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Mercredi 18 mai 2016  
Cash Shop Rotation

Greetings Ektensians!

We are excited to announce this week’s additions to our cash shop! Featuring a beautiful fiery mount and a new Ethereal chest to uncover in the world, this week will have goodies for everyone!

Discounted Items

    Attack / Defense Rune Boxes will be available for 350 eCoins!


    Winter Crow Dress (Female) for 1995 eCoins

    Winter Crow Coat (Male) for 1995 eCoins


    Polar Bear for 475 eCoins

    Seahorse for 475 eCoins

Don’t miss out on this chance to stock up on runes and adorable pets!

Cabal 2 Staff


Vendredi 13 mai 2016  
The C2 GM Blog - All About Upgrades

Greetings Ektensians,

We are only halfway through May and so much has already happened!

We spawn camped a frost dragon until he ragequit, upgraded our items with enhanced luck, and completely reformed Lusil’s Force Crystal Shop to benefit her customers! Several new items were introduced through the Force Crystal shop update, and while you can read all of the details here, there is one item in particular that should have everyone excited; the Caminos Golden Victory Costume.

If looks could kill

The Caminos Costume was originally added in the The Trial of the Champion patch, as a reward in The Monster Arena loot boxes if you reached a high enough wave. Now we’re adding a flashy new variant to prepare you for your next Golden Victory. While the components will take some hard work to acquire, equipping this permanent costume will be worth the wait.

To get started on your journey, if you have collected any of the silver Caminos Costumes from loot boxes, only to frown at not getting one for your class, don’t throw them away! You will need to extract extra costumes in order to receive the Costume Recipe Powder, which is a necessary component in crafting your masterpiece.

Behold, everything you’ll need

The Monster Arena will be the main source of all of these components, so make sure to take advantage of each entry for the day!

The Upgrade Event will also be coming to a close on May 17th, so if you want to get your gear to +10 with a much higher percentage of success, make sure to take advantage before it’s too late! The Force Crystal Shop now includes Destruction Defense Potions to ensure nothing gets destroyed, so take that risk!

Last but not least, just because the Upgrade Event will be leaving soon doesn’t mean you’ll wait too long without a different kind of aid!

Have you ever finished a Challenge Mode dungeon, only to receive a prize at the end that maybe didn’t quite fit what you wanted? Ever find yourself double clicking on another chest as you wait to leave the dungeon?

Please be amazing, I almost died for this

Well pretty soon, if you find yourself clicking on that OTHER chest that you should have clicked because that’s what your gut told you, always follow your instinct, something magical may happen.


More details next week! See you all then!


Mardi 3 mai 2016  
New Cash Shop Rotation

Greetings Ektensians!

We are excited to announce a new rotation to our cash shop, that brings back a classy costume and the pets to go with them! Don’t miss out!


    Gothic Princess Dress (Female) for 1195 eCoins
    Gothic Princess Hat (Female) for 495 eCoins

    Classy Gentleman Suit (Male) for 1195 eCoins
    Classy Gentleman Glasses (Male) for 495 eCoins


    Hammerkop for 495 eCoins

    Golden Retriever for 645 eCoins

Have a classy day!

CABAL 2 Staff


Mardi 3 mai 2016  
Force Crystal Shop Update

Greetings Ektensians,

During the scheduled maintenance on 05.03.2016, we will be applying new items to the Force Crystal shop located in Frey Hilltown, and will be including new items for your convenience. Full details below:

Patch Notes for Force Crystal Shop Update:

Added Content

    The Force Crystal Shop in Frey Hilltown will feature new items, all purchasable with Force Crystals
    The following is now included in the shop:

    New Items

      Force Core - Extract

        These items will allow the user to extract all Force Cores in one single piece of equipment.
        Each extraction has a chance of allowing the user to keep the Force Core extracted from the armor piece
        If the extraction process is not successful, the player will permanently lose the Force Core. However, the armor piece can then have another Force Core fused into the empty socket
        Force Core - Extract Lv. 80 will only work on items level 80 and below
        Force Core - Extract Lv. 90 will only work on items level 90 or below
        The chance of Force Core destruction is random

      Caminos Superior Costume Recipe

        This recipe will be unique to each class who purchases it
        It will require 3 pieces of the corresponding Caminos set piece to complete, but will be a permanent costume that can be equipped for powerful passive stats
        Costume Recipe item is also required to craft the Caminos Superior Costume
        To acquire the Costume Recipes, extract any piece of a Caminos Costume at an Equipment Manager NPC
        Caminos Costumes are most commonly found in Arena Reward Boxes, becoming more common the higher level wave you defeat




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