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Jeudi 28 janvier 2016  
Cash Shop Rotation

Greetings Ektensians!

We are excited to announce a new cash shop rotation to go alongside our brand new update! Introducing a fearsome looking mount and a brand new Platinum Key, this sale is one of a kind.

As a special Thank You for your patience and understanding for our Calamity of War delay, we will be selling the Panda Mask for a special price of 1 eCoin! Thank you all for being so wonderful!


Panda Mask - Promotional sale for 1 eCoin


Blue Fire Sant



Savannah Cat

Premium Service

Platinum Key

This key will unlock a highly coveted Platinum Chest! Platinum Chests will spawn throughout Ektensia, and will contain valuable treasure locked safely away. Don’t miss out on this rare chance to acquire vast riches!

From January 28th - February 11th, the Platinum Chests will spawn in these locations:

    Frey Hilltown
    Labyrinth Forest
    Gray Canyon
    Great Wall

Platinum Chests also have a rare chance of spawning in the following dungeons:

    Lupurs Excavation Site
    Hall of the Recluse
    Heavenly Citadel
    Sky Gardens
    Calm Snowy Fields
    Ancient Research Center
    Cain’s Tomb
    Underground Fortress of Calvinus
    Heart Scale Cave

Players have a chance at receiving one of the following items:

    Pet - Halfmoon Bear
    Pet - Sheepy
    Mount - Blue Fire Sant
    Awakened Golden Dragon Weapon Skin (dependent on class who opens the chest)
    Defense Rune Box
    Pet Training Manual
    Attack Rune Box
    Refurbish Box
    Destruction Defense Potion
    Scroll of Quick Influence 1 (10%) - 1HR
    Scroll of Quick Influence 2 (20%) - 1HR
    Scroll of Quick Growth 1 (10%) - 1HR
    Scroll of Quick Growth 2 (20%) - 1HR
    Improved Upgrade Core Box (Item Level 70-90)
    Ability Core Box (Item Level 60-90)

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity for treasure! The Platinum Chests will disappear from the world on February 11th!

Cabal 2 Staff


Mardi 26 janvier 2016  
Chapter 2 - Calamity of War Delay

Greetings Ektensians,

During the maintenance for 01.26.2016, which included the Calamity of War update, technical difficulties arose with our CDN service and was out of our control. Those issues were not able to be fixed at a timeframe suited for our player base, so we have temporarily postponed the new update in order to smooth out these issues.  

We greatly apologize for this error, and we will keep our community informed of all changes related to our update. Our events will also be postponed so no one misses out on the rewards. We will adjust the announcements accordingly. The new content will be updated onto our client as soon as the CDN service is back online, which we anticipate will happen very soon.

Due to this inconvenience, we will be granting a 50% increase to ALL currencies (Abysmo, Honor, Conquest, Challenge and Experience) gained for the next 24 hours, beginning on January 26th and ending January 27th.

Once again we apologize for this inconvenience, and we will let our players know once the situation has been resolved.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Have a great day,

Cabal 2 Staff


Vendredi 15 janvier 2016  
Cabal 2 GM Blog - New Year, New Adventures

Greetings Ektensians!

2015 was a huge year for Cabal 2 which brought us from an early closed beta test to where we are now. We were able to see what worked in terms of events and updates and take in the feedback from our loyal fans, which has helped us immensely. Now that 2016 has arrived, we are excited to present new updates and improvements to everyone.

It will probably bring more impromptu dance parties as well

There was a small mention of one of our large planned updates in the last blog post, and that update is now in the final stages of testing. You will be able to read more information about it soon (I know, but this time it really is soon). Expect a slew of new surprises, a brand new treacherous map to explore, fearsome PvP and so much more!

If you thought the Gray Canyon patch was too cold, you will lava this next update!

Another big update for Cabal 2 this year will be our optimization patch! There will be incremental updates regarding these fixes, some of which have already been implemented, but after all is said and done, you can expect much smoother frame rates, especially improved in areas where large groups of players congregate. This update is scheduled for early this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more information as time goes on.

To get into the spirit of the new year (and to start preparing you for the next major update) we have some very exciting news! For the week of January 15th - January 24th, all Abysmo, Challenge, Conquest and Honor points earned will receive a +50% bonus! Click here for more details!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to presenting you with everything we have been working hard on!

Cabal 2 Staff





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