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Samedi 22 mars 2014  
Changelog - 0.43.116251


We appreciate everyones patience in getting this patch released to stable, the bug in 0.42 that caused lag and desync was very hard to track down and fix.

    Hotfix to address issues associated with severe lag and desync for many players.
    Servers now support accelerated time as a configurable option. This results in faster day/night cycle.
    New zombie animations in testing (they are considerably faster). We will be engaging with the community to decide if these new animations result in the zombies being too fast.

Mercredi 19 mars 2014  
Changelog - 0.42.116181


    Known Issues


        Item throwing physics is currently disabled


        Cannot conduct melee attack from "lowered" melee stance (press space to chance stance to "raised")



        Vomiting have associated sound effects
        Ballistic helmet variants can be painted to black and green color with spraycan
        Can check pulse on unconscious players
        Searching for berries will now add berries to your inventory
        Eat All now supported for consumables
        You can catch rain into canteen and water-bottle from inventory


        New Ruger 10/22 reload animations
        New Ruger MKII Reload animations.
        Player now can sit with gun/weapon
        Completely new two-handed melee animations. New right-handed poses, moves and attacks for axes, baseball bat, pipewrench, crowbar, fire extinguisher, shovel, farming hoe. "Low" and "Aim" stances introduced for stand, crouch and prone.


        SKS painting recipe
        You can paint firefighter axe black and green
        Blaze 95 painting recipe


        New rock textures


        Sambucus berry item added
        Canina berry item added


        Added black and UN ballistic helmet variants
        Sickle added into loot spawns
        1911 engraved version configure added to loot spawns
        Can opener can be used as melee weapon
        Box of 10 bucks shots added configured and added to loot spawns
        Wool Coat red/black/brown/blue/green/grey/check variants added
        Green and black variant of SKS
        Green and black variant of firefighter axe added
        Flat Cap red/black/brown/blue/green/grey/check variants added
        Rabbit leg, boar steak and chicken breasts added
        Fresh and rotten tomato configured and spawning on the server
        Fresh and rotten potato configured and spawning on the server
        Fresh and rotten Green Bell Pepper configured and spawning on the server
        Canned Peaches configured and spawning on the server
        Tactical bacon configured and spawning on the server
        Hard headgear (ballistic, moto, construction and pilot helmets) cannot be wear together with masks
        Sporter 22, CR75, Amphibia S, 1911 and respective magazines and ammo (22LR and 9mm) added to spawns
        Wool Coats and Flat Caps added to spawns
        Farming hoe configured and spawns
        Long wooden ash stick
        M4 attachment green variants added


        Adding lights to currently rendered scene changed
        Lighting from objects now is rendered during daytime also
        HDR improved and tweaked slightly to perform better with bright lights in scene (i.e. flashlights etc...)
        Engine supported point source light objects (e.g. Gaslamp) now working correctly


        Olsha has been updated
        Khelm has been updated
        New rock formations outside Svetlo have been created
        New Orthodox Chapel has been created
        Police Stations & Medical Centers have been placed across the map
        Village pub configured for spawning loot
        New villages surrounding Svetlo
        Chernaya Polana town + surroundings added
        Signs for "Chernaya Polana" added


        Players can have a heart attack (declared as "irregular pulse" with pulse checking actions)


        Rain, Clouds, Wind, calculated on server and distributed to clients
        Rain now causes items and player to become wet


        Simple respawn mechanic implemented for zombies, pending more robust method



        Added 'inUseItem' back to action on target function
        Proper nutritional value will be added when eating near empty food
        Berry picking script messages to player improved.
        Removed duplicate option for crafting splint in action menu
        Fixed force drink message for action with waterbottle
        Eat all rice animation length modified
        Force feeding action now depletes right amount of food/drinks
        Water Bottle stays in hands after force drinking
        Eating cereals won't leave you with 0% box in your inventory anymore
        Fluids deplete properly after force drinking action
        Removed force feed action for disinfectant and alcohol tincture
        Crafting splint from bandages now uses whole disposable bandage and half of dressing bandage
        Ruined rags/bandages and wooden sticks doesn't produce infinite splints
        Clicking on Eat All action if amount of food is below 1/4 will result in playing only short eating animation
        Edited player messages in force drink action and fixing broken limbs
        Force feed/drink doesn't use whole quantity of some food/drink items also canteen is not destroyed after action
        Player message for drinking from well


        Bandage and eating pills animation glitch fixed.
        Holding animations of various weapon magazines correctly linked
        Player can now be properly knocked out while in water.
        New M4A1 reload animations.
        Various glitches when moving / changing stances fixed.
        Rolling left/right while zoomed in sights makes player zoom out for the duration of the roll.
        Evade animations in prone (Q and E) are faster now.


        Subsonic projectiles no longer emit supersonic crack


        Buffed damage of 762x39, 9mm, .22LR. Slightly nerfed shotgun pellets


        Added color variants of ballistic helmets into loot spawns
        Purification tablets package contains ten tablets now. Cholera removing functionality added.
        Painted SKS chambering
        Even lower chance of backpacks spawning on construction sites
        Changed inventory view of pitchfork
        Removed quantity value from burlap sack tooltip
        Display name for t-shirts with stripes


        SSAO in options saved
        Rain effect settings changed
        Rain geometry optimized (28 bytes vs 12 bytes per vertex)
        Spot light culling fixed
        Fix of terrain intersections
        Fix of geometry trace for flares
        Rain now does not fall inside buildings for those on Lower/Disabled shadow settings


        Failure during new character creation could cause player to get stuck as unconscious


        Optimizations for Svetlo performance
        Forests surrounding Svetlo bugfixes


        Would never actually die from zero health or blood due to medical conditions
        Epi-pens will now wake anyone (briefly) from unconsciousness even if blood very low
        Defibrillator used for restarting the heart of players who have a heart attack
        Unconsciousness had irregular and unpredictable behavior (epi-pens will now always wake an unconscious player, unless they are having a heart attack)
        Melee damage application system changed to better balance
        Chance of bleeding from fists reduced significantly
        Arm and leg ache messages fixed
        Disconnected players avatars did not take shock or blood damage
        Falling from height while sprinting did not kill player when it should have
        Player could vault with broken legs


        Dropped items appeared only after a delay (now instant)
        Inventory items causing desync due to non-guaranteed update spam (hotfix currently until guaranteed message change is complete)
        Optimizations to network messaging updates should result in reduced bandwidth and some increases in FPS for clients/server


        Changed inheritance of barrier structures (due to errors in logs)
        Item disappearing when dropped from inventory on stairs or near walls


        Long-range scope reticle properly centered


        Zombies aims mostly for chest area now when attacking (stops the "helmet of armor" change)

Mercredi 19 mars 2014  
Weekly Report - A step into survival

Another week for the team pushing towards a stable release. We considered releasing a version to stable branch mid week during maintenance, however there were still two serious issues to fix. The first was related to the testing architecture not being suitable for the large number of servers we were supporting on experimental, and the second related to the invisible zombies and players.

Invisible players and zombies

Fixing the invisible players and zombies was a product of moving to the client/server architecture but retaining some legacy aspects of the architecture. To solve this we have been hard at work continuing to revise the way the game works. A workaround we have implemented is that when desynchronization occurs between client and server, now the server will enforce the players new location by ignoring the clients reported position and teleporting the player to it’s position.

What occurred was that sometimes the straight path to a location was blocked due to desync on the server, i.e. the path on the server was different from the path on the client. This could result in players getting stuck in walls on the client (or server) and issues occurring.

Fireplaces and Emissive Improvements

One key area for our survival focus has been cooking and the ability to make fireplaces. In order to do this we have created a new system for dealing with “emissive” textures that allows us to implement a mask for emissive, as seen in the picture above the result can be very stunning. This has been combined with heat haze to produce some excellent results. Players will be able to make normal fireplaces, as well as upgrade them to makeshift ovens such as below:


Our designers are now working with our art team to implement all these changes so that players are going to be able to hunt and cook in order to survive in the DayZ landscape.

New towns in Chernarus

Our map team has been very busy, here are some sneak previews of some new areas that are coming in the next update:


New Weapon Content

Our art team have been extremely busy while we work on fixing the bugs associated with our current build. Focus is currently on supporting the designers with their survival features, such as the craftable PVC bow, fireplaces, and cooking. However we have also continued the excellent work done with weapons models, here are a selection of pictures below showing progress.

We’re nearing completion of the AKM and the model was a true labor of love by @artguyharry.  We’re working on staging the model now so its compatible with the attachment system and we really hope to bring variety to the possible configurations. By default the AKM will have wood furniture but we also noticed a great deal of customization in the AK civilian market and wanted to bring some of that more modern flare as well. A side-mounted PSO scope is being developed in tandem which players will be able to mount AK-pattern weapons.

Mouse acceleration and player control

We have been changing the way the player controls their character to improve playability. There was an issue with mouse control that affected many users of high DPI mice which we have now fixed. Changes to character turning should now also be consistent with how freelook works, which was taken from ArmA3. So we hope that this will improve the situation for players although we have more work planned on this.

Physics and Arrows

Continued work on our physics engine means that not only is throwing now nearly complete (it is now functional at a basic level), but it also means that ragdoll is very close to being a reality in experimental branch. This will open up many areas of development.

Work with the bow and arrow has come along very well. Bolts and arrows can now stick into their target, whether player or the ground, or an object. Additionally, animation changes means that we can now make the drawing and firing of a bow look better than ever before improving the versatility of our “gestures” based animation system.


Animals, collisions and zombie pathfinding

We now have an entire team, based in Bratislava, that are working on animals, collisions, and zombie pathfinding. This is a longer term task as it will require new thinking and new ways to fix the problem. We’re excited to see what the team can bring in the coming months.

Persistent Loot and objects

This was close to being implemented fully when we discovered some issues with the central server architecture that would becoming more serious for performance if we went live with it. These are being solved now and we expect to be trying some of those performance optimizations on the central server this Wednesday.

Where is the new build?

We are committed to not releasing builds onto stable to introduce new game breaking bugs. Now that we’ve fixed those bugs, we’re internally verifying and fixing any new bugs that have been introduced. We will do an unscheduled update the moment we are confident we have a suitable build to release

What is next for the future?

Once the current build is stabilized we want to finish up on our “survival” push for the month. This means hunting and cooking finished and process on our “survival combat” which involves the bow and arrow, crossbow, improvised weapons, and thrown items. In the more distant future we’re already planning for vehicles and barricading systems.

We look forward to finishing our work on the current build and having it out on stable!


Vendredi 7 mars 2014  
Weekly Report - Smashing Bugs for 0.37

This week saw us start our “survival” gameplay focus. This means most of our gameplay development focus is on refining the survival aspects of the game. We detailed some of the initial work for this last week.

Trying to get 0.37 to stable

Our main focus this week was to deploy a new version of the game to stable branch. We have two public “branches” of code, stable and experimental. A deployment to stable branch of the latest version of the game was scheduled for Wednesday, however we were not happy with some of the issues that remained.

Three major code changes have been occurring. We have been changing the way collision works to solve a number of bugs, such as shooting while prone colliding with the world and zombie collisions. Also our new physics system has been implemented, allowing us to have throwing, dragging, ragdoll, and even vehicles. In addition, a new guaranteed network message system has been developed to solve network issues, improve client/server performance, as well as reduce the “desync” issues experienced by many.

A number of bugs came out of these developments, two of which cause situations where players and zombies can become invisible to some clients. We want to solve this issue before we deploy to stable. You can try the current version out for yourself on experimental branch.

Survival Cooking

Progress continued with the development of several different kinds of fireplaces, and has moved onto creating assets for constructible ovens. These items will be persistent in the world, allowing the player to cook many things. The temperature system developed in the engine has been refined to have correct return from hot or cold to ambient temperature.

Survival Combat

A new area of work commenced this week is combat directly supporting survival. This includes throwing items, bows and arrows. We now have a great new animation for throwing, and the system developed for this will allow us to support proper animations for bows (e.g. drawing bow back, awaiting player input to fire).

The next week

Both Survival Combat and Cooking are our gameplay focus for the next few weeks, with our primary goal to get 0.37+ deployed to stable as soon as possible.

We’re also looking ahead further now towards how to best position ourselves to release vehicles, barricading, and advanced physics. It’s exciting times for us all here and we can’t wait to show what’s coming in our next video blog!


Vendredi 7 mars 2014  
Patch 0.37 (expérimental)

Après l’annonce du départ de Dean Hall des studios Bohemia à la fin de cette année, le développement du jeu ne semble pas impacté pour autant , conformément à ses dires. En effet, les divers patch et mise à jours sont toujours aussi présents, en atteste celle ci, nom de code : 0.37

Le réalisme toujours plus poussé à l’extrême, chaque possibilités offertes par le moteur d’Arma sont explorées et exploitées pour fournir une expérience de jeu inédite, tout en respectant les attentes des joueurs et de la communauté en général.

Mise à jour 0.37


      Le fait de vomir a désormais un son qui lui est associé.
      Les casques balistiques peuvent maintenant être peints en vert ou en noir.
      On peut vérifier le pouls sur les joueurs inconscients.
      Chercher des baies ajoutes à présent des baies dans l’inventaire.
      Option « manger tout » supportée pour tous les consommables.
      On peut désormais remplir ses gourdes ou ses bouteilles lorsqu’il pleut via l’inventaire.


      Nouvelles animations de rechargement pour le Ruger 10/22
      Les joueurs peuvent être assis avec un pistolet ou un fusil en main.
      Animations complètement nouvelles pour les armes de mêlée à deux mains.

    Nouvelles gestuelles

      Mouvements et attaques pour les armes tenues en main droite (Haches, battes de baseball, clef à pipe, pied de biche, extincteur, pelle et bêches. Ajout des postures basse et « aim » quand on est debout, accroupis et couché.


      Nouvelles textures pour les rochers.


      Ajout des baies de Sambucus.
      Nourriture : Ajout des baies de Canina.


      Ajout des casques balistiques noir et estampillés ONU.
      L’ouvre boite peut être utilisé comme arme de mêlée.
      Les gros item de tête ( casque balistique, de moto, de construction et de pilote) ne peuvent être portés en même temps qu’un masque.
      La bêche est configurée et ajoutée.
      Les équipements de la M4 peuvent trouvées de couleur verte.


      Ajout de lumières pour changer le rendu des scènes.
      La lumières des objets est maintenant effective durant les phases de jour.
      HDR amélioré et changé légèrement pour mieux reproduire la lumière le jour (ex : lampes de poche).


      Olsha a été modifiée.
      Khelm a été modifiée.
      De nouvelles formations rocheuses ont été crées près de Svetloyarsk.
      Nouvelles chapelle orthodoxe ajoutée.
      Les postes de police et les centres médicaux ont été disséminés sur toute la carte.
      Nouveaux villages autours de Svetloyarsk.


      Les joueurs peuvent avoir une attaque cardiaque.


      La pluie, les nuages et le vent sont calculés directement par le serveur et ensuite distribués aux clients.
      Météo : La pluie peut maintenant mouiller les joueurs et les objets.


      Une méthode simple de respawn pour les zombies a été implémentée. Une meilleur méthode sera joutée plus tard.

Modifications / Fix


      Possibilité d’annuler les actions en cours via un bouton.
      Les vraies valeurs nutritionnelles seront affichées lorsque les objets sont quasiment vides.
      Amélioration du message affiché pour le joueur lorsqu’il cueille des baies.
      Les bandages et bouts de bois ruinés ne peuvent plus se séparer à l’infini.
      Cliquer sur « manger tout » si la contenance est en dessous de ¼ ne produira pas l’animation complète.
      Nouveaux messages pour le force drink et réglage des problèmes dus aux membres cassés.
      Forcer à manger ou à boire n’utilise plus la totalité du contenu. Les gourdes ne sont plus supprimées après cette action.


      Les glitch sur les animations lorsqu’on se bande ou que l’on mange des pilules sont fixés.


      Ajout des variantes de couleurs pour les casques balistiques sur les lieux de spawn.
      Chances encore plus faibles de voir des sac à dos dans les bâtiments en construction.
      SSAO dans les options de sauvegarde.
      La pluie des effets graphiques de la pluie.


      Optimisation de la géométrie de la pluie ( 28 bytes contre 12 bytes par vertex).
      Modification des intersections de terrains.
      Correction des traces lumineuses pour les bâtons lumineux.
      La pluie ne rentre plus dans les bâtiments pour les configurations en faible/désactivé en ce qui concerne les ombres.


      Une erreur lors de la création d’un nouveau personnage pouvait bloquer les joueurs en état inconscient.


      Optimisation des performances à Svetloyarsk.
      Des bugs ont été corrigés dans les forêts autours de Svetloyarsk.


      On ne pouvait pas mourir lorsque l’on tombait à zéro en santé ou en sang à cause de complications médicales.
      Les épi-pen réveilleront désormais brièvement tout le monde si le taux de sang est bas.
      Les défibrillateurs servent à faire repartir le cœur des joueurs en état de crise cardiaque.
      Les dommages dus aux armes de mêlées ont été équilibrés.
      Chance de saigner à cause des coups de poings réduites de façon significatives.
      Tomber de haut quand les joueurs courraient ne leur faisait pas subir de dommages.
      Les joueurs pouvaient se lever avec une jambe cassée.


      Les objets apparaissent au sol instantanément.
      Les objets de l’inventaire pouvaient causer des désynchronisations.


      Changement dans la succession des barrières.


      La réticule du long range scope correctement centrée.


      Ils visent désormais le plus souvent la zone du torse lorsqu’ils attaquent.




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