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Vendredi 28 novembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 24 Nov 14

November and December are busy months for DayZ. Coming up next week we’re aiming for the 0.51 update to stable branch, we have the conclusion of our Private Shard contest, and of course.. the initial implementation (at a very basic level) of wheeled vehicles into stable branch. It is important that when hunting for/fueling/driving these new base model V3S trucks across Chernarus you understand the limits, base functionality, and placeholder status of much associated at this time with the vehicle.

    The V3S is not tied to the persistence system at this time, so when it restarts - it respawns.

      Yes, worry not vehicles will save, just not at this time.

    Much of the animations are in progress, we hope to greatly improve the visual immersion versus legacy animations when mounting and exiting
    The interior of the cabin is still in progress, what is there currently is placeholder.

      Instrumentation will eventually be the primary method for tracking speed, fuel, temperature, etc

    New sound effects for the V3S will be recorded, for now we are using legacy placeholder sfx
    At this time the bed / cargo / command sections of the V3S and its variants are disabled while we continue work on them

      This means the truck has no item storage capacity, and seats two survivors (at this time!)

    Very basic functionality is present for vehicle maintenance, this is limited to fuel consumption and refilling.

      Further functionality is being worked on - spark plugs, exhaust, radiator, etc

This first initial implementation of vehicles in DayZ is aimed at tracking the network impact, physical simulation performance, and gameplay impact of this feature on the title. Be warned, this is the first time stable branch will get its hands on these systems, and there will be bugs. As with all systems, we will be iterating and expanding upon this as we move forward with development of DayZ. Aside from the V3S, 0.51 contains a strong amount of new mechanics, expanded systems, security hotfixes, and as always content. Going into December, we will be observing the impact of this update on stable branch and work on a end of year update for December with 0.52 mid-month.

On a more personal note, 0.51 - even with the title as early in development as it is has had a large impact on my playstyles within DayZ. I am very eager to see how survivors adapt and expand upon the world of Chernarus with these changes. In addition I hope to put a special status report up when 0.52 is published to stable branch (sort of a town hall style address) where myself, and the other leads recap the most impactful and persistent bugs in DayZ Early Access, and where we are / what the plans are for them moving into 2015.

As always, not a bandit.

Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Standup Notes for the week of 24 Nov 14

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Prison Complex
      High fidelity V3S instrument panel 
      UH1Y Crashsite model 
       Prison-themed zombies


      Steyr Aug reload animations
      Player Suicide Animations in Progress
      Vehicle animations
      Rifle sitting animations update
      Zombies with new AI


      V3S Praga Bugfixing
      Config and scripts for prion disease balance
      New content spawn points
      Cooking extension
      Loot defines for new centralized loot spawning


      Critical inventory fixes
      Client/server performance
      Client/server crash fixes
      Loot distribution redesign/improvements
      Player & Item duplication fixes
      Vehicle simulation diagnostics / bugfix
      Character connection issues (protecting players from attack while logging in/before being able to move)

Mercredi 26 novembre 2014  
DayZ - Movin into 2015

The DayZ development team in association with Bohemia Interactive would like to announce that having completed our first year of Early Access development, we have reached an important project milestone. Looking forward into the opportunities and obstacles of the coming year, we would like to share our plans and goals for 2015.

These plans change over time, and internally the team has reviewed our progress this year against where we want DayZ to be at 1.0. Compiling this data we have completed a light roadmap based on our experience with the project for the upcoming year, and this is a taste of exciting things to come that we can look forward to.

Q1 2015

    Basic vehicles
    Central economy (advanced loot distribution)
    New renderer
    New Zombie AI
    Basic stealth system (zombies, animals, ...)

Q2 2015

    Advanced vehicles (repair, modifications, ...)
    Advanced animals - life cycle, group behavior
    Player statistics
    New UI Stamina / fatigue
    Dynamic events

Q3 2015

    Character life span + soft skills
    Animal predators + birds
    Aerial transport
    Console prototype

Q4 2015

    BETA version
    Animal companions (dog, horse)
    Steam community integration (Achievements, Steamworks modding, etc)
    Construction (building shelters / walls / ...)

Along with the remaining updates this year you can expect a new price point for DayZ, a slight increase to 27.99 EUR/34.99 USD. This is part of a gradual price change as we progress with the development and reach the goals that we along with your help set for the project. We would like to avoid a sudden increase in price once we hit 1.0. Don`t be discouraged by this increase however, the current price of 23.99 EUR/29.99 USD will still be available during the Steam fall sale. If you want to jump into DayZ, now is a good time.

We are all very excited to announce that the first half of 2016 will introduce our final version and release from early access, with our final price point of 39.99 EUR / 49.99 USD.

See you in Chernarus!


Vendredi 21 novembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 17 Nov 14

Player Interaction is arguably the cornerstone of what makes DayZ magical. Be it friendly or hostile, direct or at a distance - the interactions between players within Chernarus is what makes the world come alive without a structured narative or reason to be. The drive to stay alive, and survive in itself compels the player to create their own story by way of the journey. You see the stories told through pictures, forum posts, youtube videos, and twitch streams all over the internet. As we move towards our Christmas break, making those experiences be as fluid and enjoyable as possible on a development build is a personal goal for the team. Server performance, and security fixes rank just as high as the remaining content and feature additions on the board for November, and the weeks available in December outside the holidays.

Recently I have taken to spending more time on the newly supported private shards, exploring their communities and observing the playstyle differences between their player bases and the public hive. First person only camera perspective seems to be increasingly popular within the private shard market, and I’ve personally had some amazing player interaction in those worlds. For those still on the fence when it comes to trying first person only servers, I strongly encourage you to give them a chance. Restricting the perspective to what your character can actually see has a large impact on how people approach the game, and other players.

As we approach the end of 2014 and look back at all the challenges, and accomplishments of the DayZ Early Access I can not help but get excited about the possibilities in the new year. A passionate and active community has allowed us to grow and adapt the design and functionality of the project so much more than the traditional development method does. Being able to deploy, test, and research how systems are utilized, and the impact that they have on the player base rather than the traditional closed method of development and hoping that when your titles hits shelves it has the effect and reception you had hoped, is amazing.

I can’t wait to share the work left in 2014 with you all, and hopefully spend my Christmas in Chernarus.

(Not a bandit) 

- Brian Hicks / Lead Producer -

Standup Notes for the week of 17 Nov 14

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Prison Complex
      High fidelity V3S instrument panel 
      Military Tent & Ground Model
      Prison-themed zombies


      Steyr Aug reload animations
      Player Suicide Animations in Progress
      Vehicle animations
      Animation changes for new controls
      Zombies with new AI


      Configs and scripts for V3S Praga 
      Config and scripts for prion disease
      Configuration for Military Tent


      Critical inventory fixes
      Vehicle settings for physical simulations
      New gamecontrols
      Loot distribution improvements
      Gameplay & Player Statistics
      Client/Server crash triage & bugfixing
      Character connection issues (protecting players from attack while logging in/before being able to move)

Vendredi 14 novembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 10 Nov 14

Now that 0.50 has rolled out to stable branch, the focus of the team shifts to the incremental roll out of 0.51 for November’s monthly stable branch update. As with any monthly stable branch update, this comes with several new features, functional changes to existing systems, and its own unique collection of bugs and general game play issues. Those who encounter any frustrating blockers to their gameplay experience on either stable or experimental branch are encouraged to utilize the DayZ feedback tracker at

Looking towards the 0.51 update and the Christmas break, in addition to the obvious feature and functional goals - Server side performance is paramount. Addressing critical issues and blockers in releasing 0.50 on schedule has resulted in reduced server performance and with our end of year feature/functional goals coming up the programming team is focused on ensuring a smooth and solid server side frame rate. Experimental/Unstable servers will be used to profile and test 0.51’s performance throughout the month, so if you are looking to participate in this stress testing - make sure to opt into Experimental branch!

On experimental branch this week we’ve pushed out several new security related hotfixes, as well as pushing BattlEye’s upcoming changes. As always with security, working in tandem with our external partners (BattlEye and VAC) as well as observing exploits and behavior on experimental and stable branch servers allow us to iterate, and address via experimental > stable branch update paths.

It is important again to understand that during the Early Access Alpha period of DayZ’s development vulnerabilities will be introduced as the engine and systems surrounding it are created. Addressing these vulnerabilities and iterating via the experimental > stable branch update path is a constant tug of war. Through utilizing the DayZ feedback tracker to properly report valid information and issues encountered surrounding these areas, we can more quickly “patch the holes”

This Friday (the 14th) we had the first of our “dev play sessions” on experimental branch and the footage captured during this stream will be edited and commentated over in next weeks “dev experimental branch discussion” video to be released in next weeks Status Report. It is our hopes that combining general developer experimental branch gameplay with a “directors style commentary” alternating weekly will allow both the light hearted side of seeing the team play and experiment with systems in development, and the more serious gameplay and design oriented development discussion that the dev experimental branch discussion videos will allow.

This paired with the upcoming restructuring of the Dev Hub, as well as moving the Status Reports to Fridays and rolling out “Update Notes” for Wednesday experimental branch releases (via the dev hub) will be the first step towards increasing community/developer interaction moving forward into 2015.

Don’t forget about our private shard contest, announced during last weeks Status Report. Submissions are still being accepted!  - Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

Peter / Lead Game Designer

“Not much has changed since the last status report update on our front. Vehicle implementation is still flagged with the highest priority. There are of course some issues down the road which needs to be tackled to some extent so it can be considered ready to go for public testing. We advanced a bit as we were passed the vehicle physics parameters in configuration to set up car behavior correctly which is not an easy task and can take countless hours of tweaking and balancing to get the feeling right and believable. For example we already had iteration where our beloved “V3S” was acting like a boat or was falling on its sides while steering.

At Thursday and Friday we had a visit from part of the Bratislava team here to talk about features and design. It was nice to have them there and discuss things in details - like animals, cooking and horticulture. In meantime we’ve added MP-133 with pistol grips and fixed walkie talkies. We also added one more way to gather meat. Apart from that there are some new issues with restraining and struggling which we are taking the care of now. We are also revisiting the way how the suicide was supposed to be working and if everything goes fine it will be seamlessly integrated into the gameplay at the end.

Come get some… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Chris / Lead Artist

“This week, I’ve been working closely with Peter regarding design of the V3S and will be working on a high quality interior of the V3S with functional gauges. The initial implementation of the V3S will have some placeholder interior as the high quality version is being created.

We have also finished the prison uniform and are closing in on finishing the prison complex, which will be an interesting area to explore. We plan to also create prison-themed zombies which you will have to face if you want to explore the facility.

The Steyr AUG model is done and we will soon send it for animations, cfg, and sounds. I am optimistic that it can be in for next stable release but its worth saying that it will be the base version only. We are looking into swapping barrels to convert from the standard AUG to an HBAR version.

The military tent is also finished. I expect it will be found in next stable release.”

Standup Notes for the week of 10 Nov 14

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Prison Complex
      High fidelity V3S instrument panel
      Steyr AUG
      Prison-themed zombies


      Mp133 Pistol Grip Reload Animation done
      Player Suicide Animations in Progress
      Vehicle animations
      Throwing in crouch and prone
      Animation changes for new controls
      Zombies with new AI


      Configs and scripts for new items (V3S Praga, MP-133 with pistol grips)
      Fixing restrain/struggling
      Fixing walkie talkies
      Fixing suicide
      Damage system


      Critical inventory fixes
      Vehicle settings for physical simulations
      New gamecontrols
      Loot distribution improvements
      Zombie/Animal AI
      Player connection issues (possibility of attacking players before they can play)
      Character duplication fixes

Mercredi 5 novembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 03 Nov 14

As 0.50 is pushed to stable branch today, it is important that survivors understand a few key points about this latest update in the DayZ development cycle. 0.50 and features specific to this update, as are as always - very early prototypes. While we do iterate weekly on experimental branch servers for both functional, and gameplay reasons many systems behave very differently when exposed to the much larger audiences on stable branch. Additionally, as we blaze ahead towards our end of year goals we will see performance server side bounce back and forth. We here on the DayZ development team endeavor to finish off the year with not only the additional features mentioned in last weeks status report, but with a healthy and steady server performance rate.

As always, please use the feedback tracker when reporting issues and make sure to work with your game server provider’s support if you are a DayZ server operator.

That said, lets revisit last weeks comments regarding changes to how project updates and development info on DayZ is communicated to the Early Access survivors.
As mentioned last week, we will be rolling out some changes to the website:

    Project Calendar

      Experimental & Stable branch updates
      Dev Streams
      Status Reports

    Dev Hub will be moved to the landing page of to allow easier access to the latest news and updates about the development of DayZ
    Server Status widget/block - (This displays the current status of Stable and Experimental branches eg: Online / Offline)

In addition to the changes to - we will be reapproaching how we handle the dev streams. We will continue with the dev team play sessions - however we will replace the alternating week play session / Q&A frequency with a dev blog / commentary style video that covers the teams commentary on the previous play session as well as discusses and shows things upcoming to experimental branch.
As we roll these changes to and our dev streams / blogs out we will as always engage the community for feedback at the official forums. 

Lastly, as many may be aware - our game server partners recently started rolling out support for the renting of private shard servers on stable branch. To celebrate this, and coincide with the upcoming Christmas holiday we are looking for the best / strongest / most epic / generally most awesome communities. 
Do you have a DayZ squad, clan, server community, or otherwise group of rag tag survivors? We want to hear about it, and you. Tell us your tale at and the top three entries by December 1st will win free server hosting for their group for a year from Multiplay Game Servers, as well as the option of private shards (also free) to go with it. 


(Subject: DayZ: Private Shard contest)

Winners will be announced December 3rd in that weeks status report. - Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

Peter / Lead Game Designer

"With the delay of releasing stable version caused by crashes last week we entered a data freeze mode thus not many new things went into the experimental - mostly safe fixes or tweaks from our side. However work didn’t stopped for the team.

Currently we are working on enhancement of horticulture with fertilisers and protection against pests. Cooking is being prepared for refactoring and at the end gas cooker and fireplace will offer similar possibilities. Apart from that there are ongoing discussions about construction (base building), zombies AI, inventory and other aspects of the game.


As nearly everyone is looking forward to them so I would like to disclose the current status of them a little. Vehicles implementation in the engine itself like handling, physics and other parts was completely written from scratch. We (design) finally got our hands on them as the programmers finished their work on basic needs and they will continue further with their work in parallel with ours. So far we have a driveable V3S with basic configuration in game along with some basic controls and our main focus now is to bring the initial implementation to the public as soon as possible. Of course as it will be just basic stuff for now I would like to point out that it will be not wise to await advanced features like complete repairing with full controls, all parts, upgrading, mounting points, shooting from vehicles and such. All this and much more will be ongoing iterative process like with everything and it will take a while to reach the final implementation so bear with us. 

Meanwhile you can refresh your knowledge of traffic rules… see you in Chernarus folks!”





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