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Mardi 9 juillet 2013  
DayZMod Q&A with R4Z0R49

Video highlights from the lengthy stream.

This is a transcription of some of the questions from a live streaming Q&A session with RAZOR49. Thank to TMW Se7en for typing it up.

First question answered by TMW Se7en on Razors behalf

Q. Will we ever see base building in the mod?

    TMW Se7eN: Yes, im not allowed to give much info but razor has confirmed we will see a sort of base building in the future of DayZ mod. (From what I've seen, it looks like they'e throwing a lot of effort into it too). From this point on razor is back and answers the questions from the 20 min highlight video.

Q. What is the biggest change planned for the mod?

    R4Z0R49: The two biggest changes we have planned are the "Base System" and the "Journal", the Journal will take time as ultimately we want that to be the crafting system, also built in with the gear menu, the base building will also take time as we want to make sure the system cant be abused, not only that but this base building system will work differently to anything we have seen in current ARMA 2 mods, and because of this we want the mechanics to be right.

Q. Can you change the size of a weapon in storage? (E.g given was 2 pistols shouldn't equal and M107 in size)

    R4Z0R49: Yes we can, in the next few patches we plan on redoing the entire class system, as right now when ever ArmA updates its beta patch, it changes how the weapons in DayZ work, for instance the m107 was updated in ArmA to have Auto Lock On, and this dragged over to DayZ, the way we plan to fix that is by redoing all the weapons so were no longer relying on ArmA's beta patches to not mess around with the weapons in DayZ. (As a side note, id asked Razor about this earlier, and he was saying that's why in DayZ right now you might see 2 variants of the DMR, there exactly the same but there running off difference configs, that's why they will take up different weapon slots instead of stacking.)

Q. In future updates will you be adding bigger Jerry Cans?

    R4Z0R49: Basically no, at the end of the day were playing a zombie survival simulator, there is no way you would be able to carry 4 20 liter Jerry cans attached to each other with other survival gear, we want to keep the game realistic.

Q. Can we make zombies not make you bleed as quickly as they do in the current patch?

    R4Z0R49: Its all about how hard the zombie hits you and the amount of force they hit you with. (He basically goes on to explain that there is alot more behind the zombie damage system then meets the eye, there is alot of functions that calculate the amount of damage you take.)

Q. Would it be possible to add a fuel hose or something? Something that can be linked from the refuel canister to the helicopter for a faster refuel.

    R4Z0R49: This has been brought up before with the dev team like a manual fuel pump or something, so yes its something were thinking about.

Q. Would it be possible to add Melee or Hand to Hand combat in the game?

    R4Z0R49: Melee will always be hard, ArmA 2 has no Melee weapon system, we are looking at creating a new melee system altogether so axes are not just re-skinned shotguns and such but for us to get a hand to hand system, that's going to be tough.

    (He then goes on to explain that when a zed attacks you, the zed isn't actually attacking you, it simply does an animation, and if the animation is successful within a particular range of the player, you character adds damage to them self, this is why a hand to hand system would be difficult).

Q. Are there any plans to change the spawn rate of Antibiotics?

    R4Z0R49: Well is there a problem with there spawn rate at the moment? There alot more common than some seem to think, so we wont be changing there spawn rate no, However we have now changed the medical box and where it spawns, the med box will now spawn with 3 Antibiotics in it and can now be found at both Hospitals and Infected Camps. Also hospital spawns have been buffed a little.

Q. Will there be a hotbar like in minecraft? so you can switch and use items faster and such.

    R4Z0R49: To be honest, No. Id actually rather decrease the amount of icons on the screen, if we had more control over the character id like to remove the UI completely.

Q. Can we make it so over time blood regenerates?

    R4Z0R49: We can but we would rather not, seen as how all server have different restart times and such it would make this very exploitable and make the game a little to easy. (The person asking the question then points out that it could work like the humanity system were you get a small boost of blood over time to fit game time, and then another person within teamspeak point out that this would take from the realism).

Q. What happened to the Dogs idea?

    R4Z0R49: We want to implement them, but for what they do in the game (which isn't all that much) they cause a lot of problems, sure alot of mods have implemented the dogs that we had but they didn't address alot of the issues we was running into that the ArmA engine is causing.

Q. Is it possible for the DayZ dev team to make a list of all the ingame models that they need so the community can help create some of the art work to take some of the weight off the dev teams shoulders?

    R4Z0R49: Unfortunately if we was to do this may mods would take the work created by the community and use it in there own mods without asking for permission, not only that but if we do list all the things we would like in the future it will ruin the surprise for what we have instore, and that also brings us back to other mods could steal the ideas and implement them differently.

Q. How come you cant give yourself a blood bag?

    R4Z0R49: I knew someone would ask this, Blood bags as we know them right now are going to be changing, you will in the future be able to find the items to make a blood bag and you will have to drain blood from yourself and put it into the blood bag, (You will be able to choose how much blood you want to add to the blood bag) and then you can give blood to other players, this may mean we have to implement a blood type system and that could get kinda complex.

More questions were asked that night as the Q&A lasted over 3 hours. These are the most significant ones but this list will be updated.

Some quick shout outs.

Thanks to R4Z0R49 for agreeing to live stream with us and giving us the information about the mod that he has. Please go check out his live stream link that can be found here: to see what he's up to on the test server.

Thanks to TMW MaldorLevr for Livestreaming

And thanks to a friend of TMW. "Bushwookie" or "Crunchmoo" for recording the stream with us.





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