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Jeudi 28 janvier 2015  
Status Report - Week of 19 Jan 15

Its been a busy week over here in the DayZ development offices. With work pushing forward on 0.53 the team is focused on the last few remaining major issues before the push. As we go into test/fix/regression with 0.53, there are several things every Early Access user should be aware of:

    We will be analyzing builds daily for a 0.53 stable branch candidate

      Once we have a build, Stable branch servers will be brought offline for the update

    The 0.53 update will include a public hive reset.

      This will not affect private shards

The 0.53 update has a good amount of security fixes, as well as content additions, support for adminlogs, and should roll out with the new BattlEye protection. Over the next few days you will see us roll out incremental updates to experimental branch as we iterate towards a good 0.53 candidate.
For those who operate servers, remember - adminlogs will be accessible on both public, and private shard servers and contain the following info:

    Connections/Disconnections (With in-game name and Steam 64 ID)
    Player X (w/Steam 64 ID) killed Player Y (w/Steam 64 ID)
    Player X (w/Steam 64 ID) damaged Player Y (w/Steam 64 ID)
    Direct Chat (Text)

In addition to the changes and updates above - 0.53 will include, but is not limited to:

    Upgrading of fireplaces all the way to the furnace
    Proper consumption of fuel for fireplaces
    Crafted leather clothing
    Anti-duplication fixes
    Anti-cheating fixes
    A new island featuring the new prison complex
    Changes to Skalisty Island
    Vehicle Persistence
    And so much more

PAX South was at the end of the week, and DayZ had a strong presence at the show. Integrating with prolific DayZ Storytellers from both Youtube and Twitch, we partnered with Astro Gaming for developer/content creator meet and greets, as well as with Twitch to discuss 0.53, Security and Anti Cheat measures, Steam Workshop, and more.

As DayZ hits 3,000,000 units sold we look forward to all the possibility that 2015 holds for DayZ. With the project slowly able to reap the rewards of hard work put in by the engine and gameplay programmers over the months prior. I for one cannot wait to begin to roll these changes out to stable branch.

Again, keep an eye on Experimental Branch daily as we iterate towards the 0.53 release. As always I encourage you to head over to the Developer Discussion subforums at the official DayZ forums. Department Leads are always available there to discuss the ongoing development of DayZ with you.

I’m convinced the PAX Pox caused the Chernarusian Outbreak.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Peter / Lead Game Designer

"You folks are amazing, DayZ would mean nothing without you - the diverse group of all types of different players who create such amazing stories that bring almost infinite unique experiences which could never be written in a traditional narrative form. DayZ just hit 3,000,000 sales and your continued interest in being involved in the development process of this game is clear signal and thus commitment for us to bring you the best possible platform to lay down your stories - and this is what we are doing on the daily basis with love and passion.

As we are developing an online multiplayer game it of course means there is and will be a influx of some new content in major updates. We are also working hard on fleshing out new and expanding current features which enriches how the game is played, defining possible interactions and overall experience - and I must say this is my most favorite part.

I would like to mention some new items which are ready and will be introduced in one of the upcoming updates. Melee weapons batch consist from mix of different items like bayonet for AK, broom, mace, paddle, hay hook, steak knife, lead pipe and hatchet. We didn’t omit firearms too and you can await FN Trombone which can be disassembled into the parts to save your inventory space which makes it a perfect firearm for those who wants to carry second rifle directly in theirs inventory and then there is a flare gun which was waiting for some time to be configured as we didn’t have possibility to attach the new light source to the projectiles till now which means that now you are free to lighten up surrounding environment or use it as a signal for others.

We also prepared prototype for the bear trap which is in fact far from desired implementation as there is currently not proper trigger available for us to use it with it and as zombie/animal AI is still in development only players will be caught by it for now - but hey you can hunt animals even without bear trap which can be skinned to get pelts already and now we added process to produce pieces of tanned leather (although a bit simplified for now as a placeholder). You probably can guess that tanned leather have some usability which is the sewing the set of leather clothes included shoes, pants, jacket, vest, hat and bag. In the future preparing the tanned leather and dying leather clothes will be connected to barrels which are currently being prepared by art team. As counterbalance to the recent addition of crafted clothes we have added also brand new quilted jacked and in the future is very possible that down jacket will be pulled down from loot tables as it have plenty of clipping issues due to its mass and will be replaced with quilted jacket. To please those of you who fell in love with cultivating plants we added new plant which yields one of your most loved vegetable - zucchini.

We are also busy with adding new spawn points to the mighty prison castle which was recently finished and sure it will become new attraction for survivors in no time. Also I would like to remind you about withdrawal of our very special Xmas tree and presents which were here just for holidays. But don’t worry you will be able to find that cute teddy bear elsewhere.

We have finished first phase of cooking refactoring in general and things related to it like fireplaces and crafting recipes. The foundation is here now and it will be expanded and polished to desired result in short period of time. You are now able to make also upgraded fireplaces with stones, use tripod to hold pot or turn your fireplace to a stove which let you to cook your food without excess amount of light and smoke produced by normal fireplace. You will be able to put every item directly into fireplace or pot to heat it up so it may be used as an alternative to the heat packs. Eventually you can ruin items if they will be in the fire for some time which can be different for all items. Imagine throwing in some bullets or spray can when you noticed some unwanted visitors that are coming in direction to your fireplace to distract them or endanger them while they are searching thru your camp for possible loot.

Movement restriction of characters by restraining them was expanded to other generic items apart from handcuffs like wire, rope, duct tape and guts. Duration of struggling to break free differ from item to item and they have equivalent to handcuffs keys also like knives or pliers. Last but not least we implemented liquids which are independent now and are not based on specific container types which means you can pour gasoline into the PET bottle or store some fresh and clean water in the jerry can. This feature also brings such actions as emptying canisters for the purpose of filling it with different liquid as we didn’t went down the road of mixing different liquids which can easily turn to the overkill. I’m sure independent liquids which are not tied to specific container will bring unexpected and interesting situations.

Well I almost forgot to mention new group identification which is naturally optional and can be used to form clans, teams or just to stand out from the masses - armbands. They are created thru crafting and comes in few different easily recognizable colors and they are fully visible directly on arm. I’m glad we are pushing customization of characters further down the road and I can assure you that we are not stopping here.

Thank you for your marvellous support so far… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Standup Notes for the week of 19 Jan 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Manual Transmission
      Advanced crafting
      Controls and interactions
      Liquids independent of specific container types
      New scripting language


      Support for armbands
      Inventory refactorization
      Security vulnerability hotfixes
      Vehicle persistency
      Per building loot distribution w/ centralized economy
      New Infected/Animal AI
      New player controller prototype
      Support for manual vehicle transmission
      Crash fixes
      New vehicle features
      Research on flexible item type inventory support

Lundi 19 janvier 2015  
Status Report - Week of 12 Jan 15

Greetings Survivors!

As we move forward with January’s stable branch update (0.53) the focus of the gameplay programming and production teams is primarily on security. As mentioned prior in the September 15 Status Report - only so much can be done in tandem with engine and gameplay changes coming with every update (and maintain a rapid update frequency to stable branch). That said, as the primary vulnerability on the security side for DayZ right now is less on engine and/or scripting and more on modifying/accessing the process memory we have several Q1 goals we are aiming to complete.

    Deployment of a new form of BattlEye

      This has been delayed to allow testing/regression around any potential bugs and/or compatibility issues so as not to cause any major issues to those participating in Early Access

    Server side sanity checks and protection against certain currently exploited methods
    Closer work with Valve and the VAC team

      This will initially be seen by allowing players to report in-game suspected cheaters and will expand from there to a program that best fits DayZ and how it operates
      Expanded vigilance in reporting all known tools and methods currently used to access the DayZ process for less than honorable methods.

Beyond that, Q1 has a good deal of exciting work for DayZ. Be it work on the new infected AI, to implementation of the central economy or diseases - this should be an exciting few months.
On the note of work to come, I’d like to expand upon confusion around persistence - how it is intended to operate, and the role that weekly persistence wipes currently serve.

Persistence is a core pillar of DayZ and its design. Currently persistence functionality is tied to the incomplete economy functions. As we expand upon the systems surrounding the central economy - What is saved/How it is saved, Cleanup, Respawn, etc will be handled properly. In addition to that, the secondary cause of persistence wipes (issues with reading modifiers on saved items, improperly saved items, etc) can be addressed.
Once we have addressed these two issues, persistence can and will be moved from an “opt-in” feature, to a core function of DayZ - and something that is universal across all servers. Once this is complete, I personally look forward to truly seeing the “camp/base building” side of the title start to be more universally adopted. Be it vehicles, barricaded buildings, tents, containers, or even farms setup via horticulture.

In addition, if you have any questions surrounding this topic (or any others) - I encourage you to head over to the Developer Discussion subforums at the official DayZ forums. Eugen and myself both are accessible via the Service section.

I wish I could bundle a microphone with every copy of DayZ.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

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Vendredi 9 janvier 2015  
Status Report - Week of 05 Jan 15


We live in the future people.

2015 looks to be a pretty awesome year for DayZ, I’d like to kick off this months Status Reports by talking a bit about how the team has settled in during our first week back, as well as some awesome points of inspiration for us.

First off, I was forwarded a link to Eternum Pictures DayZ fan film - which has some outstanding emotional points about friendship, and loss. The loss that the main character in this fan film experiences is something that resonates with me. I can recall how it felt to meet, befriend, and then lose a stranger in my early DayZ mod days. As the option to instantly respawn after death somewhat limits this experience, it brought to the discussion table some server options that we’ve had on the drawing board for awhile. Speaking of servers…

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out some expanded server options to extend support for administrators, and introduce more customization options for private shards.

    Admin Logs, covering: Connections/Disconnections, Chat, Player Deaths (Env & PvP)
    Hardcore Mode: Initially we’ll only support this on Private Shards, while we see how the mechanics impact gameplay
    However the intent is to offer server operators the choice to restrict how long since a players last death they can respawn. Eg: A hardcore server could conceptually restrict players from respawning until 12 hours after their last death. We’ll gauge how much impact this has on the design, and decide if it stays restricted to private shards, or we open this up to all public (consumer rented) hive servers.

Now that the team have returned back to the office we’ve begun going over data compiled from stable branch since Christmas, and looking at what is left to do for the 0.53 release at the end of January. We’ve got some awesome stuff on the table for 0.53 and 0.54, and as always we’ll be pushing to experimental to test things out as development on the update progresses.

Speaking of the end of January, PAX South in San Antonio is coming up and we have some awesome things in store for the first Penny Arcade Expo in the great state of Texas. We’ll be sending out information on that via our twitter and facebook channels next week. In addition, the finishing touches are being put on the DayZ website - as we look to centralize where you all get the latest news on DayZ development, and interact with the DayZ Dev team.

Over on the Official DayZ forums the team leads have begun using their new sub forums to interact directly with you, the Survivors of Chernarus. Head over and take a peak, we’ll start to use these more and more - giving you guys a direct line to the people that guide the vision that is DayZ.

I look forward to increasing visibility into DayZ development in 2014, and evolving what it means to survive in Chernarus as we march forward to DayZ 1.0.

Chocolate Milk Bath, do it.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Peter / Lead Game Designer

“Welcome to the first devblog of the 2015, I hope you enjoyed the holidays and spent some quality time with your families, friends and DayZ!

I will keep it really short. We all know that this year will be very important for DayZ. With all these big ongoing and upcoming changes it will be quite tough but the outcome will be splendid.

Currently we are focused mainly on new controls/interactions. We would like to use them before we start switching character to the new animation system so we can identify possible issues with the old one and address them. Apart from that we are looking forward to the new scripting language which should be ready as soon as possible so we can start rewriting currently used scripts with it, optimize and polish them which also bring some performance boost (server side, yay!). Design for manual transmission for vehicles is ready for the review and when we settle down on last little things after discuss it with programmers its implementation will begin. We are also making a prototype for non intrusive group identification so that you can easily identify your companions.

Have an amazing new year and don’t forget… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Chris / Lead Artist

    Character Art

      We’re still working on new character clothing and new zombie templates.
      This is ongoing, long term work that occurs during luls when the art team isn’t needed to support new features being added by design. We’ve finished the quilted jacket and a new batch of zombie templates. An M65 Field Jacket is also WIP.


      Work has begun on a school building. Its giving me flashbacks to my days dodging balls in the gym. We’re working on desks, chairs, bells, and gym equipment. This is a piece I’m personally excited about.


      We’re nearly done with a new pump-action .22LR rifle based on the FN Trombone. We’ve also recently completed a Winchester Model 70 and two new guns I think people will be excited about are currently WIP. In addition, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve churned out a series of new melee weapons for people to try out.


      Some of you may have noticed that we’ve introduced a new area on the official forums where it is possible to interact with the team and I’ve been busy this week visiting and answering questions. I’d encourage you to drop by and check it out.”

Standup Notes for the week of 05 Jan 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      M65 Field Jacket
      FN Trombone 
      Vehicle design standup
      School structure
      Winchester Model 70


      Hand poses for weapon attachments
      Hand Poses


      V3S Changes
      Independant content of canisters
      New scripting language


      Security vulnerability fixes
      Vehicle persistency
      Loot distro per building for new system
      Close range weapon sound fixes
      Suicide fixes
      Zombie/Animal AI
      Vehicles - Manual transmission
      Server side logging




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