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Vendredi 28 septembre 2012  
EuroGamer - Sep 2012 - DayZ Developer Presentation / Article

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DayZ developer Dean “Rocket” Hall has been going over his plans for DayZ at the Eurogamer Expo. “It has to be out before the end of the year,” he said. “Not just because we’ve committed to it but in order to achieve what we have to do. It has to be. There’s no ‘we hope it is’; it has to be.

“And it’s going to be cheap. We’ve decided that we don’t need to sell a heap of units in order for us to be OK with where it’s going. The more units we sell of it the more ambitious we get, because the project has the better resources.”

Hall mentioned that Valve, Eve Online developers, CCP, and Notch have expressed interest in helping out with early code, but the project has experienced a setback. The two Bohemia Interactive developers arrested for espionage in Greece were responsible for building the updated version of Chernarus that’ll provide the setting for the standalone version of DayZ. “I just want to see them home,” he said. “Whatever I do to see them back is important.”

The fear of copycat games is one of the factors driving Hall’s determination to get DayZ out quickly. An audience member asked Hall about his thoughts on WarZ, which features many obvious similarities to his mod. “Should I sue anyone who ever mentions something to do with zombie horror – will that make a better game? And the whole premise of of DayZ, and the whole premise of our development is we’re going to make an awesome game. That’s what we’re selling. We’re going to price it low and lots of people are going to play it. If we compromise on that, we’re screwed.”

EuroGamer hasn't uploaded the presentation yet but as soon as they do I will add it to this post.

You can find a video below from someone that recorded it on their phone.

Big thanks to smasht_AU for provding me with the video above.

Italian translation: Click

VG247 did an interview with Dean at EuroGamer (September) but has only just uploaded it now in January.

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Mercredi 12 septembre 2012  
The integration begins

It has been a long time since we announced the standalone project, and much has happened. In many ways, DayZ is an “accidental project”, which brings about great opportunities for it but also with some real challenges. Most of the planning has to be done as it goes, with much of the project simply reacting to things that have happened. This is not a good way to start a development project.

Much of the effort has been spent establishing the project, getting the right people setup, a new build process, art pipeline working, contracts and agreements made, legal stuff sorted - all the stuff that is necessary to enable the project to work. During this time I completed a very heavy and protracted public relations tour - I could almost make a fulltime job simply out of doing interviews.

Now for a SCRUM style update:

What has happened

We have setup all the required pipelines to best push the project forward. The standalone engine we are using is a branch of Take on Helicopters, which itself is a branch of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead. We chose this because of its stability, ease of development, very achievable optimization, and the fact that our programmers are the architects of the engine - the very people who built it from the ground up over ten years.

Art has been very, very busy. Chernarus has been revamped, with bug-fixing and a great deal more buildings have been made enter-able with a very high standard of work involved.

For design I have spent much time listening, reading through the posts on the forums and the suggestion thread on Reddit. Some outstanding ideas have been gleamed from there.

What is happening now

Now the fun stuff begins, all the data from Bohemia projects is up for grabs - so I am going through and collecting the best assets from the projects and mashing the data together to get it loading into DayZ standalone. With this complete, the mod itself will be ported over and integrated. This then gives us a very solid basis for further development.

Our programmers have been reviewing the way forward on the critical issues, such as bugfixing, hacking, and security. These areas are proving straightforward areas for significant development as a standalone, and as a basis in the next few weeks we will have DayZ fully integrated, with all its required data, secured, and packaged. From here we can then test and begin the more exiting things.

Art is continuing with reviewing all the buildings, making them enter-able, and tidying up the interiors to make them look nicer. Once we have this done, they will look at making the environment much more authentic to the scenario (but first we aim for the functionality!). We are now commencing work on the redevelopment of the infected people (zombie) models themselves. This will be an exciting area of work for our artist who is dedicated to this task. Initially we will be producing male and female, I would like to look at the possibility of children infected - but there are technical (required new skeleton and baked animations), possible legal (rating issues), and even moral (shooting children) issues that need to be faced.

What is blocking us

Probably the biggest stumbling block, is me (rocket). I need to stop doing interviews and focus on making the game. Really, there is very little left to say - now it is up to me and the team to deliver this. Really, in many ways, this is our project to lose. We have great support from the community, developers, and the industry as a whole - it is up to us to deliver for that promise. I think we will, but the next month is going to be really telling for our project.

Beyond that, I simply need to push forward with the integration. Once that is done, I will post some content through on the tumblr so that people can see how the development is progressing.

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Jeudi 6 septembre 2012  
Hotfix Build Rolling Update


The ideal place to load bugs is at the community bug tracker:

Please make sure they are listed to the DayZ project. Feature requests can also be made through this system.
Torrent File (Full Install)

Affected addons

    * dayz 1.something.somethingelse
    * dayz_code
    * dayz_server (server admins only)

Developer's Note

    To change your DayZ UI options, go to OPTIONS > GAME OPTIONS > DayZ UI. This will only affect the DayZ UI elements, unfortunately it is not saving to the config file so each time you restart ArmA2 you will need to change this setting.
    You will receive a serialization warning in game when changing the DayZ UI option, just ignore it by clicking continue it will be gone in next update.
    DayZ UI Debug option is not working properlly (no debug indicator at the moment). deal-with-it.jpg



      Graphical glitches with dead bodies (Bodies should now not display graphical glitches)
      Converting between magazine types resets ammo count (Now only contains previous number of rounds)
      Vehicle and tents not saving (Now they save correctly) (* Missed from original build notes accidentally*)


      Bear trap has chance to spawn on infected hunters
      Three UI options available: Default (indicators only), Debug (indicators + debug window), None (only base ArmA2 UI)
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Jeudi 6 septembre 2012  
Pending Update - Build

This topic is for information of the status of the next update.

Affected Addons

    * dayz
    * dayz_code
    * dayz_server (server)

Target date

    Thursday 6 September 2012 (GMT)

Confirmed Changelog (WIP)


      Graphical glitches with dead bodies (Bodies should now not display graphical glitches)
      Tents and vehicles not saving correctly ( )
      Converting between magazine types resets ammo count (Now only contains previous number of rounds)

In Process Changelog (WIP)


      Option to flip vehicles that have rolled
      Bear trap has chance to spawn on infected hunters
      Three UI options available: Default (indicators only), Debug (indicators + debug window), None (only base ArmA2 UI)
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