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Mardi 30 juin 2015  
Status Report - 30 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

While development keeps moving along as usual, a lot of you have patiently been waiting for info on the new renderer, and for this week's Status Report Lead Producer Brian Hicks touches upon that very subject. Also, Senior Designer Jan Tomasik gives us some input on the ingame FOV; the theory and thought process behind the design solutions as well as decisions for the current iteration of FOV.

For this week we also present you with a link to the DayZ Trello board where Lead Artist Chris Torchia provides us with a small peek at environment updates, and lastly, we have a small feature on one of DayZ's content creators - Super Dan.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

This week we'll touch on two topics. We'll start off discussing the work ongoing with the new renderer for Enfusion, and then wrap up discussing the current behaviour and mechanics behind sprinting, holding breath, and so on.

Players who have been actively following the development of DayZ are aware of the large task the engine team undertook to separate the legacy RV renderer from the simulation, and replace it with a more modular and updated version. The task itself of creating a new renderer is not huge, the length and weight of the task is related primarily to:

    Separating the legacy renderer from the simulation
    Ensuring the separation is complete, as the RV engine and its functions tied to it are extensive

Once the above was complete, the new renderer itself was broken into three primary modules. (Bear with us, this can be moderately technical)

    Pipeline module (1)

      The pipeline of objects rendering is new (defines the "way" how the objects are moving from entity in world to set of rendering commands)
      Is responsible to prepare meshes to be rendered
      Is multi-threaded
      Filling of pipeline will be also multi-threaded, in phase of testing and debugging

    Material system module (2)

      Objects are rendered using new material system, old one is still present to have the comparison
      Each mesh has assigned a material (not rvmat) with material class which is responsible for it's rendering
      Setting of material is editable in workbench editor and you see real-time the changes in render
      Each material class was written from scratch, visualisation currently as much similar as possible to old render but now we can add simply new features (like PBR)
      Huge simplification for filling GPU command buffers, can be easily sorted to minimize changes in command buffers
      All renderable game objects have now representation in material class

    High level rendering API module (3)

      GPU API is DX11 for now (With DX 12 supporting coming later)
      Implementation of GPU API now hidden behind rendering API, no one is allowed to use direct GPU API commands
      It allows us to add new GPU API like DX12, XBOX one, PS4...much easier
      Initial implementation done, currently in testing and bug fixing phase (optimization still in progress but looks promising)

In addition:

    GUI manager

      GUI pipeline and rendering system is completely new and different from the one in original RV engine
      GUI layouts will be defined in workbench using graphic editor not by config system (huge improvement for designers)
      Rendering works, currently debugging and working on the editor
      In a future experimental build it'll be possible to try it using command line switch (startup switch)

    other notes

      Postprocesses were completely rewritten into new system of effects
      More worlds can be renderered in one frame, it allows to create independent scenes
      Needed for workbench
      Usable also in game to create e.g. mirrors, cameras...

As work on the new renderer continues and we look at our plans for the eventual push to experimental we have several goals:

    Testing partnerships with Intel, AMD, and nVidia to ensure compatability with market leader and average hardware configurations
    Marked performance for gameplay in large cities (Elektro, Cherno, Novod, Severograd, Berezino, etc)

Next up - There has been a good deal of discussion, and questions on exactly how hold breath, lung capacity, and dispersion when characters are tired. Below we have a few example videos with debug data on screen so you can see the specific values.

In the first video you see the user start out stationary - not tired, and begin to hold his breath. With the inaccuracy value falling sharply upon holding his breath, as the character continues to hold his breath and his lung capacity drains - the inaccuracy slowly starts climbing.

With the second video, we have a character who starts off tired (has been sprinting for an extended duration - 90 to 120 seconds of solid sprinting) who takes a knee (supported firing position) as his tired value decreases, his lung capacity increases - and he begins to hold his breath. 
Mind you, this is only how it performs now (on 0.57 stable) and this is prior to the implementation of weight and character stamina. That said, we would love to hear your thoughts on the current behavior of the mechanic. Please make sure to head over to the Official DayZ forums and discuss this in the latest Status Report discussion thread! 

Finally - the gameplay programming team has made headway on the annoying issue of sounds playing globally (splitting ammo, bandages, etc) and 0.58 should see the issue resolved! If you happen to still manage to repro, please open a ticket at!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update/Jan

Since there's been some discussion regarding changes in the character zoom mechanic I decided to jump in and explain what are we trying to achieve. 

We should probably start by asking the question "Why have a characters-eye zoom in the first place?". It's the old problem with emulating a 3D world on insufficient hardware. The human field of vision (fov) is around 190° and the area where the vision cones of both eyes overlap is around 100°.  Unfortunately, most of todays monitors viewed from a regular distance usually tend to cover only 45°of human fov in real life. This means that if you want for target on screen to appear in real-life size you are only able to display around ~1/2 of what you would see in reality, stereoscopically. 

And so as a designer you have to choose - Should I display objects in the distance properly but sacrifice the overall vision or set the fov to 100° but deform the whole picture? The trick of Arma is actually not to choose and instead introduce an "eye zoom" instead. This way you can keep the surrounding awareness by setting the default fov to 100°, but when necessary to perceive a depth of field properly occurs (ie. you are shooting), you can "zoom in" to 45°.

0.57 Unzoomed Eye Vision

0.57 Eye Zoom

But is it ok to force fix a fov on players? We thought not. Not only because 100° fov does not feel right to everyone, but some players can't even physically play with it. (Motion sickness, performance of PC, different monitor setup...). So the FOV slider was introduced and with it multiple problems we are ironing out now.
The most important step was to even out players by moving fixed fov to ironsights. This way you can most of the time play with whatever fov you like, but when the fov becomes a matter of life or death (shoot outs) it is set same for everyone to keep the game fair. 

We know that zoomed fov or ironsights must be 45° because it emulates the eye and we stated earlier that 45° is realistic. But what should the unzoomed fov be? It can't be higher than a number the player can set through FOV slider. (This way would going into iron sights actually shows the unzoomed picture which is definitely not something you would desire). So the fov of ironsights should be also the the smallest fov we allow players to set by the fov slider. 

We decided to set range of fov slider from 60° to 90°.

0.58 Eye Zoom

It's important to keep in mind, that double pressing + or - extends it to 45° or 105°, so the range is not so small as it might appears. It also doesn't matter what is your current fov - double pressing + key will always set it to 45°. This means you can quickly switch between observing surroundings and focusing on objects "modes", while being able to play with your prefered fov for most of the time. I belive this descision helps equalize players and reduce fov slider abuse. 

Of course all those settings are opened to iteration and changes if they prove to be wrong, or they just feel bad.

- Jan Tomasik / Senior Designer -

Community Spotlight: Super Dan

Hey all,

It's been a bit of a hard decision in selecting which content creator to feature for this week what with all the great stuff produced by players! For this week though, we present to you the work done by: Super Dan

Super Dan has created a good amount of DayZ videos where he showcases plenty of different player interactions as he meets random players across Chernarus. The first video for this week shows the choices players sometimes have to make when finding themselves in a tight spot (it could also be the choices that some players make when they just want to be mean towards others, heh). Nice enough though that Super Dan's victim is a good sport about it all :)

In Super Dan's library, I also came across the following video in which he uses the chance to encorporate a bit of cinematic feel into his video based on the experiences he has with a couple of other players. It's all fun and games until you start outliving all the players that you come across. Nicely done Super Dan!

As the last video for this week, we bring you Super Dan's video “A Normal Day in Chernarus”. What starts out as a seemingly friendly meeting of random players takes a funny turn for one of the survivors as he tries to form an alliance with another one of the guys:

Oh, you Judas, you! Best to brush up on your persuasion skills.

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Super Dan via his Twitter and Youtube accounts:

Header image credit: Raptorz

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 23 juin 2015  
Status Report - 23 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

As the team continues pushing development of DayZ, we have Brian, Chris, and Viktor providing us with a peek at what is on the plate for the team. For this week, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will discuss development going forwards in regards to the DayZ audio module, while Lead Artist Chris Torchia will discuss the decision making behind the firearms design, and Lead Animator Viktor Kostik will discuss the development of transitioning the player character across to the new animation system.

Like always, we have a couple of links to our DayZ Trello board, and towards the end of this weeks' Status Report we showcase a video showing an interesting game session springing forth from a Vybor spawn.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update/Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Its been a hectic few weeks, with 0.57 release and E3 - but I'd like to take some time out this week to discuss pending changes to the Audio side of the Enfusion engine, as well as some critical audio bugs plaguing DayZ Early Access players.

We've talked about replacing the existing Audio system in DayZ with a new Audio module better suited to DayZ's needs, but we haven't really outlined what some of that means. As many players may know, the inherited audio technology from the Real Virtuality (TKOH / Arma 2) side of the family has its strengths, but it also has quite a few weaknesses. As we began looking at the time and resources required to update this portion of our base engine, we looked at several key areas we wanted to improve:

    3D Positional Ambient Sound: Supporting true 3D Positional Ambient sounds is integral to proper immersion within Chernarus. As well, once we support this - the roar of the coast, and the confusing positional ambient noises should be a thing of the past.
    More complex configuration options for vehicles, weapons, etc: Current technology supports a very basic methodology for potential sounds and triggering events for weapons, vehicles and the likes. Moving to the new Audio module will begin to allow the design and audio teams to implement more complex audio configurations for items and vehicles in game.

As development on this portion of the engine continues, we'll be looking at other features existing internal projects offer (such as Arma 3's tech) to ensure that the support the Enfusion engine offers is as comprehensive as we can allow.

In addition to this, work has continued internally on slaying the ever illusive audio bug beast known as "Ghost sounds" - Potential headway was revealed during a conference between key members of the Arma, and DayZ teams. Potential related causes of the issue, as well as fixes implemented on the Arma side of the company are hopefully going to be implemented. We'll be testing this out on experimental hopefully with 0.59 - I'll be speaking with people about this on the official DayZ forums when we begin testing, and anyone encountering the issue at that point is strongly encouraged to utilize the Feedback Tracker.

See you all in Chernarus!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

E3 - DayZ PC Gaming Show 2015

Also, we have a little bit of info in regards to modding and the singleplayer part of DayZ in the following video featuring Brian Hicks at this year's E3 convention. Thanks and props go out to the fine people of DayZ Underground for providing the video!

Dev Update/Chris

From the beginning of the project, Dean and I worked closely on the initial design of firearms in DayZ, including which kinds of attachments they should be able to use as well as which specific firearms would best fit the environment.

The requirements from Dean for creating the final list of firearms included:

    50/50 mixture of 'Western' and 'Eastern' firearms.
    Bias towards civilian models.
    Expansion of the weapon set should occur with minimum expansion of calibers and attachments
    Emphasis on short and intermediate range firearms

Peter also required that each firearm should be as visually distinct as possible from one another and that we should add some of our more unique items.

To figure out which sort of guns we should add, I took several trips to zbraně a střelivo obchod (gun and ammo stores) in Prague as well as investigated the websites of local gun ranges for firearms for sale and rent and was shocked at the massive spectrum available to civilians.

Here are some items I found in Prague. See if any of them are familiar:

    Mosin Nagant
    Modded AR15s
    VZ58 (by the way, I'd love to buy one and export back home to the US :) )
    Tiger rifles (civilian SVD)
    Various bolt action rifles of every make and kind -Ruger 10/22
    Derringer pistol
    Single action revolvers
    Kimber 1911
    P38 Pistol
    Civilianized AK clones of multiple origins
    Various pump action 12 gauge shotguns

The list goes on...

In addition, we wanted to remain faithful to the lore of DayZ's roots in Arma2 so involvement of NATO and Russian forces and their equipment. This meant our options were wide open to consider some more exotic items like the AK74M, VSS, UMP45, etc...

We hope this approach would provide a large variety of experiences for our players as your strategy must sometimes change, depending on what kind of firearms you end up with in your journey.

- Chris Torchia / Lead Artist -

Dev Update/Viktor

In the last weeks all animators were focused mainly on the new animation system since all animations need to be reexported and adjusted for the new skeleton.

Our initial goal is to reproduce the character as we know and then focus on the improvements which new system will allow us to do.

Player already has all movement animations, can reload all guns, climb ladders, enter and drive vehicle and do other things as old character.

The big chunk of work is done although some major things still need to be implemented like most of the user actions.

Some animations were improved on the go. So now we have new climbing ladders anims, falling and landing, picking up and carrying heavy items, some additional gestures and other polishings. The reload animations at the moment work the same way but we just started on advanced behaviour where chambering and loading rounds will get it's own animations for each gun.

In the Phase 2 of transition player character to the new animation system we will do some major improvements regarding animations.
There will by synchronized walks and runs which will enable us later to do some fancy stuff with upcoming wounded character and stamina.
On to do list is also improvement of animations for first person view, improved IK for feets and hands, detailed animations of guns, and more.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Video: "Long Story Short - I Got a Vybor Spawn"

For this week, we have a small gem created by "Dog the Bandit Hunter". This video popped up in the sea of DayZ content while looking for a bit of entertainment one weekend. From the tumbnail it looked like it was a video dedicated to depicting the Vybor spawn bug itself, so I thought I'd have a look see. Very quickly did I find out though that it was a bit more than that. Instead, the video turned out to be a somewhat hectic documentation of Dog's experiences, as a result of the Vybor spawn, during a gaming session.

In short, many lols were had that afternoon while watching (and re-watching) Dog's video.

Unfortunately, it seems like "Dog the Bandit Hunter" have hung up his spurs in regards to editing and uploading gaming videos on YT, but luckily there's still quite an archive of entertainment goodness on his channel. If interested in more, please feel free to have a look: Dog the Bandit Hunter

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

May is long gone, and again we are extremely grateful to see how many bugs we received from players. A quick look at the Feedback Tracker tells us that  Darcion did very well in terms of finding new bugs, so for the month of may, Darcion is the top bug hunter! As mentioned before, we'll keep track of this in the background, and those of you guys that make the extra effort to help out the team in terms of filing them bugs will be mentioned in the Special Thanks section on the rolling credits for DayZ.

Header image credit: T1M #pepe

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 9 juin 2015  
Status Report - 09 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

Work continues on experimental branch as the team keeps hammering away at the next Stable build candidate. It's been a tough wait, we understand, but major issues encountered during development required fixing before the push to Stable branch. This week, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be dishing out some handy information regarding the Central Loot Economy - what it is, how it's supposed to work, as well as the thought process behind the design choices for the CLE. Also, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will be telling us about future updates to the vehicles found throughout Chernarus. Peter will go over subjects such as operation, maintenance, as well as the design choices behind these upcoming updates.

Lastly, we have a couple of links to the DayZ Trello board and DayZ forums discussion thread related to the new bus animations, and at the end of our Status Report, we have a small feature on one of DayZ's content creators - Barely Infected.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

With 0.57 on the horizon, this week I'd like to take time to talk a bit about player progression across Chernarus, the Central Loot Economy (and its impact on this), and the challenges DayZ faces compared to the Arma 2 Mod experience.

First lets go over exactly what the Central Loot Economy is, and what it offers DayZ.

    Migration of control over what items spawn from legacy method (script) into a more easily and rapidly updated system
    This means the dev team can rapidly (and without requiring an update to the game) completely change / update the amount of items that spawn
    This is done on both a global, and a per server level - in the future allowing custom server operators fine control over their server and its item spawn quantities without requiring any base modification to the game
    Control over item lifetimes (speed of decay / time to item cleanup)
    Control over how many of each item time is supposed to be present in the world (Min / Max / Nominal)
    Control over item cost (rarity vs spawning methods)

Why is the Central Loot Economy critical to DayZ's design - versus the original prototype placeholder loot spawning script? Simply put - the original method was a very rough prototype, designed to start populating the initial memory points for each structure. In order for the design and environment teams to be fully free to create a comprehensive, living breathing world - we first needed to begin to have fine and robust control that can be rapidly pushed to all servers. The original prototype method was very time resource heavy for updating, limited our options to traditional DayZ Mod style building definitions only, and in short pidgeon-holed the team into very limited control.

Photo Credit: Arma2Base.De (DayZ Mod Player Movement / Heatmap)

One of the images that has been circulating the DayZ Community over the last week is a map covering player progression across Arma 2's original Chernarus map. The layout of the original Chernarus, as well as the very limited amount of enterable structures, and thus very limited amount of potential spawn points for items meant an inherent flow of player movement across the map. It required very little work on the design side - High end military loot spawned mostly entirely at Barracks structures, Basic Supplies / Weapons at Firestations, Grocery Stores, Barns, and so on, and Medical supplies at Hospitals. The structure of *how* items spawned within the original Chernarus just -fit- the limited scope of that map perfectly.

Moving into DayZ as a standalone project, one of the first tasks undertaken was the decentralization of core resource (points of interest) buildings - and the expansion of Chernarus into a more robust and living world. Nearly every structure was made enter-able, and thus nearly every single building on the map was a potential (or group of potential) points for items to spawn. At first this might not seem like it should have a major impact on the design, and flow of player progression across the map - but when you look at the statistics, it is rather telling.

    In DayZ Mod, with vanilla Chernarus - Potential item spawn points number in the thousands (Sub 10k)
    In DayZ Chernarus + the potential locations for items to spawn exceeds 1 Million.

While the intent with DayZ as a finalized product is a higher player count (100+) than originally supported in DayZ Mod, the original spawning prototype system has several major glaring flaws compared against this intent. With basic control, we cannot effectively lay out a path of player progression across the world (without limiting the environment team to the placement of certain structure models *only* in certain regions). This is where the Central Economy Control comes into play - and will enable us to begin moving towards a path of progression that more resembles DayZ Mod - while still embracing the fleshing out of the world, and decentralization of points of interest.

While this system right now only controls the details listed above - the future iterations are aimed at allowing us the "next step" in the Central Loot Economy:

    Per building quantity controls (Min / Max / Nominal) allowing us to ensure an event spread across Chernarus, as well as to prioritize point-of-interest structures such as the Grocery Store, Medical Center, and so on
    Region control (Restricting item rarity levels to certain regions of the map)

Previsualization of intended initial region support - NOT FINAL

Breaking Chernarus + into defined regions based upon item rarity and classification type is the first and most critical step into allowing us to layout a natural path of progression for players across the map - and begin to move us closer to that familiar and well known flow across DayZ Mod.

Lastly - as development with 0.57 wraps up, the current iteration of the Central Loot Economy will have loot persistence (the saving of spawned and dropped loot, as well as tents) disabled - while the programming team resolves the blocking issues with item cleanup, and rolls out support for per-building quantity controls to ensure an even spread of loot across the world (slaying those pesky loot splosions). This means that when servers restart, fresh loot will be respawned to ensure an enjoyable experience on stable branch.

That said - the following persistence options are unaffected and will remain enabled:

    Vehicle Persistence
    Server Time Persistence (The saving of server time on restart)

I hope this helps you all understand the intent of the Central Loot Economy, where it is now - and where we want it to be in the coming months.

Curious about this report? Want to discuss anything contained in it with the developers? Head over to the Developer Discussion Forums and let your voice be heard!

See you all in Chernarus!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Let me talk a bit about vehicles and their functionality. Of course any functional vehicle by itself is an amazing piece for the gameplay but what will they be without their parts? They will become just an instant object used by survivors to traverse the long distances and that's about it. I believe that without any depth to the maintenance of vehicles, nobody will create any kind of relationship with exactly that truck they are driving for a few days across the land of Chernarus. On the other side, with plenty of different vehicle parts your approach to a vehicle will be different every time you encounter one.

I want to see many vehicles across the map in different states, so you can run into a vehicle which just needs the spark plugs to be added in or a nearly completely stripped one but with a last wheel you need to put on yours. I favor such possibilities which offer strong emergent gameplay based on player choices and consequences they bring. One can try to find missing parts alone or group up with friends or strangers to get all the remaining parts for that fabulous bus and run a bus line together. It will spruce up the planning, imagination and strengthen interactions with both players and environment.

Implementation of such advanced mechanics of vehicles that use different vital and optional parts has been ongoing for some time now. In the current state we have some of the vital parts functional already; without spark plugs or a battery you simply can't start the engine at all. However more interesting are wheels themselves. Wheels can be detached or destroyed while on the vehicle and physics simulation is responding properly in such situations by inclination of the given vehicle to the side of the missing wheel and adaptively changing the simulated wheel radius and friction. Such dramatic changes, of course, have direct impact on the handling of the vehicle.  But, nothing is lost in such case as the spare wheels can be mounted back on the wheel hub and get controlling of the vehicle back on track. From the optional parts there is detachable/interchangeable hood and doors now that while obviously don't affect the vehicle behavior at all add variety to its visual representation. I'm looking forward to see such advance features finally in game providing more unique perception of vehicles and their involvement in the gameplay.

Keep some spare parts at hand... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Spotlight: Barely Infected

Hey folks,

Another week is upon us and the lurking around on Youtube and Twitch continues. In that regard; the focus on content creators keeps chugging along. This time around we'll have a look at the creations made by:

Barely Infected seems to take more to the Hero style of gameplay and most often prefers to speak to and help players that he meets. However, when running into armed and hostile players, he definitely isn't shy of picking up a good fight. When not running around on his own, Barely Infected tends to hang out with other content creators such as TheRunningManZ and Superftlol for example.

For a bit of team based play footage; here's a couple of good examples of the guys hanging out around Chernarus.

It's nice to see the way that those guys don't get affected when encountering hostile players.

In Barely Infected's solo videos, the same calmness shines through as well, as he encounters players no matter if they are friendly or hostile. His way of conducting himself seems to rarely change much regardless of the situation:

All in all, I enjoy watching his videos, and it's nice to see that he is not afraid to also show those odd instances when things go pear shaped:

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Barely Infected via the following social media accounts:

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 2 juin 2015  
Status Report - 02 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

As the team continues iterating and testing on experimental while moving towards the upcoming stable update, We'll hear Lead Producer Brian Hicks discuss a bit of the methodology behind dynamic events and vehicle positions versus player spawn locations. As well, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny discusses ongoing testing work over on the experimental branch related to player data updates, and scheduling. 

As well, we've tossed in some links to the Development Board entry for Hermit Playstyle enhancements, and their accompanying discussion thread on the Developer forums. Check the end of the Status Report for some heart pounding Player Vs Vehicle action outside the Veresnik Military Base.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

I'm frequently asked about player spawns, vehicle spawns, and the mentality behind where and why they are placed. I thought I would take the opportunity this week to discuss exactly that.

Player spawn points as of 0.57

For those aware of how DayZ Mod's gameplay flow operated - it was fairly simple. Players started along the coast - from Kamenka to as far as Berezino. Players progressed (for the most part) from the South - to the North. (For the most part, the North West) This gameplay required very little design side control to influence it. Natively the original Chernarus had very few buildings, and thus very few potential item spawn points (compared to say - Chernarus +). One of the initial goals of DayZ was to decentralize the flow of high value or required resources. Think medical centers, military installations, and so on.

When approaching player spawns - early on my approach was to try and replicate the familiarity of player spawns in the earlier versions of DayZ Mod. (DayZ Mod circa Summer 2012 was used as a touch stone) We quickly learned that this approach did not work with the massively altered layout of Chernarus. Not to mention some of the changes to key coastal areas. The next experiment we ran with player spawns was to flip the map of Chernarus, and look at the player progression as East > West. From a design perspective this approach seemed the most logical in how we wanted to layout the world, and seemed on paper like it should find strong success.

Never let it be said that nostalgia and familiarity has no merit.

Players were very vocal in their longing for the familiar DayZ spawn points, Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk especially. Internally we were very reluctant to change this up as the early loot spawning system did not allow us any region control, and the design of Chernarus was heavily leaning towards letting us use any building model we wanted, where it made sense. (Think Military Police buildings in Chernogorsk, Balota Barracks, etc) However, as early prototyping on a more robust control over where region-wise certain items spawned, the idea of spawning in some of those core DayZ Mod areas was revisited. Obviously some small changes would need to occur to the layout of the world, as the system would take a good deal of time to develop - so Balota and the Northeast Airfield both got a redesign - and spawns from Kamyshovo to West Chernogorsk were reintroduced.

Vehicle and Dynamic Event Spawns as of 0.57

As Dynamic Events, and Vehicles entered the equation their spawn placements were heavily influenced by where the existing player spawns lay, and how we wanted the flow of players across the map to operate. Obviously Dynamic Event types used to prototype the system were also used as a control point for "Very Rare" items - with the desired intent to ensure that in the final product, players could not farm one location across many servers to quickly gain an item the design team intended to be incredibly hard to find. (See: SVD)

WIP Civilian Car Interior

Vehicles themselves followed a similar principle, as the prototype vehicle was a heavy vehicle designed to carry large amounts of both gear and players - the spawn positions for this were placed at the highest concentration in West / Northwest. As smaller, more civilian vehicles begin to be implemented we'll see more spawn types for them a bit closer to where player spawns are located.

I hope this brief look into the thought process behind these areas helps you to understand how they evolve a bit better. 

See you all in Chernarus!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Hey survivors! Long time no hear and as usual there are plenty of interesting things going on in the design department of our DayZ development team. Let's talk about some of them at least.

First off I would like to clarify what the cause was for the accelerated consumption of energy and water which raised many eyebrows during the last weekend. In our crusade to increase the server side performance, we implemented simple scheduler to ensure that backbone character's scripts ticks only for one character per frame. Previously there were situations in which more characters were handled during one frame which caused unnecessary drops in server performance. Apart from other things, these scripts also maintain the consumption rate of energy and water. With the very first iteration of scheduler implementation, our intention was to see the gain we can get in the live environment, as internally there was quite a difference in performance, even despite the known issue that ticks scheduling is not independent from server performance causing faster character updates in some cases compared to former tick rate to which all consumptions were balanced. So if you experienced higher consumption rates it was due to really good performance on the given server which translates into less desync issues and better responsiveness. Now the possibility of faster consumption is solved and you shouldn't worry about dying at unreasonable rates. Advanced scheduler is currently being worked on and at the end it will be completely independent from server performance.

Many of you noticed ongoing changes to the camera FOV (field of view) recently. Along with caping the FOV slider in settings to the new limits, the most important thing is that now the FOV values in iron sights and scopes are independent from FOV value in settings, so there will be no way to abuse the scope zooms by changing the FOV value in settings. We will elaborate more on FOV and 3PP camera later.

From the gameplay features perspective there are two new traps nearly ready to be tested. The tripwire trap has the possibility of having cans attached to it in order to turn it into a perimeter alarm, or grenades to stun or damage any intruders. Fishermen will be pleased to see a new fish trap made from the netting which allows players to catch fish bigger than sardines. There is also progress on cooking in the built-in fireplaces which I hope will breathe life into these sad and abandoned houses. Other long awaited features like vehicle parts or base building are shaping up nicely and I will talk about them next time.

Get used to watch your steps... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Video: The battle of the V3S's

So, I got the opportunity to watch the latest Youtube video by superftlol. In the last 1/3 of the video, superftlol and BarelyInfected run into another pair of players at the Veresnik military compound where, low on supplies (and trucks as it turns out), the gents try to make the best out of the situation. All things considered, it's quite impressive that none of the guys seem to get significantly phased by the encounter which lasts for some 8 minutes.

If you have the time, go have a look at their Youtube accounts; they're chock-full of excellent DayZ content:

Also, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look. Always looking for good stuff to share in our status reports.

Header image credit: SKiDROW

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