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Vendredi 26 septembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 22 Sept 14

Over the last week core members of the development team have been focused on investigating, and addressing server and client crash issues introduced with 0.49. These include issues with the processing of persistent objects on server initialization, player rag dolls, and the clean up of trash (expired) objects. In addition, the programming team continued their work on addressing exploits related to rapid player position updates. (Sliding/Teleporting)

As these updates make their way to stable branch we are also working with our game server providers to put the finishing touches on the systems needed to properly support the renting of private shards of the central DayZ hive. As mentioned in previous status reports, this option will continue the initiative to progressively increase the customization options allowed to server operators and communities, while still protecting the core vision of DayZ. This tied with our continued collaboration with these game server partners to analyze and track data related to the optimum software/hardware configuration for DayZ server instances should allow us over the next month to greatly improve the play experience on all DayZ stable branch servers.

Throughout this process we will endeavor to share data and statistics related to this whenever possible in our weekly status reports.

Those experiencing issues with respawning, or spawning into (any) servers should also head over to the official DayZ forums and read the information contained in this post. Anyone still having issues is strongly encouraged to reply to said post, so we can continue investigating the root cause of the issue.

Brian Hicks / Producer -

Peter / Lead Designer

"Weather impact on the player character is still being worked on and body temperature is now dependent upon character movement. Drowning characters also received some attention and is now working like you would expect. There is also a new waterproof bag, so anyone who happens to find your soaked dead body will be able to use your dry things. There are two traps ready to be released shortly - snare trap for small game as I already mentioned and one used for catching small fish.  

Apart from that we are refining design for barricading and vehicles. Some nasty bugs which were affecting gameplay were fixed, such as the lack of ability to be in both restrained and unconsciousness state at the same time or endless usage of consumable/food/drink items.  

By the way if you missed live stream of Brian, Chris and I playing DayZ head over to our channel and check it out… see you in Chernarus folks! ”

Chris / Lead Artist

"Much of what I wrote about last week is still WIP and there isn’t a whole lot of new stuff to talk about right now.  The prison uniform and medical scrubs are almost ready, as well as the first item of woman’s clothing - 3/4 length pants

The art and design teams have agreed on a series of sketches related to the creation of leather craftable clothes so work on the models is underway there. We decided to make a command variant of the V3S and work continues on the vehicle parts.  A hermit zombie was completed and I think the first time you see him coming at you, its going to be good for a scare. 

We’re also working on a lock picking kit related to the barricading feature Peter discussed during the Friday dev stream last week.

Also, a new large, military tent is WIP which you will be able to persistently store your gear in.”

Viktor / Lead Animator

"Last month we added new zombie run variations. Now we’ve started to focus on other areas. After going through many already mocaped animations we were still missing some important moves we want to improve the zombies with. To be more specific I’m talking about zombie attacks and hit reactions. The mocap session happened on tuesday and we have mocaped some awesome attacks and reactions for zombies. I truly can’t wait to see it in game. This will be our immediate goal.

At the same time we have started changing pistol moves a bit. Although it will take some time to have it fully polished there is a new pistol lowered pose and moves for standing, crouched and proned player. And one more thing… it’s one handed!

The MP133 reload animations have been finished, however there are some minor issues we need to fix. And as usual we are looking into bugs. Last week many minor issues in the animation graph were fixed.”

Standup Notes for the week of 22 Sept 14

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


      Prototyping procedural color changing for weapons
      Polishing bush rag and 3D camo for weapons
      V3S Command Vehicle variant
      New fishing related items
      Lock Picking kit
      55 gal drum for dying leather
      NEAF models
      Various car parts
      Medical Scrubs
      Woman’s clothing
      Steyr AUG
      Old man Zombie
      Prison Uniform
      Large military tent
      New outdoor (picnic) table
      ​Bugfixing environment models


       Player animation graph bugfixing
       Rifle raised walk
       MP133 reload animations polishing
       Zombie MoCap Processing
       Lowered one handed Pistol Animations 


      Bugfixing (restrain issues, endless usage of items etc.) 
      Configs and scripts for new items 
      Traps for small game and fishes 
      Drowning player
      Weather impact implementation 
      Vehicles and their parts design and implementation 
      Horticulture implementation 
      Barricading design and implementation 
      ​String tables 


      Client and server crash fixes
      Door reimplementation (bugfixing)
      Security on player location updates
      Player respawn/connecting fixes
      Tents positioning
      New basic zombie behavior
      Sound-over-network enhancements & optimization
      Server fps optimizations
      Support for better weapon animations

Jeudi 18 septembre 2014  
Patch stable 0.49 - Changelog

Après un bon stockage de patch dans la branche expérimentale, c’est au tour des joueurs de la branche stable de profiter des nouveautés. En voici le changelog.



      Couteau de chasse.
      Cagoule (Balaclava)
      Veste de pompier ( différentes versions)
      Baton à bétail.
      Matraque électrique.
      Baton téléscopique.
      Casque MASKA avec ou sans visière.
      Thermomètre médical.
      Grenade explosive RDG-5.
      Casquette d’officier soviétique.
      Des changements dans les réapparitions d’objets.


      Nouveau système de mêlée.
      Température du joueur, avec hypothermie ou hyperthermie.
      Réanimation cardiaque.
      Nouveaux évènements (spawn de véhicules, crash d’hélicoptères)
      Nouvelle implémentation des portes.
      Les joueurs peuvent courir dans les escaliers.
      Variation des zombies.
      Premier essai d’une économie centrale.
      Maillage de navigation pour les animaux.


      Nouvelle position et marche entravée/menottée.
      Massage cardiaque.
      Nouvelles animations de marche, course et sprint pour les zombies.
      Changements pour les ragdolls.


      Possibilité de spawn à Severograd et quelques autres villages.
      Nouvelle base militaire bien fournie à côté de Myshkino.
      Tentes militaires à côté de Balota disparues.


    Techniques de duplications enlevées.
    La chevrotine de fusil à pompe marche correctement.
    Les joueurs ne peuvent plus prendre d’objets en ayant les mains attachées.
    Divers gestes corrigés et affinés.
    Meilleurs mouvements avec l’arc.
    Quelques affinements pour les rechargements.
    L’arrêt non intentionné de la pêche par les mouvements du joueur est moins sensible.
    Porter un coupe-pluie et du gorka empêche d’être trempé.
    Le séchage des vêtements a été revu.
    Prendre des baies, du bois, des vers et allumer un feu peut être annulé.
    Le joueur devient trempé même partiellement immergé dans l’eau.
    Message de prévention pour la hache ruinée.
    Les cagoules balaclava peuvent être trempés.
    Synchronisation côté client de la météo.
    Les cartouches 7.62×39 ont un poids.
    Les rags et les sticks sont consommés avant que le craft commence.
    Les attaques de mêlées sont mieux détectées.
    Correction de l’animation de léchouille de batterie pour vérifier leur état.
    Correction des problèmes de désynchronisation et de performances serveur.
    Les joueurs ne peuvent plus changer d’arme dans l’eau.
    Les collisions entre joueurs ont été ajustés pour réduire le clipping à travers les murs.
    Correction d’un souci empêchant d’activer certains gestes dans la position offensive.
    Correction des sons que produisent les pas.
    Correction d’un problème causant la chute du joueur vers le sol lorsqu’il buvait tout le contenu d’un récipient.
    Correction d’un problème empêchant un joueur d’être menotté.
    Correction d’un souci où le joueur n’était pas désarmé en entrant dans l’eau sous certaines circonstances.

Bugs connus

    Problème de persistance : des évènements ne démarrant pas lors d’un reboot ou serveur devenant corrompu lorsqu’on stocke des grenades dans un conteneur.
    Quand on clique rapidement sur le click gauche, il y a des changes que l’on change d’arme de mêlée.
    Ombres bugguées dans certains cas.
    Les zombies ne peuvent pas aller dans certains bâtiments.
    Problème d’évènements : mauvaise position de spawn, objets qui apparaissent sous le sol (qu’on peut voir dans l’inventaire).

Mercredi 17 septembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 15 Sept 14


This is the topic of this week’s status report. As we move forward with development on DayZ past 0.49 and into 0.50 this is one of our primary focuses. Throughout our Alpha and Beta phases the core engine that powers DayZ is created. During this process new engine functions are introduced, deprecated functions are removed, and the general nature of how a great deal of systems operate can completely change. Within normal closed development this would not be an issue, however developing DayZ in the open and updating the primary branch with any reliable frequency can leave us vulnerable at times.

Individuals focused on identifying, and exploiting vulnerabilities during the development process -will- find holes. No amount of closed testing within a time scale that allows us to update the primary branch with reliable frequency, and keep to our target of a two to three year development cycle will stop this. However, Early Access does offer us an unparalleled opportunity to identify, and address potential vulnerabilities with how DayZ functions prior to the 1.0 that traditionally we would never have. Vigilance as these vulnerabilities are identified, and addressing them is critical to the stability of DayZ 1.0, and will serve to make the final product that much more of an enjoyable experience.

That said, over the next month these are our security goals.

    Purge of the stable branch hive 

      The intent here is to purge existing large volume magazines and legacy items from the economy

    Working with BattlEye to deploy a new, more comprehensive method of detection
    Closer collaboration between our internal hacks/exploit team and VAC
    Addressing at an engine level current methods of rapid player position updates
    Rolling out private shards for player rented servers with our game server provider partners

      Private shard servers will offer the additional protection of server administrator level bans, password protection for private shard servers, and whitelist support

As 0.49 rolls out to stable branch today, the most obvious change with this update (aside from the stable hive purge) is the move of the initial persistence feature for rented DayZ servers to an opt-in selection with each game server provider. Given that consumer data, and player storage is such a valuable and key feature to DayZ, and still very early we want to ensure that the system is a physical choice each game server administrator makes. While this system is refined, each game server provider operates a last known good fail-safe for servers opting in to persistence that will restore the storage from the last successful startup in the event of any unforeseen failure. Moving forward into 0.50, we intend to move persistence from this opt in system to all stable branch servers.

- Brian Hicks / Producer -

Chris / Lead Artist

    Character Art

      Since my last report, we wrapped up on bugfixing some of the character art (for now anyways) and began working on medical scrubs, a prison uniform, and some new women’s clothing. Yes, soon you will be able to don a skirt as you mow down zombies, fulfilling that weird fantasy we all have.  Work continues on the new civilian zombie and so far it’s looking quite nice. I’m looking forward to getting some feedback from the fans about him.


      The base vehicle model will be finished this week and we have begun working on the various parts which players will need to find in order to repair and maintain a working vehicle.


      We’re polishing up the AKS74U and the SVD of old, since we’re closing in on a centralized economy to regulate the number of them on the map.  The MP133 and Lever action are waiting on sounds. A new weapon you can expect in the not-to-distant future is a Steyr AUG. One of my favorites.

Standup Notes for the week of 15 Sept 14


      Prison uniform
      Medical Scrubs
      Female clothing
      AKS74U and SVD polishing
      Steyr AUG model
      Civilian Airfield structures
      Leather craft able items
      Vehicle components


      Vehicle component & servicing design
      Implementation of waterproof containers
      Design on snares/traps
      Implementation of drowning on player
      Implementation of prototype wildlife trap


      Various reload animations polishing
      Rifle aim walks in progress
      MP133 reload animations
      Zombie movement design & prototyping
      Motion capture session
      MP133 reload config


      Server/Client crash triage
      Door reimplementation & bugfixing
      Game control redesign implementation
      Remote player movement enhancements
      Security triage
      Security on player location updates
      Zombie behavior & AI
      Sound-over-network enhancements & optimization
      Player respawn/connecting fixes

Mercredi 10 septembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 08 Sept 14

Focus for the development team over the last week has primarily been on resolving server and client crashes discovered during internal testing of 0.49. Rather than address the crashes with a potential hotfix after the update (given the impact of the associated central hive reset and the steps taken to address the more prevalent duplication and abuse methods) the choice was made to unlock the update from our regularly scheduled maintenance window of Wednesday and rapidly iterate upon experimental. 
What does this mean for the average chernarusian survivor? We will be pushing rapid updates to experimental and iterating 0.49 until the build is in a state ready for stable branch. We believe this will only be a matter of a few days. When the build is ready for stable branch we will work with our game server partners to bring stable branch offline, and update steam.

Additionally, the programming and design teams have been working together to investigate and resolve several key cheating and bug abuse methods including but not limited to:

    Server/Character force re-initialization
    Rapid micro player location updates (slide/glide teleporting)

Community interest in exactly how the northern regions of Chernarus will be developed has been ongoing, and after discussion with Senchi our Lead World Designer we’ve put together a rough guide for the development of these regions.

As you can see looking at the map above, the environment team has a clear plan for developing the north and inland regions. When work on the northern corridor has completed the environment team will begin revitalizing existing legacy villages and towns throughout the map.  This means that once the villages and towns of the north listed in the above image are completed, the team will begin renovating the original Chernarus towns and villages to bring their look, feel, and layout more in tune with the reality of a post-apocalyptic world.

Lastly, this Friday will be the first of our now weekly dev streams on Head over to at 18:00 GMT +2 this Friday and members of the development team will be playing DayZ and answering questions from the chat. — Brian Hicks / Producer

Peter / Lead Designer

" This week there has been ongoing work on advanced weather impact, which is being expanded, partially rewritten and tweaked to provide better utilization and feeling. Also newly added mercury thermometer comes in hand if you are unsure about your body temperature. The prototype of the dynamic events system - the UH-60 gets company from the eastern camp, the well known Mi-8 helicopter. A few new items were added recently from the PAX showcase, such as the stun baton and balaclavas and they will be available for public in next experimental version. As well hunting will be expanded with the useful snare trap shortly.

We are currently focused on cleaning and redoing configurations for all doors as their handling was fundamentally changed in the game engine. Improvements which will be noticeable at first is the easier interaction with them - forget about nightmare which door to choose from action menu to open those you want to while you are standing near to more of them as now it takes into account what your cursor is aiming at and it’s not proximity based. The second welcomed change is related to the audio side - sounds of doors opening and closing are possible now and are already plugged in and you can really tell difference. (Although the variation in sound effects are not quite there yet)

More sounds will come later for example for locked doors because with recent door improvements we can finally start working on barricading. We have already done some design outline and analysis toward barricading mechanics -  to allow you to take existing structures and occupy them for your needs. First thing to come will be (un)locking the door’s lock with a lockpick which will be expanded with different padlocks and even combination ones. Later the wooden planks, nails and other material come to use in combination with tools which gain other purpose aside from melee only.

Keep your ears open while looting… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Chris / Lead Artist

Character Art

Since the last update, the biggest change with character art has come with the creation of a new base body type with is ~10% more slender than the previous. It is more fitting for somebody surviving in a harsh environment and will help reduce the number of clipping errors between clothing/player bodies. Because of this and recent changes to how characters are assembled and to their animations, we have been doing a lot of bug fixing. Unfortunately that means pausing the creation of new items by some of our artists to fix the worst of these issues immediately, however, we’re mostly past this and will begin again on some new clothing “sets”. Work on reshaping other items to reduce the severity of clipping will be ongoing.

    Weapons (or the AKS-74-and-U)

      Many of you were happy to learn about the AKS-74U and many asked me on twitter and on the DayZ forum which caliber it will be chambered for.  Surely, we would not add a 5.56mm AKS-74U, right? I mean, they never *really* made a direct AK100-series equivalent for the AKS-74U after all.

      Well, you’ll be happy to learn we are, in parallel, working on art for 5.45x39mm ammo. In other news, The MP133s animations have been finished and are now pending sounds and the lever-action repeater is ready to deploy, following implementation by design. 


      Friends, I am happy to report that we have officially begun working on the art for our first vehicle. Until this point, our working prototype has been an old vehicle from ArmA2 but now, we are working on a brand-new V3S with many of its components (i.e. wheels, doors, etc…) separated into different meshes to work in a similar manner as weapon attachments.”

Standup Notes for the week of 08 Sept 14


      V3S Transport Truck
      New civilian zombie
      NEAF civilian hangar
      New 55-gal drum
      5.45mm ammo
      Radio Cassette player
      RGD2 smoke (white, black)
      Waterproof packable bag
      Waterproof backpack


      Grenade, chemlight, flare related animations finished
      Repeater reload animations done
      Throwing animations in progress
      MP133 reload animation in progress
      Arming/Disarming animations polishing in progress


      configs and scripts for new items
      added mi8 for random spawning
      advanced weather impact on player
      reconfiguring doors and adding sfx
      barricading mechanic outline
      ​finalizing new controls


      Character and inventory items duplication fixing
      Melee combat tweaking
      Shotgun shooting over network fix
      Door reimplementation (now in internal testing and bugfixing)
      New gamecontrols
      Forced reinitialized players
      Desync issues
      Better sound over network
      Central economy (type related cleanup and respawn, dynamic tweaking)
      New basic zombie behavior
      ​Partial reworking of respawn / cleanup system according to required type-related implementation

Vendredi 5 septembre 2014  
Status Report - Week of 01 Sept 14

As work progressed on dialing in the remaining critical issues with 0.49 (eg: Body temperature variations, duplication bugs, etc) the programming team has continued iterating upon our centralized loot architecture, as well as the major tasks such as ongoing work on replacing the renderer, replacing existing door mechanics, and the entire list covered in the stand up notes below.

Lets take a quick look at the distribution of ammunition, and the top 10 items that currently (as of 0.48 / Stable Branch) spawn. Please keep in mind this is very, very rough data. As we iterate upon the system, we will introduce more granular control over the quantity of each type of item that spawns, and what location in the world they are allowed to spawn in.

Looking at the above image, you can see that the highest quantity of spawning items is easily canned food goods. As we push more on the survival mechanics, and the centralized loot control - we’ll see these item quantities begin to drop, and hopefully the amount of base survival items such as fishing hooks, rope, burlap sacks, and tools increase.

It is interesting to see the high quantity of ammunition such as 357 Magnum, and Shotgun so prevalent currently. We expect this data to shift greatly as we focus on supporting the -chance- for magazines to spawn with weapons. (Note: Chance, not all the time - but given the randomness of every weapon spawning across Chernarus, at least a few should have magazines and or clips)

In addition to this, the production, design, and environment teams have discussed the issue of player spawn locations - and the lack of traffic through the classic DayZ cities such as Chernogorsk, and Elektrozavodsk. The initial push to restrict player spawning in these regions was tied to the design of the Chernogorsk area, specifically the new tenement structures and the Balota airfield. As we move towards fully implementing centralized control over the economy this will become less of an issue. With this in mind, the Balota airfield as been redesigned and a new, further inland military base was created.

As 0.49 hits stable, players will begin to spawn all along the coast from Chernogorsk, to Novod. The reaction to this will be monitored, and the spawns will be adjusted accordingly.

Finally, as mentioned on twitter, the team has identified a bug with the game server that we’ve noticed being exploited on stable branch. This bug is related to character/server initialization, and is a top priority issue for us.

Brian Hicks / Producer

Chris / Lead Artist

Character Art

The firefighter helmet and SPOSN backpack are finished and are being tested currently in-game so they should be showing up  in experimental shortly.  We’ve begun working on the first new civilian zombie in quite some time and are looking into expanding the number of zombie heads for models so that they’re not quite so repetitive. We’re also working on some waterproof containers to keep player’s gear dry during the frequent rain experienced on Chernarus. Work has also begun on the craftable player gear and items related to that system.


The Rossi R92 is finished being animated. We’re just waiting for sounds and then it’ll be good to go.  The animators also began work on the M133 earlier this week so it won’t be too far behind the repeater. Something a bit newer is an AKS74U which is a work in progress by one of our talented artists and I, in my spare time (of which I do not have much), have begun a labor of love – a Derringer pistol. I was also happy to hear that the cattle prod and stun baton are functioning. Finally players will have an alternative to using lethal weapons to temporarily incapacitate other players in unsafe situations, rather than simply kneecapping them.


Not a whole lot new here. We’re continuing work on the civilian airport structures to replace objects at the NEAF.  Mario, one of our senior artists began doing some planning for the long-abandoned prison complex which will be something worked on in between higher priority tasks and will take quite some time to finish.  We’ve also begun discussing ways to introduce some visual variability of the numerous small villages since they contain mainly the same, rather small, number of house models. “

Viktor / Lead Animator

"In the last couple of weeks we were busy with various bugfixes. Besides small gestures and bow related polishing we have fixed some major issues like players falling after drinking bottle, taking item in hand while handcuffed and other. One of new additions is the possibility to run up and down stairs. This was mainly a programmers task since it had to be changed in the engine.

After we added running while restrained we focused on crouch restrained player. Now there are two crouch restrained poses - one after someone forces you to restrain and one when you move. Yes that means we introduced restrained crouch walk, so you can take your captives with you anywhere now.

Another big area we started to improve by the end of august are zombies. First we are still in process of designing and preparing for the new advanced AI. We’ve discussed and designed the new zombie AI with programmers and designers but it will take some time until we see it in the game. Until then we have added a few small improvements. Now there are different zombie runs, walks, idles. That means if more zombies are chasing you, each will move different. We already have some more ideas that will significantly improve the experience.”

Standup Notes for the week of 01 Sept 14


      Firefighter Helmet
      New civilian zombie
      SPOSN Backpack
      NEAF civilian hangar
      New 55-gal drum
      AK101 retexture
      M4 Drum Mag
      Pack of cigarettes
      Skate helmet
      Bottle of voka
      Dime bag
      Range Finder
      Leather wallet
      Radio Cassette player
      RGD2 smoke (white, black)
      Waterproof packable bag
      Waterproof backpack


      Grenade, chemlight, flare related animations
      Zombie variation animations done
      Bow animations polishings
      Repeater reload animation in progress


      General Bugfixing
      Script/Config work for additional weapon types
      Vehicle classification prototyping
      Vehicle component prototyping
      Horticulture design/bug fixing


      Sounds for melee weapons
      Melee combat tweaking
      Door reimplementation
      New gamecontrols
      Inventory bugfixes
      Throwing items fixes     
      Dead zombies disappearing fixes
      Code cleaning and optimizations
      Loot statistical data collecting
      Graphical representation of statistical data
      Type related loot cleanup




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