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Jeudi 10 décembre 2015  
Status Report - 10 Dec 2015

Afternoon Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, our Lead Producer Brian will inform us of the current state of development as well as give us a peek at a couple of the incoming vehicles/transportation devices. Also, our Lead Designer Peter will let us in on future plans for hunting and horticulture which looks exciting to those of us who enjoy the hermit lifestyle.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update/Hicks

Happy Holidays everyone!

This Status Report will be the last one for this year, as for the last two weeks of this month the team slowly starts heading home to spend the holidays with their families.

That said, we have some cool stuff to talk about and show this week, as well as updates on the major engine work everyone is curious about - and even a few new screenshots.


Later today we will bring the Stable Branch servers offline for the 0.59 update. Changelog should follow shortly after the update - and notifications on the service will come from the official DayZ Dev Team twitter account. (

Please keep in mind - this is but one build on the path of development. It will have its own issues, absent features, bugs, and so on - the best thing you can do to help bring DayZ towards the game we all can't wait to see it become is to file those bugs over at !

This report, I'd like to give you all an update on where the new animation system, as well as the new renderer are - and what the next goals in their development are.

    Animation System

      Currently Completed

        Animation Engine Base
        Animation Engine Editor

      Current Focus

        Infected, Player, and Animal skeleton support/graph production
        Finishing synchronizations
        Finishing differential animations
        Ramp up for animators on new technology

      Next Up

        Add nodes to support more extensive functionality
        Synthetic Rotations
        Removing legacy animation system tech once deprecated


      Currently Completed

        DX 11 Water Surface Rendering
        DX 11 Ambient Occlusion

      Current Focus

        Optimization / Parrellization
        Clouds Rendering

While at PAX Australia I spoke briefly on how I'd like to be able to bring the Little Bird to stable branch before Christmas - and how if anything prevented that I'd make sure to let you all know. That said - the programming teams now have the first of our aircraft operating on the proper physics system, however multiplayer sync is not quite ready for the Steam branches. While we won't be seeing in time for Christmas - I'm confident we're not too far off now. :)

Keep an eye on the DayZ Trello board to track the progress of this task!

That said! The art team has finished on the upcoming Jana Dirtbike - which you can see in the below screenshots:

Now that the Jana is complete, work has just begun on everyone’s favorite DayZ method of transportation - The Bicycle

Lastly this week - I'd like to give you all a sneak peek at some of the awesome stuff some of the team in Bratislava have been working on. It’s no secret that we've wanted to bring dangerous predatory animal threats to the woods and fields of Chernarus - and we're getting close to being able to do just that!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

Dev Update / Peter

Along with scavenging for non-perishable food and cultivation of your own crops, the wildlife of Chernarus offers yet another way how to gather food important for survival. As most of you know or guessed gathering food thru horticulture and hunting will be promoted in the future over non-perishable food as that should be quite rare to find.

Animals in DayZ have their day cycle and you can learn by observation what their territories are and where are the points of their interests, may it be water reservoirs, grazing or resting areas. Hunting shouldn't be trivial as animals are very sensitive to your presence and will flee if they notice something unusual going on. However what will the hunting be without the possibility to track your prey down? Tracking is a must have to deepen the hunting experience and make it more enjoyable. Not to mention it as a necessity for following fleeing animals by different signs and marks they leave. Hooves or paws prints, blood stains and scraped ground, even stomped grass patches will help you with localization if you follow them carefully.
The same system will be used for tracking of survivors by their foot prints or blood stains and also vehicles, which can leave tracks or stains from leaking operation fluids and don't forget destroyed small items as mileages, sign posts and others as shown in the last Status Report. I'm happy to see how such small details generated by dynamic entities will add to the overall authenticity of static world.

Keep your eyes open... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Spotlight: Isaaq

Hey all,

So for this time around I came across a couple of videos created by Isaaq. Isaaq seems to be primarily doing RP which always makes for an interesting watch. In particular I enjoyed the video "A Strange Land" which shows the struggles of "a man who just woke up on the coast":

If you go to Isaaq's Youtube channel, you'll find a couple more videos which are quite good. Hopefully we'll see more DayZ videos in the future as well. Also, you'll be able to follow Isaaq via his Twitch and Twitter channels where you can catch his streams and news on new videos.

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: green.bratishka

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Jeudi 26 novembre 2015  
Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

Greetings Survivors!

We're going to mostly cover Status Updates on the critical engine work this Status Report - as well, we'll talk a bit about infected spawning changes, and our current goals for .59 experimental builds.

We've been hard at work on resolving issues with both server performance, player position desync, and problems plaguing dual core CPU users. We've been testing out several different builds, both with profiling running and without to try and nail down the root cause of the issue. Those participating in testing and reporting from experimental branch are *greatly* appreciated.

.59 Exp Critical Must-Fixes

    Player Position Desync (Potential fixes being pushed to exp tonight)
    Poor Server Performance (Potential fixes being pushed to exp tonight)
    Local (Visual) Item Duplication (Potential fixes being pushed to exp tonight)
    Dual Core bugfixing
    Standing/Frozen Corpses

That said - we mentioned in previous Status Reports potential changes to how infected are spawned in DayZ. Historically, throughout the entirety of the project we have spawned our infected globally - distributed evenly across the whole of Chernarus. Now while this resolved the previous metagaming vulnerability that DayZ Mod suffered from - it led to the infected being -way- too spread out. Internally we've recently settled on a hybrid system - entirely not dependant on the original trigger system used by DayZ Mod. Instead relying on the same tech that runs the dynamic events and spawns - allowing us to (in addition to globally spawning a specific number of infected) dynamically spawn large amounts of infected around cities/villages/bases/etc that players congrate to.

Pairing this dynamic spawning method with the existing global spawning of infected means players shouldn't be able to sight into a location and identify it as "free of players" because it does not have any infected - HOWEVER, it will also allow for an overwhelming feeling of constantly having to fight off the attention of large numbers of infected in high-traffic areas such as Chernogorsk, Berezino, Zelenogorsk, or so on.
We're expecting this to hopefully be one of the first changes within the begining of the new year.

In addition to this - regional loot control is being prepared for internal testing. CLE functionality is present, and the designers are now working with a fairly versatile new tool allowing them to set location types, regional areas, and even more - with rapid flexability. In addition to allowing us even more precise control over the in-game economy, this should also be a huge tool for mod authors.

Now lets take a look at the current status of some of the major engine changes under way:



      Post Processes

    Current Focus

      Multithreaded Optimizations
      Ocean/Ponds Rendering
      New UI changes to support DX 11


    Completed in November

      Helicopter Support
      Small Object Interaction

    Current Focus

      New Character Controller support

    Next Up

      Physical Doors support
      Manipulating bodies (Dead/Unconscious)

Animation System/Player Controller

    Completed Recently

      Improved Handling of Animation Events
      Animation Groups/Sets

    Current Focus

      Improved Animation Graph Nodes
      Adding Subgraphs/Conditional Nodes
      Polishing Animation Graph for Player
      Implementing User Actions (Drinking, Eating, Medical)
      Adding Gestures to new Sys

Next Up

    Inverse IK for Feet/Hands
    Sync of Animation Loops
    Rewrite of functionality for additive and override animations
    Improving Vehicles w/ Additional Animations (Turning, Reacting to Speed, etc)

Lastly, I'd like to leave you all with two little gems from Lead Designer Peter Nespesny, and Lead Animator Viktor Kostik.

Questions? Suggestions? Make sure to head over to the official DayZ Forums and join the Status Report discussion thread for this week.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -


Jeudi 12 novembre 2015  
Status Report - 12 Nov 2015

Afternoon Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, we'll have info on subjects such as the renderer, the UI, damage, and animation systems, all served by our Lead Producer Brian Hicks, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny, and Lead Animator Viktor Kostik.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

If you don't happen to follow twitter or the forums you may not be aware of the current focus on iterating upon 0.59 experimental. Obviously the team is working hard to resolve the issues with server side performance, as well as pushing several new potential changes to vehicle position sync to QA.

So the big question everyone wants to know - when will 0.59 move to stable?

    Once we are satisfied with server side performance at maximum player count vs 12 hour uptime- Vehicle Position Sync is at a marked improvement over 0.58
    High repro (reproducible) server and client crashes are resolved

Past 0.59 - internally we are -hoping- to be able to get another update out prior to Christmas (to experimental at the very least). However, that will depend on the stability of the build post 0.59 stable and the merges done right after that. As mentioned during the PAX Australia "The Road to Beta" presentation - we'll keep everyone updated on this progress via the official Twitter account, and the Status Reports between then and now.


Moving past discussion around 0.59 experimental, lets move on to discussing what the current status of some of the major engine side updates are.


    Completed within October

      Multiple Cascade Shadow Maps
      Updated Rain Postprocess
      Updated HDR & Glow

    Current Focus

      Finalizing postprocesses
      Multithread Optimizations

    Next Up

      Small bodies of water, and Ocean rendering
      True Sky rendering

We have some screenshots from debug that we can discuss in a little more detail as well. (Please take care to understand these are from debug machines - and are thus running lower resolutions/over all configurations and are meant to display technical tests)

In the above screenshot we can see improved cooperation between the HDR and Glow Effects.

Within the above screenshots we can see fog improved with proper height base.

In this screenshot in the distance we can see Aerial Perspective Fog, with the additional effect of light scattering

Here we see an early iteration of improved dynamic range hopefully allowing us differing light levels between interiors and exteriors.

The above screenshots show the current iteration of updates done to rain - which should allow a more rich, and believable downpour situation. Paired potentially with fog, this will greatly impact visibility during adverse weather conditions.

Animation System / Player Controller

The animation system and new player controller both are major elements of DayZ's engine that are in progress. The new actions done in Enforce Script can not enter experimental testing until the animation system fully supports all the necessary functions from the legacy animation system. I know I've gone on, and on about the total rewrite of actions in game being a massive change to how DayZ plays - and I hate to sound like a broken record. HOWEVER - I personally cannot state this enough. The change from the clunky old fashioned method used by DayZ, DayZ Mod, Arma 3, Arma 2, and so on to a new and more dynamic system will change a hell of a lot more than how you eat a bag of rice, or pick apples. I genuinely believe this will be one of the most massive changes to DayZ gameplay and completely redefine how the title is experienced.

That said - while we're all desperate to see this in the hands of consumers before the holiday break - A more reliable estimate (playing it safe and assuming we'll encounter critical bugs and blockers once this is merged into the main testing branch) would be to expect it early in the beginning of the new year.

Damage System

Currently in the hands of the gameplay programmers - once this is completed on their end, it will need to be fully configured on the side of the design team. That said - with this we're looking at a hopeful target of mid to late January before we see it move over to player testable branches.

Between the new damage system, and new player controller (and of course - complete rewrite of player actions within Enforce Script) we're hoping to squash some of our major gameplay / exploit level issues. (Duping, Spamming action abuse, glitching into structures, changing ammo type to explosions, and so on)
Keep in mind that these will more than likely cause their own issues - which will be addressed as they come up, and into the beta phase of DayZ development.

Lastly for this Status Report - a little sneak peek at some design and art level pieces - We have (some) of the required parts for helicopters.

Control Unit

Electrical Wires

Hydraulic Hoses

Pitch Link

Rear Rotor Blade

Not pictured:

    Igniter Plug
    Aviation Fuel
    Motor Oil
    Hydraulic Fluid
    Transmission Oil

Questions? Suggestions? Make sure to head over to the official DayZ Forums and join the Status Report discussion thread for this week.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer-

Dev Update / Peter

Our new user interface should be part of our beta release with the aim to improve the current user experience. We have added several more features to the UI system recently, which allow us to streamline the process leading to the new user interface and help future modders as well.  As well there are some changes for the players which will make life easier - like automatic aspect ratio taken from the current resolution or dynamically repositioning and scaling of interface elements. Also a significant raise of client FPS with new UI system is a thing which shouldn't be omitted.

Inventory is one of the most important screens, not only because players spent most of their interface time right here, but mainly for managing everyone's little treasures. This screen should be slick, easy to read and navigate as well as its functional design that shouldn't interfere with the intentions of game design. You have seen the concept art/mockup of the new inventory screen already and we are currently refining it's proportions, layout and functionalities to make it best as possible. 

From the game mechanics point of view the new inventory is still missing a few things. While a solid foundation of the rewritten inventory system is already in game, now is the time to build upon it and add features which enrich possibilities and gameplay. First, I want to mention a small but unimportant one, which opens doors for others and make them more useful and interesting. A higher granularity of slots, leading to much better scalability of item sizes and cargo sizes. No more precious space used by matchbox, battery, pen and other small items. Combination of smaller and thinner items with bigger ones can lead to a unused gaps in inventory space and that's the moment when ability of rotating items kicks in and save the day. Hand in hand with rotation and more smaller slots per row cargo sizes can be changed to horizontal orientation to show more rows of inventory which leads to less vertical scrolling while managing it. Now you are probably excited as you started to imagine how many stuff you'll be able to cram in your backpack (especially guns). For that reason I would like to see dynamic change of item size where factors like numbers of attachments and their sizes define current item size in inventory. In other words you can carry stripped down AK and all it's attachments in backpack with tradeoff of it's readiness for combat. As I can tell your excitement is at the maximum level possible I feel it's a good time to water it down a bit. Damage state of cargo will be projected into ripped unusable slots, which adds the meaning for maintenance and taking care of your backpack and clothes apart from damaged visuals. Also linking slots into groups within one cargo space to create virtual pockets adds a cheery on top of inventory management and underline the hardcore nature of DayZ.

It must be said that our design requirements for new inventory system brought also other features to the game that affect gameplay directly. One of the most annoying limitations of the former inventory system was definitely the hand slot, which acted like mirror of cargo space equipped on character. While you had some inventory it somehow worked, apart from very annoying behavior and tendencies to break and messing with user actions in general. However while you hadn't any inventory slots which could be mirrored as hand slot to fool player things went down hill. Thus there become to live virtual cargo space with different rules as 'normal' cargo spaces as a resolution of this problem. You know the outcome of it, inconsistencies, prone to duping, strange and sometimes unexpected behavior. I'm glad that hands slot is equal to others. I find some of you being a bit restless with such change, but I clearly see from where it comes from. While I admit it was very convenient with old mirrored hands to not care about hand slot in regards of inventory capacity at all it leads to side effects like lowering inventory space by the size of item in hands. Requirement for awareness of how much inventory space you have left and what you are carrying openly in hands provides space for fast decisions making which ensures interesting situations. Of course dropping something from hands needs to be clearly visualized as animation so you don't realize too late that you left needed item somewhere beyond. (This is a big one one)

Another game changer is ability to simulate items placed in the inventory which wasn't possible before as items were asleep in such state. Now a flashlight is draining battery if you don't turn it off, smoke grenade is releasing it's smoke after activation and frag grenade happily counting down when it was unpinned before. We were also able to modify quickbar behavior as well. Now having better clothes with more inventory space equipped gives you more quickslots to use. This feature in combination with chambering and reloading from quickslots will raise demand for high tier clothes as they will have other practical utilization apart from more inventory space.

Second very important screen is HUD overlay, which as you noticed with latest 0.59 experimental we started to implement. However this is completely different story to tell but I can assure you it will be possible to toggle on demand so it will not occlude your view if you looking for maximum immersion as possible. (We’ll talk about this in upcoming Status Reports)

Stay organized... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Dev Update / Viktor

The animation team continues working on the player character on the new animations system and has just recently started to work on the injured animations.

The wounded character will have more types of animations. We would like to have visualized an injury like for instance a broken arm or leg. With this type of injury a limited movement set and user actions set will be provided.

In the past we have already started on the implementation that we had to stop because of the limitations of the engine as we were not able to deliver the experience we were aiming for. As the new animations system is closer and is already offering us with some fancy options it is the right time continue on this type of feature. Except the limited usage of different items a limited movement set will be available depending on the injury. We would like to achieve this by using additive animations, blending of multiple animations, using animation sets to easily switch the complete sets of animations inside the animation graph and other sophisticated and cool features of the new animations system.

This is a very important part of the gameplay so we will need a lot of iterating and testing to find out a proper setup so it is challenging and not frustrating at the same time.

- Viktor Kostik/ Lead Animator -

Community Video: Max Coil and the Gents of Novo

Hey all,

So, for this week I chose to go with something a little bit different. Uploaded by Pitstop Head, this week's video shows what some players are up to when finding different ways of entertaining themselves outside of regular pvp or pve.

I tried muting the audio at the beginning of the video, but then it turned out that for a while, I had a bit of a hard time understanding what the hell was going on. Turning up the volume again helped. Slightly. In any which way, pretty ingenious with the box car everyone!

If you have the time, please do have a look at Pitstop Head's Twitch and Youtube accounts since there are good amounts of DayZ action/footage available through there.

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: Schakal1260

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Vendredi 30 octobre 2015  
Status Report - 30 Oct 2015

Afternoon Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be covering a lot of ground going through several topics such as the Infected, the animation system, soft skills, status on version 0.59, as well as other tasks going on behind the scenes, and Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will be handing us some info on the work ahead regarding user actions.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

So, this is the first SR since the change in vocal style and frequency - and it just happens to come on the heels of our Quarterly Review and Beta discussion at PAX Australia. I appreciate everyones patience as I deal with jet lag catching up with me. We have some cool stuff to talk about this week - not as cool as the last Status Report - but cool enough I think.
I'd like to kick off this week with an update on a few key areas of the engine I know everyone is waiting to hear about.

Renderer: I touched on this a bit during the PAX Australia presentation (and that audio/slides will be put out as soon as I get back to Prague)

    Post Processes: IN PROGRESS
    Water & Ocean Surfaces: IN PROGRESS
    Optimization & Paralellization: IN PROGRESS
    Current Status: Actively under testing with internal QA

We've made some great progress over the last few weeks. I prefer to manage expectations - so I'm going to say don't get too excited. Issues could pop up in QA over the next few weeks, but morale in the office regarding the renderer is getting high. I'm excited - but keep in mind we don't want it to hit experimental until we're confident in a strong -initial- performance gain.

New Animation System: While we've made strong gains on this that has enabled the design team to start working on a complete rewrite of all player actions currently in game (demonstrated in the last SR) we're still working on the last few areas that -must- be completed in order to fully merge the player over to the new player controller. We'll keep you all updated on this.

Infected: As we mentioned in the last Status Report - Infected will be making a return in .59 - but as covered in the PAX presentation there are changes we'd like to look into making to the infected, specifically in the area of spawning and distribution that should go miles towards a more rewarding (and scary!) experience when it comes to crawling through cities looking for gear.

.59 Experimental: As of the time that I boarded my flight to PAX Aus - the last remaining major blocker towards moving this build to the exp branch was sitting specifically on vehicle position sync. It is critical we at the very least provide a more enjoyable experience with vehicles than on previous builds, especially considering the increased quantities. The gameplay programming team has been working hard on doing just this.

Aside from the stuff mentioned above - we do have a few cool things to share with you guys.
As those of you who watched the TwitchCon presentation, you know part of the character progression path we've been working on in addition to soft skills - is the life span of the character. Specifically shown at TwitchCon as beards for male characters. What we didn't share at the time was that we were a bit further along with this than just a few renders of male heads. 

We still need to work on the lifespan impact for female characters - but we do have growth over time functioning on internal builds as seen in the above video. Animations for shaving still need to be completed, but the functionality for choosing to remove said beard as there as well.

In the same vein as character life span - I spoke today about how the initial skill set for soft skills was functioning internally (albeit without UI elements allowing you to track said skills). 

In the video above, we have accelerated the growth of the skillset that governs the amount of resources you gain from harvesting. (In this grim case - it happens to be a human body) The more a character performs an action that falls under this skillset, the higher yield the resources he gains from the attempt. In the accelerated video we have a character who very often skins and quarters bodies for meat, bone, and so on. As the character goes through each body, we accelerate the skill gain for the purposes of the video - but you see that with each action/attempt - the yield of meat is increased. 
We want to kick off the character soft skills with base skills in the areas of: Medical, Resource Gathering, Repairing. Once we see how these operate, we can expand upon them further.

The little icing on the cake I like about the video is how Peter snuck a little treat in there that you can easily overlook.
As the character skins and quarters the body, his hands and forearms are covered in a bloody mess. The character -can- wash this off should they go to a body of water, or have some on him. Alternatively, he or she could just as easily choose to keep this appearance. 

Oh! Before we move on to Peter's bit this week - Things are looking really good for the 75 player servers, I'm excited to see how it plays out on experimental.

Questions? Suggestions? Make sure to head over to the official DayZ Forums and join the Status Report discussion thread for this week.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

In the last status report, there was a nice showcase of new implementations of user actions which are currently work in progress. There was an idea back in the day (and I mean it was a really long time ago, more then year and a half) about simplifying of how user actions operate and streamlining controls in general.

User actions as we know them are great as they are very robust and allow usage of anything in any way you like, which leads for such a great ArmA 2 mod as DayZ to happen. Imagine if there were only shooting and door opening - such a situation would leave you with a very limited possibility for application of your creativity as designer. On the other hand user actions are also known for their not so friendly behavior like scrolling menu, issues with precision and our underlying implementation of actions on own character and others in SQF paired with old and limited animation system led to many problematic situations, to mention some, no elegant way to cancel action, spamming actions or serious ones like duping.

New user actions and controls are designed to be modern, user friendly and of course to address all issues which we run into with the old system. Actions will be contextual, for example performing same eat action will feed yourself, or your friend when you are looking at him. They can behave as single event or can be performed continuously, think of flipping the switch by clicking the use button or drinking from a water bottle while holding it. You can perform them during other animations, so you will be able to eat while traversing countryside. Canceling continuous action can be simply done by releasing the use button. All this and more means that scrolling menu will become redundant in the end as all possible situations are covered through different usage, based on context and duration of action.

Every item can be used as melee weapon, and with redesigned controls comes a fresh breeze to melee fights as there is a difference between one click which performs quick attack and continuously charged heavy attack which is performed by releasing the melee button. This allowed us to finally use firearms as melee weapons - bayonet stabs, buttstock hits or pistol whips. Best of it all is that we removed so called aggressive stance which was mandatory to attack with melee or shoot from firearms and it felt forced as it was too static. Now readying the firearm for shooting is a continuous action so once you release use button your firearm is lowered to waist level. Prone position and bipod can make your life easier as far as keeping your firearm ready, also we would like to examine weapons resting in the future. Items can be dropped, rolled or thrown which is especially useful for grenades.

I'm convinced that with new user actions and controls coupled with new animation system and physically based character, DayZ will become a fluid, modern and pleasant experience. I'm looking forward to this day, as with these changes it will feel more like DayZ 2.0 than with any others.

See you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Video: The Last Day Of The Chernarus Club

Hey everyone,

The following video showing the "story about a group of friends that have always been together", as described, turned up in our gallery. To begin with I wasn't too sure if there was an event going on, if there was supposed to be a story line going through the video, or whatever else the deal was. Any which way, as it turns out, it seems like it's just exactly as described - a group of friends having fun together in Chernarus.

On top of showing some nice positive attitude during combat, the intro/outro for the video is quite well made. Thanks for the entertainment guys!

As always, if you guys out there have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: TiMo

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Jeudi 15 octobre 2015  
Status Report - 15 Oct 2015

Evening Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be addressing topics such as audio, design, and will be revealing a bit of upcoming map/world changes. Also, there'll be a bit of insight on what the status is on the road going towards 0.59 on Experimental branch.

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

We're going to be trying a few new things with the Status Reports from now on (from here till release). First off we're going to go ahead and move Status Reports to a two week schedule. The reason behind this is mostly due to the nature of the major tasks at hand, we're all working on larger scale tasks that impact the game as a whole. The other change I'd like to make to the Status Reports is to change the tone to a more casual and informal tone - rather than typing up the report as if we're discussing a press release, I'd like to try discussing DayZ and the ongoing changes from the perspective of one DayZ player to another.

Before we get into the cool things we'd like to share with you this week, I'll get a few of the areas that are still in progress and not ready to be shown.


As of this report the Engine team is focused on post processes and making sure that we have visual parity (making sure the visual quality is at least the same as the original renderer). Once that is done they'll be focusing on optimizations and multi threading. This will require a good amount of QA time before it hits experimental, but as we've said before - we need to have a visible improvement on performance when it hits experimental.


We're going to be spawning infected again at strong quantities in 0.59 as the gameplay programming team has been working hard on making sure we can have a smooth 75 player experience (which is looking really good guys, I'm pumped!). However! Internally we're going over some strong suggestions and ideas on how to maximize the concentration and spawning of infected across Chernarus. I don't want to speak too much on this until we have a concrete plan on how we want to handle this. Hopefully next Status Report we'll be able to cover exactly what the plan is in more detail. Needless to say, if everything works out - I'm pretty pumped about it.

Nasty 0.58 Bugs

Things like "ground swimming" - known duplication methods, farming of the quonset hut barracks, and such are ear marked as critical gameplay fixes for 0.59. They might not all be resolved in the first 0.59 experimental push - but they are top priority for the move to stable.

First up this Status Report I thought you guys would like a brief peek at some of the audio changes coming up. Now while I mentioned a few Status Reports back that the ambience is being reworked entirely (and will be significantly quieter than the originals) I don't have anything ready to show you on that -right now-. One of the things I'm excited about gameplay wise related to that is the volume balance changes, with different shoe/boot types hopefully soon having different sound profiles, gunshots themselves will also inherently be much louder in comparison with the rest of the world.

In the video up above we've put together some of the changes to weapon sounds. Sure, its not the new ambience - BUT I'm personally excited about any movements towards making each weapon have a unique audio signature so when we're all sneaking through a dense urban environment or sprinting across the wilds of Chernarus we can identify what weapon is being fired by audio alone. Some tweaks will more than likely happen before these sounds are finalized, but we wanted you guys to hear how they are sounding right now.

Now lets talk about something that *really* got me excited. The other week I sat down with Peter our Lead Designer, and Honza one of our Senior Designers to check out some of the things they were working on as they get access to the larger changes we've been waiting for quite awhile on. I spoke with Break71 the other week about how we thought how silly the whole idea of being locked into an animation when performing an action was. Besides the myriad of bugs that are associated with how this works and has worked throughout the Early Access - it just felt like such an immersion and fun killer. 

Just to be clear - the video is above is rough! However it shows what I'm talking about. The design team has significant work ahead of them rewriting every action to match with this behavior. What we're looking at is a change from an action triggering an animation and success/failure being dependent on the completion of the animation. In the example we see Senior Designer Honza (Jan) eating a test bag of rice. As he triggers the action (eating) he is holding down the assigned test key (I believe his left mouse button) his character begins eating the rice. As soon as he releases the key, the character stops eating and is free to move or perform another action.

The amount of rice consumed is calculated based upon the duration of time he was eating the rice - and voila. We see a massive change in how the user interacts with the world, and performs the majority of actions and tasks within DayZ. I know I've said this a lot - but I'm excited and you should be too.

Next up we have a work in progress view at how we're working on vehicle and vehicle parts damage being assigned - and the visual representation of it. I'll put a video down below. The behavior in the video is purely for test purposes. While we're happy with how each part has its own "hit point" value - and can be damaged/destroyed - the behavior of the part "falling off" of the vehicle works for some, but not necessarily for all.

We spent some time discussing how he behavior should operate today - personally while I love each part being able to be damaged individually from the parent vehicle, and that change being visual to players as they attack the vehicle I'd much rather have the part be "non usable" when destroyed. Such as a door that is destroyed being "jammed" and not openable without an action, or a tool being used to force it open.

This however could easily lead to a situation where a character is "stuck" inside a damaged vehicle without a method of escape that looks visually acceptable (like smashing the window and being teleported out of the vehicle when climbing out of it). The design team will be going over the best method for handling the functionality of the damaged vehicle components over the course of the next week or so. I'd like to talk about that some more in the next Status Report.

On the World Design side, Senchi has been working pretty tirelessly on the long awaited renovation and update to Chernogorsk. The major coastal cities for quite some time hadn't really been touched that much since we hit Early Access - and their age compared to the outstanding work the World team had done up north was really, really visible.

Now, these are still moderately early. Senchi and his team still need to replace the original Chernogorsk ground textures, and finish up the the structures - but we thought you guys would like to see how it was going. Chernogorsk is a key city for Chernarus - and its very critical we keep the stylized skyline and key points of interest intact. That said, there is a lot of room for improvement and I'm confident Senchi and his team will knock it out of the park when Chernogorsk is done.

0.59 Experimental hasn't hit yet as you all know, and I get a good deal of questions about when it is coming. As I hate to give solid dates in case something comes up in test, I'll give you guys a quick insight on what the blockers are from it hitting experimental.

Vehicle Sync

This is huge for 0.59, as we're introducing new vehicles and increasing the vehicle quantity it just flat out has to work better than previous builds. We have had some nasty bugs come up while working on this and its held back the experimental push. That said, the programming team is making some commits tomorrow and our fingers are crossed that QA signs off on the improvement.

Dynamic Events

As the gameplay programming team works on randomization of vehicle/parts state while spawning, as well as potentially randomizing potential weapon attachments on spawning, we've run into a few bugs that caused issues spawning dynamic events (as the tech behind them is shared). Obviously we need to have this resolved - but its not a major blocker for experimental at least, but definitely stable.

Memory Consumption

We've isolated a memory/handle leak issue that has caused some crashes we want to get resolved before hitting experimental, I'm sure you all can understand the motivation there. The gameplay programming team is hard at work knocking this one out.

Ground Swimming & Duplication

More gameplay blockers than anything, we're all as frustrated with these issues on 0.58 as you are. So obviously we've ear marked these as absolute must fixes. They aren't necessarily preventing an experimental push, but as we're working on the other blockers - these are top priority as well.

Lastly for this Status Report - I know a lot of you have been wanting to see the Q3 2015 Roadmap Analysis, and we'll be covering that as well as some changes to in the future that will give you guys more insight on exactly where we are with the required features and content for 1.0 at PAX Australia at the end of the month.

The talk -should- be live streamed by the PAX folks, and in case any issues come up we'll be recording the audio off board and will present it post-event just like the RTX Q1 & Q2 Roadmap Analysis was done.

I hope I didn't ramble too much in this Status Report, but as we're getting closer to our goal of Beta (End of this year, beginning of next year) there are a lot of large changes coming to the tech behind DayZ, and these tasks take more time than modifications to the old tech and systems.

Questions? Suggestions? Make sure to head over to the official DayZ Forums and join the Status Report discussion thread for this week.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Spotlight: GamingRoachEntertainment

So, we have a returning content creator for this week: GamingRoachEntertainment. Yep, he was featured once before with his excellent story depicting Quinn Bauer's quest to find his family. Considering the massive amounts of time and effort it must have taken to create a new 13 episode storyline, with each episode lasting between approximately 15 - 30+ minutes, it seemed like a shame not to present GRE's newest series to you all.

This time around, we're presented with Eddy Beck's Story. Without spoiling any of Quinn Bauer's story, which is also still available on GRE's Youtube channel, I'll just leave it at mentioning that the connection between the two characters is that Eddy used to manage Quinn's career as a music producer.

The first three episodes will be linked below, and I hope that you'll take the time to have a look at the full series by using the following link to GRE's Youtube account: GamingRoachEntertainment

Also, in case you enjoy the RP content, GamingRoachEntertainment is streaming DayZ via his Twitch account.

If you have some nice footage of you and your friends fooling around in DayZ, just send it through to the Gallery section of our DayZ forums, and we'll be looking forward to see what you're up to!

Until next time, take care of yourselves!

Header image credit: Hauptmann Speirs

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 30 septembre 2015  
Status Report - 30 Sept 15

Evening Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be addressing upcoming features such as contaminated terrain, aerial vehicles, and character lifespan. Also, he will be serving a quick recap on ongoing work for 0.59 experimental.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

So last weekend we were fortunate enough to be invited onto the TwitchCon stage to talk about a few upcoming things to DayZ. For those that weren't able to catch the broadcast, we're going to recap what was covered in this week’s Status Report.

Before we do that - a quick recap on pending 0.59 experimental.

    Improvements on passenger perspective vehicle sync are still in progress
    Server/Client crash issues are being worked on
    Network Traffic Profiling tools will be pushed to certain Exp servers when the push goes out
    Infected Resource costs are still being worked on
    Bugfixing and iteration work is being done upon applying lifetime to items when they are created (initial item spawn)

Contaminated Terrain

When we looked at testing out the impact of terrain that requires specific equipment to safely navigate, naturally the opportunity presented itself with the upcoming Tisy Military Base, and the need to make acquiring the first Helicopter a high risk situation. Personally, I found the meeting rather exciting due to the fact that the art assets required can be added to the library used by the Environment Design team on their destruction passes aimed at making Chernarus look more post-disaster.

In the above concept art we have an example of the mass graves you would see in a last-stand military / relief hybrid camp. With the base, we're hoping to have new civilian agency hospital tents, barricades, and general signs of the last stand of the UN and CDF forces as they tried to hold off their pending death. The installation itself was originally a Surface to Air Missile & Radar base originally built by the occupying Soviets. The elevated platform you see within the frame of coursed originally used for mobile radar installations.

Entering and navigating the installation should (hopefully) require using protective gear, be it the gas masks or a future hazmat suit. Else you risk a potentially fatal illness, or spreading such illness to your friends and fellow survivors.

Obviously parts to support an operational helicopter will be completely separate from operational fluids and parts required to repair and maintain say.. a bus. So finding that helicopter up at Tisy definitely won't be a quick spot and grab!

Aerial Vehicles

Speaking of helicopters - we spoke briefly about the first aerial vehicle in DayZ at TwitchCon. The Littlebird is a model inherited from the Take On Helicopters team, and updated to meet DayZ's quality requirements. The below video is very - very rough implementation, purely keyboard controls (because I'm just that good). We'll be expanding the aerial vehicles past the Littlebird of course - current plans include expanding to fixed wing aircraft as well. (Stay tuned for that!)

For those curious, as I've mentioned several times prior - One of the mechanics we're just not satisfied with from DayZ Mod is the "Universal Parts" system. You could take a tire off of a bicycle and slap it on a URAL. The motor from a small fishing boat could be used in a tractor, and so on. With the introduction of new land vehicles into 0.59 we're expanding the operational parts past "Truck Battery" and "Glow Plug" - and Aerial Vehicles will see that expand as well. Specialized parts, and fuel will be required, and hopefully also see the importance of areas that naturally would contain those items be reintroduced.

Character Lifespan

Lastly, while at TwitchCon we had the opportunity to discuss some of the methods of character growth and progression we're working on. Specifically for TwitchCon we discussed methods of character aging, and the visual impact on the appearance of the character. Obviously females won't be growing beards, and we discussed briefly how this effect can expand past just facial hair and into scars, and dirty faces. The principle idea being allowing people to opt out of the system, and pose as someone freshly spawned. However - for those who want to go for the grizzled look, facial hair - blood, dirt, and grime can all give the appearance of a character who has seen it all.

Scars obviously however cannot just be "washed off" - and as we look to see how viable scars are, and if they fit within the scope of 1.0 we'll be discussing this in future status reports. Additionally, prototypes are currently being worked on for the previously described "soft skills" - keep your eye on future status reports for that ;)

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Igromir Expo

Российские Фанаты DayZ ! Старший дизайнер Чернаруси , Арсений "SenChi" Смирнов , будет присутствовать на геймшоу Игромир в Москве , в эти выходные!
Если вам интересно , следите за новостями нашего официального Твиттер аккаунта DayZ Dev Team там вы узнаете где вы сможете встретить разработчиков DayZ.  Мы с удовольствием обсудим со всеми вами DayZ , Чернарусь, и планы на будущее. Оставайтесь на связи !

Russian Survivors! Chernarus Designer Senchi will be at Igromir 2015 this weekend in Moscow! If you're attending, keep an eye on the official DayZ Dev Team Twitter account for times and locations to meet up. We'd love to talk DayZ, and all things Chernarus with you all.

Community Video: Hard Work

So, time to take a break from the massive amounts of PvP videos and show something different. In this video, our protagonist farmer prepares a small plot, plants his tomato seeds, waters them, and peacefully awaits the moment when he can reap the sweet benefits of his back breaking work.

Oh, come on!!! Just let the man keep his tomato patch!!! Poor guy...

Thanks for sharing haknslash. You did what you could.

Keep that content coming everyone! There's plenty of room over at the Gallery.

Header image credit: fairtae

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 23 septembre 2015  
Status Report - 23 Sept 15

Evening Survivors,

In this week's Status Report our Lead Producer Brian Hicks will fill us in on subjects such as the CLE and a bit on work on the engine. Also, Lead Designer Peter will be commenting on work that has been done in regards to firearms.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

Much to the delight of our reddit community (I'm certain) we'll be covering some points on the ongoing refinement of DayZ's in game economy this week, as well as talking about some upcoming content to the game, and a quick recap on the progress of upcoming engine changes for Enfusion. Lastly, Peter will talk briefly about future changes to how ammunition is handled in DayZ.

Don't forget to keep your eyes and ears open during TwitchCon - as I'll be speaking about Aerial Transport, Contaminated Terrain, and an additional little surprise I hope you'll all be excited for as I am. (This should be hosted on

We've normalized the 0.58 stable branch economy around 27,000 minimum spawned items across Chernarus. The most prevalent items of course are clothes, tools, and resources required to survive. Internally we've begun setting the system up to apply lifetime to items upon their creation (spawning) so that player interaction with items is no longer required. This should take the economy a step further towards keeping things robust and moving. Region control is the next major step for the economy, which will allow us to restrict certain items to spawn only in certain regions - This way we can ensure more of those basic supplies are kept spawning on the coast to ensure folks have what is required to move inland, regardless of player traffic.

For 0.59 we'll begin experimenting with making civilian firearms a little more prevalent, and ammunition will begin to be more of a rarity. The desired effect being that ammunition itself will have an increased value, so that the decision to take that shot has more factors to it. That said, loose ammunition types that are used by civilian weapons as well as military have had their potential loot spawns expanded so it can be found throughout Chernarus. (7.62x39 for the IZH, 45 ACP for the 1911, and so on)

Issues with duplication, and magazine quantity manipulation have been identified and are being resolved, and NATO military gear will be moving out of the Quonset Hut Barracks and back to their proper NATO chopper crash spawns.

The art team is working on finalizing the upcoming Enduro Dirtbike model, which will hopefully be joining the vehicle distribution in 0.60. This vehicle will probably be our most accessible type, but like all other vehicles will need the proper parts, and operational fluids to maintain and use.

On the engine side the team is working hard towards a functional merge for several areas, keep in mind just merging these modules and systems are just the beginning. Configuration, testing, and iteration will need to occur.

    Renderer has entered initial functional testing with internal Q/A
    Animation System development is in progress, and the animation team is working closely with the programmers to begin testing/implementation.
    Network Optimization is a top priority, with issues such as player desync, gunshot sounds, and vehicle position being tied to this work. Network profiling tools will be used on 0.59 experimental branch servers so we can gather data on exactly what is occurring.
    Damage System is being configured, and under initial testing with Q/A & Design Team
    Physics System has had several key issues resolved that may be related to some of the Infected AI server costs. This is under test/investigation
    Infected Bugfixing is still under way, and daily test passes are being run against the commits

We've got a lot of work ahead of us in the coming months, so please make sure to file any issues and bugs you see over at the Official Feedback Tracker.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Firearms, who doesn’t like them? They equal power. One can obtain food through hunting animals, defend oneself against infected or even hostile survivors. There are firearms related mechanics which were added specifically for DayZ’s requirements such attachments, modifications, chambering and others. Also former functionality of weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers or underslung grenade throwers will be brought back. 
To get closer to authenticity of firearms some changes to their handling are being currently implemented. Chambering became a real part of the weapon instead of invisible magazine with 1 bullet count. This will allow players to attach a magazine to a chambered weapon effectively increasing the amount of available bullets which wasn't possible before. Reloading is also being revamped, as R-key will be dedicated to the manipulation with weapon like manually cycling the bolt, pull back charging handle in case of jam or even rolling the drum of revolver when you decide to play lethal games with some friends. Don't worry about losing R-key for reloading. As a replacement for R-key you will be able to reload your gun directly from the quickbar by choosing the corresponding slot with magazine in it. Magazines will be swapped during reloading action. Also loose ammunition will work in same way, choose right slot and gun will be chambered. 
Another nice change is that bullets in magazines/piles are no more just numbers of amount but are really independent objects which means they can contain ammo of different quality. Combination of damaged ammunition and non maintained gun leads to higher possibility of jams. With different type of ammunition in magazines, tracers will experience their comeback and help us to revive night gameplay a bit. 
Keep your pockets organized... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter / Lead Designer -

Community Spotlight: Blazerunner70

Excellent, I was lucky to stumble across a small cluster of random DayZ gems on Youtube. Yep, there's a nice mix of friendly player interaction, a bit of pvp, and a bit of roleplay. The videos were created by Blazerunner70, and although the videos are a couple of months old, they still do show the kinds of adventures that players can come across in DayZ.

Now, the audio levels are a bit off but the content of the videos is quite nice still.

Saving bambis, one pumpkin at a time :D

Hopefully you'll enjoy the videos as well, and as always, if you have some nice DayZ videos you can always go to the Gallery on the DayZ forums and share them with us.  Until next week everyone, stay healthy, stay safe!

Header image credit: ṂҒ | Marzipan

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 15 septembre 2015  
Status Report - 15 Sept 15

Evening Survivors,

This week's Status Report contains good info from Lead Producer Brian Hicks regarding the Central Loot Economy, engine work, and the newly introduced Combat Scrum held over the weekend.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

As the team prepares work on 0.59 experimental release (v1) we'll recap this week any applicable changes to 0.58 stable, and talk a bit about what to expect with 0.59 experimental.

Those of you who closely follow dev's personal twitter accounts might already know some of this information, but not everyone does - so we need to recap this.

With the hotfix deployed to stable branch servers, it is important that everyone understands how the item cleanup system works - both right now, and how it should be operating with 0.59 stable.

    Items have a 30 minute lifetime which can be refreshed by picking up the item, or directly interacting with it.
    Base Objects (Tents, Ammo Canisters, Protector Cases, Barrels, Vehicles) have a 45 day lifetime. This will eventually move to 7 days once systems are in place for intuitive lifetime refresh
    Backpacks (not including the improvised and crafted types) have a lifetime of 4 hours
    Crafted backpacks have a lifetime of 1 hour

When the first 0.59 experimental build hits, you'll notice a few things we'll be trying.

    10 Offroad Hatchbacks will spawn
    10 Civilian Sedans will spawn
    5 Transit Buses will spawn
    V3S Chassis will spawn
    3 V3S Cargo will spawn

These numbers may not carry over to stable, as the intent is to test how both the server handles the amount, and the player-player vehicle position is handled. In addition, we'll be operating most servers at 75 players on 0.59 experimental. If we're able to get server side performance above the red line at 75 players prior 0.59 hitting stable, it will carry over. If not, we'll continue to work towards it with 0.60 experimental.

For 0.59, and 0.60 both - we're looking at a good amount of engine work being merged into the main branch. Part of this work includes the beginning of basic QA passes against portions of the new renderer. This is internally only, but requires some DLL changes to be present in the main distribution, so don't get to worked up if you see some DLL's referencing Enfusion, or Direct X 11. Past the programmers merging these engine changes in, they still need to be properly configured within the areas of the title that use them by the design team, tested by QA, bugfixed, regression testing, and so on. So don't expect massive changes all at once (a general good approach to the whole of Early Access, in general) - and please, if you're participating in the Experimental Branch, make sure to file bugs at

Last Saturday we had the first Combat Scrum w/ PvP Evangelists - and we've compiled the rough notes of what was covered in this below:


    Brian Hicks

This initial combat scrum ran a whopping two hours, and bounced over a myriad of topics. We're looking into the possibility of moving to releasing these as audio MP3s in the future. For this scrum we'll cover the top four questions and their responses.

Player Desync / Gunshots not being heard / Breaking your legs while climbing upstairs?

A) While server side performance gains were made, this exponentially grew the amount of successful network traffic being handled by the server. No optimizations have been done on this across 2015, and thus obviously has to be a priority moving forward. This is a well known issue internally, and will be a focus moving forward. Network traffic behavior is just not acceptable right now, and must be improved.

Improvised Bow - Balancing? Changing the aiming style? Improving usability?

Obviously, the current method of using the improvised bow in combat is not ideal. It is -functional- but we have a good ways to go with it until we're happy. Most of that is either A) Going to be affected by upcoming changes to the animation system, and player controller and B) Going to come in beta, when our focus shifts from primarily feature development, to bug fixing. In short, in the end - we most definitely want bow combat to be both viable, and rewarding.

Weapon Sway / Realism vs Fun / Using the effect of hold breath to mitigate the cost of weapon sway & stamina?

This is a good point. Obviously DayZ is known for, and associated with a "hardcore unforgiving survival simulator" - and we want to maintain this moving forward. However, when it comes to systems such as weapon sway, hold breath, and stamina - and how they all play into each other, we need to communicate more clearly to the user exactly what is going on.

Part of this can be communicated properly via the upcoming new (togglable) UI, and even more can be communicated by -properly- displaying a (more) visible change in sway via the hold breath mechanic. As we're currently using placeholder tech from RV in this area, we're not able to do what we want to do with this. As we move closer to beta, we're all excited to move weapon sway, and associated hold breath functionality and the new UI towards a more approachable and understandable system. Much like learning to control your sound in DayZ Mod, we hope to see players learning through UI and visual cues how to control their weapon sway, and use hold breath the most effectively.

Are there any plans to reduce player speed / Address some sort of inertia system to mitigate players being able to make high speed 180 turns without consequence?

Firstly with player speed, anyone who played DayZ Mod can tell you how ridiculously fast the DayZ player speed is in comparison. Initially this was done to help mitigate the limited available methods of transportation in DayZ, as Chernarus is a very, very large play area - and the decentralization of points of interest by expanding and redesigning Chernarus into Chernarus Plus meant much more travel was needed. As we look forwards towards 0.59 and beyond, increasing the methods and availability of transportation we'll be scaling back player movement speed (iteratively, not all at once). When it comes to inertia, dexterity, and all of the potential gameplay areas that can have an impact on the player movement, there is most certainly room for improvement. Keep in mind however, we can't start effectively implementing and changing how this works in game until both the new player controller, and animation system are merged in and configured for use by the design team.

That said, we are most definitely interested in improving how the player handles, and expanding the simulation of weight, and dexterity upon the momentum of player characters in motion. The next three months or so should see some marked improvement, and changes to how this is handled.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Spotlight: NWAF is the place to be in .58!

Hey everyone,

While well underway towards 0.59, it's been great to see all the material pumped out by players while they have a go at 0.58 on Stable branch. As a small treat for this week, we have a bit of PvP action at the NWAF to show you:

The video was posted by WookieG0420 via the Gallery on our DayZ forums (3 to 1, not bad indeed).

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Also, for the month of August, we'd like to extend a big thanks to all of you who took the time to help file bugs via our Feedback Tracker! On the Tracker, joe_mcentire, mamersmann, Darcion(!), lagrange, HaseDesTodes, K-2, did outstanding work in filing a good chunk of bugs each throughout August and the entire team is really grateful for the effort you put into it guys!

Header image credit: Raptorz

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 9 septembre 2015  
Status Report - 09 Sept 15

Note: Our Community Manager is out of the office with the flu, we'll return to the established Status Report format next week - appreciate everyones patience!

Greetings Survivors!

I hope all of you that we had the privilege to meet up with at PAX Prime have recovered, and are ready for some more Chernarus Survival, because we certainly are!

While in Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo I spent a good amount of time live casting from both the Twitch, and Astro stages. We discussed everything from the newly launched .58 update, to upcoming Community Combat Scrums, the Anti-Cheat Bounty initiative, and even the Survivor GameZ joining the Bohemia Interactive portfolio.

For those interested in a recap, DayZ Content Creator "Septic Falcon" was kind enough to put together a quick recap over at - Head over, check it out, and maybe drop him a sub!

Now that 0.58 has hit stable, we've been keeping an eye on the Official Forums and Feedback Tracker. Huge thanks to all of you who were exemplary testers and filed outstanding tickets giving us strong repros on the critical issues not caught on experimental. In addition to the known issues, the community helped us identify issues with the cleanup of certain items (eg: some firearms, etc).

Internally, while development on 0.59 is ongoing - a small portion of the team has forked off to work on a potential hotfix for 0.58 Stable addressing:

    Session Lost / Connection Issues when around large/medium player camps
    Certain items not being cleaned up by Lifetime (Age) cleanup

Once we have a build we feel is ready for larger testing, it will be pushed to the Experimental Branch. The build will have to check out after a minimum of 2 days testing - and then will be eligible for a push to Stable. (Cross your fingers!)

As 0.58 Stable continues, we've closely monitored loot saturation and dispersal. The average operating range for item quantity as of the time of the launch of 0.58 was approximately 21,000 items. With the initial release, iteration and configuration was still needed on a good deal of items within the central economy control. Below, you'll see the dispersion of items three days after the launch of 0.58 to stable. (Public server, High population)

Several days ago, we completed a gradual configuration and increase of loot quantity. Tools, clothing, survival resources, and such were increased incrementally - bringing the average resting quantity of loot across Chernarus to 26,000 items. Weapons, non perishable food, and military gear retained their configured numbers from Experimental Branch. We'll continue to iterate this as 0.58 is ongoing, and the pending hotfix addressing the cleanup of specific items will continue to make the survival experience in Chernarus engaging.

With TwitchCon coming up at the end of this month in San Francisco, we're looking forward to talking about Aerial Transport, Contaminated Terrain, and more - so be on the lookout for specific information on when/where to watch that!

Lastly, this weekend we will be trying out our first Community Combat Scrum. We've extended invitations to the first evangelists we'll be trialing the program with. The following community members will be joining us this weekend:

The results of the scrum will be included in next weeks Status Report, and assuming the program results are positive we'll start looking into expanding it to evangelists of the Survivalist type gameplay as well.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -


Mercredi 26 août 2015  
Status Report - 26 August 15

Evening survivors,

As we're at the edges of releasing 0.58 on Stable branch, our Lead Producer Brian Hicks has a couple of words to share regarding what to expect and keep an eye out for once the build is deployed. Additionally, he'll also have a bit of info available for the upcoming PAX Prime convention which will take place over the next weekend (Aug 28-31) in Seattle.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

At the time of this writing we're hours away from this weeks Stable Branch maintenance period, in which 0.58 will move to stable branch - and work will kick off on 0.59.

That said - there are a few things we'd like you all to know.

    First off, if you are a server renter - make sure to familiarize yourself with the updated server rules: Public server hosting rules, Private server hosting rules.
    There will be a full reset of the characters, items, and server storage when this update goes live.
    Adjustments will need to be made to how the Central Economy functions within the live environment. If you notice something out of the ordinary - open a ticket at to let us know!

While many QoL (Quality of Life) issues were resolved with 0.58, we're still in development of both DayZ, and the Enfusion engine - so there are plenty of issues remaining to get fixed. Be aware of these, so you may best enjoy your time participating in DayZ's development.

    Door States are currently experiencing issues. In these situations, sometimes players can hear the sounds of doors opening/closing that might not actually be being interacted with.
    Cooked Meat can in some cases cause survivors to become ill.
    Server / Client position tracking improvements are still being worked on. In some cases, desynchronization of this information can occur and server/client or client/client disagreements will happen.
    While the long running animation state problem of survivors constantly shouldering weapons seems to have been slain, we still have some edge cases where odd animation state behavior can be observed.
    There are a few low repro server crashes still present, the frequency of these are fairly low and investigation on repro steps is ongoing.
    Passenger Vehicle Position desynchronization is still below acceptable, and is slated for priority work on 0.59.
    In some cases, while manipulating your inventory or crafting certain items a "false duplicate" item can be created. While this issue is currently under investigation, players can mitigate this by logging out and back in.
    In some situations, all clients involved in a gunfight will not receive all proper gunshot sounds. This is currently being investigated.
    Player camps of large size may experience issues interacting with and manipulating items. Survivors are encouraged to spread out camps of large size (2+ tents) until this issue is resolved.

With 0.58 Stable Update incoming, and PAX Prime just around the corner it should be an exciting weekend. We'll be covering some exiting new changes and additions to the developer-community interaction in three different areas on the stage, doing Developer Meet & Greets, and talking DayZ Story Telling. Hope to see you all there!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Pax Prime 2015 Schedule

For Pax Prime 2015 we have the following schedule available:

Do stop by and say "Hi" to the guys! Also, if you make it to meet the guys at the meet & greets, you'll be able to get your hands on your very own DayZ Pipsi shirt:

Community Spotlight: MAVE

Hey all,

A couple of months ago I came across a DayZ short film named “The Story of Damien Mcklain” in the gallery section of the DayZ forums. A couple of months later, the same user posted another short film named “The Story of John Seabury”.

Both short films created by MAVE are great examples of what the many excellent content creators are able and willing to produce in their spare time. With the nice narrative and cinematic feel the videos have, as well as considering the length the videos, I can only imagine the amount of time and effort MAVE had to put into them.

There is plenty more content available at MAVE's Youtube account, and you can always follow him on his facebook and Twitch accounts:

Also, for this month we have an update on the bugfilers for the month of july. “El Tea Couch”, HaseDesTodes, Darcion, _M4Z_TeR_, and Rudi. Of course, thanks to all of you who took the time to file the bugs you came across in DayZ!

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Mardi 18 août 2015  
Status Report - 18 August 15

Evening survivors,

For this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be informing us on the upcoming plans for the CLE as the team moves closer towards BETA. Additionally, he'll tell us a bit about what will be in focus for 0.59 Experimental once we progress past 0.58 release on Stable branch.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

Much like the last Status Report - we've still got the gameplay programming team working on the blocking issues preventing 0.58 to hit stable branch. The primary issues of which were a result of some tests on resolving animation looping, and related problems we are still aiming for 0.59 to address. We've been working hard to resolve these issues so we can provide as compelling a gameplay experience w/ 0.58 as possible while still in development.

Once 0.58 leaves incubation on experimental branch, survivors will notice a sharp difference in how loot is distributed across Chernarus. We're still pretty early on in where we want to be with the central economy by release from Early Access, however we do now have much more precise control over the distribution. The system allows us to dynamically modify quantities, spawning frequencies, spawning priority, and so on without having to push an update to stable branch. We'll be closely monitoring active item concentration across official servers, and adjusting based upon this. Those more stalwart survivors might notice higher quantities of canned food goods than are specifically required - we've found that the best method to acclimate players to having to scavenge for supplies versus the placeholder prototype systems distribution is to slowly dial the quantities incrementally down - until the balance reaches a playable state.

Above you can see the current top 10 distributed items on an example experimental branch server. Non persishable food currently has the highest priority / quantity for entry level items in the respawn system. Primarily to allow folks to acclimate themselves to the need to move *around* Chernarus to continue to find the supplies they need. Ideally, we'll dial these quantities back in increments of 10 until we find a comfortable balance. Past non perishable goods, basic tools have the highest quantity of items spread across Chernarus. Wood Axes, Matches, Burlap Sacks, Water Purification, and so on.

Again, once 0.58 stable hits and has time to settle - with a larger player base than experimental roaming across the environment we'll make changes according to how the distribution looks and performs. Moving past 0.58 and looking at 0.59 experimental - in addition to the new features, content, and so forth - We'll be looking into more QoL improvements for the stable player base. Vehicle position sync optimization (no fun riding around in new vehicles if your passengers want to vomit from desync!), animation state sync between clients, animal herd behaviour, position & projectile synchronization bugfixing, and much more.
As well, with 0.59 experimental we'll be testing the potential effect of players spawning with radios and how it may or may not impact player interaction. The range of the radios should be temporarily (for the duration of the test on Exp 0.59) increased to cover the whole of Chernarus. Once this hits experimental, I encourage you to head over to the official DayZ forums ( and share your experiences (be it good, or bad) with how this impacts your gameplay!

As mentioned during our RTX panel presentation, longer incubation times on Experimental and dedicating more time to QoL issues on the primary branch may end up costing us some time here or there, but we firmly believe it will present a higher quality player experience during DayZ's development. Of course, there will still be plenty of bugs - but we'll do our best to make sure the experience is still enjoyable.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Video: "The Chronicles of 0.58"

This time around we present you with a series of videos called "The Chronicles of 0.58" created by:

The 5 episode series chronicles a 10 hour session Mr. Blackout completed together with Brian Hicks. During the session, the duo showcase playability in version 0.58 which is available on our Experimental branch servers. While the guys embark on their trek through Chernarus, the guys show their looting, friendly encounters, hostile encounters (where Hicks assists Blackout by soaking bullets like a sponge, hardcore MLG style), and all that good stuff.

At the end of the series, some 1,5+ hours had passed by without me really noticing, so if you have the time I'd definitely recommend you having a go at the episodes. Quite impressive that Mr. Blackout managed to go through a 10 hour session that included hostile encounters without even dying once.

If you find yourselves hungry for more from Mr. Blackout, you can find tons more content via his Youtube account, you can watch his streams via his Twitch account, and you can contact him via Twitter and Facebook.

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

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Vendredi 14 août 2015  
Status Report - 14 August 15

Greetings Survivors!

As mentioned - this weeks Status Report will consist of the RTX 2015 presentation in full, with slides and proper audio.

For a quick recap of what the focus has been over this week:

    Items Stuck in Hands
    Player Desync Issues
    Player Animation Glitching
    Server crash bugfixing
    Player "Shouldering" Issues
    Server Performance Optimization

Obviously not all these issues are blockers for stable, but many of them are tied to related causes. We'll continue to iterate on Experimental Branch until we have a build we're comfortable moving to Stable branch. All of the team here are eagerly looking forward to releasing 0.58 to the main branch, and starting on 0.59 Experimental.

Next week we'll return to the standard Status Report format - but for now, here is the RTX 2015 talk in full.


Mercredi 29 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 29 Jul 15

Evening survivors,

For this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be informing us on what the team has been working on for the upcoming update on Stable branch. In this regard he'll go over subjects such as the loot distribution and persistence. 

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

The team has been crunching away on our last blockers for stable release, as well as working on values for loot distribution. Tomorrow morning we should see our (hopeful) final experimental release hit Steam, which will be tested over the weekend. Assuming we notice no new issues, we're hoping to hit stable branch on Monday or Tuesday next week.

The only issue we currently see as a blocker on experimental (0.58.128852) is visually represented as "floating loot" currently caused by an issue with items that have been "swapped" by players. (Most commonly seen as loot floating above deer stands, police stations, etc). As mentioned above, tomorrow should see an experimental push that will see this resolved - and this build will be tested over the weekend to see its viability for Stable Branch.

While this fix has been underway, we've been dialing in the balance for non perishable food, firearms, and military loot. Currently, the highest quantity and priority in the economy is given to non perishable food goods. (Tuna, Beans, Rice, etc). With civilian pistols being the most common firearm, followed by civilian rifles such as the trumpet, blaze, IZH43 Shotgun, and so on. Military loot is distributed across all military points across the map, mostly of which are up in the Northern areas. Military grade firearms are relatively rare, and there is no guarantee that visiting the military bases will yield you the weapon you want. With most items on a 30 minute timer (without being "refreshed" by being manipulated by players) - getting fully kitted up as a "military" player with all the gear you want could take some time.

Super Rare items (M4A1, Steyr Aug, SVD, and so on) that spawn on dynamic events operate on an even rarer chance. Dynamic events have a varied pool of potential items that can spawn, with only 3 active helicopter wrecks at any given time - and an approximate 4 hour clean up, continued hunting will be required to find that super rare weapon or item you are seeking.

Please keep in mind, we are now fully able to update quantities and rarity without requiring an update - so if we should see issues with loot concentration, or quantity once .58 hits stable branch, we will be able to address this rapidly.

Fortunately, players can now create camps and store their supplies and weapons at them during their treks across Chernarus. Different containers / objects have different lifetimes. Currently, they operate as follows:

    Medium Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
    Military Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
    Car Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
    Barrels: 45 Days
    Ammo Boxes: 45 Days
    Protector Cases: 45 Days
    Backpacks (All types): 3 Days

Current functionality on experimental does not allow for refreshing the lifetime of an object without picking it up, so tents and barrels were set to a lifetime that will cover the time to .59 + some safety room in case of .59 stable blockers. Once .59 is pushed to stable, we will support the refresh of a base objects lifetime via interacting with it (moving, placing, picking up any item inside it) - which will operate as follows:

    Medium Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
    Military Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
    Car Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
    Barrels: 7 Days
    Ammo Boxes: 7 Days
    Protector Cases: 7 Days
    Backpacks (All types): 3 Days

This system will also allow for the refreshing of advanced basebuilding objects, once they are implemented. 
Speaking of advanced base building - I'll be speaking at RTX 2015 in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 8th at 5:30 PM to discuss a recap of things covered at E3 2015, what we'd like to do with advanced base building, what soft skills means exactly, and show the new vehicles coming in 0.59. For those unable to make it, we'll be providing the presentation + audio in the Status Report following the event (Wednesday, August 12th).

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Video: I'm hunting

Hey survivors,

While looking for some videos of players doing some hunting and fishing while living the hermit lifestyle in Chernarus, I came across a video simply called "I'M HUNTING". I could see in the description that it was probably not exactly what I was looking for, but I decided to give it a go just the same. Sure enough, the content didn't disappoint. In the video we get to see a glimpse of the unjust killing of a freshspawn and the subsequent hunt and sweet, sweet revenge towards the end.

The video was brought to us by the following content creator: Musse Plays

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

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Mardi 21 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 21 Jul 15

Greetings Survivors,

For this week we have a bit of info on a subject which many of you have been enquiring about - Persistence. Our Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be talking a bit about what the team has been working as of late in regards to persistence, and also, he will fill us in a bit in relation to both server performance as well as player position desync. Also, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will inform us of the work being conducted on vehicles. This includes both upcoming vehicles as well as operation/maintenance of these.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

The team is still working hard on the last few issues blocking a stable release of 0.58 - I'll highlight a few of them in this Status Report as well as go into how some of the changed systems are now operating, and how they should be operating once 0.58 hits stable.

Last we discussed:

    Server Performance (Degrading)

      This issue has been resolved, and we're seeing a 3x increase in server performance on the current 0.58. As well, the degrading curve of server performance over large spans of time has been resolved. Thus, the experimental branch servers will be operating on a 12 hour restart schedule now.

    Player Position Desync

      Still being worked on, the gameplay programmers have made some improvements on this issue - but its still not where we would like it to be for stable. We'll continue to iterate on this, and keep you apprised in the Status Reports. For now, current experimental servers should show a marked improvement in this area.

Now onto the meat for this week. As frequent experimental branch users are aware, we've been operating experimental with full persistence enabled. Dynamic events have been respawning, and cleaning up - and we've been conducting extensive testing on Quantity Maximum Cleanup, and Lifetime Cleanup.

The above picture shows the loot concentration (against a black backdrop for our color blind users) right after last Friday's experimental update. The item quantity sits right around an average of 21,000 items globally.

This picture, shows the same server - 3 days later. The item quantity is *the same* (Approx 21,000 items globally) but the saturation is much lower, with the items massively spread out across the map. This issue can be tied to two issues - One, lifetime (age of a particular item) cleanup not functioning for items "dropped" on the ground - and per building maximum not yet functioning.

Todays experimental build is aimed at resolving both of those issues. With the first iteration of per-building maximums, and bug fixing on item lifetime cleanup, we'll be monitoring the loot heat maps - as well as aiming for another experimental update tomorrow (assuming everything works out alright) with point-of-interest structure limits.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Transportation in DayZ is a crucial part of gameplay, especially on such a large landscape as Chernarus offers. Whenever you want to reach inland for a higher chance to find better loot, get to the Chernogorsk hospital for medical supplies to help your friend in need or ambush the bandit camp hidden in the woods - hiking is the least viable option. As you want to reach your goal as fast as possible, you find yourself looking for the vehicle which suits your current needs best. Version 0.59 will come with a big update to vehicles content and I'm happy to see it's shaping up pretty well. You can look forward to a car fest with 3 completely new vehicles made from scratch just for DayZ including a slick sedan, a sturdy off-road and a spacious bus. All of these vehicles will have different handling characteristics and specifications you can experience in real life for example bigger turning radius and slower acceleration of the bus, higher top speeds of the sedan or perfect contact with uneven surfaces of off-road.

Apart from that as I mention earlier we are adding long awaited vehicle parts. To repair and maintain your vehicle you will also need to utilize a broad spectrum of tools already available in game, may it be the lug wrench for mounting the wheels, screwdriver to attach the doors or wrench to connect the battery. Some of the tools will have specialized purposes like the lug wrench while others will be used for more interactions within vehicle and its parts. I want to see characters using their tools directly from hands interacting with the exposed parts of the vehicle to reinforce the visceral experience of actual activity. All vehicles and their parts were designed, modeled and prepared according to this goal so I hope it will turn out really well and adds to more sophisticated gameplay instead of instant abstract actions.

I will end my part of Status Report in a bit hyped spirit with insight into the future where I can see vehicles like helicopters, planes, boats and bikes. (Of course we're doing bicycles!).

Keep those tools handy... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Video: "Epic Melee Fight"

Yay!!! For this week we bring you yet another one of those videos that show what some players are up to when not so much focusing on deatchmatch battles at NWAF or living out the hermit lifestyle in the outer rim of the map. There's not so much to it really; one rooftop, 11 players, and no firearms whatsoever. Take a couple of minutes if you will and let yourself be entertained by the chaotic brawl that ensues once the referee reaches the end of his countdown.

The video was most kindly brought to us by TopeREC TV. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I highly recommend that you take a look at his channel.

You can also follow TopeREC via the following channels:

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

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Mercredi 15 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 15 Jul15

Greetings Survivors,

Yet another week is checked off the calendar as the team moves forward with development of DayZ. In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be filling us in on the challenges the team faces while on the road towards the next Stable branch update. Additionally, Brian will hand out a bit more info/updates in regards to the current state of persistence on 0.58 over on the Experimental branch.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors!

As we're in crunch to resolve the last few blocking issues for 0.58 we don't have too much *new news*. That said, we'll use this weeks Status Report to fill you in on the issues we're currently focused on resolving for 0.58, as well as some small changes to Experimental Branch over the last week.

Player Position Desync

This issue has been present in a pretty bad state on 0.57, so obviously we want to do what we can to improve the situation for 0.58. No one enjoys having their character get stuck in one spot, or have someone they're in conflict with bounce all over their screen. While we'll probably not get this issue 100% resolved for this update, our aim is to mitigate it as much as possible and present as enjoyable an experience on stable branch as is possible within a reasonable amount of time for bugfixing. We'll be pushing test updates to experimental branch as work on this moves forward.

Degrading Server Performance

Internally we have noticed severe performance drops on 0.58 experimental, below what we consider to be the acceptable line for a playable dev build. The team has focused on investigating the cause of this issue, and resolving it so as to return the build to a playable state. This, like the issue with player position desync is marked as a blocker for 0.58 stable release.

As well, we discussed last week the goal of having the gameplay programmers resolve the issue of animation glitching for 0.58. With the issues listed above, specifically player position desynchronization being a much more critical issue - priority on the animation glitching (weapon swapping, holding an invisible weapon) has been rescheduled for 0.59, in order to give the proper resources to resolving the issues listed above.

That said - with 0.58 large strides have been made on the loot respawning, and cleanup issues. Allowing us to look forward to the reintroduction of persistent objects frequently used with the building of player camps.
The following functionality is currently present on 0.58 persistence:

    Vehicle Position
    Vehicle Inventory
    Attached Vehicle Parts (W/ Exception to Tires & Fuel Levels)
    Barrel Locations & Inventory
    Horticulture Plots
    Fireplaces & Ovens
    Tents (Camping, Military, Car) Locations & Inventory
    Containers (Ammo Canisters, Backpacks, etc)

And of course - the base item persistence is functioning as well. Item cleanup & respawn should ensure that the economy functions at a base enjoyable level. If you encounter or spawn near a small village that seems to be barren, just continue on to the next town. Mapping the concentration of loot over the span of a week on experimental has shown proper saturation across the map, so there is a high chance that the next town will have everything you need!

As well, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will be discussing our goals for vehicle maintenance (tools, parts, etc) on the Official DayZ forums later today. Make sure to head over, and let your voice be heard!

Lastly, as we look to pushing 0.58 to Stable Branch - We'll be issuing a full reset of the hive (private shard and public shard characters) as well as a full wipe of existing persistence. 

We still have a long way to go, but 0.58 should be a fun build to play on - and 0.59 looks to be even better!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Community Spotlight - Carrot Survivor

Hey all,

So, for this week it is time yet again for one of the DayZ content creators that have a mixed bag of goodies in his library. Without too much fuss; for this week we'll present you a couple of the videos created by: Carrot Survivor

Ahhh, the sweet sweet randomness when players take off into Chernarus to meet and engage other players sometimes in dialogue, sometimes in firefights. Our small selection of Carrot Survivor's videos depict the following settings:

    1. An encounter where Carrot Survivor hooks up with two other random players. Eventually the group takes fire, and the guys subsequently have to figure out a way to deal with a pair of less than friendly players situated by the docks in Cherno.

    2. An unusual encouter where Carrot and a friend engage in a firefight with another player by Veresnik military base. They end up taking the player hostage, yet the encounter ends in a way you might not necessarily expect:

    3. Yet another hostile encounter where things do not go entirely quite as planned, neither for Carrot Survivor nor for his aggressor (dear god, Carrot's screaming is used liberally in several videos and it cracks me up every single time):

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Carrot Survivor via his Twitter and Youtube accounts:

Also, for this month we have an update on the bugfiler(s) for the month of june. As always, Darcion contributed with a load of issues for June, but we'd also like to recognize the efforts of Zyryanoff (again) as well as Impulz. A huge thanks goes out to all of you who took the time to file the bugs you came across in DayZ!

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Mercredi 8 juillet 2015  
Status Report - 08 Jul15

Greetings Survivors,

Work continues on Experimental Branch where the team is working on reaching a suitable build candidate for the next Stable update. In this week's Status Report we'll see Lead Producer Brian Hicks commenting on upcoming changes to stable as well as a bit on the future plans for 0.59 on Experimental Branch. We'll also see Lead Designer Peter Nespesny commenting on both the current and upcoming state of the scheduler in charge of character updates.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

This week I'd like to recap some of the upcoming changes to stable (when 0.58 goes live) for those that are not up to date with Experimental Branch. Once 0.58 goes live, we can start discussing 0.59 plans and intent.

Guardhouse Buildings

As work is underway on regional control over the central loot economy, in the interim the guardhouse structures spread across the entirety of the map will not be spawning any loot. This is done to preserve the restriction of high end military loot to the military bases and camps inland in Chernarus. The structures themselves remain enter-able, but until regional control is implemented on stable branch - they will remain without spawning loot.


The structure some folks have referred to as the "Camo Building" or the "Jail House" has been problematic for some time. We've issued hotfixes, and addressed several bugs related to it - but the core issue that needs to be addressed is on the player controller. Rather than continue to issue small hotfixes (otherwise known as bandages on a broken leg) the issue needs to be resolved at the cause. To that end, the loot that would normally be spawning within these structures will be redistributed to other military buildings (tents, camps, barracks, etc)

"Ghost Sounds"

Those who have played DayZ throughout its Early Access development are probably no stranger to the notorious "ghost sounds" bug. Splitting ammo, bandaging, opening soda cans, etc being partially played, and well outside of the range of the actual sound effect. Fortunately, during 0.58 development we were able to get some of the gameplay programmers time to look into this issue, and we are now confident that on 0.58 the issue has been finally slain. So be very aware after the next stable update, if you *hear* a sound effect playing - it IS near you. Be careful out there!

Wrecks (Non interactive)

With work on the central loot economy continuing, and the functionality of how it operates being iterated upon - Non interactive wrecks (tanks, destroyed UAZ's, etc) have been removed from the loot spawning tables, and the environment team will begin using them in their "devastation passes" across Chernarus. As with other structures, items that would normally spawn there will be redistributed across Chernarus. Note: This does NOT include interactive wrecks, such as vehicles you can open the trunks/doors/etc on.

Animation Glitching

The gameplay programming team is currently investigating the cause and symptom behind the notorious animation glitching bug. (Weapon swapping constantly) As well as the issues with dropping your weapon when vaulting. The weapon vaulting fix should be coming to experimental soon, and it is the aim of the team internally to also include a fix toward the weapon swapping animation bug.

Loot Respawning / Persistence Enabling

Photo Credit:

Persistence itself has been functioning for some time, the cause behind it being manually disabled on 0.57 stable servers is tied to an issue with loot respawning. We're aiming to have this issue resolved before we push 0.58 to stable branch, once we've tested this on experimental and are confident in the fix - players will be able to resume making camps, storing gear, and so on. 
Similar issues with dynamic event cleanup and respawn were the cause of static dynamic events - and these issues are currently being investigated, and are marked critical for the 0.58 launch.

In addition to these issues, bugs related to severe player position desyncronization are currently being investigated, and flagged as a must fix for 0.59.

I hope this brief list of information pertaining to 0.58 helps update those who may have not kept a close eye on the experimental branch updates.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

With the 0.57 stable version of DayZ many of you experienced weird behaviour on the character side such as freezing core updates for hunger, thirst, bleeding and others which in many cases rendered character temporarily immortal or in worse case killed him instantly after login back to server. Unsurprisingly the root of all these issues was in the scheduler which is handling character updates recently. 
During our in house testing we didn't catch some circumstances leading to not clearing character properly from scheduler's array of active characters. This issue was especially triggered by respawning and in some cases by disconnecting from the server. 
After some time the scheduler array become partially populated by ghosts and newly connected or respawned players were forced to live outside of it. As scheduler wasn't aware of their existence it didn't processed core updates for them. Fortunately now it's fixed, tested and ready to go so I hope you'll don't experience such issues soon.

With proper updates... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

RTX 2015

Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be speaking at RTX 2015 - discussing the plans for apocalyptic Chernarus moving into the end of the year. From expanded base building options, new vehicles, modding support, character soft skills, and upcoming engine changes Brian will discuss and demo some of the upcoming changes to the post apocalyptic survival simulator DayZ. Q&A to follow!

Community Video: "AUS vs UK - Round 1"

This week we have a bit of a team based rumble. Via the Youtube channel TeamLiveAction, I was served a short video depicting the showdown between the "AUS" and "UK" teams. Even though the video only shows a fraction of the event, seeing two large teams like that arranging to have a go at each others was awesome!

Now, unfortunately I missed the event, but the reason for highlighting these guys this week is due to initially finding the following video:

Yep, it does look like the guys are going at it again for a second round on July 25th 2015 at 10:00 (UTC + 1). I'm definitely looking forward to the event, and if you have the time as well, I'm sure you would enjoy swinging by to see the two teams duking it out in Chernarus.

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

Header image credit: Jack Smith

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 30 juin 2015  
Status Report - 30 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

While development keeps moving along as usual, a lot of you have patiently been waiting for info on the new renderer, and for this week's Status Report Lead Producer Brian Hicks touches upon that very subject. Also, Senior Designer Jan Tomasik gives us some input on the ingame FOV; the theory and thought process behind the design solutions as well as decisions for the current iteration of FOV.

For this week we also present you with a link to the DayZ Trello board where Lead Artist Chris Torchia provides us with a small peek at environment updates, and lastly, we have a small feature on one of DayZ's content creators - Super Dan.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

This week we'll touch on two topics. We'll start off discussing the work ongoing with the new renderer for Enfusion, and then wrap up discussing the current behaviour and mechanics behind sprinting, holding breath, and so on.

Players who have been actively following the development of DayZ are aware of the large task the engine team undertook to separate the legacy RV renderer from the simulation, and replace it with a more modular and updated version. The task itself of creating a new renderer is not huge, the length and weight of the task is related primarily to:

    Separating the legacy renderer from the simulation
    Ensuring the separation is complete, as the RV engine and its functions tied to it are extensive

Once the above was complete, the new renderer itself was broken into three primary modules. (Bear with us, this can be moderately technical)

    Pipeline module (1)

      The pipeline of objects rendering is new (defines the "way" how the objects are moving from entity in world to set of rendering commands)
      Is responsible to prepare meshes to be rendered
      Is multi-threaded
      Filling of pipeline will be also multi-threaded, in phase of testing and debugging

    Material system module (2)

      Objects are rendered using new material system, old one is still present to have the comparison
      Each mesh has assigned a material (not rvmat) with material class which is responsible for it's rendering
      Setting of material is editable in workbench editor and you see real-time the changes in render
      Each material class was written from scratch, visualisation currently as much similar as possible to old render but now we can add simply new features (like PBR)
      Huge simplification for filling GPU command buffers, can be easily sorted to minimize changes in command buffers
      All renderable game objects have now representation in material class

    High level rendering API module (3)

      GPU API is DX11 for now (With DX 12 supporting coming later)
      Implementation of GPU API now hidden behind rendering API, no one is allowed to use direct GPU API commands
      It allows us to add new GPU API like DX12, XBOX one, PS4...much easier
      Initial implementation done, currently in testing and bug fixing phase (optimization still in progress but looks promising)

In addition:

    GUI manager

      GUI pipeline and rendering system is completely new and different from the one in original RV engine
      GUI layouts will be defined in workbench using graphic editor not by config system (huge improvement for designers)
      Rendering works, currently debugging and working on the editor
      In a future experimental build it'll be possible to try it using command line switch (startup switch)

    other notes

      Postprocesses were completely rewritten into new system of effects
      More worlds can be renderered in one frame, it allows to create independent scenes
      Needed for workbench
      Usable also in game to create e.g. mirrors, cameras...

As work on the new renderer continues and we look at our plans for the eventual push to experimental we have several goals:

    Testing partnerships with Intel, AMD, and nVidia to ensure compatability with market leader and average hardware configurations
    Marked performance for gameplay in large cities (Elektro, Cherno, Novod, Severograd, Berezino, etc)

Next up - There has been a good deal of discussion, and questions on exactly how hold breath, lung capacity, and dispersion when characters are tired. Below we have a few example videos with debug data on screen so you can see the specific values.

In the first video you see the user start out stationary - not tired, and begin to hold his breath. With the inaccuracy value falling sharply upon holding his breath, as the character continues to hold his breath and his lung capacity drains - the inaccuracy slowly starts climbing.

With the second video, we have a character who starts off tired (has been sprinting for an extended duration - 90 to 120 seconds of solid sprinting) who takes a knee (supported firing position) as his tired value decreases, his lung capacity increases - and he begins to hold his breath. 
Mind you, this is only how it performs now (on 0.57 stable) and this is prior to the implementation of weight and character stamina. That said, we would love to hear your thoughts on the current behavior of the mechanic. Please make sure to head over to the Official DayZ forums and discuss this in the latest Status Report discussion thread! 

Finally - the gameplay programming team has made headway on the annoying issue of sounds playing globally (splitting ammo, bandages, etc) and 0.58 should see the issue resolved! If you happen to still manage to repro, please open a ticket at!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update/Jan

Since there's been some discussion regarding changes in the character zoom mechanic I decided to jump in and explain what are we trying to achieve. 

We should probably start by asking the question "Why have a characters-eye zoom in the first place?". It's the old problem with emulating a 3D world on insufficient hardware. The human field of vision (fov) is around 190° and the area where the vision cones of both eyes overlap is around 100°.  Unfortunately, most of todays monitors viewed from a regular distance usually tend to cover only 45°of human fov in real life. This means that if you want for target on screen to appear in real-life size you are only able to display around ~1/2 of what you would see in reality, stereoscopically. 

And so as a designer you have to choose - Should I display objects in the distance properly but sacrifice the overall vision or set the fov to 100° but deform the whole picture? The trick of Arma is actually not to choose and instead introduce an "eye zoom" instead. This way you can keep the surrounding awareness by setting the default fov to 100°, but when necessary to perceive a depth of field properly occurs (ie. you are shooting), you can "zoom in" to 45°.

0.57 Unzoomed Eye Vision

0.57 Eye Zoom

But is it ok to force fix a fov on players? We thought not. Not only because 100° fov does not feel right to everyone, but some players can't even physically play with it. (Motion sickness, performance of PC, different monitor setup...). So the FOV slider was introduced and with it multiple problems we are ironing out now.
The most important step was to even out players by moving fixed fov to ironsights. This way you can most of the time play with whatever fov you like, but when the fov becomes a matter of life or death (shoot outs) it is set same for everyone to keep the game fair. 

We know that zoomed fov or ironsights must be 45° because it emulates the eye and we stated earlier that 45° is realistic. But what should the unzoomed fov be? It can't be higher than a number the player can set through FOV slider. (This way would going into iron sights actually shows the unzoomed picture which is definitely not something you would desire). So the fov of ironsights should be also the the smallest fov we allow players to set by the fov slider. 

We decided to set range of fov slider from 60° to 90°.

0.58 Eye Zoom

It's important to keep in mind, that double pressing + or - extends it to 45° or 105°, so the range is not so small as it might appears. It also doesn't matter what is your current fov - double pressing + key will always set it to 45°. This means you can quickly switch between observing surroundings and focusing on objects "modes", while being able to play with your prefered fov for most of the time. I belive this descision helps equalize players and reduce fov slider abuse. 

Of course all those settings are opened to iteration and changes if they prove to be wrong, or they just feel bad.

- Jan Tomasik / Senior Designer -

Community Spotlight: Super Dan

Hey all,

It's been a bit of a hard decision in selecting which content creator to feature for this week what with all the great stuff produced by players! For this week though, we present to you the work done by: Super Dan

Super Dan has created a good amount of DayZ videos where he showcases plenty of different player interactions as he meets random players across Chernarus. The first video for this week shows the choices players sometimes have to make when finding themselves in a tight spot (it could also be the choices that some players make when they just want to be mean towards others, heh). Nice enough though that Super Dan's victim is a good sport about it all :)

In Super Dan's library, I also came across the following video in which he uses the chance to encorporate a bit of cinematic feel into his video based on the experiences he has with a couple of other players. It's all fun and games until you start outliving all the players that you come across. Nicely done Super Dan!

As the last video for this week, we bring you Super Dan's video “A Normal Day in Chernarus”. What starts out as a seemingly friendly meeting of random players takes a funny turn for one of the survivors as he tries to form an alliance with another one of the guys:

Oh, you Judas, you! Best to brush up on your persuasion skills.

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Super Dan via his Twitter and Youtube accounts:

Header image credit: Raptorz

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 23 juin 2015  
Status Report - 23 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

As the team continues pushing development of DayZ, we have Brian, Chris, and Viktor providing us with a peek at what is on the plate for the team. For this week, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will discuss development going forwards in regards to the DayZ audio module, while Lead Artist Chris Torchia will discuss the decision making behind the firearms design, and Lead Animator Viktor Kostik will discuss the development of transitioning the player character across to the new animation system.

Like always, we have a couple of links to our DayZ Trello board, and towards the end of this weeks' Status Report we showcase a video showing an interesting game session springing forth from a Vybor spawn.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update/Hicks

Greetings Survivors,

Its been a hectic few weeks, with 0.57 release and E3 - but I'd like to take some time out this week to discuss pending changes to the Audio side of the Enfusion engine, as well as some critical audio bugs plaguing DayZ Early Access players.

We've talked about replacing the existing Audio system in DayZ with a new Audio module better suited to DayZ's needs, but we haven't really outlined what some of that means. As many players may know, the inherited audio technology from the Real Virtuality (TKOH / Arma 2) side of the family has its strengths, but it also has quite a few weaknesses. As we began looking at the time and resources required to update this portion of our base engine, we looked at several key areas we wanted to improve:

    - 3D Positional Ambient Sound: Supporting true 3D Positional Ambient sounds is integral to proper immersion within Chernarus. As well, once we support this - the roar of the coast, and the confusing positional ambient noises should be a thing of the past.
    More complex configuration options for vehicles, weapons, etc: Current technology supports a very basic methodology for potential sounds and triggering events for weapons, vehicles and the likes. Moving to the new Audio module will begin to allow the design and audio teams to implement more complex audio configurations for items and vehicles in game.

As development on this portion of the engine continues, we'll be looking at other features existing internal projects offer (such as Arma 3's tech) to ensure that the support the Enfusion engine offers is as comprehensive as we can allow.

In addition to this, work has continued internally on slaying the ever illusive audio bug beast known as "Ghost sounds" - Potential headway was revealed during a conference between key members of the Arma, and DayZ teams. Potential related causes of the issue, as well as fixes implemented on the Arma side of the company are hopefully going to be implemented. We'll be testing this out on experimental hopefully with 0.59 - I'll be speaking with people about this on the official DayZ forums when we begin testing, and anyone encountering the issue at that point is strongly encouraged to utilize the Feedback Tracker.

See you all in Chernarus!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

E3 - DayZ PC Gaming Show 2015

Also, we have a little bit of info in regards to modding and the singleplayer part of DayZ in the following video featuring Brian Hicks at this year's E3 convention. Thanks and props go out to the fine people of DayZ Underground for providing the video!

Dev Update/Chris

From the beginning of the project, Dean and I worked closely on the initial design of firearms in DayZ, including which kinds of attachments they should be able to use as well as which specific firearms would best fit the environment.

The requirements from Dean for creating the final list of firearms included:

    50/50 mixture of 'Western' and 'Eastern' firearms.
    Bias towards civilian models.
    Expansion of the weapon set should occur with minimum expansion of calibers and attachments
    Emphasis on short and intermediate range firearms

Peter also required that each firearm should be as visually distinct as possible from one another and that we should add some of our more unique items.

To figure out which sort of guns we should add, I took several trips to zbraně a střelivo obchod (gun and ammo stores) in Prague as well as investigated the websites of local gun ranges for firearms for sale and rent and was shocked at the massive spectrum available to civilians.

Here are some items I found in Prague. See if any of them are familiar:

    Mosin Nagant
    Modded AR15s
    VZ58 (by the way, I'd love to buy one and export back home to the US :) )
    Tiger rifles (civilian SVD)
    Various bolt action rifles of every make and kind -Ruger 10/22
    Derringer pistol
    Single action revolvers
    Kimber 1911
    P38 Pistol
    Civilianized AK clones of multiple origins
    Various pump action 12 gauge shotguns

The list goes on...

In addition, we wanted to remain faithful to the lore of DayZ's roots in Arma2 so involvement of NATO and Russian forces and their equipment. This meant our options were wide open to consider some more exotic items like the AK74M, VSS, UMP45, etc...

We hope this approach would provide a large variety of experiences for our players as your strategy must sometimes change, depending on what kind of firearms you end up with in your journey.

- Chris Torchia / Lead Artist -

Dev Update/Viktor

In the last weeks all animators were focused mainly on the new animation system since all animations need to be reexported and adjusted for the new skeleton.

Our initial goal is to reproduce the character as we know and then focus on the improvements which new system will allow us to do.

Player already has all movement animations, can reload all guns, climb ladders, enter and drive vehicle and do other things as old character.

The big chunk of work is done although some major things still need to be implemented like most of the user actions.

Some animations were improved on the go. So now we have new climbing ladders anims, falling and landing, picking up and carrying heavy items, some additional gestures and other polishings. The reload animations at the moment work the same way but we just started on advanced behaviour where chambering and loading rounds will get it's own animations for each gun.

In the Phase 2 of transition player character to the new animation system we will do some major improvements regarding animations.
There will by synchronized walks and runs which will enable us later to do some fancy stuff with upcoming wounded character and stamina.
On to do list is also improvement of animations for first person view, improved IK for feets and hands, detailed animations of guns, and more.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator -

Community Video: "Long Story Short - I Got a Vybor Spawn"

For this week, we have a small gem created by "Dog the Bandit Hunter". This video popped up in the sea of DayZ content while looking for a bit of entertainment one weekend. From the tumbnail it looked like it was a video dedicated to depicting the Vybor spawn bug itself, so I thought I'd have a look see. Very quickly did I find out though that it was a bit more than that. Instead, the video turned out to be a somewhat hectic documentation of Dog's experiences, as a result of the Vybor spawn, during a gaming session.

In short, many lols were had that afternoon while watching (and re-watching) Dog's video.

Unfortunately, it seems like "Dog the Bandit Hunter" have hung up his spurs in regards to editing and uploading gaming videos on YT, but luckily there's still quite an archive of entertainment goodness on his channel. If interested in more, please feel free to have a look: Dog the Bandit Hunter

As always, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look.

May is long gone, and again we are extremely grateful to see how many bugs we received from players. A quick look at the Feedback Tracker tells us that  Darcion did very well in terms of finding new bugs, so for the month of may, Darcion is the top bug hunter! As mentioned before, we'll keep track of this in the background, and those of you guys that make the extra effort to help out the team in terms of filing them bugs will be mentioned in the Special Thanks section on the rolling credits for DayZ.

Header image credit: T1M #pepe

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 9 juin 2015  
Status Report - 09 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

Work continues on experimental branch as the team keeps hammering away at the next Stable build candidate. It's been a tough wait, we understand, but major issues encountered during development required fixing before the push to Stable branch. This week, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be dishing out some handy information regarding the Central Loot Economy - what it is, how it's supposed to work, as well as the thought process behind the design choices for the CLE. Also, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will be telling us about future updates to the vehicles found throughout Chernarus. Peter will go over subjects such as operation, maintenance, as well as the design choices behind these upcoming updates.

Lastly, we have a couple of links to the DayZ Trello board and DayZ forums discussion thread related to the new bus animations, and at the end of our Status Report, we have a small feature on one of DayZ's content creators - Barely Infected.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

With 0.57 on the horizon, this week I'd like to take time to talk a bit about player progression across Chernarus, the Central Loot Economy (and its impact on this), and the challenges DayZ faces compared to the Arma 2 Mod experience.

First lets go over exactly what the Central Loot Economy is, and what it offers DayZ.

    Migration of control over what items spawn from legacy method (script) into a more easily and rapidly updated system
    This means the dev team can rapidly (and without requiring an update to the game) completely change / update the amount of items that spawn
    This is done on both a global, and a per server level - in the future allowing custom server operators fine control over their server and its item spawn quantities without requiring any base modification to the game
    Control over item lifetimes (speed of decay / time to item cleanup)
    Control over how many of each item time is supposed to be present in the world (Min / Max / Nominal)
    Control over item cost (rarity vs spawning methods)

Why is the Central Loot Economy critical to DayZ's design - versus the original prototype placeholder loot spawning script? Simply put - the original method was a very rough prototype, designed to start populating the initial memory points for each structure. In order for the design and environment teams to be fully free to create a comprehensive, living breathing world - we first needed to begin to have fine and robust control that can be rapidly pushed to all servers. The original prototype method was very time resource heavy for updating, limited our options to traditional DayZ Mod style building definitions only, and in short pidgeon-holed the team into very limited control.

Photo Credit: Arma2Base.De (DayZ Mod Player Movement / Heatmap)

One of the images that has been circulating the DayZ Community over the last week is a map covering player progression across Arma 2's original Chernarus map. The layout of the original Chernarus, as well as the very limited amount of enterable structures, and thus very limited amount of potential spawn points for items meant an inherent flow of player movement across the map. It required very little work on the design side - High end military loot spawned mostly entirely at Barracks structures, Basic Supplies / Weapons at Firestations, Grocery Stores, Barns, and so on, and Medical supplies at Hospitals. The structure of *how* items spawned within the original Chernarus just -fit- the limited scope of that map perfectly.

Moving into DayZ as a standalone project, one of the first tasks undertaken was the decentralization of core resource (points of interest) buildings - and the expansion of Chernarus into a more robust and living world. Nearly every structure was made enter-able, and thus nearly every single building on the map was a potential (or group of potential) points for items to spawn. At first this might not seem like it should have a major impact on the design, and flow of player progression across the map - but when you look at the statistics, it is rather telling.

    In DayZ Mod, with vanilla Chernarus - Potential item spawn points number in the thousands (Sub 10k)
    In DayZ Chernarus + the potential locations for items to spawn exceeds 1 Million.

While the intent with DayZ as a finalized product is a higher player count (100+) than originally supported in DayZ Mod, the original spawning prototype system has several major glaring flaws compared against this intent. With basic control, we cannot effectively lay out a path of player progression across the world (without limiting the environment team to the placement of certain structure models *only* in certain regions). This is where the Central Economy Control comes into play - and will enable us to begin moving towards a path of progression that more resembles DayZ Mod - while still embracing the fleshing out of the world, and decentralization of points of interest.

While this system right now only controls the details listed above - the future iterations are aimed at allowing us the "next step" in the Central Loot Economy:

    Per building quantity controls (Min / Max / Nominal) allowing us to ensure an event spread across Chernarus, as well as to prioritize point-of-interest structures such as the Grocery Store, Medical Center, and so on
    Region control (Restricting item rarity levels to certain regions of the map)

Previsualization of intended initial region support - NOT FINAL

Breaking Chernarus + into defined regions based upon item rarity and classification type is the first and most critical step into allowing us to layout a natural path of progression for players across the map - and begin to move us closer to that familiar and well known flow across DayZ Mod.

Lastly - as development with 0.57 wraps up, the current iteration of the Central Loot Economy will have loot persistence (the saving of spawned and dropped loot, as well as tents) disabled - while the programming team resolves the blocking issues with item cleanup, and rolls out support for per-building quantity controls to ensure an even spread of loot across the world (slaying those pesky loot splosions). This means that when servers restart, fresh loot will be respawned to ensure an enjoyable experience on stable branch.

That said - the following persistence options are unaffected and will remain enabled:

    Vehicle Persistence
    Server Time Persistence (The saving of server time on restart)

I hope this helps you all understand the intent of the Central Loot Economy, where it is now - and where we want it to be in the coming months.

Curious about this report? Want to discuss anything contained in it with the developers? Head over to the Developer Discussion Forums and let your voice be heard!

See you all in Chernarus!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Let me talk a bit about vehicles and their functionality. Of course any functional vehicle by itself is an amazing piece for the gameplay but what will they be without their parts? They will become just an instant object used by survivors to traverse the long distances and that's about it. I believe that without any depth to the maintenance of vehicles, nobody will create any kind of relationship with exactly that truck they are driving for a few days across the land of Chernarus. On the other side, with plenty of different vehicle parts your approach to a vehicle will be different every time you encounter one.

I want to see many vehicles across the map in different states, so you can run into a vehicle which just needs the spark plugs to be added in or a nearly completely stripped one but with a last wheel you need to put on yours. I favor such possibilities which offer strong emergent gameplay based on player choices and consequences they bring. One can try to find missing parts alone or group up with friends or strangers to get all the remaining parts for that fabulous bus and run a bus line together. It will spruce up the planning, imagination and strengthen interactions with both players and environment.

Implementation of such advanced mechanics of vehicles that use different vital and optional parts has been ongoing for some time now. In the current state we have some of the vital parts functional already; without spark plugs or a battery you simply can't start the engine at all. However more interesting are wheels themselves. Wheels can be detached or destroyed while on the vehicle and physics simulation is responding properly in such situations by inclination of the given vehicle to the side of the missing wheel and adaptively changing the simulated wheel radius and friction. Such dramatic changes, of course, have direct impact on the handling of the vehicle.  But, nothing is lost in such case as the spare wheels can be mounted back on the wheel hub and get controlling of the vehicle back on track. From the optional parts there is detachable/interchangeable hood and doors now that while obviously don't affect the vehicle behavior at all add variety to its visual representation. I'm looking forward to see such advance features finally in game providing more unique perception of vehicles and their involvement in the gameplay.

Keep some spare parts at hand... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Spotlight: Barely Infected

Hey folks,

Another week is upon us and the lurking around on Youtube and Twitch continues. In that regard; the focus on content creators keeps chugging along. This time around we'll have a look at the creations made by:

Barely Infected seems to take more to the Hero style of gameplay and most often prefers to speak to and help players that he meets. However, when running into armed and hostile players, he definitely isn't shy of picking up a good fight. When not running around on his own, Barely Infected tends to hang out with other content creators such as TheRunningManZ and Superftlol for example.

For a bit of team based play footage; here's a couple of good examples of the guys hanging out around Chernarus.

It's nice to see the way that those guys don't get affected when encountering hostile players.

In Barely Infected's solo videos, the same calmness shines through as well, as he encounters players no matter if they are friendly or hostile. His way of conducting himself seems to rarely change much regardless of the situation:

All in all, I enjoy watching his videos, and it's nice to see that he is not afraid to also show those odd instances when things go pear shaped:

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Barely Infected via the following social media accounts:

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 2 juin 2015  
Status Report - 02 Jun 15

Greetings Survivors,

As the team continues iterating and testing on experimental while moving towards the upcoming stable update, We'll hear Lead Producer Brian Hicks discuss a bit of the methodology behind dynamic events and vehicle positions versus player spawn locations. As well, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny discusses ongoing testing work over on the experimental branch related to player data updates, and scheduling. 

As well, we've tossed in some links to the Development Board entry for Hermit Playstyle enhancements, and their accompanying discussion thread on the Developer forums. Check the end of the Status Report for some heart pounding Player Vs Vehicle action outside the Veresnik Military Base.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update / Hicks

I'm frequently asked about player spawns, vehicle spawns, and the mentality behind where and why they are placed. I thought I would take the opportunity this week to discuss exactly that.

Player spawn points as of 0.57

For those aware of how DayZ Mod's gameplay flow operated - it was fairly simple. Players started along the coast - from Kamenka to as far as Berezino. Players progressed (for the most part) from the South - to the North. (For the most part, the North West) This gameplay required very little design side control to influence it. Natively the original Chernarus had very few buildings, and thus very few potential item spawn points (compared to say - Chernarus +). One of the initial goals of DayZ was to decentralize the flow of high value or required resources. Think medical centers, military installations, and so on.

When approaching player spawns - early on my approach was to try and replicate the familiarity of player spawns in the earlier versions of DayZ Mod. (DayZ Mod circa Summer 2012 was used as a touch stone) We quickly learned that this approach did not work with the massively altered layout of Chernarus. Not to mention some of the changes to key coastal areas. The next experiment we ran with player spawns was to flip the map of Chernarus, and look at the player progression as East > West. From a design perspective this approach seemed the most logical in how we wanted to layout the world, and seemed on paper like it should find strong success.

Never let it be said that nostalgia and familiarity has no merit.

Players were very vocal in their longing for the familiar DayZ spawn points, Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk especially. Internally we were very reluctant to change this up as the early loot spawning system did not allow us any region control, and the design of Chernarus was heavily leaning towards letting us use any building model we wanted, where it made sense. (Think Military Police buildings in Chernogorsk, Balota Barracks, etc) However, as early prototyping on a more robust control over where region-wise certain items spawned, the idea of spawning in some of those core DayZ Mod areas was revisited. Obviously some small changes would need to occur to the layout of the world, as the system would take a good deal of time to develop - so Balota and the Northeast Airfield both got a redesign - and spawns from Kamyshovo to West Chernogorsk were reintroduced.

Vehicle and Dynamic Event Spawns as of 0.57

As Dynamic Events, and Vehicles entered the equation their spawn placements were heavily influenced by where the existing player spawns lay, and how we wanted the flow of players across the map to operate. Obviously Dynamic Event types used to prototype the system were also used as a control point for "Very Rare" items - with the desired intent to ensure that in the final product, players could not farm one location across many servers to quickly gain an item the design team intended to be incredibly hard to find. (See: SVD)

WIP Civilian Car Interior

Vehicles themselves followed a similar principle, as the prototype vehicle was a heavy vehicle designed to carry large amounts of both gear and players - the spawn positions for this were placed at the highest concentration in West / Northwest. As smaller, more civilian vehicles begin to be implemented we'll see more spawn types for them a bit closer to where player spawns are located.

I hope this brief look into the thought process behind these areas helps you to understand how they evolve a bit better. 

See you all in Chernarus!

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Dev Update / Peter

Hey survivors! Long time no hear and as usual there are plenty of interesting things going on in the design department of our DayZ development team. Let's talk about some of them at least.

First off I would like to clarify what the cause was for the accelerated consumption of energy and water which raised many eyebrows during the last weekend. In our crusade to increase the server side performance, we implemented simple scheduler to ensure that backbone character's scripts ticks only for one character per frame. Previously there were situations in which more characters were handled during one frame which caused unnecessary drops in server performance. Apart from other things, these scripts also maintain the consumption rate of energy and water. With the very first iteration of scheduler implementation, our intention was to see the gain we can get in the live environment, as internally there was quite a difference in performance, even despite the known issue that ticks scheduling is not independent from server performance causing faster character updates in some cases compared to former tick rate to which all consumptions were balanced. So if you experienced higher consumption rates it was due to really good performance on the given server which translates into less desync issues and better responsiveness. Now the possibility of faster consumption is solved and you shouldn't worry about dying at unreasonable rates. Advanced scheduler is currently being worked on and at the end it will be completely independent from server performance.

Many of you noticed ongoing changes to the camera FOV (field of view) recently. Along with caping the FOV slider in settings to the new limits, the most important thing is that now the FOV values in iron sights and scopes are independent from FOV value in settings, so there will be no way to abuse the scope zooms by changing the FOV value in settings. We will elaborate more on FOV and 3PP camera later.

From the gameplay features perspective there are two new traps nearly ready to be tested. The tripwire trap has the possibility of having cans attached to it in order to turn it into a perimeter alarm, or grenades to stun or damage any intruders. Fishermen will be pleased to see a new fish trap made from the netting which allows players to catch fish bigger than sardines. There is also progress on cooking in the built-in fireplaces which I hope will breathe life into these sad and abandoned houses. Other long awaited features like vehicle parts or base building are shaping up nicely and I will talk about them next time.

Get used to watch your steps... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer -

Community Video: The battle of the V3S's

So, I got the opportunity to watch the latest Youtube video by superftlol. In the last 1/3 of the video, superftlol and BarelyInfected run into another pair of players at the Veresnik military compound where, low on supplies (and trucks as it turns out), the gents try to make the best out of the situation. All things considered, it's quite impressive that none of the guys seem to get significantly phased by the encounter which lasts for some 8 minutes.

If you have the time, go have a look at their Youtube accounts; they're chock-full of excellent DayZ content:

Also, if you have a nice video containing DayZ footage you'd like to share, or if you have come across some DayZ footage from other content creators, just post it in the Gallery section of the DayZ forums and we'll happily have a look. Always looking for good stuff to share in our status reports.

Header image credit: SKiDROW

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mardi 26 mai 2015  
Status Report - 26 May 15

Greetings Survivors,

This week we're switching over to a new Status Report format, and merging in some of the community focused features from the dev hub into a single weekly report. We'll need to work a few kinks out over the coming weeks, so bear with us as we get this new format to the structure we want. 0.56/0.57 Development continues over on the experimental branch - the team is rapidly approaching a candidate ready for a stable branch update.

This weeks Status Report features info on E3, goals for the 0.56/0.57 stable update, and some outstanding charity efforts by DayZ community members.

And remember - the latest news and info on DayZ development is always available via the Dev Hub.

Development Board Spotlight

Dev Update

Those watching the experimental branch over the last few weeks have seen a high frequency of updates, configuration changes, and restarts as the development team ramped up volume and stress testing in preperation for the stable branch update. Strong gains in server side performance were made, and thanks to player stress testing on experimental branch - critical issues were identified in the performance of infected AI. With the gains in over all performance (server side) with player and simulation handling, we were able to isolate and identify the AI related issues - and the gameplay programming team is hard at work on resolving those issues.

In the mean time, as development continues - a firm red line on server side performance for stable branch has been established. This is to ensure an enjoyable experience, as well as reduce the amount of noise to signal ratio on the feedback tracker, and greatly improve the quality of repro steps, and critical identified issues coming in from that branch.

Over all, we expect that the experience will be significantly more enjoyable than 0.55 (but not where we want it to be for the release from Early Access)

In the interest of getting an update to stable branch as soon as possible, work on the programming side will continue internally on several key issues identified by players on that branch in 0.55 / 0.56 experimental.

    Intelligent spawning per building / Item per building capacity limits
    AI Performance costs (Infected - Animal)

As these systems are actively being worked on by the gameplay programming team - the stable branch update will have the spawning of infected, and the persistence disabled on stable branch servers. This is only a temporary measure while these two issues continue to be worked on, and we'll see both base building, and infected return with a vengeance as soon as possible.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

DayZ @ E3

DayZ Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be speaking about modding, and DayZ server hosting at the AMD PC Gaming Conference Tuesday June 16th.

Hosted by Sean 'Day[9]' Plott, the PC Gaming Show will take place at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. In partnership with Twitch, the PC Gaming Show will be streamed live, and feature new game reveals, updates on beloved series, and perspectives from key PC developers.

Make sure to keep an eye on the AMD PC Gaming Conference website and the DayZ Dev Twitter account for more information.

Community Video: Always Burning

Youtuber The Running ManZ encounters Twitch streamer Always_OnTour in this short but exciting Solnichniy encounter. If you haven't checked out either of them - now is the time!


Jeudi 14 mai 2015  
Status Report - 14 May 15

Greetings Survivors,

This status report came a bit later than usual as we wanted to include some of the results and findings from this weeks experimental releases, as well as shed a bit of light on the intent of said releases. As we tread on into May, we'll be rolling 0.56 into 0.57 development with the intent of a regularly scheduled end of month release. Ramping up to this, you'll see frequent experimental branch updates and experiments ongoing on that branches servers.

As internally we spent time investigating server side performance, as well as the effect of various systems on production server performance we discovered abnormally high performance cost related to infected AI. As said performance should be lateral at a certain point, we've been fluctuating configurations and builds on the experimental branch to properly replicate the production environment and profile the exact location and behaviour of the source of the performance drop.

On the player side, we've made strong gains performance wise. We're seeing a gain of 4x higher performance per average player count, and this is instantly visible in gameplay. As the programming team moves ahead on investigating infected costs on server side performance, we'll be disabling infected spawning on stable branch servers (post-stable update)to ensure the highest quality of gameplay on that branch. Experimental will proceed with infected performance tests so we can as soon as possible return the infected to Chernarus en masse. 
If you're curious how this work is going, once the end of the month stable update (0.57) releases - keep an eye on experimental branch.

I'm personally excited to see the gains on the player and gameplay side - we've still got a long way to go until feature complete, but I'm excited to chase you all across Chernarus.

Really not a bandit,
- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

Standup Notes for the week of 14 May 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      GAZ Volga
      Civilian Bus
      VZ61 Scorpion
      New Zombie Models
      Civilian Hiking Jacket


      Transfer of skinning to EnScript
      Transfer of traps to EnScript
      Tripwire Traps
      Design of damaged barrel usage
      Profiling server performance for existing scripts


      Inventory refactorization bugfixing
      Dynamic Events spawning bugfixing
      Loot Distro bugfixing
      AI Performance Analysis & Bugfixing
      Character Controller
      Login Que Design
      New Damage Sys.
      Server & Client Crash Fixes

Jeudi 7 mai 2015  
Community Spotlight - 07 May 15

Afternoon survivors,

When going through new posts on the DayZ forums, I also stop by the Gallery section of the forums. It's a nice place to go to for a random mix of content that shows gameplay, rp, pvp, bugs, and other videos that encourage discussion on features/mechanics of DayZ for example.

One of the topics that stood out in the Gallery section was dedicated to “Quinn Bauer's Story”. The forum topic and the story of Quinn Bauer is made by:

As described in the forum topic, the story of Quinn Bauer is as follows:

“This is the story of a country singer that was on tour with his band in Chernarus. The outbreak has forced Quinn to stay here and survive the possible end of the world. Originally with Val Bradley, the only other survivor of Quinn's band along with Lt. H.H. Burke, they travel the land in order to find answers to the events that lead to the dead rising. Quinn also vigorously looks for radio towers in order to try and contact his family back in the US. More people join Quinn and his friends as time goes by and survival eventually becomes the only important thing. ”

The entire series is 11 episodes worth. Don't expect massive amounts of pvp action in each episode or anything like that. What you can expect though, and what I enjoyed about the series, is that Quinn shows almost as much of other players and their stories as he does of his own while interacting with these players.

As mentioned, I really enjoyed watching the interaction between Quinn Bauer and other players that take on very creative roles; especially the way his story and narrative was edited/adapted according to the actions of these players that he meets on the server is well executed. I had a great time following the series, and it was quite enjoyable to watch the way the story builds up towards the last episode (nicely made ending btw) as well as seeing how small bits of visual trickery goes a long way in terms of conveying Quinn Bauer's story and experiences as he tries to reach his family. 

As a taster, the first three episodes of the series are embedded below, but I'd definitely recommend giving the entire series a chance (full series found Here).

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Gaming Roach Entertainment via his Youtube account.


Mercredi 6 mai 2015  
Status Report - 06 May 15

Greetings Survivors,

We're rapidly approaching the experimental push of 0.56, and we've discussed over the last few weeks some of the things you can expect from this update to the Steam branch. I'd like to recap a few key points though, as we're close to this push:

    Rebalancing of Infected damage threshold
    Redistribution of existing infected spawns to high population areas
    Bugfixing on Per-Item-Quantity control (Central Economy)
    Bugfixing on Infected Alert SFX
    Bugfixing on Infected movement 
    Redesigned Inventory tech (engine side)
    New firearms / long range optics attachment
    Stary Sobor evacuation camp
    Bugfixes on various known duplication vulnerabilities

Tied with the 0.56 update to Stable branch, we'll see a hive wide reset (public/private) - including local storage data (player camps, vehicles)

Development is ongoing with the hive side economy control, in addition to future bug fixing development continues on the functional side, with the next major goal being region control over item spawn types. (removing the restriction of structure types only in certain areas of the map). Internally, the programming and design teams are working hard on analyzing server side performance, player position desync, and other critical issues affecting Early Access gameplay.
In some cases, resolutions to these issues are tied to the implementation of new technology to replace the legacy systems inherited from the start of the project - all of them however will be ongoing goals for the team over the coming months.

The bulk of the workload over the last month was centered around the refactorization of the inventory system. It became clear that the existing tech behind the inventory wasn't going to be able to meet the needs of the project, and carried with it its own vulnerabilities. The redesign stripped large amounts of the system, and redesigned specifically to meet the needs of DayZ and upcoming changes to DayZ's core technology. 

    Support for AI and Vehicle Inventory
    Removing limitation on "in hands" as a virtual slot (still occupying space in container)
    Dynamic changing of cargo capacity - eg: lowering when damaged, raising when repaired
    Manual item rotation
    Support for redesign of Inventory UI
    Support for EnScript (Enfusion Scripting Language)
    And much, much more..

Looking at the Central Economy side of the fence, tracking the metrics on loot spawning provides some interesting details:

    Chernarus + features 8,725 buildings (and wrecks combined)
    1,742,796 potential item spawn points are spread across the entirety of Chernarus + (Not counting dynamic events)
    Of the 8,725 buildings/wrecks across Chernarus + 410 of them are greenhouses

With the 0.56 iteration of the central economy we gain finer control over item spawn locations, but we still have a ways to go. As each update gets pushed to steam, we'll see finer and finer control over item spawn locations and types, as well as supporting dynamic random spawns - that will ensure unique spawns of valued items across the map. Who knows, maybe someday you'll get really lucky and find an M4A1 in that barn over the hill? 

As you all dive into the experimental push of 0.56 (not yet live) please keep in mind that like many things in the development of DayZ, the new systems and tech are works in progress (much like DayZ itself) and are incomplete, and more than likely contain their fair share of issues. Please make sure to report any issues found on the official feedback tracker at

See you out there,

- Biran Hicks / Lead Producer -


Mercredi 29 avril 2015  
Status Report - 29 Apr 15

Greetings Survivors,

As expected, work continues towards securing a 0.56 build for experimental branch. With the core remaining tasks being focused on closing major bugs with the systems changes core to 0.56 the design, art, and environment teams have also had time to slip some fun and interesting content into the update. 

Coming up next week we're looking at the audio team taking a trip out to capture new sounds for our list of 1.0 land vehicles, and this week Andrej our Audio Designer continues work on the new infected sound effects. As well on the audio front, as we move forward with 2015 - we're looking again at how we approach the volume and impact of gun shot sounds. Our aim and intent by 1.0 is for the audio side of discharging a fire arm to be a psuedo traumatic event. Gun shots should be -loud-, and your concern prior and post firing off a shot ideally would be "Who/What might have heard me?". This will be an ongoing task, but one I'm excited to see evolve.

With 0.56 comes some changes to how long range optics are mounted on our hunting rifles, Assoc. Art Director Chris Torchia posted several renders and screenshots of the current status as well as went into brief detail about what we're looking at. With the original long range optic being phased out in favor of a new 12x hunting optic, with proper mounting to attach to the Winchester M70, Blaze 95, CR 527, and Sporter 22. Moving forward, the Mosin Nagant will support the PU scope only (within the basic attachments).

Our Environment Lead, Senchi has been working on several changes to Chernarus + for 0.57 and on - but looking at 0.56 we'll be seeing the new Village Potraviny (Store) placed across the map, as well as a refactoring of some of the key police station locations along the coastal regions. In addition, time allowing - we will see some small changes to the iconic Stary Sobor barn location as well.

Not too much to report this week as again, the team is focused primarily on prepping 0.56 for the Experimental (Unstable) Branch and later on the Stable (Main) Branch update. 

Stay safe out there folks

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

With april coming to a close, we are both happy as well as grateful to see that we received a really nice amount of bugs from you guys. On the Feedback Tracker we can see that Darcion did very nice in terms of filing plenty of bugs, however, quite a bit of those were duplicates, so for this month we'll go with Zyryanoff as the bug hunter for april.

Other than that, it was a good effort Darcion, and we appreciate it!

While Zyryanoff did not necessarily submit the largest amount of bugs to the team, we did receive a good handful of nice bugs that we could add to our database.

Going forwards, we hope that you guys will keep helping us out with testing DayZ as development progresses. As mentioned, players that submit bugs from DayZ will get the chance of appearing in the Special Thanks section of the credits once DayZ goes into full release.

Remember, that all bugs can be filed on the Feedback Tracker and while doing so, please remember to perform a search before filing your bugs so as to avoid duplicate tickets. Thanks again everyone!

- SMoss / Community Manager -

Standup Notes for the week of 29 Apr 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Inventory refactorization
      Dynamic Events
      Vehicle Transmission bugfixing
      Vehicle wheels simulation improvements
      Adv. Loot Distro Bugfixing
      Player Statistics
      Character Controller
      3rd Person Camera
      Network Desync
      New Damage Sys.
      Crash Fixes


      Mauser Red 9 Anims
      Ladder Animations
      Infected crawling state animations
      Gesture Implementation on new Anim Sys
      4X4 Hatchback Animations

Mercredi 22 avril 2015  
Status Report - 22 Apr 15

Greetings Survivors,

As expected, work continues on 0.56 stable branch release. This release as mentioned prior will hit in the early weeks of May rather than the standard end-of-the-month update for April. This is mostly due to bugfixing that needs to occur related to the inventory refactorization in order to get the build to a state that can be used by the Early Access audience.  As well, the gameplay programming team are resolving the bugs discovered in the loot spawning system several weeks after the 0.55 stable date.

Given that most of the core work these last few weeks has been on such major systems as the inventory, and central loot economy - I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss a few points people have requested hearing information about. First off, I feel the need to reiterate on Early Access, development builds, and what to expect.
A few status reports ago I mentioned the fact that as we move forward through the development of DayZ, people *will* see more things break, more bugs, and so on. Part of getting access to DayZ as early as we've allowed via the Early Access program means that you're seeing the real ups and downs of game development. I've seen people over the last few months on forums, twitter, and so on mention the back and forth stability of builds as if this is an anomaly - an oddity in software or game development. 

Photo Credit: DayZIntel

Early Access is as the fictional character James Kirk once referred to the USS Excelsior - "The Great Experiment". DayZ approached this at its truest form, 3 months into our principle development - and as said development has continued, the scope has expanded to include the development of the next game engine from Bohemia Interactive, Enfusion. It should go without saying, that the development of any large scope video game takes years. A multiplayer only title, that also aims to fully support Steam Workshop modding is no short order. Developing said title, the game engine powering it, and maintaining a steady monthly cadence of updates to the consumer is no short order.
So I ask you, the Early Access user - when you encounter a bug that frustrates you - make sure it is listed in the feedback tracker, make sure you read the Status Reports (although, it seems that if you are reading this you've already completed this step), engage with the development team on the DayZ forums. I've found that when it comes to the Early Access program and your experience with it, we'll all get out of it - what we put into it.

Moving past that, many people have asked about the audio side of the Enfusion engine. Obviously fairly early on into the Early Access program, we realized that the existing audio technology interited from the RV engine wasn't going to suit the needs of the project. Problematic (and annoying) audio bugs began to reveal themselves, and resolving those within the legacy technology clearly demonstrated it would be time lost. Thus, work began on a new audio module to be paired with the in-development Enfusion engine. As with any core engine work, this is not a short form task. Obviously the goal for initial deployment is feature parity with the legacy audio technology, it is my personal hope that once this is achieved - we can look to expand the options for enhancing the audio experience in Chernarus, as I firmly believe audio in DayZ is just as critical as any core technology and part of the immersion into the world.

My personal holy grail throughout the development of DayZ has, and will remain the server side performance. Much of what folks attribute to "lag" or "desync" can be traced back to poor server side performance. 85% of which comes from the performance heavy usage of SQF engine script for many gameplay systems. Mentioned in prior status reports, EnScript (the name for Enfusion's engine scripting language) is leaps and bounds ahead of the legacy SQF in terms of performance. This, the portion of the performance budget currently consumed by SQF usage is the largest roadblock between 50 player servers, and 100+ player servers. Moving the title completely away from legacy engine scripting tech, and onto the new engine scripting language for Enfusion is by no means a small task, and will be an ongoing goal for the team (and in my opinion 100% required for DayZ to reach 1.0)

void SurvivorPartsFemaleWhite::Hello()


void ItemTrigger::ZombieDie()
          if (g_Game.IsClient()) return;

          m_zombie_count --;

          if (m_zombie_count == 0 && m_player)
          // add flare to player inventory
          Print("All zombies are dead! Reward flare!";
           string text = itoa(m_zombie_count) + " zombies to kill.";

void ItemTrigger::AddFlare()


void ItemTrigger::OnEnter(Object obj)
          if (g_game.IsClient()) return;
          autotr EventParams1 param = new Eventparams1(obj));
          OnEvent(EEonEnter, param);
          Print("ItemTrigger entered");

          if (ClassName(obj) == "SurvivorPartsFemaleWhite")
                    m_player = obj;
                    GetGame().GameScript.Call(this, "AddFlare", 0);
                    // create 3 zombies
                    vector player_pos = m_player.GetPosition();
                    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
                              player_pos[0] = player_pos[0] + 10;
                              ZombieEngine zombik = g_Game.CreateObject("zombieEngine", player_pos, false);
                              zombik.m_spawner = this;


                    // zmenit premenu

Sample EnScript - Not actual in-game

Last on my list for this week is some comments I wanted to make in regards to play styles, difficulty, and exactly how to play DayZ. 
Obviously, as DayZ is an open world sandbox title, nearly anything is technically possible (in regards to play styles). As the initial deployment of the new infected A.I., as well as the central economy ramped up the difficulty within Chernarus, there were people vocalizing how they disliked how difficult DayZ was becoming. Now, obviously I've spoken on this before - but I feel the need to reiterate, and clarify a few things.

Surviving in Chernarus is intended to be difficult. I want you to value each bullet, I want discovering a roaming boar in the forest to be a stroke of good luck. However, this does not mean the play styles of "Coastal Chaos" or "Squad play" and so on are not viable playstyles.

You can, and should be able to play DayZ however you want. Be warned however, every choice - every play style should, and will have its own cost. You can choose to spend your time in Elektro, fighting over sniper hill, or pitting your squad against a rival group up at the Northwest Airfield each have their own requirements to maintain, and overall costs (be it in time, health, resources, or life duration). 

Lastly, as the text below calls out - Standup notes are not a change log, they are a list of the things the teams have been working on this week, to give you all transparency into the current task priorities. So try not to get upset if you see a task thats being worked on not be in the latest stable branch update, and so on.

See you guys up north,

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer - Header image credit: [TDay]Spalte

Its been a while since I've written so I thought I'd give you a short update. From my perspective, the pace of art creation has really picked up in recent weeks and below is a brief overview of some highlights:


We're working on 3 vehicles currently but I want to set expectations since renders have already been publicly shown for two of them - the extreme level of detail we are placing into the vehicles means they will each take a very significant amount of time to finish. I'm talking a couple months each - and that’s before the animators even touch it. Just because we've posted a render of the high poly exterior, doesn’t mean their release is imminent. Its a studio first that we're modeling not only a high detail interior instrument panel, but also an engine bay which players will have to interact with. We hope you'll agree the added time is worth it in the end.


We've finished 3 new zombie models recently and we hope to get those into Chernarus and scaring the pants off of you by our next stable release. Work continues on even more zombie types - including new female versions, to add more visual variety to the game. Gaspo, the very talented artist who works on zombie bodies and character heads will soon be finishing up with the new female zombie templates and will move back to creating character heads for greater variety. New character clothing is also in progress with a new hunting uniform being added, medical scrubs, and a MARPAT uniform as a nod to the DayZ/ArmA2 lore is in progress. 


We've finished or have WIP a fairly large number of new weapons or weapon attachments recently. Some may have seen pictures of the Mauser C96 Red 9, Winchester 70, VSS, SVD, IZH18 and UMP45 added to the DayZ Trello but not all of them will be immediately added to the game - some of them still need animations and sounds to be made and we also would like to wait until our loot spawning/central economy system is working as intended before we add the venerable SVD. Also new is an optic for the AK platform called the Kashtan C-1, which is something like an ACOG for AK side-mounts. Last but not least, we have made a hunting scope which will be able to be used on a greater number of rifles than just the Mosin - and speaking of which, the days of "slap the LRS on a Mosin" are numbered.


We have finished a new school building and have populated it with some school-related items in the classrooms. The map team will be able to begin placing them in Cherno soon, after their current tasks, which we hope will serve both as an interesting new location to explore, but also as a landmark for orienteering. We've also created a new Village store, some roadblock objects which might have been placed on major roadways during an evacuation, and we're continuing work on new building interiors.

- Chris Torchia / Assoc. Art Director -

Standup Notes for the week of 22 Apr 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      GAZ Volga
      Ikarus 260
      Lada Niva
      LRS / Scope Attachment 
      New Zombie Models
      Roadblock Objects


      Central Economy
      Firearms Recoil
      Tripwire Traps
      Firearms Noise (AI Related)
      Drying Food
      Cooking via Stick
      Fall Damage mitigation
      Skeleton Damage bugfixing
      EnScript/SQF Profiling
      Object Placement
      Player / Infected Stamina
      SVD Configuration


      Inventory refactorization
      Dynamic Events
      Vehicle Transmission bugfixing
      Vehicle wheels simulation improvements
      Player Statistics
      Grenades refactorization
      Persistence Bugfixing
      Advanced Loot Distro bugfixing
      Character Controller
      Login Que Design
      New Damage Sys.
      Crash Fixes


      Mauser Red 9 Anims
      Ladder Anim Redesign
      Infected crawling state animations
      Gesture Implementation on new Anim Sys
      Rifle Aiming implementation on new Anim Sys

Mercredi 8 avril 2015  
Community Spotlight - 08 Apr 15

Afternoon survivors,

Yet again, an exciting couple of weeks worth of lurking around streams and trawling through DayZ videos on Youtube has passed by. This week we have yet another streamer that a lot of you guys will most likely have come across.

His works include some awesome roleplay in which he time and again manages to grab hold of unsuspecting players and throw them down the deep, black pit that DayZ turns into, after he has molded the server world into his own helter skelter playground. Our DayZ content creator for this week is:

As mentioned, rp seems to be an overall element of Mr. Moon's videos/streams and depending on the roles he chooses to play, his creations sometimes seem a bit more serious in terms of acting and sometimes not so much. In the category of more, ehhh, “regular” goofing around (still with training in mind though), his video “Training Day” supplied me with plenty of laughs for a good half an hour or so! Also, at 12:56; well, old Bricktop said it best.

While watching Mr. Moon's streams and videos over time, it has been rather interesting and impressive to witness his ability to interact with and influence other players, and his skill at adapting to the dynamics of an ever changing group of random players is mighty empressive! For a good example of his player whisperer skills, you should have a look at his video “Maverick”:

In the more rp-heavy end of the scale, Mr. Moon's choice use of ingame elements/objects, character emotes, voice over, as well as camera work and great editing results in some of his creations taking on a more cinematic feel which makes for some quite enjoyable viewing. One example of such, is part 2 of his "Welcome to the Family" series. The intro sequence for this video is nothing short of excellent!

Mr. Moon, if it wasn't for the constant fear of randomly falling victim to cannibalism, torture, or worse, I'm sure a lot of us would wish we could follow you around a server for a couple of hours and experience DayZ in a very different way.

As always, if interested in more, please feel free to follow Mr. Moon via the following social media accounts:

- Michael aka SMoss / Community Manager -


Mercredi 8 avril 2015  
Status Report - 08 Apr 15

Greetings Survivors,

As most of you may know, last week saw 0.55 pushed to stable branch. This build featured the initial implementation of several key systems to DayZ, and in turn their behavior is as expected very early prototype. As the Early Access of DayZ continues, more of the core systems that comprise it will be merged into the main stable branch. It goes without saying that iteration will both be required, and occur as these are merged in. For 0.55 lets take a look at what systems had their initial implementation, and how their behavior is as of this status report:

Central Economy

The Central Economy functions as the core control over item type quantity, location, and region spawns. Moving away from the original placeholder system, and implementing this is the first step towards agile, rapid balancing of item spawns within DayZ.

The initial implementation only defines the location of firearm spawns and types, further iteration will begin to define items past firearms - and later region control across the map.

Infected & Animal A.I.

A well known fact for awhile now, the original prototype A.I. that was deployed with the DayZ Early Access was not robust enough to support the design of the title. A complete rewrite from scratch on how the title handled this was required. The most obvious change on stable branch is in the detection, and quantity of the infected. The new system, although clearly in need of iteration and expansion - supports proper stealth mechanics for both A.I., as well as more resource friendly sensors.

The design and programming teams will continue to iterate, and balance the infected across the coming months as well as address core functionality issues such as positioning during pathfinding, and proper audio alerts.


Part and parcel with the core design of DayZ is the global persistence of items (loot) in the game space. Be it long-life persistent objects such as those used in base building, or more short term such as items dropped on the ground and spawned by the central economy. 0.55 saw this roll out to Public Hive servers, with Private Shard support soon to follow. It is important to understand that this feature, just like all of the Early Access has no guarantee of bug-free behavior. Like anything within the development builds, bugs are both possible, and almost certainly will occur. Equally as important is that those who encounter issues file proper bug reports on the Feedback Tracker (

Diseases & Disease Transfer

Another very early implementation that made it to stable branch with 0.55 was the global spread of cholera across Chernarus. Paired with the transfer between players and objects, and thus player to player disease transfer. As iteration upon this system continues you will begin to see a more diverse catalogue of diseases and corresponding symptoms.

Moving past the 0.55 build new system implementations we hit a rather hot button topic as of late, and one I promised to speak on earlier this week.

Just how hard is DayZ supposed to be? What is the targeted experience here? How valuable should items, and thus what I carry be to me as a player?

I like to think we’re pretty up front about exactly what DayZ is and is supposed to be, and as we move closer to 1.0 more and more of this will begin to take shape.

Once, when asked how valuable tools and resources should be to a player - on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is finding everything you need without issue, and 10 is elation over finding a can of beans (I’m paraphrasing here) Dean was quoted saying an emphatic “10”.

Some folks have expressed concern that the increasing difficulty in surviving and combating the environment would hurt player interaction. To which I say.. Sure, it will hurt player interaction if by player interaction you mean folks wandering up and down the coast, wearing pink dresses and chasing each other with fire extinguishers.

However I firmly believe it will -drive- and foster a different type of player interaction.

Interaction between players making their way across Chernarus, scavenging to survive. Players who enter a village and have to make a hard decision - do I use what little ammunition I have to kill and steal from the survivors already in this town? Do I instead avoid the risk of death from attacking another player, only to potentially risk death by starvation or infected as I make my way around the town? Is the cost of expending my resources in either choice too great?

Make no mistake, DayZ is and always has been intended to be an unforgiving, brutal fight for survival in a harsh post apocalyptic landscape. Obviously we still have a long ways to go to get to that point, but as we move forward more and more systems will be introduced that support that experience. Balancing and adjustment will have to occur, as the intended experience is not to ensure starvation on the coast, but instead foster the ability to spawn, gather the basic supplies required to move inland, and thus begin the real DayZ experience - your story, your struggle for survival.

And the beauty of it all? If this is not the experience you’re exactly looking to have with DayZ - then another core pillar of DayZ’s design will bring you exactly what you seek. Our full support for modding via the Steam Workshop.

It is going to be an exciting year survivors, and I look forward to experiencing it with all of you.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -


Vendredi 3 avril 2015  
Fanart Friday

Afternoon gang! Chris Torchia has decided on the first winner of his Fanart Friday contest:

"dayzprint" by Bleckplump

Our first pick for #FanArtFriday. Upon seeing this piece, one of our designers, Martin, exclaimed "would hang that on my wall" It certainly would spice up the bland walls in our office a bit...

Bleckplump can be found on twitter.

"Moon, Chow, Kiwo, and Dimitri taking a break" by InVenatrix

She writes:

“I’m a 22 year old concept artist and illustrator and I am a huge fan of DayZ and the community surrounding it...A huge part of what I think makes DayZ special is player interaction and how heavily it influences the player’s experience. I love the storytelling opportunities this game delivers and love seeing the product of those who really know how to utilize it...I did a scene set at Rify; one of my favourite places in Chernarus, and wanted to include some the characters (content creators) that really inspire me and help fuel my love for DayZ and its community."

This piece reflects real tallent and a good eye for composing a scene. Check out her DeviantArt page and website for more or follow InVentrix on Twitter.

DayZ/Chernarus themed cast metal coins by Alan_Smithee

This is just really awesome. I wouldn't even know how to go about making a cast or working with metal.

Alan_Smithee writes:

"In the summer a couple of friends and I plan to make a trip to the Czech Republic to visit the "Chernarus" area (we're from Germany, so its not that far). Among other things we want to plant a GeoCache there and use this coin(s) as a custom trackable GeoCoin. Eventually I want to make more Coins themed with other famous chernarussian sights to have a whole collection."

Make sure to take a look at the process he used to make the coins here.

Honorable Mention

Trust by Glitch Bakers

This DayZ Live Action film was a great effort by Glitch Bakers. We really loved the location and gear which was chosen for the DayZ-inspired film. Its really spot-on. While the story is, perhaps, predictable, the overall production must have been a massive undertaking and I'd love to see more from this team.

- Chris / Associate Art Director -


Lundi 31 mars 2015  
Quarterly Status Report - Quarter 1 2015

As we look forward to Q2 of 2015, we'll take a look at the goals and objectives internally for the first quarter of this year. From initial implementation of new A.I. for Infected and Animals, to the Central Economy and more. Q1 had the first appearance of some very important work on the road to 1.0 for DayZ.

    Basic Vehicles
    Central economy (advanced loot distribution)
    New renderer
    New Zombie AI
    Basic stealth system (zombies, animals, ...)
    Improved Cooking & Horticulture
    Advanced Anti-Cheat (Dynamic BattlEye)

Basic Vehicles: Praga V3S & Vehicle Simulation

With the first implementation coming in very early on in Q1 - iteration followed throughout the rest of the quarter. Starting from scratch with the physical simulation, the engine and gameplay programming teams paired with the design team brought the first of our basic vehicles to stable branch, the Praga V3S. Looking forward into Quarter 2 - further iteration will allow us to expand into more vehicles, introduce vehicle inventories, and required vehicle maintenance/components.

In addition to the creation of the new physical simulation for DayZ's land based vehicles moving towards a "DayZ" specific feel to handling, design and programming work progressed on manual transmission support. From both the technical engine side, and player controls and overall system design this will allow us much greater customization of vehicles, as well as a more in depth and immersive experience than with traditional "push W and go fast" vehicle control models.

Central Economy: Item Quantity

Central Economy. One of the terms most people are still a bit confused by. The Central Economy is DayZ's backend control over the quantity, type, location, and region of the item or "loot" spawning system. Work continued on this throughout the entirety of Q1, and the first implementation was seen later in the Quarter on Experimental branch - pushing towards the 0.55 release at the end of the quarter. Moving into Q2 - this system is also tied into server side persistence, item cleanup, and proper item respawning and will be iterated upon frequently.

As we push this system from experimental branch and on to stable, it will allow us fine control over the in game economy, and thus how the flow from the coast to the north progresses. As well as allow us to push players more towards alternative food gathering resources such as horticulture, cooking, and hunting. 

New Renderer

One of the longest duration core engine tasks for Enfusion, the base engine technology being developed in tandem with DayZ - is the seperation of the existing legacy renderer from the engine side simulation, and the creation of a brand new rendering module. Critical for the flexibility and life of the Enfusion engine - this task is arguably one of the most paramount technology upgrades for DayZ moving forward, and was much more of a task than we initially expected (having been pushed beyond its intended experimental branch date several times). As Q1 draws to a close we are within weeks of the completion of the module itself, and the analysis of time required to implement the currently used DirectX 9 tech was undertaken.

Internal review has shown that the additional time spent to hook DirectX 9 into the new rendering module is near identical to the time that would be required to add in DirectX 11 support. As the original intent to support DirectX 9 in tandem with DirectX 12 gave way to increased DirectX 12 support within the industry,  the decision was made to ditch DirectX 9 support for the new rendering module and move directly into supporting DirectX 11. As supporting three seperate platforms (DirectX 9, DirectX 11, and DirectX 12) is not feesible, DirectX 11 was the clear winner for the "mainstream" platform target.

What does this mean for you, the average survivor?

    We'll be moving forward with initial support for DirectX 11 only, with DirectX 12 support following eventually.
    Windows XP will no longer be possible, as it is not capable of DirectX 11 support.

      Windows XP has always been below minimum requirements for DayZ.

    With a time estimate of approximately 2 months to complete the last required changes for the new rendering module, and support DirectX 11.
    The initial goal is a 1:1 visual parity with the original simulation tied renderer.
    Once implemented, the design team will have access to more robust and complex particle effects 

      Systems such as bleeding, fires, flares, etc will receive the proper visual attention they require
      Volumetric fog will be possible within the world of Chernarus

    Estimated completion date of support for DirectX 11 is mid to late May 2015.

New A.I. & Stealth (Infected & Animal)

Fairly early on in DayZ development it was fairly apparent that the existing A.I. we had inherited from previous titles using our original tech base was not going to be able to deliver the infected and animal experience we wanted to deliver. As Q1 for 2015 comes to a close, we've been slowly implementing very early versions of entirely new A.I. built specifically for DayZ into experimental branch.  With 0.55 we'll begin to see early versions of both enter stable branch. Obviously very core to the DayZ experience is stealth when avoiding or approaching both types of A.I., as well as intelligent behavior and navigation.

It is critical to allow the player to both feel like the hunter, and the hunted. Thus work on the A.I. side of the engine during Q1 focused heavily on begining to allow the player to feel as if they could escape the infected using only their wits, rather than brute force - and use that same stealth tactic to hunt and kill wild animals when exploring the vast fields and forests of Chernarus. As 2015 continues and we enter Q2, the existing systems will be iterated upon and expanded to offer an even more immersive and complex DayZ experience.


Be it person to person contact, consuming contaminated water sources, or the cost of a comprimised immune system exposed to the harsh conditions of Chernarus weather - the risk and costs of maintaining player characters health has been something long anticipated. Hitting experimental branch late in Q1, the initial implementation of communicable diseases made its arrival with cholera.

As development continues this initial implementation will of course expand into a more complex system. Fully integrating with the medical and health mechanics currently in game, and expanding into more complex diseases such as influenza, typhoid fever, and many more. Wrapping up Q1, stable branch will see the bodies of water across Chernarus carrying a chance of the presence of cholera. Survivor immune systems, as well as water purification tablets will be crucial to surviving as you trek across the map.

Improved Cooking & Horticulture

Living off the land has been an evolving goal (functionality wise) and Q1 saw the expansion of both the horticulture options, and the hunting and cooking mechanisms. The long awaited expansion on the original early cooking implementation finally made an appearance - with a more complex and in depth expansion of campfires, cooking tripods, and furnaces.

The more complex cooking allowed the heating (and in some cases - side effects) of the heating of most items, including the popping off of firearm ammunition, and compressed containers such as the spray paint cans. This also expands into the progression of raw/cooking/cooked/burnt and so on states for most all vegetables, fruits, and meats.

As the Central Economy implementation evolves, we'll begin to see player farms, and cooking stations such as the fireplace and furnace be tied into the server side persistence on a full time basis.

Advanced Anti-Cheat

Working closely with BattlEye over the quarter, the programming and production teams have implemented a more proactive BattlEye to DayZ on Steam. In addition to preventing all traditional external forms of cheating - Over 4,000 cheaters have been banned from DayZ since the begining of February. Obviously this is one in a series of steps in an ongoing battle. No title is without its vulnerabilities, and developing DayZ and its engine platform in the public eye opens us up to a number of security issues. However, the initiatives with BattlEye paired with upcoming additions of a more robust VAC support look to provide an ever evolving aggressive stance against cheating in DayZ.

For Q2 and beyond, in addition to the steps mentioned above the gameplay programming team has and will continue to investigate and address legacy vulnerbilities in the engine powering DayZ. Throughout the remainder of DayZ's Early Access you will see an ever evolving movement against any and all cheating. It is core to the gameplay experience of a title as inherently competetive and persistent as DayZ that the users be provided as "fair" a playing field as possible.


Jeudi 19 mars 2015  
Status Report - 17 Mar 15

Greetings Survivors!

Work is chugging along on 0.55 update for stable branch, and the department leads have been sharing information and images over on the Dev Hub. If you haven’t had a look - head over and you’ll see some awesome work in progress stuff - like the SVD Sniper Rifle, V3S Animations, and new zombie models.

Peter, our Lead Designer will be discussing below in more detail zombies and diseases. This week I’d like to talk about a few in progress updates that I’m looking forward to.

First off, we have the mentioned full randomization of weapon spawn configurations. This ranges from attachment configuration, quantity, type, and condition. When functional, each weapon you find should be as unique as possible per that item type. Be it the chance to spawn with a magazine, potential attachment, overall weapon condition, and so on. This expands upon the uniqueness of each persons kit in-game, and ensures that very few two firearms are exactly the same. Who knows, you might get lucky and find that M1911 Engraved you always wanted, -with- a clip!

Moving on to more advanced weapon customization, we’ve done a good deal of discussion on allowing more specific customization per weapon. Adding in rail systems, shoe horn mount scopes, barrel swaps, and so on. Controlling when and where this is done is critical to the flow of gameplay across the map. Creating hot spots, and high traffic areas for players looking to gear up, and create their favorite weapon. At this point, we’re looking at adding in advanced crafting tables into this existing (soon to be enter-able) maintenance structure scattered throughout Chernarus.

Heading into April, we’ll be discussing the tasks and accomplishments of Q1 2015, what the road ahead looks like and the status of long term engine tasks. From the new renderer, to the new player controller, server side performance, and so much more. Keep an eye on the Dev Hub, and the official DayZ forums for the latest news and information on DayZ Early Access.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

"It is clear that former, by purpose simplified infected AI wasn’t a hit by any means and it was frustrating to play and look at. When I was talking about the new infected in the Status Report two weeks ago I had a feeling that it would stir things up a bit. A few days after that I made short video with a horde running after a player and recently we released experimental update with the first implementation of infected AI. There were so many positive reactions on the direction that the new infected are heading, that the entire team was pleased. However there were also some which were calling for changing the DayZ lore and turning the infected into slowly moving beings.  

I appreciate different opinions but I can’t see any reason why we should make infected as stationary as possible, it will just simplify the game too much in such case. It is important to understand that the infected in DayZ are not the undead, and to be honest I don’t want to see DayZ to become a frenzied ‘run and grab all you can’ simulator. I would like to remind you that DayZ isn’t supposed to be easy and straightforward, it’s meant to be hard and unforgiving.  While they are pretty fast right now it is just the perception in comparison with current character movement speed, which is planned to be lowered in general as it was increased intentionally when we had decided to do a complete overhaul on how the engine handles vehicles, and thus they would be absent for some time. As well I’m looking forward to the implementation of a proper stamina system for characters which alone will cut off the constant sprinting across the map and thorough the structures which is just ridiculous. With the agile infected that are able to catch up with you while you are escaping the scene you will think twice about your approach and also the load you are carry as it especially determines how far you will be able to sprint to loose them. To balance things out, the infected have their own stamina and are slowing down during the chase and with the combination of the possibility that they can stumble upon it gives you a some chance to flee if you run into such situations. The infected AI will be continuously worked on, in terms of expanding it further and also balancing it close to the perfection. 

I would like to mention that we are bringing to life the long awaited disease system which in fact was hibernating under the hood for some time, but was never finished due the other needs. Diseases are described by their virulence parameters like transferability, invasivity and toxicity and to determine the potential influence on character, which can vary from carrier to heavy impact, they are compared against his or her current state counting in the levels of health, blood, diet and exposure. Diseases can be transferred in both directions, which means it’s not wise to eat from the same meal after your companion, if you suspect that he may be ill. Physical and chemical resistance parameters of disease determines how it can be treated or their effects eased by medicinal drugs and after the disease passed you are resistant to catch it again for some time. System also have the possibility to be expanded with the use of gloves, niosh masks or other wearables which can obstruct transferring of the diseases by specific actions, like crafting. 

Stay healthy… see you in Chernarus folks!”

- Peter / Lead Designer -

Standup Notes for the week of 17 Mar 15
(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Support for new player character system
      Hand poses 
      Zombie animation bugfixing
      SVD Reloading Animations
      V3S Animations


      Central Economy
      Barrel Crafting
      Plant Pests
      Vehicle Transmission


      Inventory refactorization
      Dynamic Events
      Vehicle Transmission bugfixing
      Infected/Animal AI
      New Player Character controller
      Crash to Desktop Bugfixing
      Network and Memory Optimizations

Mercredi 11 mars 2015  
Status Report - 10 Mar 15

Greetings Survivors,

As the 0.54 hotfix hit stable branch last Wednesday, work has continued on toward 0.55 and beyond. Over the last week with myself at GDC and PAX East, our Lead Designer - Peter Nespesny has shared some of the prototype functionality currently being worked on.

From ongoing work with the infected A.I., to the many crafting options for your survivor base with the multipurpose barrel - the design team has had their plate filled with some pretty interesting stuff over the last week.

Peter spoke briefly on the development board, and the official forums about the intended use of the multipurpose barrel.

Beyond what Peter spoke of, the potential usage for a multipurpose barrel for player bases is extensive. Ranging from lightly effective cover from incoming fire - to the storing of fluids such as fuel, and my personal favorite - catching rain to increase your water stores - I think when paired with functional persistence and global cleanup, the multipurpose barrel will be a must have for any decent sized player encampment.

Even more exciting, pairing with work from the gameplay programming teams - the design team has been able to get their hands on the early implementation of the new infected A.I. - Peter showcased on the forums a brief video of basic grouping and horde mentality responding to a players gunshot. 

Again - this is very early implementation, however as work progresses into the next week the design team are working on sneaking and stealthy tactics when dealing with this new A.I. system. Moving into the next experimental branch window, we’ll be looking at pushing the early implementation work out to this branch and testing with varied numbers across all servers.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -


Jeudi 26 février 2015  
Status Report - 24 Feb 15

Greetings Survivors,

As we move towards the 0.54 stable branch update, I’d like to cover a few points that you all should know. As with all updates during Early Access, this is a development build and thus has its own issues, bugs, and so on. If you encounter any of this, please open a ticket over at

More specifically, for those who may be experiencing issues seeing servers in the server browser – please make your way over to this thread on the Official DayZ forums for instructions from Community Manager SMoss, and BattlEye developer Bastian.

Part of the 0.54 is the tech required to support the redesign of our user interface. This is just the initial work required to support said changes, not the changes itself. Thus everything will –look- different, but not necessarily how we intend it to look by the time we hit 1.0. The user interface is just one part of the evolving technology coming in from the engine and gameplay programming teams, and will be iterated throughout Early Access.

As well, with 0.54 comes the initial implementation of the new animal A.I., this system is still early on so odd behaviour will be encountered. However even with the system in this early state, this is a strong step in the direction of a more robust, lifelike animal behaviour system. I for one look forward to the hermit-hunter lifestyle the next time I log in on my public hive character.

In addition to a large amount of new content to explore, new enterable structures, villages, redesigned areas and more – 0.54 features continued security enhancements, bug fixes and more.

Over the coming weeks SMoss will also be rolling out some new features over on the community side of, including a weekly Community Focus that showcases user created content, streams, art, and so much more. Head over to the Community hub at and take a look.

As always, developers are on hand to take your suggestions and feedback on the Official DayZ forums at

Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

“As we are getting closer to the release of the next stable branch update of DayZ with version number 0.54, we are focusing more on tidying up and fixing the most annoying bugs and issues instead of working on new features or expanding existing ones. For example we identified and fixed a long timer related to synchronizing the temperature of objects, which was consuming relatively large chunk of communication between server and client. Fortunately it didn’t happened often or in large scale but it’s really great to have it fixed now with upcoming refactored fireplace which will become more usable with more items thus used by survivors. There was also few issues which was fixed related to the independent liquid types we introduced in last version, one worthy to mention is the issue which completely breaks character stomach, energy and water statuses.

I already mentioned the fireplace which is undergoing a refactoring for some time now and it’s getting seamlessly to the fixing and polishing stage. Now when there is the solid foundation of the system the next step is the cooking process in general. With plenty of the different food available in the game and three distinctive food processing types, to name them - boiling, baking and drying, things can get out of control really quickly. Well at least especially when we want to stretch the possibilities and interactions to the maximum and want to visualize the outcome of the process. What will happen when food is already baked and you start to boiling it? Do you need to pre-process the food before drying? What about moldy food? And plenty of other questions related to that topic which needs to be answered beforehand. After the intended cooking mechanics are in place and the central economy is working as it should, we can finally say good bye to the generous amount of spawned non-perishable food.

Most of you are probably waiting for the enrichment of the vehicles controls - manual transmission. We had some quality time already while trying it on our internal build, but it needs a little bit more time to be tweaked into the state which is safe for public release. Good thing is that with its implementation some of the issues with vehicles behavior were properly addressed so little bit of waiting doesn’t hurt. As far as vehicles parts goes I owe you at least quick update, their functionality is dependent mostly on the new inventory system that is currently being implemented and of course on the support from the extended vehicle simulation itself.

Last but not least we are making steady progress on the new AI for infected which is getting along nicely and I hope you will be able to experience it and its benefits soon on experimental versions before it hits the stable release later on, however animal AI will be released beforehand.

Start preparing your nerves for some intense encounters… see you in Chernarus folks! ”

Peter / Lead Designer

Standup Notes for the week of 24 Jan 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Trumpet reloading animation
      Winchester reloading
      Zombie attack animations
      V3S Animations
      MoCap Session


      Manual transmission
      Firearms Damage
      V3S Cargo
      Gas cooker refactoring
      Fireplace Polishing
      Diseases transfer
      New script language
      Central economy


      Inventory refactorization
      Loot distribution per buildings
      Zombie/Animal AI
      Character controller (animations & physics)
      Vehicles - Manual transmission and bugfixing
      Flaregun Improvements
      Security Bugfixes

Mardi 17 février 2015  
Status Report - 17 Feb 15

Greetings Survivors,

As some of you may be aware, we’ve been experimenting a bit with the format and release day of the Status Reports coming into 2015. With upcoming changes to as a centralized point of information on the development of DayZ, the Status Reports will be released on Tuesdays from now on. Additionally, we’ll be making an effort to make the Status Reports more visual, for those who do not have the time to read what is new in the world of DayZ development.

Moving onto said development, you’ll soon be seeing the spawning of a different variation on the V3S. This variant will allow for the transportation of larger groups of players. The spawn rate across the world will remain at fifteen vehicles for the time. Initially you will not be able to access the inventory of the vehicle, this will be supported shortly on stable branch. As well, finalized animations, and firing from passenger positions will be supported in later builds on stable branch. The initial intent of spawning vehicles supporting large groups of players is to gauge both the performance, and functionality of large player groups moving together at high speed across Chernarus. Any issues discovered should be reported to whenever possible.

In addition, Chernarus should soon also begin to see the roll out of the new animal A.I. system that briefly made an appearance in 0.53 experimental branch. Animal behaviors should be significantly more complex, and add a great deal to the immersion and feel of hunting for your next meal, or resource. Initially this will roll out with the deer, and then progressively expand to support the full list of animals residing in the world of DayZ.

Lastly for me, we’ve been discussing the subject of blood regeneration, transfusion, and all the mechanics surrounding them for awhile. With blood regeneration at the rate it currently is, and the reduced amount of blood gained per blood bag, not many folks use or interact with these mechanics in the current stable build. Given that now is the time to experiment, and alter these mechanics to gauge viability through use on our steam branches we’ll be reducing the blood regeneration rate, and increasing the amount of blood gained through proper blood transfusions.

Personally I cannot wait to see how the survivors of Chernarus adapt to this change.

Mr. Black0ut picked up his Hardcore DayZ Series again, you should all take a look.

Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Mirek / Lead Gameplay Programmer

“I’d like to mention a few brief words about the new character/player controller. The physics part of this controller will be implemented using Bullet physics, so there will be a visible improvement in interactions between static and dynamic objects.
e.g. there shouldn’t any camera clipping issues, it will improve melee combat, movement on stairs, and it will be possible to get over dropped items and dead bodies. It will have also positive impact on performance.
The animation side of this will be using Enfusion’s new animation system and will allow us to have more animation layers on character, so it will be possible to play more animations at once. With this, we can achieve moving during shooting from the bow or adding injured animations.
The character/player controller will be used for players and for AI units. We would like to introduce the physical part on character controller in 0.55 experimental. As for the animation part (which is already used for animals), there is a lot of work with exporting data to the new system and with complete rewriting of current system, but its in progress now and we hope, that we will introduce it in 0.56 (0.57 more likely) experimental build..”

Peter / Lead Designer

"While the new vital parts of the Enfusion engine and the game itself like the renderer, particle effects, UI, animation system, inventory, AI, controls/interactions, vehicles, scripting language, central economy and others are being still worked on by dedicated programmers - we are getting closer to the point where we cannot push the game further in the direction in which we want to with the existing legacy systems. That means as the new technology is merged into the main branch, better, advanced mechanics and enriched gameplay begin to be possible. We still need to wait to start using these systems, which will allow us to do more without hassle.

However we can still push the current systems to their limits as we’ve prepared some prototypes of long planned features. I can mention at least some of them. Placing of objects which allows you to precisely visualize where the given object will be placed within the environment and if it’s possible to place it there. This feature will be a great addition for base building in general, fireplaces, traps and similar objects and in the future we will maybe add this feature for placing every item as we understand it can enhance role playing and user generated content. Next we have a prototype ready for continuously usage of items which will be used in new controls/interactions, this means that you are continuously using item in hand by holding mouse button, when you release it use action is stopped. With the new animation system added to the mix it means that also eating and drinking during movement will be possible. The last prototype I would like to mention is the one which was done for the advanced crafting. It’s flexible enough to be used as a field crafting and also table crafting. The point is that you need to put all your items from which you want to craft something new in front of you then equip right tool in your hand and directly interact with the item pool to produce the desired new crafted item. This solution is giving us few important possibilities like adding meaning to the plethora of tools we already have in game, crafting complex items without need of intermediate products which are most of the time useless. As well, turn some of the stationary tables with machinery in houses and industry structures to crafting tables where you will be able to produce crafted rails for scopes, modify weapons and do other advanced processes.

Apart from that we started configuring the V3S with a cargo bed as we know you need to carry more passengers around Chernarus. Don’t expect entering/exiting the cargo bed animations nor shooting from it yet. But if everything goes fine we will introduce a different vehicle feature for you to play with - the manual transmission, so you will be able to test your driving skills. Manual transmission is done in style of sequential changing of gears, this means that you can go from lets say 1st gear to 3rd gear only directly through the 2nd gear, there is no way to skip the 2nd gear altogether.
We added the proper weight value to all items. Total weight that character is carrying around will be used later to modify his stamina value. We are getting prepared for use of the new central economy system which will be hopefully be plugged in at least partially. Now every item and structure have tags assigned to them, this categorization combined with minimum and maximum amount of items spawned in the server we finally can start to balance loot amount and its distribution over the map. Later area based distribution will be added to currently tested type distribution which means the same house can spawn different items depending on its location in the world.

Crafting and usage of the fireplace is being polished to be more user friendly and straightforward. We decided to ditch the fireplace kit for now, improve the current functionality of it and add some new functionality too. Gas cooker is receiving some attention as well and cooking functionality of this too will be merged. Piece of lard and pile of bones are new items which are expanding resource gathering. As you can guess piece of lard can be used for cooking while pile of bones have wide range of use, we will start with arrows with bone tips. Modular plate carrier vest with attachable pouches and pistol holster is ready to go, same apply to FN Trombone which was waiting for proper reloading animations. Now we are configuring and preparing disposable suppressor crafted from PET bottle and we are looking at possibilities to damage firearms with bullets in bad condition.

I’m looking forward to brighter future… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Standup Notes for the week of 17 Feb 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Trumpet reloading animation
      Salute + Sitting Gestures
      Zombie attack animations
      Analysis of transition to new system for players / A.I.
      MoCap Session


      Manual transmission
      Advanced crafting
      Fireplace polishing
      Gas cooker refactoring
      Controls and interactions
      Diseases transfer
      New script language
      Central economy
      Configs and scripts for new items


      Inventory refactorization
      Loot distribution per buildings
      Zombie/Animal AI
      Character controller (animations & physics)
      Vehicles - Manual transmission and bugfixing
      Crash fixes
      Security Bugfixes

Dimanche 8 février 2015  
Status Report

Greetings Survivors!

As most of you may know by now, 0.53 released to stable branch with build 126384. After daily iterative updates to experimental branch we were able to resolve the branch update preventing bugs, we moved forward with work on the next stable branch update 0.54.

0.53 has some outstanding new content, but for me personally the focus of this months stable update was taking a more aggressive stance on exploiting, and cheating within the development period of DayZ. As I’ve mentioned before, security in competitive multiplayer gaming is an ongoing battle for the industry. Add into this the fact that DayZ is still early in its development, with extensive changes to the engine ongoing, as well as existing vulnerabilities in legacy portions of the technology, and we have an uphill battle to deal with. The positive side of this coin however is very clear. Being vigilant in monitoring, investigating, and preventing exploits and vulnerabilities during DayZ’s development period will make for a stronger game at release.

As our work with BattlEye on 0.53 continues to evolve, there are several fronts we can utilize to increase our awareness and speed at which we can identify and address vulnerabilities with each stable branch update.

    If you discover any exploit or bug you believe to be unknown - file a bug on the DayZ feedback tracker.

      Follow up to this with an email to and include the link to your tracker issue in the body of your email.

    Previously mentioned, integrating our work with BattlEye on a closer level with the Valve Anti-Cheat system and team
    Providing an in-game option for players to report suspected cheaters
    Expanding upon the existing internal security team as we grow closer to 1.0

Enough about cheating though, lets talk about a few key points that everyone wants to know about as 2015 kicks off.

Infected / Animal AI

Like many systems that involve large changes to the engine, the development of this system occurs in its own branch, outside the main trunk of DayZ development. This is not just because of limited functionality, development of core systems like this can frequently cause stability issues in the base game as they are worked on. Once their functionality is present at a base level, they are merged into the main game and pushed to stable branch in that months stable update. For those that were able to get a glimpse of this system early on in 0.53 experimental, you saw some outstanding changes to the way the A.I. for animals functioned. Beyond the animal side of the A.I. changes, infected A.I. redesign is aimed at introducing proper stealth gameplay and evasion in order to survive against the infected, and especially within urban environments. 


As with the A.I. redesign, work on this is done outside the main trunk of DayZ development. A large part of the core engine teams’ work, detaching the renderer from the engine side simulation is and has been a massive task that takes a significant amount of man hours. As we begin to see the fruits of the work done on this portion of the tech merged over into the stable branch of DayZ in the coming months, this will allow the engine team to start work on bringing newer Direct X support into DayZ. 


Some of the most irritating and pesky issues affecting gameplay within development builds can be traced to the audio side of our base engine. Redesigning the existing technology into a more robust solution is a must. Work on this, much like the above systems is ongoing, and when ready for the merge into stable branch will allow the team to begin addressing and resolving issues such as global sounds, and the proper messaging of all interaction and engine based sound sources.

Beyond the above mentioned core technology changes, the coming months will have us begin to see changes that update or expand upon existing systems such as animation, loot spawning, persistence, and so much more.

In addition to these, once vehicle inventory support makes its way to stable branch we will begin to be able to see multiple configurations of the V3S, and their potential cargo spawning across Chernarus. Pair these changes with the ever changing face of Chernarus and the experience that is DayZ, and I see 2015 being an exciting year that I cannot wait to share with you all.

See you all in Chernarus, and be careful when visiting the prison.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -


Mercredi 4 février 2015  
Stable Branch - 0.53.126384

Hey folks!

We'll be updating stable branch to 0.53.126384 today. I'll update this post as the update progresses with known issues, and patch notes when they are released.

Should be noted maintenance today -is- extended for the update.

Updated server rules

Since last hive wipe

    111,601,176 characters have been killed.
    4,796,793 characters living
    2,094,059 characters purged from the public hive

Known issues

    In some cases, servers may freeze briefly. (There will be a targeted hotfix to address this)
    Throwing something while in process of another action can cause your character to get stuck in a falling pose until reconnection

Change Log

    New items

      Crafted Leather Jacket, Pants, Backpack, Shoes and Vest
      Canoe paddle
      Lead pipe
      Steak knife
      Hay Hook
      Flanged Mace
      Red, green, blue and gray sweater
      Red, green, blue, yellow, violet, orange and black quilted jackets
      Blue, red, pink and black raincoat
      Yellow, orange, blue, green, red, pink and black armband
      Khaki, Black, Olive and Tan M65 Jacket
      Bayonet for AKs
      Flare gun
      Ice Axe
      Field Shovel
      Lug Wrench

    New mechanics

      Handheld scopes not limited in Y axis.
      You can use rope, duct tape or wire for restraining other players.
      You can use blades, pliers, hacksaw and lock pick to untie players.
      You can craft armbands by shredding raincoats.
      You can use cooking tripod as melee.
      You can attach cooking tripod on fireplace.
      You can pour water, gasoline or disinfectant into any kind of container (except soda cans).
      You can pour liquids from container to container.
      You can tan skin using lime.
      You can upgrade fireplace to furnace.
      You can use Ice Axe for stone picking.
      You can sew Leather Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shoes, Hat and Sack from Tanned Leather with Leather Sewing Kit.
      Construct fireplace states by attachments.
      Fireplace consuming fuels (heating/cooling fireplace temperature).
      Heat transfer from heated items (you can heat items in a fireplace and then bring them with you to keep you warm).
      You can find worms when digging garden plot.
      Planting in garden plot is less effective in comparison to greenhouse.
      Zucchini plant, seeds and its growing process.

    New animations + audio

      Flare gun hand pose & reload animation
      Water pump water pouring
      Supersonic crack sound for weapons with supersonic ammo
      Bullet fly wizz
      Melee weapons sounds
      Flare gun sounds

    New locations

      Terra incognita
      Castle on Skalisty island
      Nagornoe village


      New version of BattleEye.
      Vehicle persistence.
      The navmesh controller connected to the entity controller.
      Adminlogs added for private shards (logs connects and disconnects of player, tracks damage dealt from player to player, logs messages sent through chat ...).


      Suicide with various items
      You can not unpin grenade laying on the ground
      Ghillie suit painting
      Arrow crafting no longer consumes 2 instead of 1 feather in certain circumstances
      Deployment of ruined fishtrap
      Cancel action during digging in greenhouse
      Fireplace heating process tweaked
      Effect of wetness on temperature tweaked
      Handguard placement on AKs
      Kitchen Knife cannot be placed on back
      Fish trap deterioration and sardines count
      Damaged an Ruined texture on some items (book, heatpack,...)
      Shovel size
      Clothing sizes tweaked
      Heatpacks keeps you warm longer, but its longevity is affected by it's damage
      Gun muzzle flashes

    Known issues

      Server freezes.
      Character falls/gets stuck after throwing melee weapon during swing/weapon change.
      Player can't pick up items from the ground sometimes.
      V3S can clip under ground in certain circumstances.
      Players are experiencing desync while next to each other/ in vehicles.
      Items with classnames that are too long aren't saved into the character database.
      Items in backpack rearranges upon connection to server.
      Player is stuck in building after reconnect.
      City/Shadow related client FPS drops.
      Camera clipping issues.

Jeudi 28 janvier 2015  
Status Report - Week of 19 Jan 15

Its been a busy week over here in the DayZ development offices. With work pushing forward on 0.53 the team is focused on the last few remaining major issues before the push. As we go into test/fix/regression with 0.53, there are several things every Early Access user should be aware of:

    We will be analyzing builds daily for a 0.53 stable branch candidate

      Once we have a build, Stable branch servers will be brought offline for the update

    The 0.53 update will include a public hive reset.

      This will not affect private shards

The 0.53 update has a good amount of security fixes, as well as content additions, support for adminlogs, and should roll out with the new BattlEye protection. Over the next few days you will see us roll out incremental updates to experimental branch as we iterate towards a good 0.53 candidate.
For those who operate servers, remember - adminlogs will be accessible on both public, and private shard servers and contain the following info:

    Connections/Disconnections (With in-game name and Steam 64 ID)
    Player X (w/Steam 64 ID) killed Player Y (w/Steam 64 ID)
    Player X (w/Steam 64 ID) damaged Player Y (w/Steam 64 ID)
    Direct Chat (Text)

In addition to the changes and updates above - 0.53 will include, but is not limited to:

    Upgrading of fireplaces all the way to the furnace
    Proper consumption of fuel for fireplaces
    Crafted leather clothing
    Anti-duplication fixes
    Anti-cheating fixes
    A new island featuring the new prison complex
    Changes to Skalisty Island
    Vehicle Persistence
    And so much more

PAX South was at the end of the week, and DayZ had a strong presence at the show. Integrating with prolific DayZ Storytellers from both Youtube and Twitch, we partnered with Astro Gaming for developer/content creator meet and greets, as well as with Twitch to discuss 0.53, Security and Anti Cheat measures, Steam Workshop, and more.

As DayZ hits 3,000,000 units sold we look forward to all the possibility that 2015 holds for DayZ. With the project slowly able to reap the rewards of hard work put in by the engine and gameplay programmers over the months prior. I for one cannot wait to begin to roll these changes out to stable branch.

Again, keep an eye on Experimental Branch daily as we iterate towards the 0.53 release. As always I encourage you to head over to the Developer Discussion subforums at the official DayZ forums. Department Leads are always available there to discuss the ongoing development of DayZ with you.

I’m convinced the PAX Pox caused the Chernarusian Outbreak.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Peter / Lead Game Designer

"You folks are amazing, DayZ would mean nothing without you - the diverse group of all types of different players who create such amazing stories that bring almost infinite unique experiences which could never be written in a traditional narrative form. DayZ just hit 3,000,000 sales and your continued interest in being involved in the development process of this game is clear signal and thus commitment for us to bring you the best possible platform to lay down your stories - and this is what we are doing on the daily basis with love and passion.

As we are developing an online multiplayer game it of course means there is and will be a influx of some new content in major updates. We are also working hard on fleshing out new and expanding current features which enriches how the game is played, defining possible interactions and overall experience - and I must say this is my most favorite part.

I would like to mention some new items which are ready and will be introduced in one of the upcoming updates. Melee weapons batch consist from mix of different items like bayonet for AK, broom, mace, paddle, hay hook, steak knife, lead pipe and hatchet. We didn’t omit firearms too and you can await FN Trombone which can be disassembled into the parts to save your inventory space which makes it a perfect firearm for those who wants to carry second rifle directly in theirs inventory and then there is a flare gun which was waiting for some time to be configured as we didn’t have possibility to attach the new light source to the projectiles till now which means that now you are free to lighten up surrounding environment or use it as a signal for others.

We also prepared prototype for the bear trap which is in fact far from desired implementation as there is currently not proper trigger available for us to use it with it and as zombie/animal AI is still in development only players will be caught by it for now - but hey you can hunt animals even without bear trap which can be skinned to get pelts already and now we added process to produce pieces of tanned leather (although a bit simplified for now as a placeholder). You probably can guess that tanned leather have some usability which is the sewing the set of leather clothes included shoes, pants, jacket, vest, hat and bag. In the future preparing the tanned leather and dying leather clothes will be connected to barrels which are currently being prepared by art team. As counterbalance to the recent addition of crafted clothes we have added also brand new quilted jacked and in the future is very possible that down jacket will be pulled down from loot tables as it have plenty of clipping issues due to its mass and will be replaced with quilted jacket. To please those of you who fell in love with cultivating plants we added new plant which yields one of your most loved vegetable - zucchini.

We are also busy with adding new spawn points to the mighty prison castle which was recently finished and sure it will become new attraction for survivors in no time. Also I would like to remind you about withdrawal of our very special Xmas tree and presents which were here just for holidays. But don’t worry you will be able to find that cute teddy bear elsewhere.

We have finished first phase of cooking refactoring in general and things related to it like fireplaces and crafting recipes. The foundation is here now and it will be expanded and polished to desired result in short period of time. You are now able to make also upgraded fireplaces with stones, use tripod to hold pot or turn your fireplace to a stove which let you to cook your food without excess amount of light and smoke produced by normal fireplace. You will be able to put every item directly into fireplace or pot to heat it up so it may be used as an alternative to the heat packs. Eventually you can ruin items if they will be in the fire for some time which can be different for all items. Imagine throwing in some bullets or spray can when you noticed some unwanted visitors that are coming in direction to your fireplace to distract them or endanger them while they are searching thru your camp for possible loot.

Movement restriction of characters by restraining them was expanded to other generic items apart from handcuffs like wire, rope, duct tape and guts. Duration of struggling to break free differ from item to item and they have equivalent to handcuffs keys also like knives or pliers. Last but not least we implemented liquids which are independent now and are not based on specific container types which means you can pour gasoline into the PET bottle or store some fresh and clean water in the jerry can. This feature also brings such actions as emptying canisters for the purpose of filling it with different liquid as we didn’t went down the road of mixing different liquids which can easily turn to the overkill. I’m sure independent liquids which are not tied to specific container will bring unexpected and interesting situations.

Well I almost forgot to mention new group identification which is naturally optional and can be used to form clans, teams or just to stand out from the masses - armbands. They are created thru crafting and comes in few different easily recognizable colors and they are fully visible directly on arm. I’m glad we are pushing customization of characters further down the road and I can assure you that we are not stopping here.

Thank you for your marvellous support so far… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Standup Notes for the week of 19 Jan 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Manual Transmission
      Advanced crafting
      Controls and interactions
      Liquids independent of specific container types
      New scripting language


      Support for armbands
      Inventory refactorization
      Security vulnerability hotfixes
      Vehicle persistency
      Per building loot distribution w/ centralized economy
      New Infected/Animal AI
      New player controller prototype
      Support for manual vehicle transmission
      Crash fixes
      New vehicle features
      Research on flexible item type inventory support

Lundi 19 janvier 2015  
Status Report - Week of 12 Jan 15

Greetings Survivors!

As we move forward with January’s stable branch update (0.53) the focus of the gameplay programming and production teams is primarily on security. As mentioned prior in the September 15 Status Report - only so much can be done in tandem with engine and gameplay changes coming with every update (and maintain a rapid update frequency to stable branch). That said, as the primary vulnerability on the security side for DayZ right now is less on engine and/or scripting and more on modifying/accessing the process memory we have several Q1 goals we are aiming to complete.

    Deployment of a new form of BattlEye

      This has been delayed to allow testing/regression around any potential bugs and/or compatibility issues so as not to cause any major issues to those participating in Early Access

    Server side sanity checks and protection against certain currently exploited methods
    Closer work with Valve and the VAC team

      This will initially be seen by allowing players to report in-game suspected cheaters and will expand from there to a program that best fits DayZ and how it operates
      Expanded vigilance in reporting all known tools and methods currently used to access the DayZ process for less than honorable methods.

Beyond that, Q1 has a good deal of exciting work for DayZ. Be it work on the new infected AI, to implementation of the central economy or diseases - this should be an exciting few months.
On the note of work to come, I’d like to expand upon confusion around persistence - how it is intended to operate, and the role that weekly persistence wipes currently serve.

Persistence is a core pillar of DayZ and its design. Currently persistence functionality is tied to the incomplete economy functions. As we expand upon the systems surrounding the central economy - What is saved/How it is saved, Cleanup, Respawn, etc will be handled properly. In addition to that, the secondary cause of persistence wipes (issues with reading modifiers on saved items, improperly saved items, etc) can be addressed.
Once we have addressed these two issues, persistence can and will be moved from an “opt-in” feature, to a core function of DayZ - and something that is universal across all servers. Once this is complete, I personally look forward to truly seeing the “camp/base building” side of the title start to be more universally adopted. Be it vehicles, barricaded buildings, tents, containers, or even farms setup via horticulture.

In addition, if you have any questions surrounding this topic (or any others) - I encourage you to head over to the Developer Discussion subforums at the official DayZ forums. Eugen and myself both are accessible via the Service section.

I wish I could bundle a microphone with every copy of DayZ.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

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Vendredi 9 janvier 2015  
Status Report - Week of 05 Jan 15


We live in the future people.

2015 looks to be a pretty awesome year for DayZ, I’d like to kick off this months Status Reports by talking a bit about how the team has settled in during our first week back, as well as some awesome points of inspiration for us.

First off, I was forwarded a link to Eternum Pictures DayZ fan film - which has some outstanding emotional points about friendship, and loss. The loss that the main character in this fan film experiences is something that resonates with me. I can recall how it felt to meet, befriend, and then lose a stranger in my early DayZ mod days. As the option to instantly respawn after death somewhat limits this experience, it brought to the discussion table some server options that we’ve had on the drawing board for awhile. Speaking of servers…

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out some expanded server options to extend support for administrators, and introduce more customization options for private shards.

    Admin Logs, covering: Connections/Disconnections, Chat, Player Deaths (Env & PvP)
    Hardcore Mode: Initially we’ll only support this on Private Shards, while we see how the mechanics impact gameplay
    However the intent is to offer server operators the choice to restrict how long since a players last death they can respawn. Eg: A hardcore server could conceptually restrict players from respawning until 12 hours after their last death. We’ll gauge how much impact this has on the design, and decide if it stays restricted to private shards, or we open this up to all public (consumer rented) hive servers.

Now that the team have returned back to the office we’ve begun going over data compiled from stable branch since Christmas, and looking at what is left to do for the 0.53 release at the end of January. We’ve got some awesome stuff on the table for 0.53 and 0.54, and as always we’ll be pushing to experimental to test things out as development on the update progresses.

Speaking of the end of January, PAX South in San Antonio is coming up and we have some awesome things in store for the first Penny Arcade Expo in the great state of Texas. We’ll be sending out information on that via our twitter and facebook channels next week. In addition, the finishing touches are being put on the DayZ website - as we look to centralize where you all get the latest news on DayZ development, and interact with the DayZ Dev team.

Over on the Official DayZ forums the team leads have begun using their new sub forums to interact directly with you, the Survivors of Chernarus. Head over and take a peak, we’ll start to use these more and more - giving you guys a direct line to the people that guide the vision that is DayZ.

I look forward to increasing visibility into DayZ development in 2014, and evolving what it means to survive in Chernarus as we march forward to DayZ 1.0.

Chocolate Milk Bath, do it.

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Peter / Lead Game Designer

“Welcome to the first devblog of the 2015, I hope you enjoyed the holidays and spent some quality time with your families, friends and DayZ!

I will keep it really short. We all know that this year will be very important for DayZ. With all these big ongoing and upcoming changes it will be quite tough but the outcome will be splendid.

Currently we are focused mainly on new controls/interactions. We would like to use them before we start switching character to the new animation system so we can identify possible issues with the old one and address them. Apart from that we are looking forward to the new scripting language which should be ready as soon as possible so we can start rewriting currently used scripts with it, optimize and polish them which also bring some performance boost (server side, yay!). Design for manual transmission for vehicles is ready for the review and when we settle down on last little things after discuss it with programmers its implementation will begin. We are also making a prototype for non intrusive group identification so that you can easily identify your companions.

Have an amazing new year and don’t forget… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Chris / Lead Artist

    Character Art

      We’re still working on new character clothing and new zombie templates.
      This is ongoing, long term work that occurs during luls when the art team isn’t needed to support new features being added by design. We’ve finished the quilted jacket and a new batch of zombie templates. An M65 Field Jacket is also WIP.


      Work has begun on a school building. Its giving me flashbacks to my days dodging balls in the gym. We’re working on desks, chairs, bells, and gym equipment. This is a piece I’m personally excited about.


      We’re nearly done with a new pump-action .22LR rifle based on the FN Trombone. We’ve also recently completed a Winchester Model 70 and two new guns I think people will be excited about are currently WIP. In addition, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve churned out a series of new melee weapons for people to try out.


      Some of you may have noticed that we’ve introduced a new area on the official forums where it is possible to interact with the team and I’ve been busy this week visiting and answering questions. I’d encourage you to drop by and check it out.”

Standup Notes for the week of 05 Jan 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      M65 Field Jacket
      FN Trombone 
      Vehicle design standup
      School structure
      Winchester Model 70


      Hand poses for weapon attachments
      Hand Poses


      V3S Changes
      Independant content of canisters
      New scripting language


      Security vulnerability fixes
      Vehicle persistency
      Loot distro per building for new system
      Close range weapon sound fixes
      Suicide fixes
      Zombie/Animal AI
      Vehicles - Manual transmission
      Server side logging


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