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Vendredi 29 avril 2016  
The C2 GM Blog - Icy Cold Upgrades

Greetings Ektensians!

April has been an eventful month, with our previous Easter Moon Bunny Dungeon and ongoing Frostwind and Upgrade Event, but one event that began in March has finally concluded! Our Ultimate Champion event, which rewarded the First player to reach Faction Level 50, has a decisive winner!

Congratulations to xCandyHOT for completing this momentous task! Enjoy your rare Unicorn mount, along with the knowledge that you were the first to become the champion of your faction!

xCandyHOT, or less commonly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Waz

Speaking of Frostwind, the first week of his appearance has ended, and players were able to reap the rewards! Priests and Force Shielders dominated the charts due to their support roles, but now entering the final week of the event, the DPS classes have begun their reign!

Frostwind brought this on himself. Who threatens an entire continent, honestly...

As a reminder, the final day of battling Frostwind will be May 3rd, with the Ranking resetting on the 4th, allowing you to receive your rewards!

If you have a lot of [Event] Frozen Coins hanging around afterwards, don’t worry! Croa Rein’s shop will remain open even after Frostwind has disappeared from Ektensia!

There will also be some slight changes to the Force Gem Store operated by Lusil in Frey Hilltown during next week’s maintenance! Her stock is growing with even more goodies, so make sure to tune in to the details for that next week!

Have a great day!


Jeudi 21 avril 2016  
Mantle, Jewelry and Trinket Changes

Greetings Ektensians,

During our maintenance for 4.20.2016, we have made some changes to our mantle / jewelry and trinket items! They can now be upgraded using Ability Cores!


Note: Mantles, Trinkets and Jewelry can only be upgraded with Ability Cores. Upgrade Cores will not work with the above items.

Cabal 2 Staff


Mercredi 20 avril 2016  
The Dragon of Destruction has Arrived!

Greetings Ektensians!

Chaos and war have taken a firm hold on The Ramparts, with Ektensia’s greatest heroes gathered there to fight for their chosen cause. Amid the confusion and war, a new enemy has managed to take advantage of the chaos, setting its sights upon the vulnerable Gray Canyon.

The dreaded Frostwind has arrived, and it is up to you to save the valley of the gods from total destruction!

From April 21st to May 4th, Frostwind will appear throughout Gray Canyon, spreading icy blasts of destruction and wreaking havoc across the sacred lands. Kill him and earn your spot among the most powerful heroes!

[April 21st - May 4th]

Frostwind will be spawned in the following locations and times:


Note: All locations will be in Gray Canyon

Rewards will be earned by participation and ranking. The more damage done / taken / healed, the higher your ranking will be! Prizes will be based on your rank percentage, which can be viewed on your Ranking tab under Frostwind!

New event item: Frozen Coin

Players with the Frozen Coin will be able to purchase awesome rewards from Croa Rein in Frey Hilltown! Once the Frozen Coins are distributed, make sure to check out her event shop for all of her wares!

The following can be obtained from Croa Rein:

    Golden Victory Costume Box for 12 Frozen Coins
    Silver Victory Costume Box for 8 Frozen Coins
    Pet Training Manual II - Special for 8 Frozen Coins
    [Event] Mysterious Brew I [1] for 2 Frozen Coins
    Premium Revive Stone x1 for 2 Frozen Coins
    HP Brew 1 [1] x1 for 1 Frozen Coin
    MP Brew 1 [1] x1 for 1 Frozen Coin

Note: Golden and Silver Victory Costumes will expire after 7 days

Protect the frozen continent, and reap powerful rewards in return!

Cabal 2 Staff


Vendredi 15 avril 2016  
The C2 GM Blog - Caverns and Dragons

Greetings Ektensians!

It’s April, and everyone knows that April Showers bring May... dragons. A singular dragon, to be more precise! With some of our earlier Calamity of War events coming to a close, we’re bringing in more exciting opportunities for awesome gear and the chance to show off your skills!

This weekend, as an apology for this week’s cash shop emergency maintenance, we will be boosting all currencies, alongside Experience and Faction Experience by +50% for the entire weekend! So make sure to boost your characters in every single way this weekend, from April 15th - April 18th!

If you are anything like me, you are completely heartbroken over the fact that the Easter Moon Bunny dungeon is soon coming to a close! Those adorable fluffs have been defeated time and again by our brave mercenaries, and have decided to venture to new planets! Don’t worry, they’ll definitely be crash-landing back into Ektensia in the future, but for now they’ll be waving good-bye to our world on April 19th! So make sure to store the last of those eggs by then!

See you, space bunny

Don’t worry, if those bunnies are leaving a hole in your heart, we are here to fill that void with dragon battles, loot boxes and an upgrade success rate event!

If you’ve missed the cold, desolate lands of Gray Canyon, you’re in luck! Next week, you will be given the role of Dragon Slayer, and there is one particularly brutal prey you must defeat! Frostwind has made his appearance in Gray Canyon, and it’s up to you to vanquish him before his reign of terror extends beyond the valley of the gods!

Oh, he’ll hurt you so much

Prizes will be handed out through our ranking system, so everyone who participates will be eligible for prizes! Croa Rein will be selling amazing items with special tokens gained through those prizes, so don’t miss out! Full details on this event will be up next week, so keep your eyes peeled! Alongside this event will bring many others, including bringing back our previous upgrade success rate increase event, and we can’t wait to bring them to you!

If you’re leveling up an alt, or just starting fresh, we now have more opportunities to help you level alongside the Mercenary’s Supply Box! Once you hit the following levels, you’ll receive various equipment loot boxes that will aid your journey to level 50!

The levels and their corresponding equipment boxes are:

    Level 35: Lantana Loot Boxes
    Level 40: Semiramiss Loot Boxes
    Level 45: Law Ruler / Dark Wing Loot Boxes
    Level 50: Black Watchmen Loot Boxes

Now there is definitely no excuse in going through your journey in Ektensia! Stay tuned for more event details next week!


Mercredi 6 avril 2016  
Cash Shop Rotation

Greetings Ektensians!

Our new springtime rotation has arrived, with new pets ready for your love! Don’t miss out on these adorable pets, brand new packages and more!


    Blizzard Riding Suit (Male & Female) for 1995 eCoins

Weapon Skins

    Black Ghost Weapon Set for 1695 eCoins


    Turkish Angora Cat for 645 eCoins

    Korean Short-Haired Cat 645 eCoins

Premium Service

    Quick Growth Scroll Package

      1HR for 599 eCoins
      2HR for 799 eCoins
      1 Day for 1199 eCoins

    Pet Training Package

      Attack I for 999 eCoins
      Attack II for 1999 eCoins
      Defense I for 999 eCoins
      Defense II for 1999 eCoins

Note: Please see item description in the cash shop for full package details

Time to enjoy the new spring season!

Cabal 2 Staff





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