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Vendredi 25 mars 2016  
The C2 GM Blog - Bunny-Mania

Greetings Ektensians!

Our final update for March has been unleashed, with Chapter 2: Calamity of War getting an extra extension that will let you reach your true potential. Our Cartel Expansion has unlocked your Faction Level to reach Level 50, and with it a ton of new events and items!

First on the list of cool new gear will be the Cartel Mantles, which will unlock once you hit Faction Level 40! It will appear under your Achievements tab, and that is where you will collect your awesome new mantle!

Some assembly required

New passive abilities and titles will be unlocked as you continue your quest to ascend Faction Levels all the way to 50.

We will also be rewarding the first Faction Level 50 with the awesome Unicorn mount, so if you have the grit, get out there and win battles for your Cartel!

During this recent patch we also implemented the Newcomer’s Box (AKA the Mercenary Box) that will help you on your journey if you are a beginning player, or just feel like rerolling an alt. This box will contain vital components you’ll need to level up along the way, so if you’ve been hesitant about making new characters, never fear! Your last excuse is now gone forever!

There are beetles that need slaying

Speaking of helping new players along the way, with newer content here and more coming down the road, we are happy to announce that next month, we will be helping players of all levels (yes, even you, max level players!) get some much needed love along your journey in Ektensia. The final details will be revealed once the event is ready to go, but we will be introducing a new set of loot boxes containing vital (but random) gear for each level set! This will be a good introductory way of helping newer players get strong gear to catch up to their stronger brethren, as well as helping those Level 50 players who don’t have as much time to play as some other mercenaries. It’s time to level up the playing field!

Last but not least, our Easter Moon Bunny Invasion is here, and here to stay (For a little while, at least). If you haven’t visited Frey Hilltown recently, we highly recommend it, as adorable invaders have set up shop and aren’t leaving anytime soon! Their stay has been extended through the month of April, so if you find yourself with a lack of free time, don’t worry! These bunnies are giving you an ample opportunity to craft those eggs and earn yourself some awesome loot!

I almost felt bad for killing it. LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS

The NPC that is selling the recipes is Croa Rein, located in Frey Hilltown! She is also selling a mask that you don’t have to pray to the loot drop gods to get!

I can’t even handle how much I love these bunnies. Give me a minute

All of the info on the crafting recipes, what the eggs contain, and more can be found on the Easter event page here!

If you’ve missed watching some shenanigans on Twitch by yours truly, then you’re in luck! There will be a Twitch stream on Friday, April 1st at 2PM to showcase the new content, frolick in the Easter Moon Dungeon and answer some questions!

More information on upcoming events and more on our next GM Blog! Have a great day, everyone!

Assuming direct control


Mercredi 23 mars 2016  
Calamity of War - Cartel Expansion Events!

Greetings Ektensians,

Our Cartel Expansion is here, giving more opportunities for players to grow within their chosen Cartel, and we are bringing even more chances at obtaining rare treasure!

Beginning with the update on March 23rd, there will be several events ongoing, along with some permanent perks that we will be implementing!

Prepare for:

Conquering the Citadels

March 23rd - March 30th

Players who participate in all 3 Citadels at least once a day for a whole week have the chance at walking away with some powerful loot!


    Players can complete all 3 Citadels to win cumulative rewards, but only completing 1 Citadel a day is required in order to begin earning rewards
    The Daily Rewards for each Citadel will be:

      Clear 1: MP Brew I x5
      Clear 2: HP Brew I x5
      Clear 3: Premium Revive Stones x2
      Clear 4: Destruction Defense Potion
      Clear 5: Scroll of Quick Faction Scroll II - 1 HR
      Clear 6: Yan Yingbra’s Treasure Pouch
      Clear 7: Improved Force Core Box

Become the Ultimate Champion

Once our server reopens on March 23rd, the countdown will begin!

We are searching for the Ultimate Champion, and now is your chance to prove yourself. We will be rewarding the First player to reach Faction Level 50!

This will be an arduous task, and we will reward this strong player with one of the rarest treasures of them all, the coveted Unicorn Mount!

Note: Only the first mercenary who achieves Faction Level 50 will receive the rare mount!

Faction Experience Boost

Begins March 23rd

Never fear, champions! While only one player may ascend to Faction Level 50 and be crowned the victor, we will make sure that all players are equally equipped to handle this challenge.

Beginning on March 23rd, every Nation War will have a permanent +25% boost to all Faction Experience given!

This bonus will extend to everything happening during the Nation War, and will last 2 hours. Make sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, as this will be no easy task!

Good luck, Champions!

Cabal 2 Staff


Mercredi 23 mars 2016  
Chapter 2 - Cartel Expansion Patch Notes

Greetings Ektensians,

During the scheduled maintenance on 03/23/2016, we are expanding the Calamity of War update to introduce new extensions and improvements to your Cartel experience! The full details are below:

Patch Notes for Calamity of War: Cartel Expansion

Added Content

    Cartel Rank Expansion

      Players may now reach Rank 50 in their chosen Cartel!

    New Achievements Unlocked

      Players who now reach above Rank 30 will begin receiving new benefits and rewards from each Cartel leader!
      At Rank 40, players can unlock the ability to use a unique mantle specific to their Cartel!

    New Ability / Passive Skill Bars unlocked

      Players will be able to receive more passive abilities by leveling up in their own Cartel

    Newcomer’s Box

      Beginning at Character Creation, once a player begins their journey through Lethe Island, they will receive a special box in their mail! Each box contains helpful items and consumables designed to help players through their journey and to level up easier!
      Each new character will receive the Newcomer’s Box, and the Box will continue to provide aid to the player all the way to Level 50!
      Once a player opens a Box, it will continue to grant additional bonuses until the player reaches the current max lev

We will also be releasing several events alongside our new update to celebrate!

Cabal 2 Staff


Mercredi 23 mars 2016  
The Easter Moon Bunny Invasion!

Greetings Ektensians!

From beyond the stars, there lies a race of adorable evil bunny overlords, and they have had their eyes on the war-torn land of Ektensia for ages. Amidst the chaos of the Nation War, they have chosen now as their time to strike!


The dastardly fiends!

They have crash landed on the doors of Frey Hilltown, and have slowly began their total conquest. It is up to you, brave hero, to stand up to these fluffy invaders and take their valuables!

The Easter Moon Rabbit Invasion has begun!

[March 23rd - 31st]

Beginning at Level 10, players will be able to warp to Frey Hilltown and participate in the Easter Moon Bunny Dungeon!

Each player will have up to 20 entries per day, and each time will grant a player a chance at collecting valuable materials for crafting!

For your heroic efforts, Croa Rein in Frey Hilltown will be selling rare Crafting recipes! These recipes will be able to craft rare and exquisite Silver and Golden eggs! Each egg will contain amazing loot, and can be crafted as many times as possible until the event ends!

All of the materials will be dropped from the monsters located inside of the dungeon, alongside rare costumes!

Players can craft:

    [Event] Golden Egg

      Contains one of the following when opened:

        HP Brew I x5
        MP Brew I x5
        [Event] Blessed First Aid Kit
        Shiny Relic Box [1]
        Improved Upgrade Core Box
        Power of Rebirth I - 1 Hour
        [Event] Blessing Power
        Premium Refurbish Kit (Lv. 80)
        Premium Refurbish Kit (Lv. 90)

    [Event] Silver Egg

      Contains one of the following when opened:

        HP Brew I x3
        MP Brew I x3
        Superior Capsule VI x1000
        Superior Capsule V x500
        [Event] Courageous Energy Scroll I x5
        [Event] Mighty Endurance Scroll I x5

During the crafting process, players have a rare chance at obtaining the rarest egg of them all, the Divine Egg!

    [Event] Divine Egg

      Contains one of the following when opened:

        Improved Upgrade Core box [1]
        Ability core box [1]
        Slot expansion stone box [1]
        Rune - All Attack Lv 5
        Rune - All Attack Lv 6
        Rune - All Attack Lv 7
        Rune - HP Max Lv 5
        Rune - HP Max Lv 6
        Rune - HP Max Lv 7
        Rune - Evasion Lv 5
        Rune - Evasion Lv 6
        Rune - Evasion Lv 7
        Quick Faction Scroll I - 1HR
        Quick Faction Scroll II - 1HR
        Quick Faction Scroll III - 30min
        Quick Faction Scroll III - 1HR

Note: The Divine Egg has a 10% chance of spawning while crafting a Silver Egg, and a 20% chance of spawning while crafting a Golden Egg

All items obtained from the Easter Moon Dungeon will expire, including crafting materials, most bunny masks and all consumables, 10 days after initially acquired


Good luck!

Cabal 2 Staff


Mercredi 16 mars 2016  
New Cash Shop Rotation

Greetings Ektensians!

Spring is just around the corner, and we will be celebrating with brand new costumes and more! Featuring a fashionable new swimsuit and new pets, we are celebrating spring right in Ektensia!


    Black Lace Swimsuit (Female) for 1995 eCoins

    Alluring Swimsuit (Male) for 1995 eCoins

Weapon Skins

    Sweet Candy Weapon Sets for 1695 eCoins


    Sandplaying Sant for 1495 eCoins
    Saber-toothed Tiger for 1995 eCoins


    Panda Pet for 495 eCoins

Welcome to spring!


Mardi 15 mars 2016  
Mean Green Item Dropping Machine

Greetings Ektensians!

It’s time for a festival of luck and parties, and everyone in Ektensia is coming out to celebrate! Dress up in your favorite green costume, kill some monsters and grab some valuable items everywhere in Ektensia for a weekend celebration!

[March 17th - March 21st]

    Rare items will begin dropping everywhere from monsters in Ektensia, and only the luckiest will grab the rarest items of them all!
    The following items can be obtained:

      Sweet Rice Cake [1]
      [Event] Birthday Buff
      Blessed Power [1]
      HP Brew 1 [1]
      MP Brew 1 [1]
      Increase Drop Rate (1 Day)
      Yan Yingbra’s Treasure Pouch
      [Event] Persistence [1]

    You can acquire all of these items from the following locations:

      Frey Hilltown
      Labyrinth Forest
      Gray Canyon
      The Ramparts

    An extra dose of good luck has fallen over Ektensia, there will also be a 50% boost to all EXP earned throughout the celebration! Now is the time to grab these items for not only your main character, but all of your others as well!
    As an added bonus, extra lucky players caught wearing green during Thursday, March 17th will be given a special gift by a GM! Make sure to wear your greenest costumes and prepare to be scouted!

Desertfort is a great place to get green armor for Heavy Armor players!

Wizards and Priests have a little more variety for their green colors!

So whatever you do, make sure those wear those colors proudly and don’t hide! This special gift will only be handed out on March 17th!

See you all on St Patrick’s Day!

Note: All consumable items will expire on March 31st

Don’t miss out on the luckiest of holidays!

Cabal 2 Staff


Vendredi 11 mars 2016  
The C2 GM Blog - Green is The New Purple

Greetings Ektensians!

March is already marching strong, and the amount of holidays we can use as excuses to host events is not lacking. While we are preparing for our content update coming later this month, we will have several surprises along the way to ease your wait!

To start things off, we had a minor patch during our maintenance on 03.10.2016 that introduced a few new options you can check off if you’re feeling like you only want to have certain people message you (especially true if you only want friends to message you!). We mentioned it in the maintenance patch notes but if you’re wondering where these new options are, we have made a nice handy guide!

For in-game mail, the options to choose who gets the privilege of messaging you can be found here:

In-Game Mail Settings
Game Masters get a small exception. You will never be free of our mail!

For private messages, those options can be found under your chat settings pictured here:

Chat Settings
This WILL block Game Masters, so be warned! Or add us as friends. We’re so lonely

For events, there will be a smorgasbord (wow is that a real word) of events this month! To start off, this weekend we will be granting a 25% bonus EXP boost to everyone! It will go on from Friday, March 11th to Sunday, March 13th, so now is the perfect time to either get that main to Level 50 or start working on those alts!

For good old St. Patrick’s Day, instead of the usual way of celebrating that holiday, we will be including a ton of luck-based drops for an entire weekend, coupled with another 50% boost to all EXP! There will also be a special treat for those players wearing green! Unless you’re hiding. Don’t hide from the GMs.


Speaking of new characters, are you tired of starting over from scratch every time, or are you a new player who’s feeling a bit overwhelmed by your strong max leveled peers? Well, coming soon to a mailbox near you, we will be introducing an item designed to help you get through those levels to catch up and get started on the Nation War even faster! More details on what this wonderful box is will be coming soon, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

And last but not least, for events, there will be an extremely special event that we’ve been preparing for that will truly test your skills! We won’t give away too much right now, but a small hint is always a given!

Who’s that giant abomination?

We will have even MORE information on further events down the road in our next GM Blog! Have a great day, everyone!


Mercredi 3 mars 2016  
Cash Shop Rotation

Greetings Ektensians,

We are excited to announce that our next cash shop rotation has finally arrived! Introducing new Class Supply Boxes, costumes and more, this rotation has everything for everyone!


    Cabal Doguri Uniform (Female) for 1995 eCoins

    Cabal Doguri Uniform (Male) for 1995 eCoins


    Improved Upgrade Core Box for 295 eCoins

    Class Supply Box for 395 eCoins

      A box designed specifically for each CABAL 2 class


Please see cash shop descriptions for a complete list of the Class Supply Box items

Don’t miss out on this latest cash shop rotation!

Cabal 2 Staff





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