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Mercredi 29 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 29 Jul 15

Evening survivors,

For this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be informing us on what the team has been working on for the upcoming update on Stable branch. In this regard he'll go over subjects such as the loot distribution and persistence. 

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

The team has been crunching away on our last blockers for stable release, as well as working on values for loot distribution. Tomorrow morning we should see our (hopeful) final experimental release hit Steam, which will be tested over the weekend. Assuming we notice no new issues, we're hoping to hit stable branch on Monday or Tuesday next week.

The only issue we currently see as a blocker on experimental (0.58.128852) is visually represented as "floating loot" currently caused by an issue with items that have been "swapped" by players. (Most commonly seen as loot floating above deer stands, police stations, etc). As mentioned above, tomorrow should see an experimental push that will see this resolved - and this build will be tested over the weekend to see its viability for Stable Branch.

While this fix has been underway, we've been dialing in the balance for non perishable food, firearms, and military loot. Currently, the highest quantity and priority in the economy is given to non perishable food goods. (Tuna, Beans, Rice, etc). With civilian pistols being the most common firearm, followed by civilian rifles such as the trumpet, blaze, IZH43 Shotgun, and so on. Military loot is distributed across all military points across the map, mostly of which are up in the Northern areas. Military grade firearms are relatively rare, and there is no guarantee that visiting the military bases will yield you the weapon you want. With most items on a 30 minute timer (without being "refreshed" by being manipulated by players) - getting fully kitted up as a "military" player with all the gear you want could take some time.

Super Rare items (M4A1, Steyr Aug, SVD, and so on) that spawn on dynamic events operate on an even rarer chance. Dynamic events have a varied pool of potential items that can spawn, with only 3 active helicopter wrecks at any given time - and an approximate 4 hour clean up, continued hunting will be required to find that super rare weapon or item you are seeking.

Please keep in mind, we are now fully able to update quantities and rarity without requiring an update - so if we should see issues with loot concentration, or quantity once .58 hits stable branch, we will be able to address this rapidly.

Fortunately, players can now create camps and store their supplies and weapons at them during their treks across Chernarus. Different containers / objects have different lifetimes. Currently, they operate as follows:

    Medium Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
    Military Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
    Car Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
    Barrels: 45 Days
    Ammo Boxes: 45 Days
    Protector Cases: 45 Days
    Backpacks (All types): 3 Days

Current functionality on experimental does not allow for refreshing the lifetime of an object without picking it up, so tents and barrels were set to a lifetime that will cover the time to .59 + some safety room in case of .59 stable blockers. Once .59 is pushed to stable, we will support the refresh of a base objects lifetime via interacting with it (moving, placing, picking up any item inside it) - which will operate as follows:

    Medium Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
    Military Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
    Car Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
    Barrels: 7 Days
    Ammo Boxes: 7 Days
    Protector Cases: 7 Days
    Backpacks (All types): 3 Days

This system will also allow for the refreshing of advanced basebuilding objects, once they are implemented. 
Speaking of advanced base building - I'll be speaking at RTX 2015 in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 8th at 5:30 PM to discuss a recap of things covered at E3 2015, what we'd like to do with advanced base building, what soft skills means exactly, and show the new vehicles coming in 0.59. For those unable to make it, we'll be providing the presentation + audio in the Status Report following the event (Wednesday, August 12th).

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Video: I'm hunting

Hey survivors,

While looking for some videos of players doing some hunting and fishing while living the hermit lifestyle in Chernarus, I came across a video simply called "I'M HUNTING". I could see in the description that it was probably not exactly what I was looking for, but I decided to give it a go just the same. Sure enough, the content didn't disappoint. In the video we get to see a glimpse of the unjust killing of a freshspawn and the subsequent hunt and sweet, sweet revenge towards the end.

The video was brought to us by the following content creator: Musse Plays

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: Jack Smith

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 21 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 21 Jul 15

Greetings Survivors,

For this week we have a bit of info on a subject which many of you have been enquiring about - Persistence. Our Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be talking a bit about what the team has been working as of late in regards to persistence, and also, he will fill us in a bit in relation to both server performance as well as player position desync. Also, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will inform us of the work being conducted on vehicles. This includes both upcoming vehicles as well as operation/maintenance of these.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

The team is still working hard on the last few issues blocking a stable release of 0.58 - I'll highlight a few of them in this Status Report as well as go into how some of the changed systems are now operating, and how they should be operating once 0.58 hits stable.

Last we discussed:

    Server Performance (Degrading)

      This issue has been resolved, and we're seeing a 3x increase in server performance on the current 0.58. As well, the degrading curve of server performance over large spans of time has been resolved. Thus, the experimental branch servers will be operating on a 12 hour restart schedule now.

    Player Position Desync

      Still being worked on, the gameplay programmers have made some improvements on this issue - but its still not where we would like it to be for stable. We'll continue to iterate on this, and keep you apprised in the Status Reports. For now, current experimental servers should show a marked improvement in this area.

Now onto the meat for this week. As frequent experimental branch users are aware, we've been operating experimental with full persistence enabled. Dynamic events have been respawning, and cleaning up - and we've been conducting extensive testing on Quantity Maximum Cleanup, and Lifetime Cleanup.

The above picture shows the loot concentration (against a black backdrop for our color blind users) right after last Friday's experimental update. The item quantity sits right around an average of 21,000 items globally.

This picture, shows the same server - 3 days later. The item quantity is *the same* (Approx 21,000 items globally) but the saturation is much lower, with the items massively spread out across the map. This issue can be tied to two issues - One, lifetime (age of a particular item) cleanup not functioning for items "dropped" on the ground - and per building maximum not yet functioning.

Todays experimental build is aimed at resolving both of those issues. With the first iteration of per-building maximums, and bug fixing on item lifetime cleanup, we'll be monitoring the loot heat maps - as well as aiming for another experimental update tomorrow (assuming everything works out alright) with point-of-interest structure limits.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Transportation in DayZ is a crucial part of gameplay, especially on such a large landscape as Chernarus offers. Whenever you want to reach inland for a higher chance to find better loot, get to the Chernogorsk hospital for medical supplies to help your friend in need or ambush the bandit camp hidden in the woods - hiking is the least viable option. As you want to reach your goal as fast as possible, you find yourself looking for the vehicle which suits your current needs best. Version 0.59 will come with a big update to vehicles content and I'm happy to see it's shaping up pretty well. You can look forward to a car fest with 3 completely new vehicles made from scratch just for DayZ including a slick sedan, a sturdy off-road and a spacious bus. All of these vehicles will have different handling characteristics and specifications you can experience in real life for example bigger turning radius and slower acceleration of the bus, higher top speeds of the sedan or perfect contact with uneven surfaces of off-road.

Apart from that as I mention earlier we are adding long awaited vehicle parts. To repair and maintain your vehicle you will also need to utilize a broad spectrum of tools already available in game, may it be the lug wrench for mounting the wheels, screwdriver to attach the doors or wrench to connect the battery. Some of the tools will have specialized purposes like the lug wrench while others will be used for more interactions within vehicle and its parts. I want to see characters using their tools directly from hands interacting with the exposed parts of the vehicle to reinforce the visceral experience of actual activity. All vehicles and their parts were designed, modeled and prepared according to this goal so I hope it will turn out really well and adds to more sophisticated gameplay instead of instant abstract actions.

I will end my part of Status Report in a bit hyped spirit with insight into the future where I can see vehicles like helicopters, planes, boats and bikes. (Of course we're doing bicycles!).

Keep those tools handy... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Video: "Epic Melee Fight"

Yay!!! For this week we bring you yet another one of those videos that show what some players are up to when not so much focusing on deatchmatch battles at NWAF or living out the hermit lifestyle in the outer rim of the map. There's not so much to it really; one rooftop, 11 players, and no firearms whatsoever. Take a couple of minutes if you will and let yourself be entertained by the chaotic brawl that ensues once the referee reaches the end of his countdown.

The video was most kindly brought to us by TopeREC TV. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I highly recommend that you take a look at his channel.

You can also follow TopeREC via the following channels:

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: Tydirium

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 15 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 15 Jul15

Greetings Survivors,

Yet another week is checked off the calendar as the team moves forward with development of DayZ. In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be filling us in on the challenges the team faces while on the road towards the next Stable branch update. Additionally, Brian will hand out a bit more info/updates in regards to the current state of persistence on 0.58 over on the Experimental branch.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

As we're in crunch to resolve the last few blocking issues for 0.58 we don't have too much *new news*. That said, we'll use this weeks Status Report to fill you in on the issues we're currently focused on resolving for 0.58, as well as some small changes to Experimental Branch over the last week.

Player Position Desync

This issue has been present in a pretty bad state on 0.57, so obviously we want to do what we can to improve the situation for 0.58. No one enjoys having their character get stuck in one spot, or have someone they're in conflict with bounce all over their screen. While we'll probably not get this issue 100% resolved for this update, our aim is to mitigate it as much as possible and present as enjoyable an experience on stable branch as is possible within a reasonable amount of time for bugfixing. We'll be pushing test updates to experimental branch as work on this moves forward.

Degrading Server Performance

Internally we have noticed severe performance drops on 0.58 experimental, below what we consider to be the acceptable line for a playable dev build. The team has focused on investigating the cause of this issue, and resolving it so as to return the build to a playable state. This, like the issue with player position desync is marked as a blocker for 0.58 stable release.

As well, we discussed last week the goal of having the gameplay programmers resolve the issue of animation glitching for 0.58. With the issues listed above, specifically player position desynchronization being a much more critical issue - priority on the animation glitching (weapon swapping, holding an invisible weapon) has been rescheduled for 0.59, in order to give the proper resources to resolving the issues listed above.

That said - with 0.58 large strides have been made on the loot respawning, and cleanup issues. Allowing us to look forward to the reintroduction of persistent objects frequently used with the building of player camps.
The following functionality is currently present on 0.58 persistence:

    Vehicle Position
    Vehicle Inventory
    Attached Vehicle Parts (W/ Exception to Tires & Fuel Levels)
    Barrel Locations & Inventory
    Horticulture Plots
    Fireplaces & Ovens
    Tents (Camping, Military, Car) Locations & Inventory
    Containers (Ammo Canisters, Backpacks, etc)

And of course - the base item persistence is functioning as well. Item cleanup & respawn should ensure that the economy functions at a base enjoyable level. If you encounter or spawn near a small village that seems to be barren, just continue on to the next town. Mapping the concentration of loot over the span of a week on experimental has shown proper saturation across the map, so there is a high chance that the next town will have everything you need!

As well, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will be discussing our goals for vehicle maintenance (tools, parts, etc) on the Official DayZ forums later today. Make sure to head over, and let your voice be heard!

Lastly, as we look to pushing 0.58 to Stable Branch - We'll be issuing a full reset of the hive (private shard and public shard characters) as well as a full wipe of existing persistence. 

We still have a long way to go, but 0.58 should be a fun build to play on - and 0.59 looks to be even better!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Spotlight - Carrot Survivor

Hey all,

So, for this week it is time yet again for one of the DayZ content creators that have a mixed bag of goodies in his library. Without too much fuss; for this week we'll present you a couple of the videos created by: Carrot Survivor

Ahhh, the sweet sweet randomness when players take off into Chernarus to meet and engage other players sometimes in dialogue, sometimes in firefights. Our small selection of Carrot Survivor's videos depict the following settings:

    1. An encounter where Carrot Survivor hooks up with two other random players. Eventually the group takes fire, and the guys subsequently have to figure out a way to deal with a pair of less than friendly players situated by the docks in Cherno.

    2. An unusual encouter where Carrot and a friend engage in a firefight with another player by Veresnik military base. They end up taking the player hostage, yet the encounter ends in a way you might not necessarily expect:

    3. Yet another hostile encounter where things do not go entirely quite as planned, neither for Carrot Survivor nor for his aggressor (dear god, Carrot's screaming is used liberally in several videos and it cracks me up every single time):

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Carrot Survivor via his Twitter and Youtube accounts:

Also, for this month we have an update on the bugfiler(s) for the month of june. As always, Darcion contributed with a load of issues for June, but we'd also like to recognize the efforts of Zyryanoff (again) as well as Impulz. A huge thanks goes out to all of you who took the time to file the bugs you came across in DayZ!

Header image credit: Jack Smith

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager - -


Mercredi 8 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 08 Jul15

Greetings Survivors,

Work continues on Experimental Branch where the team is working on reaching a suitable build candidate for the next Stable update. In this week's Status Report we'll see Lead Producer Brian Hicks commenting on upcoming changes to stable as well as a bit on the future plans for 0.59 on Experimental Branch. We'll also see Lead Designer Peter Nespesny commenting on both the current and upcoming state of the scheduler in charge of character updates.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

This week I'd like to recap some of the upcoming changes to stable (when 0.58 goes live) for those that are not up to date with Experimental Branch. Once 0.58 goes live, we can start discussing 0.59 plans and intent.

Guardhouse Buildings

As work is underway on regional control over the central loot economy, in the interim the guardhouse structures spread across the entirety of the map will not be spawning any loot. This is done to preserve the restriction of high end military loot to the military bases and camps inland in Chernarus. The structures themselves remain enter-able, but until regional control is implemented on stable branch - they will remain without spawning loot.


The structure some folks have referred to as the "Camo Building" or the "Jail House" has been problematic for some time. We've issued hotfixes, and addressed several bugs related to it - but the core issue that needs to be addressed is on the player controller. Rather than continue to issue small hotfixes (otherwise known as bandages on a broken leg) the issue needs to be resolved at the cause. To that end, the loot that would normally be spawning within these structures will be redistributed to other military buildings (tents, camps, barracks, etc)

"Ghost Sounds"

Those who have played DayZ throughout its Early Access development are probably no stranger to the notorious "ghost sounds" bug. Splitting ammo, bandaging, opening soda cans, etc being partially played, and well outside of the range of the actual sound effect. Fortunately, during 0.58 development we were able to get some of the gameplay programmers time to look into this issue, and we are now confident that on 0.58 the issue has been finally slain. So be very aware after the next stable update, if you *hear* a sound effect playing - it IS near you. Be careful out there!

Wrecks (Non interactive)

With work on the central loot economy continuing, and the functionality of how it operates being iterated upon - Non interactive wrecks (tanks, destroyed UAZ's, etc) have been removed from the loot spawning tables, and the environment team will begin using them in their "devastation passes" across Chernarus. As with other structures, items that would normally spawn there will be redistributed across Chernarus. Note: This does NOT include interactive wrecks, such as vehicles you can open the trunks/doors/etc on.

Animation Glitching

The gameplay programming team is currently investigating the cause and symptom behind the notorious animation glitching bug. (Weapon swapping constantly) As well as the issues with dropping your weapon when vaulting. The weapon vaulting fix should be coming to experimental soon, and it is the aim of the team internally to also include a fix toward the weapon swapping animation bug.

Loot Respawning / Persistence Enabling

Photo Credit:

Persistence itself has been functioning for some time, the cause behind it being manually disabled on 0.57 stable servers is tied to an issue with loot respawning. We're aiming to have this issue resolved before we push 0.58 to stable branch, once we've tested this on experimental and are confident in the fix - players will be able to resume making camps, storing gear, and so on. 
Similar issues with dynamic event cleanup and respawn were the cause of static dynamic events - and these issues are currently being investigated, and are marked critical for the 0.58 launch.

In addition to these issues, bugs related to severe player position desyncronization are currently being investigated, and flagged as a must fix for 0.59.

I hope this brief list of information pertaining to 0.58 helps update those who may have not kept a close eye on the experimental branch updates.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

With the 0.57 stable version of DayZ many of you experienced weird behaviour on the character side such as freezing core updates for hunger, thirst, bleeding and others which in many cases rendered character temporarily immortal or in worse case killed him instantly after login back to server. Unsurprisingly the root of all these issues was in the scheduler which is handling character updates recently. 
During our in house testing we didn't catch some circumstances leading to not clearing character properly from scheduler's array of active characters. This issue was especially triggered by respawning and in some cases by disconnecting from the server. 
After some time the scheduler array become partially populated by ghosts and newly connected or respawned players were forced to live outside of it. As scheduler wasn't aware of their existence it didn't processed core updates for them. Fortunately now it's fixed, tested and ready to go so I hope you'll don't experience such issues soon.

With proper updates... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

RTX 2015

Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be speaking at RTX 2015 - discussing the plans for apocalyptic Chernarus moving into the end of the year. From expanded base building options, new vehicles, modding support, character soft skills, and upcoming engine changes Brian will discuss and demo some of the upcoming changes to the post apocalyptic survival simulator DayZ. Q&A to follow!

Community Video: "AUS vs UK - Round 1"

This week we have a bit of a team based rumble. Via the Youtube channel TeamLiveAction, I was served a short video depicting the showdown between the "AUS" and "UK" teams. Even though the video only shows a fraction of the event, seeing two large teams like that arranging to have a go at each others was awesome!

Now, unfortunately I missed the event, but the reason for highlighting these guys this week is due to initially finding the following video:

Yep, it does look like the guys are going at it again for a second round on July 25th 2015 at 10:00 (UTC + 1). I'm definitely looking forward to the event, and if you have the time as well, I'm sure you would enjoy swinging by to see the two teams duking it out in Chernarus.

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: Jack Smith

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -





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