that you are present on server before you can actually play, so you can be attacked by AIs and players and you don't have an opportunity to defend (not common for this to occur, but possible in some edge cases). This will be fixed, but not in 0.60. These changes will allow us also implementation of login queue, which will help us to control server performance in case when a lot of concurrent players are connecting and waiting queue will be available too.

Last time, I also mentioned changes in AI spawner. Here you have a few words from our programmer Frantisek Bidlo a.k.a Raist, who's responsible for Central Loot Economy implementation:

Lots of new and horribly ugly looking infected are going to be swarming Chernarus. We have almost finished the new system and tools on area/ spawn rules/ group types definition in order to create believable distribution, doctors will haunt hospitals, police will be most probably found in the stations surrounding areas.

Different infected types may by stronger and faster than others, every city and village will get various combination depending on it's size, position and importance.

We're still not sure, if new AI spawner will hit 0.60 (or at least experimental), but we will try our best. Here are a few screenshots from the spawner testing, but please keep in mind that these are form testing and it's possible, that there won't be so high AI counts in release.

- Miroslav / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Dev Update / Viktor

When thinking about what happened in last two weeks in animation team I have realized there is so many different animations being worked on. I have decided to put together a quick compilation of some of them that have been done just recently. There are new reload anims for M4, for Red9 and CR527. Except weapons guys have been busy with adding missing animations for vehicles, opening and closing doors and hoods with tons of variations to cover all vehicles.

We have started to create a new graph for infected for upcoming animation system. Because of that we came back to idea to bring variations for infected locomotions where there will be multiple different idles, walks, runs and sprints so they look a bit different when moving around. Also some extra anims are in progress, like attacking doors. This week there will be already mentioned mocap session so we will get loads of new data for us to work on.

Make sure to check the video out and remember it is all work in progress as always, it may change, but mainly this are animations that have been finished in past week or two so they are still far from implementing. Moreover we still need to have new animation system in first.

- Viktor / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight

Good stuff, I should have caught on to Astros Legacy a bit earlier. I always do like me some nice DayZ cinematics, and when I came across the Astros Legacy channel, I was not disappointed when I found this:

Good things are to be found within his channel, and you can always follow him via his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Also, it's been out for a while, but in case you did not see it yet, concept artist Simon Weaner did the following matte painting of the shipwreck at Rify:

The illustration is available (along with a lot of other awesome stuff) at Simon Weaner's DeviantArt profile!

If you have some footage, artwork, or screenshots you'd like to share, you can always swing by the DayZ forums and post it in the Gallery section.

Header image credit: [LGNR] s.hartman

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 29 mars 2016  
Status Report - 29 Mar 2016

Evening Survivors,

It's time for that update on what's been going on during the past two weeks. We have a bit of info on blocker issues for 0.60 as well as which subjects will be in focus for the immediate future.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Hey everyone. While I don't have an experimental build for you today - I do have good news and an update on what is going on with the blockers, how far we've got with them, and so on:

Inventory UI

    User controls within the new inventory look to be at parity with the old inventory system. The last few remaining issues are a few nasty blocking bugs on the functional side, such as items missing their icons. 

Reload mechanics

    The QA team have worked with the design and animation teams to get a firm handle on exactly where the inconsistencies are with the new reload mechanics, and said teams are working on resolving the issue. I think we can all agree that when we push a large change to how weapons reload - they damn better all reload with the same mechanics ;)

Character Loading / Saving

    Proper character loading/saving is back, and in the process some nice network optimizations in this area were made!

Renderer based blocking issues

    We've cut the list of blocker flagged issues tied to the new Enfusion renderer in half since the last time we talked - and in the time since our last Status Report the Enfusion engine team has made some outstanding optimizations across Chernarus - which you can see the result of in the latest .60 Dev Log video that you see below.
    In addition, while the Enfusion engine team was able to commit and test their latest optimizations, the automated performance benchmarking tool briefly discussed in the latest .60 Dev Log video has enabled the environment team to begin to isolate problematic issues with certain areas of the map that would not otherwise be noticed. We're excited to see these fixes give us yet another small bump up in Enfusion's new renderer performance.

As we get closer to bringing .60 to experimental branch, I lightly urge you all to temper your excitement with a few brief statements of reality about public development of a title, and its engine:

    .60 is focused on UI, and Renderer - it does not feature the new animation system, player controller, or user actions
    We still have plenty of issues ahead of us to tackle, the renderer is but one hurdle on the road to a complete DayZ
    Network Optimizations, Server Performance Optimization (This is a big one, standing between us and more players, more infected, more animals), Animation System, Eden Update Audio Tech merge, and more are all ahead of us

So I encourage you to keep your eye on the proverbial prize here and report your bugs over on the official DayZ forums, be active in testing these new technology changes, and be a part of moving DayZ towards 1.0

Before I wrap up my part for this Status Report, I'd like to include an excerpt from a post I made over on the official forums - that I think a lot of you might have missed:

"I frequently get asked why a specific bug might not be resolved yet, or why something hasn't been addressed yet in development that from a players perspective might seem critical.
There are a lot of things to take into consideration in development when weighing a bugfix, not to mention when you're dealing with a title transitioning from one engine, to another one that is *in development* Lets take a quick look into a brief break down of how the thought process goes:

- First off - what is the risk of this fix at the current time?

    What are the goals for the upcoming build? Does this potentially represent larger issues that will push the build back?
    Is this issue tied to a technology that is going to be replaced?

      For example - Is this an issue tied with the legacy renderer?

    Is this issue related to ongoing investigation of a larger issue with wider sweeping impact on the title?
    If this issue IS tied to a system scheduled to be rewritten or replaced - what is the estimated time involved in:

      Work resolving the issue itself
      Test pass on the issue
      Overall BVT test pass to ensure related issues are not encountered
      Regression testing on the issue 

    A lot of issues consumers see in the way of:

      Duplicating (Old action system)
      Glitching into models
      Damage / Projectile cheats
      Balancing / etc

Are all things that are slated to be resolved, or at least mitigated with new technologies that are being worked on *right now* - so the hard decision has to be made - Do we potentially waste valuable development time and resources on something that will *not* end up in the shipped title? Honestly - we try to do that as little as possible. We still end up going a very large amount of it to try and keep the consumer steam branches as playable as possible, but frequently the unpopular and hard decision has to be made to stay the course, and dedicated those resources towards the final product / final systems / final technology."

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director -

Dev Update / Peter

I'll continue were I left off in my last Status Report entry and write a bit about the planned changes to the systems and functionality tied to such mechanics as attachments, crafting or the quick bar. As I said few times already I want to see DayZ's gameplay as much physicality as possible and controls as less obstructive as possible.

One of the problems we are facing is a quite non readable agenda or to say it better, limits of the game that we set - what can be done or achieved and how all these various mechanics work, coupled with a rather chaotic approach to the usage of these systems, it leads in most cases to force players to visit community wikis and find out there. Of course in the past with the dawn of the original DayZ mod it was really refreshing and stunning to find out all the obfuscated in-game mechanics by yourself or learn them directly in-game from other survivors and at the end it contributed to creating one of the most beautiful game communities out of these shared experiences. It was one of the key points of mod success without any doubt, even when it was a virtue of necessity in the light how it all began and was made. However do we still need to keep the same approach after such time, where most of the orthodox players already known everything and new players came to the game mainly for all sort of experiences and stories they seen or heard about? If this is what we are offering to the players - experiences and stories - then we should not stay in their way.

We decided to unveil how things work with addition of meaningful assistance especially in the inventory side. You will find ghosts/silhouette placeholders for all possible attachments that can be attached to systems like player character, weapons, vehicles, constructions, fireplaces, etc. Of course it can ignite pursuit for "filling those spots" notably for completionist style players. On the other hand it will help to orientate what is possible and what isn't as in reality you know that you can definitely can put a second rifle around your neck but you can’t in game, so instead of trying by yourself it's better to be told straight that these are the cards to play with instead of trying all the possible combinations to find proper one like in old school point and click adventures (which I love, to be clear). With the possibility to add and remove all attachments within the inventory screen and with the need of securing some of them with tools in mind comes a secured/unsecured icon - think of vehicle wheels which you can attach to the hub but you need to fasten them with lug wrench for proper functionality or they will simply fall off during the drive or nail down the planks to make a fence from simple frame. With this locking of attachments via user actions it comes hand in hand need of the unreachable functionality for attachments, again think of how visually unpleasant it will be to teleport wheels to front hubs of bus standing at very different side or by its back, this will get you to the right spot if you want it to drag and drop it from inventory instead using direct in-game attach user action. To quickly mention some other aids for convenient usage, we plan to introduce lighting bolt icon for electricity system to clearly overview if object it's plugged in/under current or needed amount of some specific item to be able to turn it into desired state like number of planks to barricade the doors.

Crafting is another important part of the game and it is critical to bring it out to the light from the darkness of the inventory screen. Intended plans for field crafting changes is that it always needs to be initiated from the hands with the one of the two required ingredients for said recipe. Combining wooden sticks with rags is a good example. Crafting can be initiated in different ways, solely in inventory by putting let's say rags to hands and drag and drop wooden sticks on them from vicinity or cargo, second possible approach is a bit of a shortcut when you have let's say wooden sticks already in hands and rags set in some quick slot and pressing this quick slot number to invoke the crafting recipe, or the last way is with direct interaction with the item in the world by pointing rags in hands onto sticks gathered from bush. All of these options of crafting initialization let you to choose how you want to craft directly in the world instead of the inventory, in that case a torch, splint or fireplace and by holding the right mouse button craft it the same as you would use a canteen to continuously drink from. Some of the positives of this approach is that it eliminates automatic removal of previous item in hands so you don't suddenly loose your precious double carried item, adding tangibility and actual feel to execution of crafting actions or the possibility to walk during some crafting actions like opening cans or feeding magazines with cartridges. Additionally feeding a magazine will be a continuous action, the same as feeding the internal magazine of a gun which takes some time, one by one cartridge loading as long as you perform that feeding action which leads to a much more believable tension with planning ahead and tactical approach instead of that game where the fastest fingers win the crucial situations. At the end of the day the advantage of magazines lays in how many rounds you can fire with the current set without manipulating too much with the weapon or magazine instead of making nearly endless stream of fire with juggling with just two mags and ammo piles. (Keep in mind, we aren't going for 1:1 realism - obviously in a video game, round by round loading will be a bit faster than in real life).

As in the good tradition of DayZ all new changes will have visual feedback to players like attaching something to gun, picking item from ground, dropping it, feeding the magazine or crafting something. Everything should be readable by other survivors to make it clear what's going on and to be able to react on your performed actions which can offer time windows to take advantage of. All these changes will shift how DayZ is played a bit but I truly believe these they are introduced for a good reason and help to form a higher principle.

Nothing should stand between you and your stories... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Viktor

We are now focused on adding missing animations for vehicles. For the new animation system we have been adding some offset poses to allow player to look around inside the vehicle and also changing slightly how steering wheel looks to allow animating shift gear in the future.

Obviously never ending work on guns is still in progress. That means we are adding chambering animations for more guns and polishing existing reloading anims. The player graph now containes some new actions like animation for emptying bottle. Some more wounded moves have been created. The bow and pistols now have the same set as rifle - standing walk and run.

I am also planning next mocap session to capture some animations for operating the vehicles like engine repairing or attaching doors and wheels. More wounded anims are also on mocap list so we can continue on this feature.

- Viktor / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight: Days of Z

Ah nice, another live action movie of DayZ. I know, it's a bit over a year old so some of you might already have seen it. Still, I'm always amazed at how some people are able to put together videos like these (looks like it was fun being part of this production), so here we go, I hope you'll like "Days of Z" as well:

Big thanks to Fleet Productions for sharing their video with us!

If you also have some videos, screenshots/artwork, or photos of you in your real life DayZ gear that you would like to share, just jump across to the DayZ Forums and post it. We always love to see what you guys come up with!

Header image credit: DOS_v1.05

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 15 mars 2016  
Status Report - 15 Mar 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

Brian, Mirek, and Viktor will be giving us a bit of info this week in regards to subjects such as current blocker issues, work on spawn systems and network code, and the new animation system.

Dev Update/Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Hey guys, its that time again - Status Report day. I know you all wanted to hear some crazy hype tastic reveal like - FREE OCULUS RIFT HEADSETS UNDER EACH OF YOUR COMPUTER DESKS OMG YAY (but more specific to our upcoming .60 experimental push) but I'm afraid I don't have that for you today, and we don't do hype like that anyways. While we've made strides in client side performance functionality, we're still chipping away at blocking issues in the following areas:

    Inventory UI

      With the move to Direct X 11, we'll no longer be able to support the legacy user interface. Thus, functional parity with the legacy UI -has- to be achieved on the new UI. The design team are currently working on resolving the last few bugs blocking us from having that parity.

    Reload mechanics

      The move in .60 to involving manual bolt cycling, as well as misfire and jamming management via the charging handle on weapons such as the M4 has an impact on every firearm in the game. We're currently working to resolve some functional hiccups in the switching between magazines, and the need to chamber twice before firing from a new magazine.

    Character Loading/Saving

      A very large volume of unneeded traffic was discovered when investigating issues with character loading - a rewrite of the methods used to save and load from the central hive. Once we restore proper functionality, this area will no longer be a blocker.

    Tasks Completed

      60 Build Optimization Pass (Performance in cities increased by 50% from initial build - optimization is ONGOING however)
      Cleared Rendering Test Pass list of visual/rendering based bugs
      Renderer settings UI

    Current Focus

      MSAA Hardware Multisampling Support
      Alpha to Coverage GPU Feature (Which will increase quality of vegetation rendering)
      Finalization of In-Game UI Features

We've heard a lot of feedback wanting some changes to how we're communicating development information over the last year - and we started steps a few months back towards adjusting to try and meet some of these requests. We've expanded the community team and put processes in to ensure that regardless of development tasks, the Status Reports will come out on schedule (Tuesdays, BiWeekly). In addition, we've begun using our YouTube channel more - to show upcoming changes to DayZ as they are developed. (Status Reports talk about development progress, and what changes are planned in the future - where as the YouTube channel should show what is coming in the next build - when it is functional enough to demonstrate)

We'll also be trying a team Q&A type video where folks can ask questions about what its like to work on DayZ, work at Bohemia, and such - our first video on this from our Quality Assurance team should be coming shortly. Our Community Manager Smo55 is ramping up his presence on our subreddit and official forums, our new Brand Manager DHawkz is working with Bohemia Interactive publishing to expand the options for DayZ merchandise on the BI Store, and a redesign of, as well as working with our hardware partners to create opportunities for raising awareness of DayZ as it moves towards our Beta, and Release goals.

I'll be discussing some of the systems and pending changes tied to the new animation system and player controller over on the official forums later this week, and next up for the YouTube channel we're working on our next Dev Log video on .60 covering performance comparisons between Direct X 9, and Direct X 11 rendering.
Once .60 hits experimental branch, we'll start putting together our first "Whats new with .60" video - where DHawkz, Smo55, and I go over the changes in .60 and what to expect gameplay wise - for our YouTube channel.

Lastly - as .60's time on experimental starts to draw to a close - we'll be bringing back the official DayZ survival gaming e-sport, The Survivor GameZ. The Survivor GameZ VII Qualifiers will be a fantastic way for us to stress test .60 before it hits stable, and to see how the new inventory, and reloading/chambering mechanics work in a high stress situation. Keep an eye on the official Survivor GameZ and DayZ twitter accounts for more info on this - and

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update/Mirek

Last two weeks, we spent our time mostly on bug fixing of some critical issues like client/server crashing or issues with weapon reloading, because we want that first release of 0.60 experimental will be in the best state as possible.

Designers have started to use new damage system, so we have few requests on improvements, but they aren't blockers.

A lot of issues were fixed in loot distribution and some new features were added. For example random loot spawning in world containers. This new feature is now moved to designers, so they can set it properly. We have also prepared new Infected/Animal spawner, but this won't be ready in 0.60 as we need to do some work in AI simulation. We will talk about this new system in next status report.

Maybe the most interesting thing is that we've started to rewrite some core parts of network code, which should improve desync issues and server performance. I hope that we will be able to show these improvements in 0.60, but I don't want to give any promises, because it's possible, that first iteration will break the game even more.

- Mirek Mañena / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Dev Update/Viktor

The ongoing work on weapon animations is still far from finishing. As there are more ways in which state gun can be when player will initiate the reload the proper animation has to be created to provide a corresponding reload action. Some reloads are being replaced with more polished ones and many new animations are being created to support possibility to load a chamber with single ammo. The animation sets for each gun now have magazine reload animations, manipulation with weapon mechanism, chambering animations and more is still to come.

The main player graph now contains most of important functionalities but we are constantly going through existing animations and filling out some missing ones or replacing with more polished versions. Also the wounded character now has some sets implemented as a prototype (some walks and runs) but we will have to wait for all the animations until we fully introduce it.

The previously mentioned improvements to pulling out and hiding of weapons was slightly polished in past week. We have achieved what we were aiming for. While standing still you can start arming a gun, begin walking and meanwhile change stance to crouch - it will just work, oh and of course you can stop while doing that anytime. This of course means a lot to other player actions like for instance gestures or eating as can be seen in the video capture from our animation editor preview.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight: Tom's Story.

Wow, a friendly user of our forums sent through a link to the following "real life" DayZ video:

While watching the video, I keep wondering where the film locations are at since it could be awesome getting to see places like that (probably just a matter of asking the guys who made the video). Aside from that of course, you can't help but be amazed at the effort the creators must have gone through in order to make a video like this come together. On top of that, it turns out that there are three more episodes in the series which is available through the following Youtube channel: Denny Onex, and according to their Facebook site it looks like there are even more episodes to come. Very well done!

As always, in case you also have a nice video containing DayZ related footage you'd like to share, or if you have an upcoming event of some sorts, don't be shy to post it on the DayZ Forums.

Header image credit: DOS_v1.05

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 1 mars 2016  
Status Report - 01 Mar 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

For this week, Brian Hicks (Lead Producer), Peter Nespesny (Lead Designer), and Miroslav Maněna (Lead Gameplay Programmer) will let us in on details regarding the CLE, the new engine + renderer, and upcoming plans and work for the damage system and Enforce script among other things.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

As mentioned as a high possibility, we ended up passing our internal goal for putting 0.60 in consumers hands. However, this was expected as a high chance. We are of course working hard on getting it ready, and on to experimental branch as soon as possible. Our work currently is focused on optimization of the performance inside major cities in Chernarus. New Chernogorsk has caused us some performance hickups we want to resolve to an acceptable playable frame rate. The engine team has a daunting task ahead of them, focusing on the last few hurdles to unlock the capabilities of the renderer while still combating and improving legacy engine scene management. With trouble areas in the DirectX 9 area dipping as low as the mid teens in some situations, we consider it critical to isolate those areas and ensure we can hold a stable 30fps (In Direct X 11) in them. Globally, frame rates on average can be in the 40 to 60 range on average - so obviously our focus right now is in those major cities. It is key to keep in mind as said many times before - this is just the first iteration. In addition to continuing bugfixes on into beta and the 1.0 release, the new renderer technology will open up many new particle effects to the design team, and we'll be working with GPU manufacturers for cross testing to isolate areas in which hardware specific optimizations can be made.

    Tasks Completed

      Implementation of all base renderer features
      Simulweather/True Sky Implementation

    Current Focus

      Optimization of major cities
      Dynamic Lights
      Finalization of New Renderer Settings UI/Options
      Implementation of New UI
      Bug Fix, Bug Fix, Bug Fix

I'm confident that a global increase in frame rate playability, as well as a huge upgrade in the visuals in DayZ are going to be well worth the work that has gone into the part of the Enfusion engine, and I can't wait to share it with you all. While .60 obviously focuses most heavily on implementing the engine's new renderer - .60 also has continued iteration on the Central Economy (something I think many people don't realize is VERY critical to the DayZ experience) with the audit mentioned in previous Status Reports complete, as well as changes to the tagging for weapons. Changes to vehicle spawn points, initial attachments, and finally - weapons are both spawning with random attachments AND a chance to spawn with magazines that have a random amount of ammo inside them.

Beyond .60 - the teams next major updates focus is primarily on the new animation system and player controller. For the end user, it is important to understand these large engine changes have been holding back fixes on a lot of legacy issues with the title, as well as much larger over all changes to how DayZ plays - including, but not limited to DayZ's new user actions - something that I feel paired with the renderer, and new UI complete a 3 part massive change to how DayZ *plays*. In addition, the gameplay programming team's work on the new damage system - which will be explained in a bit more detail below by Lead Gameplay Programmer Mirek. The members of the programming team focusing on the Central Economy also continue to work on the deployable version of the CLE & Database structure for use by both mod authors and private server operators alike - as well as functionality for DayZ's local offline mode. 

On the Early Access / Community side - our forum transition is complete, and forums are back online. As some of you may know the feedback tracker is offline while we transition to a new software option for it. This shouldn't be down too much longer, as it is critical to providing an outlet to those testing DayZ's development builds to communicate the issues they encounter while doing so.
We know that members of the community have wanted to see an increase or change in the format of our outbound communication, and that too has received some love this month. We've done some restructuring in the processes behind these, as well as the structure of responsibilities. We're hoping that over the coming month you'll all enjoy the changes in this area - and we'll be keeping an eye on your reactions.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

New user actions framework in Enforce Script has been completed and while all actions are being rewritten into it they rely on a connection to the new player and new animation system, we have also looked at crafting processes currently used in game and usage of activities available in DayZ such as preparing fireplace and cooking, creating electricity system, construction of non portable structures, vehicle maintenance, growing crops, placement of objects, weapons handling, interacting with objects in world, doors barricading and others.

With such wide spectrum of different activities which were continuously implemented through the development and honestly most of them ended in prototype, unfinished or experimental state is easy that their usage can become inconsistent especially when we were trying different approaches to it over time. Now during general rewrite of scripted game systems and mechanics to Enforce script and overall heading towards Beta release it's a great time to overhaul everything which makes sense to overhaul and can be reasonable achieved in tight timeframe. Our aim is to bring as much consistency as we can into very different behaviors to unify and simplify them thus they become much more clear and understandable to players. I'm very proud that vision of physicality, tangibility and strong visual feedback through the whole game and it's actions and activities is becoming the reality which is, to be honest, quite unique in games nowadays. For example you can look forward to reinforcing the rule of hands even in crafting which become really close to user actions, or stretching the functionality of quick slots beyond their usual behavior seen in games.

For greatest experiences it's immersion that matters... See you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Mirek

The legacy Arma damage system was designed only for ranged weapons, which means that every hit was an explosion. But when we've added close range weapons, we've found that this system isn't suitable and it's difficult to balance properly.

It was hard to set up how much damage will be applied to different parts of character's body, and how this damage will be modified when characters has different types of armor and so on. We’ve decided the best solution is to write a completely new system for this, which will allow us to have several different types of hits and wounds, which will allow us to add more game features and easily balance them.

Together with this, we're changing the process of damage synchronization between client and server, so this new damage system will be more efficient for server performance and network traffic, and be  secure against the possibility of cheating.

The new damage system is now pushed to our designers, who are creating the initial setup, at which point we will begin testing internally. The team is also working on performance and network optimizations and bug-fixing some major inventory issues.

- Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Programmer -

Community Spotlight: NinjaYourself - One Life Series

How long can you keep a single character alive? Depending on playstyle, that might vary quite a bit. This week we'll have a look at NinjaYourself and a series of videos he's created, "One Life Series", in which he showcases the many encounters, both friendly and hostile, of one of his characters.

Part 3 @9:33 - That is one big bunch of team members!

Taking the amount of encounters into account, it is quite impressive that NinjaYourself managed to keep that character alive for that long. Well done sir!

As a content creator, there is of course a lot of material available on his Youtube account, and you can follow his Twitch account for updates and news in relation to new videos that he pumps out.

In case you also have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll be more than happy to have a look.

Header image credit: Lucy ☕ away

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 16 février 2016  
Status Report - 16 Feb 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

In this Status Report, we'll have Brian (Lead Producer), Peter (Lead Designer), and Viktor (Lead Animator) inform us of the latest work being conducted as we move closer to the 0.60 Update.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

With PAX South behind us - we're all looking ahead to .60 and the steps towards 1.0 that are taken within it. We've discussed our intent to have a .60 build in the hands of the consumers at the end of February, and while that is still our goal - we'll have to see how bug fixing and implementation go over the coming weeks to see if that means Stable Branch, or Experimental.

As we've discussed before - part of the .60 build is our initial implementation of the new renderer (operating off of DirectX 11). Now, while keeping in mind this will be the first build of this in the hands of the Early Access userbase - I'm still cautiously (very) optimistic.

The engine programming team are hard at work squashing a large chunk of visual and optimization related bugs - but even with those said bugs present, we're seeing some excellent performance gains across Chernarus. While it may not be quite ready for regular gameplay on the consumer branches, internal QA and the Engine Dev team are working hard at polishing the stone, so to speak.

Even with the current internal DX11 client running with AntiAliasing, Alpha Coverage, Edge Smoothing, Clouds, and Post Processing disabled - the improvement of visual fidelity vs the legacy DX 9 client is clearly visible.

Direct X 9 - Max Settings

Direct X 11 - Low Settings

    Tasks Completed

      Detailed Terrain Shadows
      Initial Simulweather/True Sky Implementation

    Current Focus

      Finalizing Simulweather / Truesky
      Bug Fix, Bug Fix, Bug Fix

Past the work on the new renderer technology - the design and art teams are working on the initial art/skinning for the Main Menu, Server Browser, and Inventory Screen - while the gameplay programming team works on finishing implementation of requested functionality, and bugfixing.

I'm personally excited for changes in the Central Economy coming with .60. As we've spent time triaging the root cause of repeated/grouped item spawns, and improper distribution globally (thanks to outstanding help on the feedback tracker ticket from and his viewerbase) we've greatly improved the global item saturation and drastically dropped occurances of item spawns repeating within a cluster of structures.
As well as the above mentioned changes - the discussed randomization of vehicle part attachments has been iterated upon and the tech passed on to include firearms, and their attachments. What does this mean for the average survivor wandering across Chernarus?

    Each weapon has a chance to spawn with random attachments fitting its configuration

      In addition to its base attachments
      The more varied the weapons potential attachments - the more random the potential configuration

        Eg: An M4A1 with a BUIS sight, OE handguard, 40 round magazine, etc

In addition to this change in how weapons are spawned - magazine initial spawn capacity is now controlled dynamically via the central economy control. This allows the development team to set the initial ammo quantity for magazines to a lower value - thus increasing the global *quantity* of magazines.

But enough about the economy - as we continue to bugfix and optimize the new renderer, and user interface technology in preperation for .60 we'll keep the information coming on how it is performing, how its looking, and how it is expected to function.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Communication is one of the strongest direct player interaction in DayZ. The voice in particular is key to a rich and immersive experience. Volume, intonation, articulation and content of the message creates a wide scale of emotion and open DayZ up to great possibilities for players. With that in mind it's quite clear that providing more variety in voice communication will add to emergent gameplay.

We can divide voice communication in DayZ into two groups - direct speech, which can be amplified, and indirect speech which can be transmitted via radio transmissions. Direct speech is pretty clear, and with amplification done with the help of megaphone it can be quite fun. However, indirect speech is where all the real fun begins. Unlike traditional and classic DayZ personal radio transmitters with limited range, you can get your hands on portable radio transmitters which can range across the entire map, so survivors can coordinate all operations within Chernarus while remaining safe in a secure or hidden location. More interesting, there will be static radio stations where players can with interfere and hijack frequencies, or transmit crucial message from long distances to allies.

Radio stations will be located more or less in the middle of the map on the top of Altar Hill, so it will be fairly easy to trek to no matter where you are. To go even further, you can use public address systems with amplifiers locally in towns and villages. We are still considering extending radio cassette recorder use past the playback of online radios, perhaps adding an ability to record voice messages on tapes. This would not be an easy task to tackle right now, but we’ll see.

Our aim is to make usage of transceivers as simple as possible. For example, no need for a push-to-talk mechanic; simply ensure the device is on and transmitting on the selected frequency once a battery is attached, or connected to a running power generator.One set of universal frequencies will help survivors keep from getting lost, or find the right one you want to listen to/transmit on. Transmitted signals on the same frequency are simply mixed together via the receiver, so the frequency works much like a conference call. The environment profile and structures won’t block signals, and these signal will propagate without the need for repeaters.

Tune in... see you in Chernarus folks!

Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Viktor

The animation team is busy with many things related to the new animation system.

Just recently we managed to implement in our animation graph and preview tool arming and disarming of rifles, and two-handed items in a much more detailed way than previously.

As you may know, players have always been able to pull out a gun while moving forward only, and there was an actual full-body animation which had to complete itself once started.

Obviously this led to many situations where one would lose control of their character. This was a big problem if say, you were doing this animation near a building edge or sharp drop.

This was because of limitations in how the whole animation system worked. In our new working prototype, we are now able to arm anything almost any time without the need to complete the full-body animation. For instance, if you are standing and unsling a rifle, you can simultaneously begin moving and vice versa, while moving players can unsling a rifle, stop in your tracks, and the animation will complete itself with the upper body only. No more Wile. E. Coyote moments!

You can even change stance to crouch while taking out your weapon. This is possible due to the recent introduction of additive blending and the ability to override body part animations that aren’t attached to additional animations. That said, although the basic functionality of arming is done on the animation side, we still have small adjustments and fixes to get rid of some unwanted issues. Our next task ahead in this area is also implementing some changes in how ladders work, and focusing on improvement of basic character locomotion by adding responsiveness and enhancing dynamics.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Spotlight: Prison Break Movie! - DayZ Standalone (Finale)

Afternoon people,

So, it's time for a bit of RP goodness. The video this time around depicts a whole bunch of players participating in a prison break event. It's an excellent watch, and it seems like it would be an absolute nightmare arranging something like this so kudos to all the players making the event possible!

Unfortunately, I missed Twig's "Escape From Prison" event, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for future events! If you feel like doing so as well, you can follow Twig via his Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube accounts:

If you also have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: Rixxiz01

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 27 janvier 2016  
DayZ at PAX South 2016


Vendredi 15 janvier 2016  
Status Report - 16 Jan 2016

Evening Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will let us in on the work currently being conducted on design, the engine, and the renderer as we have entered the new year. Promising things lie ahead, so stay tuned!

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

This Status Report comes a little bit later than normal due to the team getting back into the office, and people getting settled. We're all focused on assessing the tasks ahead of us between here and beta - and prioritizing the when and how those larger engine changes will make their way to the consumer branch on Steam.

Over the last week as far as Steam goes - we've pushed a small update addressing some security issues, as well as merging over some pending filters changes for the New UI. Enough about that though - you all want to know whats going on with the under the hood type stuff - so lets get to that.

Keep in mind, we're at the start of the year - so not too much content changes will be featured in this week’s Status Report, but we will be talking about DayZ's underlying engine - and pending changes.

On the design side, Peter and his team have been focused on several awesome upcoming changes to DayZ, as well as addressing some nagging economy bugs that we've been able to nail down thanks to Feedback Tracker usage.

    Finalizing gameplay design for player constructed fortifications (tiers of walls/fences)
    Finalizing gameplay design for player constructed watch towers
    Complete audit of item category and tagging configuration (every spawnable item in game)

Over in the gameplay programming team, Mirek and crew have kicked off 2016 with the following tasks:

    Damage System implementation
    Central Hive/Servlet Package for DayZ Server tool
    Servlet & DayZ Server Modding Support
    Central Economy Region Control & Tools
    Expanding required fluids and parts for vehicles

The Enfusion/DayZ Engine team have kicked off the new year right.

    Extensive New UI bugfixing
    Cooperation w/ Design & Art on New UI skin prototype
    Optimization & Parallelization of Renderer

Straight from the mouth of Filip Doksansky, Lead Engine Programmer for Enfusion - the current renderer goals and progress are as follows:

    Tasks Completed

      Ocean Rendering
      Post Processes

    Current Focus

      Simulweather (True Sky) Implementation
      Detailed Terrain Shadows
      Dynamic Lights
      Optimization Pass

Internally we're hoping to have our next .60 update out late next month. I don't want to get any of you too hyped, but internally we've been observing outstanding client side performance (frame rate) with the new renderer technology. Paired with the performance increase of the New UI, and iteration upon the inventory and UI skinning - we're *hoping* to see .60 be a hell of an update. 
Please keep in mind as these systems are merged into test we could easily stumble across blocking issues, and we'll continue to keep everyone appraised on the status of these if they arise.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Spotlight: Wolverine 60fps

Evening people,

Hope you all had a good start in the new year. Over the holidays there was plenty of extra time to look at videos created by DayZ players. While doing so, I found my way to this guy's channel: "Wolverine 60fps". Yep, having a glass of grog and watching a bit of action around Elektro wasn't all too bad at all:

If you haven't come across his stuff already, there'll be plenty to catch via his Youtube, Twitch and Twitter accounts:

Thanks for the entertainment friend!

If you also have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: S3V3N

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -



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