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Mercredi 29 avril 2015  
Status Report - 29 Apr 15

Greetings Survivors,

As expected, work continues towards securing a 0.56 build for experimental branch. With the core remaining tasks being focused on closing major bugs with the systems changes core to 0.56 the design, art, and environment teams have also had time to slip some fun and interesting content into the update. 

Coming up next week we're looking at the audio team taking a trip out to capture new sounds for our list of 1.0 land vehicles, and this week Andrej our Audio Designer continues work on the new infected sound effects. As well on the audio front, as we move forward with 2015 - we're looking again at how we approach the volume and impact of gun shot sounds. Our aim and intent by 1.0 is for the audio side of discharging a fire arm to be a psuedo traumatic event. Gun shots should be -loud-, and your concern prior and post firing off a shot ideally would be "Who/What might have heard me?". This will be an ongoing task, but one I'm excited to see evolve.

With 0.56 comes some changes to how long range optics are mounted on our hunting rifles, Assoc. Art Director Chris Torchia posted several renders and screenshots of the current status as well as went into brief detail about what we're looking at. With the original long range optic being phased out in favor of a new 12x hunting optic, with proper mounting to attach to the Winchester M70, Blaze 95, CR 527, and Sporter 22. Moving forward, the Mosin Nagant will support the PU scope only (within the basic attachments).

Our Environment Lead, Senchi has been working on several changes to Chernarus + for 0.57 and on - but looking at 0.56 we'll be seeing the new Village Potraviny (Store) placed across the map, as well as a refactoring of some of the key police station locations along the coastal regions. In addition, time allowing - we will see some small changes to the iconic Stary Sobor barn location as well.

Not too much to report this week as again, the team is focused primarily on prepping 0.56 for the Experimental (Unstable) Branch and later on the Stable (Main) Branch update. 

Stay safe out there folks

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

With april coming to a close, we are both happy as well as grateful to see that we received a really nice amount of bugs from you guys. On the Feedback Tracker we can see that Darcion did very nice in terms of filing plenty of bugs, however, quite a bit of those were duplicates, so for this month we'll go with Zyryanoff as the bug hunter for april.

Other than that, it was a good effort Darcion, and we appreciate it!

While Zyryanoff did not necessarily submit the largest amount of bugs to the team, we did receive a good handful of nice bugs that we could add to our database.

Going forwards, we hope that you guys will keep helping us out with testing DayZ as development progresses. As mentioned, players that submit bugs from DayZ will get the chance of appearing in the Special Thanks section of the credits once DayZ goes into full release.

Remember, that all bugs can be filed on the Feedback Tracker and while doing so, please remember to perform a search before filing your bugs so as to avoid duplicate tickets. Thanks again everyone!

- SMoss / Community Manager -

Standup Notes for the week of 29 Apr 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Inventory refactorization
      Dynamic Events
      Vehicle Transmission bugfixing
      Vehicle wheels simulation improvements
      Adv. Loot Distro Bugfixing
      Player Statistics
      Character Controller
      3rd Person Camera
      Network Desync
      New Damage Sys.
      Crash Fixes


      Mauser Red 9 Anims
      Ladder Animations
      Infected crawling state animations
      Gesture Implementation on new Anim Sys
      4X4 Hatchback Animations

Mercredi 22 avril 2015  
Status Report - 22 Apr 15

Greetings Survivors,

As expected, work continues on 0.56 stable branch release. This release as mentioned prior will hit in the early weeks of May rather than the standard end-of-the-month update for April. This is mostly due to bugfixing that needs to occur related to the inventory refactorization in order to get the build to a state that can be used by the Early Access audience.  As well, the gameplay programming team are resolving the bugs discovered in the loot spawning system several weeks after the 0.55 stable date.

Given that most of the core work these last few weeks has been on such major systems as the inventory, and central loot economy - I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss a few points people have requested hearing information about. First off, I feel the need to reiterate on Early Access, development builds, and what to expect.
A few status reports ago I mentioned the fact that as we move forward through the development of DayZ, people *will* see more things break, more bugs, and so on. Part of getting access to DayZ as early as we've allowed via the Early Access program means that you're seeing the real ups and downs of game development. I've seen people over the last few months on forums, twitter, and so on mention the back and forth stability of builds as if this is an anomaly - an oddity in software or game development. 

Photo Credit: DayZIntel

Early Access is as the fictional character James Kirk once referred to the USS Excelsior - "The Great Experiment". DayZ approached this at its truest form, 3 months into our principle development - and as said development has continued, the scope has expanded to include the development of the next game engine from Bohemia Interactive, Enfusion. It should go without saying, that the development of any large scope video game takes years. A multiplayer only title, that also aims to fully support Steam Workshop modding is no short order. Developing said title, the game engine powering it, and maintaining a steady monthly cadence of updates to the consumer is no short order.
So I ask you, the Early Access user - when you encounter a bug that frustrates you - make sure it is listed in the feedback tracker, make sure you read the Status Reports (although, it seems that if you are reading this you've already completed this step), engage with the development team on the DayZ forums. I've found that when it comes to the Early Access program and your experience with it, we'll all get out of it - what we put into it.

Moving past that, many people have asked about the audio side of the Enfusion engine. Obviously fairly early on into the Early Access program, we realized that the existing audio technology interited from the RV engine wasn't going to suit the needs of the project. Problematic (and annoying) audio bugs began to reveal themselves, and resolving those within the legacy technology clearly demonstrated it would be time lost. Thus, work began on a new audio module to be paired with the in-development Enfusion engine. As with any core engine work, this is not a short form task. Obviously the goal for initial deployment is feature parity with the legacy audio technology, it is my personal hope that once this is achieved - we can look to expand the options for enhancing the audio experience in Chernarus, as I firmly believe audio in DayZ is just as critical as any core technology and part of the immersion into the world.

My personal holy grail throughout the development of DayZ has, and will remain the server side performance. Much of what folks attribute to "lag" or "desync" can be traced back to poor server side performance. 85% of which comes from the performance heavy usage of SQF engine script for many gameplay systems. Mentioned in prior status reports, EnScript (the name for Enfusion's engine scripting language) is leaps and bounds ahead of the legacy SQF in terms of performance. This, the portion of the performance budget currently consumed by SQF usage is the largest roadblock between 50 player servers, and 100+ player servers. Moving the title completely away from legacy engine scripting tech, and onto the new engine scripting language for Enfusion is by no means a small task, and will be an ongoing goal for the team (and in my opinion 100% required for DayZ to reach 1.0)

void SurvivorPartsFemaleWhite::Hello()


void ItemTrigger::ZombieDie()
          if (g_Game.IsClient()) return;

          m_zombie_count --;

          if (m_zombie_count == 0 && m_player)
          // add flare to player inventory
          Print("All zombies are dead! Reward flare!";
           string text = itoa(m_zombie_count) + " zombies to kill.";

void ItemTrigger::AddFlare()


void ItemTrigger::OnEnter(Object obj)
          if (g_game.IsClient()) return;
          autotr EventParams1 param = new Eventparams1(obj));
          OnEvent(EEonEnter, param);
          Print("ItemTrigger entered");

          if (ClassName(obj) == "SurvivorPartsFemaleWhite")
                    m_player = obj;
                    GetGame().GameScript.Call(this, "AddFlare", 0);
                    // create 3 zombies
                    vector player_pos = m_player.GetPosition();
                    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
                              player_pos[0] = player_pos[0] + 10;
                              ZombieEngine zombik = g_Game.CreateObject("zombieEngine", player_pos, false);
                              zombik.m_spawner = this;


                    // zmenit premenu

Sample EnScript - Not actual in-game

Last on my list for this week is some comments I wanted to make in regards to play styles, difficulty, and exactly how to play DayZ. 
Obviously, as DayZ is an open world sandbox title, nearly anything is technically possible (in regards to play styles). As the initial deployment of the new infected A.I., as well as the central economy ramped up the difficulty within Chernarus, there were people vocalizing how they disliked how difficult DayZ was becoming. Now, obviously I've spoken on this before - but I feel the need to reiterate, and clarify a few things.

Surviving in Chernarus is intended to be difficult. I want you to value each bullet, I want discovering a roaming boar in the forest to be a stroke of good luck. However, this does not mean the play styles of "Coastal Chaos" or "Squad play" and so on are not viable playstyles.

You can, and should be able to play DayZ however you want. Be warned however, every choice - every play style should, and will have its own cost. You can choose to spend your time in Elektro, fighting over sniper hill, or pitting your squad against a rival group up at the Northwest Airfield each have their own requirements to maintain, and overall costs (be it in time, health, resources, or life duration). 

Lastly, as the text below calls out - Standup notes are not a change log, they are a list of the things the teams have been working on this week, to give you all transparency into the current task priorities. So try not to get upset if you see a task thats being worked on not be in the latest stable branch update, and so on.

See you guys up north,

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer - Header image credit: [TDay]Spalte

Its been a while since I've written so I thought I'd give you a short update. From my perspective, the pace of art creation has really picked up in recent weeks and below is a brief overview of some highlights:


We're working on 3 vehicles currently but I want to set expectations since renders have already been publicly shown for two of them - the extreme level of detail we are placing into the vehicles means they will each take a very significant amount of time to finish. I'm talking a couple months each - and that’s before the animators even touch it. Just because we've posted a render of the high poly exterior, doesn’t mean their release is imminent. Its a studio first that we're modeling not only a high detail interior instrument panel, but also an engine bay which players will have to interact with. We hope you'll agree the added time is worth it in the end.


We've finished 3 new zombie models recently and we hope to get those into Chernarus and scaring the pants off of you by our next stable release. Work continues on even more zombie types - including new female versions, to add more visual variety to the game. Gaspo, the very talented artist who works on zombie bodies and character heads will soon be finishing up with the new female zombie templates and will move back to creating character heads for greater variety. New character clothing is also in progress with a new hunting uniform being added, medical scrubs, and a MARPAT uniform as a nod to the DayZ/ArmA2 lore is in progress. 


We've finished or have WIP a fairly large number of new weapons or weapon attachments recently. Some may have seen pictures of the Mauser C96 Red 9, Winchester 70, VSS, SVD, IZH18 and UMP45 added to the DayZ Trello but not all of them will be immediately added to the game - some of them still need animations and sounds to be made and we also would like to wait until our loot spawning/central economy system is working as intended before we add the venerable SVD. Also new is an optic for the AK platform called the Kashtan C-1, which is something like an ACOG for AK side-mounts. Last but not least, we have made a hunting scope which will be able to be used on a greater number of rifles than just the Mosin - and speaking of which, the days of "slap the LRS on a Mosin" are numbered.


We have finished a new school building and have populated it with some school-related items in the classrooms. The map team will be able to begin placing them in Cherno soon, after their current tasks, which we hope will serve both as an interesting new location to explore, but also as a landmark for orienteering. We've also created a new Village store, some roadblock objects which might have been placed on major roadways during an evacuation, and we're continuing work on new building interiors.

- Chris Torchia / Assoc. Art Director -

Standup Notes for the week of 22 Apr 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      GAZ Volga
      Ikarus 260
      Lada Niva
      LRS / Scope Attachment 
      New Zombie Models
      Roadblock Objects


      Central Economy
      Firearms Recoil
      Tripwire Traps
      Firearms Noise (AI Related)
      Drying Food
      Cooking via Stick
      Fall Damage mitigation
      Skeleton Damage bugfixing
      EnScript/SQF Profiling
      Object Placement
      Player / Infected Stamina
      SVD Configuration


      Inventory refactorization
      Dynamic Events
      Vehicle Transmission bugfixing
      Vehicle wheels simulation improvements
      Player Statistics
      Grenades refactorization
      Persistence Bugfixing
      Advanced Loot Distro bugfixing
      Character Controller
      Login Que Design
      New Damage Sys.
      Crash Fixes


      Mauser Red 9 Anims
      Ladder Anim Redesign
      Infected crawling state animations
      Gesture Implementation on new Anim Sys
      Rifle Aiming implementation on new Anim Sys

Mercredi 8 avril 2015  
Community Spotlight - 08 Apr 15

Afternoon survivors,

Yet again, an exciting couple of weeks worth of lurking around streams and trawling through DayZ videos on Youtube has passed by. This week we have yet another streamer that a lot of you guys will most likely have come across.

His works include some awesome roleplay in which he time and again manages to grab hold of unsuspecting players and throw them down the deep, black pit that DayZ turns into, after he has molded the server world into his own helter skelter playground. Our DayZ content creator for this week is:

As mentioned, rp seems to be an overall element of Mr. Moon's videos/streams and depending on the roles he chooses to play, his creations sometimes seem a bit more serious in terms of acting and sometimes not so much. In the category of more, ehhh, “regular” goofing around (still with training in mind though), his video “Training Day” supplied me with plenty of laughs for a good half an hour or so! Also, at 12:56; well, old Bricktop said it best.

While watching Mr. Moon's streams and videos over time, it has been rather interesting and impressive to witness his ability to interact with and influence other players, and his skill at adapting to the dynamics of an ever changing group of random players is mighty empressive! For a good example of his player whisperer skills, you should have a look at his video “Maverick”:

In the more rp-heavy end of the scale, Mr. Moon's choice use of ingame elements/objects, character emotes, voice over, as well as camera work and great editing results in some of his creations taking on a more cinematic feel which makes for some quite enjoyable viewing. One example of such, is part 2 of his "Welcome to the Family" series. The intro sequence for this video is nothing short of excellent!

Mr. Moon, if it wasn't for the constant fear of randomly falling victim to cannibalism, torture, or worse, I'm sure a lot of us would wish we could follow you around a server for a couple of hours and experience DayZ in a very different way.

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Mr. Moon via the following social media accounts:

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 8 avril 2015  
Status Report - 08 Apr 15

Greetings Survivors,

As most of you may know, last week saw 0.55 pushed to stable branch. This build featured the initial implementation of several key systems to DayZ, and in turn their behavior is as expected very early prototype. As the Early Access of DayZ continues, more of the core systems that comprise it will be merged into the main stable branch. It goes without saying that iteration will both be required, and occur as these are merged in. For 0.55 lets take a look at what systems had their initial implementation, and how their behavior is as of this status report:

Central Economy

The Central Economy functions as the core control over item type quantity, location, and region spawns. Moving away from the original placeholder system, and implementing this is the first step towards agile, rapid balancing of item spawns within DayZ.

The initial implementation only defines the location of firearm spawns and types, further iteration will begin to define items past firearms - and later region control across the map.

Infected & Animal A.I.

A well known fact for awhile now, the original prototype A.I. that was deployed with the DayZ Early Access was not robust enough to support the design of the title. A complete rewrite from scratch on how the title handled this was required. The most obvious change on stable branch is in the detection, and quantity of the infected. The new system, although clearly in need of iteration and expansion - supports proper stealth mechanics for both A.I., as well as more resource friendly sensors.

The design and programming teams will continue to iterate, and balance the infected across the coming months as well as address core functionality issues such as positioning during pathfinding, and proper audio alerts.


Part and parcel with the core design of DayZ is the global persistence of items (loot) in the game space. Be it long-life persistent objects such as those used in base building, or more short term such as items dropped on the ground and spawned by the central economy. 0.55 saw this roll out to Public Hive servers, with Private Shard support soon to follow. It is important to understand that this feature, just like all of the Early Access has no guarantee of bug-free behavior. Like anything within the development builds, bugs are both possible, and almost certainly will occur. Equally as important is that those who encounter issues file proper bug reports on the Feedback Tracker (

Diseases & Disease Transfer

Another very early implementation that made it to stable branch with 0.55 was the global spread of cholera across Chernarus. Paired with the transfer between players and objects, and thus player to player disease transfer. As iteration upon this system continues you will begin to see a more diverse catalogue of diseases and corresponding symptoms.

Moving past the 0.55 build new system implementations we hit a rather hot button topic as of late, and one I promised to speak on earlier this week.

Just how hard is DayZ supposed to be? What is the targeted experience here? How valuable should items, and thus what I carry be to me as a player?

I like to think we’re pretty up front about exactly what DayZ is and is supposed to be, and as we move closer to 1.0 more and more of this will begin to take shape.

Once, when asked how valuable tools and resources should be to a player - on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is finding everything you need without issue, and 10 is elation over finding a can of beans (I’m paraphrasing here) Dean was quoted saying an emphatic “10”.

Some folks have expressed concern that the increasing difficulty in surviving and combating the environment would hurt player interaction. To which I say.. Sure, it will hurt player interaction if by player interaction you mean folks wandering up and down the coast, wearing pink dresses and chasing each other with fire extinguishers.

However I firmly believe it will -drive- and foster a different type of player interaction.

Interaction between players making their way across Chernarus, scavenging to survive. Players who enter a village and have to make a hard decision - do I use what little ammunition I have to kill and steal from the survivors already in this town? Do I instead avoid the risk of death from attacking another player, only to potentially risk death by starvation or infected as I make my way around the town? Is the cost of expending my resources in either choice too great?

Make no mistake, DayZ is and always has been intended to be an unforgiving, brutal fight for survival in a harsh post apocalyptic landscape. Obviously we still have a long ways to go to get to that point, but as we move forward more and more systems will be introduced that support that experience. Balancing and adjustment will have to occur, as the intended experience is not to ensure starvation on the coast, but instead foster the ability to spawn, gather the basic supplies required to move inland, and thus begin the real DayZ experience - your story, your struggle for survival.

And the beauty of it all? If this is not the experience you’re exactly looking to have with DayZ - then another core pillar of DayZ’s design will bring you exactly what you seek. Our full support for modding via the Steam Workshop.

It is going to be an exciting year survivors, and I look forward to experiencing it with all of you.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -


Vendredi 3 avril 2015  
Fanart Friday

Afternoon gang! Chris Torchia has decided on the first winner of his Fanart Friday contest:

"dayzprint" by Bleckplump

Our first pick for #FanArtFriday. Upon seeing this piece, one of our designers, Martin, exclaimed "would hang that on my wall" It certainly would spice up the bland walls in our office a bit...

Bleckplump can be found on twitter.

"Moon, Chow, Kiwo, and Dimitri taking a break" by InVenatrix

She writes:

“I’m a 22 year old concept artist and illustrator and I am a huge fan of DayZ and the community surrounding it...A huge part of what I think makes DayZ special is player interaction and how heavily it influences the player’s experience. I love the storytelling opportunities this game delivers and love seeing the product of those who really know how to utilize it...I did a scene set at Rify; one of my favourite places in Chernarus, and wanted to include some the characters (content creators) that really inspire me and help fuel my love for DayZ and its community."

This piece reflects real tallent and a good eye for composing a scene. Check out her DeviantArt page and website for more or follow InVentrix on Twitter.

DayZ/Chernarus themed cast metal coins by Alan_Smithee

This is just really awesome. I wouldn't even know how to go about making a cast or working with metal.

Alan_Smithee writes:

"In the summer a couple of friends and I plan to make a trip to the Czech Republic to visit the "Chernarus" area (we're from Germany, so its not that far). Among other things we want to plant a GeoCache there and use this coin(s) as a custom trackable GeoCoin. Eventually I want to make more Coins themed with other famous chernarussian sights to have a whole collection."

Make sure to take a look at the process he used to make the coins here.

Honorable Mention

Trust by Glitch Bakers

This DayZ Live Action film was a great effort by Glitch Bakers. We really loved the location and gear which was chosen for the DayZ-inspired film. Its really spot-on. While the story is, perhaps, predictable, the overall production must have been a massive undertaking and I'd love to see more from this team.

- Chris / Associate Art Director -





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